Weekend notes – the fortnight ahead

Let me start with a heads up for the next couple of weeks. I’m off on honeymoon tomorrow and will be in Asia for just over two weeks. I’ll continue to update the blog when possible, hopefully by a pool side. Obviously this will limit my opportunity to watch as much CFB although I will be recording games to watch when I get back. I will be continuing the mock drafts as usual.

It does mean over the next few days there won’t be many updates as I’ll be doing a lot of travelling, things should settle down by the end of the week.

This weekend I will be watching Arkansas vs Mississippi State. I’ll try and get some reaction on the blog tomorrow before I set off.

Here’s some key notes from the weekend:

-Da’Quan Bowers (DE, Clemson) may be behind Andrew Luck by position importance only. Two more sacks today against Wake Forest have taken him to 16 for the year in just eleven games. I cannot envisage a scenario where gets out of the top five picks and is very much a contender to go first overall depending on who owns the choice.

-Andrew Luck (QB, Stanford) had a comfortable day –  going 16/21 for 235 yards and a pair of touchdowns. He added 78 yards on the ground including a 58-yard dash in one specific play.

-Ryan Williams (RB, Virginia Tech) has endured a frustrating year dogged by injuries. He still seems set to declare for the 2011 draft – and showed why he might provide someone with a bargain. His 14 carry, 142 yard performance against Miami was very impressive – it included two touchdowns.

-Justin Blackmon (WR, Oklahoma State) doesn’t know how to have a bad game statistically. He added another 130 yards today and a touchdown in a comfortable win over Kentucky. He’s not as explosive as Dez Bryant or as sure-handed as Michael Crabtree, but he’ll interest teams with his playmaking qualities and production. If he declares for the 2011 draft, I’d give him a round two grade at this point.


  1. Matt Quarre

    Do you think the seahawks should switch to a 3-4. I think so. They could draft an outside line backer in the first, like bruce carter or akeem ayers. Hawthorne and tatupu in the middle and curry and who ever we draft on the outside. then if mebane leaves have cole in the middle, clemons and red bryant on the DE. What do you think?

    • Rob

      I think the scheme has worked fine to be honest Matt. Tatupu and Hawthorne don’t really have the size to play ILB in the 3-4 and I think Ayers and Carter are both better suited to 4-3 OLB. Likewise Clemons doesn’t have the size to play five technique.

      • Matt Quarre

        Do you think Hawthorne will leave as a RFA? How about mebane, do you think he will leave?

        • Rob

          I think the team will move to keep Mebane. It makes little sense to let him walk and just creates a hole. He fits scheme so no reason not to extend him. Hawthorne will depend on price, what they can do. If he’s a RFA – I doubt he leaves.

    • Blake

      We already basically do play a 3-4. 4-3 under is usually a hybrid 3-4. Clemons and Curry are our version of rush linebackers with Bryant and Mebane similar to a 5 tech and Cole NT. You can tell by their alignment that the principles of a 3-4 are there like 2 gapping.

      Have fun on the honeymoon Rob. It sorta feels like ya got a 2nd family on this blog haha congrats.

  2. Ben

    Congratulations, Rob! Looking forward to the notes to come.

  3. Mike

    I don’t think it will affect his status, but pro’s have to notice, Luck has never had to play under pressure. He has only 9 sacks in two years. I’m not saying he won’t succeed behind whatever line drafts him, but it won’t be a good line. Do you think that will pause any teams when evaluating him?

    • Rob

      I think teams will consider it – but then Bradford felt very little pressure too and suffered a serious shoulder injury on one of the few times he was touched. A team still felt comfortable drafting him first overall, so I don’t think it will hamper Luck at all.

  4. Jim Kelly

    Congrats, and have fun on your honeymoon.

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