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I’ve got last night’s Texas A&M vs Oklahoma State game saved and ready to watch. I’ll have some thoughts on Aggies QB Jerrod Johnson and DE Von Miller tomorrow. Johnson is a strange one, because there are things I like about his play but there’s some pretty basic technical issues which will keep him in mid/late round consideration. Von Miller isn’t a first round pick for me, despite his 17 sack season in 2009. He went into last night’s game looking for his first sack this year, but has been struggling with an injury recently. What about tomorrow’s games? This is what I’ll be watching…

Miami at Clemson
From a Seahawks perspective, it’s another chance to watch Allen Bailey (DE, Miami) and Brandon Harris (CB, Miami). Both players would fill holes on the Seahawks defense, with Bailey a more athletic alternative to Red Bryant at five technique. However, he was largely unimpressive against Pittsburgh last week and spent a lot of time on the sidelines. I’m not convinced he’s a first round pick. Harris passes the eyeball test as a 5’11”, 195lbs corner. Seattle won’t draft anyone shorter at the position. DeAndre McDaniel (S, Clemson) is a highly talented safety who got eight interceptions last year. He’s an unlikely choice for Seattle after taking Earl Thomas last year, but he’s worth watching. He could be a first rounder, although off the field issues need to be explained.

Texas vs Oklahoma
Watch Jeremy Beal (DE, Oklahoma) in this one. He’s a 6’3″, 263lbs sack artist who could fit at the LEO position. He’s got to the QB five times already this year to add to his eleven sacks totalled in 2009. Beal isn’t an elite speed rusher and he doesn’t carry a relentless motor, but he just finds ways to get to the quarterback. I’d give him an early second round grade right now but if he keeps getting sacks, he could be a late first rounder. Travis Lewis (OLB, Oklahoma) is one of the best players in the country and a candidate to go in the top-15 picks. He put on a clinic against Florida State and should be easily noticeable on the Sooners defense in this one. Texas have a talented secondary which will be well tested in this game, watch Aaron Williams (CB) and Curtis Brown (CB) – two six foot corner’s.

Florida at Alabama
It’ll be pretty difficult to concentrate on anything other than another big 100+ yard performance from Mark Ingram – probably the surest thing in the 2011 draft. He’ll put on a typically brilliant display and lead ‘Bama’s offense to another victory. There are other prospects to watch, such as Florida’s excellent corner Janoris Jenkins (CB). He could go as high as the top ten and has two picks and a TD already this year. He’s another corner who passes Seattle’s size test (5’11”, 184lbs). Jenkins could line up against Alabama’s top wide out Julio Jones who himself is a potential high pick next April. Marcell Dareus (DT, Alabama) needs a performance after suspension and injury has stalled his start to 2010. He has top-ten potential, but needs to bring it.

Stanford at Oregon
I discussed the importance of this game for Andrew Luck earlier in the week. This is the game with the most intrigue for me on Saturday. Can Luck keep up with Oregon’s high scoring offense? Can he win a game with his arm in a difficult environment? Is Luck isn’t a bit over rated? Are we waiting for his game that matches Locker vs Nebraska or Ponder vs Oklahoma? He’s had games in the past where he’s struggled with accuracy and missed a lot of throws. If he can prove doubters wrong this weekend, the road to the #1 overall pick next year is clear. If he struggles, it could be another weekend spent discussing disappointing quarterback play.

What else to watch?

Jake Locker (QB) vs USC – can he bounce back from a fortnight ago and get another key win over the Trojans?

Akeem Ayers (DE/OLB) vs Washington State – this should be a pretty comfortable win for the in-form Bruins, so can Ayers stand out and continue to make big plays?

Michael Floyd (WR) vs Boston College – Floyd is getting into his stride and starting to improve under Notre Dame’s new coaching staff. He needs to keep going.

A.J. Green (WR) vs Colorado – returns from suspension, but will stuttering Georgia hurt his stock? He’s got elite potential.


  1. 1sthill

    I missed the Texas A&M game, I would have like to have seen Von Miller, I look forward to reading your scouting report on him. Jerrod Johnson is an intriging player.

    This looks to be a good week to scout CB’s. Texas CB Aaron Williams stood out to me last year when he made a great interception vs. Oklahoma, on the interception Williams flashed an outstanding vertical jump. I have in my notes from last year that Curtis Brown looked smaller than his listed hieght and weight and that he was a looked like a liability against the run but was very good in man coverage.

    I’ll keep my eye on DE Beal, but from your description of him he kind of sounds like Lawrence Jackson. At USC Jackson was not quick as a pass rusher but still found a way to get to the QB (I really disliked the Lawrence Jackson pick when we drafted him).

    Here a few guys that are worth watching,

    USC (DT) # 91 Jurrell Casey vs Washington : I watched Casey play against Hawaii and he looked like a guy that could be selected in the top-15 in the 1st round.

    Colorado (CB) #3 Jimmy Smith vs Georgia : Smith is a big CB, listed at 6-2 210 lbs. He plays a lot of man press coverage and he is athletic enough to stick at that position at the next level. He might be a good option for the Seahawks if we are selecting in the early 20’s of the 1st round.

    LSU (CB) #7 Patrick Peterson vs Tennessee : Estimate top-10 pick in the draft.

    Stanford (DT) # 92 Sione Fua vs Oregon : Fua is great against the run and while he is only 6-2 307 lbs, he would be a good 1-technique for the Seahawks. He is not quick, but he is great at taking on double-teams. He plays with good leverage and shows good strenghth. Estimate 4th – 5th round pick.

    Stanford (S/nickle CB) #3 Michael Thomas : Thomas is a playmaker. I have not really scouted him, but from the two Stanford games I have watched this kid is just flys around the field making plays. Shows great closing speed. He is only 5-11 185 lbs, but he has shown to be good agaist the run; he put a big hit on a 230 lbs RB vs UCLA. He is only a junior and I don’t know if he is on the scouting radar, but he is a guy worth keeping an eye on.

    Illinois (RB) #5 Mikel Leshoure vs Ohio St

    • Rob

      1stHill – not impressed with Von Miller to be honest. He was virtually shut down with a basic double team, taking away the edge and he hasn’t got anything like the size to threaten inside or the repetoire. His speed isn’t good enough to make up for the lack of size and in the NFL, I think he’ll struggle unless he plays on a top team. I wouldn’t spend a first rounder. More tomorrow in the weekend review,

  2. Matt

    Still not impressed by Andrew Luck. He’s captain checkdown and only makes safe throws. I feel like I’m watching Jimmy Clausen.

    • Rob

      I’ve only seen one series of the Oregon vs Stanford game because the schedule here is showing Florida vs Alabama. I will watch Luck in full tomorrow and include it in the weekend review. When I’ve watched him in the past, he’s screamed game manager. I’ll save further judgement until I’ve seen him against Oregon.

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