Were the Seahawks in for Chandler Jones?

Earlier today Arizona traded their second round pick and Jonathan Cooper to the Patriots for pass rusher Chandler Jones. New England subsequently signed Chris Long to a one-year deal to replace Jones, while the Cardinals reached out to Evan Mathis.

Did the Seahawks show any interest in a similar trade?

They could certainly use another pass rusher. While this is a deep defensive line draft — it’s incredibly limited in terms of athletic pass rushers. It’s not going to be easy for the Seahawks to find a solution unless they spend an early pick on someone like Emmanuel Ogbah.

That could be difficult to justify given their needs on the offensive line.

The Patriots reportedly have been shopping Jones since the end of the season. According to Ian Rapoport, Jones had ‘a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana’ before New England’s playoff game against Kansas City. The incident seems to have been a catalyst for his departure.

It’s unlikely they limited their negotiations to one team, especially with Jones coming off a 12.5 sack season. He could’ve given Seattle’s pass rush a major boost, working alongside Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril and Frank Clark to provide the kind of depth they enjoyed in 2013.

We know the Seahawks aren’t afraid to make big trades. A second round pick would’ve been a relatively low cost gamble compared to the investment in Percy Harvin. It would’ve also solved one of the teams biggest needs — affording them the opportunity to concentrate on the O-line in the draft.

Jones’ salary is worth $7.8m in 2016 — manageable considering Seattle’s cap room.

Of course, one of the main reasons the Patriots were willing to deal Jones was the likelihood of needing to offer him $17-18m a year in 2017 when his contract expires. Thanks to Olivier Vernon and the New York Giants, that’s now the going rate for a quality pass rusher.

There would’ve been some security for the Seahawks, however. The salary cap will undoubtedly increase even further in 2017. If they watched Jones sign a mega-deal somewhere else — they’d get a third round compensatory pick in 2018 to offset the second rounder they spent in 2016.

The worst case scenario, providing he performs on the field to earn a big contract, is you rent a player for the cumulative cost of a round in the draft.

Seattle’s pick at #56 would automatically be more attractive than Arizona’s at #61. The Cardinals were able to offer Jonathan Cooper — a former top-ten overall pick — as part of the deal. A possible stumbling block for the Seahawks could’ve been their inability to offer an attractive alternative, or perhaps an unwillingness to throw in more picks.

Within moments of the trade being announced it was revealed Shea McClellin will visit with the Seahawks. Was it a coincidence?

We may never know whether the Seahawks were interested in dealing for Chandler Jones — or if they came close to usurping their NFC West rivals. It would’ve made a great deal of sense if they were talking to the Pats. Now they’ll have to plan against Jones at least twice during the 2016 season.

Check out this weeks podcast. Kenny and I discuss the Chandler Jones trade and look at Seattle’s work on the O-line so far…


  1. GeoffU

    Shea’s combine numbers are very close to Chris Clemons’s. I’m intrigued, but numbers aren’t everything. Will wait to see if we sign him before I bother looking any deeper haha.

    • Darth12er

      What’s everybody’s take on Mcclellin possibly joining the Hawks? I like the idea.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I like it as well. You never know why a player didn’t work out for a specific team whether it’s the system or what it is. He comes here and maybe you get some real good value.

        • Darth12er

          True, just because he under performed somewhere else, it didn’t take away the athlete and the potential in the right system. I keep thinking they’re gonna find the new Chris Clemons type player who is going to fit perfectly.

      • Darnell

        26 years old with a really nice 10 yard split, never really had quality coaching. There are worse guys to give a chance to.

  2. Trevor

    Now that the Cardinals have a pass rusher they can focus on Safety . I really hope the Falcons or Steelers take Keanu Neal because idea of the Honey Badger and Keanu Neal at safety for the Cards would be a nightmare. A young version of ET and Kam.

  3. Josh

    Pats just signed Long.

    I would also love Shea on a low cost deal. Has great physical skills and is a hard worker. I think he could make a splash here .

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He would be a nice fit. It would have to be the right money, which will be tough

    • Steele

      Pats having another good offseason. Players want to go there.

  4. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Adam Caplan ✔ ‎@caplannfl
    UFA G Amini Silatolu (Panthers) continued his free agency visits tour today with the Seahawks.

    Who is he? Anyone know about him coming out of the draft a few years back?

    • bobbyk

      He tore an ACL in late November.

      • bobbyk

        Perhaps a quality depth type of guy? The starters will start early, while he would ride the pine and get that knee healed even more. Then later in the year, when he’s back to 100%, there could be an injury and he’d be ready to provide quality depth, as opposed to bad depth.

    • nichansen01

      Silatolu I beleive was the Panther’s starting left guard in 2014 before he was beaten out by then undrafted rookie Andrew Norwell in the regular season…

      • Volume12

        He was the Panthers LG in 2014.

        Was a bit of a surprise pick. Came from a tiny school, West Texas A&M, I beleive.?

        He’d probably be competition for Glow at RG.

    • HI Hawk

      In 2012 he was defined by Mayock as nasty, strong, and athletic. He was one of his favorites in the draft that year, so there was a lot of information about him. He sort of flew up the draft board as a result of his combine performance and the fact that he proved to be plenty stout to stand up to the competition at the Senior Bowl. His NFL career so far has been a disappointment considering he was replaced by a rookie UDFA (Norwell) last year. Norwell has proven to be a good player, so at least he wasn’t replaced by a scrub.

      From NFL.com: Mayock’s take: “That is a good football player, my beast from Midwestern State. He’s tough, nasty, a finisher. He’s a little bit raw. He’s a gifted player, but he’s raw. But I’m telling you right now that he’s a starting guard with Pro Bowl potential. This is a good move by Carolina.”

  5. nichansen01

    I would perfer Shea Mclillen and/or Brandon Thompson to Russel Okung at this point. If we can still sign both Mclillen and Thompson (or maybe another vet dt) we go into the draft with 0 major needs.
    Sure, early picks will need to be spent on the offensive line, but if the front office trusts Webb to man the right guard position, the draft is pretty much completly open for whatever direction pcjs wants to go in.

    • Catharsis50

      Do you see Webb at LG or RG? I figured Glowinksi would be the natural fit at right guard. Webb’s profile fits the monster LG measurables that our past LGs have had.

      • Greg Haugsven

        As long as Britts not one of the guards it’s all good.

        • Greg Haugsven

          In the hood.

      • Trevor

        I hope he is our LG and they draft Coleman /Conklin/Ifedi to play Rd #1 then a Center in Rd #2 Kelly/Martin/Mcgovern/Westerman.

        2016 OL would be

        LT Gilliam
        LG Webb
        C Lewis or Rookie 2nd Round pick
        RG Glowinski
        RT Coleman /Conklin/ Ifedi

        It would be a young and inexperienced line but have a ton of upside.

        After all this draft talk I would still love Shon Coleman and Nick Martin with our first two picks.

        • bobbyk

          Yeah. Coleman and Martin would be a cool 1-2 punch.

        • Naks8

          Sounds pretty solid. Or the center we draft starts off at guard and Webb/rookie tackle compete for playing time. At least now we are building some depth for competition. We aren’t forced to start rookies or fa unless they earn it

      • nichansen01

        Neither… what I meant was right tackle.

      • 75franks

        couldn’t he play RT?

        • HOUSE

          Webb is being listed at OT. My thought is RT (With the more mobile/agile Gilliam moving to LT)

          • Volume12

            I think your right. Can play LG too if need be.

            Remember this about Oakland’s guards. They love big ol’ monsters at those spots.

            • Volume12

              The odds are high that Webb is a starter somewhere. He’s getting starter shmoney.

  6. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I think we can understand what Seattle is doing. Piling up some players along OL and see if a few of them stick. Most have starting experience and were bargains. I can’t hate the plan as long as Seattle also takes 2 OL (or more) in the draft. MY fear would be Seattle not drafting an OL in the first 3 rounds.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Kind of like last year.

    • Steele

      “MY fear would be Seattle not drafting an OL in the first 3 rounds”.

      Mine, too. In fact, my fear is if they do not draft OL “for each of the first 3 rounds”.

      • Rob Staton

        The Seahawks are going to address the O-line early.

      • bobbyk

        There’s absolutely no way Seattle gets through three rounds and four picks without having selected at least one offensive lineman.

  7. Stuart

    Going back to the contract of Oliver Vernon DE, his contract is an OUTLIER and not the norm.

    As the salary cap increases, there will always be desperate GM’s who drastically overpay. Model NFL franchises i.e. New England, Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Seattle avoid such foolish actions.

    The contract given to Cary Williams was a head scratcher though.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      His contract just set a new bar. Every guy to come along after him will want to top it. This could be part of the reasoning with the Chandler trade. They knew they couldn’t keep him, so wanted cheap replacement pc. They now can grab a dynamic player in the second round with the Cardinals pick. Here comes a WR pick…. some small shifty guy who will put up a monster season.

      • ClevelandHawk

        Whether Vernon’s contract is a bar or an outlier will depend on how much room teams have against the salary cap next year. This year was a perfect storm, between the huge yearly increases for the past couple of years and the rolling off of dead money from several teams’ caps, and thin free agent crop. There was so much money and so few targets, salaries for the few top guys available skyrocketed. The best organizations are going to figure out how best to navigate this new environment, but it will take several years for the less well run organizations to sort this out. Which means there will be chaos. Seattle is lucky in that they have nearly all of their core guys locked in for next season. Maybe that’s not luck, even. But long-term, I expect the forces of parity to rule with even greater force, as many teams don’t have their own good players to spend money on, so they will be bidding for the few top free agents out there.

        • RealRhino2

          Not to mention a GM that was probably going to get fired w/o a big turnaround this year.

  8. Elliott

    Great podcast as usual, while researching tape on Webb stumbled upon this highlight reel http://youtu.be/GHW-YPIAz64

    • nichansen01

      Russell Wilson better brush up on his speed shoe tying skills.

    • Robert

      Just wow. This really shows how they feel about Britt, I’m afraid.

      • Del tre

        Honestly the Hawks have been able to get the best put of some bad o linemen maybe they are betting on that?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Really? You think TC, PC or JS care one iota about this video? It’s one disgruntled Bear fan with not much else to do with his/her time.

        Judging by some of the comments, ya’ll must think Cable is a brain dead idiot who couldn’t pour piss out of a bottle with the directions on the bottom.

        But I suppose most of you could do much better as an NFL OLine coach.

  9. Baldwin

    I mentioned this in another post but I live in Chicago and McClennin is berated daily on sports talk radio more than Britt in Seattle (listen to both cities). A guy with a moniker: No Play Shea? Pass.

    Same when Webb was here in Chicago but maybe Webb has value as a swing T.

    A little disappointed we didn’t grab Chandler Jones for a 2nd if he was available even if it was a one year rental (with a 3rd comp in return if he walked in FA next year).

    • nichansen01

      This is concerning.. Why is the front office bringing league worst guys?

      • Volume12

        They like what they like.

        If fans are disappointed by the off-season, man, I can only imagine how they’ll feel about the draft.

      • mishima

        We have no idea if Webb will be ‘league worst’ in our system. I see him as a potential upgrade at LG and needed insurance at RT.

    • Darth12er

      A couple years ago, the Seahawks got Chris Clemons and a 4th round pick for Darryl Tapp. I wouldn’t read too much into what other teams think of players. One teams trash is another teams treasure.

    • Darnell

      I’ll wait to see what guys do as Seahawks before passing judgement on them based upon opinions formed while they were with inferior teams.

      Clem wasn’t liked in Philly, Marshawn was sliding down the depth chart in Buffalo, Mike Rob and Heath were cuts, Breno came from a PS, Bennett and Avril had cold markets after playing for bad teams.

  10. Steele

    Chandler Jones did not meet NE’s expectations as The Guy. And there again is another story that the numbers do not fully tell. He was not consistent. He couldn’t stay healthy for entire seasons. And he had stupidity off the field. And he would have been owed a lot of $. In classic NE form, they dealt him and got quite a bit back for him.

    He would, however, have been a great asset to the Seahawks, where he would carry less of a load.

    I question Shea McClellin as a Bruce Irvin replacement. McClellin has played inside. Not a pass rusher in that mold.

    Would rather they look at others. Including DT Akiem Hicks.

    • nichansen01

      Akiem Hicks is now a Chicago bear.

    • vrtkolman

      Patriots fans seem oddly happy about trading him. It might just be hubris on their part, but after doing some digging I can see why. Jones disappeared for good portions of the season and was a huge disappointment in their biggest games. That’s not the worst part though, him almost dying off synthetic marijuana just DAYS before their first playoff game is a huge red flag. Where is this guys’ head at?

      • HI Hawk

        Two of the most athletic, powerful men on the planet – Chandler and Jon Jones. Neither seems to have an ounce of common sense. You’d think Chandler would learn from his brother’s mistakes, but nope he wanted the dope.

        • Miles

          Thinking about this again, trading for Chandler Jones doesn’t seem like something the Seahawks would do. Given that he just took a really dangerous drug and tripped his brains out, it doesn’t sound like something JS would do only three months after the fact. Especially when you consider he’d be due the rest of our ’16 salary cap. Too big of a commitment to a guy that did something that dumb so recently.

  11. Volume12

    You guys heard this?

    The same dude who said that J’Marcus Webb had signed over-night, is saying that DE/OLB Shea McClellun has excepted the Seahawks offer and just has to pass the physical tommorrow.

    IDK whether to believe him or not, but it’s out there. Take from it what you will.

    • Volume12


      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I accept him as well 🙂

    • Darth12er

      That sounds like good news Vol. you have to think, though, they won’t have enough room to keep Okung now.

    • UKHawkDavid

      Does that mean all three of our potential 2017 comp picks (Irvin, Sweezy, Bane) will be wiped out (Sowell, Webb, McClellin)?

      • Miles

        Who is the guy that broke the Webb news?

        Usually I wouldn’t put any stock in this. But the same guy that said Malik Jackson would go to JAX is the same one who initially reported Bruce Irvin would go to OAK, and it turned out he was right. Some no-name twitter handle.

        • Miles

          His handle is SeaHawkFORLife.

  12. Volume12

    Here’s what I like about what Seattle is doing with the O-line.

    Granted, Webb and Sowell aren’t the ‘sexiest’ pickups, but we did discuss for 3 months and Rob tried to say that the O-line additions would from the bargain bin, but I digress.

    Anyways, it’s the fact that nothing is set in stone, and we still have the draft.

    Last year they tore this thing down in August. It’s only March, and people are still scared?

    TC likes guys that can play more than one position.

    Don’t rule out Gilliam being moved to OG, don’t rule out them flipping Glow to LG and Webb to RG. Webb can play 3 spots, Sowell is a swing tackle, if he doesn’t work out, they can cut him and move on.

    Now, they got depth, projects, guys that are versatile guys that are young and returning. And the draft.

    • cha

      I agree. It gives JS options – Webb can play LG or RT. Gilliam can stay at RT or move to LT. They have options at C and RG.

      That way they can feel like they’re not absolutely locked into a position going into the draft. If they take a LT, it’ll be a guy they really do value at the draft spot they’re in.

    • mishima

      Agree, except for Gilliam at anything other than T: too athletic to waste at G. I think these depth moves free them up to make a trade up in Round 2 or 3.

      OT: Will they target a C early or are they willing to roll with Lewis until Sokoli is ready?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I read that article. Not sure I put much faith in it. Actions speak much louder than words and based on actions, GG ain’t moving to OG, Glow ain’t moving to the left side, etc.

    • Del tre

      They aren’t moving Gilliam to guard he is a tackle with a lot of potential

  13. Ignorant

    I think the J’Marcus Webb signing is anticipation of the difficulties to re-sign Okung and grab former OTs in the mid-late rounds this year. Seattle’s OL needs as of now are.

    1 – starting OT (or at least to compete against Webb, if they’re planning on use him as RT).
    2 – competition C
    3 – competition RG
    4 – competition LG (if they plan on using Webb as LG, and don’t think it’s enough competition for Britt)

    if Okung is gone, changes nothing. Britt/Gilliam/Rookies won’t face much competition for their starting spot. They are going to need two OTs to be picked in the Draft (one to play opposed to Gilliam, the other to give Britt a run). With J’Marcus Webb signing, they’ll only need to pick one OT to make a three-way race with Britt, Webb and a rookie for LG/RT and will absolutely HAVE to pick OT at #26. Meaning FOUR picks spent on OL, including a dire necessity of spending out first round pick on OT.

    If they manage to re-sign Okung the scenario changes. We won’t need another starting caliber OT. We won’t have a mandatory pick of OT at #26 because we’ll have alrady two guys running for LG, and two starting tackles (Okung, Gilliam), and if they think they need another guy fighting for LG, they could take low profile guys/projects later on day three and use #26 to go something like pass rusher, running back, an Irvin replacement or trade down or extra middle round picks. Meaning THREE picks spent on OL, without the dire necessity of spending our first round pick on OL

    He’s probably no good, but that means at least if either one of him or Britt are starting, they’ll need to work a lot. A lot. Which is not the worst possible scenario. Thing is: LG and RT can’t have unchallenged starters again if Okung is gone.

  14. Trevor

    Donald Penn signed with Raiders.

    That leaves Okung as the only starting LT on the market. I think he signs with the Lions today.

    • Rob Staton

      He’ll need to lower his demands from $13-14m a year.

      • Seahawcrates

        And Detroit/Giants may be expecting him to play right tackle in a prove it deal. That won’t help his stock going forward.

        • Sea Mode

          Some have commented that they think the Lions would be the best situation to set up Okung for a big deal next year because he will play in a dome on a pass-first team and probably not in the playoffs, which increases his chances of staying healthy and playing to his strengths.

          This is true, but I think it helps your stock a lot more to (possibly) be on display in the Super Bowl next year, which would of course make staying with Seattle the obvious choice. Also note he hurt his shoulder on a pass protection play, just to take a little more weight out of that argument as well.

          • Trevor

            A shoulder dislocation surgery for a LT is a bigger deal than most people realize. That is why everyone is offering him a short term deal. He did not get good advice from his advisor if he does not realize this.

      • Trevor

        Yeah he seems a little out of touch with the reality of the situation. If we are not going to re-sign him the more he gets paid the better for us though.

        • Naks8

          Well we will know soon now that his market is drying up. I think this works in our favor. We are bringing depth in just in case he doesn’t sign, but still have the door open.

        • I ClevelandHawk

          I dunno. Seems like a Scott Boras move to me. At this point, if the offers are as small as they appear, Okung has no real downside to waiting to see if a team will panic. If no team does, he can almost certainly get a one-year prove-it deal with a clean short to start. Even the Hawks could find room to give him a $6 million to $7 million deal for one year (maybe structured as multi-year with large signing bonus, to blunt the cap hit). He got dealt a bad hand with the shoulder surgery and he is doing a nice job trying to maximize his value. I don’t see that he has cost himself anything so far. I am guessing, obviously, but I doubt he has lost any higher money offers by waiting.

      • vrtkolman

        It’s looking more and more like a big error on his part not using an agent. If he was going to get that much, he would have gotten it on the first day of free agency.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      @RapSheet: #Raiders and LT Donald Penn have agreed on a 2-year deal worth $14M, source said. The first year, roughly $7M, is guaranteed.

      Would be nice if Okung signs a similar deal with SEA (except for the guarantees).

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        @MyersNFL: Penn gets $7 mil AYP. Okung’s market seems set at around 9. Seahawks and Okung need to pull the trigger on that.

        • I ClevelandHawk

          Good money for Penn. The market hasn’t shaken out yet.

        • Miles

          1 year $9m sounds just fine.

  15. nichansen01

    McClellin seems like a good Irvin replacement. 6’3 260 lbs with a 4.63 forty. Bruce Irvin 6’3 245 Lbs with a 4.5 forty.

    • vrtkolman

      Good in the sense that they are both similar physically. McClellin isn’t half the player Bruce is though. Perhaps a change of scenery would do him some good, he actually looked like a real NFL player under Fangio last year. The Bears coaching staff was a trainwreck before Fox got there, maybe there is hope after all.

  16. RealRhino2

    Any chance we kick the tires on Aldon Smith? He’s a guy with a disease who could get treatment and still be a productive member of society (and a football team). Pete’s work down in LA suggests maybe this is the kind of guy he wouldn’t mind giving a chance to turn things around.


    • Darth12er

      I’m going to say they avoid any more of these signings. They were under fire when they drafted Clark, and they did extensive homework. There’s no homework to be done with Smith, he just straight up doesn’t get it. Threw away a very promising career.

      • RealRhino2

        “Dammit, Otto, you have lupus!”

    • sdcoug

      Train wreck aside, he’s not eligible to play before week 11 if I remember correctly

      • nichansen01

        And we would demand more money than we could be able to give him…

        • RealRhino2

          How does this work? How does a trainwreck who can’t play until the last third of the season with multiple arrests/incidents demand more money than we could afford?

    • cha

      I could see the Hawks at least checking in with him. But this guy has had a bunch of “chances to turn things around” and the light still hasn’t come on. I’d say he’s more of a rehabilitation project than the Hawks probably want right now.

      • Miles

        Imagine the best case scenario though. Sign him to a one-year, lower investment deal. Seahawks are either making a run to go deep in the playoffs again. And all of the sudden you add, theoretically, one of the top three pass rushers in the game in Week 11, fresh and raring to go.

        Too hard to me to pass up on a one-year deal.

        He may have done some pretty dumb stuff. But that is mostly what his crimes are – dumb, stupid mistakes. He has never outright tried to hurt someone. He has certainly shown a disregard for other people, but he has never been accused of domestic violence, never accused of assault. It’s very possible he is or was just a dumb kid, and I am okay with giving a one-year deal to someone like that if their talent supersedes the risk. For me, it does.

    • reggieregg

      Leave no stone unturned…he’s a monster!

      • GeoffU

        Or in this case, leave no stoner unturned…

  17. CHawk Talker Eric

    @NYGDaily: With Donald Penn resigning with the Raiders, it comes down to Russell Okung; Giants, Lions and Seahawks in the mix.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      @MikeGarafolo: OT Russell Okung expected to visit Broncos, source says. Denver looking to bolster OL after losing Ryan Harris. Clady situation fluid too.

      • Miles

        Right now, I would peg the Lions as most likely to get Okung. They have by far and away the most cap room and Okung is not settling for less. When/if he decides to settle for less, I imagine the Seahawks would be the front runners at that point.

  18. Trevor

    My Post Free Agency Mock (Assuming Okung is gone)

    R1P26 RYAN KELLY ALABAMA (C)- We saw the incredible upgrade when we switched from Nowak to a serviceable Center on Lewis. Shows the importance of the position. Kelly is tough, nasty and great leader with Pro Bowl potential. Lets fix the middle of the line.

    R2 P56 Shon Coleman Auburn(OT)- He is a 1st round talent but age, injury during evaluation period and age drop him to the 2nd round where he will be a steal. Tough and athletic could start day #1 at RT or LG and would instantly upgrade the OL. If he is gone LaRaven Clark could be a fall back.

    R3 P90 CJ Prosise ND (RB)- Lets get a dynamic 3rd down back to pair with Rawls and Cmike.

    R3 P98 PDT JAVON HARGRAVE SOUTH CAROLINA STATE (DT)-Love this guy and think he is a steal in the 3rd Round as a penetrating DT. Willie Henry from Michigan would be a fall back option.

    R4 P125 Travis Feeney Wash (LB)- Day 2 talent but he falls to 4th round because of injury history. Could compete for a starting spot day #1 and would be a great special teamer.

    R5 P172 Matt Judon Grand Valley (DE)- Small School pass rush prospect with huge upside but raw.

    R6 P216 MARQUEZ NORTH TENNESSEE (WR)- A big, long, fast receiver with all the tools to be a very good NFL receiver. Injury history and inconsistency is an issue but he would add a different dynamic to our WR group and well worth the risk.

    R7 P226 David Oneymata Manitoba (DT)-Incredible athlete for a 300lb+ pound guy. Really raw but love his potential and would be a great developmental guy. Justin Zimmer out of Ferris St. is another DT developmental prospect I like

    R7 P248 Jeff Driskell L-Tech (QB)- Has talent and athleticism. Time to develop a young, cheap backup QB.

    • Trevor

      Ifedi in Rd #1 and Mcgovern in Rd#2 is the other option but I feel Kelly and Coleman are naturals at their position to be immediate starters and bring incredible leadership and toughness.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I like Ryan Kelly a lot, but under this scenario I’m doubtful that Coleman will be available at 56. I think the Seahawks would be picking the 4th to 6th offensive tackle on the board at pick 26. If it is the 4th then they might be safe waiting till #56. I just think it would be safer to pick OT and then center. Who knows, maybe Kelly will still be available at #56? If not there are a couple other good centers that will be.

      I like your other picks. Some names I haven’t heard before.

      I think you are spot on that Feeney will fall to the 4th round due to his shoulder injuries.

  19. Trevor

    Rob are there any non- OL prospects that you think have enough upside to warrant passing on OL in Rd #1.

    For example I still see people Mocking us Rankins or Darron Lee.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes there are prospects — but only if the Seahawks want a gaping hole on the OL.

      • Miles

        If Okung is re-signed, the OL would seem fine even without drafting an OL in the first 2 rounds. There would be potential for collapse, so not drafting one is, I think, ill-advised. But it is also forgivable.

        LT Okung
        LG Webb
        C Lewis/Sokoli
        RG Glowinski
        RT Gilliam

        But if we don’t re-sign Okung and draft no one …

        LT Gilliam
        LG Britt/Webb
        C Lewis/Sokoli
        RG Glowinski
        RT Britt/Webb

        I don’t feel comfortable with that at all.

  20. POB

    Okung visiting Denver now. I wouldn’t mind ending up with Ryan Clady when this is all said and done.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Why? No OT in the NFL has been as injured as he in the last couple of seasons.

      • bobbyk

        Ryan Clady started all 16 games in 2014. He got hurt well before last season so he’s going to be 100%, too.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          He missed 14 games in 2013 and all of 2015.

    • Trevor

      He is grasping at straws now. Very clear no one has offered him a long term deal.

      The Broncos have less cap space than us and run a similar ZBS system so it would not be easier on him physically. That one makes no sense but weirder things have happened I guess.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        “Very clear no one has offered him a long term deal.”

        Not so. PIT reportedly offered Okung a 4 year deal. But no guarantees.

        • I ClevelandHawk

          Extra years without guaranteed money only benefits the team. A four-year deal like Pitt offered is worse for Okung than a one-year deal.

        • vrtkolman

          In NFL talk that really isn’t a long term deal. That’s basically saying we will cut you at anytime and you won’t get anything.

    • cha

      I’d rather trade #26 for Joe Thomas than take Clady. Clady’s injury record would make Hawks fans look back on the Okung years as ‘the good old days.’

      • bobbyk

        In his 8-year career, Clady has 6 times played in every game. He tore his ACL last year well before the season so he’s guaranteed to be much healthier than Okung to open the year. He’s only 1 year older than Okung, too.

    • vrtkolman

      It’s kinda funny, and possible that Clady could be more healthy at the start of this season than Okung. Shoulder injuries are a big deal with linemen.

      • Miles

        There are surely inherent risks with a guy that has missed two out of the last three seasons. But he will also be inherently cheaper. If we can’t get Okung, I would take Clady on a one-year, $4m contract without question.

  21. CHawk Talker Eric

    @TonyPauline: Early report out of Pittsburgh has Tyler Boyd forty at 4.46s

    • Ukhawk

      Boyd is such a Steeler-type of receiver

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        @Alex_Kozora: Man, Pittsburgh sent the farm to Baylor. Tomlin, Colbert, Butler, Greene. You don’t do that unless you’re smitten with a guy’s tape.

        Which guy? Coleman or Billings?

        • Rob Staton

          Xavien Howard.

  22. Trevor

    Penn signed for 2 years $14mil. If we could get Okung at that price do you make the deal?

    • vrtkolman

      I would go with 1 year at $7 million no problem. I just don’t think we should invest multiple years in Okung.

    • Madmark

      yes, Okung worth 7million a year for 2 years

    • Sea Mode

      Any guess at what one might have to give Clady?

      • Miles

        I would want to be able to at least cut Okung in year two if we have a replacement. So guaranteed money for year two would have to be between $0 and $2m. So the ideal contract would maybe look like this.

        Russell Okung signs with Seahawks: 2 years, $14m
        2016: $7m w/ $5m guaranteed
        2017: $7m w/ $2m guaranteed – Cap Savings If Cut: $5m, Dead Money $2m

    • Ukhawk


  23. RWIII

    Guys: For what its worth department. In 2012 when Seattle was on the clock(In the first round) the player I wanted was Chandler Jones. Folks I was mad when the Seahawks took Bruce Irvin.

    • Miles

      To me, Chandler Jones was the ideal LEO. But logic told people all kinds of things back then. Lots of people wanted us to draft Quinton Coples. I’d say of the four or five teams that drafted EDGE players in that draft, we got the second-best deal. Could have gotten Chandler Jones; hindsight’s 20/20. It could have been a lot worse. To me, we were fortunate.

      • RealRhino2

        I’d say Whitney Mercilus and Olivier Vernon, though it took Vernon a while longer to get going.

        Not always great when you’re convinced you’re the smartest guys in the room.

  24. RealRhino2

    Good Lord! Just listened to Mark Dominick with Brock & Salk. Now I know why he’s a FORMER GM. Big ideas:

    1. Loves the Olivier Vernon contract.

    2. Trade Michael Bennett, but extend and give a raise to Kam Chancellor.

    Sheesh. Sorry for the brief aside.

    • rowdy

      Lmao, yea we should of traded bennett and signed Oliver hahaha

    • D

      I was just listening to the same interview. Not that I would advocate for it, but the Bennett trade actually made some sense. Way more value in selling high on Bennett than selling low on Chancellor. Definitely an interesting take on things.

      • RealRhino2

        Well, if your goal is to maximize your return in draft picks it might make sense, but not if it’s to win football games any time soon, IMO.

        Big difference is that Bennett is not really a fungible commodity, especially for us. There just aren’t many guys you can count on in the NFL or in the draft to do what he does, with his ability to both rush the passer from the outside while doing the same, and holding up against the run, from the inside. Kam is a box safety. It’s not like he’s a huge thumper who is also great in coverage. He’s more like Mike Piazza; a great offensive catcher who was passable enough defensively to stick at the position. Kam is a great, physical tackler who is passable in coverage. You could find a guy — and live with — a safety that is 90% of Kam, IMO. But 90% of Bennett is essentially useless, because you’ll have to take him off the field either in base or on passing downs.

        • Miles

          Agreed. There were times last year I thought we were better off with McCray on the field for passing situations. Kam is great in the box which is why it would be interesting if we tried to get McCray on the field more and make Kam more of a fourth linebacker on run downs/3rd & short.

          I think Bennett is someone we simply can’t get rid of. Trade him and you’re looking at a bottom-half of the league pass rush in 2016.

          • reggieregg

            3rd and more than 3 Kam is the weakest link….and teams were not afraid to try it. The good qbs took full advantage.

  25. CHawk Talker Eric

    @RosterWatch: DT Andrew Billings 4.85 first crack at 40 yard dash #Baylor Pro Day

    • D

      Ive seen two tweets with Corey Coleman 40 times. One at 4.43 and one at 4.34… i assume someone is transposing numbers, just not sure which one.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        @RosterWatch: WR Corey Coleman 4.34 in first crack at 40 #Baylor Pro Day

        • Greg Haugsven

          4.85 is humping it for a dude that’s about 325

          • Greg Haugsven

            Looks like he’s about 311, still fast. And right now he’s only 19

  26. vrtkolman

    Cleveland cut Karlos Dansby. I LOVED Dansby in Arizona, and frankly he was the reason Arizona beat us in 2013. I would be pleased if Seattle kicked the tires on him to play Bruce’s spot. He’s always been fantastic in coverage.

    • Miles

      Wouldn’t he be more of a KJ replacement-type?

  27. reggieregg

    Any interest in a trade for D’Bricashaw Ferguson from the Jets? Or picking him up if they cut him however it works?

  28. Miles

    Quinton Coples signs with St. Louis. That’s a weird move.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      @Rand_Getlin: Im told it’s a 2-year deal with a base value of $6.5M for DL Quinton Coples and the #Rams. Max value of $9.75M. Great landing spot for him.

  29. CHawk Talker Eric

    From Pauline:

    Dadi Nicholas improved on many of his Combine marks at today’s pro day. He weighed in at 239 pounds (235 at combine), completed 19 reps on the bench (14 Combine), touched 10-5 in the broad jump (9-8 Combine) and timed the 40 in the high 4.6s (4.74 Combine).

    I’m told Nicholas looked terrific in drills, especially when asked to drop into coverage. He had interviews with several teams, among them the Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins and Green Bay Packers.

  30. reggieregg

    How do the free agents we have signed effect the comp pick we got for our lost free agents?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      @nickkorte: For all the Seahawks fans: currently JR Sweezy is canceled by Bradley Sowell and Brandon Mebane by J’Marcus Webb: https://t.co/vmnJRYZhac

      • reggieregg

        That’s terrible at first glance

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          It won’t get any better no matter how long you stare at it.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Sweezy shouldn’t be cancelled. We havent signed an outside free agent for more than his 6.5 average.

      • Volume12

        Still 9 picks.

        • Greg Haugsven

          There talking about 2017

          • Volume12

            So am I.

            • Volume12

              Never too early to look ahead then.

              4th Bruce Irvin comp
              7th Kevin Norwood trade

              And I’m not sure that Sowell did count against the comp picks. If he didn’t, add a 5th rounder.

  31. GeoffU

    Overthecap say Seattle has 8.6m left in cap space. If that’s true, the team’s moved on and Okung ain’t coming back.

    • Greg Haugsven

      How come? His hit wouldnt be more than that. We still have Lynches cap space to to save for IR, draft, and practice squad. There should be enough to keep him if they wanted.

      • GeoffU

        It could easily be more than that. I don’t really get how the Lynch thing works, that they haven’t cut him yet means they want to defer 2.5m of his hit into next year? But they can’t do that until june 1st, and before that they need to be under the cap and probably sign all the rookies (plus Okung and possibly McClellin?). It’s hard seeing that all work out, but again, I don’t quite get the Lynch thing.

  32. Volume12

    Seahaws interested in Temple WR Robby Anderson, as a CB. Approached him at the Shrine Game about it.

  33. CHawk Talker Eric

    Good scouting report article on 3 prospects widely discussed/debated here on SDB LeRaven Clark, Jonathan Bullard and Emmanuel Ogbah by SI’s Doug Farrar. Definitely a “what can the guy do” perspective instead of “what can’t he do”.


  34. CHawk Talker Eric

    @Rotoworld_FB: Cardinals do 1-yr, $6M deal with Evan Mathis https://t.co/622DGLiKcP

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Zona going all in for what will most likely be Palmer’s last year.

    • Trevor

      Still wish we had signed him last year.

  35. Volume12

    When did Chris Collinsworth start doing mock drafts?

    Gotta say, I don’t hate his pick.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Today apparently.

      • Volume12

        Saw Bob McGinn say that Seattle wants C-Mike back ‘badly,’ but weren’t going to pay him the low tender.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Tells me they don’t trust him yet. Interesting how they’re looking at a defensive convert for RB. Like WR Robby Anderson for CB. Churning the talent.

          • Volume12

            Probably not.

            I get the feeling they aren’t too thrilled about this RB class.

            Here’s why I like Lamar Louis. If he doesn’t work out as a Spencer Ware type RB, turn him into a Derrick Coleman like FB and STeamer.

            Looking at converting LBs into RBs, LBs into FBs (Wazzu’s Kache Palacio).and WRs into CBs.

            Safe to say that the 6th and 7th round selections, UDFAs too, are gonna be ‘position switchers.’

            • Volume12

              Our boy from UL-Lafayette, WR Jamal Robinson is killing his pro day.

              And this Aussie from Baylor, OL Blake Muir, woof!

  36. Steve Nelsen

    This is my first 7-round mock.

    1 G/T Germain Ifedi
    2 LB Deion Jones
    3 G/C Connor McGovern
    3 DE Ronald Blair III
    4 WR Devon Cajuste
    5 RB Tyler Ervin
    6 T Stephane Nembot
    7 FB Dan Vitale
    7 DL David Onyemata

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