What I’m looking out for tonight vs Denver

1. Just how will Denver play this?
Last year the Broncos treated their pre-season game in Seattle very seriously — and still lost 40-10. Peyton Manning played more snaps than he usually would in week two and sported a classic bitter-beer face when things started to unravel. They went after it, big time — apparently seeing it as an opportunity to make some kind of statement. It’s unusual to see a team put that level of stock into what is, essentially, a warm-up game. Considering this is their first action since a humiliating 43-8 pounding by the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, it’ll be intriguing to see how they approach this. Will there be a slightly unnecessary edge? How much time will Manning spend on the field?

2. Can Mayowa, Marsh and co have an impact?
Benson Mayowa was one of the stars of the 2013 summer, yet he was red shirted for most of the regular season. He’s added weight and received decent reports from training camp. Can he have a similar impact this year? Can he force himself into the pass-rush rotation? It’ll also be interesting to see if Cassius Marsh can hit the ground running. The Seahawks lost Chris Clemons and Clinton McDonald and will want at least one or two of their younger players to step up.

3. Can a new ‘pedestrian’ receiver emerge?
With Golden Tate in Detroit and Sidney Rice retired, there are spots to be earned here. The situation would’ve been even more intriguing if Kevin Norwood’s injury was more serious than a bone spur. Even so, Norwood won’t play against Denver and might not feature at all in pre-season. Phil Bates has been touted as the next Jermaine Kearse. He’ll be battling with Chris Matthews to make plays (and an impression) over the next few weeks.

4. How does the offensive line perform?
This is perhaps the biggest question mark right now. We’ll see a make-shift line against a Broncos defense determined to prove it’s mettle following the Super Bowl. Russell Okung, James Carpenter and Max Unger won’t play. We’ll get a first look at Eric Winston at some point. It might be wise to limit Russell Wilson’s work to a series. There are spots to be earned at left guard and right tackle.

5. Who gets ahead in Turbin vs Michael
Robert Turbin was the official backup last year but Christine Michael has been complimented and praised by Pete Carroll several times since. They clearly want such a talented player to take the next step and mature. Every snap taken by this pair will be critical in what stands to be a more even contest. Michael lit up pre-season in 2013 and if he repeats that success, he could be first in line to spell Marshawn Lynch.

6. Does Terrelle Pryor have any kind of future in Seattle or the NFL?
This will be decided over the next 2-3 weeks, if not tonight. He’ll get time and he needs to make it count. I’m not sure anyone expects him to beat out Tarvaris Jackson as Seattle’s backup and he might be a long shot to make the roster even now. The only way to change that is to perform on the field. Over to you, T.P. He’ll at least have some background info on the Broncos, having competed in the AFC West with Oakland.

7. Is Brock Coyle as good as advertised?
He’s getting rave reviews in camp and the UDFA will probably get significant playing time tonight due to the number of injuries at linebacker. I personally felt John Lotulelei was overrated last year. He made the final roster but was eventually cut and picked up by Jacksonville — where he lasted less than a year. There aren’t many spots available for impressive UDFA’s this season. Coyle has perhaps the best chance of 2014’s crop.


  1. williambryan

    Very interested to see Coyle. I liked Lotuleilei and players like Allen Bradford (a ken norton favorite) haven’t been able to beat out Farwell. If Coyle can, that’s probably saying something.
    I’m also very interested in the safety position, who will take maragos’ spot? I expected it to be Dion Bailey, but he’s out so…

  2. HOUSE

    Does anyone know where the game will be streamed online?

  3. CC

    I really want Turbo to do well, but when you watch Michael out there – he just looks faster and brings something that Turbo doesn’t

    • AlaskaHawk

      I wasn’t impressed by our running game, especially compared to Denver ripping off many good runs. There backs just looked faster.

      Micheal did perform better then Turbo but they both go down to easily. Both Small and Ware were unimpressive as ball carriers. Good thing we have a month to work out issues. Ware got more work in and did okay.

  4. Nate

    Coyle looking very good so far. Richardson looks really quick and somewhat tate like with his moves.

  5. JeffC

    My first half impressions:

    – No pressure from the Leo at all
    – I wonder if at some point this season Justin Britt will get the nickname of “the matador”
    – Robert Turbin still looks like Robert Turbin, the king of the one yard runs
    – Red Bryant will be missed in the run game
    – Both teams look sloppy (as expected) and everything is fairly vanilla
    – Peyton still stays away from Richard Sherman
    – Paul Richardson gives you that feeling he’s going to score every time he touches the ball
    – I’m glad we kept Baldwin over Tate
    – This whole buildup of a must win game from the Denver side was stupid, is stupid, and forever will be stupid

    • CC

      Ha ha – yeah that “revenge” game thing sure looks and sounds stupid. Both teams look like it is the first game. Peyton sure did get nervous looking every time his lineman were getting pushed back.

      Pryor just threw a INT inside the 5 yard line – after Bronson dropped a sure TD. Both guys may have just lost their shot at making the team. I like Pryor, but let’s face it – if Russell goes down, I have more faith in Tjack

  6. Dan

    My thoughts:
    Scruggs looked sluggish to me.
    I don’t see the hype with Shead.
    Marsh and Coyle are the real deal.
    Marsh and Richardson both need to bulk up.

  7. Colin

    Not much to take away from the game. Lots of backups in, lots of vanilla coverages and playcalling except for Denver’s obsession with double hard counts and audibles. How cute.

    There isn’t much to judge from the “1’s” given that 40% of them didn’t even play.

  8. John

    I felt like there was a lack of intensity from the Hawks and that we played an overall sloppy game. Preseason I know, but just very very sloppy. And a complete lack of push in the trenches on both sides of the ball. We absolutely do not have the depth we had last year on the DL. Doesn’t mean that this is a serious problem but it will mean more snaps for our starters. And we had absolutely no push on the OL. Again, only Sweezy was starting but man, we got blown up every play. I’m surprised Wilson stayed in as long as he did given his protection.

    Overall, I’m not feeling as totally hyped as I was last year for this teams depth and my first impressions were not super positive. There’s alot to like. Richardson looked great, though Roby was playing him way off. Marsh is exciting but Brooks got blown up alot as the game went on. Van Ruten is awful, looked completely lost to me. I do not see Coyle as the next Bradford, he has great instincts and technique. Exciting prospect.

    I think we aren’t as well prepared to weather injuries to starters this year, but last year our depth was truly unique and I don’t view it as the standard.

    • bigDhawk

      Echoes my thoughts mostly especially on the DL. I’ll add Clem and McDonald to Red on the list of DL players we will miss. If Hill and Scruggs played tonight I didn’t even notice them. Though as crappy as many things looked at times, 60% of our starters were up 10-7 on 90% of Denver’s starters at the half, and Denver left their second string QB in the entire game after Manning left, clearly going for a win that ‘mattered’. Some random thoughts:

      -Bronson looked > Ware (and maybe Turbo). Felt bad for him on the dropped pass for a certain TD.

      -Despite a couple false starts I liked what I saw of Isles at RT especially on run blocking. The guy was an immovable object.

      -Coyle looks >>>>>>> than Farwell. I hope Farwell gets cut and Coyle takes his spot.

      -I want Okung to hurry back so I can see Bailey at RT. I think he may be our answer there.

      -We looked way more prepared for the LOB rule than did Denver.

  9. James

    I agree that the hunger and intensity was a notch below last year….maybe had something to do with so many veterans left at home. The proof is the number of off-side and false-start penalties. Has our D line never heard of the hard count?

    – will this O line ever get healthy? Without Okung, Carpenter and Unger, it was our twos against their ones. Unlike some other posts above, I actually thought Britt looked pretty good last night, upon a second viewing. It was Bailey and Hauptmann who struggled on the left side. It seemed like Schilling and Van Roten, especially, were just flailing away.

    – Marsh displayed outstanding pass rush skills, but then blew the play that would have won the game, when he had Osweiler for a sack on 3d and 14 late 4th qtr, and then let him break the tackle and part the red sea for a first down.

    – worst LB play I’ve seen on the Seahawks in years from Farwell and Miller, constantly out of position to make the play. Farwell looked like he had joined the team on Tuesday and was just guessing….what’s up with that? Coyle was outstanding under the circumstances, and is 99% of the way to taking the job away from Farwell.

    – other than Marsh, I did not see pass rush from our D line….let us hope it was from a vanilla scheme, but I would like to have seen something from Mayowa. Avril and Bennett, not sure what or where they were?

    – Christine Michael was the only RB that showed the ability to win a game.

    – Pryor was good at times, but he had the team first and goal twice and came away with 3 points. That is the classic formula for a losing season in the NFL.

    – Paul Richardson appeared to be able to get open at will, and showed good hands.

    – Tharold Simon needs to be read the riot act, and if he does that again, suspend him. We need no knuckleheads messing with the field discipline of the LoB. I wonder what Earl Thomas thought of that foolish display?

    – and finally, kudos to Russell Wilson, who willed his team to a long TD drive…the guy is special.

    • Miles

      Good post – I have on critique. I disagree with your assessment of Tharold Simon. Did he get a little too riled up? Yeah. Did he deserve to get ejected from the game? No. He didn’t punch the Broncos’ player or even push him with any kind of force. When you look at it he just put his hands on the guy’s face mask and then was pushed away. Again, he showed a bit of immaturity there, but I think the ejection was more out of caution by the referees to keep the game in their control. That was probably the plan heading into the game because they knew these teams do not like each other.

    • CC

      Pryor is so athletic – I wish we could somehow use that in addition to him playing back up QB.

      Based on how awful Blaine Gabbert looked, I would hate us cutting TP and him ending up as the back up in SF – he and Kaep are quite a bit alike. I could see them grabbing him if we cut him.

  10. Hay stacker509

    What’s everyone’s take on wrs bates and lockette? I was impressed with lockette and think he’s a lock. Bates was raved about thru camp and I wasn’t impressed at all. Cfl boy Matthews, not impressed with him just being the tallest target that isn’t targeted due to his ability to get open.
    Rbs… I like who said it earlier ” turbo looks like turbo, king of the one yard gains”
    I was paying attention to the fbs and I think I’m leaning keeping ware over Coleman.
    IMO first round of cuts will be
    Van roten
    Bronson (just because he blew the game)

    • AlaskaHawk

      Walter made a good catch up the middle. I would like to see more of him. Richardson looked good – I hope he holds up. Tight end Helfet and TE 4th string player (Bronson?) had a catch or two. TE Miller was slow, he missed a few blocks, dropped a pass, really didn’t look good.

      Seems like we did well when we could deliver the ball to a receiver. Not too many dropped passes. We just looked awkward compared to Denver.

    • CC

      I think it is hard to take much away from the game for those guys because it was such a sloppy game. Between Lockette and Bates – for me it is who has the better upside? I think I’d rather keep Pryor – and I wish he’d play some other position.. – over either Lockette or Bates – or another TE.

      I like Ware and Coleman – Small looked overmatched. I think Ware could give the guys a run for their money next year at TB if he stays around.

      I sure hope we have some starters on the O line healthy soon – seeing Russell get smashed is not good!

  11. Mylegacy

    Thoughts (in no particular order) –

    Richardson looked better than advertised. Not just a bullet – a Golden Tate(ish) possession receiver as well. I’m in love (don’t tell the wife – she gets jealous and throws things).

    Pryor looked like he was playing under control – I liked it. I thought he’d be more a pants on fire kinda guy. Jackson also looked under control and in control. I strongly suspect we’re going to be looking at keeping 3 QB’s. That should complicate some other positions.

    Marsh looked better as the game wore on. Later he looked very good. Interestingly the 9′ 4″ QB he tried to sack just threw him off like a longed hair girl throws rainwater off her flowing locks by just swinging them. I imagine the next time they meet Cassius will act more like his target is Caesar and run him through!

    Arceto Clark – niffty little ball hawk. Can’t see him sticking though.

    Turbin (spoiler alert – I love the guy) However, despite his power, way too often one guy seems to be enough to bring him down.

    Michael – hints of what he may become. Quick feet, fast, powerful, scary. Turbin is going to have to really up his game or this competition is over.

    Jefferson-Terrell-Thomas-Parks-Simon-Shead-Auguste… all had their moments. Looks like we’ve an embarrassment of riches at all the DBack slots.

    Maxwell looked less than he might have because we played so much zone. However, even in that role he was always right there and punished the receiver.

    Kiero Small (another guy I love) – On one play he tore into the line and bounced off two or three guys and came out the other side and almost caught a pass. On another play he reached up (not too far up – on account of da fact he can’t reach too far up) and dropped a ball that he tried so desperately to squeeze he almost crushed the ball before it popped out of his tiny (but very strong) hands. His ONLY chance is if he blocks like a demon. Not a good day – but he’s got at least one more chance to impress.

    Jeffcoat – meh.

    Coyle. Well he can hit, he can run. He was clearly out of his depth. To be expected. However, there is a lot to like. Is her enough to like? He’s a game or two left to show us.

    Horace Miller (a guy I wanted to see) – big as horse, strong as rhino, fast as…well…he’s got a game or two more to show us.

    Helfet – looked good(ish).

    Schofield – looked pretty good for a guy who failed his physical.

    Farwell – considering how many regulars were out he should have shown up more. Still like the guy – but he better be looking over his shoulder.

    The OLine…yikes… the trouble with watching car wrecks is it’s really difficult to see which fender folder first and which bumper was smashed in what order. Winston looked – meh. Mr Okung, Mr Carpenter, Mr Unger, please come back healthy – PLEASE!

    The DLine. Mebane (like he did increasingly last year as the season progressed) had his A+ Bull Rush shoes on. I really like this guy. For the first game of his career Marsh looked better than OK a lot. Clearly the guy has the “hands” and the moves. Williams – I was stunned by how little he did, how little effort he put into any play, he looked like he was just going through the motions. If this is what he’s got – he’s gone. Mayowa – screaming around the end – a hundred miles an hour and then slipping and falling down – more than once. Better things better be coming – next time he should wear cleats – they might help. McDaniel looked a bit better than so-so on the night. Hill and Scruggs – were they even on the field?

    Despite my concerns – I was impressed. Get our 18 guys who sat this game out back and we’ll see who is who’s daddy.

    • Jeff C

      I think for Michael to take Turbin’s job he would have to just absolutely blow the coaches away with his play, awareness, assignments, etc. Turbin has a huge leg up on CM because of the love Sherman Smith has for him.

      On that 8 yard run CM made near the goal line, Turbin can’t make that run. CM did a small juke at the start of it that opened his way into the lane. Turbin just plows straight ahead and for a guy his size, he should display more power, but only one guy usually brings him down.

      But regardless, I fully expect Turbin to be #2 at the season start and get the bulk of the non-Lynch carries.

      • CC

        I love Turb, but Michael has another gear – to hit the closing holes better than Tubin.

  12. Miles

    One guy I was not impressed with at all was Jackson Jeffcoat. I know he hasn’t gotten rave reviews anyway, but man, you can really see why he went undrafted now. He was just nowhere to be seen on the pass rush and took so long to react to running plays. He needs to play much better next week or he doesn’t stand a chance.

  13. Saxon

    “I imagine the next time they meet Cassius will act more like his target is Caesar and run him through!”

    Haha. Nice, Mylegacy…

    Overall, my concern is with our sudden lack of depth compared to the embarrassment of riches we had last year. This was only game one of the preseason but none of the backups meaningfully distinguished themselves.

    I can’t shake the gut feeling that this is going to be a tough year for the Seahawks. I just shudder at the prospect of the Rams DL vs our OL. Granted we won the Super Bowl with the 31st ranked OL last year but that seems an outlier. Without the depth on defense, perhaps a worse OL, a tough schedule and the improvement of our NFC West foes, I’m not sanguine about our chances to repeat as NFC West champs let alone NFL champs.

  14. David M

    I’m if half the people on here even read the injury report? It comes out about an hour before the game.. Hill and Aguste were on it for those wondering if they played or not.

    The field was in terrible condition, the cause for many slips by Michael, Mayowa and I seen a TE slip too.

    I agree with others, can’t wait to get Okung back and bailey on the right side, he might just belong there.

    Marsh looked good, better as the game went on and kinda found his groove.

    Coyle is an almost lock, looked very well, lead the defense (called plays & assignments) a few plays got by him but for 1st game, that’s to be expected.. Way better than Farwell, who I think is done.

    AJ Jefferson looked good, simon did till he got hot headed but he knew his wrong doing.. I don’t think we’ll see anything like that from him again.

    Helfet made a good showing with some good blocks and a nice catch in traffic right up the seam.
    Can’t wait for next weekends home game and see some improvements made!

  15. Mylegacy

    OK – I’ve read all the above and I think every comment is good. Basically, we “cloud sourced” an article on the opening game. Personally, I think our group report was as good as that from any other source.

  16. Ely

    I think Bronson looked head and shoulders above Ware. I don’t remember ware looking so slow last year. If Bronson hadn’t dropped that swing pass for the game winning TD (I know, Big if) I think he would have been the standout rookie. I’d like to see him get some chances with 1st team O-line. That being said I would like to see the first team Oline period.

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