Why the Seahawks have to act now

Russell Wilson deserves better.

Seattle’s quarterback, somehow, continues to reach new levels. We’re witnessing a Hall of Fame career play out.

Wilson is capable of taking the Seahawks back to the Super Bowl. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. He’s also well complimented by weapons and while the offensive line is far from perfect, there are at least some encouraging signs that the unit is progressing.

All of this is going to be undermined by the pass rush.

The Seahawks have given up 970 yards in two games — more than any other team in the league. Their average so far of 415.5 yards per game conceded is by far the most in the NFL. Atlanta’s horrible defense is second (372 YPG) and the third worst is Jacksonville on 294 YPG.

Think about that for a second. The Seahawks are giving up 121 yards per game more than the third worst team for the statistic in the entire league.

Their four man rush is atrocious. There’s no speed off the edge. There’s no interior push.

Opponents understand this too. Atlanta and New England attempted a combined 98 pass attempts against Seattle’s defense. That’s 11 higher than any other team in the league has faced so far. And before anyone pins it on the two opponents faced — remember that Dan Quinn spent the off-season talking about re-committing to the running game and the Patriots ran all over the Dolphins in week one.

The Seahawks rely totally on a blitzing safety to generate pressure. That has consequences because according to NFL Next Gen Stats the Patriots were 6/6 for 157 yards when Jamal Adams was the nearest defender to the targeted receiver.

According to Pro Football Reference they are currently blitzing at a rate of 18% — ninth most in the league. That might not sound overly dramatic but they are blitzing to try and prop up the flaws up front. This isn’t a blitzing scheme.

Despite this, Seattle’s hurry percentage is just 4% after two games. Their pressure percentage is 11.9%. Their sack percentage is 3%. All are in the bottom third for the league.

I can’t separate these stats to show the splits between an Adams blitz and pressure created by the front four. My suspicion is a lot of Seattle’s successful rushes were delivered by Adams. He is a very good blitzer.

It’s unrealistic and unreasonable, however, to expect him to play well in coverage while needing to do the job of the pass rush.

With the news today that Bruce Irvin has suffered a torn ACL, the Seahawks’ pass rush is even weaker. It couldn’t afford to take a hit like this. They needed to add — not replace.

They have no choice but to be the pro-active front office we’ve seen in the past.

This is the team that traded for Sheldon Richardson when they needed an interior rusher. They traded for Duane Brown when they needed a left tackle. They moved to add Jadeveon Clowney a year ago when the pass rush threatened to consist of Cassius Marsh, Barkevious Mingo and Jacob Martin. They made a blockbuster deal for Jamal Adams a matter of weeks ago.

Now is the time to be aggressive again. Otherwise we’ll be sat here in January talking about how this pass rush wasted another season of prime Russell Wilson.

You can’t keep skipping near the cliff edge. You can’t keep asking Wilson to pull off miracles. You have to support him. You have to give him a defense that is capable of doing enough to complement his cooking.

That means a defense that puts up some resistance and can at the very least finish a game when you’re leading by 12 with mere minutes remaining.

It’s not about going out there and remaking the LOB two weeks into the season. It’s about doing something to improve the situation.

Benson Mayowa and L.J. Collier are not good enough to be your starting defensive ends. Mayowa played 90% of the snaps against New England and was ineffective. He’s never been in this role before. He’s not a 60-70 snap premier rusher.

Is 34-year-old Clay Matthews a cure-all solution? No. Is he better than Mayowa and Collier at rushing the passer? Yes.

The same goes for Cameron Wake. He’ll be 39 in January. Is he a better player to have rushing the edge on third down than Mayowa or Collier? Probably.

Is it time to get Marcell Dareus or Snacks Harrison on a plane for a try-out? If they don’t want to play football — fair enough. If they want to play — get them in for a look.

Are there players out there who might be available via trade? Possibly. It’s time to get on the phone and find out. I’m sure they probably already are. And if it takes giving up your 2021 second rounder to find a solution — so be it.

They might need to indulge in Sammy Watkins/Dante Fowler/Leonard Williams style rentals. That’s simply the situation they’re in now.

I’m not naive enough to think this team isn’t already working overtime to find solutions. Carroll and Schneider aren’t daft. They know this line isn’t good enough.

However — they knew that in March all the way through to August. They didn’t act when better options were available. They can’t continue to be inactive now that they’re seeing the fruits of their attempt to fix the pass rush this year.

If Bruce Irvin is simply replaced by Alton Robinson — a player already deemed not ready enough to even be active — and/or a return for Rasheem Green, the results are unlikely to change.

They can’t keep wasting seasons. They’ve got to 2-0 and now is the time to be bold.

How it came to this will and should be talked about throughout the season. Serious questions still need to be asked of Carroll as to how they ended up with this D-line despite identifying it as the top priority.

It’s also disheartening that once again their early draft picks are nowhere to be seen. In 2017 it was Malik McDowell and Ethan Pocic. In 2018 it was Rashaad Penny and Rasheem Green. In 2019 it was L.J. Collier and Marquise Blair. Now it’s Jordyn Brooks and Darrell Taylor.

It’s remarkable that their last eight high picks have been so unable to contribute early. D.K. Metcalf is a great success story so far but it doesn’t account for this kind of run early in the draft. There’s too much of a trend.

Brooks had just eight snaps yesterday — only three more than Cody Barton.

It’s not too late to give yourself a fighting chance of getting just enough to support the man who can lead you to a Super Bowl though.

Look at DVOA so far. The Seahawks have the #2 ranked offense, the #1 ranked special teams (!!!) and the #23 ranked defense. Let’s be right — they’re as high as #23 because of Jamal Adams.

If you can get a better big bodied defensive tackle to support your linebackers and keep them clean and a better pass rusher off the edge, that #23 ranking could be closer to #16-18 and then you at least have a fighting chance.

The Seahawks should never have a near perfect game from Wilson combined with a 154 rushing day and a handsome 35-23 fourth quarter lead and nearly lose the game.

That cannot happen again. Now is the time for action.

It basically comes down to this — do you want to win a Super Bowl or not?

I want to win a Super Bowl. Russell Wilson wants to win a Super Bowl.

How about you?

If the answer is yes, they need to make additions.

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  1. KennyBadger

    Heard loud and clear Rob, and I think we’ll see Matthews in Seattle soon. But I don’t see him making a big difference and I fear we lack the resources to trade for someone effective.

    • Rob Staton

      They have to do something though

  2. Rushless pass

    Jabaal sheard?

    • Rob Staton

      Think he opted out

  3. cha

    //raises hand

    I want to win a Super Bowl

  4. Tom

    Possible solutions?!? Due to the lack of draft capital, I think we are left with trading players for players. The most likely candidate is KJ Wright. Our line backer depth is crazy. It helps with Brooks and the two linebackers from the 2019 draft looking capable. I would have also said safety is another place we could trade players from, but due to injuries last night, that may not happen. We also have depth at running back. This would be dependant on how penny’s rehab is going. It’s a minimal gamble, it maybe worth it to gain better pass rush. I am curious about the cap ramifications, because Pete and John will not mortgage the future just to save this season. They will take into consideration the ramifications for this season, as well as future seasons. With next seasons cap expected to go down, it will be interesting to see what they do. Unfortunately, I can see them expecting to see opportunities to get value this next off season and giving up that opportunity due to a current pressing issue like pass rush is going to be hard. Also don’t forget that Like Billicheck, Pete and John don’t value pass rush as much as the rest of the league. If the patriots and the hawks see pass rush as over valued, then there has to be a reason. No one is explore it this idea though. (Would love Rob to dig into the why on this topic!) We can’t have our cake and eat it too. We have to accept weakness somewhere on the team, just need to make sure it is acceptable. Right now I agree the pass rush is not acceptable. Free agents are no longer gaurunteed contracts. “Snacks” Marcel Darious, and Mathews should be brought in for a look. As well as possible trade partners that don’t have good leverage! Who would be candidates for trades though?

    • Rob Staton

      They can’t trade KJ. Especially not after Bruce’s injury.

      What you say about trading players might be true. The Seahawks just don’t have the pieces to deal.

      • Tom

        Trading KJ would be unpopular, but the depth at linebacker makes it worth considering it. Plus his salary cap hit would make it worth while if we have to absorb a decent pass rushers salary. This would just mean that jordy brooks would need to step up into KJ’s role. Would you rather keep KJ, and Trade another player? Which one? Rob, if you were the GM for one day what would you do?

        • BobbyK

          If you were the GM of any NFL team – would you trade for KJ? He’s old. Though still effective, he’s near the end of his career and his contract expires at the end of this season. He still makes a lot of money this season. That being said – why would he be a priority to any NFL team in terms of giving up something of value for him?

          • Tom

            I’m not saying he has a lot of value, but he may have just as much value as a decent pass rusher on an expiring contract. Especially if the other team needs a linebacker.

            • George

              Time to start dangling Carson and Moore. I like both but those are tradeable assets that can bring value.

      • Simon McInnes

        There is another option – trade Carlos Hyde to a team desperate for a running back, and promote Deejay Dallas into the rotation. I don’t have any team in mind who has a need at RB and a desirable DL to offer, but you never know.

        • Rob Staton

          Carlos Hyde was a FA weeks into the new league year. Who’s trading for him?

          And they need depth at RB. Just look what happened last year.

      • Elmer

        With all the talk about Jamal Adams, is Bobby Wagner being under-credited? His first two games have looked good.

        • Rob Staton

          Didn’t grade well for Sunday

    • pdway

      trade next year’s 2nd rounder. That has value.

      Desperate times are here . .. I think everything should be on the table.

      Don’t think KJ or any of last year’s LB’s have any real trade value. Maybe Penny does, but not while still on IR and unproven to be healthy again.

    • DT

      Agreed it needs to be players… it would just have to be to teams of need….
      Are the Giants willing to concede the season, or would they make a deal for Carlos Hyde? Obviously we won’t get a starter, but are their backups better than what we have?
      And Denver, who was competitive with a good Pittsburgh team…. does a cheap David Moore hold any interest for them (if you believe in Freddy Swain, Phillip D, and that Gordon comes back)….
      Pretty slim pickings, but there are certainly teams that are as desperate as we are at other positions…
      fingers crossed. for something. almost anything.

  5. STTBM

    Ken Norton HAS to get some of the blame. The secondary play has been bad, despite Diggs/Adams/Dunbar/Blair/Griffin as players. He’s made chicken shit out of chicken salad his entire career as DC, going back to his days with Oakland. A pass rush is a glaring need, but so is a DC who has a clue.

    • Tom

      Ken Norton is executing Pete’s plan. Ken isn’t to blame.

    • Rob Staton

      No, Ken Norton isn’t to blame.

      Regardless of his qualities as a coach, he’s been handed the worst D-line in the league. This is a personnel issue. 100%.

    • GerryG

      Im not blaming Norton at all. I even give him some credit for at least trying to generate blitzes utilizing Adams creatively.

      The end of that game when they were up 12 says everything you need to know. They just needed to affect the passer, and they could not at all. The front 4 did nothing. That’s not coaching. Not a single guy commands a double team, not a single guy can win in a rush situation. Think about all the times we have seen Wilson down 2 scores, and the other team knows we have to pass, and he is running for his life instantly because they know we have to pass, and that is the easiest time to rush.

  6. Big Mike

    The key word in the title of this post is “now “.

  7. RIAWB

    So If I am reading this right, you think the Seahawks have a problem with their pass rush?

    • Rob Staton

      Well observed

    • Sea Mode


      • RugbyLock


  8. STTBM

    I agree utterly that Seattle must do something:they need a good DT and at least one capable pass rusher in the worst way. There will be no SB with this Dline. Sadly, I can’t see Norton being successful as DC, regardless of personnel.

  9. Jace

    Man looking at the past four drafts and seeing 8 guys not making a major difference on this team really puts it into perspective how much they have struggled identifying difference makers in the early rounds. I know it’s tough when you’re not picking at the top half of round one, but wow.

  10. James C

    If Alton Robinson is not active against the Cowboys I don’t know what to think. He can’t be worse than what we have been putting out there. I really hope Taylor can get healthy after our bye week, but I have a sinking feeling he will contribute nothing. Agreed with the bad drafting. Perhaps it is time they stop focusing on their “type” and try to draft good football players.

  11. cha

    I don’t have to tell you the defense is bad. Everybody knows the defense is bad. It’s a debacle. Everybody’s scared about this pass rush, or losing a big game. Free agent dollars buy a nickel’s worth. Draft picks are injured or bust. QB’s have time to pass on every play. Our best player is a strong safety who is going to die of exhaustion before the season is over, and there’s nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there’s no end to it.

    We know we need to pressure the quarterback, and allow fewer points! And we sit watching our TVs while some local newscaster tells us that today we had a really exciting finish to the game, that fans were holding their breath to the last play of the game, as if that’s the way it’s supposed to be!

    We all know things are bad — worse than bad — they’re crazy.

    It’s like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don’t go out any more. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we’re living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, “Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my Russell Wilson and my DK Metcalf and my Pete Carroll, and I won’t say anything. Just leave us alone.”

    Well, I’m not going to leave you alone.

    I want you to get mad!

    I don’t want you to protest. I don’t want you to riot. I don’t want you to formulate a plan to solve the pass rush, because I wouldn’t know what to tell you to do. I don’t know what to do about the rushing game and the pass rush and the exposed linebackers and the injuries to our pass rushers.

    All I know is that first, you’ve got to get mad.

    You’ve gotta say, “I’m a Seahawks fan, goddammit! This season has value!”

    So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs.

    I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, and stick your head out and yell,

    “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!!”


    • Rushless pass

      What a great movie!!!

    • AlaskaHawk

      That’s funny! Howl at the Moon!

  12. HoBro

    A compelling case, as always. In retrospect, the Seahawks should have added a pass rusher when they were available in free agency. (They probably should have hired Rob Staton as a roster consultant, too.) All I can add is a couple of quibbles.

    The Seahawks are actually second, not fifth, in 2020 offensive DVOA. They’re fifth in overall “DAVE”, which heavily weights last year’s performance.

    You note that the weak pass rush led both Atlanta and NE to go pass-heavy, even though “… Dan Quinn spent the off-season talking about re-committing to the running game and the Patriots ran all over the Dolphins …” In addition, the Seahawk’s success in stopping the run – they’re currently fifth by DVOA in run defence – might have played a role in their opponents’ decision to favour the passing game.

    • Simo

      The Hawks are only 5th in stopping the run, because Atl and NE both passed the majority of the time! Why run the ball when you can pass for 400 or more yards. These teams have dropped back for nearly 90 pass attempts with only 3 sacks, two of which are by our strong safety.

      There’s just no way to paint a rosy picture when it comes to this defense, they are plain awful. Sure they have some good players but that won’t matter if they can’t/don’t improve the DL!!

      • HoBro

        I don’t think that’s the way DVOA works. It’s not based on total running yards the defence gives up, but rather the average number of yards the defence gives up on running plays compared to the average number of yards an average team gives up in similar situations. That’s why it’s called “value over average.” But you don’t have to go to DVOA to see that the Seahawks stuffed the Pat’s run game. New England ran 25 times for an average gain of 2.7 yards.

      • DancingBuddha

        Thats not how DVOA is calculated. And the fact opponents have been playing 10+ points worth of catchup every game is also why the pass attempts are high. As is the fact the team is not just good, but very good in run D- they’re givin up 3 ypc while having also given up a longest play of 15 yards(which is also in the very top end of defenses). This narrative of them being a bad run D team is simply overblown. Theyy need a pass rush, badly, but thats it. The LBs are being kept more than clean vs the run, clearly, theyre killing the run defense.

  13. James C

    Let’s hope the Redskins go on a losing streak so Ryan Kerrigan becomes available. For a 5th rd pick would be nice.

    • James C

      Anyone else know of any potential future trade deadline targets?

      • Volume12

        I don’t know if they’d move him, but Melvin Ingram is a name that jumps out at me.

        • Ralphy

          Rob who do you think could be in play? Kerrigan, Ingram? I would love either.

          • Rob Staton

            Kerrigan maybe if you were willing to give up a R2.

            But that’s very expensive for an older player.

            • SteveLargent80

              I’m not sure they have a choice at this point. Kerrigan might be the spark that saves the season, unless we want *checks notes* Benson Mayowa and Rasheem Green to lead the pass rush

    • hawkdawg

      Didn’t we trade that pick for Dunbar?

  14. Hoggs41

    And to be clear 415 is just the pass yards. We are giving up 485 a game total which is ridiculous. I dobt see those numbers going down much after playing Dallas.

  15. Nick

    Michael Dickson has been simply marvelous so far this year. And that tackle by Cody Barton off the kick off last night had to be the highlight of his career so far.

    Agreed with your article, Rob. I know this is nowhere near sufficient to address the pass rushing problem, but perhaps they activate Shaquem Griffin for some/any speed off the edge.

    • Volume12

      Dickson has been very good so far.

    • GerryG

      Yes he has.

      I wanted to add something to Rob’s point actually/ He said “The Seahawks should never have a near perfect game from Wilson combined with a 154 rushing day and a handsome 35-23 fourth quarter lead and nearly lose the game.”

      I would add, and played a perfect game on special teams.

      • pdway

        If we’re being honest w ourselves – – as good as they are – the offense has to take some of the blame for that 35-23 lead being lost.

        They are the strong unit on the team – without any doubt – and one first down against a defense they’d been slicing up all game ends things. They came up short.

        It’s funny to get outside our superfan bubble (of which I am an acknowledged part) and get outside perspectives. was listening to a recap podcast and folks are just marveling at Russell, and think we are one of the best teams in the league. Also, on that final drive, noting that Carson really majorly screwed up by not just getting a first down there. whether or note he went out of bounds to get it – it still would have been likely enough to end things.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          100% this. A first down makes the Patriots have to start using their timeouts. Assuming nothing disastrous happened, the game would be pretty much done.

          • hawkdawg

            First down, inside two minutes and opposing team has two timeouts.
            Pretty much over.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Even a failed third down run would have been more advantageous than a pass.

          I 100% agree that the offense screwed up there.

  16. Tony

    Bring up Alton, quem, rush and grab any decent situational rusher. At this point, make room for extra rushers and cycle them thru. Hopefully find a hot hand or create more rotations for more rested DL late in games. Playing moyawa and others 95% of a game is just wasting are best options late in games. A tired and gassed mediocre DL late in game will show even worse push. Need to play the kids because there was no contingency plan for clowney. This is on the FO.

    The good news is as we approach the deadline, RW playing out of his mind will only entice DL players for wanting to be here. Hopefully they work some magic in season.

    • hawkdawg

      Rush was already out there, if he’s the 360 lb noseguard. And he’s not a penetrating pass rush kind of dude…

  17. hawkfanforetenity

    The issue is what move to make. You’ve listed all of the free agent options except Grant Wistrom. As for trade options, we don’t have much to trade player wise that any of us think makes sense. I don’t think KJ gets you anything of value in a trade, pass rush wise, and he’s probably more valuable here then anywhere else. The only places we have depth to trade from are WR and LB. Yet anyone not named Locket, DK or Wagner isn’t going to get you much. Can we get something for our next years second? I don’t see anything else to trade.

  18. Volume12

    Not an excuse, not a glass half full type deal. Just an observation.

    It’s crazy to see how far down all the defenses around the league are. 31 games & a combined average of 50 PPG. It’ll change as the weather does and the season progresses, but I hate to see it.

  19. Phil

    Rob, I hear you. The pass rush isn’t good enough. The FO failed to accomplish what was a stated goal.

    But put those “yards” in a more honest context.
    1. The Seahawks dynamic offense is pushing opponents to play catch up.
    2. Ryan & Newton were both throwing the ball great.
    3. Coach Pete was pointing out that the Hawks should have had 4 more sacks last night. *They were just trying to tackle Cam too carefully – like a normal QB.
    4. Yards don’t win football games…especially against Carrol. Look at his history. It’s important for them to make key stops or get the key turnovers in the key moments. The “almost sacks” were all in key moments.

    *I agree that this pass rush can be very hard to watch; but yard stats aren’t telling the whole story.

    • pdway

      Cam did play well. There’s no argument against that. He’s a hard guy to sack w his size, strength, and athleticism – he dodged a few last night.

  20. Rik

    Former 3rd round pick Chad Thomas (DE) is sitting on the Brown’s practice squad.

  21. Ashish

    Get pass rush and DT now so they are in system when we come back from bye. Real season begins after bye week with divisional team and some good match up. Plus we don’t have much room because of the division we are in. Given our offense is humming but there will be situation they are slow to start or great play from defense were defense has to bail out.

  22. Big Mike

    Mayowa played 90% of the snaps? Huh. I was wondering if he was nicked cuz I didn’t remember seeing him at all. Kind of the definition of non-descript eh?

  23. BigDawg

    Rob do you expect that any names become available for trade? I expect that the 2nd round pick will be gone. With Russell Wilson playing the way he is right now, everything at trade disposal should be spent on upgrading the team.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve not studied the options. I hope so but admit it might be more likely in a few weeks time nearer the deadline.

  24. CD

    A few years ago (and for a few years) there were a lot of people saying the OL was holding us back, they were going to get Russ killed and how we couldn’t teach anyone up, had a DL guy playing guard, etc. The stats back then were there to prove the OL was crap.

    What is worse, then or now? It seems difficult to not have 1 element of a team that is below average with the cap what it is.

    • pdway

      big difference is that #3 is/was so good he can still be effective even behind a lousy O-line (though it did SUCK having guys like Paul McQuistan starting at LT) – there’s just no equivalent for a defense. Adams is awesome, but can’t possibly have the same type of impact.

    • BobbyK

      Duane Brown?

  25. Sea Mode

    Hey, it could always be worse:

    Matt Barrows
    · 1h

    This is how bad the 49ers’ injury issues are: They had arranged for an MRI truck to meet them at The Greenbrier where they are spending the week. That truck?

    … It broke down.

    And not only Mostert:

    Adam Schefter

    49ers’ HC Kyle Shanahan said his team also is concerned about RB Tevin Coleman, who suffered a knee injury Sunday and is awaiting MRI results.

  26. Sea Mode

    Geez, him too? Relevant for us in a couple weeks.

    Ian Rapoport

    #Vikings LB Anthony Barr has a torn pec and is out for the season. A difficult loss in a tough start to the season.

    • Volume12

      What a wild a** week from the NFL yesterday. High quality games (Titans/Jags & KC/Bolts), arguably the greatest onside kick ever, a goal line stand, to all the injuries.

  27. Sea Mode

    Bruce Irvin
    · 29m

    I guess I am human after all. 😩🤦

  28. jopa726

    How do you know when a football team has a bad defense? When the first thing the fan base wants to talk about on the defensive side, after a game, is their punter. Hey, how about that Michael Dickson?

    As an former Raider Fan, I spent years talking up Shane Lechler.

    • STTBM


  29. Submanjoe

    I wonder if part of the fo’s problem with signings is a lack of “middle class” options. There is just not much mid level so to speak free agent options, especially for the defensive line. Mayowa and Irvin are definitely mid level or lower type pick ups. Going back years, many of the interior d line signings have been mid level to low level. Going back years, Freeney was a mid season pick up at a cheap price. Richardson and Clowney were had for mid round picks and did not have top of the line cap hits (at least by Seahawks). Last year Ansah was middle class for sure and he was a waste of money. Many of the league wide signings are for a lot of money and years which for some reason this group don’t go for. It is quite sad and disappointing the FO cannot or will not adjust their way of operating to just make a key strategic signings. It’s like the Packers for years up until a few years ago, or the Bengals who won’t trade anything or anyone. There is just not much of a middle class free agent group, and what there is, the Seahawks do chase after… see the entire o line offseason signings and Dorsett.

    I really don’t know what they will do this year at this point. A trade may be possible, but clearly Seahawks lack resources. Swapping out Irvin for Mathews is just that. Maybe Gordon returns and Brown signs and Penny gets healthy and Seahawks shoot for 50 points a game.

  30. Russ

    What about Sam Hubbard from the Bengals? If I remember rightly he passes Rob’s numbers for a seahawks DE and is on a poor bengals team. Could he be a fit in a Chris Clemons type DE role?

    • Rob Staton

      Why would the Bengals trade him though? They as a team are desperate to take a step forward. Not unload talent for picks.

  31. Jackson

    Who is the best pass rusher that we could realistically hope to acquire by dangling our 2021 2nd round pick? Because we’re witnessing Wilson’s apex in real time, and we need to do everything we can to capitalize on that.

  32. cha

    Todd Archer

    Veteran offensive tackle Jared Veldheer, who worked out for the Cowboys last week and was expected to sign with the team, has opted to retire, according to a source. Veldheer played for the Packers last season. With injuries to Tyron Smith (neck), La’el… https://es.pn/2FTAqvo
    11:36 AM · Sep 21, 2020

  33. Rob Staton

    One thing not mentioned in the article:

    — Carroll stated the importance of Mayowa & irvin replicating their sack production from 2019. Well, Irvin gave you zero sacks this year. So where are the 6-7 coming from there?

    • Jackson

      Is it naïve of me to think that we could get a surprising number of them from Jordyn Brooks if they give him the starting nod over Cody Barton?

      • Rob Staton

        He’s not a pass rusher. He’s a run and chase linebacker.

        • Jackson

          He’s definitely not a pass rusher in the mold we desperately need (and I don’t think we should hesitate to use more future draft capital to try and bring one of those guys into the fold as my comment a bit above indicates), but I think he could still be an effective piece to get pressure on the QB if deployed correctly.

          • Rob Staton

            I just don’t see it. His whole body type and playing style is much more akin to Wagner or Wright. He doesn’t have the burst and length to trouble as a pass rusher.

        • Adog

          Shaquem… it’s time to let Shaquem do some cooking.

          • Rob Staton

            Not good enough

      • Sea Mode

        He was out there trying to rush the edge towards the end due to our desperation/injuries and it didn’t look pretty. Simply swallowed up on every snap. Definitely not his game.

  34. Sea Mode


    Tom Pelissero

    #Seahawks nickelback Marquise Blair is expected to miss the rest of the season with the knee injury he suffered Sunday night, source said. Another big loss for Seattle defense.

    • pdway

      what a bummer. i know he has had his issues getting on the field – but you can just sense that he’s a natural playmaker.

  35. cha

    Monday Press Conf w PC

    “Wide open game, two teams going for it. Physical game, aggressive, special teams we thought we did a great job. Execution. Really even FB game, the only way we know how to play these guys. Very fortunate we got it done.”

    [AJ] Injury updates for all/how long? “Bruce and Blair will have to have surgery, done for the season. Big blow. We felt it with those guys. Have a lot to offer.”

    • Sea Mode

      Ha, was wondering if you are listening too. 😊

    • cha

      “Green be evaluated Wed, one day at a time. Dorsett, looking to figure out how to work this out. Give him a break to figure this out. More time to consider what we’re doing with that. Ogbuehi, will start working it out on Wed, see how we respond. Dorsett not part of this week’s game plan. Brown had a sore foot, don’t know extent of injury.”
      [JA] Look outside the locker roster for replacements? “Always do. John works around the clock looking for guys. Practice squad but can’t afford NOT to look beyond.”

      [Gregg bell] Alton not playing why? “Next guy to go in this one. Can’t see how he can’t be part of this game plan this week. Take Bruce’s place.”
      [Gregg] Importance of nickel? “Excited to unveil our gameplan. Flexibility with versatile players. Kind of fun to keep finding ways to keep working on this.”

      [bob condotta] Amadi play? “He shows up. Great burst to the ball. Just missed breaking up that 3rd down pass. Way ahead of last year. We won’t have any restrictions on what he can do. Need him to step up. Filling big shoes (Blairs).”
      [bob] Brooks figure in replacing Irvin? “Talk about when I have to, but not talking about it now. Will be right in the middle of our thinking though.”

      [corbin] Slow down Cam and running game, 3YPC, interior DL? Rush/Mone? “Worked out really well. RBs had 20 yards, Cam had rest. Just rushed for 220. I was thinking they loved the way they started off and would do it again, it went another way. Rush is a big kid, 360 and played like it. Mone had his best game. Boost to go along w Poona and JR. Felt good.”

      [ben Arthur] Adams room for growth? Coverage? “A lot of room, he’s the first to tell you. So active some times he chases stuff he needs to ignore. Gotta clean some things up, and knows it. Asked to do a lot of things for us, not just strong safety sitting on DL. Losing Diggs big loss for us, forced a couple things we had to change, didn’t respond well. Really good throwing team QB on fire, we need to play better.”

      [brady] Flowers hand? “Dislocated fingers, Jamal had one too. That’s what it was.”
      [brady] Bruce/Blair ACL? “Yes”

      [joe] Brooks in couple plays, NE targeted him? “Be surprised if they did.”
      [joe] 16 snaps, takeaway? “Ready to play. Will struggle w first time player stuff, but so well-equipped, so fast, it’s just stuff. Formations, calls, etc. No problem. First time things happen in games, will get a first time response. Mobile, instincts, aggressive, hits like a ton of bricks.”

      [tim booth] Watched film, RW efficiency? “On it. So positive about game, pass pro so solid, RW in command of rhythm, bought more time, run and throw. Scrambles so valuable, back breaking. Really effective.”

      • Sea Mode

        That response on Taylor was weird…

      • Rob Staton

        “Kind of a different year for us” he says about the defense and pass rush/nickel.

        He knows it sucks. He knows they blew it. And he’s basically telling us there’s jack they can do about it.

        Copy and paste the articles from last January.

        • Sea Mode

          And he squirmed out of that “why have you given up so many passing yards the past two weeks?” question.

          You could just see the non-existent pass rush right in front of his face, and instead he managed to force out a “we made… mistakes”, “new guys”, “gotta clean that up”, etc.

          • Rob Staton

            That was a good question.

            Pete’s answer was poor.

      • cha

        [tim] Why better pass pro? “Guys doing better. Shell holding up, Lewis tough and strong. Pocic playing well. Transition better than we might have thought. Student of game since he’s been here. C and G communicating well. Keep it rolling.”

        [art thiel] Taylor know severity on draft day or setback? “Felt like we had a good feel for it. Workouts had a period in Tennessee, rhythm to workouts, kicked him out for COVID, lost rhythm of workouts. Wasn’t as monitored as we would’ve liked it. If he’d been here would’ve been entirely different. Didn’t have guidance he needed. That’s why longer than thought. Didn’t have full on steady program like Dissly.”

        [maz] See from all 3 RBs on blocking? “one play we got knocked around on that. But love the running style. Catching the ball, physical. Will get better in blocking as we get into the rhythm of the season. Position in really good hands right now.”

        [john boyle] Final play Wagner orchestrated, see from him? “Play speaks to what you’re talking about. In huddle something they haven’t heard before. Call, everyone executed it. Demo of his impact, his control. Every single guy knew how to do it. Respect for him, command of game, relationships with other guys, he says something they do it. So valuable.”
        [john boyle] LJ said whole line slant that way? “Yes.”

        [neko] NE great on 3rd down conversions? “QB back there that can run. Last week 8/10 on 3rd. Dual threat, big offense, like the Ravens, very difficult w QB who can run. Difficult set of variables. Not everybody can run like that.”

        [michael shawn] Passing yards so many 2 weeks? “Well thrown it 80 or 90 times in two weeks. They decided to get away from that. Part of it is good run defense, 2.7 per rush. Given up too many explosives. Gotta do better job, execute better there. Gave up 80-100 yards we didn’t have to. Mistakes made, some newness we can work on.”

        [Curtis crab] Schott upstairs – what like specifically? “Talked about it in offseason, in SF Seifert wanted me to be upstairs calling D, upstairs a whole different world. Brian did it years ago, now that we can communicate directly w the QB, comfortable. Feels great from up there, even though only a couple mock games. Can see the placement of the ball. Substitutions happening. Gather information easier.”

        [brady]Major injuries in NFL – different offseason? “Studies on that trying to get good information. Looks like that, yes. Guys came out more vulnerable to injury. Conflicted but in college same thing. I don’t remember Week Two a lot of injuries. Big diff between injuries like Blair and Bruce. Open field, foot in ground, wobble in knee, different ACL injury.”
        [brady] Who does that? “Performance guys, never sleep research and development.”

        • Sea Mode

          I enjoyed the answer on Schotty being upstairs.

  36. Rob Staton

    I don’t have PFF grades for this game but I do have access to PFF grades for both games combined so far.

    PFF did NOT rate Jamal Adams against New England. His grade has dropped from 85.8 to 65.9 which means he must’ve ended up in the 40’s vs the Patriots.

    Bobby Wagner also dropped from 87.3 to 77.3.

    Mayowa, Griffin, Ford and Reed continue to be graded poorly. LJ Collier is even worse (51.7).

    Lano Hill was marked incredibly badly for this game.

    Quinton Dunbar has jumped from 40.6 to 57.7 so he must’ve graded well vs NE.

    On offense Wilson and all of the receivers grade well as does Duane Brown, Damien Lewis and Chris Carson. Lewis’ grade is good because he’s getting elite run blocking grades but atrocious pass blocking grades.

    • Nick


    • Gohawks5151

      I caught a glimpse of them this morning. I can confirm the offense was correct. On defense Dunbar, Flowers, Mone Blair, Irvin and Wright rated well. Bobby dropped some.

    • BruceN

      I wonder what you think of the play of Reed. To me he’s been a disappointment and his 2019 version and not the 2018 version everyone was hoping. One more reason there’s no push upfront. PFF grades him at 61, only 50 against the pass. Better against the run at 72.

      I hope we definitely kick the tires on Cameron Wake. He’s old but still was very productive last year.

      A sliver of hope about the defensive debacle last night is that Q-Diggs didn’t play most of the game. Our defense was day and night different when he was playing last year (or not).

      • Rob Staton

        I think Reed is a decent DT.

        No more, no less.

        Not a difference maker on his own.

        • BruceN

          True. I wasn’t suggesting by himself. We need one more player like Darius or Snacks. But with CAP space at $6M+ it’ll be tough unless we make room somehow. NFL should consider giving teams some relief with the CAP in case of season ending injuries. There will be many more of them this year with the shortened preseason and camps and lack of proper training.

  37. Danny P

    Health permitting, after they’ve had their games against the inferior offenses n such, they could maybe finish like 16th if they also over achieve a little. Which could get them a great record and perhaps a bye.

    But that’s not a receipe for success against fierce, playoff competition.

    Unfortunately it seems the pass rush won’t be a pleasant surprise. They could improve. especially against easier teams, but they gotta be able to do more.

    That was a fantastic 2ndary and coach that the Hawks offense just breezed through. Like seriously. They gave up only FOUR TDs to wrs last year. We got that in one game. With no preseason. Huge achievement. They can score on anyone.

  38. Sea Mode

    DK Metcalf

    Starting my Russ for MVP campaign today

  39. TJ

    The number of major injuries throughout the league is startling. I’m sure lack of camps and a proper pre-season are a big reason.

    • Nick

      Has been the same in the NRL (Aussie rugby league) this year, too. Terrible injuries. Sports science will learn a lot about body preparation from the COVID experience, methinks.

    • CaptainJack

      maybe the preseason isn’t such a bad idea after all.

  40. Ralphy

    Leonard Williams, Justin Houston, Ryan Kerrigan, Melvin Ingram? If their team are out of perhaps these four could be in play?

    • CaptainJack

      What do we even trade though? Jamal adams trade limited our ability there.

      • Ralphy

        Well we have seen some surprising trades for 5th rounders lately. We might as well for get next years draft though and go all in. Trade a 2nd it thats what it takes. We can’t waste these years and not plug the one glaring hole that we have. They got the offseason wrong. Fix it now.

    • Jordan E

      Don’t see the Colts trading Houston… Chargers might because Ingram has been complaining about his contract. Leonard Williams & Kerrigan are likely candidates at the trade deadline imo. Giants & Washington not looking too good. I would definitely want Kerrigan over Williams but he has been playing very well so far.

  41. kevin mullen

    Michael Bennett
    Clay Matthews
    Brandon MeBane
    Jabaal Sheard
    Marcel Dareus
    Terrell Suggs

    Not a lot to choose from. Can we trade 2022 or 2023 draft picks?

    • Rob Staton

      Cross Bennett off the list.

      He has retired.

      And Seattle got rid of him for a reason.

      • CaptainJack

        The fact that Shanahan viewed Ansah as the best option to bring in after losing Bosa and Ford tells you everything you need to know about the options available.

        • Rob Staton


        • Big Mike

          Well said

        • RIAWB

          Ansah finished 2019 with a pff grade of 56 so slightly better than Collier thus far. Not sure that he is the best option and even more relieved that we aren’t resigning him.

  42. Gaux Hawks

    any idea on DJ Reed’s recovery? he may turn out being another very savvy move…

    • Gaux Hawks

      …and D’Andre Walker (sniffles)

      • Chris

        I’m pretty sure DJ had a peck injury and was projected to come off IR mid season.

  43. Chris

    Off topic question but when Pete answered the question about Wagner and his knowledge of the game, command and respect of personnel on the field. Would it be crazy to hope he may want to coach after his tenure with the hawks? I know playing and coaching are two separate things, but it would be awesome to see him stick around after he hangs up the cleats.

    • Rob Staton

      Not crazy but if I were Bobby I’d rest up and enjoy the wealth!

      • Chris

        Oh absolutely, I think that’d be the smart move too. But with the success of coaches that were players like Anthony Lynn & Mike Vrabel it would be something special to see him coaching.

        • Jordan E

          If it means anything, i’m a huge Bobby fan but I think is Wonderlic score was in the bottom percentile. I’d think Wonderlic may be more valid predictor of performance for coaching as opposed to playing.

  44. BobbyK

    For the 939,193,492,495,109th time…

    The DL was terrible last year. It only had one playmaker (Clowney) who was ranked the 41st best player in the NFL by his peers. That’s good.

    He was replaced by two guys who aren’t very good pass rushers (Mayowa and Irvin). Though Clowney had lower sack numbers, he consistently disrupted opposing OLs, which is something the new guys have never done with any consistency.

    The interior DL wasn’t good last year. It was magnified when they lost their best run stopper late in the season (Woods). Then they don’t do anything about DT and come back to the following season with a worse DT situation as the year before.

    They basically took their stated priority of the off-season and made a bad unit much worse. Mayowa isn’t good – but that poor guy now has to: A. Not be very good like usual, and: B. Play almost every snap so he’s tired and even less effective than he already was.

    Pete’s history with not rushing DL in as rookies is known (Hill in the 3rd round, Clark in the 2nd round, so you knew late-2nd Taylor wouldn’t be a factor this year – especially with his health, but gave up a 3rd rounder to get him, too).

    I don’t think any team is going to give up a Ryan Kerrigan on the EDGE or a Kawan Short at DT anytime soon but if Washington or Carolina find themselves at 1-3 or something – I think they would consider it. But buyer beware their recent injury history. A guy like Grady Jarrett would be tougher to pry from a worthless team because of his age, but all stones must go unturned. All the Falcons can say is ‘no.’ There’s no right answer but this team will not win the Super Bowl with Mayowa, Reed, Ford, LJ, Green as the main “contributors.” So frustrating.

    • Rob Staton

      💯 💯 💯


    • RugbyLock

      Sadly, I think you may be spot on…

  45. Matt

    Go all in. I don’t care if we mortgage the entire 2021 Draft – this is the year to do it.

    I’m not trying to be hyperbolic here – RW is playing QB the best I’ve seen anybody ever play. This is not just a great start. He looks like a guy who is going to put up one of the greatest seasons a QB has ever had.

    You cannot waste that. Flipping go for it. Be bold.

    • Rob Staton

      I agree they need to be bold.

      Judging by Pete’s words and body language though they are resigned to working with what they have. At least for now.

      • Big Mike

        That’s exactly what I expected after hearing “We’ve got to be more creative in helping them get to the QB”. SIGH

        • Matt

          There’s no way Pete would throw the DL under the bus after a win. He’d be crazy to torpedo any confidence these guys might have by saying anything but supportive things. Whatever they do to address the major issue isn’t going to be in place for next weeks game most likely. Got roll with what they have for at least one more week. And when they do do something to bolster the DL, no need to have the guys who aren’t enough being dejected, and even less effective.

          • Jake

            This. I truly do not understand why people expect 100% transparency in a press conference like this. Maybe a couple years down the road you will be an honest evaluation but there is no way that a coach will trash his players in the midst of a season and expect to be in his job for much longer.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t expect 100% transparency.

              I’d just like some serious questions to be asked about the pass rush. If Carroll chooses to dodge them, that’s his choice. It’s still important for those questions to be asked.

      • BobbyK

        I would imagine others teams won’t be willing to fold until they’re at least 1-3 but probably more likely if they’re 2-5 or something like that. That means we’re probably about a month away form a possible trade of a draft pick to someone who’d like to fold now and get the pick for the off-season. Trouble is not all GMs even of bad teams will have the luxury of folding. Many need as many wins as possible simply to keep their jobs and a future pick won’t do them any good. There’s no way Atlanta will part with Jarrett unless the GM gets canned after an 0-4 start or something like that because if they’re 1-3 and he still has a job – there’s no way he’s going to increase the chances of losing more games by trading a good player for a future pick for his successor. And that’s why it was so irresponsible not to fix this mess in the off-season when they said they were going to. I mean, this DL was a mess WITH Clowney last year. He needed a sidekick. Instead of getting him a sidekick, they did nothing and don’t even have Clowney in the first place.

        • pdway

          i think it’s the right way to think – find a team that’s tanking for Trevor Lawrence. See if they have anyone we could use.

        • RugbyLock

          Here’s to hoping Atlanta tanks so we can get Grady this year and DQ next year…

      • Jordan E

        My only hope is that the Hawks are monitoring the trade deadline… They are not looking to sign anyone right now to save more cap by the time they do trade near the deadline. Hopefully it’s not just wishful thinking.

  46. Dawgma

    Okay, real talk: what assets have enough value that we could get a legit pass rasher that can actually impact a game as the only real pass rusher on the roster? Or, put another way, who can we get for DK straight up and can the offense continue thriving without him? Because as far as I can tell, he’s the only young player on the roster another team might actually want.

    • Rob Staton

      They’re not trading DK

      • pdway

        If we trade DK, i’m starting my own blog for the sole purpose of criticizing that trade ….

  47. Darnell

    So if not the currently available free agents, the eye has to turn towards dlinemen from bad teams who may be looking to ‘sell’ veterans.

    Excluding young building blocks.

    Cincy – Atkins/Dunlap
    Cle: Vernon/Richardson
    Texans: would they even entertain the thought of Watt/Mercilus?
    Eagles: Graham/Cox/Malik Jackson
    Panthers: Short

    • Chris

      The Eagles could be interesting. Aren’t they experiencing contract issues with Ertz and look in trouble with future cap space issues? They might be a team that could get desperate.

      • BobbyK

        Not sure what we could give or get, but they are one team who may be willing to deal for a pick. Their coach isn’t far removed from a shiny fat ring and will be around to actually be guaranteed to make that draft choice (or choices) if they continue to lose. But I don’t see the Eagles starting 0-4 or something crazy (though they’re halfway there).

        • Chris Wood

          The Eagles are 0-2 right now and they play in the near future the Bengals, Niners, Steelers, Ravens. IF they get stomped by the Bengals, that could be what sets off a sell off.

        • Chris

          The Eagles are 0-2 right now and they play in the near future the Bengals, Niners, Steelers and the Ravens. “IF” they get stomped by the Bengals, that could be what sets off a sell off.

          • Jordan E

            Love the idea of Eagles trade but no way its going to happen. Based on this website, looks like Eagles would be screwed if they traded them.


            The most hopeful scenario would be that BOB decides he does not need JJ Watt. Watt in particular has no penalty if he gets traded for the team. But his cap hit is $15 million which the Hawks do not have at the moment. Wilson would need to restructure; Jacob Hollister and/or KJ may need to be included in the trade

            • BobbyK

              I don’t see them trading for Watt but they could afford it later in the season. If they did get a big name guy who makes a lot of money and they got him around mid-season, then they would only pay half (so a $18 million a year guy would only be paid $9 million by the Seahawks). Don’t see the Texans trading a Houston icon like that though, but another team could trade a big money guy later in the year.

    • Big Mike

      The Bengals are notorious for refusing to trade anyone, ever so likely cross them off your hopefuls.

  48. #77Hawk

    C LG Kyle Fuller is back from suspension, wonder if he could become back up center & G? They could trade Finney back to Pittsburgh & eat 2 Million, then bring Hunt onto the practice squad.

  49. Elmer

    Seahawks Wire confirms Blair and Irvin out for the season. At LB will it be a Clay Matthews or can they successfully use a combo of Brooks, Barton, BBK somehow? FA DE’s aren’t seemingly terrific answers and let’s not forget that DT needs help too.

    The team isn’t that deep, trading could be scary. All complicated by the pandemic that’s very much still out there.

  50. Pran

    with so many injuries, free agents are in demand. Players and coaches may need to make business decisions on field. whichever team is relatively healthy may go thru all the way irrespective of talent..

  51. charlietheunicorn

    I doubt any big moves for Seattle before the bye. You got what you got and you ride them horses as far as they can get you…. (into the bye). I expect some type of move around the bye and perhaps later when the trade deadline shows up. Not sure what or who would you trade for, but so far WR and RB and TE looked locked. DL is the obvious choice. For once, OL looks like it is progressing nicely, considering new members and little preseason rep time.

    I feel really bad for Blair, he was starting to turn the corner and made some nice plays in week #1 and #2. We really wanted him to breakout in year #1, but he has finally showed some flashes of what everyone thought he could be in the NFL.

  52. Andy J

    Dear Rob:

    I am curious what you think they should prioritize: a big-bodied defender or someone who can threaten the edge?

    Clay Matthews seems a perfect replacement for Irvin. But I am also comfortable letting Brooks learn on the fly, at least when it comes to the LB position.

    I have day-dreamed about incorporating more 3-4 hybrid schemes, sort of what they tried earlier in their tenure with Red Bryant. We have a noticeable strength at LB, but we lack the dynamic DT bodies up front. More hybrid schmes would allow creative blitz packages (even with only 4 rushing the paser) without sacrificing run defense.

    Ultimately, I am real torn myself. No one on the market pops as a replacement. However, I think we have to aspire to something closer to a middle of the pack defense, not the worst in the league. Bend-but-don’t-break surely… but also they have to figure out how to do at least 1 thing really well.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they need a pass rusher more than anything

  53. RWIII

    Just want to talk about the last play of the game. PFF give grades for every player on every team. Last week PFF gave out high marks for the New England Patriot offensive line. They gave out low grades for the Seahawks defensive line. But on the play that decided the game the Seahawk defensive line came out on top. L.J. Collier was NOT the only Seahawk who drew penetration. He had help.

    One other point about the Seahawk defensive line. Their run defense actually played pretty well yesterday. I am not going to deny that pass rush is pretty anemic. Now the Hawks lose Bruce Irvin. And we don’t know when/if we see Darrell Taylor. There’s no doubt that help is needed. John Schneider/Pete Caroll/Ken Norton knows this fact better than anyone on this forum. Hopefully JS does make a move or two. Let’s see what happens.

    • Elmer

      Yep. Lano Hill deserves big credit for saving the day.

    • Rob Staton

      People keep praising the run defense.

      Nobody needs to run.

      You can pass for 400 easy yards.

      • John

        People are praising the run defense as there was significant debate over it last week. With another week, the answer to last week’s debate appears to be that the run defense is decent.

        • Jake

          I don’t think you can say that “nobody needs to run”. We literally just watch a game where someone need to run to win the game and couldn’t do so. Our pass defense is bad, but denying that our run defense has been at least decent thus far is silly.

          • Rob Staton

            Come on Jake. That was one play. A play that they’d run twice already in that spot for two touchdowns and they went to the well one time too many. Carroll knew exactly what they were going to do and kudos to him for speaking to Bobby during the timeout and making an adjustment.

            The Pats threw for 400 yards, had 22 passing first downs and Newton was totally untroubled in the pocket.

            They didn’t need to run.

  54. AlaskaHawk

    Who is playing the third linebacker position??

    • Justaguy

      Ken Norton.. jk

    • CaptainJack

      They just spent a high pick on a linebacker…

      not sure how it shakes out but if you have to move KJ to sam do it

  55. Hebegbs

    RWIII “pretty anemic” might be the nicest compliment I could even imagine for that pass rush last night. Pathetic is about the best I could muster. I’m not sure I can recall an O line handling a D line pass rush like that since the WSU Cougs played Stanford at home 15 years ago or so, when Luck ran through the line and smashed their line backers. Just a sick feeling when a D knows what is coming and can do nothing to stop it. Seriously that rush last night was just awful and I see zero silver lining other than the O scored enough points to hang on to a W.

    We may be in the year of a war of attrition and that may be the only thing that saves this D and team. But 2 down last night…not looking good.

    2-0 but Pete and John really need to answer tougher questions than all the softballs related to what their plan was to fix this pass rush, a stated offseason priority.

  56. Chase

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Pete say earlier this year that KJ knows SAM pretty well? Will we see brooks potentially see an uptick in Will Snaps?

    • charlietheunicorn

      That is the rumor, swap KJ to opposite side and try to get Brooks some snaps

      • Lewis

        PC did mention versatility in his reply earlier, though that might have been in reference to Blair.

  57. Gohawks5151

    This is not my opinion but rather a guess. Maybe some people don’t want to hear this but for all the calls to ask the Seahawks “tough questions” and have them answer for their actions, the reality is they don’t care about doing that. Ever. There is a real possibility that their boss doesn’t care about holding them to anything behind being a good, money making franchise. So why would they answer anything from a reporter/fan? They are so far removed from the actual operations of the team.. It’s like Jeff Bezos answering to his sticky label vendor. Seattle knows they didn’t get it done this spring and summer. I’m sure they are annoyed being asked about it. They are in the foxhole right now. Hunkered down, hoping for some help. Wishing someone steps up. Again this is just what I’m infering. Rob you are in media obviously, so I don’t know if you have a better view of team/media relations and what what a team owes them. I’d love to hear.

    • Tree

      I don’t think the defense will ultimately be bad. We lost 3 starters in one game (Blair plays more than KJ) in the game. We are seeing losing Diggs (this year and last) has a huge negative effect on the team. That especially matters. So does going against a good offensive line with a good coach who attacks weaknesses. I think Pete’s comment on creativity is the key. We need to bring some NE style elements and scheme it up. We need to let Brooks and Robinson play so we have some speed and upside. Think about Barton or even BBK play coverage on third down. Interesting that we laud the Cowboys for signing their pass rusher (and adding last year Quinn and this year with Griffin), and then they give up 40; Atlanta signed Fowler to go with Jarrett and did the same. That said, I thought our pass rush would be better than it has and with Irvin, Taylor and Green hurt we obviously need to sign guys on the DL (and we needed to add one regardless).

      • Rob Staton

        Tree is SDB’s resident comical Ali

        “The defense will be fine”

  58. Spencer Duncan

    I can’t believe we didn’t move on to Griffen early in the process. 6M seems like such a steal in retrospect.

    Bring in Matthews, bring in Wake, bring in Dareus. This isn’t good enough, we have the space to realistically fit in all 3. This secondary should not be giving up close to 400 yards per game. We can’t survive with 4 below average pass rushers in starting positions.

  59. charlietheunicorn

    Saints looking wobbly

    Drews Brees not looking as crisp as normal.

    Michael Thomas make that big of difference to the offense?

    On the other hand, Raiders are playing pretty well, considering no one took them serious preseason.

    • charlietheunicorn


    • Justaguy

      Yes, MT is that good.

      Why did the Saints give Taysom Hill all that $ is what I want to know

    • Aaron

      Brees is heading towards 2015 Peyton Manning territory in terms of arm strength and clear indications that it’s his last season.

  60. Spencer Duncan

    Hey Rob, this user posts the PFF scores on imgur every week if you’d like to continue your series.


    • Rob Staton

      Great thanks

  61. charlietheunicorn

    That Jacobs guy is pretty good too

  62. Cortez Kennedy


    This is a championship offense. It sucks that we are even talking about this still on September 21st, but we need some heat.

    #1 special teams!!!! No way!!!!

  63. Gohawks5151

    Any chance they can package Dorsett with a pick to a WR needy team? Gordon will be back, Swain already has made an impact, they rate Penny Hart and Ursua is always lurking. Maybe Redskins?

    • HOUSE

      Dorsett has ZERO value. I potentially think Hollister might be a trade option with a few TEs seeing injuries lately.

      CIN lost CJ Uzomah for the year.

    • charlietheunicorn

      You couldn’t even get 7TH ROUND PICK for any of these guys, except for Penny. And after last season… running out of RBs by the end, I would prefer to keep him in the stable. Just hold the course for a few weeks, then maybe at the bye they will do something.

    • CaptainJack

      Dorsett basically ruled out indefinitely by Pete today. We should just cut him at this point to make room for someone else

  64. Ken Leong

    Hey Rob,

    I love your site as mentioned previously on another posting. Your assessment of potential draftees are really on target. I remember you mentioned that Kyler Murray was the best player in the draft and I had my doubts but based on early returns, you are on target.

    My thoughts on your posting and this related to drafting in ALL sports. If you can’t draft in the top 8-10, it is more then likely its a roll of the dice. When you are consistently drafting in the 28-30+ every year for the last 7+ years, the chances of finding a franchise altering player is very unlikely. I know some people will start screaming about Sherman, Wilson, Chancelor, etc…..late in the draft. Well….how often does that happen, if it can be replicated year in year out…….PC and JS would be finding HOF players every single year late in the draft. Finding franchise altering players later in the draft is the exception and not the norm.

    That’s my only point about the Pocic, Penny, etc…… these players are not exactly top 8-10 players of the draft.

    I’m quite sure if you take a look at any teams in the league drafting in the late 20’s for the last 7+ years, I don’t think their drafting of outstanding players are very good.

    I’m not sure what the Seahawks can do about their pass rush, there are not many studs out there and what would you need to get them. Maybe they can ask for Mack or Donald for 4 or 5 – 1st round picks……… (i’m joking).

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not unfair to highlight the tricky nature of picking later in each round but eight high picks, your top two every year for four years in a row, with no early impact, isn’t good enough.

      • Trevor

        Been saying for years the PC/JS have done an abysmal job with their early picks. It is almost like they think they are the smartest guys in the room and know something other teams and evaluators don’t. They get locked in on guys and either overdraft them or trade back passing on talent thinking they can still get the guy that they want.

        I just don’t get it. They have been living on the reputation of 2-3 great drafts almost a decade ago now and that this a major reason this team is so bad on both the OL and DL.

        To make matters worse the one truly great player they drafted early, took a huge risk on character wise and developed into a star at a key position (edge rusher) they traded as soon as he wanted to get paid. The trading of Frank Clark will go down as one of the worst decisions this front office has ever made IMO.

        They had a true superstar edge rusher who was not only a physical freak but emotional leader. Every snap he plays for the Chiefs should feel like a slap in the face to Hawks fans. Unless there is something off the feild that us as fans will never be aware of I will never understand how they let him out the door.

        • Big Mike

          Agree with everything you said Trevor. Good post.

  65. Rob Staton

    I feel like I’ve learnt a lot about the Seahawks fan base this year.

    Mostly because a reasonable portion of it feel obliged to keep sending me messages saying, “I’ve loved this blog for years but you’re talking too much about the most important topic relating to the Seahawks so now you can F-off.”

    But now we’re reaching a new level. Because for some reason — Michael Bennett is being brought up as a solution to Seattle’s biggest issue.

    This is a player who they paid millions of pounds to GO AWAY in 2018. They didn’t trade him to the Eagles to save money. The dead money on his contract was so big, they literally paid him to play for the Eagles instead, amid reports of being a total pain in the arse.

    He then lasted five minutes at three different teams before essentially being forced into retirement because nobody wanted him.

    Think outside of the box people. Michael Bennett is not coming back.

    Just because he played here a few years ago doesn’t mean he is the answer now. He isn’t.

    • Trevor

      Rob I think it is because the majority of Hawks and NFL fans are offense first so Russ fans and don’t really look at the trenches and the impact they have on a football game. People get caught up looking at the skill positions and don’t place nearly the value or level of interest on the OL / DL because those positions are hard to evaluate without more intense study.

      I think what you are realizing this off season is the general lack of knowledge most fans have about the importance of OL / DL play and the impact it has on and NFL game particularly when teams are relatively equal at the skill positions.

      • Rob Staton

        The thing is — I have no issue whatsoever with fans who don’t want to get bogged down with the D-line stuff. If they just want to enjoy the win, have a release from real life and be positive about a good victory — that’s absolutely fine. You’d have to be mad to criticize that stance.

        What I cannot accept is people telling ME I shouldn’t talk about the D-line as much as I want to. If that’s what I want to write about because I think it’s by far the most important topic to discuss, then I should be free to do so without receiving abuse, passive aggressive insults and attempt after attempt to undermine in order to avoid dealing with the points raised.

        If you don’t want to read it, just go to other sites. If 10 people or 10,000 read this blog every day, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t have any adverts. I don’t have any revenue to earn. I write as a hobby with no financial incentive. Therefore, I just write about what I want to write about.

        How arrogant do you have to be to think you can tell me otherwise? Yet some think they can. And they can piss off.

        • Big Mike

          Way of the world these days…………..”think like I do or you suck”.

          • Big Mike

            Especially on our side of the pond

            • Rob Staton

              Unfortunately so. I was still surprised though how unhinged people have become by an off-season critique that was not flattering (and rightly so). And how quickly people have sought to undermine in order to dismiss valid criticisms.

              • RugbyLock

                One thing I value in this blog Rob is that I know you will always say what you believe. I may not like it sometimes but you’re right on that stuff waaaaaay more than wrong so it forces me to come to reality sometimes. Keep wiritng what you believe and the whiners can take a long walk off a short pier IMO.

                • Rob Staton

                  Thank you 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

        • Trevor

          I have agreed with you all along so you are preaching to the choir 🙂

    • cha

      Michael Bennett is being brought up as a solution to Seattle’s biggest issue.


      • Big Mike


  66. GoHawksDani

    Agree that they need to do something…but what if they can’t? What if they tried but players want more money or don’t wanna come here or teams not open for a trade?
    We might need to face it that they might dropped the ball and cannot really do anything now.
    I like the Adams trade but those resources could be lifesaver now

    • Rob Staton

      If they can’t do anything then they have big problems.

      I’ve always said they will get to the playoffs.

      But this season needed to be about more than finishing second in the NFC West and an early post season exit. I’m afraid that is quite likely without improvement to the pass rush.

  67. Trevor

    A lot of people scoffed when the Raiders hired Mayock as GM but he has done an incredible job rebuilding that roster and making it younger, tougher and faster.

    Raiders did us a big favor last night. That Saints offense looks so different without Michael Thomas.

    Do the Hawks have the best offense in NFC?

    My rankings in NFL would be.

    1. Chiefs
    2. Ravens
    3. Hawks
    4. Cowboys
    5. ?

    • Big Mike

      Is that your rankings of offenses? If so I rank the Hawks higher than Balt. and maybe #1 overall as Russ is at present outplaying Mahomes.

      • Trevor

        I am not sure to be honest. I think those are the 4 best in the NFL with the ability to both pass and run the ball. Lots of candidates for #5 and you could debate where to rank these four but all of them are balance and explosive.

    • pdway

      chiefs/ravens looks to be the class of the league – in terms of talent and balance on both sides of the ball. and fortunately, both in the AFC.

      I’d have put Niners and Saints up there as well – but Niners injuries are brutal, and Brees looks very mortal at 41 y.o.

      GB looks strong after two games as well.

      RW is playing at a transcendent level right now – better pass protection, better collection of WR’s, and better offensive coordinator play, are all factors.. He can take us pretty far. Really hope we do have a move left up our sleeve for the D-line.

  68. Trevor

    I think the absolute best option for the Hawks to address the pass DL is to truly go all in on thi season.

    #1 Sign Matthews and Wake. Contracts would be between 4-6 mil non-guarenteed. Brings them in and create a 3 man pass rotation with Benson.

    #2 Sign a big bodied DT if there is one available who has kept in shape and still wants to play.

    #3 (Most Important) – At the tradeline if the Redskins are out of the playoffs find a way to trade for Ryan Kerrigan. The Skins are loaded on the DL and still a rebuilding roster. Kerrigan will be a free agent this off season and would be the perfect rental IMO for the playoff push.

    I think the could realistically do all three things and if they did then I think this DL would be good enough to allow this team to make a true SB run.

    • Big Mike

      Love your plan. Sadly I doubt any of this will happen.

      • Trevor

        I agree with you and it is unfortunate.

        • Hoggs41

          The problem could be cap space as we are under $6m right now.

  69. RugbyLock

    Wow… the cupboard must really be bare…

    • RugbyLock

      Oops, meant for this to be in an earlier post…

  70. Sea Mode

    I don’t understand how they can hand down such a hefty fine for coaches not wearing a mask. They’re in the bubble, they get tested multiple times a day just like the players. Is it because they are on TV and the NFL wants to promote its image? Just seems a little OTT to me, that’s all.

    Adam Schefter

    More fines could be on the way for Monday night’s game after the NFL fined Pete Carroll, Kyle Shanahan and Vic Fangio $100,000 each and their teams $250,000 each for not wearing masks.

    • cha

      Peyton better get hammered. Every time I flicked over to check the game I saw him without a mask.

      • CaptainJack

        The fact that he had it and recovered, and now feels like a mask is unnecessary seems interesting to me.

        • cha

          Good point

    • Aaron

      Part of it is an image thing for the NFL. Another part is that although all the players, coaches, and staff for both teams that you see tested negative for COVID-19, there’s still a chance that one or more of them are asymptomatic and could have COVID-19 in a future test.

    • Jake

      I saw multiple players without masks and they were getting really close to each other… definitely not 6 feet. Why didn’t they get fined?

      • Sea Mode


  71. Hoggs41

    I wonder what it would take to get Ryan Kerrigan from Washington at the deadline? He would still be owed around $5-6m at that point which might be to rich for us

  72. cody

    Yeah the Seahawks definitely need to make some moves for a pass rusher and another Dt but to me its not that drastic, the only reason New England still had a chance in the game was because of a flukey pick 6 lets not forget that. After diggs left Newton was lighting up the middle of the field that would have been mitigated if diggs was still playing. I see people on here commenting on “save the season”. Save the 2-0 season? Even if they lose to the cowboys seattle is still looking at 4-1 going into the bye with back to back home games and a week of rest to face the cardinals. They need a cheap 3rd down pass rusher and another cheap run stuffing DT that won’t be hard to find. There’s always a chance that they find a great deal for a good/great pass rusher but I doubt it happens anytime soon. Maybe after week 4 or 5. Anyways just thought I might bring some logic and reasoning to this Debby downer party. GO Hawks.

    • Rob Staton

      “Yeah the Seahawks definitely need to make some moves for a pass rusher and another Dt but to me its not that drastic, the only reason New England still had a chance in the game was because of a flukey pick 6 lets not forget that.”

      970 yards conceded (most in the league)
      New England had 22 first downs in the passing game
      11.9% pressure percentage
      3% sack percentage
      No premier pass rusher
      Bruce Irvin now done for the season

      If this isn’t drastic, I don’t know what is.

      “I see people on here commenting on “save the season”. Save the 2-0 season? Even if they lose to the cowboys seattle is still looking at 4-1 going into the bye with back to back home games and a week of rest to face the cardinals.”

      I’ve seen this a few times now so let me explain the thought process. For the last five years the Seahawks have not been a proper contender. They’ve lost, fairly comfortably, in the wild card or divisional round. They’ve only won the NFC West once. Being 2-0 or 4-1 or even 5-0 isn’t the point. It’s about being good enough, over the course of 16 games, to win the division. And from that position, be in a stronger position to win playoff games and at least make a NFC Championship (a realistic ambition with arguably the best player in the NFL on the roster).

      I don’t use the words ‘save the season’. I use the words ‘don’t waste another year of prime Russell Wilson’. Unless the pass rush improves, I fear another legendary season from the quarterback will be all for nought because good teams in the big games will tear our defense apart. I think it’s perfectly understandable for anyone to fear that when Seattle gets to the wildcard or divisional round, that there’s every chance their season will end prematurely yet again for the sixth year in a row because of the glaring weakness on the roster. I would rather avoid that, personally.

      “Anyways just thought I might bring some logic and reasoning to this Debby downer party.”

      Here’s a quick suggestion cody. None of the points I or others have raised are illegitimate. Every criticism of the pass rush is backed up by reason, evidence and data. You reacting to that with the counter that you’re providing ‘logic and reasoning’ to a ‘Debby downer party’ is just a weak attempt to undermine because your own argument is so lacking. It’s easier to undermine than actually provide a constructive, detailed argument.

      You’re not the first to go down this route. But I see through it just the same.

      • cody

        Your analysis is premature and somewhat unrealistic, while not completely illegitimate you’re definitely over reacting as always. Last year if they didn’t lose half of their offensive starters they would’ve been able to contend regardless of a weak pass rush. This year Russ is playing out of his mind and has even more talent around him, last year was bad luck, youre a stat hound I get it but stats don’t mean anything unless you score points, spotting new England 6 in the beginning was the only reason they stayed in the game. That and a failed 3rd down attempt by Seattle. Seattle has an explosive offense this year and that will mitigate a lot of the lack of pass rush. They don’t need to mortgage their future to bring in another pss rusher they need a decent 3rd down guy thats really all they will be able to do this year. You want a constructive detailed argument. I’m not gonna sit here and post stats, pie charts and dvoa, I’ll just say that this is a team that can be more than successful in the playoffs and beyond as long as they’re able to stay healthy enough even with a bottom 10 pressure rate.

        • Rob Staton

          Terrible response.

          This is what we’re up against.

          People who just want to shout and scream and not accept any fair criticism of the team.

          This community isn’t interested in that.

  73. Rob4q

    How about we bring Jacob Martin back home?!?

    Lets go offer BOB a package of a late draft pick and Hollister for Martin. They need to get Watson some help on offense and just drafted Greenard to go with JJ and Mercilus. Plus, they are not going to compete in the AFC if they can’t score more to keep up with the other teams!

    Seems like our run stuffing DT crew with Reed, Ford, Mone & now Rush is at the very least adequate and what we really need is some speed off the edge. We know Robinson will be active this week, might as well bring D’Andre Walker up as well and see what he can offer. Maybe circle back and kick the tires on Breeland Speaks too.

    They need to do something though because the results for the pass rush after two games has not been good…

  74. steven


    You’re a gifted writer. I love what you do and am grateful for your committment to the Hawks and the unfailing dedication you demonstrate regularly here. And, you’re 100% right about the pass rush issue – have been on it from the beginning and we likely won’t get far unless its addressed.

    And, it’s not the only issue worthy of discussion. And, John and Pete aren’t going to do a thing differently if you were shouting at them about it every second of every day. You’ve made the point. You can continue to say: “See I told you so! I’m on it! I’m the truth teller!”

    Or you can also attempt to discuss other quesiton marks that are making this hole glaring. What about our O line play? BIG question mark replacing 3 starters with a draft bust, a benched Jet and a rookie. It’s notable. How about our run defense? Another huge question mark after losing Al Woods and Q. Its been solid. How about the fact that the Hawks blitzing isn’t just about our weak pass defense, it signals a wider open defensive scheme similar to what we’re seeing on Offense. What about Shotty’s new aggressiveness? FINALLY!! Finaly, we can dream of starting games not in the hole, finally addressing our abysmal recored of not scoring touchdowns to open games. Finally, we can get to the astounding record of winning games when we’re ahead at the half.

    You’re right Rob. You’re absolutely right. We won’t win a superbowl without something changing in the pass rush. And it will be a shame. Say it with me: “I’M RIGHT!”

    And, maybe while you continue to point out the obvious, we can also discuss the fact that because a number of other glaring question marks have been addressed, we are actually dreaming of being a superbowl contender with a team that is arguably at or below the league average in talent overall – with the league’s best quarterback.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • Rob Staton

      “And, it’s not the only issue worthy of discussion.”

      It’s incorrect that I haven’t discussed other topics. Throughout lockdown I wrote a series of articles looking at 2021 draft prospects. I did positional breakdowns on Seattle’s roster. I discussed what the team should do regarding possible contract extensions for the likes of Carson and Griffin. I looked at trade options. We discussed in detail the Jamal Adams trade and the Quinton Dunbar situation. Three days ago I wrote about Carroll’s contract.

      I’ve also discussed, in depth, the problem with the pass rush. And I continue to do so because it’s the most important topic to discuss.

      “John and Pete aren’t going to do a thing differently if you were shouting at them about it every second of every day.”

      I write as a hobby, in my spare time, and discuss the topics I want to talk about. I’m not ‘shouting’ at anybody. Neither am I trying to influence any decision making, because there’s no chance of that happening.

      “You’ve made the point. You can continue to say: “See I told you so! I’m on it! I’m the truth teller!””

      I’ve never once said the words ‘I told you so’. I continue to write about the flaws in the pass rush because it’s an important topic. I breakdown what is happening and what I think should happen in the future. If you’re interpreting that as me saying I told you so, that’s a mistake on your behalf.

      “Or you can also attempt to discuss other quesiton marks that are making this hole glaring.”

      The problem is the pass rush. Simple as that.

      “What about our O line play? BIG question mark replacing 3 starters with a draft bust, a benched Jet and a rookie. It’s notable.”

      I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not but Russell Wilson is playing the best football of his career and the running game rushed for 154 yards against New England. The Seahawks are ranked #2 in the league for offense per DVOA. Duane Brown and Damien Lewis are graded among the leagues best performing O-liners. What exactly is the O-line preventing them from doing?

      I’ve also written numerous articles specifically about the O-line.

      “Another huge question mark after losing Al Woods and Q. Its been solid. How about the fact that the Hawks blitzing isn’t just about our weak pass defense, it signals a wider open defensive scheme similar to what we’re seeing on Offense. What about Shotty’s new aggressiveness? FINALLY!! Finaly, we can dream of starting games not in the hole, finally addressing our abysmal recored of not scoring touchdowns to open games. Finally, we can get to the astounding record of winning games when we’re ahead at the half.”

      I can write about whatever I want to write about. And you can choose to read it or not. Either way, it’s no concern of mine. This is a hobby for me.

      “You’re right Rob. You’re absolutely right. We won’t win a superbowl without something changing in the pass rush. And it will be a shame. Say it with me: “I’M RIGHT!””

      I don’t care about being right. I’m not out to prove I’m right. Regular visitors to this blog will be quick to remind you that after every draft, I write a whole article listing the things I got wrong or need to learn from. It’s never been about ‘being right’. It’s always been about discussing the most important topics related to the Seahawks. Right now, that’s the state of the pass rush.

      “And, maybe while you continue to point out the obvious, we can also discuss the fact that because a number of other glaring question marks have been addressed, we are actually dreaming of being a superbowl contender with a team that is arguably at or below the league average in talent overall – with the league’s best quarterback.”

      I don’t think it’s dreaming at all. If the Seahawks had a better pass rush, they might be the Super Bowl favourites right now. At the very least, they’d be right in the mix with the Ravens and Chiefs.

  75. WallaSean

    I would tell Matthews to get ready at the bye week, then exhaust all other trade possibilities before signing him. Clay would be a rotational piece that slightly moves the needle. It is too late to have him play against the Cowboys at this point, so replace Irvin with Brooks/Robinson for now. I would hate to miss out on something that presents itself from a team falling out of contention between now and the bye week. Don’t panic just yet, we can still have 4 or 5 wins playing for first place the first week after the bye. I’m willing to risk losing out on Matthews even if we struggle and lose to Dallas.

    • Lewis

      I still don’t think they are signing Matthews. He’s getting 2 million to do nothing. They will probably have to offer at least 4, maybe more for him to rush his health (not because of any particular injury but because of his age and… it’s football). Of course, that could be offset somewhat by joining the team later in the season.

  76. Simon McInnes

    By my count the average number of sacks per game over two weeks is 4.5. Could it be that the league’s lighter touch officiating is going to make it really hard to have a dominating pass rush. I have watched nine games in full over the two weeks, covering sixteen teams, and have yet to see an OL that has been routinely overwhelmed. Changes need to be made, but maybe a trade from desperation will have no chance to be effcetive.
    What about playing Jamal Adams in a hybrid LB/S role, so that when he blitzes the secondary is not left quite so short of numbers, but when he does not, the personnel grouping is not telegraphing the defensive play call?

    • Rob Staton

      “Could it be that the league’s lighter touch officiating is going to make it really hard to have a dominating pass rush.”


      But the Seahawks’ problem isn’t not merely the lack of a dominating pass rush. It’s the fact they have a horror show pass rush.

  77. cha


    Snap counts are up

    The TE distribution is interesting. Olsen 45/Dissly 31/Hollister 9/Willson 0. Clearly they have Dissly on a pitch count to be cautious early in the season. Olsen had a bad game early but they stuck with him. Looks like the offensive game plan didn’t call for much TE targeting this week. Willson just being stashed? Seahawks PTSD from last year’s TE slaughter?

    RB skewed heavily towards CC. Carson 40/Hyde 15/Homer 8. All made contributions.

    Poor Simmons LOL. 8 snaps and got caught going too far downfield and flagged.

    All snaps for Pocic/none for Finney.

    Mayowa 65/Reed 62. Oof. 90% and 86% of defensive snaps. They’re playing with fire if they don’t rotate these guys more. Collier with 42 snaps, Damontre Moore with only 18 snaps. I get it – Moore is not the answer but you’re going to have to start playing him more (pun not intended).

    Poona 42/Mone 26/Rush 15

    Dunbar 54/Flowers 13. The job is Dunbar’s for now and he showed why with his breaks on the ball.

    Brooks 8/Barton 5. Well that’s changing this weekend.

    • WallaSean

      I don’t see what they have to lose by rotating more on D-line. Its time to throw some guys into the action and see what we really have to move forward with (very little).

    • CaptainJack

      Why on earth has Willson been active over Dallas , Walker and Robinson

      • Rob Staton

        That’s a good question.

      • Sea Mode

        ST maybe?

    • Gohawks5151

      I think that they are playing it safe with Dissly as well. I’ve said i think their 12 personnel with Olsen, Dissly, Lockett, Metcalf and Carson is elite. So many options and insurance with pass pro. I think they are saving it for teams with better pass rushes. Chip and release, back out, the Baldwin shallow drag rollout all coming.

  78. Hawksince77

    Yes, and despite all that, this may be the best (most fun to watch) Seahawk season ever. Do they reach the big game? Who knows – it takes luck, talent and more luck, but with Seattle’s offense, anything is possible.

    Good defenses can typically be counted on to gut even great offenses, but I am not sure any team can stop the Seahawks offense. New England was suppose to have the best CBs in the league and got torched for 4 TDs by Seattle WRs, including the reigning defensive MVP.

    Next week should be another shoot out. It should be fun!!!!

    • Rob Staton

      The Patriots’ defense lost six key starters in the off-season.

      The Seahawks aren’t creating any pressure. It’s not sustainable.

  79. SteveLargent80

    Rob, I’m disheartened to hear that you’ve been receiving abuse and insults from people who don’t want to face facts. SDB is like a safe haven from the Twitter and the Reddit, where some people thought your rightful critiques of the Jamal Adams trade (How will it help the pass rush, mortgaging the future) were just you being upset that you can’t do your specialty, drafting, since they traded away first round picks, which is utter bollocks. I was told I needed to get a grip on reality, when I suggested that it wasn’t a good sign that Alton Robinson was a healthy scratch for the first two weeks, and likely wouldn’t be the savior for the defensive line. Thank you for creating a place for people to share rational thoughts on the NFL

    • Volume12

      I ain’t said s**t on this topic, but I don’t get it. It’s his blog. He can write whatever the f**k he wants to. When has he never let us disagree anyways? If it wasn’t for this place we’d all have to deal w/ the analytics gang and others on Twitter or SDB 🤮. Everybody’s so damn into their feelings on the internet.

      • Volume12

        * lmaoo that was supposed to be FG’s. Got me all hot now.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks V12.

        You’re a good one.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the kind words. And you’re right — I couldn’t care less about ‘draft picks’. You don’t only get one pick in a draft and we’ll have plenty to discuss for round two and beyond anyway. This blog has long been about more than just the draft too.

      • Pokiri

        Completely agree with SL80. I’m a lurker and a devoted Seahawks fan, but even as an irrational fan I want to read the great analysis I find here (and nowhere else). Rob, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what we can do now, given the deep hole we’re in.

  80. no frickin clue

    Couple of ideas involving player-for-player trades where we give up an asset on offense in exchange for an asset on defense.

    Edge Rusher: Kyle Fackrell, NY Giants. Came out of nowhere in 2018 to post 12 sacks, but then got buried on the Packers’ depth chart in 2019 behind Preston Smith and Zadarius Smith. Signed a one-year deal with the Giants for $4.6m. He’s only 28 years old. He got 28 snaps in Game 1, and 36 snaps in Game 2. Would you trade one of our RB assets for him? Given that Barkley is done for the year, you’d think they would be in the market for more talent at RB. I’m assuming Penny and Carson are not on the table but that anyone else would be (including Hyde).

    Interior DT: Hassan Ridgeway, Philadelphia. Only 25, coming off injury, but maybe Philly would be willing to trade for a backup on our offensive line given their injuries there. He got 30 snaps in Game 1, and 23 snaps in Game 2. Would you trade Jordan Simmons or Jamarco Jones for this guy?

    • cha

      Nice creativity there. Fackrell for a RB could be an interesting trade.

      Would require PC to release his iron grip on a RB though LOL. He’d have to put up or shut up about Deejay Dallas for 4-5 weeks until Penny gets back.

      • Matt

        Love it. Homer for Fackrell.

        Let Dallas play.

    • Gohawks5151

      I like it. Well thought out

    • Sea Mode

      Looks like the Giants already found someone:

      Ian Rapoport

      There you go. #Giants are landing FA RB Devonta Freeman, pending tests. And he’ll have more than enough opportunities to re-establish himself.

  81. Duceyq

    You’re absolutely right Rob. Nothing to really add.

    Clowney with Adams would’ve made this team a SB favorite. W/o him or any significant player along the DL they’re a divisional round out. I think they will go the trade route, as you’ve pointed out in your piece, but it will take a few more weeks for the bottom feeders to part ways with tradable talent. Teams with 0-4 or 1-5 starts most likely but 0-2 might be too soon.

    So the immediate fix will be old ass FA’s for now until a trade window opens up.

  82. James C.

    I am not sure Clowney would have made as big a difference as people think. Definitely would have helped, but the problems on the DL are WAY bigger then just getting one guy. They have below average starters and absolutely zero depth. No interior push whatsoever. Lack of depth is causing starters to get tired (and eventually injured would be my guess).

    • GerryG

      Agree with this. Even with Clowney this would be a below average line.

  83. John seahawk

    There are 6 ways left to fix or mitigate the pass rush problems and they are not mutually exclusive.

    1. Keep combing through the junk pile and hope you find a player that can contribute, not likely to be very successful; but since there is almost no down side they might as well.

    2. Player development, it is something they are going do anyway some combination of Collier, Green etc. making an extraordinary leap would go a long way. I don’t think it is likely enough that we will be sitting around in week 14 going “Hey (fill in the blank) has really come on who saw that coming?” That you can just call that THE plan.

    3. Protect the defense with the offense, try to apply scoreboard pressure in the first half and stay on the field in the 4th quarter.

    4. Blitz!! Exciting things happen when you blitz, not always good things but exciting, the defense has some good blitzers and when you consider your 4 beats 5 a losing proposition injecting risk to change the dynamic is worth it.

    5. Sign still available free agents that may have value, can the corpse of Clay Matthews or whoever give you more than what you have on the team already. Are the contract demands your best use of resources.

    6. Trade anything that is not helping you win this season for something that will, 2nd round picks included (every team gets a second round pick every year, MVP level quarterbacks in their prime do not get handed out every year) yes you need to get fair value and it will likely be a couple of weeks (and maybe not at all) before GM’s are ready to start waving the white flag and trade good pass rushers. We got Diggs and a seventh for a fifth, Richardson for Kearse and a second, we got Duane Brown for Lane and a fifth and a second the following year so we have plenty of trade ammo left to make a big move if we think that move is the difference between an early play off loss and a legitimate shot at the super bowl.

    The way I see it everyone does 1 and 2. Credit to Pete and the coaching staff for making the change at 3 and 4, lots of fans thought Pete was to much of a dinosaur to make those changes. Five and Six, we will have to see it seems like they are not particularly enamored with anyone at the “top” of the current free agent market for the asking price. Six still needs to play out. Maybe it should never have come to this but here we are and that is how I see what we can do now.

  84. Chuck Turtleman

    Is there a player for players trade you could imagine that might be possible? Maybe Moore or KJ for someone?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think so

  85. Bill

    What about bringing back a healthy Ziggy?

    • Rob Staton

      He signed with the Niners.

  86. clbradley17

    2020 Week 2: Seahawks vs. Patriots | Seahawks All Access


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