Why this is a good year for the Seahawks to draft a left guard

Yesterday, Colin Cowherd mentioned in passing that the Seahawks were going to be targeting O-line in the draft…

This isn’t an explosive revelation. I think most people would expect Seattle to do this. Cowherd’s connection to Russell Wilson, as evidenced by his comments earlier in the week, make this info more interesting than it otherwise would’ve been though.

It’s not a stretch to think the Seahawks have told Wilson they intend to draft a left guard with their top pick, following his recent complaints about the offensive line, and that this information has fed its way to Cowherd.

I still believe that a major transfer of resources from linebacker and safety to the trenches is required, otherwise the Seahawks are destined to face a very similar fate in 2021 that they’ve experienced over the last few years. This could, in turn, accelerate Wilson’s desire to move on.

However, whatever they do or don’t do in the coming weeks, drafting a guard with their top pick makes a lot of sense this year.

The need matches with the strength of the draft.

In order to try and emphasise this, I’ve put together a rudimental horizontal board.

This is completely underdeveloped. With limited or no testing data it’s going to be virtually impossible to deliver anything close to a worthwhile board throughout this process unfortunately. I don’t run a scouting department, I run baths for my kids. I haven’t seen every eligible player, although I have watched all of the names listed on the board and feel comfortable passing comment on them.

There are several players who would otherwise move up or down based on the combine. So take this with a rather large pinch of salt. It’s really just an opportunity to show what I currently think about certain players and emphasise the point I’m making on the offensive line.

Click on the image below to make it bigger:

I have 11 interior offensive linemen listed in either the second or third round. The four players listed in the third round are fringe second rounders and I’d be comfortable drafting any in the second frame.

It’s not the only area of strength. At receiver their are many good options too. If they had the three picks in the first two rounds they had last year, they could easily address guard, center and receiver with this draft class.

They could’ve done that a year ago too. It was another strong WR/OL draft (plus running back) but by pouring more resource into linebacker and trading up for a pass rusher with serious injury flags, they opted to go in a different direction.

Now they’ll have to find options with fewer resources in terms of cap and picks. The Seahawks face a real challenge this year, as do many franchises, to create the kind recourse necessary to plug holes and find ways to make improvements.

While it’s true that the NFL will find it harder than ever to evaluate prospects and make the best possible decisions in the draft, it’s also true that the draft is the best opportunity to fill holes on the cheap. For example, Jordyn Brooks (drafted in the late first round) had a cap-hit of $2,224,656 in 2020. Damien Lewis’ cap hit was just $891,298. Their combined salaries cost less than Jacob Hollister. It’s hard to find that kind of value in free agency, probably even in a tumultuous year like this.

What type of guard will they look for?

I don’t expect the Seahawks to go full-Rams with Shane Woldren’s arrival. After all, Mike Solari is still the offensive live coach. I think we’ll see a meshing of ideas and concepts.

I suspect they will try to emulate what worked with Lewis. He was huge and had the +33 inch arms they like, he had an extremely successful college career, he was an explosive tester and he excelled at the Senior Bowl — grading out as one of the top-performers at any position.

From Quinn Meinerz to Trey Smith to Alex Leatherwood and Aaron Banks — they all performed at the Senior Bowl and have some of the traits that made Lewis a success-story as a rookie. D’Ante Smith also had a brilliant Senior Bowl and can play guard or tackle. Ben Cleveland hurt his ankle in Mobile and only participated on day one but he’s an incredible monster of a blocker.

If they want to target a center, there are options there too.

The simple fact is this 2021 draft is well set up for the Seahawks to find a starting left guard, possibly even after trading down from #56, much in the way they were able to with Damien Lewis.

Now, it’s just a question of who it’ll be.

And that’s one of the things we get to talk about for the next two months.

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  1. BobbyK

    Such a weird start to the off-season. Pete clearly said in his end of season press conference that LG was a major need. Then the Wilson stuff about not being happy. Now being told the Hawks are going to get Russ a LG at 56 when we already knew that from Carroll’s end of season press conference.

    I wonder who is going to be signed to play Center though? A single rookie second round pick LG isn’t going to elevate this unit into one of the best.

    • Zxvo3

      I agree. If we only address the LG position in the draft it may help a little but not enough. It’s not like that prospect is going to be Quenton Nelson 2.0

      • BobbyK

        Yes. If it’s Damien Lewis 2.0 I think we’ll all be thrilled, but that’s just one spot on the line. In that scenario, Center needs to be addressed in FA. And not some clowns like we’ve been dealing with since Max Unger. I never loved Britt – even though he was average. But if they’re going rookie at LG then need an above average veteran C for this unit to be one of the better ones.

  2. Kelly Smith

    Can someone remind me why Lewis lasted so long if he had great success, great testing, came from a blue blood program. I always thought he was undersized or something.

    • Rob Staton

      Nope. He was a top-50 prospect for me throughout the process and said so consistently. Guess we’ll never know why he lasted.

    • Sea Mode

      In fairness, though he lasted longer than he should have, he didn’t last that long: pick 69 is the 5th pick of R3.

      I suspect it might be in part that he was just a pure Guard. Usually teams look for prospects with potential to play Tackle first.

      Side note, I also found these on his Wikipedia page, taken from a Corbin Smith article. I didn’t know about the penalties or that he was the #2 run blocker:

      In pass protection ratings, Lewis did well, allowing just 28 total pressures in 633 pass blocking snaps. However, he did accumulate 12 penalties, which led all NFL guards. In terms of run blocking, however, Lewis was one of the best in the league. He obliterated opponents and received an 81.5 overall run blocking score from Pro Football Focus, second only to Indianapolis Colts All-Pro and Pro Bowler Quenton Nelson.

      • cha

        Don’t worry about the penalties Sea Mode.

        He only had 9 penalties this year actually.

        He had 6 in his first 6 games, and only 3 in his last 10.

        And two of those? He was the emergency center in the Arizona game (including that bogus call that nullified a great Metcalf catch if you recall).

        So as a guard he had 1 penalty in his last 9 games.

        It’s not an issue.

        • Sea Mode

          Good info. Thanks!

  3. JLemere

    Isn’t kind of sad though, that drafting a LG in the draft might be the most exciting thing that happens this offseason?

    • Rob Staton


      Especially when you consider we’re a mile off a SB tilt

  4. Ryan

    Just saw the clip on Florio’s show where Myles Simmons states he thinks the Seahawks would say no to a trade with Jacksonville for Trevor Lawrence and two additional firsts.

    Um, no. – Everyone else involved would say no, but not the Hawks.

    Hey, as long as this lasts, it makes for an interesting offseason.

    • Rob Staton

      He then said they’d be more interested in a Jets trade involving Sam Darnold ‘because at least Darnold has played in the league’.

      I turned the segment off at that point. Rubbish.

      • Ryan

        Sometimes it’s refreshing to hear such a ludicrously bad take. It’s like a palette cleanser between all the good content.

  5. Qoolio

    Thanks again for all the thought you put into the column and all the ongoing draft content. I love the visual breakdown of the horizontal board.

    Given the lack of 1st round grades in the board at this point, I wonder about the potential trade of Jamal Adams. Would you prefer having say 2 2nd rounders from Miami, as opposed to their #18?

    While we have a lot of information that we are yet to see on most draft prospects, I keep feeling that picks 40-80 will have good value. Two 2nd rounders for Adams, a third for Wagner and the natural 2nd we still have would be a fair (not great) platform to address some holes.

    • Rob Staton

      It depends really. You could trade down from #18, get a player you really, really want in the late first and get a third rounder. That would probably be better than two 2’s.

      • Roy Batty

        And the 5th year option on that first is nice to have in your back pocket.

  6. Robert Las Vegas

    I like the idea of drafting a LG in round 2 .and perhaps this is just a dream but maybe it’s a year too late but if the Seahawks could figure it out Alex Mack is a free agent I seem to recall Rob you have mentioned him before . perhaps a 1 or 2 year deal.

    • Sean-O

      If the Hawks address LG early in the draft (and intend for him to start right away), along with a second year player in Lewis at RG, you figure they’d look at a veteran C right?

      I really like the idea of a high-end player like Linsley or Andrews to direct traffic up the middle. Skura or Karras could work too.

    • RugbyLock

      I’d spend the money on Cory Linsley from the Packers before I’d get AM.

  7. Brik

    I read somewhere that the Bills were the favorite to sign Chris Carson for 9 million a year. Seems about right. Means we would definitely need to find a RB.

    • Denver Hawker

      I’ll be shocked if Carson gets that much.

      Also, between Singletary and Moss, two recent high-OSU draft picks, I would expect them to sign a low-cost vet FA.

      • Brik

        They’re on the cusp of a super bowl with a QB still on his rookie contract. This is the time for them to make drastic moves to push them over the hump.

        • Rob Staton

          I think that would be a great move for the Bills.

          I don’t want to sign him to that contract but they’re really close and a few choice additions would create a very exciting opportunity for Buffalo.

          I wish we were anywhere near as close, sifting through the free agent list to see how we can get over the top, instead we’re a mile away. An absolute mile away. And while a lot of people don’t want to recognise that, the franchise QB certainly does.

          • Positrac

            Don’t you mean a kilometer away? Stay in your lane Rob!

  8. DJ Half Way (Sea/PDX)

    With a second and fourth, some of the added talent needs to be in free agency. Do you spend the 2nd on a guard, running back or center? I think you go RB if you can get Javon Williams. However, I think it is easier for less experienced evaluators like me to watch a running back. Would a better RB make the line and QB look better? Can you get offensive line from cap casualties? Is there any hope of improvement with the players already there? Does the good performance of Lewis bias our views toward rookies doing well on the offensive line? Lots of questions and possibilities.

    Even with few picks this is still a fun time. It feels like anything can happen. Thanks to Rob for giving us this site and thanks to all those that comment to add to the depth.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you go RB if you can get Javon Williams.

      He won’t be there.

  9. CallMeAL

    I was initially concerned about the Seahawks prospects for 2021, but after reading this article by Stacy Rost over at 710 I feel much better!

    So, the Seahawks may just be entering draft day with the fewest number of picks they’ve had in years. Don’t be surprised to see them spin a second-rounder into more, but if you’re wondering about the best thing Seattle can do to make the most of its 2021 season, it may not be the new talent its able to bring in alone. Rather, the Seahawks need to make sure they make the most of the talent they’ve already acquired.

    Looking to prove themselves will be a trio of recent first-round picks: Collier, running back Rashaad Penny and linebacker Jordyn Brooks. More important than recouping a first-rounder this year is ensuring the development of the picks the Seahawks have already made. After all, what good are four at-bats without a hit?

    Collier improved this past season and Brooks had a promising rookie year. And should running back Chris Carson opt to leave in free agency, the resurgence of Seattle’s run game will fall on Penny’s shoulders.

    Ultimately, the Seahawks may not need another Frank Clark deal to make the most of their new season. The development of its young core – the follow-up to Schneider’s impressive draft-day maneuvering – will be key to the success of Seattle’s 2021 campaign.

    Follow Stacy Rost on Twitter.

    • LandOfBoz

      Is this a joke?

    • Big Mike

      “I was initially concerned about the Seahawks prospects for 2021, but after reading this article by Stacy Rost over at 710 I feel much better!”

      Outstanding sarcasm my man.

  10. CallMeAL

    No, full artcile…


  11. TheOtherJordan

    So, interior offensive lineman and WR are the strengths of the draft….so which LB do you expect the Seahawks to draft with their first pick?

    • Big Mike

      And a Safety with their 2nd pick right?

    • Ryan

      You joke, but this is the way drafts work. You obviously don’t pick into the strength of the draft. I don’t see LB, but I could easily see CB, RB or even TE if the board falls right. The strength at iOL and WR means they’ll be available later.

      • Rob Staton

        You joke, but this is the way drafts work.

        Not in Seattle

  12. Rob Staton

    I still don’t understand why Jamal Adams cost two firsts and a third.

    Why the two firsts AND a third?

    • Submanjoe

      They zeroed in on him, knew he wanted off Jets, and bought high. Jets didn’t have to trade him, probably they sensed blood and knew Seahawks would over pay.

    • Spencer

      There’s no way we paid that much unless there was a bidding war, and who would have gone that far? I heard the 49ers were in on the auctioning, but still, I don’t think you can honestly justify any safety at that price. After ‘this year’s 1st and next year’s 3rd’ I would have bowed out for sure. To much capital from one draft is too steep a price to pay. Things will have to go SWIMMINGLY the next few years for that deal not to go down as the worst in JS’s tenure.

      • Spencer

        *That much capital from one draft

      • Rob Staton

        I think they were desperate and did what it took to get the deal done.

        Probably didn’t want to wait NYJ out.

        But I cannot believe the Jets would’ve turned down two 1’s alone.

        • cha

          The way PC described how hard JS worked on this trade, I imagine JS locking himself in his office with a case of peanuts and energy drinks and emerging two weeks later with a scraggly beard and tattered clothes, gasping “I did it….we got him.”

          There is NO WAY he had to work hard. An offer of 2 firsts, a third and Bradley McDougald does the work for you.

          • Submanjoe

            He just kept getting told no. No. No. (Because the Jets knew they didn’t have to move Jamal) Until Seattle just made an offer they couldn’t refuse. So, the effort was just calling over and over and John probably hated the thought of paying so much and nearly wouldn’t but he over came his good sense and paid the price. Don’t you see how that is just a ton of effort?

            • JJ

              What I don’t understand is why not look for a DE trade at that point. Ngakoue, Dunlap, etc could have been had for less. McDougald was more than serviceable. Nothing about Adams game with Jets fit what the hawks do. Will never understand why, but I guess desperation makes you do stupid things

    • Ryan

      Don’t forget, also a starting-caliber player too.

      They did it because they felt desperate. But it sucks, because we’re always desperate for something, and it leads us to make bad move after bad move.

      • Rob Staton


  13. CL

    Mike Garofolo said nine days ago that “it kinda smells like a guy that kinda has one foot out of the door”.

    Now the reports say that the Hawks intend to use their earliest pick to address the OL.

    Is this enough to keep Russ happy?

    To me, at least, it kinda feels like the trade rumors are cooling down.
    Is Russ just waiting what happens next and evaluating if it’s enough to satisfy him?
    Or is it just the calm before the storm?
    What do you think?

    • Rob Staton

      On Monday and Tuesday, Colin Cowherd did big segments on Wilson’s dissatisfaction and his issue with Pete Carroll.

      Today, Mike Florio said on PFT that nothing has changed regarding Wilson’s position.

      Wilson’s issues can’t be aired in the media every day.

      • CL

        Thanks for the answer Rob.

        Haven’t seen Florio’s piece yet.

        But I actually did watch Cowherd’s videos, just forgot about them, might be too tired already.

        But you’re right, I guess we’ll hear something new, when something happens

  14. Spencer

    Rob let’s say they don’t gain any draft capital this off season…
    There are center and guard options in the draft and in free agency.
    Would you draft a guard and sign a FA center? (Centers generally cost less)
    The other way around?
    Draft both?
    And if we will be running some type of Rams-esque offense, which centers do you think would work best for Russ, the style of play, and the cap?

    • Rob Staton

      I just want to see resources shift from LB/S to the trenches.

      • Ashish

        Can’t agree more. Adams and Bobby should be traded, Keep KJ, Blair can start at SS. People keep forgetting we need to have replacement for LT. I like Rob’s selection of Alex leatherwood (T/G).
        So we need more draft picks and cap room. For me Adams and Bobby are good candidates for trade.

  15. Hoggs41

    It feels like the C/LG hole that we have will be filled with one free agent and one draft pick. The C option feels more likely to be done by free agency as there isnt a ton of options at LG. Linsley could be a target if he makes it to free agency but I wouldnt be surprised if they just bring back Pocic.

    • Rob Staton

      If they rest on Pocic at center, or another BJ Finney type, and retain Wagner on $17m plus pay Adams…

      Well we all know what happens next.

      • RugbyLock

        Yup, 1st round exit from the playoffs again…

        • TomLPDX

          That’s assuming we even make the playoffs.

  16. Zxvo3

    Is it me, or does it MAJORLY bother any of you that this safety is actually above average. Like if they really wanted to invest in the safety position, they could’ve waited one more year to get a player out of this bunch. Just poor and desperate planning. And not to forget about Marquise Blair and the 2nd round pick we spent on him.

    • Zxvo3

      Safety class* in the first sentence.

    • Rob Staton

      Decent safety class. Very good free agent safety class.

      The Jamal Adams trade was a total desperate mess.

  17. Big Mike

    The key word in your statement is “desperate”. Same reason they blitzed the guy 80 some times….desperate for some kind of pass rush. Trading the farm for him one offseason after drafting Blair makes that fact abundantly clear. And their desperation for pass rush didn’t stop there. They traded away a 3rd to move up in the 2nd to get a DE with injury concerns.

    • Big Mike

      Or if your prefer, “making up crap as they go along”.

      • Rob Staton


  18. HOUSE


    I’m still baffled about the payout for Adams as well. I remember when the news dropped, I thought we gave up 2 1sts and McDougald for Adams and a 3rd and kinda thought “meh… They won that deal”. I was also really excited to see how Blair was going to develop.

    Regarding the OL, I agree that LG is a HUGE need. I don’t want to see the revolving door of Iupati and whoever else when he isn’t hurt. I think that Simmons and Jones did play well at times. Could either of them be the answer at LG with C being a gaping hole as well? Dreaming to continuously find Damien Lewis’ available later than they should be is exactly that; a dream…

    • Rob Staton

      No… they need to add a new left guard as a priority (and Pete has already said this).

      • HOUSE


        Thanks! I always appreciate your take on things. The FO is going to have to get really creative this offseason and Draft…

  19. neil

    With everybody knowing the Hawks are going to go O line. teams will be jumping ahead to pick off what they want.

    • Rob Staton

      There aren’t many instances where teams trade up to get a guard though, to be fair. And in a deep class, you’re not guaranteed to trade up for a guy they want.

  20. Ryan

    When I look at this roster and see how many holes they have to fill, I’m absolutely amazed they won 12 games this year.

    How many position groups are you comfortable with both the talent and depth?
    WR group is top heavy.
    Safety? Maybe?

    I feel ya, Russ.

    • Rob Staton

      And after a 5-0 start, influenced by the best spell of Wilson’s career, they went 7-5 including the playoffs.

      The fine margin this team had between 12-4 and something a lot worse is really something.

      • Ryan

        And that margin is blinding a lot of people from recognizing the steps the team needs to take to get back to a championship level.

        • Rob Staton

          Spot on

        • Roy Batty

          I think they were a healthy Niners team away from getting bounced from the playoffs, frankly. Losing that first Niners game would have meant an eventual 4 losses in a row, which can be thoroughly demoralizing. I got tired of talking heads stating they never were in danger of losing to Philly or a few other teams, but all it would have taken is one turnover and a W becomes an L. The prototype Pete Carroll game plan of playing not to lose in the final quarter was on full display.

          They had a cream puff schedule and never had a consistent level of dominance for any stretch.

  21. Martin

    Just listened to hour 4 of Wyman and Bob. They had Paul Moyer on talking about Wilson and the Seahawks offence. I found it covered some stuff we’ve all talked about a bit, but I felt it was well worth the listen.


  22. ElroyNumbers

    I watched leatherwood in the playoffs. He looks powerful and would be great solution at left guard. That center from the small school in Wisconsin feels like a real winner. I would take him in the 3rd and have him compete with Britt or Pocic for the job.

    I am starting to walk back from the trade Russell ledge. Trade adams for whatever you can. It would be really nice to build o lineman through the draft. It’s the position group that’s hardest to build through free agency as it has the most starters – 5 players.

    Whose the Antonio brown/ josh Gordon type wr,rb or te we take a gamble on to get Russell weapons?

    • Sea Mode

      I saw Desean Jackson cut yesterday and am just bracing myself for them to go after him…

      Who knows, maybe Dorsett’s foot will be fixed for this year. I do like him for a speedy WR3 wildcard. Just depends if he can get healthy.

      • ElroyNumbers

        I do like d jack. He has actually looked good recently when healthy but can’t seem to stay on the field.
        Maybe John Ross ?

        • Sea Mode

          I like what DJack was, one of the great speedsters of the last decade, but he’s 34 now and, like you say, has only played 5 games last year and 3 the year before.

          I’d rather take a shot on Ross, if cheap, or just roll with Dorsett on the cheap now that they should have full medical info on him… 🤦🏼‍♂️

          Corbin Smith suggested TY Hilton, who is 31 years old, but I don’t see how we can spend that kind of money on a #3 and I’m not sure he would be the right guy anyways.

          Of course, the best thing would be to get back in this draft and target Dee Eskridge or Amari Rodgers.

          • Roy Batty

            Smith’s attempt at building the 2021 team was typical kick the can type mismanagement of money, but then I saw who his pick at #61 was. An LB. Sweet lord, has the guy not been paying attention to what the franchise QB has been saying. On top of that, he goes and picks two more defensive players with the next two picks. He doesn’t have them pick a single OL.

            The one big splash is Linsley, then he just rolls with what they already have, essentially. I guess the guy has selective memory when it comes to last season.

            Many on here have said it before and now I have to join in…most of the Seahawk blog sites are a collective in denial.

  23. Sea Mode

    Corbin Smith’s off-season proposal: https://www.si.com/nfl/seahawks/gm-report/building-a-super-bowl-favorite-simulating-the-seahawks-2021-offseason

    I like the Corey Linsey idea, but then instead of a LG in R2 of the draft to pair with him, he selects… another LB… all the while keeping Bobby and restructuring his contract…


    What do you guys think? Would you rather buy a top C in FA or a top LG? Seems like the draft offers options to go either way. In recent years, is it unfair to say that the rookie centers have been plug-and-play more often than the guards?

    I kind of like the idea of sandwiching a rookie LG between two all-pro caliber guys in Duane Brown and Linsey. And the draft seems to offer more options at guard than at center. Do you bank on Myers or Meinerz being there for you at the back of R2?

    And Corbin puts way too much on the future tab for my liking, as well as debilitating the DL by letting go of Jarran Reed for just a R5 pick.

    If you’re gonna keep Adams (because you want to or simply because you’re resigned to PC not being willing to let him go), you’ve got to move on from Bobby, right? I have a hard time seeing him take a pay cut to stick around.

    • Henry Taylor

      I like Corbin, but another LB is an absolutely hilarious suggestion. I can just imagine the phone call between Russ and John before that pick:

      Russ: “Hi John, just checking in. I know we spoke about improving the OL with our first pick and it looks like there’s some great options left. I feel really appreciated to be involved in the process this year and I’m gonna do everything I can to get this team to another SB”

      John: “lol nah we’re gonna draft a new SAM instead”

      • Rob Staton

        I nearly spat my tea out when I read that linebacker pick.

        I mean seriously… come on.

    • cha

      I’d consider this scoffing

      Corbin Smith
      Replying to
      I plan to drop an article soon simulating the #Seahawks offseason. I’ll give everyone a general idea on why the team can get an upgrade at center and/or left guard without having to trade away a bunch of assets such as Adams.
      5:37 PM · Feb 18, 2021

      • Rob Staton

        Well if it is, let’s just be clear.

        Trading away Wagner & Adams is a lot easier to make a case for than the convoluted, frankly bizarre plan he conjured up in his piece.

    • Spectator

      If his early picks and off season moves weren’t ill informed enough… he has us taking Master Teague from Ohio State. A player that isn’t even in this years draft. Smh. This is honestly sad and embarrassing work from him.

      • Rob Staton

        The second worst thing about it (aside from spending the highest pick on a linebacker who has no business going that early, at a position this team has paid WAY too much resource on already) is your going out of your way, to the ultimate extreme in terms of credit card lending, simply to try and cling on to Bobby Wagner & Jamal Adams.

        $26m to Wagner and $18m to Adams ($44m) in 2022. On top of increasing Wilson’s cap hit to $40m ($84m). He’s paying Lockett approx $17m ($101m) and Dunlap $13-15m ($113-116m).

        Then there’s Duane Brown’s extension.

        So approximately anywhere between $126-$135m on six players, five of which are over 30.

        That is absolute crazy. It’s not a bit out there. It’s 100%, truly, deeply, completely barmy.

        Then following up by drafting a linebacker with their top pick…. AGAIN.

        And all the replies on twitter are saying what a great plan!

        • cha

          Just to get a center and a 3rd WR who is 31 years old and a rookie LB who will see about 20% of the snaps.

          Not to mention it treads water at LG, RB, TE and downgrades the DL.

    • dcd2

      I hate almost everything about this “plan”.

      Honestly one bad idea after another.

  24. Sea Mode

    There are bigger, faster WR with better hands and who have played against tougher competition, but I still love how this guy just wants it more:

    Most Explosive WR in the Big XII 💥 || Oklahoma State WR Tylan Wallace Highlights ᴴᴰ

  25. Sea Mode

    Lawd, have mercy…!! Just seeing this now. 😲💀😱


    (p.s. sounds comparable to Jamal Adams in a way…)

    Nate Duncan

    Anthony Edwards all over Twitter tonight with the dunk of the year. He also has 7 points on 3/14 shooting, 0/7 on 3s.

  26. UkAlex6674

    I’d prefer Jackson over Ross. Jackson is more dynamic by far. I dont think there is much in it re games playedast 2 years. For me, the juice is worth the squeeze if the price is right.

    • Rob Staton

      DeSean hasn’t been able to stay healthy though and is probably going to be more expensive.

      There’s something about getting a younger Ross with more to prove out of Cincinnati and trying to max out the talent that made him a legit high R1 pick which feels very appealing.

      • D-OZ

        Ross, played in Seattle and balled out against the Hawks. I think he would play his heart out in Seattle…

        • Rob Staton

          Well worth a shot

  27. Rokas

    It’s really funny, that Cowherd tells in his show, that SEA is gonna draft a LG to start making RW somewhat happy.
    If I am a GM which also wants a LG and who has to select a few spots after SEA, my job is quite easy, isn’t it?
    What a time to be alive.

    • Rob Staton

      Someone else raised this — but to be honest I don’t think it’s a big deal. Most teams have a good idea what others will do in terms of positional needs. If you ‘had to have’ a left guard in this draft, you’re planning to get ahead of Seattle whether Cowherd says this or not. But the reality is few teams rarely need a guard ‘that’ badly to trade up.

      Plus it’s a really deep LG class so trading up to get the exact player Seattle is eyeing? Good luck with that.

      • Mick

        Not to mention that JS is doing great at picking unexpected players, even when you figure the position they’re aiming at. But seriously, going for LB with first pick…

      • Rokas

        Very fair points, Rob, thanks for pointing that out, and I agree with everything you said.

        The situation is more funny than serious in this particular case. Just like when a kid hits the ground, starts crying, and his parents console him with the promise to buy some ice-cream. And in few minutes when he gets inpatient, his grandma (Cowherd) reminds him, that the ice cream cart is already nearby.

        Obviously, it does not make the general situation with RW and PC dynamics less worrisome.

        What is also a bummer, that SEA will be afraid to bring Sherm back only not to piss Russ even more. It does not seem that Russ is in the mood to be criticized at this stage of his career, and I am not sure they can trust Sherm to deliver that.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t share those concerns on Sherman personally. In fact I think we’re seeing this subtly in the media now. Everyone is talking about him returning. I suspect there’s possibly a strong, mutual interest there. That doesn’t mean it’ll definitely happen but I think it’s definitely trending that way.

          I’ll also say this — I think a lot of what I wrote about the Sherm/Seahawks relationship in November rings true https://seahawksdraftblog.com/the-seahawks-should-bring-richard-sherman-home

          This to me is like Marshawn returning and is not like the situation with Earl.

          Sherm & Russ

          Sherm & Pete

          • Rokas

            Good. It’s time to bring him home.

          • Roy Batty

            Plenty of #25 jerseys will be taken out of the closet and dusted off, without hesitation, once the contract is signed.

            • Rob Staton


              Bring Sherm Home.

          • Sea Mode

            I’m actually inclined to think RW would be actively in favor of the move knowing that Sherm is one who ultimately called out PC when his message wasn’t working. Someone who can team up with Russ to push for not allowing further complacency and “everything is fine” messages.

            • Big Mike

              Interesting point…….possible for sure

  28. cha

    NHL Outdoors at Lake Tahoe

    I want to go to there


  29. millhouse-serbia

    Could make a strong case @OhioStateFB Baron Browning (6031v, 241v, 33 arm, 81 wing) is highest ceiling OLB in 2021 draft. Potential do-it-all ‘backer stood out as edge-setter, rusher, & dropper at @seniorbowl. NFL teams see him as Day 1 starting SAM. #TheDraftStartsInMobile https://t.co/rd46mDwjbz

    • Big Mike

      John: Hey Pete, there’s a LB from Ohio St. that can really play.
      Pete: yeah I’ve watched the film, kid is a player
      John: we need help at o-line and everyone thinks we’re gonna draft a LG but I have an idea, let’s pick this LB and cross everyone up
      Pete: I’m way ahead of you John, get the pick in
      Pete and John thinking to themselves: “we’re the smartest guys in the draft, so far ahead of everyone else”

    • millhouse-serbia

      I wanted to post only this… Rob you can delete previous post…

      As mentioned earlier, he had a 4.56 40-yard dash and a 37.5-inch vertical as a recruit. It’s hard to imagine those numbers getting worse, especially after Browning continued to develop his frame and suffered no major injuries.

      Standing at 6-foot-3, 240 pounds, Browning is an extremely imposing athletic specimen. He has excellent explosiveness both downfield and laterally, and his dense frame is hard to shake when he has momentum. Browning also has good lightness of feet, and he’s also an extremely energetic player who leaves everything out on the field.

      • Rob Staton

        Yes, I’ve been talking about him for months.

        But they’re not drafting a linebacker early.

      • Sea Mode

        Rob’s been mocking him in R1 for a long time now. I don’t understand why you are posting all of this. We don’t even have a R1 pick and even if we did, the thought of spending it on another linebacker is crazy…

  30. SonGoku

    Packers released Kirksey and Wagner, might be a sign that they plan to keep Linsley.

    • Rob Staton

      They need to do a lot though. I suspect they’re going to try and franchise Aaron Jones.

      • Mick

        I still keep hope that we land Aaron Jones, but chances are slim. Rick Wagner might be a low-cost option, and move D. Lewis if he can play LT.

  31. Rob Staton


    “If the Panthers can’t get Watson, they’ll surely pivot somewhere else.
    Whether it’s to Russell Wilson or to Aaron Rodgers or to Kirk Cousins or Derek Carr, the Panthers seem to be on the front end of a scorched-earth effort to get a franchise quarterback.”

    • Big Mike

      Can’t see Ciara agreeing to Charlotte

    • Ryan

      I won’t lie, my ears perked up when I heard “scorched-earth effort to get a franchise quarterback.”

      • Rob Staton

        It’s a beautiful way of putting it

  32. cha

    Corbin and Dugar having argument about how the Seahawks would deploy KJ Wright should they resign him.


  33. CallMeAL

    Just read the 12th Man Risings 2021 Mock Draft where they have the Seahawks taking Running Back Javonte Williams with their first pick in the second round. He certainly fits what the Seahawks like in a running back.

    Williams is 5’10” and 220 pounds with excellent leverage. On inside runs at North Carolina in 2020, Williams ran for 545 yards on 53 carries for an average of 10.3 yards a carry. He still has the quickness to bounce outside if needed, but Williams is the same kind of back that Chris Carson is as far as power and gaining the tough yards.

    But I’m going to go out on a limb here, knowing Seattle’s fondness for linebackers and predict the Seahawks will pick ILB/OLB Zaven Collins with their first pick in the second round. He certainly checks a lot of boxes.

    After some skepticism from NFL scouts at the start of the fall, they were raving about Collins by the end of the season. They feel he could be a 4-3 Sam linebacker or Mike – middle – linebacker while also being a great fit as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. The 6-foot-4, 260-pound Collins has showed explosive speed, athleticism, an ability to cover, and play in space. In the 2021 NFL Draft, Collins should go no lower than the second round.

    This is a deep draft for guards and I’m sure Pete feels he can still get a quality one in the forth round and keep Russell happy why building his defense at the same time.

    • Big Mike

      Wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right. And I’ll add, imo it’s exactly that kind of thinking that has us where we are right now with an unhappy franchise QB.

    • Rob Staton

      1. Javonte Williams won’t reach the Seahawks’ pick

      2. Neither will Zaven Collins but they’re not taking a linebacker early

  34. Forrest

    Money is going to dry up pretty fast this free agency. Let the big money get spent. Then try to renegotiate with Bobby and Dunlap. If they won’t negotiate, cut both. Then let them see how much they’re worth will all the FA options on the street with the big money dried up and in a lower cap year. Then swoop back in with the highest offer. I bet you get each one for $8 million per year at that point.

  35. Forrest

    With a lower cap, teams will cut high priced players and they won’t find the FA money they’d normally get or expect. This is the time to offer longer contracts to younger players. Not big money short term contracts to old veterans. Wait the big money out early, then pounce and don’t offer one year deals. Offer 3 year deals – take it or leave it. There will be some Avril and Bennett type opportunities.

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