Why trading Matt Flynn will be difficult, not impossible

Errrrr.... OK

It’s going to be very difficult to trade Matt Flynn. Not impossible, but very difficult.

John Schneider is already trying his best to create a market. In interviews with ESPN 710 and KJR this week he admitted the team will listen to offers for the quarterback. He’s also — rather optimistically — touted a value of a first or second round pick.

The main reason they won’t receive that level of interest is he’s just not as good as some people think. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported just over a week ago that we shouldn’t expect a hot market:

“Everyone keeps bringing up Flynn, but what people forget is that last offseason there were only two teams, Seattle and Miami, mildly interested in him. He did not get near the attention many thought he would. And he didn’t play this season. His value isn’t as high as many people think.”

Was it just a coincidence that all the teams last year needing a quarterback — except Seattle — said, “No thanks” to Matt Flynn?

I appreciate that things change. Just because a market was cold twelve months ago doesn’t mean that’ll be the case this year. But we’re talking about a quarterback who turns 28 in June. He has a grand total of two career starts. He’ll rely on a precise passing offense with at least some structure. You can’t throw him into a rebuilding organisation and expect miracles.

Not even his former offensive coordinator in Green Bay — Joe Philbin — appeared to bang the table for his services a year ago. Instead the Dolphins risked going into the season with Matt Moore as their starter. There was no guarantee Miami would be able to draft Ryan Tannehill with the #8 pick. They could’ve had Flynn as a cost-effective alternative. It appears they didn’t think there was much difference between Moore and Flynn — at least not enough to offer a deal like Seattle.

The recent trades for Kevin Kolb and Matt Cassel will linger among league front offices. Neither deal worked out, despite the second round investment and subsequent big contracts. The coaches and GM’s that orchestrated both deals have all been fired.

There’s a growing sentiment that this is a bad off-season to need a quarterback with a number of teams trying to find an answer to the NFL’s biggest question. The thing is, you can pretty much run through each team that needs to find a signal caller and come up with a reason why they wouldn’t show much interest in Matt Flynn.

Buffalo — can anyone really see them exchanging Ryan Fitzpatrick for Matt Flynn? Talk about a sideways step. Doug Marrone favoured a big-armed, mobile quarterback in Ryan Nassib at Syracuse. GM Buddy Nix is already talking to the media about drafting a quarterback. Marrone’s old buddy Nassib will be part of the 2013 draft.

New York Jets — Mark Sanchez is guaranteed $8.25m in 2013. If the Jets bring in another quarterback, expect it to be a rookie on a modest contract. It’s unlikely to be a veteran like Flynn who is due $5.2m this year. Trying to sell Flynn as the alternative to Sanchez might be a hard sell in New York.

Cleveland — Rob Chudzinski and Norv Turner favour a vertical passing game. They will not be trading for Matt Flynn. They might as well stick with Brandon Weeden.

Kansas City — This franchise spent a second round pick on Matt Cassel, who bombed. Expect Andy Reid to try a different approach, rather than repeating previous mistakes. It’s also worth noting that his three most recent starting quarterbacks in Philadelphia (Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick) all had plus mobility.

Oakland — GM Reggie McKenzie inherited a team with hardly any draft picks last year and he’s already reiterated there won’t be any more high profile deals this off-season. Carson Palmer wasn’t spectacular in 2012, but he’s far from the biggest problem for a team that has barely any structure.

Arizona — Division rival. Bruce Arians, to me, has clearly been brought in to work with a freshly drafted quarterback, just as he did in Indianapolis.

The one team I’ve not included on the list is Jacksonville. I couldn’t find any logical reason why they wouldn’t consider a trade. The decision makers that drafted Blaine Gabbert have all departed that franchise. Chad Henne is Chad Henne. It stands to reason that new Jaguars GM David Caldwell will review the position and look to stamp his own authority on that situation.

At the same time, he’s appointed a defensive minded coach in Gus Bradley. Jacksonville’s defense was among the worst in the NFL last season and that is likely to be the starting point of any rebuild. They have some pieces on offense — Maurice Jones-Drew, Eugene Monroe, Justin Blackmon, Marcedes Lewis. Despite all the hand-wringing about Gabbert, he’s barely had a fair crack in the NFL so far competing for a demoralised franchise. He’ll start the 2013 season working with his third offensive coordinator in three years. It’s not even close to ideal.

Caldwell was quick to highlight Gabbert’s youth and it’s important to remember that a lot of teams graded Gabbert highly going into the 2011 draft. Opinion was certainly split, but for every team that lacked interest in the Missouri prospect, there was a team that had Gabbert at the top of their quarterback boards. We can only guess what Caldwell’s impression was — he was part of Atlanta’s front office during the 2011 draft.

He may or may not get the opportunity to reignite his professional career, but the point is — will they be so opposed to Gabbert starting that they make a trade for a veteran such as Matt Flynn? Especially when they need every possible draft pick to rebuild a hopeless defense? Will Gabbert get one last chance, buying the new regime some time? If he fails, he was somebody else’s mistake.

There’s going to be a degree of ‘connect the dots’ with Jacksonville this off-season, purely due to Bradley’s presence within that franchise. People will assume he wants Flynn. He might do. Maybe he’ll bang the table to bring Flynn to Jacksonville? The thing is, we have no idea what his impression of the player is. We have no idea whether Caldwell would buy into any proposal, or that either man is looking for an offense built around a quarterback with Flynn’s skill-set. Bradley going to Jacksonville doesn’t make a deal any more or less likely.

Even so, the Jags are the one team I can’t come up with an obvious reason for why they wouldn’t make a trade.

You’ll hear many people play down the 2013 class of rookie quarterbacks. It’s not quite as bad as some people want you to believe. It’s perhaps understandable that the media and certain ‘sources’ want to be negative about the group. After all, when you have Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III going #1 and #2 last year — it’s a tough act to follow.

It’s easy to forget that teams and GM’s by nature love to draft their own guys. So while at the moment nobody is talking up the likes of Matt Barkley, Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson and co — there’s every chance the front offices of the NFL will convince themselves they need one of these quarterbacks over the next few weeks. Even if it’s not one of the top three, there’s every chance a Mike Glennon, Ryan Nassib or even Tyler Bray could curry favour among one or two teams in the second round.

There might not be a Luck or RGIII to take with the number one pick, but there are plenty of young quarterbacks available in the draft for teams to get at. And while there’s no guarantee this will keep happening — the Cincinnati Bengals and Seattle Seahawks have shown in the last two years you don’t need a top-ten quarterback to kick start a play-off run. Teams will fantasise about mimicking those two franchises.

There’s also the possibility of trade competition. Alex Smith seemingly has no future in San Francisco despite completing 70% of his passes in 2012, throwing 13 touchdowns and sporting a quarterback rating of 104.1. He’s one year older than Matt Flynn, but he also has eighty career starts and his last two seasons in the NFL were his most productive.

His age and previous inconsistencies will make it difficult to generate a high pick, but he’s more of a proven commodity. He’s also physically superior to Flynn. Someone will be willing to give Smith a starting job I suspect.

Ryan Mallet is another quarterback who could generate some interest. I had the opportunity to interview Mallet in October and he appeared focused and ready to make up for the disappointment of a dramatic draft-fall in 2011. Having spent two years learning from Tom Brady and being coached by Bill Belichick, this could be the off-season where teams consider kick-starting his pro-career.

Will Nick Foles become available in Philadelphia? He’s hardly an obvious fit if Chip Kelly sticks with speed at the core of his offense. Would he potentially be available for trade after featuring in seven games in 2012? Would Andy Reid consider a deal for Kansas City having previously drafted the former Arizona quarterback?

With reports suggesting Tampa Bay has no plans to discuss a contract extension with Josh Freeman, could he find himself on the trade block? He can walk for nothing next year without a contract — and he’d have to play some spectacular football to warrant the franchise tag. Working on a trade this off-season could make sense if the Buccs have already made up their mind on Freeman. Of course, this could just be sending a message that he needs to improve. And if he was dealt, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would then need to find a replacement, creating another team potentially in the market for a guy like Flynn.

Overall I think these arguments out-weigh the reasons why a team would consider trading for Flynn. He’s still a largely untested NFL quarterback. The Seahawks needed someone before the draft last year to compete with Tarvaris Jackson. Let’s not forget — their first call went to Chad Henne, who didn’t leave the Jacksonville HQ without a contract. Signing Flynn was the right move to make at the time. But it was an unchallenged move as far as the rest of the NFL was concerned.

As I mentioned at the start though, a trade is far from impossible. It might have to be a creative deal. Perhaps they can make a move that takes influence from the infamous Charlie Whitehurst trade in 2010?

On that occasion the Seahawks dealt a third round pick to San Diego, but also swapped second rounders. The Chargers moved up twenty spots from #60 to #40. While I can’t see any new picks coming Seattle’s way (such as the extra third rounder) perhaps they could work something out to swap picks with a team in the second, third or fourth round? Putting themselves in position to draft a superior player, without actually generating any new picks?

That’s probably the best they can hope for and it shouldn’t be sniffed at either. If the Seahawks want to get a defensive lineman and a receiver (for example) within their first two or three picks, drafting earlier in round 2/3 would be a considerable advantage. One of the stumbling blocks could be that the quarterback-needy teams all pick at the very start of round two where there could be something of a run on rookie quarterbacks. When John Schneider completed the Whitehurst deal with San Diego, there were no obvious early second round quarterbacks to draft. This probably makes a deal like this more likely in the third or fourth round.

Even that might be a stretch for a 28-year-old career back-up (sorry, but that’s what he is). Those clinging to the hope of a straight out first or second round pick are probably going to be disappointed.

If the Seahawks do trade Flynn, they’ll need a back-up. Expect a veteran addition with a similar athletic skill-set to Russell Wilson. They could also look to the draft — and Arizona’s Matt Scott might be a later round target. His tape against Nevada in the New Mexico can be found below:


  1. AndrewP

    I like the idea of swapping picks, as it was something I pondered to myself. I really wonder if Jacksonville was willing to give up their 3rd & 4th for the Hawks 3rd & 4th and Flynn if something could get done… Jax loses no picks for their rebuild, and it gives Bradley an insurance policy he is hopefully comfortable with in case Gabbert fails one last time.

    Airzona could be an option for that too, as that kind of a deal could afford them the ability to wait until RD2 to draft their guy. It would also allow them to draft an OL with the 8th pick, which is a spot in desperate need of fixing for them.

    • Rob Staton

      I honestly just think they might as well give Gabbert one last try. That way they can hold their hands up and say, “not our guy” if he fails. If they make a trade like that for Flynn and he fails, then suddenly it’s on them. This is year one of a big rebuild for the Jags. I think they’ll concentrate all their efforts – and picks – on young talent to rebuild a truly awful defense.

  2. David

    Rob do you know what Josh Johnsons contract looks like for the browns? was it one of those end of the year thing where he signs for the last few weeks and they can cut him or what? because i wouldnt mind picking him a veteran Back up. i know they worked him out so maybe theres some interest there. He has Mobility ands arm strengh right?

    Also Rookie Qb’s what about NIUs’ QB Jordan Lynch? I hear hes Marshawns Lynchs 10th Cousin twice removed.

    Thank you Rob hope you have a wonderful day

    Go Hawks

    • Rob Staton

      It’ll be a veteran minimum contract I suspect and he’s probably a free agent in March. And he’s a very solid suggestion for a veteran backup behind Wilson. Lynch is more of a runner than a thrower. Personally I’d consider EJ Manuel if he lasts into the R4 range.

      • pqlqi

        seahawks worked Johnson out near the end of the season, but didn’t offer him a contract. my guess is that ship has sailed.

        • Snoop Dogg

          If we spend a pick on someone like E.J. Manuel, then even if we can’t trade flynn I would want to cut him for his 5 million salary. Do you agree?

        • Rob Staton

          Or perhaps they were planning ahead? It’s not like they needed a third QB that late in the season, having gone with two for the whole year.

          • Michael

            Josh Johnson is also related to Marshawn… I would love to move Flynn for whatever we can get, and replace him with Johnson. My hope would be a decent move up the board in the 3rd round, and maybe something in day 3 of the 2014 draft.

  3. Attyla the Hawk

    Heh, I just had this exact conversation not a day or two ago. Here is a deal that I felt could make some sense:

    But I could see us packaging Flynn, our first round pick (#25) our second round pick and 3rd for their #2 overall, 3rd and 5th round selection.

    It would be move up in the first round, a move down (out) of the second round for us. They’d result in a late first, and two second round picks plus Flynn and a 5th round pick.

    That’s a team that needs players. Giving them 3 picks in the top 50 would help them. Given the lack of true alpha talent in this draft — it’s a scenario that actually can be achieved with the right amount of swapping draft spots. For instance one could go:

    Get (result):


    1st round (#2)
    3rd round (#66)
    5th round (#130) — depending on compensatory picks.


    QB Flynn
    1st round (#25)
    2nd round (#34)* their own retained selection
    2nd round (#50)
    3rd round (#75)

    I concede those won’t be the exact picks. But they’d be close. We agree, Jacksonville is a team that needs a bounty of picks. This would give them that, in addition to a QB option. Gus is certainly going to have some insight into whether Flynn would work out in the medium term. It would also be interesting to see if he adopts Pete’s ideal of competition. In which case getting a solid competitor like Flynn would be more in line with that ideal rather than the lip service competition that Henne provides.

    If Gus and the GM don’t think that they’ll be addressing the QB position this year, then I expect they’ll be trying to resolve as many deficits as possible. One can never tell with the QB position how starved teams will act. And there are plenty of teams that need QBs picking between 2 and 33/34.

    • Rob Staton

      Considering it cost Atlanta two first round picks plus to go from the 20’s to #6 for Julio Jones, I think it’ll take a lot more than this to move from #25 to #2.

      • David

        is the drop off that much of a difference between 25 and 2 though? sincere question

        i know when they did the Jones trade he was one of the big name Recievers coming in i dont really see that this year but def not sure, guess it depends on what the Jags like in the 1st

        • Rob Staton

          I guess it’s not so much the drop off, rather that they need to start rebuilding a defense and they’ll be taking themselves out of contention to have their pick of the bunch. At #25 the options will be much lighter. Any team looking to make such a substantial move up the board is almost certainly going to have to spend two first round picks. And I’ve got to be honest – I just cannot see the Jaguars wanting to make this deal. Bradley saw how Seattle did it, so did Caldwell. No need to panic for a QB in year one of a major rebuild. Lean on Gabbert and worst case scenario is he was somebody else’s mistake. If he succeeds.. you have a young starting QB.

          • Cade

            I also dont see how this helps us unless we have someone specific we want to take as low as #2. Maybe I have too much confidence in the FO but I think loosing the 2nd and 4th is too expensive.

          • Turp

            A team that desperately needs to build a defensive core trading out of the #2 spot is really unlikely with Werner or Moore available.

            • Rob Staton


  4. Zach

    I say keep Flynn. One of the best backups in case Wilson goes out for a few games. Flynn just might be able to win a game or two.

    • Snoop Dogg

      But I dislike having Flynn as the back up simply because he runs a different offense. I think that hurts our team’s success more than an inferior thrower who can run the same schemes as Russell. That way the offensive line, receiving core, etc. don’t have to learn two offenses.

      • A. Simmons

        What Russell does isn’t going to be easily duplicated. Russell is an elite QB even if people aren’t ready to see it. Just as with your starting QB, your backup should be judged on his ability to make reads, get the ball out on time, and put the ball into the hands of the skill players. What makes Russell so great is that he can do all of this while running around like a maniac.

        The point guard analogy for Russell Wilson is great because our offense is a fast break offense with Russell scrambling and the receivers knowing they have to keep moving. That’s why we can put points up in bunches. It’s only going to get more dangerous as we add more weapons. I think they’ll be looking for receivers that can compliment Russell’s scrambling ability. Sure we want route runners. But we also want guys that can get open when Crazy Legs starts running and improvising.

        • Wes

          I think too much is made of Flynn’s perceived inability to run the same offense as Wilson. Everyone loves what the Redskins did with Kirk Cousins, and he plays QB nothing like RG3. We aren’t likely to find a backup just like Wilson. Flynn is a competent player who can execute probably everything but the read option. He remains a solid, solid backup option for the Hawks in my opinion.

          • Rob Staton

            Cousins is still a mobile quarterback though. More so than Flynn. He’s not going to run the read option, but he gets about in the pocket. As for Flynn – he needs a timing offense with lots of 4WR sets, lot of shorter routes with the occasional shot downfield. He’s quite a specific player, which for me is another reason why interest in his services has been so limited.

            • A. Simmons

              I don’t know how you make this assertion unti you see him operate in another type of offense. Until a person is asked to execute an offense, you have no idea what that person can or cannot do. Flynn’s not a QB that will execute the Pistol or any type of read option. He can do the WCO and probably a play action offense without much of a hitch. Once you have a certain level of physical ability, football is more of a mental game. The one year they did give Flynn the chance at LSU, he won a National Championship. If someone gives Flynn a chance, he might well surprise them. He may be a bit of a field tilter himself. Even if the Detroit numbers were the product of quality skill players, they still played hard for Flynn. Just as hard as they play for Rodgers. Having a QB that the skill players support and believe in is a very important aspect of team leadership. Flynn seems to have that quality.

              • Rob Staton

                I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to pigeon hole Flynn. He is what he is really, a modest QB without great physical qualities. That’s why he was a 7th round pick despite his time at LSU, and part of the reason why there wasn’t a mad rush for his services last off-season. It seems to me that the NFL has decided he’s a backup quality QB. I could be wrong. I hope so. But that’s what it seems like.

                • pqlqi

                  Doesn’t Schaub seem like the most similar QB to Flynn?

                  Most teams with shitty QB situations would be happy to upgrade to a player like Schaub, but I think many think it’s easier than reality has shown to upgrade through the draft.

                  • Rob Staton

                    I don’t like that comparison personally. Schaub is 6-5 and 239lbs. He has a stronger arm. He’s basically asked to game manage in Houston, but he’s a lot more physically accomplished. And when he was available in Atlanta, a lot of teams were knocking the door down.

  5. Ely

    Kinda of a random thought but, if there was any team willing to give up next years first for our first (or whatever the circumstances), and it was a safe bet that team would be picking in the first ten picks I’d be tempted to do it! Not too long ago we had both our first and Denver’s first. Any chance to draft Jadeveon Clowney next year would be awesome. What a beast! Pass rush fixed.

  6. Ananth

    I think the best case scenario for trading Flynn is the one that happened to Jason Campbell. Oakland got him for a 4th rounder. It’s optimistic but if some team wants to gamble on a high upside QB that is not ready Flynn is a decent stop gap. We all know that no team is really considering Flynn to be their QB of the future. If he’s your bridge QB the question is what will you give up for that.

    • Turp

      If there were only more Oakland’s to trade with…


  7. Cameron

    I’m not sure I’m too keen on Matt Scott, but the AZ receiver Austin Hill is worth keeping an eye on. When will he be draft eligible?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s a junior in 2013.

  8. kevin mullen

    Sounds like with the market cooling on Flynn, might be best interest to just keep him and eat the $5mil salary for a backup. PC says he would “like” another QB with Russell Wilson skill set but in actuality, Flynn being there to guide him or mentor him on opposing defenses would benefit Wilson in long run. Plus the guy’s been in the system for a year now, it would benefit us more should he need to start (heaven forbid) for Wilson should he go down with an injury.

    At this point, QB really shouldn’t be an issue in terms of changes, if we don’t get offers for 3rd and 4th rounders then don’t bother. Let him ride out the salary as he’s more beneficial to us than getting a lowball draft pick. JS should tell teams to kick rocks!!

    We’ve allocated some $6mil for our QB’s, the cap won’t break our bank. Wilson can’t negotiate for 2years, he’ll get his when it’s due. We don’t have to do ANYTHING regarding our QB situation, period. We need to get blown away with an offer otherwise just sit.

    • SunPathPaul

      I would agree that we don’t have to or need to trade Flynn. Like you said, he has experience in Seattle now, aids RW, and can play when needed. I would be happy if he was still here, but I would be happier to use him and an extra 5th pick to swap up in the second round. Many talented players there will be gone at 25 in round 2!

      If that happens, Matt Scott looks better equipped to mirror Russell Wilson. And it might be nice to have our bad ass QB have a backup that isn’t getting payed WAY more! Lol

  9. SunPathPaul

    Ok.We have 6 of the first 9 teams drafting need a QB or might want one.

    Round 2 Order – 1) KC, 2) Jags, 3) Oakland, 6)Cleveland, 8) Bills, 9) Jets…

    I believe the best way to use Flynn is to package him with our 5th Pick, and trade up with one of these teams that want him in a second round swap of picks… i.e. We go from picking 25th in round 2, to whichever team takes Flynn. Jags do seem the most likely. This way, they get a QB without reaching, get to keep a second round pick, albeit 25th now, and ADD a late 5th rounder. For a team that needs players, that would really help. Now maybe this only works in round 3 with our 6th pick, but either way we lose one late pick, Flynn and his Cap Hit(small), and add a more quality player through choosing sooner.

    As far as the draft points equivalence chart, lets’ say Flynn directly is worth a mid 3rd, 195 point value, or mid 4th round pick, 72 point value.
    Our 2nd rounder is worth 330 points.
    The Jags 2nd pick in round 2 is worth 560 points.
    560 – 330 = 230 point difference
    230 – 195 (mid 3rd round grade for Flynn) = 45 point left to make up…thus plus our early 5th for 41. Only a 4 point difference.

    If we take 230 – 72 (mid 4th round grade for Flynn) = 158 point difference. That’s equal to our 3rd, 145 roughly. I don’t see or want us to give up our 3rd or 4th rounders. We have extra 5th, 6th, and 7th picks.
    Each of our late 3 picks yields only 52.2 points. Our earlier round 5th, 6th, and 7th only add up to 73.8.

    It would take all 3 of our extra picks yielding 73.8 PLUS all of our natural 5th, 6th, and 7th – 52.2 = 126
    We would still be 27 points short. I just wanted to show how hard it is to get value from late late picks, and how moving up in round 1 is probably a no go. Plus we can now figure out what value we think Flynn has in this scheme…

    Is Flynn worth a mid-round 3rd, or mid round 4th??

    If we can get that Mid round 3rd value, then we have a chance of picking in the top 9 in the second round thru a swap trade up, with Flynn and a 5th pick to boot. This is what I would shoot for..

    Imagine picking 25th overall, then within the first 9 on day 2!! Possibly 2nd on day 2!!
    We only lose one pick and Flynn, the other team gets a good QB and an extra pick…

    Any takers?? Ideas?? 3rd or 4th??

    Go Hawks!

  10. SunPathPaul

    Here is the Draft Points Chart for everyone’s Perusal… Cheers!

    Draft Pick Value Chart by pick and points

    Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7
    1 3,000 33 580 65 265 97 112 129 43 161 27 193 14.2
    2 2,600 34 560 66 260 98 108 130 42 162 26.6 194 13.8
    3 2,200 35 550 67 255 99 104 131 41 163 26.2 195 13.4
    4 1,800 36 540 68 250 100 100 132 40 164 25.8 196 13
    5 1,700 37 530 69 245 101 96 133 39.5 165 25.4 197 12.6
    6 1,600 38 520 70 240 102 92 134 39 166 25 198 12.2
    7 1,500 39 510 71 235 103 88 135 38.5 167 24.6 199 11.8
    8 1,400 40 500 72 230 104 86 136 38 168 24.2 200 11.4
    9 1,350 41 490 73 225 105 84 137 37.5 169 23.8 201 11
    10 1,300 42 480 74 220 106 82 138 37 170 23.4 202 10.6
    11 1,250 43 470 75 215 107 80 139 36.5 171 23 203 10.2
    12 1,200 44 460 76 210 108 78 140 36 172 22.6 204 9.8
    13 1,150 45 450 77 205 109 76 141 35.5 173 22.2 205 9.4
    14 1,100 46 440 78 200 110 74 142 35 174 21.8 206 9
    15 1,050 47 430 79 195 111 72 143 34.5 175 21.4 207 8.6
    16 1,000 48 420 80 190 112 70 144 34 176 21 208 8.2
    17 950 49 410 81 185 113 68 145 33.5 177 20.6 209 7.8
    18 900 50 400 82 180 114 66 146 33 178 20.2 210 7.4
    19 875 51 390 83 175 115 64 147 32.6 179 19.8 211 7
    20 850 52 380 84 170 116 62 148 32.2 180 19.4 212 6.6
    21 800 53 370 85 165 117 60 149 31.8 181 19 213 6.2
    22 780 54 360 86 160 118 58 150 31.4 182 18.6 214 5.8
    23 760 55 350 87 155 119 56 151 31 183 18.2 215 5.4
    24 740 56 340 88 150 120 54 152 30.6 184 17.8 216 5
    25 720 57 330 89 145 121 52 153 30.2 185 17.4 217 4.6
    26 700 58 320 90 140 122 50 154 29.8 186 17 218 4.2
    27 680 59 310 91 136 123 49 155 29.4 187 16.6 219 3.8
    28 660 60 300 92 132 124 48 156 29 188 16.2 220 3.4
    29 640 61 292 93 128 125 47 157 28.6 189 15.8 221 3
    30 620 62 284 94 124 126 46 158 28.2 190 15.4 222 2.6
    31 600 63 276 95 120 127 45 159 27.8 191 15 223 2.3
    32 590 64 270 96 116 128 44 160 27.4 192 14.6 224 2

    Enjoy! Go Hawks!

  11. SunPathPaul

    The chart is hard to read when posted… here is the link for those interested…


  12. MJ

    At this point, I feel bad bc I come across as a Flynn hater. Great read as this illuminates my thought process as well.

    I’m not sure what’s more annoying about the Flynn situation. People who think he will get us a high pick, or those who think “it’s crazy to get rid of such a mega talent.” Frankly, I say take what you can get for Flynn. The money saved would roll over helping us sign future guys. Anybody that thinks Flynn would save a SB season should RW get hurt is nuttier than squirrel poop IMO. There’s not backup QB who can seamlessly carry a team should they have to fill in. You know why? Because every team in need of a QB would cough up premium picks to get that guy & no FO is crazy enough to pass up on premium picks to keep a player that doesn’t contribute.

    Regarding Flynn and his “experience”…

    Quite honestly…Flynn’s experience pales in comparison to RW. Flynn has 16 starts in the last 10 years. RW has close to 70 in the last 5 years.

    • Zach

      So trade Flynn for a 7th rounder?

      • MJ

        Honestly…I would. The money saved, though not huge, would be great to have when it comes to resigning the core group of guys on this team.

        I get the QB $ on this team is relatively small, but it still doesn’t change that a majority of it goes to a player who doesn’t play. QB is important, but as I previously stated, it’s awfully wishful thinking to believe a backup QB coming in means a seamless transition and doesn’t greatly affect your playoff odds.

        I don’t think we can get much for Flynn, but I think we could probably get a 5th and a conditional pick. Then find a QB that has similar skills to RW (Josh Johnson, EJ Manuel, etc).

  13. stuart

    SunPathPaul I like your thought process there. Suppose JS does not recieve the value he requires to move Flynn, does anyone know of a sitution like this were the QB (Flynn in our case) accept a significant pay cut for an increse in lenght of his contract? I am just fine with Flynn long term if he wasnt so exensive.

    My 1st choice would be the high second while giving up Flynn and our 5th. It seems that a more attractive deal to another team interested would be Flynn and our 4th for the other teams 2nd. What do you all think about that? I guess it comes down to what you value Flynns worth to be.

    • SunPathPaul

      /see below

  14. SunPathPaul

    Or 4th round pick is only equal to 52 points. The 9th pick in round 2 is 490 points!
    That means they would have to equate Flynn to have a value of 438, which is equal to the 15th pick of round 2.

    I doubt he will get a round 2 grade/value in a trade… That’s why I posted the question of does he equal a mid 3rd or 4th round grade/value. If one team in the top 9 of R2 wanted him, then swapping our R2 picks with an added 5th and Flynn would be an equal trade…

    Do they want him? …and do they value him at a mid 3rd round value? That would be the criteria in this scenario…

  15. Brandon

    Anyone interested in acquiring Flynn has to get past the following hurdles and convince himself that such a QB will sell tickets to a desperate city:

    1. He’s 28.

    2. He’s got two NFL starts.

    3. He’s weak-armed.

    4. He represents a retrograde from the trend of mobile QB’s.

    5. He’s only played in pass-first flood offenses.

    6. He will need serious protection, precision receivers, and a defense to safeguard against any turnovers.

    That’s quite a list of demands. This guy’s price tag is higher than just his own. I too think that he’s most likely to just notch ourselves up in the second or third round.

    • SunPathPaul

      Good points… would you think 2nd or 3rd swap is more possible?

      • Kip Earlywine

        Good point. It’s not uncommon at all for QBs to be traded for a draft pick trade up. Hasselbeck was traded as part of a package that had the Seahawks moving down in the 1st. Whitehurst was traded as part of a package that had the Seahawks moving down in the 2nd.

        If Seattle could get a team like Jacksonville or Oakland to swap 2nd rounders with them in exchange, I think that’s a home run trade.

  16. Misfit74

    Interesting that you call the Jag’s defense ‘hopeless’, as they were 5th in DVOA last year and fell to 28th this year. Perhaps there are closer than we think?

    I agree that Gabbert should get ample opportunity (along with Henne) to shine for the new regime. He’s a quality prospect and I don’t think he’s as ‘done’ as people think.

    All that said, I see no way they trade for Flynn unless it’s simply to spark a QB competition. I suppose Buffalo or another team like Arizona could do the same thing, but I get get the sense Flynn is going to be either back as RW’s backup or traded for a late-round pick (peanuts). Nobody’s giving a pick in the first 3 rounds and I doubt we get more than a 5th. I like him, but his appeal is limited.

  17. stuart

    After playing with the numbers and using a value of 144 for Flynn which is top half 4th round pick the only numbers that matched up were trading “Flynn and our 3rd round pick” (25th in that round) to Jacksonville for their 3rd round pick (#2 in that round). I came up with 265/265 in values.

    If this trade did happen we could sign FA Josh Johnson to be RW backup, he would cheap too. Then we draft our development QB in round 6 or 7. With the savings suddenly a player like Melton becomes a reality.

    • Jon

      For me, the savings is very significant. Giving us more breathing room under the cap to pick up a significant DL FA. Also I would rather have a move to the early third than getting an extra 6th or 7th. I like having a lot of picks, but we wont have 10 draft picks make the team this year. We could use earlier picks in any of rounds 2-4.

      • SunPathPaul

        Using Flynn, and maybe a late pick added, seems most likely to only yield us a swap of picks in a round, not an outright pick. That way that team can justify taking Flynn. They didn’t lose a pick, but gained a QB and an extra pick, only to swap positions hopefully in the 2nd round…

  18. Zach

    Rob – How good is Sam Montgomery DE LSU? Looks pretty good to me.

  19. SunPathPaul

    This is off target a bit, but they say there is no real QB talent this next draft?
    Look at these numbers:
    2012: 13 Games Played, 365-of-513 (71.2 percent), 4,205 Yards, 42 Touchdowns, 6 Interceptions, 69 Carries, 167 Yards, 2 Touchdowns

    2011: 13 Games Played, 346-of-526 (65.8 percent), 4,385 Yards, 31 Touchdowns, 7 Interceptions, 56 Carries, -33 Yards, 2 Touchdowns

    That looks pretty damn impressive to me! 42 TD’s and only 6 INT’s??? WOW. 4,205 yards- in 13 games!!! WOW.

    • Zach

      He had Bailey and Austin though.

      • SunPathPaul

        Zach – how did you know who it was so fast? I think this also proves we should consider a versatile playmaker like Tavon Austin for our R1 pick. He is small, and peeps want to say no because of that, but that is what they said about Russell Wilson. We have the Beast Lynch, this would be a true ‘flyer’ player…Hawk-like in that he is small, FAST, and attacks! For God’s sake he had 2,910 total combined yards from scrimmage!!!

        2,910!!!!!!! That is incredible for one player in 13 games!!! He would be electric right along RW!!! WOW

        • Snoop Dogg

          I agree with you SunPathPaul. I think the one thing that stuck out to me about Bruce Irvin last year was how his tape SCREAMED potential playmaker. The only other player that I have gotten that feeling about is Tavon Austin (I started looking at tape last year). I think he may be our first round pick!

          (That being said, I desperately hope our second round pick can be Margus Hunt!)

          • SunPathPaul

            Cool Snoop Dogg… If we took Austin in R1 we would keep him from New England probably taking him to maybe replace Wes Welker, or any of the later picking playoff teams. We want him, instead of trying to stop him!! Big difference. Then we do a swap up in round 2 and get Hunt, or whichever DE – DT we want!

            • Snoop Dogg

              hmmmnn… brilliance at its finest!

  20. Zach

    I was just thinking, what if we traded Flynn plus our first round pick to KC/JAC/BUFF or ARI for their 2nd and 3rd. That way they would be able to get a stud DL/OL and at #25 still get a good QB. And we would end up getting two picks in the second and third, one early and one late.

    • Jon

      With Buff though we would likely be able to take there 2nd and 3rd with only the 1st and no Flynn thrown in.

  21. Kip Earlywine

    Just a quibble, but Flynn actually has a pretty good rainbow style deep ball, and has had a lot of success on deep throws during his career. It’s the effectiveness on intermediate throws which send up red flags.

    Flynn has his issues, but he is clearly the best QB in the NFL that isn’t starting, unless you think Alex Smith can transplant his “success” without Harbaugh’s guidance.

    I think what hurts Flynn is the current copycat craze over mobile QBs. Everyone wants to copy Seattle and SF and run read option offenses with fast QBs. Pocket QBs are going to become devalued to an extent. That’s not going to help Flynn out much.

    That said, smart GMs are always looking for undervalued assets. If a smart GM out there is looking for a QB, they should give the Seahawks a call. It probably wouldn’t take a lot to wrestle Matt Flynn away, and Matt Flynn is a much, much better bet than a QB from the 4th or 5th round would be.

    • SunPathPaul

      You would think teams would like Flynn, who owns the Green Bay Packers record for TD’s and yards in a game, yes past you know who- Aaron Rogers, would be more valuable than a rookie newbie! Weird…

      • Rob Staton

        Actually, Rodgers also shares the record now.

    • Turp

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but Flynn doesn’t make the “NFL throws” like the deep out very well. Russell makes those look so easy. Does have a nice rainbow though – too bad TO couldn’t catch it.

      • SunPathPaul

        Ha HA HAAAAA! That’s hilarious. I remember that play completely.

        Who knows… if T.O. catches that TD pass, maybe he makes the team, and Flynn gets a shot!
        (Glad he dropped it!) LOL

      • hawkdawg

        Actually, Russell gets the ball there just fine, but, especially at the beginning of games, it gets there about 3-4 feet too high…

        • Brandon

          That hasn’t been a problem since Week 2.

  22. A. Simmons

    I believe Schneider will obtain at least a 3rd round pick for Flynn. A quality backup with starter potential is worth a 3rd round pick. I don’t believe he will trade Flynn for less than value. The lack of interest in Flynn last year was for forseeable reasons:

    1. The run on QBs in the 2011 draft. Many of the teams that reached for QBs in the 1st round were still giving their guys a chance to develop.

    2. The strong QB class in the 2012 draft. You had a lot of highly touted QBs in 2012 starting at the top with Griffin and Luck. You had Tannehill and Weeden highly touted. You even had some late round picks like Foles, Osweiller, Wilson, and Cousins that were highly touted. Even this blog was touting the 2012 QB draft class as extremely strong to the point where guys like Matt Barkley and Landry Jones didn’t even want to declare because the strength of the class was going to seriously damage their draft status. 2013 has no such strength at the QB position.

    3. The failure of Matt Cassell and Kevin Kolb to produce at an even adequate level. This may still damage Flynn’s trade value which is why I don’t expect a 1st or 2nd round pick for Flynn. Even Schaub’s inability to produce in the playoffs may damage Flynn’s value.

    Some things we have going for us that makes trading Flynn more viable than last year:

    1. Bradley at HC of Jacksonville and Idzik as the new GM of the Jets.

    2. The reasonable contract Flynn is under. This is not Kevin Kolb or Matt Cassel type of money. This is a reasonable try out contract most teams can absorb.

    Some wild cards that may affect trade value:

    1. How real was Flynn’s arm injury last year? If Flynn’s arm injury was real, this might hurt his draft stock. No one wants to pay even a somewhat high pick for damaged goods.

    2. How well can Flynn sell himself to an owner and GM? Flynn may well be given permission to seek a trade. He’ll have to sell himself to get a chance to start. If Flynn can sell himself well, then he’ll increase his trade value.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s very optimistic to expect a third rounder. We can come up with excuses for Flynn’s market being cold when he was a free agent. The likely chances are — as much as we don’t want to hear this — the league has decided he just isn’t that good. His ceiling in the eyes of the league might be that he’s just a solid backup. That to me is ultimately a lot more likely than any of the reasons listed here. And if the Cassel and Kolb picks were an issue 12 months ago… how has this changed since both are now confirmed busts and the guys who made those trades in Arizona and Philly were fired just two weeks ago?

      I also have to ask — why are Bradley and Idzik going to trade for Flynn? Just because they were in Seattle? That is no guarantee either rates Flynn or thinks he’s the answer to the major issues in Jacksonville and New York.

      • SunPathPaul

        I agree Rob. I only see a team taking him with an extra late pick for only a swap up in a round.
        Maybe a 2nd round swap up, but probably a 3rd round swap up is more probable due to what you have mentioned about the leagues view of Flynn…

        But if they take that chance, they can lean on the fact that they didn’t lose a pick, but gained one, plus Flynn. It feels like he will probably still be in Seattle… Which is just fine!

      • A. Simmons

        Bradley or Idzik might trade for Flynn for a variety of reasons:

        1. Their impression of him during practices and the preaseason game.

        2. Recommendations by Carroll and/or Schneider that he can get it done and is a viable starter.

        3. New York needs an immediate starter, not a developmental player. They have a defense that can contend. Their main problem is the lack of even a somewhat viable QB capable of running the offense at even an average level. If Flynn can provide consistent production and reduce the turnovers, the Jets can contend. Otherwise they will have to rely on drafting a young unproven player in a weak QB class and having Rex Ryan develop him, something Rex Ryan has not shown he is adept at doing.

        4. Jacksonville could also use a viable QB. They have a productive run game with Maurice Jones-Drew. They have invested in the wide receiver position. A QB that can provide consistent production and take advantage of their investment in the skill positions immediately would have a positive impact on the fan base.

        Now if Idzik or Bradley show no interest in Flynn, then we’re probably screwed. They have firsthand knowledge of Flynn. They also have recommendations from a head coach and GM known for talent evaluation and development. If they don’t think much of Carroll or Schneider’s assessment, then Flynn’s value will fall substantially.

        Both Bradley and Idzik being on teams that could use immediate upgrades at QB will have an effect on Flynn’s value. Both will have a say in personnel. That could well decide the market.

        • Rob Staton

          I just cannot see either team showing interest. Even if Idzik and Bradley don’t think Flynn is backup standard, there are arguments for why they’ll not want to spend a relatively high pick on the guy.

  23. A. Simmons

    I’m really starting to lean towards a TE after seeing what Wilson did with Zach Miller. Miller and another TE working the middle of the field with Sidney, Tate, and Baldwin working the edges could be a high powered offense.

    Though I think a speed receiver or a receiver with a lot of length and go up and get it ability would also be very attractive.

    I’m going to love this draft. Nothing makes me happier than drafting huge defensive lineman. It’s my favorite position. I want to see us draft some mammoth, athletic 300+ lb beast that can rip through an offensive line and run down a QB. Oh that is fun to watch. I love watching a defensive line that can dominate at the LoS. To me the defensive line is what separates great defenses and elite defenses. You can be great like we were this year with a good defensive line. If we want to be elite, we have to have an elite defensive line that can win the LoS battles.

    • Zach

      Get Sparks and then trade up to get Richardson. What else would we need to go further than this year? Maybe a RG.

      • Michael

        Zach you are the 3rd person that I’ve seen call him “Sparks”… Is this a nickname that I am unaware of, a typo, or something else entirely? His actual name is Randy Starks…

    • SunPathPaul

      Russell Wilson and Zach Miller looked amazing, and that’s what made the comeback possible.
      I agree!! We need another balanced catching / blocking TE! If would could get Kelce, Escobar or Reed in the mid rounds, it would be fantastic! I think R1 should go for Tavon Austin. He had over 2,100 yards from scrimmage last year! over 2,100 yards from one person! He is faster than RG3, and can play out of the backfield too!
      Imagine using him in read option plays with RW… Add another catching TE, and then we have Zach, our 2nd TE, and Tavon Austin running around the whole field! Not to mention Tate and Rice!

      I would prefer to get FA Starks and either Kruger or Osi in Free Agency… Then we can take the best player to build our offense in R1 and R2… I like Rice, but he doesn’t scare defenses. Tate is great, but only had about 40 catches (albeit when he catches it, he runs wild)…RW needs more WR / TE’s!!!

  24. billdozer

    I dont think anyone ever thought Matt Flynn was a “mega talent”. They thought he had potential to be a starter, and his upside is unknown because he’s never been a career starter. He did very well in a couple starts with the best receiving corps in the league and against terrible defenses.

    Last year was a tepid market because all the teams that really needed a QB drafted one, and their wasn’t many career starters on the board in FA. Flynn was one of them. However, alot of people still had a real bad taste in their mouth from Kolb and Cassell.

    Flynn is certainly better than Charlie Whitehurst. And we see what Seattle got for him.

    The best QB’s in free agency are gonna be Alex Smith, and Josh Freeman(possibly Joe Flacco).
    Alex smith and Joe Flacco want too much money(especially Flacco). Flynn already has a well structured contract for two more years-If you want a guy thats untested, you don’t wanna break the bank for him.

    Alex Smith is gonna want 10 mil a year. He’s also not all that great(I’d give him a B). Remember he’s more of a dont-turn-the-ball-over game manager type. He’s not usually the guy thats going to take a game on his shoulders and win for you. He also relied on a real strong running game in San Fran.

    From a monetary stand point, Flynn offers alot of bang for the buck, and no long term commitment. 2 years, if he sucks, he’s gone. Smith is going to want a 5 year deal, so is Freeman and Flacco.

    I like the “Matt Hasselbeck” equivilant. Thats about where I placed Flynn last off season. He’s good at the west coast timing attack, but doesn’t really have the arm for the play action-shot type offense that Seattle wants to run. Everything else about him is proto-typical, Height, smarts, etc…

    So whats the downside for a team like Jacksonville, or Kansas City? You don’t wanna put your rookie QB behind a terrible offensive line and ruin his confidence, like Bradford. Alot of teams don’t value third round and lower draft picks highly. This is a good chance for a new GM to placate the fan base, and potentially have a franchise QB in the near-term future.


    • Rob Staton

      Kansas City actually has a pretty good offensive line. Even if they don’t re-sign Branden Albert, the chances are then that they’ll draft Luke Joeckel with the #1 pick and perhaps take a rookie in round two. The proposal in this thread is not that Jacksonville should start a rookie. They should either go with Gabbert or Henne in 2013 and rebuild the defense.

      Alex Smith is not going to demand $10m a year.

      I just don’t see there’s anywhere near the kind of appeal being talked about here. If I was a fan in KC or Jacksonville or wherever and my team traded a high pick for Matt Flynn… I’d be completely underwhelmed. What’s more, we’re admitting here that he needs a WC timing offense and that he doesn’t have a great arm or mobility. So which bad team is going to be able to accommodate a quarterback who doesn’t really make things happen? That needs a lot of other pieces around him to work out?

      As suggested in the article… the biggest sticking point for Flynn is that most of the league just doesn’t think he’s a starter.

      • A. Simmons

        That’s something others are admitting. I think Flyn is being undersold. The guy has been productive both times he’s started with time to prepare. I think his arm is NFL strength. He can hit throws 40 yards downfield. He reads the defense well. He can do a lot of subtle QB skills well like working the cadence and looking off the safety. His timing and accuracy on throws as on target and will only get better the more he throws. The reason Flynn is viewed so poorly is because you have all these physical freaks playing in the NFL right now. Guys like Wilson. RG3, Luck, Josh Freeman, Colin K, and Cam Newton. When you’re a 6’2″ guy who plays the QB in a traditional fashion, hard to get footballs fans known for their envy of others teams all that excited.

        • Rob Staton

          I disagree that he’s being undersold. He’s a former 7th round pick with two career starts. He’s 28 in June without great physical qualities. I accept that a big arm and mobility is not crucial, but Flynn will have to be exceptional in so many other areas to make up for it. And I’m not convinced he is.

    • Rock

      Good point, Bill. Value is in the eye of the beholder. Flynn’s market value will not be set by a few naysayers on this board. He can be productive on the right roster. Hasselbeck made a career that way. Flynn can, too. His contract is a major advantage to the acquiring team because, as you point out, the investment is minimal. The other major value proposition is that by trading for Flynn KC and Jacksonville could open up their draft board. They no longer need risk their top pick gambling on a weak QB class. They can trade back or go BPA.

      • MJ

        I would simply add that the naysayers on this board seem to line up with what the NFL thinks of Flynn. Last FA period should have really illuminated what the league thinks of him. If he was Hasselbeck or a no brainer starting QB, every team with a remotely questionable QB situation would have gone after him. His old coach barely showed interest in him. I think Flynn has value (albeit limited), but the guys who get paid to do is don’t seem to think much of him.

        I think we all hope that other teams want Flynn, but personally, I’m just tempering my expectations on what has happened the last few years with him. I’m hopeful that we might land a 5th rounder for him.

        I simply recall the names Teel, Portis, and Green in regards to QBs everybody thought would be the next big thing here.
        D be great.

        • Rock

          The naysayers on this board have no idea what the NFL thinks. Not one of these trolls has any contact whatsoever with all 32 teams FO staff. As has been pointed out, last years rich QB class is not reoccurring this year. Things change each year. We can only wait and see what offers will come for Flynn.

          • Rob Staton

            Firstly, please don’t describe people who simply have a different opinion to you as ‘trolls’. That’s not how we roll in this community.

            Those saying Flynn will warrant a productive trade also have no idea what the NFL thinks. Those who are predicting a quiet market are well within their rights to point to last year, without needing to assume reasons as to why Flynn received such little interest. If you want to come up with reasons why that won’t be the case this year, then you’re entitled to do that. But you’ll need to be the one coming up with the convincing argument.

          • MJ

            I’d say the actions of NFL GMs tell enough of the story. And that story, so far, is that Flynn isn’t highly thought of. If he was, more than 2 teams would have shown mild interest and big trade offers would be piling in right and left. Yes, there was a strong QB class last year, in hindsight. 2 QBs were considered “can’t miss,” and you had a major health risk QB (Manning) in FA. Weeden was old. Tannehill was raw. And RW was too short. Outside of RGIII & Luck, 2012 wasn’t a no brainer year with 5-6 top notch QBs available. So, while I agree every year is different, QB is too important for a few great QB prospects to completely change the landscape of QB need in general. Flynn was available for cheap & we saw the response.

            Of course none of us know all the details of what the NFL teams think, but like the Draft, we get an idea after the fact of what they were thinking. Sure, NFL teams can say they loved RW last year, but there actions showed differently. I give more credibility to the actions over the talk.

            • Rob Staton

              Let’s put it this way… Joe Philbin (who knew more about Flynn than most people) was prepared to go with Matt Moore if the Dolphins couldn’t draft a QB. There was no guarantee Ryan Tannehill would be there for Miami — or that he’d be ready to start even if they did get him. And if either of those situations rung true, Matt Moore probably would’ve been the starter in Miami. They let him go to Seattle after showing lukewarm interest a few days into free agency. I know if I was coaching or scouting in the NFL, I’d take notice of that.

              • A. Simmons

                We don’t know if that was Philbin or the owner making that decision.

                Let’s be real here. They were very sure they were going to get Tannehill. V99.9% sure. That’s why they hired his former college head coach Mike Sherman as his OC. I’m also very certain Mike Sherman assured them that Ryan Tannehill would be better than Matt Flynn. Look at the dynamic of the social relationships in Miami with Philbin and Mike Sherman and their pick range.

                Would you also take notice of the relationship between Philbin, Mike Sherman, and Tannehill?

                • Rob Staton

                  You can never be 99.9% sure with the #8 pick. Cleveland also needed a QB. Someone could’ve traded up. And whether Philbin was making the decision or not… he didn’t bang the table. I think we’re trying too hard here to fight reasons why Flynn wasn’t a coveted QB. I sincerely hope I’m wrong about his stock, but I fear I am not.

      • Rob Staton

        Flynn’s market will also not be set by you.

  25. Michael

    “Bradley going to Jacksonville doesn’t make a deal any more or less likely.”

    I have to disagree with this sentence. It is entirely possible that Bradley to Jacksonville does make a deal more or less likely. Afterall, he did spend much more time around him last season than any other member of the Jaquars front office. In fact, one could logically conclude that every head coaching change affects the likelihood of any given trade scenario. For the likelihood of a trade scenario not to be affected; the newly hired coach would have to share a near identical view with his predecessor regarding, not only the player in question, but also the current makeup of the team as well as his own standing with the organization.

    Now which way it will affect it, and to what degree is a complete mystery to us. Therefore, I think the following would be a far more accurate statement:

    “It is impossible to know how Bradley’s appointment in Jacksonville will affect the likelihood of a Matt Flynn Trade.”

    • SunPathPaul

      Well Said Michael… If they took Flynn and our extra 5th to ONLY swap 2nd round picks, I would be ecstatic!
      They would have a QB without wasting their number 2 pick overall, add a 5th rounder, and retain a 2nd rounder…albeit later in the round. That would give them a lot of help. Plus there Defense had like 20+ people hurt this year. 2 years ago they were top10 or 15…

    • Rob Staton

      The first sentence mirrors the final one.

    • A. Simmons

      Interest or the lack of interest from Bradley or Idzik will affect Flynn’s market value. If they show no interest given their awful QB situations, Flynn’s market value will plummet. If they make an effort to grab him, his market value will increase. Having former members of your management team and coaching staff take prominent positions on other teams definitely affects the market value of your players. You can also get insight into overlooked players with value like we did with Giacomini. Nice to see our staff spreading around the league. It’s another advantage when building an information network. Nice that they are both in the AFC too.

  26. Mark

    I’m not sure I see too much upside to trading Matt Flynn. A rookie or a free agent backup might provide more of a skill set or greater potential down the road, but Flynn knows the system and, presumably, has some rapport with the receiving corps. For a team with Super Bowl aspirations, having a capable backup who can fill in for a game or two if Russell Wilson goes down might make a difference in playoff seeding. If Wilson is out for the year, getting to the Super Bowl would be a bit of a stretch anyway. Not many teams have a Steve Young or Kurt Warner in reserve.

    The unknown factor here might be Josh Portis. While untested, he does seem to offer a skill set more similar to Wilson than Flynn. Perhaps Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell feel that they could incorporate concepts like the read option more seamlessly if Portis has to step in. With Portis going into his third year, perhaps it’s time to find out. Either way, I won’t be too upset if Matt Flynn is still a Seahawk when training camp opens in July.

    On a side note, Rob, the East-West Shrine game is kicking off in less than an hour. Are there any prospects we should be on the lookout for? Thanks.

    • Rock

      Portis is no longer on the Seahawk roster.

      • Mark

        Oops. My bad. Thanks for the heads-up Rock.

    • PatrickH

      Portis was cut/released from the practice squad back in November. He also wasn’t included in the 10 free agents that the Seahawks signed to future contracts last week.

  27. woofu

    Trading Flynn to the Jets is a chance Flynn should want. Beating out Sanchez in a WCO however might be more difficult than most think. First of all MS is good WCO candidate. Secondly, the Jets lack the diversity of weapons (at this point), Flynn might need to establish a difference between the two.

    The Idzik connection might create some dots to connect but I’ve become synical about dots excepts in a movie house.

    • SunPathPaul

      I have to say, I would Love to watch Matt Flynn kick Sanchez’s butt! He is awful…and a cry baby…

  28. PatrickH

    I guess it depends on what John Schneider asked for in a trade. If he insists on 2nd/3rd round pick, then I don’t see Flynn going anywhere. If the price is just a 4th round pick or lower, then there is a good chance that a QB needy team with lots of cap room (like KC or Jacksonville, but not the Jets) will trade for Flynn. Given how important the QB positions is, the trade will provide hedge/competition for those teams’ current starters or whoever they will draft in April.

  29. James

    How about an old-fashioned straight-up swap with the Jags…. Flynn for Gabbert? Gabbert will be in the third year of his 4yr/$12 mil contract, so he would actually be cheaper than Flynn. I seem to remember that the word was that John and Pete liked Gabbert and had him as their #1 QB on their board that year. Take some pressure off the kid and let him learn as Russell’s backup, and with those skills, he might grow into the job. Maybe add Tarvaris as veteran insurance. T-Jack is a FA and could run the read option better than most, and has outstanding leadership. Even if he isn’t starter quality, he could provide valuable support to Russell.

    • Belgaron

      Carroll indicated in his recent press conference that it would be nice to have another quarterback capable of doing the things athletically that Wilson does so I think his preference in future QB understudies will be mobile quarterbacks. Gabbert did run a 4.61 so he may fill the bill but the question would be whether they feel they could coach him up to make better decisions and not throw so many interceptions (which will be the challenge with bringing in any guy that has bombed for another team statistically). His base rate for this year is only $1.4M. He may be an option at some point in the future for a backup for the Hawks.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s an interesting proposition but I suspect JAC would probably just roll with Gabbert on a low risk gamble to see if that upside pays off. If he doesnt work out, then it was somebody else’s pick. If it works out, they have a top ten pick at QB.

  30. Dena Donaldson

    The Jaguars make a lot of sense. Their quarterbacks are terrible — Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne, no thanks — and they’ve hired former Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley as their head coach. That doesn’t make it a slam dunk, but the Jags definitely need an upgrade and Bradley obviously has some familiarity with Flynn.

    • Rob Staton

      Which also means he might not rate Flynn. And before we write off Gabbert as ‘terrible’ let’s remember he’s now on his third offensive coordinator in three years, playing for a shambolic franchise. With some stability he could be effective. And he has a lot more upside than Flynn.

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