Will Sutton staying at Arizona State, won’t turn pro

I wanted to start a separate post for this because so many people have taken an interest in Will Sutton recently (no surprise given Seattle’s need for more interior pass rush). I did a piece on Alex Okafor earlier today which you can check out by clicking here.

There aren’t a ton of options for Seattle if they want to use the draft to find a three technique. The two best options (Sheldon Richardson, Star Lotulelei) will both be long gone as early first round picks. Sylvester Williams may also be a top-25 pick. I’m going to take a closer look at Kawann Short and Bennie Logan over the next fortnight. Logan opted to turn pro this week.

Sutton was never going to be a first round pick, but he would’ve been in contention as a mid-round target. It looks increasingly like the best way for the Seahawks to solve this problem will be in free agency.


  1. Highland Hawk

    Knowing Schneider the best way for them to solve the 3-tech problem will be to draft a WR in the seventh round and convert him over a few weeks into a DT…

    You know I wouldn’t be surprised.

  2. Turp

    Paging Randy Starks, paging Randy Starks…

  3. kevin mullen

    Wow, that’s a shame. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CgTpdpCymw

    He looks real good, but raw. I saw him line up 3, 4, & 5tech throughout this game. Even lined up on punt team. Played NT too on three man rush. Pay attention on 3:55, 6:15, 7:20, 8:09 for his bull rushes.

    At 0:46sec mark, pulling LG was suppose to block Sutton, with the RG shifting left as was the C and LT. He instead goes to outside protection and leaving Sutton free shot at QB. Watch how fast this kid shoots through that gap. Dude has a gnarly swim move too.

  4. Norm M

    Do I hear ” and with the 32nd pick in the 2013 nfl draft, the Seattle Seahwks select ….. Wide Reciever out of the university of…..”

    • Michael

      Rutgers… Please say Rutgers.

  5. MJ

    RT Menelik Watson declares for draft from FSU. I’ve followed him for quite some time due to his interest in attending UW and his unique back story.

    DO NOT be surprised if this guy goes very high in the draft. DO NOT be surprised if he’s in serious consideration by SEA in the first few rounds.

    What he brings: He is a huge human being who moves like he weighs 100 LBs less than his actual weight. Former basketball player from the UK with a ridiculous ceiling. He will put on the most impressive combine you will ever see from an OL, including Bruce Campbell from a few years back (expect legit 4.7s yes, that crazy). That said, the kid can play despite limited experience. From all accounts, his work ethic is off the charts and brings a very rugged attitude to the trenches. Even better (in SEA’s case) he has actually played RT.

    Now, I’m not one of those people who is dying for OL high in the draft, but this kid has special upside/ability. He’s rough now, but his ceiling is unparalleled. I personally think we need to look at other positions, but this is a kid I could get on board with due to his insane athletic ability & work ethic. Imagine PC and Cable working with this “piece of clay.”

    Just an FYI, as right now, his announcement will not be as noticed, but over the next few months, you will hear about this kid.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the heads up on this guy.

      • MJ

        We have the same stance on the OL going forward, but he might be an exception to this staff. Mean guy, insane athlete, great work ethic. Could see him appealing to PC/JS/Cable.

        *I sound like I am his agent talking him up, but he is a special athlete. Curious to see your take on him (knowing he’s new to football and the OL).

        • Rob Staton

          I’ll check him out. Got the Bowl game saved.

  6. David

    Hey Rob

    I have a couple questions if you don’t mind.

    if the hawks trade up (which is unlikely as they love to save picks) and are in a position to get the Missouri D-lineman i wanna say Richardson or Ogletree, who do you think would be a better pick up? just wondering it doesn’t seem likely but i love to speculate.

    Also Brandon Coleman, i am very interested in him as a hawks pick, 6’6 225 with speed def a good prospect. what are some things you think he’d need to work on if there is any? i watched as much of the Rutgers bowl game as i could but it turned into what seemed like a Defensive battle, was his not so good play due to lack of a better QB? and is Wilson someone that could help him become a better player? and vice versa

    hope that’s understandable i tend to Ramble.

    • Rob Staton

      Hey David thanks for the questions.

      Richardson fills the bigger need, but Ogletree has just incredible upside. It’d be a tough call. I think you go Richardson just because him being effective would take this defense to the next level. But Ogletree is the best linebacker I’ve scouted so far.

      Coleman needs to work on consistency. He has the occasional drop. He can run crisper routes and I think he also do a better job using his size to high point the football. If he jumps up and reaches out, not many DB’s are going to get to the football. It’s a technique thing on those jump balls. He has tremendous upside though and could be a monster at the next level. The QB situation at Rutgers is terrible – and it’s why I think he should declare. Put him on an offense with a guy like Russell Wilson and he could dominate.

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