With the first pick in the 2014 NFL draft…

… The Oakland Raiders select:


  1. Bobk3333

    Oakland Raiders: Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

  2. Bobk3333

    Marqise Lee is, was and will be the best player in college football, but WRs are not chosen #1 anymore.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I disagree that he’s the best player overall, I think that’s Jadeveon Clowney.

      • Rob Staton

        Clowney just as much of a lock to go #1 overall as Andrew Luck.

        • Michael

          Clowney is a monster, but I don’t think any non-quarterback will ever be as much of a lock as Luck was. I agree that he is most likely to go #1 overall, but what if a QB emerges? It ALL comes down to the QB position, so this is the only position that could unseat Clowney, and I wouldn’t rule it out just yet.

          The key is that the QB doesn’t necessarily have to be a “better player” than Clowney; thus is the importance of the position. You could make an argument that Suh was the best player in the 2010 draft, yet he went behind Sam Bradford. The dolphins passed on Matt Ryan in favor of a “better player” in Jake Long. Think they would make that pick again?

          I agree that Clowney is going to be the best football player in the 2014 draft, but I would not be shocked if Bridgewater, Manziel or some other QB put together a huge year and passed him up in the draft.

    • Colin

      Lee is a very good player who will go in round 1.

      Clowney is Jevon Kearse 2.0. Only better.

  3. Kip Earlywine

    Watching Clowney play in the SEC is like watching a 5 star recruit’s high school highlight video.

    I wonder where Manziel will go. It’s going to be fun watching the talking heads talk him down into the 3rd round. There is a lot to nitpick him for. And yet, he’s one of the greatest natural QBs anyone has ever seen. The kind that scouts totally whiff on yet goes on to be great. Should be fun to see what happens with his draft stock.

    • Colin

      I think Manziel is pretty raw and has a number of things to clean up, but he could become a really great QB. He has that natural ability like you mentioned.

      Curious to see how he does without the 5 star offensive line and watered down playbook.

      • Maz

        Jadeveon Clowney is something else. He would be the first pick this year if he was able to come out. Clowney = Super Freak

  4. Scott Allen

    I think that Clowney will go first but maybe not to the Raiders. I would half expect any team losing their first four to consider “Clowning for Clowney”

    Raiders, Jags, Cards, Browns, Titans, Panthers, Jets? Who wants it more? Whose ownership is the least scrupulous. Jets?

    • Rob Staton

      No team looks quite as hopeless at this stage as Oakland. I mean, what do they have? Even with a strong draft they looked destined for a rotten season. My second favourite for the #1 spot would be Arizona.

      • Scott Allen

        The Cards are in a division where they are likely to go 0-6 so I think that’s a wise choice. Obviously the “cards” are stacked against them (pun intended).

        The Raiders do appear hopeless but they also seem like one of those teams that does worse when you think better and better when you think worse. Is that crazy? It just seems that way to me.

        I really think the Jets are in the running for worst. Their owner has proven through the Tebow debacle that he is more interested in big headlines than actually winning. Can you imagine the hype a New York team could get with a number one pick? Jets Owner Woody Johnson seems like just the scammer to tank a team for that purpose. The team is also perfectly set up for it. They are cutting or trading away their best players. They are holding on to a coach that everyone expects them to fire. All the signs are in alignment for “Clowning”.

        • Leonard

          Because Tebow has never won any games right?

          • Dan

            You can debate all you want about why they signed Tebow, but what it all boils down to is the fact that he never got a start. That speaks volumes to me because the Sanchez situation was falling apart. Definitely seemed like a headliner to me.

        • Brandon O.

          Jets should go after Bridgewater.

      • Michael

        The one thing the Raiders do have going for them is 4 games against the Chargers and Chiefs, while the Cardinals will be lucky to win a single division game this season.

        • Maz

          Chiefs may upset Denver this year bro. They are my current AFC Sleeper to win the conference. Andy Reid has something to prove. They had a lot more talent than their record implied last season. They have gotten better this offseason. Could see them improve as the Colts did last year. Without Andrew Luck.

          • Michael

            HAHA, I will remember this post forever if the Chiefs go to the Superbowl this season. I agree that they have more talent than their record last year, as the QB play held everyone else back. The problem is that they didn’t get the best prospect of the last 30 years this off-season… They got Alex Smith. Alex Smith always has been and always will be a mediocre QB.

            Andy Reid may, “have something to prove” but that probably won’t change his pass-heavy coaching style; a style that will not go so well with Smith under center. If Andy runs the ball enough and most everything else breaks right for them, I could see a playoff appearance, but to expect a trip to the Superbowl is darn near laughable.

            • Maz

              Yeah, right. LOL, that’s what makes it a “True Sleeper Pick”. Nobody is picking them. Andy Reid is a QB guru. I think he needed a change of scenery. Too many memories in Philly with his son. Team fell apart after that tragedy. I think he is a strong individual and rebound. He is a great Head coach i.m.o. Could see them using some new style schemes. A. Smith is a smart, fairly mobile, and very accurate as a QB. He will work great with Reid. I could see those two building a relationship similar to Holmgren and Matt Hasselbeck did. Except, A. Smith has already proven himself as a starting QB in the league. A. Smith also happens to have one of my favorite receivers hauling in passes for him.

              Their D is solid.

        • Rob Staton

          I think the Chiefs will be fairly solid next season.

  5. Burner

    Teddy Bridgewater will go #1. Take it to the bank.

    • Kip Earlywine

      I agree. For all the hype Clowney has, there are some very good prospects that already look like top 10 locks at QB next year. If Bridgewater continues to rise, he could be too good to pass on at #1. An elite QB is worth far more than an elite pass rusher.

  6. drewdawg11

    Some of these predictions are pretty interesting. Unless clowney gets injured, he’s the top pick. Period. Lee and Bridgewater are top 5-7 picks, but they can’t compete with him. Sirus Kwandjo, if he improves, may be the second pick after Clowney.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Sefarien-Jenkins could be top ten. I hate UW but I watched him live in high school and knew he would bee playing on sundays someday.

  7. Aussie Rich

    Could there be an RG3/Eli type trade for Clowney? Is he worth that many picks?

    • Rob Staton

      Guess it depends on how much a team needs a pass rusher. The thing with Clowney is, he’s not a QB. And I think a trade like that almost exclusively only happens for a QB.

  8. drewdawg11

    Clowney could justify trading multiple pick, but rarely does it happen, especially for a non-qb. In the grand scheme of things, he’s an amazing DE. That isn’t really a position that you mortgage your franchise for.

  9. Maz

    Seattle may trade two first round picks next year for him next year. You could argue they are putting themselves in position to make a big move like that. Considering the rookie contracts nowadays, and their current acquisitions, Seattle is truly unpredictable when it comes to acquiring talent. They may not even draft a true DE this year. I wouldn’t be surprised by it. I think we are in a position to make a move like the Falcons did for Julio Jones.

    On another note. Aaron Dobson will be the best receiver in the 2013 draft. Anyone cover him yet @ Rob, Kip?

    • Maz

      Really feel this is the guy the Seahawks look for every year at receiver. He has the best hands in the draft by statistics. Didn’t drop a pass this year with around 100 attempts or so. Prototypical size and speed. 6’3 205, 4.4 forty. Would only need to really work on his routes and getting off the line. Russell Wilson would love throwing to him.


      • OakHarborHawk

        I think we need to come away with with either Dobson or Swope as a higher round receiver pick and then get another ball catcher in the 7th. Dobson as you said is that big option that Carrol always seems to want and could take over for Rice. Swope just has that ability to get open and scramble with some great speed and could become Wilson’s Bobby Engram/Wes Welker on his scrambles.

        • connor

          I’ve watched 3 games of Dobson and was not impressed at all. He has the Physical attributes but thats about it. He’s Cordarrelle Patterson without any of Cordarrelle Pattersons playmaking ability. Might sound harsh but thats truly what I see from the limited tape there is on him.

          Way to many WR’s I’ve watched coming out this year that are not as physically gifted as Dobson but are head and shoulders ahead of him in virtually every other aspect of being a WR.

          And as far as not having any drops I don’t know where that stat came from because I watched him drop multiple easy catches and show a total lack of concentration and just overall poor catching technique.

          • Maz

            @ connor

            You didn’t watch long enough sir. Find a drop in 2012, I didn’t see one. Only great catches.




            Here is the article on drop%


            Oh Yeah, Plus this maybe the greatest catch in a long time.

            • HawkMeat

              Holy Crap. This is the first time I watched Dobson’s one handed-twisted wrist catch in the endzone. Man. That catch is amazing!

              • Maz

                Right, lol.

            • connor

              He has a drop at 2:10 it wasn’t a great pass but he didn’t make much effort on it either and then 2:20 is about a clear a drop as you can have and also 3:20 another clear drop.


              • Maz

                First off, thanks. I appreciate you actually finding this tape. Now we can re-do the stats. 94 targets 2 drops.

                Ok, @ 2:10 in the video was boarder line catchable, as the timing was horrible on the QB’s end. I agree on the lack of effort though. I don’t count that as a true drop. With better timing, it’s a first down most likely. He was wide open though.

                @ 2:20 I’ll call it a drop. Once again, not the best pass. I.M.O. it is clear that this QB is not accurate, as a passer neither with his pace or placement, and his timing is slightly off. I think this doesn’t happen with Russell working with him and throwing to him.

                • Maz

                  The last one was all Dobson’s fault. I wonder how frustrated he got, not knowing where the ball would be… I actually think it has helped him in the long run. All he needs is a QB who will work with him and get him the ball with good timing and consistency. Imagine Percy Harvin receiving for the QB during those clips… He probably would have transfered. Can’t deny all the catches Dobson made though… A lot of them with guys draped all over him, due to an inaccurate QB. He REALLY had to work for every one. He has a chance to be great, and I still see tremendous potential in him.

          • Maz

            Cordarrelle Patterson had nowhere near the production, Aaron Dobson had as a pure WR, over their respective careers in college. Cordarrelle is slightly overrated from what I have seen of him. Seems like almost everything hits him in the chest… Drops passes over the middle frequently on film. He reminds me of Joshua Cribbs. Aaron Dobson reminds me of AJ Green, without the superior route running ability. Having said that, Aaron Dobson finds holes in coverage and will catch the ball across the middle, as well as stretch the field. He runs decent routes, but will create more separation with more work on his routes. Either way, didn’t seem to matter. He made multiple catches on film that most receivers in this draft would have dropped, or just let go by. Especially Cordarrelle Patterson. Aaron Dobson would benefit immensely from working with RW#3, and the rest of our receiving corps.

        • Maz

          I like Swope, I really do. Dobson is just on another level. He could go in the Top 20 picks this year and it wouldn’t surprise me, however he may get to #56 or close to it.(Would give a little to get him if needed.) Tavon Austin will probably go somewhere around 14 or so. I think he is the next best receiver in this draft. At this point I could see Seattle going in so many ways, it truly could be found as funny. Or it could drive you nuts trying to figure it all out. For our Seahawks it’s a great position to be in, because we have so much flexibility. I would like to see us sure up the offense, and get Russell everything he needs now to THRIVE. We had the number 1 defense at points allowed last year, if we add to it, putting up the most points as well, we would be nearly impossible to stop. If we did get Dobson with our pick at 56, I would hope to follow with something like…TE, T, HB, DT, DE, TE, LB, CB, QB.

          Those two TE’s would be either Vance McDonald or Jason Kelce in the 3rd round and Joseph Fauria or Chris Gragg in the 6th -7th rounds. HB’s LeVeon Bell, Marcus Lattimore, Christine Michael, or Zac Stacy with our 4th round pick. Multiple LB prospects I like later in this draft, Jason Campbell is a guy with a USC connection I like. Also there is Jayson Dimanche, another small school prospect in the later rounds or as an UDFA. David Bakhtiari in the 4th round if available, or Vincent Painter at T in the 7th round. Quinton Dial as a 5 Tech and Devin Taylor at DE, in the 5th and 6th rounds respectively. While selecting Jeff Tuel at Backup QB In round 7.

          In ESSENCE… My Preferred Offense Heavy Draft for 2013….

          2nd Aaron Dobson WR
          3rd Vance McDonald TE
          4th David Bakhtiari RT
          5th Marcus Lattimore HB
          5th Quinton Dial 5 Tech
          6th Devin Taylor DE
          7th Joseph Fauria TE
          7th Jason Campbell LB/HB
          7th Jeff Tuel QB
          7th Rod Sweeting CB

          I think a draft like this would put us over the top on offense and special teams.

          GO HAWKS!

    • Rob Staton

      I wasn’t blown away with Dobson personally. Didn’t see a huge difference maker.

      • Maz

        Really? Not blown away is understandable, what is he missing? Also, what do you look for when scouting receivers? Hands make a difference right? I mean, pro receivers are pros because they are able to catch the ball better than anyone else, right? Just don’t see receivers make the type of catches he made look easy. Out of 94 targets he dropped 0 passes. Plus his QB wasn’t the greatest. Threw a lot of short dump offs and such. Somewhat inaccurate otherwise. I don’t know Rob, I think there is something to a guy who makes this catch.


        • Rob Staton

          I’ve seen that catch many times and it’s a great catch. But what I look for in a receiver is difference making physical skills (I think Dobson is average), if he doesn’t have difference making physical skills, I want to see that rare, unique quality to make plays regardless (eg Marqise Lee), I want to see the ability to run crisp, precise routes, run as much of a full route tree as possible, show evidence of the ability to high point the football and win consistent 1v1 match-ups, be the focal point of the offense (QB aside) and where possible, express the ability to make plays against any opponent. But most importantly I want to see various examples of separation being created, where a player can win with a good route or burst off the break. If he can do it in college, he has a shot at the next level. What I saw from Dobson was a pretty basic skill set all round. I thought at best he’d be a solid #2 at the next level.

          • Maz

            Fair enough, I just think he has those tools, where you see average abilities. I watch him gain position on defenders, while being an open target to the quarterback. He sells double moves and play-action very well, which will work well in our system. Seems to win vertically on a consistent basis, and he is physical enough to beat press coverage. He gets a clean release a lot of the time. He’ll need to work back to the quarterback better, but has improved overall. He may still need to run more precisely, on underneath routes, as he tends to round them off a bit. He has improved without much help at the QB position over his career, every year it seems. I just believe his best ball is ahead of him. Some see Sydney Rice, I see Michael Irvin with an extra step in 3 years. He is also willing blocker and able to sustain blocks down the field. He uses positioning and effort to get the job done. Who are your top 3 WR coming out this year Rob? Also would like to thank you for your work.

  10. Miles

    Hawks should trade Flynn, their 2014 second rounder and swap 2014 1sts with oakland RIGHT NOW. Dreaming? Maybe, but Schneider pulls strings like no one else.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Hahahaha I love it!
      I think it would take more to get that pick.. we could end up winning the super bowl and getting the top pick the same year.

      • drewdawg11

        We aren’t getting that pick. Dare to dream… But not even the raiders are that stupid.

    • Rob Staton

      More chance of Carroll getting a Jim Harbaugh tattoo.

  11. drewdawg11

    Just because a guy has great hands, doesn’t mean he’s a great wr. Route running precision, quickness out if breaks, the a injury to accelerate and decelerate at a moment’s notice, understanding of defenses. He had great tools, but he still needs a lot of polish. I’d take a flyer on a guy like that, but not with pick #56. I’d take he or Harrison, even Terrence Williams if they were there in rounds 3,4. Williams should be gone by them, though. This kid does have Hakeem Nicks type mitts, though:

    • Maz

      I understand that. I look at receivers with a 3 year window. Receivers are slower to develop, i.e. Golden Tate. 2nd round pick for the Seahawks a few years ago. The kid has more than just the mitts. He has all the measurables and the ability to change direction. At 6’3 he’s definitely not expected to move around like Tavon Austin or anything. Atleast, I don’t expect him too. Mark Harrison, if that is who you are referring to, has poor hands compared to Dobson. He needs a lot more polish than this kid, for sure. I would draft him in the 5th or later. May end up playing TE, if he doesn’t learn to hold on to the ball when it’s thrown to him.

      Williams I like too in round 3, I Just like Dobson better. Look, you can teach a guy a lot of things, speed, body control, and superior hands are things Dobson has that are harder to teach. He really only would need to learn the playbook and polish his route running. Of course, put in the work in the weight room and on the practice field too. Basically become a professional at his craft. He is a smooth athlete, which helps with being deceptive in the speed category. Can put his foot in the ground to stop or break quickly when needed. I would look at Boyce in the 3rd or 4th, along with Kenny Stills and Da’Rick Rodgers in that same range, if Dobson is off the board…

  12. drewdawg11

    By your own logic, Harrison could work at his craft and become a more proficient catcher or the ball. His drops aren’t really a function of bad hands, in my opinion. That qb he was working with is borderline D-1 talent-wise, and the ball was rarely where it was supposed to be. However, Dobson I obviously better in that regard. I like Harrison in the 4th or 5th as well, but someone is getting a potential steal there. I appreciate the intelligent debate on the subject. The toughest thing for wr’s moving to the next level is the amount of separation that they can’t consistently get against NFL corners. It will be interesting to see how these big guys do. A guy like swope should be able to get open in the slot as often as he did in college. I love what that kid brings. We are just stacked in the slot.

    • Maz

      Yeah, have a feeling Swope will be a Patriot or a Dolphin come day 2 of the draft. My concerns with him is purely a injury thing. Concussion concerns, as he reportedly had a couple already. Swope will be a good slot guy for sure, when healthy. Don’t get me wrong on Harrison, I understand he could improve, and he is an intriguing prospect for sure. His drops, are not just simply because of his hands of course, it is a blend of different things. It’s a lack of focus at times that sticks out to me. I feel like he will get in position and looses focus for a split second, and there goes the opportunity. Or he has not created the separation you would expect, being that big and fast, and is just covered. Forgot to mention Marcus Davis out at VT too, 6th or 7th round guy. Definitely prefer a bigger guy to groom behind Rice.

  13. drewdawg11

    I watched a lot of Davis the past two seasons, (I have a VT fan friend), and that guy is feast or famine. So maddeningly hopeless for two quarters, then goes 65 yards for a score. Size and speed with shaky hands, mediocre at best routes, and serious lack of concentration. Logan Thomas was awful, but Davis didn’t exactly help him out at times. If someone can harness his talent, he’d be a good pro.

    • Maz

      7th round developmental WR with size and athletic ability.

  14. Jacob Stevens

    What am I missing, on Clowney? I don’t have a great scouting eye. But I just see a really good DE prospect. Not a 1st overall lock. He’s pretty young, so maybe it’s based on the expectation that he’ll get better? I’m not doubting the veneration, here. I just figure I must be missing something.

    • Colin

      Go look at some other defensive ends and then go look at Clowney. The number of times he interrupts the play is remarkable. Insanely athletic. Pass rushing freak.

      • Jacob Stevens

        Well, I’m not a college follower so I don’t check anyone out until it’s draft season. Seattle’s always needed more pass rushers so I check out pass rushers fairly heavily each year, including this year. I haven’t looked at anyone else for 2014, so I can imagine this could be a relativistic thing, but that alone wouldn’t lead guys like Rob & Kip to not just call him a 1st overall candidate, but a lock.

        There are other players, as well, right? Or it is a relativistic thing, in that the rest of the class doesn’t look great just yet? Anyway, he looks pretty good. He doesn’t look transcendent, to me. But I’ve only watched the posted video above, so my information is limited.

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