Zach Kerr one to monitor

Zach Kerr is one of those players who started the post-season well, and just kept building momentum.

It started at the Shrine game where according to Tony Pauline, Kerr, “was explosive and showed a variety of skill.”

He tested well at the combine, running a 5.08 at 6-1 and 326lbs. Pauline again singled him out for praise, listing him among his top defensive risers in Indianapolis: “He moved well in position drills showing not just straight line speed, but lateral quickness and the ability to easily change direction.”

At his pro-day on March 18th, the Seahawks sent their defensive line coaches to get a closer look.

In the video above you see flashes of quality. He can collapse the pocket, work into the backfield and make splash plays. He’s got a relentless attitude, the motor keep running until the whistle. There’s enough burst there to think he can have an impact at the next level.

He also has fairly long arms for his height (nearly 33 inches).

I’m away with work until Sunday night so unfortunately I’ve had to keep this brief. The Seahawks are likely to be searching for depth on the defensive line and Kerr’s one to keep an eye on in the mid-to-late rounds.


  1. Michael

    well Kerr doesn’t look like a stud at that level of play but definitely and intriguing prospect in the late rounds. I liked his awareness and ability to keep people off of his body with hand usage. Seemed like a good motor and attitude for the position. I also thought he had a good lower frame and obvious Seahawk-y time versatile skills for several positions.
    Nice find Rob.

  2. Michael

    *Type versatility.

    guess my proofreader needs a proofreader.

  3. Ted


    Pat Kirwan (one of PC’s good friends) was on the radio this week and said that Cable essentially gives PC and JS a list of 6 or so OL that he’d be happy with drafting on day 3. Not saying this is what they prefer, but with the late round OL as an option do you think SEA could surprise people and take someone like Marcus Smith at the end of the 1st round and then focus on WR in the 2nd? I know Dan Quinn personally attended his pro day and he is probably the closest thing to Chris Clemons and the ideal LEO in this draft. I highly doubt he’d make it past JAX in the 2nd round, so that would be likely the only way to get him. This is assuming one of the top name guys doesn’t suffer a big slide on draft day.

    • Ben2

      Unless Jax picks Clowney or Mack in rd1 and decides to go QB later

  4. Stuart

    Hey guys, if you haven’t already read this article today, it’s a good one.

  5. Madmark

    I have Ed Stinson DE/DT from Alabama in the 4th round and Zack Moore DE Concordia(MN) in the 6th.
    Ed I picked cause he could play reds tech 5 on run and slide inside and play the tech 1 spot if he had to. Zack Moore just has so much athletic ability that you drool over him but is very raw and in need of some coaching.

    • pqlqi

      i like Zach Moore and an OL convert. Put 25 lbs of muscle and 15 lbs of low COG belly fat on him over the next year and you have a 6’5″ 310lb lightning fast RT with almost 34″ arms.

  6. Brik

    Hey Rob, theres a guy whos been playing college ball in Canada that I would like ur opinion on. Apparently hes the first ever guy that is believed to be able to go from college ball in Canada straight to the NFL. His name is Laurent Duvernay-Tardif and hes a OT out of Mcgill University. Said on Yahoo 9 teams went to scout him and buzz is he would be a 2nd rounder if he played D1, as of now around a 4th. I havent looked but wanted to ask u if he was worth a mention.

  7. Kenny Sloth

    Not sure how I feel about Kerr. He looks like a great two gapper, but I’m not sure if he has the get-off to penetrate like we ask even our two gapping linemen to do. I could definitely see him at 5 tech, though.

  8. CC

    Does anyone know where Kerr would be projected? I could see him as a day 3 guy – he’d have to go up against better lineman than at Delaware. He has some good moments on that tape.

    • Michael

      draft analysis have Kerr 5rd-undrafted.

  9. Kenny Sloth

    Just went back to the tape on Ryan Shazier and he has a lot of the issues people were (incorrectly) throwing at Alec Ogletree. He is instinctual and athletic, but he fails to stack and shed and gets put on his ass a lot. Poor in coverage, poor tackling technique, but there’s a lot to work with. He looks like he could stand to add some sand in his pants. I’d take him with our second, depending on what’s on the board.

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