Zack Martin (OT, Notre Dame) vs USC

I like Martin more than a lot of people. For me he’s as good as the big name tackles that are being projected as early picks next year.

He’s a great technician and while he’s not overly physical, he’s got good footwork and hand use. I like the way he recovers if he initially loses a step. And he’s a player to keep an eye on if we’re talking about tackles who might be available in the late first round.

Let me know what you think.


  1. KyleT

    Wasn’t he also a guy that could swing over to guard? The more I have studied this and looked at the current team as well as projecting into 2014, the more I’m convinced we will not go OT in the first round. Bowie is doing a decent job at RT. Both of our guards are sub par however. Though I suppose we could draft a 1st round RT and move Bowie to compete with Sweezy and Carp. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see us take a guard in the first or second round.

    If Zach can play either position and scores decent enough at the combine in the short shuttle I could see it.

  2. oz

    #78 looked pretty good on the other side also, good foot speed and balance. A little raw.

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