10 thoughts on early Seahawks free agency

March 15th, 2018 | Written by Rob Staton

If the Seahawks make any new signings I’ll update this post with some notes. If you missed it yesterday don’t forget to check out our piece on a trio of Wisconsin defenders and some thoughts on Seattle’s addition of Barkevious Mingo.

It’s early days but so far Seattle’s early moves are confirming our thoughts before free agency began:

1. The early part of the draft provides the best value at running back and interior offensive line. The Seahawks met with two veteran running backs (Jonathan Stewart, DeMarco Murray) and might be looking to sign a hedge (more on that in a moment). They haven’t met with any veteran offensive linemen so far and they haven’t signed a running back. As things stand, it looks like they’re preparing to address both positions in the draft. That might change if they sign D.J. Fluker. He’s reportedly set to visit with the Seahawks.

2. They’re using free agency to look at tight ends and defensive linemen. This also works to the strength of the draft. In the first couple of rounds the options on the defensive line and at tight end are quite limited. It’s a total contrast to the options at guard/center and running back.

3. For the Seahawks to be competitive they still need to significantly bolster their defensive line. This is why they’re reportedly interested in Ndamukong Suh and Sheldon Richardson. Signing one or the other is crucial because they’re unlikely to find an alternative in the draft that can have the same block-absorbing impact to keep Bobby Wagner clean (Vita Vea will be long gone by #18).

4. It’s highly unlikely they’ll be able to sign both Suh and Richardson but let’s remember two things. Firstly, who thought they’d be able to sign both Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril in 2013? Nobody saw either of those moves coming. Secondly, they’ve cleared significant cap space — not just for 2018 but also for 2019. A rotation of Suh, Richardson, Naz Jones and Jarran Reed would create the kind of variety Seahawks fans often talk about when reminiscing about the 2013 team. It’d be a more expensive group for sure — but they’d also be fresh and would make life a lot easier for Frank Clark, Dion Jordan, Barkevious Mingo and any other EDGE rusher they bring in. Again, Suh and Richardson together is improbable and unlikely. Yet the Seahawks under John Schneider and Pete Carroll have made the improbable possible.

5. They could also look to add a pass rusher within the first four rounds of the draft. It could be Lorenzo Carter or Leon Jacobs who are more SAM/LEO types (possibly less likely since the addition of Mingo?). They might consider someone like Kemoko Turay. He’s more of a classic LEO/EDGE type. He has good size and length (6-5, 253lbs, 33.5 inch arms). He ran a 1.62 10-yard split which isn’t elite but it’s a decent time. Like many players at the combine he hurt his hamstring while running. Turay has an edge to him and he’s definitely talented. He might be available in round three. They could also look for an inside/out type rusher to replace Bennett. Ohio State’s Jalyn Holmes could be one to monitor, or his team mate Tyquan Lewis. It’d be easier to roll with some of these younger DE/LEO types if you had a strong interior rotation.

6. Seattle’s defense would be new-look but it’d also be starting to take shape. They’d have a defensive rotation up front. They’d have an opportunity to add to the linebacker position (Leon Jacobs) and at defensive back. The options at corner and safety could include Wisconsin’s Natrell Jamerson and Nick Nelson, Oklahoma State’s Tre Flowers, Virginia Tech’s Brandon Facyson or Terrell Edmunds, San Diego State’s Kam Kelly or one or two others. There’s plenty of ways to add speed, size and intensity. The signs for the future would be positive. And make no mistake — there will be players available on day three in this draft that can compete to start. Nelson looks like one of the top five cornerbacks in the draft. Could he compete immediately with Justin Coleman in the slot and provide some long term insurance there? Absolutely. Can Jamerson spend a year learning the ropes to play free safety with his 4.40 speed? Absolutely. Does Tre Flowers look every bit the type of long, physical defensive back Seattle has developed in the past? Absolutely.

7. If they’re unable to land Suh or Richardson, they’ll be left in a difficult position. The defensive line will be heavily relying on Frank Clark, Jarran Reed, Naz Jones and Dion Jordan. There wouldn’t be much depth. With the cap space they currently have it’d be a major blow if they can’t secure at least one of the two veteran defensive tackles. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

There is this:

However, it’s emerged that Suh will travel to New Orleans on Friday for a meeting with the Saints. Richardson spent today with the Minnesota Vikings. Is it possible the Seahawks could end up failing to land either? Meanwhile receiver Jaron Brown, formerly of the Cardinals, is visiting Seattle. Jordy Nelson has agreed a two-year contract with the Raiders.

8. Austin Seferian-Jenkins will not be a Seahawk. He has agreed a two-year deal with the Jaguars worth up to $11m. It’s not a particularly expensive contract. They might be under some pressure now to finalise a deal with Ed Dickson. Tight end might end up being a draft priority again now.

9. What happens to the running game? You could be looking at drafting one of the top running backs and one of the top interior offensive linemen. One of Isaiah Wynn, Will Hernandez, Austin Corbett, Billy Price or Frank Ragnow would be a big add. You’ve also got Ronald Jones II, Nick Chubb, Kerryon Johnson and others at running back. The Seahawks can realistically solve their issues this off-season and be competitive.

10. So why are they considering adding a veteran running back as a hedge? Simple. Look at New Orleans last season. They had Mark Ingram, Adrian Peterson and Alvin Kamara. It became apparent early in the season Peterson would be the odd man out and they moved him to Arizona. The Seahawks could do the same. Allow a veteran to compete with Chris Carson and a rookie (plus C.J. Prosise if he can stay healthy). The worst case scenario is you trade or cut the veteran. The best case scenario is you’re covered if Carson and/or Prosise get injured again. With several veteran runners already signed this might not be possible after all. It also feels like a draft class where adding two running backs would be a wise move.

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346 Responses to “10 thoughts on early Seahawks free agency”

  1. drewdawg11 says:

    I wish I could fast-forward a week to see how things shake out. This is one of the most exciting times of the year.

  2. nichansen01 says:

    Seems like Suh to Seattle might happen… really hoping we sign both.

  3. Patrick Toler says:

    Great summary Rob. I can’t wait to see what happens today.

    I don’t think it’s quite accurate to say re-signing Sheldon wouldn’t impact the comp picks. I get that you mean that he wouldn’t cancel one out, but almost surely if we don’t re-sign him we will get an additional 4th.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Yes — I was referring to the existing comp picks they’re due for Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson.

      • mishima says:

        Does the Mingo signing cancel the comp pick for Richardson?

        • H says:

          Shouldnt do, its like 3.5m a year deal, Richardson got 8m

          • Logan Lynch says:

            It actually does. The first factor it looks at is FA signed elsewhere – FA your team signs. So, SEA is at 2-1=1. Graham and P-Rich out, Mingo in. If/when Luke Willson signs elsewhere that will probably cancel out Mingo. Unfortunately, SEA doesn’t get anything for Shead since they decided to keep their word and release him due to that contract tolling fiasco.

            • H says:

              Oh really? Well i didnt know that… this comp pock stuff makes zero sense to me 😛
              Cheers for filling me in

          • mishima says:

            Agree. Field Gulls (Gilbert, again) arguing otherwise, only taking net loss/gain into account, ignoring that Mingo will fall out of the 32.

            Love this place.

            • Greg Haugsven says:

              We could still gain it back if we lose another free agent though. Maybe if Joeckel signs somewhere else or even Luke Willson if he gets enough money.

              • mishima says:

                Yeah, my bad: I was factoring in losing Willson.

                In the end, I think we will get 2 comp picks for Graham and PRich, another if Sheldon leaves, with the Mingo signing cancelling out Willson/Joeckel leaving.

                In short, first net gain/loss, then whether losses (max 4) are in top 32.

                (I think.)

                • Sea Mode says:

                  Too bad Shead was released. His $6.5m (w/incentives) would have done the trick.

                  • mishima says:

                    Agree. Still have Willson and Joeckel to cover Mingo + 1, while picking up comp picks for Graham, PRich, Richardson.

              • FresnoBrad says:

                Maybe no market develops for Joeckel and stays for vet min through camp. Either way it helps

      • Elmer says:

        To your point no. 2, the way the Hawks seem to be behaving so far (interest in Suh & Sheldon, tenders on D-line FA’s) appears to indicate that McDowell is out of the conversation. Right?

  4. Millhouse-serbia says:

    DJ Fluker is visiting with the Seattle Seahawks, per source. May make other stops afterwards. Mauling guard played well for the Giants last year.

    • Rob-Not that Rob though says:

      Carpenter 2.0? With the giant question mark that is Ifedi and whether or not he will ever not be absolutely terrible, the idea of this doesn’t thrill me. 2 terrible pass blockers on the same side of the line? Gross…

      I have a feeling he could price himself out of Hawk range anyway.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Kimberly Jones

      As I just said on @nflnetwork, DJ Fluker is visiting SEA, has other visits set up. Could still touch base w/NYG. #NYG line was better with Fluker & Brett Jones.

      7:12 AM – 15 Mar 2018

  5. Mark Souza says:

    I heard this morning that the Rams are showing interest in Suh. Imagine Suh next to Aaron Donald and facing that twice a year. Bluuaah! No thanks.

  6. Millhouse-serbia says:

    Richardson is looking for “a little north of $10 million a year,” per @MikeGarafolo. #Seahawks are still talking with him https://t.co/bD9lfHUbz1

    • Sea Mode says:

      I’d give him 10.5m! 🙂

      • Patrick Toler says:

        I’d give him 10.5 too if I could get out of it in a couple years without too much cap penalty. I’d rather give Suh 12, with the same caveat.

        • RealRhino2 says:

          I’d let him walk. Not worth it, don’t need it. I saw a guy last year that was good, not great. And that’s when he was presumably on a short-term audition for a big payday. Richardson’s been known to be a knucklehead in the past; I wouldn’t want to commit that kind of money to him.

          As for Suh, he’s made his big money. $60 million in the past three years. Lowball him in a nice way (“we can’t afford what you’re worth, tell us what you’ll take to play close to home”) and let him walk if he really wants top dollar. Wish him well, good luck losing some more.

          • Rob Staton says:

            And then do what exactly on the D-line?

            The Seahawks don’t have Bennett and Avril any more. They don’t have any depth. They don’t have many draft picks.

            They do have cap room and the market has Richardson and Suh.

          • mishima says:

            Trade Earl, sign both.

            • sSeahawkeyezSub80 says:

              Sign all three pro rate cap charge to next year. Dead money this year and Kams cap charge lessens. Still have Cliff Avrils cap release possibly John Ryan. This is so doable. Look at what Eagles are doing. They signing all their players with virtually no cap space.

    • Michigan 12th says:

      That’s not that far out of range to sign bot he and Suh. Seattle could possibly get both Richardson and Suh for the same price the Rams are going to have to pay Donald. That would be awesome and give us a huge competitive edge moving forward.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        The big debate is Suh vs Sheldon. There sure are pros and cons for either side.

        • Sea Mode says:

          I want both and don’t think it’s as impossible as some may see it.

          • Trevor says:

            I am not counting on either unfortunately. My fingers are crossed but I doubt we get either becuase of price.

            • Greg Haugsven says:

              It sounds like Sheldon and the Seahawks have been negotiating forever. Generally in those cases a deal gets done. My gut tells me they sign Sheldon for 4 year and between $40-$44 and Suh signs elsewhere.

    • 80SLargent says:

      Mr. Garafolo says Suh has talked to Pete Carroll, but hasn’t talked with Seattle’s upper management. I guess he doesn’t quite understand that, for the Seahawks, Carroll is a big part of their “upper management” (Executive Vice President).

    • Logan Lynch says:

      This is such a gray area for me in terms of price for Sheldon. If we could get him for less than $10M /year I would jump all over it. At this price, however, I would rather spend a bit more and go short term on Suh. I like Sheldon, but for some reason I just don’t feel good about giving him a long term deal over $10M/year.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        I feel that way as well. Could be wrong. Suh you know your getting effort but how does he fit in the locker room. We know Sheldon fits in good.

  7. Scotia Seahawk says:

    I really hope they can make a deal with Suh. His was the first draft I really followed and he was the standout. Maybe it hasn’t worked out career wise but still a massive force in the middle.

    But, I think we’ll miss out due to the price. He may want to come to Seattle but I doubt they can offer him more than others.

    • Bill Bobaggins says:

      They’ve got $30M in cap space. They can make it work, absolutely.

    • Rob Staton says:

      So far, can’t blame them for setting a limit and sticking to it. But with Suh interesting the Saints, ASJ seemingly headed to Jacksonville, Jonathan Stewart signing with the Giants, Jordy Nelson set to sign with Oakland — they don’t seem to be tempting any of the players they reportedly showed interest in or visited with.

      • Bill Bobaggins says:

        Isn’t this the way JS always plays this? Waits a few days, potentially driving down early FA value, and then making moves? He seems to really stick to his guns on this strategy. This year, I’m not sure it’s the best thing for the team. There are definite holes to be filled.

        • Rob Staton says:

          It has been the last few years but they had a loaded roster. In 2011 they were quite aggressive and made things happen. We’ll see what happens.

      • RealRhino2 says:

        We know this is their MO, though, right? They’ve admitted to kicking the tires on just about everything to see what the market is doing. I’m sure in the back of their minds they’d be interested IF something fell into their laps via one of these meetings, but I’d guess they never truly expected to sign any of these bigger names.

        Heck, I half think their meetings in Wisconsin with the DBs was just to feel them out about TE Fumagali and LB Jack Clichy….

        • Rob Staton says:

          I can give you a list of big names they have signed too.

          Rice, Miller, Gallery, Bennett, Avril — not to mention trading for Harvin, Graham, Sheldon, Duane Brown and others.

          They might not have signed big names between 2013-17 but that’s because they were tight against the cap and paying $90m for the defense already. They had a loaded roster. When they were building this thing they were competing like crazy to sign big names, landed some, and just missed on others. They’re nearer those days now.

          And I highly doubt they were dining with two defensive backs to ask about a linebacker and tight end.

          • Bill Bobaggins says:

            That’s sort of why I’m scratching my head on this one Rob. Do they have the luxury this FA period to sit on their hands? I think they’d be in trouble if Suh and Richardson got away from them because of this “wait and drive down value” strategy.

  8. Sea Mode says:

    Another name.

    Ian Rapoport

    Another weapon for Russell Wilson? #AZCardinals FA receiver Jaron Brown is traveling to Seattle today for a visit with the #Seahawks, source said.

    8:25 AM – 15 Mar 2018

  9. Trevor says:

    As for fixing the run game I think one option could definitely be

    -Sign Fluker to a 2 or 3 year deal similar to Mingo or Mcdougald and that would be good value for a big mauling run blocking RG who is familiar with Solari’s scheme.

    -Trade in Round #1 into 26-30 range and take Hernandez or Wynn to play LG.

    -Draft 2 RB on Day #3. Perhaps two of Kelly, Ballage, Wadley, Scarbough, Edmunds, Coleman.

    They OL would would be vastly improved in the run game and there would be a ton of young talented, versitile RBs to compete for carries.

    LT Brown, LG Hernandez, C Britt, RG Fluker or Pocic, RT Ifedi or Fant.

    RB Carson, Davis, Prosise, Mckissic, Kelly, Scarborough for example.

    I would be pretty comfortable going into training camp with that group.

  10. Bill Bobaggins says:

    Jaron Brown coming in for a visit. Another little speedy WR to add to the mix.

    • Logan Lynch says:

      You may be thinking of John Brown, also of the Cardinals. Jaron Brown is 6’2″ 205lb. Built more like Darboh.

      • Bill Bobaggins says:

        Yep…you’re right. Too many Browns.

      • 80SLargent says:

        That John Brown signed with the Ravens.
        I could be mistaken, but from what I remember of Jaron Brown, he doesn’t catch the ball very well. I was hoping Seattle was moving away from that by letting Graham and Richardson go. The Seahawks definitely don’t need to be toward the top of the league in dropped passes again.

  11. Jake says:

    Great write up Rob. Oasis of calm analysis, as usual! 🙂

    Seems like the big variable still at play is Earl, and we have no real concrete information to go on there. Sounds like anything is possible. But a report from Dallas yesterday said that Earl is looking for Eric Berry money. 6yrs, $78m, $40m fully guaranteed. And fair play to Earl, bc it’s arguable he deserves that.

    Rob — if you’re PCJS, do you do that deal? Would you sign Earl to that kind of extension, or not?

    • Rob Staton says:

      I wouldn’t, no. I think they have to be strict on this with Earl. I’d rather franchise him in a year if it came to that. But if he’s determined to earn that money, they might see what they can get now.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        I dont think he wants 6 for 78. He just wants more than 13 per. Maybe 3 years $40 million or so. Like Rob said you could franchise even two years in a row if you needed and thats three years right there. You might have an unhappy player though. Pros and cons for sure either way.

        • Jake says:

          Agreed Rob. Tough one but can’t do it.

          @Greg – why would Earl take fewer years or less guaranteed money than what Berry got? He almost certainly thinks he’s better than Berry. That’s been the tone of all his comments on this topic. Maybe he’d do fewer years than Berry but I can’t see him taking significantly less than $40m guaranteed.

          • Patrick Toler says:

            He’s a year older now so maybe 5 years $65M, with $33M guaranteed? I love Earl, but I’m not sure I would do that. It would depend on the structure I suppose.

    • Mark Souza says:

      I’m looking for that kind of money, too. His chances are just slightly better than mine. Good luck, Earl.

  12. Kyle B says:

    Ok after giving Sheldon 4yr/10.5m APY (backloaded with the first two years gtd, year 1 @ 9.5 and year 2 @11.5, and 26.5m gtd overall) as well as signing Suh to a 3yr/13.0m APY (Also back loaded but more evenly distributed than SR, and 29m gtd overall), I am left with 7.6m in cap space.

    Next, extend Brown, keeping him at his number this year but kicking up his next two years drastically (close to 11m a year) we push our cap number to 9.3m cap space.

    Since 9.3m is probably a little low, for those who wish to trade Earl, by doing so (hopefully for a second and third rd pick I would hope) you end up with 17.8m in cap space for 2018, as well as a strong 55m cap in 2019.

    I will also mention that this would make the draft offensively heavy for the first few rounds they pick I would imagine. and maybe someone could fill in the blanks with who you would want to draft with the additional picks below:

    RD 1 (18):
    RD 2 (46-55):
    RD 3 (70-98):

    What am I missing about it being hard to get SR and Suh together?

    • Kyle B says:

      Edit: I lowered Brown’s number this year by 1.65m but gtd this and next years number at 11.3m.

    • Kyle B says:

      Wish there was an edit button lol.

      My last edit: I did not provide specifics on Earl’s trade to who as I am not sure who and for what picks considering the Dallas, CLE, and LAC discussions that have been on here.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        Its OK, no one messes up there posts more than I do, especially from my phone. We could release Avril and Ryan as well and gain $9 more. We still need a kicker as well.

        • Kyle B says:

          I’ve already factored them into this sorry I should have mentioned that. I just assume that’s a thing at this point

    • Sea Mode says:

      I’m not into the Earl trade unless he really makes it impossible and the right offer is there (2018 R1 + 2019 R2).

      But I would love both those deals for Suh and Sheldon. Well thought out.

      • Kyle B says:

        I feel like it’s safe to assume a first isn’t gonna happen but lord I would be so happy to be proven wrong. I would pull the trigger on the earl part for a mid 2nd and mid 3rd pick, ASSUMING some of that money would be spent on the OL whether it be Sitton, Fluker, or someone else (hopefully below 6m a year).

  13. Sea Mode says:

    Here’s a theory: the Hawks want both Suh and Sheldon. In that case, they would almost certainly be better off paying Sheldon first. Because Suh is going to cost more, and if Sheldon were to see that, his asking price would almost certainly go up right away, as well as perhaps offers from other DT-needy teams when they see Suh out of play.

    So MAYBE the holdup on Suh is just setting them up to fall in the right order and quickly one after the other. (Hey, a man can dream, can’t he…?)

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      Not a bad theory, I just cant see them signing both but could be wrong. Hopefully we find out soon because the suspense is killing me…lol

  14. nichansen01 says:

    Rob, what do you think the chances are McDowell sees the field next season?

  15. nichansen01 says:

    How much cap space does trading Earl free up?

  16. Jakob says:

    Anyone else quite disappointed that they let ASJ go? I guess we’ll have to see what the money ends up being like…but if its in the reported range of $6 or $7m per year for 2-3 years, feels like he is the rare high-upside FA who might actually outplay the value of his contract (as opposed to most free agents, who you’re just hoping will play up to the value of their contract, or close to it).

    I am 100% in favor of not spending a lot in free agency, but ASJ is very young, he can block, and due to his issues he’s only really played a couple of seasons — last season was essentially his first full one in the league. Still a lot of room for growth. Could become a very strong all around TE, sort of a Zach Miller Plus. Maybe I’m wrong?

    • Rob Staton says:

      It felt like everything was moving towards it happening and a good fit for both parties.

      Will be disappointing if he lands in Jacksonville for a modest deal instead. The Seahawks have to fill some needs before the draft.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        You would think they would have to offer more than Seattle, sounds like he wants to play at home.

    • cha says:

      Julius Thomas might be a decent fall back option.

    • HawksBill says:

      Does ASJ block well? I don’t remember him doing a lot of blocking for the Huskies.

      • FresnoBrad says:

        He’s still developing his blocking skills, if after visiting with him Hawks believed his blocking etc wasn’t ready for 2018? However eventually if he stays off the sauce he should get some ProBowls.

        • j says:

          Its been four years in the NFL and three in NCAA. If he hasn’t developed it yet, it ain’t gonna happen.

    • nichansen01 says:

      I was a little bit relieved, did the presence of Graham really elevate our offense? We just need a blocker, maybe a cheap rookie (my favorite is Smythe).

    • Ishmael says:

      Had to have been money stuff right? They might be feeling a little burned after the Graham experiment.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        Its hard to find out but from what I have read he has improved greatly as a blocker. above average at this point with room to grow. Ive read that in a few different articles for what its worth.

    • Del tre says:

      Not really, lots of money for a guy that only had 7 yards a catch on 50 receptions. Never broken 400 yards in a season, and its not like we can excuse last season because he played 13 games, he averaged the lowest yards per reception on the Jets. Not gonna lie you can probably get the same production from a udfa if you feed them 50 targets.
      But we love our UW players, and the homecoming would have been nice at the right price.

    • vrtkolman says:

      Not at all. His “breakout season” was averaging an awful 7 YPC. I don’t see where he’s a good blocker either, although I have been told otherwise. I don’t think he’s close to being a Zach Miller, he’s more of a mismatch TE that never really developed that much.

  17. drewdawg11 says:

    News out of Miami is that Pouncey has requested that they release him, and better yet, they are expected to grant his request. 😳 I think we just found our newest priority in FA. He may just want to play with his brother in Pittsburg, but I would immediately find a way to make that happen ASAP.

    • cha says:

      And the Patriots string of AFC East dominance continues unabated. For crying out loud.

      • Patrick Toler says:

        The Dolphins are such a mess. I would want out of there too.

      • drewdawg11 says:

        He wasn’t going to help change that in Miami. He would help the Seahawks a great deal, however. I woukdnt even let Justin Britt being ther deter me. He’s not even close to the same player.

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          Pouncey is interesting. He is only 28 now as well. Turns 29 in July. Im sure he wants to play center so Britt would have to move. Doesnt really feel like a fit but could be wrong.

        • vrtkolman says:

          Pouncey and Suh are two of the biggest bullies in the NFL. Could be huge additions to the team.

    • 80SLargent says:

      Would you pay Pouncey ~ $11M per year? Because that’s what he’s going to cost.

      • j says:

        Rather him than Richardson.

        • 80SLargent says:

          I guess my next question would be, where would Seattle play Pouncey? Also, where would Seattle put their current $9M center?
          I’m not saying I don’t think Pouncey is a really good player, but does Seattle really have a spot or even a need for him?
          Meanwhile, Seattle just traded Bennett and may very well lose out on Richardson. Him and Suh may end up out of the Seahawks price range. Whatever they do, it definitely appears to be much more critical for them to address the interior D-line in free agency, because Reed and Jones can’t play 100% of the snaps.

          • drewdawg11 says:

            Make one of those deals heavier in year two and guaranteed that money, etc. structure it so everyone gets paid in different years. Britt can seriously move or get cut. He’s way overvalued by this fan base. He’s “okay”. He’s definitely partially responsible for the terrible communication along the line last year. Nobody in the NFL is THAT bad. They looked confused too often. He’s either a guard or he’s not worth much. See if someone wants him? I would love to upgrade every part of the line, but he’s someone you don’t get a chance at often.

            • 80SLargent says:


              Read that and tell me you’d still want Pouncey at $11M per season.

              As far as Britt, I’ve never really gotten the “love” people (including the Seahawks front office apparently) have for him. They paid him like a top 5 center. However, the choice of “cut him” really isn’t viable because he carries an $11.5M dead money hit this year if released. If one looks at his contract, Seattle is mostly stuck with him until the last year of his contract, which is 2020.
              If Seattle wanted to move Britt back to a guard position, I’d rather see them put Pocic at center and go from there. At any rate, I don’t see Seattle making a play for Pouncey.

  18. no frickin' clue says:

    If we can get both Richardson and Suh, obviously it would allow the D-line to be highly disruptive, but probably at the cost of not assigning enough cap space to developing the offense, yes? Is that a worthwhile tradeoff?

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’m not sure who’s left in free agency to significantly develop the offense.

    • Patrick Toler says:

      I think we really need to focus on offense early in the draft, so we have some players to re-invest in down the road. That’s a big part of our problem with imbalance. We have developed so many defensive players that were worth re-signing we couldn’t re-sign them all. On offense, we’ve had Russell, Doug, and…

      Britt was worth re-signing, maybe Lockett will be, maybe we should have re-signed Tate, but I can’t think of anyone else you could make an argument for. Maybe we should have re-upped Okung again. We’ve had much better success developing on the other side of the ball.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        Pugh and ASJ only ones really left…Maybe Dickson for us at a smaller level.

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          DJ Fluker on his way to Seattle could be an option, played for coach Solari last year.

          • hawkdawg says:

            His visit means Solari thinks he’s worth looking at, from very personal experience. That’s something.

  19. drewdawg11 says:

    If they find themselves in a situation where they can’t find anyone worthwhile, stop. Breathe. Don’t hand out cash to JAGS, and not the ones from Jax. Roll that cap money to next season, or sign Suh AND Sheldon

  20. Malkavian says:

    Josh Sitton to the Dolphins…

    oh well

  21. Ishmael says:

    Even if he isn’t quite where he was three-four seasons ago, Suh is still probably the second-best DT in the league behind Donald. If they want to go back to being the bully, to beating teams up again, then there are plenty of worse ways to go about it. And for all the criticism Richardson has got for not being splashy enough, I don’t think it was a coincidence that he kept Wagner clean enough to have a career season.

    Wonder if there’s been a bit of a shift in mindset, or at least they’re making a concentrated effort to shut down the short passing game – might help explain the interest in a blocky little kid like Nick Nelson. Get some wreckers up front and then find some cats who can seriously lock down playing man coverage inside.

    • HawksBill says:

      You might be right, The Seahawks give up too many short passes over the middle.

      They also might be looking for value in the shorter DBs since all the other teams are copying their long/tall DB formula.

    • Del tre says:

      Gotta get both so the secondary has an easier job, don’t love our depth behind Griffin, unsettled at strong safety and the third linebacker spot, this team is going to need to be able to collapse the pocket, rush the passer, and to help Bobby and KJ stop the run. Add some speed at linebacker in the draft and regain the ability to control the ball and keep the opposing teams defense on the field and it will be a successful season, especially if you have talent like that on your D line.

    • RealRhino2 says:

      Or, it could be a coincidence that Wagner had his best season. After all, it wasn’t his best season by much; he was already great and making tons of tackles before.

      Also, according to Football Outsiders, our DL was significantly worse at stopping the run last year than it had been the previous two years, so rather than Richardson keeping Wagner clean, it could have been that more RBs made it through the line for Wagner to tackle.

      You’d have to really break down the film, but it’s a good possibility.

      • Mark Souza says:

        Or it could have been the total disparity in time of possession last year, with opponents getting so many more offensive smaps because of our 3 & out offense.

  22. Millhouse-serbia says:

    We have 18mill left. When we cut Avril it will be 25. 6mill for draft pool and it is about 19mill. If Sheldon is 11mill, we have 8 more. And we need starting CB, TE,maybe one more DE, RB, OG. There is 0% for Suh and Sheldon together.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Just like there was 0% chance of getting Sheldon and Duane Brown, right?

    • vrtkolman says:

      Sheldon’s cap hit wouldn’t be $11 million in year 1. For reference, Andrew Norwell’s first year cap hit is only $5 million.

    • Rob-Not that Rob though says:

      I’d anticipate an extension for Brown over the summer to free up some space as well. Hawks don’t really talk extensions until the FA frenzy is done.

      • Patrick Toler says:

        I could absolutely see that happening. Seattle has several ways to be flexible cap-wise.

    • Elijah says:

      It’s extremely possible – it’s just have to game the cap for a year. Next year our cap space is apparently going to be around $88m, based on overthecap’s figures. I know alot of that is probably allocated for resignings and such, but that’s a huge figure that could increase further if the salary cap keeps exploding.

      I think Suh and Richardson is highly possible, and would be a treat.

  23. vrtkolman says:

    Bob Condotta

    I’ve heard Pocic has gotten bigger in the offseason. Getting bigger and being more of a physical, man blocking team is going to be a priority in 2018.

    Good stuff here. I’m glad were moving away from the ZBS. Pocic could make a big jump year two.

    • nichansen01 says:

      Really hoping that Solari completely changes things with the Oline, Brown and Britt and already decent players, but if Solari can somehow get to Odhiambo, Ifedi and Pocic we might have ourselves a competent OLINE.

    • SeaHusky says:

      His technique was always good; Pocic just lacked the raw strength and weight to make a bigger impact. If he can gain some good weight and continue refining his technique, he’s going to be a good player for us on the line. I’m becoming very optimistic that Solari will turn this unit around.

  24. cha says:

    Bob Condotta
    4 minutes ago

    Mike Garafolo reporting on NFL Network Seattle has offered Sheldon Richardson $11 million a year and that he wants $15 million.

    • Rob-Not that Rob though says:

      Hard pass.

    • Patrick Toler says:

      $15 is a lot. Probably too rich for my tastes, but it would depend how it is structured. He’s very good, but he’s not a game wrecker.

    • SoCal12 says:

      Well I guess Suh it is then.

    • mishima says:

      Originally thought 3/36, but now maybe 5/60 (30 guaranteed) gets it done.

      Wouldn’t offer Suh more than 3 years.

    • BobbyK says:

      Richardson is here in Minnesota right now.

    • AndrewP says:

      To be fair… just because he WANTS it doesn’t mean he’ll get it. In fact, so far I would say the market is definitively telling him he is NOT going to get it.

    • Aaron says:

      Pass all day on that. I wouldn’t even give him 11 tbh. I’d give him 8 and that’s it. Let him walk, get the comp pick, and focus on Suh. Now if Suh wants more than 5 I’d also pass on that too.

    • DCD2 says:

      That seems like a pretty big gap. I doubt he gets that, but at least it would be a 3rd round comp pick.

    • H says:

      I hope Minnisota gives it too him. We’d get the 3rd round comp pick and it would, hopefully, force our hand with Suh.

    • nichansen01 says:

      I doubt Minnesota is going to offer him more than 11 million

  25. drewdawg11 says:

    $15 million AYP??? Umm… pass. But there has to be somewhere in the middle and who knows I’d someone wants to give that to him?

    • vrtkolman says:

      Yeah, hard pass on that. It’s clear he’s not the same guy as he was from the beginning of his Jets career. He’s visiting Minnesota right now, can’t imagine Mike Zimmer would be foolish enough to offer him $15 million APY but who knows.

  26. Millhouse-serbia says:

    Per source, DT Sheldon Richardson is in Minnesota today for a visit.

  27. drewdawg11 says:

    They really are setting themselves up for a salary cap fall. They need a win in the super bowl, badly… but at what cost?

  28. Aaron says:

    Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) Tweeted:
    The #Dolphins are signing former #Bears OL Josh Sitton to a 2-year worth up to $18M, source. The base value is roughly $15M. Sitton is getting $8M guaranteed.

    Yeah…hard pass on that one too.

  29. vrtkolman says:

    The most underrated move IMO is Jerrick McKinnon to the 49ers. Yes they spent A LOT on him (more than anyone should), but he becomes Shanahan’s Tevin Coleman. McKinnon is a ridiculous athlete, if you recall his combine. He’s going to be a mismatch on linebackers.

    • SoCal12 says:

      Yeah I have to admit it’s a pretty good fit. McKinnon catches well and Jimmy G slings a really pretty fastball. It’s going to suck to have to contain that 100mph checkdown twice a season. Emphasizes our need to get faster on defense.

      • vrtkolman says:

        He’ll be even more than a checkdown. Shanahan used his RB’s as downfield receivers a lot in Atlanta. During their Superbowl year, I remember watching them against Denver when Denver was still undefeated and still predicted to repeat. Shanahan destroyed their elite defense with Tevin Coleman running deep receiver routes against their linebackers. It was awesome to watch.

  30. drewdawg11 says:

    Again, if Miami is going to release Pouncey, please God let him be a Seahawk. Find a way to make t happen. Please. We are desperate.

  31. Trevor says:

    Glad to see they are brining Fluker in and I hope they sign him. When the Giants inserted him at RG their run game was vastly improved to the tune of almost +50yds per game.

    He gets labelled a bust because he was drafted as an OT in the first round but he was always better suited to play guard and seemed to excel in Solari’s scheme.

    A right side of Fluker and Ifedi would be enormous.

    Draft Hernadez to play LG and you have the biggest OL in the NFL and what should be an awesome run blocking unit.

    • Christian says:

      Im not sure if we sign Fluker and draft a LG, that Ifedi is going to be RT might just move Pocic over there.

      • Hawk Eye says:

        i doubt they draft a LG if they sign Fluker. Not enough draft capital and too many holes. I think it is one or the other.

  32. Trevor says:

    Have a bad feeling that we are not going to get Suh or Richardson and that JS will go the discount route picking up a vet run stuffer like Dial. Really hope not but starting to look more and more like it.

    • Aaron says:

      Suh would be a great pickup, but if he wants over 5mil/yr I’d pass on that. If we’re looking for a run stuffer or two to add to Naz and Reed then those guys can be had for cheap.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Suh isn’t just a run stuffer

      • DCD2 says:

        Pass on $5M? The guy is one of the best DL in the league. If we indeed offered Seldon $11M, we are almost certainly going to offer more than that to Suh. Kyle Williams (Who?) is a 34 year old DT and signed a $6M deal.

        Maybe you meant $15M?

        • Aaron says:

          Nope…5 mil tops. Build through the draft and supplement through FA. Younger, cheaper, and hungrier. Save the cap space for Clark and eventually Russ’s 35+ mil/yr contract. When have the Hawks ever gone big $$$ on the d line in Pete’s tenure? It’s always been prove it budget deals or trades.

          • Rob Staton says:

            Build through the draft sounds fine until the point we realise they currently own one pick in the first three rounds and have numerous holes to fill.

            • Aaron says:

              I agree they have holes to fill. I’m coming from the perspective that they’re going to lose more talent this year then they can replace. 2018 to me is a transition year where they win 7-9 games (of course Pete will never settle for that) and they begin to build a champion again in 2019. Protect the comp picks at all costs and don’t overspend on guys over 30. Is Suh really that game changer we think he is, and thought Sheldon was last year? The Hawks are about discipline and doing the dirty work on the d line, not about sacks or flash. Rubin and Mebane did the dirty work, Reed does the dirty work, that’s the kind of guy I want, not the name talent past his prime.

          • Kyle B says:

            If you are thinking Suh is even an option at 5m per year just remove him off of your board and look elsewhere. Your discounted DL’s will be making around that and in some cases (possibly DIal) more than that. Try adding a 1 before the 5 lol. 13-15 is more reasonable for what Suh will be asking for and I am not sure he’s too off on that belief if you ask me. He is a game changing force that will free up the LBs more than anything we’ve seen before. That being said, I am not opposed to keeping SR, but wayyyyyy below 15

    • sSeahawkeyezSub80 says:

      If so we will have plenty of capspace.

  33. DCD2 says:

    Assuming we are still kicking the tires on vet RB’s, what about LeGarrette Blount?

    He can wear out a defense. If the Lions sign Gore, I’m not sure who else is in the market. Might get him on a reasonable contract similar to what we gave Lacy last year.

    • Christian says:

      So tired of kicking the tires on RBs only too find out the tires are blown out

      • Mike L says:

        it would be helpful if they weren’t consistently absorbing first contact three yards behind the line of scrimmage..

      • DCD2 says:

        To be fair, he had 1,161 yards and 18 TD’s in 2016 & was the leading rusher for the 2017 SB champs. He has 3 rings in 4 years.

        He signed for $1.25M last year with $400k guaranteed…

        just saying.

  34. Patrick Toler says:

    Is Dontari Poe an alternative if they miss out on Suh and Richardson? Or even if they sign one?

    He would factor into compensatory calculations, since he’s coming off of a one year contract with Atlanta.

    • DCD2 says:

      Panthers signed DT Dontari Poe.

      The Panthers took two days to find their Star Lotulelei replacement. Poe is coming off a one-year pit stop in Atlanta, where he remained hard to handle in the middle of the defense. Durable and disruptive, Poe is a load against the run. He’s a nice fit in Ron Rivera’s 4-3 defense

  35. 12th chuck says:

    I think it would be a big disappointment if we missed out on Richardson, Sue or Jenkins.Our biggest need on d was our pass rush, and have a chance to address that with free agents and have not done much.We don’t have draft capital to address all of the needs, pass rush, linebacker and now secondary.O lineman, and running back, and now t.e.

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      It would be nice to get Sheldon or Suh. I feel like Sheldon will come back.

    • RealRhino2 says:

      I might be one of the few that won’t be disappointed, but I won’t be. Common denominators among all of our best teams recently: No real interior pass rush, no great TE. I’m not going to cry over not re-signing a guy in Richardson who had 2.5 sacks over the last two full years.

      Be positive! I think our OL really looked bad because of Cable. Think we can get to average with Solari. Griffin should take a step forward at CB, we’ve found a decent slot CB, Maxwell played fairly well at the end of last year. Still got Earl (for now).

      Still have two great LBs, now added Mingo to maybe play that Bruce Irvin role.

      As for pass rush, maybe we should go for Adrian Clayborn? A decent guy for the rotation. And maybe we could just add a vet run stuffer. How about Haloti Ngata to come in and play limited snaps just to rest Reed and Jones?

      • Rob Staton says:

        You can’t compare the two though Rhino.

        In 2013 they also had peak Earl, Sherman and Kam. They had Bennett and Cliff at their peak — and Chris Clemons too. And Bruce. Not to mention a younger version of Bobby and KJ. Then you had Marshawn on offense and a very, very, very different Seahawks offense at that.

        Even in those days, we had numerous conversations on here about Seattle’s need for an interior pass rusher. They tried to replace Clinton McDonald with Jordan Hill. It worked for one year. They struggled after that. And clearly they felt they needed an interior pass rusher badly — thus the McDowell pick and the subsequent aggressive trade to get one year of Sheldon Richardson.

        This idea that it was OK before and can be again misses how different that defense was. They won’t have Bennett, Clemons, Bruce, Cliff, Kam. That defense could sustain a few role players on the D-line. This is a completely different situation.

  36. Millhouse-serbia says:

    Mike Garafolo
    ‏ @MikeGarafolo

    Gotta clear something up. I’m being cited as saying the Seahawks are offering $11m per year to Sheldon Richardson. They are NOT. I reviewed the clip and I see how I phrased it in a way that made it seem that’s what I was saying. Bad wording by me. Apologies on that.

    • Millhouse-serbia says:

      I have listened Mike on NFL network live few minutes ago. He said that Shedon would accept 11m in a second.
      Well guys, that mean only once. If we dont sign him, wi will give our 2nd round pic for 4th round comp pick. Great, just great.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Yep — they can kiss goodbye to any notion this was a rental and merely a second for a third down the line.

        Considering the way this has gone with the comp picks so far, IMO they’re barely worth worrying about.

        • Millhouse-serbia says:

          I just cun’t realise what are they doing? They made a cap space for what?

          • Rob Staton says:

            I suppose it’s still highly possible they sign Suh, Richardson, ASJ and/or others. Then we’ll know what for.

            They might be taking their time, assessing the lay of the land and making educated decisions not rushing into anything.

            If they miss out on that collection of players, however, it’ll be hard to work out how they plan to adequately address the growing list of needs they have in one draft class.

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          I agree about the comp picks, they are nice but not that nice. a third rounder is really an early 4th rounder and the same for the 4ths as they are glorified 5th’s.

  37. cha says:

    Mike Garafolo

    Verified account
    8 minutes ago

    Gotta clear something up. I’m being cited as saying the Seahawks are offering $11m per year to Sheldon Richardson. They are NOT. I reviewed the clip and I see how I phrased it in a way that made it seem that’s what I was saying. Bad wording by me. Apologies on that.

    Mike Garafolo

    Verified account
    Follow @MikeGarafolo

    What I was trying to convey is Richardson probably takes a deal in that range. It’s not there from any suitors right now, from what I’m told. Sloppy wording. My bad.

  38. FresnoBrad says:

    And the Saints are trying to interview Suh with only 8 Mil, who are they planning to cut? RB C?
    Looks like DT market hit brick wall

  39. FresnoBrad says:

    Don’t forget 2019 draft for DT 1st round is loaded absolutely loaded

  40. ZHawk says:

    Another thing to consider regarding the Vike’s interest in Sheldon is the big contracts they’ll have to hand out next year: Anthony Barr, Danielle Hunter, Stefon Diggs, Eric Kendricks…. I can’t see them offering him anything close to 15 mil if they want to retain some of these key players.

    • Rob Staton says:

      It appears Sheldon is going to have to settle for a shorter term contract, possibly the same way Dontari Poe did a year ago, or be willing to accept the kind of deal Poe just signed in Carolina ($9m APY, three years). The Vikings won’t go to $10-15m but they might be able to convince him to play for a title on a one-year $9m contract. And, I hate to say it, that might be much more appealing than a similar one-year deal in Seattle.

      • Trevor says:

        Great point Rob. If he is going to sign a 1 yr deal the Vikes are the place for him to do it.

      • ZHawk says:

        On the other hand, you’ve got to think Suh is looking for a longer term deal (2-4 years). He’s a once in a generation talent but it’s difficult to see him getting another large contract at age 33+. I wonder how willing JS/PC are in bringing him in for such a deal given the youth movement on defense, as opposed to another short-term deal for Sheldon.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Yep — would think for Suh you’re looking at a minimum 2-3 year commitment. I think he’s good enough to warrant it though. It just depends on cost.

      • Adog says:

        I disagree…from the binary…fan and analyst(amateur) that the viking championship window is better than the seahawks. As a fan…my mother and her 5 brothers are from Minnesota…two are still viking fans…two are 12s citing the three straight nfc conferance championship losses as the turni g point from vikes to hawks, and one is institutionalized…and for my father the biggest disappointment of his life is brian Bosworth…not me and my college degree working in the mill tonight. The seahwaks will always be better than the vikes! Some quick analysis…wilson is better than cousins i say that without hesitation…altough the fact that cousins is payed more money is a harbinger of american capitalism…where the underachieving(how many playoff wins does kirk have?)…often caucasian…and certainly male persona is paid more money for less work. Some more quick analysis…we dont employ the double agent kicker blair walsh anymore.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I admire the defense of our team Adog I really do ( 🙂 ) but the Vikings just got to the NFC Championship with Case Keenum at quarterback and no Sheldon Richardson. The Seahawks are retooling after a 9-7 year. If he wants to get paid in 12 months… Minnesota gives him the best platform to do it.

    • Hawk Eye says:

      Sheldon won’t get a big payday from Vikings, they took big cap hit with QB’s and have a lot of players to pay next year.
      I think the Hawks can get him for similar deal to Poe, 3 yrs and $27 mil.
      I think Suh might get stuck with a 1 year deal if he does not choose within the next week as the money dries up for this year

  41. Malkavian says:

    Crabtree released.Oakland must be signing Nelson

  42. Millhouse-serbia says:

    Jane Slater
    ‏ @SlaterNFL

    As further evidence the #Cowboys are out of the running for DT Ndamukong Suh, I’ve confirmed Suh will be in New Orleans Friday for a visit. Per source informed, “the visit will be important for both sides to make sure it’s a good fit”

  43. Millhouse-serbia says:

    Jordan Schultz
    ‏ @Schultz_Report

    Austin Seferian-Jenkins signs two year deal with Jags, per source

  44. Greg Haugsven says:

    Jaguars just signed ASJ for two years. No money numbers yet.

  45. AlaskaHawk says:

    I wouldn’t mind a combination of Suh for 14 million and Richardson for 10 million. Probably get both in that 24-28 million/year range. It is within the cap space that they have cleared.

  46. Greg Haugsven says:

    I just wonder if the Seahawks are being cheap or smart with there money?

    • Hawk Eye says:


    • Rob Staton says:

      It’s a very good question that is difficult to answer.

      Nobody wants them to overpay and they seem to be trying to sort a cap mess out. Which is fair enough.

      But they’ll struggle to spend $110m in cap room in 2019. So what exactly are they saving for?

      • AndrewP says:

        A few extensions come to mind… Wagner, Wilson, Clark, Reed…

        I dunno. Just spit-balling.

      • Haystacker509 says:

        Could it be they want to go after Donald next year?

      • Hawk Eye says:

        they want their guys at their price.
        I don’t see the Pats signing anyone, so they are not alone.
        and we don’t know what they have offered SR or Suh, etc.
        still early, FA just started. Lots of guys signing contracts that are too high for the Hawks at the moment

        and by the time we get closer to 2019, some of the 2019 cap room will be gone or they will have to replace KJ, Earl, Brown and more. It will go fast once you have a full roster

        • Rob Staton says:

          It’s a fair point about the Pats. The thing is — the Pats are very good at bargain shopping. They’re unique in that. And they’ve also consistently won with Brady and Belichick as the two mainstays. They also have more draft picks than Seattle in the value range.

    • Aaron says:

      Smart. ASJ isn’t a plus blocker, he’s only adequate. Most everything else so far is way too high imo. Build through the draft and supplement through FA. Younger, cheaper, and hungrier.

    • vrtkolman says:

      If we lose Sheldon and fail to sign Suh then I will be fairly upset. To be fair, Seattle isn’t a very appealing team at the moment. A lot of our stars are being jettisoned, the team is on the downswing, and frankly the coaching hasn’t really utilized the players well as of late. Sheldon can’t be happy that he only had 1 sack in a contract season and Graham’s utilization was still mind boggling all the way to the end of last season. Stretch run plays to his side? Really?

    • DC says:

      I think their priority is to land an impact DT. Suh. Bargain shopping from there. If Suh signs elsewhere then Sheldon & if they both sign elsewhere then plan C would be to bolster the OL prior to the draft and bargain shop a DT, TE & whatever else.

      Suh is the lynchpin.

  47. drewdawg11 says:

    ASJ taking that deal… now watch us throw stupid money at Crabtree. John is so far not impressing me again. I feel like I’ve become overly cynical about his performance the last few years. I need him to prove me wrong.

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      Im not sure what is going on here, 2 years $10 million for ASJ seemed fair. I wonder what the Seahawks tried offering him. Something stinks in suburbia

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        He wanted to be a Seahawk and we couldnt give him that deal. Im pretty pissed right now.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think we can say with some certainty that the Seahawks will not be signing Michael Crabtree. Not their type at all. In terms of play or personality.

    • DCD2 says:

      I tend to agree. JS needs to hire Rob as a consultant to get a fresh perspective.

      Unless this is all part of some master plan to get Suh and Richardson both, it seems we’re pinching pennies (ala Blair Walsh) so that we can be the highest bidder from the bargain bin.

      Ed Dickson come on down

    • Patrick Toler says:

      A year ago ASJ was still dealing with active addiction and had been pretty much a failure in the NFL. I’m rooting for him to stay healthy and prosper, but they may not have been comfortable giving him a guarantee after meeting with him in person.

  48. Jake says:

    ASJ for only two years $10m? Not doing that will prove to be a mistake, IMO. Don’t understand that.

  49. vrtkolman says:

    Are we really getting upset over ASJ? I would rather have Ed Dickson over him IMO.

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      its all about upside. ASJ has plenty and Dickson has none.

      • vrtkolman says:

        I understand where you are coming from, he does have the size to be a mismatch weapon. But after 4 years he is still nothing but upside. You know what you are getting with Dickson, a decent blocker who can roll out and catch downfield. Nothing special but I think he fits what Pete wants to do.

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          I wouldnt mind Dickson as I do think he would fit in. But you see how much having a mismatch TE can help your offense.
          He is young and from here and wanted to play here and finally figured things out, just venting

          • vrtkolman says:

            That’s fair. Maybe he did figure things out, but 7 yards per catch doesn’t really excite me.

            • Jake says:

              On the Jets. On the JETS. With McCown as QB and very few other weapons around. I’ve seen the yards-per-catch stat quoted in a few spots and I think it’s unfair without context.

              • vrtkolman says:

                McCown wasn’t all that bad last year, up until the last few weeks of the season at least.

                • drewdawg11 says:

                  Dickson over ASJ? Wow, I don’t even know what to say to that. I hope he’s super cheap…

        • Jake says:

          It’s not a huge deal. But if the point of this offseason was to get younger, cheaper, bigger, and faster, then ASJ checks those boxes a hell of a lot more than Dickson does. At half the cost of Jimmy Graham and 6 years younger. AND in a draft year that is a) weak on tight ends; b) where the Hawks have little capital.

          Put it this way: because of his age and physical skills, you can envision a player like ASJ having a role on the next Seahawks team that contends for a Super Bowl (likely not until 2019 or 2020 at earliest, at this rate). Ed Dickson? Very unlikely. Stopgap, if anything.

          • vrtkolman says:

            The goal is also to fix the running game, and I think Dickson helps with that more than ASJ. Dickson was primarily a blocking tight end in Carolina, who is as run heavy as we usually are.

        • Mark Souza says:

          Sounds like we should be all-in on Nick Vanette.

    • Simo says:

      Why aren’t we focusing more on bringing Luke W back at TE? A young, relatively cheap option that Russ is familiar with already.

      • Hawk Eye says:

        I love Luke, great guy, hard worker, token Canuck, but not reliable hands and not a great blocker.
        He is the typical JAG, not a difference maker.
        welcome to come back, happy for him if he gets a better deal somewhere else…

    • DCD2 says:

      I think the frustration is that we aren’t really doing anything, it seems. Granted this is day 2 of FA, but we have a lot of holes and the only one we’ve attempted to plug has been Barkeveous Mingo. We don’t have the picks to address everything in the draft.

      That aside, ASJ would have at least given us a passing threat. Dickson isn’t going to be much of a receiver. We lost 16 TD’s in Graham and PRich (maybe 4 more in Willson) from last year. Guys can step up, but for $5M, ASJ seems like a worthwhile investment, especially in the RZ.

  50. sSeahawkeyezSub80 says:

    PS/JS playing low ball. Suh and Richardson would have signed already. It either going to payoff or….Yeah definetly a step back/reset year. Alot of capspace for 2019 and let our young guys develop. Pete gets his college age eager to buy in.

  51. Greg Haugsven says:

    Alot of people including myself are upset and angry on twitter about not ponying up for ASJ.

  52. Haystacker509 says:

    Posted this above but what if they’re saving cap for a run at Donald next year?

  53. Hawk Eye says:

    hmm, lots of bitchin about not signing this guy or that guy.
    Sounds a lot like the bitchin about signing Kam, Lane and Bennett after the extensions did not work out

    maybe, just maybe, JS is trying not to repeat mistakes

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      Either way you look at it we just have to move on. Maybe Dickson can come in and help with the running game and Vannett can break out as a pass catcher.

      • Hawk Eye says:

        if the last few years of 2nd and 3rd round picks don’t step forward this year, the Hawks are screwed anyways. Way too much draft capital to sit on the bench, they have to play and perform or the rebuild is much bigger
        if they do play and perform, then the hand wringing is just impatience

    • Rob Staton says:

      This is very true. Avoiding past mistakes is vital.

      • Hawk Eye says:

        and let’s not forget, 31 other teams competing for same pool of players.
        LET SOME OF THEM MAKE MISTAKES, then take advantage later.
        next year they can give away 6th and 7th round picks for players other teams have to dump after they paid the bonus and have a big cap hit for the seller, but small cap hit for the buyer

      • Trevor says:

        Agreed but not sure how a not signing a 25 yr old TE is remotely the same as extending two core SB players on big $ 3rd contracts. Please explain.

        • Hawk Eye says:

          they want him a price that fits for them. If someone else wants to go over that and get “auction fever”, then let them.
          I used to go to a lot of auctions for business and I would see people pay more than things would cost new or way more than they were worth because they would get competitive. This is similar, agents are playing the game and some GM’s play it better than others.

          maybe JS does not think ASJ is worth what you think he is. And who has better insight into that?

    • 12th chuck says:

      The value with ASJ, he could fill a need without having to spend a draft pick. I would think that is on the cheap as well. Same with Richardson.11 mill is affordable, and it sounds like they both wanted to play here, buy in to the philosophy and compete. The Bennett contract wasn’t that bad, hence trading him vs. cutting him. Cant really predict a career ending injury either. Lane was a mistake, I will agree to that. Hard to pass up starters with so many holes to fill

  54. Trevor says:

    That seemed like a ressonable deal for ASJ but if the funds are allocated towards Suh or Richardson that is fine with me. If they don’t sign either of those guys I really question what thier plan is.

    • Simo says:

      ASJ isn’t a difference maker, but Suh certainly is. Shouldn’t have let him get on a plane for New Orleans, gonna regret it. Just sign Dickson, or re-sign Luke W and we’ll be fine at TE. Try to find another playmaker at WR or RB should be a priority.

  55. sSeahawkeyezSub80 says:

    i know ASJ must have been hurt. Thinking man Seattle wont sign me for 5 million a year. Thats not alot of money for somebody with his upside. Staying positive. Go hawks

  56. Trevor says:

    My prediction

    Suh to NO or Jets

    Richardson to Vikes

    If that happens just trade Earl for all you can get and make 2018 a rebuild/ churn year to see what you have in the young guys and start making a push in free agency in 2019.

    With this roster as it stands it would make zero sense to give Earl a big $ extension.

  57. Trevor says:

    For everyone upset about ASJ. Ask yourself this. With all the cap space the Jets have why wouldn’t they pay ASJ $10mil they know him better than anyone.

    • Del tre says:

      Because he has never broken 400 yards in a season, he had less than 400 last year in 13 games and had the lowest yards per catch of any receiver on the jets at 7 yards.
      I mean i hope he does well, not rooting against him but i see why the hawks hit a hard pass

    • Jake says:

      This is a very good point.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Yup. Whenever you pay for a FA, you also pay for the reason they are a FA…

    • sSeahawkeyezSub80 says:

      excellent point.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        Also paying for upside, which he has. The Jets offense was atrocious last year. Those numbers could be bigger with a more prolific offense.I wonder what his catch rate was?

  58. drewdawg11 says:

    Yeah that would suck, but honestly we have no clue what’s going on in these meetings. Stil, not signing Suh or Sheldon seems pretty weak. Can’t roll it all into next year and have $120 million in space?

  59. Gohawks5151 says:

    People need to chill. Day 2 of Free agency. Still have options to shore up TE and DL. It just may not be who we all wanted. Speaking of, so many were calling for a churn or rebuild. That’s what we are getting. A lot of young guys are gonna play. No doubting that now. Gonna have to do the hard thing as usual and just wait and see. We should be used to it after always being idle on the first wave of FA and trading back in the draft every year. How good is next year’s free agent class?

  60. Sea Mode says:

    Matt Barrows

    #49ers free-agent DL Tank Carradine is visiting the #Raiders now, has a visit scheduled with #Seahawks if necessary.

    2:31 PM – 15 Mar 2018

  61. Millhouse-serbia says:

    Jason La Canfora
    ‏ @JasonLaCanfora

    Seahawks in discussions with several teams regarding Earl Thomas. Seeking a 1st and 3rd round pick in return. May get more

    • Bill Bobaggins says:

      If you can get a 1st and a 3rd (and maybe more) for ET at this point…that’s a tough one to pass up.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Say those last three words again… !

      • Millhouse-serbia says:

        But sea mode, if we dont sign Sheldon nor Suh, what are our chances for something big next season? 3-5%?
        This is the last chance to get something for ET, and if it is 1st and 3rd we need to accept that.

        • Sea Mode says:

          I agree. Was just expressing excitement about the words “may get more”.

          I would accept the R1 and R3 at this point after Earl’s hold out threats, but even more would be even better!

        • DCD2 says:

          I think he was referring to: “may get more”.

          Most of the chatter has been a 2 & a 3 was the best we could hope for. I think most of us would be pumped to get a 1 & 3.

          Trade the 1 for a 2 & 3, and the 3 for a 2019 2nd and we’re back to two full draft classes.

    • SoCal12 says:

      2019 will be a crazy year for us if someone bites on giving us a 1st and 3rd for Earl. Like can you imagine getting all these picks this year plus like $100mill in cap space for the offseason? Total roster overhaul at that point I imagine.

      • Bill Bobaggins says:

        Yes. Yes. Yes.

      • H says:

        And here’s me starting to relax over getting rid of one of the best defensive players of the last decade still in his prime…
        Id understand if they move on, but I dont want this

  62. HawkfaninMT says:

    Can someone clear up for me what you mean when you say “hard pass?” Does that mean “it’s a hard decision, but I have to pass.” Or does it mean “no only a pass, but a HARD pass.”? I can’t really tell based on the comments

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      If they trade Earl then it could be Suh and Sheldon time. Will need pressure to help out the back end.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        Damn millhouse, do you have twitter running 24-7…lol. Your on it.

        • Millhouse-serbia says:

          My wife is at theatre, kid is sleeping, and i am on twitter and NFL network “non stop”. 😀 Now I need to go to sleep. it’s 11pm here at Bekgrade and i need to wake up at 5am.

    • Trevor says:

      Earl to SD for a 1st and 3rd would be perfect! If they have an offer like that JS should have already pulled the trigger!

      • vrtkolman says:

        And may get more? Wow, dunno if I believe this but there is no way you pass this up.

      • Patrick Toler says:

        This is always the destination I’ve thought about for him. Would work so well with that pass rush.

        • Sea Mode says:

          And they don’t have much longer of a window with Rivers either, so it makes even more sense for them to go all in now.

    • EBurgz says:

      1st and a 3rd is a lot. Would be tempting with that kind of return even for me haha.

  63. EBurgz says:

    Free agency wish list:
    Antonio Gates/ Celek/ Dickson

    • Trevor says:

      I like it!

      Suh, Dickson, Maxwell and Fluker would be ideal.

      If we trade Earl then add Eric Reid to the list.

      • Millhouse-serbia says:

        We don’t need Reid. We have Hill as SS and Mcdougald as FS.

      • EBurgz says:

        You want McDookie at FS? Has to be someone else for me. I rewatched some games he played at SS and I’ll admit I was being a hater but I still think he’s JAG.

        I have always enjoyed your comments, Trevor. We align on most points but I can’t get behind trading earl. A 1st and a 3rd might be too much to refuse tho.

        • Trevor says:

          I would be with you 100% on Earl if I thought we were a contender next year. The is a sure fire HOFer with at least a couple of good years left. But with team clearly in rebuild Mode why not go all the way in. The one area I trust our coaching staff to coach up is the secondary so it just makes too much sense if they really can get a 1,3 +

          • Sea Mode says:

            Rebuild Mode… that’s my cousin 😉

            • Greg Haugsven says:

              I like Suh, Maxwell, Dickson, and Fluker. I agree with Millhouse and let Hill try and win SS unless Reid is super cheap. Let the two compete.

          • Mike L says:

            I’m trying to remember who BWagz got mad at on twitter last year for “being jealous of his success” (or something along those lines)..was that ET??

  64. Sea Mode says:

    Mary Kay Cabot

    Updated: #Browns still pursuing Terrelle Pryor; #Rams and #Seahawks have expressed interest too

    9:11 AM – 15 Mar 2018

  65. Greg Haugsven says:

    Damn, Luke Willson to visit the Jaguars. They might just hoard them all.

    • Volume12 says:

      Lit! Good for Jacksonville. They sense blood in the water in regards to their division and absolutely can not force the run 100% of the time like they did in the AFCC game in his year.

      • Hawk Eye says:

        they smell a chance to take the AFC, and then the year after will be in cap hell. They won’t care if the win the SB, just like Eagles this year

  66. drewdawg11 says:

    If they get that for Earl they have to take it. That solves most of the issues with our draft this season and you know they’ll trade at least one of those picks to get more. Now who is willing to pull the trigger? Let’s possibly keep him out of the NFC.

    • Hawk Eye says:

      complete reset and you won’t get comp pics for losing guys next year because you will have too much cap space and will be signing FA’s

  67. Volume12 says:

    Seahawks met with Portland St CB Chris Seisay, a transfer from Oregon.

    6’1, 197 lbs.
    4.51 40
    6.63 3 cone
    4.10 SS
    38″ vert
    10’2″ broad jump

    • Volume12 says:

      Speaking of Oregon, DB Tyree Robinson, one of their biggest leaders and only allowed a 50% catch rate, hit a 4.48 and 37.5″ vert. 6’3, 199 lbs., but let’s see what his official measurement is.

    • Morgan says:

      Portland State, isn’t that where Jeremy Lane went to school too?

  68. vrtkolman says:

    [Rapaport] There is a holdup in the expected $29M deal between the #Ravens and WR Ryan Grant, source said. They found something in the physical that concerned them given the level of guarantees they committed to him. That is why he has not signed his deal.

    One of the comments – “The doctors must have found his career statistics”

    I laughed!

  69. DCD2 says:

    NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport reports there’s been a “holdup” in Ryan Grant’s four-year, $29 million contract with the Ravens after the team “found something in the physical that concerned them.”


    ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Michael Crabtree will visit the Ravens on Friday.

    Buyers remorse?

    • vrtkolman says:

      What an incredibly bad faith move by Baltimore if that is actually true. Free agents should boycott them.

  70. drewdawg11 says:

    Why? All deals are pending a physical. That’s like saying you’d get mad at a woman for agreeing to date you, but then she finds out you’re married. If they find a concealed injury they have every right to hold off.

    • vrtkolman says:

      Oh I agree with that, completely. The questions is did Baltimore “find something wrong” right after Crabtree and was released, and they are already meeting up with him tomorrow.

  71. drewdawg11 says:

    Oh well I don’t know about that. Honestly I don’t care about any of these parties involved. I just want a DT signing and a running game.

  72. Sea Mode says:

    Holy moly WR Jeff Badet Oklahoma pro day

    6-0, 178
    4.27 40yd
    16 bench
    7.19 3C
    39 1/2 vert
    10-11 broad

    • JimQ says:

      WR-Jeff Badet, Oklahoma, 5-111/183, 31″-arms, 72″-wingspan, 8.5″ hands, Currently unranked at nfldraftscout.com & was a combine snub. Was at shrine game.

      2016: 31/670/*21.6-ypc* = (#6 in FBS), 4-TD’s, at Kentucky, in 2017 he went to Oklahoma as a graduate.
      2017: 14-games, 26/400/15.4-ypc, 3-TD’s.
      Career 46-games, 108/1785/16.5-ypc, 10-TD’s.

      Unranked and out of nowhere, he runs a 4.27/40? = you can’t coach speed, but you can coach up a receiver.
      Rd-7/UDFA he should be well worth a look because…… speed kills.

  73. DC says:

    Curious about what Suh was actually doing in Seattle when he posted that vid. He was still under contract at the time so he couldn’t “officially” be meeting with the Seahawks could he? Would seem to flag a tampering situation.

  74. SheHawk says:

    Seems like we’re getting”too cute” yet again. Why create cap space to do nothing?? Wouldn’t they have a few keyFAs lined up. Hope their not sitting on hands waiting for a resolution with Earl while great fit FAs sign elsewhere.. Beyond our super stars – several good hawks gone to other teams ( Shead, Prich, JG.) We’ve resign McDougall and 1 other. Let’s get moving. Seems we don’t have enough draft picks to fill all the gaps even if ET3 is traded. Time to get moving

  75. SeahawkeyezSub80 says:

    Definetly fills like we rumaging thru the walmart 5$ Dvd/cd bin. Even tho can find a gem sometimes.