Report: Seahawks discussing Earl Thomas trade

This is the first update in a while on the future of Earl Thomas. It might also partly explain the relatively quiet start to free agency.

Maybe they’ve been waiting for this domino to fall?

After all, this would be a big call. It’d be another high profile departure.

Has it been coming though? Seattle’s first move in free agency was to re-sign Bradley McDougald. That could’ve been stage one. Stage two could be trading Earl Thomas. And from that position, the rest of the off-season plan kicks into place.

The Seahawks clearly want to make changes to the roster and specifically get younger on defense. It’s safe to presume they want to avoid handing out large contract extensions similar to the ones given to Michael Bennett and Kam Chancellor.

Why are they not committing money (so far) to a hefty pursuit of Ndamukong Suh? Why didn’t they sign Austin Seferian-Jenkins? Why is Sheldon Richardson visiting with the Vikings and not inking a new contract with Seattle?

Possibly for the same reason — avoiding expensive and regrettable contracts.

The Seahawks got themselves into an ugly cap situation before. They might be doing their upmost to avoid that happening again. And that includes with Earl Thomas.

If the Seahawks deal Thomas and receive as much as a first and third round pick — it would open up the draft. With only one pick in the first three rounds currently, they’re going to struggle to fill most of their needs. With two first rounds picks, a third and the option to move down and acquire extra stock — they’d be much better placed to retool.

How would they replace Thomas?

They’ve already re-signed Bradley McDougald for insurance. Eric Reid has had a suspiciously quiet start to free agency (surprisingly it hasn’t received more media coverage considering his connection to the protests). He could provide a cost effective short-term solution next to McDougald while they draft and develop some younger players. Delano Hill and Tedric Thompson are also on the roster.

They could also look at Jessie Bates III early in the draft. He’s a highly talented free safety with the range, instinct and discipline Seattle likes. Natrell Jamerson at Wisconsin could be another option and they seem to have taken a shine to his team mate Nick Nelson too.

Tyrann Mathieu also remains a free agent.

Essentially, they’d have options at safety. They won’t be able to replace Earl with a younger replica. Thomas is a Hall of Fame talent, one of a kind. It’s important to remember though — the Seahawks almost didn’t have Earl Thomas to begin with. Philadelphia traded up in the 2010 draft to get ahead of Seattle. Everyone thought they would select Thomas. They took Brandon Graham. That’s how close they were to never having Earl. And yet the Pete Carroll era wouldn’t have just crumpled had the Eagles made a different choice.

Having two first round picks would provide the opportunity to add defensive talent and properly fix the running game at a reasonable price. They’d have no trouble manipulating the board to get one of the top running backs (Ronald Jones II, Nick Chubb, Kerryon Johnson for example) and one of the top interior offensive linemen (Isaiah Wynn, Will Hernandez, Austin Corbett, Billy Price, Frank Ragnow).

They could also seek value on defense. Jessie Bates III is likely an earlier round option and we’ve discussed the huge potential of Leighton Vander Esch. They could look at Josh Sweat who certainly fits some of the traits they’ve looked for in an EDGE rusher.

There’s a long list of names they could look at. That’s a topic we’ll save for another day if/when a trade is complete. At the moment it’s just one report, albeit quite a matter of fact report.

It might provide some insight into Seattle’s inactive start to free agency though. Have they been waiting for this? Keeping an eye on some of the options but knowing this had to fall first? Planning around this potential bombshell?

This feels like a crucial 24-48 hours.

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  1. Sean-O

    A 1st & a 3rd (if true) plus a likely extension for ET3 is awfully steep for any team you’d think. Wonder if SEA would explore ET3 for a player (Zack Martin) plus a 3rd?

    • Rob Staton

      No way Dallas would trade Zach Martin.

      I think if it is a first and a third — it’ll be a later first than #19.

      • Sea Mode

        You never know what’s going on in Jerry’s world… 😉

        Jason La Canfora

        Cowboys are among the teams with interest in Earl Thomas, I’m told. They are hardly alone

        3:55 PM – 15 Mar 2018

      • Sean-O

        Both ET3 & Martin entering the last year of their deals. It’s a longshot but maybe Jerrah might be up for a blockbuster.

        Part of the problem is whoever does potentially make a deal for Earl will want (and will need to be able to afford) to sign him to an extension. Plus, will Earl want to sign long-term with that team? Lots of moving parts.

        Definitely feels like a where there’s smoke, there’s fire situation….

        • Rob Staton

          Jerry Jones knows he has a small window with Dak Prescott’s contract being ultra cheap. Swapping Martin for Thomas doesn’t improve Dallas it just means they have a good player at a different position. Dallas will be looking to add, not make a sideways move.

          • Sean-O

            Certainly not looking to debate but I think if you can trade from your strength to help improve a weakness while in that small window, it’s not a sideways move. DAL’s cap situation is real rough, there not in much of a position to add. Plus, DAL has a better shot on getting the next Zack Martin at #19 than they do getting the next Earl Thomas.

            I just hope PCJS don’t cave to whoever’s demands. Stand firm on compensation!

          • Del tre

            Cowboys want to win now and are going to be a willing to overpay for talent because they have struggled to draft high quality corners, Earl is a fixer for that issue.

      • Nathan

        Can they afford to pay 3 O linemen top dollar?

        • 80SLargent

          3 offensive lineman top dollar? I don’t remember where I read it, but the Cowboys are paying their starting 5 O-Linemen $52M this season. That’s freakin’ nuts.

          • Nathan

            As in, Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick are already on big deals.

            Zack Martin is still on his rookie deal and due to be paid soon as well.

            • 80SLargent

              I think we’re on the same page. It doesn’t seem like the greatest idea to have so much cap space tied to one position group like Dallas does.

  2. cha

    A 1st round + 3rd round + $8.5m of 2018 cap room is enticing. And maybe more?

    Hard not to see that being the best possible outcome for the Hawks.

    • Jeff J

      And now it looks like the Hawks are interest in the Honey Badger.
      1st + 3rd + Honey Badger, how much of a drop off in play should we expect from the FS spot?

      • 80SLargent

        Shooting from the hip here, but I think it would mean Seattle plays more 2 deep safeties. Honey Badger doesn’t cover field like ET – then again – nobody does. Having Earl is almost like having an extra defender on the field. The logic for trading him is quite understandable, but if/when this trade happens, I’m going to be absolutely sick about it.

        • Lewis

          I get it, but he’s only under contract for one more year and he was putting out vibes he wanted to leave long before the defense was dismantled by injuries and departures. Even if they pay him, how happy is he going to be without Richard, Kam, etc.?

          • Mark Souza

            Part of why Arizona is letting Tyrann Mathieu go is he hasn’t been the same since his knee injury. His game, much like Earl’s is predicated on speed, and since his injury, he’s not as fast and effective as he once was. Arizona determined his performance wasn’t living up to what they were paying him.

            When people talk of bringing Tyrann Mathieu to the Hawks, they’re thinking of the pre-injury All Star, not the reality of what he is now. I’d like to bring in the All Star as well, but that guy is gone. The guy that remains is more like Tedrick Thompson than the Honey Badger.

  3. Matt

    I have felt that the trade was more real, than not for a long time. I think you make excellent comments regarding the cap situation. However, I do think a very real factor in all of this is the locker room element. I don’t have to rehash the Cowboy incident or the tiff with Bobby Wagner. And in no way, am I trying to characterize ET as a bad guy.

    But for the last several years, this has seem like a fractured team. Oddly enough, the guy who seems to be hanging on, is Kam Chancellor. What separates Kam from the other guys? Kam is not a loud mouth, he reinforces the culture of toughness and accountability, and most importantly, he hasn’t been a distraction outside of his contract holdout.

    While I 100% agree this is a cap/draft ammo related move – I do think the cultural aspect is a bigger role than many want to admit. This just feels like JS/PC are hitting the reset button from a “team” perspective. This offseason is looking like an intentional shuffling to build around the leadership of RW and Bobby Wagner, with Kam being here as mentor (in some capacity). 2 guys who scream everything that PC loves.

    Again, I don’t claim insider knowledge, but this team has just felt off for awhile and I think many of these moves have undertones of admitting such.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you’ve touched on some excellent points, Matt.

      • D-OZ


    • Matt

      And apologies for continuing to bang this drum. I just believe this to be true and I think it’s monumentally important to get a healthier-functioning team (internally).

      • BobbyK

        Funny. I wrote some of the cultural things before before having read yours (or I’d have commented here). Definitely hitting the reset button.

        • Matt

          Just read yours. Great stuff.

          Something has felt very off about this team. Doesn’t matter how talented you are if you can’t function as one. I know that sounds cliché but football is such a team sport. I’m just surprised the team hadn’t wilted even sooner.

        • D-OZ

          And so did I…

          • D-OZ

            They won’t re-sign Richardson. A change in philosophy is forthcoming. Love to see Sue though.

      • lil'stink

        I agree about the culture element. Earl was never as “loud” as Bennett or Sherman but there’s a reason Wagner was voted defensive captain when Kam had his holdout. I think Earl’s behavior the last year has certainly gone against PC’s team above all else philosophy.

    • Troy

      Yup while this has impacts on the cap and draft picks and everything else, I agree that the biggest change they are trying to impact is in regaining control of the team, trying to re-establish how they want the team to unfold going forward. Basically get on the bus or get off the bus, which I agree with.

      • Matt

        As do I. It’s been frustrating watching this team be it’s own worst enemy for the better part of 3 years. Something has/had to change.

        • Troy

          also leading the league in penalties…aka beating themselves…that HAS TO CHANGE! I hope that is the #1 point of emphasis from the new coaches.

          • BobbyK

            They don’t need to have the same talent level (which they won’t without Sherman, ET, etc.) if they can cut their penalties in half… which isn’t unreasonable since they had so much worse than even the second closest in penalties last year.

    • Trevor

      Great points Matt! I would love to see the Hawks keep Kam as an assistant coach by the way.

      • SeahawkeyezSub80

        Im starting to buy into Kam as a locker room/expensive coach/mentor this year.With the slightest chance of playing

      • beWARRENed

        Lil of topic but you’ve been warned here first “Wicked Pissah” Belichick didnt even coach the last super bowl and dont think he is not in crontrol of whats going down, NE falling apart way worse then us hes going to show kraft he’s he real goat, Why do I not see a Offensive Coordinator on the 49ers 2018 coaching staff hmmm..could be the dagger to Kraft and where he finishes out his career rather helping handing the torch so to speak to Shanahan and the 49ers become great again, while setting a trap in NE.. Though I am a Hawks fan 4life and would love the 49er rivalry again, I commend Belichick and think this would be a perfect ending…

    • SeahawkeyezSub80


      • AlaskaHawk

        Maybe the takeaway is that Pete Carroll’s strengths are aligned with training players in the college window of 4-5 years. He trains them up (especially defense) , a few elite players get a second contract, and then it is time to move on.

        Pete cares too much and is not ready to crack the whip on a bunch of antagonistic vets. Unlike he who must not be named, who is quite willing to trade anyone he doesn’t like – or sit them out through a superbowl game.

        Maybe that is just the best way to handle things while Pete Carroll is head coach.

        • Greg Haugsven

          If they lose ET that could also put more of an emphasis on keeping Sheldon, maybe even adding Suh. There is nothing better for a weker secondary then a great pass rush. If they move on from ET they would have enough cap space to add them both at that point. Question is would they want to?

          • Mark Souza

            Exactly right. It’s much easier to cover people if you only have to do it for two seconds. And if a quarterback doesn’t get time in the pocket, you’ll never be beat deep.

  4. BobbyK

    I have to think this talk is mostly locker room related. The egos, the longer you are somewhere – the less likely you are buy buy-in (kumbaya comments from Sherm), etc. They are trying to change the culture that has crept up on them and they are getting rid of the (talented) guys they don’t see as “all-in” players anymore. Pretty unusual for a head coach to fire almost his entire coaching staff (as least the most important ones) if there isn’t some “re-culturing” going on). I remember the Wagner tweet after he tried playing in the second Rams game. I know we all say things in the heat of the moment, but it didn’t feel right.

    On paper, giving ET a third contract makes so much more sense. He’s still in his prime, plays a position where some players age well, etc. He’s a generational talent. But if he doesn’t buy in the way a coach needs – you have to cut ties.

    I know we can argue Kam was a generational talent at SS, but not in the same way. His game was so much more violent and physical that it’s obvious the body of a SS like that will break down much earlier. And if you think of Bennett, he was really on a fourth contract (sure, his original deal to come to Seattle from Tampa was a 1-year deal, but still).

    It won’t be fun to lose ET, but Pete’s gotta do what he’s gotta do in terms of getting 100% of the guys on the same page. I just don’t see how they are going to get a 1 and 3 for ET, but if they trade him – I sure hope they can. If they can get that haul, or something like it, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of those two picks weren’t going to be in 2019 (and one this year). It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I don’t think it is obvious that ET won’t have the same physical breakdown as Kam did. It is a hard hitting sport. Half the time the injury comes from your own players – safety on cornerback or safety on safety.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Lets say they do trade with Dallas. Would you rather have there 1st or there 2nd and 3rd?

        • BobbyK

          The 1. Because you can always trade down. Even if they just traded down a little bit from the Cowboys pick at 19 – they’d still probably get a 4th round pick back. And I’d rather have a pick in the early-20s or something AND a 4th round pick vs. not getting a pick from Dallas until the later 2nd (and 3rd) round.

  5. Sea Mode

    Holy moly WR Jeff Badet Oklahoma pro day

    6-0, 178
    4.27 40yd
    16 bench
    7.19 3C
    39 1/2 vert
    10-11 broad

  6. Sea Mode

    Jordan Schultz

    Update: Ndamukong Suh — who will visit the #Saints on Friday per @SlaterNFL — tells me he remains interested in the #Seahawks. A league source confirms that the feeling is mutual from the SEA side. Market is heating up for the 6x All-Pro. Now we wait.

    3:45 PM – 15 Mar 2018

    • Coleslaw

      So we’re gonna get priced out.

      • red

        Bennie Logan?

        • D-OZ

          I don’t think we are going to get priced out. Hawks offer 3yr. 45 mil. 30 mil. guaranteed.

          • Mark Souza

            Is that from a source, or just what you would do?

    • Pran

      Suh is a Hawk the moment Earl trade confirms! They are going to load up on DL ang go young on secondary.

  7. Trevor

    Look like the plan is clear this offseason. Fix the run game and get younger on defense.

    I am hoping they add getting tougher in the trenches with Suh, Fluker and Hernandez.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Adding Fluker could be good so they can create competition. His salary probably wouldnt be that high where he would be an automatic starter. Then draft a guy like Hernandez. Let Hernandez, Fluker, and Pocic battle it out for the two guard spots.

      • Trevor

        That would be a nice situation IMO.

        Fluker can also play RT in a pinch and Pocic can also backup Britt.

  8. RWIII

    I have been saying for awhile(on this forum) it would be in Seattle’s interest to trade Earl Thomas. If they can get a 1st round pick. I do find it hard to believe the Hawks would get both a 1st and a 3rd.

    • vrtkolman

      Sounds like Earl may have a hot market, which is great news for us.

    • DCD2

      Maybe it’s a 2019 (1) and this years 3? Something like that might give both sides pause.

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        With Houston Texans. Get our third round pick back for Brown trade. LOL

    • Awsi Dooger

      As an outsider I would be semi shocked if Thomas fetched a first and third.

      Seemingly it would have to be a very late first and/or a very stupid trade partner.

      Teams simply don’t like to part with that much draft ammo, so close to the draft and after investing so much time and so many resources. The caliber of player in question almost doesn’t matter. Non quarterback and you don’t get that much.

      • vrtkolman

        Hoping we find a very stupid trade partner.

        • Greg Haugsven

          TBH and 1st and a 3rd feels like a pipe dream. Maybe if that 3rd was in 2019.

          • D-OZ

            I have seen a lot of stupid trade partners as of late…

            • 0Benjamin Ft. Worth

              Yeah, who was that stupid trade partner that gave up a 1st, a 3rd, and a 7th for Percy Harvin? Hmmmm….lemme see, lemme see….oh, it’s on the tip of my tongue! Can someone help me out?!

              • 0Benjamin Ft. Worth

                I’m still ALL in on Derrius Guice. Next to Barkley, he’s the best RB in the draft for me. And his toughness screams Seahawk to me.

  9. Curt the Dirt

    If we’re able to get a first and a third in return, why not sign Mathieu and pay him 3/30? That would allow John to restock the cupboard while replacing Earl with a quality safety, albeit taking a hit on the coverage front. Mathieu is also younger and plays the game with passion. Pete would love to have him in the fold to show the young guys how it’s done..

    • vrtkolman

      Arizona fans think the Honey Badger lost a step or two because of his injury history.

      • Sean-O

        I wonder if a deal was to happen if they’d explore Eric Reid instead? He’d definitely have less suitors & be cheaper.

        • vrtkolman

          I like Reid although I don’t think he’s much of a difference maker. He’s solid, much like McDougald.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I could see them signing Reid (maybe 1 year $2 million like McDougald last year)and letting Reid and Hill battle it out for the SS position. Lets also remember that Kam could possible be in the mix as well.

        • 0Benjamin Ft. Worth

          I loved watching Matheiu, Reid, and Peterson all playing together at the sane time. That was some of the best LSU years. The Honey Badger could take over an entire game all by himself. Some say Golden Tate could make 5 guys miss in an elevator. Well the Honey Badger could do it in an elevator. I loved watching him on punt returns.

          • Mark Souza

            Yup, that was the pre-injury Honey Badger. If he still played the same way, he’d still be a Cardinal.

    • drewdawg11

      Why in the world would you pay him the same $10 million AYP as Earl to be a much lesser player? No thanks. Cheaper or forget it… plus he’s made of glass.

      • beWARRENed

        Because we would get a 1st+3rd on top of Mathieu, he would be the best replacement who is only a step&1/2 behind earl, but who really is along the same line as good as thomas…Or I would like to see Thom(as)son tedrick get a chance could become the next earl. And put that money on DL for suh and Sheldon, that’d be scary mix that teams would fear and force balls early into the hand of our young safties. One 1st rounder for ol and 1st for cb, 3rd on Penny..Or how bout trade him to Brown’s for just the #1 switch for our 18thpick to grab Barkley plus a 3rd and a comp later, would be my pipe dream…

  10. Peanut

    If they trade ET3, which will be a very sad moment indeed, I´m 100% sure HoneyBadger goes to Seattle.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Why 100%. McDougald is actually a FS not a SS. I would think Bradley would just slide to Earl’s spot.

      • mishima

        Agree. Considering last year’s DB draft + continued interest in DBs, seems like JSPC would use an ET trade to get younger, cheaper on D and allocate more resources to the offense.

  11. BobbyK

    I’m trying to figure out which teams would most want ET (fit, salary cap, draft picks, etc.)…

    Jacksonville? Cleveland? Dan Snyder always likes shiny toys. The obvious Texas connection with the Cowboys (seems illogical) and the other team in that state doesn’t have any draft picks in the first couple rounds.

    • vrtkolman

      Wonder if Cleveland would offer a high 2nd this year and a 1st next year? Haha, one can dream…

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      Texans 3rd round this year(from Seattle) and next years first round (if they have one?)

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        Option 2: Texans 2nd round this year(if they have one) and both our 3rd round picks back?

        • Greg Haugsven

          What do you think about him going to Cleveland for pick 33 and 64? The question would be would he sign an extension with any team that isnt the Cowboys?

          • Hawksince77


          • Hawksince77

            That’s the only reason I can think of. Cleveland has the cap space to make him the highest paid safety, what he wants. Seattle won’t do it, and perhaps Dallas can’t.

    • mishima

      My bet: LA Chargers.

      • SoCal12

        Chargers would make sense, but I looked at their cap and it seems pretty bad right now with only 15.1mil left. Unless they’re cutting guys, they won’t have enough to keep let alone extend him.

        It would have to be someone like Buffalo or Tennessee who have capital and can use an immediate piece on defense.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          The Chargers can save $8.5m with 0 dead $ by cutting Verrett. That covers Earl’s contract for 2018.

          • SoCal12

            That could work but we’ll see. I would accept a deal for the Chargers #17 plus their third but I’m skeptical we’ll get a return that high or if anything if comes to fruition.

  12. Hawksince77

    ET for Cleveland’s second pick, 4 overall. Draft Barkley if he is there (unlikely). Trade down to a QB-hungry team.

    That’s a dream worth having.

  13. EBurgz

    The trade earl talk is finally starting to make a little sense. A first this year and a third next year would be tough to turn down considering earls threat to hold out for a new contract. Also, the culture aspect you guys have brought up makes some sense. That tweet from Bobby wasn’t sent out in a vacuum, there’s something there. Still, I think Earl is a net positive on our teams culture. Dude is all business and is 110% all in every snap he is on the field. I don’t like him holding the team hostage (threatening to hold out on his current deal) but what other leverage does he have?

    A first and a third along with the honey badger wouldn’t be the worst. Trading him for a mid round picklike many have proposed would be lunacy. I’d rather take my chances and call his bluff (presumably) or pay dude the 13m apy he is worth.

    • Mark Souza

      Would that be for the All-Pro, pre-injury Honey Badger, or the considerably slower post-injury Honey Badger?

      • Manthony

        Mark, you really think you got a golden nugget there dont you?
        “Im gonna talk to everyone talking about the Honey Badger and act like I know more”

        Newsflash! I think most fans are trying to be POSITIVE, and look at the bright side and see how these hypothetical situations play out.

        I think its fair play to leave your lame take here or there, (HONEY BADGER IS NOT GOOD), but to spew it everywhere, its like, “Hello buddy, we just seen ypu say the same thing 5 times above, chill out, we get it, you dont like the Honey Badger, dont need to keep repeating yourself.”

  14. Rawls

    ASJ signed a really team friendly deal. Why didn’t the Seahawks match? It’s better than using draft capital on a tight end or going into the season with Vannett as our starter.

    • Greg Haugsven

      We are not trying to bring that up anymore as most of us are bummed about it…lol

      • DCD2

        Ctrl-F: ‘ASJ’ on the previous posts comment section. You should get about 50 hits.

  15. John_s

    Vikes may be getting serious about Richardson. They are trying to restructure Latavius Murray or maybe release him.

    I’d be on board bringing Murray in and I hope they give Sheldon 12+ mil

    • D-OZ

      He is asking 15……

  16. Greg Haugsven

    Bob Condotta reporting that the Vikings are very serious about signing Sheldon. Restructuring Latavius Murrays contract.

  17. Marc Stewart

    Seattle holds all the cards in this situation. Personally, I hope they do not trade him. He is a rare talent and draft picks are always a gamble. It seems too rash to blow the entire defense up by shipping him off.

    • DCD2

      It’s as much blown up as kept together at this point. Richardson, Bennett, Avril, Sherm, Kam…

      If you’re we’re going to reload, we’re going to need some ammunition.

  18. Greg Haugsven

    Suh and Seahawks still interested in one another.

  19. drewdawg11

    This is getting crazy. Here is a really optimistic and somewhat silly thought: depending on where that first round pick is, day you trade it down to get another pick, and use that third to move up from 18 and take Vita Vea? I know he looks like a top ten pick, but man that would solve a lot of DT issues and for a lot cheaper. I know, I’m bored and it doesn’t make a ton of sense. We still need a back.

    • Hawksince77

      Interesting idea. Trading ET for a first rounder opens lots of new possibilities. With all the talk of the Chargers, I went to see where they had a first round pick. It’s at 17, just prior to Seattle’s. And in that mock, the Chargers take Vea. I was thinking, ‘Yeah, we can make that pick of Vea falls to 17.’

      • mishima

        If Vea slips past Tampa Bay and Washington which is unlikely.

        If we miss out on Suh and Richardson, could see a trade down and target of someone like Michigan’s Hurst or VT’s Settle.

      • drewdawg11

        I don’t think he falls that far, and I know Rob doesn’t either. He’s top ten all the way. But hey, he has a chance to be a special player. If you can get him for a few years on a smaller, rookie contract, that could be pretty sweet.

  20. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    I’m hoping if Sheldon does sign with Vikings its for 3rd round draft comp next year. Then we get serious with SUH. Bring him back. PAY THE MAN HIS MONEY!

  21. Greg Haugsven

    Seahawks hoping to get a deal done with TE Ed Dickson. Will be a nice but small signing. #fixtherungame

    • drewdawg11

      Will he take a pay cut? He’s seriously underwhelming.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Yeah but he is a great blocking TE and thats what we need. His last contract was 3 years $6 million. Maybe a two year deal for $5 million?

        • SeahawkeyezSubj80

          He had a hell of a game @Detroit this season when Greg Olsen was out. I was wondering about his blocking abilitiy.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Dickson>Willson would be cool with signing him.

    • Aaron

      Looks like a blocking TE, am I right? Don’t know much about him.

      • House

        He had some good games last year when Olsen was out. He is a great blocking TE and knows he isn’t the tram’s #1 option. Get him signed


      What I don’t understand about these “blocking tight ends” is if the guy isn’t good at both blocking and catching why not just play with 6 offensive linemen and save $5 million.

  22. Coleslaw

    Losing Jimmy creates an opening for a red zone target. Nobody better than Crabtree at that. Actually, there’s 1 person better, Antonio Brown. Those 2 players are the only ones in the NFL to have at least 8 receiving touchdowns in each of the last 3 years.
    Reel in The Crab.

    • Sean-O

      I’d be down for that too. Cheering for Crabtree? Talk about bizarro world!

      I do think BAL will end up paying him more than SEA will be comfortable with though…

      • drewdawg11

        “Great” blocking TE? I don’t know about that. However, I do know that you don’t pay blocking TEs $3 million per season. Would be pretty fine with signing him for cheap and drafting a kid.

        • Greg Haugsven

          What would you consider cheap? $2.5 to $3 million is pretty cheap. He can catch passes as well but he obviously isnt Gronk.

          • drewdawg11

            1.5 million because he’s basically doing a job that Will Dissly could do as a day 3 pick. He’s nothing special.

  23. Overtime

    This is starting to feel like 2010 when Pete took over. He cleaned out the roster and had a great draft. Then there was a huge number of FA’s brought in through the revolving door until he found the guys that wanted to buy in and compete. The next year they did it again. This is a two year rebuild. We hit on some late round guys like Sherman and KJ Wright. We are in better shape this time.

    • Volume12


      Back then Pete was so familiar with the next 2-3 draft classes because he not only recruited some of those guys but knew prospects on a personal level due to that.

      And while Scot McCloughan wasn’t some draft wizard like a lot of Seahawk fans tend to believe, there’s no denying the impact he had in that war room/scouting trips

      Not a good thing when you have 3 guys on the roster (Britt, Clark, Pickett) left over from 3 straight draft classes that included something like 25 picks.

      • Volume12

        * Lockett

        • Overtime

          I hear what you are saying. But there have been few open spots on the roster the last few years. Rookies had to be better just to stick on the PS. You are not going to beat out ET or Sherman. In 2010 the roster was wide open. With all of the departures we are opening up a lot of spots to competition again,.

          • mishima

            I see this argument all the time and don’t really understand it.

            53 spots on the roster & talent sticks, if only for depth, special teams or development.

            Lots of reasons, but 2013 – 2015 were bad drafts.

          • BobbyK

            Actually, I have felt depth, for the most part, was quite bad at many positions the past few years. Linebacker, for example, after the Big Two has been an embarrassment for a few years. The secondary had no safety depth – which became clear when ET went down. Nobody is going to be at his level, but the depth was embarrassing. After Maxwell left, the CB opposite of Sherman was pretty awful (as a group) until they drafted Griffin. Looking at the OL – some of the starters were so bad that they wouldn’t even have been depth on some teams. So just think how bad the “depth” was.

            Yes. We got spoiled with pretty awesome depth during the Super Bowl years, but the depth has not been good for awhile. It’s clear why the wins keep trending downward every year since winning the Super Bowl.

            • GerryG

              ^^ for sure, there were a ton of misses through those draft years (13-15) and 16/17 will never be home runs, may still prove passable.

              There is a certain amount of luck and randomness, and some just bad decisions

  24. hawkdawg

    Without Earl, that defense is going to have to be seriously adjusted. No more single-high with corners pressing at the line at the snap. Earl’s range is otherworldly, and CBs can take risks with him back there they can’t otherwise take. I’m surprised Pete wants to give that up, but this may be a case of them wishing they had traded Sherm last year when value was much higher, and now they are determined not to make the same mistake twice, while Earl is still healthy and before they have to give him huge bucks to stay.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Carroll will continue running the single high defense after Earl. That’s PC’s system, and DB’s are where he earned his stripes. It will be difficult to find in the next decade another FS as good as Earl though. He’s the perfect fit.

      • hawkdawg

        He may well be a great DB coach. But he can’t teach a DB how to Earl. So he’s going to have to modify that single high, early press, jab step technique pass defense or his team will be getting beat deep regularly, which he hates more than just about anything else. Earl has to leave sometime, though, so change is inevitable….

        • Mark Souza

          Agreed, you have to adjust to the personnel you have. Single high might have to go for a while until they find someone with Earl’s speed, but it can be done. Most teams don’t run single high and some of those defenses outperformed the Hawk’s last year.

  25. Volume12

    The ET news signals a few things for me.

    ‘May get more?’ Seems like its a done deal and they’re just working out a trading partner.

    Secondly, it’s a rebuild. They’re looking for that next new core group. Which makes sense when we look at FA. Why get tied up in long term deals for outside FAs?

    • Tecmo Bowl

      It does seem like a done deal. If we can get a 1+3 or the equivalent it would be a good deal.We’ll see what happens.

      The thing I don’t want to see is us not trade or extend him. JS needs to make this as clean as possible and avoid a serious headache.

    • Mexican Hawk

      Agree, thought same on “may get more”. JLC seems to be their outlet as per getting word out on things. Silver as well. Fear we might hear something soon.

      IF and it’s still a big IF u sign Suh after trading Earl people might think why don’t you pay your own if Earl is 28 and Suh 31. How do yo get young there?

      Thing is if you sign Suh and you trade Earl, you have Suh a 1st and a 3rd. If you sign Earl, you just get him. No picks and maybe Suh.

      I guess it comes down to how they perceive years 2-4 of Earl’s deal vs. how they can develop secondary vs. the fact that they have usually relied on Free Agent DLineman. For the most part: Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, Martellus Bennett, Cliff Avril.

      Only DB they have signed for big money (that was not their own) was Cary Williams, that I remember as Rob mentioned.

      • Mexican Hawk

        Sorry not Red. and its Mike B not Martellus. My badddd

  26. drewdawg11

    Earl Thomas is not the only safety on earth who could play in the single-high defense. He’s just the best one.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Well said.

  27. Greg Haugsven

    For what its worth Pro Football Focus rated Ed Dickson the #1 pass blocking TE last year. Near the bottom in run blocking.

    • drewdawg11

      Yeah, I believe that. He wasn’t a great run blocker in college that I remember. No offense to him… but if we are going to sign a Duck, how about that guy actually help us in the run game?

    • EBurgz

      Ewwww. So who is the best run blocking free agent tight end left? Gates? Eifert (can he play still)? Willson???

  28. Greg Haugsven

    The longer there is no news on Eric Reid the more I think he could sign a Bradley McDougald one year deal to be a Seahawk. Especially if they trade Earl. Bradley could go to FS and Hill and Reid could compete for the SS position.

  29. Greg Haugsven

    Looks like Tank Carradine coming for a visit. Maybe stockpiling some DE.

    • FresnoBrad

      Wonder how much he wants? He’s good

    • nichansen01

      Kicking more tires. I think he’ll go back to San Fran.

  30. drewdawg11

    Has rank ever done anything to show he can play? Knee issues for sure.

  31. drewdawg11


  32. Forty20

    Didn’t take long for Sherman to offer his insight on the Seahawks. Some interesting stuff in here and I would recommend SDB have a read of it with the caveat that is IS Richard Sherman and he most certainly has an axe to grind with Seattle.

    • mishima

      I listened to it and it leaves no doubt as to why PCJS released him.

      • C-Dog


        This is the side of Richard Sherman I won’t miss. It’s always someone else’s fault, never about about him, and he has to take his shots letting everyone know it. Narcissism 101.

        • mishima


          Instead of questioning Pete’s ability to motivate veterans, question your ability to lead.

          Sherm is no Troy Palamalu

          Also, if anything, PCJS have been too loyal to core players. Don’t see him ‘devaluing’ BWagz, Kam, Baldwin, Britt, Brown, etc. Only players being devalued are the ones that put themselves before the core/team: Sherm, Bennett, ET.


        • Jujus

          im not getting into politics, but I have said for a while that Sherman and Trump are basically the same personality.

          • C-Dog

            That’s an interesting take.

            • Mark Souza

              Good analogy. Self aggrandizing and always having to have the last word.

    • BobbyK

      I don’t see where Sherman said anything untrue or anything of that nature. Good read.

      One thing that is going to be interesting is when some of these guys retire and write books… I’m going to be so interested in the stories they tell and what they say about the Super Bowl loss and these last few years…

      • Mark Souza

        It’s not a matter of true or untrue, it’s a matter of perception and attitude. The fact that he and some other vets took this attitude toward Pete’s message is why they’re gone. He still doesn’t see this, and is instead perceiving it as a lack of loyalty from the team. He’ll grow up one day, I think.

        • STTBM

          Well said! That is why this team fractured, and why Sherm and likely Earl are gone. The crappy part is both will likely play great for their new teams. Their makeup ensured they needed a new coach and change of scenery. It’s too bad they couldn’t have hung on another year, or that Carrol didn’t clean house with coaching staff a year or two sooner; winning–as I’m sure would have happened to a higher degree if those two players stayed–cures nearly everything.

  33. D-OZ

    Sounds like they may need to rotate their TE.s. Or just foil the enemy Matey…

    • D-OZ

      Posted in the wrong place…. 🙁

  34. Cody

    My dream scenario would be to trade ET, Duane Brown, and the 18th pick to Cleveland for either 1 or 4 and one of their second round picks. Probably not likely but if the Hawks can get ahead of Denver they can flip the pick to the Bills who seem to be building an arsenal of draft picks to move up for a quarterback. We’d go from having 18 and nothing else on the first 2 days to having 12, 22, 33 or 35, and whatever else we can get out of the Bills.

    Again probably not likely from either side, but Cleveland seems to be going all in, they’d get a replacement for Joe Thomas and a game changer to go with Jabrill Peppers. The Seahawks would get a ton of picks for two players that aren’t signed past the upcoming season.

    So that’s what I’ve been thinking about for last several days instead of important stuff like work and family haha

    • Simo

      This is a fairy tale, better get back to work! Browns aren’t remotely close enough to competing to make a deal like this. Fun to dream though!

    • 80SLargent

      Did you just watch the movie Draft Day? Did Seattle throw in Tyler Lockett just because John Dorsey felt like it?
      I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. 🙂

      • Cody

        I haven’t watched it recently, but I do remember thinking that it was an underated enjoyable bad movie.

        I think in my scenario JS would be the Kevin Costner and Dorsey would be the pancake eater, so Cleveland would throw in josh Gordon haha.

        Also working is lame, thinking about fantastical trades is what’s really important in life

        • 80SLargent

          I agree about the movie and working. I’m retired, so I have a bit of spare time. It’s an interesting time to be a Seahawks fan.
          I think we need to brace for the fact that it’s the end of an era. I’m not saying the Seahawks will never be good again, but they’re never going to be the same. The defense had a historic run; the #1 scoring defense 4 years straight. The last team to do that was the Cleveland Browns in the 1950s, and there was only 12 teams in the NFL back then. We can’t take for granted what we’ve witnessed, nor can we be naive enough to think it will happen like that again.
          Like I said, that doesn’t mean Seattle can’t and won’t have a good defense going forward. However, Griffin is not Sherman. Hill is not Chancellor. McDougald is not Thomas. Carroll can coach up secondary players better than anyone, but Sherman and Thomas are in the Hall of Fame 5 years from now if they retired today. Those kind of players are that rare, and it appears Seattle will be losing both within a week.
          What Seattle still does have is, a top 5-10 franchise QB in his prime. It looks like the wheels are in motion for them to start building more around him, because they can’t have him being the entire offense like last season. Instead of spending to try to maintain a #1 defense, if they can have a top 5-10 defense, along with a top 5-10 offense and good special teams play, they can contend every season with a balanced team like that.

    • GermanSeahawk

      I would like from #33 and Carl nassib from Cleveland.
      We Need DE and a day 2 pick… for ne a Perfect scenario!
      What do you think?

      • GermanSeahawk

        Without the First from*

        • drewdawg11

          I think I would be a little disappointed in that deal.

  35. D-OZ

    Knock,Knock. Who’s there? Hum. Humming bird is there 🙂 🙂 🙂

  36. SheHawk

    Bracing for trade. Will be sad. ET gets a clean slate with a new team. He can play out rest of career near his home. His fellow LOB v1 have moved on. Earl is awesome player and a ton of fun to watch. He deserves to finish career out on his terms, taking care of his family. Best part of our legendary secondary was how individual superstars played as a cohesive unit. That is what made them so great. My only wish is just get on with it so we can start making the other FA moves.

    We 12s were so lucky to have THE greatest of all Ds ( Hawks statistically better than mid 80s Bears over time) but it had to end some time. Seahawks lost balance and we need it back. Not even the greatest D ever can win when time of possession was so badly out of whack…. I’ll never forget the CRAZY battle to tie Arizona in 2OT. BWagz and Sherm needed IVs after game!.

    Rob pointed out how the imbalances of our contracts manifested on field. We should call this off season a rebalance v rebuilt. Fortunately we have one of the smartest, most athletic QBs in the league. The ’17 draft quite possibly seeded LOBv 2 Griffin is first to start but let Hill and Thompson compete in 18.. Add some new PC prototype DBs in draft and LB S Griffin for some telepathic twin powers.
    Is quite possible we have a similar record to ’17. Difference in perspective is huge though – instead of trying stave off the inevitable decline; we flip the mojo and become a team on the rise / rebound…

    The Griffins charms, along with a DL featuring Suh, BWags patrolling the middle New RB star, OL that actually blocks for Russ, WR = Tyler Lockett & ADB …. Add the noisy 12s and we always have a chance to win any Sunday. Time to look to the future with a lot of reverence and gratitude for the past I am so glad to have been along for the original LOB ( ET Sherm & Kam + noise from 12s) – it was a pure magic!

    • DCD2


    • Hawk Eye

      you may have something there about the twins. He may have more value to Seattle than anyone else because of his twin brother. The Sedin twins in hockey have always played together and always know where the other one is on the ice, the Griffins could have something like that on the field also

      • Hawktalker#1

        If we have newfound draft capital, A pair of Reeds to go along with a pair of Griffins wouldn’t hurt my feelings either…

        • Hawktalker#1

          Red text


          • Hawktalker#1


  37. CHawk Talker Eric

    This isn’t any surprise. It seems to have been inevitable for some time. Not even the compensation. If Percy Harvin was worth a R1 + R3, surely ET is as well.

    I seem to be higher on Richardson than most here. I prefer him to Suh. But if they miss out on both, and they get a R1 for ET, I could see them trading down for Settle or Hurst as someone said above.

    As much as I like Wynn, Hernandez and some other OGs, I just don’t know if SEA will spend an early pick on the OL. I’m convinced their first pick will be a RB — RoJo, Chubb, Guice (probably in that order). And if they have another early pick via an ET trade, I could see them spending it on DL like they did last year.

    • Mike L

      if they don’t sign either Richardson or Suh..I think you definitely have to be looking D (and specifically DL) with our early picks..hope for an improved OL (existing guys)..and use the deep draft to take an rb later on + a vet FA.

  38. drewdawg11

    If they do trade Earl, go after Reid and draft a kid with some speed, maybe day two. Marcus Davenport is still intriguing if they do get another first. So many fun names, but I hope we don’t go after Guice. Not in the top 50.

    • Mark Souza

      Even as raw as he is, Davenport is a Day 1 guy.

      • drewdawg11

        He’s there, hence the extra first round pick. Honestly his stick isn’t as high as it was first perceived, but he’s not getting past the 20’s. Too much upside.

  39. Hawk Eye

    you know who is back on the twitter trade RW band wagon, says it was either him or the LOB.
    No mention that QB’s can play 15+ years and improve the whole time, while most defensive players have a 5 to 8 year window where they can be elite

    I swear that boy ain’t right

    • C-Dog

      Well it’s pretty apparent the team has chosen the QB, which is a surprise to absolutely nobody.. at all.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a nonsense take really because even if they’d traded Wilson this off season what are they going to do? Have another 1-3 years of an old defense? It was never Russell or the LOB.

  40. drewdawg11

    Who said that?

    • drewdawg11

      Hsu, got it. Yeah, mkes very little sense. Oh well.

  41. mac

    I think we should sign leGarrette Blount! Had wound up with NE in 2014 won superbowl, NE 2015 won superbowl, signs with eagles and wins another superbowl. It probably has little to do with him but maybe he’s the opposite of Wes Welker.

    I hope we get a haul of draft picks for Earl Thomas. I love the legion of boom but I have wanted to see the Seahawks fully build around RW. If we can fix our Offense and let Pete handle the defense, I truly believe we can create something special again.

  42. Reggie in IOWA

    What are we gonna do about the kicker position? It has to be extremely high on the list of priorities! Draft …FA…. trade?

  43. SeahawkeyezSub80

    Caleb sturgis was in town. that would have been solid. Go hawks!

  44. Millhouse-serbia


    As teams try to hold onto their own players, two to watch: The #Redskins are in negotiations with OLB Junior Galette and the #Seahawks are in talks to bring back CB Byron Maxwell. Both of those talks are ongoing.

  45. schuemansky

    Looks like SheIdon Richardson gets a deal done with the Vikings. Let’s hope they give him 13 mil APY, which should be sufficient to net us a 3rd.
    I checked the APY’s at Spotrac.
    At the moment the 95th percentile (3rd round comp picks) lies at around 12,2 mil., the 90th percentile (4th round) at around 9 mil., the 85th percentile (5th round) at around 6,5 mil., and the 75th percentile (6th round) at around 3,8 mil.

    • Millhouse-serbia

      Where did you see information about Sheldon?

      • schuemansky

        Read about the dinner they had last night. That’s all.

        • Mike L

          Dang..the Vikings are going for it (if true)

          • Jujus

            too bad they blew their miracle load this year.

        • hawltalker#1

          WHEW . . . OK that sounded like some factual information you had, not just a dinner. A dinner is not conclusive enough to assume he is getting a deal done with the Vikings . . . I had him over for thanksgiving once and we didn’t get a deal done!! 🙂

  46. Alex6674

    I say take the trade if offered. We don’t need a top 5 defence if the offense plays like it should. We need a top 10 defence. Let’s build a new version. We will never have a d as great as what we have just seen, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a good one. If we get a 1st and 3rd JS and PC will work some serious magic to get more draft capital.

    • Mark Souza

      Very true, and it’s amazing how elite a defense can look when our run game is dominating time of possession like we used to.

  47. Rob-Not that Rob though

    I’ll start this by saying that ET has been my favorite Hawk since he was drafted. His intensity and passion are exactly why I love him in the Hawk uniform. That being said….

    I have to wonder how much of the locker room fracturing can be traced to that ONE play which shall not be named. I remember seeing Sherman’s face immediately following and thinking it would be impossible for them (LOB) to get over it. I mean these guys carried the team to the fist title. THEY were the face(s) of the franchise at the time, not RW3. They had to feel betrayed and horrified about how it all went down. Then PC, who preaches accountability and all that, shifts blame anywhere but on the offensive players.

    ET is well known as one of the most intense and dedicated players in the game.I know if I had laid everything I had on a field and forced the team to new heights only to have it given away (literally) by somebody else, then not have the coaches call them out publicly…I’d be resentful as hell. Then he looks across the hall and sees that same player doing everything BUT working to fix the mistake. A player of ET’s caliber HAS to believe that everybody else on the field is as accountable and putting in as much effort as they are in order to keep the peace. To ET I’m sure it looks like RW3’s entire focus is NOT on football and that has to eat at him.

    If the face of the Offense isn’t as dedicated as the face of the Defense, why bother? Why not either get your money as the #1 or try to go somewhere in a little more balanced.

    Im not at all shocked this trade seems imminent. In fact, Im more shocked we made it this far, Ive been expecting this since THAT play. I still hate it. It makes me sick to think about. is it the right move? Probably. Do I want it to happen? Depends on the price. Am I happy about it? HELL FREAKIN NO!!!

    • Rob-Not that Rob though

      I’ll follow that by saying I think the coaching changes came a year too late. The stumbles in 2016 and playoff game in Atlanta should’ve been sign enough that significant coaching changes were needed.

    • Michigan 12th

      I don’t know what lack of effort you are talking about on Wilson’s part. When has he never been accountable? He has had more reasons to complain about the pieces around him than any other player on the team, and he never once has thrown anyone under the bus or called them out. He has played through injury, and maintained a very high level of professionalism even when being questioned about, “how black he is.” Russel Wilson might be the very reason the team did stay together like it has after “that play”.

      I’m sorry but I just don’t see your take at all. Not even a little bit here. Appreciate your insight and ideas, but I think this one is a little out of place.

      • Rob-Not that Rob though

        Again, this is just from my perspective as a competitive sports player…

        If I were in ETs shoes and had just watched the game be given away like that, then a few weeks later saw RW3 taking BP in training camp with the Rangers, I’d be pretty miffed about it and most certainly question his dedication. That’s all I’m saying. Not saying anything about RW3’s ability or right to complain about the pieces around him or be professional though it all. Nobody is questioning that. I’m questioning the perception that he isn’t all football, all the time, and that a player of ET’s intensity and focus can’t be happy with that.

        I am far from a professional athlete, but I do play competitive Rugby. I absolutely hate players on my team that I don’t see taking it as seriously as I do. I hate playing with those players and harbor a ton of resentment towards them if they mess something up at an inopportune moment. I’m not proud of that, just the way I am about my sport. I have to believe that ET is at least that competitive and of similar mindset based on the things he has said and done.

        • peter

          Except this is where the speculation about the defense loses me. First Wilson can do anything he wants to do with his time off.

          Second all football all the time? sherman isn’t. Sherman is about his brand as much as football and staying relevant for a post NFL life.

          Third. What say the defense when Wilson gutted out playing through injuries?

          And finally though the defense has been injured, ever since they spent more time jawing in real interviews or in speculative pieces about the “locker room,” dysfunction all Wilson has done is compete and drag the team to wins by himself. Last year was perfect when the defense started to complain about the offense but then when they suffered injuries they took a nose dive and Wilson was still out there as a one man band.

          I don’t disagree that some players are more competitive than others but the only reason why we know what Wilson does in his off time is that he’s more famous and also married to someone famous. No one knows if kj wright builds model air plans. Or if bobby Wagner spends his off season watching YouTube videos on how to do magic tricks.

        • Michigan 12th

          If that’s the case then it is far better that he is gone and as far away from our team as possible than if her were to stay. If a player can’t let go of the past and allow other players to make mistakes then they are a cancer and no amount of talent they posses can make them worth being on the team.

          Further more the defense is just as responsible for that loss as the offense. They had a 10 point lead late in the third quarter and they let the Patriots come back. That is not on Wilson. Russel made a great throw and Kearse made an even better catch to even get them in a position to win that game.

          I do not believe that is the case with Earl. I think that all of the Legion of Boo m have a high respect for Russel. The fact that he is out hitting balls in batting practice for the Rangers meant nothing to Earl they all take time off during the off season. Russel works with his Receivers every year to get better at his game and his timing. I seriously doubt Earl is blaming Wilson or upset with him for that loss. The onus should and has probably always been on the coaches. They made the call not Russel, and I think that’s what you heard Sherm say a couple years ago after his sideline episode.

          I like your insight but I still don’t think Earl has a problem with Russel. He may have a problem with his coaches and he may have a problem with Wagner, but he has never said anything to allude he has a problem with Russ, and a guy like Earl would have said something by now if he had a problem with him.

        • Rob-Not that Rob though

          Look, I’m not arguing against any of your points. In fact I think the players free time is there own and the more they do outside of football, the more rounded they are as a person. I think it is great when players do other stuff. I’m speaking strictly to the mental side of it. There is no way 100% of it is directed at RW3 either, he is jsut the most publicly visible of the players and the easy target. You’re both right, ET has never said any of this out loud and as a professional I doubt he would. Sherman waited until he was safely in SF to rip PC’s ways.

          • Rob-Not that Rob though


            • peter

              Not you but I get a bit rankled by all this talk about Wilson going back to the lynch/harvin days about whether he’s “black enough.”

              thinking of swirling noise even recently from sherman singing the praises of Jimmy garropolo, being a deciding factor, it’s just corny. In fact as corny as Wilson is and he is, it’s just as ridiculous for players to talk junk against their qb who wins them games against the odds of what he’s given to work with. Namely a huge disparity in pay vs. the defense and a revolving door or linemen to protect him while the defensive players (rightfully so in most cases)/get paid a boatload and then vocalize how hard the work compared to the offense to win games. Not to be too snarky but that’s why they get paid the big bucks is to be a top five defense and win games.

              • Rob-Not that Rob though

                I actually agree with you there. I can’t stand that “not black enough” talk .

            • Mark Souza

              You mean the QB that every year holds off season camps with his receivers at his own expense so they can be on the same page – that lack of commitment?

              I agree with a part of your statement. Much of this can be traced back to that one play. Perhaps one of the most idiotic plays of all time. The only part of it I agreed with was that by passing there, it would allow them to use all four plays if required. And all the blame goes to Bevel as the guy that dialed that play up.

              Now in sequence, what was so bad about that play:

              1) NE was deathly afraid we would hand the ball to Marshawn who they had no answer for. They had their elephant personnel group in and packed the middle to stop him. Why wouldn’t you start the play with a play fake to Marshawn? Work on their fear. Get them to collapse into the middle.

              2) Why not roll RW out with a run/pass option? Once NE collapses into the middle to stop Marshawn, there’s high likelihood RW can stroll into the endzone. If someone doesn’t bite on the fake and is in position to stop RW, he can either pass to an open receiver streaking across the back of the endzone, or pitch the ball into the stands.

              3) Why on God’s green earth would you dial up a pass to the middle portion of the field where all those bodies were to stop Lynch – a recipe for disaster.

              4) Why would you, in the biggest game of the year and in the critical moment, dial up a play where, every time that season that you lined up in that formation with that personnel grouping, you threw the same route every time? New England knew where the ball was going before the ball was snapped.

              After that, a lot of the vets started questioning the coaching staff and stopped buying in. And that situation had to be fixed. It didn’t help that those players were also getting old and sucking up a majority of the cap.

              Sorry this ran on so long.

    • Gohawks5151

      I think its more systemic than this even. Pete Carroll has said that it haunts him and he has cried over it. You don’t think the coaching staff, particularly on offense is affected by this? Every decision or play call second guessed in their minds? Its not easy to let it go especially one step from a 2nd championship, dynasty and everlasting glory. I think you can make a case that the operations and structure of the team waned as well. Not trying to pile on but for all the people that say Pete has not been as good a coach the past few years i guess this is your ammo. Personally i still believe he will figure it out.

  48. Trevor

    I thought Shems comments in that interview yesterday were so classless. Sure some of it was true obviously but the shots he took at Pete about the players tuning out all his rah tah stuff was so unnessecary.

    Funny part is that is why he is no longer a Seahawk and a big reason why this team has not met expectations the last two years. Perhaps they should have listened to the coaches a little more.

    To talk publicly about the coach who drafted you when I one else seemed to have any interest, coached you to play the position and then paid you $30 mil was just a low class move IMO. Stuff like that is why I will not miss Sherm as much as a should for a future HOFer likely.

    I personally look forward to a young and passionate Seahawks team inspired by Petes message and the freedom he gives his players.

    Bye Sherm and I hope Dougie and Russ light you up!

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah I have to admit, Sherman’s comments don’t sit well with me either. Have no problem with him signing for the Niners. That’s his call. We cut him. But coming on and saying Pete’s style is better suited to college players and he’d got bored of his stories. Bit classless.

      And as much as Sherman says, “careful what you wish for” about cutting players. Be careful what you wish for, Richard. You had a good thing in Seattle.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely. That attitude is clearly why he is no longer a Seahawk. If vet leaders have been talking like that the last two years fans should be happy this off season purge and youth movement takes place.

        I hope the Earl trade gets done today because if I am PC /JS the last thing I want is a highly paid veteran going to ask the Cowboys to come get him in the middle of a playoff race. I don’t care if it is just Earl being Earl it sends an awful message to the young guys on the team who look up to him.

        The Kam deal may have been bad because of the injury and I did not like his hold out at all but he always seems to be a true leader and for that reason I hope they keep him in a mentorship / coaching role if he can’t play.

        • bankhawk

          Plus one!

      • Ishmael

        He’s always been like this though, it’s why supporters of other teams – the Niners in particular – have hated him for so long. You can’t take it too seriously, it’s all just brand building for him.

        • Trevor

          How is bashing the team you spent your whole career with and who paid you $30 mil + brand building. Perhaps it keeps in the media.

          • peter

            Post career I think he wants a direct line I to being a talking head on NFL network or something like that.

            • SheHawk

              I bet he will represent the NFLPA on other side of bargaining agreement. Can’t you see it?. The way he pours over the rule book and knows it better than the refs. Sherman’s real calling post NFL= an attorney. They’re often jerks but smart jerks and they manipulate for effect. Plus when you’re in trouble – is great to have one fighting for you. Sherman didn’t say anything different than what we’ve speculated here for weeks. Good bye_ its time _moving on.

              • peter

                I could see both. Nflpa rep and/or go back to school for a law degree. He would probably be very effective at either.

    • Mike L

      I thought the interview was ok (just read the ST summary..haven’t listen to it yet)..but yeah..I think PC’s accomodation of all the “personalities” on the team has backfired in terms of lack of discipline the past couple of years. I mean..can you imagine someone on NE questioning on Twitter Belichick’s final roster cut decisions??

    • Gohawks5151

      I didn’t enjoy the interview but i wasn’t really surprised because he said all this while he was playing here. As for the college thing, there are kernels of truth. The end of his USC tender was marked with talented, yet under-performing players which ultimately ended in a “who really cares” Emerald bowl. Then he “ran” from a bunch oh NCAA sanctions. These points can be attributed to being tuned out by players and being too loose as a disciplinarian as he is being accused of again. Is he self aware? Is that was is sparking this large overhaul? I think everyone sees this as a definitive yes. Start over with players that will be molded in install disciplinarian coaches for the Defense and QB. I just have a hard time thinking all the vets are out right defying him. Sherm for sure, Bennett i can see. But Earl i have a hard time seeing him spread any message of division. Kam too. They seem to be the more level headed ones. Earls locker room visit was blown out of proportion and he has no past of divisive behavior. Also, i believe in the coaching staff but “young and hungry/passionate” does not always end in success. Be careful what you wish for indeed.

    • HawkMock

      I agree. Plus, he was willing to give us a chance to match their offer. He must not have hated it that much. Comes off as just being hurt and childish.

      Legion of Boom has had a lot to do with the ultimate demise of said Legion of Boom and the need to reconfigure the D. Kam holdout, Sherm sideline tantrums and blame game, E.T. telling Cowboys to come get him and someone referenced before bitterness towards offense(not sure how true) but if the case, and along with anyone else that feels that way since ‘the play,’ then go. I’ve been on numerous winning teams and played for titles and won and lost. Been a big part of the reason for victory and, in turn, also the reason for defeat on occasion. If you lose, you keep trying with your teammates, you don’t throw them under the bus at every turn to make yourself look better. Glad to see we are moving towards trying to find guys that buy in to the team mentality again..

    • FresnoBrad

      That was terrible!

  49. Millhouse-serbia

    I’m told free agent DL Sheldon Richardson is still in Minnesota. As of last night, there was an expectation he’d return to the facility today, to meet with other people in the organization, per source.

    • Millhouse-serbia

      Rob, how i can copy a tweet here? I don’t know to do that.

      • Rob Staton

        You just have to copy and paste the text I think

        • Millhouse-serbia

          But I see that all of you get a green letters, and when I do copy-paste, I just get as I wrote it here with, regular color.

          • Sea Mode

            You have to use HTML code in your comment. If you are not familiar with it, I recommend practicing a couple times on the end of an old thread before using it on the live thread.


  50. Trevor

    I was thinking about things last night and I really don’t see the Hawks signing Suh or Richardson.

    I think Pete and JS are view this as a complete refresh with a 2020 SB as the target. Building around Russ in offense and Wags in defense.

    They will add some young prove it FA like Mingo and churn a bunch of guys to try and find some gems who buy in and fit the scheme.

    JS will clear out all the bad contracts and fix the cap situation to give him maximum flexibility going forward. They will likely extend the guys they view as the new core to build around.

    The priority will be to fix the run game and OL.

    Finally this will be the year the new coaching staff install thier scheme and systems to compensate for the personnel changes (i.e. No Earl) to see what players fit.

    Make no mistake this is a complete rebuild and reconstruction of the Seahawks culture. I for one welcome it and look forward to enjoying watching the process play out.

    • Millhouse-serbia

      I agree with you completely, but I can’t get over it that we lost our two 2nd’s and one 3rd round pick for Sheldon and Duane. I mean, if the ultimate goal is 2020, Brown will be 35 then. Will he be able to play on high level at that age? If 2020 is goal should we trade him, and KJ and everyone for who we can get some draft compensation?

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think our ultimate goal is 2020. Besides, they might’ve trained Fant up by then.

        • Millhouse-serbia

          Rob how would you grade our defense on scale from 1 to 10 with these players:
          RDE – Clark
          MLB- Boby

          • C-Dog

            Not Rob, but I like the DTs in Jones & Reed, love Clark at RE. I like giving Dion Jordan the opportunity to own LE, but his injury history makes me nervous.

            Hill is the big unknown with the DBs, but on paper, I’m comfortable with the rest of the gang.

            I think the presence of Bobby and KJ makes the D a 7 to a 7.5, which is kind of what they were last year.

            Like any year, depth is the big telling thing, and right now, they don’t have much of it. Mingo is a good start to addressing it.

          • lil'stink

            When Earl was out last year it wasn’t McD who played single high. It was Kam. Not that the team doesn’t see McD playing FS, but I think it says a lot when they moved Kam from his natural position last year.

        • Trevor

          I am not saying the goal is not to compete starting immediately I just think it will take two off seasons to get this roster where they want it to be in order to be a legit SB contender. There is a reason they have created $100 mil in cap space for next off season.

          • Rob Staton

            Philly and Atlanta turned it around quicker than that though. Fix the run game and get younger and faster on defense and this won’t need to be a 2-3 year build.

            • Trevor

              My thought was 2 off seasons.

              • DCD2

                Mine too. If we are competing for a SB next year, I will be pleasantly surprised. Having only 50% of our top 3 picks for the next 2 years makes getting younger and faster more difficult. I think 2020 is realisticl

      • FresnoBrad

        I’ll believe it when I see it as far as Brown getting a huge guarantee with extension.

    • Michigan 12th

      I don’t think their window is 2020, they are going to compete right now and continue to compete. You don’t waste good years of a franchise QB like that. They are moving players to get rid of bad contracts, to avoid giving out new bad contracts, and to get the players to buy back into Pete’s philosophy. It is that simple. There is no perceived new window for a championship other than as soon as they can. Let’s hope they can retool quickly, but they will never assemble what they had before, that defense was generational.

      As far as Suh and Richardson, they have numbers in mind for each one of them, if they can get their guys at their numbers they will sign them. If they can’t they will wish them luck and thank them for coming to visit. What you can count on seeing in the next few years is a focus on bringing in as many people as possible via draft, and signing free Agents they think are key pieces to their new build.

    • C-Dog

      I’m starting to think the same way. I think Jones & Reed are capable starting material at DT. They can add a seasoned vet who won’t take up a bunch of cap to rotate in, and look to the draft. Quentin Dial, Clinton McDonald, etc.

      The biggest whole up front might be replacing Michael Bennett, but Dion Jordan has shown promise, Q Jeff may factor in there, as well. I would look at Tank Carradine as someone who they could ultimately sign to add competition.

      • lil'stink

        Speaking of McD, I wouldn’t mind if we were able to sign him to a cheapish deal. Currently a FA, seemed to have played well for TB the last few years. Might be a bit too old to factor into future (2019 and beyond) plans, though.

    • hawltalker#1

      If they have no intentions of signing them, then why have contract discussions with them? I doubt they ever thought either of them would be cheap and if not, and they didn’t want to sign them in the first place, meetings/discussions wouldn’t even be needed and would actually be a waste of time.

      I the fact is they are interested, but just at a reasonable/value price.

  51. Millhouse-serbia


    Spoke with a couple of teams who don’t see Minkah Fitzpatrick as a special talent. Good, but not special. The recurring theme regards his ability to matchup in coverage in the pros.

    Rob was right about him from the beginning.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve never understood the hype

      • Trevor

        + 1

        I think Derwin James is clearly the best S in this class and will be the first one off the board.

        • 503Hawk

          Athletically yes. But James rarely makes the big play.

          • Mark Souza

            He’s nearly as athletically gifted as Taylor Mays.

  52. Trevor

    Rob with the renewed focus on culture and the McDowell fiasco do you think that the Hawks will take any guys like Key, Calloway, Holton Hill who have documented off field issues completely off the board?

    • Rob Staton

      Probably not

    • peter

      I don’t think Seattle will draft him because his technique needs work but let’s be clear. Holton hill was suspended for team violations and was still allowed to practice with the team.

      Not for some egregious interpersonal conflict.

  53. Millhouse-serbia


    Free agent TE Ed Dickson stayed the night in Seattle, as his agents and the #Seahawks made significant progress on a deal, source said. The hope is that it gets done.

  54. Sea Mode

    Looks like he will make it up for a visit:

    Matt Barrows

    Per source, #49ers free-agent DE Tank Carradine has wrapped up his visit with the #Raiders and now has a visit with the #Seahawks.

    6:46 PM – 15 Mar 2018

  55. Cameron

    Rob, complete hypothetical that I’m curious to get you thoughts on:

    In the hypothetical (and unlikely, but possible) circumstances where the Seahawks were to send Earl Thomas and our #18 pick to Cleveland for their #4 and #64, this would present a situation that we’ve never had a chance to cover, given the lack of ever having such a high draft position. I’m curious to get your thoughts on how Seattle might navigate the draft board at that point, being in a position to make a top 5 pick for the first time in recent memory.

    Do they make a pick there (Saquon Barkley?), do they trade down somewhere in 5-10 and pick there (Vita Vea?), do they trade further back to a more typical first round position for them (or even further) and keep piling up draft stock for day 2, where the true value of this draft seems to lie?

    Just an unusual situation that I’m curious to see what your perspective is, to help better understand the true value throughout this draft.

    • drewdawg11

      I’ve floated that one a couple of times before, but Barkley won’t make it to 4. I don’t think he gets past 2.

      • Cameron

        More likely not, but a possibility depending on how the rush for QB’s plays out (and Bradley Chubb is also a candidate to go before Barkley).

  56. Kyle B

    The dream of Sheldon and Suh is dead lol…

    • Michigan 12th

      Sadly I believe you are right. I know it was a pipe dream anyways, but man that would have been awesome. I am starting to think neither one will come and we will piece together the D-line with run stuffers and hope our Ends get to the QB.

  57. Millhouse-serbia

    Sheldon sign 3 years contract with Vikings.

    • mishima

      And Suh to Saints?

    • Sea Mode


  58. vrtkolman

    Now I know why fans of every other team hate Sherman. Burning bridges isn’t a great thing to do. I’m kind of rooting against him now. Salty is the word to describe his latest outburst against Carroll.

  59. Sea Mode

    Mike Garafolo

    Seahawks are in agreement on a contract with TE Ed Dixon, source says. Deal done.

    8:31 AM – 16 Mar 2018

    • Sea Mode

      Dang, doesn’t look cheap at least on the surface.

      Ian Rapoport

      More Ian Rapoport Retweeted Mike Garafolo
      It’s 3 years with a max value of $14M, source said. He gets the first year fully guaranteed.

      8:34 AM – 16 Mar 2018

      • Greg Haugsven

        Key word “max value”. We will have to see the real numbers but if it comes close to ASJ’s that would be hard to swallow. I would like the signing but we will have to see the numbers.

      • vrtkolman

        max value is $14M. It’s probably a one year deal in theory. I like the signing even though no one else does. He’s a classic move tight end that blocks. He’s a surprisingly good pass blocker as well. For context, Darryl Williams was one of the highest rated RT’s in football last year. He also had the most tight end help in the entire league – from Olson and our new guy Dickson. Dickson might help Ifedi look good, which would be great for his confidence.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I like the signing as well. Its not sexy but it looks like a good move.

          • vrtkolman


          • Lewis

            Yeah, this signing is awesome. I hope Vannett develops, but we needed a veteran TE and the cost is totally reasonable.

            • drewdawg11

              Yuck. I sincerely hope that first season is pretty cheap. I don’t think this is the type of player we should settle for. Looks like we are signing roster spots at this point.

        • Sea Mode

          Good point there. Any way to help out Ifedi would be welcome!

          And Greg is right too that we will need to wait and see the structure.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I like the Mingo signing as well. If he can play 40% – 50% in the old Bruce Irvin role and be effective it could be a quiet nice signing. Apparently he is pretty good in pass coverage but a little suspect in run defense which doesnt sound good so maybe he is more of a passing down player.

            • Sea Mode

              When I heard about the play-time bonuses for Mingo, I immediately thought: sneaky PC/JS, they know a SAM only plays 25% or so of snaps. (of course it could change though if he turns out to be too good to take off the field, as has happened with other Hawks in the past).

        • Aaron

          Glad we signed him. He’s a great pass blocker and run blocks well too. Looks like Hawks are indeed focusing on getting back to their identity. To the Ifedi point, I think this is a great signing. Ifedi is likely going to be our RT next year and he was legit awful in pass pro. Having a guy like Dickson next to him often would be a big plus. To be fair, I think Ifedi was bad at pass pro because of technique and not necessarily ability. His pass sets were almost always the same and he never went to the mesh point and attacked his man. Hope Brown helps him in that regard because that’s how Brown wins in pass pro.

          • Mark Souza

            Do you think it signals that Luke Willson is gone?

            • Aaron

              Yes. It’s Dickson, Vannett, Swoopes, and probably a draft pick or UDFA. Personally I’d like another blocking TE like Dissly. Would love some legit double and triple TE running sets.

        • Del tre

          I’m 100% in agreement here, like this signing, has constantly been in Olsen’s shadow and is a quality tight end.
          Love ASJ rooting for him, but we all got excited because he’s a hometown hero, this signing makes a lot of sense and is an undervalued veteran that may outperform his contract.

  60. drewdawg11

    Well… now I have zero idea what the plan is. If they don’t get Suh, I really wonder what the plan will be. Personally, I think JS is asleep at the wheel. Perhaps they got cocky. They figured guys would always just want to play in Seattle.

    • mishima

      If they can trade ET, maybe trade down a bit for T. Settle or M. Hurst. Might be preferable to signing Suh to 3/42 or whatever.

      Also, maybe a return to big/cheap gap discipline and more speed on the outside/edge.

      Challenging off-season. I think JSPC are doing well to stay the course.

      • SheHawk

        Agreed I think “too cute” =arrogant The front office lost some shine last draft. As a us dawg who saw budda baker play every game, passing up on opportunity to get Baker for McDowell?? Reason why AZ could release honey badger is because Baker is ready to roll.

        Fan base is struggling to see their reasoning but they get paid to make these calls. That said, our city literally LOVES this team and they’d be foolish to underestimate just how attached 12s were to many players who won’t be playing for Hawks next year.

        Super critical we acquire some players people can get attached to, love, support their charitable cause etc. There will big BIG void. That is another reason why say it’s critical we draft S Griffin. Hawks playing those twins are”money” when it comes to fan favorites ….their story their work ethics, “grit”, their smiles. If it’s gonna be tough couple years rebalancing.. we need new players to fall in love with
        , buy their jerseys… I’m buying me a Griffin to replace my #25 but hope it’ll be a LB # if not I’m getting #26 for sure!

    • Simo

      Take a deep breath, or three! You don’t really believe that all of sudden PCJS don’t know what they’re doing!! Hawks have a plan and a method to their madness. Call it a rebuild or call it a churn, its really the same thing. It is just the right time to get younger and hungrier, fix the run game and offense, and restock the defense. Along the way there’s going to be casualties like Sherm, Mike B, possibly even Earl. It’s inevitable, they can’t keep handing out massive contracts to aging stars. Time to find the next group Seahawk legends.

  61. C Dub

    The logic behind the Earl Thomas trade makes sense. Recoup draft picks, save cap space. Part of me wants to keep him to keep some part of the defense intact, but if he isn’t into playing for the Hawks, and all of his fellow teammates have jumped ship or have been traded, what kind of motivation would he have? Seems like after seeing the rise and fall of the last era, he might want a fresh start. That would be lame to see him on the Cowboys, gross. That whole scene after the Cowboys game was selfish, childish behavior in my opinion. Dog eat dog world though, I guess.

    • vrtkolman

      That Dallas scenario plus the Wagner fight actually made me believe that Earl might be a locker room cancer.

  62. House

    We Dickson signed 3-year/$14M

    • Greg Haugsven

      We will have to see the true numbers. Sounds a lot like 2 years $10 million that ASJ got.

      • Patrick Toler

        Gotta wait for sure to see the cap hits if we want to move on either of the next two offseasons. Either the risk of the contract was less with Dickson, or they weren’t comfortable with ASJ the person, as ASJ is probably the better player now, and clearly has more upside.

    • House


    • Rowdy

      sounds like twice as much as he should of got

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      This isn’t an inspired signing. Seems more like a touch of desperation.

      • Volume12

        I’m with ya here my man. Loved the Mingo signing, but this one I could take it or leave it.

  63. Greg Haugsven

    Tom Pelissero reports that there is no deal right now for Sheldon but he is still there and they are working.

    • vrtkolman

      If an organization was throwing out the red carpet for me, I would milk them for all I could before signing. Maybe Sheldon will get a street named after him today.

      • mishima

        If I’m S. Richardson, I hold out for tater tot hotdish.

        • peter

          go get himself a juicy lucy , some hotdish…..and the most non dish in history books, pickle with cream cheese wrapped with a slice of deli meat.

          • mishima

            Ha! Only at Matt’s Bar, Minneapolis.

            You from MN? Lived on the Iron Range for awhile.

        • Del tre

          If I’m Sheldon Richardson, I’m stalling to see if i can play on a defense with Suh, pretty rare you get the #2 and a top 10 DT lined up next to eachother, it’d just be so beautiful to watch a rotation like that.

          • lil'stink

            I think Richardson and Suh have the same #1 priority… getting paid. Probably a huge dropoff between goal #1 and whatever goal #2 is.

          • vrtkolman

            I doubt it. I think he’s in it 100% for the money. Same with Suh.

            • Del tre

              Oh i never implied that they weren’t, he’s stalling because if Earl is dealt i think they are far more likely to dish out those deals considering its like 100+ million in cap that would need to be spent. Cutting that down to 75 or 70 million (with more money likely coming off the books but thats a lot of cap to work with especially for Schneider) shouldn’t really be a huge problem.
              Two three year contracts for anywhere between 45 and 50 million isnt exactly overpaying for that level of talent, especially for a team that wants to clog up the middle and run stop.
              I feel like this is a team that can get back to playing championship football quick fast and in a hurry if its done right, and i trust the F.O to do it right. All i can say is that its an exciting time to be a football fan and go hawks!

              • FresnoBrad


                • Del tre

                  Yes, that cap is due for 2019, hence the trading of Earl so that we can sign him. The 100 million is essentially the meat of their contract though since we can realistically only hit about 10 this year for each.

  64. SheHawk

    Agreed I think “too cute” =arrogant The front office lost some shine last draft. As a us dawg who saw budda baker play every game, passing up on opportunity to get Baker for McDowell?? Reason why AZ could release honey badger is because Baker is ready to roll.

    Fan base is struggling to see their reasoning but they get paid to make these calls. That said, our city literally LOVES this team and they’d be foolish to underestimate just how attached 12s were to many players who won’t be playing for Hawks next year.

    Super critical we acquire some players people can get attached to, love, support their charitable cause etc. There will big BIG void. That is another reason why say it’s critical we draft S Griffin. Hawks playing those twins are”money” when it comes to fan favorites ….their story their work ethics, “grit”, their smiles. If it’s gonna be tough couple years rebalancing.. we need new players to fall in love with
    , buy their jerseys… I’m buying me a Griffin to replace my #25 but hope it’ll be a LB # if not I’m getting #26 for sure!

    • j

      The goal is to win, not to get likable players.

      • lil'stink

        I’d say that the goal is to win, not to keep players who are fan favorites.

    • Patrick Toler

      For me I prefer to look at the overall process, rather than any given move. Seattle has had a lot of success being aggressive with players who have tough personalities or off the field question marks. It certainly hasn’t worked every time, and McDowell very well may be one of those misses. I expect them to continue to be aggressive and take risks (see Suh).

  65. BobbyK

    For those who may know… I’ve only heard Dickson is a good blocking TE. But have since heard he is a poor run blocking TE, but a really good pass blocking TE. Which means it’d be an expensive baby sitter for Ifedi in pass pro? And the run game still doesn’t have a guy who can seal the edge? Not going to claim to know much about the guy…

    • vrtkolman

      If he helps Ifedi I’ll take it. Ifedi should be a cornerstone of this team for years to come.

      • BobbyK

        Cornerstone players don’t need others to help mask their deficiencies, imo. Cornerstone guys pull their weight and make others around them better.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Maybe a guy like Dissly or Smtyhe can be a run blocker. I believe that Vannett is the opposite (better run blocker but not so great at pass blocking) but could be wrong. Maybe a lot of two TE sets with those two?

        • vrtkolman

          I mean, maybe he helps Ifedi’s confidence level going forward.

  66. DCD2

    So Mingo and Dickson were FA’s, right? Which means that we need Sheldon to sign somewhere else or we get no comp pick?

    If Sheldon and Luke both leave, does that put us back on track for getting 2, but nothing for PRich? Who else do we have that might offset a signing? Joeckel?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Eddie Lacy baby.

      • DCD2

        Wonderful! Here I was worried that if we actually DO sign Sheldon, we might get zero compensation for Graham and PRich…

        We just need a team to sign Lacy or Joeckel. No worries there, right? right?

        • DCD2

          We’ve lost Graham and PRich and will lose Willson (3). We’ve signed Mingo and Dickson (2). So, if we lose Sheldon, and do NOT sign any other FA’s, we still lose the PRich comp pick unless someone signs Lacy or Joeckel.

          Is this correct? I have a feeling our free agency is done with unless it’s Suh or another cut. Signing anyone else at this point is risking decent comp picks in the hope that a team takes a flyer on Lacy/Joeckel.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Or we sign a street free agent or wait until May 12th when signing UFA’s stop counting against comp picks.

  67. Malkavian

    Latavius Murray news, I imagine a Sheldon signing is imminent

    Latavius Murray has agreed to a contract restructure.
    Murray was due $5.15 million on Friday, an amount Minnesota had been reluctant to pay, but it appears the sides came to a compromise. The 28-year-old rolled to eight touchdowns in his first year with the Vikings but should see his role scaled back this season with Dalvin Cook returning from ACL surgery.

  68. Millhouse-serbia

    Hey @MSU_LEEK4 if you are ready to play this season please fav this tweet, if you aren’t just ignore me

    Malik just liked this tweet. Good news.

    • hawkdawg

      If it’s true, that would in fact be GREAT news. I’m a bit skeptical, if only because he also tweeted when his injury became public that we all should not worry because he’d be back with the team and on the field “very soon,” or something like that. Instead he disappeared for months, and when he did reappear it was for a cameo as a spectator to a couple of practices, then left again.

      It may be in his financial interest to assert readiness to play, in fact, when he is not, although at some point that won’t work anymore….

      • Greg Haugsven

        Ill believe it when I see it.

        • peter


    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I think that’s pretty cool he responded. I sincerely hope it means something, even though I doubt it does.

  69. Greg Haugsven

    Markus Wheaton coming to Seattle for a visit.

    • peter

      Oof. His career has been pretty disappointing. I wonder what happened? I remember back at Oregon st. and I thought he was a great value pick in the third round but he’s dangerously close to fading out of the league.

      But on a one year prove it? Got to find some bodies when your corps is baldwin, lockett, and some dudes that are all projections at this point.

    • DCD2


      Being consistent in targeting 2013 draft busts at least.

      • peter

        Good catch.

  70. SheHawk

    Question – is Seahawks ring of honor typically for players that played their entire career here?

    If so Kam is the only original LOB DBack who we can honor there if we trade Earl. Whatever happened in past ( Dallas one bad lapse in judgement) I want to see #29 up there. Given the relatively messy break ups its quite poetic that Kam — the classy act of them all.- the Boom behind the LOB is it’s representative.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I don’t think so. Curt Warner is in there and he player for the Rams. Dave Brown is in there and he started in Pittsburgh and finished in Green Bay.. Kenny Easley too. Technically he never played anywhere else, but he was traded.

  71. fiddleman

    Looks like we got a couple of Tight Ed’s next season…

    • RWIII

      I have never seen the N.F.C. this tough. You have the Rams, 49ers, Green Bay, Minnesota, Atlanta, New Orleans, Carolina, Dallas and don’t forget the Super Bowl champs (Philadelphia). I can’t believe how tough the N.F.C. is. The N.F.C. is absolutely LOADED.

      Who do you have in the A.F.C. ? You have New England, Jacksonville and Pittsburg. Thats about it.

      • peter

        Busting your chops alert!!!! The late 80’s early nineties called and said remember when the cowboys and the Niners handled everyone for what seemed like an eternity!

        But jokes aside you are right. the afc for me is more realistically new england…..and everyone else is on wait and see status for me. Even Jax until they can do it two years in a row. If Houston could shake off their perpetual injury curse that whole conference is wide open to me, not just their division.

      • DCD2

        NFC also has some team from Seattle

        • Greg Haugsven

          The NFC for sure is tough. There really isnt any garbage either. Even the lesser teams like Arizona, Chicago, Ny Giants arent that bad.

  72. Greg Haugsven

    • Greg Haugsven

      Im not sure if this is what you wanted millhouse.

      • Manthony

        Did Leek retweet it?

  73. Volume12

    Mike Solari at Austin Corbett’s pro day.

    • Volume12

      And meeting with UCLA’s Kolton Miller who some of y’all said was too tall.

      We don’t know what Solaris preferences for this team will be like. Try to keep that in mind.

      • peter

        Well the height thing and not being good are anecdotal. though for the sake of positivity Ogden went to ucla and was 6’9″ so there’s that.

      • Patrick Toler posted an article about a month ago where the front office (can’t remember who now) said they were still learning their offensive coaches’ physical preferences.

      • Aaron

        Kolton Miller is too tall imo. Tackles at that height struggle to gain leverage in the run game. It isn’t a deal breaker but not my preference. Corbett, on the other hand, is someone I like and think they can develop. Not worth a first or second round pick though. I’d take the more polished and more NFL day one starters like Hernandez, Wynn, or Price.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      SEA have real interest in Corbett. I wonder if he lasts into late R3/early R4.

  74. Volume12

    Richard Sherman: ‘Seahawks kinda lost their way when evaluating players’

    Where’s the lie?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not a lie.

      It’s just something nobody needs to hear. We all know mistakes have been made.

      A degree of decorum wouldn’t go amiss. The Seahawks were good for Sherman, just as he was good for the Seahawks.

    • peter

      It’s true. though it’ll be interesting to see sherman if he takes the field to play w/o earl, and in another system. though they, the legion, were all grea it sort of seems to me that the system may have had something to do with it as well.

      Good thing for sherman san Francisco has lost there way so badly they have and have had, tons of great early picks to bolster that team super quickly.

    • Trevor

      That is not the part of the interview I had an issue with.

  75. House

    Sheldon Richardson strike 1-year deal with MIN

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Dang. I really wanted them to extend him. What’s the amount?

    • Aaron

      So…no comp pick then or?

      • House

        We’ve lost 3 (Jimmy, P-Rich and S-Rich) UFAs and signed 2 (Mingo and Dickson). We should be in line for a comp pick. Probably a 4th

        • Rob Staton

          The problem we’ve got is Seattle currently has about 50 players on the roster. So unless they plan to sign 20 UDFA’s, they’re going to struggle to fill out the roster. And if they end up signing 10 cheap free agents — the net loss will still cancel out the comp picks.

  76. drewdawg11

    I just don’t get it. So basically they are willing to let him walk for nothing? I’m sick of hearing about comp picks, btw. Excellent player vs. potential rookie picked in the 100 range. No contest. Sheldon has better have signed for a lot, otherwise the front office is being incredibly transparent with their low-key tanking of 2018/19. I’m so confused as to why Pete would want to go through that as competitive as he is. Now, if there is a deal in place to bring Suh to Seattle, ok then.

    • House

      I hear what you’re saying. I understand the potential of comp picks, but prior to Sheldon signing, we lost 2, signed 2 and weren’t getting 1.

      Sheldon/Luke signing elsewhere can get us 2 depending on contract value.

      Suh has got to be part of the plan…

  77. Coach

    I hope tomorrow is an exciting day!

    1. Trade Earl for a first and third.
    2. Sign Suh
    3. Sign Ried to start next to McDougal

    Then in draft, trade back so they have a late 1, 2, and 3. Select Jones, Price, and ?

    Also, can Mingo play the Bruce Irvin role?

    C’mon Hawks. Make some moves!


    Go Hawks!

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