2011 Readers’ Choice Awards

The blog’s been nominated for a 2011 Readers’ Choice Award. In order to try and make the final five – I need people to log on and vote. By clicking this link you can go to the entry page and if you have a few moments – can you include ‘Seahawks Draft Blog’ in the ‘Best NFL Draft Site’ category? All help would be really appreciated.

I’ll have a new post on the site in the evening, Seattle time.


  1. Patrick

    Awesome news!! Couldn’t have been more deserving Rob. I’ll be happy to vote!

  2. Kelly

    Some off topic discussions I wanted to start on here while we barrell into Superbowl weekend.

    1. I think of all the All-star games, the Pro-bowl has to be the biggest joke of them all. Theres no blitzing, when the ball is hiked, its like the offense and defensive lines just stand there. It truly makes me devalue the honor of being named to the pro-bowl. I would like to see the game actually mean something, but I don’t know how you can implement that. Its not like you can give a winners advantage to the NFC or AFC superbowl team that year because the Superbowl teams have NO PLAYERS in that game, but its just very disappointing game/effort to me and in the last 2 years, I havent really wanted to watch it, despite being a huge football fan.

    2. Its a shame that not at least one player from every team gets selected to the pro-bowl. Obviously this stings more since Seattle was “I believe” one of 2 teams not to have anyone voted in. (Tampa Bay). Obviously most of our players were undeserving and were mediocre at best, but considering Dallas got 5 people in the game, its beyond me that Earl Thomas or especially Leon Washington didn’t get to attend. Statistically as a KR, Washington had 3 KR td’s and a botched PR TD, and yet Devin Hester got the nod. At least they gave Leon the “All-pro” vote because he definately deserved it.

    3. Who do we all think is the most deserving AP award winners? Yesterday they announced that Troy Palamalu won over Clay Mathews…which personally I think was a little bit of a surprise…but both were certainly great this season.

    Comeback Player of the Year: Michael Vick (If it wasn’t for him, Mike Williams would have been a strong candidate)

    Defensive Player: Troy Palamalu although Mathews was just as deserving

    Offensive Player: Personally I think Arian Foster deserves this honor, but it will probably go to Tom Brady due to his QB position

    Rookie Offensive Player: Sam Bradford (one of the better rookie campaigns). No one else really stood out.

    Defensive Rookie Player: I have been hearing that Suh and Mccourty are the two most deserving. I’ll give the nod to Suh due to living up to his draft hype.

    Coach of the Year: All indications are that Mike Tomlin will get this honor, and why not…he finished with a (12-4) record, didn’t have his QB for the first 4 games and Pitt still went (3-1) losing only to Baltimore, New Orleans, New England and the New York Jets this season. All playoff teams.

    MVP: Tom Brady, but again I think Arian Foster or Michael Vick were just as dominate. The fact that NE tanked in the playoffs could make this slightly closer then orignally thought.

    • Charlie


      Probowl 1) I completely agree, i feel like two years ago the probowl was more fun to watch, dont know why, but they talked alot about how much money extra the winners got… don’t know if thats changed

      Probowl 2) I don’t agree that everyone should make it because that wouldn’t make sense. while every team should have a probowler, i dont think anyone would be willing to give a probowl to any player that was on the 0-16 lions. best players should make it, period. but saying that, earl thomas definetly deserved to go to the probowl over roman harper. harper had 1 interception, 6 forced fumbles, 3 sacks which is a good year for a STRONG SAFETY, yet he went to the probowl as a FREE safety. Earl thomas should’ve merited probowl status. He had just as impressive a year as eric berry, maybe even more impressive and i know hes AFC, but the two will constantly be compared throughout their career. I also was dissapointed with the leon washington/ devin hester situation. devin hester got in cause he broke the total return record and everyone knows his name.

      As for the awards:
      DMVP: hard to argue against either clay or polamalu winning. both on superbowl teams and dominated.

      Comback player of the year: I think its absolutely garbage Mike vick won. he came back last year, not this year. Leon washington broke his leg and came back to be one of the two top kick returners in the league. and mike williams came back from basically eating him self out of the league, to being the top reciever on a football team. I would be fine with anyone deserving but mike vick, like wes welker, i just think its stupid vick won it, because he came back last year, it just took him a year to be the starter…

      As for the rest of the awards i only would say Defensive Rookie of the year should hands down go to Suh. He had 10 sacks as a rookie Defensive Tackle. A DT with 12 or 13 sacks would be considered in DMVP category. that is so impressive for a DT, much less a rookie DT. A corner getting 7 picks isn’t as impressive, while its still very good, but there was another rookie corner who got 6 picks. its just not as impressive as 10 sacks for a rookie DT who was also incredibly good against the run.

      Rant over

  3. Matt

    Already voted!

    Just wondering if you had thought about adding a forum to the website? I realize this is a blog, but it’s far and away the best seahawks related draft site as well. It’d be nice to have organized discussion about prospects and the like that would be easier to find than comments on posts.

    • Rob

      I’m looking into ways to vastly improve interaction and the comments – a forum is one of the ways of doing that but you really need a big community to warrant it. It’s something I’m not satisfied with the blog – the comments section has no flow. I will fix it.

  4. Michael Kelly

    Done. Although I love a few draft sites, this is the best Seahawk site so got to express my loyalty.

  5. Matt Q.

    I voted!

  6. Matt Q.

    I voted!

  7. Jay

    Voted for you Rob, and thank you for all your hard work on this blog. Without your insightful knowledge I wouldn’t know most of what I know about the prospects and I probably would be bored out of my mind during lecture at school.

  8. Billy Showbiz

    Good Luck Rob! You deserve it. Once the season is over this is always my first stop for browsing at work.

  9. Curlin

    I’d say the least I can do is vote … love the site, thanks for all your work!

  10. Chris

    I voted for you too. Keep up the good work.

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