East-West Shrine game top performers

Courtesy of Aaron Aloysius. See anyone you like?


  1. Michael

    337 dancing bears are hard to find. I remember Seattle passing on Raji for Curry. Still cringe at that thought. Linebackers a dime a dozen (unless you are Mr. Mathews).

    Gimme someone big nasty, that shows knee bend, shows good leverage, is coach-able, and a little bit nasty.

  2. Michael

    Whoops… Shrine Game. Ahh:

    1) David Arkin: Could develop and seemed nasty
    2) Delone Carter: Nice feature back
    3) Greg Cooper: Leon Washington replacement?
    4) Terrell McClain: Good enough to get a Sr. Bowl invite
    5) Demarcus Van Dyke: Good size. Developmental CB?
    6) Justin Trattou: Probably too small to play the run, but man, the guy was everywhere. Makes plays.
    7) Greg Smith: Nice 7th round TE option with good balance
    8) William Rackley: Did not play, but I’ve heard the buzz
    9) Joseph Barkesdale: This guy has gotta be worth a 4th rounder… if he really likes football, that is.
    10) Jordan Cameron: Disappeared in the game, but he is a USC TE
    11) David Carter: 5-tech? Passion?
    12) Nathan Enderle: Charlie Frye Part Deux?

    Notables: Shiloh Keo/Adam Grant/Christian Hairiston/Dontay Moch/Ryan Winsterswyk

  3. Chavac

    Marvin Austin… Would love to see PC turn him into a successful reclamation project.

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