2017 combine day one live blog: OL, RB

March 3rd, 2017 | Written by Rob Staton

This live blog will be updated throughout the day. Keeping refreshing and join in the discussion in the comments section.

Today the offensive lineman and running backs workout. We’ll also get the measurements for the defensive linemen and linebackers.

If you missed yesterday’s TEF preview, check it out. The workouts to monitor for the offensive linemen are the vertical and broad jumps. We already have the bench press numbers from yesterday.

As soon as we have all the data we’ll be posting 2017 TEF scores for this draft class.

For the running backs, explosive testing (vertical, broad) is also important. The Seahawks have not drafted 4.3-4.4 runners. Speed and the forty yard dash will not necessarily be a key factor. Explosive testing, physicality (running style) and size (+220lbs) is important.

Forty yard dash (OL)

Group one

Isaac Asiata — 5.35 & 5.44
Erik Austell — 5.21 & 5.23
Zach Banner — 5.58 & 5.60
Adam Bisnowaty — 5.23 & 5.26
Garett Bolles — 4.96 & 5.02
Ben Braden — 5.05 & 5.03
Aviante Collins — 4.78 & 4.82
Ethan Cooper — 5.38 & 5.36
Julie’n Davenport — 5.48 & 5.46
Dion Dawkins — 5.11 & 5.15
Jessamen Dunker — 5.05 & 5.00
Pat Elflein — 5.32 & 5.33
Jermaine Eluemunor — 5.17 & 5.22
Dan Feeney — 5.28 & 5.25

Garett Bolles had a 1.71 10-yard split. Aviante Collins had the fastest split (1.68).

Collins (TCU) hurt himself in the initial movement drill. Pat Elflein’s footwork was impressive, ditto Eluemunor and Dan Feeney. Solid.

Nobody is on Bolles’ level of movement and athleticism so far. His balance, control and quick change of direction is so good. Mike Mayock just compared Bolles to Terron Armstead.

The NFL Network has gone to an ad break. NFL.com is showing Tweets by Annie Apple and Nick Mangold. Do they not realise the only people watching this want to see the drills?

Dion Dawkins looked smooth in the 5-yard wave drill.

In the next cone drill, Bolles just exploded out of his stance and sprinted beautifully downfield — again putting the rest of this group to shame.

Bolles is the clear leader among this group. So far Dion Dawkins has looked the next best O-liner in group one.

In the kick slide, Zach Banner laboured. Bolles looked really good again. No surprise there. He was so quick he had to wait for the ‘rabbit’ (O-liner acting as a DE) to catch-up to complete the drill. Dawkins’ kick slide was quite smooth too and Elflein (with a football to snap as a center) also looked good. Eluemunor struggled.

They ask the O-liners to do a drop-back DB drill to test their hip flexibility. Group one was a mess overall. I don’t need to tell you the name of the one guy who looked comfortable. Nobody compared to Laremy Tunsil’s sensational performance in this drill a year ago.

Adam Bisnowaty and Bolles both excelled in the mirror drill. Asiata was nicely controlled for an interior lineman.

Official 40-yard dash times (top-10)

Aviante Collins — 4.81
Garett Bolles — 4.95
Jessamen Dunker — 4.98
Ben Braden — 5.04
Dion Dawkins — 5.11
Jermaine Eluemunor — 5.22
Adam Bisnowaty — 5.23
Erik Austell — 5.23
Dan Feeney — 5.24
Pat Elflein — 5.32

Defensive line & linebacker measurements

Myles Garrett — 6-4, 272lbs, 10 1/4 hands, 35 1/4 arms,
Solomon Thomas — 6-2 5/8, 273lbs, 9 3/8 hands, 33 arms
Charles Walker — 6-1 7/8, 310lbs, 9 5/8 hands, 35 3/4 arms
Deatrich Wise — 6-5 1/4, 274lbs, 10 1/2 inch hands, 35 5/8 arms
Tim Williams — 6-2 7/8, 244lbs, 9 1/4 hands, 32 3/4 arms
DeMarcus Walker — 6-3 5/8, 280lbs, 10 1/2 hands, 33 inch arms
Reuben Foster — 6-0, 229lbs, 10 1/4 hands, 32 3/8 arms
Jabrill Peppers — 5-10 7/8, 213lbs, 9 5/8 hands, 30 3/4 arms
Raekwon McMillan — 6-1 7/8, 240lbs, 9 1/2 hands, 32 1/2 arms
TJ Watt — 6-4 1/2, 252lbs, 11 hands, 33 1/8 arms
Jonathan Allen — 6-3, 286lbs, 33 5/8 arms
Derek Barnett — 6-3, 259lbs, 32 1/8 arms
Taco Charlton — 6-6, 277lbs, 34 1/4 arms
Caleb Brantley — 6-3, 307lbs, 32 arms
Charles Harris — 6-3, 253lbs, 32 3/8 arms
Davon Godchaux — 6-3, 310lbs, 32 3/8 arms
Malik McDowell — 6-6, 295lbs, 34 3/4 arms
Takkarist McKinley — 6-2, 250lbs, 34 3/4 arms
Haason Reddick — 6-1, 237lbs, 32 3/4 arms
Carroll Phillips — 6-3, 242lbs 33 3/4 arms
Ryan Anderson — 6-2, 253lbs, 31 1/2 arms
Alex Anzalone — 6-3, 241lbs, 32 1/8 arms
Kendell Beckwith — 6-2, 243lbs, 33 arms
Montravius Adams — 6-4, 304lbs, 32 3/4 arms
Jaleel Johnson — 6-3, 316lbs, 33 1/4 arms
Tanoh Kpassagnon — 6-7, 289lbs, 35 5/8 arms
Carl Lawson — 6-2, 261lbs, 31 1/2 arms
Elijah Qualls — 6-1, 313lbs, 30 5/8 arms
Dalvin Tomlinson — 6-3, 310lbs, 33 1/2 arms
Stevie Tu’Ikolovatu — 6-1, 331lbs, 33 7/8 arms
Eddie Vanderdoes — 6-3, 305lbs, 33 1/8 arms
Carlos Watkins — 6-3, 309lbs, 34 5/8 arms
Jordan Willis — 6-4, 255lbs, 33 1/2 arms
Chris Wormley — 6-5, 298lbs, 34 1/8 arms
Tyus Bowser — 6-3, 247lbs, 33 1/4
Zach Cunningham — 6-3, 234lbs, 34 3/8 arms
Jarrad Davis — 6-1, 238lbs, 33 1/2 arms
Anthony Walker — 6-1, 238lbs, 30 3/8 arms
Joe Mathis — 6-2, 266lbs, 33 arms, 9 hands

A reminder — Seattle hasn’t drafted a defensive lineman with sub-33 inch arms.

The first thing that stands out is the length of Zach Cunningham and Jarrad Davis. Cunningham has 34.5 inch arms, Davis 33.5 inch arms. Cunningham can help himself this weekend but Davis won’t work out until his pro-day due to injury.

Myles Garrett, Takk McKinley, Malik McDowell, Taco Charlton, Charles Walker and Deatrich Wise have great length.

Some of the potential day 2/3 options also have attractive length — Carlos Watkins, Eddie Vanderdoes, Stevie Tu’Ikolovatu, Tanoh Kpassagnon, Jaleel Johnson, Chris Wormley and Jordan Willis

Charles Harris, Caleb Brantley, Derek Barnett and Tim Williams are all sub-33 inches for arm length. Carl Lawson’s 31.5 inch arms are a worry.

Group two forty yard dash

Kyle Fuller — 5.25 & 5.27
Antonio Garcia — 5.26 & 5.16
Avery Gennesy — 5.42 & 5.35
Sean Harlow — 5.15 & 5.16
Will Holden — 5.45 & 5.48
Danny Isidora — 5.04 & 5.01
Dorian Johnson — 5.28 & 5.33
Roderick Johnson — DNP
Forrest Lamp — 4.99 & 5.00
Cameron Lee — 5.40 & 5.45
Damien Mama — 5.84 & 5.86
Conor McDermott — 5.19 & 5.15
Jordan Morgan — 5.36 & 5.39
Taylor Moton — 5.18 & 5.22
Ethan Pocic — 5.12 & 5.17
Ryan Ramcyzk — DNP
Cam Robinson — 5.15 & 5.16
Justin Senior — 5.64 & 5.56
David Sharpe — 5.46 & 5.44
Nico Siragusa — 5.42 & 5.36
Dan Skipper — 5.42 & 5.42
Sam Tevi — 5.28 & 5.30
Nate Theaker — 5.51 & 5.42
Jon Toth — 5.51 & 5.55
Jerry Ugokwe — 5.63 & 5.62
Chad Wheeler — 5.43 & 5.56

Roderick Johnson is not participating today due to sickness. D’Onta Foreman is not doing running back drills today. Ryan Ramcyzk had labrum surgery and is not competing.

According to Daniel Jeremiah, David Sharpe (T, Florida) is legally blind in his right eye.

Onto the drills — Taylor Moton looked good in the agility drills. Nice back-pedal, decent lateral movement. Chad Wheeler and Cam Robinson also performed well.

One thing is clear — there are not many good athletes in this second group of offensive linemen. There’a a handful at best, fronted by Forrest Lamp. I’m not optimistic we’ll see many great TEF scores when the vertical and broad jump results are made public.

Antonio Garcia got a little aggressive in the kick-slide drill, shoving his guy at the end. He’s edgy.

Taylor Moton did well in the back-pedal drills. Nice hips. Probably the best we’ve seen apart from Garett Bolles.

Broad & vertical jump results — O-line

Garett Bolles jumped a TEF-busting 9-7. That’s the fifth best broad jump by an offensive lineman since 2006.


Garett Bolles — 9-7
Dorian Johnson — 9-6
Forrest Lamp — 9-3
Will Holden — 9-3
Nico Siragusa — 9-2
Taylor Moton — 9-1
Antonio Garcia — 9-0
Jessamen Dunker — 9-0
Ethan Pocic — 8-11
Cam Robinson — 8-10
Dion Dawkins — 8-10
Chad Wheeler — 8-9
Isaac Asiata — 8-6
Dan Feeney — 8-5
Pat Elflein — 8-3
David Sharpe — 8-1
Adam Bisnowaty — 8-0
Damien Mama — 8-0
Zach Banner — 7-8

Moton was wrongly credited on the NFL Network with a 9-10 broad jump. It’s actually a 9-1.


Forrest Lamp — 27.5
Taylor Moton — 30.5
Isaac Asiata — 25.5
Zach Banner — 23.5
Adam Bisnowaty — 29.5
Garett Bolles — 28
Ben Braden — 28
Julie’n Davenport — 27
Dion Dawkins — 26
Pat Elflein — 23.5
Dan Feeney — 28
Kyle Fuller — 26
Antonio Garcia — 31
Avery Gennesy — 20
Sean Harlow — 30.5
Will Holden — 28
Danny Isidora — 29
Dorian Johnson — 30
Damien Mama — 24.5
Conor McDermott — 28.5
Ethan Pocic — 27
Cam Robinson — 26
David Sharpe — 20.5
Nico Siragusa — 32
Dan Skipper — 26
Sam Tevi — 26
Chad Wheeler — 20.5

The big shock of the day is Leonard Fournette only managed a 28.5 inch vertical. Dalvin Cook only managed a 30.5 too. Compare that to Christian McCaffrey’s 37.5 or Alvin Kamara’s 39.5.

Fournette didn’t participate in the broad jump for some reason. Cook managed a 9-8 while McCaffrey (10-1) and Kamara (10-11!!) excelled again.

Alvin Kamara is by far the most explosive running back among this quartet.

Initial TEF scores

I’ll have a bigger piece on this later.

Taylor Moton — 2.86
Forrest Lamp — 3.23
Isaac Asiata — 2.96
Adam Bisnowaty — 2.51
Dion Dawkins — 2.75
Pat Elflein — 2.34
Dan Feeney — 2.68
Antonio Garcia — 2.89
Dorian Johnson — 2.92
Ethan Pocic — 2.81
Garett Bolles — 3.00*
Cam Robinson — 2.67*
Nico Siragusa — 3.13

* Garett Bolles and Cam Robinson did not do the bench press. They are given a projected score based on the average bench rep number for this draft class (24 reps).

I’ll have a bigger piece on this later — but so far TEF has identified only three truly explosive offensive linemen in this draft class: Forrest Lamp, Garett Bolles and Nico Siragusa.

Isaac Asiata was close (2.96). Ryan Ramcyzk and Roderick Johnson didn’t work out due to injury. I’ll have a bigger article on this later today.

Here’s a note on draft order:

Isaac Asiata has been doing an interview with NFL.com. His character and personality are A+.

Running back forty yard dash

Chris Carson — 4.58 & 4.60
Corey Clement — 4.68 & 4.76
Tarik Cohen — 4.42 & 4.42
James Conner — 4.66 & 4.68
Dalvin Cook — 4.50 & 4.50
Leonard Fournette — 4.51 & 4.52
Wayne Gallman — 4.57 & 4.60
De’Angelo Henderson — 4.48 & 4.48
Brian Hill — 4.54 & 4.61
Elijah Hood — DNP
Kareem Hunt — 4.66 & 4.62
Aaron Jones — 4.52 & 4.50
Alvin Kamara — 4.53 & 4.65
T.J. Logan — 4.37 & 4.44
Marlon Mack — 4.50 & 4.51
Christian McCaffrey — 4.49 & 4.59
Jeremy McNichols — 4.52 & 4.49
Samaje Perine — 4.66 & 4.70
Donnel Pumphrey — 4.49 & 4.50
De’Veon Smith — DNP
Jamaal Williams — 4.60 & 4.63
Joe Williams — 4.42 & 4.54
Stanley Williams — 4.51 & 4.44

Zeke Elliott ran a 4.47 a year ago at 225lbs to put Leonard Fournette’s 4.51 at 240lbs into context. Here’s a good way of looking at it:

Zeke Elliott (225lbs) — 4.47
Dalvin Cook (210lbs) — 4.50
Leonard Fournette (240lbs) — 4.51

Fournette is 0.01 slower than Cook but weighs 30lbs more. He’s 0.04 slower than Elliott but weighs 15lbs more.

The Seahawks haven’t drafted a burner at running back. Michael (4.54), Prosise (4.48) and Turbin (4.50) were explosive rather than really fast.

There was a lot of talk pre-draft about how quick the likes of Brian Hill and Kareem Hunt would run. They only managed a 4.5 and a 4.6 respectively.

The most important numbers for this group in relation to Seattle will again be the broad and vertical jumps.

286 Responses to “2017 combine day one live blog: OL, RB”

  1. Trevor says:

    Some really intriguing guys with the measurements so far you would think the Hawks would love.

    Daeshon Hall (DE / Tex A&M) The prototype size wise 6-5+, 265lbs, 34 5/8″ Arms, 9 1/2 Hands
    Tyus Bowser (LB / Hous) Like this guy more every day 6-3, 244lbs, 33″ Arm, 10 1/8 Hands
    Dalvin Thomlinson (DT / Alb) Ideal size for a Hawks DT 6-3, 312lbs / 33″ Arms, 10″ Hands
    Tarrell Basham (Edge / Ohio) Keep an eye on for 10yd split. Seems like ideal LEO 6-4, 260lbs,33″ Arms, 10 3/8 Hands

    These are 4 guys to definitely monitor IMO.

    • Trevor says:

      Forgot to add one more guy

      Keonta Davis (Edge / Tenn Chat) 6-3 / 274lbs / 33 3/8 Arms /9 Hand

    • McGruff says:

      Hall is probably my favorite tier two end. In many ways I find his film more impressive than Garrett.

    • Christian says:

      Every body here has been drooling about Bowser for a while. Problem is on
      another site I saw he’s visited with like 5 teams, notably. He’s probably not going to last, like we think he is. I’d guess he’s probably gonna go in the second, not going to last to our third, or even our second, like we all hope.

  2. Peanut says:

    Happy Combine everyone!

  3. JT says:

    Bolles unofficial 10-yard split of 1.71 on his first 40 (4.96).

    Only one OL over the past two combines ran a faster split.

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      Anything sub 5 for these guys is really moving.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        Collins is getting down that line.

        • Trevor says:

          His father and brother were track stars at TCU and it shows. That is fast for a man that size.

          From a size and athletics stand point he would have been the prototype for an Alex Gibbs ZBS lineman. Cable seems to prefer bigger guys however.

  4. Ukhawk says:

    Bolles 4.91, 1.69 split, and who is this Collins guy??

  5. michigan12th says:

    Has anyone watched any tape of Collins? It looks NFL draft site listed his arms at 33 3/8″ arms. That’s a little short at tackle but is workable. Here is what the NFL draft site said about him:


    Rob what do you think about him, is he a possible candidate for our last third?

  6. Sea Mode says:

    Good to see Collins tough it out and run the drill. JS mentioned in his press conference they like to see guys do that, while of course being prudent with the injury, etc.

  7. Sea Mode says:

    Terrible, terrible kick slide by Banner…

    • Sea Mode says:

      Agree Dawkins looked pretty good in kick slide and Davenport not to bad to my eye either.

    • Overtime says:

      It looks like Banner has eaten himself out of the NFL. His 22 reps in the BP were disappointing. Now he turns in a slow 40. That is not going to get it done. I had hope for him when he lost the weight but it seems he got serious about the NFL 4 years too late.

  8. Kenny Sloth says:

    How about Collins?!

    That’s how you show up!!

    • Sea Mode says:

      Agreed. Was just going to mention that. Looked smooth going backwards. But Bolles did like full 180 hip turns with no steps in between. Amazing.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      his father, Bill, is in the TCU Lettermen’s Hall of Fame as a legendary sprinter for the Horned Frogs, capturing Southwest Conference titles in the 100 meters in 1974 and 1975 while also winning the 60-yard dash at the 1975 SWC Indoor Championship … his brother, Lavon, is a sprinter and hurdler for the TCU track and field team.

      All-Freshman Honorable mention.

      Undersized but tough and athletic.

      Has played swing tackle most of his career, hmmm

  9. Trevor says:

    Nice to see Demarcus Walker size 6-3 1/2, 280lbs, 33 Inch Arms and 10 1/2 Hands

    Still one of my favorite players in this draft class. Can’t wait to see how he tests to see if he might be in play for us.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Definitely nice. Can’t wait for testing numbers on him. He’s got the technique no doubt.

    • C-Dog says:

      Bigger than I thought he was going to be. Officially back on my radar.

  10. Sea Mode says:

    Haha, I didn’t know if Bolles was mirroring Asiata or Asiata mirroring Bolles…!

  11. Trevor says:

    Two of my favorite Edge Rush prospects had great measurements.

    Daeshon Hall and Deatrich Wise Jr are going to be steals for some team.

  12. Kenny Sloth says:

    Tiny little arms and hands on Peppers

  13. nichansen01 says:

    Draft Aviante Collins, let him spend a year as a backup learning technique and adding bulk… and then you might have yourself a real player.

  14. nichansen01 says:

    Bucky Brooks has Rueben Foster plummeting to 27 in his latest mock. If Foster is available at 26… I sprint to the podium.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think Bucky had been on the Tequila when he put that mock together.

      • Sea Mode says:

        The other day when Bucky and Jeremiah put out a mock draft together, a couple times they mentioned they were just throwing out some surprise picks just to shake things up a bit. When you talk so much draft, it’s bound to be a temptation.

    • Matt says:

      Oh God…I don’t even want to entertain the idea that he may be available. That would be just a wet dream.

  15. peter says:

    I’ve watched a bunch of TCU with Boykin. To me there seems to be some stuff to like about Collins, but it’s hard to say because a lot of those tapes are against the Big 12 so the defenses can be spotty at best. It’s beyond obvious that he’s an athlete and TCU does mix in some zone with cut blocks. On just a few tapes it seems like he’s leting Defenders get inside him too much and doesn’t really hand fight but sort of swats his arms around trying to bat them back instead of locking in ad drivign them somewhere else.

    I’d like to see more of a mauler but Gilliam’s not and Collins has that swing tackle background plus has blocked for a mobile qb, and though Seattle doesn’t really do pace has a background in playing at TCU that does run a quick tempo so you’d hope he would have good stamina through out a game.

  16. peter says:


    Is it a concern that Reddick has just the tiniest bit out of range arm length? Does it matter if he’s playing SAM?

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      His arms at least are over 32.5″ and just 1/4″ shorter than BWagz. It’s right at the edge, but shouldn’t be a determining factor given his athleticism.

  17. JimQ says:

    IMO: Bolles really looks like a 1-st rounder should, also like Asiata as a potential Rd 2/3 pick.
    Collins, Davenport, Dawkins & Eluemunor – all could be later round options with good upside.
    so far……..

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Dawkins will be doggin for the first round.

      It would be insane if two Temple players went in the first

  18. Kenny Sloth says:

    Elijah Qualls with the Joey Hunt arms.

  19. EP says:

    New to the whole combine experience but I find it very intriguing. Blog has been very useful in helping me understand how the draft actually works. Just a query, is Peppers working out with defensive backs on Monday as well or is he only working with the linebackers?

  20. Overtime says:

    Takk McKinley weighted in at only 250. It looks like he is targeting an OLB position rather than DE. He has long arms. I was expecting him to be over 260. Let’s see how he runs.

    • John says:

      I guarantee Takk is on the Hawks radar. He is going to blow up this combine with his athleticism.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        He would be a great leo/sam. I for sure think he could be on the radar..I believe he is slightly injured isn’t he? Thought I heard something about that.

  21. Kenny Sloth says:

    That’s a great weigh-in for Jaleel Johnson who plays like he’s 6-1 289.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Good run by Isadora, disappointing from Garcia

    • JakeB says:

      If we could snag Jaleel somewhere in the second I’d love that. Same with Moton in the third, but I think we’d have to make a move to get either.

    • lil'stink says:

      I was hoping he would come in shorter than he was listed at so he could fall to us 🙁

      I think he’s a 3 down DT in a 4-3 scheme. Only time will tell.

  22. Trevor says:

    How about a Western Kentucky left side of our OL for the next 10 years with Fant and Lamp?

    Let Glow and Ifedi compete for RG and Gilliam and Ifedi compete for RT.

    • vrtkolman says:

      Lamp looks like the real deal. I would not love using a first round pick on a guard with the defensive prospects available, but I think Lamp might be breaking that first round barrier.

      • Trevor says:

        Yeah it would not be my preference either but I think he is going to be a TEF Freak. I would be on board with it if Ifedi could become an RT however.

        • Steve Nelsen says:

          The only ones talking about Ifedi at right tackle is fans. The Seattle FO is 100% firm that he is staying at RG.

  23. nichansen01 says:

    Lamp cracked the 5 second olineman barrier in the 40. Looking more and more like a first rounder to me.

  24. nichansen01 says:

    I think Isadora could be intriguing late third…

  25. Sea Mode says:

    Stevie T has the long arms. 33 7/8 arms. Yes!

    On the other hand, goodbye Anthony Walker, 30 3/8 arms

  26. Sea Mode says:

    Rapoport said Saints looking for R1 pick for Cooks. Nice try, I say…

    • nichansen01 says:

      No way! Too expensive for any team.

      • Dawgma says:

        Hey now, you never know unless you try. Cleveland is still an NFL team with multiple first rounds picks, after all…

        • Hawks22Fun says:

          Brandon Cooks has been productive, and was a 1st round number 20 overall pick. Titans trading 18 for him, knowing he can play in the league well, saves the risk of drafting a 1st round WR…

          Like Perrimen, Doctson, Coleman…etc…they haven’t shown anything…

          Coleman has…with Mariota, dynamic…!

  27. Trevor says:

    I know he is not well liked on here but I thought that was an impressive run for Cam Robinson for a man that size. 1.76 10 yd split.

    He is not James Carpenter.

  28. Cysco says:

    For Reference on Bolles
    Name 40 Yard (Official) Bench Vertical Broad 3-Cone Short Shuttle
    Spriggs, Jason 4.94 31 31.5″ 9’7″ 7.7 4.44

  29. Cysco says:

    err let’s clean that up:

    Name 40 Yard (Official) Bench Vertical Broad 3-Cone Short Shuttle
    Spriggs, Jason 4.94 31 31.5″ 9’7″ 7.7 4.44

    Height – 6’6
    Weight – 301
    Arms – 34 1/8

    Name 40 Yard (Official) Bench Vertical Broad 3-Cone Short Shuttle
    Bolles, Garett 4.96 NA TBD TBD TBD TBD

    Height – 6’5
    Weight – 297
    Arms – 34

  30. Peanut says:

    Really wish I had the Gamepass today, but since money is a thing, gotta do with the NFLnow coverage

  31. Smitty1547 says:

    Had hope for mama but he’s slower than pond water

  32. Trevor says:

    Based on what I have seen so far today there are (4) 1st round OL in this draft.

    #1 Bolles
    #2 Lamp
    #3 Ramzyk
    #4 Robinson

    • McGruff says:

      Robinson is looking really impressive in agility drills to my eye.
      I can see him being on our radar.

    • Trevor says:

      In an OL starved NFL teams will reach a little

      #4 Jags – Bolles
      #8 Panthers – Robinson
      #11 Browns – Ramzyk
      #20 Broncos – Lamp

  33. EranUngar says:

    I am waiting for Kpassagnon at 289 pounds to shock the NFL.

    And on another topic – Would anybody object to signing WR Brandon Marshal for a year or two?

    • DLep says:

      Kpassagnon has just ridiculous length and hand size

      • EranUngar says:

        And he is trim and lean at 289…amazing

        • DLep says:

          And yes I think Marshall would be an outstanding fit for 2 years.

          • Hawks22Fun says:

            Agreed Brandon Marshall would fit in our locker room, as he has grown up a lot in the last few years…plus he could mentor our young WR room…we need a vet in the WR room outside of Baldwin…IMO

            I wish we would NOT have resigned ‘the Kearsed One’, and spent $2 million more a year to sign Mohammed Sanu!!!

  34. Trevor says:

    I am reading that right Moton had a 30.5 inch Vert and 9-10 Broad jump?

    If so that is impressive for a huge man.

  35. Sea Mode says:

    Lamp only 27.5 vert, Cam Robinson only 26

  36. DLep says:

    Davis, Bowser and Cunningham each w 33 in plus arms w Cunningham over 34!

    • LeoSharp says:

      Cunningham’s arms are only half an inch shorter than K.J. Wright’s so probably the second longest arms at linebacker in the nfl. If he tests well then he could be the best option at O LB in this draft.

      • DLep says:

        I would definitely not be mad at cunningham being selected. his market share numbers are also awesome.

    • NathanM says:

      Bowser weighed in heavier than I thought he would. Need to see how he moves with that weight if he can play a 4-3 OLB or if he’s more of an edge guy

  37. Dinosaw13 says:

    Bolles is defo going top 10. Can’t see him pass the Panthers if not before.

  38. Deryck says:

    Asiata and Lamp are looking really good so far in terms of TEF. Too bad the Seahawks aren’t necessarily looking for a guard

  39. Sea Mode says:

    28.5 vert from Fournette. meh…

  40. McGruff says:

    Moton will probably meet profile specs.

  41. McGruff says:

    Fournette with a 28 inch vertical . . . I’m kinda disappointed by that.

  42. nichansen01 says:

    To me, Peppers isn’t even draftable. Maybe I’d spend a 7th on him. Can’t believe people are still talking about him in the first.

    He’s average at everything and doesn’t look to have an impressive physical or athletic profile. And I have no idea where to play him. No way he’s a linebacker.

    • Sea Mode says:

      wha??? come on, bro…

      • nichansen01 says:

        To me I see a punt returner/back up safety.

        • STTBM says:

          Just because Seahawks wont take someone with sub-32 inch hands does NOT mean they cant be a fantastic player. He’s 5′-11″ and suddenly undraftable because he’s under 6′?!

          Good Grief!

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      I can see you not having a fit for him in your scheme but thats your own staffs failure. That doesn’t mean he is undraftable.

      • nichansen01 says:

        Undraftable was a bit harsh. But a slam still baffled that player with 1 career interception and 0 forced fumbles can be compared to players like Charles Woodson, Eric Weddle etc… that fact that he couldn’t lock into a position concerns me as well.

        • nichansen01 says:

          I am* not a slam

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          In 12 games he had 6 ypc and 3 touchdowns. 15 tfl, 3.5 sacks, a pick and a forced fumble.

          Averaged 14 yards on 2 punt returns per game. Scored 26 points including a 2 point conversion and a punt return td

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      “I’m not going to let one combine measurement sour my opinion on an elite prospect.” – You, ten minutes ago

      • nichansen01 says:

        I never considered peppers elite. I’m basing my opinion more on his lack of position, production, physical measurables and overall athletic profile. I’m not referring to one combine drill in this post.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          It’s the scheme that cannot facilitate him that is broken. Not the player.

          I base my evaluations on what a player can do not what he cant.

  43. Sea Mode says:

    That Moton is a Mountain!

  44. JimQ says:

    RB-Kamara = explosive, better #’s than I thought.

  45. Sea Mode says:

    Kamara 39.5 vert, 10’11” broad!

  46. icb12 says:

    Fournette with a 28.5″ Vertical?

  47. nichansen01 says:

    If McKinley falls due to shoulder concerns… I sprint to the podium.

  48. McGruff says:

    Antonio Garcia just Fricken punched a guy in the kick slide drill. It was awesome. Intense.

  49. McGruff says:

    Same Tevi of Utah has impressed me in drills.

    • McGruff says:

      Tevi is just technically pperfect and has a could frame with little to no bad weight.

  50. vrtkolman says:

    Chad Wheeler looks like a fat tight end and not a linemen. I would pass on this guy.

    • McGruff says:

      Wheeler and that tall Skinner kid look super stiff. Skinner isn’t a football player. He needs to try out for the NBA.

  51. JimQ says:

    Tyler Moton at RT, being talked up by Mike Mayock, et al – seemed to have swivel hips in last drill.

  52. Sea Mode says:

    Dorian Johnson kick-slides pretty nicely. 9’6 broad almost equalled Bolles’ effort, 21 bench (35 1/4 in arms fwiw). Waiting on the vert, but put him on the list already to go back and watch…

  53. John says:

    Takk McKinley will be on the Hawks radar if he get’s close to 26. Similar size and athleticism as Bruce and would play similar role. I know Bruce was a freak but I bet Takk puts up some very good numbers.

  54. AndrewP says:

    Now Foreman with a stress fracture in foot… not the greatest day for RBs

  55. Kenny Sloth says:

    Nico Siragusa with jumps of 32″ and 110″ at 319

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Been rather bullish on Siragusa all season. Opened up some nice holes for Pumphrey this year.

  56. JT says:

    Nico Siragusa – small school OG (SDSU) who looks good on the limited tape I’ve seen.

    6’4, 319 lbs.
    9’2″ broad, 32″ vertical, 28 BP reps, 1.83 split, 33.5″ arms.

    Sign me up.

  57. Kenny Sloth says:

    Will Holden from Vandy with a 28″ vert and 111″ broad after pressing 23 times at 33 1/4″ and a disappointing 5.47.

    Can’t say that I’ve watched him recently

  58. nichansen01 says:

    Bolles not as TEF as we thought. Forrest Lamp is going to shoot up draft boards… beyond 26. Unfortunate because I think he could play right tackle for us.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Bolles’ TEF is a projection based on the average bench rep numbers for this class. If he achieved more than 24 reps then he’d be right up with Forrest Lamp.

    • JT says:

      TEF is simply an explosiveness cut-off nichansen, and Bolles will likely hit it after he bench presses. Combine that with great speed and the strong agility marks to come, and you have an outstanding overall athlete. The Hawks would thank their lucky stars if he fell to 26.

    • Cysco says:

      When you look at the results of his measurements and his performance so far, he comps very similar to Jason Spriggs from last year. Same size, same 40 time, same broad jump. I think Spriggs put up like 30 or 31 reps on the bench. If you give Bolles 30, he’s probably in the top-2 TEF scores of the group.

  59. Cysco says:

    Asiata is this year’s Ifedi.

    Ifedi: 2.97

    Ifedi: 96.1
    Asiata: 95.6

  60. Sea Mode says:

    Here goes Vol’s guy Chris Carson…

  61. MSL says:

    So assuming an (average) bench of 24 for Bolles, he’s 2.999 for TEF if I understood Rob’s broad jump adjustment.

    • MSL says:

      Nevermind, I see his projected score added to the list now. Maybe I missed it the first time through.

  62. EranUngar says:

    4.51 40 at 240 pounds for fornett…he doesn’t need to jump a lot…

  63. nichansen01 says:

    Not going to lie… Fournette’s athleticism is good but not elite…

  64. Ground_Hawk says:

    It looks like San Diego St.’s Nico Siragusa has a 3.097 TEF and a wTEF of 98.79. With his 33.5 inch arms, I think we can put him on Seattle’s radar.

    • Ground_Hawk says:

      I see the correction! Even better, for Siragusa, with his TEF of 3.13 and wTEF of 99.72!

  65. NathanM says:

    Did Aviante Collins not jump after his injury in the 40? All over him at the top of the comments with a great 40 and 10yd split but then no more info…

  66. nichansen01 says:

    TJ Logan with a great 4.37 40.

    • vrtkolman says:

      He’s standing out for sure, everyone else is right around that 4.50 mark.

    • nichansen01 says:

      And McCaffrey just broke 4.5, so faster than Cook and Fournette by a hair.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        With 50 less pounds xD

        • nichansen01 says:

          McCaffrey is never going to be a starter.

          • vrtkolman says:

            I know people like him, but he just looks average to me. The fact he said he’s doing both WR and RB drills shows me he knows he’s not going to impress athletically, so he wants to try to impress in some other way. Cook is just as good a receiver IMO.

            • DLep says:

              He may end up being average as a player but both his vert and broad were pretty good

              • Hawks22Fun says:

                You guys are crazy…Christian McCaffrey is looking DOMINANT…he hasn’t missed one pass, even with some really bad throws, and he can play SLOT, RB, and WR…

                That is all a PLUS, not a negative…do you think Mike Mayock is an idiot??? He is GUSHING over what McCaffrey can do!!!

                If he was behind Russell Wilson on the field with Prosise…the other team would NEVER be able to match up with us!!!

                (Not that the hawks will draft him…)
                Imagine him with Brady or Rodgers…CRAZY dynamic…

                • vrtkolman says:

                  He was definitely very impressive in field drills. Looks like it was a great idea for him to run both RB and WR drills.

      • Cysco says:

        But that 10 reps on the bench. Ouch.

        For reference, I’m 42yo, 5’10 178lbs and I did 11 reps at 225 this week just to see how I’d compare.

        Pretty sad when a 42yo video game developer can out bench you. 🙂

  67. vrtkolman says:

    Perine, yikes. His 10 yard split looked awful. Maybe a fullback in the NFL?

  68. Ground_Hawk says:

    It is great to be a fan this time of year! Thanks for making this community what is, Rob!

  69. nichansen01 says:

    I am a little bit disappointed with Kamara’s 40 time. 4.53? eh

    • McGruff says:

      4.53 is fine for a RB. Especially for the Seahawks who don’t tend to value speed.

  70. nichansen01 says:

    A running back with a 4.93 40? YIKES!

  71. vrtkolman says:

    Joe Williams did some work, 4.42. I’m a pretty big fan of this guy.

  72. nichansen01 says:

    Three late round running backs I would draft: Tariq Cohen, TJ Logan and Joe Williams

    • Sea Mode says:

      40 time not as important to Seahawks as vertical and broad jump. Don’t fall for the 40 hype.

    • CLB says:

      Aaron Jones might be a good RB in the 6th or 7th. Had 4.56 40, but had some of the best marks in the explosive drills, a 37.5″ vertical and 10’7″ broad jump. Jones turned in a big 2016 season, averaging 7.7 yards per carry for 1,773 yards with 17 touchdowns. He also showed receiving skills with 28 receptions for 233 yards and three scores. And he looks a lot faster on tape, consistently outrunning the DBs in this tape of some 2016 highlights, and had some great receptions at 1:30 and 5:20 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HP2YjidB3wM

  73. BGahan says:

    In the immortal words of Brick Tamlind, “I love Lamp”. Or if you prefer, run Forest run. Humor aside, wouldn’t mind at all seeing him in a Hawk uniform.

  74. Sea Mode says:

    Whoa, RB 5-11, 215, 35.5 vert, 10’5″ broad, 4.46 40yd

  75. Coleslaw says:

    If we drafted Britt with a 2.97 TEF I think it’s safe to say we would in some cases (Isaac Asiata) lower the standards a little (0.05 Really make a difference?)

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      If we did Toughness and Intelligence (things Britt has in spades) will be the attributes that set them apart

    • MSL says:

      I would have a hard time thinking there’s an exact cutoff point. Even if they do, to think that we (Rob) has the formula nailed down to the second decimal point would be a stretch. So yes, I’m pretty sure they are considering someone slightly under the TEF threshold.

      • Volume12 says:

        Of course they would. Especially if some of the guys who are closer to it lack the grit, attitude, and football IQ.

        • MSL says:

          Exactly. As Rob has made perfectly clear, it’s just a tool to identify the guys that fit their preferred athletic profile. There is a lot more to consider. A guy at 2.9 but A+ everywhere else beats a guy at 3.1 but lacking in other areas. You could easily tweak the TEF formula in a way that would adjust the cutoff point and still work with the guys they’ve selected before. I think some people are getting too caught up on the exact number down to the decimal points.

  76. Volume12 says:

    McCaffrey aka Run CMC looks really good.

  77. Dawgma says:

    When your criteria reduces the draft able pool for an entire position group to THREE prospects, it’s time to revisit your criteria.

  78. icb12 says:

    McCaffery’s field drills are clearly better than the others so far. What a weapon.

    Kamara also looks good.

    Cook drops the ball after the catch…

    • Volume12 says:

      Ha. I just posted that above about McCaffrey. He looks so smooth in the drills. You never have to take him off the field. As more and more teams become up-tempo spread style attacks, he’s ‘the’ guy.

  79. Aaron says:

    Guess these TEF grades for the o liners adds credence to the idea that if Bolles and Ramczyk aren’t there at 26 they pick LB, DB, or move down to get more picks. The gap between athletes on the o line and d line continues to widen. Great work as always Rob!

  80. MSL says:

    I may have missed it, but has there been any discussion on the possibility of moving up for Bolles? Does anyone see the value in that? I have no clue how far they’d have to move up or what it would cost, but if there’s a legitimate chance he could be the LT of the future the value could be there. I guess that partly depends on if they really think Fant can be the LT of the future.

  81. Knights who say Ni says:


    Would the Hawks still have Haason Reddick on their first round radar with the 32 7/8 inch arms?

  82. Darnell says:

    If Lamp is available at 26 don’t over think it. Take him, plug him in and instantaneously make the weakest part of the team better. This is Mankins, Martin , Bitonio.

    • DLep says:

      Lamb’s measurements and testing are eerily similar to Martin actually. I was initially of the thinking that it doesn’t really make sense to draft what is essentially a replacement to Glowinski but if they drafted him it would be hard to be upset with a guy who tests so favorably to other pro bowl level players. You never get worse by drafting pro bowlers. It would be awesome if somehow Ifeid at RT could work but doesn’t sound like that will happen based on Pete and John’s recent statements.

      • DLep says:

        Lamb Martin
        arm length 32.25 32.875
        hand size 10.625 9.5
        weight 309 308
        height 6’4 6’4

    • Aaron says:

      Lamp is definitely the best guard in this class, but don’t sleep on Asiata. His TEF is close enough to 3 that they might take him in rounds 2-3 where he’ll probably go. I’m not too keen on changing up more than two positions on the o line this season. If they get Lamp at 26 and made Glow a backup swing guard it could work…

      LT: Fant
      LG: Lamp
      C: Britt
      RG: Ifedi
      RT: FA

      But if Lamp, Bolles, and Ramczyk are all gone by 26 they got to pick LB, DB, or trade down to get more picks.

      • DLep says:

        Yeah and sorry if it wasnt clear above, I mentioned the Ifedi at RT thing because in that scenario Glo could move over to RG – Fant, Lamp, Britt, Glo, Ifedi. But again, doesnt sound like that would happen given the insistence that Ifedi will stay at RG.

        • DLep says:

          And I agree that Asiata could be a possibility as well if they like a defender who won’t last beyond their first round pick.

  83. DLep says:

    Lamp Martin
    40 4.99 5.22
    Vertical 27.5 28
    Broad 111 106
    3 Cone 7.55 7.65
    Shuttle 4.62 4.59
    Bench 34 29

    • Misfit74 says:

      That’s really something. Maybe Lamp really would be a Seattle target after all? Still, I agree with the sentiment on 3000 NFL Mock Draft in that would we really draft (another) first round guard? He’s an attractive prospect, though.

  84. Trevor says:

    Bolles 3 Cone and SS were really really good. His hips and change of direction skills are off the charts good.

  85. vrtkolman says:

    Big winners for me:
    – TJ Logan – Some people will see that he ran a 4.37 and draft him for that alone.
    – Alvin Kamara – Stood out as the most explosive RB by far.
    – Forrest Lamp – Right above my post was the comparison to Zack Martin. I think Lamp shoots up into the 1st round now and wouldn’t be upset if Seattle took him.
    – Garrett Bolles – As athletic as Rob thought he would be. In some cases he even surpassed expectations.
    – Cam Robinson – Better athlete than first thought. Easy first round pick even though he won’t be on Seattle’s radar most likely.
    – Joe Williams – A surprisingly fast 40 time which appeals due to his grit, toughness, and physicality. He does have character red flags though.

    – USC linemen – None of these guys look like NFL caliber athletes at all. Wheeler looks like a fat tight end.
    – Samaje Perine – He’s a major plodder. He looks like a fullback and not a feature back. 4.66-4.70 and it looks like a very slow 10 yard split.

    I missed a lot here but those stand out to me.

    • Misfit74 says:

      Disappointed by Perine’s times. He’s looking more and more like an Alfred Morris type. Much to my chagrin.

      I suspected this of K. Hunt, but he did well outside of timed speed.

      We can probably expect to shave .05/.10 off of some 40 times after Pro Days.

      I was happy with Cook and Fournette’s times, but I did hope for better verts.

      I’m excited for more numbers by Howard and Njoku. From the TE group.

      Cunningham continues to look ideal as a potential Seahawks prospect. Perfect size and length.

  86. Misfit74 says:

    According to Graham Barfield, “Fournette has 94th-percentile weight-adjusted speed at 6-foot, 240 pounds, and Fournette’s Speed Score is the second best among 235-plus-pound running backs in the last decade.”

  87. Misfit74 says:

    Florida State RB Dalvin Cook’s official forty time at the NFL Combine was 4.49.
    Both of Cook’s “unofficial” times were slower, but he beat 4.5-flat via the Combine’s laser testing.

  88. Jason says:

    Hood said he tweaked his hamstring while preparing for the Combine, and he expects to be healed and do everything at UNC’s pro day

  89. Brett says:

    Joe Williams out of Utah just looks sudden. What’s your opinion on him Rob?