2017 combine day three live blog: DL, LB

March 5th, 2017 | Written by Rob Staton

The live blog will be updated throughout the day. Keeping refreshing and join in the discussion in the comments section.

Today the defensive linemen and linebackers workout. Pete Carroll named linebacker as one of three priority needs at the end of the season (CB, LB, OL). This is a group to monitor closely.

Unfortunately Florida’s Jarrad Davis will not take part due to injury.

Later today we’ll put the defensive linemen through TEF to see how they compare athletically to the offensive linemen in this class.

D-line forty yard dash (10-yard split in brackets)

An ‘elite’ split is a 1.5

Group 1:

Montravius Adams — 4.88 (1.72) & 4.94 (1.74)
Jonathan Allen — 5.00 (1.74) & 5.02 (1.76)
Derek Barnett — 4.88 (1.70) & 4.92 (1.70)
Tarell Basham — 4.81 (1.68) 4.70 (1.61)
Tashawn Bower — 4.85 (1.69) & 4.82 (1.66)
Caleb Brantley — 5.15 (1.78) & 5.18 (1.84)
Fadol Brown — 4.94 (1.72) & 4.97 (1.74)
Josh Carraway — 4.74 (1.71) & 4.76 (1.72)
Taco Charlton — 4.92 (1.73) & 4.92 (1.70)
Bryan Cox Jr. — 4.90 (1.74) & 4.91 (1.74)
Keionta Davis — DNP
Dylan Donahue — 4.76 (1.67) & 4.80 (1.68)
Ken Ekanem — 4.89 (1.68) & 4.89 (1.70)
Myles Garrett — 4.64 (1.63) & 4.74 (1.69)
Ryan Glasgow — 5.14 (1.85) & 5.30 (1.93)
Davon Godchaux — 5.27 (1.84) & DNP
Daeshon Hall — 4.76 (1.68) & 4.77 (1.67)
Charles Harris — 4.84 (1.65) & 4.82 (1.66)
Trey Hendrickson — 4.68 (1.62) & 4.64 (1.59)
Treyvon Hester — DNP
Jaleel Johnson — 5.49 (2.03) & 5.38 (1.92)
D.J. Jones — 5.06 (1.76) & 5.04 (1.77)
Jarron Jones — 5.43 (1.96) & 5.34 (1.87)
Nazair Jones — 5.12 (1.81) & 5.18 (1.81)
Tanoh Kpassagnon — 4.83 (1.69) & 4.92 (1.75)
Carl Lawson — 4.82 (1.68) & 4.68 (1.60)
Jeremiah Ledbetter — 4.85 (1.72) & 4.94 (1.79)
Malik McDowell — 4.90 (1.72) & 4.86 (1.69)

A so-so start to the day. In terms of edge rushers, Bruce Irvin ran a 1.55 split and Cliff Avril had a 1.50. The only EDGE here that ran a 1.5 was Trey Hendrickson (1.59).

Frank Clark was considered more of an explosive inside/out rusher and he ran a 1.69 split at 271lbs. Malik McDowell managed the same 1.69 split at 295lbs. Montravius Adams ran a 1.72 at 304lbs. Tarell Basham ran a 1.61 at 269lbs which is pretty freaky. Unlike Adams and Hendrickson, he also has length (34 1/4 inch arms).

Myles Garrett, Trey Hendrickson and Charles Harris looked really smooth in the initial movement drills. All three looked comfortable in space, changing direction and moving with instinct. Most of the group looked really stiff (not a surprise, they’re D-liners) but these three excelled.

Moving over the bags, Caleb Brantley followed up a ‘meh’ forty with a bad movement drill. Montravius Adams, Jonathan Allen, Derek Barnett and Tarrell Basham were really good here. Taco Charlton was decent. Myles Garrett’s technique on this drill was awful.

Charles Harris absolutely NAILED this drill. Wow. Quickness, smooth, explosive. The best by a country mile so far.


Myles Garrett — 4.64
Trey Hendrickson — 4.65
Carl Lawson — 4.67
Tarrell Basham — 4.70
Josh Carraway — 4.74
Dylan Donahue — 4.75
Daeshon Hall — 4.76
Tashawn Bower — 4.82
Charles Harris — 4.82
Tanoh Kpassagnon — 4.83

In the club/rip drills — Carl Lawson looked powerful and quick. Unsurprisingly Myles Garrett excelled here, showing great power, bend and lean. Ole Miss’ D.J. Jones is performing well but is tiring.

Lawson’s second rep in the club/rip was even better than the first. Superb.

Onto the stack-and-shed drills. Nice rep for Tarrell Basham who’s having a good day. Caleb Brantley bends his waist and looks lethargic. Taco Charlton looked powerful here — his best drill so far.

Most of the players messed up this drill, as is the case every year. So many rush through it, ‘push’ the bag instead of strike and treat is as a quickness test (it isn’t). Basham, Charlton, Lawson and Kpassagnon got it right but the coaches were constantly reminding the group it wasn’t a race.

In the re-direct and chase drill, Harris again excelled. He’s really smooth. You see traits on tape and while he didn’t run a 1.5 split (1.66) his ability to express power and speed, change direction and accelerate is on show today. He looks like a sure-fire first rounder on this evidence.

Taco Charlton is a curious one. He didn’t run well. He’s not moving well in drills. He’s shown some power on the bags. Mike Mayock is comparing him to Carlos Dunlap during the broadcast but Dunlap ran a 4.71 (1.65 split) at 6-6 and 277lbs. Charlton ran a 4.92 with a 1.73 split at the exact same height/size. Dunlap is a superior athlete and it’s hard to watch Charlton’s combine and imagine him being the top-15 pick many are projecting.

Charlton also went through linebacker drills but he looked mechanical and uncomfortable. He’s the opposite of ‘twitchy’. Charles Harris on the other hand — WOW, again. He’s showing a natural fluidity in space, the ability to unlock his hips and change direction. He’s moving like a 220lbs linebacker. The star of the drills so far.

Broad jump

Haason Reddick — 11-1
Myles Garrett — 10-8
Tanoh Kpassagnon — 10-8
Solomon Thomas — 10-6
Jordan Willis — 10-5
Deatrich Wise — 10-5
Tim Williams — 10-4
Daeshon Hall — 10-3
Derek Rivers — 10-3
Trey Hendrickson — 10-2
Taco Charlton — 9-8
Carl Lawson — 9-6
Malik McDowell — 9-4


Myles Garrett — 41 inches
Jordan Willis — 39 inches
Haason Reddick — 36.5 inches
Daeshon Hall — 36 inches
Solomon Thomas — 35 inches
Derek Rivers — 35 inches
Fadol Brown — 34 inches
Tim Williams — 33.5 inches
Carl Lawson — 33 inches
Takk McKinley — 33 inches
Taco Charlton — 33 inches
Deatrich Wise — 33 inches
Charles Harris — 32 inches
Tanoh Kpassagnon — 30 inches

Haason Reddick delivering as expected. A sensational 11-1 broad jump and a 36.5 inch vertical to match. He’s a 40-yard dash in the 4.47-4.55 range away from freak status.

The ideal pick at #26 for this team could be Reddick.

According to this Tweet, the Seahawks are doing their homework on Obi Melifonwu:

This isn’t a surprise. Melifonwu has the size and profile they love. He’s a definite athletic freak. However — they need to be sure he fits mentally as well as physically. Seattle’s alpha’s play in the secondary (Kam, Earl, Sherm). A shrinking violet might not be the answer here, especially if they cost a first round pick.

The regular meetings are probably about working out who he is because physically he’s an ideal match for this team. Is he ‘pissed off for greatness’? Is there any dog in him? That’s what they need to find out.

Meanwhile this is a big disappointment:

Evans had a chance to be the star of the combine.

D-line forty yard dash (10-yard split in brackets)

An ‘elite’ split is a 1.5

Group 2:

Takk McKinley — 4.59 (1.61) & 4.64 (1.67)
Avery Moss — 4.86 (1.67) & 4.80 (1.63)
Al-quadin Muhammad — 4.91 (1.73) & 4.89 (1.74)
Noble Nwachukwu — 4.85 (1.72) & 4.84 (unknown)
Ife Odenigbo — 4.72 (1.66) & 4.75 (1.69)
Olumide Ogunjobi — 5.09 (1.84) & 4.98 (1.77)
Carroll Phillips — 4.64 (1.64) & 4.66 (1.65)
Ejuan Price — 4.84 (1.66) & 4.89 (1.66)
Elijah Qualls — 5.13 (1.74) & 5.19 (1.79)
Haason Reddick — 4.52 (1.60) & 4.53 (1.59)
Derek Rivers — 4.61 (1.61) & 4.65 (1.63)
Isaac Rochell — 4.89 (1.72) & 4.93 (unknown)
Garrett Sickels — 4.90 (1.72) & 4.97 (unknown)
Tanzel Smart — 5.24 (1.86) & 5.30 (unknown)
Dawuane Smoot — 4.77 (1.68) & 4.80 (1.71)
Pita Taumoepenu — 4.67 (1.66) & 4.71 (1.65)
Vincent Taylor — 5.16 (1.79) 5.07 (1.77)
Solomon Thomas — 4.70 (1.66) & 4.71 (1.66)
Dalvin Tomlinson — 5.20 (1.81) & 5.21 (1.83)
Steve Tu’ikolovatu — 5.46 (1.86) & 5.42 (1.72)
Eddie Vanderdoes — 5.00 (1.74) & 5.00 (1.70)
Charles Walker — 4.96 (1.75) & 4.96 (1.77)
Demarcus Walker — DNP
Carlos Watkins — DNP
Tim Williams — 4.70 (1.66) & 4.69 (1.64)
Jordan Willis — 4.53 (1.58) & 4.55 (1.54)
Deatrick Wise — 4.93 (1.70) &
Chris Wormley — DNP

Mike Mayock is projecting Haason Reddick as a late first or early second round pick. Daniel Jeremiah: “He’s going in the first round”.

On Reddick’s second run he clinched an ‘elite’ 1.5 split (1.59). The NFL Network did a simulcast of Reddick running his forty vs LeVeon Bell, Antonio Brown and Mike Evans. Reddick won easily.

I put Reddick’s numbers through TEF to judge how explosive he is. He scored a 3.93 (!!!!!).

Jordan Willis achieved the third ‘elite’ 10-yard split (1.54). That’s a superb split for Willis.

In the initial wave drill, Elijah Qualls looked really agile for his size. No surprise here but Haason Reddick looked good changing direction and working in space. Mayock and the rest of the NFL Network are raving about him. Jordan Willis also looked smooth.

Takk McKinley is struggling to follow instructions from the coaches during the first two drills. His bag/movement drill was cut short. Carroll Phillips didn’t use his arms and was called out by the coaches. Qualls again performed well, followed by Reddick who again excelled.

REALLY good drill by Thomas here. His technique was really good, arms and quick feet powering around the bags. This was a first glimpse at the top-10 potential of Thomas. He also looked explosive in the club/rip. “That’s how it should be done” yells a coach after Thomas’ effort.

Eddie Vanderdoes had a nice rep on the club/rip. Nice quick swipe to the bag and then sprint. Jordan Willis was also drawing praise from the coaches again for his rep. Willis is having a really good day.

Ejuan Price working the bag nicely before Reddick — stop me if you’ve heard this already — looks fantastic. Nice quick club, moves the arm inside, stayed really low and exploded to the QB to finish. Brilliant rep.

Takk McKinley had his best drill in the stack-and-shead drill. Willie McGinest described Reddick’s stack-and-shead as “perfect”.


Haason Reddick — 4.52
Jordan Willis — 4.53
Takk McKinley — 4.59
Derek Rivers — 4.61
Myles Garrett — 4.64
Carroll Phillips — 4.64
Trey Hendrickson — 4.65
Carl Lawson — 4.67
Pita Taumoepenu — 4.67
Tim Williams — 4.68

I posted a few different vertical and broad jumps above for the D-line class. There were some negatives. Caleb Brantley has short arms, ran relatively slowly and then posted a thoroughly mediocre 8-9 broad jump and 27 inch vertical. He is not explosive. Neither is Jaleel Johnson — he ran a 5.38 and jumped an 8-4 and a 28. Ugly.

I’ll post TEF scores for all of the defensive linemen later. If nothing else, it enables us to compare the class in terms of explosive traits.

Linebacker vertical jumps

Tyus Bowser — 37.5 inches
TJ Watt — 37 inches
Zach Cunningham — 35 inches
Jabrill Peppers 35.5 inches
Duke Riley — 34.5 inches
Raekwon McMillan — 33 inches
Alex Anzalone — 30.5 inches

Linebacker broad jumps

TJ Watt — 10-8
Jabrill Peppers — 10-8
Tyus Bowser — 10-7
Zach Cunningham — 10-5
Alex Anzalone 9-8

It’s official — Watt, Bowser and Cunningham are very interesting. Those are ‘wow’ numbers for TJ Watt.

Linebacker yard dash

NFL Network didn’t post the 10-yard splits

Ryan Anderson — 4.79 & 4.75
Alex Anzalone — 4.64 & 4.63
Kendell Beckwith — DNP
Vince Biegel — 4.68 & 4.68
Ben Boulware — DNP
Tyus Bowser — 4.71 & 4.66 (1.59)
Blair Brown — 4.66 & 4.66
Jayon Brown — 4.70 & 4.67
Riley Bullough — DNP
Zach Cunningham — 4.71 & 4.68
Jarrad Davis — DNP
Kevin Davis — 4.93 & 4.92
Brooks Ellis — 4.80 & 4.83
Devonte Fields — 4.72 & 4.77
Reuben Foster — DNP
Ben Gedeon — 4.75 & 4.80
Connor Harris — 4.74 & 4.75
Marquel Lee — DNP
JoJo Mathis — DNP
Raekwon McMillan — 4.61 & 4.69
Matt Milano — 4.67 & unkown
Hardy Nickerson — 4.79 & 4.79
Jabrill Peppers — 4.47 & 4.46
Jalen Reeves-Maybin — DNP
Duke Riley — 4.59 & 4.59
Tanner Vallejo — 4.65 & 4.65
Anthony Walker — 4.66 & 4.66
T.J. Watt — 4.71 & 4.70

Raekwon McMillan ran a nice 4.61. Zach Cunningham and Tyus Bowser were both slower than expected (4.71). McMillan also had a 33 inch vertical and a 10-1 broad. Good day for him — surprisingly good.

It’s strange that Bowser, Cunningham and Watt — having all performed brilliantly in the vertical/broad jumps — all ran a middling 4.71. They’re all explosive but don’t have twitchy speed.

Bowser’s second run was a lot better — a 4.66 with an elite 1.59 split.

He looked really smooth during the agility/footwork drills, as did McMillan again. Zach Cunningham looks incredibly lean, almost like a safety. It’s a shame he only ran a 4.68.

Bowser has been the most impressive player in this group so far in terms of the drills. He just looks so smooth. He’s a possible high pick at SAM.

It’s quite clear Jabrill Peppers should be working out with the DB’s tomorrow.

T.J. Watt is a good looking prospect. Nice size, had a really explosive performance in the jumps. He’s not bad in space but is much more suited to be being a pass rusher. He’s probably a pure 3-4 OLB.

Bowser stumbled on the deep drop drill. He’s better in space than Watt, just more loose and fluid. Yet he’s not completely comfortable in space (he is 247lbs after all).

McMillan has been a surprise today. He looks smooth running in space, he ran and jumped well. He’s not an elite athlete but this was a better day than expected.

I’m going to wrap up the live blog for today and start on a review piece. This will include thoughts on options at #26 based on what we learned today and TEF scores for the defensive linemen. Stay tuned.

446 Responses to “2017 combine day three live blog: DL, LB”

  1. Hawkfaninmt says:

    Any indication as to how far this weekends incident will drop Foster?

  2. swisshawk says:

    As I can’t await another interesting combine day, a thought I already had a few times came up once again: With this bad OT class, what are the pros/cons of putting odi at LT and put fant on the right side? In my opinion it could be a fascinating idea, because
    – you could have a LT who played that position before in college (and looked ok the few snaps he had to play during the regular season because fant went out)
    – fant could team up with ifedi on the right side, should be nasty in run blocking, shouldn’t it? (besides, fant looked better run blocking than pass blocking in my opinion, so could be a better fit at RT?)
    – you could draft an athletic guard in the middle rounds for depth, there you have at least some players to choose from

    I would be really happy to get an experienced RT in FA, but think that seattle won’t be able to find someone for a reasonable price (please not webb 2.0, maybe watson from oakland as a possibility?). Therefore this experiment could be an alternative. Your thoughts?

    • peter says:

      I think Odhiambo is destined to play the Swing position. He seems to have versatility that the coaches love and last year, I’m a big Fant guy BTW, he never could beat him out and Fant was honestly pretty bad. The coaches seems to be high on Fant moving forward.

      I’m not totally against what you’re saying it just seems that’s the direction they are going with Odhiambo.

      • swisshawk says:

        I agree with you that odi could be the swing tackle, but after his safety causing move at atlanta I’m not so eager to see him play on the right side anytime soon…

        • peter says:

          I’m more forgiving than most and I have to think that was a pretty tough draw with that assignment under those stakes.

          People on this site debate the return of Okung and that guy basically ended Denver’s season as a first round pick multi year starter.

          I’m not saying no to Odi as you suggested I just think Fant has to, has to make a big improvement this year.

          • AlaskaHawk says:

            I’m not sure what Gilliams issues were last year. But that is scary that he would have such big issues his second year. As much as I want to see improvement in the entire offensive line = there are no sure things in the NFL. Sometimes even experience does not make the player better.

            I do think Gilliam will step up and solidify right tackle next year. It’s left tackle that I’m most concerned about.

  3. JT says:

    RB targets have been added here according to Seahawks athletic thresholds:


    Like the OL class, very few RB’s meet the typical Hawks’ athletic requirements after the combine. Several RB’s should hit the cut-offs after Pro Day improvements. WR & TE targets will be added today now that their full testing data is being released on the NFL website.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Great work, JT! Thanks for keeping this up.

      Maybe for EDGE you could add the elite (sub 1.6) 10 yd split, at least for early round selections.

      • JT says:

        It’s a key athletic test for Seahawk edge prospects. Irvin beat 1.60 at the combine, and Clark did so at the Senior Bowl. It may be a necessity for early round picks, but the sample size is too small to add that strict threshold to the entire range of prospects. Tarell Basham hitting 1.61 at his size is impressive.

    • peter says:

      This spread sheet is pretty awesome. Excellent work.

  4. peter says:


    Jarrad Davis? He’s probably my favorite LB in this draft. If the Seahawks were to select him w/o benefit of his testing until his pro-day does he seem like a guy that could be available in the late second?

  5. Sea Mode says:

    Interesting tidbit from Pauline today on Marshon Lattimore:

    “While a number of mock drafts have the New York Jets taking Marshon Lattimore with the sixth pick of Round 1, a source close with the organization told me he fears the Ohio State junior could be injury-prone and spend as much time in the trainers room as he does on the football field.

    Lattimore struggled with hamstring injuries during his first two seasons with the Buckeyes. The comparison was made to another cornerback taken in the early part of Round 1 by the Jets and someone who has spent more time nursing injuries than playing football, Dee Milliner.”


    • Rob Staton says:

      I think Fournette or Bolles for NYJ.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Either would make a lot of sense. They need in the most desperate way to hit on some new core players, so any player they have those kind of doubts about (Lattimore) just can’t be the pick. They’re not in a position to be able to afford the risk.

        Pauline reported on the delicate situation past management has left the team in and said flat out: “top brass of the New York Jets privately admitted today they don’t expect to put a winning product on the field for at least two years.”

        Long story short, Tannenbaum went all in and made it to two AFC title games, but mortgaged the future. Idzik was a cap guy and had two terrible drafts. Mike Maccagnan is still trying to recover from all that.


  6. Sea Mode says:

    Basham 1.61 split. Getting closer…

  7. Sea Mode says:

    Sorry if I’m kind of off topic going back to OL for a minute, but I thought you guys might like to see this.

    I’ll start off by admitting I was ready to pretty much write off Lamp for not meeting the Hawks’ 33in arm threshold, as well as boosting his TEF score with bench. While that’s completely fair and TEF allows for that flexibility, just personally I consider upper body explosiveness secondary to core/lower body explosiveness (measured by jumps) for our ZBS OL. Just a personal preference.

    Darth12er pointed out Joe Thomas at T also has sub 33in arms (although there seems to be some digression on this measurement… anyone have access to a scout/source who could possibly tell us from his notes?), so I decided to look further into his numbers and realized Joe Thomas also scored very well in TEF. This further reinforces the fact that TEF lineman can indeed become great lineman! I might even dare to throw the idea out there that TEF might well have been developed looking at a baseline of elite OL like Thomas. They are not just “Cable guy” numbers. Thomas is very close to Cable’s stated ideals (exceeding each of them by a small margin). He is, in fact, pretty much the ideal TEF lineman.

    The comp with Lamp is actually a pretty close one, with one difference: Joe Thomas is 6065 tall, while Lamp is 6035. That also affects total size/length quite a bit as well beyond just arm length.

    Thomas: 6065, 311, 32 1/2 arm, 4.92 40yd, 33.0 vert, 9’2″ broad, 28 bench
    F. Lamp: 6035, 309, 32 1/4 arm, 5.00 40yd, 27.5 vert, 9’3″ broad, 34 bench

    Thomas: 3.16 TEF, 98.3 wTEF
    F. Lamp: 3.23 TEF, 99.8 wTEF

    Now, I’m not saying that Lamp is a lock to become the next Joe Thomas or anything. But I definitely appreciate his numbers more now put next to Thomas’ and will surely put him back into my consideration for the Hawks, even at T. If his length doesn’t pan out at T, they can shift him inside to G and he should be great there too.

    Also in his favor to make up a bit for the difference in height and length, Lamp edged Joe Thomas’ excellent 10yd split and outdid him in short area quickness, which matters a lot more for OL than the 40yd:

    Thomas: 1.75 10yd split, 4.88 SS, 7.95 3C
    F. Lamp: 1.74 10yd split, 4.62 SS, 7.55 3C

    These are just the numbers. Tape, grit, smarts, toughness, nastiness, and durability score will tell the rest of the story.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Tyron Smith and Lane Johnson also nailed TEF

      • Sea Mode says:


        I’ll have to set up a calculator excel sheet to pump in historical data and see what interesting things we might find. Unless, of course, you already have that and are willing to share… 🙂

    • Totem_Hawk says:

      Nice info Sea Mode…Forrest Lamp could be an option at 26…id want a RT don’t know if that would be a fit?

  8. Jason jones says:

    Anyone stand out in group 1?

  9. JT says:

    For those interested in interior DL’s – Chris Jones & Javon Hargrave both put up elite marks of 1.69 in the split at 310 lbs at last year’s combine.

    Malik McDowell (1.69 @ 295 lbs) & Montravius Adams (1.72 @ 304 lbs) were the closest to matching that performance in the split from the first DT group.

  10. Rob Staton says:

    WOW Charles Harris in the agility drills. Wow, wow, wow.

  11. Sea Mode says:

    Naz Jones looking pretty good in bags drill.

  12. Darth12er says:

    I’ve seen McDowell mocked all over the place, his crazy 10 yard split has gotta help establish something more concrete. Same with Foster, I’ve seen as high as 2 to SF. His numbers will be interesting.

  13. Sea Mode says:

    Rip move bag club drill.

    Charles Harris flies again.

    Tanoh too high and tight.

  14. Sea Mode says:

    Rob, but Frank Clark also ran 1.58 split at 271 at his pro day.

  15. D-OZ says:

    Hendrickson and Hall look pretty good…

  16. EranUngar says:

    Kpassagnon’s 1.69 split looks might quick at 289 pounds

  17. John says:

    Why is D Walker not part of the DL drills? Considered OLB?

  18. Volume12 says:

    Charles Harris by far looks the best. Looked very fluid dropping and his spin move is wicked.

  19. nichansen01 says:

    Does Jonathan Allen fall out of round 1?

  20. Magmatizer says:

    Wow, Charles Harris continues to showcase quickness and burst! He looked awesome in that curl-to-flat drill (I don’t know the official name lol).

  21. nichansen01 says:

    My prediction: Allen and Charlton fall, Harris and (Montravius) Adams rise (Adams to late first, Harris to top 20)

  22. LeoSharp says:

    Bryan Cox has looked pretty smooth so far

  23. JakeB says:

    Reddick 11’1″ broad? Holy moly

    • nichansen01 says:

      Makes A LOT of sense. I think he would be a good target in a trade-down.

      • nichansen01 says:

        I would love trading down for Obi and then using the pick received from the trade down to move up in the second and grab king. King + Obi- two secondary chess pieces to counter act the new wave of tight end and wide receiver freaks.

    • Steve Nelsen says:

      Seattle sees him as a possible corner. Rob called that a while back too. The article didn’t compare him to Brandon Browner like Rob did but I bet we see that comp in the local media when they write about him.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Not surprised they’re doing homework here. Freaky athlete but need to determine who he is, whether he fits this team mentally not just physically.

      • Steve Nelsen says:

        It took Browner some time in Canada and some specialized training to develop into a corner. These kids don’t get that time anymore. Especially the the early picks.

  24. Steve Nelsen says:

    Hassan Reddick 11-1 in the broad and 36.5 vertical

  25. nichansen01 says:

    Virtually no way Reddick is available at 26.

    • Derron James says:

      Highly doubt he gets past Miami and the Ravens.

    • Cysco says:

      Whelp, so much for that dream.

      That dude is blowing up the combine.

    • HawkTalker #1 says:

      Time will tell, fingers still crossed. It helps our chances to have a few more players shoot up into the top 25.

    • Sean-O says:

      I always find it interesting when someone says, “there’s no way he’ll be available at our pick” & things similar. Sure Reddick might go before we originally thought but that just means someone else thought to not be available will be.

  26. Magmatizer says:

    Out of curiosity, where are you guys getting these combine numbers for Reddick? I didn’t think the linebackers were working out yet.

  27. Sea Mode says:

    Jordan Willis 39 in vert @255lbs.

  28. Derron James says:

    Let’s get takk

  29. Sea Mode says:

    Carroll Phillips coming up here soon…

  30. Derron James says:

    Can’t wait to see Carroll Phillips Elijah Qualls and Hasson Reddick

  31. Volume12 says:

    Carroll Phillips with a nice 40 and 10 yard split.

  32. nichansen01 says:

    This draft is loaded with pass rush guys from top to bottom. First draft like this in awhile.

    • Nem Beselek says:

      Yeah, there should be decent edge-LEO types into round six. Probably the same with the tight end position, with so many dynamic players coming out at that position we can probably get a pretty good one late into the draft.

      This should be a deep draft at CB, TE, moderately deep at RB, S, and WR. I hope they just don’t over-draft some O-Line guy just because we have such a need at that position, a la Frank Poole, from a couple of years ago. I actually still hope Poole pans out as at least a reserve tackle, but based on his college tape there is no way the guy should have been drafted as high as he was.

  33. Volume12 says:

    Reddick bout to run a 4.4 something?

  34. Magmatizer says:

    Reddick ran a 4.52 with a 1.6 10-yd split! Him at pick 26 is looking like a pipe dream.

  35. Cameron says:

    Reddick 4.52 / 1.60

  36. Peanut says:

    If, and that is a big IF, Reddick is there at 26, the pick will come in within seconds. Would make the draft weekend a party if he picked up a Hawk-jersey.

  37. nichansen01 says:

    Tanzel Smart is a late round guy who could be intriguing as an interior pass rusher.

  38. Derron James says:

    Let’s see how slow big Steve t runs lol.

  39. JakeB says:

    Solid time for Rivers

  40. Sea Mode says:

    Don’t overlook Qualls: big man movin’ with 1.74 split @313 lbs.

  41. Volume12 says:

    Was meant to post this above about Obi Melifonwu. I think he’s their guy. Have since the SR bowl.

    Remember, these corners gotta have an attitude, confidence, swag if you will. Over everything but length. And Obi has that in spades man.

    He said whatever team drafts him will be the best decision they’ve ever made.

    Hates when people comp him to others because there is no one like him. He’s in a class of his own and I quote.

    And lastly, defending the run comes natural to him.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      It’s looking like Reddick or Obi at 26.

    • C-Dog says:

      I’m definitely in agreement with this.

    • Del tre says:

      Obi in round 1, Bowser round 2, round 3, Luani, Jamaal Williams and Akhello Witherspoon. That’d be one bad ass draft, i think Witherspoon is going to have a lot of success early in coverage,
      A short interview of Obi
      He has the highest GPA on the team, he’s confident, and i think so long as he lasts he is a lock for 26, if he gets taken before (which after the tight ends and linebacker tests i highly doubt he will be, i think a lot of guys will last longer than we think) i think we trade down and take Kevin King at the top of round 2 and see Akhello in the 3rd as a nickel coverage corner.

  42. Hawks22Fun says:

    Haason Reddick with a 4.52!!!

    With so much CB depth, Haason at #26 seems super likely…


  43. nichansen01 says:

    Thomas with a 1.66 10 yard split. Very good.

  44. Steve Nelsen says:

    Reddick’s combine following his impressive Senior Bowl has to push him into top-15. It is a deep defensive draft and some teams will reach for QBs and OL out of need. We might see a few TEs sneak into the first and we are certain to see a few RBs and WRs so I will keep the pipe dream alive for a bit. But, really it is only a matter of time before we hear his name linked to a top-15 team.

  45. nichansen01 says:

    Dalvin Tomlinson is slow as molasses. 5.2

  46. DD says:

    with this kind of Combine performance ? do you think Reddick will still be availible for us?

  47. Ed says:

    While Rob called Reddick out months ago, he is the lime light now. It looks like Hawks lost their top choice, but Obi should probably still be there and get Bowser in the 2nd.

  48. Cameron says:

    Stevie T almost didn’t make it to the finish line lol

  49. nichansen01 says:

    Eddie Vanderdoes with a 5 flat. That’s good for him.

  50. nichansen01 says:

    Tim Williams with a disappointing 40. 4.7. Rob is right- overrated .

  51. nichansen01 says:

    Jordan Willis -1.58 ten yard split. ELITE. This guy is so underrated.

    • nichansen01 says:

      4.53 with a sub 1.6 split. Why is no one talking about this guy? (Jordan willis)

    • Volume12 says:

      Athleticism was, not his tape. He’s very solid.

    • Steve Nelsen says:

      So many defenders from front to back that look like Seattle Seahawks. And we have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds!? What perfect timing.

      The opportunity cost for drafting offense is getting higher. I don’t see an OL in the 1st 3 rounds worth passing on defense. We don’t need a WR enough to justify a top pick. RB depth is so good we can add there later. One of those crazy athletic TEs could fit in but I’m thinking we could see 4 of our 1st 5 picks on defense.

  52. Volume12 says:

    Jordan Willis. Whew! 👀 👀

    Look at that 10 yard split.

  53. Derron James says:

    Damn, Willis ran fast and got the 1.58 time

  54. Cameron says:

    Welp, Jordan Willis 1.58 split

  55. Derron James says:

    Damn, Willis ran fast and got the 1.58 time…

  56. Magmatizer says:

    I need to watch some Jordan Willis tape. That is some serious explosiveness at 250-ish lbs.

    • Volume12 says:

      You’ll come away wanting more.

      He’s very similar to Cassius Marsh. 2nd effort, energetic, needs to tighten up his arc. Hard worker and it shows.

      Not a flashy guy, but that’s not a big deal in my book. You know what you’ll be getting in him.

      • Magmatizer says:

        I second the point on flashiness. At the end of the day, doing your job as a player is what’s important.

      • purpleneer says:

        I disagree. The one I watched had a number of plays that showed lack of confidence at times in timing/readiness for the snap, but still plenty of explosiveness, hand use, speed and power. When he anticipated the snap, the OL had no chance. Marsh is a terrible comp to me.
        I’m disappointed his testing is as good, but I’ve been confident he would go higher than it’s been thought for awhile anyway. He also looked closer to 270 and carried it very well.

  57. Cameron says:

    Myles Garrett 41 inch vertical my god

  58. Volume12 says:

    TE Jonnu Smith is another one to monitor. This was the guy who had his girlfriend throw scalding water on his head.

  59. Volume12 says:

    PC & JS taking notes on this current group.

    • Steve Nelsen says:

      I wish they would have kept the camera on them for Reddick’s 2nd run: 4.53 with 1.58 split. I would have loved to see their facial expressions or see Pete go, “wow!”

  60. Sea Mode says:

    10’8″ broad for Garrett

  61. Sea Mode says:

    Reddick 1.59 split!

  62. Volume12 says:

    Why do they keep comping Jonathan Allen to Michael Bennett? Maybe its just me, but I see none of that.

    • nichansen01 says:

      I can understand the comp from the perspective of how he’s going to be used as a pro.

  63. Sea Mode says:

    Just for fun, Reddick turned out a 92.9 wTEF.

    If he had gotten to 27 bench instead of 24, it would have been 95.74 wTEF.

    Explosive? Why yes… 😉

    • Volume12 says:

      He just keeps improving his stock. Late 1st coming into this thing and after today combined with his interviews its very likely he goes in the Darron Lee range.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Here are the players we’ve mocked to Seattle since the start of the college season:

        Evan Engram
        Garett Bolles
        Haason Reddick
        David Njoku
        Kevin King
        Obi Melifonwu
        Jarrad Davis/Tyus Bowser

        Not a bad looking group based on what we’ve seen at the combine.

        • Volume12 says:

          Not at all. We’ve been pretty spot on.

        • Sea Mode says:

          Just awesome, Rob.

          And even better since outside of maybe Jarrad Davis nobody else was even talking about these guys.

  64. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Just saw that Reddick’s broad the best for a LB since ’06.

  65. Volume12 says:

    A&M’s Justin Evans not running tommorow and is 50/50 on performing the drills? Damn. Was hoping to see him.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Major disappointment. Then again, maybe he slips enough to SEA in R2 (post trade down/up)

    • Ishmael says:

      Quad strains are no joke, they’re not easy to tear so when they go it can take ages to come back from.

      It’s a shame, but hopefully he’ll blow up his pro day.

    • Ukhawk says:

      Might be a good thing. I like him more than Obi & hope he lasts til R2

  66. Cameron says:

    Stevie T 1.72 split?!?!?!

    • Cameron says:

      Jordan Willis 1.54 split

    • Volume12 says:

      At 330 lbs. That’s a damn good #

      Before everyone concerns themselves over these DTs, they just took one in the 2nd round who ran a 1.80 10 yard split.

      • Sea Mode says:

        I think Stevie T fits perfectly what they want at DT and will be a definite target in the mid-late rounds. Hopefully he is still there in the round they want him to be.

      • Volume12 says:

        Dalvin Tomlinson ran the same time as Reed IIRC.

  67. nichansen01 says:

    Willis with a 1.54 split.

  68. Derron James says:

    Sheesh that split by Willis!

  69. Magmatizer says:

    Wow, Jordan Willis got a 1.54 10-yd split on his 2nd run.

  70. Dlep says:

    Willis has to be in the radar now

  71. Shadow says:

    Sigh… Haason Reddick is going to be long gone by pick #26, isn’t he? 🙁

  72. David Ashton says:

    Hi guys,

    UK fan here

    First time posting but hidden away for a while soaking up the knowledge.

    And wanted to say something particularly tangible so here goes….

  73. Rob Staton says:

    Haason Reddick’s TEF score is 3.93 (!!!!)

  74. Volume12 says:

    Wow. Carroll Phillips blew me away right there. Quick twitch, open field fluidity.

  75. Volume12 says:

    2-3 Seahawk coaches helping running this drill.

  76. Cameron says:

    Can Takk play SAM?

  77. Sea Mode says:

    Man, Stevie T can move!

  78. Sea Mode says:

    Holy cow, it looked like Carroll Phillips was in fast motion on the bags drill!

  79. Volume12 says:

    Oklahoma WR Dede Westbrook is being taken off some teams boards. Bombed his interviews. Speaking of, there’s a prospect who had a great combine and was widely thought of as a top 15 pick who had terrible interviews.

  80. Ed says:

    Rob, you already talked about Howard and Njoku possibly going before Hawks, you think Engram can make that jump now too and add another defender for the Hawks?

  81. Cameron says:

    I wouldn’t want to be one of the guys having to hold the bag for that drill lol

  82. Ukhawk says:

    As much as I like LB in the first, yesterday on NFL.com they put a graphic up on the consensus toughest positions to fill which were OT, QB & CB.

    I’m thinking we should go CB in the first based on impact, need & quality.

    It appears the are lots of guys who could fill the SAM role even in the DE group which we could get in 2-3. I thought Phillips & Lawson looked like they could do it and there is Bowser yet to come.

    Can’t wait to see Mondays workouts esp King.

    • Ed says:

      I made that same statement a few posts ago. Somehow getting King and Obi (trade back and trade up) would probably be the best thing. They both can play in nickel and then be heir apparent to Sherman and Chancelor.

    • nichansen01 says:

      That’s why we need to consider melinfonwu as a major likleyhood in the first.

    • Ukhawk says:

      Caveat: Unless of courses Reddick is the next Von Miller and not the next Aaron Curry

  83. nichansen01 says:

    1. Obi
    2. Bowser
    3. Tomlinson
    3. Luani
    3. Kittle
    6. Daniels
    7. Stevie T

    Sign me up!

    • Cameron says:

      2 safeties with the first 5 picks? Why?

      • Ed says:

        Some have talked about having Obi play corner.

        • Cameron says:

          If the Seahawks draft Obi to play corner I will record myself writing on a chalk board ‘I was wrong about Obi Melifonwu’ 100 times and post it to this blog.

          • Ed says:

            Not a fan of his?

          • AlaskaHawk says:

            If it makes you feel any better – I doubted that Ross would run a 4.3. He ran in the 4.2s – which is great for him and whatever team he lands on. Too bad the Seahawks aren’t in the top 10 this year as he would be a great addition to our receivers. And I would have picked him if he ran a 4.5 because I think his greatest ability is to leap for the ball and has great hands.

            • Cameron says:

              Don’t get me wrong, I like Obi. I don’t think he’s a can’t miss prospect though and I absolutely hate the idea of using a 1st round pick on a corner who has no experience at the position, especially considering the urgent need we face there.

              Folks love the idea of a ‘big nickel’ or ‘match piece’ and that’s all good and dandy. I’m confident Pete’s going to draft a defined role player with the 1st pick. There will be options late day 2 / early day 3 for us. John Johnson is a guy I’ve touted who fits the profile. He’s not as big as Obi but arguably a better tackler and unlike Obi actually has experience playing cornerback in college.

              • Volume12 says:

                He’s a defensive chess piece. If he tests like he’s rumored too? Draft him and figure out where to play him later. He could be a 2nd rounder in this class of DBs.

                Insurance/backup for both safety spots, potential CB in time, and possibly a LB in the Deion Jones role.

                There’s tons of guys who are great athletes but bad football players. However, there’s very, very few BAD athletes who are good football players.

                • Cameron says:

                  ‘draft him and figure where to play him later’ is not a sound draft strategy with a 1st round pick imo

                  • Volume12 says:

                    Yeah, its not like Arizona didn’t do that with Bucannon, Carolina with Shaq Thompson, GB with Damarious Randall. Or Seattle with Ifedi.

                  • Cameron says:

                    Don’t see the equivocation at all.

                    Tackles are frequently moved to Guard if they lack the ability to play Tackle. Bucannon was drafted specifically for the role he plays. Shaq Thompson is a SAM? Randall a corner?

                    Those teams had a plan. Drafting and figuring out later is not a plan.

                  • C-Dog says:

                    What’s to say that if Seattle drafted Obi that they wouldn’t have an immediate plan for him, say simply to defend tight ends and big receivers year one?

                    Seattle covets freak athletes with those first picks. Bruce Irvin was initially drafted to be a rush end, and didn’t make the switch to linebacker until year two. Britt moved to three different positions in three years. Given the fact Obi could be in consideration for as many as three positions on the defense (safety, corner, linebacker) that suggests a pretty freaky player that their interested in.

                  • Kenny Sloth says:

                    Just because you don’t have a plan…..

    • D-OZ says:

      Daniels did not impress.

  84. AlaskaHawk says:

    Has Obi run yet? What are his stats?

  85. Shadow says:

    What the hell is Takk McKinley doing? Seems like every drill he’s running in the wrong direction.

  86. Ed says:

    How mad will everyone be if the Hawks went:

    1st Lamp
    2nd Asiata
    3rd Hunt

  87. JakeB says:

    You know you’re (I’m) a complete Seahawks homer when you read “stack and shead” four or five times and see absolutely nothing wrong.

  88. Sea Mode says:

    Holy crap, Myles Garrett broke TEF!!!

    TEF: 4.2
    wTEF: 114.2

    • Cameron says:

      He might be Jadevon Clowney with a motor

    • Sea Mode says:

      My apologies, correction:

      TEF: 4.04
      wTEF: 109.8

      Wonder how long he will stand as the only prospect ever to break 4.0 in TEF.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Ahhh, original numbers were right. Rob, help me out by deleting correction please.

        Was experimenting with my calculator in Excel and now I’ve got it down.

        Final numbers:

        TEF: 4.21
        wTEF: 114.5

  89. Cameron says:

    George Kittle vs Purdue


    This guy is a heck of a blocking TE and an athletic freak, apparently

  90. astraeus says:

    Tyus Bowser 37.5″ vert
    Zach Cunningham 35″

  91. Magmatizer says:

    Mayock’s mock draft has Reuben Foster, OJ Howard, Haason Reddick, and Charles Harris falling past pick 26. Oh, if only…

    • HawkTalker #1 says:

      We can keep hoping. Reddick at number one for us would be a monster pic and a steel

  92. JT says:

    I’m most looking forward to Joe Mathis, T.J. Watt & Tyus Bowser in this LB group. Watt and Bowser both hit 37″ leaps. If Watt surprises with his speed and agility as well, he’s a first round pick.

    • Volume12 says:

      I don’t think Mathis is performing.

      • JT says:


        Some of these combine positions are really off. Reddick should be with the LB’s despite playing DE in college. Peppers should be at safety, and Mathis should be on the DL.

    • HawkTalker #1 says:

      If we can get 50 or 60 players rated it as first round picks, we will have a chance at Reddick.:)

  93. Derron James says:

    Anxious to see bowser

  94. Volume12 says:


  95. Magmatizer says:

    Bowser ran a 4.71 on his 1st run. Doesn’t match up with the game tape at all.

  96. Magmatizer says:

    Here comes Cunningham.

  97. Derron James says:

    Zach Cunnigham with a 4.71

  98. Cameron says:

    NFLN not giving 10 yard splits with this group which is disappointing.

  99. Volume12 says:

    Not surprised by Cunningham.

    • JakeB says:

      If we went DB or OL or maybe DL early, would you be cool with grabbing a Cunningham or Bowser type in the second or third? I’m assuming the disappointment I’m seeing is in relation to a first round pick

  100. Cameron says:

    Zach Cunningham nope

  101. Cameron says:

    Reddick is class of lb group and 2nd place not close.

    Too bad Jarrad Davis couldn’t test.

  102. Magmatizer says:

    LBs have surprisingly underwhelmed in the 40 so far. On another note, it’s really funny seeing Jabrill Peppers in the mix here.

  103. Volume12 says:

    Great time for McMillan.

  104. Derron James says:

    Good time for Peppers

  105. Magmatizer says:

    Peppers with a 4.47. Best time of the LBs 😉 so far!

  106. Cameron says:

    Peppers going to be drafted as an ‘athlete’ isn’t he?

  107. Magmatizer says:

    Anthony Walker with a 4.66. Pretty good.

  108. Derron James says:

    If T.J. Watt gets a great time it may give us a shot for Reddick. Who knows?

  109. Derron James says:

    A whole bunch of 4.71’s

    • Magmatizer says:

      Numbers have not been encouraging. Reddick is looking more and more like a must-have pick. Head-and-shoulders above his peers athletically so far.

  110. Hawks22Fun says:

    Looks like Seattle would have to trade up to get Riddick now…!

    Yikes… We Could!! 4.52 against these TE’s!! We need him!

  111. Overtime says:

    I think Rueben Foster hurt himself by not being here to run. At 229 lbs he could have stood out in this group. He isn’t going to get any points for his off field conduct or interview skills. He needed to show his athleticism. The Pro Day is simply not the same setting.

    • Spirite Seahawk says:

      Magician comparing Foster to Luke Keuchly. High praise indeed. Be interesting to see if he drops much.

      • Spirite Seahawk says:

        Auto complete madness. Magician = Mayock. He’s good but he’s no David Blaine.

  112. Cameron says:

    Splits come back just in time for us to see Bowser do it 1.59 seconds.

    Hmmm.. this guy is explosive

  113. Magmatizer says:

    Bowser improved to a solid 4.66. Get-off looked better this time around.

  114. nichansen01 says:

    I’m pretty happy that both Cunningham and Bowser ran slower times. Means they have more likelihood of falling to Seattle in the first and second respectively.

  115. nichansen01 says:

    Bowser elite explosion? Bye bye hopes of drafting him on the second…

  116. nichansen01 says:

    Peppers needed that time.

  117. RWIII says:

    Rob: If Reddick is off the board any toughts on taking Takkarist McKinley. Also Forrest Lamp played left tackle for Western Kentucky. It seems like the scouts project Lamp at guard in the NFL. I would only be interested in Lamp if played right tackle. Any thoughts. Also I get the feeling you are not too keen on Cam Newton. I like Issac Asiata a lot but he plays guard. The Hawks need tackles/safetys/linebacker/CB a lot more than a guard. You said that the Hawks have no plans to switch Ifedi to RT. So it wouldn’t make much sense to take Asiata. If Hawks took Asiata and put him at guard that doesn’t solve your problem at tackle.

  118. MCake says:

    Jabril Peppers is such an interesting case. I’ve seen him get mocked everywhere. Apparently some teams have talked to him about playing RB along with LB/S. If he falls to 26, is he someone we look at?

  119. nichansen01 says:

    Bowser is an athletic freak.

    Trade down for Obi, trade up for bowser. Take a safety or corner, an interior pass rusher and a tight end in the third.

    Draft grahams heir in third (kittle? Everett? Jonnu smith? Hodges? Legget? Sheehan? Sprinkle? Roberts? Daniels?) Someone will be there.

    • Cameron says:

      Sit tight and let draft come to you imo. This draft is deep at several positions of need, no need to get cute

    • Nick says:

      Hey! I didn’t see this somehow. My prediction below is almost exactly the same as you. Although, I think instead of an interior pass rusher they go with OG depth.

  120. Misfit74 says:

    Glad to see R. McMillan quiet some noise about his athleticism. Good day from him and very good 40 time. He’s long been a prospect I’ve been monitoring. Is he going to be versatile enough to play outside also?

    I wanted/expected Cunningham to run better.

    Where is Reeves-Maybin? I missed something

    • Volume12 says:

      I’m liking the way McMillan is performing today. Looks very comfortable flipping his hips, moving around in space. Physical dude. If he’s kept clean in a system like Seattle’s he could have a nice impact.

  121. Nick says:

    Ok, so this is how I believe SEA is looking at this draft:

    If Reddick is there at 26 – take him.
    Then pick best CB available in 2nd round (White, King, Tankersley)

    If Reddick is not there, trade down in first round and take Obi.
    Then in second round pick Bowser.

    I think one of the first picks in the third round will be OG (Siragusa or Asiata) and then a TE.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      What if you trade down and Obi isn’t there? Who will you pick then?

      • lil'stink says:

        That’s the beauty of this draft. Even if Obi isn’t there, there’s bound to be someone we would want. With Bolles and Reddick solidifying their hype they are likely to be long gone at #26. I think a trade down is probably the next best option.

      • Nick says:

        I think that’s when you go with King or best CB (or Buffalo nickel) available. What do you think?

        • AlaskaHawk says:

          I would use my #26 pick and not get cute about trading back. They already have enough people for the practice squad, they need starters.

  122. Peanut says:

    Question: Who is throwing the ball during these LB drills?

  123. Poko says:

    Reddick is not available at 26 and Bowser is not fast.
    Their interest will sift to SS/LB,such as Obi.

    • Volume12 says:

      Or a CB.

      • Misfit74 says:

        Or a wildcard TE, WR. I still think it’s plausible given the value of who could be there at 26.

        Even still, LB or DB likely more of a target because of need.

        • Rob Staton says:

          We’ve spent the last two years with fans complaining they don’t know how to use Jimmy Graham. I highly doubt they’re going to bring in another player for everyone to complain about…

          • Sea Mode says:

            Haha, Rob! Love it…

            You holding up alright after 3 long days of live bloggin?

          • HawkTalker #1 says:

            What a great great comment.

          • Misfit74 says:


            Of course we always draft based on who the fans will or won’t complain about. 😐

            If we can’t use quality offensive weapons it’s time to evaluate everything about that side of the ball further.

            I don’t see how we can count on 3 receivers and Graham to be on the field and available for an entire season.

          • AlaskaHawk says:

            You caught me – I was just complaining about that yesterday. Ha HA

          • Smitty1547 says:

            out of all the smart things you have said and there have been many, this might have been the smartest.

        • Volume12 says:

          Only 1 I could see would be Evan Engram.

        • Ehurd1021 says:

          Too many holes on this defense for them to go offense I think.

    • HawkTalker #1 says:

      That’s ok, I’d no Davis and Reddick, perhaps trade down time. Bowser is not a R1 quality pick anyway.

  124. Sea Mode says:

    Oh, man. I like Marquel Lee, but he looked like he was giving the “OL” a pat on the back in the club drill!

  125. Derron James says:

    If we draft George Kittle that may open opportunities for graham.

  126. Elliottatk says:

    Jabrill Peppers just did a backflip! what combine test is that?

  127. Sea Mode says:

    I have a feeling I (and more importantly, our locker room) would get tired of Peppers’ antics reeeally quick…

  128. Cameron says:

    Tonah Kpassagnon TEF = 3.42

    • Overtime says:

      I could see him replacing Tony McDaniel. He has been an outside rusher but has the size to play inside. He might make a surprise pick on day 2.

  129. Ehurd1021 says:

    Reddick is GONE by the time we pick I think (DAMN!!!)

    Does anyone think it’s a possibility we move up before 16 lol? I really want that kid in a Seahawks uniform; feels so many needs and checks so many boxes as an athlete.

    Can’t see them taking Davis or Cunningham with a first after today. The shift in focus has to be on DB’s now. Man it sucks with Reddick… hell of a player and a athlete.

    • BobbyK says:

      In a draft this deep I don’t think it makes sense. For example, I’d rather have TJ Watt and Kevin King over Reddick singularly. Even if Watt and King are gone – the point is I want two good picks over one good pick. If we want to get into the top 15, we’d have to dangle that second round pick. I don’t want to do that.

      • Ehurd1021 says:

        Yea… I don’t see them doing that for obvious reasons. Draft is too deep to give up any capital moving up that much.

  130. Coleslaw says:

    Myles Garrett has a very similar height/weight to Rob Gronkowski, I’d put the numbers but I’m on my phone. I think Gronks an inch taller same weight IIRC. Gronk ran a 4.65 I think and Garrett ran a 4.61. Gronk had a vert around 35 inches and Garrett jumped 41? That’s a #1 Pick right there

  131. BobbyK says:

    I see Watt as a perfect Leo. Clark has the ability to rush from the interior. Can never have too many pass rushers.

    Possible to grab Watt at #26 and then a CB in round two with a LB in the third (and still have two third round picks to go). Lots of possibilities.

    • BobbyK says:

      Our best Leo has been Chris Clemons. Watt beats him by a foot in the broad jump, 2 inches in the vertical jump, had 21 bench press reps to 18, and Clemons edges Watt in the 40 with a 4.68 compared to Watt and his 4.69. Clemons did this at 6-3, 236; Watt did it at 6-5, 243. Just thought it was interesting. Don’t care that Clem was a 4th round pick – just looking at who will have great NFL careers. Clem did once he got to Seattle. I think Watt will be a good player in the right system and I can’t think of a better NFL fit than playing Leo.

      When this team drafted Irvin, all they expected was him rushing the passer on third downs. Basically, Irvin busted in terms of being the pass rusher they desired. He was never drafted with the intent he’d eventually be a SAM. Everything Carroll ever said was that he was going to help rushing the passer and be the eventual replacement for Clemons.

      Once it became apparent he wasn’t the Leo they had hoped, they figured out a way for him to help them out. Nobody expected Irvin to be a SAM. But he became a good one. Aside from having one great half sacking the QB against the Packers, he was never a major difference maker his first two years. Heck, he didn’t even start his second year down the stretch. Malcolm Smith did. And by his third year, he still wasn’t considered a “core” player so they didn’t even pick up his option. Irvin was simply a good player. He wasn’t as good as some Seahawks fans think he was. He’s missed, no doubt. But so has some other non-Pro Bowl quality players that have left.

      They may easily take a LB in round one and DB in round two or vice versa, but there’s a chance to get a pass rusher like Watt, too. Especially with three third round picks. If they took Watt and a DB in the first two rounds, they could even double-down with LB with two of their three third round picks. That’d definitely be considered “linebacker depth” who could help push for playing time.

      There’s so many different options I’d be thrilled with:

      I’d be happy with a 1/2 of Davis/King.
      I’d be happy with a 1/2 of Watt/CB.
      I’d be happy with a 1/2 of Baker/Bowser.
      I’d be happy with a 1/2 of McCaffrey/CB.

      We might think we’d be mad at a certain scenario now, but if the Seahawks were to end up with any of the combinations above – all of us would start liking and talk themselves into liking our new players.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Thanks for this, Bobby. So true that the draft could go so many ways. Having 5 picks in the first 3 rounds again makes it even more exciting.

        And if their guy isn’t there at #26 and they do trade out of R1, they might even pick up another R3 pick or be able to swap picks and move up in R3. This would spread the spots out very nicely throughout R2 and R3 so as to be able to target the best value players left at the positions of need.

        It’s a good time to be a Seahawks draft fan!

      • Steve Nelsen says:

        We can definitely add Watt to the mix at 26. Pete said you always need pass rushers and Watt looked good today. What was his best 10-yard split? Did he get below 1.6?

  132. Ehurd1021 says:

    Peppers is interesting… because he has the aggressiveness to play the LB position. He did at UM. Now, would I trust him at SAM or MIKE, no… but could he play LEO at 210/220? It would be interesting to see if he could make that transition and still remain fluid and a quick twitch athlete at that size – which is first round worthy? Could he still be athletic enough to play nickel CB at that size too?

  133. Kenny Sloth says:

    Jordan Willis three year starter at Kansas State where John Schneider goes every year.

    Coach Snyder called him the epitome of Kansas State football.

    He’s the perfect LEO

    • nichansen01 says:

      What am I missing with this guy? Solid tape, explosive athletic profile, production, character.

      What’s keeping this guy out of first round consideration?

      • lil'stink says:

        Not sure you’re missing anything. Maybe just one of those guys that flew under the radar until he blew up at the combine. Hope we take a serious look at him, and maybe Derek Rivers.

      • Volume12 says:

        Doesn’t have great technique, not flexible, there’s nothing wrong with being a high/2nd effort guy but that’s what he is.

        Probably a late 2nd-3rd rounder.

    • Totem_Hawk says:

      Willis is a really good prosepect. I knew he was super coachable and a very hard worker, and now add all the physical measurables to the mix it’s all there for him to keep improving on the next level.

  134. Forty20 says:

    Has Reddick unseated Foster as the #1 linebacker in this draft? His performance at the Senior Bowl was phenomenal and he has backed it up big time at the Combine. Special, special player.

    The 40-yard time was a little bit disappointing but he has the requisite short yardage speed plus I liked what we saw from Bowser in the field drills. He has a pretty high ceiling and depending on his propensity to learn on the job, Wagner and Wright are two of best in the league to have as your seniors.

    Missing out on Reddick will be a gut blow after Rob scouted him so early in the process. Even more so than Neal last year IMO. The quality and depth of this draft will net us a pretty nice silver lining though. Excited to see what the DBs can produce tomorrow.

  135. WazzuMadBro says:

    Reddick looks great but always remember that Aaron “safest pick in the draft” Curry was a combine monster too and we all know how that turned out. So many workout warriors have gone on to be busts, especially for the Seahawks. Just give me solid dudes who know how to play tough, work hard, and are smart.

    • BobbyK says:

      You just look at the relentless make up of Watt on the field and know he’s going to be a 10 year player. A 10 year stud in the right system.

      In a weird way, he reminds me of Chris Conley a couple of years ago. I liked Conley, but as soon as he was drafted by the Chiefs I remember telling one of my buddies something like, “forget all that good stuff I told you about Conley. He’s going to play for Alex Smith and the Chiefs. He’ll never look like the good player he should be.”

      I can see Watt being average or above average in the right (or wrong) system. But I can see him becoming another stud Watt defenders in the NFL, too. If the Seahawks get him – I’ll say, “Wow.” If the Bears draft him and put him at SAM, I’ll say the same Chris Conley comments all over again.

  136. lil'stink says:

    The guys at NDT were gushing about Derek Rivers. Does he get second round consideration after today? Could he be the answer for us as a SAM who can rush the QB? Was really hoping that Bowser had a better 10 yard split today.

  137. Ishmael says:

    I have an undeveloped and totally unprovable theory about the disparity between explosion and middling 40 times, and it’s simply that most of these guys never get taught how to run properly. There’s real technique involved in getting up to speed properly, where jumping is much less technically involved.

    Could go someway to explaining good jumps/ordinary 40s, and for the disparity that sometimes emerges between combine speed and field speed.

    • Forty20 says:

      Valid point I think Ishmael. Even at a casual glance there is a clear difference in the running form of the average Combine prospect and those with a lengthy history in track through high school. Efficiency of action is massive across the 40 yards.

  138. nichansen01 says:

    Not a need for them… but wouldn’t it be fun to see Houston draft TJ Watt? Ruinite brothers on the D-Line.

  139. Volume12 says:

    Youngstown St EDGE Derek Rivers should be on the radar. PC loves him some Bo Pelini and he is the HC for that program.

    Really good technique, advanced hand usage, can put his hand in the dirt or rush on the outside hip of the OT, great pad level. A natural leader.

    • nichansen01 says:

      Where in the draft is this guy going to go?

      • Volume12 says:

        Tough to say coming from a small school, but I’d guess 3rd-4th.

        • Volume12 says:

          Similar to Tim Williams

        • Nathan says:

          I was listening to a podcast the other day and they rattled off all the great pass rushers that came from small schools.

          Even if some weren’t small schools, they weren’t the really big programs.

          Texas A & M had Von Miller and Myles Garrett(I know that’s not really a small school)

          De Marcus Ware – Troy
          Deacon Jones – Mississippe valley(also Jerry Rice came from this school, 2 of the top 25 players in history came from this one school)
          Dwight Freeney – Syracuse(again, not a ‘small school as such, but not a football school either)
          Kkalil Mack – Buffalo

  140. Coleslaw says:

    Tomorrow’s the day I’ve been waiting for, I wanna know how good these DBs are. Baker, King (3 cone record?), Luani, Conley, Melifonwu, Jackson, etc etc etc. The list goes on

    • nichansen01 says:

      DBs are the position in this class I am the most excited about.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      Yeah it should be interesting, and we can compare Peppers to the safetys!

    • Volume12 says:

      I’m curious about Michigan St S Montae Nicholson. No idea why they used him as a deep safety, but nonetheless he’s intriguing.

  141. Sea Mode says:

    Spoiler alert: 31 DL meet TEF vs. only 3 OL.

    Average TEF for DL: 3.09
    Average TEF for OL: 2.58

    Average wTEF for DL: 84.49
    Average wTEF for OL: 81.04

    Disparity statistically confirmed. Rob, you’re a genius.

  142. Sea Mode says:

    Wow. My man Stevie T, heaviest DL there @331lbs, 1.72 split bested all of the 20 heaviest DL after him (all the way down to 295 lbs) except for Montravius Adams (1.72 @304) and Eddie Vanderdoes (1.7 @305).

    He be movin’!

    To be fair though, he also had the worst SS of the whole group and the 3rd worst 3C.

  143. Volume12 says:

    According to Rob Rang, PC & TC were paying close attention to the O-lineman competing in the BP.

    • RWIII says:

      Volume 12: What do you think of George Kittle from Iowa? What round do you think he will go in?

      • D-OZ says:

        I like Kittle. A little banged up in 2016, nothing serious though. Competitor.

      • Steve Nelsen says:

        Great blocker. Showed excellent athleticism st combine. He is on the radar in the 3rd.

  144. Sea Mode says:

    If Haason Reddick or Jarrad Davis is not there for us at #26, I’ve got my eye on Carroll Phillips in late R2-early R3 for the OLB role. Plays with his hair on fire. Might drop a bit for off-field concerns.

    *Trade down into early R2, swapping native R3 picks with that team in compensation. This spreads our picks evenly throughout R2 and R3 so we can target the value we want at each spot.

    R2 (early): Evan Engram
    R2: Obi Melifonwu
    R3 (early): Carroll Phillips
    R3 Comp: Isaac Asiata

    *Trade down last R3 comp for R4 + R5 picks. JS said they almost traded out at the end of R3 last year. There will always be a team that wants to grab a certain player before heading to sleep on day 2.

    R4: Tedric Thompson
    R5: Jeremy Cutrer
    R6: Chris Carson
    R7: Stevie T

    Look for RT competition in FA or move Ifedi to RT, Glow to RG, Asiata to LG.

  145. Ehurd1021 says:


    Malcolm Smith is FA, is he a possibility? Signing him would obviously provide key depth and talent and helps with the rotation. Could you slide Malcolm Smith inside (WILL) and move KJ to SAM; which happened a lot back in 2011/12. Or simply sign Smith to provide depth and competition at SAM with Morgan.

  146. Rob I have a quick question for you I heard in interview with hasson Reddick and he said he had never played linebacker before until the senior bowl is that concerning at all..the guy is great athlete just something to throw out there.