2017 NFL draft order set

With the top-20 of the draft settled… here’s an updated mock draft (also accounts for Malik Hooker and John Ross declaring today)…

#1 Cleveland — Myles Garrett (EDGE, Texas A&M)
#2 San Francisco — Mitch Trubisky (QB, North Carolina)
#3 Chicago — Jonathan Allen (DE, Alabama)
#4 Jacksonville — Jabrill Peppers (S, Michigan)
#5 Tennessee — Reuben Foster (LB, Alabama)
#6 New York Jets — Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU)
#7 San Diego — Malik Hooker (S, Ohio State)
#8 Carolina — Dalvin Cook (RB, Florida State)
#9 Cincinnati — Solomon Thomas (DE, Stanford)
#10 Buffalo — Jamal Adams (S, LSU)
#11 New Orleans — Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama)
#12 Cleveland (via Philadelphia) — Ryan Ramcyzk (T, Wisconsin)
#13 Arizona — Garett Bolles (T, Utah)
#14 Indianapolis — Tim Williams (EDGE, Alabama)
#15 Philadelphia (via Minnesota) — Quincy Wilson (CB, Florida)
#16 Baltimore — Takkarist McKinley (EDGE, UCLA)
#17 Washington — Zach Cunningham (LB, Vanderbilt)
#18 Tennessee — O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama)
#19 Tampa Bay — Sidney Jones (CB, Washington)
#20 Denver — John Ross (WR, Washington)

Next five (order not set)

#21 Detroit — Charles Harris (EDGE, Missouri)
#22 Miami — Taco Charlton (EDGE, Michigan)
#23 New York Giants — Mike Williams (WR, Clemson)
#24 Oakland — Christian McCaffrey (RB, Stanford)
#25 Houston — Budda Baker (S, Washington)

Finally a quick note on the Seahawks, this piece by Mike Sando ranks the playoff teams after consulting with a variety of anonymous NFL types. Seattle comes in tied seventh. One source highlights:

“Seattle’s run game is shaky, the quarterback is beat up, the offensive line is poor and the defense hasn’t been able to pitch shutouts without Earl Thomas. They have been exposed. Earl was the eraser for a lot of things on the defensive side. You have ‘Sherm’ [Richard Sherman] and [Bobby] Wagner and K.J. Wright as the main guys, but it is not the same defense, even at home.”

Missing Earl Thomas has been significant and could be one of the things addressed this off-season (better depth at safety). It’s perhaps unlikely the Seahawks will take a safety with their first pick given their collection of needs — but it does lend credence to the feeling they might target someone like Shalom Luani earlier than most are currently projecting.


  1. Rawls1234

    Are there any quick twitch defensive tackles in this draft? Sheldon Rankins seemed perfect for the Seahawks last year.

    • Rob Staton

      Not seen anyone close to Rankins yet. Combine will reveal all. Solomon Thomas might play mostly inside he could be one possibility (but not for Seattle — he’ll go top-15 like Rankins).

      • Volume12

        This might be a hot take, but Solomon Thomas might be the most disruptive, explosive interior defender I’ve seen since Ndamukong Suh.

        • Rob Staton

          That is a hot take 🙂

          He was sensational vs North Carolina and it provided a window into his potential. It was a stunning performance. But hard to put him ahead of Aaron Donald for disruption/explosion coming out.

          • Volume12

            I completely forgot about Aaron Donald. Don’t know how escaped my mind.

            • Group Captain Mandrake

              Wishful thinking?

        • John_s

          He’s so fluid and quick. The play against UNC where he rushed upfield then flipped his hip and chased down the RB was so impressive

          • Michael (CLT)

            He gets skinny like a short yardage Marcus Allen.

        • JT

          Thomas has been doing it all season long, pure dominance.

      • D-OZ

        There’s my boy! That’s why I liked him over Walker…

        • Volume12

          He’s much better than Walker. Walker is a DT in a DEs body. Nickel pass rusher and sub package player.

          Thomas is scheme versatile, more upside, and more of an NFL body.

  2. Volume12

    With Bruce Arians saying they want a franchise QB this off-season as one of their main objectives, have to wonder if they go QB in the 1st round or 2.

    Unless he sees someone like Jay Cutler as that guy, but he seems to be indicating they want to go younger and build around a QB.

    • AlaskaHawk

      If Watson with Clemson has a big game against Alabama, would that be enough to move him up to a first round pick? That would be two big games on a national stage. I can’t help but root for Clemson.

      • Rob Staton

        I think Watson will go in the first ultimately. But it might be someone like the Steelers preparing for the future, or Kansas City.

      • JT

        I think Watson goes R1 regardless, with either him or Trubisky being the first QB off the board

    • Rob Staton

      Can definitely see them going QB early — maybe trade back into R1.

    • Seahawcrates

      Could also indicate he’s full of it. Why in the world would anyone who doesn’t have the first pick announce their intentions? I also find it comical how he stated it, as if picking up a franchise quarterback was as simple as creating a shopping list. Plenty to choose from!

      • LordSnow

        I think Tony Romo ends up there somehow.

        • Elliott A

          It’s possible, but I think they still will want to get a young QB for the future.

        • D-OZ

          Romo is going to be spendy…

        • GeoffU

          What would they do with Carson Palmer? Didn’t he just get an extension? Not sure the contract details, but it seems like it’d be a ton of dead money they’d have to eat, then pay Romo on top of that. And is Romo really any better?

          • Mr. Offseason

            If Palmer doesn’t retire, which I don’t think he will, it would be pretty foolish to release him for the Cardinals. He is exponentially better than a rookie replacement. No matter who it is. But the Cardinals would be wise to plan for the future and draft their guy if there is one in this draft. Because Palmer is always one play away from ending his season, and he only has so much time before he won’t be worth keeping.

            I think the Cards will take a hard look at drafting Watson, should he last in round 1.

            • Hawk Eye

              Palmer has a $24 m cap hit and almost $29 M dead cap
              NO chance they bring in Romo or get rid of Palmer
              AZ also has over $9 mil in dead cap money tied into old Fitz contract
              plus a lot of good free agents to resign.
              They are close to a Dallas type cap hell
              which is good for Hawks and a big reason why the Hawks don’t go crazy with FA

  3. Dingbatman

    Hoping they make additions at o/l , d/l and running back through free agency then draft best player that falls to them.

  4. Greg Haugsven

    Brand new CBS Sports Rob Rang Mock Draft has the Seahawks taking Garret Bolles!

    • Rob Staton

      Bolles will be a top-20 pick. He’s too good.

      • D-OZ

        I could see him going with Denver’s selection.

        • Rob Staton

          I think they’d run to the podium. But chances are he’ll go earlier. This league wants good OT’s and Bolles is special.

          • Mr. Offseason

            This may be the year the Seahawks try to trade up in the first round. The window is closing. But how? Could they possibly fanagle a trade where they, let’s just say, trade Jimmy Graham to swap firsts with someone and also acquire a mid-round pick? That may be a move they’d make if it were available, as the OLine definitely needs a guy like Garrett Bolles.

            • Hawk Eye

              they are NOT trading Jimmy

              • Rob Staton

                Agreed, Jimmy will not be traded.

                • Mr. Offseason

                  I wouldn’t rule it out. He’s an older player (will turn 31 next year). Getting paid boku dinero. No guaranteed money so trading him is easy.

                  • TwistedChopper

                    The Hawks history suggests that they don’t trade away talent though, they try to trade to accumulate it.

                    Yes, I know we traded away Harvin, but there were obvious extenuating circumstances there which I don’t think apply to Graham (and we got nothing for Harvin, so it was more us just dumping him for nothing).

                  • Hawk Eye

                    trade him for what?
                    and replace him with who?
                    Better chance they try to extend him him this offseason.
                    They guy is a unique weapon, who had 900 yards in a “down” season.
                    He should explode next year

                    and I don’t think a first round tackle will solve o line problems in 2017
                    More rookies to that line will not improve things.
                    A couple good vets, added into the mix, let the kids compete and mature.
                    Seriously doubt the Hawks bring in Thomas or any pro bowl type lineman. We can just hope they can bring in 2 “average” guys, who would be an improvement at this point.

  5. Ukhawk

    If the draft fell like this, I’d be positively ecstatic choosing between McDowell, Walker, Wormley, Barnett & Smoot.

    Went to the Holiday Bowl and while I like Luani, I didn’t see him play like a R1 guy. IMO You roll the dice that he will be there later in the draft. Get some beef upfront.

    • HawkFan907

      I would be ecstatic if McDowell fell to the Seahawks. He has a crazy motor, and was very highly recruited out of HS. He is tall, and if he adds another 15 lbs I believe he can be Calais Campbell-esque. If we can’t get Campbell in FA, then McDowell would be a good consolation prize.

      • Ukhawk

        I agree with the Campbell comp

        • Ukhawk

          The point here i think is that Rob is loading the top of the mock draft with Seattle-type guys (Bolles, McKinley, Baker etc) and forcing the conversation onto other prospects. I believe a few of the Top 25 in the mock will fall but it’s also nice to see what we could get if it doesn’t work out. Hawks will get a great prospect in their spot.

          • HawkFan907

            I agree with you, but given the trends of the last few years Rob seems to be spot on with how Seahawky-type players seem to move up draft boards. The Seahawks started the trend of tall, long DBs and the hybrid SS/LB types and other teams seem to follow the trends. This is probably partially due to so many former Seahawks coaches, scouts etc. now find themselves in positions with other teams. It always seems like we discuss great prospects here on the blog, and soon they are discussed elsewhere on other blogs. I recently saw that Bolles was mocked as the 3rd overall pick, so this isn’t just the defensive prospects we discuss.

            I agree that someone will seemingly fall to the Hawks in this draft that we would be more than happy to get, but in recent years, the top guys who fall are usually players who lack the upside and the high SPARQ and TEF ratings. This draft is deep enough though that I expect a lot of talent to be there when we pick.

    • Jason

      I don’t think Rob has Luani as a first rounder. Maybe 3rd to 5th.

    • Rob Staton

      Not a R1 guy but someone I think they might like in round 3

      • Mr. Offseason

        Hawks could trade down and take Luani in Round 3.

        Although, I have to say, I am not sure the Seahawks will target a FS on day one or two. It sounds like they are counting on Thomas getting back to full health next year. Also, they aren’t a team who spends valuable resources on players that will redshirt their rookie year.

        I don’t think the Thomas injury changes how the Hawks operate in the draft at all.

  6. Volume12

    USC WR Darreus Rogers continues to be underrated even while playing for USC.

    Classic possession receiver. Good sized athlete, strong, ball skills, very fluid, and can make the tough/contested throws.


    • Volume12

      Did I mention this dude can run block? He’s a grown man.

      • Volume12

        Wingspan is crazy. He’s got #2 WR written all over him. I’m digging him.

        • D-OZ

          I like him better than JuJu. Better all-around player.

          • Volume12

            Absolutely. Has some Anquan Boldin in his game.

  7. Michael Kelly

    I would love to see the Seahawks sign a couple of veteran guards in the off season. No superstars, but guys that know who they are supposed to be blocking. Then they can concentrate on disruptive DTs and secondary in the draft. Maybe the people they have starting need a little more seasoning. We cannot be left with all rookies on the O-line.

    • Volume12

      Oh I would almost guarantee they make a move on the O-line. Probably not any of the bigger names, but they have to add some veteran leadership. Other than Sowell, no one on our line has played more than 3 seasons. They gotta be the youngest offensive line in the league.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I can say this with some conviction….
        when has Seattle NOT made some moves on the OL each off-season… >.<

    • Michael (CLT)

      I agree but it makes me wonder what happened with the guard that ended up back with New Orleans.

      • Hawk Eye

        i would hope the hawks look to get some experience on the o line and some youth on D, especially a 3T in the first round. I don’t think they need more youth on the o line and any rookie will have a big learning curve. 2 decent vets to compete on the o line (better than Sowell or Webb) would go a long way to making the o line at least average, and help the younger players grow.
        Would love to see a good back up safety/slot corner who can return kicks in the 3rd round or so, if that creature exists
        and have to say I agree with Rob that they need a better RB. Rawls was good last year, too injured this year and may just be injured all the time. Love Prosise, but doubt he can be a bell cow type back.

  8. Volume12

    USC DT Stevie ‘T’ Tu’ikolovatu? Wow. He’s one of the best run stuffers I’ve seen in this draft. Older prospect at 24 could be why (Utah transfer) but man he’s good.

    S/DB Leon McQuay is pretty damn good too. Great range, physical. Looks like a hybrid safety-nickel. Probably a big time STs guy at the next level.

    Now I see why Seattle has scouted this team so much this year. All this talent that’s flying under the radar.

    • Derron James

      Man Steve T was a best last night. He plugged the hole and was a dominant game changer running up the middle… Definitely a fun guy to watch!

  9. Greg Haugsven

    Running back from Penn State is a beast.

    • Volume12

      Gonna be interesting to see who gets drafted first next year between him and LSU’s Derrius Guice.

      Guide is an amazing talent.

      • Trevor

        I would prefer Guice for the Hawks love his running style and we have Prosise in the fold. Both guys are top 15 picks though.

  10. kevin mullen

    With our success in finding replacement level players in UDFA pool, you would think they’d pull the trigger to move up in this draft to get an immediate impact player like a Fournette or Tim Williams. We signed over 15 players (IIRC) that were undrafted players last year, spend some draft capital and move up Schneider! (I know he looks at this blog ?)

  11. Allen

    Your better off asking an Eskimo about the Seahawks than Mike Sando. He doesn’t cover or care to know what is actually happening with the Seahawks like most of the “expert” NFL commentators. My favorite part is this:

    One source highlights:

    “Seattle’s run game is shaky, THE QUARTERBACK IS BEATUP..”

    When did the source give that gem? Week 7? Good Lord.

    The Seahawks will be fine in the playoffs. Winning your last 6 games of regular season then losing in the first round is overrated. You can ask Green Bay how it feels in a week.

    Out of all the NFC playoff teams, Detroit stands out as not having the talent level of the rest. They lose. The three teams with the most relevant playoff experience is Seattle, Green Bay, and Giants in that order. Of those three teams, Giants and Seattle have the best defenses in the NFC and Green Bay is a ways behind. The NFC Championship will be Giants at Seattle. As far as who will win, I will need to see the Injured list before the game. Both will likely pay the price to get that far.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness, Mike Sando covered the Seahawks for years with the TNT and I believe still lives in Seattle. I think he’s a terrific writer and he is merely quoting NFL execs, scouts and coaches.

      Personally I think it’s clear Wilson is still beat up. He is far from 100% and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he has knee surgery in the off-season.

    • STTBM

      Wilson IS beat to shit. Did you see him gimping when they took him out of Sunday’s game, or how slooow he looks trying to run the read-option? Dude’s knee is screwed up and isnt healing, and he likely sprained his ankle slightly vs the Niners.

      And he’s throwing mechanics are off and he cant hit a barn door lately. Could be his peck, could be he just has mechanics issues due to bum wheels. Whatever, he most certainly is beat up.

      • Trevor

        I think after the season it will come out that he will need a surgery or two and has been playing at 50% or less.

        Love his toughness but wish we had perhaps given him time off when he got hurt to heal properly. There was no real option as backup QB though so what do you do.

        You can tell in his energy level and facial expressions that he struggling physically. That is one tough QB though. No questioning his commitment or leadership.

        Just another reason to fix the OL. Can you imagine him sitting back and having all day like Matt Ryan and Dak?

        • STTBM

          Wilson would destroy the league if he had a decent O-line. I’d trade Graham for a decent G and tackle combo, hands down.

          The only thing Wilson needs to work on is hitting a streaking Lockett in stride deep, and Red Zone. He’s not being taught to attack the middle of the end zone at all. He also needs to work on slant routes–he’s always late and behind his guys, as he was with Graham last week on a slant route.

  12. John_s

    What an amazing couple of plays by Juju to set up the TD. He’s exactly the type of WR the Seahawks are missing.

  13. Trevor

    Sam Darnold is legit. Hard to believe that kid is a freshman. His pocket awareness and movement is already really good.

    • Trevor

      If he was coming out this year he would be my choice over any QB in this draft.

      • C-Dog

        That was a sensational performance. Really impressed with this dude. On top of it, cool as a cucumber.

        • Trevor

          Yeah for sure. That is what a #1 pick should look like. He is better than Goff now as a frehsman.

          • Volume12

            He’s absolutely got future #1 overall pick written all over him.

            • Volume12

              He’s got a funky throwing motion too.

              • Werdna Ydna

                His throwing motion reminds me of Byron Leftwoch.

  14. Trevor

    I was looking forward to the Rose Bowl more than any other expect the playoff and wow was it ever worth the wait. What a great college football game.

    The Trojans are back! Pete must be pumped.

    • Volume12

      Rose Bowl classic.

  15. 503Hawk

    I put on a pair of those rose colored glasses and this is what I saw…
    Seattle gets eliminated in the second round by Atlanta. But…
    In 2017 the Seahawks go 13-3, get home field advantage, and beat NE in SB52 where Russell Wilson is named MVP after throwing for 375 yds & rushing for another 105 along w/ 3 passing TDs and 1 rushing. Pete Carroll retires. Tom Cable is named head coach but Seattle goes 1-15 after Wilson blows out his knee in week one in home loss to LA Rams.
    In the following draft with the #1 overall pick the Seattle Seahawks select… Sam Darnold, QB, USC!!!

    • Hawktalker

      Holy cow, can you see anything at all out of those glasses? The tint in thos shade appear to generate some realism, optimism and some nut-ism, where can I get a pair of those “ism” shades? They are free right? 🙂

      • 503Hawk

        V12 loaned his pair. ? Wasn’t that an amazing Rose Bowl?!

        • Volume12

          Glad you got some use outta them. They seem to be a rare brand. ?

          • Volume12

            In all seriousness, one reason I love this blog, we can have some good natured sarcasm back and forth between each other and not get personal like other sites.

    • Michael (CLT)

      Pretty sure Donald will come out next year if he takes USC to the Playoff in 2017

  16. Trevor

    Any chance we can pick up the Oklahoma LT Brown for the playoffs?

  17. Trevor

    Too bad Mixon was such a bonehead because that is one talented RB.

    • 503Hawk

      Somebody is going to take him. Such a talent.

      • Trevor

        Yeah he really is. So smooth and makes everything look so easy. He reminds me a lot of Laveon Bell with how patient he is too.

        • Volume12

          Thought Perine looked good against a good D-line too.

          Fits in any scheme. Vision, balance, power, COD, agility, moves like a 210 pound back.

          Also he’s loved and respected inside that locker room apparently too.

          • Trevor

            Yeah I think we both feel the same way about Perrine he just seems like a great compliment to Rawls and Prosise. Big Power back who finds creases. He is great in short yardage and goal line as well which we really need help with.

            It was nice to see how much the coaches and team mates wanted to get him that record. Tells you a lot.

            • Smitty1547

              I know I’m gonna catch hate for this, but i hope we have the balls to take Mixon if he slides past 3, Risk vs Reward.

              I mentioned it on last article but was last comment, Matt Miller came out with his first Mock and had us taking Caleb Brantley a Gator. Peppers sliding to GB at 27 and % Dawgs in the second round. There was a lot of talent in the second if his mock is close Id be all about sliding back to the 2nd round.

              • DavidM2

                I believe Mixons returning so it’ll be next year and his stock may go up with good behavior and a good or outstanding season.

  18. seaspunj

    hi Rob

    any possibility with write ups in looking at possible safeties for the Seahawks. I figure Kam will be playing maybe 10 -12 games a season moving forward and with Earl injured and a lack of depth.

    what rounds would you project the Seahawks pick up DB help?

    thanks Rob and Happy New Year!

    • Trevor

      Rob has been talking up the WSU safety Lunani as a potentially good fit.

      I really like Tedric Thompson from Colorado as a mid round option. They may even try to keep Mcray as a backup for Kam. He played pretty well.

      • seaspunj

        thanks Trevor!

    • Rob Staton

      I think they might look at Shalom Luani in the round three range.

    • subterranean

      I’m curious if a guy like Obi Melifonwu is versatile enough to play both the Mike Morgan and Kelcie McCray roles.

      • Rob Staton

        He might be — but he will be a high pick and that’s a steep price to find out for what amounts to a 30% of the snaps linebacker and a backup safety.

  19. Trevor

    Wow the Oklahoma safety Thomas just laid out the Auburn RB with one of the best hits I have seen in college football in a while. Wow

    • Greg Haugsven

      That Auburn RB still doesn’t know what him him. You don’t see RB stop dead in the tracks like that. Reminds me when Chancellor sat down Mike TolBert a couple seasons ago.

      • Trevor

        That is exactly what I thought! Clean and good technique too.

  20. Michael (CLT)

    These playoffs will get the first since Russell joined that I will watch without expectation. Good for my hear, hard on my fandom.

  21. John

    Did we sign Gresham yet? If not then are we signing a new long snapper?

  22. C-Dog

    Word came out yesterday via the Seattle Times that Vita Vea is leaning towards coming out. Seattle needs to fix the run game more than anything else, but man would it be sweet if they could grab him with that first pick. Here’s to hoping Alex Collins continues to show us something.

    25: R1P25

    57: R2P25

    89: R3P25

    105: R3P41

    184: R5P39

    210: R6P25

    229: R7P8

    • Rob Staton

      If Vea declares I think he goes top-15. Haloti Ngata type player.

      • C-Dog

        I think you are probably right. This one’s a pie in the sky mock.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m going to disagree with you on Vea going in first round. After watching him against Alabama, he has strength and can bull rush or hold his position, but very little lateral agility. I see him as a second rounder.

        • Dawgma

          If he tests at the level of explosiveness you’d expect off the screen at that size, he’s going in the top half of the first round. You just don’t find guys that are 325lbs+ who have that.

          • C-Dog


        • Rob Staton

          Vea will go early first round if he declares.


  23. Lenny James

    So… basically no chance we get our hands on Thomas? Can you imagine adding him with Bennett, Avril, and Clark? To bad we cant get a DT like Allen or Thomas

    • Rob Staton

      No chance of Thomas

  24. CharlieTheUnicorn

    There is a crazy rumor that Tom Cable is the leading candidate for the 49ers HC job?
    Is this a good, bad or indifferent take amongst you all?

    • dylanlep

      The leading candidate or a leading candidate? I thought it was the latter Charlie.

    • C-Dog

      I know a lot of fans would welcome, I would not. I thought he was a decent HC for the Raiders and kinda got dealt a raw blow when they fired him. He had that team improving every year. I think he’s done a very underrated job coaching the Seattle OL, especially the last couple years. I think his presence as the assistant HC on the team is also underrated. IMO, it’s understandable the 49ers would want to interview him, but I think they want to find that GM first who will work well with the next head coach. That’s why they supposedly let Chip Kelly go.

      • vrtkolman

        I think he is a better HC than position coach. He would bring a culture of toughness to a team.

    • Rob Staton

      Cable to San Fran makes sense — they want a GM/HC connection and looks like they’re considering Caserio/McDaniels or Cable and one of the Seattle front office guys.

      I wouldn’t want to face a Cable-run Niners team after seeing what he created in Oakland.

      • D-OZ

        On a side note, I want Anthony Lynn as Offensive coordinator and RB coach for the Hawks. Now there’s a coach with imagination and can keep a defense on their heels from START to finish.

        • Rob Staton

          Maybe… but his debut as interim/future Bills Head Coach was a complete train wreck on Sunday. They got blown away by a terrible Jets team.

          • Hawk Eye

            Did not help that he was told not to use his qb and was forced to play EJ, who is not an NFL qb.
            Bills are a mess, I can’t judge him based on one interm coaching game, and maybe just under 1 season as OC is too little also to say he is good or bad

            • STTBM

              I agree, cant judge his HC ability on one game with Manuel at QB. I like the guy too, but Bevell deserves a better line and run game coordinator than Cable before he gets judged too.

              Now Kris Richard on the other hand has made chicken poop out of chicken salad talent as DC, and even though he was a Seahawk and is a fine proven DB Coach, I woudlnt cry to see him fired and someone else brought in as DC. I doubt we’ll see that happen, but again, given the talent he has and the fact he’s had two seasons but still struggles with when and how often to blitz, his propensity to use Zone when we have the best Man DB’s in the NFL, and the ridiculous communication issues, I think he may have earned his walking papers.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Some innovative offensive play designs coming from him. He will be successful somewhere.

  25. Wall UP

    Pittsburgh was also eyeing Vea with their 2nd pick. Trading dn in the early 2nd would be ideal.

    • Wall UP

      According to one of their blogs.

      • C-Dog

        I always expect a Seattle trade back, but I think I would vomit in my mouth if Seattle traded out of that pick with Vita Vea there and the other team drafted him.

        • C-Dog

          I think if Vea declares, he’s probably gotten pretty positive feedback and is likely a top twenty pick anyways.

  26. Volume12

    Look at that throw. 50 yds in the corner off his back foot.


    • C-Dog

      He makes throws others can’t and shouldn’t, and at times he shouldn’t, but are things of beauty when he hits them.

      • Volume12

        I think this year he had to force some things. That oblique injury was it, seems to have impacted his touch. Doesn’t wanna run like he used to either.

        With the run game suffering this year, if he was healthy, he’d be scrambling a lot more.

        • C-Dog

          Yes. Note to PC/JS, must improve run game. It will improve your QB play as well. It will improve your defense. It’s like the Force. It’s surrounds them, and binds them, and flows through everything.

          • Kenny Sloth

            The running game is just bacteria floating in your blood called midichlorians.

            • C-Dog

              Yep, and Seattle can use some sort of immaculate conception in 2017. Is Leonard Fournette the one to bring balance back to their universe? I’d love to have his midichlorian level tested.

  27. Trevor

    Rob with all the elite defensive talent in this draft to you think it is the first time in the PC / JS they will have first round grades on 30+ guys? It seems like even at the end of Rd #1 there will be some really great talent.

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt it. I would estimate probably about 20 legit R1 grades.

  28. Ralphy

    Hey Rob. I was wondering if you think there is any chance the Titans would be open to trading Derrick Henry? With the success of D Murray and the team having a lot of other needs, I thought that could be a possibility.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s highly unlikely. They drafted Henry after trading for Murray, with the idea of using both. Plus the trade value is what exactly? They spent a high R2 on him a year ago. They’re not going to accept anything lower than that.

  29. vrtkolman

    USC allowed just one sack and one single hurry on 53 pass attempts against Penn State. I think I’m going to start watching some games from their linemen. We know about Wheeler and Mama. Banner and Falah were both highly recruited out of high school (we all know about Banner being from the Seattle area).

    Banner has had a mostly underwhelming career but he’s a massive road grader type at RT. Cable loves that at RT. He has work ethic issues but he could be a legit tackle in the NFL if things suddenly came together for him. He could be had in the later rounds.

    Falah is interesting to me. He’s USC’s center but has an impressive 6’6″ frame. He might be a bit light to play interior in the NFL (he’s listed at 285) but he’s also only a JR.

    • Rob Staton

      Banner is too big for the NFL. 6-9 and 360lbs per USC and I read teams really want him to drop weight.

      • vrtkolman

        Yeah his weight is a problem, and probably related to his work ethic issues.

        • Trevor

          Seems like a great character though whom would fit right in our locker room. I hope he can put it together and keep himself in shape. Seems like a good kid.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I thought he was an incredibly hard worker and three year starter?

          It’s Wheeler that’s the slacker.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Was it Chad Wheeler who had the character red flags?

        That USC tackle had a Bolles-esque background.

        Hey, say what you want about 400 lbers, Sea should bring in Banner.

        Via MMQB:

        “Banner boasts striking pro credentials. He is 6-foot-9, with the naturally wide base and impressive wingspan to ward defenders in pass protection.

        He is a three-year starter and described by coach Clay Helton as “a consummate leader… Sometimes at halftime I go into my little office to make adjustments. And I can’t think because all I hear is Zach’s bellowing voice through the hall trying to pump his teammates up.”

        Banner has no known off-field concerns. He even has an NFL pedigree: His biological father is Lincoln Kennedy, a top-10 pick in 1993 and a stalwart on the offensive line for Jon Gruden’s Raiders, making three Pro Bowls (2000-02) as a right tackle. But even in a thin offensive line class, there’s one concern keeping evaluators from labeling Banner a surefire first-rounder. He is the largest player in college football.

        “My weight, it’s always been about my weight,” Banner says. “That’s really the reason why I didn’t declare for the draft last year. I came back because I had to prove to NFL teams that I could lose weight, and also keep it off.”

        • Kenny Sloth

          They brought in that one huuuuge dude a few years back.

          And it’s all about what you can do, not what you can’t.

          If they can keep the weight off Carp, then Banner would be well worth a late round flier imo.

          Then we’d have like the biggest OL of all time.

          • STTBM

            Its also his height. With that height comes issues with knees, exacerbated by weight. I think 6′-7″ is pretty much it for height for O-line success in the NFL–or has been thus far. Anything above that just doesnt work.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Like a 5’11 QB?? 😉

              • STTBM

                Point taken. But it has been tried before, and guys that tall and huge havent been able to perform or stay healthy. Too much strain on the body, not enough leverage/too high center of gravity. We’re talking physics not height bias lol!

                But yeah, you dont know till you try. I hope the kid makes the NFL and does well.

  30. Trevor

    Rob have you had a chance to take a look at Harold Landry? I am amazed he does not get more press.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t

  31. Trevor

    Vol12 I am working on my Seahawks Top 50 big board again this year. (10 Day 1 Prospects, 20 Day 2, 20 Day #3 and UDFA)

    Last year Ifedi, Prosise, Vannett were direct hits on day #1 and #2.

    Completely whiffed on the Day #3 picks but got Powell,Elliott, Fant as UDFAs however I thought Powell and Elliott might be Day #3 picks.

    You always have some great Late round UDFA guys whom fit the Hawks profile and are kind of under the radar. Who are your favorites this year who need to be checked out and on my board?

    Love to hear anyone else’s late round UDFA gems as well. It is my favorite part of the draft.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’m doing a top 100 after the combine again.

      • Trevor

        Look forward to it! I am lazy I only do 50 then add or subtract after Senior Bowl and Combine. Even at the Shrine game there are always some gems like Hargrave, Glasgow and Oneymata last year.

    • Volume12

      Well, like you, I’m still digging into guys and whatnot. Some guys I’ve heard good things about, but can’t judge for myself without tape. Like C. Arkansas CB Tirell Williams- 6’1, 195 lbs., led the country with 27 PBU.

      SD St. OT Daniel Brunskill- former TE. This was his 1st year playing tackle
      OK St. DT Vincent Taylor- more of a 4th-5th rounder (big fan of his)
      USC WR Darreus Rogers & DT Stevie Tu’ikolovatu
      Old Dominion WR Zach Pascal & DT Rashad Coward
      Arkansas St. DE/LEO Chris Odom
      Clemson S Jadar Johnson
      Oregon St. CB Treston DeCoud
      Michigan St. S Montae Nicholson
      Idaho DT/FB Tueni Lupeamanu
      Colorado EDGE Jimmie Gilbert
      Tennessee WR Josh Malone
      Purdue WR De’Angelo Yancey
      Marshall OT Clint Van Horn

      And I don’t know where you play this kid, but all I can say is…WOW! (Check out all the vines in this link)


      • Volume12

        And NC WR Ryan Switzer. One of my favorite prospects this year at the skill positions.

        • C-Dog

          I like Switzer.

        • Trevor

          Why is Switzer not getting much buzz. Great routes, big guy and looks athletic. What is not to like? I like him a lot too.

      • Trevor

        Thanks! Awesome once again. Really appreciate it.

      • Trevor

        Also I think you are onto something with Taylor. I have a feeling that might be whom the Seahawks have scouted hard at Ok St.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Brunskills a real sleeper at OT

        Vincent Taylor is a savage

        Those under the radar USC cats are gonna be steals

        Crazy loaded Safety class

    • Sea Mode

      Well, I start at the top as well until the combine gives us more info on potential late round gems, but here’s a couple for now we’ve already mentioned:

      RB Devante Mays, Utah State
      S Nate Gerry, Nebraska

      Maybe this list will give you a few more to look into:

      • Trevor

        Thanks I look forward it. Gerry is an interesting guy have to do some work on him.

    • JimQ

      I also enjoy looking for the “sleeper” prospects that many may overlook. To me, after the top 100 or so prospects that get talked about a lot, there is a big pool of potential studs left undiscovered. My current later round/UDFA prospects list is growing daily. NOTE: a lot are from smaller schools so competition can be somewhat suspect, but then that’s why they are not TOP rated picks – but they may be potential “value” picks. Just a few are as follows. (Stats from cfbstats.com, rankings from cbssports.com. 1/02/2017 update).

      —-WR-Taywan Taylor(118), W. Kentucky, 6-1/195, Likely a Rd-4-ish WR prospect with great production and IMO he is a perfect replacement for Kearse who will likely be cut/traded next season. Taylor seems to be a very consistent WR. He has been slowly moving up in rankings from a Rd-6/7 prospect to more of a Rd 3/4, and may well be underrated even there. He’s been an experienced ” go to guy” for 3-yrs. — IMO He would be an upgrade over Kearse with his similar size and younger legs + a lot less $$$ hit to the Cap.
      2016: 14-games, 98 rec. for 1730, 17.65 avg, 17-TD’s
      2015: 14-games, 86 rec. for 1467, 17.06/avg, 17-TD’s
      2014: 13-games, 45 rec. for 767, 17.04/avg, 7-TD’s

      —-DE-Tarell Basham(172), Ohio, 6-4/262 A likely Rd-5-ish prospect with underrated abilities and consistent production. In the Post season workouts, he may rise up a round or so. Could be good competition for OR an outright replacement for the somewhat unaccomplished Cassius Marsh? They seem pretty similar physically.
      2016: 14-games, 49-tkls, 29-solo, *15.0-TFL*, *10.5-Sacks*, 2-PBU, *12-QBH*, 1-FF.
      2015: 43-tkls, 20-solo, 10.0-TFL 5.5-Sacks, 1-PBU, *11-QBH*, 2-FF

      —-WR-TE-Billy Brown(196), Shepherd, 6-036/236, with sub-4.6/40?, A small school sleeper, likely a Rd-6/7 prospect with nice upside & versatility as a WR or TE with good size and speed. Obviously a developmental prospect, but one with good upside and value in Rd 6/7. + Willson & Jimmy G. won’t last forever.
      2016: 63 receptions, 998 yards (15.8 yard average) and *14-TD’s* — in just nine games.

      —-DE/DT-Trey Hendrickson(302), Florida Atlantic, 6-4/270, a Rd-7-ish Project- has some nice stats.
      2016: 12-games: 51-tkls, 26-solo, 15.0-TFL, 9.5-Sacks, 2-PBU, 8-QBH, 1-FF, *4-BK’s*
      2015: 12-games: 39-tkls, 22-solo, 14.5-TFL, *13.0-Sacks*, 7-QBH, *5-FF*

      —-RB-Anthony Wales, (366), W. Kentucky 5-9/195. Likely a Rd-7/UDFA, consistent RB with good YPC,
      seems to be very agile and quick. A potential UDFA RB for development on the cheap, like Rawles?
      2016-13 games, 237/1621, 6.84/avg, 27-TD’s (#1 in rush TD’s in FBS) + 30/323/2 receiving.
      2015-11 games, 155/1091, 7.04/avg, 9-TD’s + 27/225 receiving.

      —-DE/DT-Pat O’Conner(448), E. Michigan, 6-4/270, Likely an UDFA selection, he’s a busy guy that
      seems to have some decent rush moves and a body that can bulk up a bit. Speed=?
      2016: 13-games, 42-tkls, 17-solo, *14.5-TFL*, 8.5-Sacks, 3-PBU, *16-QBH*, *5-FF*
      2015: 12-games, 64-tkls, 27-solo, *14.0-TFL*, 7.5-Sacks, 2-PBU, 8-QBH, 2-FF.

      —-DT-Omarius Bryant(806), W. Kentucky, 6-3/310, Likely an UDFA selection, looks to be a busy guy.
      with pretty good size and production for 1 year, may be a late bloomer that has seen the light go on?
      I like to see lots of TFL’s & QBH’s from interior DL guys, to me it means they can get into the backfield well.
      2016: 37-tkls, 17-solo, *9.5-TFL*, 3.0-Sacks, 1-PBU, *18-QBH*.
      2015: 30-tkls, 17-solo, 3.5-TFL, 1.5-Sacks, 2-QBH.

      • Trevor

        Nice list to check out thanks!

      • Volume12

        I like Hendrickson. Lazy comp, but some Ryan Kerrigan in there.

        WR Taywan Taylor is a freak!

        Caught a little of Bashan in their bowl game and against W.Michigan. Didn’t look too bad at all.

  32. Trevor

    One thing that sucks about this draft is that for the first time in a couple of years there are no Canadian prospects fro me to shameless bang the drum fro and hope the Hawks to pick. With Willson being a free agent may be down to John Ryan as the lone Cannuck on the Hawks.

    Looking back at the last couple of years really wish they had taken one of the Canadian kids as they could all have been a real boost to our OL / DL and seem to have bright futures. All were really raw but have big time upside. If you are an NFL prospect from Canada you have to be a physical freak because the development system here is nothing at all like the US. We are a hockey country 1st unfortunately and now basketball is getting big with guys like Wiggins.

    Christian Covington (DT) Texans
    Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (OL) Chiefs
    David Oneymata (DT) Saints

    Hopefully next year will have someone else from up north obsess about draft season.

    • Volume12

      There’s an O-lineman and a TE I think competing in the Shrine Game. Both from Canada.

      • Trevor

        Yeah they take two every year they have some kind of agreement but I don’t see either guy as a truly legit prospect unfortunately.

        • Volume12

          Oh. I see what your saying.

  33. Trevor

    I was just reviewing last years draft notes.

    I know a lot of people on the blog were really high in Connor Mcgovern. I don’t see any stats on him was he hurt this year?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s Denver’s backup LG behind Max Garcia

      • Trevor

        K makes sense then. Seem like the Broncos and Hawks like the same prospects because of ZBS scheme. The have Sambrillo as well I think.

    • Kenny Sloth

      His Mizzou teammate Evan Boehm went a full round ahead of him and is now our rivals Center in AZ.

      I wrote a piece about them, because of their tenacity.

  34. Trevor

    How do Ryan Grigsen and Chuck Pagano still have jobs. They were neck and neck with Fischer / Snead for worst combo in the league.

    • STTBM

      Grigson is laughably incompetent. I like Pagano, cant help but wonder how he’d do with a competent GM and a defense and offensive line.

  35. Sea Mode

    Ooooh, updated John Ross highlights up!

  36. DavidM2

    I don’t know if any of you guys have been following the constant burning dumpster fire in Santa Clara, but some of the comments on 9ers nation are hilarious and truly quite sad.

    Check out the comments sections from the links below.
    (Germinator in particular is a good commenter to read)



    Jed York is truly one of the worst owners in professional sports. I kind of miss the rivalry and Harbaugh and his antics. It would be funny if Hawk fans stated a campaign to ask Jed York to step down. #WeWant

    • DavidM2

      POST FAILURE: #WeWantOurRivalryBack campaign.

  37. STTBM

    ESPN reporting Bevell AND Richard are getting interest from the Broncos for their HC gig. I’d rather lose Richard than Bevell, thats for sure.

    Can they take Cable with them if they steal Richard?!

    The only thing I have a major issue with Bevell on is the scaredy-cat conservative plays in the Red Zone. (Have to give him props on that great TD to Willson, using Graham as a decoy to spread the safeties out and throwing inside the hash marks; that was a long time coming!) Seattle has been awful in the Red Zone this year, and wasnt great last year either.

    • Volume12

      That’s a huge area for improvement. If they can clean that up, they’ll dominate teams. Our defense will be able to pin their ears back getting after the passer and it’ll force teams to abandon the dink and dink because they’ll have to play from behind, and this in turn will cause them to try and take deep shots down the field.

      And while stopping the run is central to PC’s defense, the #1 most important aspect is not getting beat deep and avoiding chunk plays.

    • Ed

      I would be ok with that. Not hot on either. Both too inconsistent in scheming and playcalling. Tired of the ZBS as well. I think this team needs a little shakeup. Talent wise they are in their prime, but scheme wise it has gotten real stale and some new voices (and of course PC having a big say in the D) would invigorate the team.

  38. Trevor

    I think one thing is clear. The teams in the NFL appreciate and have great respect for our coaches and the Seahawks culture. For all the heat Bevell gets from the fan base he is well respected in coaching circles.

    I don’t like cable as an OL coach because I don’t like the ZBS and he has never developed a truly great O-lineman. I do however think he would be a good HC because players respect him and you know he would build a team based around run game and defense and they would be a bully. As much as I bash him he was the guy in our coaching staff that brought that element and it would be missed.

  39. Trevor

    I loved seeing the Sooners steamroll Auburn last night. The SEC was so over rated this year. One great team and a bunch of also rans.

    The turning point in that whole game was when Oklahoma showed they were a match physically with Auburn and had the Kam Chancellor moment when Ahmed Thomas crushed an Auburn LB. It changed the whole feel of the game.

    That is why Kam has been so important for the Hawks! Look at the impact Keanu Neal has had this year in Atl. That soft label is gone from that defense. Really hope the Hawks can find a tone setter like that in this draft. Very rare commodity however.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It would be great to find another hard hitting safety or cornerback. Unfortunately there is going to be a run on safeties in the first round. Seahawks will just have to look for that hidden gem.

  40. Mr. Offseason

    Nolan Freese placed on IR. Seahawks announce Tyler Ott as new long snapper.

    Played 3 games with the Bengals this year.

    No Clint Gresham.

    • STTBM

      Ott was cut in favor of Freese for a reason. What gives with not bringing Gresham back?

      • Mr. Offseason

        When was Freese cut in favor of Ott and with what team? I think you are mistaking Ott with someone else.

        Pretty sure the team has just moved on from Gresham. Same as when they moved on from BJ Daniels, etc. There is the fact that Clint costs more per year/gm due to certain union bargaining agreements, but at this time of year that’s hardly a concern.

        I think one factor is Ott has actually played this year. So he’s in game shape, more football-ready, etc. Gresham meanwhile has been practicing snaps in hotel rooms and basketball courts (check his twitter).

        And another factor is that the Hawks tend to move on from players pretty quickly once they release them, with certain exceptions. I feel bad for Gresham because he was pretty good overall, and a totally swell guy. He’s just a victim of the business and also a poorly negotiated union contract that has effectively kept him unemployed with all 32 teams (crazy 🙁 ).

  41. Volume12

    Seattle signed LS Tyler Ott.

    Some interesting comments from PC regarding the O-line.

    ‘I feel-our coaches feel-we have a really good group for the future. I think this is our line for the future.’

    I would still like to see them add a vet at one of the OT spots, and its not like they absolutely won’t, but maybe they just add depth/competition at LT & RT in FA and the mid rounds of the draft.

    • Mr. Offseason

      The cool thing is that Garry Gilliam has been our highest-graded OL for three straight weeks, according to PFF. He’s graded in the 80s all three weeks, which is a nice number. Hopefully, its an indication that he can hold down that spot for the foreseeable future.

      I don’t know if this is a popular opinion- I am sold on Glow-Britt-Ifedi in the interior. I think they are going to end up being really good, even though they haven’t lived up to some people’s expectations. I would, however, like the team to invest in the LT position. That position, the QB’s blindside, has historically required the most skill and experience. Fant has played relatively well, but I cannot believe that he would be the long term answer. SPEND SOME MONEY for an LT.

      • C-Dog

        He’s bounced back and played well. Agree about spending $ to bring in LT. Is it too weird to consider bringing back Okung if he’s back out on the market?

    • vrtkolman

      That would be pretty disappointing if so. As well as Gilliam has played towards the end of the season, he also did this last year too. He was terrible at the beginning of 2015 and then the last quarter of the season something clicked and he was great. Why did he regress so hard again this year? I guess I’m ok giving him another shot at RT next year, but I’m not convinced he’s turned a corner yet.

      I really hope we look at the left side of the line and this is just PC fluff.

      • C-Dog

        My feeling is that what they might really target big time is RB.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Rob’s heard that Pete’s said they would not take an RB with their first pick.

          Definitely expect a tailback on day 2

          • C-Dog

            When did Pete say that? Was that an off record statement?

          • Rob Staton

            I heard they weren’t keen on doing that in 2011. I also heard they were more open to it in the 2012 draft (taking one early). I think it depends on the prospect available. I doubt they’d ever rule out taking a player based on position. I suspect though at CB it would need to be a truly special player to spend a R1 pick (they are willing to take their guys later) and I think that might be the case at RB too. They had Todd Gurley as the #1 player in the 2015 draft according to Schefter and Mort.

    • cha

      Feels like all PC can do at the moment is positive reinforcement. We hail him when Hausckha misses a crucial kick and PC steps to the mic and says we love him -vs- Arians trashing his kicker. His comments about the OL are the ‘downside’ if you will of that approach.

      It’s just too late in the calendar to say anything different. It’s very possible (however slim) that the OL clicks the next few weeks, not unlike it did the last half of last year. Or even turns in a solid performance.

      • Volume12

        Just who he is. Doesn’t mean they won’t feel this way if there’s someone there they like and have a chance to bring him aboard.

        His only option, to say anything, would be to throw them under the bus. And I seriously doubt he’d ever do that publicly.

  42. Smitty1547

    I wonder what there beef with Gresham is, seems weird to me. he should have been here all year, but now its just a no brainer

    • Mr. Offseason

      Just seems like they don’t value the position enough to spend extra money on it. They feel they can get same production for $200k less. Which is smart business sense. However, the downgrade of Freese has had an impact on this team at certain times. For example, the missed XP vs. Arizona. Did he contribute to Hauschka’s regression this year?

      • STTBM

        They could lose a playoff game because of a missed extra point or FG caused by a bad snap. How is that worth saving a bit of money?!

        This appears more to be face-saving deal by Schneider. He chose Freese over Gresham and Ott, and he was wrong. Freese has been spotty all year. Now he compounds his mistake by not bringing in Gresham.

        Im not the only one gonna be holding their breath every FG and extra point snap…

        • Mr. Offseason

          It’s just business. Thought they could get the same spending less. Unfortunately Freese had some bad snaps. But let’s not forget Gresham had some wild ones too.

        • vrtkolman

          I recall PC saying that he loved Freese’s down field blocking. Unfortunately his blocking as been as bad as his snapping.

        • Smitty1547

          STTBM I read damn near every comment on here and your views are the ones that the most closely represent mine, I can read them with out looking at name and damn near guess that they are yours.

          • STTBM

            Lol, Smitty! Thanks, I guess! I think my comments probably come off a lot more irritable and grumpy than I do in person. Im pretty frustrated with certain aspects of the Hawks the last couple years (The line, Wilson not hitting WR’s in stride deep, the Red Zone issues, too much Zone on D, etc), but thats because I cant bear to see a roster this talented not win multiple championships.

  43. Ed

    Baker, Qualls and Jones all going pro.

  44. Donovan

    Chip Kelly open to NFL coordinator openings.

    Would Pete consider him for the Hawks?

    • Ed

      I would say absolutely not. I hope I am right. If DB leaves, someone like Norv Turner. Run the ball, playaction and throw to your TE. A Wisconsin/Michigan type.

    • Rob Staton


    • Smitty1547

      Wrong tempo Pete wants to slow game down not play up tempo that Chip is all about.

    • cha

      Don’t need any more discord sowing on the team. I don’t know everything that happened in Philly and SF but Chip doesn’t have a track record of building a team atmosphere in either place.

  45. Volume12

    Perine going pro.

    His jump cut is filthy. Should kill the 3 cone. Tremendous balance.


    • vrtkolman

      I would like this!

    • C-Dog

      I definitely think he’s one to continue keeping in mind.

    • Kenny Sloth

      If it weren’t for his injuries I’d be pounding the table for him in the third/:

  46. vrtkolman

    My dream NFC West draft scenario is as follows:

    San Francisco drafts Mitch Trubisky #2 overall. I don’t think he’s bad or anything, I just don’t think he’s a future star. They miss out on Jonathan Allen, and perhaps even better is that they are not in position to draft Sam Darnold next year (assuming he declares which I think he will).

    The Rams are stuck with Goff at this point, and they are in for a long rebuild as the defense gets older/more expensive and the offense is a complete train wreck.

    Arizona’s last two wins pushed them out of contention to draft Reuben Foster, who on their team would be a nightmare for us – a bigger Darryl Washington.

  47. C-Dog

    It was interesting today in Carroll’s press conference, when asked about what they miss most about Earl Thomas, he said it was the uniqueness of the athlete. To paraphrase, he said something to the effect of, “doesn’t matter what position they play, a unique athlete is a unique athlete.”

    Given that fact he said that the coaches feel like this is the OL moving forward into the future, probably looking to add players to “compete” here and there, and the run game likely to be the major area to be address, is it possible Seattle would entertain drafting Christian McCaffery with the first pick, if he was available, even having CJ Prosise on the roster? Is he a fit? Is Prosise’s health something that can be relied on?

    25: R1P25

    57: R2P25

    89: R3P25

    105: R3P41

    184: R5P39

    210: R6P25

    229: R7P8

    I know it’s probably a pretty tall order for the draft to land this way (probably not likely Melinfonwu is there at the end of day 2) but keeping in mind that there will be FA $ to go after DL and OL, with the prospects of 4 picks in the first two days of the draft, could they simply look to add unique athlete after unique athlete as the strategy to stay competitive, and draft for depth with the late picks?

    • Kenny Sloth

      I would really like Curtis Samuel. Not crazy about McCaffrey. I’m not sure he’s the kind of back that fits in our scheme.

      • C-Dog

        I’m not so certain as well. I think they probably want more physicality at RB, if that is they’re big need, but this regime has surprised me a few times, and I wonder if in totality of what they have put together on the offense, with the other weapons, if they would feel like he would be a player to put them over the top, especially if they think he could be an every down back.

        Somewhat related, it’s interesting to me that today Carroll came out committed to Rawls going forward into the playoffs, that they need to get him more touches, even in the face of Collins looking more explosive lately.

  48. Cysco

    “Given that fact he said that the coaches feel like this is the OL moving forward into the future, probably looking to add players to “compete” here and there, and the run game likely to be the major area to be address”

    Talk about conflicting statements. How can the run game be a major area to be addressed if the OL as is, is the line moving forward.

    • C-Dog

      I think the idea is, as Dave Wyman gave his take on the radio last week, that the issue is more with the runners in Seattle than the blocking.

  49. Brandon

    Just read a report, per jay glazer “the seahawks have signed devin hester for the playoffs”

    I think this is just the type of seahawky move we needed to boost our return game for the play offs. JS and PC continue to stay the course and lead us the best they can. Very thankful to have this organization put together as well as it is. Go hawks! And go rob! Thanks for all you do here as always.

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