Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Niners, claim #3 seed

The Seahawks started the day competing for the #2 seed in the NFC, they finished the day clinging on to the #3 seed.

Last weeks loss to Arizona cost Seattle a first round bye and an easier potential route through the playoffs. The best case scenario now is they’ll win at home in the Wildcard before heading to a rested Atlanta.

At times against lowly San Francisco, simply winning next weekend looked like a tall order.

Despite playing a 2-13 opponent with a miserable run defense — the Seahawks again struggled to establish a running game. The defense had a slow start — with two ‘hot knife through butter’ scoring drives bookended by costly 49er fumbles. Special teams had another rough outing with a sixth blocked PAT of the season and a wild snap that led to a safety.

It was hoped this was going to be a comfortable victory, building momentum going into the playoffs.

And just as things started to head that way with a nine-point advantage in the fourth quarter, Pete Carroll pulled several starters and suddenly it was game on again after a quick 49er touchdown.

It felt like a strange decision at the time considering the game was far from won. Being #3 instead of #4 isn’t insignificant. Let’s say the Seahawks do find some form in the post season and win next week before defeating Atlanta. They’re a Dallas loss away from hosting the NFC Championship game.

Carroll could argue that’s not a concern of his — keeping Russell Wilson et al healthy is the priority. It’s a fair point. Yet had the Seahawks lost to the 2-13 Niners, flopped to 9-6-1 and dropped to the #4 seed — the negativity to follow would’ve been significant. The second guessing extreme. The questions asked pointed.

It would’ve led to a week of avoidable drama.

Nevertheless, Trevone Boykin actually did well in relief. So did several others to finish the game off on offense. It’s a good job too — because they were a punt away from quite possibly losing the game.

What about some positives?

The defense — and especially the front seven — eventually did a good job establishing order and creating pressure. Bobby Wagner in particular was spectacular, as was Frank Clark and Michael Bennett. Russell Wilson was efficient and Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham had some nice plays.

An ankle injury to Nolan Frese might mean the Seahawks go and find a replacement long snapper. That could provoke a call to the guy who did the job competently with minimal drama for years — Clint Gresham.

For the second week in a row Alex Collins looked like Seattle’s best running back. It’s unclear why it took so long to get him involved in the game.

There’s not much else to say about an instantly forgettable seventh straight win against a former heated rival. We know what the Seahawks are now. They’re a talented roster for sure — with the players capable of launching a run.

Yet the common traits of a Super Bowl Champion are the ability to play well defensively, run the ball and be healthier than some of the other contenders. The Seahawks are capable of great defense but they’re inconsistent. They don’t have a threatening running game. They are missing key players like Earl Thomas and Tyler Lockett — and Russell Wilson certainly isn’t 100% either.

The way they’ve started the last three games has to be a concern too. Against a high-octane offense (and that’s what they’ll be facing the rest of the way) there’s a real threat we’ll see a repeat of the Green Bay debacle if they start as poorly as they have against LA, Arizona and San Francisco.

The hope has to be that they can find a spark now that every week is a potential season-ender. This is still the only team to beat New England with Tom Brady at quarterback this season. We’ve seen the heights they’re capable of. Now’s the time to show some metal.

Whatever happens, it feels like we’re edging closer to arguably the most important off-season in Pete Carroll’s tenure — potentially determining how much longer this group can stay near the top.


  1. vrtkolman

    Great post Rob. I have to agree about this off season being monumentally important. The team seems to be more and more on edge with each passing week. Maybe the defense is fed up with the offensive line getting worse each year. Is Pete’s message getting stale? Who knows, but something is off.

  2. Rawls1234

    I know Pete doesn’t usually take corners early. But are there good prospects that can eventually take over for Sherman since he’s 28?

    • TwistedChopper

      I wouldn’t be against taking a corner early depending on how the board falls (it seems unlikely considering current mocks), but I wouldn’t pick them thinking they’ll eventually replace Sherman. I’d go into it hoping that they compete with Shead and Lane (and whomever else) for a starting job opposite Sherman or maybe in the slot.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’ll have other priorities.

      • Coleslaw

        That isn’t what he asked. Why just avoid talking about corners I don’t understand it.. Like receivers last year.. your followers want to talk to you about it but you just shut them down..

        • 12thManderson

          Rude, I’ll say this so Rob doesn’t have too. If You are also interested in taking a corner early (1st Two Rounds). Go pull up the list of them, find the size fits, read their bios, watch their film, snd discuss them with the individual that posed the question. You’re fully capable of watching these prospects and figuring out who the ballers are and who the ball boys are, and discussing “Your Guys”. There’s nothing wrong with liking prospects in positions that others aren’t prioritizing… Unless they get draft by a West Rival, then bury that sh*t. Haha

          We’re completely spoiled on Seahawk Football, as we are on this Blog. We’re the fan base that consistently asks “Where’s our Long Snapper?”. That’s the magnitude of what has been built for our pleasure and ultimately our critics. This is a blog with a Weekly Podcast, engaging hypothetical’s, and great commentary discussions… We are indeed Spoiled.

          Either way to add to the discussion of Corners who are possible 1st and 2nd Rounders. I personally would only take Adoree Jackson and Buddha Baker both as Nickels. Otherwise my preferences are between rounds 3-5, the talent there just seems Greater than the impending draft slots.

          • Coleslaw

            Yeah I’m capable of it but I come here to hear what Rob has to say. I value his opinion and when he refuses to talk about anything but OL DL and RB it gets repetetive. The only reason people come here is because we respect robs insight and want to hear what he has to say. I could analyze the corners but i would most likely be dead wrong. Rob hasn’t said shit about these corners, why limit the blog to 3 positions with one (OL) already being an unlikely match in the first round.

          • Coleslaw

            I mean, I can’t make him do anything nor am I trying to demand anything, it’s just disappointing.

            • Ed

              I’m not Rob, but I would say this is a Seahawks draft blog, not an NFL draft blog. He looks for players that are:

              A. exceptional
              B. positional needs for Hawks
              C. player scheme fit for Hawks
              D. athletic ability fit for Hawks

              We are all Hawk fans and I am sure we are all NFL fans, but this blog focuses on the Hawks and I really like the emphasis.

              • Coleslaw

                I just think it’s a waste of Robs talent. Corner is certainly a place we could use an upgrade and if were going BPA like Rob has suggested we could do in the right circumstances, why not just skim through and figure out who these guys really are before we just write it off and never speak of it..

                • Kenny Sloth

                  I think we’re pretty set on corners.

                  I like Lane and Shead is under cheap control.

                  I’d much rather add to the front seven or upgrade the running game.

                  • Frank

                    Lane and Shead are solid outside guys but we could use some help in the slot.

                • Ed

                  Don’t disagree Hawks could use someone to compete with Shead and take the place of Lane. But we still have plenty of time before the draft. Maybe Rob talks about it then. I don’t like Rodgers, but like he said R E L A X. It’s all good in the hood. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

                  A few 3rd and later CB that could be in play.

                  Whitherspoon (Colorado)
                  Douglas (West Virginia)
                  King (Washington)

    • Trevor

      There is lots of good CB talent in this draft from what I have seen. A guy like King would be a great option in round #3.

      I really hope they focus on OL / DL in the first two rounds again this year or RB.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I have to agree that OL, DL, and RB are probably going to be much bigger priorities.

  3. Trevor

    I believe Pete is a HOF coach and one of the great leaders / motivators of all time. I hope he coaches the Hawks till he retires. If any coach can get this group of players focused and back on the same page it is Pete.

    I for one am glad Sherm is taking a break from pressers and hopefully from sideline rants as well. Everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction. Perhaps Collins needs to be the lead guy now. Could he possible to worse. I think not as long as he holds on the ball. If we can win the first game perhaps we get Prosise back vs Atl.

    This playoff season I hope Pete proves that he is not only a great leader but also a great coach scheme wise and they come up with some different schemes for whomever they play Det, GB, Atl, Dal to cover up for the loss of Earl and to generate some more pressure up front. Wags and KJ have excelled when being asked to blitz this year.

    Have to think if they were to change things up just a little on defense it would really throw off teams like GB and Atl who have already played the. This is what makes NE so great for so long. They prepare for each game / each opponent differently focusing on their opponents strengths and weaknesses. In the past Pete could rely on a simple scheme with elite talent and let them play fast. This is no longer the case the defense is no longer the bully and it is amplified without Earl.

    Three wins against elite teams seems like a pipe dream after the last 4 weeks but we still have a shot if our coaches can adapt and play to our strengths and cover up our weaknesses (Free Safety, Run Game, Interior Pass rush). If Russ can get hot and the defense steps up who know what can happen.

    If we have no run game then game plan accordingly and truly make Graham and Baldwin the focus and figure out how to help our OL with chipping and TE help. This being caught in between wanting to be a run team but really being a finesse team is just frustrating. Put the ball in Russ’s hands and let him loose I think we go as far as he takes us.

    • TwistedChopper

      Great post.

      As great as it is to talk about the Seahawks always sticking to a certain scheme and relying on the athletes executing, I think we’ll need to think of ourselves as more of an underdog going into the playoffs and mix it up a bit more than we normally would. We’ve already seen more blitz packages this year, would like to see stuff like that continue.

    • C-Dog

      I really hope that the plan for next week is to give Collins the ball and get him active earlier. I was baffled it took them that long to get him going.

      • daniel

        Agreed, it also seemed weird that they didn’t hand the ball off more to him against AZ after he had success

  4. cha

    I don’t watch every post-game PC conference but he came off as almost defiant and irritated that he had to deal with questions about the slow start, the strategy of pulling RW when he did and the seeding implications and in general the idea that the OL isn’t playing well and the defense has allowed some drives. Less so than his usual ‘positive, we won let’s move on’ attitude.

    Is that how his press conferences have been the last few weeks?

  5. Trevor

    Anyone know when the Hawks play next weekend?

  6. rowdy

    Can anyone remember a bad play by mcenvoy? I would of loved to see him more evolved in this game. I understand he’s raw but he plays like it’s natural to him and he makes plays. Give him an offseason and he could be a real option next year.

    • C-Dog

      I think he could be poised to make a really big leap next year, which is exciting.

  7. KingRajesh


    Do you think there is something is wrong with this team behind the scenes? There is now too much smoke for me to not think that something is really wrong in that locker room this year. This is exemplified by: A severe lack discipline on the field; players fighting with each other; low effort from the defense if the offense isn’t doing anything; Sherman attacking the coaching staff in public and not apologizing for it… At the end of the day, the Seahawks this year are not playing together – in fact, there appears to be a clear divide between the offense and the defense.

    I wonder if Pete’s message is getting stale with the older crew. I wonder how deep the scars of Super Bowl 49 still are with the defense. I wonder where the leadership on this team is right now?

    What do you do to get through to the defense? Pete is supposed to be a players coach but his lieutenants appear to be losing the team.

    • Rob Staton

      “Do you think there is something is wrong with this team behind the scenes?”

      I don’t know. I could only speculate and that doesn’t really help anything. The Sherman stuff recently, the way the team has played. It could mean something. And yet players like Kam, Bennett, Wagner… they just go out there and work their tails off which suggests there’s nothing wrong aside from a couple of key injuries and a lack of running game that they’ve previously relied on.

      This is a group of winners. I think the main problem is probably merely that this season has been underwhelming so far. With an epic off-season and some key additions, plus a return to form in 2017, they might be able to get back to their best.

      • rowdy

        Have to agree about the veterans working hard and playing great as a sign that it’s not a leadership problem. This team isfrustrated though and it shows. If the coaches can channel the emotions this team has a chance to go all the way. Unlike in years past it just clicked this year. Hopefully it’s just taking longer this year.

        • rowdy

          Just hasn’t clicked*

        • AlaskaHawk

          I don’t mind when the defense yells and fights with each other. It just shows they are passionate. I would hope that the coaches channel that energy into performance. As long as the defense brings it on the field I can live with the bickering.

          • GerryG

            When you’re winning it means you’re passionate.

            When you’re playing like sh!t I think it could mean a lot.

            Nothing about this teams performance or their actions (sidelines, press conferences)
            When suggest this is a 100% united team.

            If I’m R Wilson I’m pretty fed up of running for my life 5 straight years

      • Frank

        Speculation no doubt, but so is saying there’s nothing wrong. The defense has been playing their butts off every year and but getting much help from the offense. Bruce Irvin said something about it recently but I couldn’t relocate that. But what I’m reading in Sherman, arguably the team leader, is the defense don’t see Bevell in the same light the blogosphere does.

        Hopefully we are a month away from being able to criticize him relevsntly .

        • David

          The defense lost the game vs Arizona. Offense came back to tie it (should have led if the xtra point was made) and all the defense had to do was stop Arizona from kicking a FG. They proceeded to let ARI march straight down and kick the FG.

    • C-Dog

      I don’t think Michael Bennett would have agreed to an extension if there was issues of leadership, or Carroll was wearing thin with the veterans. Yes, the dude wants to get paid, but he also wants to win, that’s what made him come back to Seattle in the first place.

      I thought leadership was showed by Frank Clark trying to school Jarran Reed on how to conduct yourself on the field. Hopefully, the rookie gets it.

  8. Frontrower

    Hopefully Collins did enough to get some time earlier in the next game. He has made the most of his time. Yes, he had two fumbles earlier in the year. The first one I think was do to how he was hit and his knee buckling under him and the second just trying to make the most of a play.I think he’s a much better option in the passing game than Rawls.

  9. KyleT

    When will they announce the wildcard playoff schedule, tonight?

    • Trevor

      They play 5:00 pst on Saturday night NBC.

      • KyleT

        Thanks! That’s a great time slot!

  10. Trevor

    Have to admit watching Aaron Rogers tonight I would really prefer the Hawks play Det next Saturday.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Watching Green Bay offense work is scary. Passes are crisp, true commitment to passing, good running back too, you just can’t make any mistakes on defense. Rodgers even caught them switching personnel and got 5 yards out of having 12 men on the field.

      Yes I think Seahawks have a better shot at beating the Lions.

    • LordSnow

      Same here. Want nothing to do with Green Bay.

    • C-Dog

      Green Bay is scary, but Seattle better bring it against Detroit.

  11. Trevor

    Bo Scarborough looked great against Wash. Seems like the ideal big RB.

    Rob have you taken a good look at him? What round would he be projected if he declares? Why has he not played more of a role this year?

    • Rob Staton

      Was one of my players to watch in the summer. He’s been hyped by Bama fans for a while. Seen as the next big thing. Then the season started and he was a bit part player, anonymous most weeks.

      This was a nice night for him to kind of announce himself to a wider audience — but I’ll be shocked if he declares off the back of it and I will warn people that he hasn’t looked that good at any other point this year. Right now he’s a one-game wonder. If he declares I’m not sure any team takes him early off the back of what was essentially a 500-yard season before the playoff semi final.

      • Trevor

        Makes sense that he would not declare then. Nice that Bama can have a guy that talented as a part time role player. Wow they are loaded.

        He could explode onto the scene next year as he appears to be another freak physically.

  12. Darren253

    Todays game, i felt they were lacksidasical because they feel like they can turn it on and off at will. Plus pete admitted they knew Atlanta won. Pete pointed out 70%of the 49ers yards came in the first 2 series.

    Looks like we’ll get the Lions here next weekend unless they can come back now with about 3 minutes, down 2 scores. Stafford is erratic throwing the ball due to that brace thing he has on his hand. It the falcon that I fear, In Atlanta ? I don’t know.

    The players clashing with each other is remarkable but not a huge issue, I think it’s part of the ” each one, teach one” philosophy and culture. They’re visibly confronting each other, but there is some vet leadership. They seem to get by. Sherman’s attack on bevel is interesting, Hes’unique in his personality and a leader, now he seems more humbled, though he didnt really admit that publicly. Richard’s still playing great football. The defense is still top 3, top 5.

    Our problem,as Wyman mentioned post game, is our offensive continuity. There are series of plays that develop in sequence and setting up other plays, and they’re failing. I don’t know, perhaps they do need to re-evaluate our schemes and processes in the off-season.

    Another interesting factoid, we now have the 10th youngest team, down from 19th last year. Were getting younger but maintain a veteran core.
    I view our draft needs in order as; RB, OL, DB, LB,.

    On Reddick, my first thought was, wither KPL??

    Side note, the Dolphins,. ..yeah My second favorite team needs defense. I love the Jackson pick, it would add a corner and dangerous return guy.

  13. Ed

    The slow starts kill this team. Luckily today it was against the 49ers. PC needs to fire up the team and more importantly fire up his coordinators to get some stops on D and get some 1st downs on O.

    Really like the chances against Detroit and I really like NY going to GB and maybe upsetting them.

  14. Ed

    Colts (maybe)
    Saints (maybe)

    A lot of HC turnover. Keep up the good work PC, but time to get closer to BB status and get this team to another SB.

  15. Darren253

    Correction: much of the niners yards came on the first 2 series. Between 60-70%.. starting slow has been a trademark of this team for years. Offensive continuity, perhaps identity.

    The broadcast pointed out that Rawls has never played a full season, going back to HIGH SCHOOL!! We need to add someone at some point….Ivory, Perine, Foreman ? Problem is, you probably only have 3 roster spots, so if you go big in the draft, your basically signaling the end of either Rawls or Collins. You can’t PLAN on guys getting injured. You can only hope they don’t. That or plan on keeping 4 rbs.

    OL: I’m of the crowd that says add a piece, hopefully a tackle , and let the rest of these guys continue to develop.

    LB. I’ve cooled on Marsh,.. He seems to be close but misses the play. Id like to see him get home more. Morgan seems invisible. KPL is a jag.

    DB: I think we need a special talent to add to the defensive backfield looking forward the future.

  16. Steele

    This was an ugly lackluster game, inconsistency on both offense and defense. What should have been a one sided laugher was instead a struggle. Defense was sporadic, gave up easy drives (not just in the first quarter) and plays, pressure inconsistent—against lowly Santa Clara. The offense was the same boring limited entity again, with porous o-line, non-potent passing attack, predictable play calling.

    I don’t buy that they were simply bored. They had plenty to play for. As others have suggested, Pete’s motivational stuff might be getting old. But the players are also older, physically, as well as perhaps jaded after several years. Not the same team that had it all going: youth, inspiration, hunger, talent, swagger.

    • LordSnow

      Every unit looked totally uninspired until Rubin ripped that ball away on the niners 4th possession. It just looks like an aging team defensively. In two years they are probably centerpiecing Frank Clark, but they need an influx of new blood.

      Detroit isn’t SF. They could pile on points in a hurry if they play like that next week.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Bottom line is that most of the playoff teams have a decent to excellent defense. The top teams also have a scary good offense. Green Bay just won 7 in a row. No one wants to face Dallas or Atlanta.

        Seahawks have a decent defense. No one is worried about the Seahawks offense. They are just to inconsistent. We all know the many reasons why.

        So they have a decent matchup at home with Detroit. They are a good team whose only weakness is lack of a running game. After that it will get tough.

        • GerryG

          Detroit has an awful defense, GB decent.

        • GeoffU

          In the NFC, only the Giants have an above average defense. Of course, Atl, GB, and Dal also have exceptional offenses.

        • daniel

          I thought that the advanced stats said that the lions were a pretty bad team with a bad defense, a solid passing game, and no rushing attack. Isn’t the only reason they’re in the playoffs because they’ve gotten lucky in a ton of close games?

  17. nichansen01

    gotta root for new york all the way till the nfc championship so that we can hopefully play two home playoff games if we beat atlanta (which we already did once)

  18. nichansen01

    how did this team beat the 14-2 patriots…

    • GerryG

      Prosise was healthy.

      NE doesn’t have a dominant DL or pass rush

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Versatile backs are NE weakness this year. Prosise, I believe, will possibly be available week #2 of the playoffs. So, if they can somehow get there, they then will have a nice variety of backs to take on Atlanta….

    • Donald

      Prosise was healthy

      Lockett was healthy

      Earl Thomas was healthy

      NE was focused on stopping Graham and couldn’t stop the other offensive weapons.

  19. Adog

    The first move they need to make is to completely take the read option out of their offense. It is pointless with a banged up qb. I think that they spent a lot of time this off season working on the read option…Wilson teats his mcl…I’m guessing…and the read option should become null and void…yet they keep running it. They need to attack the edge with their running game, but not with the read option. Procise got to the edge and made the reads…but no one else has. We can run the read option without making Wilson drag his knee around the edge. Split backs…have Collins dive to guard and Rawls flare out on a pitch. Regardless…they need to start showing some new looks in their formation when they run that play.

    • Donald

      The Hawks have to try to run the read option a few times to keep the edge defenders honest and slow them down a little. The Hawks need to try and do whatever they can to help the run game, even if it means running the RO with no gain. Just like they have to run the ball knowing it will probably not be productive, just to make the passing game better.

  20. Paul

    Agreed – this is a very important off season for Schneider. There is less room for error. He needs to find the magic again and hit on a couple of FA/draft picks to take advantage of the dumpster fire that has become the NFC West.

  21. Greg Haugsven

    I have 3 takes on this as I was fortunate to attend the game. I still haven’t found a good explanation why Wilson was pulled. The only thing I can think is that Carroll saw the Atlanta score and saw we couldn’t get the 2 seed but forgot about being caught from behind and dropped to the 4. Next is why Alex Collins didn’t get his first carry with 5 minutes left in the third quarter. I believe he should start against Detroit. 3rd thing was how many Seahawks fans were at this game. If you could drop someone off right in the middle of it they would of thought it was a neutral site game, it felt like 50/50.

    • Trevor

      Hope you and your daughter had fun at the game Greg.

      Agree on all points. The taking guys out was so unlike Pete. But then again this whole year has been weird.

      • LordSnow

        I don’t recall him resting guys at the end of the 13-3 season. It’s just not something we’ve seen.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Thanks Trevor, she had fun. She has a new favorite player and his name is Jimmy Grahamcracker…lol

    • Huso

      My theory was that they pulled Wilson because it was their last chance before the draft to take a real look at Boykin in a moderately high-pressure situation.

  22. EranUngar

    One comment – Pass protection looked very solid in this one. RW had the time and the space to make his reads and get the ball out. He was under pressure when he could not fine an open target and held the ball over 3 seconds or tried to improvise.

    As for run blocking, it & miss (mostly miss) but Rawls displayed lack of faith that the hole will be there, Collins did better but i’m not sure it was due to better blocking. Rawls may be issue…

    And, going forwards, I’m more worried with the defense allowing a few easy long drives per game…

    • C-Dog

      I’m definitely starting to think something is up with Rawls. I was shocked they waited as long as they did to get Collins out there.

  23. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Lions (6) vs Seahawks (3)

    Giants (5) vs Packers (4)

    These should both be good games.

    If the 3 and 4 win their games, most likely, then Cowboys (1) vs Packers and Falcons (2) vs Seahawks.
    Very good set of games for week #2 in the playoffs. Each team could win or be done……. NFC playoffs should be plenty intriguing. There are 3 SB winning QBS playing on the NFC side of the brackets…. so anything is possible.

  24. All I see is 12s

    I love all the passion that my fellow 12s have this team . I love how much everybody cares. However, I think we making a mistake if we start turning on this team thinking that our players have lost their edge or the Seahawks have a broken locker room or if egos got the better of this team.
    One of the more consistent themes of this website , in fact it’s purpose, is about the draft and roster construction. The real problem with the Seahawks is they are missing the key players in key positions that championship teams have. Namely in the run blocking game , our pass protection has never been very good. That was always okay because we could run and Wilson could improvise. I think if I have a frustration it is the way our blockers have been selected. The 2013 group was picked because they could run block better than anyone they were willing to sacrifice the lack pass protection for dominant running. This year’s team can’t even do that… or pass protect. Hopefully, they will develop and we will have a dominant line in the future. But this year was a year that we could’ve looked to a championship. And it is almost gone.

    There is nothing wrong with Sherman or the rest of the defense. If anything some of what we saw this year was very encouraging(Shear, Clark, Wags, KJ and on and on and on.) They will never again be late 2013 that years past. But they can still be great. Most of these problems go away with consistency and winning. That likely will not happen without further development of current talent and addressing roster holes. Go Hawks.

  25. JC

    I did not understand pulling starters, though Rawls you could see for performance reasons. Hey Pete, that team that stomped you a few weeks ago, there’s a decent chance they’d win tonight (they did), they’d win their wild card round game, and they’d win vs the 1 or 2 seed. I’d say there’s less hope we’d win the wild card round, or at Atlanta (or Dallas had we blown the SF game), but if we did, avoiding a trip to Green Bay in freezing weather and virtually no #12s in attendance sounds like a lot to play for.

  26. C-Dog

    A few thoughts.

    1. While the pass protection looked better today, the stat line for running ball was putrid until Alex Collins got into the game (Thomas Rawls 8 carries for 14 yard, Alex Collins 7 carries for 55). 36 passing attempts to 25 runnings attempts. I was absolutely beside myself trying to understand why it took them so long to get Alex Collins active in the game. It seems fairly clear to me for the last few games, he’s their best runner. Please, PC, get him more involved against the Lions.

    2. The pass rush is showing up more. I think this bodes really well facing the Lions at Century Link, in a playoff game atmosphere, and I think Seattle takes care of business next week.

    3. There’s been antics are the sideline lately that can come across as chemistry problems, and maybe lack of leadership. The episode of Frank Clark getting into it with Jarran Reed, I have absolutely zero problem with, and the coach sounded like he didn’t has a problem with it either. Reed did a bone headed thing taking a swipe at a player at a critical enough of a juncture of the game where the lead wasn’t anything near safe. Seattle only had 3 DTs active in the game. It was stupid. Clark was right to get into his face. Reed needed to be reminded that about the golden rule of protecting the team, and swatting Clark away was not a great response. Bravo for Frank Clark on that.

    4. I thought P Rich and Kearse continued their trends of stepping up, and this team needs that big time.

    5. Seattle won the division with a record of 10-5-1. There’s been a lot of negative sentiment left lately on this board about the losses to the Cardinals, the Packers, and the Bus. Let’s look a bit at what they have done positively for just a smidgen.

    They beat the playoff bound Dolphins at home narrowly, after Ndomukan Suh stepped on Russell Wilson, and gave him a high ankle sprain that would have sidelined most other quarterbacks for weeks, limiting him to essentially playing on one leg. Two weeks later, he received a severe knee sprain against the 49ers that essentially limited him to playing with hardly any legs, he responded by throwing for 300 plus yard and 3 TDs against Jets on the road the following week. A few games later, he tore a peck muscle. So, for the season, he threw for 4200 yds, 21 TDs, 11 INTs, 64.7% completion rate while been largely hobbled from his upper body down to his shoe strings through much of these games. I’m still not sure he’s over those injuries, and yes, the accumulative effects have shown up some in December, but good lordy, folks, that’s impressive.

    The team beat a talented Falcons team at home that was red hot and on an absolutely RIDICULOUS Madden like pace, offensively. They beat the Patriots at Foxboro without Michael Bennett. A Bills team at home on MNF that was playing on a hot streak at the time, and Eagles team that was in contention at the time. It’s very conceivable that the Falcons will play the Patriots in the Superbowl, and Seattle will have beaten them both in the regular season. Small consolation prize, I’m sure, for not making it to the championship game, but something to keep in mind moving forward.

    They went through most of the season starting a college basketball player at LT, who had never played the position before, and hadn’t started in a game of football since the 8th grade. He definitely had his share of rough moments, but he also showed he could hold in there, and while nothing is for certain or a guarantee, he probably has the inside track of being the starting LT for years to come.

    The running game is not what they want it to be, I’m positive of it. Aside from the OL troubles, I think that they have had to endure massive issues with the RBs, due to health, being assignment sound, patience with the blocking, etc. Rawls is no where near the runner he was last year, healthwise and possibly other issues, Prosise has not been able to stay healthy, they gave up on Michael, and Collins is only now getting going. This has virtually entirely taken the offense out of what it wants and needs to be, and they still won 10 games, and where really only out of the one game on the road against Green Bay. There is a shimmer of hope Alex Collins might be the hot hand going into the playoffs. My fingers are big time crossed. We need him.

    6. This team is heading into the playoffs with no Earl Thomas, no Tyler Lockett involved in the return game or the pass game, and a running game that might possibly be pinning it’s hopes on Alex Collins, the forgotten one. Is this a great recipe for making it back to the Super Bowl? Hell no. Does this team have enough talent at other positions to still make it there? Yes, it does.

    • Donald

      Good thoughts, look at the big picture and the accomplishments.

      I am worried Golden Tater tot will be extra motivated against the Hawks, and will have some insider info to help the Lions. Just like Michael in Green Bay, both have insider knowledge that will make it even more tough for the Hawks to overcome unless they change the vocabulary of Wilson’s audibles.

      • C-Dog

        He definitely will be extra motivated, but as for the insider info, it’s a different team since he last played for Seattle, I doubt he has much to offer, I think that stuff is a little overrated as a factor for games. They also have former NFC West rival Anquan Boldin on that team, who would also love to come into Century Link and stick it to the Hawks.

        • Tien

          Great post, C-Dog, and while I don’t disagree with you (the Hawks still accomplished some great things this season!), to counter your positivity:), after the offseason, I was cautiously optimistic about our chances of winning another SB this year and yet at this point, I have no clue what Hawks team will be showing up in the playoffs (the one that comfortably beat the Patriots at their place or the putrid mess we’ve seen the last 3 or 4 weeks). We have so much talent that we should still be considered favorites to win it all and yet for whatever reason (terrible OL, poor coaching/scheme, players not executing, injuries etc), I can’t point to any one aspect of the team, whether it’s offense, defense, or special teams, that I feel comfortable with. If things suddenly click, we’ll be dominant again and if not, it’ll be a quick exit and early planning for the draft. Regardless, GO HAWKS!!

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, I think it is very difficult for anyone to project which Seahawks team shows up against the Lions. If I had to pick, I am probably going to lean on the team that’s offense showed up against the second half of the Cardinals game last week, and a defense littered with quality veteran talent that will have be pinning their ears back with the Century Link crowd behind them.

            Carroll sounded very confident today on the Brock & Salk show that this team is ready to kick it up a notch. Let’s see if that happens.

    • LordSnow

      Here’s some of what I hoped for during the season regarding players:

      – Fant getting the start after Sowell went down and keeping the job (to see what they had). I’m more positive about Fant going forward than some here.

      – Oline present and future staying healthy all season to work together. This pretty much happened since I don’t think Sowell is part of the future. But the results have been pretty bad. I’m sure there will be some shuffling in the offseason with Ifedi and another guy brought in either draft or FA.

      – Prich getting significant playing time. Didn’t happen early, but now he is getting it due to unfortunate circumstances and I think he’s going to keep his spot on the roster based on what we’ve seen, whereas before I thought he’d get dumped.

      – Jarren Reed nailing down Mebane’s spot and dominating. Jury is still out on what he can be.

      – Marsh nailing down the SLB spot. Obviously they like him better as a pass rusher in passing situations.

      – A cb emerging from the depth to become the next in line for seattle cb’s. Didn’t happen this year.

      Mixed results for my taste as a fan this year. I don’t think we know what we have yet depthwise. I’d like to see more talent on the defensive side added into the mix. I think the offense has nowhere to go but up.

      – Rawls being the #1 guy, 15 carries a game. Real disaster there this season.

      • C-Dog

        Listening to Carroll and other players speak, it feels like the team is very high about the future of Jarran Reed. Carroll love his toughness and technique. Tony McDaniel thinks he’s a future pro bowler. Frank Clark considers him his closest friend on the team and the really he was so upset was that they can ill afford loosing his presence on the field. I think the future is high for Reed. Personally, I think he is more of a penetrator than what Mebane was. I think they might still be searching for a Mebane.

        Run game was the biggest disappointment for me, not even close. I feel it’s more running back related than OL. I just feel the team got stuck with a lot of misfortune there with health and ability to get consistent productive play. Collins is starting to show some stuff though. It would be awesome if that can continue.

        P Rich has been stepping up, and that’s positive.

  27. Ulsterman

    I couldn’t understand bringing Boykin in at all last night, could have came back and bit them, luckily it didn’t.

    Also ,amid all the discussion about Bevell and Cable’s futures, do the Seahawks need to take a look at Kris Richard? The defense seems to give up a lot of long drives to teams at the minute and has definitely gone backwards with him in charge, which really doesn’t bode well for the playoffs.

    I know injuries have been a factor and their stats are still good, but all teams face injuries and I think the stats don’t really tell the true story and have been padded by playing the Rams and 49ers twice.

    This team really doesn’t look right at all and hasn’t for the last few weeks – the thing is though the talent is still there if the coaches can get them playing the way they’re capable of.

    • C-Dog

      I think Kris Richard is probably pretty safe. Considering he’s been coaching a defense without Earl Thomas the last several games, and he was without Michael Bennett for a number of games as well. Up until the Green Bay game, this was the NFL’s best scoring defense yet again.

      It’s going to feel like a bitter taste narrowing beating the 49ers, but despite their record, the 49ers held tight in a number of their games this year.

      This is the NFL, it’s rarely as easy for contending teams as it seems. This isn’t the 2013 squad that was playing with as favorable of a schedule. Carolina, Denver, and Arizona are all out of the playoffs. It’s not easy doing what Seattle did this year.

      • Hawk Eye

        I think any criticism of Richard would be in not adjusting his scheme.
        However, pretty sure this is where Pete has the final word, and Richard is running Pete’s defense

        • C-Dog

          Definitely Pete’s defense, but I think he allows Kris to call it.

          • Hawk Eye

            I agree, Kris calls it. But if he wanted to change things up on scheme, they would have to do that in practice and I don’t think Pete wants to change.
            great defense when they have great players, but one or two holes and good quarterbacks can pick them apart, as they have for the last 2 years
            Still a very good defense, but it does not seem to instill fear anymore

  28. JC

    This season, among o-line and running game issues, should also be noted as the year of the Russell Wilson overthrow. There was two more today, the scramble deep pass I think to Kearse, who was breaking free for an easy TD if hit reasonably in stride.. but the shorter pass to Graham, single covered in the end zone, was an inexcusable overthrow. That was candy for a baby, just loft it up there, he has the size, he had a step, you cannot miss that throw. Red zone conversion rates this year have been awful, third down not much better, and SF 3/3 in red zone doesn’t say much for the defense either… that all said, of the team’s issues, overthrows is the most easily correctable, hopefully #3 is up to the task.

  29. Ishmael

    The one thing I’m pretty pleased about was Boykin. He looks a comfortably better player than Jarred Goff, and we used absolutely nothing to go and grab him – instead of mortgaging the next few years for the kid.

    The Hawks are a struggling team at the moment, but the playoffs are playoffs and we shouldn’t take getting their for granted. I think the playoff draw actually doesn’t work out tooo badly in our favour. It’ll be tough, but less talented teams than this one have done it before.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I watched part of the 4th QTR with Boykin in the game. I thought he played pretty well in the under 4 minutes part of the game. Made some reads, used some good judgement… showcased his mobility and arm strength a little bit. He was a bit raw entering the NFL, but next year he will be a worthy back-up to RW. I’ll pat myself on the back a little bit, I always thought Boykin would be nice fit in Seattle, prior to the draft…. and he has been exactly what I could have hoped out of a 1st year guy in the NFL. Solid.

      • C-Dog

        Definitely feels like Boykin has game worth developing. His first series was fairly wasteful, but he did some critical stuff the next time out. One could possibly even say he was the “player of the game” in doing what needed to get done to preserve the lead.

        • Smitty1547

          There have been other games this year where we were either up big or down big that would have been nice to see him get some snaps. They finally put him in last night under more questionable conditions. He at least made last 9 min more fun to watch.

          Are slow starts are getting predictable and pathetic both, yes Pete we get you can not win a game in the first half but you sure can lose it.

          • Trevor

            You are so right. Pete always preaches finishing games. I hope this week he preaches starting them as well.

  30. Cysco

    This team always plays to the level of the competition. It is rare that they blow a team out and even more rare to get beat bad themselves. They thrive on emotion and need that emotional intensity to drive them. Often, it’s not until their back are against the wall that they turn it up to 11. It’s maddening as a fan, but it is what it is. We should be used to it by now.

    I trust they’ll do what they need to do and win next weekend and the Atlanta game will be a coin flip that gets decided in the last few minutes of the game.

    • Phil

      I agree completely that the 2016/17 Seahawks play to the level of their competition. They also play better when it is clear that a win “matters”. Playing the hapless 49ers in the last regular season game with a playoff spot and a home game already guaranteed was a potential recipe for disaster for this team. I expect to see the Seahawk team that beat both the Patriots and the Falcons show up from now to the end of the playoffs.

      Regarding pulling RW for Boykin, I think it made sense. I can imagine the second-guessing we would be reading if RW had reinjured his knee in what was not a critical game.

  31. Trevor

    My Initial Mock of 2017

    I want to go on record. I think Garrett Bolles is the perfect pick in Rd #1 and if he is on the board JS should run to the podium. That being said I don’t think he will be an I think JS will trade down again to get more ammunition in a loaded draft.

    1. Cleveland – Myles Garrett – Edge (Tex A&M) Best player in draft period.

    2. San Francisco -Johnathan Allen –DT (Alabama) QB is the obvious pick but this depends on the new front office and coach. Allen is a can’t miss prospect who will have an impact from day #1. Sucks for Hawks guards having to face him and Donald twice a year each.

    3. Chicago -Mitch Trubisky – QB (NC) I am not sold on this one year starter but he seems to be the consensus top QB.

    4. Jacksonville – Leonard Fournette- RB (LSU) They need to fix the run game once and for all. Fournette is the obvious choice here.

    5. Tennessee – Malik Hooker- S (Ohio St.) The Titans need to fix the back end and get thier version of Earl. Hooker is a special talent with Ed Reed, Earl Thomas type range and instincts. This would be another home run for the Titans.

    6. New York Jets – Deshon Watson – QB (Clemson)- What a mess this organization is. They need a QB and Watson is a leader and winner whom could thrive under the spotlight. If they pass on him it would be a huge mistake IMO.

    7. San Diego -Jamal Adams – S (LSU) They could also go OT here but never replaced Weddle and do with this pick.

    8. Carolina – Ryan Ramcyzk OT (Wisc) They need an OT almost as bad as we do.

    9. Cincinnati -Reuben Foster –LB (Alabama) Cincy needs younger, faster LBs and Foster is the best.

    10. Buffalo – Traded to Philadelphia – Davlin Cook – RB (FSU) Coming from KC Pederson knows what kind of impact a 3 Down RB like Jamal Charles can have. The Eagles have shown they will be aggressive and move up to get Wentz the top RB in the class IMO.

    11. New Orleans- Charles Harris – Edge (Missouri) They could go QB here depending on what is up with Brees but pass rusher is a huge need.

    12. Cleveland – Jabril Peppers –S (Mich) They will be tempted to take Kizer here but after adding Garrett with the 1st pick and resigning Jamie Collins the Browns can’t pass on Peppers. The defense would be vastly improved next year with Peppers and Garrett on board.

    13. Arizona – Marlon Humphrey –CB (Alabama) The Cards finally get thier CB opposite PP.

    14. Indianapolis – Derrick Barnett – Edge (Tenn)- They probably wanted Dalvin Cook here and may move up to get him but if not pass rush is a need.

    15. Philadelphia – Traded to Bills – Matt Mcglinchy – OT (ND) The Bills also need an OT. Could go Qb if they don’t sign Tyrod or believe in Cardele Jones.

    16. Baltimore – Adoree Jackson – CB (USC) Harbaugh is a special teams coach at heart and they will love Jackson as a special returner. They also need a CB opposite Smith so he fills both roles.

    17. Washington – Solomon Thomas – DL (Stanford) They need DL help and you know Mcloughin will love this high character Stanford kid.

    18. Tennessee – Mike Williams WR (Clemson) The Titans just keep adding elite talent and get the big play WR for Mariota.

    19. Tampa Bay – Sideny Jones – CB (Wash) They have all small CBs and go for the best pure cover guy in the draft.

    20. Denver – Garrett Bolles –OT (Utah) Ouch this hurts. They need OL help and Bolles is the best in the draft. Elway knows talent and is not scared off by his age.

    21. Detroit* -Taco Charlton –Edge (Mich) They look in their back yard and get a potential difference making pass rusher.

    22. Houston* – Christian Mccafery – RB (Stanford)- Bill Obrien would love to run a Patriots like offense and whom better to help with that than an all purpose RB.

    23. Miami* – Quincy Wilson – CB (Fla) Love this guy and think the Dolphins get a steal here to sure up the back end.

    24. Green Bay* – Tak Mckinley – Edge (UCLA)- Long athletic Edge rusher who could go much higher. If he is here the Pack run to the podium.
    25. Seattle* Trade to Browns Deshon Kizer – QB (ND) With the top OTs all off the board the Hawks make their traditional trade back as Cle decide to move up and target a really raw QB prospect in Kizer.

    26. Atlanta* Buddah Baker – S (Wash) Last year Dan Quinn got his Kam Chancellor in Keanu Neal. This year he gets his version of Earl Thomas. He is building a power in the south.

    27. Pittsburgh* Demarcus Walker –DL (FSU) – Too good to fall this low. I would love the Hawks to take him if he did. He just seems like he should be in the AFC North though.

    28. Oakland* Vita Vea – DT (Wash) They need to fix the run D and whom better than this incredibly athletic big guy. Another guy whom would be hard to pass on for the Hawks.

    29. New York Giants* OJ Howard TE (Alabama) They have the WR and now add a TE weapon for Eli.

    30. Kansas City* Corey Davis – WR (Western Mich) They need a WR and he is the best on the board IMO. John Ross would also be in play here.

    31. Dallas* – Tim Williams – Edge (Alabama) Dallas adds a pass rusher here. Just not sure who.

    32. New England* Malik Mcdowell – DL (Mich St.) NE loves to take OL / DL early and Mcdowell is one of the best left.


    Eagles trade up with Buffalo to target Dalvin Cook

    Browns trade up with Sea to target Deshon Kizer (Sea trades their 1st rounder for Browns 2nd and 3rd)

    Seahawks Picks on Day #2

    Rd 2 #33 From Cleveland Donte Foreman RB (Tex) Pete gets his big power back to team with Prosise and they have thier version of Thunder and Lightening in 2017.

    RD 2 #57 Forrest Lamp (OL) W Kent – I think they move Ifedi to RT and get a veteran G like Zetlier in FA. If so a guy like Lamp makes a ton of sense. He would be a swing guy like Rees and they would have lots of depth. competition at G and OT. Nelson from ND, Johnson or Bitsonway from Pitt or Garcia from Troy are other options here.

    Rd#3 #65 From Chris Wormley DT (Mich)- I think they add to the DL in free agency and add another young big body here to go with Q Jeff, Rubin and Reed at DT. Hopefully Calias Campbell too 🙂

    Rd 3 #89 Kevin King CB (Wash) This kid just needs to be a Seahawks corner. Fits the profile perfectly.

    Rd 3 Comp #101 Joe Mathis –Edge (Wash) Love this guy and think he is the most under rated Edge rusher in the draft. He would be a steal here.

    • Ed

      Love the Browns draft and hope for them and Hawks it works that way. Like Foreman/Wormley/King/Mathis, but would prefer DE or WR at 57. Spending high choice on swing tackle seems like a waste.

      • Trevor

        If they get a veteran Guard or OT in free agency they probably will not go OL that early but if not they need to add some more talent. That was my thinking.

        • C-Dog

          I definitely love the idea of adding impact at the RB position, DT, and using FA and the draft to continue addressing the OL. With the lack of talent seemingly at OL in this draft, I’m actually warming up quite a bit that they go on a spending spree in FA maybe going after a college teammate or two of RW’s in Wagner and or Zeitler.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I’m in Trevor, my number thing I would want this offseason would be Zeitler,( dudes a stud that doesn’t let anyone past him and he would be the leader and voice this line needs, probably cost you 4 years $40 million) then move Ifedi at RT and draft a LT. Would like Bolles or Ramsyck but if the gone what do you do.

          • Trevor

            I agree 100% Greg. If they make one move this off season I hope it is Zeitler even if they have to overpay. With Britt, Zeitler and Glow in the middle I would feel better about Fant and Ifedi at Tackle as you could scheme to give them help. I would love to see Vannett get a bigger role next year as well. He is already our best blocking TE.

            If you had an OL next year of Fant, Zeitler, Britt, Glowinski, Ifedi ( Rees, Hunt, Lamp) I would feel comfortable as both Fant and Ifedi should be much improved. Maye add a veteran tackle like Breno as insurance and competition.

            Then with and RB group of Foreman 14-18 carries per game, Prosise 8-10 t ouches pass or run, Rawls 4-5 touches as a change of pace in a Turbin type roll.

        • Ed

          Think that’s spot on, but would look to add that depth in 4th and on. They need some impact players and you got a lot of them with the other picks, would just like to see another one in the 2nd.

          If they could get a big WR or DE, that would be the pick for me.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I agree, I’m pretty sure Zeitler plays RG though, and I would probably root for the draft pick to beat out Fant. Anyway you look at it on paper the line would look solid.

            • Smitty1547

              Really good and thought out Mock Trevor

              • Trevor

                Thanks! these things are a crap shoot as you know but fun to do.

      • john_s

        Lamp isn’t just a swing guy, he’s a plug and play LG in the league from day one who can fill it at tackle in a pinch.

        • john_s

          I was very high on Cody Whitehair last year and wanted him over Ifedi because he was NFL ready. He moved inside initially to guard but eventually to center and he struggled at first but has been exceptional since especially in the running game.

          I see the same traits in Lamp that I saw in Whitehair.

          • Rob Staton

            Define NFL ready. Even you’re admitting he struggled at first.

            Whitehair looked quite good for Kansas State but he had unnaturally short arms for his size and was one of the least explosive offensive lineman in the draft. That doesn’t mean he’ll never become a good, solid player — but the odds are well stacked against him. We’ll see how he does — but I don’t think there’s any reason to regret him not being in Seattle. He hasn’t been that good for Chicago.

            • john_s

              Yes, he struggled at center a position he NEVER played before so he struggled with calls, positioning and technique however as the season went on he’s done a mighty fine job.

              If he had stayed at guard i have no doubt that he would have excelled from the jump.

    • Sea Mode

      New highlights vid just put out on Youtube of Solomon Thomas.

      Wow. If he does fall all the way into WAS range (Rob had him at #8 to CIN the other day), you know McCloughan would be all over him in a heartbeat.

      Exactly like the commentators say at the end of the highlights: “That’s one of those ones: What’s your position? Football.”

      • Trevor

        Yep for sure. Surprised he does not get more hype actually. Maybe the east coast bias thing.

      • Phil

        Based on all the bowl games I’ve watched, Solomon Thomas is the guy who wins my “player of the year” award. He screams “seahawky”. If I was JS, I would sell the farm (pun intended) to move up in the draft to pick Michael Bennett II.

    • LordSnow

      In your scenario I’d prefer them to not trade down but grab either Baker or Vea and be happy they have one of them.

    • daniel

      Great mock. A few questions though.

      1. Could you explain why pepers isn’t a top five pick? People say that his main value in college was as a gadget player on offense and as a return man, but when I see him play he looks like a stud at safety.

      2. Have the Hawks previous offensive line grabs in free agents been fantastic athletes?

      3. Also, is part of the reason why we target athletic o-linemen not just because they have a better chance at being quality players but also because our scheme demands it? If so wouldn’t it mean that no matter how great of a player Zeitler is he just wouldn’t be a fit in our scheme?

    • Steele

      Among many other things, the 49ers need a new franchise QB at the top of the draft. Or major trade or free agency.

  32. LeoSharp

    I’m thinking Pete pulled Russel to keep him fresh.

    This year he’s had 8 games where he’s had more than 35 pass attempts. Last year he only had 2 and they were both against the Rams, a team we struggle to run the ball against.

    He’s also had 3 games with less than 30 attempts compared to 6 last year.

    His focus and decision making seem to waning as the season progresses and he’s being less efficient with his throws . It very may well fatigue that’s ailing Russel. His inability to run the ball and the running game being so unreliable means he’s throwing more than he ever has and he’s now missing throws that normally he makes.

  33. Greg Haugsven

    I’m mostly worried about the first quarterm in against the Lions. That’s when the home team really has the advantage. We have been so bad on offense early and so bad on defense early, I believe what happens in the first quarter will really dictate what happens in the game. Also pay attention to the coin toss. The Hawks always want to start on defense, it gave us 3 points against the miners yesterday.

    • Ed

      That has been the problem all year and actually for a large part of the PC era. In the past, the team gets it together and pulls out wins in close games. It just doesn’t happen as easy anymore. If the 49ers were a decent team, the Hawks would have still be down late in the game.

      PC needs to get this team hot and come out with a 3 and out or a TD drive and keep the pedal to the metal.

    • Trevor

      Yeah it is odd that they have not been able to figure out a preparation scheme to be able to start faster. Do they script the first 15-20 plays like most teams? It is almost like the OL is still asleep most games.

      If they don’t fix it then when we go to Atl it could be a repeat of Carolina last year. Look at what the Falcons did to NO yesterday.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Yeah, you could survive a slow start against the Lions but if you don’t come out firing on all cylinder ders against the Falcons (if you win) then your in trouble. Also game time would be important on that one. Don’t want that 10am ET slot on Sunday

        • Trevor

          It is the late Sat. game as well. So good time slot for both games.

          • Volume12

            Atlanta plays the afternoon game on Saturday, the 14th, at 1:40 I beleive.

  34. Radman

    Rumors are the game started to get pretty nasty on the field with players taking cheap shots and Pete took Russ out to protect him from some threats. The game definitely looked like the refs lost control a bit and it got pretty chippy.

    • C-Dog

      That would make a lot of sense.

  35. Volume12

    Losing ET and RW getting hurt in week 1, things were always gonna be tough.

    Could be a lot worse.

    • C-Dog

      Absolutely. Ask any Carolina, Denver or Arizona fan how they felt their team’s seasons went.

  36. vrtkolman

    Detroit is a great match up for us. Their defensive front is lacking despite some big names. Ziggy Ansah only has two sacks and Ngata is a shell of himself. Their defense as a whole isn’t good. Offensively they seem best when Zenner is running wild, which I don’t think he will be against our D. Stafford is hurt and will have a hard time throwing in what will be a crazy, freezing cold environment.

    • Volume12

      I agree. Its a favorable matchup. We can best Atlanta too.

      • Trevor

        Agree guys Det is the best match up we could hope for in the first game. If anything another game to try and get back on track a little before we play the Falcons might be a good thing.

        Would love to see Prosise back for that game and or them to use Vannett a little. Would be nice to be able to run the ball and use some short passing to control the clock against Atl. Tough to win a shoot out against them.

        • Volume12

          Definetly will tough to win a shoot out, but if they can keep Atlanta from scoring more than 23-24, its very ‘doable.’

          • Trevor

            Yeah it has to be a zero turnover day for Russ and the offense for sure.

      • Smitty1547

        Atlanta will score 21 on us before we wake up, I hate to say that but it is what it is.

        • David

          Will be 2015 all over again

  37. Volume12

    DC, you asked me on the open thread if I had a favorite or preference with these DTs. I apologize for not responding yesterday.

    I beleive it was Vea, Watkins, Wormley, Johnson, and Tomlinson?

    1. Vita Vea- top 20 pick of he declares though
    2. Jaleel Johnson- great 3-tech, pads get a little high. I see a Mike Daniels type of player in a bigger body. Like Tomlinson, also a wrestler in HS

    Next 2 are tough because they’re different

    3. Dalvin Tomlinson- all around great player. Phenemonal run stuffer. How much pass rush can he offer?
    4. Chris Wormley- big time athlete. Should put up freakish #’s at the combine. Very safe prospect. I prefer the athlete at DT
    5. Carlos Watkins- big, physical DT with decent pass rush ability. Nothing sexy or special

    • Trevor

      Great list and any would be a nice addition to go with Reed, Rubin and QJeff.

  38. Volume12

    Wanna watch W.Michigan RB Jarvion Franklin- 5’11-6’0, 225-230 lbs. here in 5 minutes.

    • Volume12

      * and RT/G Taylor Moton

    • Trevor

      Looking foward to it. I like that program. If we needed a WR Davis would be my first choice this draft. I have loved that kids game for a couple of years now and seems like a great character guy too.

    • Trevor

      First time I have really looked at Franklin. That was a real nice series for him to start the 2H. They need to feed him the rock.

    • Trevor

      Any idea how Franklin will test Vol?

      • Volume12

        I don’t. Pretty exciting though huh?

        • Trevor

          For a big guy he moves really well. Hard not to like what you see. If they did not split carries his #s would have been sick.

        • Trevor

          That is a really good Wisc run defense too. He is not running against cupcake team.

          • Volume12

            #3 defense in the country.

  39. Trevor

    Pete talked really positively about Collins this morning on his weekly Monday AM spot on ESPN. Said he has lost 10 lbs since start of year. I would not be suprised at all to see him as the lead guy next week.

    Also said Prosise was getting a scan today and if it went well could be back in 2 weeks.

    • Volume12

      I think Collins is gonna be huge for us next year. He’s finally looking like the back he was at Arkansas. Rawls is better with RW under center and Reece as his lead blocker or FB.

      Should be good competition at FB this summer with Reece and Cottom. They mentioned yesterday how much Reece has become a leader in the locker room. P-Rich too.

      Love the updates Trev. I’m not near a radio. PC have anything else to say?

      • Trevor

        He was talking a lot about the rookie class and how he likes the class but they have not been able to stay healthy. He liked Clarks play and show of leadership. Said it is a leadership challenge because they have so many young guys.

        Also talked a lot about how hard coaching changes are and how many lives such a decision affects. You could tell his past experiences have made him very sensitive to the issue and probably why he is so loyal to his staff. Based on his comments I would not expect any off season coaching changes unless guys get promotions elsewhere.

        • Volume12

          Youth can be a problem. This is the youngest they’ve been since 2012.

          PC has created a brotherhood and family like culture. Family and brothers fight. It happens.

          • Trevor

            Yep I guess Clark and Reed are like best buddies on the team as well.

          • daniel

            Does anybody know or have any guesses about what Rawls is doing differently this year from last year? Is his vision worse, is he beat up, etc. Why do you think these changes happened, he just doesn’t look the same this year.

      • Frontrower

        Hoping Collins gets into game earlier. He can be a three down back. His pass protection is good and I think he’s more of a threat than Rawls on early passing downs.

      • C-Dog

        Volume, he also said about Collins that it has taken him a while to get confident in what they were asking out of him as a ball carrier but that he’s been getting now more lately. He said like any rookie, it takes a while.

        He was very high on Jarran Reed, the ball player, saying he loves his toughness and technique, and how he brings that Alabama way. As for the ejection, someone threw a bunch and Reed, but Reed stupidly responded with a punch and got caught. He said Frank showed leadership laying into him, but maybe not the right choice of words or way.

        Carroll really like the way the team pass blocked yesterday, and made a big point of that. Loved deep pass to Graham that RW hit.

        He sounded very confident in this team moving forward into the playoffs, and at least on the radio, that confidence didn’t sound like just coach speak.

        • Volume12

          C-Dog, thanks my man.

          I know its hard to be as fans, but patience is a virtue with rookies.

          • C-Dog

            Absolutely. Gotta play that long game. Go Hawks!

          • Seahawcrates

            Pete also said Collins came in too heavy, around 225, thinking he had to have that weight at this level. Said it took some time to have him lose 10 pounds.

            • C-Dog

              I thought think that really explains why he looks so much more explosive now.

              • Phil

                Earlier in the year, it looked like he was too tentative — maybe too concerned about making rookie mistakes. Now it looks like his instincts and innate athletic ability are coming to the forefront. Stepping up when opportunity appears …..

      • Smitty1547

        We need to keep Reece unless Cotton just balls out and turns into to special to cut. Reece is a lot like Robinson block can catch out of the backfeild and some leadershiip.

        • Volume12

          Agreed about Reece.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Collins need to be in the game from the start.

            • C-Dog

              I agree.

        • daniel

          How good is Reece as a lead blocker? I know he can do it but is he a mauler?

  40. Trevor

    Frank Clark is a beast by the way and only going to get better. What a steal that pick is looking like now.

    • Greg Haugsven

      High risk high reward. Well take the reward.

  41. Trevor

    Kyle Shanahan’s phone must be ringing off the hook this morning.

    Listening the Pete talk about coaching changes it is clear he is not going to make a coaching change unless he as to. I think a lot of fans will want heads to roll if the Hawks do not make it to a n SB this year with Bevell being likely public target #1 but based on Pete’s comments I doubt it.

    My guess is the only potential coaching change this off season would be if Cable got a HC job.

    • Volume12

      I hope they keep Bevell.

      • Trevor

        I do as well. I think the OL has made his job near impossible this year. He is also the only OC Russ has had and they obviously work well together.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Loyalty in a boss is great. But when you run a business and that business is in decline, and the same issues occur over a period of years, the wise business person makes the changes needed. Many of the cumulative problems have not been solved by the current scouting department or by offensive coaches. Things like a long term decline of the offensive line that now has a basketball player at left tackle and general incompetence at right tackle. The perennial awkwardness of the offense for the first 4-6 games each season. The slow offensive starts in each game. A lack of new play designs/calling that use the strength of personnel, some of whom are paid highly.

      Change can be frightening. It can also be good for the long term health of the Seahawks.

      • Trevor

        That is why I am hoping like crazy Cable gets a HC gig. I really think they need a new approach to the OL and I think the OC should be in charge of the run game as well as play calling. Having Cable in charge of the run game makes no sense to me. I just want and OC and OL coach like most teams.

    • C-Dog

      Word is coming out that Denver wants to interview Bevell and Richard for their HC job.

      • Trevor

        I would bet that is just Elway being smart and learning more about the culture of a great organization. Shows how respected our coaches are though in the league if we did not already know.

        • C-Dog


  42. Volume12

    Wisconsin RB Corey Clement reminds me so much of Robert Turbin.

  43. AlaskaHawk

    Wisconsin red shirt Junior Fumagalli just made a good one handed catch on slant to middle. He is someone to watch.

  44. 503Hawk

    Okay guys, what do you think for playoffs?
    Rob & V12; I love your optimism, but some times I think you guys are “looking through rose colored glasses”.
    That said, realistically I think we have two weeks left. Gutsy win vs Detroit and a loss on the road vs Atlanta.
    The return of Prosise will be huge. What they do for long snapper could be a deciding factor. Other than that I don’t see anything out of the normal. We are who we are; poor O-line, talented D that can be either dominant or frustrating and surprisingly poor ST play. Coaching doesn’t seem like it will change dramatically.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think they are doing well enough with Collins running, McKrey (?) is playing well, and that fullback can catch a pass. I see a lot of talented new faces on offense. They should be able to beat Detroit at home.

    • Volume12

      That’s fair if you think so. I can’t speak for Rob, won’t, and surely don’t have to, but I just think things could be a lot worse. It takes more than a year to right the ship. As I’ve said before, sometimes it just isn’t our year. And that’s OK. Because as much as I love and am obsessed with this game, its just that. A game.

      Yes, this year has been tough, frustrating, or however we want to put it. Things are far from perfect, if they ever are to begin with.

      But, I’ll tell ya this. Seattle has the best outlook or future of any team in the league. I 100% beleive that.

  45. Hawk Eye

    an interesting article on Hawkblogger today about the o line tipping the defense to whether or not they are running or passing. It looks like the stance is different with some of the o line when a run is called and when a pass is called. Looks Like Ifedi and the tackles. That would explain some of the o line problems, defense is a lot easier if they know a pass or run is coming.
    Also some comments from Sapp when he played for Cable and said he did not understand how D linemen read the o line. If you don’t understand the d line, makes it hard to coach the o line.
    But there are a lot of other reports out there, from high level coaches and Lynch that love Cable.
    I doubt this is a black and white issue, but a lot of conflicting opinions on Cable. But little doubt he has never coached a good o line at pass protection, and there are now rules that limit the effectiveness of the ZBS.

    Az, Den, Minn all had o lines as bad as Seattle this year, but they are all paid a lot more. At least the Hawks paid very little for a crap o line.
    And it looks like the Dallas O line will cost them over $42 M next year and they are over the cap for 2017, Romo will have a $19.6 cap hit if the cut him and $25 m if they keep him. So they are going to have problems again keeping everyone

    • Trevor

      That as an interesting article. I have made my thoughts on cable well known so I will not comment further except that I pray every night that he and his ZBS genius get a HC gig.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Dallas is an interesting case. You know they will try to move Romo in the off season. They will get stuck with some of his future salary, they could probably move Romo for 10 million or so.

    • JT

      Seattle and Minnesota were in a class of their own this year. Zona & Denver had some bad performers but they didn’t approach the level of ineffectiveness that we’ve watched in Seattle all season.

  46. Volume12

    Looks like DC Kris Richard may get the HC gig in Buffalo.

    • Trevor

      Wow that would be great for him. Would they bring Gus back or look for new blood?

      • C-Dog

        Carroll did mention last week that he’s been staying in touch with Gus. It wouldn’t be a shocker that if Richard left, Pete would bring him back. Rocky Seto could also be the next man up at DC.

        • Steele

          Richard hasn’t done a super job, IMHO. The D is a far cry from what it was. Granted, it has been an older group of veterans, some new guys, and Cary Williams. I hope PC brings in, or brings back, someone who is a great schemer and play caller.

      • Volume12

        IDK. That’s a good question. Maybe promote D-line coach Travis Jones?

    • sdcoug

      interesting. all previous reports were Anthony Lynn getting the gig. i wonder if Buffs performance yesterday is making their FO reconsider

      • vrtkolman

        I’m hearing that as well, along with them trying to get Gus as DC.

    • Ed

      Really, where is that coming from? If so, maybe he will take Cable with him so Cable can finally run crazy with McCoy and Gillesle.

    • vrtkolman

      I’d be shocked if Richard got a head coach job before McDermott or Shanahan.

      • Hawk Eye

        I get the Buffalo station where I live and listen to it sometimes (until the whining gets to be too much and I turn it off), and have heard nothing about them looking at Richard. Possible, but I doubt it.
        I think the Pegulas want a big name, but it is not a well run organization. They interfere and the Gm does not know why Ryan was fired.
        Richard should hope to not get that job, but the pay check would be nice

  47. Volume12

    Florida S Marcel Harris is underrated. Big time.

    • Trevor

      That Florida D is loaded.

  48. Trevor

    Can’t wait to see USC tonight. They have really turned that ship around since the QB change.

    If we did not need so much help on the OL / DL I would be loving the idea of Adoree Jackson in a Hawks uni. He is such a dynamic athlete and fun to watch.

  49. C-Dog

    For those who love or love to hate Pro Football Focus a few tidbits.

    Over the past two games, none other than Gary Gilliam has been the best performer on the OL, and was the best player yesterday. George Fant’s rating has been abysmal (worst rating in the league), Glowinski hasn’t been great either. The left side gave up 80% of the pressures yesterday. Britt has been steady.

    Russell Wilson scored a very high rating from the pocket when not pressured. To counter pressure, Bevell adjusted to shorter drop backs, Wilson’s drop backs were second shortest in the league yesterday.

    KJ Wright scored poorly in coverage, as did Chancellor, Steven Terrell did well.

    The D Liners all scored high, each player was solo stops, except for Cliff Avril. Despite giving up two rushing TDs, the Seattle defense played well tackling against the run.

    • Trevor

      The way Gilliam has bounced back has been the one bright spot the last couple of weeks.

    • Volume12

      Its plays over the middle of the field that kill us. ET helps a lot in that area, but its the weak spot or area to attack in with our defense.

      • Smitty1547

        Are D has always been weak in crossing patterns, and TE seam routes. Tough to throw over the top of damn near impossible with earl in there. Middle of the field eats us up

        • C-Dog

          It’s the area to attack.

    • daniel

      I’m not a fan of PFF’s subjective grades but I do love their nonsubjective stats like length of dropback

  50. Trevor

    Love the look of our schedule next year at least based on the teams we play.

    • Volume12

      We play the AFCS and NFCE correct?

      • Trevor


        • Volume12

          Do we go to Tennessee and Jacksonville?

          And what are the road games against the NFCE?

          • Ed

            Yep. At Dallas and NY.

            • Ed

              Home vs Atlanta
              Away vs GB

              • vrtkolman

                Away vs. Green Bay again?? Sheesh.

          • 503Hawk

            Hopefully we don’t have to play at GB or NYG during the winter months and hopefully we play Tenn before Mariota comes back.

  51. Volume12

    Add OK St to the teams Seattle has scouter the most this year. Back to back games to end the year. Week 14 and then the Alamo Bowl vs Colorado.

    • LeoSharp

      Probably looking at DT Vincent Taylor . 7 tackles and a sack in the Alamo bowl

      • Volume12

        He would be my 1st guess. Him or OT Victor Salako.

  52. Smitty1547

    Matt Miller just had his mock with Wyoming QB Josh Allen getting picked early, which would only push talent we could use further down the board.

    Had Fournette going to Carolina which would be brutal, can u imagine facing both him and Cam on the goal line?

    Had us taking gator Caleb Brantley, Peppers going to GB.

    Had 5 Dawgs going in RD 2

  53. Smitty1547

    After taking another look at his draft, it it were to pan out like he has it, i would be all about trading down to the 2nd rd as there is some solid talent still on the board.

    Didn’t have Bolles or Hooker anywhere in his mock which must be because neither has declared although Hooker has since article came out

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