2018 Senior Bowl preview

Here are the big name prospects who decided not to participate at the Senior Bowl this year:

HB Sony Michel
HB Nick Chubb
LB Lorenzo Carter
LB Rashaan Evans
LB Josey Jewell
OL Billy Price
QB Mason Rudolph
WR Anthony Miller
DT Maurice Hurst
WR Courtland Sutton
LB Skai Moore
OL Martinas Rankin
DE Duke Ejiofor
OL Frank Ragnow
DT Derrick Nnadi
LB Harold Landry
OL Braden Smith
CB Anthony Averett
DE Bradley Chubb

Mason Rudolph, Harold Landry, Anthony Miller and Frank Ragnow are nursing injuries. The Georgia and Alabama players finished their season several weeks after everyone else having qualified for the National Championship game. Bradley Chubb has very little to prove as a top-five pick and only stands to risk injury.

Billy Price opted against participating, as did Braden Smith. That’s slightly disappointing because both players had something to gain from being in Mobile. It’s indicative perhaps that both are hearing positive things about their draft stock. That wouldn’t be surprising. Price is a legit top-20 pick and Smith will gain a lot more attention when he destroys the combine.

To see who is attending, you can view both rosters by clicking here.

Here is the practise schedule (all times are CT):

Tuesday, January 23
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm (SOUTH)
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm (NORTH)

Wednesday, January 24
12:30 pm – 2:30 pm (NORTH)
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm (SOUTH)

Thursday, January 25
12:30 pm – 2:30 pm (NORTH)
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm (SOUTH)

Here are some of the players to monitor and why…

North roster

Jaleel Scott (WR, New Mexico State)
Best known as the receiver responsible for this catch, Scott reportedly has a 6-6 and 215lbs frame while showing the ability to compete for the ball in the air. Seattle could be in the day three market for receivers.

Kyzir White (S, West Virginia)
Seen by some as a possible big nickel, White has size (6-2, 218lbs) and has been touted as a possible high pick in a mediocre safety class. It’s difficult for safety’s to stand out in Mobile but he’s someone to watch in Saturday’s game.

Kalen Ballage (RB, Arizona State)
A good athlete with excellent bloodlines, Ballage is a fantastic character and comes across as a great guy. He has so much potential but ended up being lost amid a sea of mediocrity at Arizona State. He will use this draft season to regain some momentum.

Ogbonnia Okoronkwo (LB, Oklahoma)
He’s a difficult player to judge. At about 6-1 and 240lbs it’s hard to imagine him playing defensive end at the next level. And yet he’s such a talented pass rusher and does his best work in attack mode. Size could limit his stock but he’s good. Watch him in the DL vs OL drills.

Harrison Phillips (DT, Stanford)
The first college game I watched in 2017 was Stanford’s trip to Australia. Bryce Love had a big day vs Rice but so did Phillips. He stood out. Henry Anderson went in round two after a great combine. Can Phillips move from likely top-100 pick into the round two range? If he’s capable — he’ll stand out in DL vs OL and come close to matching Anderson’s combine.

Brian O’Neill (T, Pittsburgh)
Listed in the middle of round one in Mel Kiper’s first mock draft, I watched some of O’Neill last week and wasn’t blown away. He looks a bit stiff, tall and reckless. He chose to declare early and is a former tight end. This will be a vital week if he’s going to live up to Kiper’s billing.

Tyrell Crosby (T, Oregon)
He looked a bit big and sloppy and his play was a bit mixed too. Watching him live, it was hard to judge his play against Washington as the game escalated out of control. As with the other O-liners, he has a great chance to impress in the pass rush/pass pro drills.

Will Hernandez (G, UTEP)
He’s big, physical, strong and has some nuance to his technique. You wonder if he’s a bit stiff as an athlete though — he’s not Billy Price, Quenton Nelson or Isaiah Wynn on the move. Might be a straight ahead blocker. You know what the theme is here though. The O-line vs D-line drills are the most important part of the Senior Bowl.

Luke Falk (QB, Washington State)
He had a hit and miss season career. At times he looked like a possible second rounder, then he’d have a stretch of games where he’d look like a day three type. This will be a tough week for Falk given the upsetting situation at Washington State. He has to show adequate arm strength and can he look like an alpha leader within the group?

Durham Smythe (TE, Notre Dame)
I haven’t studied Smythe but noticed a few people talking about him in the comments section. Notre Dame traditionally does a good job developing TE’s and require their guys to do some blocking. Seattle might draft a TE at some point and whoever it is will need to block. Mike Gesicki (Penn State), Tyler Conklin (Central Michigan) and Troy Fumagalli (Wisconsin) are also on the North roster.

B.J. Hill (DT, NC State)
Bit of a hidden gem and a possible mid round DT with value — Hill has an opportunity to grow his stock in Mobile. Especially since he’ll be competing against the likes of Will Hernandez 1v1.

Tyquan Lewis (DE, Ohio State)
Once considered a possible high pick not so long ago, Lewis never really delivered on the promise. He had seven sacks in 2017 and 9.5 TFL’s but had to work as part of a rotation at DE. This is a nice opportunity for him in a setting made for pass rushers to impress.

South roster

Quin Blanding (S, Virginia)
Once a big-time five star recruit pursued by many top teams, Blanding chose Virginia and never really reached the highs expected. He’s 6-2 and 210lbs and we’ll see if he can make some plays in the game.

Da’Shawn Hand (DT, Alabama)
If Blanding was once a highly recruited High School stud, Hand takes it a step further. He was the #1 recruit in the country. Yet at Alabama he always had a supporting role and flattered to deceive. He has the physical talent but needs to show it here.

Marcell Ateman (WR, Oklahoma State)
Another big receiver (6-4, 220lbs) who could have some appeal to the Seahawks later on. The receiver class looks better from round three onwards than it does in the early rounds. Ateman is one to watch.

James Washington (WR, Oklahoma State)
Ateman’s partner in crime, Washington is likely a top-40 pick. He’s compact with a similar frame to Golden Tate and is capable of making big plays downfield.

Shaquem Griffin (LB, UCF)
Shaquill’s brother and a much-admired playmaker for UCF. It’ll be interesting to see how the NFL coaches use him in Mobile. Is he rushing the passer, playing at linebacker, safety? Or a combination of all?

Rashaad Penny (RB, San Diego State)
With so many big name RB’s not attending, this is a big opportunity for Penny. He’s stout, returns kicks, has home-run hitting ability and he’s tough. Hopefully he gets some decent carries in the game. He has MVP potential for the game and could make a big impression.

M.J. Stewart (CB, North Carolina)
In a seriously underwhelming cornerback class, Stewart has the size and athleticism to boost his stock significantly here and at the combine.

Marquis Haynes (LB, Ole Miss)
It felt like Haynes was at Ole Miss forever — but now he’ll turn pro and he’s an interesting prospect at about 6-2 and 230lbs. He was a playmaker, totting up TFL’s and impact plays for many years. One to watch and could be a valuable day-three option.

Daniel Carson (K, Auburn)
The only kicker with a chance of being drafted. He will get a chance in a camp somewhere. You don’t need me to tell you why he’s listed here. Has quite a big leg and scored a lot of points for the Tigers.

Uchenna Nwosu (LB, USC)
Not a million miles away from a Rashaan Evans type in terms of playing style. Reportedly there is some interest within the league in Nwosus’s forty time and a feeling it will make or break his stock.

Micah Kiser (LB, Virginia)
Kiser could generate some first/second round talk down the line. He’s in a similar position to Leighton Vander Esch in that regard. He’s 6-0 and 240lbs and looks the part. One to monitor. He could be a riser.

Dorian O’Donnell (LB, Clemson)
Certainly benefitted from Clemson’s all-star D-line and there are concerns about his modest size at the next level (6-1, 215-2220lbs). Seen by many as a WILL and might have to prove he can play the SAM in Mobile.

Isaiah Wynn (T, Georgia)
For me, one of the best prospects in the draft based on what he showed on tape. Wynn was a master at left tackle, controlling even the Alabama front seven in the Championship game. He will likely move inside to guard. This is a great setting for Wynn to push himself into a possible first round placing.

Ian Thomas (TE, Indiana)
Not the most versatile or interesting tight end, Thomas is a pure pass catcher and a big target. He’ll likely be a late round pick at best but it’ll be interesting to see if he can generate some buzz here and perform well at the combine. Dallas Goedert (TE, South Dakota State) is also on the South roster but I think he’s a bit overrated.

Marcus Davenport (DE, UTSA)
A monster in college and this is his big opportunity to cement a place in the top-15. His tape is great. He looks fast, powerful, dynamic and at times unstoppable. Now can he do it in this setting against his peers? Davenport vs Wynn will be box-office viewing.

Poona Ford (DT, Texas)
Compact defensive tackle who excelled at the Shrine game according to reports. Ford had eight TFL’s in 2017. He’s only 6-0 and 305lbs but that sometimes helps with leverage. Let’s see if he excels in the DL vs OL drills.

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  1. peter

    awesome write up. most excited senior bowl lineup in a while. would have loved to see Braden Smith in drills. otherwise nearly everyone else on those rosters has me intrigued for seattle come draft time. even the later guys like ballage.

  2. Kenny Sloth

    I thought Crosby looked smooth and smaller than big and choppy.

    Maybe that was just your live first take

    • Rob Staton

      I said big and sloppy — meaning his frame. He’s carrying too much bad weight. He’s not in shape.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Thats a big concern then as he’s one of the lightest OTs in this class.

        Or perhaps he has put on weight in an effort to appeal to pro schemes more.

        Oregon has been known for its fitness especially in that they produce undersized OL

        Perhaps Taggert didn’t emphasize this aspect, but with one of the premier athletic centers in the entire world, he has no excuse for being out of shape.

  3. Greg Haugsven

    Disappointing so many big names are gone but fun to pay attention to. For sure OL v DL one on one is the most fun.

  4. drewdawg11

    So how do we get the extra picks necessary to come away with 3 starters? That’s the end fame here. Running back, Edge/LB, OL.

    • drewdawg11

      End game*

      • Greg Haugsven

        RB and Edge in the draft, OL in free agency. Pugh first, Fluker second.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Trading back in draft to get 2.

        • drewdawg11

          I don’t have an issue with that, but the market will determine whether or not we pay through the nose for someone better than Joeckel… because for some reason we set his market pretty high last offseason.

          • peter

            I think it’ll be tough sledding to get both Pugh and fluker and pay anyone the team should pay. which for me is mcdougald if possible that he doesn’t break the bank. Maxwell as a good hedge against Sherman starting on the PUP. Coleman I believe needs a new contract.

            a lot of fans are clamoring for ASJ..i know he recently turned down a 2 year 8 million contract with the jets. hard to know if that’s him declining to play for the jets or he thinks he’s worth more. because right now he isn’t worth 4 mil a year. Luke Wilson gives the same level of production and is already here. it’s a like for like signing.

            if they lose p-rich than they may need to bring in a low cost alternative. personally I think whatever p-rich leaves for that’s the amount they will need to pay someone even on a one year rental.

            and the elephant in the room is what do you pay Sheldon? 15 mil.? just keep chucking money at the defense? or was he really a one year rental?

  5. Hawktalker#1


    Was thinking today about the problem with our running game and what we are willing to sacrifice to get it back and what really makes a difference in our running game, meaning do we need to improve our offense of line staff and our running back personal, or can we stand pat with the majority of our current OL group and just get a new stud running back?

    If we are just a RB away, what would we be willing to sacrifice/trade to get it back?

    Trading PT for a first round pick to get to Sequan Barkley has been suggested a couple of times. It looks like he runs the 40 in the 4.3 range and I believe most consider him to be a generational talent. The question is, if we added him to the team without changes in the OL, would that do what we need to have done to fix the running game?

    If yes, it would pain me greatly to lose ET, but turning SB lose on the opponents and fixing the running game seems far more important and Falabella to the team. If we believe we just need minor personnel changes, this could still be the same answer.

    Sitting back and imagining SB in a Seahawks uniform really gets me fired up. Our passing game would really open up and the resulting scoring improvement would be invaluable.


    • Rowdy

      I’ve heard a lot of football people talk about are oline and most think we don’t have the talent to have a good oline. If that’s the case I say fix the oline before selling out for a rb. Now if you can draft one 18 or a small move down I’d be cool with that.

    • drewdawg11

      Barkley is a special player, but trading up to 3 or 4 is problematic to say the least. Now, if someone wants Earl and our pick, maybe that works and they throw in a second or third… but now we are getting into Madden type stuff.

    • Icb12

      My basic thoughts are:
      1. Seahawks fans greatly over value their players. The trade returns bandied about lately dont seem realistic to me
      2. Barkley IS a special talent. He’s better than Fournette, Zeke, and gurley. He’s the best player in this draft.
      3. Barkley will NOT run a 4.3 at the combine. He ran a 4.3 hand timed previously. Puts him in the late 4.4 to early 4.5 range. Still plenty fast.

      • peter

        that’s why I think earl at best gets a 2nd. one year rental. Sherman after injury….4th. Bennett maybe a third.

        • VancouverHawk

          If Earl gets only a 2nd, there is no point in trading him IMO. You are talking about a potential HOF safety in the prime of his career. Keep him, and work on an extension. If you have to overpay, do it. We saw what our defense turned into without him 2 years ago.

          • Mark Souza

            I agree that Earl will be in Canton one day, but Earl’s prime was a couple three years ago. Yes, he’s still very good, but when he slides beyond that, he’ll have no trade value. You have to trade players when there is still value there for another team and they are still playing at a high level – before the slide comes.

      • Rob Staton

        I think Barkley will be a 4.50-4.55 type. Which is perfectly fine.

  6. Hawk Eye

    Case Kenuum playing like Fisher is coaching him. Not seizing the moment.
    who ever wins, they have to play their best game against Brady to even have a chance.
    Neither defense is special enough to do it alone

  7. Trevor

    Listening to Mike Bennett certainly sounds like a guy who wont be back! Hope we can at least get something for him.

    Sad because I think if he played less snaps and was used as an interior pass rusher he could still dominate.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree Trevor, he played way to many snaps at around 85%. If we could get him down between 50-60% that would be ideal.

      • Trevor

        We only save $2mil trading or cutting him so I just don”t get it unless it is a culture / locker room issue.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I hope he comes back.

        • peter

          well you do save 9 mil the following year and Clark very soon is going to get paid. plus Lockett comes up for a contract, they are going to need money to extend/redo browns contract, possibly and will need a ton of cash to resign earl if he gets a third contract which of he does I hope the team is smart about a big amount early and an easy out if he gets injured.

          btw I like bennet and wished he wasn’t playing 80% of the snaps.

        • Patrick Toler

          I think it is partly a locker room/culture thing, and partly a future savings thing, as peter noted. Obviously you can’t replace him for 3M, but you need to start getting some of these veteran contracts off the books – you can’t keep paying 7 veterans top(ish) of the market on one side of the ball and expect the other side to be able to perform.

          I have a ton of respect for Bennett off the field and I suspect Pete and John do too. But to call him undisciplined would be an understatement. And I think they want to create some space for some younger voices.

        • Rob Staton

          We’ve been over this a lot though haven’t we Trevor?

          If there’s one thing I hope we can achieve on this blog before free agency, it’s an understanding on why they are about to churn the defense. It’s not about a 2018 saving. This is about an attempt to get younger, cheaper and restart the defense. And they need to do that now, not in the future. This isn’t about one more year with the old guard. It’s about setting this team up to be successful for a few more years during the Russell Wilson peak. And that’s going to mean needing to free up space in 2019 and accelerate the churn.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          I agree, Trevor. He costs 2 mil to keep as a rotational player at 50-65% of snaps. Great player when healthy. We can make this transition without getting demonstrably worse in the short-term. Let the new guard take his snaps, don’t just give those snaps away because it’s “time to get younger.” We can win next year with some tweaks and an actual running game, and a decent draft.

      • Ground_Hawk


  8. Aaron

    Wow…what a dud by the Vikings. Well, time for the Eagles to get demolished by the Pats in two weeks because Brady is the GOAT and is UNSTOPPABLE.

    • Pran

      Wish for philly miracle!

  9. Trevor

    The Eagles game plan today was awesome. Watching that makes you realize how archaic the Hawks offensive and defensive scheme / game planning can be at times.

    • Aaron

      Yet we somehow beat them pretty soundly at home. Hawks weren’t great in 2017 but certainly aren’t far off from greatness again.

      • Patrick Toler

        Agree. And the schemes in a vacuum weren’t the problem. Rather the preparation and execution; which ultimately goes back to Bevell and Cable.

    • Patrick Toler

      Watching Philly and NE run their successful screen games and dump offs all day drove home to me our lack of execution. Which again, you could interpret as supporting Baldwin’s argument that the players’ were responsible for the offensive struggles. But I go back to the thought that it’s the coach’s responsibility (OC in this case) to make sure they are prepared to execute the game plan.

  10. Forty20

    I don’t think Keenum or Bridgewater are the answer and Bradford is lucky to string two games together. If Minnesota want to make the most of their window they might aggressively pursue a quarterback like Baker Mayfield who is right in our pick range right now per Rob and Daniel Jeremiah. Obviously there is a huge amount of shakeup for the makeup of the draft to go but Seattle and Minnesota have done plenty of business in the past so they could be a good suitor.

    • Greg Haugsven

      None of those guys are under contract either. They kind of have a mess there.

      • Patrick Toler

        Yep. The two Championship Game losers should be the most desperate to aquire a QB now, IMO.

        • Mark Souza

          If they want to take advantage of their current personnel and opportunity, waiting around for Baker Mayfield isn’t the way to go. Maybe Kirk Cousins is.

  11. Icb12

    Someone will be very happy drafting Harrison Phillips.
    In my opinion he is being under rated. He’s every bit as good as some of the other DL guys being talked about more.

    100 tackles. 17 tackles for loss. Absurd.

    • VancouverHawk

      I agree. The kid can and has dominated interior OL in college even through double teams. If we get him and Uchenna Nwosu, I am happy. I almost want Chenna to run a slow 40 because so we can take him with a later pick.

  12. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Patriots vs Eagles

    What a snooze fest….. I would have been more jazzed to see the Jaguars in the dance.
    The NFL needs new blood in the SBs…. it is stale seeing 1 team there every year.

    I’m giving the Eagles a 25% chance to win.

    • peter

      agreed. a lot of talking heads talk about how great dynasties are but really it only works if there’s two teams. the talk of how cool it will be to see Brady with 6 rings. not really. first spygate, not counting “deflategate,” because that was stupid, but now chatter of possibly more effective supplements than avocado ice cream….the team is a bore.

      wentz vs. Brady, maybe. but Brady and importantly the Coach vs. foles no thanks.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Wentz vs Brady would be one hell of a story line… I could get excited then.

        The old days of Cowboys vs Vikings vs Steelers of the 1970s.. made for great drama.

        One little nugget came out of the game today.. something like 20 or 22 starters are returning for the 2018 Eagles team…. that team is stacked for a run.

        • peter

          they are certainly a team to watch out for.

          Jax and Minnesota almost feel like lightning in a bottle. Minnesota w/ three qbs? that’s kind of a terrible spit to be in especially since none are qb “1’s.”

          Jax…yeesh. I don’t envy them. you either pay a qb top flight qb money to throw barely 60% and less than 2 to 1, td/int ratio. or I guess they further roll the dice on a rookie, which most rookies usually throw in the bortles range when they srmtart. or I’ve seen some talk about Alex Smith but w/o looking it up has Alex Smith ever one a playoff game? more than 1? he seems almost snake bit.

    • Del tre

      Yeah after the Jags got jobbed so bad in the NFC championship i don’t think i have any interest in watching the game. Reminded me why i don’t have respect for the Pats or what they do, cheat. The NFL can fix games just off of PI because the penalty carries way too much weight and is already a difficult call to get right, yesterdays game was that happening exactly, 0 chance Brady wins that without those two BS Pi calls, 0 chance the Pats win if the refs don’t stop Myles Jack from running it back (if thats the pats 100% they let him take it back for a td). I’m so disinterested in this superbowl because the NFL showed its true colors, they want ratings and theyre scared because they aren’t improving, they’ll do anything to try and boost them. The problem is that most fans don’t find waiting for officials to make calls fun and the NFL is calling more and more penalties and making their biases more and more obviois. Would love for the Pats to get scrutinized by the officials the way the Hawks do, theyd be 9-7. NFL is starting to feel less like a game of inches and preparedness and chance but a scripted little dance. Yuck forget that i don’t want to watch the officials hand the Pats the game again, i don’t even want to see the officials make more calls. I want a fair game without an obvious agenda. I want it to not matter that Russell and Cam are black, i want to see another QB get the call for hitting below the knee other than Brady.

      • Southpaw360

        I agree with you 100%. The refs plain suck or are biased. Or are made to make those calls to script a game. It’s hard to watch and I won’t watch until the Seahawks play again.

      • Tien

        I hate the Patriots also and was rooting for the Jags all the way yesterday but I didn’t see the egregiously bad calls that you saw. You mentioned two bad PI calls and I remember the long PI on Jalen Ramsey when he covered Cooks. Ramsey was there about the same time as Cooks but Ramsey clearly grabbed Cooks before the ball got there. Sure, there have been instances when a ref might not call that but that was a legit PI call. As for that Myles Jack fumble recovery, honestly, my brother-in-law and I weren’t even sure that he forced the fumble before Lewis was down. On replay, clearly, the ball was coming out and then Jack grabbed it and with Jack pulling the ball away from Lewis as they were both going to the ground, I also had no problem with the down by contact call. Yeah, it sucked that the Jags lost and the damn Patriots are in the SB again but no matter how much we all hate them, you gotta give them props for making the plays when they need to for a win.

  13. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I have a funny feeling, Seattle will draft this guy late in the draft

    Shaquem Griffin (LB, UCF)

    • peter

      they should. great story. good player. brothers. and his drive is incredible. pc said he wouldn’t play a deathbacker but I don’t know he looks the part to me.

      • Patrick Toler

        That would give me the warm fuzzies.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Shaquill said he told his brother he would be playing within him in the NFL one day.

          • Greg Haugsven

            For those of you who are Sounders fans, they just drafted Christian Roldans brother. Seems fitting, let’s keep the brothers together.

  14. peter


    I’ve been listening to a lot of the pedestrian podcasts and was wondering how you felt about kj wright now after the season? back in October you seemed on an episode that he may be slowing down just a bit.

    I’m curious because pc addressed lb as a need last year and did almost nothing to address this. the guys they signed were meh and now another passes and Wagner was a little hurt, kj a bit older, and still not a high level of production at SAM.

    you listed a bunch of interesting prospects above is that sort of a nod to you thinking seattle should be looking at lb? sorry long way to write two questions: kj wright slowing down? and lb, a position you think seattle will make a run at?

    • Patrick Toler

      My feeling is that KJ is still a very good player. And other than he and Wagner, we haven’t developed any LBs.

      However, you can’t keep paying everyone. I think that if one of Kam, Avril, or Bennett stays, KJ is gone. If those three all go, KJ is probably safe for one more year.

      • peter

        I could see that with regards to keeping him. I do hope seattle looks to bring in two lbs. maybe a Sam type to rush the passer and possibly another to play mostly special teams but can spell or replace wright/Wagner in case of injury.

    • Rob Staton

      I thought he ended the season very strongly and that put paid to some of those early season thoughts on KJ.

      That said, I do think youth at linebacker is important still. I hope they can find some guys there. But it’s harder this year due to the lack of picks and more pressing needs in the run game.

  15. Ed


    Get younger, faster and hungrier on D and get RW help (RB/WR/OL).


    Be realistic and hold players accountable, don’t just talk about it.

    • Forrest


  16. Kenny Sloth

    Zach Ertz’ wife Julie plays on the women’s national team in soccer. She scored a goal today and came off the field to learn her family is going to the super bowl.

    • Sea Mode

      Saw that vid on nfl.com

  17. Patrick Toler

    Apologies if I missed this being discussed in another thread. What do you think Bennett could realistically bring back in a trade. He has 3 years left on what would be a somewhat reasonable salary for the recipient team, and of course they would have the benefit of being able to painlessly cut him if need be. I would think those significantly better terms than a team would get in FA if he were cut.

    Does a 5th seem impossible?

    • peter

      a fifth is very likely to me and perhaps a fourth. he still has a good contract and in a different rotation being used on less snaps I think he could give a team nine sacks and great run support.

      • C-Dog


    • Greg Haugsven

      I would say yes, but do we need another 5th? What would make it worth while? I would just rather have him on the team.

      • Patrick Toler

        Although ultimately I think the team is ready to move on. And I think they will need that money he frees up in 2019. So it will be interesting to see what the return is.

  18. RWIII

    Rob: Any idea what round Shaquem Griffin will go.

    • Rob Staton

      Hard to say. I think his best value will be on special teams. Late rounder?

      • Mark Souza

        How about undrafted free agent. His brother is here. What more enticement do you need?

      • RWIII

        Thanks Rob

  19. Awsi Dooger

    Chad Thomas of the Canes is a late add to the Senior Bowl. Frankly that was incompetent handicapping by Phil Savage and other Senior Bowl executives. Thomas should have been a direct invite months ago, instead of having to wade through the Shrine Game last week before promotion.

    Thomas was a 5 star recruit who owned a famous video clip of destroying USC recruit Damien Mama in a high school camp. That led to outrageous expectations in college, ones Thomas did not come close to meeting. He is a strong wiry left defensive end but not particularly swift or clever around the edge. Major improvement late in his career though, when he was more effective than both early commit defensive tackles Kendrick Norton and RJ McIntosh.

    Some insiders think Thomas is overly preoccupied with music, and that has hampered his focus on football. He denies it and insists he is committed to the sport.

    There seem to be an unusually high number of 5 star recruits this year who did not fully pan out into top rated prospects, but didn’t bust either. I am always intrigued by those guys. They can offer extreme value if you wade through the list and identify which ones to pursue. Carl Lawson was an example last year. This time most of them seem to be in the South, like Blanding and Hand as mentioned by Rob above, and also Chad Thomas, Josh Sweat, Matthew Thomas, Lorenzo Carter and several others I am forgetting. Florida State loses one 5 star defender after another but only James is rated highly.

    If I were running a draft I would also use the later rounds on guys from elite schools that have been atop the recruiting rankings year after year recently. I don’t like to make things overly complicated or rely strictly on subjectivity. There is simply more margin for error when you are scanning rosters like that, as opposed to desperately trying to pretend a small school guy is equal or above. Via sheer logic and normal distribution not all of the top rated kids will have picked the proper school and been used perfectly to bring out the best in them.

    • DC

      I was intrigued by the little tape I watched. If you were betting, what’s the over/under for round in which Chad Thomas gets drafted?

      • peter

        4th round. over for me. looks good. intriguing player. has the classic size and speed. but very low production. numbers compared to others. bad system? does he take plays off? hard to know why

  20. SheHawk

    Bitter sweet NFC championship game today. Surprised Vikings played so poorly and Eagles showed they were not as dependent on Wentz as everyone thought. If we can rebuild even an “average” run game -Seahawks can compete with and defeat any team ….so long as they stay hungry and focused New coaches should help shake the culture up for the better. Draft will be critical and has to fix run game.

    Anyone doubting how much we need to keep Earl should compare how we handled Eagles with Wentz v. what a REALLY good Vikings D did today. ET3 and Bobby are key.
    Hope the Zorn as QB coach rumor is true. Love idea a of drafting another Griffin brother as well!! 😁 This off season has already been quite eventful.

    • peter

      I don’t doubt that earl and Bobby make the engine go. why I bring up trading him, to the point if being tiresome, is that I bluntly don’t feel like a player who plays,like he does who has missed games in back to back seasons, should realistically get a third contract.

      as he continues to age and possibly miss more time seattle will be increasingly reliant on finding sort of spare parts to fill his spot while also still needing to hope that they can retain mcdougald or that delano hill is ready to be the next possible SS.

      • peter

        shehawk- I didn’t want that to sound negative btw.

        • 12th chuck

          it could be the reason that we didn’t have a big drop off in coverage after the Sherman injury was, E.T. was there to help.

          • peter

            I’d agree with that. look I love earl. and those karate chops are some if the best plays ever. I’m just considered how he ages and if he can stay a little healthier moving forward.

      • Volume12

        It’s gonna say everything about Delano Hill depending on what Seattle does with McDougald.

        • mishima

          Agree that it will be telling, but could see Hill at SS and McDougald at FS.

          LOB RIP.

          Will be a weird off-season.

  21. millhouse-serbia

    Rov, Taven Bryan. How good is he?

    • H

      Late first rounder, he did a piece on him a while back

      • millhouse-serbia

        I’ve found it. Thank you.

    • Rob Staton


  22. calgaryhawk

    Of your list of starters, Rob, I’m most interested in how Will Hernandez does. He isn’t really the type of guard Seattle normally looks at but he is one of the better run blockers in the draft if you believe what’s said about him. he also has a ton of experience at the college level and many think he will be a plug and play left guard at the pro level. With Joeckel more or less gone, Hernandez might be a good pick up . Most think he is a 2nd to 4th rounder. What are your thoughts on him Rob? Is he athletic enough for the inside Seahawk O line?

    • peter

      good season bowl and a solid to above solid combine I think for me he’s a late 2nd rounder. the oline quality like every year is crappy.

      and every year non power five, lesser names go early for oline because the demand is nearly as high as it is for a qb.

      I’d consider him for seattle. the interior play was pretty bad last year so anyway to improve it.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there are things to like — his size, he’s a mauler. You see him turn defenders to create running lanes but he also wins with power. I just wonder if he’s a little bit limited in terms of athleticism. If you want someone to block straight up in a power scheme I think he’s a good fit. If you want someone pulling, playing with a little more lightness and mobility (as is often the case in the natural ZBS) then he’s less of a fit. I think he’s a R2-3 type based on an early assessment but we’ll see.

      • drewdawg11

        Sometimes you just have to ask yourself some things about potential OL prospects:

        Does he win off the snap?
        Can he sustain a block?
        Does he move people or does he screen people?
        Does he show some semblance of being able to move to the next level or pull?
        Does he play with a mean streak?
        Can he ACTUALLY BLOCK?

        I don’t want to see 300 lb men who have no feel for the position, but they had a nice TEF score.That is like saying that you can magically turn a raw pitcher with a live arm into a Cy Young winner based on pure velocity. We need to overhaul this system. Reese is athletic… He can’t stay in front of anyone.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s very easy to list the things you want in a lineman. The player you talk about above is probably a top-10 pick. Which is why teams have to, sometimes, look for the players they have to train up.

          • drewdawg11

            I see your point, but it’s not that complicated. They have been looking for a type. They didn’t bother to check to see if they were actually any good. What good is a lineman who can score well on a standing broad jump if he struggles to pass protect? He quest to find athletes shouldn’t trump the search for linemen who can competently do their jobs. Oh, and if they do have a shot at one of those guys, (Bitonio, Cam Robinson), we trade down or skip them altogether. Britt was a total reach. He’s a solid center now, but wow what a reach. Price may be in our range. Wynn should definitely be here. Will Hernandez will be. They would be an upgrade. Those guys can actually excel at doing the things that linemen actually do on the field. I don’t want some workout warrior who doesn’t ever see the light gonon. That’s my take. I was never a fan of this approach to begin with, so this is a golden opportunity for them to go in a different direction.

            • Rob Staton

              I think it’s a little OTT to say they didn’t check whether they could block. They’ve had to try various different OL’s later in the draft because of the limited options. They’re not the only team that has struggled to find good OL. And there was at least some method in what they did.

  23. H

    Any thoughts on the rising status of the cornerback class? Ive seen some reports away from here that the corner class is one of the strengths, names like Ward, Jackson, Carlton Davis and Mark Hughes popping up in first round mocks. Which is contradictory to whats being said around here

    Seattle isn’t taking one early, i agree, but might the class be a decent one nonetheless. Possibly a position group teams will be willing to trade up for?

    • Sea Mode

      Any CB class is gonna seem “bad” next to last year’s, that’s for sure!

      I think there will be some good ones in the mid to late rounds. Less guys coming in ready to play week 1 and make an impact like Lattimore, White, Griffin.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it’s a decent class, I think there’s some undue hype there at the moment. Underwhelming.

      • H

        Cool, thanks for your reply

      • SoCal12

        Any CBs we might be interested in in the later rounds? I feel like we’ll probably invest in at least a late round flyer on one just to fill out our depth and see if we can work some magic on ’em.

        • Rob Staton

          Hard to tell until we get the combine measurements (which are always more accurate than the Senior Bowl marks).

          • peter

            admittedly I haven’t really followed the shrine game but I wonder how accurate those results are.

    • LeoSharp

      There are players with some high upside in the later rounds. So this could be a year we see the next Richard Sherman picked or it might just be another Tharold Simon. The Seahawks are one of the few teams I think are capable of making something of the available talent.

      • peter

        for me after seattle passed on last year’s players I just assume that seattle goes late for db’s. and this year there are some intriguing names.

        ss, Quinn blanding

        cb’s Holton hill and davontae harris. there are more that all look to me to be 5th rounders the one area I think seattle can really find value.

  24. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    Recently on vacation, a person walked up to #AZCardinals GM Steve Keim and introduced himself. On a beach in the Carolinas, Keim was blown away by this impressive dude. It was Panthers DC Steve Wilks… who Keim is expected to hire as his new head coach.

    8:53 AM – 22 Jan 2018

    • C-Dog

      Hmm.. could see a shift to the 4-3 in the Desert. They got some front seven talent to make that very, very interesting.

  25. LeoSharp

    If Harold Landry ankle injury causes him to fall then he could be an amazing pick in the late first. He is probably the second best pass rusher in this class so it would be kinda like a Reuben Foster situation

  26. Sea Mode

    Can’t wait for Senior Bowl measurments to start rolling in early tomorrow morning!

    OT, my man Chris Herndon is moving well. Looks good coming off MCL a few weeks ago:

  27. j

    One thing about Falk’s hit or miss is that he played with a broken wrist this year. Broke it in the Boise State game.

    • sdcoug

      With a hard cast to boot

  28. Volume12

    Georgia LB Roquan Smith. Interesting stuff. From Tony Pauline: people in Mobile (I’m assuming NFL personnel) are saying he has the body of safety more than a LB.

    If Seattle goes LB early it’s gonna have to be someone that excels in coverage. He could most definetly fill a unique role for Seattle.

    I personally think they got much bigger needs, but getting a potentially versatile blue chipper is tempting.

    • Rob Staton

      I think that’s more a knock on his size than a suggestion he could play like a safety at LB.

      He’s about 6-0 and 225lbs. And while he looked great at Georgia and will probably go in round one — at that size he isn’t going to fit every team or scheme. It’s the thing that will likely temper some of his stock.

      • Volume12

        No one is gonna fit every scheme.

        And if the NFL let’s him fall because of this? Dude can play any LB position due to elite play speed, recognition, and physicality. Could absolutely play a robber role like a Mark Barron or Deone Bucannon.

        IMO he’s more valuable than a RB as bad as Seattle needs one and I’m not even a big fan of Seattle spending anything but a day 3 pick on LB.

        • Volume12

          * should say he’s better value

        • Rob Staton

          I think he’s a MIKE personally. WILL OR MIKE.

          Some players fit every scheme. For example, Bobby Wagner can play 3-4 or 4-3. A 220lbs linebacker isn’t going to have that same scheme flexibility. That’s the issue with Smith. And as much as I personally like him, it’s a legit concern.

          • C-Dog


            • drewdawg11

              There are going to be times when he is run over by teams and there will be times when he will be flying around making double-digit tackles. I actually think I would take Evans over him. Personal preference for me.

    • white-salmon-hawk

      I can see him playing in a Telvin Smith-type role. Think Roguan’s 40 time is going to be the make or break. sub 4.5 or bust for him imo.

      • Volume12

        Sub 4.5 or bust? In what way?

        • peter

          won’t matter about the “bust,” part. Smith looks fast and seattle cares more about 3 cone, short shuttle, etc. but if he runs a 4.55 i don’t think it changes much for him.

        • white-salmon-hawk

          I think he is light in weight and doesn’t exactly have the frame to add much more. If your gonna be a light LB you need to be fast. If your gonna play a deathbacker safety role, need to be fast also. Talking from a perspective of sure fire rd1 pick.

          • Volume12

            Don’t over think it. Tape don’t lie.

            If the NFL let’s him slip because he weighs 220 lbs it’ll be similar to Dalvin Cook falling to round 2 because he had a couple bad workouts.

            • Icb12

              Did Cook fall because of workouts?

              Or did he fall because of reports of suspect behavior and friends?
              Or did he fall because he’s a running back?

              Or did he even fall at all? He was the 3rd best running back. And he was the 3rd running back selected. Just happened to be at 41. Doesn’t seem like that far of a fall.
              I think arguments could be made he was drafted pretty close to where he should have been taking everything into account- including his workouts

          • peter

            seattle has time for players with his size. malcolm smith, mike Morgan, and kpl. granted two of them were undrafted but kpl was a fourth round pick. more importantly none of them were the player smith is.

      • Patrick Toler

        I think Telvin Smith is a pretty good comparison – and Telvin is of course a rangy Will. If KJ ends up getting cut to free up dollars, Roquan starts to be someone you hope drops.

  29. Volume12

    Love Sherm.


  30. Adog

    One name that jumps off the is the de from oklahoma state…okorondo. i don’t watch a ton of big 12 games…cannot keep up with all the tds…but i noticed him. I would describe him as a quick twitch…relentess rusher…and a tough but undersized run defender in the middle. Could he develop into a michael bennet?

  31. Volume12

    This ‘if Seattle picks at 18 they’re screwed stuff’ is hialriois. If Seattle trades back, it’s either gotta be a small one or multiple times. Pretty sure Rob has mentioned it, but no comes up from round 2 to 18.

    I’m beginning to think Seattle may stay put. Maybe a trade back with Buffalo? They don’t have the margin for error they had the past few years and need an instant impact (starter) playmaker. Plus, I don’t think Pete is f**ing around anymore. With 4 picks in rounds 4&5 combined, they can still get creative.

    If teams have learned anything, moving back into the 1st for a QB hasn’t exactly paid off the past few times. There might be someone who will try, but emphasis on might.

    • Rob Staton

      The last time a team traded up to #18 was 2013. San Fran moved from #31 to #18 with Dallas for a high-ish third rounder.

      That’s about the best deal I think they can hope for, unless Cleveland and John Dorsey (close to JS) want to be aggressive and pick three times in the top-20 (plus they have three second rounders).

      But I think a realistic projection is a move into the latter part of R1 for a third round pick, and then possibly another trade down from there.

      • mishima

        Depending on what they do early R1, could see Jets and/or Giants wanting #18 to select Mayfield or Rudolph. #18 for Giant’s 34/66 or Jet’s 37/72.

    • peter

      the only thing I worry about staying put is the running back spot. is there a running back that they take at 18? recombine I feel like that position falls off a cliff by the fourth round. otherwise I’m way into roquan smith.

      • peter

        not “recombine,” but PRE combine.

      • Volume12

        Sure. I think Ronald Jones is a realistic option. Sony Michel is a borderline 1st rounder and with a good combine it’ll very likely put him in that range.

        • peter

          I’m going to sound like a crank but I don’t see Michel as a three down back. I’ve only watched tape of him against auburn…for this purpose….but his pass pro is pretty meh.

          for those that site the championship game i say research some huge holes opening for a back in space.

          I like him but only to pair with Carson and that’s if Carson comes back to what we think he could be because last year he was a guy who needed to be taken out of the game fairly often.

          Jones II I think delivers the most down for down bang and would be stoked at 18 for him.

          • Rob Staton

            I think Jones II is a possible R1. Chubb can be depending on medical checks and if he tests near his SPARQ score. Kerryon could be. Not buying the Sony Michel R1 talk.

            • peter

              kerryon is interesting because he was a serious workhouse. not in a bad way but in a classic grinder sense.

              I like v12’s point that it seems seattle may target players devalued due to past injuries. I think that pc would have a lot of time for Chubb as a running back who might be very explosive but can take over late in a game to burn clock.

              • Rob Staton

                Chubb has a kind of Jonathan Stewart, Frank Gore type feel to him. Pete probably likes that.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  He’s like a juiced up Arian Foster

                  • peter

                    I’ll take any of those three over last year.

      • Volume12

        Teams grades are gonna be much different than draft media.

        Seattpoe may see someone as a top 20 talent that 4 or 5 other teams don’t and vice versa.

        • Volume12

          * Seattle

  32. Volume12

    LSU WR DJ Chark (6’4, 198 lbs.) is one of the best deep threats I’ve watched so far in this draft class. A burner who knows how to get separation.

    Also was LSU’s punt returner too. Almost half his receptions (over 40%) went for 20+ yards. He’s still raw, but what a fun player.

    IDK if I like him as much as a Jaleel Scott or Auden Tate from Florida St. Tate for me has the most upside of any WR in this draft. Such great size.

    • Volume12

      DJ Chark vs Auburn (2017):

    • Kenny Sloth

      Deontay Burnett sr WR at USC looks like a seahawk

    • Trevor

      I agree about Tate Vol! He is going to be a TD machine at the next level. FSU quarterback play the last 2 years was awful. Tate would be the perefect big WR/Red Zone weapon to compliment Baldwin and Locket.

      I think he is a Top 40 pick come draft day however.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Auden Tate is nice for me. Great catch radius, but has no YAC because he jumps for anything thrown above his bellybutton.

      He’s also a little lethargic against the press. Does he have slow feet? Definitely doesnt snap off his routes and is easy to collision off his route depth.

  33. Ed

    That would be great if AZ hire Bevell as OC. Unless it was all Cables fault and DB lights up the Hawks for 40 points twice next year.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a shame that even since they both departed… Seahawks fans are still finding ways to talk about Bevell and Cable.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Alright People, out of respect for Robbie the greatest Seahawks Writer and draft Wizard in the galaxy nobody says the “B” word or the “C” word for awhile!

        Now for Running back I am starting to thlnk Ronald Jones II would make an exciting tandom with Chris Carson he is fun to watch! Sony Michel is second for me and like Rob has started Nick Chubbs numbers at the combine are going to be huge with him being third.

        I also believe Solori will move Ifedi to Left Guard since he wants a more massive mauler there plus it will take away alot of his false states not having to get that split second reaction on the outside. It makes alot of sense to me or maybe they get Fluker or whoever from the Giants?

        Go Rob

        Go Draft

      • Ed

        Loosen up, it was a joke.

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Who was joking I don’t believe Rob was? Look I’m very meticulous and not everyone is and that is perfectly fine. I notice that Rob get’s tired of people asking the same questions and bringing up subjects that he has asked to move on from. It’s all good, everyone has a right to their opinion and I am very accepting of that. It’s like how people kept talking about trading for Joe Thomas and Rob said it’s extremely unlikely and wanted to drop it yet people kept bringing it up. I understand wishful thinking and all but out of respect for Rob we should pay attention to his feelings. That’s all Ed and my comment was a light hearted yet respectful response.

          I enjoy your comments Ed, you are a true Seahawks enthusiast!

          Go Hawks

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            By the way Ed I wasn’t speaking directly to you regarding not talking about the “Coaches we do not speak of” I get misunderstood quite often though my intentions are generally good.

            Peace y’all

            • Ed

              All good, I was directing to Rob. And I agree. A week before they were fired, I told Rob I would stop talking about it until it happened. And I didn’t. I didn’t even say much about it after it happened outside of it was exciting and gave me more hope for 2018. Just seeing he was interviewing for OC in AZ, thought a quick comment in fun.

              Didn’t take any offense. All good in the hood. Exciting times with what happens to old veterans and RB situation in Seattle.

              • Thy Hawk is Howling

                Thank you Ed for being understanding and a reasonable person, I like you M8!

                Do you have an opinion on Dante Pettis I want him on the Hawks so much!

                • Ed

                  He’s a baller for sure. They need someone, that’s for sure. PRich gone in my opinion. TL has one more year and I’m not sure they keep him after that. Whomever they get, they need to be a willing blocker and Pettis is that. Also got some return skills.

                  • Thy Hawk is Howling

                    One more thing. I love the Pedestrian podcast and thanks for turning me on to that Rob!

                    Speaking of turning me on I Love hearing that girl say “Go Hawks” in a British North western accent, or is it North Eastern? Pretty sure it’s not Southern, see I care and understand how each county is so different in linguistics and accent!

                    Me favourite Tis be Manchester and Glasgow accent wise. You sound more southern region obviously not posh because you’re sporty spice! I’m so funny!

                • Thy Hawk is Howling

                  F*** All! (That’s one of my favourite expressions) and I don’t mean it literally.

                  Nobody digs on Dante Pettis besides Ed and one or two other people I’ve read mention him?

                  Y’all talk about people from all over the country and no one is talking about this Husky?

                  I don’t care about sports as much as some of you people do however I know that he is special!

                  Go Dante!

                  • Thy Hawk is Howling

                    I done gotz edited!

                    Rob I thought we could throw in some cuss words sparingly and I will respectively never say “F star star star” again just for you, I understand, however I want to share this with the community.

                    Clever knowledge for creative Thinkers

                    Poop yeah Mo Fo’s


                  • Thy Hawk is Howling

                    S*** I feel like you are going to take that as being disrespectful Rob and I truly have complete respect for you.You may erase the George Carlin rant, I was jesting around.

                    You’re awesome Rob,


                  • Thy Hawk is Howling

                    I was just thinking how much more knowledgeable at world football (or is it Futbol) you must be Rob. It amazes me how you have more of a grasp and understanding then anyone else I’ve ever read or heard from in the United States.

                    If we started a go fund me do you think you could change the name Football to Soccer in the U.K. and eventually the entire planet. Everyone knows the game is about wearing cool colour striped tube socks, that’s why it’s called Soccer, Duh!!!

                    Also what is this “Metric System” Ive heard about? Is this some new hippie crap?

                    In America (The Mother Land) we call the measurement system “Standard” it’s not called the unusual system for the Love of Life! It’s okay the rest of the world will one day agee.

                    America is #1

                    Oh wait I just asked Alexa and Apparently we’re actually ranked seventeenth in Education Word wide.

                    Maybe we should adapt to the rest of humanity?

                    Unfortunately I live in a Narsasistic society,
                    I wish to live in the United Federation of Planet’s!

                    Go all Humans

                    Go Hawks

                  • Thy Hawk is Howling

                    I’m such an American Twat ( Is it okay to say twat Rob) no kidding aside I figured you arw a respectful man and you didn’t care about derogatory cuss words excluding F and S though as an U.S. citizen I honestly thought Shit and Frack were commonly used in your culture. I apologise if I come off as ignorant I don’t wish to be.

                    So I just looked it up and as a student I was tought that the system for ferinheight was called the “Standard System”however it’s called the “Imperial system” created by a German with the last name Ferinheight in the mid 19th century. That’s really frustrating to me finding that out now, it’s ridiculous!

                    My system has failed me!

                    Go Celsius

                    Go Hawks

                  • Thy Hawk is Howling

                    I worded that horribly. I meant that I see you as a respectful family man and only had disdain for derogatory cuss words as “Female Dog” and such. I’ve overanalyzed this haven’t I? I appreciate you Rob I don’t even bother to read anything else on the Seahawks besides your knowledge and insight. I actually do like Kenny at field gulls however most of the writer’s and poster’s “Female Dog” too gosh dang(D***) much!

                    You’re the best Rob

                    You’re the Tom Brady of sport’s writer’s

    • Patrick Toler

      It was time for him to go, but his track record is fantastic. I don’t want him in the division. It would be a shame if Bevell’s Cardinals offenses burned Seattle as karmic retribution twice a year.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I dont think itd be great.

      The last team that hired Bevell got way better real fast.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Yo Kenny Duck!

        Instead of saying the “B” word say slope

        Instead of saying the “C* word say Dish

        It’s a fun new game all the kids are playing it!

  34. C-Dog

    Rob and Volume 12

    Have either of you had a chance to check out South Carolina St LB Darius Leonard?

    Small school aside, I think there might be things about him that could appeal to Ken Norton Jr, and seems to be generating buzz.

    Would appreciate any thoughts.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t. Do you have a link to any games?

    • Sea Mode

      Daniel Jeremiah

      SC State LB Darius Leonard reminds me of Telvin Smith coming out of FSU. Tall/lean build, fast & ultra instinctive. #SeniorBowl

      9:30 PM – 22 Jan 2018

  35. Cameron

    OH MY GOODNESS, Darrel Williams as a day 3 pick please!!


  36. Hawk Eye

    Philly better win, because they will be making changes next year.
    they are already $7.5 mil over the cap for next year with 15 free agents and no room for draft picks or IR, etc
    Dallas also has issues with FA’s and no room.

    Hawks are not in Cap Hell. They are not in great shape, but most of the high paid players are very good players. Biggest issue is money owed to Kam, but I suspect they will address the cap in a big way over the next 2 years and restock with a select core.

    • peter

      the Steelers as well. over by 2.5 million.

      • Hawk Eye

        and the Steelers have to sign Leveon. They cannot even Franchise him I think unless they have the cap room
        Going to be a lot of interesting cuts on the market, guys the hawks will go after since it does not affect comp pics. I think the Hawks will aim to get a lot of comp pics in 2019 since they traded away 2 2nds and a 3rd and need an influx of good cheap talent in the near future

        • peter

          the Steelers in particular are going to have to release some interesting players for cap space. they are loaded with big contracts on offense.

  37. Hawk Eye

    since the Hawks always seem to go in a different direction than what we think they should do on draft day, we should have a contest to see who picks the most players that they actually draft. Since I don’t watch much college football, I will capitulate now.
    But C Dog, Trevor, Kenny and V12 can lead the charge and see who gets bragging rights for next year. I apologize to any other lead dogs I may have missed.

    • peter

      you don’t need to watch a ton of college! seattle has their types and I suspect they still stick to them except how they go with offensive line. that will be interesting to see what if anything they change.

    • Trevor

      Sounds like fun for everyone. It is amazing how many draft nuts are on this blog and it makes this time of the year so much fun.

      Senior Bowl practices is some of the best TV all year!

      • Hawk Eye

        2nd category
        for us less skilled players…..
        pick the positions and number of players at that position drafted

        • Greg Haugsven

          Fieldgulls does something like that. On one of the last posts I suggested that we played a whole off season game. Who gets cut, who gets traded, who they resign, what free agents they sign. You get certain amount of points per accurate decision. You could also include the draft to see who wins the GM award.

  38. Seahawks Hokie

    Also watch out for Wyatt Teller. Totally biased here as my username would indicate. But he’s flying under the radar and will be a great value pickup in the middle rounds if he stays there.

    Former five star recruit. Flipped from DL to OL early in his career and so had some learning to do. Played under 3 different OL coach which has held up development. Tremendous athlete who should test exceptionally on strength measures. May not run the best 40 but feet are more than adequate on film – pulls very well. Plays very nasty. Hits heavy and stays engaged well. Good drive in the run game. Adequate in pass pro. Picked up too many silly PFs playing edgy. Releases too soon on RPOs and picked up too many man-downfield penalties there too. Overall he is a mobile, strong, mean 300-lb athlete who could’ve been an elite DT, dealt with a lot of coaching turnover while learning how to play OL, and is just a football dude through and through.

    • Seahawks Hokie

      Just to pile on because I don’t know if I can edit that…

      Definitely projects to the interior. Prototypical RG in my opinion. Everything we hoped Glowinski would be, Teller will be.

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks for the tip. Had him on my list to check out. Read he has very good run blocking grades and will be interested to check him out.

        Also a workout warrior. Think it was Pauline that mentioned:

        This off-season he earned another prestigious distinction winning the Hokies’ “Hard Hat Champion,” awarded to the standout in the off-season conditioning program, after he power cleaned 400 pounds, squatted 600 and bench pressed 460.

  39. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Did you hear about Bevell…..
    … oh my goodness Cable did……

    (just playing Rob)

    Seriously, I think it is almost impossible to know what Seattle is looking for in OL prospects or FAs right now. We have no idea what scheme will actually be run or variation of that scheme. ZBS / MAN or some hybrid. Pulling guards or pulling center heavy game plans….. we are not even sure what type of back (RB/FB) they need to find to fit this scheme. Very hard to speculate on what or who they will draft imo. I could see them standing pat mostly and using what they have already in-house. I believe they have some very talented players, just needing the right OL whisperer (for each of them) to get them right.

    • Ed

      I think they take a shot at current OL roster and as you said, hope Solari can get them performing better. I do think they will be active thru draft or FA to get at least 1 solid RB (not reclamation project). I think they trade back and get at least a 3rd and would be very luck to get Bills or Browns to trade with them.

      • Old but Slow

        I wonder what the over/under will be on the number of draft trades the Bills and Browns will make with all the draft capital they have.

  40. Ed

    Hawks let DL coach Travis Jones go too. Going to be a whole new crew and hopefully a new message from Peter, or at least he will have action behind his words.

    Get younger and faster and be the bully again. And please score early and often, that always helps a D too.

  41. white-salmon-hawk

    More Seahawks coaching changes:

    Dave Canales from WR to QB coach. Carl Smith to be reassigned.

    Travis Jones moves on from senior defensive assistant.
    The moves seem like just getting some fresh air to me. Maybe Shotty brings in his own WRs coach? Travis Jones became more expendable when Norton returned? Hope they keep all the special assistants to a minimum.

  42. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Am I living in a bizarro world.. or are the Browns making some very strong POSITIVE off-season moves with the new GM and OC on the staff ?

    Not sure is they break the 4.5 win over/under Vegas set for them in 2018, but I can see them becoming a legit NFL team within 2 years. (Get to 500 at least)

    • white-salmon-hawk

      I really like their moves also. Gonna be an interesting draft ofr the brownies this year with all the picks and coaching changes. They could really use some veteran leadership in FA/trade; proven winners, leaders. Just IMO, but I doubt it makes any difference with Haslem’s as the owners. Fortune built on corruption, letting children make draft pick choices… Shameful.

  43. Sea Mode

    Continuing the discussion on big WRs from above…

    DJ Chark is a competitor and fun to watch. What I like:
    – Speed/athleticism
    – Gets separation on deep routes
    – Outstanding effort in blocking
    – Punt return value

    What I don’t like:
    – Body catching in general.
    – Doesn’t jump at all for high balls. Just lets them come down into his body. What’s the point of being 6’4″ then…?
    – Sometimes it’s better just to fall forward for 2 more yards than go backwards and sideways looking for more after the catch.

    He did flash ability to catch with his hands on some of the throws that were away from his body, so maybe he has the ability and it can be brought out of him. But, at this point, hard to break engrained habits.

    This might sound a bit over the top, but for me right now, he is a 6’4″ Tyler Lockett. It’s actually funny how much their traits resemble one another. And remember we went after Lockett as the premium return man in the draft, not so much as a WR. So if we are interested in Chark, it is for his deep threat ability (as Vol12 highlighted) and perhaps some punt return value, not for the “big WR” role as usually thought of.

    Personally at this point, I’m not too interested unless it’s quite late in the draft, we have filled other needs, and they are looking specifically to hedge Lockett going into next offseason. (I think they make the effort to extend Lockett for his route running ability as well)

    DJ Chark: Every Catch/Touchdown from 2017

    • Sea Mode

      Wanna see a 6’4″ guy who is 20 lbs heavier, just as much or more of a deep threat, excellent hands catcher, and knows how to use his frame to high point when needed?

      Wait till 2019 and go get Louisville WR Jaylen Smith.

      His tweet announcing his return is just awesome as well, haha!:

      Really is too bad he didn’t come out this year IMO. With Lamar Jackson leaving, not sure what he stands to gain by returning another year with a new QB. Oh well, he’s an early bookmark for next year on my list at least.

    • Sea Mode

      Still have a couple more big WRs to watch, including Auden Tate, but OK St. Marcell Ateman continues to impress me.

      Watch especially these last 3 min:

      Marcell Ateman (Oklahoma State) Third Down Targets & Touches [2017]

    • Sea Mode

      Maybe an option in UDFA for a big-bodied deep threat project:

      Virginia WR Andre Levrone led the ACC in both yards and touchdowns on deep passes this season.

      6-3, 225.

      Was injured almost the entire past 2 years though before breaking out this season. 34/689/7TD. 20.3 ypc.

      Really good at tracking over his shoulder. Well spoken.


    • Sea Mode

      Anyone looked at UCLA WR Jordan Lasley? Think he could develop into something more?

      Great build (6-3, 210), breaks tackles after the catch, and seems to have good speed.

      Decided to declare early with Rosen. This year in just 9 games: 69/1264/9 TD. 18.3 avg.

      Jordan Lasley || Explosive Receiver || UCLA 2017 Highlights

      Haven’t heard much chatter about him at all.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Sea Mode you talking about wide receivers what about Dante Pettis? I get you like possibly even love American Football you’re not a Husky or Coug but you dig the Seahawks?

        If I’m not mistaken you’re a Canadian like Trevor and I get the connection to Seahawks guessing you’re a BC resident?

        After all Vancouver B.C. is the reason Robbie started this blog after he visited his brother there and went to a Hawks game in 2008! Good thing his brother didn’t live in Toronto, in an Alternate Universe Rob is A Buffalo Bill. Horrible thought.

        • Hawk Eye

          thy Hawk, you sound like an American that thinks all Canadians live in igloos. Abre tus ojos. Some of us don’t speak French, but can speak Spanish.
          I live in Niagara area and have been a Hawks fan since 1977. Trevor lives on the East Coast.
          You don’t have to live in BC to to be a Canadian and like the Hawks

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            Well I’m well aware of that man I was just guessing. Is Sea Mode from Nova Scotia (New Scotland) I think Trevor is well one of them is. I’m not ignorant and it’s sucks that I came across that way to you. What’s up with the igloo coment? I Love Inuits and the other indigenous peoples of the Northern, Central, and Southern Western Hemisphere (America) Please don’t think I’m a generalizing judgemental discriminating U.S. Fool.

            I would Love to visit the “Falls” someday I hear Toronto is an amazing and wonderful City! Honestly I wish I was born Canadian instead of the United States so please don’t think I’m being prejudices towards Canadians. I chose not to be that kind of person, the only person I judge is Myself!!!

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            Yo Hawk Eye, killer name by the way M8! Have you ever seen the film ” Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”it’s an Edgar Wright film based in Toronto and it is straight Brilliant;

            By the way I Love Claire Boucher (Grimes) Canadian Lass

            I’m also a,

            Trailer park Boy for Life!

            • Thy Hawk is Howling

              Abre tus ojos. – English translation – Open your Eye’s.

              My eyes are very open Hawk Eye, they only see Love and acceptance

              I respect all forms of life my Brother

              May Peace be with all who have Love in their Heart!

            • Hawk Eye

              have not seen the film, but probably half of the movies you think are made in the US are actually made in Toronto or Vancouver. I used to live in downtown Toronto and always had parking problems because of some stupid movie taking over the street.

              I took the Hawk Eye name from the Last of the Mohicans movie, was also a MASH fan. Needed a Hawk handle…….

              I guess the Falls is amazing, but I grew up 10 minutes away so not as big a thrill to me. Toronto is great, unless you drive a car there. Like a cleaner, safer NYC, but with the same traffic issues. Interesting, but Weird city, rest of Canada hates them. Americans think they are the centre of the universe, but Toronto KNOWS it is. But also very insecure that nobody likes them or does not think they are world class, especially when an athlete leaves. But worth the visit, in the summer.

              • Hawk Eye

                and now I live between Toronto and Buffalo.
                except for the Raptors, and Blue Jays……

                • Thy Hawk is Howling

                  Cool I Love The Last of the Mohicans filn it was truly a Beautiful story of Love and acceptance. I Loved the girl who feel off the cliff and then the Mohican Warrior threw himself off the cliff because he wanted to be with her in the after life because he Lived her so Dearly. Romantic as all

                  Also the song “No matter where you are I will find you” from the movie is from the Irish band “Clannad” meaning “The Clan” in Gaelic my personal most favourite and mysterious language of old. The Druids *Priest’s* would never write anything down it was a language only passed down through verbage. I think it’s very cool and the Celts and Native people of North America had a connection through Nature and a respect for Life

                  Beautiful indeed!

                  Go Hawk Eye!


                • Thy Hawk is Howling

                  Here is a live video of the Clannad song Hawk Eye.

                  It was nice conversing, Peace Brother Man!


  44. Sea Mode

    Gee Scott 710ESPN

    I’m told that former Seahawks DC Kris Richard will be the Defensive Backs Coach & Passing Game Coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. @710ESPNSeattle

    11:54 PM – Jan 22, 2018

  45. Robert Las Vegas

    My first there are two tight ends in the NFL who make over ten million a year Gronk and Travis K in Kansas City do you think Jimmy Graham could be the third? I am not sure what is your thoughts.. I don’t think the seahawks will trade Earl Thomas because you can not get the value it has to be 1at round pick right who would do that and I thought of only one team New England and I could almost see it .how much would Bill B use Earl Thomas Do you think Seattle would trade Earl Thomas for New England first round pick

  46. Sea Mode

    Great feature article on the Griffin bros. on nfl.com.

    Warning: reading this will likely make you want the Hawks to draft Shaquem even more…! 😉


    Some highlights for those who can’t get around to the read (yeah right, like you’ve made it all the way down to my way-too-long comments and don’t have time… 😉 ):

    “It’s a certainty,” said an NFC scout. “I’ve seen players with two hands get blocked all day against guys who Shaquem won’t have a problem with, because he’s an innately violent player. Those guys are hard to find. … There are a few missed tackles because he can’t completely wrap up all the time, but he hustles his way into tackles other guys would never get to. His motor is rare.”

    [Former UCF strength coach Zach] Duval, who has since moved onto Nebraska to join Frost’s new staff in Lincoln, has worked with his share of top athletes in 22 years as a strength coach. He spent four of them training Oakland Raiders star Khalil Mack at Buffalo, and considers Shaquem to be Mack’s equal from a work-ethic standpoint.

    “As far as just going hard every day, and competing in every way, those two are at the top for me,” Duval said.

    About the only thing Shaquem acknowledges permanently quitting out of frustration is golf. And in that stance, he’s got plenty of two-handed company.

    Their 12 months apart has been a growth experience for them both, but especially for Shaquem. He took on a greater leadership role for the Knights, going to the extreme of living in the UCF football building during fall camp last year. He literally slept there to more easily immerse himself in film study.

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, from another article yesterday from Senior Bowl:

      “If I get drafted higher than him, he’s going to hear about it for the rest of his life,” Shaquem joked.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I want the “One handed wonder” also I say draft him with one of our 5th rounders! He deserves it with his determination and perseverance what a inspiration to people. I mean it’s so easy to get down on yourself and give up but he sure didn’t. I have so much respect for that kid and it would be a wonderful heartwarming tale to pair him with his brother! I Iove the good in people it’s Beautiful!

        Go Griffin Bro’s

  47. Sea Mode

    Interesting buzz from Senior Bowl:

    8 hours ago

    6) At LEAST one, and possibly both, #Broncos WRs may have to test open market.

    7) We’re told Emmanuel Sanders is as good as gone and Demaryius Thomas’ contract can be bought back for 2018 and ‘19 seasons for just $4 million.

    9) While most think about McGlinchey, Connor Williams, Orlando Brown and Okorafor as the top-tier OT prospects in 2018, we’re hearing scouts LOVE #UCLA LT Kolton Miller. Many saying he’s a lock for first round.

  48. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Okay everyone state your age and when you became a Seahawk!

    By the way I’m in a Manic phase and I feel so alive and inspired I’ve been in despairing depression for months. If my writing is bothering you unfortunately I understand and it really does hurt me that I come across that way for some. It’s just who I am, I don’t pretend.

    Love to all!

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Oops forgot my question



      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Yay! That was fun and insightful!

        I know Robbie became a Hawk in 2008.

        Nobody else aye?

  49. Hawk Eye

    Canales is new QB coach, switches from WR coach

    • john_s

      Wonder if Nate Carroll takes over the WR’s?

      • Hawk Eye

        is he qualified, or Carroll-fied?

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          That was a clever jest Hawk Eye, I actually laughed!

  50. calgaryhawk

    Rob, I just looked at the complete Senior Bowl roster and noticed a player you haven’t mentioned that I feel is a good fit for Seattle. Troy Fumagalli is a 6’6″ TE that isn’t overly athletic but is a very solid blocker in the run game. Supposedly runs good routes setting up defenders with good feet and good hands. He wouldn’t excite even his mother with his SPARQ numbers but he could be a solid addition to the run game. Kinda reminds me a little of former Seahawk Zack Miller in that he does everything well but not a receiving threat like Graham but can catch the ball when needed. Seems to be rated from mid 2nd to late 4th round. With Graham looking like he will move on, he might be worth a look. What are your thoughts on him?

    • Rob Staton

      A better blocker than the others. Might provide some value in the middle rounds. More likely to land in Seattle than Gesicki, Andrews or Goedert IMO.

      • Sea Mode

        Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin
        HT: 6047
        WT: 247
        Arms: 32 1/4
        Hands: 9 5/8

        Gesicki is enormous though. Too bad he doesn’t block!

        Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State
        HT: 6053
        WT: 242
        Arms: 34
        Hands: 10 1/8

        Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota St. basically the same.
        HT: 6044
        WT: 260
        Arms: 33 7/8
        Hands: 10 1/8

  51. Sea Mode

    Isaiah Wynn hits the 33″ arm threshold!

    308 Pounds
    8 1/2 Hands
    33 1/8 Arms
    79 1/8 Wingspan

    OK St. WR James Washington is 5107, 210 with 33 7/8 arms!

    And keep in mind the Senior Bowl arm length measurements in the past have been anywhere from 0.5-1 inch shorter than they come in at the combine.

    • Sea Mode

      For example, Poona Ford measured 33.5 in arms at Shrine Game last week. Today they have him with 32.75. #shrunk

  52. Sea Mode

    Vol 12’s guy Siran Neal, CB, Jacksonville St.
    HT: 6000
    WT: 206
    Arms: 31 1/8
    Hands: 9 7/8

    Shaquem Griffin, LB, UCF
    HT: 6002
    WT: 223
    Arms: 31 5/8
    Hands: 9

  53. Sea Mode

    Not quite 6’7″ as he was listed in some places…

    Marcus Davenport, UTSA
    HT: 6057
    WT: 259
    Hand: 9 –
    Arm: 34
    Wing: 81 1/4

    Some WRs we were talking about:

    DJ Chark, WR, LSU
    HT: 6025
    WT: 196
    Arms: 33
    Hands: 9 1/4

    Marcell Ateman, WR, OKST
    HT: 6042
    WT: 216
    Hand: 9
    Arm: 33 5/8
    Wing: 72 7/8

    • Sea Mode

      More big WRs incoming!

      Jaleel Scott, WR, NM State
      HT: 6047
      WT: 216
      Arms: 33 7/8
      Wing: 81 1/2
      Hands: 9 3/4

      Allen Lazard, WR, Iowa State
      HT: 6042
      WT: 227
      Arms: 32 1/2
      Wing: 78 6/8
      Hands: 9 7/8

      • john_s

        Jaleel Scott is my mancrush. He’s being talked Rd 3-4, but I think he sneaks in to Rd 2.

  54. Sea Mode

    Great numbers for these guys:

    Tyler Conklin, TE, Central Michigan
    HT: 6027
    WT: 252
    Arms: 33 1/4
    Hands: 9 3/4

    Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona St.
    HT: 6021
    WT: 222
    Arms: 33 1/4
    Hands: 9 3/4

    Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon
    HT: 6047
    WT: 319
    Arms: 34 3/8
    Hands: 10 7/8

  55. john_s

    Daniel Jeremiah just posted his top 50 best players and he had Quinton Nelson 2, Tremaine Edmunds 3 and Ronald Jones 12.

    Of course if you read this website, Rob was on these guys very early.

    Thank you Rob for all that you do and always being on top of the players.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      We’ll damnit we Still have a shot for Ronald Jones II whol has become my favourite recently!

      Question, would you rather take Ronald Jones Jr at 18 or?

      Trade down and get Sony Michel and Dante Pettis?

      You know what I want

      You’re right Rob really has an eye for sport! He actually predicted Bruce Irvin to the Hawks when everyone else Thought he was a second rounder. He truly is amazing and the only reason I partake in this Blog besides Kenny Sloth, and Vol. However I do enjoy reading people’s enthusiastic posts especially C-Dog he’s awesome and has had really thought out detailed posts recently. You are a True Hawk for Life C-Dog, cheers M8!

      Go Hawks Forever

    • Rob Staton

      I completely agree with his top four. Good to see Ronald Jones II getting hype too. It’s warranted.

  56. Sea Mode

    Will Hernandez is a BIG BOY!

    Will Hernandez, OG, Texas-El Paso
    HT: 6024
    WT: 340
    Arms: 32 3/8
    Hands: 9 3/4

  57. Sea Mode

    Guy on each roster whose physique has caused the most impression in the crowd:

    TyQuan Lewis, DE, Ohio State (they say he looks more like 250lbs. cause he’s ripped)
    HT: 6026
    WT: 276
    Arms: 33 5/8
    Wing: 79 3/4
    Hands: 10 3/8

    Brandon Parker, OT, NCA&T (they said crowd stirred and everyone shut up when he walked on stage.)
    Pic: https://twitter.com/ScouTurf/status/955804075949547520
    HT: 6072
    WT: 303
    Arms: 35 3/8
    Wing: 85 1/4
    Hands: 9 5/8

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