Senior Bowl weigh-ins & Daniel Jeremiah’s top-50

Firstly, these always seem to be different at the combine. For example, a year ago Adam Bisnowaty was measured as having 32 5/8 inch arms at the Senior Bowl. That was a red flag given his 6-6 height. At the combine, his arm length was measured at 33 7/8 inches. Quite a difference.

So while these measurements are interesting, the accuracy and usefulness is debatable.

Draft Bible has the data in full here in a useful format. I’m listing some key names:

Cornerbacks with +32 inch arms:

Chandon Sullivan (32 1/2)
D’Momtre Wade (32 5/8)
Levi Wallace (33 3/8)
Christian Campbell (32 1/2)
Jamarcus King (32 1/2)
Isaac Yiadom (32 1/4)

Marcus Davenport (DL, UTSA)
6-5, 259lbs
34 inch arms, 9 inch hands, 81 1/4 wingspan

Frank Ragnow (OL, Arkansas)
6-5, 307lbs
33 1/4 inch arms, 9 1/8 inch hands

Dallas Goedert (TE, South Dakota State)
6-4, 260lbs
33 7/8 inch arms, 10 1/8 inch hands

Ian Thomas (TE, Indiana)
6-3, 256lbs
33 1/8 inch arms, 9 5/8 inch hands

Marcell Ateman (WR, Oklahoma State)
6-4, 216lbs
33 5/8 inch arms, 9 inch hands

D.J. Chark (WR, LSU)
6-2, 196lbs
33 inch arms, 9 1/4 inch hands

James Washington (WR, Oklahoma State)
5-11, 210lbs
33 7/8 inch arms, 9 5/8 inch hands

Isaiah Wynn (G, Georgia)
6-2, 308lbs
33 1/8 inch arms, 8 1/2 inch hands

Shaquem Griffin (LB, UCF)
6-0, 223lbs
31 5/8 inch arms, 9 inch hands

Marquis Haynes (LB, Ole Miss)
6-2, 233lbs
33 inch arms, 9 7/8 inch hands

Micah Kiser (LB, Virginia)
6-0, 236lbs
31 7/8 inch arms, 9 1/4 inch hands

Darius Leonard (LB, South Carolina State)
6-2, 229lbs
34 1/8 inch arms, 10 3/8 inch hands

Uchenna Nwosu (LB, USC)
6-2, 245lbs
33 1/2 inch arms, 9 1/4 inch hands

Dorian O’Daniel (LB, Clemson)
6-0, 215lbs
31 1/8 inch arms, 9 3/8 inch hands

Quin Blanding (S, Virginia)
6-2, 209lbs
31 3/4 inch arms, 8 1/8 inch hands

M.J. Stewart (CB, North Carolina)
5-10, 198lbs
31 1/2 inch arms, 9 3/8 inch hands

Rashaad Penny (RB, San Diego State)
5-11, 224lbs
31 1/2 inch arms, 9 1/8 inch hands

Kalen Ballage (RB, Arizona State)
6-2, 222lbs
33 1/4 inch arms, 9 3/4 inch hands

Josh Allen (QB, Wyoming)
6-5, 237lbs
33 1/2 inch arms, 10 1/8 inch hands

Luke Falk (QB, Washington State)
6-4, 211lbs
32 1/8 inch arms, 9/3 inch hands

Poona Ford (DT, Texas)
5-11, 306lbs
32 3/4 inch arms, 9 1/4 inch hands

Da’Shawn Hand (DT, Alabama)
6-4, 282lbs
34 1/4 inch arms, 10 inch hands

Troy Fumagalli (TE, Wisconsin)
6-5, 247lbs
32 1/4 inch arms, 9 5/8 inch hands

Tyler Conklin (TE, Central Michigan)
6-3, 252lbs
33 1/4 inch arms, 9 3/4 inch hands

Tyrell Crosby (T, Oregon)
6-5, 319lbs
34 3/8 inch arms, 10 7/8 inch hands

Will Hernandez (OL, UTEP)
6-2, 340lbs
32 3/8 inch arms, 9 3/4 inch hands

Mike Gesicki (TE, Penn State)
6-5, 242lbs
34 inch arms, 10 1/8 inch hands

B.J. Hill (DT, NC State)
6-3, 321lbs
32 1/4 inch arms, 10 3/8 inch hands

Harrison Phillips (DT, Stanford)
6-3, 303lbs
33 3/4 inch arms, 10 1/2 inch hands

Ogbonnia Okoronkwo (LB, Oklahoma)
6-1, 243lbs
34 1/2 inch arms, 9 1/4 inch hands

Tyquan Lewis (DE, Ohio State)
6-3, 276lbs
33 5/8 inch arms, 10 3/8 inch hands

Brian O’Neill (T, Pittsburgh)
6-6, 298lbs
34 1/8 inch arms, 9 3/8 inch hands

Jaleel Scott (WR, New Mexico State)
6-5, 216lbs
33 7/8 inch arms, 9 3/4 inch hands

Kyzir White (S, West Virginia)
6-2, 216lbs
32 inch arms, 9 7/8 inch hands

Meanwhile, Daniel Jeremiah posted his pre-Senior Bowl top-50 today. We noted last year how it’s difficult to read anything into these rankings. Otherwise the Seahawks would’ve had a shot at Sheldon Rankins and Keanu Neal in 2016 and a year ago they would’ve been able to draft Marlon Humphrey or Evan Engram.

Even so, it’s interesting to look and compare to our own rankings — to see who we might be overrating or underrating.

Here’s my own top-50 and a list of the players I think are worth legit first round grades (11 in total).

My thoughts completely align with Jeremiah’s in terms of the top four. Saquon Barkley, Quenton Nelson, Tremaine Edmunds and Bradley Chubb are the best four players in the draft. I think that’s a pretty cast-iron thought.

I also like Jeremiah’s rankings for Vita Vea (#9), Marcus Davenport (#10) and Ronald Jones II (#12). All three were in our ‘legit first rounders’ list.

Jeremiah’s ranking of Roquan Smith (#19) also resonates. Smith is really good — but at around 6-0 and 225lbs, some teams are going to be put off by his size and scheme fit. He will be limited to the WILL for some teams. It’s something to consider with a lot of people projecting Smith as a possible top-10 pick.

Billy Price is listed at #30 (quite low in my view) with Isaiah Wynn at #37 (Jeremiah suggests he has pro-bowl potential at guard, a point I’d agree with 100%).

Nick Chubb and Kerryon Johnson are the last two names on the list at #49 and #50. Jeremiah compares Chubb to Jonathan Stewart — a connection we’ve talked about over the last few weeks.

What I read from this top-50 is — Ronald Jones II is the running back to consider in round one but if he isn’t available or you’re determined to trade down — there will be good options in the second round.

So here are the players I believe warrant legit first round grades and where Jeremiah has them listed in his top-50:

Saquon Barkley — #1
Quenton Nelson — #2
Tremaine Edmunds — #3
Bradley Chubb — #4
Sam Darnold — #6
Josh Rosen — #7
Vita Vea — #9
Billy Price — #30
Ronald Jones II — #12
Tim Settle — Not ranked
Marcus Davenport — #11

Here are some of the names not included in Jeremiah’s top-50 that were present in mine: Tim Settle, Royce Freeman, Rashaad Penny, Frank Ragnow, Braden Smith, Lorenzo Carter.

Here’s why I think Settle warrants consideration:

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  1. Ghost Mutt

    Interesting use of plural on Griffin’s hand measurement there Rob!

    My Davenport man-crush is growing too – some great measurables

    • peter

      ghost- you might want to go get another draft crush! that dude just seems to be flying right up the line from v12 saying “hey dudes check out this player,” a few months back to top 12 pick!

      he does look good no doubt. if he dominates this week in drills watch out.

  2. Kenny Sloth

    319 is way too big for Crosby, good call Rob

    • Rob Staton

      He needs to get in shape. Too much bad weight. Very sloppy midriff.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Are you making fun of his belly Rob? Cortez Kennedy was fat that’s why he sucked so bad. Psych!

        • Kenny Sloth

          This guy was listed at 295 all year. Oregon is also known for super light tackles

          • Mark Souza

            Well, I tell everyone to list me at 180 even though I’m a couple German Shepherds over that. Just because no one changed his weight in the Oregon program doesn’t make it true. One thing I’m sure they get right at the Senior Bowl is reading the numbers of the scale.

            • Kenny Sloth

              If you were a college youd be Ole Missed the point

            • Kenny Sloth

              And in fact mr. Smarty pants there are ALWAYS discrepancies between these camps.

              Guys arms seem to grow by a half inch in the matter of weeks sometimes

      • Kenny Sloth

        The more troubling thing is how he got so out of shape! Oregon has literally world class facilities. What kind of guy isnt taking advantage of that. I need some coaches quotes and player interviews.

        • peter

          Kenny you’re a ducks fan, correct? I’m on the fence with them as that I live near there but it’s easy for me to see how when a coach has his eyes looking around to the next thing players would slip.

          sidenote: christobal yeah or nay. I wasn’t real impressed with either coaching hire for the ducks or the beavs

          • Kenny Sloth

            Who could be? I think we were star struck a bit with Taggert. He really made it seem like he wanted to take on the organization long term. So surprised by that move. I definitely didnt love FSU before.

            Oregon schools have never really broken through the recruiting ceiling. Royce and DeAnthony Thomas are probably are biggest recruiting gets in a long time.

            Didn’t Oregon schools lose out on the top instate recruit? “We wanna crack into Florida and Carolina”

            • Sea Mode

              Well, they did just get that insanely tall basketball player though, right?

              • Kenny Sloth

                Above average at everything except track

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Yo Kenny I think I might know? He lives in Eugene Oregon an awesome Collage town and awesome Hippie naturalist realm. Great music scene, If you like Black Sabbath check out the Band “YOB” modern killer slow Metal band! Anyway my point is he’s probably got the munchies and as a kid it’s perfectly fine and completely better for you in so many ways than Alcohol and you know I know about that.

          It’s completely crap that these kids can drink all they want and the college’s and NFL will give them fentinol patches and vicodin, percs, and ocy contin so these kids can make their school or organisation in the aspect of the NFL Money. It’s as corrupt as World Politics with obsession for Power, Money, And Greed! Yet these athletes you put their bodies, heart’s, mind’s, and yes sometimes Soul’s can’t smoke, vape or ingest something so beneficial and natural as some Canubus. We shall overcome the ignorance and oneday soon it shall be understood. I don’t even enjoy Weed I’m just a logic human person!

  3. Sea Mode

    Durham Smythe, ND, TE arms a bit short, even adding an inch…
    HT: 6052
    Arms: 31 1/2
    Hands: 9 3/8
    Wing: 78 7/8

    Herndon should be up soon. Hope he does better. Found some more tape of him blocking and WOW.

    • Sea Mode

      Oh, I see it now. He didn’t weigh in. A bit better than Smythe if you add the inch that is probably missing.

      Chris Herndon, Miami
      32 1/8 arm, 9 3/8 hand

      • peter

        I’m a big believer in fumagalli and was glad he came in at “classic,” TE size.

        already I can spit the bad measuring technique. Poona ford is giving up 3/4″ from just a,week ago on his arm length.

  4. Chris


    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      I Love that kid I say take him in the 5th he deserves to be drafted with respect!

      Griffin Bro’s Rock!

    • peter

      that’s truly not a bad idea. he’s take a year or maybe less of coaching but would provide good special teams while learning. Carroll as ton pointed out was never really impressed as of yet by delano hill. Where he would praise chancellor his rookie “learning” season behind malloy.

      • Chris

        He always played out of position. Rushed the passer a ton, which he could do pretty well, but he’ll get manhandled in the NFL. He’s a fantastic tackler, has a nose for the ball, just always seems like he’s in position to make a play. It’ll be interesting to see how he tests for speed/agility, but he always stood out to me as being a perfect candidate for how the Seahawks used Kam. And yes, he’ll be excellent for special teams. He’s one of the players where I really hope the right team drafts him because I think his talent could be wasted by teams not knowing how to use him and that’ll be a shame. He also just fits the MO of a Seahawks player. Quite obviously faced and overcame adversity, really mature and smart… so much to like about him. No clue what round teams see him going in. If he’s around in the 5th I feel like that’s a steal but who knows. I’m sure it’ll all come down to his pro day – I guess he got snubbed for the combine?

        • peter

          wow. it’s be one thing if we were hyping him just because of his brother. or frankly he was getting feel good votes in conference play. but dude put up “real,” numbers against “real” competition. it’s surprising to me that he wasn’t extended a combine invite.

          perhaps that changes after this week?

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            I sure hope so he could have taken the weak route and loathed and felt sorry for himself, I know how that feels. Though he was strong and was Loved and he overcame that he was born without a hand and kicks massive Ass. How? Why would they do that? I can’t comprehend that, he’s definitely good enough to play in the NFL and I Love him for being such a strong person. I still want to give Derrick Coleman another shot at fullback, that story broke my heart.

            • Thy Hawk is Howling

              I’m correcting myself he had his left hand amputated at age four. I apologize for being ignorant in a sense, I thought I remembered his story.

    • mac

      If he had both hands, I’d take him in the second round. Kid has a lot of talent and some really legit tape. I would love that pick. The kid has a lot of grit and I hope we draft him. Even if it doesn’t workout, he is a must grab to bring in to compete.

  5. Sea Mode

    Kyzir White, S, WVU with some good numbers.
    HT: 6021
    WT: 216
    Arms: 32
    Hands: 9 7/8
    Wing: 76 7/8

    And man, those big WRs are BIG this year!

  6. Sea Mode

    FYI just found this sortable table format which is nice.

    North results still being added.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for sharing, I will add that to the piece.

    • Trevor

      This is awesome! Thanks Seamode

  7. Thy Hawk is Howling

    The only measurables that truly matter are

    Love for the Game

    I understand your analysis,

    You guys really love numbers and football, for some of you it’s an obsession and there is worse thing’s to care about.

    I’m just saying it’s most important to find people who have the tangables I listened and above and most of all they are Football player not an athlete. I understand your equations and calculations.

    Everyone should check out “Cosmo’s” on Netflix narrated by Neal Degrass Tyson, based on scientific work by Carl Sagan. Now that is some true awe inspiring Calculous my People;

    • peter

      I actually get your perspective quite a bit. most of the numbers really don’t matter and ate fuel to keep the site going from off season to off season event.

      however, (there’s always a however) the team we love has shown for years now some really hard and fast rules about what “size,” players they will even consider. so it’s both frustrating if you love a kids game and his a little short, not as long, etc….because you know seattle won’t even consider them. and cool the opposite way if a player comes in looking perhaps unique for his size or position.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        That’s the truth and I appreciate your opinion Peter. I do believe you are a wise and open minded individual, Thank you!

    • Ed

      That’s what gets missed so much. Needs to be a balance between athletic numbers and intangibles. The have struck gold so many times (Wilson/Sherman/Wagner/Chancelor). Let’s hope they do it again.

      Space is crazy. Amazing and leaves me awe struck every time I try and comprehend it.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I have a hard time with the measurements too. I like the information, but it seems that somewhere along the way it becomes all about the measurements instead of performance. The weakness being that you end up with untrained high potential guys.

      Here’s another strategy. Take the best players from the four BCS teams. Not the best measurements. The best players!

      Now it may turn out that the best players have the best measurements = that would validate using measurements. Or it may turn out that a significant number of proven college players are dropped a few rounds because of measurements. My take is that if they didn’t show their potential in college than I don’t care what their measurements are.

    • drewdawg11

      Talent. You left out talent. You’re trying too hard.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        If you’re speaking to me I don’t try, I either do or do not.

        Talent is a variable though I believe it is realised through PASSION. I believe that’s where talent is found. Great thought and I understand your reasoning drewdawg11.

      • mishima

        LOL. Yeah, Rudy ain’t making the team.

        • Mark Souza

          I think for defensive players the Seahawks use measureables the right way. You don’t overlook skills, performance and desire, but once you’ve isolated the group with those traits you’d consider, measureables sorts out how you rank them.

          The Hawks have been good in that regard with everything but O-line. For O-linemen, Cable was so convinced college linemen were so far behind the curve on athleticism when compared to D-linemen, that he threw out the skills and talent part of the evaluation and relied solely on measurables. And it cost us. Many of the picks he passed on while searching for ideal numbers are now stalwarts on offensive lines throughout the league.

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            You’re right about that Mark, it was a logical way of going about drafting and training offensive lineman yet it just wasn’t working out and it became insanity a few years ago.

            I’m so glad coach Dish Network is gone, the Line they are a changing!!! Yeah Y’all !

  8. mishima

    Would draft Settle for his dance, alone. Big man can pogo.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Tim Settle is a perfect example of some player’s Don’t have it or he’s too fat or he’s an inch too short.

      Some people just have it! Its called a gift!

      Analytical data is still helpful and it’s one of the things you can measure without truly knowing who they are as a person

      • Southpaw360

        My God….watching those highlights of Settle. If he is there at 18 please pick him. Work out the running back position later. My hope is Carson, Davis, Procise and McKissic are enough with an improved Oline with better coaching. If they are healthy (if?) they will be enough. Pick Settle please! Someone here said he reminded them of Tez. I can see it.

        • drewdawg11

          Those backs that you just listed are NOT enough. They’ve proven that pretty emphatically.

  9. Nick

    I think you’re spot on with Ronald Jones. We could see them incrementally move back, allowing them the greatest amount of flexibility—tho this is a more difficult approach.

  10. C-Dog

    Looks like a draft class perfectly set up for Seattle to trade back to fill the biggest need. Right now I got Nick Chubb as the leading candidate.

    Going to be really interested in seeing how Darius Leonard, Uchenna Nnwuso, and, Ogbonnia Okoronkwo perform this week, as well as BJ Hill.

    I think there’s a good chance that if the get a day two pick or two they’ll go after a speedy defender in the front seven, or add to the DL.

    Rob, did you get a chance to have a look see on Leonard?

  11. Sea Mode

    Weigh in warriors report:

    lol “TE Tyler Conklin looks like he lives off the land and kills his own meals.”

  12. Sea Mode

    Gee Scott 710ESPN

    I’m told that former Seahawks DC Kris Richard will be the Defensive Backs Coach & Passing Game Coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. @710ESPNSeattle

    11:54 PM – Jan 22, 2018

    • C-Dog

      I think one thing is probably for certain. This is going to ignite the trading Earl Thomas to Dallas speculation ten fold.

      • Sea Mode

        Very good point.

  13. Sea Mode

    Anyone looked at UCLA WR Jordan Lasley? Think he could develop into something more?

    Great build (6-3, 210), breaks tackles after the catch, and seems to have good speed.

    Decided to declare early with Rosen. This year in just 9 games: 69/1264/9 TD. 18.3 avg.

    Jordan Lasley || Explosive Receiver || UCLA 2017 Highlights

    Haven’t heard much chatter about him at all.

    • Trevor

      I like Lasely a lot! When UCLA had injuries at WR he really stepped up. Will be interesting to see how he runs.

      This a huge WR class. If only the Hawks had some Day #2 picks there would be some great options to compliment our smaller WR in Doug and Locket.

    • Volume12

      That dude is a head case and has awful hands. Reminds me of Breshad Perriman.

      • Sea Mode

        Ok good to know and not waste the time.

  14. Millhouse-serbia

    If Settle find his path to top 20 on most of the boards at the end, we can say that Rob is the greatest analyst of all.

    • Rob Staton

      If he tests poorly I think he will likely be a R2 player who plays well above his value. For now I’m willing to keep him high just because there aren’t players with his size, mobility and pass rush ability.

      • Trevor

        If Danny Shelton went at #12 there is no way Settle should last till round #2. He is a much better athlete and impact player.

  15. cha

    So dreaming out loud…Vea and Settle are there at 18 and the Hawks ditch the plan to trade down.

    Which one do you pick? Which is the better scheme fit?

    • peter

      settle for me. seattle has run stuffers (I think veae is more than that btw) but Seattle and frankly any team could use more interior less rush. dude has a nasty first step. it’s just different for both. people think the ngata comps to veae is lazy but Veae seems like a future HOF’er collapsing pockets and stoning dudes.

  16. Dale

    I’d appreciate comments from anyone willing to tackle the following questions:

    At 307 pounds Isaiah Wynn is almost twenty pounds lighter than Brown or Ifedi (I realize they are tackles). Steve Hutchinson was the prototype guard at 313 pounds but that was eighteen years ago. Zach Martin is considered by many to be the best guard currently and he’s only 309 pounds while Kelechi Osemele, who is rated as first, or second is 333 pounds. The rest of the top ten NFL guards weigh between 315 and 320 pounds.

    I’m curious about the question of size as a factor in run blocking and blocking larger, bull rush tackles from the guard position. How much can a guy like Wynn bulk up with an NFL weight room and diet? How much does an extra twenty pounds of good weight impact NFL guard play? Is size scheme specific in the sense that a run heavy team might want a larger body?

    • peter

      that’s a lot of great questions. as for adding “good weight,” i think it’s reasonable to think he could add 10 lbs of muscle in a year easy.

      the thing for me about Wynn is it’s clear to me he’s not at his athletic apex yet. his ability to handle his business against the vaunted alabama d. he able to control speed, strength, and technique. if his arm length is true come the combine i think a ton of teams will love him for guard and some may even think about keeping him at tackle.

    • Mark Souza

      Really? We’re worried because a prospect is lighter than the average NFL guard by a bowling ball (and not a very large bowling ball at that)?

      • Dale

        No Mark, not worried… just a question about the type of body that would be most advantageous in a power running game. The NFL freaks out over 2 inches in QB height and the Hawks don’t draft CBs with arms shorter than 32 inches. I don’t think the question is inappropriate.

    • AlaskaHawk

      What I would worry about is functional muscle strength over 60 minutes. Some of these guys start out strong and end up huffing and puffing. No rotations for offensive linemen!!!

  17. Trevor

    Rob if the hawks plan to try to add youth and get younger, faster on Defense and let M Bennett walk then do you think they will move on from Sherm and ET this off season as well?

    I only ask because both are in contract years and If the Hawks want to get younger giving a high $ third contract to two aging DBs does not seem to be in the cards. Both guys are out spoken strong personalities and have the potential to be major distractions if they do not get extensions before the season starts.

    I for one hope the Hawks either extend both or trade both before the seasons starts. I think this team really needs to focus on discipline and getting back to strong fundamental football. Way too much off field crap the last couple of year.

    Just curious of your thoughts. Would make the pre-draft season so much more fun if we had another couple of Day 1-2 picks that’s for sure.

    • Patrick Toler

      It would make draft season fun, but I wouldn’t relish going into the season without those two. For me, you have to shrink your core of defensive players on hefty contracts from the current 7 (!!!) to 3 or 4. Wagner, ET, and Sherm are still your 3 best players on defense. I think Earl continued to play to his standard and Sherman had his best year since the super bowl seasons – on and off the field. Everyone else (Bennett, Avril, KJ, and Kam) should be evaluated for how they can be replaced for less expensive players.

    • cha

      “have the potential to be major distractions ”

      I get the sense that would be played up in the media more than in the locker room. Both those guys are pros. Loud pros, but pros nonetheless.

      Sherman’s trade value is severely hindered by his injury and that is fine with me. I don’t want him going anywhere. I want him pissed off for greatness in 2018. And who knows, maybe 8 months away from hard physical football helps with his other nagging injury issues he’s been dealing with.

      I don’t want Earl to go either but this is a crossroads. Max trade value, an upcoming contract negotiation, and a need for more draft picks all coalesce into the ideal time for the Hawks to explore all options.

    • Dale

      I wouldn’t trade either player for anything less than a second round pick. They are both very prideful guys so I doubt they’d sign here if we let them test free agency and we’d end up with a compensatory pick that is essentially a fourth rounder at best. I think they both have three years of high level play left in them. I don’t think Sherm’s injury will linger and he doesn’t rely on speed. My inclination is to resign both of them to extensions which pay them most of their guaranteed money in 2019, 2020. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some significant decline beginning in 2021 but I’m sure PS would structure their contracts to recognize that eventuality.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know to be honest — but it feels like everything’s on the table at the moment.

    • mishima

      For me, comes down to 2 questions: 1.) Can they realistically compete for a championship in 2018? 2.) Are Sherman/Thomas worth 3rd contracts?

      IMO, no and no.

      2019 is the year.

      • peter

        that’s a tough cut but I’m not that far from feeling the same way. Seattle’s in a strange hard spot with this draft and with free agency.

        though the fans are rarely the same it’s interesting how many people think earl should be given a third contract seems about even to the fans that lament Kam was given an extension.

        if I’m honest I think it’s foolish to think 2018 defense with the old band back together is going to be back or near 2013. more importantly can you even keep the band on stage to play that metaphor out. or is it more likely earl misses 3.5 games again (his last two season average) Kam even plays, who spells Bennett because he was getting run down last year?

        • mishima

          My mom wants the Mariners to bring Ichiro back.


          • peter

            to be fair I think all of our mom’s of a certain era want ichiro back

            • mishima

              Ha! True.

          • Patrick Toler

            LOL, Earl and Sherman are both under 30 and both played borderline all pro level last year.

        • Rawls

          I was against the Kam contract but totally for an Earl extension. Free safety is a less physical position and is often times not taking as many hits as every other position on defense. Earl is usually 10 yards from most of the defensive plays. You don’t trade away a 28 year old HOF safety. He still has 2-3 years of prime left and that should be how long the contracts guaranteed for.

          • Dale

            Totally agree on Earl. I’d love to keep Sherm but it’s more complicated because he’s a little older and the price for elite Cb’s is a lot more. If Sherm demands sixteen or eighteen million per year it will be tough. I’m not worried about his injury because people recover from achilles injuries, speed isn’t Sherm’s game, and his durability has been extraordinary. While I wasn’t sure about the Chancellor contract I think Kam was unique because of his locker room presence. Kam didn’t get hurt until the last game of the season and the severity of his injury really had nothing to do with his age.

  18. Trevor

    Will Hernandez 340lbs. That is a big man. Can’t wait to see him the OL/ DL drills to see if he has decent mobility. if he does he would be the big nasty LG we need and likely available in Rd #2 if JS goes the trade back route.

    Their are 4 interior OL in this draft who could be the final piece for our OL IMO.

    Nelson, Price, Wynn, Heranandez are all guys whom I think you plug in Day #1 at LG to team with Britt and Pocic and give us a solid interior on the OL for the next 4-5 year.

    • peter

      I’m not sure how accurate this is but I seem to recall reading that solari likes the inverse a big strong RG and a more nimble LG. or is this inverted?

      I’ve got doubts about Pocic. he felt like a classic wacky pick. I appreciate the premise if scheme versatility and I hope from a “please let the line gel,” stand point he sticks. but the interior play last year,was horrible.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I hate to bet another season on whether he can grow stronger to prevent the bull rush.

  19. Trevor

    Josh Allen has some ugly tape but wow he is the Protype for an NFL QB.

    6-5, 237lbs
    33 1/2 inch arms, 10 1/8 inch hands

    • peter

      that’s why Cleveland’s going to pick him first overall and then go ahead and be picking top five next year as well.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        You never know Peter, oh yeah it’s the Browns. Sad enough for those of you who aren’t Seattle fan’s and just love Thy Hawks the Mariner’s have the longest streak of not making the post season out of all the major U.S. sports surpassing even the Brown’s by two or three years. Cleveland looses again. Go M’s!

        • Mark Souza

          Sure, he looks the part and has prototypical size, with a rocket launcher arm. The knock on Allen is he’s inaccurate. Always has been. And it’s not something you can fix. I feel sorry for Cleveland fans if the stuck with this guy. It’ll just be another high draft pick bungled by their front office. Maybe they could hire Kevin Costner. He had an outstanding draft in 2014.

          • Dale

            Nice Mark. I think they need Darnold but will take Allen.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Yeah you never know Trevor those are some Tom Brady traits. I was talking to my G-ma and she’s 95 so she’s wise in her ways and she thinks Tom Brady is good because he’s tall and there’s definitely something to that train of thought.

      It’s a good thing DangeRuss isn’t 6-2 because he’d be playing for some other team!

      Out of respect for him,

      Go Hawks!

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I started two comments with “You Never Know” I feel so mundane I’m done for a bit.

        Time to get some work done!

  20. drewdawg11

    Wynn has some tiny, carni hands. What up with that? Great player, however.

    • Trevor

      He is not a big OL at all but a master technician. If he was a bigger guy with the same skill set he would be a top 5 pick.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Does that truly matter especially for a lineman and realistically he probably has bigger hands then the majority of this blog. I care about people’s feelings and I’m sure that makes him uncomfortable and insucure. You can talk about Donald Trump’s Hands he seems like an arrogant jerk, though I concencly think about not judging people.

      Speaking of I would vote for Dougie Baldwin as president he’s a very intelligent, reasonable Human Being. Anyway else feel that way?

      • Dale

        I agree on your assessments of Dougie and Donnie. You don’t go to Stanford, even on an athletic scholarship, if you’re a dummy. Baldwin is intelligent and exhibits strong depth of character. I’d love to seem him pursue a political career for our sake but I’m not sure I’d wish that on him.

      • Volume12

        Yeah it matters. Doesn’t mean he can’t overcome it though. If his hands are small he may grip strength and not he may not be able to control a D-lineman’s chest plate.

        • Volume12

          * boy that was a word salad.

          • drewdawg11

            Heavy-handed OL are usually more successful at holding/driving but it’s not a deal killer. Now small feet would be an issue. I was just surprised. I wasn’t trying to knock the kid.

  21. Sea Mode

    How can you not love. this. guy.?

    • Volume12

      That’s how I feel about the SB. Will just be background noise for me. Couldn’t imagine wanting to see a world championship between the cities of Philly and Boston. Nope. Not me. Can’t be.

      • Kenny Sloth

        “The only more American sounding game would be if they both got together to beat the Redskins” -TDS

  22. Sea Mode

    As expected:


    Isaiah Wynn/Georgia lining up at guard. Very quick and explosive during #SeniorBowl practice

    11:47 AM – 23 Jan 2018

    • Aaron

      Really hope Hawks can land him or one of the other top guards in the draft or FA. Got a feeling Solari is gonna want big road grader type guards versus the leaner guys we’ve had since Carp left. Thinking Solari wants a line built like he has in SF. A strong dancing bear at LT, two big road grader guards, and a big mammoth at RT.

      • peter

        gotta get some new dudes then. because seattle doesn’t have any if that right now. maybe ifedi. no one at guard road grades and brown maybe has it.

  23. Volume12

    Marcus Davenport is getting worked.

    • Kenny Sloth

      But but but…. His arm length….

      • Volume12

        Not used to plantng that hand in the dirt.

        • Kenny Sloth

          That lack of versatility is gonna wipe him from some boards. He could have made a lot of money as the top pass rushing DE

          • Volume12

            Not a huge fan of the pass rushers this year.

            • peter

              that’s just it this class has some interesting players but across the board it’s pretty meh.

          • Volume12

            I think he’s got Carolina Panther written all over him.

          • peter

            I think he can still make himself a ton of money. it’s the first day.

            • Volume12

              Oh I agree. I just think he’s probably more of a late 1st. He’s got a ton or natural, raw talent combined with those measurables. He’s still a Seattle type of prospect.

            • H

              Not to mention its not a good class at edge rusher, so teams might be more willing to spend high on him

      • Dale

        Kenny, if his arms are too short and he’s not used to putting one hand in the dirt he may just tip over thereby looking like our offensive line in the infamous picture in this link:

    • Aaron

      From what I’ve seen of him on YouTube he seems like a day 2 pick. Athletically he’s a freak of nature, but he lacks fundamentals and actually may not be that explosive in short areas. I’d pass on him personally unless he lasts until day 3.

  24. Volume12

    Oohh. S. ‘Bama DB Jeremy Reaves is in this game? Hell yeah!

  25. Volume12

    Andrew Brown, DT, Virginia is very, very intriguing. Looks great. Fluid, disruptive.

    6’3, 294 and 35 1/2″ arms!?

    • Awsi Dooger

      He’s another 5 star recruit who didn’t fully pan out but has strong possibilities. There was a nagging toe injury early in his college career plus conflict with an assistant coach who didn’t believe in him.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Awsi Dooger I always Thought your name was an Australian expression? Yeah I feel silly, now I’m thinking it’s just your name. I was attempting to find the defenition and discovered you were a Capricorn, me as well!

        Capricorn’s rule!

        Sorry to hear about the Cane’s CB who just had career ending surgery. I know he was probably hoping to be a pro and he’s taking it admirably stating that he’s glad for his health and still going to be there for his teammates while getting his degree. I say great attitude young man!

  26. Trevor

    Vol you usually know these things? Who is at Senior Bowl from Seahawks FO.

    • Volume12

      I can’t answer that. I’d assume all the area scouts and positional coaches though.

      • Volume12

        Would he shocked of JS isn’t. He is a scout at heart.

        • Trevor

          I would like to see him and Pete there. Both guys know how to evaluate talent. I think some of the Hawks early draft success was because Pete knew all the guys from his USC recruiting.

          This is where they could find some Day 3 gems

          • Volume12

            That was a huge contributing factor to some of their early draft success.

          • DC

            Will be interesting to see if the longer offseason pays dividends on the scouting/drafting side of things. Our post Super Bowl drafts were kind of stinkers.

    • Forty20

      Brock Huard said Schneider is at the Senior Bowl so the head honcho is there at the least apparently.

  27. Volume12

    Shaquem Griffin just continues to defy the odds. What a cool player.

    • Trevor

      I meant Griffin has to be a Seahawk! I really really hope so such a great story.

  28. Trevor

    Robs guy Marquis Haynes looks really good!

    • Trevor

      Has to be a Seahawk!

  29. JimQ

    Anyone see the piece Mike Mayock did on the Tuesday Senior bowl practice on NFL channel about:
    OLT-Alex Cappa, from Division 2 Humbolt State?

    He’s 6-055/299, 5.27/40 +/-, ranked #196-overall, projected Rd-5/6.
    He really impressed Mike Mayock who showed a 6-8 play sequence where he dominated the competition
    on film during Tuesdays Senior Bowl practice. A small school prospect, but maybe he could be a possible
    Rd-5 value for the Seahawks? Maybe he could play ORT & replace Ifedi-oops?

    • Aaron

      Like the nasty but he will probably go day 3 or undrafted. Problem is he needs a year or so to bulk up. He’s gotta add 20-25 lbs before he would be a legitimate guy to try at OT. Sub 300 linemen always scare me as first year starters. We saw Pocic have a hard time moving people and power rushers gave him fits and he was around 310.

    • JimQ

      I think length is important and IMO, this kid has it in spades, in a position of need (LB) and positioned in the draft as a day 3 pick, he very well could be a sleeper for the Seahawks. I see others have mentioned him a few times here so, maybe he is well worth further evaluation by some of the more expert guys here. I’m mostly a stats guy, but I’ve watched enough tape to see some promise for starter development with this guy.

      –LB-Darius Leonard, So. Carolina St., 6-020/229, 4.76/40 +/-, ranked #147-overall, projected Rd-4/5,
      10.375-hand, 34.125″-arms, 82.0″-wingspan.

      FCS All-American, 2-time MEAC Defensive player of the year.
      2017: 10-games, 113-tkls, 73-solo, , 11.5-TFL, 8.0-sacks, 1.0-TFL, 2-Int (1 for TD), 1-PBU
      Career: 43-games, 393-tkls, 273-solo, 53.5-TFL, 21.5-sacks, 6-INT (3 for TD’s), 7-PBU

      • C-Dog

        I’m definitely thinking Darius Leonard in a scenario where Seattle trades back to likely pick up one of the RBs and in addition to aquiring a later Day Two pick. I think he has a really interesting vibe to his game that could appeal to Norton.

  30. Volume12

    Is the Seahawks game in London this year considered a home or away game?

    • Greg Haugsven


      • cha

        What we know:

        Home: SF, AZ, LAR, GB, MINN, DAL, KC, LAC

        Away: SF, AZ, LAR, DET, CHI, CAR, DEN, OAK (London Oct14)

  31. Greg Haugsven

    Ogbonnia has some gorilla arms. Scrape them knuckles

    • Volume12

      Sloppy feet

  32. Volume12

    Fort Hayes St DT Brandon Shepherd is a beast!

  33. Volume12


    UTEP’s Will Hernandez. Built like a sh** brkickhouse. Reminds me of of those Denver O-lineman from the mid-late 90’s. He’s awesome.

    • Trevor

      He is a beast!

  34. Volume12

    Someone should ask Mel Kiper why he’s not a man of his word. With his ‘if Jimmy Clausen isn’t a good NFL QB I’ll retire.’ That was like 7 years ago though so.

    • Volume12

      Probably shouldnt have, but this made me LOL.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He’s a traits guy, what can I say?

    • cha

      Has Hugh Millen eaten his microphone yet?

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Yeah that was just an expression and he makes Probably a million- 2 million a year just from the draft. That could easily be you Vol. and of course Rob. Just completely avoid ESPN. Last year I watched the draft on the NFL app on my Ruku it’s only a few minutes behind real time and no Kiper or Mcshay! Hip hip hooray!

  35. Trevor

    If the Hawks trade back I would love to see Will Hernadez as our LG next year. Him and Brown would be enormous!

  36. C-Dog

    Scouting Penny, I think there’s a chance Pete Carroll might appreciate this defensive play from Auburn LB Tre’ Williams.

  37. Aaron

    Don’t know if this guy is at the Senior Bowl but I think I found the first TE in this draft who is actually a plus run and pass blocker. It’s David Wells 6’5″ 255lbs from SDSU. They use him a lot as an in-line blocker and Penny often went behind him. Hawks need to land a blocking TE in FA or the draft.


    Maybe if we trade back Settle will be there in the late 2nd? Chubb and Settle would be an awesome day 1…

  39. Volume12

    Didn’t have the production, could be because that line was so deep and they rotate a ton, but a guy that flashed for me today and in the Rose bowl was Ohio St. DE Jayln Holmes (6’4, 280 lbs., almost 35″ arms, and an 82″ wingspan).

    Would be a really nice addition to a rotation and another in long line of DEs this year that are raw, but have loads of upside and good-great physical profiles.

  40. Coleslaw

    I think I’m falling in love with the idea of trading down to the mid to late 20s and taking Wynn then coming back in the second and taking Sony or Penny

    • Coleslaw

      I think Wynn is a first rounder. Probably gonna sneak in to the right team (us) like Joshua Garnett did to SF

    • Rob Staton

      Not against that idea but would prefer other backs to Sony or Penny.

  41. FresnoBrad

    1st round SS from Alabama & FSU should fall to us or we could trade back to round 2 & still get 1 of them. Punter options & kicker in round 4 or 5. Trade with Cleveland for two 2nds & a 4th.

  42. CTseahawkfan

    Tim Settle’s “dance” after a good play is worth a high draft pick alone!

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