2019 NFL predictions

Here’s my take. Share yours in the comments section…

Seahawks record (10-6)
The Seahawks have improved their depth and the additions of Jadeveon Clowney and Ziggy Ansah have addressed the serious need for pass rushers. They’ve also lost significant players including Doug Baldwin, Frank Clark and Earl Thomas. I think we’ll see a similar season to 2018 — some excellent wins mixed in with a couple of frustrating losses. Either way they’ll be highly competitive and yes — a contender (even if they’re not necessarily among the top echelon of teams).

NFC division winners
New Orleans, Green Bay, LA Rams, Dallas
The Bears have a fearsome defense, a terrific home-field advantage and a creative offense that masks some of their personnel flaws. However, losing Vic Fangio is significant and I think it’s time for Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers to bounce back and claim the NFC North. Dallas are balanced and having sorted out Ezekiel Elliott’s contract, they have an opportunity to carry on their momentum in the NFC East to edge out the Eagles. New Orleans are clearly the team to beat in the NFC South and I think the Rams will regress slightly but should still have enough to win the NFC West.

AFC division winners
Kansas City, New England, Pittsburgh, Houston
Everyone’s buzzing about Cleveland but they have to deliver under pressure. I’m going for old reliable Pittsburgh to win the AFC North now that they’ve dumped all of their 2018 distractions. New England will saunter to the AFC East title and Kansas City will push them for the #1 seed by winning the AFC West. Houston, despite all the recent criticism, have really improved their roster this week and are the clear favourites in the AFC South.

NFC Wildcards
Seattle, Philadelphia
Carolina collapsed last season and a porous offensive line is a recipe for disaster. Atlanta seem flaky and haven’t coped with losing Kyle Shanahan. The 49ers are always overrated (but will be competitive in most games thanks to Shanahan). Minnesota are better on paper than on the field and Chicago take a step back due to the loss of Fangio and their inconsistent quarterback play.

AFC Wildcards
LA Chargers, Indianapolis
The Chargers have a well-rounded roster and the only issue is the loss of Russell Okung. Philip Rivers, however, can manage the situation with the O-line. I’m going to go with the Colts as the other wildcard team. They have a major point to prove following Andrew Luck’s shocking retirement. Their roster has balanced out, they have weapons. Jacoby Brissett will manage this team and I think they’ll sneak the #6 seed in a show of defiance. Cleveland will be in the mix but they look like a firework waiting to explode. That could be a good or a bad thing.

Super Bowl winner
I’m going with Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Donald are the two best players in the league. It won’t be a surprise if they meet in the Super Bowl. Frank Clark will provide the dynamic EDGE rush they lacked in 2018 and they have so many weapons. I think the Chiefs will win the #1 seed in the AFC and ride momentum all the way to the end.

#1 overall pick
Miami’s front office has practically positioned themselves to get the #1 pick. The coaches will get the team to compete. Yet last week there were reports of potential mutiny if Laremy Tunsil was traded — and he was. The message is clear — Miami wants Tua or Herbert. They’ll take the hit in 2019 to try and build afresh from 2020.

Top NFL draft prospects
Tua Tagovailoa (QB, Alabama) or Justin Herbert (QB, Oregon) will go #1 overall. It’s just up to team preference. Andrew Thomas (T, Georgia) and Grant Delpit (S, LSU) will go very early. Jerry Jeudy (WR, Alabama) and Jeffrey Okudah (CB, Ohio State) have a good shot to go in the top-10. As things stand, they look like the top crop of 2020 prospects. Dylan Moses (LB, Alabama) would’ve been included but he just tore his ACL. The likes of Derrick Brown (DT, Auburn), Raekwon Davis (DT, Alabama) and Chase Young (EDGE, Ohio State) will be in the mix. For a run-down of other potential top prospects click here.

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  1. Ben Ft. Woth

    Grant Delpit may be the best CB we’ve seen here at LSU since Patrick Peterson. I sure do like him a whole lot better than I did Morris Claiborne.

    • Alex Potts

      Delpit a safety fam

      • Rob Staton

        Many believe he could play corner.

  2. cha

    Rob I asked in the Q&A earlier this year if the Hawks offense would have their typical slow start. Now I’m not so sure they will. The way RW/PC/Schott talk, it feels like everyone is more on the same page. The OL is together again (aside from LG), and the RB group looks fantastic.

    I can see some adjusting to not having Baldwin, aka the Best Safety Blanket in the NFL will be in the cards for sure. But enough to slow the offense down until everyone else gets in a groove?

    I guess I’m saying I feel pretty confident that it’s the offense that can carry the Hawks early while the defense eases Ziggy & Clowney into the lineup and they get sorted.

    I agree 10-6 is a good prediction. Barring major injuries I can see 9-7 as the floor and 11-5 as the ceiling. Maybe 12-4 with a bounce or two.

  3. Robeetle12

    The Bears don’t have a fearsome defense in my opinion. They are ok but hardly fearsome. Dallas defense is extremely suspect…. What are N.O?….offensive or defensive?…They don’t even know.

    • Rob Staton

      New Orleans don’t know what they are?

      They’ve been incredibly balanced, productive and successful for two straight years.

      • Michael Matherne

        New Orleans is ridiculously good. They’re my pick to win it all (if the ‘Hawks don’t)

  4. Donovan

    Bold prediction: Jacob Eason will go higher than Justin Herbert in next year’s draft.

    • Rob Staton

      That certainly is bold. I’d suggest it’s also highly unrealistic.

      • Dawg Paws

        Why is it so bold and unrealistic, Rob? I don’t know you can say for certain Herbert is a top QB. Eason on the other hand should thrive in UW offense. My prediction is Eason will have more impressive stats than Herbert by end of season. Scouts will love what they see.

        • Rob Staton

          Because Jacob Eason has played one game against Eastern Washington and now people are trying to say he’s better than a prospect who has been on NFL radar’s for over two seasons, could easily be the #1 overall pick and while he might have flaws — has actually played enough games to warrant a conversation on his pro-prospects.

          Eason got hurt for Georgia, lost his job and has transferred and played Eastern Washington. That’s it.

          And a quick reminder — he nearly didn’t win the Washington starting gig this year.

          I was being polite when I called it bold and unrealistic to be fair.

          • Dawg Paws

            Okay, that is fair. It has only been one game. But I have utmost confidence Eason will show out against a tough Cal defense. And I am sure with each passing game, it will become clearer Eason is the top in the PAC 12. I’ll bet you that much.

            • Rob Staton

              I’d take the bet to be honest.

              It wasn’t even clear Eason was going to beat out Jake Haener until the announcement 10 days ago.

              • Edgar

                Is there any truth to Petersen delaying that decision to persuade Haener to stay in the program?

                • Rob Staton

                  I’ve no idea. But Brock is connected to the team for obvious reasons and he never once thought it was a foregone conclusion.

                  This talk about Eason in R1 really needs to be parked. He’s had one game. That’s it.

                  • Denver Hawker

                    I consider myself more of a realistic husky homer living out of the state for awhile. Eason has R1 potential in that he has the raw makeup of a starting NFL QB, but that’s where it ends. He’s done nothing. That all could change, but I haven’t seen anything that suggests he’s R1 yet when stacked against the other QBs in the class.

                    UW probably has other R1 caliber talent on the roster in Adams and Hunter Bryant.

          • Eli

            To be fair Eason didn’t so much lose his job at Georgia as he got hurt and Georgia kept rolling with the hot hand in Fromm. Had he not gotten hurt then its somewhat likely he is in the conversation a lot earlier as one of the top QB prospects going into this year – there’s a reason he was a Top 5 national recruit and top QB recruit coming out of HS.

            I’ve read the argument that Eason was nearly edged out in the UW competition, but being close enough to the program and how they operate there was a near-zero percent chance Haener got the starting gig. Not to bag on Haener but he had zero P5 offers coming out of HS, lacks the arm talent and upside Eason offers, and Petersen is pretty well known for his coachspeak on top of all of it. It was Eason’s job all the way regardless of how it was spun.

            Overall though, I do agree, Eason needs to do it for more than one game against a lower-tier opponent to say he will be drafted higher than Herbert. On arm talent and potential alone though, combined with team’s always looking for their next franchise savior, he’s almost certainly a first round pick.

            • Rob Staton

              Brock Huard’s pretty close to Washington wouldn’t you say? He definitely wasn’t saying it was always Eason’s job. In fact Brock has stated clearly on the radio he was present at a private practise where Eason did not look good at all and it was an open competition that went right down to the wire.

              To be perfectly honest I can’t really believe we’re even here talking about Jacob Eason. The dude has had one game against Eastern fricking Washington and we’re talking about him as a round one pick or being better than Justin Herbert.

              He’s a mile away from being in the R1 conversation. That’s not me saying he can’t get there over time but we’re one game into the season and he’s played barely any college football. Let’s be realistic here.

              • Eli

                You’re right, sorry.

                • Rob Staton

                  Hey no need to apologise. Debate is healthy.

              • Matt

                Not that this means a lot, but Huard also never attended an actual practice this fall – per many reports from several Husky beat writers. He is clearly plugged in to the program, but he’s also a radio host trying to drive listenership. Just a thought.

                Eason at the top of R1 is silly right now. He clearly has potential. Potential and reality are worlds apart right now.

                Glad you are back in the swing of it Rob! Looking forward to the content.

                • Rob Staton

                  Brock has explicitly stated he did attend practises. Ones that weren’t open to the rest of the media. And Brock isn’t the type of guy to talk in hyperbole to drive audience figures.

                • Duck Dynasty

                  The infatuation and delusion about Eason among the Husky fan base is comical. Scouts, analysts, and average fans all know what Herbert offers. Eason has played one game. Should be clear by Oct. 19th

    • RealRhino2

      You really want bold? The kid from Utah St. will go before Herbert, too.

      I don’t even know if Eason will come out, but to act like it’s ridiculous to suggest he could go R1 while Herbert is being treated like John frickin’ Elway is crazy.

      Jacob Eason was the #1 HS QB prospect. What has changed since then? He got hurt. That’s it. It’s not like he’s put up a ton of bad tape. His good tape is as good as Josh Allen, and his bad tape is from when he was a true freshman in the SEC.

      Meanwhile, what we know of Herbert is that he’s not a winner. The best he’s done is get his team to 4th place in their own DIVISION in the worst (or 2nd-worst) P5 conference. And again, he’s not Elway lighting it up every game making wow throws for a bad team. He’s supposedly surrounded by the 2nd-or 3rd-best talent in the Pac-12 and can’t even finish ahead of Stanford and WSU.

      Go with the talent.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not very bold to say Jordan Love could go before Herbert. He’s been talked about as a possible top-10 pick all summer.

        People are going a bit OTT on Herbert. It’s all a bit much. What was Mahomes’ college record? Guess he isn’t a ‘winner’ either.

  5. Dale Roberts

    The Seattle season depends on Ethan Pocic, Jaron Brown, LJ Collier, and Cody Barton. Iupati and Fluker will miss games and the ability of Pocic to play either position at a high level will play a huge role in Seattle’s offense. It isn’t reasonable to expect DK Metcalf to be a number two as a rookie. If Tyler Lockett goes down for any period Jaron Brown becomes the default leader of the receiving core and he must perform. Ansah’s shoulder and Clowney’s holdout could challenge the defensive line depth making Collier an important contributor. Wagner and Wright have balky knees which will cause the defense to depend on Barton for a few games. If these backups can step up I think this team could surprise.

    The only other question is the defensive backfield but given an improvement in the pass rush and an additional year of experience they should be adequate. The division may turn on the health of the Rams and Seahawks offensive lines. 10 – 6 is a reasonable guess but I think the team which emerges from the NFC West with that record will be a stronger force in the playoffs than it’s record indicates.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say the season depends on Pocic, Brown, Collier and Barton. Yes players will miss time. But a season is never ‘make or break’ based on your backup left guard needing to fill in for a couple of games.

      The season depends on Seattle’s key players performing to the standard they’re capable of and remaining healthy. It depends on Russell, Bobby, the new pass rushers having an impact, the front seven, the secondary making more plays and the receivers making up for the loss of Baldwin.

      • Dale Roberts

        If Iupati and Fluker go down and Pocic fails our offense will suffer, we’ve seen it before. What happens if they both are down at the same time? What if Lockett had been out several games last year? I was merely pointing out that the backups to the stars in areas of team fragility will play as important of a role as the starters. I don’t think that’s a stretch.

        • Rob Staton

          But supposing on injured guards and then saying the backups will make or break the season is a bit of a stretch. What if just Iupati misses games. Let’s say four. Is Ethan Pocic the difference between a good or bad season? He won’t be.

  6. Aaron

    I’d say the Hawks are an 10-6 or 11-5 team. Some are saying Super Bowl contender with the Clowney addition, but I’m not so sure. They’re a playoff contender and a division contender. I’d say they’ll be either a 5 seed again or a 3 seed if they win the division. The 2020 season I think will be a huge opportunity to compete for a championship again. They’ll have cap room to prioritize their own and add a couple key players, and they’ll also have the draft picks to really make this team deep, young, and talented.

    • MyChestIsBeastmode

      My buddies and I made on bet on just that. I win $50 if we finish in the top 3 of NFC. I admit I have worse odds but I’m ever the homer and do believe we can take this division.

  7. Sea Mode

    This is pure gold…lmao… (drama queen turned sponsorship)


  8. Paul Cook

    Yeah, I think the over/under on the Hawks is 10-6. But I’ve got a bullish feeling about this team now, barring significant injuries. I’ll take the over…11-5.

    We’ve got a stable OL, a strong running game behind it, and, of course, one of the very best and most efficient QB’s in the league in RW. Mix that steady ball control offense (and RW’s ever threatening deep ball), with our now formidable front seven and potentially top-shelf special teams, and I think we well very might surprise.

    To me, our secondary is clearly the weak link now, at least on paper, though I think our DL may take a little while to come into its own due to injuries, inexperience, and working in new talent.

    I’m excited. Bring on the Bengals!

    • Rob Staton

      The pieces are certainly there to be better than 10-6. I went with it because, even at their peak, the Carroll years have made life more difficult than it needs to be at times. I could see a lot better than 10-6 and a year ago I suggested eight or nine wins and they won 10 so I hope I’ve undersold once more.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Here’s to underselling. Fingers crossed.

      • Paul Cook

        I was very guarded about this season going into the off-season. I actually thought we overachieved a bit last year. But this off-season…whew! Talk about addressing needs, for heaven’s sake. Our LBing corp went from potentially shaky (for a variety of reasons) to perhaps the best in the league. Our DL was keeping me up at night as a rabid fan, only to be fully drenched with hope a few months later. As for our secondary, the FO brought in a ton of players the past few off-seasons to fight it out, and we’ll see if it pans out, though I’m cautiously optimistic that they can be adequate enough as a unit.

        The offensive line went from weak to stable last year in what was the biggest revelation to me last season. They opened holes, and our backs ran through them. Carson, if he stays healthy, might go down as one of the great late finds in PCJS era. Penny I want to see more of, but haven’t nearly given up on yet. Procise, it’s just a matter of health to me. And this Homer seems a little monster, though I’d have to see him do it against top flight talent.

        As for the receivers, it’s a wild card, with the exception of Locket, and to a lesser extent Jaron. But at least they brought in some cats with some unusual talent and measurables. TE…we’ll just have to wait and see. Probably can’t count too much on Dissley with that injury.

        I’m just babbling here, but this was an incredible off-season. To me, it started first and foremost with the extensions of RW and Wags, and done without much of any true discord.

        I’m just excited about the season. And to think we have 10 picks next draft to work with, and at least 4 in the first 3 rounds. Good times for us 12’s.

        • Rob Staton

          I agree, they’ve had a terrific off-season. Considering they went into it with four key players with a year remaining on their contracts (Wilson, Wagner, Clark, Reed) and only four draft picks — what they’ve done is sensational and warrants more national attention than they’ve got this week. A tremendous job.

          They’ve gone beyond reasonable expectations for what we could’ve hoped for. And we can dream, going into week one, of a really good season. I’d feel better if Doug Baldwin was still there personally. It’s a young receiver group and Baldwin always had that knack of making vital plays at vital times. I’m very intrigued to see Ansah and Clowney but I’m guarded against being too optimistic. Losing Clark is legit as he was an excellent pass rusher. We need to see Ansah stay healthy and consistent and Clowney needs to hit the ground running after an uncertain last few months for him. The secondary leaves me a little bit concerned too especially the cornerback position but hopefully the front seven can help there.

          They are a contender this year without being one of the big favourites (eg Kansas City, Rams, Pats, Saints). Next off-season there’s a lot to look forward to. That’s a good thing. It’s all we can hope for as fans.

  9. Tom Lynch

    Think that is not enough turnover for playoffs teams. Is that 10 remakes? I thought since like 2004 the average is 6 remake it with a low of 4 and high of 8. Could of course happen though. I think the Falcons could contend for the South. I think the Rams and Cowboys are both overrated. My boldish call is neither makes the playoffs.

    • Rob Staton

      It’ll be a massive upset if the Rams don’t make the playoffs. We can hope for regression but it isn’t likely. They still have all the key components they had a year ago. Todd Gurley is the only question mark but for all we know he’ll be playing as normal.

      It’s impossible to say how likely anything is because we don’t know what injuries or setbacks teams will face. But I do think the NFL across the board is quite consistent and clear on who is good/bad this year. Kansas City, New England, New Orleans and the Rams for me are extremely likely to return to the playoffs. Philly and Seattle have consistently been in the mix and I’d be a bit surprised if an Aaron Rodgers-led team were bad again in 2019. In the AFC things are a bit more open with Cleveland obviously and the AFC South is a bit of a question mark. But we know the Chiefs and Pats will be strong and Pittsburgh have been perennial contenders (and missed out last year in part to all the drama that they’ve since removed). So I think the playoff grouping could be similar.

      • Tom Lynch

        Thank you for taking the time to respond. I agree this year seems pretty consistent with last year.
        My concerns with the rams is I think their line regresses replacing two interior offensive lineman. I think they also don’t have good edge rush.
        My overall predictions for this year are
        Division winners NFC: Philly, Green Bay, Atlanta/NO, Seattle. wildcard 3 man race between Atlanta/NO, Minnesota and 49ers (I think they step up this year)
        AFC is more chalk. Division winners: Pats, Steelers, Houston, KC Wildcard : Chargers, Broncos, Jags competing

      • Brashmouse

        I am not so sure it will be as massive as you state. Gurley isn’t the only question mark as they lost the center 3 of the O line, and Suh and are relying on a 34 year old Matthews, 37 year old Saffold and middle to late round rookies behind them. Defense still has the pash rush and back end, Offense still has the skill positions but line play could collapse their season.

        • Rob Staton

          You honestly think their D-line will collapse with Aaron Donald in there?

          As for the O-line — they’ve still got the left tackle and the Rams are experts at moving the ball quickly and creating misdirection headaches.

          I hope they’re rubbish this season but it seems a bit wishful thinking.

          • Brashmouse

            No I don’t think the D-Line (3-4 so include Matthews in this discussion) will collapse and I believe the starters are top 3rd or better as a unit but the lack of depth and bulk they lost with Suh means the NT is suspect and the rotation is thin with little behind the starters. This increases the odds of wearing down and injury which puts it in the same boat as the OL.

            It appears to me there are now 2 teams with McVay offensive influence in the Rams and Bengal that now have to prove it works without a top 5 OL. This also contributions to TOP which goes back to my belief in a cascading weakness stemming from the interior line play.

            • Rob Staton

              Is Suh really that much of a loss though? He mailed in the regular season and the Rams were more than happy to let him walk away after one season. Michael Brockers is more than capable next to Donald.

              I don’t see any reason why the McVay scheme needs a top O-line. They run so much misdirection and the ball is out so quickly. McVay has done a masterful job creating that offense. It constantly challenges teams. Not because the O-line gives Goff all the time in the world. McVay schemes and stretches teams in a variety of ways and so far only one coach has had an answer (the greatest coach in NFL history).

              • Brashmouse

                Not normally but when you replace him with a practice squad guy drafted last year and Greg Gaines is the only guy over 300# available for NT then life gets a little harder. Brockers,Gaines, Joseph Day, and Smart are the only guys heavier than Donald at 280 on the defense. Fowler and Mathews are the next heaviest on the team at 260 and 255 each.

                It may work out for them but it seems like they got lucky last year with injuries and they don’t have much size or skill behind the starters unless Gaines becomes their Poona.

                • Rob Staton

                  But I hardly think the difference between a good Rams D-line and a struggling one is the ability to have a reasonable nose tackle. Brockers is 305lbs and has been the epitome of stout in his career. Aaron Donald will create havoc whoever he’s playing next to. The key to that Rams defense is Donald. He’s one of the top three players in the league at any position. He’s one of the most dominant players to ever play the game. He’s practically unstoppable. It all seems like wishful thinking that the Rams will regress to any extent of significance this year. The Seahawks are going to have to better them, not hope they collapse.

  10. WALL UP

    The makeup of the team, with the influx of youthful inexperience and seasoned vets, just might be just enough to get them to 12 – 4 record, and regain the division. The Vet leadership might be the key that gets the young guys to play beyond expectations. If they win @ PIT, they might have a 13 – 3 record.

    Pete has always put the rookies in the fire early, because of the benefits later in the season. If all 10 rookies play early and often, they should have a very successful season.

    GB vs SEA NFC Championship game.

    SEA vs NE SB

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they’re ready to be 12-4. That would put them in contention for the #1 seed. That seems like a stretch with their 2019 schedule. It would also mean only losing four of the following:

      Rams (A)
      Steelers (A)
      Browns (A)
      Falcons (A)
      Eagles (A)
      Panthers (A)

      And if they lose four of the above they need to win out vs San Fran & Arizona (which they’ve always struggled to do) and beat the Rams and Saints at home while avoiding any ‘upset’ losses along the way (hard when they play games so tight).

      If they go 12-4 with that gauntlet of games it’d be a big surprise to me.

      • MyChestIsBeastmode

        As the renowned Effie Trinket says, “may the odds be ever in your favor.”

        • Qfam

          I agree with Rob.

          Here’s my strength of schedule for Hawks. We lose 5 in the “hardest” group and 1 in the “easiest” group. 10-6 is realistic imo.

          8 hardest:

          Wk 12@ Philadelphia Eagles A – LOSS
          Wk 14@ Los Angeles Rams A – LOSS
          Wk 2@ Pittsburgh Steelers A – WIN
          Wk 6@ Cleveland Browns A – LOSS
          Wk 15@ Carolina Panthers A – LOSS
          Wk 5Los Angeles Rams H – LOSS
          Wk 3New Orleans Saints H – WIN
          Wk 13Minnesota Vikings H – WIN

          8 easiest:

          Wk 4@ Arizona Cardinals A – WIN
          Wk 16Arizona Cardinals H – WIN
          Wk 1Cincinnati Bengals H – WIN
          Wk 9Tampa Bay Buccaneers H – WIN
          Wk 17San Francisco 49ers H – WIN
          Wk 7Baltimore Ravens H – WIN
          Wk 10@ San Francisco 49ers A – LOSS
          Wk 8@ Atlanta Falcons A – WIN

      • WALL UP

        They may get by the following teams: Falcons (A), Panthers (A). We should see @ PIT in wk #2 how they play on the road this year.

        There is a lot of talk concerning “Leadership” that may play a pivotal role in the (2) wins that they may gain over last year’s team. There’s a lot of optimism by staff, as well as players leading the team, that may propel the team to achieve those (2) wins. If they steal a win in PIT, look out! If they get blown out, it may be a 9 – 7, or 10 – 6 team. Injuries play a vital role in the outcome for all teams. We shall see..

        But, the Leadership displayed thus far, this year, is far different with what they’d had in the past. Having the leadership of Wilson-Brown-BWag-Wright-BMac may elevate the level of play for those in their position groups that may give them those (2) wins.

        We shall see very early how things pan out this year.

      • GoHawksDani

        I think best case scenario can be: Losing vs Saints, at Eagles, at Rams
        Winnings vs Rams (home), at Steelers, at Browns are questionable to me, but also losing at Eagles could be winning…
        So yeah, to me it’ll depend on:
        How Clowney and Ansah will do, and the interior without Reed for the first 6 games
        OL health: Fluker, Iupati, Fant
        Carson’s health, Prosise’s health and Penny’s ability to step up
        How young WRs can handle their first year and how Brown or Moore can step up
        Will the secondary be good enough?

        If most of these things would click, in a dream scenario, I think a 14-2 could be done (losing at Rams and vs Saints or at Eagles), but unlikely.

        But I think a 12-4 could be done and 11-5 is totally reasonable.

        I think the team should definitely win against: Bengals, Cardinals (at least once), 49ers (at least once), Falcons, Buccaneers, Panthers (6 wins)
        Most likely should win against: Second time against Cars and 9ers, Ravens, Vikings (10 wins total)
        Reasonable potential to win against: Browns (strong team but still shaping up), Steelers (not sold on the Steelers at all), Rams at least once (they are strong especially because of the coaches and Donald, but they should be beatable) (+3 pontential win)
        Could be beatable, but hard to do so: Saints at CLink. Saints are much better at the Superdome. They are an absolute force, but sometimes they tend to crumble. Eagles are strong and well coaches, but they missing the “umph” that plus thing that makes an SB contender team vs a playoff contender. I think they are hard to beat but not impossible at all.

        Final prediction: 11-5

        vs Bengals – W
        at Steelers – W
        vs Saints – L (early in the season and w/o Reed, some other players might also miss because of injuries/operations)
        at Cards – W
        vs Rams – L (w/o Reed and still a bit early)
        at Browns – L (Browns are strange and hard to predict how they’ll mesh. Close one, but we’re away and last game w/o Reed)
        vs Ravens – W
        at Falcons – W
        vs Bucs – W
        at SF – W
        at Eagles – L (close one but another away game which might just be a bit hard to handle)
        vs Vikings – W
        at Rams – L (away against the Rams which might turn into a shootout which they win by a small margin like 34-30)
        at Panthers – W
        vs Cards – W
        vs 49ers – W

        • WALL UP

          I agree with your optimism for the team. That’s prevalent by the fan base far more than than the past few years. The stadium should be rocking this weekend.

          For that reason, it’s possible that they don’t lose a game at home this year, like they have have done in the earlier years. The noise level should be a great advantage to the defense to get after the QB.

          So, the first (2) games will be very telling of how successful they will be this season. It’s possible they split those two, with their loss to PIT in it’s home opener. If that game is close, and they by one or three points late in the game, they just may split on their road games and go 4 – 4.

        • Trevor

          I did my game by game breakdown and came up with the exact same results except I had a loss to Steelers and win vs Browns

        • D-OZ

          NO will not beat the Hawks in Seattle. When is the last time they ever did that? I am not a Rams believer either. OVER HYPED or what???? We have played them to the wire with lesser talent than we now have. Defense was the issue. They folded when they should have held them….We are better across the board this year. Are the Ram’s? NOT!!! They are exposed man!!!!

          • Rob Staton

            I remember a winless New Orleans winning in Seattle in 2007. Prime time too.

            • D-OZ

              Good morning Rob. Another great post. 🙂

  11. Trevor

    NFC division winner



    Hawks get revenge against Cowboys in Division Semis then have to go face the Saints in NO and come up just short on a trip to the SB.

    Saint vs KC for the Super Bowl with Andy Reid finally getting his ring.

    • Trevor

      Other Hawks Predictions

      Record 11-5

      Russel Wilson ends up as runner up for league MVP to Pat Mahomes

      Ansah and Clowney both get 10+ sacks

      Hawks become first team in years to lead the league in Rushing Offense and Defense causing Pete Carrol to do a backflip.

      DK Metcalf get 8+ TD

      Chris Carson 1200 + yards

      Bobby Wagner All Pro and runner up DPOY.

      • Michael Matherne

        If all of this were to happen your list should certainly include PC/JS FINALLY winning coach/executive of the year.

      • GoHawksDani

        Pretty bold…I would be ecstatic. I doubt the DK one.
        Bobby should be all pro and runner up DPOY seems allright (they undervalue MLBs)
        Carson if healthy should have 1200-1400 yards (unless they use Penny and Prosise a lot)
        I think Ansah and Clowney 10+ is a bit tall order. I think one of them might have 10+ sacks, but not both. I’ll be happy if together they have 15 sacks

  12. Starhawk29

    I have to say, this prediction to me feels very much like it could have been written last year. I find that the reason that early predictions are so often wrong is because we tend to base things off of the previous year too heavily. For instance, I think Carolina is a far more dangerous team than anyone is giving them credit for, they’re very cyclical and due for a rebound.

    I should say that I respect you’re reporting more than just about anyone that covers the Seahawks, but to me this just feels like an overly safe prediction. As someone mentioned above, many playoff teams are not destined to repeat, and there is usually one surprise contender that falls apart. Last year it was Pittsburg. My point is, I wouldn’t doubt that there will be 4 new teams in the playoffs if not more, and one of the top 4 (NO, LAR, NE, KC) take a big step back.

    No matter what, I can’t wait for real football and more great articles from SDB!

    • Rob Staton

      1. Last year I predicted 8 or 9 wins and if you check the archives I was speaking in very, very, very different terms. Last year was a clear reset year. I said regaining their identity alone would be a positive. The team had issues and did well to achieve 10 wins. That’s a pole apart from suggesting the Seahawks are a contender but not one of the top echelon teams as I have done this year. So I reject strongly the notion that this is based on last year. The two assessments couldn’t be more different.

      2. The Panthers’ O-line is a hot mess. Cam Newton has already been hurt in a pre-season game. They’re starting Daryl Williams at left tackle. They started strongly last year but as soon as Cam got hurt that was it. Complete and utter collapse. Maybe they will be good this year but I’m not sure how anyone can trust that O-line to keep Cam healthy. They’re also relying on D.J. Moore making a step in year two and Greg Olsen has been on the brink of retiring for two years. They’ve spent a ton of money on defensive tackles and yet they’re relying on soon-to-be 32-year-old Bruce Irvin and a rookie Brian Burns for sacks off the edge.

      3. It’s not a safe prediction. It’s an honest one. I’m not going to write ’12 wins!’ just for the sake of being ‘daring’ if I don’t believe in it. Neither am I going to predict playoff teams based purely on the notion that, ‘well usually the same teams don’t make it’. I’ve gone with what I think. I’m not mixing things up for the sake of it.

      • Starhawk29

        Rob, I only want to make clear that I am not saying your prediction is the same as what you wrote last year, but rather is close to where the seahawks actually were in 2018. Your prediction last year was spot on and there is no question the hawks overachieved. My only critique is that I think the NFC is much more wide open this year, and I can’t help but feel as though there will be more than a few surprises. It’s not your job to predict those surprises, but I do feel like it is a bit too conservative to say 10 of the 12 playoff teams from the year before will return.

        This isn’t a Panthers blog, so we don’t have to get into it, I just see a pattern to their success and expect them to bounce back.

        Lastly, I respect your honesty, it’s something too often missing in journalism. It’s absolutely right of you to write what you think will happen, I guess we just have different mindsets on predictions. Personally, I tend to favor overall patterns in the NFL rather than the details of the football teams. Like any method, it works only to a certain point and has a tendency to miss outliers, but I’ve found over the last few years that it often serves as a decent method for figuring out playoff teams.

        Thanks again for the amazing work, already starting to get hyped for the 2020 draft!

  13. Pran

    Its a mental thing with Goff and Rams. I wont be surprised if they miss playoffs.

    • Rob Staton

      They seemed to be just fine mentally the last two years.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Unfortunately, that is an understatement.

      • Pran

        With that SB disaster and Goff…let’s see. If they win the division kudos to McVay!
        It was a fresh start and a dream run last 2 years…not so much this year.

        • Rob Staton

          In fairness that SB disaster was against Brady and Belichick.

  14. Brazilian Hawk

    Seahawks record: 12-4
    I think kicking woes have been undervalued in the past two seasons. Seahawks have gamechanging talent all around special teams and I do believe we’ll do a lot better than people expect next season. Our expectations are way too low on Ansah, and if Clowney and Ford meet expectations, this team will have very dominant defense against the run and we have the best coverage linebackers so I think this defense can be good overall. I assume in this projection that at least one of Collier, Blair or Amadi peak their rookie potential. We know what we’ll get with the offense and we can all agree that is top 10 O.

    AFC: New England, KC, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Chargers, Baltimore
    I can’t bet against New England, they have the easiest schedule in the league and they have geniuses running the show. Crazy to believe that KC still has room for improvement, but they will still have problems handling Chargers and Denver. Brisett will show maturity to help this very balanced roster win his division.

    NFC: Rams, Saints, Cowboys, Vikings, Philadelphia, Seahawks
    Even a 12-4 Seahawks ain’t having a better record than Rams, they are too good offensively and it’s very easy to build around a defense around Donald. Saints are still a powerhouse. Cowboys is playing 1st seed level football but their peers are just too good and I believe Mike Zimmer will come out victorious again from a very difficult NFC North.

    SB pick: I don’t bet against Belichick anymore.

  15. Uncle Bob

    I’m with ya on the 10 – 6, maybe even 9 – 7, but it’ll look better than last year. Still, roughly a third of the team are first and second year guys, plus some newbs with more experience. 3 of the 4 D line likely starters are new. It’s going to take a few games for these guys to get used to working together to be their most efficient. That dove tails with a PC team historically being slow starters on the season as well as within each game. Could be a rough first quarter of the season. But there’s a lot of talent here that could surprise if development ripens more quickly.

    Many feel that the offense has made a big leap, but that is only partially true. Can we really expect Prosise to last? I’d love it if he did, but he hasn’t earned any trust. The receivers are good/scary at the same time. Potential yes, but proven? No. This is not the slam on Russ that many will assume, but he has a real aversion to interceptions. That’s a good thing. However, it manifests in his losing confidence in receivers who jeopardize that objective. Without Baldwin he only, effectively, has Lockett who’s high on his trust feelings. Brown, especially toward last season’s end, was minimalized and had few targets (for all that Schotty “takes blame” it’s Russ’s choice during live action). Perhaps that’s changed of necessity, but we don’t know that yet. Of the new guys I would only speculate on Ursua having the demonstrated skill sets to be sufficiently open on a routine basis. If his hands are equally reliable he might be trusted. The others, including DK, will have to earn Russ’s trust……….enthusiastic endorsements from Russ not withstanding. Historically WRs need time to develop.

    I think the Rams won’t be as good as last season. Age, and deterioration will impact many of their stars to some degree. The more savvy defensive coordinators will pick up on what NE taught in the super bowl. Those that have the ability to change the defensive alignment within the 15 second dead headset period will be able to capitalize on Goff’s inability to adjust without guidance from The Little General. Is Norton that good? I have my doubts, but maybe. As Rob says, SF and the Invincible Jimmy G are over rated, so while they should be marginally better, they probably aren’t making that wholesale leap that a gushing media pushes. And one should wonder if the rumored dissention between Lynch and Shanahan is a factor.

    Regardless, watching our guys grow into their roles should be entertaining, and with some good recruiting/drafting next year the 2020 Seahawks may be too tough to tame.

  16. astro.domine

    -Seahawks Record
    12-4 (losses: @Clevland, @Philly, @LA, @Atl)

    -NFC Division Winners
    Green Bay, New Orleans, Philly, Seattle

    -AFC Division Winners
    Cleveland, Jacksonville, New England, Kansas City

    -NFC Wildcards
    LA, Minnesota

    -AFC Wildcards
    Baltimore, LAC


    -#1 pick

    • astro.domine

      I just have a feeling about this year’s team. I think they have the talent and the mindset.
      That said, here’s three things that could derail them:
      1. Injuries to Clowney or Ansah
      2. Injuries or regression at CB
      3. None of the young WRs step up

  17. Edgar

    Once again Rob is the voice of reason in a post Clowney trade frenzy here in Seattle. After going down the schedule week by week, I have a real hard time finding more than 11 possible wins. Now, if by some chance Seattle bucks their usual slow start and come out of the box hot these first 6 games, 12 is up there dangling in the vaulted ceiling rafters. All I ask is the injury gods take it easy on us this year. That to me is more important than ever.

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      I think this is the comment I agree with most.

      Also, Rob has it right, as usual, on his predictions. However, the predictions are rational, reasoned and just a little boring. (until Rob got fired up about Herbert!) The first thing I thought when Justin Herbert was mentioned was that Eason is going to be a better pro. It is unlikely he goes higher in the draft, but possible. Herbert might just be a big wussie hippie boy from Eugene. The physical and mental toughness just seem lacking. I hope I am wrong, but we will all get to see. The head to head with Eason will be telling.

      The Rams/Sheep were lucky to have a good backup RB last year. This year it is Darrell Henderson. ( who is that?) They got “figured out” by Belichick and that may help some of the teams they face this year. My prediction is that this and health wear them down by the end of the year and they fall early in the playoffs. Also, some people in LA notice.

      The Seahawks ball control offense will help counter the shallow depth on the defense. They will spend less time on the field and hopefully get fewer injuries. The offensive guards scare me as well. The season will depend on players health and availability, especially the two offensive guards and two Defensive ends. The wild card will be sacks and turnovers. With enough of those they could go all the way.

  18. charlietheunicorn

    2 exhibits of how to run a front office and negotiate the salary cap effectively:

    1) JS, we all know what he has done and where the Seahawks sit salary cap wise…. pretty good.

    2) JJ, we have seen 2 monster deals done with the Cowboys. However, they have at least 2 more monster deals to get done…. and are rapidly running out of cap space / flexibility. They are not in cap hell yet, but they are rapidly approaching a cliff.

    Good thing I support Seattle, because Dallas is starting to look like a gong show.

  19. Michigan 12th

    Rob entertaining piece. I wont make any predictions, but wouldn’t argue with yours.

    However, I would take Wilson over Mahomes any day and not because I am a homer but because Wilson is a better QB. I think Mahomes is good really good, but I side 100% with Cowherd, Wilson is the better QB and therefor the better player.

    Donald one of the best, Brady the best player in football until he is not. But Brady is the best and I really really hate having to admit that.

  20. CHawk Talker Eric

    Fun post. I know you did some serious deliberation and made some serious predictions, but I’m not taking it too seriously. After all, it’s not even opening kickoff yet.

    I think the NFCn is the most unpredictable division in the NFL this year. Any of CHI, GBP or MIN could go 10-6/11-5 and take the division. Or they could beat up on each other such that the division winner is only 9-7, but still a tough out in the playoffs.

    Also have a hard time calling the NFCe. DAL are primed to have that break out year they’ve been teetering on for a decade. They have the personnel, but they’ve a habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. PHI are the more disciplined and reliable team. They probably take the division, but the DAL roster makes it far from certain.

    I have a hard time taking CAR seriously with their OL and with Newton always injured. Yeah, yeah, I know they have some good skill players with McCaffrey, Samuel and Moore, and one of the better starting front 7 defenses. But some of their stars are aging, they don’t have much depth, their defensive backfield are suspect, and they were a hot mess last year down the stretch, losing 7 of the last 8 games. Not convinced of ATL either. I think NOS walk away with the NFCs and lock up at least the #2 playoff berth in the conference. They could finish #1.

    Not sure who wins the AFCs. I think both HOU and IND will exceed expectations. Maybe that’s not saying a lot given the offseason HOU have had, and the sudden and unexpected retirement of Luck.

    In the AFCn, CLE will excite in some games, but they’re not quite ready to make the post season. PIT will take the division. BAL and CIN have rough seasons.

    I hope NYJ can at least make NEP work for their division. Lord knows they won’t face any competition from MIA or BUF.

    I think LAC have the roster to challenge KCC, but they always seem to be plagued by persistent injuries to key players. If I was a betting man, I’d put my money on KCC. But I also wouldn’t count out the Chargers.

    I’m not convinced LAR will win the NFCw. It could all come down to the second game against SEA in LA in December. I’m not expecting SEA to sweep the Rams, and I think they’ll have to if they want to win the division, but it’s possible. Pretty happy with the timing of their bye week this year in week 11. 2/3 of the way through the season is a good spot for a break.

    This has been a phenomenal offseason for SEA. Easily the best since 2012, and maybe even better considering the extensions to key players and how little draft they started with. I hope Schneider gets the recognition he justly deserves. Let’s face it, a deep run into the post season would cement his status as (one of) the League’s best GMs.

  21. ValleyHawk

    I’m betting a nickel on the Hawks (33 to 1) to win the Super Bowl. Been waiting all year to determine if they meet my standards, after this offseason it’s a “no brainer”. First time since I bet on the Giants to win the SuperBowl (Bet$300 on them in 2011) that a team has met my standards.

  22. Aaron Bostrom

    I think that’s a fair prediction, Rob. I could certainly see the winning 11 games, but the schedule is tough and the secondary and WR are a little weak and raw. However, Pete always makes the secondary decent. Second, WR has never been a focal point of the Seahawks, so I don’t think that weakness is crippling. If key contributors stay healthy and the rookies come to play, I think the ceiling for this team is greater, but I don’t think we can expect that before seeing it.

  23. Gaux Hawks

    A Jachai Polite turnaround story would speak volumes about this organization. Not easy, but hope something clicks inside him. Rob, what were your pre-draft thoughts on JP? LEO candidate?

    • Hawktalker#1


      Fingers crossed they can get him back performing like he did in college!!!

  24. ZB

    I think winning 10 games is just about our limit this year. However this season turns out it’s going to be fun watching these new players.

  25. Denver Hawker

    I made the same prediction- 10 feels right.

    Intriguing question marks for improved player development (Ifedi, Griffin (CB), Flowers, Ford, Thompson) as well as new faces and injury returns (Clowney, Ansah, KJ, Iupati). Experience at WR/TE and the difficult schedule are also variables.

    If forced to predict more granular- I’d say O-Line outperforms giving Russel time to throw and have a similar season to last year. Lockett tops a 1000 but no other receiver hits 500, spreading the ball around. Front 7 makes a top 10 defense by scoring and rushing yards allowed, but passing proved to be porous again giving up too many 3rd and long conversions. Griffin has hit his ceiling and Nickle/Safety inexperience gets exploited. Special teams will help keep games close (no blowout losses) but they’ll lose several “winnable games”.

    Hawks have stars to be good, but too much inexperience on the corners (WR/Secondary) to be great. I’d love to be proven wrong on the field of course.

  26. EranUngar

    Since we all post our thoughts…I will post mine:

    I think this team is significantly better than the shell shocked 2018 roster after losing so much key players and having to adjust to new coaching staff on both sides of the ball.

    I honestly believe that this is an 11-12 wins team and we’ll know it by the end of the month. (if they manage to get a W at PIT and at home vs NO – they are a 12 win team)

    In my opinion, only 2 games are certain losses – at RAMS and at EAGLES. Everything else is open. They will likely lose another 2-3 on off days but i see 11-5 as the floor for this roster.

    Last year, the only people who believed this team is a playoff team were on the roster (k.j. wags…) and the HC. This year it’s the same.

    I didn’t post my hommer prediction last year b ut I am posting it this year. The Seahaws will win the NFC west and will be a team no one will want to face when winter is here.

  27. Phil

    Comparing the 2019 Seahawks with last year’s team, I think the biggest areas for potential improvement are on offense and on special teams. I expect the defense to continue to keep us in most games.

    On offense, because of injuries in the preseason and PC’s gamesmanship in not showing his hand, we haven’t really seen the effects of having DK on the team. IF he can utilize his speed and size to present a fearsome downfield and red zone threat, he will make opponents play with a deep safety which should help Carson and our running game. My dream scenario has DK drawing double coverage allowing Lockett to have a monster season.

    On special teams, replacing Walsh with Myers should add a game or two to the win column.

    One last comment, winning our games at home used to be almost a given. Opposing teams didn’t want to play the Seahawks in Seattle. One way the 12s can help the team is by putting down their cell phones and creating the noise that will help Clowney/Ansah/Collier/Reed to wreak havoc on opposing offenses — the way things were in the past before season ticket holders began selling their “extra” tickets to folks who were more interested in sending selfies to friends/family than in getting their heads and hearts into the game.

  28. Logan Lynch

    I’ll go with 11 wins for SEA. The homer in me wants to say 12. If they can get through the tough early schedule without Reed, they will really gain some traction and carry it through the rest of the season.

    As for the rest of the NFC, I think GB is way overrated. Management did the exact opposite of what they should’ve done and brought in a coach that Rodgers will push around and the new-ish GM is throwing tons of money at free agents. They might be a dumpster fire in a few years, especially as Rodgers ages.

    • Volume12

      Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Green Bay management is potentially wasting another year of one of the 10 greatest QBs of all-time?

      • Logan Lynch

        But the team is owned by the fans, Vol!

  29. icb12

    You gave us some legitimate reasons to stop laughing at the Texans..

    But is there any reason we can’t laugh at the Raiders? 🙂

    • Rob Staton

      No… laugh away 😂

      • D-OZ

        OH!!! The Texans will be a contender in the South this year. Who is going to challenge them? 9-7 may be the division winner this year…

        • Rob Staton

          Texans won 11 games a year ago. And now they’ve invested in the OL and Andrew Luck is gone. Houston might win a first round bye.

          • D-OZ

            Agree. They should win more than 9.

    • Sea Mode

      Jim Nagy

      If we were the Raiders we’d seriously consider making an addition-by-subtraction cut with AB and sign @keelandoss
      off the Jaguars practice squad.

      9:39 PM · Sep 5, 2019

      👆 This.

  30. Robeetle12

    OMG ….Antonio Brown is the tool of all tools. He would give the band Toll a run for their money for the name. So glad we stayed far away.

    • Robeetle12

      I meant TOOL not toll….Hahahaha. I can’t even spell check….embarrassed emoticon.

      • Murphy

        Except Tool are the Seahawks of bands. Incredibly loyal and passionate fan base, a unique style that is often imitated but never duplicated, a history of giving quirky interviews, and in the end unbelievably talented and amazing to watch. Also to your point, I’m so happy I get to root for players like Lockett!!

  31. wallaSean

    This feels like 11-5 to me,

    Our strengths hide some of our weaknesses. The run game is key on both sides. Strong rushing game out of the gate and we can roll with the tight ends early and ease the new guys in. Combine some ball control, the best LB core and a deep rotation on the D-line and we can get back to being a top ten Defense. Even as the secondary pieces fall into place, the play of the front seven (especially after week 6) could provide plenty of chances for our young play makers in the secondary. Throw in an improvement at Kicker and I think we can go 5-1 in the division by not inventing yet another way to blow an ugly division game that neither team deserves to win. Rob is right, the smart money is at 10-6 ($125 at +185 for me :)) I just have a feeling they will hand the Rams a couple of losses, and the one in the playoffs gets them to the NFC championship.

  32. Tony


    Antonio brown, released by raiders. Signed by the cowboys week 3, strips nude and takes a dump in his helmet and dances around it like a sombrero in week 5 in the 3rd quarter of a losing game. Then retires after game calling Jerry jones racist. Starts a podcast and a reality show where he walks around slapping people screaming “I’m Antonio brown, b****!”

    None of you can definitively say it’s not a strong possibilty.

    • Volume12

      I’d like to tell you that would be the craziest thing an NFL WR has ever done. But I’d be lying to you.

      -Rae Carruth hiding in the trunk of a car after committing a murder.
      -Michael Irvin stabbed a teammate with a pair of scissors
      -Nate Burleson breaking his arm trying to save a pizza.
      -Brian Blades and his cousin
      -Tyreek Hill’s never ending saga
      -Plaxico Burress shooting himself in a nightclub
      -Michael Westbrook beating the sh** out of his teammate at TC

      • Volume12

        Vontaze Burfict being the one to hold Antonio Brown back from teeing off on Mike Mayock. j/k

        • Saxon

          Steve Smith breaking Ken Lucas’s jaw
          Percy Harvin body slamming Golden Tate
          Golden Tate body slamming Wilson’s wife…. allegedly.

    • gmoney

      Thats just too funny!! Thanks.

    • Simo

      OMG, to funny!! We all know he really hates that new helmet though…

  33. UkAlex6674

    Seahawks 11-5. We win in Cleveland, Philly and Pittsburgh though.

    NFC Divisional Winners – Eagles, Packers, Saints, and going with Seahawks by one game over LA.

    NFC Wildcard – Rams, Vikings

    NFC. Champs – Eagles

    AFC Divisionals – Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Cheifs

    AFC Wildcard – Jets, Chargers

    AFC Champs – Cheifs

    Superbowl – Cheifs

  34. Huso Liszt

    For me, now that the the Seahawks pretty-gooood-looking-on-paper roster is set, the question of whether they will hit their floor of 9-7and barely miss the playoffs, or reach their ceiling of 12-4 and maybe get to the SB depends largely on two variables: The first is luck with injuries; the second is the play of Russel Wilson. I think we can all agree on RW’s upside and potential greatness, but there are maddening ticks to be ironed out for him to achieve his true greatness:He hangs onto the ball too long over and over again, even on short range passes, and so all too often his shorter passes are forced out a kilowatt too hot; the offense fails to hit a rhythm, and there are maddening quarters when Wilson can’t sustain a drive, leaving the defense pinned to the field too long without a rest. One of the seldom mentioned consequences of RW hanging on to the ball too long is that on top of increasing the probability of a sack it also increases the probability of a holding penalty. How many three and out series have we seen with a two yard first down run, a dripped too hot short range pass making it third and eight, a holding penalty on third and eight taking us out of field goal range?

    The good news is that RW recognizes his own weaknesses. I believe he works on them relentlessly. He was a little better last year. I thought he looked great this spring. There was a quickness from snap to release, and an ease, a touch, on short throws, that looked better than ever. If he can sustain this ease under the pressure of a real NFL game, I predict the Hawks go 12-4.

    • Matt

      Wilson (and Carroll) want to avoid turnovers. If Wilson is holding onto the ball it’s because he’s decided that there is now an acceptable open target.

      Are you willing to accept more INTs for fewer sacks?

      I’m fine with Wilson’s decision making as turnovers are killers.

  35. gmoney

    Nice take Rob as always! But I strongly disagree on Rams. I’ll be shocked if they win 9 games.

    This is a classic example of when mid-season ESPN panel of stooges tries to figure out what went wrong and how crazy of a surprise it is that Rams are under 500. When you look back all signs are there:

    1. Gurley – he is/was 90% of that Offense; have you ever heard of knee arthritis getting better?! If he plays at all he’ll be much more limited.

    2. McVey – sure is a ‘genius’ however NFL now has 2 years of tape on him and end of last season this offense was slowing down already. Then got embarrassed in SB by scoring 3 pts. Remember Chip Kelly genius? Yeah, lets see how he adapts now that whole league knows how to stop it.

    3. Goff – he is mediocre. Great arm/throwing ability but (as Cal’s alumni pains me to say it) not-the-brightest guy having big trouble reading defenses. If puppet master McVey does not tell Pinokio where to throw he has no clue (15 sec headset cutoff was exposed by Belichick)

    4. NFL Favors – call against Saints was obvious but there were many calls throughout last year (i’ve seen 10+ of Rams games). Most importantly their schedule / travel was engineered to ensure they start hot and get going. They played first month in Cali and first 2 months on west coast only. Gotta make sure LA market can support new team; 8-0 start is nice which brings next point

    5. Front-runners – McVey and Goff do not come across as ones that can bring struggling teams back. Let’s see how wheels fall off if they start slow. Remember showboating Cam when Panthers went 15-1? not so much year after they got embarrassed in SB and started 1-5. Easy to play downhill. Imagine Talib/ Peterson-likes losing their minds when season slips away.

    6. Defense – Donald is a monster but aging crew around not so much. Very bad against the run and having possibly worst starting CB in NFL.

    7. Seahawks – our not so great team last year lost by 2 and 5 points. PC/JS constructed this roster to specifically destroy Rams gameplan – front seven to contain edges, stop the run and make Goff beat you. Not to mention we can run on Rams all day.
    I’ll go crazy and predict we beat Rams both times this year – I’m more scared of 49ers D-line. Seahawks 5-1 in this division; 2-0 on Rams

    8. Health – they enjoyed unusual health last 2 years especially having so many old players (Whitworth, Talib etc). How long can it last? Regression will catch up.

    Not Seahawks rose-glasses perspective – just some points to chew on.

    I’ll eat crow if they win 12/13 games but I got Rams at 8-8 possibly going even worse if they start slow.

    • Edgar

      I don’t care if your take reads like someone trying super hard to discredit the Rams everywhere, I hope you are right!

    • wallaSean

      I see the Rams regressing a bit too, plenty of good reasons to choose from. I don’t see them sweeping the Hawks, that’s the only way they get to 12 wins.

    • Del tre

      You’re forgetting that they lost their best offensive linemen in Rodger Saffold and their pro bowl center Sullivan, those losses are going to hurt. It will be hard for Goff to develop with no preseason, I really don’t think that decision by McVay was smart, I’ve heard again and again that your off-season, your camp, getting some snaps in during the preseason, is typically going to help you as the year goes on because your body needs to adjust to football.

      I’m also predicting a 7-8 win season for the Rams, they built that offense off of Gurley and have not replacement and a significantly worse offensive line, that doesn’t bode well, especially when an already poor defense loses talent and tries to replace it with slower, older players who are well past their prime.
      I think they start off 0-2, end up 2-2, and then my hope is that with a loss to us they lose their grip. I’m not really sure who they have that will be able to keep up with D.K on a go or a slant, on top of that their defense is way too slow to catch Penny if we get him into space.

    • McZ

      Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib worst starting CBs? Or are you talking about Robey-Coleman?

  36. DC

    Random thought here. If we draft Jabari Zuniga next year would that help Jachai Polite keep it together? Reunite the 🐊s

    • Edgar

      Thing is, if Polite does actually improve and act like an adult, he won’t last on the practice squad into October. Someone will take the baton from the Seahawks and put him on their 53 man roster. So I’m guessing there is a 3 week time table to either kick him loose or have him take Shaq’s spot on the roster sooner than later to protect him IF he turns the corner.

  37. RWIII

    I just heard the K.J. Wright interview with John Clayton. Wright sounded very “EXCITED”. K.J. said this defense might be faster than the 2013 defense. It sounds to me that K.J. Wright with all the blitzing packages. He said you don’t know where the blitz is coming from. Both Clayton/K.J. Wright are talking about 11-12 wins. That is exactly what I was thinking. Make no mistake about it. The schedule is much more difficult than last year. But in my opinion this team is miles ahead of last year. The KEY. Can these guys stay healthy. I know the NFC is brutal. But I think the Seahawks are the bully boys of the NFL. Remember last year. In both games against the Rams the Seahawks were in both games until the bitter end.

  38. Pickering

    The on-paper starting Oline line looks good, but given injury histories I worry about its depth. Pocic, Hunt, Fant and then…? It will be interesting to see which if any current Olinemen will be given extensions. I think next year the team will add several Olineman through the draft and free agency.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m willing to bet there’s no NFL team in the league with great depth on the OL.

      • McZ

        Eagles and Ravens have very competent second string units.

  39. CHawk Talker Eric

    Greg Bell reports that DK Metcalf will play Sunday vs CIN. If that’s accurate, what an amazing recovery! Makes me feel rather bullish about his longevity, notwithstanding durability concerns in college. Great football family. Love the tidbit that it’s his dad’s first NFL game as a spectator. Lots of warm fuzzy feel good energy around this team. Can’t wait to watch them work together.

    From the article:

    “Carroll was characteristically coy this week when asked if Metcalf is going to [be] limited by a snap count Sunday against the Bengals. He’s poised to start in his NFL debut, as the split end on the line opposite the tight end as the number-two receiving target of Russell Wilson, after Tyler Lockett.

    ‘I guess we’ll have to wait and find out,’ Carroll said, as he usually does with playing time for those returning from injury.

    But Metcalf’s playing. His parents, Terrence and Tonya are flying across the country to CenturyLink Field see their son stand on the sidelines for his NFL game Sunday.

    ‘They are (excited),’ Metcalf said.

    He said his parents haven’t been to an NFL game since his dad’s last one as a Chicago Bears offensive lineman. That was in 2008.

    Read more here: https://www.thenewstribune.com/sports/nfl/seattle-seahawks/article234765067.html#storylink=cpy

    • Sea Mode

      Maybe he’s a “healer”, like PC always called Luke Willson.

      Don’t care how many snaps he takes, just want him to catch one bomb from RW and hear CenturyLink go nuts!

      • rowlandice

        I posted right after they drafted him – first play of the season is a play action fake to Carson with a DEEP pass to DK!

  40. Kenny Sloth

    Either both these teams are playoff teams or neither are

    • Tony

      I’m thinking packers are. Bears have the defense but trubisky looks like a mess. If bears cant run the ball better I dont see them being over .500.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I think GBP defense is a little better than advertised

        CHI offense is a little worse. Woof!

        If the Bears can’t get their run game established, it’s gonna be a long season for Mitch.

        Both defenses look like playoff caliber units. The difference in this game was Aaron Rodgers. As usual.

      • charlietheunicorn

        I thought the Packers defense looked fast and played pretty sound overall. They missed a couple of gift INT opportunities, but were getting good pressure on the QB almost the whole night.

        Bears LG Cody Whitehair got worked on the last drive of the game. 3rd down play was a bullrush and the 4th down play was a DE stunt…. ending the Bears slim chances for a come from behind victory.

        As they say in the business, you take a victory any way you can get it… Packers 1-0.

    • Henry Taylor

      Imagine how good this bears team would be if they’d taken Watson or Mahomes. Never understood why Trubisky was the QB1 in that class.

      • Awsi Dooger

        Traditional scouting is horribly applied. That’s what happened. Everything in Trubisky’s resume screamed that he never should have been taken ahead of those guys. He didn’t start in college until his fourth year in the program. That might be a minor hint that you’re not getting a superstar. I have no idea how this scouts are so clueless to ignore or downgrade how a player has always rated in comparison to his peers, as opposed to the garbage of whether or not he looks the part.

        Similarly I can’t imagine an NFL team being dense enough to draft Justin Herbert first overall. Just look at his eyes and facial expression every time he is interviewed. No threat of swagger or confidence. He’s just waiting for things to go wrong. Mahomes had tons of freelancing and question marks but nobody ever questioned his self belief. Jordan Love has tons more field animation and determination than Herbert ever shows.

        • Rob Staton

          I find it a bit strange though that in one post you’ve criticised teams for their odd methods of scouting and then quickly move on to scouting Justin Herbert via the means of ‘looking at his eyes during interviews because he has no swagger’.

          Because the likes of Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson and Jared Goff are all about that swag. They are soooooo cool. It’s like Snoop Dogg has turned his hand to the game.

          • RealRhino2

            I don’t think swagger in this sense is about being cool, it’s about self-confidence and presence. I agree with his opinion to some extent, and that’s kind of what I was getting at with my comments re Herbert not being a winner. I’m not scouting off his team’s W-L record, I’m talking about Herbert never seems to step up and deliver in tough/big moments.

            Take the Auburn game, where he had a shot at a hail mary but instead sailed the pass 10 yards out of the end zone.

            • Rob Staton

              Paralysis by analysis.

              ‘He doesn’t look right during interviews’

              ‘His Hail Mary wasn’t accurate’

              I’ll say it again… Mahomes is clearly a failure then because he didn’t win enough games in college.

              He’s also a bit geeky and lacks ‘swag’ during interviews.

              That’s not how you judge talent, guys.

  41. Paul Cook

    I’m watching the Bears/Packers game. Thank GOD! we’ve got Russell Wilson. I’m going to say it right here right now. The Bears will never, I repeat, NEVER win a Super Bowl with Mitch Trubisky at quarterback. They may be a playoff team, but never a Super Bowl team. This guy will NOT be worth the mega-extension. No way, no how, unless they’re stupid.

    We must NEVER forget how lucky we are as Hawks’ fans to have a franchise QB like Russell Wilson. It just plain SUCKS when you don’t have the QB position nailed down.

    • Volume12

      Well, yeah. A 5-6 Y/A passer ain’t gonna cut the mustard jack.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure the Bears will even make the playoffs. They rely totally on defense. The offense is a gadget offense.

      And maybe certain former members of the LOB should take notice of what an elite defense with a crappy QB looks like.

      • Gaux Hawks

        …well timed jab

      • king.

        Pure gold.

  42. WALL UP

    It could be that the identity of the new front seven just got some edge added to Defense. With all of the athletic ability and strength JD possesses, he plays a little nasty too, giving a little jab, swipe, or snipe that opponents do not care for. JD is a little nasty at times. He’s going to bring “a lil swag wit it”.

    I think they resign him. Watching tape of his technique and how he finishes plays, JD is “a bad man”, in how he throws ball carriers around, snatches OTs aside. He adds a toughness to the DL that they need to bring that swag back. Watching him is going to be fun to see.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Agreed. Very excited and interested in watching our two new bookends and seeing how they change our DL and team. Not to mention LJ and possibly Polite. How cool would it be if Polite turned it around and joined the 53? Incredible.

      • WALL UP

        The players have a lot of respect for JD as well, i.e., J. Reed is now #91 and JD is back to #90.

  43. Volume12

    I wonder how much Seattle liked Jachai Polite before his disastrous pre-draft.

    GB has some awesome young talent on that D-line.

    Bears have a killer, bordering on elite defense but not much else.

    Legit question. Have the Bears ever had anything at WR?

    • Sea Mode

      RE: Polite. PC said the other day that they “studied him very carefully and were surprised that he was available”.

      Legit question. Have the Bears ever had anything at WR?

      Yes: injuries.

      • Rob Staton

        The key with Polite IMO is whether he’s still here in a week or two. If he is — he’s responding to their coaching and they think he’s worth persevering with. If he’s gone — then we know he’s blown his second chance.

        • McZ

          We are one of two franchises able to repair such non-careers. The Pats being the other, taking advantage of the Raiders-Melifonwu-mess.

      • WALL UP

        And remember, Pete doesn’t give up on players too easy, particularly if they’re showing something.

      • McZ

        The Bears rungame was also not rolling. Not keeping Jordan Howard was a major mistake.

      • Volume12

        Other than Curtis Conway, Who? I’m racking my brain here.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Willie Gault
          Brandon Marshall
          Devin Hester

          That’s about it

          • Volume12

            Gault is a good one. Hester is arguably the best returner ever, don’t really rhibk of him as a wideout though. 🤷‍♂️

        • B.A.

          Bobby Engram was a Bear before he was a Seahawk and was pretty legit for them. That’s 20 years ago though.

    • icb12

      Well at one time or another the bears have had Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall. Maybe not all-time talents, but pretty dang good receivers really.

      But I imagine among their most productive pass catchers have been Matt Forte, Walter Payton and Mike Ditka.

      • icb12

        They also had James Scott in the early 80s… He’s got to be up there on the list. Productive WR. Ironically got cut by Mike Ditka. Ended up in Jail for something. Shooting a guy I think.

  44. Robeetle12

    That game was a snoozefest. Punt, punt punt……and punt.

    SO glad we have RW and I hope he never leaves Seattle.

    • Rob Staton

      To be fair — that to me was the quintessential week one NFL game. So many are absolutely dreadful. It seems offense needs time to find a grove — not only in Seattle.

  45. Georgia Hawk

    I wish the coach and GM of the year awards were more about actual off season work and less about which team got a star player back from injury to win 5 more games than the year before. The off-season JS just had was absolutely incredible to watch. He pulled the trigger on trading Clark at the absolute perfect time, worked the draft over masterfully, and picked up 2 ends for peanuts to fill the Clark void. Then you add in the extensions, and bargain FAs. Really the only loss I see is losing Calitro.

    Lets say the Hawks win 11 this year, a 1 game improvement. To me that will be the cherry on top as I think this years schedules is much more difficult and and I think the team is much better in terms of depth and seasonal sustainability.

    • WALL UP

      Agreed, with the assessment of JS, he is E.O.Y. without question. I think the rest of the league has seen JS’s acquisitions as well. The Colt’s GM spoke glowingly about JS prior to acquiring Ziggy & JD. He may just get his due this time. The team just might put it over the top if they go to the SB.

      They may have made right decision with Calitro though. Barton & BBK play the same spots as Calitro, and Griffin is a better ST player. Frankly, Calitro is better off playing where he can be a starting LB. The whole team is happy for him getting a chance to further his career, with some starter money on the horizon. I doubt if he would have that opportunity here.

      • Georgia Hawk

        True re: Calitro. I think I see it as a loss more due to selfish reasons of wanting a damn good back up there and ready when/if the big 3 go down. I am not at all convinced Quem can cut it as a true 3 down LB. Amazing special teams value though.

        • WALL UP

          Quem has had a log on his shoulder his entire life, and he keeps fighting. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him flying around the field on STs, and when asked to, get after the QB. He’s done it before when doubted, I think he’ll do it again.

    • cha

      Well there’s only one trophy that matters.

      Besides, Exec OTY is the maybe the dumbest award. Grigson won it after drafting Andrew Luck #1. Boy that guy sure worked hard on that one.

      The worst example might be Chicago GM Pace. He won it after stripping the org of future talent in trades for Trubisky and Mack. He did have a couple good drafts, but he’s sold the team’s future for a bite at the apple in 2018 and 2019. 2020 there’s gonna be a lot of bleeding. Is that an Exec you want running your team? I don’t.

  46. WALL UP

    Besides perhaps finding another team to play for, which he probably will, AB may be in need of Good therapy. It’s sad to see such talent go to waste.

    • Rob Staton

      IDK. I keep seeing this. I don’t know why people are saying this. Maybe it’s just a 2019 thing. Everyone needs therapy these days. Makes you wonder how we won two world wars. To me the guy just seems like a jerk with more money than sense.

      • WALL UP

        Anger & aggression is something that we all have to keep in check at times. Random outbursts over matters that are normally handled professionally, sets a pattern of erratic behavior. AB has been in the league long enough to know where lines are drawn. He just sadly keeps stepping over those lines.

        I’m with Gruden about AB, he is a good person. He just needs a little help to allow himself to have a better grasp upon how to handle adverse circumstances, without getting ugly about it. Right now, things have gotten ugly.

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah, let him off the hook.

          He’s a grown adult. Take responsibility for your actions and be a man. Simple.

          • WALL UP

            There are consequences for bad actions made in life. For AB, those are personal and financial. He’s personally digging himself into a deep, deep hole. Financially, he’s losing millions of $$$!

            You might say I share the positive perspective that Pete projects towards individuals, and understands the makeup of a troubled soul. There’s always a chance to reach an individual until you can’t.

            Personally, I don’t know AB. But, I’ve seen so many just like him struggle with their identity in life, and their efforts to conform to societies’ norms. Some can be reached for before it’s too late. AB may be one of those that can be reached.

            Society has a way of being judgmentally harsh against things that are not in alignment with it’s norms. You know me Rob, I think there’s a way to reach those that might go on their own path, to a certain degree. AB just needs to be “Coached Up”, in order to gain the right perspective.

            • cha

              “You might say I share the positive perspective that Pete projects towards individuals, and understands the makeup of a troubled soul.”

              I 100% can’t align with this. To equate PC’s ethos with a coddling of AB is near insulting to the positive approach he’s cultivated over the years.

              PC lets players be themselves but within team bounds. He understands players need to express themselves in non-conventional means (Marshawn) but he cuts bait when players are a detriment to the team.

              AB screaming profanities and slurs at the GM and needing to be separated from him physically (by Vontaze Burfict of all people!) isn’t even in the same universe as what PC allows on his squads.

              Get some perspective here. AB’s conduct is way out of bounds. C’mon man.

              • WALL UP

                I think you are misunderstanding my inference to PC regarding AB situation. PC has done wonders in bridging the gap with individuals that don’t go along with society’s norms. I doubt that Mayock, or Gruden, would go solo to gang territories in an attempt to bring peace to rival gangs, nor would they have an interest in doing so.

                That type of interest in such individuals is what garners respect and appreciation from those rolling by a different beat.

                Either what transpired in AB’s case: (1) AB would have been long gone way before this escalation with the GM, because PC would be able to discern where he’s headed, or (2) Pete would have resolved difficulties as the arise, and work them out, (aka Marshawn).

                Pete has such respect that AB’s confrontation would never have occurred. He knows if there’s a possibility to reach an individual, or not. More importantly he’s willing to give it an shot, if there is a possibility. Most will not. That’s what I respect about PC. He’s the Man.

                • Rob Staton

                  Pete also allowed things to get out of hand on several occasions. Marshawn got away with everything, Sherman became uncontrollable, Percy Harvin punched a team mate, for some reason half the defense thoroughly resented the QB.

                  Pete has done a reasonable job reaching out to some players the rest of the league didn’t want to touch. But he’s also had to deal with a lot of distraction, a lot of unrest, a lot of pissing and moaning. On some occasions, not altogether successfully.

                  • WALL UP

                    Yeah, PC did roll with alot, whereas those among his peers, from the management’s perspective, could never come close to handling.

                    When it gets too much for those to hang with his program, or they begin to jeopardize his program, and can’t hang with the rest, they’re gone, aka Bennett/ Sherman/ Harvin.

                    But, I can never fathom a player getting in PC or JS face threating bodily harm. It just can’t happen due to the respect that Pete & John has garnered over the years.

                    Yes, they have both made mistakes. But, they have one of the best, if not the best culture in the league. An excellent positive environment to flourish in as a player. And players do want to be in that environment and play for Pete.

                    • Rob Staton

                      They do indeed have a good culture. And most players respect it, don’t abuse and appreciate it (Duane Brown is a good example here).

                      But others did abuse it and were afforded the opportunity to take the piss. Marshawn took the piss every year. Sherman took the piss. And they weren’t moved swiftly on either. Marshawn instead was tolerated season after season and Richard stuck around for two more years when he started becoming a pain in the backside. They got rid of Percy only when he started to clock-off during games (he pulled himself out of the Dallas game before being traded) and not when he attacked his team mates.

                      It’s also open to consideration whether such an open culture is a good thing. Probably the strictest, most unpleasant and draining culture in the league has also been the most successful. And several of Carroll’s coaching tree have not been able to replicate the culture elsewhere — which lends me to believe actually it’s the coaching and not necessarily the atmosphere that brings success in Seattle. Or more likely it’s a combo of the two — but Carroll the coach is underrated because all we hear about is Carroll the philosopher.

                      I prefer to follow a team that takes chances and goes for Championships and doesn’t sit on its hands. But I also think the PCJS era has had multiple headaches because they are so open-minded and that has caused problems.

                  • WALL UP

                    Thanks for the dialogue. I think it is very helpful to other perspectives. I really appreciate your blog.

                  • WALL UP

                    All that extra stuff comes with the territory, when taking on talented players that roll to a different beat. PC/JS & company are doing quite well at it. They may even get another ring this year for doing so.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Whether it comes with the territory or not — you implied when they reach that point they cut their losses. Yet they stuck with certain players for too long and it hurt the team and the culture.

        • cha

          “I’m with Gruden about AB”

          I’m with Mayock. We traded for you, handed you a dump truck of money, you behave yourself and be a good teammate. If you don’t want to be here, you don’t have to be. Nobody put a gun to your head and made you sign a contract for tens of millions.

      • Volume12

        Doesn’t seem like he wants to play football.

        ‘Makes you wonder how we won two world wars.’ lol. Couldn’t agree more.

        • DC

          Haha. Well truth be told “we” didn’t win them.

          John Wayne did… And he’s long gone.

    • Georgia Hawk

      I recently had a chance to watch all of the show “Ballers” on HBO. I think it was an excellent look into the life of football players, and they have the Diva WR too. It really gave me a new perspective on how some of these guys live. I agree with Rob, I think this is a case of spoiled little rich boy not getting his way after having everyone lick his boots for so long.

      • Volume12

        Now I want an episode of Arliss based around the AB situation.

  47. Hawktalker#1

    On a more positive note . . . Just watched video this first thing thing this morning. Time to play some Seahawks style ball. And yes, we have reason to believe. https://youtu.be/hLGOVApPO3E

    Go Hawks

    • Sea Mode

      Sweet vid.

  48. WALL UP

    Anger & aggression with violent threats is NO way to respond to adverse circumstances. There are many diva WRs in the league. Most are wise enough to express their views differently than AB. This type of behavior can spread over into his personal life, outside of football. That’s what concerns me.

    • WALL UP

      Apologies are a good 1st step.

  49. Matt

    My Predictions for the Seahawks:

    Record: 12-4 (1 Seed)

    The Following Players get Post Season Accolades:

    RW: 68% – 32 TDs – 7 INTs – 3900 Yards – QB Rating 112 – (Top 5 MVP)
    Carson: 1200 Yards – 12 TDs – 36 Receptions – 400 Yards – (Pro Bowl)
    Lockett: 1050 Yards – 8 TDs – (Pro Bowl)
    Dissly: 500 Yards – 8 TDs – (Pro Bowl)
    Metcalf: 700 Yards – 8 TDs – (ROTY top 5)
    Ansah: 8 Sacks
    Clowney: 11 Sacks
    Wagner: Defensive MVP
    Flowers: 4 INTs

    Seahawks lose in Super Bowl to the Chiefs – high scoring game.

    Seahawks extend both Reed and Clowney. They lose Ansah in the offseason but will net a 4th round comp. Ifedi walks and nets another 4th round comp. Jamarco Jones gets penciled in at RT. Iupati loses job to Pocic, who is a revelation. Seahawks key targets in the 2020 offseason (Draft and FA) are CB and DE.

    NFC West: Rams have a down year at 9-7. Niners surprise at 8-8. Cards struggle badly and end up 5-11.

    • Henry Taylor

      I’d be pretty chuffed if all of that came true.

      • Matt

        It is wildly optimistic but not outlandish, IMO.

        I haven’t felt this good about this team in a long time. Really good vibe.

  50. cha

    I’m thinking the Hawks win 17-3 or 17-10 Sunday.

    I can’t see the Bengals doing all that much offensively with a new system in place, a battered OL and Green out. The Hawks keep them in check defensively just wear them down offensively by running the ball and the occasional RW scramble to keep a drive alive.

  51. Coleslaw

    Can you imagine if the Packers had kept Mike Daniels?

    I’m super scared of GB after that game. Bears, not so much.

    I think we could run on GB, but there pass defense is really impressive. I know it was Trubisky, but they looked really good. Blitzing and in coverage. I think it would be tough to outscore them given Aaron vs our CBs matchup could just be like sliding a hot knife through butter.

    The Bears, on the other hand, I think we could beat. They have trouble moving the ball in chunk plays. They basically rely on Trubisky’s legs, Tarik Cohen, Allen Robinson, and maybe now David Montgomery. That doesnt scare me against our D. Robinson is predictable and our CBs matchups well on him. Cohen would get smacked so hard if he tried catching over the middle. KJ, BW, MK would be in vs the bears most likely, Cohen would be getting tossed. Same with Trubisky when he ran. And their run game in general doesnt scare me, our front 7 should be able to handle them easily.
    I think it would be pretty easy for us to make (enough) plays vs their defense. They aren’t unbeatable, and we have a pretty good D too.

    • DC

      I still consider GB our nemesis & #1 enemy since we vanquished the Harbaughzian 49ers. Rodgers has become a bit more brittle with age though. No tears here. Apparently he wasn’t invited to the adamantium symposium that Brady & Brees both attended.

    • Logan Lynch

      They’ll come back down to earth and be a middle of the pack defense a the season’s end. Pun intended.

    • cha

      “I’m super scared of GB after that game. Bears, not so much.”


      • Coleslaw

        Just matchups. Not saying anything crazy. Its truth. GB matches up great against us. We match up well with the Bears. Its the way it is.

  52. Hawksince77

    My, all these predictions. So well thought out and argued. You all know this is football we are talking about, right? It’s not possible to definitively predict the outcome of one game, let alone a season. 🙂

  53. Chawk Talker Eric

    Interesting comments by Tony Pauline about Jachai Polite in PFN’s most recent podcast. Pauline is a New Yorker who pays close attention to the Jets.

    IMO Polite is a knucklehead who is his own worst enemy. He totally tanked his Combine interviews and training camp. There’s no excuse for not showing up (or being late) to rookie training. OTOH, he’s manifestly talented, and even though he showed up at camp heavier, he wasn’t out of shape (there’s nothing wrong with adding 8% of your bodyweight in muscle, assuming it doesn’t impede mobility or quickness).

    Pauline’s comments about the rift in the Jets FO give me hope that maybe, just maybe, Polite reacted poorly to a bad reaction by Gase, who according to Pauline, resented Maccagnan’s choice of Polite. I’m not holding my breath for Polite. As Rob said several times, he might not be on the PS in a week. But I hope he can figure it out, for himself and the team. If he can, he’d be a fantastic addition to the pass rush rotation.

    Tony Pauline:

    “…cutting Jachai Polite by the New York Jets, a guy who was selected at the top of the third round, uh, you know, was to me was really surprising, even though it came out afterwards that the guy was late for meetings, and, and the guy was just mentally not there and he was, he was fined over $100,000…

    …I said Jachai Polite is the ultimate boom or bust prospect. He’s a guy who, you’re either gonna look fondly on, upon, or you’re gonna look back on and say ‘this guy never met expectations.’ And thus far, it’s been the latter.

    The Jachai Polite BEFORE the Combine, we were talking about potentially the Green Bay Packers taking him in the top half of Round One, because he looked like such an explosive pass rusher. He got so much force up the field. He was unstoppable.

    But a couple of things happened. Number one, was obviously all the issues with the interviews at the Combine, how poorly they went, and how the guy basically just wrecked his draft stock by getting up there and complaining about the interviews…he basically just doubled down on his stupidity.

    The next issue was, you know he had consistent hamstring issues throughout the pre Draft process – through the Combine workout, through the personal workout – and part of the problem was, is, he put on 19 pounds – 19 pounds of muscle – uh, to basically go from 233 pounds to 252 pounds. But the, the question mark there is: what is his real playing weight? What is his legitimate weight? You know, where’s he gonna play at the next level?

    And, and then when he came to the Jets, the big problem is, is when he was in college at Florida, he was able to come out of a 3-point stance and exploit immobile, marginally athletic tackles. Now all of a sudden, he comes to the Jets, and he’s standing up over a tackle as a 3-4 outside rush linebacker, and he can’t do a thing, so…

    …when I said that there was a big rift in the Jets front office between Adam Gase and Mike Maccagnan, uh that was also kind of uh, I mean people basically mocked me for two and a half weeks, even New York, New York Jet beat writers. And the fact is, is Gase was complaining because he didn’t have a decision in personnel and I think Jachai Polite was one of them. And for the fact, and the fact that they got rid of Jachai Polite so early I think is just further proof of the fact that Mike Maccagnan was making personnel choices that Adam Gase really wasn’t too fond of.

    …you gotta wonder if the guy has learned his lesson. You know, because there was a lesson there to be learned at the Combine. Didn’t seem to react all that well, you know, through the four-day process. And then when he’s, when he’s projected as a potential first round pick he falls in the third round, there’s another opportunity for a lesson to be learned there. He obviously didn’t do it camp, because as the uh, the story came out, he was fined $100,000 for, for basically stupidity and immaturity…The question is, when is Jachai Polite ever gonna learn that lesson.”

    Podcast here:

    • ZB

      If Polite is going to make it…..he’s on the right team.

    • Sea Mode

      Good info. Thanks!

  54. Coleslaw

    L.J. Collier is the X-factor this year IMO. If he can come in and be the 3rd guy behind Clowney and Ansah, that would be so major for us. Jackson and Jefferson are solid and Green should improve. But if Collier can have a presence, we can rotate a lot on the DL which we need for Clowney and Ansah. Also all 6 DEs can play DT.

    I just cant think of any other player who deserves the title of our X-factor.
    Maybe DK, and I think he’ll have an impact, but hes also expected to have his role and his production. I think it’s pretty clear what hes going to bring. 50/800/10 seems like a real good bet for him. I just dont think anyone will be more surprised by that than they would be by Collier getting 6 sacks and 10 TFLs and 40 tackles

  55. Coleslaw

    Theres a GREAT point in here by Pete. The offenses we face in our division (McVay, Shanahan, Kingsbury) are all very similar. We are likely changing our defensive scheme/personnel to match. And its shown.

    I think for scouting we should look at players who fit vs sur raid schemes. Not only is 100% of our division opponents using it, a LOT of the league is starting to use it.

    Just something to think about.

  56. adog

    predictions of the future niether condition nor confirm the values that signify symbols of truth. would you consider tom brady burdened with the libel of being called the greatest? there can be no merit in capitalism…only greed and humility. tom is the greatest, and tom is therefore irrelevant. but how can the greatest be greater? tom is irrelevant. afc champs…ravens…nfc champs…hawks(phil simm’s pick).

    • Volume12

      These almost read like a dril tweet.

    • Rob Staton

      I like capitalism. It’s much more preferable to the alternative.

  57. Frank

    I would personally like to have seen them take a flyer on Kevin White as a practice squad guy, at this point he might have even been willing to try learning to be a DB. Just thinking outside of the box for fun, but he’s a super athlete that still might make it in the league. For predictions on the season I broke it into half, partially because of scheduling and partially because of missing Reed and young receivers. First 8 games I see 2 automatic wins (bengals and cards) 2 most likely losses (rams and saints) 3 50/50 games (Steelers, Browns, Ravens) and a 75/25 game against the Falcons, resulting in a prediction of 4/4 or 5/3 for the first half of the year. Call it 4/4 since PC teams usually start slow. The second half of the year I see 4 automatic wins (49ers twice, Cardinals, Bucs), one likely lose (Rams), 2 50/50 games (Eagles, Vikings) and a 75/25 (panthers), so I’d call the 2 half for a six wins and two losses. So my prediction is a 10-6 record, even though I expect we lose 1 to the 49ers or Cards, and win one against the Rams, but it all averages out. Take one extra win and we could take the division, I expect the rams to have a Super Bowl hangover, think the saint are beatable, and honestly think we have an advantage for more than 50/50 on the Steelers, Ravens, and Vikings to get the one more win needed for home field adventure in the playoffs. My bold prediction is the Raiders get the first overall pick in the draft and destroy Tua’s career before it starts. Gruden sucks.

    • Sea Mode

      Like this way of breaking it down. I do think people will figure out the Rams a bit more this year. Depending on Gurley and OL health, they will still be good, but this is the year we finally spank them (and take back the division crown) with our front 7 IMO.

      • Frank

        Thanks Sea Mode.

  58. charlietheunicorn

    Predictions (Seahawks):

    Over 40 sacks as a team
    JS will get passed over for GM of the year
    Prosise will have 1 game over 100 yard rushing and 100 yards receiving
    Seahawks, as a team, will have a 300 yard rushing game
    BW becomes a 5 time ALLPRO, joining very elite LB company
    Ferguson will catch 1 regular season TD this season.
    The defense will average around 20 points per game yielded
    The offense will score 28 points per game average
    Tre Flowers will have at least 4 INT, 4 FF and 4 TFL
    Dickson will rush for at least 1 first down


  59. charlietheunicorn

    No player was double teamed at a higher rate as an edge rusher last season than Jadeveon Clowney (33%), according to ESPN pass rushing metrics powered by NFL Next Gen Stats. ~ Seth / ESPN Stats

    Very very very interesting. If this holds up in 2019, could really open up pressure looks for other players, including blitzing LBs , SS and DBs enabling them to get home and get some quality QB pressures and ultimately sacks.

  60. McZ

    I put my money on the Eagles this season. This was my opinion after acquiring Jordan Howard plus the first two picks of this years draft they made.

    They have a very competent DL and a monster OL, where the second string is better than a dozen other units in the league, including the Texans after the Tunsil trade.

    Adding a competent route runner like Howard plus Miles Sanders plus Darren Sproles to what is premium run blocking almost ensures a run game rivalling the Hawks and Cowboys. They have a top of the notch WR corps, too, that just added to best vertical target in college football, adding another dimension to the game.

    They lost Nick Foles, but added Josh McCown. Having Wentz injured a third consecutive season is possible, but not probable.

    The LB corps just got improved through TJ Edwards, Shareef Miller had avery good preseason as a DE (which he still needs to replicate against top OTs, but who’s not?).

    Only the secondary is a bit of a concern, but ist is still a hnit with better than Seahawks grades.

    So, a team with no real weaknesses. They have top competition in the Cowboys, and hell, the Giants are possibly a thing this season. But they will make it.

  61. Kenny Sloth

    Antonio Brown to the Seahawks

    • ZB

      Just……don’t go there.

    • Ishmael

      I’d do it. Why not? He clearly didn’t want to play for the Raiders, and who would? Imagine if you had Gruden and Carr telling you what to do every day?

    • Aaron

      We don’t need any divas who put themselves above the team and demand all the money. Hard pass.

    • Hawkfaninmt

      Well you gotta imagine any contract now will have opt outs, and PC/JS would do all the diligence in the world… helmet, health, mental health, fit with philosophy for team, etc

  62. Tony

    Thinking no one touches him now. Hes a basket case and I cant see any team trusting his mentality.

    • Sea Mode

      Charles Robinson

      For the “surely nobody would pick Antonio Brown up after this mess” crowd, I have been going back and forth with a few different NFL execs this morning, and they all shared the same opinion: someone will take the chance on Brown as soon as the risk is low enough. He’s that good.

      6:07 PM · Sep 7, 2019

      • icb12

        Cleveland Browns.

        Still have something like 32 mil in cap space.
        Baker throwing to AB and ObJ for a season.

        • Sea Mode

          A whole new meaning to the Cleveland “Browns”…

          That was actually my first thought too. But they have OBJ and Landry, so I don’t think they need him nor will they sacrifice the long-term build to fit Brown in. OBJ is already hard enough to manage and they supposedly have him in a good situation right now with his former college teammate and WR coach.

          Of course, everyone on Twitter is posting GIFs of Bill Belichick. Would be the most Patriots thing ever, although he’s already got his own delicate WR situation with Josh Gordon.

          Looking at the teams with cap space as of now (though I’m sure many others could clear room if they really wanted to:

          I could see the Eagles maybe going all-in on this year? They have the space and could finally have a true WR1 to pair with Alshon Jeffrey and DeSean Jackson. Old group, but each would fit a role perfectly in win-now mode.

          The Lions have a big need for a WR1, with Marvin Jones and Danny Amendola being the other starters.

          49ers don’t have a WR1 in front of Marquise Goodwin and Dante Pettis. Kittle was practically that.

          Packers would be an interesting fit, since they never really replaced Jordy Nelson. But they did just spend big in FA, so I’m not sure it would work anyway.

          At the end of the day, AB will go to whichever team actually offers to pay him, which wont be very many I imagine.

      • Del tre

        He’s the best receiver in football, he’s one of the hardest workers you’ll find in the NFL, teams are going to take the risk, I bet the Hawks kick the tires, I don’t think they’ll sign him but I wouldn’t be surprised if he came in for a visit. It would be a splash move that would give us the fastest and most athletic receiving group in the league. But I think they won’t be comfortable with how young our receiver room is as Brown would set a bad example. As others have said, I think AB just doesn’t want to play football anymore

        • Volume12

          AB in this offense would be a disaster even if Seattle needs another wideout.

          • KD

            I agree. It would be Percy Harven 2.0. He’s an incredible talent, but he is also an absolute cancer. Hard pass.

            • Volume12

              That, but also the fact he’s not gonna be happy in such a low volume passing attack.

              • ZB

                Exactly on point. He wants….nay needs attention and catches to be happy on a team. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to have him on the team. SB contenders for sure. But with our new and fresh WR room do you really want AB as the example for them?

  63. Sea Mode


    Ian Rapoport

    An explanation for why #Raiders WR Antonio Brown was so upset, from AB to me: “Told me do not come in Thursday. Bad my name. Then come work, give two papers after the press conference. No guaranteed no way.”

    6:04 PM · Sep 7, 2019

    • Eli

      He sounds like Kevin from the office after he decided to stop using complete sentences – “why use long word when short word do trick?”

      • Volume12

        He sounds like he’s probably been hit in the head too many times

  64. Volume12

    This RB class looks very, very good.

    Maryland’s Anthony McFarland is about as dynamic as they come. He’s made himself a lot of $ so far these past weeks.

    • Rob Staton

      McFarland looked great against Ohio StTe last year.

      • Volume12

        These past 2 weeks have been the first I’ve seen of him. Impressive to say the least.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Boyo! Chase Young and Jeffrey Okudah are some top level prospects. OSU is stacked. Again.

  65. JHawk

    When AB talks I cant tell if he’s really, really cool, has been hit in the head too many times or someone’s dumb 8 year old kid. If there isn’t a mature adult in there to communicate with then he’s probably a waste of time even though he’s exactly what we need and could use.

    Like many people mentioned though, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Bellichek stepped in and took the best receiver in the game and made everyone else look dumb one more time.

    • ZB

      Come on Brady…..Just take as much money as every other top 5 QB in league. Just not fair.

  66. DC

    I fully expect the Hawks to pull one from this class & keep the cupboard full.

    My early eye is on A.J. Dillon for the Hawks. Great acceleration and nimble for a dude that big. Good between the tackles. If Carson is wanting a big payday and Seattle isn’t planning on paying it this might be a pre-emptive move they’d make.

    Have you seen Miss St’s Kylin Hill? Good receiver out of the backfield if Seattle is going to incorporate more of that into the offense.

    • DC

      Meant this for the RB discussion above.

    • Eli

      Utah RB Zack Moss has looked good today so far, physical runner.

    • Volume12

      Yup. I like Kylin Hill a lot.

      Speaking of Christopher Carson. OK St. has a back this year, Chubba Hubbard, who peaked my curiosity last week.

  67. WALL UP

    We can all state what we view is in the best interest of the Seahawks. But, ultimately, it’s JS & PC that will make that decision, and rightfully so. There are a few that can be influential in those decision, aka Duane Brown.

    Russell Wilson is another to have such of an impact on the receivers with whom he would be throwing the ball to. So, if there were any notion of AB being a Hawk WR, Russell’s words either way would hold sway in that decision. He may know a little about AB as well, if it does happen.


    • DC

      I think we’ve got our pet project covered for this season in Jachai Polite and if he commits to the program I see a potential great fit.

      High volume, big name WRs are going to have trouble here if they ‘need’ the ball.

      • WALL UP

        AB to the Patriots as expected

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