Seahawks add Cardale Jones to practise squad

Feel free to use this as an open thread for the college football today.

I wanted to make a quick point about the following news…

I watched Cardale Jones twice for LA in pre-season on top of his fleeting performance against Seattle. He was incredibly impressive, highlighting his major talent. He has everything. He just needs the guidance, the dedication and care.

The Seahawks need a project to work on at QB for the long haul. This is a worthwhile attempt to find a solution. Like with Jachai Polite, this is basically a glorified tryout. Hopefully both moves work out.


  1. KD

    Playing some Dragon Quest XI and watching college football with some good grub. Perfect Saturday.

  2. Isaac

    I’m interested in seeing who will be dumb enough to pick up Antonio Brown. He is the closest think to TO. Shame to see such a talented guy become such a TERD.

    • KD


      • KD

        Geez, I just made that prediction somewhat flippantly, but BB is the one coach who will put Brown in his place and not tolerate his nonsense.

    • Ashish

      Might not that bad to give a try. He will not demand big contract, prove it 1 year deal will be good. Also Brown will be conscious not ruining his career.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Patriots are giving him $15m, $9m of which is signing bonus. You’re right, he didn’t demand a big contract. He got one anyway.

  3. Hilyard Row

    Michigan struggled against Army. I’d say that game drops them 5-8 spots

    • Hilyard Row

      Utah win wasn’t very convincing. Moss looked good with that truck stick tho. Maybe a round 2 pick

  4. Trevor

    I am with you Rob I love the Polite and Jones signings. Perfect no risk all reward scenarios. The Hawks did a ton of this and churned the PS when PC/JS took over and I like that they are getting back to it. Even if they hit on 1 of 10 like this it is well worth it.

    • Pickering

      On a practice squad tangent, Jordan Roos is on it for the third year. Is he like a AAAA baseball player, somewhat better than a minor leaguer but not quite good enough for the bigs? I’d like to think the experience he’s been getting makes him ready for next year when Olinemen will need to be replaced, and that his seasoning makes him more valuable than a player just drafted.

  5. TomLPDX

    Sitting here struggling through the Aggies/Clemson game. Kellen Mond is totally off. Aggie D looks good but they are getting hurt…

  6. Trevor

    Antonio Brown to the Pats! Wow

    Bill is going to have his hands full with Brown and Josh Gordon but wow they have sick talent at WR.

  7. Chawk Talker Eric

    Anyone who’s disappointed AB signed with NEP instead of SEA needs a reality check. He’s locker room poison, especially SEA’s locker room. I don’t care if he balls out for the Pats this year. I wouldn’t want him on my PS.

    I watched Jones play vs SEA a couple of weeks ago. He’s another boom or bust prospect, who looked pretty good against SEA’s backups. I can’t think of a better PS QB for SEA, aside from the real possibility he gets poached by another team.

    • Trevor

      I am glad the Hawks did not sign him but you know he is going to ball out in NE.

      • Sea Mode

        Exactly. Basically, they got the WR version of Clowney.

        What is really too bad is that he won’t be able to play week 1 vs. PIT. Just imagine…

        • Hawktalker#1

          Not following that comp at all. AB is a train wreck, Clowney just wanted to play for a good team.

          • Sea Mode

            Just in as far as getting a prime player on the cheap because he fell out with another team and forced his way out.

    • Volume12

      I like the Cardale move. Always thought he had a lot of potential.

      • BradHawk


    • Thorson

      It’s all a moot point now that the evil empire has signed him, but I wouldn’t have been disappointed if the Hawks had signed him to a team friendly deal. JS has always said they are constantly trying to upgrade their roster and there is no question that Brown would be an upgrade on the Hawks’ talent at WR. I fully understand the locker room poison criticism and the comparisons to the Harvin deal – but the biggest difference would be the cost. Much harder to walk away from Harvin due to what it took to trade for him, plus the extension to which they signed him. Had the Hawks been able to get Brown for a relatively low cost, they could have moved on from him if he wasn’t a fit. Realistically, he was never going to come here because of the run first offense, plus I’m not sure the Hawks had the cap space to offer him a comparable deal to the Patriots’ offer. It will be fascinating to see how he (and Josh Gordon) perform this year. Could be magic – or could be the beginning of the end of the dynasty. Here’s hoping for the latter.

  8. BradHawk

    If your the Seahawks or the Patriots what do you do when you have an open, expensive roster spot to fill? Absolutely nothing, they save their money and wait for the player to come to them due to unforeseen circumstances!

    • Brazilian Hawk

      Ridiculous, right?

  9. BradHawk

    NE is a perfect fit for AB on a 1 year deal! Yuk were not going to stop AB in the SuperBowl because our weakness is covering veteran route expert WR’s.

    • Coug1990

      Perhaps. I think it is just as likely he doesn’t finish the season. Remember when the Patriots signed Josh Gordon?

  10. Brazilian Hawk

    This has Randy Moss written all over it.

    • Volume12

      lol. My uncle said the exact same thing word for word.

      • DC

        Then I guess I better put some money down on the NY Giants to win the Super Bowl at 110 to 1 odds. big payday.

  11. Robeetle12

    I hope you are right Mr. Rob….We could use a developmental QB for sure.

  12. CHawk Talker Eric

    This kid Montez for CO is something else. He just threw a 96-yd TD from 4 yards deep in his own end zone with a defender in his face.

    Can’t say much for the Buffs defense though

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Gutsy, well earned OT win by CO over the Cornhuskers. Color me impressed by Montez, Shenault and the entire WR corps of the Buffaloes. Nebraska may not be the toughest defense in CFB, but they’re not slouches either. Colorado’s offense will win them games their soft defense might otherwise lose.

    • cha

      That was an impressive throw. Ball about 50 yards in the air.

  13. Volume12

    DC, here’s some Kylin Hill.

    • DC


      He took at 3 or 4 ‘air steps’.

    • Ishmael

      Every single time I see this sort of thing it really does make me wonder why they can’t teach defenders how to tackle. It really, really, isn’t that hard to not dive in head first.

  14. Volume12

    I want OK St. WR Tylan Wallace in Seahawks uni so damn bad. Love everything about his game. Big time draft crush.

    Lockette, DK, and ‘Tylenol?’ 🔥🔥🔥

    • Sea Mode


      We can be sure they will notice him, being he plays for our “farm team” Ok St.!

  15. Hawksince77

    I have read a couple of articles and comments about AB going to the Patriots. Doesn’t anyone think this stinks to high heaven? Wasn’t he under contract with the Steelers? He must have been, to be traded to the Raiders. Didn’t he sign a contract worth $30m in guarantees? That’s what’s been reported. So he acts like a complete ass to get himself kicked off the team and gets rewarded with free agency? Signs with the one team that’s willing to get dirty to win? Isn’t this just another example of it?

    All elite players want to be free agents. Most players probably prefer to play for one team over another. But they are bound by league rules and contracts.

    How does the league let this stand?

    • DC

      On the bright side, at least he didn’t go to the Packers.

    • Frank

      It sucks. I’m glad he’s not on the Seahawks, but am utterly ashamed of the league in general for AB and Hill being rewarded. These guys should be forced into some type of rehab, pass psychological test, and get tested for CME. At very least these bums shouldn’t get more than a league minimum contract for vets, with a chance at resigning for more after completing some type of rehabilitation. Yeah, TO and Marshawn where characters, but good dudes that where just eccentric, these two are just shit human beings and hope they both get lit up every time they run across the middle of the field. I can believe the raiders rewarded AB performance, but look for this too be the new norm league wide now that they have. I’ve always been a fan of the patriots way of doing things, but after this have lost all respect for them.

    • Sea Mode

      The Steelers took a big dead cap hit to dump him, but at least they got a R3 and R5 pick (i.e. something) in return and moved on from the drama of both him and Bell.

      The Raiders saw the chance to void his guarantees and pay him a grand total of zero dollars and they took it. I would have too. He actually paid them a few hundred thousand in fines in the end balance. So at least they could save their cap and move on with building their team.

      The thing that bothers me the most is this: surely there were some under the table negotiations and Brown knew he had a deal like this waiting for him if he could force his way out. I mean, maybe it’s not true, but it sure is hard not to think this way. Even if you are a diva and it has all gotten to your head, you don’t just walk away from $30m otherwise…

      Gregg Bell

      This news tells me Antonio Brown acted like a lunatic to get out of his #Raiders situation altogether, knowing that New England had a deal worth $15M w/ $9M cash up front waiting for him. That kind of deal doesn’t come up in a matter of a couple hours on a Saturday #CrazyPays

      11:05 PM · Sep 7, 2019

      • Hawksince77

        Exactly right. It stinks. He won’t cause the Patriots any problems. He deliberately ass-hated his way out of Pittsburgh, and again in Oakland. It’s obvious. Oakland should sue AB for the cost to their franchise (draft picks, harm to their future sales).

        The rest of the league should object to the entire episode, censure AB and the Patriots, and punish them both. Fines, long suspensions, perhaps negate the NE/AB deal.

  16. DC

    I can’t stand this late start bulls*^t in the Pac-12. It’s damaging the product. Can’t/won’t even watch my own team play because they kickoff at 10:30 EDT.

    If you’re not willing to challenge the SEC & Big 10 head to head for kickoff times, how do you expect to challenge them on the field? Start the games at noon again at Husky Stadium. Night games are for special occasions.

    • KD

      Who is the c**k s***er who keeps scheduling these late games for UW? Seriously, he needs to be fired. Last year, fans missed the entire 1st quarter because the game was scheduled late and ran up against some kind of car racing that no one wanted to watch.

      You’re exactly right DC. A top 20 team should be playing at noon, on national TV. Whoever schedules games for the UW is trash. This is an issue going back for years, and not just today or last year. Needs to be fired, and even though he can’t predict weather months out, the fact that games keep get scheduled this late leads to all sorts of problems as we see tonight. This is garbage, and whoever is responsible for scheduling these games needs to be sacked.

  17. CHawk Talker Eric

    Waiting on the Husky game watching USC/STAN. Paulson Adebo having a nice game for Stanford.

    Good day of CFB. Some real corker games. Army nearly upsetting MICH. Colorado coming back against Nebraska to win in OT. Ditto BYU on the road against TENN. I know I’m forgetting a couple.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Big time delay, huge lightning storm passing through the area

  18. Ben Ft. Woth

    OMG JOE BURROW IS A WIZARD!!!!! Would love to have him in Seattle as a back up. What a game by LSU vs. TEXAS!

  19. charlietheunicorn

    I thought the Devin Duvernay kid for Texas was very impressive. Quiet first half, but once he got going, dropped 150+. Appears to have such a natural feel for where to sit down in defenses. I wouldn’t be against bringing the guy into Seattle. He really got the Texas offense moving and was the #1 target the QB kept looking to in clutch 3rd downs.

    What do you think of Sam Ehlinger as an NFL propect?
    The few minutes I watched the game I kept hearing how he is a top QB prospect in the NFL…

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Ehlinger has the heart and grit, but I’m not sure he has the skills for the pros. Reminds me a bit of Tebow. But what do I know?

      I was impressed by FS JaCoby Stevens in addition to Delpit. That’s the best safety duo in CFB. Also thought the 3 LSU WRs Jefferson, Chase and Marshall looked good.

  20. icb12

    Man the Stanford D is awful.

    So disappointing

  21. KD

    I’ve counted at least 5 straight up drops by Husky receivers tonight. horrendous.

    • Tony

      The last one by fuller cost them the game probably. Such a let down.

      • Dawg Paws

        There goes the home streak record 😭

  22. Tony

    I know cal defense is good but eason looked flat. Missed many big throws, almost threw multiple picks. The arm strength is good, but didnt see much touch. Couple of the drops were like 5 yard bullets that didnt need to be shot out of a canon. Play calling was really conservative too. Way too many screens that were shredded by cal. Disappointing game for UW. Cal D looks solid tho. Oh well, go hawks. Rather see my hawks win then watch dawgs get obliterated by Alabama in playoffs eventually.

    • KD

      pretty much this

      Neither Eason or the UW offense ever looked in command. Just an embarrassing performance.

  23. Robeetle12

    I know this is forward thinking but does anyone here know much about the Steelers this year????…Since we play them on the road next week.

    • ZB

      I know they will lose in NE this week and will really want a bounce-back game at home against us.

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