2020 Combine day two — OL, RB

Feel free to use this as an open thread. I will post forty yard dash times here and any other testing numbers. At the end of the day I will post a comprehensive review including 2020 TEF and weighted TEF scores — plus we’ll list the running backs who ‘fit’ Seattle’s profile.

If you want a refresher on what to look out for at each position check out our massive combine preview.

Forty times


(10-yard splits are in brackets)

Group 1

Trey Adams — 5.60 (1.89) & 5.62 (1.92)
Hakeem Adeniji — 5.23 (1.81) & 5.17 (1.78)
Tremayne Anchrum — 5.22 (1.85) & 5.27 (1.88)
Ben Bartch — DNP
Mekhi Becton — 5.11 (1.80) & 5.13 (1.77)
Tyler Biadasz — DNP
Ben Bredeson — DNP
Cohl Cabral — DNP
Saahdiq Charles — 5.06 (1.87) & 5.36 (1.90)
Cameron Clark — 5.29 (1.85) & 5.32 (1.81)
Ezra Cleveland — 4.94 (1.74) & 4.94 (1.73)
Trystan Colon-Castillo — DNP
Lloyd Cushenberry — 5.28 (1.82) & DNF
Jack Driscoll — 5.02 (1.75) & 5.03 (1.74)
Yasir Durant — 5.53 (1.95) & 5.63 (1.97)
Jake Hanson — 5.51 (1.95) & DNP
Nick Harris — 5.10 (1.76) & 5.17 (1.82)
Charlie Heck — 5.19 (1.81) & 5.16 (1.80)
Matt Hennessy — 5.23 (1.86) & 5.19 (1.80)

Mekhi Becton running an official 5.10 with a 1.77 split will secure his place in the first eleven picks of the draft. The most impressive thing is how he’s carrying minimal bad weight on his gigantic frame. However, he then complained about ‘tightness’ after running the wave drill and called it a day. I wonder if he got a call from his agent?

Lloyd Cushenberry pulled his hamstring and didn’t complete his second forty run. He’s out for the rest of the day (so no TEF score for Becton or Cushenberry).

Ezra Cleveland’s official 40 times was a 4.93. Nick Harris ran a 5.10 and Matt Hennessy a 5.18.

Apparently the sled drills were so bad with the tight ends yesterday, they’ve got rid of them.

Mike Solari, as usual, was front and centre leading the O-line drills:

Nick Harris looks excellent in drills. His wave and long pull looked fluid. His ability to change direction, avoid clicking his heels and retain balance is impressive. Shaun O’Hara is raving about him in the broadcast. His mirror drill is one of the best I’ve seen from an interior lineman. Seriously. Quick, sharp changes of direction. Complete balance. The ability to transfer his weight onto both feet and shift back. Harris is having a superb workout.

Matt Hennessy also looked as smooth as silk in the mirror, wave and screen drill. Hakeem Adeniji had the strongest strike on the bags and Ezra Cleveland did well in the modified mirror drill.

Group 2

Tristan Wirfs is the fourth most explosive TEF tester I’ve recorded. I’ll publish the full results later. He just set a combine O-line record for the vertical jump (36.5 inches) and equalled Kolton Miller’s 10-1 broad. He then ran a 4.86. Like Becton, he has secured his place in the top-11.

Justin Herron — 5.26 (1.88) & 5.31 (1.88)
Robert Hunt — DNP
Keith Ismael — 5.35 (1.81) & 5.43 (1.88)
Cordel Iwuagwu — 5.23 (1.80) & 5.34 (1.89)
Austin Jackson — 5.07 (1.73) & 5.12 (1.73)
Jonah Jackson — 5.23 (1.84) & 5.29 (1.86)
Joshua Jones — 5.28 (1.81) & 5.33 (1.84)
Solomon Kindley — DNP
Shane Lemieux — 5.14 (1.83) & 5.11 (1.84)
Damien Lewis — 5.24 (1.85) & 5.24 (1.83)
Colt McKivitz — 5.35 (1.80) & 5.37 (1.82)
John Molchon — 5.13 (1.80) & 5.19 (1.82)
Kyle Murphy — 5.30 (1.86) & 5.35 (1.86)
Netane Muti — DNP
Lucas Niang — DNP
Mike Onwenu — DNP
Matt Peart — 5.01 (1.77) & 5.07 (1.75)
Tyre Phillips — 5.54 (1.96) & 5.38 (1.84)
Danny Pinter — 4.91 (1.73) & 4.94 (1.74)
Cesar Ruiz — 5.08 (1.77) & 5.13 (1.78)
Joe Runyan — 5.08 (1.79) & 5.13 (1.81)
John Simpson — 5.24 (1.81) & 5.35 (1.88)
Terence Steele — 5.03 (1.74) & 5.14 (1.77)
Logan Stenberg — 5.35 (1.86) & 5.31 (1.86)
Simon Stepaniak — DNP
Alex Taylor — 5.10 (1.79) & 5.10 (1.80)
Andrew Thomas — 5.22 (1.83) & 5.23 (1.85)
Calvin Throckmorton — 5.62 (1.95) & 5.58 (1.96)
Prince Tega Wanogho — DNP
Darryl Williams — 5.28 (1.82) & 5.24 (1.80)
Jedrick Wills — 5.09 (1.83) & 5.05 (1.81)
Isaiah Wilson — 5.33 (1.79) & 5.47 (1.87)
Tristan Wirfs — 4.86 (1.69) & 4.88 (1.72)

Cesar Ruiz and Andrew Thomas looked superb in the wave drill. Thomas had a terrific mirror too but Jedrick Wills was the best performer.

Running backs

Saivon Ahmed — 4.63 & 4.67
Cam Akers — 4.47 & 4.53
Jet Anderson — 4.69 & 4.61
LeVante Bellamy — 4.51 & DNP
Eno Benjamin — 4.57 & 4.61
Raymond Calais — 4.42 & 4.43
DeeJay Dallas — 4.64 & 4.58
AJ Dillon — 4.53 & 4.57
JK Dobbins — DNP
Rico Dowdle — 4.56 & 4.54
Clyde Edwards-Helaire — 4.61 & 4.62
Darrynton Evans — 4.42 & 4.52
JaMycal Hasty — 4.58 & 4.56
Brian Herrien — 4.62 & 4.66
Tony Jones — 4.70 & 4.69
Joshua Kelley — 4.50 & 4.56
Javon Leake — 4.65 & 4.75
Benny LeMay — 4.85 & 4.80
Anthony McFarland — 4.45 & 4.51
Zack Moss — 4.72 & 4.70
Sewo Olonilua — 4.69 & 4.67
La’Mical Perine — 4.65 & 4.62
Scottie Phillips — 4.59 & 4.56
James Robinson — 4.64 & 4.68
D’Andre Swift — 4.49 & 4.48
JJ Taylor — 4.62 & 4.66
Jonathan Taylor — 4.41 & 4.42
Patrick Taylor — 4.57 & 4.69
Ke’Shawn Vaughn — 4.52 & 4.52
Mike Warren — DNP

I’m surprised Clyde Edwards-Helaire could only manage a 4.61. He ran a 4.47 at SPARQ. However — Jonathan Taylor’s time is not a surprise. He ran a 4.42 at SPARQ and here he ran a 4.41. He interviewed with the Seahawks and practically announced his man-crush for Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. With his size, explosive testing and forty — if the Seahawks want him it’ll need to be their first pick.

The explosive testing numbers are in (the vital numbers at running back):


AJ Dillon — 41
James Robinson — 40
LeVante Bellamy — 39.5
Clde Edwards-Helaire — 39.5
Eno Benjamin — 39
JaMycal Hasty — 39
Brian Herrien — 38.5
Rico Dowdle — 38
Raymond Calais — 37.5
Jonathan Taylor — 36
Cam Akers — 35.5
D’Andre Swift — 35.5
Zack Moss — 33
Joshua Kelley — 31
Anthony McFarland — 29.5


AJ Dillon — 10-11
Clyde Edwards-Helaire — 10-3
Jonathan Taylor — 10-3
Cam Akers — 10-2
Eno Benjamin — 10-2

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  1. Lewis

    CEH supposed to be interviewed by miller and Kirwan on Sirius today.

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      Can the Seahawks get CEH with a fourth rounder now? Please just get him on this team!

  2. Von

    Trey Adams w/ a 5.6 40? 😳

    • Matt

      The baseball team I coach has a facility right next to Ford Sports – I see Trey and Hunter all the time. Trey has a really poor physique. Doesn’t look very strong or explosive. In fact, he really has the body type of a high school OL (granted a highly recruited one).

      • Greg Haugsven

        Trey Adams needs to unhook the trailer. Did he walk the last 10 yards?

        • Awsi Dooger

          I like the term abused on the swimming forums. When a swimmer dies toward the end of a race they call it the piano

  3. drewdawg11

    Unfortunately, I believe that. Major knee injury and then back surgery prior to last season. He’s never been the same since,

  4. Rob Staton

    Mekhi Becton running a 5.11 is dynamite. He will go top-11.

    • Trevor

      That’s an incredible time for a guy 6’ 7” and 365lb. He is my #2 OT after Thomas and I agree completely his floor is the Browns at 11.

  5. Ashish

    Salvon Ahmed RB from WA, was good when i watched few games last year. Anyone who watched the tape? Your thoughts

    • drewdawg11

      Salvon is a speedster. He struggled at times with running between the tackles, but he improved this past season. Some always thought he should be a slot/gadget guy. May not be an every down back in the NFL, but he’s talented. Won’t break tackles.

    • CaptainJack

      Terrible vision and can’t break tackles. Teams will look to convert him to wide receiver. Ceiling is a gadget player.

    • J

      4.6 40 and smaller guy so disappointing.

      • Austin D Slater

        I’m shocked by his time. He plays much faster and supposedly ran a 4.3 at Nike. Rob were you surprised by this time?

  6. Steve Nelsen

    I am putting the over/under for TEF qualifying OTs at 6. Where do you guys think we will be at the end of the day?

    • Steve Nelsen

      I suppose I should have made it 8 and included wTEF since there are so many big guys this year.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’d take the over, just because I think the top of the class will ultimately test well even if they’re out of our range.

  7. Largent80

    Becton…Dang, can we get some?

    • Rob Staton

      He’ll be long gone.

      • Aaron Bostrom

        Hopefully Wilson can be a target. I was surprised to see he’s not too far away from Becton’s measurables.

    • Largent80

      Evidently he tweaked something as went to the training room after that.

  8. Von

    Solari on the field w/ the OL. Nice.

  9. Hawkhomer1

    Who is Ezra Cleveland? Quick for a big guy.

    • Coleslaw

      Hes been talked about here a little bit. Rob and Tony Pauline’s guy. High upside option around 32-75 I would guess

    • Coleslaw

      Probably a fallback plan for guys like Josh Jones, Austin Jackson etc. But probably the best fallback option

    • Steve Nelsen

      His athleticism makes him an attractive developmental tackle prospect. He won’t be a rookie starter and he isn’t any kind of a physical mauler so he may not fit what Seattle has looked for at RT.

  10. Nick

    Helllloooo Austin Jackson. 1.73 ten yard split is tasty.

  11. Davido

    So far I feel like the combine confirms what I was thinking already.
    The OLine group should be the one that is talked about instead of the WR. This group is even more special.

  12. Davido

    Cesar Ruiz with a fantastic 40. Confirms his downfield blocking skills we have seen on tape.

    • Rob Staton

      He was also highly explosive.

      • Davido

        He looked the part to me in the mirroring drill too. So many small fluid moves. Great day for him!

  13. Lewis

    Notes from CEH interview w/ Miller & Kirwan

    His mom calls him “Mickey mouse” because his hands are huge.

    He was around Marshall Faulk while getting ready for combine, in Carlsbad.

    He used to stutter badly in high school.

    Likes option routes.

    His father (Edwards) and stepfather (Helaire) sit together at his games.

    Fun interview. He was friendly and natural sounding. He didn’t seem nervous at all.

    • TomLPDX

      I gave up my SiriusXM NFL subscription because I just couldn’t stand the commercials anymore plus it was a premium cost (with the fricken commercials!). I DO miss the content though, especially moving the chains. I miss Jim and Pat on the drive home…and Brady and Bruce on the Blitz in the morning on the way to work. I’d love to hear this interview.

      • Lewis

        Lol, I still miss TIM and Pat. “Talk about it.”

        And one of my favorite memories from when my kids were younger is how excited they would get everyone Adam Schein’s show came on when it was a Football Friday.

        • Robert Las vegas

          Tim was great he would ask guys what they benched I can’t seem recall who it was but one offense lineman had a really low number and Tim asked him did you go to the weight room with the DBS. Pretty funny and Pat is pretty interesting this Time of year because of his relationship with Pete

  14. Troy

    4.86 for wirfs hot damn. What a stud

  15. bigten

    Whats the rub on Donovan Peeples jones? Tested athletically threw the roof. Was a 5 stat recruit. Played for a mismanaged Michigan team with poor quarter back play. In big games though that i watched, he seemed to show up. What are thoughts on him? less yards than raegar, but less games played and had more touchdowns.

  16. Sea Mode

    Sup, y’all?

    Just got home. What’d I miss…?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Possible sigma athlete performance from Tristan Wirfs

      • Sea Mode


      • Sea Mode

        Sweet mama he’s got big quads

        • Lewis

          I don’t know why, but this made me laugh so hard

    • Sea Mode

      Oooh, checking out clips on Twitter and Cesar Ruiz was scootin’!

    • Volume12

      Everything. 😉

      • Sea Mode

        Noooo… 😱

        Glad to catch the tail end of the ‘big uglies’ (actually these guys look dang athletic) and the RB 40s. Then I’m probably gonna have to check out again.

  17. Volume12

    This O-line class is stupid good from an athletic standpoint.

    Almost 20 of these guys have 30″ verts plus broad’s over 9″.

    • Sea Mode

      Lance Zierlein

      Freakiest group of height/weight/length/speed OLinemen I’ve ever seen. Not close.

      • Volume12

        There’s 4 guys who are deserving of OL1. Insane.

      • SoCal12

        I wonder if this is a natural response to D-Linemen getting freakier as well. An arms race across the trenches.

        • Rob Staton

          Wait for the TEF results though.

          We’re still not seeing a massive change in the OL vs DL.

  18. Sea Mode

    Posted this kind of late in the middle of last thread, so not sure anyone saw it.

    Ezra Cleveland, folks:


  19. Rob Staton

    I’ve completed TEF and weighted TEF.

    Will post results.

    Some big highlights at the top but overall, similar numbers to a year ago in terms of explosive OL’s.

  20. Volume12

    Zack Moss has met with the Hawks.

  21. Sea Mode

    That overhead cam is a great angle to watch this shuffle drill from.

    Andrew Thomas looked great.

    Isaiah Wilson’s upper body… wow.

    • Sea Mode

      *mirror drill

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Thomas, Wills, Wilson and Wirfs in a row was impressive. All 4 looked like first round picks.

      • Volume12

        Wills foot speed is ridiculous.

        • Trevor

          I am looking forward to seeing his 3 cone and short shuttle.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Wills is killing it today! Been overshadowed by Wirfs

  22. Volume12

    Marlon Davidson had some things to say during his IV that have begun to change my mind on him in Seattle. Especially if he tests well.

    Said it this summer. Still a part of me that thinks he might be the best player from that Auburn D-line when all is said and done.

    • WALL UP

      He’s an ideal 3 – 4 DE or 5Tech. Hard to see him as a Hawk with the loaded amount of 5Techs on the roster.

    • drewdawg11

      Sorry, but Brown is the best DL they’ve had in years. He’s much more impactful. He’s probably the third best player in the draft, and he may exceeds that.

  23. Tecmo Bowl

    Let Ifedi and Fant walk, that money is better spent on the DL. Draft one of these stud OT’s. Wilson, Cleveland, Jones, Jackson, Niang, Prince.

    • Lewis

      Keep Fant. He shouldn’t cost that much.

  24. Sea Mode


    Burgundy Blog

    @JPFinlayNBCS on #RedskinsTalk pod: “The money Trent Williams wants is astronomical… The dollar figure I heard from someone I know and trust is so outrageous that I’m not even saying it publicly because I think it will incite a riot.”

  25. Sea Mode

    Your guy Cam Akers 4.47. That’s great!

    • Volume12

      3rd best back in this class for me. Behind Swift and Dobbins. Although I’m starting to wonder if Dobbims can make guys miss or go through guys at the next level. A lot of what he did looked like it was totally reliant on dominant O-line play.

    • Trevor

      he is going to be a steal for someone! That FSU OL was awful and they had no passing game to speak of. He will be much better as a pro IMO.

  26. Sea Mode

    Did y’all see this?

    Adam Schefter

    FWIW: Louisville’s 6-foot-7, 364-pound OT Mekhi Becton, the largest player at this week’s Combine in Indianapolis, got measured with a mere 17 percent body fat.

    • Trevor

      That’s crazy! What an enormous human being.

  27. Sea Mode

    Nice numbers for bench:

    Raekwon Davis- 24
    Julian Okwara- 27

    In the meantime… *YAWN*

    Tony Pauline

    Chase Young just announced he would not be lifting at the combine due to “own choice” then went on and said he would not lift during the Ohio State pro day. More later.

  28. Greg Haugsven

    4.72 for Moss isnt good.

    • Volume12

      That’s awful. Plodder

    • Volume12

      4.53 is a nice time for AJ Dillon though.

      • Sea Mode


      • Greg Haugsven

        AJ Dillon’s also had a 41″ vert. Has to be on the radar. Not normal weight but they did sign Kacy and he is more like that.

        • Greg Haugsven


          • Volume12

            And Pete loved him some LenDale White

        • Volume12

          He put up some freaky #’s in HS. They’ve met with him and BC was a school they scouted heavily last year too.

    • Eburgz

      Not surprising. I still like him

  29. Sea Mode

    McFarland 🔥

    • Sea Mode

      Runs an amazing 40 and then puts up a dud in the vert… 😢

  30. Nick

    After his 40, I watched some tape on Dillon. Left wanting more. Not a very physical back for someone at 240lbs.

    • Eburgz

      He broke more tackles than anyone last year. Back to the tape.

      • Nick

        Alright. I will keep going then, thanks.

        • Eburgz

          Considering his frame and athleticism. I suppose it’s not crazy to want more haha. That’s why he’s projected day 3.

          But dude was a beast and he’s projected to go like R4. I think it’s great value if that were to happen. He’s a hammer.

    • icb12

      I love me some AJ Dillon.

      Been watching that guy ever since he was a freshman.

      Reminds me of L. Blount a little bit.

  31. Nick

    Jonathan Taylor, good lord.

  32. Sea Mode

    Whew, Jonathan Taylor… 🏃💨

    Hope those fumble issues can be coached…

    • Trevor

      What range to you have him going in? DO you think some teams will knock him for having so many carries in college?

      • Sea Mode

        Warren Sharp

        Only RBs to weigh 225+ and hit a combine 40 under 4.45 since 2014:

        Jonathan Taylor – 4.41 (2020)
        Saquon Barkley – 4.40 (2018)

  33. Trevor

    Johnathan Taylor was meant to be a Seahawks RB. Too bad we have som many other needs to address early because he just seems like such a great fit.

    I think Akers would be a great fit as well and would target him with that 3rd round comp pick if we don’t use it to move up in the 2nd.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I completely agree Trevor. Taylor has been my top RB prospect this entire year. Reminds me a lot of Shaun Alexander

      • Trevor

        I agree with the Alexander comp in his running style and vision but I think Taylor is more explosive. Not sure how they can get him unless the take him with their first pick though because I don’t see any way he lasts till the end of the 2nd round.

        • Eburgz

          Combine results get overblown every year. DK Metcalf ran a 4.3 last year and people said he wouldn’t be around at the end of R1 yet there he was at the end of R2 (props to rob for expecting his fall).

          Taylor has been my top RB for this class since last year but I think there’s a chance he’s available into R2. Would be cool if he was our first pick as long as we address DL and RT in free agency.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          There’s no way he lasts that long. They either take him with the first pick (ideally after a trade down) or he’s playing somewhere else.

          But as much as I like him I wouldn’t recommend they do that. Too many other needs like OT (Wilson?) or WR (Mims?) or DT (Davis?). Plus this is a deep RB class. There should be some high value options on Day 3.

          • Trevor

            Agree completely! Love all threes of those options (Wilson, Mims, Davis) by the way.

  34. MoBo

    If I calculated right:

    Pos/Player/TEF/wTEF (sorted by wTEF)

    T/A. Jackson/3,01/96,9
    G/J. Jackson/2,78/85,16

    Without score: Cushenberry, Becton, Muti (1,63points in bench), Stepaniak (1,37points in bench), Onwenu, Hanson

  35. CaptainJack

    Terrible times for Ahmed
    Speed was his biggest strength and now he looks pretty average in terms of speed, especially for being sub 200 pounds.

  36. Sea Mode

    Well, the jumps are in and that narrows down the 5-10, 220 club from the other day a TON for us. I’m using the minimum at 35 vert and 10’0″ broad. (including Taylor because of the amazing 40yd)

    La’Mical Perine, Florida, 5106, 216
    DeeJay Dallas, Miami, 5101, 217
    Patrick Taylor, Memphis, 6014, 217
    Tony Jones, Notre Dame, 5104, 220
    Benny LeMay, Charlotte, 5081, 221
    Zack Moss, Utah, 5093, 223

    Cam Akers, Florida St., 5103, 217, 4.47 40yd, 35.5 vert, 10’5″ broad
    – Missed one game in 2019.
    – 2,5,3 fumbles.
    – 2017 (13): 194/1025yds/7TD, 5.3ypc
    – 2018 (12): 161/706yds/6TD, 4.4ypc
    – 2019 (11): 231/1144yds/14TD, 5.1ypc (20rec/225yds/4TD)

    James Robinson, Illinois St., 5090, 219, 4.64 40yd, 40 vert, 10’5″ broad
    – No notable injury history.
    – 1,4,2,5 fumbles.
    – 2018 (11): 205/1290yds/12TD, 6.2ypc
    – 2019 (15): 364/1899yds/18TD, 5.1ypc

    Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin, 5102, 226, 4.41 40, 36 vert, *9’10” broad
    – No notable injury history.
    – 8,4,6 fumbles.
    – With just 23 more yards in 2017, he would have had 3 consecutive 2,000yds seasons!
    – 2017 (14): 299/1977yds/13TD, 6.6ypc
    – 2018 (13): 307/2194yds/16TD, 7.1ypc
    – 2019 (14): 320/2003yds/21TD, 6.3ypc (26rec/252yds/5TD)

    Mike Warren, Cincinnati, 5091, 226, ???
    – No notable injury history.
    – 0,3,0 fumbles.
    – 2018 (12): 244/1329yds/19TD, 5.4ypc (25rec/232yds/1TD)
    – 2019 (14): 261/1265yds/14TD, 4.8ypc (21rec/153yds/2TD)

    Of course, if they want to consider proportionally smaller guys, then you also have:

    Clyde Edwards-Helaire, LSU, 5072, 207, 4.61 40yd, 39.5 vert, 10’3″ broad

    Eno Benjamin, ASU, 5087, 207, 4.57 40yd, 39 vert, 10’2″ broad

    JaMycal Hasty, Baylor, 5080, 205, 4.58 40yd, 39 vert, 10’3″ broad

    D’Andre Swift, Georgia, 5082, 212, 4.49 40yd, 35.5 vert, 10’1″ broad

    • Sea Mode

      Might have to give him another chance, though I’ve already got him halfway crossed off anyway due to injuries:

      Adam Schefter

      Utah RB Zack Moss tweaked his hamstring during his vertical jump but decided to push through the 40 and drills anyway tonight. Moss will run again at his Pro Day on March 26th.

    • Chancellor Hawk

      … and if they want to consider proportionally LARGER guys, then you have:

      AJ DILLON, 6000, 247, 4.53 40yd, 41.0 vert, 10’11” broad

      • Sea Mode

        Right. I was never much of a fan tbh, but who knows: maybe PC falls in love…

    • GoHawksDani

      You can also add Antonio Gibson. Yep he’s between RB and WR, but has great numbers

  37. Sea Mode


    Andrew Marchand
    · 53m

    Breaking: Tony Romo and CBS have agreed to a deal that will make him the highest NFL analyst in TV history in a deal that will pay him around $17 million per season, according to sources.

    Ian Rapoport

    Or, exactly what the #Cowboys paid Tony Romo in 2015.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      That’s some sharp cheddar.

    • Lewis

      I think he’s the enjoyable, inciteful guy out there by miles. Good for him.

    • KD

      100% deserves it. Romo is terrific in the booth

  38. CHawk Talker Eric

    This year’s OT class is loaded with tantalizing prospects. Thomas, Wirfs, Becton — any would probably be the top OT prospect in another draft.

    Right below them you have A. Jackson, Jones, Cleveland, Peart, Wanogho.

    Also, Dillon, CEH and Benjamin all have tremendous explosiveness.

    • Sea Mode

      Benjamin just looked very labored in the bags drill.

      Cam Akers, on the other hand, looked amazing.

      • Lewis

        Would love to get Akers in the third after using earlier picks for OL and DL

        • Sea Mode

          Maybe early R3 if we acquire one by trading down out of R1, but IMO no way is he lasting to our R3 comp.

          • Lewis

            Right, like in Rob’s mock draft.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Wish I’d been able to watch the drills. Makes a big difference. The raw numbers only tell ya so much.

        • Sea Mode

          I’m sure highlights for each of the notable players will be appearing on nfl.com and YT.

          I actually found I could go on GamePass and rewind the live NFL Network a few hours and watch the rerun.

  39. Sea Mode

    4.39 for Taylor. He beat Saquon!

    Also, did you guys catch that Joe Burrow, when asked, said that the best all-around football player he played with anywhere in college was CEH. That’s high praise considering all the guys at Ohio St. and LSU.

    • Davido

      There have been so many talents in that LSU team that I believe some of their perfomances must have been boosted by the overall performance of the team. It will be interesting to see who profited from who in the future.

  40. Awsi Dooger

    I found the link with the combine study and flawed conventional wisdom regarding 40 yard dash time and whether it was more significant to wide receivers or running backs. No question the league views the 40 as more vital to wide receivers. It should be the other way around. Wide receiver is one position I’m not sure Seattle interprets correctly:


    “For running backs, however, the sprint time seemed to be a fairly accurate predictor for not only the draft order, but also the players’ success as professional football players, as noted by the fact that faster players tended to earn more money, play more games, and have higher average yards. This can be a rational interpretation, since running backs are heavily influenced by their ability to outrun the opponents, and that along with some other qualities alone can make them dominate the game even at the professional level. Not surprisingly, the other seven Combine measurements used in this study did not prove to be a useful predictor for the players’ career, even for running backs.”

    “This correlation is noteworthy considering that the analogous plot for wide receivers had little correlation. Overall, running backs are more diversely affected by the Combine measurements in their draft status than wide receivers. However, 40-yard dash is the one drill that could make a difference. Even in the NFL, the ability to run fast for 40 yards seems to be a defining factor for dominating the game. For wide receivers, running fast did not simply translate to NFL success, but it appears that the notion of fast equals better is true to a certain degree for running backs.”

  41. Sea Mode

    Forget this. I’m 100% sold. Give me Cam Akers in late R2. Rob was spot on.

    CEH and Jonathan Taylor will likely require our first pick, and I want to save that for an OT from this amazing class.

    • Nick

      Carson’s injury prone and going to be looking for a new contract. Penny isn’t set for the start of the year…

    • Eburgz

      Would you rather have Akers in R2 or Dillon in R4?

      I feel like both these guys draft projections already had their athleticism baked into their grades. Why would their grades skyrocket when they did what was expected. It’s expected because they tested through the roof coming out of high school for the Nike combine.

      Top 5 Seahawky backs for me
      Jonathan Taylor (I’ve never wavered)
      Moss (medicals are a bigger concern than the slow 40)

      Dobbins, CEH and Swift are interesting too but don’t match the size the hawks have gone for. The Memphis guy is interesting too.

      Lamb and Taylor are the top skill position players for me since months ago and that hasn’t changed since testing. Kmet and Troutman are the top TE’s for me too and I don’t see that changing. Still holding my opinion on DL till testing but YGM, Uche then Okwara followed by Lewis are some of my favorites (Baun, Chaisson as SAM/situational guys also). Hope we wait on DT until R4 and can snag a guy like LSU Rashard or Utah Fotu.

      • Rob Staton

        I’d rather have Akers in R3 (where I think he’s destined to go).

        • Lewis


  42. KD

    Seahawks also had meetings with a couple of CBs: Trevon Diggs (ALA) and Kristian Fulton (LSU)

  43. Rob Staton

    TEF & weighted TEF scores now live on the blog in a new article. Check it out.

    • Lewis

      Awesome, thank you

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