2020 mock draft #5: Seahawks trade out of round one

Hunter Bryant could be an option for the Seahawks

Time for an updated projection.

#1 Cincinnati — Joe Burrow (QB, LSU)
Accurate, creative, improvisational and the best player in college football.

#2 New York Giants — Chase Young (EDGE, Ohio State)
In 11 games he recorded 16.5 sacks and 21 TFL’s.

#3 Miami — Andrew Thomas (T, Georgia)
Supremely balanced and consistent, his footwork is superb and he anchors brilliantly.

#4 Washington — Jeff Okudah (CB, Ohio State)
He will destroy the combine and was a 142.56 athlete at SPARQ.

#5 Detroit — Derrick Brown (DT, Auburn)
A tone-setting defensive lineman with stoutness and quickness.

#6 Philadelphia (v/ARI) — Jerry Jeudy (WR, Alabama)
Philadelphia trades up from #16
The Eagles make a big move for a much needed playmaker.

#7 Carolina (v/NYJ) — Grant Delpit (S, LSU)
Carolina trades up from #11
The Panthers stick with Cam Newton and trade up for a stud safety.

#8 Jacksonville — Isaiah Simmons (S, Clemson)
Reportedly he can jump a 40-inch vertical, an 11-0 broad and run in the 4.4’s.

#9 LA Chargers — Isaiah Wilson (T, Georgia)
He’s highly underrated and for me the second best tackle eligible for 2020.

#10 Denver — Javon Kinlaw (DT, South Carolina)
He’s +300lbs but carries minimal body fat. He dominated Alabama’s O-line a few weeks ago.

#11 NY Jets (v/CAR) — Trevon Diggs (CB, Alabama)
New York trades down from #7
Competitive cornerback who does an excellent job tracking the ball and breaking up passes. Stefon Diggs’ brother.

#12 Miami (v/ATL) — Tua Tagovailoa (QB, Alabama)
Miami trades up from #22
The Dolphins move up and roll the dice on Tua’s health.

#13 Oakland — Jalen Reagor (WR, TCU)
Reagor reportedly runs a 4.29. He also jumped a 38.5 inch vertical and can squat 620lbs.

#14 Cleveland — Prince Tega Wanogho (T, Auburn)
Huge, physical and athletic but destined to play right tackle in the NFL.

#15 Indianapolis — Raekwon Davis (DT, Alabama)
He can anchor the interior of a defensive line for years to come.

#16 Arizona (v/PHI) — CeeDee Lamb (WR, Oklahoma)
Arizona trades down from #6
Kyler Murray is reunited with a favourite target.

#17 Tampa Bay — Kristian Fulton (CB, LSU)
A physical cornerback who tracks the ball almost as well as Trevon Diggs.

#18 Oakland (v/CHI) — Shaun Wade (CB, Ohio State)
Traded to Oakland in the Khalil Mack deal
A former 5-star recruit who’s playing exceptionally well.

#19 Buffalo (v/TEN) — Henry Ruggs (WR, Alabama)
Buffalo trades up from #25
The Bills trade up for a 4.2 runner to max out Josh Allen’s arm talent.

#20 Jacksonville (v/LAR) — Cesar Ruiz (C, Michigan)
Traded to Jacksonville in the Jalen Ramsey deal
The more Ruiz I watch the more I like.

#21 Dallas — Laviska Shenault (WR, Colorado)
Not at his best in 2019 but he’s a swiss-army knife who can score points as a runner, receiver or returner.

#22 Atlanta (v/MIA, PIT) — D’Andre Swift (RB, Georgia)
Atlanta trades down from #12
The Falcons trade down ten spots and go with value and talent.

#23 Miami (v/HOU) — Kenneth Murray (LB, Oklahoma)
Traded to Miami in the Laremy Tunsil deal
Having invested in the QB & LT positions, they now take a tone-setting LB.

#24 Minnesota — DeVonta Smith (WR, Alabama)
Extremely underrated and very dynamic.

#25 Tennessee (v/BUF) — Dylan Moses (LB, Alabama)
Tennessee trades down from #19
The Titans went for injury value with Jeffrey Simmons and they do the same here.

#26 Kansas City — Tyler Biadasz (C, Wisconsin)
He loses balance/control at times but he’s physical and solid.

#27 New Orleans — Jordan Love (QB, Utah State)
The Saints take the plunge on the talented but raw QB.

#28 San Francisco — KJ Hamler (WR, Penn State)
Hamler is so dynamic and could go much earlier than this.

#29 New England — Austin Jackson (T, USC)
The Pats are not afraid to take a chance on O-line upside.

#30 Washington (v/GB) — Alex Leatherwood (T, Alabama)
Green Bay trades #30 for Trent Williams
After trading Williams, the Redskins do what they always do and draft a player from Alabama.

#31 LA Chargers (v/SEA) — Justin Herbert (QB, Oregon)
LA trades up from #41
The Chargers move up to halt Justin Herbert’s fall.

#32 Baltimore — J.K. Dobbins (RB, Ohio State)
The Ravens keep adding weapons to their rushing attack.

The trades explained…

Philadelphia trades #16 to Arizona for #6
The Eagles need more weapons and have to try and replenish Carson Wentz’s confidence and form. They’re never afraid to make a bold move and here they trade into the top-10 to get Jerry Jeudy.

Carolina trades #11 to NY Jets for #7
The Panthers are going to rejig their entire front office and staff. This doesn’t feel like the off-season to ditch Cam Newton for a rookie. Instead they extend Cam’s deal with an option attached and trade up to get the incredibly talented Grant Delpit.

Miami trades #22 to Atlanta for #12
The Dolphins take their chance on Tua Tagovailoa. They move up to get ahead of Oakland and Indianapolis. With their first two picks they make an investment at quarterback and left tackle — which is plausible.

Buffalo trades #25 to Tennessee for #19
Josh Allen is unique, different and fun. He’s far from perfect but he has an X-factor. The Bills trade up here to get him a 4.2 runner in Henry Ruggs to make the most of his arm strength.

Green Bay trades #30 to Washington for Trent Williams
The Packers lack a physical edge and need more on offense after years of defensive-focussed drafts. It makes absolute sense to trade for Trent Williams.

LA Chargers trade #41 to Seattle for #31
The Chargers need to make an investment at quarterback but in this scenario they let the draft to come to them. With Justin Herbert falling they find a willing trade partner in Seattle to make a deal. Herbert has arm talent and improvisational skills but better quarterback’s have dropped to this range and he’s had a mixed 2019 season.

Seahawks take Hunter Bryant at #41

The Seahawks often trade down in round one so this scenario made some sense. With this being a weak class for pass rushers and the top receivers already off the board, this felt realistic.

I talked in more detail about Hunter Bryant here. Ultimately the Seahawks need to do something at tight end in the off-season. They’ve often looked for TE’s who perform well in the short-shuttle and three-cone. Bryant ran a 4.35 short-shuttle at the combine. Washington asks its tight end’s to block and although Bryant is best used as a move-TE, he’s no slouch as a blocker. He’s also a playmaker who has delivered several explosive plays in the passing game this year.

Assuming the Seahawks bolster their pass rush in free agency and provide clarity on the O-line with several players reaching free agency, adding a new target for Russell Wilson is the next priority.

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  1. Pickering

    With Will Dissly’s future iffy at best, TE seems a high priority and Bryant a good choice, another receiver for Wilson. I understand why SF would choose Hamlin, but given they don’t have another pick until Round 5 think Lynch will trade out of the first to get a couple more.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Dissly and Bryant would be great combo. Both have very different skill sets. I would be happy getting him at 41 but wonder if he gets by New England?

    • Dale Roberts

      I don’t see Dissly’s future as “iffy at best”. He’ll recover from this injury, especially since he’s not a “move” TE that depends on speed. He’s young and many NFLers have had early injury histories and gone on to have long careers. These aren’t nagging Procise, can’t you play through it injuries. He’s had two injuries that happen to be season ending and he wasn’t an injury problem at the UW.

      • neil

        But this was a non contact injury, that is a little troubling.

  2. Gohawks5151

    Interesting mock to be sure. I like a lot of the moves for several teams (Oakland gets Reagor and Wade wow!). Do you really think that the Vikings would go Smith though? Is this in anticipation of Diggs being moved? I would think they continue to build up the O line or maybe another corner.

    • Rob Staton

      The best cornerbacks are gone and the best O-liners available are a center and second tier tackles. I think they’ve always looked to add more weapons. Treadwell hasn’t worked out and Smith would be a nice compliment to Thielen and Diggs.

  3. Pearedu

    Rob, definitely jedrick willis will go top 20. Somebody is aboslutely stealing him in this mock.

    • Rob Staton


      I haven’t seen anything in the games to indicate Willis would go that early.

      • Eburgz

        He’s a people mover. I like him for the hawks. Lots of people mocking him first half of round 1.

        Daniel Jeremiah posted some clips of him a couple weeks back showing some nasty in the run game and his pass set picking up a stunt and declared him a top 20 pick and said he came away very impressed. He gets better tape to watch than us so I’m inclined to believe him. Seems others follow DJ’s opinions like sheep but some guys that watch their own tape have him ranked high also (Brugler has him as his top tackle).

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t like criticising or reviewing other people’s work because it seems really mealy mouthed but I haven’t seen anything from Brugler over the years to invest faith in his judgement over my own. Jeremiah posts a top-50 at the start of draft season then dramatically changes it a week or two later. I just don’t get it with Willis. Doesn’t mean I’m right about him. But I’ve got enough right over the years to not feel I need to cede my own take to anyone else.

          • Eburgz

            Wouldn’t want it any other way. I think your as good as any of those guys and I love that you trust your eyes and do your own work. Wish we could get you (me too haha) access to that nice tape that D.J. gets to watch and posts videos of and to Paulines “sources” but your already up there with the best people in the biz IMO.

  4. Bruce Smith

    In this scenario, what compensation do the Seahawks get in the trade?

    • Rob Staton

      I would imagine something like a R3 or a R4 plus something else.

    • Dale Robert

      So they get #41 plus… a 4th and 6th or a 2021 3rd.
      (#31 @ 600) – (#41 @ 490) = 110, (#105 @ 84) + (#169 @ 23.8) = 107.8

      A third round pick costs 225 points unless they offer a 2021 third which would come at a usual discount of one third, so appx 150 points which gets us in the ballpark.

      The Chargers aren’t projected to have any compensatory picks.

  5. SebA

    Love this Rob, thank you!

  6. AndrewP

    Rob- I know you aren’t wild about this year’s DE crop, but… who would you, after initial reviews, be ok with the Seahawks taking, provided…

    1) They only were able to retain Clowney, Reed and Jackson (admittedly JAG) but unable to get other reinforcements via FA or trade. in other words, they had to leave the draft with someone they could see providing some help @DE.

    2) They traded down into the 40-range as they had here.


    • Rob Staton

      I’d need to see combine testing results. They need speed and quickness in the pass rush. Let’s see how Yetur Gross-Matos, Curtis Weaver and Terrell Lewis test. Obviously with Lewis we also need to hear about medical checks and whether teams have concerns/no concerns about his injury history.

      Until we see those results though, it’s very hard to answer the question. They’re better off trying to find a solution in FA.

      • Dale Roberts

        Who’s your favorite, realistic FA in this context?

    • Nem Beselek

      I think Schneider and Coach Carroll will draft a DE with their first pick, wherever that falls. Year after year they always use their first pick on the team’s greatest need. This year, just like last year, that need is for a DE who can get pressure on the opposing team’s QB. I don’t think it matters a bit that they drafted a DE high last year, that is what they’ll do this year, that is their MO.

      The only way that I see them going away from this strategy is if they are essentially “gifted” a an exceptional talent when their pick comes up. Otherwise, they will try to trade down, but ultimately still pick the best DE available for their draft spot.

      • Rob Staton

        It is not true that they have used their top pick on their biggest need year after year. Paul Richardson was not the biggest need in 2014, Frank Clark was not the biggest need in 2015, Christine Michael was not the biggest need in 2013 and James Carpenter was not the biggest need in 2011.

        What they have consistently done is identify the strengths and tiers of a draft and make moves accordingly.

        • Nem Beselek

          Hi Rob,
          I know this is an old thread now, and not wanting to argue with you because I think the work you do is incredible, but yeah, in my mind at least, all of those picks prove my point.
          Paul Richardson’s draft was when we had “pedestrian” WRs. In the year preceding Frank Clark we couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down because we had no pass rush. In Christine Michael’s case we knew we were going to have to replace Marshawn soon. In the year before Malik McDowell was drafted we had decent outside pressure, but couldn’t get anything going up the middle. Opposing QBs would just step up in the pocket. In the playoffs before Carpenter was drafted we could be convert on short yardage 3rd down plays. The year we traded for Jimmy Graham we were trying to get Russell a reliable receiving target other than ADB. Germain Ifedi – big hole at tackle. Truthfully, bigger hole at left tackle, but hey you take what you can get.
          I agree that TE is a need. We don’t know how Dissly will be when he comes back, and for as much as I like Luke Willson he is pretty much a JAG anymore. Hunter Bryant would be a great pickup, but the big slot receiver spot is pretty clogged up right now.
          The one caveat I have on this is if a decent OT, or if a very good Guard falls to us, and if all the good DEs are already taken, then we would go that route. But if that doesn’t happen, we’re drafting a DE.

          • Rob Staton

            They drafted Richardson ONE year after trading for Harvin and having extended Doug Baldwin. They drafted Clark despite having Bennett and Avril and Irvin. They drafted Michael right after extending Marshawn’s contract.

            Fair bit of revisionist history here Nem.

  7. JD

    Thanks for the great work Rob.

    If the Seahawks do go TE at the top of the 2nd, what do you think they would do with the other two second round picks?

    What two position groups do you think they would target and who are some players at those positions?

    • Rob Staton

      It depends on what they do in FA. Clearly they have a big DL/pass rush need. If they don’t re-sign Ifedi and/or Fant then tackle becomes a need. We need to know if center is a need depending on what they do given Justin Britt’s injury. As we’ve discussed it’s also a strong receiver class. So those are the positions I would look at. The three best center’s for me are Ruiz, Biadasz and Harris. A lot of the offensive tackles are seemingly opting not to declare but a lot of people like Josh Jones at Houston. I want to see how he tests but he looks the part in terms of frame. At receiver it depends who remains on the board. I’ve always liked K.J. Hill and I think he’ll test well he just lacks consistency. D-line will depend on who runs and tests quickly because they desperately need speed in the pass rush.

      • Dale Roberts

        The only three 2020 FA WR’s of note are Amari Cooper, AJ Green, and Emmanual Sanders. For my taste only Cooper is the only one young enough to be worthy of a big money and I suspect he’s not going anywhere. Is there anybody else you’d be interested in signing as a FA? If the Hawks had Dissly, Bryant, Lockett, and Metcalf who do you see as the third WR? If Green or Sanders were one year rentals does the 2021 draft offer any game breakers that might be available late in the first round?

        • DC

          Antonio Brown.

          I think I’m kidding but I’m not entirely sure.

        • Rob Staton

          The receiver position will be too enticing in the draft and trade market to consider FA I think.

  8. JJ


    What are your thoughts on Rasheem Green this year? Seems like he makes a splash play or two per week, but I don’t know if he has been consistent.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d agree with you. He has had some really nice splash plays but he’s also barely noticeable in most games too. He’s flashed potential with the splash plays so it’d be nice to see more consistent, regular pressure. If he can end the season with six sacks (he’s on four at the moment) that’ll be a nice step forward and hopefully in year three he would continue to progress.

      • Gohawks5151

        I’ve said this before on another post but i like Green’s trajectory. He was always gonna be a project and was young for his class. He reminds me of Reed. For Reed it was all flashes before the breakout came in year 3. I think we will be saying the same thing about Green next year.

        • Rob Staton

          Green has been a lot less effective than Reed though. Reed splashed with sacks in 2018 but for the first two years was still an excellent interior force.

        • Dale Roberts

          We gotta keep Reed. Run stuffing DTs that also get pressure up the middle are rare. It’s no mistake that Clowney had his best game when Reed emerged against the Niners.

  9. Curtis Allen

    3 second round picks and (probably) 2 third round picks. Inject that right into my veins.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Our history of first round picks hasnt been so great so why not trade into the second. Could even possible go up this year with that extra second as well if there is a special player they like?

  10. Ukhawk

    Just read in the NewsTribnet that both Hunter Bryant and Trey Adams are sitting out their bowl game for fear of injury. Said that Bryant has had 2 knee surgeries which gives me pause.

    I hope the Hawks take a WR or failing that one of 6-8 really good OL coming out. If not Jackson then maybe Wirfs, Little or Wilson.

    Be also curious if they looked at Adams later on who at one time was graded higher than Bolles.

    • Rob Staton

      Wirfs isn’t expected to declare and Little has already confirmed he’s returning to Stanford.

    • McZ

      Those Oregon and Washington OLiners are pretty okay.
      Shane Lemieux is #1 guard IMO, Throckmorton a solid swing tackle. Nick Harris and Jake Hanson make good options at C. Trey Adams will depend on tests, and if Jared Hilbers declares, he is a viable late round choice.

      We need to really bolster out edge rush, so I’m all for DL first.

      I’ve read talk about KJ Hamler being available late R2, possibly mid R3. No brainer, if that happens.

      • Starhawk29

        Have no idea how good he really is, but I’d love to see Throckmorton do well. His grandfather works out at my gym and is a super nice guy.

  11. Gohawks5151

    In a scenario where all the WRs we talk about are gone is there another receiver that isn’t being mentioned that Seattle reaches on? Tee Higgins or the Minnesota receiver?

    • Rob Staton

      Only if they run well.

  12. Justaguy

    I know it is early in the process, where is the value in this draft? Viska Shenault is my draft crush. His inspiration is something Pete and John will find compelling. He plays with tenacity and the athletic profile is on par with Larry Fitzgerald at Pitt. I cringe at the thought of Dallas selecting Viska.

    • Eburgz

      I love him too. Love guys like Carson and Metcalf and Viska who just refuse to go down. Everyone feeds off that (long as they don’t fumble 😬).

      Like rob says above, he needs to run well if he’s gonna be a hawk. Hawks only draft 4.4 or faster guys early. And if he runs a 4.4 it’s likely he isn’t available at our pick. I think he runs fast and isn’t available at our pick. I think Devonta Smith and Jalen Reagor are more likely to drop into the hawks range and they fit the type that we’ve drafted before. I’d surprised if Reagor is drafted top 15 like rob has it, but if he runs 4.2 for sure there’s a chance.

      Great mock rob!

  13. drewdawg11

    Shinault is super talented. When was the last time he was healthy? Dude is always dinged up and because of that, I feel like he lacks polish as a wide receiver. I just don’t know. Hunter in the second round isn’t bad. I still want to figure out a way to move up for one of the other impact players in the 15-20 range but alas, it’s JS.

  14. Volume12

    Trevon Diggs is not only Stefon’s brother but Ja’Marr Chase’s son. 😲

    • Dale Roberts

      Interestingly, Quadre Diggs isn’t related to Trevon/Stephon but Quadre’s brother is Quentin Jammer who spent 11 years with the Charges as a CB and saftey.

    • Kenny Sloth

      “Hello, Police? yeah, I’d like to report an assualt”

      He did expose tf out Diggs imo.

  15. Chase Little

    Nice mock Rob! Fun to see how these have evolved as the college season plays on and we get more tape on guys. Couple early truths starting to form it seems:

    1) Top 12-16 guys seem to be solidifying.
    2) A trade back to R2 seems inevitable. Having 3 R2 and 2 R3 makes some incredible depth and competition.
    3) OT is a big premium.
    4) Tua, Herbert, and Love will make for some exciting trades in R1.

    Question: which players within this mock has the highest Beta? Meaning, who could slide or is most dependent on a good/bad Combine?

    • Rob Staton

      All the receiver need to run well. Ceedee Lamb’s stock is tied to how fast he runs.

  16. Paul Cook

    I’m not sold yet on Hunter Bryant for the Hawks, and I’m a total Husky homer. There’s little doubt that he’s a receiving threat at the TE position. I almost view him as big WR, and the Huskies often spread him out wide on sets.

    No draft pick is perfect (well, maybe a few close to it), but I have three concerns about HB for the Hawks:

    1) He’s been injured a few times in college, and I”m concerned about his durability at the TE position in the NFL

    2) He’s not a very good blocker, arguably the third best on the Huskies this year. He lacks some size and ferocity as a blocker

    3) His mind occasionally drifts off, and he’s susceptible to the missed block, the dropped pass, etc… He’s not the uber competitor on every play

    These are just my criticisms. There’s a lot to like about him too, many of them mentioned.

    • God of Thunder

      Good points, Paul

      3) concentration and focus can be coached up. 1) Injuries are extremely worrying. 2) Some blocking can be taught but size issues are also worrying. I’d stay clear of off injured players. We can always keep rolling the dice on Dissly.

  17. OregonHawk

    Are Green, Colier, & Clowney similar players? Are they similar to M Bennett?

    • Kenny Sloth

      I dont think any of them are MB or really similar to each other.

  18. neil

    Is everyone writing Hollister off as being of little value? With Pennys injury, they will have to look at running back unless Homer shows well the rest of the season.

    • Paul Cook

      Not me. I think Hollister (and I mentioned this before) should be one of their first signings in the off season. Not because I think his order of importance is near the top of the totem poll, but that he’s a solid player that we could probably sign with little fanfare for a fair price. Get that nailed down.

      Penny will come back. It might take him until mid-season next year to feel aggressively confident again, but, like Rob said, knee injuries aren’t quite what they used to be. Surgeries and rehab are very sophisticated now, and if the player puts in the time, they come back just as strong as before if they’re young enough.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I look at Hollister as part of the solution. He could be the 4th TE and / or FB type of player they have lacked for a few years. Bring back Willson for depth, get Dickson (resign?) and Dissly right health wise.. and make 1 acquisition in the draft at the TE spot… prefer a complete TE, but Bryant would be worth a close look in the mid/late 2nd round range.

    • Rob Staton

      Not writing him off but he is what he is. A nice complimentary piece.

  19. neil

    This may be a good week to give Homer some reps and see what he can do.

  20. charlietheunicorn

    Does anyone have a read on where Jazz Ferguson is right now? Is he on a practice squad?
    It appears he is on an XFL squad, but I could be wrong. Might be worth a call up to the big show with Seattle.

    Gary Jennings went on IR while on the 53 man roster for the Dolphins. : /

    • McZ

      He got injured celebrating the insane trick play a couple of weeks ago.

      Jazz Ferguson is on the Dallas Renegades roster.

  21. EranUngar

    With so many teams still alive and fighting for division titles and top seed in the NFC it looks like it will go to the wire for us but there is one crazy scenario that could happen:

    Week 16:
    The fighting home teams win – Titans over NO, Eagles over DAL and MIN over GB.
    We beat ARI and the RAMS win over a depleted 9ers defense.
    ATL beat the JAGS at home and NYG do the same at WASH.

    Week 17:
    In the early 10 am games GB beats DET, ATL beats TB, Eagles beat NYG, MIN beat CHI or DAL beats WASH.

    The result is an extra bye week for us because by the time we take the field against SF, we will already have the 1st seed in the NFC secured.


    • Greg Haugsven

      Yes this could happen. It even goes a little deeper. Most likely we will get flexed into the Sunday night game and possibly some of those 10 am games could get pushed back? We actually only need to tie strength of victory not win it because the next one would be strength of schedule which would be NO/Wash vs Minn/Phi and we would win that. If the 49ers beat the Rams though none of this matters.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Make that GB/Wash and Minn/Phi for the strength of schedule, not NO.

  22. DC

    Rob, do you feel the Seahawks will have interest in OLB/EDGE free agent(to be) Kyler Fackrell?

    Both you & BobbyK had good writings on the man prior to the 2016 draft. He’s kinda become the odd man out now in GB but I’m sure most of us remember his 3 sack thrashing of us in 2018. He’s 1 year removed from a 10 sack season (ala Jarran Reed). Got to believe his price tag will put him in the affordable range. Pair him with a freshly cut Calais Campbell (please) in addition to re-signing our guys & that’d be a decent start toward an improved pass rush.

    From the archives;


    Round two
    #56 Seattle — Kyler Fackrell (LB, Utah State)

    “With several possible EDGE and DT prospects off the board before Seattle’s pick in round two — they instead opt for a rush-linebacker with great flexibility. Fackrell can line up at linebacker similar to Bruce Irvin and he can put his hand in the ground and attack the edge. They might prefer to add a DE-DT instead who can play base and nickel in the D-line — but they can’t fight the board here. Fackrell is a high-character splash-play specialist. He lives in the backfield and impacts the quarterback. He’s athletic and explosive. The Seahawks recently met with Shea McClellin before he signed with the Patriots. Fackrell would play a similar role in Seattle. He’s a playmaker with the character that fits this team. He’s underrated.”

    • Rob Staton

      I like Fackrell but I’m not sure he’s the solution.

    • Dale Roberts

      I’d love to have Fackrell and you’re right, he does seem like the odd man out after their big money signings of Smith X 2 last year. Also interesting is that the Packers will have twenty two free agents. I agree he could be a bargain.

  23. McZ

    Typical “I massively like the player, but not the pick”

    This pick would make Hunter Bryant the top TE of the draft. Which is a heavy stretch. IMO, he will be available early day 4. WHich would be really good value.

    • McZ

      early day 3, R4

      • mishima

        Early season, I had him Round 4. Now, mid to late Round 2. Few good TEs in draft and increasingly important in leage.

        • McZ

          There is this Mizzou guy, Parkinson from Stanford, Breeland from Oregon, Pinkney of Vanderbilt and Hopkins from Purdue. Some outliers in Chase Allen from Iowa State and Adam Trautmann from Dayton. Harrisson Bryant from FAU with nearly 900yd.

          I think, Bryant is our best fit. Teams preferring huge targets will find his 6’2″ not very enjoyable.

  24. millhouse-serbia

    I have just watch Reagor’s highlights. Oh boy…he is so fast, has great hands and even he is small he can make all the high point catches. Draft crush so far. If he is somehow available at the end of the 1st round JS wont miss that opportunity.

    • Paul Cook

      I saw one recent mock draft that had him as the 62nd or 63rd pick late in the 2nd round. LOL

  25. Starhawk29

    Not to harp on the whole tanking thing again, but watching this draft play out will be very interesting from that perspective. Last year the consensus was that this draft was a brilliant QB class. Now? Personally I think Burrow is the only one truly deserving of the 1st round grade. A case can be made for Herbert, and he will go in the first, but he lacks finesse and the consistency in his decision making you’d want to see. Tua has injury questions. Love is a big question mark.

    There is a lot of time left for someone to separate themselves from the pack, but this is proving to be just another mediocre crop of QBs. With 3 draft eligible QBs in the playoff and bowl games still left to play, nothing is certain yet. The senior bowl and combine will change things as well. All that being said, I can’t honestly look at this draft and see anyone I’d count on to be a true difference maker at the position outside of Burrow. If I need a QB in this draft, I’m really not excited about the options.

    • neil

      Just curious, were you exited about Wilson in that draft . I certainly wasn’t.

      • Frank

        Rob and the entire blog where super excited about Wilson. Rob repeated said if he was 2 inches taller he would be considered equal or greater than Luck, and RG3 for the top picks in that class. Arron Donald was another one that Rob was ahead of the curve on and was highly coveted here before anyone else had him as being a top half of round 1 player. I don’t agree with everything Rob has ever said, but I certainly evaluate my own position on players if Rob has a strong feeling about someone.

      • Starhawk29

        I liked him as a player, but honestly I didn’t even think of him come draft time. I’ll also admit I don’t tend to really fall in love with most draft prospect QBs, and tend to prefer guys who have years of success (i.e. winning) over athleticism/arm. The only QBs I really liked recently are Deshaun Watson, Baker Mayfield, and Kyler Murray. I though Mahomes was all show. Didn’t like Josh Allen at all. Both are making me look stupid.

  26. McZ

    One QB rarely in the rankings is Ian Book. He has the quickest release in this class, is absolutely cold-blooded under pressure, solid legs and arm, plus sound decision making. Never had the targets at Notre Dame, but to me he is better than Jake Fromm or Jacob Eason, by a fair margin.

    Also, Nate Stanley of Iowa is a lot better than people are giving hi credit for. And Anthony Gordon just blew some of Wazzus records.

    So, the top crop beyond Burrows looks shaky as hell. But there is depth.

    • McZ

      Oops, was meant as an answer to Starhawk29…

    • Eli

      I think Utah QB Tyler Huntley would be a really nice developmental guy to grab on Day 3

      • Robert Las Vegas

        Rob once again thank you for your mock draft I have a quick question for you beside Chase Young who else would you like to be Seahawk.is there one guy who stand’s out to you. This is one guy I would love to be a Seahawk

        • Rob Staton

          Jalen Reagor, Isaiah Wilson

          • Paul Cook

            I’d take either.

          • Trevor

            They are #1 and 2 on my wish list for the Hawks as well.

            #3 on my list is Klavon Chaisson as I think he has the physical profile and alpha dog attitude the Hawks need. He is raw but has a great motor and flashes big time. The was the only guy I saw beat Thomas from Georgia clean for a sack all year. The most impressive part was Thomas dominated him most of the game but he kept coming.

            He was also voted for the 12 jersey at LSU despite being hurt last year which says a lot.

            • Rob Staton

              ‘Flashes big time’ is quite the overstatement Trevor.

              4.5 sacks on a dominant team.

              • Trevor

                Yes but he had 11.5 TFL and missed 3 games. Have to see how he tests but I think you are really under rating his upside. His injury history would be my only concern.

                • Rob Staton

                  Well we need to see how much upside he actually had athletically. That remains to be seen. He didn’t jump off the screen though which is the point.

    • Volume12

      UVA’s Bryce Perkins and N. Texas’ Mason Fine

      I also like Anthony Gordon

      • Eli

        Perkins is pretty interesting

    • Starhawk29

      I haven’t watched much of Book. Stanley is interesting, and given Minshew’s success it’s hard to say Gordon can’t repeat. All that being said, I don’t think this class is any more special than the group from last year. There just isn’t the top end talent everyone was saying there would be.

      There’s a lot of quality guys, and it’s still very early in the process. One of these guys will shoot up draft boards, possibly someone like Love or Eason because of measurables. Jones wasn’t a first rounder this time last year, and people had Drew Lock going top 10.

      My point really is that we shouldn’t anoint draft’s as great until the season has actually happened (and thus not say, tank for Trevor).

      • McZ

        I hope, Eason is smart enough to return to college for a season. I get this smell, he could be Burrows II next season.

  27. Volume12

    Wonder how much the draft stock of Utah St’s Jordan Love will be impacted by his marijuana possession?

    I think Indy is gonna try and grab him.

    • Henry Taylor

      Perfect spot for him, smart offensive coach, no pressure to play right away. One of the few teams I can see him being a success with.

    • Trevor

      I think he will be Tom Brady’s heir apparent in NE. Billicheck sees the success of these young athletic QBs and decides to go that route as well. Would give him a year or so to develop him as well.

      But he may be gone to a team like Indy before then.

      • DC

        Indy had a roster ready to compete with anyone until their Luck ran out.

        They definitely need a QB.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Good shout

  28. Paul Cook

    I read recently that the division leading 11-3 top two NFC seeded Hawks got only 2 players elected to the Pro Bowl. The article went on to say, if that’s the case, then how is Pete Carrol not Coach of the Year? LOL

    • Kenny Sloth


    • McZ

      PFF did two rosters of their own. Shaquill Griifin gets acknowledged for having a career year. Jadeveon Clowney still top notch edge defender.

    • Martin

      Great point!

    • Brazilian Hawk

      I think Russell Wilson is the Most Valuable Player, and he is the only reason why we aren’t a losing team this season.

      TBH I’m not a fan of PC in 2019. We got away with too many mistakes.

  29. Paul Cook

    Off topic…

    Today was NLI day in college football (the early signing period). UW, depending upon the service you look at, got a top 10 or near top 10 recruiting class so far, and tops in the PAC 12. But here’s the real kicker. USC’s current class of recruits so far has a composite ranking of 78th in the nation. WTF! Man, their fans are going crazy.

    • DC

      Helton’s assumed firing all season long probably didn’t help recruiting. No tears here.

    • DC

      I like Jimmy Lake. Think he’s going to be a shot in the arm for the program. Youthful enthusiasm and he’s fresh. Glad to see that all of the verbal commits made it official! Loads of offensive linemen.

    • Kenny Sloth

      <Oregon's class obviously.

      • DC

        ‘Oregon Football… Thriving on the backs of child laborers around the world!!!’

        I read that on a billboard driving through Eugene. At least they’re honest about it!

        • Kenny Sloth

          Whoa bro. Dont girl factual statements at me as if they’re insults

          • Kenny Sloth


            • DC

              Haha. Phil cost us Dawgs a good decade and a half of bumbling around before the re-learning of how to get our ‘stuff’ together and get with current trends.

              Don’t ever let your program get out spent! A cardinal sin.

      • Paul Cook

        The Ducks suck. All that needs to be said.

        Yeah, the passing of the torch from Petersen to Lake was about as smooth and classy as can be. He got every recruit locked in, and he even added a four star one to boot. Things are looking up at Montlake. Lake has got that youthful enthusiasm and tenacity that was on the wane with Chris, as remarkable as he’s been as a coach, mentor, and program developer as he’s been.

        Now it’s up to Lake to deliver the goods. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

  30. DC

    Just watched the LSU offense vs the Alabama defense to check out RT Austin Deculus as another option for us if the need arises. Big, tall dude with long arms. Decent in the run game but slooow footed. He was getting beat by speed pretty regularly only to be bailed out by the elusiveness of Burrow.

  31. Coleslaw

    I’m just not impressed by Bryant. If he fell to the 2nd, sure. But late 1st idk.. I know it’s all relative to the class but in relation to the NFL I dont think he’s anything special.

    FA TE for me.

    • Rob Staton

      In this mock, the Seahawks take him in the second round.

  32. WALL UP

    As a UW alumni it would be nice to go in the backyard for additional weapons. But, as you mentioned, the position of need is DL/DE pass rushers. Trading down to accomplish this is a given, based on the recent past from JS & Co.

    The (3) 2nd Rd picks that I hope would come from that are: 1) Wilson or Gallimore providing additional inside push @ DT. 2) Okwara as a situational edge rusher and, 3) Trey Smith OG/OT, if he declares and his meds continue to work in his behalf.

    These (3) could have immediate impact to the needs of the team, rather than other offensive weapon that may be attained in Rd 3. That’s hard to say coming from an alumni. But, Hollister is doing quite well, and would take a majority of that HB role, outside of the occasional outside splits that Bryant might have in mismatches with LBs.

    The team’s biggest need appears to be on the line, on both sides of the ball.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not a given.

      There is every chance they will address this in FA. The draft options are poor.

      And Seattle has to have another dynamic weapon for Wilson. That’s much more important than spending yet more high picks on the OL, especially when the OL isn’t anywhere near the issue some would have you believe. It’s only even a need if they let all their FA’s walk and don’t replace them with other veterans (which they HAVE been doing).

      • Kenny Sloth

        One edge in this mock, right?

        • Rob Staton

          Awful class for DE’s.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Hate to mention a Beaver, but OSU Hamilcar Rashed Jr. leads pac with 12 sacks and has 35+ tfl last two years. He’s a twitchy but raw OLB/DE tweener.

            Might be worth a look if he tests well.

            • Eli

              I think Tennessee DE Darrell Taylor is gonna become pretty appealing during the off-season scouting cycle. Looking forward to watching him at the Senior Bowl

            • Gohawks5151

              Being reported said he is coming back already.

            • D-OZ

              Hamilcar is a LEO. I have been scouting several LEO type prospects recently and came away feeling pretty good about some prospects. Get to that later. I like Taylor a lot. The Kid from LSU that V12 likes is vastly underrated on this site.
              Another player I like a lot is Jamie Newman from Wake. There is a ligit comparison to Aaron Rogers. Although, I think he is a JR. Interesting if he declares. Lamar Jackson CB from Arkansas is a proto Hawk.

          • Kenny Sloth

            And you have to check out Alex Highsmith’s get-off. He’s at a smaller school so his technical acumen leaves a lot to be desired, but if you squint hard enough he looks kind of like Avril on the field, something I think we could use.

            Level of competition caveat, but he has 40 tfl’s the last two years. Had about as decent a game as one could expect when Charlotte played Clemson and went off with 4.5 sacks against ODU.

            We need to put something in the cupboard regardless of draft range.

          • Bigten

            What happened to Zuniga this year? Last year you were talking about him as a first rounder. Also, assuming that it is a really poor draft for DE, and your belief doesn’t change after watching more film in prep and combine numbers, wouldn’t it be more advantageous to look at a Yetur Gross-Matos or Klavon Chaisson with the 41st? Assuming they are still there obviously. Then look to the depth of the WR with the second and third 2nd round picks. I am with you 100 percent on getting Russ more weapons, but With 7 WR going in the first of your mock, the value isn’t really there maybe. I also like Bryant’s talent, but worry about the injuries and Bryant’s ability to block. I watched some and wasn’t impressed. Also thinking that maybe Russ doesn’t need an Uber athletic TE to be successful, Hollister and Dissly as evidence. So if we are going with upside as our 41st pick, I think YGM has huge upside even if he has been inconsistent.

            • Rob Staton

              Zuniga has been injured

            • McZ

              There is talk about Chase Young and Epenesa returning to college. This would quickstart any DEs value remaining in the board. Zuniga had a more than meh season, but Jon Greenard might be an option.

              If we search for a mismatch target, I would look into T.J. Vasher, WR, Texas Tech. 6’6″, long arms, good hands, a little raw on routes and light frame.

              • WALL UP

                Love TJ.. I hope many keep sleeping on him. He’s my late Rd steal.

      • WALL UP

        You know what they say, “You can never have enough Pass Rushers.”

        If they do decide on going outside to the FA route, to fill that void, it may come at a large expense to the cap, verses retaining those currently on their roster in Reed, Clowney, and a much stronger Ansah, at a very reasonable cost, in addition to an Okwara, as a situational pass rusher, and a Wilson or Gallimore for inside push.

        It takes time to integrate DL players together in Pete’s scheme, as we’ve witnessed this past season, as we’ve still waiting for the complete package to fully flourish together. But, given a full off season working together, this present group could be a special group that would be hard to recon with. These guys really like it here as well.

        Trades are what I anticipate that they do explore for that offensive weapon, in terms of TE help for Russ. OJ Howard, or other young TE experienced help is where they may turn, rather than Hunter.

        As far as other WRs to be added to what they have, I doubt it would come at a high price, or trade. I think Pete honestly likes what he has. If something drops in their laps, as in the case of JG, then they would jump at it. But, I wouldn’t hold my breathe. This is a deep WR draft that may uncover a #3 option that could compete with the group for that #3 WR in Rd 3.

        Whatever choices they do decide to make may just come as a surprise to all of us, particularly their first choice of the draft. It should be fun to watch though.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t have a problem with adding lots of pass rushers. It’s simply a fact that this is a bad class for them. Taking them over other positions in the early rounds, unless things change, would be a mistake.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Hawks typically go with strength of draft early and scattershot for other needs late.

            Think this is the type of draft we might have to reach somewhere along the way if we want to add at the position.

            Combine and invite games will shake out a couple more names that draft media is late to as usual, but Seattle will have a lot of their guys already, I’m sure.

    • JimQ

      A Junior DT——-> Currently projected in the late Round 2 to late round 4 area (IF he declares for the draft by 1/15/20), will require combine info & more study, but this guy fills up the stat sheet pretty well & he has had some nice, dominate games for a very decent Baylor team. His worst knock seems to be his lack of consistency from game to game, but coaching & better conditioning should help with that. Might he be a possible Seahawk rotational DL option on late day 2 or early day 3 of the draft, if he declares & performs well at the combine??

      DT-James Lynch, Baylor, 6-4/295, length, explosiveness & 40 & 10 yard speed=??
      2019: 13-games, 18.5-TFL, 12.5-sacks, 5-PBU, 13-QBH, 3-FF, 2-FR & 2-Blocked kicks.

  33. Von


    I know the blog has spent a lot of time talking about OJ Howard, and for good reason. A name that I keep thinking about for a trade is David Njoku. He’ll only 24 next year and is a pretty explosive playmaker in his own right. What are your thoughts on him?

    • Rob Staton

      I like Njoku, could be an option for sure.

    • Dale Roberts

      Njoku was a healthy scratch last week. Apparently Kitchens was unhappy with Njoku’s effort upon his return from a 10 week absence due to a broken wrist. If the Browns don’t pick up his fifth year he’s a FA and if they do he’s trade bait. It’s amazing what a fustercluck the Browns are… again.

      • Von

        Hey Dale. I believe the 2020 season will be his 4th season. Vent better that we could have him for 2 years.

  34. JJ

    I can’t wait until Rob expands his hawks mock to more rounds. Going to be a lot of options to review over the coming months.

  35. RWIII

    Rob just curious. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the blocking of Will Dissly and Hunter Bryant.

    • Rob Staton

      Well in a sense it defined Dissly and with Bryant it’s something he’s done but not his main positive. Don’t think it’s very easy to score them out of 10.

  36. RWIII

    Thanks Rob:

  37. RWIII

    Rob you might find this article on Bryant interesting.


  38. Eburgz

    Are you thinking of Bryant as more of an offensive weapon (with the top wide receivers gone in this scenario). Or as a do it all tight end that can line up inline and be split out wide as a mismatch?

    I’m just not convinced Bryant can hold up on the line of scrimmage in the NFL at his size. That he was asked to block and did an ok job at it in college is awesome but I just don’t know if he can hold up on the line at 240.

    Everyone felt like we tried to fit a square peg in a round hole with Jimmy Graham and I’d be worried about the same for Bryant (Grahams issue with blocking wasn’t size, more technique/want-to but point stands). I want tight ends on the roster who are beasts at blocking and sure handed pass catchers. Not sure if Bryant is either of those (although he is an explosive play making TE). More Will Dissly’s for me. Or hockenson/OJ Howard/Kittle types if we can be so lucky to find a guy that is a great blocker with good hands AND and athletic mismatch. If we’re going to roll with a finesse undersized pass catching TE I think Hollister is more than serviceable.

    • Rob Staton

      I see him as a dynamic target in the passing game who has shown he won’t be a liability as a blocker, therefore fits the DNA of the offense and won’t be out of place if he has to line up as the #1 TE.

      I don’t see his size as an issue. Tight end blocking isn’t long, sustained, 1v1 shut-down blocking. It’s nuanced.

      • charlietheunicorn

        I think of him as a pumped up Hollister. As we have seen, the fit is right and that “type of guy” has a place in the offense.

  39. Coleslaw

    What’s some good tape on Bryant?

    • Rob Staton

      Most of it’s good. He’s had a really good season.

  40. charlietheunicorn

    Taking a gander at the potential TE FAs in 2020

    Eric Ebron, Hunter henry and Austin Hooper look attractive for landing in Seattle.
    Doubt Henry is allowed to walk out of Charger land, but you never know.
    Blake Bell or Ricky Seals-Jones could also be a darkhorses.

    I’m convinced they bring in 1 FA TE and 1 drafted TE at the minimum.

    I guess a guy like Even Engram (doubt NYG trades him) or OJ Howard (likely gets dealt by the Bucs) or Jeremy Sprinkle (Washington is a joke) could also be trade targets. This is also where David Nokju lands on the list as well, but who can trust the Browns to do anything right with the current HC in place…. the GM could be a deal maker in this case.

  41. CHawk Talker Eric

    Al Woods suspended for the rest of the season for violating PED policy. This hurts.

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