Josh Gordon suspended indefinitely

That’s the end of Josh Gordon’s short stint in Seattle. It’s the fifth suspension of his career and, unfortunately, may be the last. The Seahawks were the only team to make a waiver claim when he was cut by the Patriots.

Although Gordon’s impact was fairly limited he provided a consistent third-down target. They’re already without Will Dissly and with Tyler Lockett clearly not 100% (even if he did play well against Carolina) — Russell Wilson is short of weapons.

Amid all the injury news on defense, this is another blow.

It also highlight again why adding at least one new target during the off-season will be a priority. Clearly Seattle’s most pressing need is to add to the defensive line and the pass rush. They badly need some speed and quickness to compliment the likes of Jadeveon Clowney and Jarran Reed (both players are free agents themselves). Shaquem Griffin is pinch-hitting at the moment but they need someone who rush the edge with twitch.

None of this means they can’t or won’t do more to help out their quarterback. Wilson deserves to have the best possible opportunity to deliver wins for this team. With a question mark at tight end and a superb looking draft class at receiver, there will be options. There could also be an attractive trade market at both positions.

Meanwhile, it’s also emerged the Seahawks were one of four teams to put a waiver claim in for Terrell Suggs:

If Suggs is willing to play for the Chiefs (several reports suggested he was threatening to retire if he wasn’t allowed to sign with the Ravens) it’s a quality late-season addition.

Meanwhile, the Saints claimed cornerback Janoris Jenkins after he was cut by the Giants.

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  1. Easthawk

    Such a shame. Such a damn shame. Jeez that sucks so much.

    • KD

      Indeed. He does seem to have some demons that just won’t let go of him, and I wish him the best to overcome them.

      • Easthawk

        Old habits truly die hard for some people I guess. The OBJ trade scenario for next year looks more appealing now. Hopefully JS can pull off a Clowney/Diggs and get him for a 3rd or 2 3rds! And Anyway. Josh does need help if it turns out if it’s more than just weed.

      • Frank

        I am so sick of the NFL bull crap on this one. I apologize for the language Rob. I don’t think he has ever been busted for PEDs, and somehow gets thrown into the same category as people that cheat because he occasionally smokes a joint? I watched the NFL ruin probably the greatest running back of all time Ricky Williams career over weed and don’t know that I can be a fan of the sport anymore after this one, unless they grow a brain and follow MLB and UFC in taking weed off of their banned substances list. It’s no different than having a beer after work and the NFL (good OL boy) club, has imposed their BS beliefs and ruined too many lives over what? I’m not sure if it’s hyperbole, or just being shocked by everything in the moment, but after playing 13 years of playing football myself, coaching football, and a great amount of my time studying the game, I think Goodell has finally pushed it to far with me to ever watch another game again. I’ll still be a Hawk fan, but can no longer in good conscience support them financially in any way. I think it’s fair to say, Roger Goodell has ruined the NFL. I don’t smoke weed, and rarely even have a beer, but it’s none of there darn business what players do to recover from the mental and physical abuse a sport they trade their personal health for the public’s enjoyment. Just feel absolutely horrible for Gordon right now that 32 rich old people with antiquated beliefs are allowed to ruin his life. That’s the hardest I’ve ever had to try not to fill a paragraph with profanity, but the sentiment is absolutely there. 😂

        • Paul Cook

          If it’s all been weed (except for PED’s this time), I’m with you on taking it off their banned substances list. For heaven’s sake, I’m a 5 minute drive from legally purchasing weed right now. Come on. This is a victimless crime unless the person harms another as a result of their habit/pleasure/medication/whatever.

          • Frank

            Was it actually PEDs this time? If so I definitely believe he deserves a suspension, although as a first offense since he’s had no previous infractions. I had to play with and against a bunch of people that where juicing while playing football, and have cage fought against people taking HGH and there is definitely a huge performance boost. Those guys where out there ended the careers of people that would work them over without cheating, so absolute loath and have no respect for cheaters. I just assumed it was weed again, but would be really interested in knowing what he was caught doing if anyone can confirm what he was popped for.

            • Paul Cook

              I read that it was substance abuse AND performance enhancing drug use this time. I agree that the NFL should remove weed from their banned list. It’s doesn’t make much sense anymore to have it on. Not worth ruining a player’s career over.

              • Frank

                Thanks Paul! I haven’t been able to find anything yet detailing what he was failed for, so really appreciate the heads up!!

        • Barry

          I also can’t believe this.

          That someone would ever insinuate Ricky Williams might be the greatest back of all time.

        • icb12

          I’m with you on NFL policy change. I am. Do I agree with all their policies? No I do not. But none the less those ARE the policies…

          To sit here and argue that “32 rich old people with antiquated beliefs” ruined Gordons life.. that’s BS.

          Gordon did a dang good job of ruining his own life, and he’s had plenty of chances. He made the decisions and choices.. it’s HIS responsibility.

          There are PLENTY of polices that people may not agree with, in life and yes in football. And as individuals we get the CHOICE to accept those polices and potentially fight to change them if we feel strongly enough about them, or we can violate said policies and pay for it, if and when we get caught. That’s a choice made by our own selves.

          • KD

            Pretty much my sentiments as well. I’m no expert on what constitutes a PED or not, but the fact of business is dems the rules. The rules probably are too stringent and need to change, but until that time comes the rules are clear and everyone has to follow them.

            • Justaguy

              For crying out loud, get over it. Talking like you never broke a rule or toed the line when it comes to policy. Self righteous much? Frank is calling out the NFL for bad policy and mistreatment of contractor employees. Isn’t that how bad policy is recognized? And nobody yet knows exactly what Gordon got popped for, so stop speculating.

              • Mike

                I think both are in a sense right. You gotta take ownership when you break rules, and undoubtably Gordon has not done himself any favors. At the same time, blocking a commonly legalized substance known to help with pain management, when the greater league and community has largely been in support of it, is tone deaf and poor management on Goodell’s part. This is not a new issue. It has crossed Goodell’s desk from the players association before. He could have followed suit, by allowing players to use it if it is legal in the state they are in.

                When you try to enforce rules that go above and beyond the actual laws, you gotta take some ownership of the rules you are enforcing onto those players as well.

            • pdxpostal

              I think Frank is calling out the relationship between owner and employee, claiming the owners have overstepped their bounds. It’s unjust for employers to make personal decisions for employees, in this case, with the thought that Marijuana does not impact employee performance at work.

              Stating that a rules a rule, and you choose to follow them or get canned, doesn’t address whether a rule is fair, moral or legal. And in fact, if everyone follows a rule, then that rule is not going to ever change.

              The owners can puff away behind closed doors, the consumers/spectators light up both in the stadium, outside the stadium and at home….but for some reason there is this special rule for players, regarding Marijuana?

  2. David Thomson

    John Ursua time?

  3. Rokas

    It’s like dating a girl, knowing she will break your heart. And when it happens, it still breaks your heart.
    He could have been a dark horse in the PO run.
    Is there a tiny chance, he can comeback to SEA next year?

    • Rob Staton

      Highly doubt it

  4. KD

    >That feeling when you randomly see Josh Gordon trending on twitter :/

  5. Burner

    Let’s hope Gary Jennings never amounts to much.

    • Pickering

      Amara Darboh was just activated by Pittsburgh

    • Andrew

      I hope Gary Jennings turns into an All-Pro.

  6. Paul Cook

    Well that sucks. Definitely WR a priority in the off season. Ideally, for me, draft one early that they like, and then trade for a WR on a rookie contract or in the mid-range of salaries. Probably draft a TE or trade for one too. Seems pretty clear to me.

  7. john_s

    Josh Gordon with the clutch 3rd down catches vs San Fran was worth claiming him.

    • Coleslaw

      Yup, cant say it didnt pay off!

  8. SoCal12

    From a team perspective it’s just kind of a minor inconvenience since he was only slightly involved anyways. A shame about the lost potential though. Definitely need another pass-catcher.

    On a personal level though, this has me pretty bummed out. He seems like a really decent kid that is battling some kind of addiction and is really struggling with it. I have known addicts in my life and it’s just so tough to watch good people have to battle themselves constantly..Really hope he can find the help he needs and overcome his demons.

  9. cha

    Suggs claimed by the KC Chiefs.

  10. Starhawk29

    I’m sadly unsurprised. I hope it was legitimate, not a weed issue, but I’d bet that it is.

    In other news, supposedly a bunch of Browns players were yelling at the Cardinals to come get them, including my new man crush Jarvis Landry. Personally, I’d start looking to pick over that roster when the season ends, cause I bet a lot of those guys won’t want to come back for Cleveland. That OBJ trade piece is looking awfully prescient Rob…..

    • Rob Staton

      Cleveland’s an absolute mess. John Dorsey has made a complete dog’s dinner of that team.

      • cha

        Really? I thought they are more of a busted flush.

      • Starhawk29

        In all honesty, I don’t think Dorsey’s done too poorly outside of his coaching hire. Kitchen’s is a joke, but this is a talented team, and unlike the Rams, they didn’t sacrifice their future to get here. Their draft picks have been solid, they just have nobody to lead them and tell them to shut up and play football.

        • SoCal12

          Honestly I think if they had Ron Rivera as a coach they;d be a 9-7 team at the very least.

          Freddie ‘The Steelers Started It’ Kitchens is very much not the guy, and if he ends up staying, then it’ll be big indictment of the organization and a sign that they’re still the same shitty Browns.

        • Rob Staton

          But the coaching hire and the subsequent mess has undermined all the work. Now they have a mutiny, the #1 pick at QB has regressed into a shell of a player and it’s hard to imagine how they get out of this hole without major changes.

          • KD

            Think they may gamble on Tua if he’s available?

        • TatupuTime

          Dorsey stepped into such a great situation between some of the building blocks they had in place, the insane draft capital and cap room. He created a lot of excitement in Cleveland with his moves, but I think a lot of GMs would have had success with what they had.

          I hope they can save Baker. Thought he was an amazing prospect coming out and despite being annoying sometimes, he definitely adds excitement to the league.

    • Adog

      After Earl pulled that come get me coup…I hope the Seahawks have the same taste of disgust in their mouth that I do. Not sure these “come get me” players are what we want on one of youngest and winniest team currently in the league.

      • Starhawk29

        Landry has shot his way out of organization’s twice now, and that definitely gives me pause. My counterpoint is that he’s been a consistently good player, and he plays with the same fire he shows off the field. On our roster, he could be the sparkplug that ADB used to be.

        • JJ

          He has played for Miami and Cleveland. I would want to get out of both of those situations too.

  11. Scott

    Here come’s AB

  12. Volume12

    Wish I could say I was shocked. Unfortunately thats not the case.

  13. cha

    Ian Rapoport

    This is interesting: Four teams attempted to claim pass-rusher Terrell Suggs — #Saints, #49ers, #Seahawks, and #Chiefs. And the #Ravens may have signed him if he was free.

    • SoCal12

      So it looks like we tried at least. Shame we were lower on the order, but it is a sign we are very much hungry for pass rush.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Every one of these teams have needs for a pass rusher.

      I also like that 4 teams cock blocked the Ravens.

  14. Coleslaw

    Saw earlier that multiple browns players were shouting “come get me” at the Arizona sideline yesterday. Including Jarvis Landry.

    Make that 2 Browns receivers we could target in trades. And with their situation in Cleveland it really could be cheap to acquire them.

    If it’s as bad as it may be, OBJ might go for a 3rd and a swap. Landry miggt go for a 5th

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt they cough up OBJ for a 3rd a year after giving up a first.

      • Cantremembermyusername

        His fingertip catch yesterday gave me goosebumps, it was one of the best catches I’ve ever seen. Still think he was a surefire HOF’er if not for his demons…so sad


    Mistakes aside, let this poor bastard smoke weed and play football. This is an outdated relic of a rule.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Megatron and Percy Harvin were high before and after every game

      • KD

        I was unironically shocked by that admission by Harvin

        • Kenny Sloth

          Hard Same. What they gonna put an asterisk by CJJ in the record books 😂

  16. Kenny Sloth

    Let Joshy Smoke!!!

  17. God of Thunder

    I believe the rule around cannabis should be changed. But the fact remains that Josh Gordon knee the rules better than most (because of his multiple suspensions and warnings.) We don’t know what he was using/abusing but he has in the past confessed to being practically an alcoholic. This time it may have been PED or his old standby pot. He let himself down, and he let down the Hawks.

    • TatupuTime

      That is a pretty harsh way of looking at someone with addiction problems who relapses (as the stats say happens at a staggering rate). It’s definitely sad and disappointing for Josh Gordon.

      • whit21

        its tough to say for him.. he said while with the browns he would leave after warmups and smoke weed and drink a bottle of vodka to be at a baseline while playing.. thats why hes been in the protocol. its not for minor hiccups.. its full blown addiction.

  18. charlietheunicorn

    I actually think the problem in Cleveland is not the GM. I thought he made some very shrewd moves and put a bunch of talent on the field. The problem, specifically, is the HC can’t organize and coral all of these guys and get them pointed in the single direction.

    When the going get’s tough, you have to point at the HC. He is a the day today hands on guy working with the players. Should they have invested draft capitol into Mayfield, it is debatable, but he has proven he can make things happen…. unlike other starting NFL QBs not in the top tier.

    The Browns used to be a laughing stock, 0-16 type of team…. now they are in the 6-8 win category. They simply need a HC that can mold the team and hold each player accountable. Even with all the dysfunction, they really are not that far away from being a very potent team that could at least sneak in the playoffs every season. As I said previously, the GM is not the problem.

    • BobbyK

      It’s not possible to be a 0-16 team after they tanked a couple seasons away to gain all that draft stock. He was set up nicely by the former regime(s) that got fired – and he has not produced with trading high picks for talent like Odell, claiming a guy like Hunt nobody wanted the PR hit to take (whom he drafted in KC with character concerns), etc. I do agree it’s mostly the coaching, but the GM hand picked that coach and your decisions reflect on all of us in life. He simply hired a coach who is running one of the most undisciplined teams in the NFL this century (based on numbers; at least as of the Steelers game a few weeks ago). If you look at the Patriots philosophy – most of their players are college graduates and bright. That’s part of the reason they are one of the least penalized teams on average. With their culture, they have enough guys like that to be able to take flyers on their character risks of the past. Just because they have employed the Aaron Hernandez types of the world – doesn’t distract from the fact they have had more college graduates and things of that nature than other teams. The Browns just assemble a bunch of talent and don’t care if they have attitude problems to a degree. Every team will take problem players because talent definitely wins too – but the Browns have collected more than their fair share of clowns and wonder why their discipline is so crappy or weren’t smart enough to know that and hire a disciplinarian for a coach. The GM deserves blame, not so much for talent, but plenty other things that factor into a winning and losing team.

      • Huso Liszt

        My theory is that the Browns have been so bad for so long, they have accumulated too many high first-round draft picks. Does anyone else have a sense of first round draft picks, especially the early ones, get fed so much hype about themselves that they tend to become head cases? Sometimes I think that’s why PC and JS like to trade down out of the first round so often: second rounders are cheaper, they are just about as good, more trainable, and they don’t carry the same ego-baggage.

    • KD

      It’s the culture of the organization. That’s what it comes down to.

      This may sound irrelevant, but I spent my college years studying economics and accounting. I was once hired to do that job. That was the point in my life where I was the most miserable.

      I didn’t like what I was doing. so I can see why PCJS go after those players who do have a passion. A change in culture can make all the difference in the world.

  19. charlietheunicorn

    I guess it is time to circle back to discussing WRs in the draft for Seattle :O

    LOL I kid…. I always thought they would grab one “early-ish”.

  20. Kenny Sloth

    Brees carving Indy up. Playing like the GOAT

    • KD

      He’s right up there with Brady and Montana as GOATs. Much respect.

      • KD

        Teddy Bridgewater on Brees:

        • KD

          Teddy looks like he’s in awe of his mentor. Teddy bridgewater had a rough start to his NFL career with all the injuries, but he looks like someone who has spent his life in the dojo, ready to accept the sword that his master will pass to him.

  21. whit21

    Clowney is a beast on the D line.. but its more evident that JS should have tried to keep Jacob Martin… maybe need to go small ball from here out.. activate Ursua and use him instead of turner…

    • SeanMatt

      Martin has 3.5 sacks. He would be second on the team in sacks. In retrospect, giving up a higher draft pick in order to keep Martin woulda been a good idea.

      • Rob Staton

        For 3.5 sacks!?!

        • Hawkdawg

          I liked Jacob, but he was and remains pretty much a one-trick pony. Sacks are his value.

          Clowney, when sufficiently healthy, is a several-trick pony. So if Jacob had to go, it was ok…

          • Rob Staton


  22. Ishmael

    85+% of players are using PEDs and it’s not going to change any time soon. The NFL really aren’t making any effort to catch players, so you have to be pretty dumb to get popped. If he managed it, well, that’s a damn shame.

    If it was weed then it’s a disgrace like every other weed suspension. Very happy to have players hopped up on opioids but god forbid they roll a joint. Painkillers keep the NFL going, might as well let the players use one that isn’t going to completely ruin them.

    • Paul Cook

      Again, I totally agree on the weed thing. What are you considering a PED with that 85+% number? Are opiods a PED? Just wondering. I think ADHD meds are considered a PED, as most of them contain some form of speed.

  23. Kenny Sloth

    Everybody nominated for the Walter Payton MOTY award deserves it IMHO

    Bobby’s leading the votes currently, Sherm is in third. (Sherm is an awesome person)

  24. Kenny Sloth

    Josh Gordon: *hits joint* Man, you should fr let me throw a pass this week.

    Brian Schottenheimer: *takes joint* BET

    • Henry Taylor

      Nailed it 🤣

    • Martin

      Best laugh I’ve had for a while.

  25. calgaryhawk

    Wilson lobbied for AB, could it be AB time in Seattle. Brown is such a talent but one has to wonder if the NFL has privately said “don’t touch”, not that there would be any collusion of course.

  26. Georgia Hawk

    I think its worth taking a moment to appreciate how remarkable this season truly has been.

    In August, most of us here would’ve said that an 11 win season was a dang good effort for a team we expected to still be in a rebuild mode. We knew going in the pass rush was going to be a problem, and there were legit concerns in both the secondary and OLine.

    So here we are, going into week 16, already sitting at 11 wins, in control of our own destiny, so to speak. Win out and #1 seed is ours. Despite all the hand wringing over not putting away bad teams, winning 1 score games, no pass rush to speak of, bi-polar OL play, more missed games due to injury than any other team(through last week) and a revolving door of players in the WR and DB rooms, the Hawks are in the mix.

    Personally, I think this is pretty incredible and anything past this is extra cream on the top.

  27. Volume12

    Maybe someone already posted it, but there was an intetesting part in Greg Bell’s piece on Josh Gordon. Said on Sunday when the team was in the locker room celebrating their win, Gordon had his head down facing inward towards his locker. Declined to comment and wouldn’t even look over at DK Metcalf whose locker is next to his.

    Sad man. Just sad.

    • Volume12

      Usually I would get my dumb jokes off over something like this, but as someone that’s struggled with what Gordon is going through, maybe not to his degree, I can relate.

    • Trevor

      I know a lot of fans are upset with Gordon, I just think it is really sad. He has so much talent but obviously his demons are real and strong. We will never know what he has gone through or will continue to. Once the NFL does not want him anymore I imagine things will only get harder for him as he looks back at everything he has thrown away.

      Despite the disappointment I hope the Hawks try and support him as much as possible and get him whatever help he needs. He does not seem like a bad kid and I wish him nothing but the best in the future.

      • Paul Cook

        Yeah, just a sad state of affairs. Anyone is capable of becoming an addict, but he also seems to be a person who’s genetically or otherwise predisposed towards addiction, at least from what I’ve read.

        There’s not much the team can do in the way of helping him now. He’s not allowed to have anything to do with the team now, per the NFL.

        • Volume12

          All addicts are predisposed. It’s hardwired inside of us.

          • Paul Cook

            What I meant was that people who become addicted to whatever don’t all fall into the same category. There are people, for instance, who have become addicted to opioids merely because of the addictive nature of the substance, rather than any above normal predisposition towards addiction in that regard.

            • Volume12

              Yeah, I guess I agree with that and can see that side of it.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Well he’s not allowed contact with the team or to be at the facilities, so I doubt the NFL wants to let our team help.

        • Volume12

          Does he want help? Can’t help someone if they won’t help themselves. I kinda think the NFL enabled him a bit. He never hit rock bottom because team B,C, and D was always willing to sign him.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Did you see his Uninterrupted interview from rehab? He definitely thought he’d hit it

  28. Ukhawk

    Can’t say I’m surprised and nor overly concerned for the team.

    Be interesting to see if they can or will support him in his recovery, hopefully it is possible to do so as he clearly has problems and to overcome .

    Mostly my heart goes out to Gordon as dealing with addiction must be really really hard. Such a talented guy, it’s such a big shame for him. Hope he finds the right path.

  29. Volume12

    Todd McShay is out here telling on himself. Said that most scouts he’s talken to have compared Joe Burrows to Andy Dalton but he sees him more as Carson Wentz. So he’s saying he’s mediocre? ‘

    McShay: ‘This guy is so mid I’d take him # 1 overall’

    Neither one of those guys are anything like Burrows.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Bazooka Joe has a lot of Brees in his game. Both underrated movers.

      • Volume12

        His mobility is for sure underrated.

        I just don’t see captain checkdown aka Carson Wentz on the guy with the big arm.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see either Wentz or Dalton. The mention of Dalton is bizarre.

      To me he’s like Brady. Doesn’t mean he will be Brady. There are things about Brady’s mental makeup that separate him. But in terms of body, playing style and accuracy that is who he is most like IMO.

      • hawkdawg

        In the pocket, sure. But outside the pocket on the move, no real resemblance at this point..

        • Rob Staton

          No player is ever a 100% comp.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I was gonna say the same, but he’s a lot quicker in space than Brady. TB has fast feet slow legs

    • AndrewP

      Been talking about this with some friends…

      I see a more confident Alex Smith. Smith didn’t have any one amazingly standout physical tool, but he was ‘really good’ at everything. What set him back early on was a crappy franchise, and the mental makeup. Once Harbaugh came in, he became a much better pro (to which Harbaugh responded by giving his job to CK).

      A buddy of mine came up with a combo of Romo and Jimmy G; can do everything acceptably to good physically (JG), but with swagger (both) and cool under pressure (Romo?).

  30. Bigten

    Rob, I’m sure you have looked at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd team all-Americans. Do any stick out to you as surprises? How about as targets for us? Was surprised with the first team TE, Harrison Bryant. Was a converted DE, similar to Dissly. What range do you see him? The Oline was also a little surprising, specifically the Ohio State guard. And Delpit getting second team, while JR Reed got 1st.

    • Rob Staton

      Harrison Bryant is very mobile. Lines up pretty much as a bigger receiver. Good running across the field. Imagine he’d be useful running the seam. Not seen much in the way of blocking.

      It’s an absolute joke that Cesar Ruiz wasn’t included. Should’ve been the first team center for me. Isaiah Wilson is also a noticeable absentee.

      • Bigten

        You like Harrison or hunter as better fit for us? Are they similar grade? I’m thinking, with you that TE is a must in the draft, but looking more at 3rd. I don’t think hunter makes it to the third.

        • Rob Staton

          Hunter because he blocks.

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