2022 draft aims, targets and rules for the Seahawks

Improve the trenches
For all the investment at positions like safety and linebacker over the years, the old football cliché of winning in the trenches remains true. Creating a good offensive line and a threatening pass rush is a tried and tested way to win. Furthermore, it fits perfectly the style of football the Seahawks want to play. This happens to be a good draft for the trenches, so take advantage of it.

Don’t hole-fill
For a number of years now the Seahawks have band-aided some holes and then filled others in the draft. A clear hedge like Austin Blythe, on a one-year contract, isn’t a long term fix. If you get a chance to draft a fantastic center, go for it. Don’t take a lesser player because it fills a perceived hole you didn’t address with one of those short-term band-aids. The emphasis in this draft should be BPA with a leaning towards the O-line and D-line.

Build to be the kind of team you want to be
In 2010-2011 the intention was clear. They spent three high picks on the O-line. They traded for Marshawn Lynch. They signed Robert Gallery and brought in Breno Giacomini. They paid to keep Max Unger. They wanted to run the ball and run the ball well. Return to that approach this year. If you’re going to be that kind of team, create that kind of team. Even if you’re not a fan of that particular philosophy, it’s what Pete Carroll says he wants. And the people running this team have to build the team their way. So go for it.

Draft at least one Georgia defender
Every team should have this ambition. That’s how good they were in 2021. Draft multiple Georgia defenders if you can. They are winners, they are physical, they are freakishly athletic and they look good on tape.

Be prepared to shoot for the stars at #9
I want the Seahawks to really commit to the trenches as noted. However, the best offensive and defensive linemen probably aren’t going to last to your pick. If you can’t trade down for whatever reason, don’t settle. Draft someone you believe has the potential to be a star.

Be patient at quarterback
I’ve poured over this QB class for hours. I’ve studied virtually every game each of the top prospects played in 2021 (plus some of their 2020 games too). This isn’t the year to go chasing a quarterback. Kentucky’s Will Levis should be the target next year. Embrace what this is — a setting the table draft. Build the foundations for future success.

Sometimes the obvious pick is the right pick
Carroll and John Schneider love to say they pick for their team not the league. Which on paper is a fair approach. Yet often it does feel like they’ve overthought things. On a recent stream Jeff Simmons made a good point that if they’d just taken the ‘best available’ player on Mel Kiper’s big board they’d probably have had more success in round one over the years. Too often they’ve bypassed players who have ended up being as good as expected to fill needs or take what they’d call ‘their guys’. Scheme and ideals feature within every draft decision in every draft room. Sometimes, though, it’s OK just to say — ‘let’s draft him, he’s really good’.

You’re not going to solve every problem
By going into this draft without really bolstering the pass rush, without signing any offensive tackles, without doing anything to replace Bobby Wagner and by not really doing much at quarterback — there’s too much to do. For all the bluster about ‘competing’ and expecting to win, we can all see what 2022 is going to be in all likelihood. It’s fine to talk the talk about competing but please — make decisions with the long term in mind.

An unsexy draft is OK
Trading down, selecting Zion Johnson, then trading up, selecting Tyler Linderbaum, then taking the best defensive player at #41 before going and getting a good running back, such as Dameon Pierce in round three, might not be a collection of picks that have Seahawks fans racing online to express their excitement. However, that for me would be perfectly acceptable. Feel free to subtract a name for Abraham Lucas or Cam Jurgens. If a top pass rusher falls to #9 (they won’t) then pivot and don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth. However, coming out of this draft with the ability to bully from the interior and make plays in the front seven of your defense is fine by me. It’s a platform to keep building and you’d be drafting good players who can create the identity you want.

Create something to hang your hat on
What do the Seahawks do well at the moment? What are they known for on the field? This is why I’d like to see a focussed commitment to either creating a brilliant, dominant running game through the trenches or loading up on defense. At least then you can say — this is what we’re trying to be known for. Now let’s make it happen.

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  1. Troy

    Amen Rob, fully agree with all you just wrote. Which is why my heart will be broken yet again when “the smartest guys in the room” end up reaching for a R3 guy in the first, and piss away a chance at greatness by moving down and not getting good value in return. I can fully see Schneider taking a R4 or R5 pick to move down significantly in the first and calling that a win, if that happens I’ll just shake my head and wonder why I still support this front office.

    I would LOVE to be proven wrong, but I just don’t see this FO doing the right thing.

    Ultimately they will feel pressured into reaching for a Tackle (ifedi, Britt), and most likely reach on pass rush.

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      Does anybody have a preference on where to watch the Draft? Is NFL Network the best?

      And if a person say, doesn’t have cable, does anyone know if the NFL Network App subscription will give you coverage of the Draft?

      Thanks for all you do Rob! You make the Draft 10 times more exciting every single year.

      • Sean

        Regarding the question of the best place to watch the draft, definitely NFL Network for days two and three. They show more picks and have more analysis on the players being drafted opposed to ESPN who uses day three more as a platform to analyze what has already happened in days 1-2.

        In the past, I have watched round 1 on ESPN, but may switch to NFL Network this year.

        • Ben Ft. Worth

          Thank you, much appreciated!

  2. Elmer

    As a supplement to “An unsexy draft is OK” I would include “Don’t think you are smarter than everyone else “. Sometimes arrogance comes back to bite you.

    Good job! This is a very good game plan, very well stated.

    • Steven D

      Hubris, arrogance…. John and Pete call it competing

      They’ll trade down, take the Rd 3 guy in the 1st – ignoring conventional thinking with an LJ Collier or Malik type move.
      And then load up on RBs and WRs the rest of the way
      Same as it ever was

      Shame they’ll waste another loaded draft

      How much does Schneider make per year?

      • Elmer

        They would probably be better off having Rob do the draft for them.

        • samprassultanofswat

          Elmer: Agree 100%.

          • David Ashton

            And just saying Schneider came across very arrogant this week at the press conference. Maybe it was just me but it reeked of it.

  3. Scot04

    I’d be happy with unsexy, but being able to see they had a plan.
    On another note I keep seeing the top 8 play out in a bad way.
    Seattle left with few options in this possible mock.
    1.) JAX.  Travon Walker
    2.) DET.   Aiden Hutchinson
    3.) HOU.  Evan Neal
    4.) NYJ.   Kayvon Thibodaux
    5.) NYG.   Ikem Ekwanu
    6.) PHI.    Ahmad Gardner ( Eagles trade up for top Corner.)
    7.) NYG.   Derek Stingley
    8.) ATL.    Jermaine Johnson
    9.) SEA.    ?

    • Jim

      if so, then trade down while looking to pick Trevor Penning with the first pick

    • Big Mike

      In a scenario like this and if no one wants to trade up, Penning is highly likely to be the pick. Not inspiring. However……..I don’t believe it’ll play out this way. Some team is gonna move up for a QB or take a WR (or both, more likely the 2nd scenario) imo

      • Palatypus

        Or you could just check off one of the boxes and go get the obvious Georgia defender here, Jordan Davis.

        You could put him in a Red Bryant role on passing downs.

        • HawkFan907

          This should be the plan. Absolutely. If you can’t trade down with someone looking to trade up for Cross, take Davis here and be happy. If you can trade down, go for Zion or Devonte Wyatt. Quay Walker in Rd. 2 plus address whatever trench you didn’t grab in Rd 1. Leave happy.

      • Peter

        Ratger get a bif fat F and pick Zion a good/great guard than a guy with “versatility,” that we don’t even know can be a guard. Wasn’t like carpenter was a great guard. He just became A guard.

      • Bertelli

        100% agree, Big Mike. There’s always a team that takes someone higher than expected. I believe there’s a decent chance that one of the projected top-eight falls to us. My fear is the Hawks will overthink things and probably even pass up the guy who slips to us for an uninspiring pick like Cross. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Sean

      The amount of concern I have seen on this forum regarding this scenario is laughable. Stingley will go outside the top 10, and either a receiver or QB will sneak into the top 8. The Seahawks will have their chance at one of the edge rushers or tackles you mentioned, just a matter if they pull the trigger or trade back.

  4. Moses Lake Brian

    I hope they follow most of these suggestions.
    I’m looking forward to an Edge and OL with 2 of Top 3 picks at minimum.
    Also looking for a 2nd OL, a RB, a CB, and an LB somewhere else in the draft.
    There are enough holes that I think they can hole fill to some extent while taking the top player on their board.

  5. Big Mike

    I so, so badly want the things Rob outlined to happen. Their history suggests it won’t. One thing’s for sure, the legacy of the 2 men in charge will be shaped by this draft and the next one.

  6. Walter Smythe

    That’s a great point – who was Mel Kiper’s best available when the Hawks have picked in round one for the last 10?

  7. Palatypus

    The Tone of this article feels like a TED Talks.

  8. Jerry

    “The emphasis in this draft should be BPA with a leaning towards the O-line and D-line.“

    This perfectly encapsulates my view on the situation. This is a two year process, so they should be thinking about how they can fill various needs in the next two drafts.

  9. Tommyo

    Spot on Rob. Russ’s desire to pass first went against PC’s philosophies. JC and PC have always wanted a point guard QB. They want to run and dominate in the trenches. This draft can get back them back to run first, play action pass with two TE’s and BAMF’s that intimidate on both side of the ball. It’s done in the trenches. Get Zion, one of the two Centers, Lucas and Sam Williams, Pierce in round 3 and that BAMF’er Clemons in round 5.

  10. STTBM

    Rob, I feel exactly as you do. I’m just more pessimistic regarding the chance Seattle gets this right. They’ve screwed up more drafts and free agency than not. And, they’ve lost talent in the Front Office and scouting departments since 2012. Ten years on, they’ve had one good draft since.

    I like any of these guys:

    Zion Johnson
    Boye Mafe
    Abe Lucas
    Channing Tindall
    Troy Anderson
    Dameon Pierce

    Of course, they will likely draft Penning and Linderbaum and somebody ranked below the third round, miss on Pierce, then draft a RB with similar profile later who never pans out…and we’ll hear all about how glad they are they got their guys, teams were calling to say we snatched their guy etc….bleahh! I just want one star player at 9 and a solid draft–too much to ask for?!

    • Rob Staton

      I’m neither optimistic or pessimistic

      I’m reserving judgement

      • STTBM

        Rob, I wish I could reserve judgement as you are doing. I’ve had too much disappointment in my 37 years of seahawks fandom. Perhaps having been a fan through the dark ages of the tail end of the Nordstrom/Skinner years and the Behring Debacle has made me pessimistic regarding Seattle, but I hope its simply the track record this Seahawks group has earned. Being a fan that long doesn’t make my opinion more or less valid than anyone else’s, but it probably can explain some of where I’m coming from.

        Anyway, I’m glad you don’t feel the way I do–right or wrong your blog is better for it. Keep up the good work!

        • Brik

          We’ve been in the playoffs way more often than not since the start of the millennium. Some of those years we made a Super Bowl, and 1 of those years we won it. There are many teams that would kill for that level of failure that the Seahawks have been this century. I get it though, if you have low expectations then you can’t be disappointed. Would be nice if you guys would have useful input instead of just screaming and yelling that the sky is falling. Here’s some facts:

          1) Something had to change for us to be a champion again.
          2) Russell Wilson is no longer a Seahawk.
          3) We have enough quality picks between this year and next to rebuild and make a great team.
          4) We will most likely not be a contender this year or next.
          5) PC and JS have not failed us yet, the draft is still 6 days away.
          6) Russell Wilson is no longer a Seahawk, and I know that eats at you because he reminds you of the good times. He is past his athletic prime. We have more of a chance to make a SB team with what we got for him compared to if we tried to keep him.

          • Peter

            5. Pc and js have not failed us yet….?

            How? Let’s just hypothesize that russ is done and dusted and everyone in denver are a bunch of dopes.

            How do you square wasting the years when he was not toast with the objectively miserable roster construction?

            They have/did fail. Already. While the likes of Allen and Burrows are lauded as the best in the league neither have had a season as good as Wilson in 2020. Meanwhile the guys that haven’t failed passed on TJ Watt. Skipped Buddha Baker. Declined Nick Chubb for what?

            17 picks or thereabouts on oline and only okung was worth anything. Collier a bust. Three bowl players in six years and one is a punter. Two firsts and a third for an oft injured box safety.

            Look i’m stoked for next week. But it is revisionist history in the extreme to say “they have enough draft picks to fix this.” They have had enough draft picks. They had the hardest position in sports to find and they simply decided to not or couldn’t create a legacy.

            So if you’re having a hard time understanding why some of us are not sinshine and roses about these two go look up the draft picks. Since the Wilson draft it’s been a decade of mediocrity. Some flashes in players they opted not to retain and some entire top down whiffs on whole draft classes.

            Maybe Wilson is cooked. Or maybe we find out next year why we have had the success teams dream of for so long and it wasn’t the guys who were here in 2017 when they forfeited the draft and wasted nearly every….single…pick. On players who were almost all busts or borderline busts.

            • Brik

              I was obviously talking about the draft that is coming up, that many people are acting like they already screwed it up. That’s why I said, “the draft is still 6 days away”. Now 5 days. You’re so busy being angry that you saw one piece of a comment and bit into it like a rabid dog.

              Speaking of Burrow, he had the worst o-line in the league. Still got the team to a super bowl and didn’t cry about it. I’d rather have that guy then the guy we just jettisoned for a cup of noodles.

              • Peter

                Okie dokie internet friend. You got it. I’m angry like a rabid dog or whatever that means.

                Could be you think pc/js are awesome and I don’t. That’s probably a bit more realistic.

                And you got some conflict with Wilson and think he sucks and I’m just on the other side if that fence.

                • Brik

                  PC and JS are the best the Seahawks have ever had. Not perfect, but they got us something no one else has ever done. Do they have my blind trust for the next decade? Absolutely not. The last 3 drafts have given us some solid talent and is enough for me to patiently wait to see the results.

                  Russell turns 34 early on this season. He was a great QB for us for many years. That ship has sailed. Time to move on. Either that or you can be a Broncos fan.

        • mtpgod

          I’ve been a fan for 35 years and I don’t feel this way. I feel super grateful for our run in the 2010s and now I’m excited to enter the unknown post-Russ. With that being said, I’d be shocked if we don’t crevice for Levis (2022’s suck for Luck) next season. I do hope someone reaches for a qb/wr in top 8 so we get a top edge or Olineman,
          I’m still holding out hope for J Johnson, I always listen to Vegas bc they’re right more times than not, those odds favoring him going outside the top 8 has me uber intrigued.

          • Peter

            Crevice for Levis…..

            Is probably the frontrunner .

          • God of Thunder

            Call me mad, but I think a team in the top ten will reach for a QB. I have no insights or crystal ball, it’s just that some team almost always reaches.

            Take Willis. Is he not on par with Lance or Fields? They went high, probably too high.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Reserve judgement. Exactly.

        One point I want to make. I have been complaining about the drafts since. Scot McCloughan left the organization. Well, the last four drafts (2018-2021) have not been that bad. So, I stand corrected. As in regards for the 2022 draft. I will reserve judgment until after the draft.

        2nd point. In regard to Drew Lock: Gut feeling tells me his NFL comparison could be Ryan Tannehill. Maybe? When Tannehill was at Miami. He was swimming in mediocracy. But when he got to an organization that knew what to do with him. Everything changed.

        One question that I don’t think anyone can answer. We can only speculate. Are the Seahawks interested in Baker Mayfield? I have pretty much brushed him off. But the chatter on 710ESPN is constant. Another question is: What happens if no team is interested in trading for Bakersfield? Would Cleveland just release him? I don’t know.

        VALUE over need! PLEASE don’t reach!
        Don’t sleep on Drew Lock (Shelby Harris)

        • Peter

          Your enthusiasm is catching me a little.

          If you want tour guy to succeed pray for a strong oline and a good Runningback.

          The best chance for lock is to control the pace and not to get down early. I know some here want to tank but I personally want to be competitive. Hopefully they focus on keeping him upright and on time this draft.

        • Paul

          The 2016-2017 drafts were so bad that the subsequent drafts couldn’t make up for them. And the drafts since 2018 were marred by all the trading of picks that Schneider had to do just to tread water. Then throw in the FA money wasted on stopgap and depth players.

          Why were the 2016-2017 drafts in particular disastrous? Because Schneider traded down and traded down to amass 11 picks in the first three rounds with the idea of building a foundation for the next five years. Here’s what he netted with those picks:

          2016: Ifedi (1), J. Reed (2), Prosise, Vannett, Odhiambo (3)
          2017: McDowell, Pocic (2), Griffin, Hill, Jones, Darboh (3)

          PCJS’ aura of infallibility was pierced and they began to lose the trust and confidence of the franchise QB. Meanwhile, fans are understandably cynical when Schneider waxes eloquent on the new energy level inspired by the capital amassed for the 2022 draft.

    • Big Mike

      Careful STTBM, you’ll get accused of bringing the negativity and ruining the SDB experience for “real” fans of the Seahawks. Never mind that you speak the truth. Gotta be happy and positive or you’re a bad fan.
      oh, and I have all the same fears you do based on the FACTS that you stated so I’m a bad fan too

      • STTBM

        Big Mike, I don’t think Rob feels that way, but there are plenty of Seahawks fans who do, here and elsewhere. Few of them wore their Seahawks gear through the early 90s as I did, so they don’t bother me. They can have their opinions, cause I’ve got mine!

        Some people just can’t handle reality. Its why drugs are so popular lol!

  11. Roy Batty

    It really is enlightening doing mock drafts on the simulators. You begin to realize how many teams have traded away a lot of their 2022 picks. Trade scenarios end up with those teams offering up a plethora of their 2023 draft stock to make up for the missing 2022 stock.

    And it’s fun to consistently reject any Rams offer that includes one 2022 pick and 4 or more 2023 picks.

    • Kyle

      Yes the simulator shows some really interesting trends.

      There’s a lot of depth in this class. A LOT.

      The best o liners will drop off a little quicker on day 2 than the best defensive options, but there will be quality all of day two and the first part of day 3.

      The depth is so good that accumulating day 2 picks magnifies the options. There’s no reason this team can’t get four starters (with perhaps one being a star) and another three role players.

      I’ve even been looking at worst-case scenarios and there are good options. If John and Pete screw up this draft I might have to just watch college football from now on.

      • Big Mike

        Go Cougs? Go Huskies?

      • Roy Batty

        As Rob pointed out, this draft has to create a base that the 2023 draft can build on. Long term vision.

        It is the perfect draft for them to do it, and the perfect draft for Schneider to wheel and deal.

        It will be interesting to see if they accumulate a few 2023 second day picks, as well. Draft stock in the bank for moving up next year.

      • God of Thunder

        Georgia players! On defence. Depth shows if they’re lasting into round 2.

    • Paul

      I guess this is indicative of a deep draft with a solid but not great top end (relative to other drafts).

      Will the Hawks be able to trade down if so many potential trade partners are running away from the draft? Depending on how GB values Garrett Wilson, maybe there’s a scenario where SEA packages the #9 and their 4th-rounder (#109) for the Pack’s two first-rounders (#22 and #28). GB would have to really want Wilson, though, and Atlanta would have to pass on him at #8.

      • Rob Staton

        I think people need to realise it’s a bit of a pipe dream to think GB is going to trade up like that

  12. Schrub

    Great content.

    I’m starting to wonder if a trade down into the mid first and then taking Devin Lloyd (or another LB) is a possibility.

    • Rob Staton

      Could be

  13. Mr. Drucker in hooterville

    Correction: Getting a Georgia defender IS SEXY!

  14. cha

    The Seahawks have 1 pick 14 spots before Arizona picks at 23. Arizona has also traded their 4th and 5th round picks. They have a gap from #87 to #201 in a deep draft.

    They have 3 picks before San Francisco picks at 61.

    They have 4 picks before the Rams pick at 104.

    Those three teams have regularly outmaneuvered the Seahawks in adding offseason talent.

    Time to close the gap.

    • Kyle

      Yes please. This is the draft to made good steady choices. Load up on quality players and build some
      Serious depth. One of the great traits of the 2013 team was how crazy deep it was. Third stringers could start on other teams.

    • DarrellDownUnder

      Absolutely! Nice post.


    PLEASE get at least 1 UGA defensive player! Minimum of 1! I have been saying that since the national title game. I am with Rob on this!!

    • Palatypus

      Even if it’s Devontae Wyatt?

      • Peter

        What’s wrong with Devontae Wyatt?

        • Palatypus

          Multiple domestic violence incidents according to Walter Football.

          • Peter

            The only report I’ve read on the googler is a fight with a girlfriend type arrested on tgree misdemeanors. Charges not fiked and bith parties said everything was fine.

            • Peter

              If there are three additional charges. Then that changes my opinion. But this seattle where they took frank clark.

          • God of Thunder

            Well as long as she didn’t go full Amber Heard and he didn’t go full Johnny Depp, it’s good lol.*

            * not everyone will share my sense of humour.

  16. Bankhawk

    Nailed it, Rob! My combined Birthday/X-mas wish list this year could be ‘I wish Coah Pete and John-boy would read this column and produce a draft this year that reflects the positions you’ ve outlined.’
    “Hail Gunslinger; Well met! ” 🤞

  17. Kelly

    Great article thank you

  18. cha

    I haven’t run a PFN in a few days so I went and tried it.

    Detroit offered their next year first round pick and #34 to move up from #32 to #9 and selected Pickett.

    Carolina then offered their next year first round pick and #137 to move up to #32 and selected Howell.

    Imagine the Seahawks picking 1-2-3 in 2023. My goodness.

    • Palatypus

      Picking 1,2,3 could get really expensive.

      • Roy Batty

        The trade possibilities for any one of those picks, with so many desperate teams looking at that draft as their best shot at a good QB…

        The haul would be amazing, especially if the other team had multiple firsts to trade.

        Am I greedy for wanting 4 first round picks in 2023?

      • God of Thunder

        Imagine John Schneider trading down from R1.1, 2, and 3. He could end up with 17 sixth rounders!

  19. Lenny J

    P F F draft boards are crazy. Every Mock got J Johnson ranked 32. I just hope we don’t pass. . We can play shits in giggles with 40 and 41.

  20. SoCal12

    Matt Miller on Twitter – https://twitter.com/nfldraftscout/status/1517592982932832256

    “Derek Stingley, Jr. is the hottest name in the draft. There is even buzz about him being a top 3 pick to either Detroit or Houston.

    Said one scout when asked about his subpar 2020 season—”I’d have checked out on that team, too.”

    The Seahawks at 9 feel like a floor for him.”

    So I’m guessing the lis-franc thing isn’t a big concern and he checks out physically. It does feel like the plan might be Stingley/Sauce/Johnson or trade down.

    • Rob Staton

      I reported not so long ago from a league source who had Stingley firmly as CB1.

      Same person told me the stuff on Thibodeaux was overblown.

    • James

      If Atlanta goes WR as expected, the other seven picks before the Seahawks will likely come from these players: Hutchinson, Walker, Thibodeaux, Johnson, Gardner, Stingley, Ekwonu, Neal. That is eight players for seven picks. This does not even include the possibility of a QB going. Bottom line: at least one Tier 1 elite player will be there at #9. Trading down will be moving into the Tier 2 players. John and Pete have to decide wisely.

  21. James

    Let’s take a look at just how brutally difficult it is to draft an elite franchise QB. John and Pete got lucky with Russ (yes, lucky, because if they had any idea they would not have waited until R3). This year or next, John is going to have to be brilliant, or the Seahawks are in football hell. Here are the QBs taken in the top ten picks in R1 ever since Peyton Manning >
    98: Peyton Manning, Ryan Leaf
    99: Tim Couch, Donovan McNabb, Akili Smith
    00: n/a
    01: Michael Vick
    02: David Carr, Joey Harrington
    03: Carson Palmer, Byron Leftwich
    04: Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers
    05: Alex Smith
    06: Vince Young, Matt Leinart
    07: JaMarcus Russell
    08: Matt Ryan
    09: Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez
    10: Sam Bradford
    11: Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert
    12: Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill
    13: n/a
    14: Blake Bortles
    15: Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota
    16: Jared Goff, Carson Wentz
    17: Mitch Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes
    18: Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen
    19: Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones
    20: Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovaiola, Justin Herbert
    21: Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance

    Good grief! It does not take a genius to see that most of the best QBs of the past two decades: Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rogers, Russell Wilson, etc, were not top draft picks. In other words, there was no consensus on them whatsoever, and only brilliant work by a GM or HC landed an elite QB for their franchise. This is what we are needing John and Pete to do this year or next.

    Look above… 45 QBs were taken in the top ten of the first round since 1998, beginning with Peyton Manning. At best, only about ten of them could be called franchise QBs. Most were spectacular failures visiting misery on their fans for years and years. This is a failure rate of about 78%. Either this coming week, or a year from now, John and Pete will have to find that rare guy to lead us to victory… send good thoughts their way!

    • Big Mike

      You’ve made my argument as to why Jody should’ve fired Pete and John and hired an offensive HC and kept Russell instead of the other way around. That will be her legacy as well as that of Pete and John if they don’t get these next 2 drafts very right.

      • Tomas


      • God of Thunder

        And saddled a new front office with an aging, slowing “let me cook” close-to-prima donna who wants a say in everything and probably 50 million a year?

  22. HawkFan907

    This is how I’d grade the Seahawks picks (if they’d happen):

    Unrealistic (Hutch, Walker, Neal, Ekwonu)

    A – Thibodeaux, Sauce, Stingley, Johnson (all could be gone, or one could fall) (Day 1 IMPACT players)
    B – TRADE DOWN and pick up an extra day 2 pick
    C – Jordan Davis, Devin Lloyd, Devonte Wyatt, Zion Johnson, Trent McDuffie (Day 1 starters)
    D – Charles Cross, Trevor Penning, George Karlaftis, Malik Willis (Developmental starters)
    F – Anyone else at 9 because this means they suck at reading the league

    If you can package anyone from C & D with someone like Tindall, Pierce, Jurgens, or Tom on the pick you acquire as part of the trade down, then it is palatable.

    • Palatypus

      I dunno, this list isn’t apples and oranges. Line D is a tomato, a pineapple, a coconut, and a mango.

  23. Mike

    I think fliers should be printed and put on car windshields at the VMAC lol

    Btw Jordan palmer who coaches Desmond ridder mentioned the Seahawks multiple times on rich eisen today when talking about ridder, sounded like he is pushing for hawks to take him


    • Rob Staton


  24. Seattle Person

    I think Penning is a strong possibility. I actually predicted Penning to the Seahawks when the Wilson trade went down and Jermaine Johnson was probably no longer an option at #9. Like many have said, it’s a good but not block building type of pick.

    Rob has mentioned Sam Williams. He’s a freak athlete. I still maintain that he struggles to bend the corner consistently. He is very Seahawky.

    That takes me to one name that no one is really linking to the Seahawks. Arnold Ebikeitie is slower than S.W with a 40 in the 4.6s. His 10-yard split is just a tick slower than Williams at 4.63. I think Ebikeitie is a better pass rusher though. He is short but has length. The one player that consistently turned the corner on tape for me is Ebikeitie.

    If the Seahawks are willing to sign Nwosu then can they consider Ebikeitie? They match up size-wise and athletically are similar. Just thinking out-loud.

    • Seattle Person

      I’m not advocating taking him a #9 but after a trade down.

      • Seahawkwalt

        I really, really like Ebiketie. He has a fantastic bend and plays faasst. The difference between an elite 1.5 split and his split (1.69) is about the same time as saying now and now. I’m fine w him in the first but I prefer Mount Zion

    • Rob Staton

      According to Dane Brugler’s draft bible, Ebiketie ran a problematic 1.69 10 yard split

      • Seattle Person

        Whoops…huge typo. I meant to say 1.63. I’ve seen 1.69 too and like many didn’t consider Ebikeite.

        Then I’ve seen reports of him running a 1.63 with the huge explosive testing. Dane is very trusted within the draft industry.

        We might not look for a DT but I still think some team is going to get a player in Eric Johnson Jr. 3T type that can run sub 4.9 and a split of 1.70 flat. I’m glad his testing matches up with game quickness.

    • God of Thunder

      “ He is short but has length.”

      You mean has reach?

      • Seattle Person

        He’s 6’1 or 6’2 with 34+ inch arms. That’s short with length. It’s not that uncommon to describe players like that. Justin Houston is someone with this profile. Poona Ford is another one.

  25. Hawk Mock

    This article nails it in my mind. I only hope someone within their organization reads this blog and isn’t afraid to plagiarize some ideas and voice them when it matters most.

  26. alexp

    Easiest path to success is creating a great defense in my opinion. We have Jamal, Diggs, Brooks and Taylor as 4 solid building blocks.

    Go get Stingley, another pass rusher and a Linebacker… Make the seahawks a feared defense again. You can find Run Blocking lineman in the 3-5th rounds. They are not coveted. I don’t see a ton of “Must-Have” Offensive tackles. I would love a solid center, but defense is my priority.

    Become great at something.

    • Rob Staton

      I would be happy to invest in the defense like that — very happy in fact

      But I also think the linemen I mentioned are more than just ‘decent run blockers’

    • Hughz


  27. Am I Good?

    Has anyone seen the Maurice Jones Drew 2.0 Mock draft it is probably the worst mock ever. 4 QBs going top 10. Evan Neal going at 13, Charles Cross at 20 . I am not sure if he is trolling or actually believes its true . Rob is that the worst mock you have seen?

    • God of Thunder

      Half of those guys are just paid to eff around and produce content (“we need 2-3 mocks a week; you’ll never be held accountable for mindless dreck”)

  28. Gross MaToast

    “Build the kind of team you want to be.”

    Does Pete know what kind of team he wants to be and is he capable of allowing it to happen?

    His OC is a remnant of his half-assed attempt to appease RW hired to install a Sean McVay offense, but Pete’s preferred offense is Woody Hayes’ Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust. Those are radically different things. Are they drafting for Waldron’s vision or Pete’s?

    Who’s in charge of the defense? Hurtt? Desai? Pete? Hurtt was told some things, Desai was promised some things and Pete believes some things and all of those things cannot seemingly exist in unison, so there’s a real lack of clarity about direction.

    I’m not sold that the Seahawks know what they want to be, or at least that there is widespread agreement in the VMAC. I would enjoy being pleasantly surprised, for a change.

    Also, I’ve taken to completely trading out of Round 1 on my last 437 PFN drafts and I’m making out like a bandit with added Day 2 picks and for high 2023, as well. This may be the way to go, if you cant get an elite guy.

    • cha

      I’m not sold that the Seahawks know what they want to be, or at least that there is widespread agreement in the VMAC.


      • Pugs1

        Couldn’t it also be possible that everyone in the VMAC are now all rowing in the same direction now that Russell is no longer in the building? I kinda felt like that is what John Schneider was getting at during the pre draft presser with his opening statement.

        • cha

          We’ll see, won’t we?

          • Big Mike

            Yes we will. By the end of the 2023 season we’ll know for sure if thing are moving toward championship contention. Like Gross, I have serious question for all the reasons he mentioned plus scouting and player eval.

        • Gross MaToast

          Hi, John.

          Yes, it’s absolutely possible, but I’m just not sold that, while you guys may be rowing toward the same destination (Super Bowl), it’s with the same route in mind. I could be wrong, but seems like a lot of loose ends dangling before we even reach roster construction.

          • Big Mike

            “Hi John”


          • Pugs1

            Damn! It was that obvious…

    • Roy Batty

      I absolutely loved trading down multiple times, picking up pick after pick.

      The amount of picks you could accumulate for this and next year we’re eye-popping.

      14 this year, and 15 next. And next years included 2 firsts and 4 seconds.

      Astonishing if it could actually happen.

      • Kyle

        Yes I’ve done the multiple trade downs repeatedly on the simulator too. It’s exhilarating.

        I suspect it isn’t as feasible when you’re not dealing with AI bots. Even so, half the haul they propose might still be worth it given the depth in this draft, especially on the D.

        • Roy Batty

          At one point I traded down from 15 to 17 with the Chargers and netted ALL OF THEIR 2022 DRAFT PICKS.

          It was so damned awesome to see it actually be accepted.

          • cha

            Who did the Chargers take at 15 that cost them their entire draft?

  29. Shawn

    Dear Pete & John,

    I’ve done countless Mock Draft sims. The plan really should be simple. Take the BPA at 9. Trade down in Round 2 to accumulate as many picks as possible in Rounds 3-5. That is the sweet spot of the draft.

    P.S. Take this advice & win in life!

    • God of Thunder

      Come for the draft insights, stay for the life advice!

  30. Palatypus

    Off topic…but…

    Here in Florida our batshit crazy governor has declared war on Disney for the simple reason that they disagree with him on a social issue.

    Soooo….this is going to wreck Orlando, which Disney basically runs,

    Disney owns ESPN.

    ESPN owns the SEC.

    ESPN also controls the gateway to the college football championships.

    Disney could blackout the SEC.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Palatypus, you have completely misstated the FL issue with Disney. They declared war on DeSantis. It is not over a “disagreement on a social issue”. It is much deeper than that. DeSantis has the people’s support on this…including the majority of Disney employees

    • Sean

      Please let’s leave politics for the politics blogs. This blog and comments section is special because we focus on football and not let it get polluted with politics.

      • God of Thunder

        Agreed Sean!

        But there is a sports angle inasmuch as increasingly Woke Disney has tremendous clout not just over ESPN.

        • Mr drucker in hooterville


  31. Ashish

    Rob, just read the topics they right on money.

  32. Hoggs41

    Looks like Rob got a little love here from Jake Heaps.


  33. ElroyNumbers

    I am fine with trading down but now more than 3 to 5 spots.
    If 10-15 you can still get great player but not at marquee positions.
    Guard, center, d tackle or ILB should be position taken if we trade down.

  34. Mike

    If the top 8 come off

    Then they should trade down and take Zion Johnson I love that plan with linderbaum, Lucus and dameon pierce.

    Let’s finally rebuild the o line, if that’s the way it falls

    • D

      i hope in that scenario that they trade down to take devin lloyd

      Lloyd had 111 tackles(66 solo), 22TFL, 4 picks (2 for pick 6), 7 sacks in 2021 which are outstanding for a lb

      he looks great in coverage and dangerous off the edge. he looks like his has a massive ceiling. But i’d be happy with the rest

    • RealRhino2

      If that doomsday scenario plays out I’d try to trade back, but that’s going to be tough. Need somebody who wants Malik Willis or a receiver that we don’t want like drake London and is worried about the Jets at 10 or the Redskins at 11.

      If we stay in Peck I definitely don’t want to waste it on a good player positions I have in my opinion very good tap to get players nearly as good down the road. Absolutely no Devin Lloyd, no Zion Johnson for me. And it’s a reach for a tackle like Penning in my opinion. Maybe someone really wants Cross and would come up for him. So the Steelers at 20? New Orleans at 18 to get cross? Or Garrett Wilson?

      I think I’d rather stay in Peck, and at that point to me there are just three good options: Jordan Davis, Kyle Hamilton, or Jamison Williams from Alabama. I think those are the only three players still on the board but have a legitimate chance to be a star, an all pro player.

      And that doesn’t mean we need to move on from Adams at safety. I feel like people can be creative enough to make it work by bringing Adams or Hamilton up close to the line of scrimmage and Hamilton offers much better coverage than Adams. Williams would be a hedge in case DK gets way too expensive or even if we want to move him for a draft pick hall this year. Then I’d stick at 40 and 41 and look for a tier 2 pass rusher and probably a running back if Kenneth Walker is still there.

      • RealRhino2

        For an example, here’s what I got through 5 rounds by picking WR first.

        9- Jameson Williams
        41 & 42- Kenneth Walker & Abe Lucas
        72 – Cam Jurgens, C
        109- Michael Clemons, aTm DE
        152&153- Jaylen Watson, Wazzu CB & Thomas Booker, Stanford

        I’d be very happy with this. IMO, WR1 if healthy, RB1, plug & play RT who can block in the running game, C2(?) in Jurgens (frankly, Linderbaum getting his lunch handed to him by Chenal worries me). Tough guy at DE and some rotational pieces. I would have loved a better cornerback like Kyler Gordon maybe, but Kenneth Walker reminds me of Marshawn lynch and with the injury history of penny in Carson I think a little overkill is worth it.

        • Peter

          It’s certainly bold.

          Kind of wondering why hedge against DK with pretty mediocre qb room? Wouldn’t ut be better to get Davis at nine?

          Curious why it’s a no on lloyd and zion for you? Is it that the perception if nine’ value is too high?

    • Sean

      Stingley will go outside the top 10, book it.

      Also, can we please stop fretting about this doomsday scenario? Seems like every post we get the same worries about this scenario that won’t happen.

      • Rob Staton

        If it’s ok with you Sean, I won’t book it

        • Ben Ft. Worth

          With Stingley heating up, don’t be surprised if he goes into the Top 3. Nothing is a given in the Draft, nothing!

        • Sean

          I’m slightly offended Rob. I guess long as you give me a “nice call Sean, you were right all along”, after it happens I’ll be happy 😊

          • Rob Staton

            I’ve been projecting him at #9 Sean. So I’m two picks away from the same projection.

            I just don’t think it means anything. He’s a clear sensational prospect. I’ve spoken to someone in the league, a person at the top of this game, who says he’s CB1 and basically an incredible talent. If he falls out of the top-10 it’ll be because of injury concerns that you or I can’t project.

            • Sean

              Two spots might seem inconsequential, but from a gambling standpoint it isn’t when Stingley’s O/U is 10.5! I need, and expect, Stingley to be selected 11 or lower so I can pay for May’s rent.

              Agree Stingley is a great talent, I couldn’t believe how sensational his freshman tape was, specifically his ability to turn and find the ball in the air. He was doing that as a 17 year old freshman better than many seasoned NFL corners.

  35. Adog

    I think they are going to draft a QB. But who and when? Do they take the first qb in the draft at 9? Maybe they have a guy they like…and of course the pick will ridiculed as a reach, but if that is their guy…then I can see the Seahawks f.o drafting a Ridder, a Carrol, or a Willis or Pickett there. They get their top QB on the board and they got two more 2nd round picks to sort out a fairly even 2nd wave of pass rushers and o-line. It’s hard to predict when and who they like at QB due to the lack of interest in developing qbs behind Wilson. As for Russ… he’s got a great arm…good vision to the deep quarter…and a demon he has yet to forget…that pass to Butler.

    • Rob Staton

      They won’t take a QB at 9

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Coan in 5-7th.

  36. JC3

    BPA if that is that is how the draft played out: Garrett Wilson.
    I think one the player on your list will be available at 9, and I hope is either Ikewonu or Neal.
    Mostly likely players drop: Walker & Stingley Jr.

  37. Sneekes

    “Sometimes the obvious pick is the right pick”

    This. I’d love it if we had scouts who were so much better than everyone else that we could regularly pick out bargains in the later rounds. I’m not sure that is the case – but if it is – brilliant.
    However, don’t get cute in Round 1. There’s no advantage to picking a ‘below the radar’ high up, your advantage is only there if you let him drop and then snaffle him.
    Take BPA at 9 or small trade down, take ‘your’ guys on Day 2 & 3.

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      I pray that someone pulls a draft Mitchell Trubisky move next Thursday.

      • Peter

        Would be awesome if that happened.

        • Roy Batty

          There is at least one top ten head scratcher every year.

          The usual insanity of an owner or GM lusting after “their guy” will come to fruition.

          • Palatypus

            Cocaine will do that to a GM.

      • Kyle

        Just pray it isn’t the Seahawks doing it

  38. Peter

    #9 is such an unknown for BPA. Couple posters think it’s a WR and though that may be true it’s so hard to predict.

    Rob has mocked and with good reason Trayvon Walker first overall. Is Walker the absolute top down very best player in the draft? Kind of doubt it honestly. I think Rob is right that he’s going first overall. But in five years from now I din’t think he’s going to be the best player from this draft. Even if he’s not a bust and I certainly don’t think he looks like a bust the first pick overall has a pretty solid history of not changing the course of a team.

    With less than a week to go here’s a mock called “the most seahawks thing.” Note this not at all what I want to happen:

    Rnd 1 pick #13: Trevor Penning. Ticks a lot of boxes except being a starting LT. Yet again Seattle goes into a draft with major holes and has to scramble to fill one.

    Rnd 1 pick #31: Desmond Ridder. Seattle trades back to the bottom of the first using newly aquired additional picks. Ridder kind of amazingly has had a good pre-draft season primarily with interviews.

    Rnd 2 pick #40: Lewis Cine. Despite a ton of cash and a staggering amount of draft resources over a half decade turns out there are still problems at Safety. Cine actually looks like an amazing prospect. Plus safety is one of Pete’s favorite positions. Plus three safety looks if there’s a world where the other guys are healthy at the same time.

    Rnd 3 pick #72: Cole Strange. A player I like a good deal but they like because of the dreaded “positional versatility.” Guys like Strange and Zac Tom in a lot of places could be those types where you can apparently get guards later. But not in Seattle. What happens to Cole Strange by picking Penning is both get to swap out of different positions essentially every year they are here. Don’t believe? Then just ask Damian Lewis and whatever person thought….you know what we need? A more expensive but less good RG with Gabe Jackson and let’s stunt Lewis’ development for no good reason while we are at it.

    • Kyle

      Thanks Peter. These projections amplify some of the poor decision making patterns the team has had for a while now. It’s good to temper enthusiasm with a dose of some pessimism. I would be completely bummed if they did this, but not completely surprised.

      • Peter

        Thanks Kyle. There’s seemingly a ton of scenarios to make this team a ferocious defense. A power run game. Or- almost a rebuild in both areas. History has not been kind with the hawks drafts. Having real holes the weekend before the draft has tempered my enthusiasm. No tackles. A one year deal on a center. Outside of the hope of Taylor’s further improvement very little in the way of firepower on defense. One runningback on a higher dollar prove it deal. Two qb’s on prove it contracts. Nothing remarkable at corner.

        • Big Mike

          If it played out like this, I’d be doin’ some drinkin’ Saturday night and it wouldn’t be celebratory.

  39. no frickin clue

    Just started a new mock on PFN, and discovered that still sitting there on the board at #9 overall are the following:

    Aidan Hutchinson
    Kayvon Thibodeaux
    Travon Walker

    I’m not prepared for this.

    • CaptainJack

      Stuff like this is why I don’t use mock simulators anymore

    • Old but Slow

      That is so bad it is funny.

  40. LetLockCook

    Get back to drafting the big fast guys and winning as you walk off the bus.

    • Roy Batty

      So, in essence, draft every Georgia player that is BPA.

      Imagine walking away with Davis, Wyatt and Walker…then round 3 starts.

  41. Ukhawk

    Hearing from certain reports that Stingley could go higher, we may not get a shot at him.

    Peter King and Schaeger saying on a post Sat he’s exactly the kind of player PCJS would love to have with their first Top range pick in years

    • JC3

      If Stingley Jr. goes before the 9th then we are in luck with a rusher or one of the top two OT.

      • Hoggs41

        I just wonder if there thought process is to try and trade back no matter who is available at 9.

      • Hoggs41

        Not neccesarily. If the top 8 are Hutchison, Johnson, Walker, Thibodeaux, Gardner, Stingley, Neal, Ekwonu then we are in no mans land.

      • J

        The thing is, neither one of those guys are OT.

      • Sean

        You must be reading iffy reports. Stingley is going outside the top 10.

  42. Denver Hawker

    In the spirit of “draft a GA defender”, these feel like other successful 2022 draft axioms for the Hawks to tap in to talent shelves:

    – Draft an IOL by pick 41- I’m indifferent on G/C- would love one of Zion, Jurgens, Strange, Linderbaum- in that order, solid Day 1 contributors and trench building blocks. I like Tom later too, but to risky for me to hope he’s there by 72.

    – Draft a LB no later than pick 72, preferably earlier- the top shelf, non-pass rusher types will likely start ripping off the board early R2- get one of Lloyd, Tindal, Chenal, Walker, Anderson, Muma, etc.- just get one.

    – Draft a RB in R3/R4- starter quality here- get one Zamora or Pierce, there other other options later too, but this feels like the best value spot.

    If they can hit on these 3 talent shelves, the rest of the draft is gravy. Getting pass rusher or Stingley at 9 would be amazing- tapping into later round depth in OT, WR, Special Teams, would be excellent as well.

  43. cha

    Dark horse for the pick at 9


    • bmseattle

      Unfortunately, during the post game press conference, the kid showed off a Louis Vuitton juice cup.

      • GoHawks5151

        On the streets he is known as baby peacock

        • Big Mike

          🦚 🦚 🦚

  44. Rob4q

    Rob, I went back and read your Feb write up on Rasheed Walker again. What are your thoughts now on him as a potential LT project for the Seahawks? I’m not sure the combine changed much for him, but I wonder if he’s available in the 3rd or a little later now?

    Also was looking at Braxton Jones and Spencer Burford as later options. I really like Burford more than I thought I would and he could make a nice developmental LT while being the swing tackle.

    Just trying to see if there are others in the range the Seahawks have looked at in the past and hoping they stay away from Penning early!

    • Rob Staton

      He hasn’t tested so I have not developed any thoughts other than why haven’t you tested

  45. Myles


    I have this feeling that Troy Andersen the LB out of Montana State is going to be a Seahawks target at 40 or 41. He stands 6’3.5″ and is 243 pounds with 32 1/8 inch arms. Between the Combine and Pro Day he ran a 3.99 second short shuttle and 4.42 seconds in the 40.

    He was the Big Sky defensive player of the year and interestingly played QB for a time at Montana State. The Seahawks got a stud linebacker from a smaller school in the past (Bobby from Utah State) and he would be a great addition and keep Brooks in the same spot

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      And position flexibility😁. QB, TE, KR, Safety

      • Big Mike


    • bmseattle

      I could totally see them wanting Andersen.
      Ticks all the boxes, athletically.

    • Seahawkwalt

      This is the one player I want to leave the draft with..
      all Seahawks mock drafts without him there are null and void:)
      I’m fine taking him in the first after trading down

  46. Ben

    If we had a draft where we left with these three players-

    Devin Lloyd
    Jalen Pitre
    Cam Taylor Britt

    I wouldn’t complain one bit. Add some fly to the ball, no fear playmakers… wouldn’t help the lines at all, but we’d be fun!

  47. GaiusMarius

    I strong, strongly, STRONGLY agree on the need for an identity.

    Who are the Seahawks going to be? Based on Carroll’s history I would hope he would focus on run game + defense.

    That is why I continue to advocate trading DK if the right package of picks comes along. An elite receiver (or at least one you will break the bank on) is unnecessary. We don’t have a QB to throw to them and with the run game focus you don’t need them. Consider what receivers the Seahawks won a Super Bowl with and came close in another.

    The model is a good, not great QB (look at Wilson’s stats in the Super Bowl years) with good, not great receivers, certainly not a receiver you will make one of the top paid receivers in the league, not if you are building a running team, not if you are going to focus on defense.

    Normally, you could do a bit of both right, but more top picks are needed and we have a way to get them for a Metcalf who is unlikely to be on the Seahawks’ next Super Bowl team.

    Now if you want to build a high flying receiving team, then okay…but I don’t see that working, starting with us not having a QB to pull it off as of yet. Put another way, paying a driver top dollar when you don’t have a car to drive (and probably won’t for a few seasons yet) makes no sense.

    • cha

      If there’s a real haul to be had from trading Metcalf I think the Seahawks have to seriously consider it.

      That said I don’t buy the line of thinking that having a run-first identity precludes keeping Metcalf on the roster.

      If you want identity boot up the number of videos out there if Metcalf bowling over linebackers, absorbing cheap shots from corners and not batting an eyelash and running Buddha Baker down to save a score.

      • bmseattle

        Yeah, in a lot of ways, Metcalf is *perfect* for a run first, deep shot kind of offense.

        1. He’s a willing and able blocker
        2. Teams have to keep a safety deep enough to help the corner on his side
        3. He’s the ultimate play action deep threat for when you want to actual take a shot

        Only trade him if you get a Jamal Adams type of return for him.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not about fit though. It’s about whether this team is going to feature a WR enough to justify a 25m investment in him.

          Because there were games last season where they couldn’t even manufacture him targets. Imagine those games with a 25m price tag.

          • cha

            That’s valid but PC has never been averse to paying players handsomely and then not featuring them.

            The question in my mind is does the removal of RW force them to think logically and push the ball to their more talented players like DK? The saints game last year stands out as a disgrace in this regard.

            Metcalf clearly came to play and take the game over. He was ready to do to Lattimore what he did with Slay the year before – wipe the field with him and show him who’s boss.

            They couldn’t or wouldn’t get him the ball and Carroll kept “but the weather” and “this is the game we planned for, and if Myers makes those kicks we win.”

            • cha

              That was a long winded way to say they may not feature DK in every game but in that particular game the circumstances called for them to adapt and they didn’t. They had a hot $25m level WR in that game vs a rattled corner and didn’t exploit it.

              New Orleans did adapt and they won.

          • bmseattle

            I could be completely wrong, of course, but my impression last year was that the issues were more Russ related, than a problem with the offense not featuring DK.

            Russ seemed reluctant to throw (and sometimes even look) DK’s way, for long stretches.

            Anyway… like you Rob, I’m on the fence about trading DK.
            I’ll be happy if the keep him, but if they get blown away with an offer, I’ll be happy to accept that, as well.

            • Rob Staton

              Even with an injured finger, you can manufacture ways to get him the ball.

              They didn’t — and they didn’t do it with Geno either.

          • Ben Ft. Worth

            Maybe the Hawks are holding off on trade offers for DK to see if their guy falls to that pick. Otherwise, no use trading him. I personally don’t think we should unless a team backs up and dumps a boat load of picks thats too good to refuse for him.

      • Jerry

        This is my view of the situation as well.

        DK is a good young player and a unique talent. Its likely his best football is ahead of him. This, to me, is the biggest separator between him and the guys who were moved this offseason (Tyreke Hill and Davante Adams). The latter are 28/29, and the track record for receivers nearing or after age 30 is not good at all. Metcalf is different, since he’s good now and likely to improve over the next five years.

        I hope the Hawks value him as an elite WR entering his prime years. If a team is willing to pay an exorbitant price, fine. If not, the Seahawks have a cornerstone player who is a unique talent. He’s also a good clubhouse guy who seems to genuinely like it here. You don’t trade a guy like that unless the return is stupid.

  48. Sea Mode

    I agree on everything except the strong at OT all the way through.

    Glad to see someone agree this WR class is over-rated.

    Wonder who he is referring to with the CBs. Even the top two or just those after that?

    Jim Nagy


    QB: No slam dunk franchise guys but at least a couple winning starters.

    TE: A few solid starters with surplus of productive No. 2’s.

    WR: Over-graded IMO. Too many pushed into first round mocks. Some good high traits options on Day 2.

    RB: Starter-level players will fall well into Day 3 like last year.

    OL: Strong at OT/OG throughout draft. Few quality true OC.

    DT: Better than last year (not saying much) but still thin.

    EDGE: Plenty pass rush talent available. Rotational/sub help into early Day 3.

    LB: Deeper than most years. Expect run on Day 2.

    DS: Juniors added quality up top. Thin on starter talent. Teams must take one early to fill immediate need.

    CB: Average class. Some fool’s gold in early-round mocks. A few cool traits guys that will go early Day 3.

    • Rob Staton

      My guess would be he thinks the McDuffie types are being overrated

      • Trevor

        Sounds like you guys are on the same page Rob.

      • Palatypus


    • God of Thunder

      There aren’t surprise starters in every draft’s QB cohort. But there are serious surprises every couple of years.

      One of Willis, Pickett, Corral, Ridder, Howell might very well surprise. But which one? Or which two?

  49. Rob Staton

    Written a big piece for tomorrow — two sentences on 100 draft prospects

    • Palatypus

      Can’t wait to find out who “busted nut” is.

    • Hawk Finn

      Can’t wait to see how Rob is going to pull this one off. Two sentences is not a lot of space to cover 100 prospects.

      • Roy Batty


        All anagrams.

        • Palatypus

          Anagrams for “undraftable”

          Bad flaunter
          Beard flaunt
          Burned fatal (obviously a defensive back)
          Draft Nubula
          Draft Unable (duh)
          Fatal Unbred
          Flab Natured (Failelle?)
          Fund ratable
          Refund tabla

    • samprassultanofswat

      Rob. That sounds great. 👍

    • Trevor

      Awesome! Looking forward to it.

  50. V

    Kevin Austin is in Seattle right now (IG: @ka_szn)

    • Rob Staton

      Good. Outstanding player.

      • Trevor

        Austin and Watson are my two favourite WR prospects for the Hawks.

        Maybe the Hawks can get some insight into Jack Coan as well when meeting with Austin.

  51. Olyhawksfan


  52. Trevor

    Rob what were your thoughts on Kadarius Toney coming out? He seems like the ideal Percy Harvin type weapon for the scheme Waldron wants to run.

    How about DK to the Jets for 10 and 38

    Hawks trade #72 to the Giants for Toney and then add Kevin Austin or Watson in Rd 2

    Basically trading DK and #72 for #10, Toney and Austin

    WR group for the next 3 yrs of Locket , Eskridge, Austin and Toney sounds pretty good to me.

    • Rob Staton

      I thought he was rubbish, overrated and more interested in a music career

  53. Denver Hawker

    Thoughts on Nakobe Dean? Rob, I saw you include him in your last R1 mock, yet no testing info. Seems undersized to me, but his tape is good. Hard to tell how much that is him making plays or setup by the line.

    • Rob Staton

      Not interested personally. No testing, undersized, can’t get excited about him.

      I’ve heard he’s a fringe R1 so we’ll see. Maybe more likely R2.

      • Denver Hawker

        There are many reasons I don’t like him for the Hawks. I saw he was invited to the Draft and increasingly mocked R1. I just don’t see how he’s any higher than mid-late R2 without any testing and a strong LB class.

  54. MountainHawker

    The mock simulators are really winning me over to the trade back from #9 camp. Couple trade backs can really net a haul for rounds 2-5. Trade partner dependant of course.

    Ended up with

    20-Tyler Linderbaum
    40- Leo Chenal (my#1 draft crush, I played mlb and I love what I see from him)
    41-Devonte Wyatt…assuming he’s falling this far because of the new reports
    52-Sam Williams (ebikete was here too and I had a really hard time deciding.)
    72-Cole Strange
    109-Zyon McCollum
    145-Rasheed Walker
    153-Josh Paschal
    And a Baltimore 2nd next year for good measure. Had a TON of trade offers giving us next year’s capital. Wanted to focus this mock on these rounds this year. Going to do another seeing how much capital I can get next year while remaining sensible this year.

  55. Palatypus

    PFN wiith no trades just now.

    9.Jermaine Johnson
    40.Tyler Linderbaum
    41.Abraham Lucas
    72.Channing Tindall
    109.Dameon Pierce
    145.Damarri Mathis
    153.Kevin Austin
    229. Jack Coan

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