Tony Pauline latest on the Seahawks

In his latest article of draft insider notes, friend of the blog Tony Pauline had this to say about the Seahawks:

Word is there’s a very real possibility the Seattle Seahawks move into the back end of Round 1 and grab their quarterback of the future.

Staying on Seattle for a second, there have been a lot of mock drafts having them taking offensive tackle Trevor Penning with the ninth pick. And while many on the outside feel that’s a reach, league insiders say it’s a definite possibility the Seahawks go in that direction, and the choice makes sense. Penning’s stock has been moving north since the Senior Bowl, and I previously mentioned him as a potential choice for the Jets with the 10th pick.

It’s worth noting that in the same piece, Pauline touts the possibility of Matt Corral and Desmond Ridder going in the late first.

The talk about Penning also chimes with what we’ve been discussing on here. The simple fact is the Seahawks have a gaping hole at both tackle spots and Penning fits, typically, what they go for in terms of athletic profile.

It’s not what I would do personally. But it might be what they do.

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  1. Dan

    I found myself mostly excited when we started the rebuild. We had a great run with Russ, but I was tired of the drama and looking forward to a fresh start. Having the same front office in charge of it made me a little nervous though. If we use our first 2 picks on Penning and a QB, while losing a pick to trade up in the process, I will be massively disappointed.

    I so badly want us to draft 4-5 core guys this year, get a bad record as the young guys grow, then use all our resources next year to get a quality young QB, and use our cap space to fill any remaining holes.

    I fear drafting a young QB this year will make us pass on next years class. Perhaps that ends up being the smart move, but I have my doubts.

    • Rob Staton


    • GerryG

      Totally agree.

      For me I have no clue if Penning will be any good. But regardless of what he becomes, if they take him at 9 because they have literally nothing proven at Tackle on the roster, that’s awful process.

    • 805Hawk

      Right there with you, Dan.

  2. Rob Staton

    If they are thinking of taking Penning at #9 it explains all the repetitive nudges about trading down the other day

    Penning + QB with the first two picks would be disappointing

    • Sea Mode

      Extremely. Unfortunately, it feels like such a thing they would do right now.

      • Rob Staton


        Going after needs rather than best players available

        Not building as if this is year one of a new dawn

        • Ashish

          If they do select Penning and QB it will exactly what they are not supposed to do.

          • Peter

            Posted a mock of a mock yesterday and this is what I projected would happen.

            1. Penning
            1b. Ridder or Corral
            2. Cine (please at least)

            Alternate 2. Christian Watson. Where seattle sucks at getting safeties since a decade has passed they’ve been so-so on early recievers.

            3. Cole Strange/Zac Tom

            • Hoggs41

              I would be all for them getting a quality Olineman and an Edge with two of the first three picks. Im good for whatever they want to do with the third. If its a QB so be it.

  3. bmseattle

    While I can buy the Penning to Seattle aspect of this, I’m having a difficult time convincing myself of the legitimacy of the QB rumor.

    Particularly considering how tight lipped they are about their plans, typically.

    How exactly would this huge news leak out?
    If they truly wanted to go this route, it seems like they would be safe-guarding that plan and trying to send out counter signals.

    I’m going to remain hopeful that they embrace the “build the core” strategy, and hold off on a QB till next year and/or late in the draft… though I can imagine Baker being a possibility when he’s cut.

    • Rob Staton

      We need to remember that Chris Mortensen famously revealed he told Russell Wilson he was going to be a Seahawk before the draft

      So, clearly, this kind of stuff has got out before

      Plus — if they’re ringing around the league saying, ‘if we want to get back into R1 are you game?’, then it’s possible some leakage has got out from within those talks

      • bmseattle

        Oh man… if they are being that open about their intent to move back into round 1, I would lose what little respect I have for them.
        That totally seems like something you plan on addressing on draft day, doesn’t it?

        • Rob Staton

          No, you need to know in advance what possible trade options exist

        • bmseattle

          Plus, why specify you want a QB when you trade back into round 1?
          If they are being that transparent (and not lying), I give up hoping for any sort of strategic advantage for us, ever.

          • TomLPDX

            To get other teams to take the bait

  4. Old but Slow

    Penning would not be a choice I would make at #9, but I could live with it. Taking a QB in the first or 2d round not so much.

    • Peter

      If penning stays at either tackle spot I’ll be okay with it. If he gets the janes carpenter treatment and zion is a better guard a third of a round later….i’m going to have to start digging out my refuse to lose mariners gear.

  5. Ashish

    All excitement will end on 1st day

  6. Vin

    Although it’s not my favorite plan, I can get onboard if it works out where we trade back from 9 and get Penning in the mid/late teens, and then move back into late 1st to get Corral. I’m sure it’s been mentioned earlier, but what would it take to move from 40 to high 20s? And if it’s indeed the plan, then why re-sign Geno? Smoke/mirrors? Geno could’ve (I’m assuming) been resigned later, as I doubt other teams were banging on his door. Like Rob and many others have said, kind of more of the uninspiring ‘same’ and not what we were hoping for in a rebuild/retool year.

    • Peter

      Depends but it can take as much as a third to get up to 25-26 and as little as a fourth to get up to 30.

    • Micah

      Geno only has $500k guaranteed. He can be cut for basically nothing.

  7. Blitzy the Clown

    Parse Tony’s words carefully.

    He says there’s ‘word’ – i.e., specific mention – of Seattle trading back into the first for a QB.

    As opposed to “a lot of mock drafts having them taking offensive tackle Trevor Penning with the ninth pick”.

    Specific word vs a lot of mock drafts.

    I try to remain positive. I really do. But these clowns are gonna eff it it up, aren’t they?

    • Spectator

      Actually, he says “move into the back of round 1” not “back into round one”. When I first read that, to me it sounds like their plan is to trade back from 9 to the end of round 1 and take their quarterback. But that’s probably not what he means. I would be a little happier with that tho compared to take Penning at 9, granted it depends on what we get in return to move back (like hopefully picks in 2 and/or 3 and high picks next year). Or maybe it’s with pack or chiefs for the two firsts so they can go WR ahead of jets. Someone could also be moving up for Hamilton, like lions who give up 32 and 34. But the handful of day 2 pick would also mesh with JS saying the depth and meat is going to be on day 2. For a late 1st, I don’t hate Corral. If we go with packers picks, me may even still be able to trade up slightly to grab Zion, and also get corral, and still have our 2s. Completely not worth speculating, but potentially we could still end up with Zion, Corral, linderbaum could fall to 40 and then still take a LB or edge with 41. We have talked about the average for the first center being taken is 49 or something. Linderbaum won’t be every teams cup of tea (shorter) so that works in favor too.

  8. JLemere

    If Evan Neal did fall to Seattle at #9, would SEA still take Penning or is it possible that Neal is higher on their board?

    • Rob Staton

      Neal won’t fall

      • JLemere

        I think HOU might take Stingley/Gardner at #3. Combine that with NYG taking Cross at #5 and CAR taking Ekwonu at #6, the only team that would be in the way would be ATL, which might take a WR or the other corner that HOU didn’t draft.

        • Rob Staton

          I’d be surprised if Houston goes corner at 3

          • JLemere

            I would have too, but Jim Nagy had some interesting comments on Twitter yesterday.

            2022 DRAFT THOUGHTS

            EDGE: Plenty pass rush talent available. Rotational/sub help into early Day 3.

            CB: Average class. Some fool’s gold in early-round mocks. A few cool traits guys that will go early Day 3.

            Combine that with Lovie Smith saying he needs a corner, it really brings up the possibility.

            • Rob Staton

              Not sure why you think what Jim says there suggests Houston will take a corner at 3.

  9. no frickin clue

    Here’s one possibility along this front, depressing as it may be.

    All four edge rushing talents are gone by pick #8, as are the two big offensive tackles that everyone likes. Stingley is sitting there at #9. We could take maybe the best player in the draft, but instead we trade #9 to the Ravens for #14 and #76 as compensation. The Ravens take Stingley. We take Penning at #14 and get chided for over-drafting a project.

    Then, with Matt Corral still on the board and the Bills on the clock at #25, and fearing that the Titans would take Corral with the next pick at #26, we trade with the Bills, giving up picks #40 and #72. Then we take Corral.

    At the end of the day, we have two 1st round picks on offense – Penning and Corral – and enter day 2 with picks at #41 and #76, still not having solved anything with regard to pass rush, probably hoping that Sam Williams or Boye Mafe are still on the board at #41.

    • Simo

      Agree, this isn’t an ideal way to begin the rebuild, although we don’t yet know how good Penning or Corrall will be. If Penning can lock down a tackle spot for the next 5+ years, and Corrall turns into a better than average QB, then you haven’t done to bad!

      I would rather they take the BPA in each round and aim high! I still plan on remaining hopeful Pete and John still have some talent evaluation ability! We’ll see very soon.

    • Hawkster

      That is how I start my mock-bots (#9 to BAL for 14 and 76 where they grab Stingely), but then trade again, 14 (and 153) to say 22+58 from GB or something like that if there is a WR GB wants.

      But my fantasies do not involve Penning or a first round developmental QB.

  10. Salemhawk

    I know it’s just the fans chattering, Rob, but the Atlanta Falcons boards are full of people that would be just fine drafting Jordan Davis at No 8 and hate the idea of taking a WR at that pick. Well, at least not Garret Wilson anyway. Just taking some interest to try to anticipate who might be available at 9. I’m a bit torn but wouldn’t mind J Davis at 9 myself.

    • Seattle Person

      Atlanta is going to take whoever is the best available. Davis at #8 won’t be the best available. I don’t see it.

  11. Gross MaToast

    Jan, 2023 following the final game of the season:

    Q: “After the season you just had, is it time for Jody Allen to think about making major changes within the organization?”

    “Well, why would she make changes? You know, we started a rookie quarterback and had a rookie at left tackle, plus so many new guys on the defensive side of the ball – we were – if the season started right now, I can tell you that nobody would want to play us. Nobody. In this game, even though we came up just short, you could really see our guys starting to really get it and play the way we know they can. We’re just so darn close to turning this thing around – guys out there busting their tails to get this thing right. I was kind of dumbfounded – lost – early in the season – games just didn’t look the same as practice – I mean, I knew what we could do, but and that’s on me, you know, and we’re learning – learning to win. We’re close. So, no, I think we give these guys another chance to, you know, show what they can do and I’m jacked about seeing them getting back out there and getting after it next year.”

    • Kyle

      Spot-on tone! 😂
      Gallows humor is comforting when you can share it with those in the same boat.

    • 805Hawk

      I can just picture Pete saying these exact words. Hilarious! Although it’s kinda depressing at the same time.

    • Palatypus

      This is gold.

  12. Gross MaToast

    “Follow-up question, did you see what Jamal wore to the game today?”

  13. Peter

    An elephant shaped object in the room.

    Decent I suppose trade for Wilson. But Lock back as part of compensation if they take a qb early should they have not just skipped the Lock part and tried for an extra third this year or next?

    • no frickin clue

      Lock has value in that if the board falls poorly for Pete and John (let’s say they trade down from #9 and intend to draft a QB in the 20’s, only to discover all four QBs go off the board before they can trade back in), then they’re not stuck with Geno Smith as the starter.

      Or, alternatively, they feel forced to over-draft a QB at #9 overall to prevent this situation.

      • Peter

        I can see that.

    • Kyle

      Would they have handed a third instead of Lock? I suspect not.

      • Peter

        Probably not in the end.

    • FWBrodie

      More irons in the fire.

      • Peter

        Ultimately i don’t think anyone in this draft is miles ahead of Lock and I would have hoped they could see that. And build accordingly to give him the best chance to succeed.

  14. Trevor

    Rob was just reading the latest Walter Football mock draft and they cited your work when they said Penning might be an option for the Hawks.

    • no frickin clue

      Something puzzles me about that WalterFootball site. For a guy who spends as much time as he does writing about the draft (even to the degree that he mocks a 2023 draft too), wouldn’t you think he’d be part of Huddle Report’s compilation of how well the draftniks do in their projections? Yet he isn’t there at all, as far as I can tell. Still, props to him for credit where credit is due, citing Rob.

      • FWBrodie

        That guy is like the Mel Kiper of draft focused webpages. He’s been around forever.

    • Trevor

      You can tell they check out Robs work which I respect. In this mock the first 4 picks were all guys discussed extensively here on SDB

      Jermaine Jonshon
      Matt Corral
      Sam Williams
      Dameon Peirce

  15. Russ

    Going to try looking at it with a slightly different approach.

    We’ve been asking for them to invest in the trenches and build a Pete team if they are going to be leading the rebuild.

    Regardless of how people feel about Penning, he’s a good TEF tester and clearly wants to play with an edge. If they take Corral as that QB, he’ll have to sit a year, but from everything we’ve heard, he’s a true team guy who could lead without needing a team tailored around him.

    I get that neither of those picks is particularly exciting and that it might not be the best use of the board. But it’s an investment in the trenches and a chance at still building a team we can see for Pete.

    Additional thought – if they did this and get a top pick next year that’s in top QB range, they do always have the option of trying to get a trade package similar to what the Dolphins got for the #3 pick when the 9ers traded up.

    • Peter

      I don’t think Corral should sit. Would be a waste to go to the next draft with no idea if he can play.

      For me sitting works when you have Brett Favre. In our situation if lock or geno struggle people will call for Corral either way.

  16. Canadian Hawk

    I’m guessing if they go after a QB in Round 1 this year – won’t prevent them from doing the same next year. Keep trying until you find your franchise QB.

    Also gives them a tradeable asset if they go another direction in 2023.

    Penning at #9 seems high.
    Ideally they can find a trade partner if that’s there guy.

    If Pete wants to re-establish the run and add some BAMF’s to the team – then I can see the pick.

  17. FWBrodie

    It’s be a little easier to stomach burning a pick on Penning and a QB if they traded back and acquired some significant extra draft capital first.

  18. Ken

    If the plan is to get Penning and Corral in the 1st round, I’m officially turning the page on JS and PC and wait for the next management team, Almost every time JS and PC goes for a need instead of BPA, it backfires on them…. ala, LJ Collier, James Carpenter and Germain “Penalty” Ifedi. If Penning ad Corral is the players taken by JS and PC, it’s almost a guarantee they will fail as the 2 players will be over drafted and allow other teams to pick players that are substantially better and could potentially turn out to be stars while Seattle picks players that may not even last their rookie Contract. .

  19. Dubb

    PC & JS seem to always let other GM’s bluff them into making bad moves. For instance, there was a rumor that other teams wanted Will Dissly, so they jumped… to the tune of $8M per year. And don’t get me started about the Jets and Jamal Adams. So, all some one has to do is create a buzz about Penning and they will jump the gun and pick him at #9. Penning may be a good pick at 15-18; but not #9.

  20. Brik

    I’m sure the Seahawks have a dozen options on the table right now. When it comes time, I’m sure there will be even more options that come about. It all depends on how the draft unfolds. Could be a ploy to get the Browns to deal Mayfield as well. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities. Starts Thursday, April 28th at 5PM Pacific time.

  21. Hoggs41

    So if the top 8 go Hutchinson, Thibodeaux, Johnson, Walker, Neal , Ekwonu, Garnder, Stingley ( in any particular order) and we cant trade back who would people want as the pick?

    • Hawkster

      It is a good question, that could happen.

      I suppose Karlaftis, or overdraft Zion or Cine (haven’t really looked at Hamilton, but I like Cine). I like T. Smith out of Tulsa but it would be really really sucky grabbing him at 9. I’ve never been on board with Penning. Maybe Lloyd, at least Mel Kiper wouldn’t have a coronary with Lloyd.

  22. Tomas

    Well, if Tony’s right we are heading directly into a joyless half-decade or so, at least, of desolation. Welcome, Seahawk fans, to the dumpster fire years … again. Nice going, Jody.

    • FWBrodie

      Holy dramatic reaction to a rumor, Batman!

  23. Forrest

    I want to see a Geno vs. Lock QB competition. Build a great defense and running game. That will feel like Hawk football again, whether we win or lose. Then get your QB next year.

  24. Tecmo Bowl

    Real interesting stuff from Tony Pauline. There are a couple ways to read what he wrote. Either take Penning at 9 then trade 40and probably 72 to get a QB late day one. Or a big trade down with either NO or PIT.

    PIT had the same picks 20,52 that they had in 2019 to trade up to 10 to draft Devin Bush. If that same deal of 20+52+future 3rd is on the table JS could bite. NO would have to beat that offer to get their QB, and they could-19+49+future 3rd.

    I read Tony’s words meaning a big trade down. He’s said a couple times they were looking to trade down. JS/PC’s presser felt like they were open for business. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, because Penning at 9+ trading up for Corral or Ridder is frightening.

  25. ElPasoHawk

    I’m cool with Penning after a small trade back that nets a third, then moving up from second round for a QB they believe in. I do wonder what they would do if Neal was there at 9. Do you trade back and risk losing him? Getting a LT, QB in first an Edge in second, a LB in third, a RB in fourth, and a couple of high upside developmental players in 5th would excite me.

  26. SoZ

    Actually if they just trade down from 9 to 28 or so, with all the best pass rushers gone and being unwilling to gamble on Penning, they could get two extra seconds in the 55ish range based on the trade chart.
    9 -> 28 Corral (still shouldn’t be afraid to sit him a year)
    40 + 41 -> your choice of 2 of Abe Lucas, best RBA like Kenneth Walker, and Nik Bonitto or Ebiketi

    55 + 56 -> once again choice of 2 of Tindall, Chenal, R. Walker if he slips, Logan Hall, Jurgens, Nick Cross, etc. etc.

    This whole thing looks better to me than taking Penning.

    • Gross MaToast


  27. All I see is 12s

    I find this very upsetting and honestly, it’s starting to suck the hope out of what should be an exciting time. If Jared Goff can take the Rams to the Super Bowl and be a stat monster while doing so in the Rams system,- with a good run game and fast defense- then why can’t Drew Lock be the same? And if he’s not the guy, let’s at least give him a season to show he’s not. If it doesn’t work then we draft the future and we have the ammo to make it happen. This seems incredibly simple. Is it really just Pete Carrol‘s arrogance that’s gonna make us have to endure watching the haul we got for Russ go down the drain?

  28. JimN

    We start talking about something we really don’t want and then we start to believe it when we hear reaffirming rumors. There is a huge amount of positioning going on and the Seahawks use that like other teams. I don’t believe the boys will be picking a QB in the early rounds. I think Lock is their guy for THIS YEAR. SMith is your hedge, and add one or two other options and we will have a competition, but Lock is probably it. I think he is better than what is in the draft this year. Indeed, if a QB is selected early, i will eat crow and be disappointed like many here. When i looked at film on Lock, and the other options this year in the draft, I can’t see any real standouts, so i think P&J will continue down the Lock road unless some darkhorse emerges.

    I really like the Mock draft strategies of focusing on either the Offense (less a QB) or the Defense. Haven’t heard much about if it would be better to focus on one in 22 and the other in 23? Or just BPA? BUt BPA with a bias.

    • All I see is 12s

      I would love to think that this is all sub refuge. However, the worst case scenario has all too often occurred with this team over the past five or six years. With her it’s Malik McDowell(I screamed at my tv when they made the pick,) The horrible Jamal Adams trade, or their failure to address obvious needs Weatherby office of line, pass rush, etc. unfortunately, – and I hope I’m wrong –, they just don’t feel like a smart team anymore. I want so badly to be wrong.

  29. Old but Slow

    If we are to believe that the team wants to “win now”, then it seems confusing that they would take a QB early knowing that he will not be a starter.

    Getting as many players as possible that can contribute soon would make more sense. I have not seen evidence that the top handful of QBs are significantly better than some that might be taken later. And if it is planned that it will be year 2 before we see results, then shouldn’t we be also looking closely at Ojabo, for instance, a top talent but not really ready for this season?

    I am so confused.

    • FWBrodie

      John Schneider has brought up several times how his mentor Ted Thompson taught him the value of drafting quarterbacks into the organization, even when you don’t appear to need one. The Seahawks are much closer to the “need one” end of the spectrum so logic would dictate that Schneider is in a heightened state of QB solicitation right now.

      • SoZ

        Or JS can finally implement the QB chapter of the draft and develop strategy that he couldn’t for so long due to Russell Wilson being the “chosen one.” So that strategy involves drafting a QB maybe every year or close, if they have enough picks.

        You could see from how much PC didn’t want him to talk about QBs, as well as all of his pro draft a QB comments (bad class according to who? Never know when you’ll get a good one like Wilson, Brady, the legends I learned from taught me to draft em on the regular) that Pete and John have talked about this a lot, so much that Pete might worry about John’s true feelings and eagerness showing.

  30. MattyB

    Didn’t Tony also say in his interview with Rob that Seattle are a team that does things in the draft that no one predicts.i reckon Seattle are probably sending out info and contacting teams about potentially trading back into rd 1 as part of ‘we are always interested’ policy and maybe even a deliberate confusion tactic. Does someone jump ahead of Seattle for Penning ? Allowing another stud to remain on the board at nine does someone even pull the QB trigger……the fun and intrigue being in the top ten is great reading this year

    • Rob Staton

      It’s always tempting to claim it’s a smoke screen when you hear information you don’t like

      • Sean-O

        Sure but couldn’t you agree that the information that’s out a week before the draft is out because the team wants it out?

        The Hawks may very well draft Penning at #9 (& move back into the 1st to draft a QB) but when we’re relying on “league insiders say it’s a definite possibility” regarding what MAY happen, it feels a little odd.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure but couldn’t you agree that the information that’s out a week before the draft is out because the team wants it out?


          A year ago at this time Tony said the Cardinals were going to draft Zaven Collins at #16

          The Cardinals drafted Collins at #16

          They didn’t want that info out there but it was

          Just like Mortensen telling Russell Wilson he was going to be a Seahawk before he was drafted by the Seahawks

          Just like Peter Schrager suddenly mocking Darrell Taylor to the Seahawks out of the blue in the late first in 2020 and saying they loved him.

          The Hawks may very well draft Penning at #9 (& move back into the 1st to draft a QB) but when we’re relying on “league insiders say it’s a definite possibility” regarding what MAY happen, it feels a little odd.

          But we’re not relying on that. I’m just relaying what the #1 draft insider is reporting.

          Like I said, it’s very easy to claim this all a smokescreen when you get information you don’t like.

  31. SoZ

    Well the Seahawks seem to have become a team the league has figured out as Metcalf once said, whether it was the RW leak or the Darrell Taylor leak. If it turns out they are as high on Raimann as some sources claim, the latest press conference leak about them learning German would be just the latest most ridiculous example.

    In my head I see the picture Rob posted of the Seahawks talking to Corral at the combine. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King is playing in the background. Russell Wilson was traded a few days later.

    • Rob Staton

      Who had claimed anything about Raimann?

      • Palatypus

        I think he meant Penning.

        • Rob Staton

          He said:

          “If it turns out they are as high on Raimann as some sources claim”

    • FWBrodie

      That photo could easily be attributed to Lane Kiffin being a moron.

  32. SpennyDunks

    I just can’t with this team anymore. I need to stop getting myself excited and having expectations on what I’d like them to do because they’ll just never do it.

    Hope this is a smoke screen, or Corral and Penning end up being great. I guess both have a chance and are alright prospects on their own. But all this smoke on those 2 definitely doesn’t feel fake.

  33. Henry Taylor

    This is far from my preference as well, but to put a positive spin on it, there is a lot to like about Corral (if it is him, and I hope it is because I’d have a hard time getting excited about anyone else in that range). He has some good tools, I like his attitude and leadership, Chris Simms has him as QB1 in this draft.

    He also has some major deficiencies (that’s why he’d even be available in the late first) and any time you take a QB its a massive risk, because they don’t work out more often than they do.

    But if it does work out we’re set up in a dream scenario in 2023. Young QB in the bag and cost controlled for 4 more years, massive draft capitol and cap space without the need to go gambling on a QB again. We could be legitimately be free to add multiple impact players that set up contention again. He just has to hit.

  34. KD

    Looks like walterfootball gave you a nice shout in his latest mock:

    “Trevor Penning, OT – Rob Staton of did a great breakdown of why Seattle could be interested in Penning at No. 9 overall.”

    • Rob Staton

      That’s nice, thanks for the heads up

  35. SoZ

    Why would John talk about the lack of buz surrounding these QBs making people nervous or calm, if he had no interest in any of the QBs?
    They made it clear they draft for their team fit, and don’t worry about where players are ranked on anyone’s big magnificent horizontal board.

    It could just be a diversion it’s true. If the Ravens loved Penning, the Seahawks could ask for picks 14, 76, and 128 or whittle down their army of round 4 picks, which look very useful at this point.

  36. Old but Slow

    Are there any particular standout return men in this draft? There seems to be a lot of speed in this class, and I feel it is wise to keep a stock of returners. Most seem to be wide outs or defensive backs, so it would need to be someone who can provide depth beyond the return duties.

    As Percy Butler has been pointed out as a gunner, he also is a safety with speed. So, any return comps?

    • D

      marcus jones the cb from houston

  37. McZ

    Corral will be gone late R1, there are simply too many needs teams. I think, trading up to #17 and a late rounder, for #40, #41 and a R4 or R5 pick would be double. The Bolts drafts are looking much better, when I trade back.

    Or they go late R1, which will be Desmond Ridder or Jack Coan. Both seem to be a reach, but with a year to develop, both could possibly deliver what we wish for.

    • Rob Staton

      Are you being serious???

      • McZ

        I don’t honestly know. Nobody knows, what the Seahawks are up to.

        If Tony Pauline thinks, the Seahawks will invest in a OT and a QB, and if they want to make sure to get their guys, and if those guys are Penning and Corral, they have to use #9, and they’ll have to trade up.

        All draft pundits I know have QBs all over the place. Matt Corral is the sole player almost everybody has in their top 20. It doesn’t matter if I value the player that high, or if the league values him that high. The question is, if the Seahawks want him.

        If they miss on Corral, they might panic and overdraft end of R1. Which IMO would be the worst outcome for this draft.

        • Rob Staton

          The Seahawks are not trading up from 40 to 17.

          They aren’t taking Jack Coan in the late first either.

  38. Cougfanstan

    Great write up Rob!

    For my money, if you love a player at 9( Johnson, stingley), you race to the podium and secure that elite talent. If you don’t like your options there, you trade down to mid-late 1 territory and secure the extra draft capital. You leave this draft with some elite building blocks.

    Draft Boye Mafe in the late first, Abe Lucas, Channing Tindall( my draft crush) in the second.. take any of the interior Oline options with extra capital acquired from trading down from 9( strange, jurgens or Taylor-Britt at cb), Add damion pierce in 3rd because our RB room is made of glass and needs the youth infusion.

    My fear is that PC will reach for a QB, knowing his window is closing and wishing he could create 2012 all over again.

    Bottom line. Don’t outsmart yourselves. Take the BPA Do not reach!! We don’t need more investment at safety. Ffs

    Think 2-3 year rebuild

  39. Rob Staton

    Live stream coming up at 3pm

  40. Riggs

    Who from the Seahawks organization is going to tell anybody on the outside what the team is thinking? Perhaps the team WANTS people to think they are trading down when what they really intend to do is choose at 9 and don’t want anyone jumping ahead of them?

    • Rob Staton

      I can see I’m going to have to keep repeating this.

      Chris Mortensen: “I told Russell Wilson (before the draft) he was going to be a Seattle Seahawk”

      Peter Schrager: the day before the 2020 draft he suddenly mocks Darrell Taylor to Seattle in round one, far higher than anyone had him, stating the team loves him.

      Whether you like it or not, info gets out. And it’s not exclusively a Seahawks thing. This time last year Tony P said Arizona would take Zaven Collins at #16 per his sources. And he was right.

  41. LetLockCook

    We all should’ve known when Jim tweeted this tweet

  42. Zorn Is King

    Maybe the mayfield factor plays into Pete’s “not a rebuild” fantasy…trading back for a QB seems logical but mayfield is better than all of these guys. The kind of reclamation project Pete truly loves…even if mayfield is a one year rental… pay a minimal amount for the best one year…use draft capital to build a long term foundation…play to the strengths of our GM’s trade back preferences…

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