2022 Seahawks draft status check with two weeks to go

A few notes, thoughts and a first round mock…

— Per Tony Pauline — four pass rushers, three offensive linemen and Sauce Gardner will be off the board in the top-eight. He doesn’t see anyone trading up into the first eight picks and he doesn’t see any quarterbacks going in the top-10.

— This is consistent with what Scot McCloughan told us. No top-10 quarterbacks. Three to go in round one. All with third round grades. None able to start as a rookie. Teams with a sufficient bridge quarterback (Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Tennessee etc) are more likely to tap into this class.

— It leaves the Seahawks, as we’ve been discussing, potentially deliberating between trading down or taking a shot on Derek Stingley Jr.

— Tony continues to report the Seahawks would like to accumulate picks by moving down. Teams wanting the top receiver in the draft or Trevor Penning could move up.

— It’s possible Stingley Jr could still be available after a trade down. I also think moving down could bring into play Devin Lloyd, George Karlaftis, Zion Johnson and possibly Tyler Linderbaum.

— A quick reminder on what a league source told me last week. I can’t reveal the source but if you’re willing to take my word for it — it’s a legit, legit source. He said to me that if it was up to him and he was picking in the top-10, he would take Stingley Jr without hesitation if the O-line and D-line options went quickly off the board. He has scouted Stingley Jr in detail and claimed he was the #1 cornerback in the class, was better than Patrick Surtain coming into the league a year ago and was “wired perfectly” in terms of character. He admitted the Lis Franc injury was a scary injury — however, he also felt the testing results at pro-day were a positive sign.

— We all have our own personal preferences on positional targets. The priority in round one could just be — get a good player but more than anything get more stock for day two and three where you’ll make your money in this class. There are plenty of players I really like in round one. I’m not sure anyone — anywhere — is going to set your franchise up for success with their own personal impact. There are a whole bunch of good players with potential to be really good. Are there great players? Not without risk. This draft is about foundation building and picking as often as possible, getting guys you want. That’s why I wouldn’t be totally against Seattle moving down from #9 then moving up from #40. You can make the board work for you — with a chance to trade down again from #41 if needed to make up any lost stock.

— I’m not sure there’s any decision in round one they could make that would disappoint me other than reaching on a quarterback. I’m not a big fan of Charles Cross and would rather go in a different direction. I’m not sure they’d take him anyway given his profile. You can make an argument for all of the players we’ve started considering — Stingley Jr, Lloyd, Karlaftis, Johnson, Linderbaum. The Seahawks can get a good player. They may not get the one you specifically want — and they may not get an Earl Thomas-level impact player. But they can get a good one — and the success or failure of this class will rest on their ability to find the diamonds within this deep draft.

— Karlaftis is one of the harder projections for me. There are times on tape where he just looks so quick and dynamic as a rusher. He wrecked games against Oregon State and Iowa. Yet his frame isn’t the typical long/lean one Seattle goes for. His 10-yard split of 1.65 is average for his size and you’d expect better than that given what he shows on tape. His effort in run-defending is pretty ‘meh’ at times, surprisingly. Yet he’s so quick and dynamic to shoot gaps or simply beat the tackle to the engage-point that he creates a ton of pressure. It feels very easy to pair him with the Eagles in the middle of the first. The Seahawks haven’t really taken anyone like him. Karlaftis really flashes at times though — and it won’t be a surprise if he has an incredibly solid, long NFL career. Viewing him as a lesser Aidan Hutchinson is fair.

— Dennis Ridder is visiting the Seahawks today. He seems to be doing more than anyone to promote his stock at the moment with a fine off-season. However — it’s a really, really hard sell to justify any faith in Ridder being a long-term answer at quarterback. His Navy tape is quite astonishing and shows off the worst of his erraticism in terms of accuracy. It took him a half (and some favourable field position opportunities) to get going against Notre Dame. He sank against Alabama. There are things to like about him too. His personality is strong and likeable. He’s highly athletic. He did as much as anyone to elevate Cincinnati to a new level. Amid the head-scratching, frustrating, shout-at-the-TV decisions he makes there are also some beautiful passes. I can’t get beyond the patchy accuracy though. That has to be a deal breaker when judging quarterbacks and he was so streaky it’s unreal. I hope this is a fact finding mission. The next draft will be the time to plot a quarterback move.

— Many are wondering what constitutes an agreeable offer for DK Metcalf. New York giving Seattle #10 back isn’t enough and the Seahawks might not even see #10 + #38 as enough given the aesthetics compared to the Jamal Adams trade. Here’s an idea that might do the trick. How about #10 and swapping #4 for #9? Essentially the Jets would be left with Metcalf and #9, the Seahawks with #4 and #10. That would secure a top pass rusher or offensive lineman for Seattle. It would also give the Seahawks a chance to trade down from #10 (or pick a player). The Jets get their weapon for Zach Wilson, keep their high second round picks and still retain a pick in the top-10. A bidding war of sorts could occur over the next seven days with multiple teams needing a top receiver. Metcalf is by far better than the options in the draft.

— An interesting list of players visited the VMAC over the last 24-48 hours. This included Christian Watson, Boye Mafe and Cam Taylor-Britt. Watson is incredibly quick, has great size and is considered to have a culture-setting personality. He has the gliding running style Seattle likes. It begs the question — would they take him for value in round two? Or is he a possible replacement for a certain someone? Mafe has gone from a player who seemed to have momentum and was a first rounder to settling back into round two. He could emerge as an option for Seattle in the second frame. Taylor-Britt is tenacious, lightning quick and the kind of player you’d hope for this team to draft. He is a day-two lock.

— What a shocking turn of events that the media are now talking up Abraham Lucas as a potential first rounder. Who saw that coming, eh?

— I will keep making and adjusting projections as we edge closer to draft day. Here’s what I think is a reasonable guess for round one as of today:

#1 Jacksonville — Travon Walker (DE, Georgia)
#2 Detroit — Aidan Hutchinson (DE, Michigan)
#3 Houston — Evan Neal (G, Alabama)
#4 NY Jets — Jermaine Johnson (DE, Florida State)
#5 NY Giants — Kayvon Thibodeaux (DE, Oregon)
#6 Carolina — Ikem Ekwonu (G, NC State)
#7 NY Giants — Charles Cross (T, Miss. State)
#8 Atlanta — Sauce Gardner (CB, Cincinnati)
#9 Seattle — Derek Stingley Jr (CB, LSU)
#10 New York Jets — Garrett Wilson (WR, Ohio State)
#11 Washington — Kyle Hamilton (S, Notre Dame)
#12 LA Chargers (v/MIN) — Trevor Penning (T, Northern Iowa)
#13 Houston — Devin Lloyd (LB, Utah)
#14 Baltimore — Jordan Davis (DT, Georgia)
#15 Philadelphia — George Karlaftis (DE, Purdue)
#16 New Orleans — Jameson Williams (WR, Alabama)
#17 Minnesota (v/LAC) — Trent McDuffie (CB, Washington)
#18 Philadelphia — Chris Olave (WR, Ohio State)
#19 New Orleans — Kenny Pickett (QB, Pittsburgh)
#20 Pittsburgh — Malik Willis (QB, Liberty)
#21 New England — Zion Johnson (G, Boston College)
#22 Green Bay — Drake London (WR, USC)
#23 Arizona — Andrew Booth (CB, Clemson)
#24 Dallas — Abraham Lucas (T, Washington State)
#25 Buffalo — Quay Walker (LB, Georgia)
#26 Tennessee — Matt Corral (QB, Ole Miss)
#27 Tampa Bay — David Ojabo (DE, Michigan)
#28 Green Bay — Devonte Wyatt (DT, Georgia)
#29 Kansas City — Travis Jones (DT, Connecticut)
#30 Seattle (v/KC) — Tyler Linderbaum (C, Iowa)
#31 Cincinnati — Kaiir Elam (CB, Florida)
#32 Detroit — Treylon Burks (WR, Arkansas)

— I continue to have the Seahawks moving back into the late first for Tyler Linderbaum, for reasons discussed a lot over the last two weeks. Tony Pauline says he hasn’t spoken to a team who has Linderbaum graded in round one. Although after his testing performance this week, I think it’s unlikely he would last to #40.

— If there’s one player I’d put money on the Seahawks drafting it’d be Dameon Pierce at Florida. Regulars to the blog won’t be surprised by that statement but he just ticks so many boxes. Explosive traits, size, running style, ability to energise team mates with his running. In round three, it feels inevitable he will be on their radar.

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  1. Ross

    For me, there’s almost no scenario, within reason, that would make me want to trade Metcalf. Yes, he’ll be expensive soon. But I think it’s a bad look for the Seahawks at a time when Seattle should be trying to make themselves more attractive to FAs. Draft picks are lottery tickets and busts happen all the time. I’d rather keep and pay for the proven player.

    • Rob Staton

      This is definitely one argument to be made for this situation. The other is if you’re going to have multiple games where he has the odd target here and there, and if you want to play a very specific brand of football, investing in other areas (picks and money) would be wiser.

      • Ross

        And I definitely get that. The picks in this draft are incredibly enticing. But with a new QB, I’m not sure we know yet how well Metcalf will be used. Will he be a safety blanket for a young QB? RW had a undeniable connection with Lockett. Perhaps the new QB will have a similar rapport with Metcalf.

        • Rob Staton

          We do have 12 years of Pete ball to judge though. If the Seahawks were ever going to be a throw it around the field team, $25m a year could be justified. I’m not sure it is for ball control and running.

          • Russ

            Especially when the aforementioned Lockett is locked up for the next 4 years for a non-insignificant amount of money.

            I look at the Chiefs as a parallel for the Seahawks in this case. They just traded their top pass catcher for a haul of picks from the Dolphins. Why? Because they believe that Mahomes can provide enough offense with their existing weapons and whoever they pick in the draft. Hill was an absolute perfect fit in that offense, a massive talent (better than Metcalf as of today, future notwithstanding), and they still traded him.

            If you’re the Seahawks and you have:
            -A player that may not fit the offense as well as Hill fit in KC
            -Glaring holes around the rest of the roster
            -An opportunity to get prime draft stock in an absolutely stacked draft class

            How can you not at least consider moving him?

            • Ross

              I hate that trade for KC. Hill widens their championship window with his talent. I’d prefer not for Seattle to mimic that. Also, because of where the respective teams are in terms of competitiveness, it’s much harder to KC to afford Hill’s contract than it will be for Seattle to afford DK’s.

              Furthermore, creating a new glaring hole at WR in order to *maybe*, *hopefully* fill a hole at another position while alienating both players and fans isn’t anything I’m interested in.

              • Paul

                Hill is 28 and has a lot of mileage on him: 91 regular season games and 13 playoff games. He’s not going to get better and now he has to play a 17-game season.

                • Ross

                  Hill was elite last year and can be relied upon for similar production for a couple.more years. I wouldn’t have traded him during their championship window.

            • Paul

              I think that any offers they get will be underwhelming. Other teams are seeing the same thing Seattle sees: Good receiver draft classes for the foreseeable future. They won’t panic and let the Jags drive their salary structures. This is one of those cases where the player is most valuable to the team that has him.

          • Isaac

            The other thing to think about is whether this is Pete’s last year. To me if they extend Metcalf that means he’ll have to be the number 1 target and would be prioritized in the offense. Otherwise why pay him 25 million?

            • Rob Staton

              If it was Pete’s last year he wouldn’t be undertaking a significant rebuild

              Rightly or wrongly he’s going to be here a while yet

              • Peter


                Right or wrong fans should be hoping Pete can bring that old razzle dazzle because he’s here most likely here until the team is sold.

                • TomLPDX

                  ^^ This! ^^

          • cha

            If the Seahawks were ever going to be a throw it around the field team, $25m a year could be justified. I’m not sure it is for ball control and running.

            I think team structure thinking is valid, but it doesn’t have to be either/or.

            This team was an offensive wreck last year. Pete attempted to play to their structure, as he did the last few seasons, with the running game setting up the passing game, but there was rarely a running game to speak of. The Indy game was the absolute best example of that, and the New Orleans and Washington games were particularly awful examples of it.

            If Penny can give the Seahawks 8-10 games of the end of 2021 play, and they can draft a Damon Pierce or equivalent type, there will be a ton more first downs and chances for throws to Metcalf.

            But the team has to rebuild the OL, find a running back that can contribute pretty quick and get their philosophy on track to pull that off.

            • cha


    • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

      Embrace the full rebuild. Seahawks would be handcuffed with a $25M/year WR. It’s better to trade him a bit early than too late.

    • Cheese22

      If DK was ever gonna be worth $25m a year it would be with RW here. No way Lock or any rookie gets him the ball enough to justify that salary. If he can be turned into 2 top 10 picks I think you have to do it. Johnson + Stingley at half of DK’s salary for the next 5 years sounds pretty good. In a couple years when the QB situation is figured out then draft a stud WR in the 1st round. Move up from 40 to get an OL (Linderbaum) and 41 to get a bamf LB (Tindall).

      • Sean

        Trading a young talent with high character for draft capital is a great way to be in the never ending abyss of NFL crappiness. DO NOT TRADE DK METCALF!!!

  2. Vulcan McMentat

    Rob, I wish you’d do a mock based on a front office that’s lost their former ability to evaluate talent, seeing as that is the front office we currently have. The notion that Seattle will choose our version of BPA (Stingley) rather than do something mind-bogglingly stupid seems overly optimistic based on recent history.

    We need a mock representative of the poor drafting, terrible trades, garbage free agent signings, and misallocation of cap space that has produced one playoff win in 5 years. We need a mock with reaches for JAGs and inexplicable trade downs bereft of fair-value compensation.

    I’ll start: “With the ninth pick in the 2022 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Desmond Ridder, quarterback, University of Cincinnati.”

    Sadly, something dumb like this seems inevitable at this stage.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s also the front office that built one of the greatest rosters in NFL history

      Let’s not forget that

      • Hawk Finn

        Fair play, but we’re talking a decade ago. Recent history favors Vulcan. That’s why it is so hard to get excited for this draft. Hoping they get back to basics and realize going BPA-free is better applied to water bottles than NFL rosters.

        • Rob Staton

          A decade ago is nothing.

          I get people are suspicious of this FO getting the job done but it’s also possible to try too hard to be negative. Just enjoy the draft and let’s judge afterwards.

          • D-OZ

            (a decade ago is nothing) Thats easy for you young fellers to say. A decade ago I was 61…:)

        • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

          I’m actually excited for an NFL draft for the first time in 5+ years. I am willing to judge them AFTER the draft.
          Go Hawks. Go Rebuild!

    • Roy Batty

      This year might just be the one that ignites that fire in Pete and John, once again.

      They’ve been cruising on the right arm of Russ for almost a decade, and relied on their slowly degrading historic defense for 5 years. Now, they have neither. They cannot afford to make frivolous picks, and Pete and John both seem to acknowledge that in their post season pressers.

      If anything, with all the holes in this roster, and the ability to focus on a loaded defensive draft, I think they buck the recent trend and make the right picks. Ones that will set them up for next year’s draft by building a solid foundation, incrementally.

      Then you add in all that available cap next year. FA’s are more likely to sign with Seattle if they see a plan coming together, rather than the lack of one we’ve been witnessing for the last 5 years.

    • Steve Nelsen

      This FO drafted DK, Brooks and Darrell Taylor in recent history.

      • Peter

        The uptick in quality has helped me stay optimistic.

    • Charles Hirsch

      My feeling is that RW3 handcuffed the team in certain respects. Salary and the team trying to build a roster around him to appease didn’t help the Seahawks maintain the long playoff push. This coupled with poor drafts and free agent signings depleted the team’s talent. Building a young hungry team is their wheel house.

      • Dave

        I think the best case scenario is that Pete was inhibited in creating a football team truly in his image by trying to appease Wilson’s desires and salary, and now he’s free of that balancing act he can set about building a successful team in his own style again.

        This isn’t to lay all the blame on Wilson (or Carroll for that matter) for the last few years. When you have a top 5 QB it’s only natural to try and play into that. But it didn’t feel a natural fit for the last 2 years at least. A break may just give Pete the freedom to make uninhibited decisions again. At least, I hope that’s what happens.

        • TomLPDX

          I hope so too, because I think there might be a shred of truth in that scenario. I’ve always wondered if Pete was torn between the two situations.

    • SeattleLifer

      I too hear your concerns Vulcan. I just think we have so many needs coupled with a a number of better picks all heading into a strong draft – that I expect even our front office to do fairly well this go around. With so many needs we can let the depth of this draft come to us. Hopefully the extra picks will help alleviate patterns of over-reaching and trading to get extra later picks(although I fully expect at least one trade down from pick 9).

      Given our resources and the breadth of needs for our roster it would be tough for our guys to mess up in this deep draft imo.

  3. Isaac

    I would love to come out of this draft with several building block players. If the top 4 defensive ends are off the board and the two tackles. Then let’s trade down. Hopefully pick up a second round pick.

  4. Kyle

    Great stuff, Rob. I checked in this morning just to read the comments on the last article and found another great post here. I am sure I speak for everyone here that I’m so grateful for this site. Most of the great Seahawks’ bloggers the past decade have burned out or become shells of themselves, and I think you’re about the last one going strong.

    • Peter

      With the interviews, additional podcasts, and radio spots the post Wilson trade era has Rob stronger than ever. I honestly thought he was going to shut it down after the AZ win when pete was going to “run it back,” and we had a “nucleus.”

      Going to miss the consistency of the Wilson era but Rob has me stoked for the upcoming draft and season warts and all.

  5. Matt

    Love the DK trade idea. I’d go Jermaine Johnson and Derek Stingley Jr in that scenario. Defense could be elite by mid season. With the second rounders – go get Linderbaum and Tindall. I’d be ecstatic if that is how our first four picks went.

    • Peter

      Probably Linderbaum is gone by then. But they could look at Mafe perhaps a big DE falls or maybe turn their attention to Jurgens or even Cole Strange whom they have shown some interest in.

      • clbradley17

        Great idea from Rob thinking outside the box, in trading DK and #9 for #s 4 and 10 with the Jets. And 100% Matt, was going to post exactly that after reading Rob’s post today and that idea. Would be the most ecstatic of any draft the Seahawks have had since Walter Jones or Cortez Kennedy if we were able to get JJ and Stingley in round 1!

        • Sandman

          If hawks are in love with 2023 draft QBs, it would be great to get Jets 2023 1st round as part of a DK trade. Is a 35, 111 and 2023#1 possible?

  6. Peter

    Really enjoy the update Rob. Hope the trip is fun for the Staton’s.

    Interesting idea in the pick swap with the Jets for DK. Stil think in a push #10 and #38 works. Don’t love it, but works. I know they got worked a bit in the JA trade but what can you do?

    Very interested in your thoughts on the following:

    1. a lot of interest in Nebraska and in a bit of a curious for Seattle move a decent amount of interest in Cincinatti players.

    2. The WR’s. Talent is talent. I know they made mention of WR’s somewhat recently and I’m trying to keep an open mind but WR seems very far off from what this team needs.

    Watched Highlights of the following:

    Samori Toure. Good separation. Good hands. Some good arms out catches but some Kearse style basket catches.

    Dareke Young. Woah. Very willing blocker. Jet sweeps. Lenoir Rhyne I read literally runs the “wishbone.” I suck admittedly at gauging talent that is that much more superior then their opposition.

    Christian Watson. Since you first brought his bame this is a player I love. Fiery on the field. Freaky athleticism catching bad throws and getting to full speed by the time he gets both legs on the ground. Awesome highlights of yards after the catch. Great energy in interviews. Love when players are candid about working on their weaknesses while acknowledging their strengths. Could realistically see Seattle drafting him without trading DK. Not the best roster building move but I really enjoy his game.

    • Paul

      Re the 10/38 scenario, the fallout might be too much to take on. Normally PCJS wouldn’t care one way or another, but explaining how they in effect traded DK Metcalf and last year’s #1 for Jamal Adams the 38 overall would be excruciating.

  7. Spectator

    Love the write up, Rob! Great content after great content.

    Regarding DK trade. The one you propose would be awesome. What about taking a first this year, 38, and a first next year? That seems like a lot to me, but what about you? Would love the potential to have Jets first next year as it could be an early one.

    However, what do you see the fallout being with Quandre Diggs should they trade DK? He said he signed because PC convinced him that they are not in rebuild mode, and are planning to compete.

    • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

      This team was so bad last year that having a bunch of solid draft picks and the Denver talent already has the makings of an upgrade.

  8. Big Mike

    I’ll echo Peter in saying the pick swap in round 1 is quite an interesting idea. Seattle gets an EDGE as per Pete’s stated goal.
    I’ll also agree with you about Ridder and the accuracy issues being a huge concern. I wouldn’t draft any QB early that has accuracy issues or a poor TD to int ratio. He’s a no go for me.

    • Peter

      I’ve completely come to terms with Lock as the QB. I remember the Hasselbeck, whitehurst, Jackson run. It was mostly ducky but the team was getting exciting.

      I’m a big underdog person. And wanted Ridder in a loss to AL to show something but he was so absent that day. The whole league is filled with AL level players.

      Matt Corral. Fun I suppose. Fairly accurate. Hate this new thing that you can see with players like Kyler Murray. Tremendous accuracy. But mediocre TD to INT ratio.

      Lock to paraphrase “is who we think he is.” That’s fine. 4-6 wins and two firsts, two seconds….if you build today then Bam! next year strike on a qb a be ready to roll then.

  9. Silly Billy

    How good are the top WR’s this draft?
    Some are saying 5 may go in the 1st round this year, but is there a steep difference between WR 1-2 and 3-5?

    I ask because, in terms of points, GB giving up 22 and 28, or KC giving up 29 and 30, works out for the #9 pick. Would either be aggressive enough for the #1 or 2 WR?

    If so, that’s that win-win trade right there. Hawks have x4 picks in 20-41. KC/GB get their WR.

    • Danimal

      I would kill for either of those trade back scenarios. Particularly with the assumption that at 9 you’ve missed on all of the top pass rushers. I also really like Detroit’s 32 and 34. If you can get there and get Mafe and Zion/Linderbaum or Elam (not sure how Rob feels about him, but his physical profile and athleticism are intriguing to me), I think it does a lot more for the future than reaching on a tackle that doesn’t fit our mold or a pass rusher that we’re not in love with. Having 4 picks in the top 41 gives us the best shot and shortening a rebuild window. You’re basically cramming two drafts into one in terms of selecting higher end talent, particularly with how deep this class is.

      • Silly Billy

        SEA #9 Pick = 1350 pts

        GB #22 + #27 = 1460 PTs (Seahawks would probably package in a 4th)

        KC #28 +#29 = 1300 pts (spot on in my view)

        Det #32 +#34 = 1150 pts ( Det would need to add a later day 2 pick)

        Didn’t even think about Detroit. Good call. would they want to trade that much for WR though? Maybe they go all in for Sauce/Stingley?

        • Danimal

          I was even thinking Detroit after a trade back to 14 or so. But I think I’d be interested in 32,34,97 for 9, 153. My guess is that it would take a run on QB’s before 9 (that doesn’t sound likely), and if it did it would mean some pass rusher is back on the table. So, I think it would almost have to be something like Baltimore wanting to move up to 9 to take Devonte Wyatt or Jordan Davis: 14, 100, 141 for 9. Run on QBs ensues. Detroit sending 32 and 34 for 14 and 109. Obviously a lot of moving parts and almost no chance of it happening. but it’s fun to think about the possibilities moving back opens up. Of course there’s also the risk that you miss out on Linderbaum, Boye, Zion, and anyone else you were banking on being there that late.

          • Danimal

            So, Seattle ends up with 32, 34, 40, 41, 72, 100, 141, 152, 229 and if we luck out and any 2 of Boye Linderbaum or Zion are there, I like it more than just Stingley or just Sauce.

  10. Jerry

    Looking at various mock drafts, and considering the current state of the roster, I’d like to see the team hoard picks and shift focus to a 3-year plan.

    Regarding DK, if they do deal him, I would love to see them get picks in the next two drafts. Instead of #10 and #38, an ideal package would be #10 and a first next year.

    I’d also love to see them acquire more day 2 picks. If they did end up with #9 and #10, they could hope one of the top 7-8 guys fall, and trade back with one or both picks. I could see some scenarios where trading out of round 1 entirely would make sense, especially if they can acquire a bunch of day 2 picks.

    If the board works out like you suggest, they’d be picking after the top tier guys are off the board. If the accumulate day two picks, they’d be in the range where Abraham Lucas, Kyler Gordon, Boye Mafe, Christian Watson, Logan Hall, Perrion Winfrey, David Ojabo, Channing Tindall, Drake Jackson, etc will be good value selections. That seems like the best range for WR and RB. It would be awesome to land someone like Stingley, but I think I’d prefer a 6-7 picks in the 40-70 range.

  11. Pavlos

    I’m ok with the Seahawks trading down from #9 but only into the mid-teens. John likes to accumulate lots of additional picks in the later rounds when it’s even more difficult to draft the right player. This has resulted in mediocrity. For once we need to take the best player available and move on. It’s not about quantity it’s about quality.

    • SeattleLifer

      I really wish we could get a banner hung up in the Hawks draft room right above their big board with your last sentence written on it – all in red caps!

  12. Ben

    Things I think about the draft:

    There will be an upset in the top 10. It’s too unclear of a draft talent wise, and someone will do something surprising.

    My guess? WR. I think Garrett Wilson goes between 6-10 to kick off the wr market, likely with a trade up to get him.

    My gut says buyers market for folks who want to trade up, I think hauls will be smaller on trade downs. That said I think it’s gonna be one of the most active drafts in recent memory and I think that benefits Pete and John.

    I continue to think if we pick at 9, we may end up surprised at who we pick.

    Regarding a DK trade:

    My ideal realistic DK swap is trade DK and #9 for #4, #69, and next years 1st. It pegs DKs value around the #2/#3 overall pick per the OTC draft value chart. We get our pass rusher, get an extra pick this draft, and add capital next year.

    The easy sell to players that want to win this year is that we think we got the best DE in the draft and we’re gonna on the back of our defense.

    • cha

      2 very high first round picks, a high third and a future first for Metcalf? He’s good, but c’mon.

      • Ben

        It’s a trade up from 9 to 4 + third and 1st. Jets would keep pick 10.

        • Ben

          Considering the Jets future pick valued at the first pick of the 2nd round, it’s about a 7th round pick different in the hawks favor from Robs proposal.

          • cha

            Oh I misread that

    • Mexican Hawk


      The suprise to me could be the Seahawks opting for measurables and explosiveness in the likes of JORDAN DAVIS, preferably in a trade back but maybe even at 9. Much was made about the Hawks drafting Jordyn Brooks when they still had Bobby Wagner. Time flies in the NFL and in life.

      He’s exactly what the Seahawks look for in the first round. An off the charts beast, safe to say he ticks off all the boxes at least on the athletic specimen front. Yes we have Poona (and Quinton, Mone and Woods). On one end he can work together with Poona, on a 3-4 front can play as a DE. In a 4-3 remember we had Red Bryant playing opposite Chris Clemons. Red was a big man himself, I don’t know if Jordan can play outside, but he can double inside on passing downs.

      Mebane (Poona/Woods), Bryant (Davis) and Clemons as a LEO (Taylor) can be our new BAMF Line. Davis for sure has BAMF traits, Rob I would think Davis can definitely two gap and play 5 technique on both fronts? Also the 1 and the coveted 3 technique. That’s probaly the biggest question with him he can play 3 downs?

      Pete loves to stop the run, it might be unsexy, contrary to modern trends. But I side with him. DT has always been the position I like the most besides QB. No doubt LT and Rush End are key in the modern NFL, but having a great DT is vital. How dynamic of a rusher is he to warrant such a high pick is the only unknown. I think he is still growing as per his football acumen. He did not have outstanding production in that regard, but I would bet on him. Started playing football late. I think his best football is ahead of him.

      Poona is also only signed for 2 years, Mone for 1 and Quinton is nearing 30 years old. Woods goes without saying, not a stretch to say 3 of them won’t be with the team after the following two seasons.

      I would be thrilled if the Hawks have the chance to draft Jermain Johnson who ticks all the boxes, but in a realistic scenario were he would not be available Jordan Davis is a BAMF/SPARQ freak I think Seahawks fans would be happy with.

      Pairing him up with another interior lineman (this time on the offensive side), as Rob mentions in Linderbaum would be music to my ears. Hopefully you get your Unger replacement right there. Not as in similar traits but as in steadiness at such an important position. That trade for Jimmy (who I love as a person) was a gut punch when it was made as per their philosophical approach to football.

      Aaron Donald might be a one in a million, but this 6’6 monster of a man can create his own path of destruction. Fingers crossed. He can definitely collapse the pocket and wreck havoc with the best of them.

      He can set the tone for this rebuild. What say you Rob?

      • Rob Staton

        As I’ve said a few times — I really like Davis.

        But taking a two-down nose tackle of the future isn’t the way to launch a rebuild

        • Mexican Hawk

          I hear you, I’ve seen you mentioned same also as per your fondness for Davis. Agree that taking a two-down nose tackle early is not a wise investment, rebuilding or not.

          Maybe I just see something more to him. We’ll see what those athletic traits translate to. It’s going to be a great draft. Looking forward to it all. Thanks again for all you do. The community you have created and sustained is something to behold.

          • Pavlos

            Many are saying he will do more. The tape looks impressive – lots of interior pressure – when was the last time we had that?? He looks like a beast and that’s exactly what i want on our D line. But my first preference is edge defender….

          • Ben

            I definitely wouldn’t be sad if we got Jordan with a trade down. I hear what Robs been saying. Hope he goes to the AFC, so I can root for him, just seems like a great person.

  13. Ashish

    Based on official visit numbers RB in second round seems to be lock. They might trade down #41 to do so.

    “If there’s one player I’d put money on the Seahawks drafting it’d be Dameon Pierce at Florida.”

    Add Florida connection hawks has drafted Homer and Dallas.

  14. DriveByPoster

    Nice work Rob but is this what you call a holiday?

    Is it, strictly speaking, necessary to trade back into the 1st in order to get Linderbaum? Who is likely to take him ahead of the ‘hawks between pick 30 & pick 40? And, if there is a likely candidate, and the ‘hawks can find a trade partner, what is the difference in terms of trade stock between trading to the top end of the 2nd & getting back into the first round?

    I’m getting quite excited for the draft now. I blame you for that!

  15. Gross MaToast

    I’ve been reluctant to trade DK – not an absolute no-go – but how do you let go a 24 year-old dynamo face of the franchise guy when you have little remaining? Rob has hit the deal that would push GM-MaToast into trading Metcalf – swapping #9 for #4 plus getting #10 and maybe some change.

    Take a pass rusher.
    Trade back.
    Move up if you like for Linderbaum.
    Now you’re into Day 2.

    It’s a rebuild on steroids.

    But I would also be very happy to keep him and draft Stingley at 9.

    It’s almost like you can’t go wrong…until we introduce the Pete Chaos Theory into the equation…”we felt like we had to have (fill-in name of guy with 3rd round grade here) because we heard (fill-in other team name here – usually the Ravens) would take him with their pick. We felt like he was the one guy we had to leave this draft with and we’re ecstatic to have him. Can’t wait to see him out there getting after it.”

    Well, I’ve failed another day of trying to be more positive.

    • Hoggs41

      According to the Rich Hill trade chart you would get 473 points by taking #10 and moving up to 4 from 9. If we got #10 and #38 the points would be 526 so personally I would rather have that option. I also understand you could secure a top pass rusher by going to 4. Good discussion either way you lean.

    • Strategicdust

      This is my biggest fear for this draft. The overthinking, reach by a couple of rounds pick for an average player. Stop the trade down scenarios that just reduce risk for John/Pete and select the best player aligning to your needs. I am so tired of this team drafting a bunch of lower value players and hoping a few of them stick. It hasn’t worked for them in free agency or the draft ( just look at the current roster holes) and needs to stop now.

      • Big Mike

        My biggest fear as well. We’ve seen that movie enough times that Gross has the entire press conference dialogue down pat.

  16. Buf

    Love the work you put in Rob! I’m curious, what do you think of Aqueel Glass and Andrew Booth?

  17. Old but Slow

    Trip?!!!? What trip? Leaving? Should I get out my old game tapes to weather the hiatus?

    And, don’t go too far east, as I’ve heard there is trouble over there.

    Oh, well, have a great time. Are you coming over to see the Sounders beat NY in the semi’s?

  18. Steve Nelsen

    Matty Brown has done a series of interesting articles on edge rushers that fit the “Seahawks profile” and his analysis about what Seattle looks for in Edge prospects looks like it has drawn from this blog.

    Here are the names from his most recent article with their size, arm length, 10-yard split and pressure % (where available):
    Kayvon Thibodeaux 6-4, 254 33.12” 1.56’ 19%
    Jermaine Johnson 6-5, 254 34” 1.59’ 12%
    Amare Barno 6-5, 246 34” 1.49’ 12%
    DeAngelo Malone 6-3, 242 33.12” 1.60’ 12%
    Nik Bonnito 6-3, 248 32.5” 1.53” 22%
    Dominique Robinson 6-5, 253 33.25” 1.61” 14%
    Micheal Clemons 7-5, 263 34.75” 1.65’ 15%
    Arnold Ebiketie 6-2, 250 34.12” 1.69” 14%
    De’Shaan Dixon 6-4, 247 33.5” 1.59’
    Manny Walker 6-4, 239 34” 1.56”

    Malone met with Seattle at the Combine and said that meeting “stood out” with Pete Carroll showing particular interest.
    Dixon and Walker are likely UDFAs
    Clemons had a top-30 visit and a troubling arrest in 2021

    • LetLockCook

      Barno has some Danielle Hunter physical similarities. Could be a fun player to take a flier on.

    • Rob Staton

      We knew all this already

    • Julian L

      That 10 yard split with a 22% pressure percentage from Nick Bonnito just sticks out so much to me. Someone’s going to get a player.

      When you look at his Stats compared to Malone for example, he’s just a different level of athlete with nearly twice the productivity.

  19. Group Captain Mandrake

    If none of the top DL players are available, I’d be ecstatic if they took Stingley, assuming they think his foot is ok. I’d be fine with them trading down a bit as well if they think they could still get him, but that is always a risk. I’d rather they take him than risk losing out on a possibly generational talent at the position. I’m not sure how I’d feel about trading down and grabbing Devin Lloyd. I’d rather they grab one of the LBs that you have discussed previously (Chenal or Tindall).

  20. V

    Aaron Wilson: TCU safety La’Kendrick Van Zandt meetings with Cowboys, Seahawks, Colts


    • Peter

      Starting to feel like a lot more safeties than I’m comfortable with.

    • Ashish

      Maybe they have plan to replace Safety in upcoming years.

      • Big Mike

        Maybe they have a plan to trade a (box) Safety for a bag of footballs (be still my Seahawk fan’s heart).

  21. cha

    Raiders extend Carr

    Mike Garafolo
    In all, Derek Carr is set to earn $141.3 million over four years, with $100 million of it coming over the next three years. The deal also includes a no-trade clause, source says.

    Carr remains the #Raiders’ QB for the foreseeable future.

  22. cha

    Baker Mayfield feels disrespected by Browns, points to Seahawks as likely landing spot.


    Wednesday on the Ya Neva Know podcast, Mayfield made it clear that he feels disrespected by the organization.

    “One-hundred percent,” Mayfield said. “I was told one thing, and they completely did another.”

    Mayfield said that the Seattle Seahawks, who traded Russell Wilson to the Broncos for picks and players, are “probably the most likely option” for him.

    • Ashish

      If Brown wants to trade Baker to Hawks, they should pay Hawks like 5 or 6 round and take atleast 50% of his contract.
      Watson contract is going to haunt Brown for next 5 years.

      • TomLPDX

        I think the Browns might find themselves in trouble if it doesn’t play out perfectly. Stupid contract as far as I’m concerned.

      • Steve Nelsen

        The best analysis of the Watson contract (by far!) was the article by cha on this blog.

        • Big Mike

          100% agree.
          Browns ain’t gettin’ shit for Progressive boy and they’re very likely to be on the hook for a large chunk of his salary.

    • Sea Mode

      My favorite was this reply:

      Bakers dog has heard this story before I see

  23. HOUSE

    Baker feeling disrespected by CLE and thinks SEA is “likely destination” and news that Ridder is meeting with Seahawks today…

    Unless CLE is paying us to take Baker, I’m good. I like Ridder’s arm and they just mentioned on NFL network the Hawks like his arm and that he relies on his arm first BEFORE his athleticism. I wouldn’t mind in rd. 2 if they think he’s a guy with a future.

    • Rob Staton

      Watch the Navy game. You won’t like what he does with his arm.

      • HOUSE

        Agreed Rob. It was a horrible showing

    • Steve Nelsen

      Ridder has the elite arm strength that Seattle likes. He also has a plus pro athletic profile which they like. His excellent leadership qualities have been commented on as he goes through interviews. He also did well in the Senior Bowl which we know Seattle values.

      He has some mechanical issues which show up on his tape. But, the Senior Bowl coaches commented on how coachable he was and the amount of improvement they saw in him over the week. And he also favorably impressed with how much he had continued to work on those issues for his Pro Day. It is entirely possible that there are several teams (including Seattle) that confidently feel they can coach him into the next Mahomes or Allen.

      • Rob Staton

        Desmond Ridder does not have ‘elite’ arm strength

        The next Mahomes or Allen? You can’t even begin to put his name in their stratosphere Steve

        • Steve Nelsen

          His velocity was measured at 59 mph at his Pro Day which is elite (Malik was measured at 60 mph). Some scouts were positively surprised and attributed the difference to continued mechanical improvements that began during Senior Bowl week.

          If a team feels he can continue to be coached through his obvious mechanics issues, then his ceiling is Pro-Bowl.

          • Rob Staton

            Steve, he doesn’t have elite arm strength.

            Pro day speed gun testing doesn’t determine ‘elite arm strength’

            In no way shape or form can you watch Ridder’s tape and judge he has elite arm strength

        • Steve Nelsen

          “He’s got a great arm, big balls and he’s mobile. He is going to drive his head coach crazy for the first couple of years and there is no getting around that. If it clicks for him and he’s coachable, I think he could become a special quarterback.” Patrick Mahomes 2017 NFL.com Grade 6.20

          Desmond Ridder 2022 NFL.com grade 6.36

          I am not saying he is the next Mahomes. I am saying he is a solid 1st-round quarterback prospect with Pro-Bowl potential like Mahomes was. And in my opinion he has done more to improve his draft stock since the college season ended than any of the other QB prospects.

          • TomLPDX

            He’s not a solid 1st rd QB, none of them are. It is what it is. Stop trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Let’s be real and grab a developmental QB on day 3 and go from there.

            • Steve Nelsen

              “The one thing I’ve learned from talking with teams is that just about everybody has got a first-round grade on Desmond Ridder,” Tony Pauline yesterday.

              I thought this was the Seahawks draft blog where we talk about potential Seahawks draft picks. Seattle needs a QB. If you aren’t paying attention to what Desmond Ridder has done in the last month because you’re stuck on someone’s hot take from a month ago and you want to troll anyone who disagrees (including NFL execs) then what’s the point?

              • TomLPDX

                Seriously? Hey guys, I’m a TROLL!

                Have YOU been paying attention? These guys all have their warts and the more warts they have the lower they fall on a draft board. There are 2 drafts: a draft of BPA vs. a QB draft. Do you really want a middling QB as a potential QB for us? Keep these guys in perspective. Personal attacks on me are meant to only deflect. Please do better.

          • Rob Staton

            Steve, come on.

            Are we honestly going to use Lance Zierlein’s NFL.com grade to connect Ridder to Mahomes?

            This is getting silly now

            He is not a R1 QB. If someone takes him in R1 it will be a massive reach.

            • Rob4q

              Since the NFL.com reference was made, let’s look at Ridder’s “weaknesses” according to Lance:

              – Deep balls have a tendency to come up short.
              – Gives safeties time to range over the top from the post.
              – Average arm strength for tight-window throws.
              – Windup slows overall release quickness.
              – Slower operation time led to 26 career batted passes, per PFF.
              – Struggles in throwing receivers open.
              – Inconsistent accuracy on intermediate throws.
              – Rarely gets all the way through his progressions.
              – Average elusiveness could bring heavy punishment as a runner.
              – Below-average placement and velocity for pro throws.
              – Peels back and over the top of the pocket, leading to sacks.

              And his comp is Alex Smith, which is about right I think.

              • Steve Nelsen

                Sure. Take a look at Mahomes weaknesses from 2017 too.

                • Rob4q

                  I think the point is that Ridder doesn’t have “elite arm strength” though. And if his comp were Mahomes or Allen then there would be a lot more buzz about Ridder going at the top of round 1. He isn’t even considered QB-1 in this draft.

                  I’m not saying he won’t be a good NFL QB, but it’s very doubtful he’s the next Mahomes or Allen. It’s more likely that he’s the next Alex Smith, which is a good, but not great QB…

                  • Rob Staton

                    I interviewed the man who drafted Alex Smith #1 overall.

                    He doesn’t think any of the QB’s in this draft deserve higher than a R3 grade and he didn’t mention Ridder’s name at all when we talked QB’s

                    It’s simply a class to avoid QB early

                  • TomLPDX

                    I think you’re underselling Alex Smith. He was a better QB that you paint here.

                  • Rob4q

                    Alex Smith’s career record was 100-73-1 and his playoff record was 2-5. He threw 199 TD’s and 109 INT’s in his career.

                    He had a very good career in the NFL and was a good QB…he was not a “great” QB. He’ll always be remembered for some odd things from his NFL career:

                    Being drafted #1 overall in 2005 when Aaron Rodgers went 24th
                    Losing his job to Collin Kaepernick for the 49rs in 2012 and watching them lose in the SB to the Ravens from the bench
                    Being the bridge QB for Patrick Mahomes (his final season in KC was 2017 and was probably his best – 67.5% comp, 26 TD’s, 5 INT’s, 4042 yards, 104.7 QB rating)
                    The gruesome leg injury in Washington

                  • Peter

                    I have wondered what would have been Smith’s career hadhe not played for three coaches abd seven coordinators his first seven years and instead sat like Rodgers or had consistency.

          • Rob Staton

            From the same scouting report you are quoting here Steve:

            There is nothing special about Ridder’s size or arm talent

            ‘Nothing special’ does not equal ‘elite arm’

    • Robbie

      The only quarterback I’d even consider in the 2nd round would be Matt Corral. I don’t even want to look at any other QB’s. I’m fine with drafting one later 5th round or so to have a back up behind Lock but at this point next years draft is too appealing to take an early flier on someone like Ridder. I just can’t see it.

      • Big Mike

        Agree about Corral. I trust Chris Simms who likes him a lot. Guy’s not always right, but often enough to have earned my trust. I wouldn’t be pissed if we took him in round 2 or even with a trade up to #31 or #32 like Baltimore did with Lamar. Since we have plenty (sadly) of other needs, that would be best if we had already picked up say an extra 3rd or something like that.

        • Peter

          I just keep going around that taking a qb from this class early has you taking a qb next year early. I get taking shots but isn’t that what Lock is for?

          • Big Mike

            Fair. I just have no faith in the guy so suppose I’m grasping.

            • Peter

              I have faith in him getting us to Will Levis.

              • McZ

                I cannot get, where this Levis talk is coming from.
                13 INTs!!! Not exactly the profile the Seahawks covet in a QB.

                • Rob Staton

                  Russell Wilson had 14 interceptions in his penultimate CFB season.

                  I think we’re fine

                  • Peter

                    Josh allen looked all the world to be the next Jake Locker.

  24. Tanner

    Dennis Ridder? Isn’t it Desmond Ridder?

  25. SeattleLifer

    I find it more than a bit ironic that our Hawks really want to be trading back in the first to the range we usually pick from given our past (overall poor) record with those picks. To top off the irony this would have actually been the year to be able to get a good player in said range.

  26. Paul

    A name that seems to be off the radar now is David Ojabo.

    Yes, the injury.

    But there were reports after that of it potentially not affecting his stock much with him being a longer term investment. Now seems like he’s slipped a “tier or tier and a half” behind the first group of rushers.

    Could he end up being a steal in the back half of round 1 after a trade up/down if we envision him starting to pay off in 2-3 years, coinciding with the roster (theoretically) coming into contending form by then?

    Seems like a dark horse scenario that could be feasible.

    Imagine the potential upside of trading down for Stingley and then back into the late first for Ojabo. That’s the sort of swing for the fences where if it worked out 2-3 years from now would be an enormous boost for the rebuild. Especially when you talk about premium defensive positions.

    You would just have to be able to do thorough injury checks and have a willingness to be patient (Ojabo having a Darrell Taylor-like redshirt year) and be confident in the talent potential. But I can’t think of a higher upside scenario in the top part of the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think this is that appealing

      • Paul

        I think it would be dependent on injury checks and how far he fell. If you are reasonably confident he can recover back to where he was (and continue to improve) and he also falls to the late first/early second, he could be worth a shot to pair with someone like Stingley for me.

        But it’s risky. Would also depend who else in on the board. For the new defense, someone like Boye Mafe could be graded in the same ballpark as Ojabo (with the injury taken into account) depending on how the FO evaluates it. If you think he’ll be there at 40 or 41 you could do that too if you want to take an EDGE in the first two days and missed out on the top tier deforestation your first pick. Both could easily be off the board before that though.

        So many scenarios in the first two days.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Medical “redshirt” draft picks seldom work out in the pros like they do in college. Ojabo’s value was due in large part to his initial burst. You won’t even know if he still has that for a year. There are other Edges with sub 1.60’ 10-yard splits that don’t have the medical question marks.

    • cha

      Just feels like this draft is too rich with talent to take a guy you know will not play in 2022.

      I want the 31 other teams to pay a high price in draft capital and take their chances with him. Maybe even someone to get hot and bothered about him enough to give the Seahawks a pick at 40 to trade up.

      People point to Darryl Taylor but that is different. The Seahawks didn’t fully grasp the extent of the injury and fans spent a whole season watching the worst pass rush in the NFL after the team spent a 2nd & 3rd to get him. This, you know Ojabo is hurt and out for an extended stretch.

      Feels like a move a team with an already good roster would make. Less to lose if he doesn’t pan out.

      • Peter

        Not to mention that it is more like a year time frame before he’s really ready. Rob mentioned prior to injury he would need a year to really get going.

        • Justaguy

          Ojabo would be an excellent pick at 40/41. Why not draft for potential? There is no way drafting for need this year translates to a winning season. Imagine a new d line with Davis and Ojabo next year when the quarterback of the future is in drafted.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s not about winning it’s about building and developing which you can’t do with a guy who can’t get on the practise field

            • RobH

              If we are going to take a flyer I would much rather draft Sam Williams in late round 2 early round 3 and deal with the off field issues. Potential wise his upside is far greater than Ojabo and you keep the early picks so you can fill out the roster. We just have too many holes to fill.

  27. Rob Staton

    What an absolute shocker this is 👀


    Nobody saw this coming 👀

    • Robbie

      WHAT?? This is brand new mind blowing information LOL

    • cha

      Cue DJ telling us ‘he’s the best prospect you’ve never heard of’ in 3…2…1…

      • Rob Staton

        Matt Miller’s already established that’s little know Boye Mafe 🙂

    • Big Mike

      Abraham Lucas?

      Never heard of the guy.

      As much as I’d love for him to be a Hawk since I’m a Coug fan, but I don’t see it. His strength is pass pro and he’s not as good at run blocking and I just don’t see Pete going there considering it’s seems awfully obvious that he wants to go back to Pete ball and throw less.

      • Julian L

        With his agility, he’ll be great at getting out to the second level and blocking on screens. His run blocking is not a weakness, perhaps not as practised as others, as he himself has admitted.

        He won’t get past the 30’s if not a first rounder, I’d be pretty chuffed if the Seahawks traded up, perhaps with the Lions at #32 or #34 to get him.

  28. Trevor

    Just looked at Kipers latest mock and he has Even Neal falling to the Hawks. He is not my favourite prospect but feels like a solid building block going forward. I would prefer Pass rusher or Gardner / Stingley but if they take an OL at #9 then Neal would be my first choice.

    • TomLPDX

      Evan Neal would end up playing LG which would allow us to move DLew back to his correct position as a RG. Get a solid C and we have the beginnings of a new, long-term offensive line. Resign Duane and see where the chips fall for RT.

      • Peter

        The problem I see with Neal is you can have nearly the same LG talent level with Zion but also add capital. With beal you almost have you take him at nine. If guard werein my plans I’d trade down.

        • Trevor

          Perhaps but Neal has the potential to play OT which gives him far greater value IMO. Love Johnson but he is strictly a G and the best in the class.

          • Peter

            If they had not drafted and failed on nearly all the versatile olinemen I’d be okay with it.

    • Jordan

      Yes, don’t necessarily need to force Oline; but if it comes to you then cool.

    • Rob Staton

      Evan Neal won’t be there at #9

      I can’t believe the state of some of these mocks

      • Trevor

        The lack of legit QB options early is exposing a lot of these guys.

      • teejmo

        It’s pretty hilarious – the reason why Neal dropped in Kiper’s draft is because Rhule, who is such a lame duck potential offensive coordinators refused his job offer, “[has] to take a swing on a quarterback” for Carolina at #6…

        • Rob Staton

          Nearly all of these mocks fail to recognise the situation in Carolina

          Lame duck coach. GM making the call. Owner who has demanded special at QB (not reaching for a guy in his mid 20s in the top 10)

  29. Trevor

    Rob love the Jets trade idea. With #4 and #10 the ideal situation would be the
    Saints fall in love with one of the QBs and want to move in front of Carolina. They give the Hawks #16 #19 and #49 for #4

    This would leave the Hawks with 8 picks in the first 2 days and allows for a complete roster rebuild.
    #10 Derrick Stingley (CB / LSU)
    #16 Zion Johnson (G / BC)
    #19 Christian Watson (WR / NDst)
    #38 Devante Wyatt (DT / Georgia)
    #40 Abraham Lucas (RT Wash St)
    #41 Sam Williams (Edge Miss)
    #49 Channing Tindale (LB / Georgia)
    #72 Cam Jurgens (C / Nebraska)

  30. Apotts3

    I would not trade from 9. I actually feel we are the last team with the potential to get a superstar. I see a huge drop off after Stingley. If he’s there i’m taking him.

    • Jordan

      Yeah, I don’t think I would trade out of Stingley, Sauce or the first group of edge rushers.

  31. Gaux Hawks

    Crazy… going back 30 years (30 years!) the only non-elite QBs to win a Super Bowl are:

    2000: Trent Dilfer
    2002: Brad Johnson
    2012: Joe Flacco (MVP)
    2017: Nick Foles (MVP)

    Eli Manning was named the MVP twice while winning 2 Super Bowls in 2007 and 2011. I’ll pay respect and keep him off this list for now. Same with Matt Stafford, who would probably be considered elite if he was drafted by LA instead of Detroit in 2009.

    Somehow I’m still completely fine trading Wilson away, who I consider elite. Very thankful that I’ve got SDB to help me get through the next 30.


    • Jordan

      I know I’m splitting hairs, but I see Russ as more Pro Bowl type of QB than 1st team all-pro/MVP type of QB. Personally, that’s the line of demarcation. When I think elite – Rodgers, Brady, Mahomes, probably Allen now. I don’t look at Russ, with his recent play clearly having him on the back 9 of his career, as being in that group.

      Or maybe there’s levels of elitenes.

      • Gaux Hawks

        Sure, feel free to move the goalposts as you please but he’s probably considered head and shoulders above the others on the list by a wide margin.

  32. Ben

    Rich Hill Trade Chart Scenarios and recent history: H/t to the commenter who put together the trade chart on Google docs!

    Packers trade Adams: 359
    Chiefs trade Hill: 373
    ‘21 1st, ‘21 3rd, ‘22 1st for Adams, ‘22 4th: 320
    Final cost- 23, 86, 10 for adams, 109: 633 🙁
    Russ Trade: 770 plus three players
    Watson trade: 643

    DK to the Jets Trade Scenarios

    35,38 for DK: 327
    4, 69, ‘23 1st for DK, 9: 354
    10 for DK: 369
    4, 35, 38 for 9, DK: 431
    4,10 for 9, Dk: 472.6
    35, 38, ‘23 1st: 507
    10, 38 for DK: 526
    10, ‘23 first: 548

    Bonus: after Schneider and Douglas spend weeks trying to figure out trade compensation but DK happily signs for $23m a year and John still gets a trade down in:
    9, 152 for 35, 38, 69 so the Jets can have 3 top 10 picks: 0.9 Sea

    • Ben

      Should have included!
      #4 for DK straight up: 490.52

      Equivalent of about a 5th rounder different than swapping 9 and 10 as in Robs scenario.

  33. Sea Mode


    “I mean, Seattle would probably be the most likely option.”


    • Rob Staton

      Baker just shafted himself doing that podcast

      Teams don’t want this

      • Roy Batty

        I simply do not want this guy at the VMAC. Ever.

        He has no idea how to lead, and acts like a spoiled child who hasn’t gotten his allowance and wants everyone to hear about it.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        I thought the same thing. It is a poor look.

  34. HawkFan907

    Don’t be surprised if some of these Safety visits are potential CB converts:

    La’Kendrick Van Zant TCU – 6’0″ 210lbs 32 7/8″ arms
    Rodney Thomas Yale – 6’2″ 196lbs 31 7/8″ arms
    Deontai Williams Nebraska – 5’11” 203lbs 31 7/8″ arms

    • Julian L

      I am particularly underwhelmed by most of the Top 30 visits. Is it normal for a team with 4 picks in the top 100 to be looking at so many day 3, undrafted prospects with their Top 30 visits?

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I think historically under Pete and John, the Hawks have not had many visits from anyone they picked in the first couple rounds. They generally do their scouting at the combine and pro days for those guys. The visits are usually reserved for later round picks or potential UDFAs. Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about this.

      • Pugs1

        I think a lot of the 30 leans towards UDFA kinda like college recruiting. Sell the player on the organization and build a relationship so they are not cold calling right after the draft.

      • HawkFan907

        Yes, but I believe it is the same for most teams. They bring in maybe 2 or 3 guys in range of each pick, and then the rest are UDFA type players.

        Rd 1 – Sauce
        Rd 2 – Mafe, Watson, Ridder, Strange
        Rd 3 – Taylor-Britt, Walker
        Rd 4 – Otton, Clemons
        Rd 5 – Barnes
        6/7/UDFA – Butler, Hardy, Rogers, Young, Toure, Goode, Williams

        Non 30 visits (Combine, Virtual, SB etc.)
        Treylon Burks, Isaiah Spiller, Drake Jackson, Kyle Hamilton, Leonard Johnson, Jaylen Watson

        My guess is that they’ll bring in maybe one more “big” name, one more Rd. 2 caliber player, and then just have the rest be of those UDFA quality players.

        • Peter

          I’m going to cry in my hands if they draft Otton after paying Dissly.

          • Ben

            Well then we can always get out of the contract sooner… and it wasn’t that bad a contract and I like Dissly, it’s just truly my least favorite way to spend our cap space.

            • Peter

              I like Dissly. The problem with Cotton would be nearly 4 million/4 years for a fourth round TE while paying Dissly nearly 16 million in guarantees for the same style of player even if they don’t give him his whole contract.

              I’m trying to be less grumpy and just roll with the dissly contract as it is.

              • Ben

                That’s fair, it is useful to have two balanced tightends, since we have two pass catchers, but probably don’t need that in the 4th.

                • Peter

                  Btw a thing that sucks about Lock in basically a prove it year is he seemed to be very comfortable utilizing the TE’s in Denver. If you were sure he was the future in a seahawks headscratcher that still had merit drafting Otton would make some sense.

      • Rob Staton

        Very normal

  35. Big Mike

    I know a lot of mocks have the Chargers taking a Tackle but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say they trade up to get Jordan Davis. They were horrible against the run last year and he fixes that stat. I know, young QB, protect him, etc. but run D is their greatest need imo.

    • TomLPDX

      Didn’t they just get Kahlehl Mack?

    • Peter

      They should not hesitate and trade up to us for Davis so we can get on with Zion Johnson.

      Bosa, Mack, and Davis…woof.

    • Henry Taylor

      They also added Sebastian Joseph Day who played NT for the Rams, so you could argue that role has been filled.

    • McZ

      The Bolts actually have two players already competing for the RT job. There is talk they might sign David Quessenberry in FA after the draft. So, they might go after one of the mid round gems, Max Mitchell or Zach Tom instead of breaking the bank on one of the questionmark first round OTs.

      I think, at #17, the Bolts will find themselves courted for a trade down by all those WR and QB needy teams. They could trade down late first, and still get away with Devonta Wyatt or Quay Walker, while re-adding a R2 pick. Walker plus DeMarvin Leal or Ojabo could be a possibility.

      • Rob Staton

        The word on the street is they want to trade up

      • RobH

        I really like Tom. He lacks power but his lateral agility is near elite. I would love to see the Hawks get him as a center convert.

  36. Kevin buckland

    I have Dameon Pierce and Christopher Allen in every mock I make for us, Pierce reminds me of frank gore a lot. Allen I think could have broken out if not for injuries and we could obviously go for someone higher then he will go and I’m certain we will but I think he would be great depth and possibly a steal after some coaching up.

    • Kevin buckland

      I do have a question for you though Rob in your scenario what if we take Stingley at 9 which I love, then trade back in to the 1st for Ojabo, I like Linderbaum I just wonder if we could get good center play from either Damien Lewis or Cole Strange drafting him later of course I think Damien did better at center then LG but maybe year 2 is different. I think Strange played some center in college so he has played the spot but what do you think??

      • Rob Staton

        I am not a fan of drafting an injured player when you are launching a rebuild

        Good teams can afford that luxury. We can’t

        • Hawk Finn

          I would argue that it’s the perfect time to add value since we aren’t “one player away” and reliant on said player to add immediate impact.

          • Rob Staton

            But that’s not the point

            The players you draft this year need to form the next core. They can’t do that if they never even see the practise field until 2023.

            Further to that, it’s impossible to project how he will even recover. What a disaster it would be to draft a seriously injured player and get nothing from it. You take on a massive risk when what they need are building blocks.

            A good team can stash him, let him recover, roll the dice. If it doesn’t work 🤷‍♂️

            The Seahawks need to find the guys who are putting the next era together. Now.

            • Kevin buckland

              I was thinking about it more last night and honestly I would be happy if they could get any 2 of stingley, Lloyd, or jermaine johnson if you can get one after moving back once, then trade up into the 20 range if either of the other 2 make it. Most likely being Lloyd I think it’s possible for us to walk out of the 1st with either stingley and Lloyd or johnson and Lloyd yes we would lose some capital but I think it’s worth it.

              • Rob Staton

                I’d rather move up for Linderbaum

                • Peter

                  Pretty sure this is the pick after following you for years.

              • Peter

                Have to trade DK if you want two of those names.

          • Peter

            The hawks aren’t going to do it and it’s so unlikely to work out do to a host of reasons but playing “armchair g.m,” I was able to cook up a draft where six picks from rounds 1-4 would be positive additions or starters in their first year.

            Sure we still would be that final piece away. But the team would be ready to strike in 2023.

            Ojabo was a bit of a project pick prior to the achilles. If you’re running around with multiple firsts it makes a ton of sense. Pre or post injury to grab a project player.

            9,40,41…in that range every single player ideally would contribute year one. With the rarest of exceptions even if they are all future core players they will all have growing pains.

            With ojabo i think you’re really looking at 2024 before he becomes a real impact.

  37. z$

    Man, rewatching Channing Tindall game and combine tape – the guy just moves at a different speed. Fluid but electric, jumps off the screen even amongst that Georgia front 7. Watched an interview with him as well from their pro day – didn’t realize he was a pure edge rusher in high school and was transitioned to LB in college. Interesting. Comes across all smiles and positive when he talks but can obviously flip a switch when it’s game time. Hard not to get attached in the pre draft process.

  38. A, Chris

    Good stuff, Rob. Especially the rationale on trading back. I suspect the only reason they stay is the hypothetical drop of someone unexpected or lack of a trade partner.

    And on a completely different note, I can’t shake the feeling we’ll take a receiver in the 4th. Not sure why. But I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t put a 5’er down that we take Bo Melton at 109 or even a potential trade-back pick in the high 90’s (Saints have #98)

  39. Brik

    Something about DK Metcalf that I haven’t heard anyone talk about:

    He is a great run blocker. PC has mentioned it and I believe there was a recent interview where DK says it’s his favorite thing to do since he gets to do the hitting instead of being hit. (Perfect answer to give to Carrol). There’s no chance that Carrol lets him go. JS would have to be able to make the call without him. I’m sure everyone here can realize how meaningful that is to PC.

    • Rob Staton

      ‘No chance’ he was letting Wilson go either

    • Peter

      Dareke Young, WR, Lenoir Rhyne. Freaky athletic WR who takes tons of pride in run blocking for a team still using the wishbone formation.

      • RealRhino2

        Kyle Phillips, UCLA. Good possession guy, tenacious blocker. My pick for the guy we’re most likely to leave the draft with.

        • Peter

          Interesting but could see it.

          I think Linderbaum is the player they most likely come out if this draft with.

  40. Billy

    Brock said Thib could be there at 9, he doesn’t think Seattle should or will take him….he said OT is more important, would u pass on him? He said a lot of flags about him.

    • Seattle Person

      I think there are some real concerns about his motivation to play football. However, this is a team that drafted Malik McDowell because the talent was too good to pass up. That was in the 2nd round though and not the top 10.

      Based on everything, I would skip him. I want someone that can build the culture or add to the locker room culture in a good way. He didn’t interview well and I hope teams are doing their due diligence before they invest in this young man.

      In a year and draft where you are trying to rebuild your team, you should target players that are all about ball. Thibs just rubs me the wrong way and probably others around the NFL too. We’ll see.

    • Ben

      As long as a guy will work hard and put the team first, I think Pete embraces guys who have other interests.

    • Rob Staton

      People who say OT is more important should also be forced to explain which OT you are drafting and why it is justified IMO

      This is not a draft where you can get a long term LT early

  41. Blitzy the Clown

    It’s not looking good for Adam Anderson. His motion to dismiss was denied, and apparently another accuser has come forward for an alleged incident a year prior to the first one.


  42. HOUSE


    I love the scenarios you put out there regarding options at #9 if Stingley were there, the potential of trading down from 9 and even the trade of Metcalf (DK/9 for 4/10).

    In your opinion, if we trade Metcalf, does the need for a WR leapfrog some of our other needs?
    I could see us grabbing Johnson/Thib whichever is there at 4 and trading down at 10 to grabbing an additional pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you use the depth at WR to your advantage

  43. Rob Staton

    Ekwonu didn’t have a good combine during on field drills

    Also not particularly explosive and his agility testing was poor

    He might be the most overrated player along with Charles Cross

    • Hawk Finn

      So do you not see any LT candidates from this years class, at least one that could start year one? I think you mentioned Penning might benefit from starting at RT.

      • Rob Staton

        Neal and Ekwonu both guards. Not a fan of Cross. Just not a good draft for LT

      • Peter

        If explosiveness is less important Obinna Eze looks about as good as anyone.

  44. swedenhawk

    Tony Pauline now reporting that Dameon Pierce is getting a 3rd round grade. Hmm… Where have we heard that before?

    To the surprise of many, Dameon Pierce of Florida and Pierre Strong Jr. of South Dakota State are both receiving third-round grades. Pierce comes off a terrific year. He excelled as a pass catcher out of the backfield as well as a ball carrier.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Didn’t Tony have him in UDFA territory on PFN’s most recent Big Board?

      • Peter

        Yep. 270’s for pierce.

  45. Denver Hawker

    2 weeks til NFL Christmas!

    • Peter

      First time I’ve been excited since the year Wilson was drafted.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I must be a glutton for punishment because I’m always excited for a Seahawks draft. But this year is different. I’m not just excited, I’m optimistic.

        And there I go gluttoning for more punishment 🥴

        • Peter

          Edit. “As,” excited as that year. I love the draft. But this year like that has so many possibilities.

      • Big Mike

        I’m excited but apprehensive at the same time because of what I believe that you said could happen. You know, where they reach for a guy with like late 2nd/early 3rd round grade and then talk about how they “had to have him and team X was going to draft him 2 picks later and blah, blah, blah.

        • Big Mike

          And it feels like Blitzy just said :”And there I go gluttoning for more punishment 🥴”

        • Ashish

          So feedup with that narrative hawks reaching for 3rd round talent in 1st. I wish all players selected in first 5 rounds are the one Rob has his stamp.

        • Peter

          Big Mike. Here I am getting ready for a great day in the shop and you go and do this!😀

          Apprehensive is a perfect word for this year. There’s so many interesting names this year the last thing I want to see/hear is them take someone who every one can see is blah (max mitchell this year’s ethan pocic) in round two and crow about “they knew teams were coming for him.”….

          You can’t justify reaching for mediocre players. And you can’t get caught red-colliered on draft day. Some edge rusher you like is gone and so is Noah Fant. And your research is so poor you have two names written in an index card? Give me a break.

          But. Pete drafts trenches and there us a lot of good talent if they just keep it simple.

          • Big Mike

            Draft the damned trenches and don’t reach a round or two early. You are NOT the smartest people in the room and haven’t been for 10 years. Accept that, get humble and go to work.

            • Big Mike

              Oh, and a bellcow RB that stays freakin’ healthy!

            • Ashish

              Not true entirely, Brooks and Taylor were not popular picks they are looking good as of now. And that might make them think they are on track as smart people in league. Felling nervous but I will take Rob’s advice and keep faith.

              • Big Mike

                Taylor I agree with. Brooks I do not. Bang average imo which is not what you want from a 1st rounder.
                In fairness, we’ll see how he plays without Bobby next to him considering the deterioration in Wagner’s play.

    • Hawkdawg

      Dude seems way too sure of himself. I trust that is true.

    • Rob Staton

      Absolute bollocks

      I loathe mock drafts

      Too many of them and most written by people with the expertise of a biscuit

      • JJ

        I love PFN, but it feels off this year.

      • Peter

        Wtf with this draft. We’re giving nearly 1000 points in draft value for a 350 point move up?

        “Then seattle can work on the rest of the team.”

        How do we do that after we can the draft for an inaccurate passer.

        • Ben

          To the giants of all teams who are on the record saying they want to trade down/out. Like usually you pay more to trade up for a qb and all but blech. I don’t think I’d be convinced of a single player I’d trade both 2nds for in this draft.

          • Peter

            I’d take penning and turn him into a guard plus tindall and a even a runningback over a fifth pick and no second round picks.

            Good point about the giants who might not even want the picks since they have almost no money.

    • Mike McD

      That is ridiculous. I love the national commentators that have no idea how JS and PC work. The hawks do not see their QB situation the same way the rest of the country does. They are totally fine with starting Lock or Geno and hopefully drafting a project QB in the late rounds. Maybe take a bigger swing next year at QB. But generally, the hawks like to take a bunch of chances at QB and hope one of them works, as opposed to taking one big swing at a top prospect.

      • Big Mike

        If the price is right and they’re convinced Corral is the guy, they may take a swing this year by giving up one of those 2nds+ to move up for him, but imo there’s absolutely no way they do something like this. They simply have to know the rest of the roster needs some serious upgrading. I mean they know that, right? Right?

  46. SoZ

    Matt Corral reactions:
    How would you react if Hawks take him:
    A. At #9
    B. After trading down in the first (15ish)
    C. After trading back up to the late first, early second?

    • Hawkdawg

      He’s my favorite of the QBs, but A–awful, B–not as awful, C–less awful.

      But at those levels in the draft I’d rather we pick for non-QB studs who were less of a projection. Starts getting more interesting for me in the 3rd round, but he’s a QB, so that’s not likely to happen…

      • Ulsterman

        A: Surprised and disappointed
        B: Concerned but could come round to it
        C: Reasonably excited

      • SoZ

        A – JJs gone already, that’s the only positive. A reach.
        B – Fine I guess since we picked up some more stock and nobody else blew us away. I think even 15ish could be dangerous territory with him getting snatched up (2 weeks to see if I’m right).
        C – Nice pick at 30ish. Give him a year behind Lock?

        Good fit with play action RPO quick game. Has ability to move in the pocket and throw quickly with little room. His receivers got tons of YAC (imagine Metcalf).
        He seems to have great relationships with teammates. Corral is hopefully a healthier Jimmy G.

        There’s no guarantee we can get the QB we want next year. Think of it this way: if Russ had been correctly evaluated and we had to trade major capital to move into the top 3 to get him, would we still have won a SB? (Wagner pick and others gone).
        If we have a 7-10ish season it’s really going to hurt the rebuild to go and get a QB. You’re basically spending a big chunk of it or hoping to have everyone else sleep on a future Pro-Bowl QB a second time. Good luck with that.

        And Corral with a year of pro coaching could be comparable with the options next year. He loves to be coached, has a great relationship with coaches, and showed great improvement in his time at Ole Miss (as did the win-loss record with him at QB). Best case Lock and Corral both are pretty decent, then we can flip 1 for extra picks.

        • Big Mike

          1. WTF Pete/John? Your stupidity continues on draft day.
          2. What SoZ said above “Fine I guess since we picked up some more stock and nobody else blew us away”
          3. Also what SoZ said for this spot as well has some logical reasoning behind the pick here . I could live with 30ish.

    • Mike McD

      1) Terrible
      2) Very bad
      3) Reasonable to get a QB at the end of the first to get the 5th year option. The Seahawks will not be married to him but they give him a year or two and see what they have. Can still draft another QB in 2023 if that’s the way he shakes out.

      Otherwise, Hawks could take a flier in the late rounds.

      JS comes from the GM tree that the more shots at QB the better. I would be shocked if they invest a top pick in a QB this year.

    • cha

      A.Remember that scene in Draft Day where Seahawks fans are storming VMAC demanding the GM’s ouster?

      B.They better have gotten a great haul to trade down AND other options are exhausted – the pass rushers, Stingley, Sauce, Zion, etc are gone at 15. AND they clean up in rounds two and three. Otherwise, see A.

      C.Has to be in the late first to secure the 5th year option, depends on what they did at 9, the cost to trade up, and what they do in rounds two and three. Otherwise, see A.

      • Big Mike


        • SoZ

          The Seahawks need to trade down and clean up in rounds 2,3 pretty much regardless of what happens in R1. The trajectory of a QB depends on the roster around him. So throwing a rookie into this season’s dumpster fire would be a mistake. But if they hold a clipboard this year and then come out stronger next year with a chip on their shoulder, it might go better. If we draft a QB in 2023 they could also need a year putting the team’s future at QB playing in the ‘2024 season.

  47. samprassultanofswat

    Shamarious Gilmore was on NFL Network today. Gilmore was not invited to the NFL combine today. Here is the interview. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/shamarious-gilmore-nfl-draft-interview I was totally impressed with Gilmore. You have heard of “Diamonds in the rough”. Gilmore clearly is one of those guys. 36 reps on bench press. He started 51 consecutive games to end his college career. He seems to have a HIGH football IQ. Gilmore was under the radar. But clearly he is not under the radar any more. Georgia State ran the football at an extremely effective and efficient level while Gilmore manned the left guard position.

  48. cha

    Florio and Simms talk Baker to Seattle possibilities.

    Florio says at this point the Seahawks have all the leverage on Cleveland with Mayfield. And he’s not wrong.

    Why would they want to pay him anything over the minimum at this point?

    Florio spins a yarn where the Seahawks leverage the QB’s in the draft and pressure Cleveland into eating a chunk of the contract and gives them a draft pick to take Baker to keep him away from Pittsburgh.

    Seems a little fanciful but I like him thinking out loud.

    Simms makes a good point, that a QB of a successful team may not play well, but it creates an expectation from both fans and the player that he is integral to the success and should be kept. It does sound to me like Baker has bought in to that 100% in Cleveland.


    • Big Mike

      I just listened to this while out on a walk (it’s what old people do for exercise you whippersnappers). There’s a lot of logic in it. I could for sure see Pissburgh liking him a whole lot better than Trubisky. He also stumped for Detroit to grab him which makes plenty of sense too.
      One thing’s for sure, no one is gonna trade jack shit for the guy or pay him jack shit. Cleveland is over a barrrel and as you said earlier this week cha, they’ve made peace with it and will move forward with paying him and cutting him if they don’t trade a draft pick to Seattle or Detroit to keep him away from the stealers.

  49. Ulsterman

    Rob, or anyone else, do you think Zach Tom could be a viable option at left tackle or is he going to be a center? Think he played lt last two seasons.
    Where do you think he’s picked?

    • Rob4q

      There is a pretty good article on him, I think it’s on PFN, and he’s pretty much viewed as a center in the NFL. Doesn’t mean he couldn’t play other spots, but sounds like center is where he’ll play. It also noted that he is one of the most athletic OL prospects in the draft…

    • Rob Staton

      I like his LT tape but he has a center body

      • RealRhino2

        Was thinking a bit about this mindset/concept today. I keep hearing things such as, “He’s a guard, to me.” Like Neal, Icke, Green, etc. Are people saying these guys *can’t* play tackle, that they wouldn’t be a *decent* tackle, or that their best position is inside?

        Because if it’s the last one, who cares? Play them at tackle until you find a better tackle option. And if we’re just saying they won’t be a great tackle, that’s okay, too. You need *somebody* to play tackle, and not everybody — even the playoff teams — has a great left tackle. It’s okay to just have a good left tackle. Or decent. I think Sean Rhyan can play tackle, for example. Not where I ultimately want him, but if all the “top” guys are gone by 40 it wouldn’t be the worst thing to take Rhyan or Tom in the 3rd or 4th and play them at T.

        Which is better: taking a developmental tackle who is definitely a tackle (if/when he learns how to play football), or taking a guard that *could* play tackle but will only ever be decent there? I’m not sure.

  50. JJ


    I think I saw Jim Nagy on Twitter say that Zion Johnson’s best position would be center. We have discussed him at LG, but what do you think about center as an option?

    • Rob Staton

      I prefer him at guard

  51. Peter

    Wow, Devonte Wyatt going to drop like a rock if this is true. And would certainly not be on Seattle’s radar.

    “Multiple NFL teams told WalterFootball.com since that they have dropped Wyatt off their boards because of repeated incidents of domestic violence.

    In February of 2020, Wyatt was arrested for a “family violence” incident. Team sources say that their private investigators found out about three additional domestic violence incidents. With that in his background, sources from multiple teams say Wyatt is off their draft board.”


    • Trevor

      Sad if true because he is a great player but clearly had issues and need some serious counselling and help. It is still rumour of course but does not sound good.

      • Big Mike

        I’m waiting to see if the supposed stuff on Thibodaux come out as was mentioned here, whatever that stuff is.

    • Jordan

      Already an older prospect too.

    • Peter

      Hey now.

      Let’s rock,paper,scissors for the handle

    • Roy Batty

      Remember when Schneider said they had a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence?

      Then came Frank Clark, Reed, and I don’t know who else.

      Never underestimate the ability of a multi-billion dollar organization to look the other way after “doing our due diligence”.

      He may not be drafted as highly as before, but some team will draft him and start him.

      • Peter J

        Reed’s incident was after he was drafted by the team and Frank Clark is the lone person they’ve selected. He will be picked on day 2 for sure. After teams like the Vikings, Titans, and Raiders have swindled first rounders on guys with character concerns, will a team want to invest a first round contract in a guy with these off the field issues?

  52. Trevor

    My top 10 predictions for Round 1 in the 2022 draft.

    #1 It is a lock that Scott Fritterer and the Panthers trade back from #6 to try and recoup some draft capital. There is zero chance they stick at 6 and take a QB.

    #2 The Hawks trade DK to the Jets for #10 and a 2023 1st round pick. The Hawks then trade #10 to the Chargers for #17 , #79 and a 2023 2nd rounder

    #3 The Chargers trade up to #10 and draft Jordan Davis

    #4 The Packers draft a WR in round #1

    #5 No QB gets drafted in the top 10

    #6 The Giants trade one of their first round picks to acquire day 2 capital and a 2023 1st rounder.

    #7 Even Neal to the Jags is the 1st pick in the 2022 draft as they need to keep Trevor Lawrrence clean in 2022 it is priority# 1 2 and 3.

    #8 Thibodeaux and Stingley fall out of the top 10 and one of them wins Defensive Rookie of the Year. Both make Pro Bowl.

    #9 Six WR go in round #1 (Wilson, Williams, London, Burkes, Olave, Watson)

    #10 Zero Safeties go in round 1 and Hamilton is the first pick on Day #2

    • Big Mike

      The Chiefs draft a WR in round 1 (like the Packers they have 2 late 1st round picks).

      • Trevor

        That’s a lock as well I agree.

        • Henry Taylor

          I wouldn’t call that a lock, they signed MVS and Juju, plus Mecole Hardman is still on the roster. Still a big need obviously but I could see them addressing defence first and using one of their 2 second rounders to add a WR.

          Could see Calvin Austin, Wan’Dale Robinson or Skyy Moore as targets for them.

    • Rob Staton

      The Jets aren’t going to give you #10 and a 2023 R1

      • Trevor

        Why? We gave them more for a Box Safety who was on the franchise tag. If JS can’t get (2) 1st for DK they need to bite the bullet and extend him.

        • Rob Staton

          Just because the Seahawks made one of the worst trades in recent memory doesn’t mean the Jets are going to give you a top 10 pick and a future first rounder

        • jed

          My opinion is that you can’t look at one, terrible outlier trade and expect that’s the new standard. The Seahawks made a giant mistake of a trade for Adams, but it doesn’t mean that it reset the market.

          I’d expect something similar to the Hill and Davonte Adams trades, if the Seahawks decide to do it. Think mid/low 1st round this year, a 2nd, and some lower picks.

          From the Jets, maybe next year’s 1, 38 this year, and some 4-7 round picks in this and next year’s draft. It’s a tempting deal because the Jets will probably suck again in 2022 and the Seahawks may get a top 10 pick next year.

        • Scot04

          35, 38, & 69 is roughly what they offered for Hill, minus the pick swap.
          So I’d be happy with that & a 2023 2nd.
          Hard to see us getting much more than that.

  53. Trevor

    Rob would love to get your thoughts.

    Stingley or Gardner ?

    Johnson or Thibodeaux ?

    For the Seahawks of course.

    • Rob Staton



      • Trevor

        Any of the four would be a great pick but I agree.

        My order of preference for picks in Rd #1

        Z Johnson

  54. InTheKnow

    Geno re-signing w/the Hawks – 1 year deal. You’re not gonna be happy about how much..

  55. Mick

    Cool we got Geno back, no way we have a losing season…

    • InTheKnow

      For WAY too much money. You’re gonna be sick when you find out the #’s…

      • Mick

        Did you hear a number somewhere? Not that anything more than vet minimum wouldn’t be way too much.

      • Big Mike

        You’re a tease. How much?

    • cha

      Baker: Seattle is my most likely option

      Seahawks: Get me Geno Smith on line one, NOW!

      • Roy Batty

        At the next presser Pete is still going to look the reporter in the eye and say, “We aren’t in rebuild mode.”

        Geno Smith as your starting QB is the very embodiment of a rebuild mode starting QB.

      • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

        Pete: “We had to sign him ‘cuz other teams were in on him…”

    • Ashish

      If Geno is our starting QB, next draft top 5 pick is fixed. Good signing.

  56. erik

    I hope they signed him to a deal that allows him to be cut without much cap consequence or a cheap 1 year.

    • Derek

      Yeah they seemed pretty desperate to get him, better not be a big contract

    • TomLPDX

      Me too, plus I wonder how long his DUI suspension will be? 4 games? Why even bother with Geno – I wished they had just moved on. I’d rather have Baker on a vet minimum than Geno.

  57. Trevor

    The signing of Geno is a pretty strong indicator the Hawks have no intentions of taking a QB early in the draft and also that they have zero interest in Mayfeild. Thank god for both. Not a fan of Geno but it is the lesser of two evils. Really think they believe Lock might be the starter.

    • Derek

      To me it’s pretty clear they think Geno is the starter, and my brain can’t find a way to accept that notion, to quote Pete, himself.

      • Paul G.

        I drew the opposite conclusion. Lock is the starter and Smith is in the wings in case Lock is a disaster. Smith is a known quantity, and one of the known things is that he isn’t taking anyone deep into the playoffs.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s the Tarvaris Jackson plan

          He is the incumbent. Lock is essentially Matt Flynn. Now we wait to see if the third member of this battle is a rookie or Mayfield.

  58. Big Mike

    Condotta tweeted 4 mil base plus incentives. Yeah, that’s waaaaay too much

      • mtpgod

        Unbelievable. We had all of the leverage, he had an offseason DUI, no one could’ve been knocking down his door, yet it’s more than vet minimum. I truly don’t get this one, up there w/such a glaring hole at both tackle spots at this point in the offseason.

    • Rob Staton


    • Mick

      Kind of deal that brought us where we are. Adams, Dissly, Geno and so on.

      • Big Mike


    • Robbie

      Sigh, this is terrible.

      • Big Mike

        But we can’t sign an offensive tackle.

    • Gross MaToast

      $28m+ handed out to Geno Smith and Will Dissley this offseason.Add the $17m for the Coffee Cup and that’s $45m+ to Run It Back with these icons of mediocrity.

      Win Forever, baby.

      • Derek

        It’s not just the signings, it’s Pete being clueless thinking that he can win with Geno and doubling down.. it’s preposterous.

        Get ready for a 2 win season ladies and gentlemen.

        • Big Mike

          I’ve said it before and will say it again, myself I win either way. If this blows like I expect and they win 2, 3, 5 games I’m right all along that Jody should’ve gone with Russ not Pete (like Tampa did with Brady over Arians). If they are middling with promise or even a 10 win team I win because my favorite team is good.

          • Derek

            I’m with you big mike, but I’d rather see what we have in Drew Lock than try to get myself excited to watch Geno week in and week out.. only to hear from Pete post-game that he didn’t know what happened and is struggling to understand why they lost.

            • Big Mike

              That would be the most logical course but then trading two firsts and a third for a box safety isn’t logical either so I guess trying to apply logic to Pete Carroll’s thought process is an excise in futility isn’t it?

    • cha

      Fowler says up to $7m with incentives.

      I’m guessing the $3m gap are NLTBE incentives and wouldn’t count on the cap.

      So $4m or so on the cap.

      Next step is, how much of that is guaranteed?

      But yeah I’m with everyone else. Why?

      • Ashish

        PC/JS probably know they are not going to spend high draft pick on QB this year. They still want serviceable QB who knows the system so their Offensive player can be evaluate. Geno was aware of the fact and understand his importance thus playing hardball to sign the contract.

        Yes we are paying more than what Geno deserve but is that good news we are not picking QB in first 3 round in current draft?

        • TomLPDX

          Don’t count on that, Ashish. I can still see them making a lame-brain pick of a QB in rd 1.

          • Big Mike

            Agree Tom, sadly.

            • Ashish

              Well in that case let’s hold our breath on the draft day. Have your scotch/choice of drink or Tylenol. Will need one of them. I will be on other part of the world during draft and it will be 6 am drink will be weird.

        • cha

          They did keep Tarvaris Jackson on the roster when they went and got Matt Flynn and then drafted RW.

      • SeattleLifer

        Yes why. Just brings up a bunch of questions. Up to 7 with incentives- does this mean they plan on him starting? Pretty cheap if that’s the case. Backup to Lock/Mayfeild – pretty rich if so. Perhaps modest pay for part of a season’s play before a drafted qb takes over mid season?

        Best guess is it’s a hedge signing. Someone they are willing to pay that much too in case other plans/hopes don’t work out. They may still want Baker, they may hope Lock plays better with more support and new coaches, they may be hoping to draft a specific qb. Geno can backup Lock and/or Baker, he can be a bridge until a rookie takes over mid season or if everything goes worse than expected he could be the de facto starter(hence the 3 million in incentives).

    • Ashish

      I understand he is in system from a while but he is stop gap solution at the best. He has DUI charges, what leverages he hold just let him roam free and sign him for vet minimum. Why PC so desperate?

    • Ben

      Wow. The braintrust at work.

      Cap management by this team is a disaster.

      At this point I’m expecting them to trade down out of the first because they “up against the cap”.

      • Ben

        He’s been on ~1m dollar deals since he left the Jets. A few decent games stats wise and we got drop what he made the last 4 years? I mean good for him, but cmon.

    • Pran

      Ridiculous… it is not like he is gonna help few games. It probably makes a bit of sense if it is given to a long term backup with upside like Minshew.

      Cant trust Pete and JS

  59. Ulsterman

    Moves like this that have led to the long, slow decline. Horrible.

    • Big Mike

      Wrong. It’s Wilson’s fault for taking too much of the salary cap.

      • Big Mike

        I mean it simply can’t be positive Pete’s fault.

        • Derek

          It seems to me that every other team in the league knew Geno is washed up and the ‘Hawks were negotiating with themselves.. what a joke.

          When Pete said they were trying to sign him I remember my jaw dropping, I don’t know that I’ve EVER heard Pete come out and say they were actively hoping to sign a player so openly. Vet minimum maybe but even then you’re wasting future development on someone else. Just gross incompetence.

          • Ulsterman

            But “we’re so close”.

            • Big Mike

              “We’re on the right track”

        • Gross MaToast

          This has to be like one of those giant $100 bill things – no way it’s good or guaranteed. If he makes the roster it’ll be renegotiated to the vet minimum.


  60. Big Mike

    It seems to me that Pete Carroll doesn’t believe a good QB (let alone great) is necessary to win in the NFL. Yet if you’re gonna win with D and a running game, wouldn’t you have signed at least one tackle by now?

    • TomLPDX

      All he wants is a point guard.

      • Simo

        Possibly, but there’s a big difference between point guards. Do you want Rajon Rondo or Chris Paul running your offense?

        • LetLockCook

          Prime Rondo is probably exactly what Pete wants.

    • Gross MaToast

      Mike, it’s April 14 and you’ve already given up. The Seahawks don’t have tackles, a center, a RB, a QB, various defensive guys or a kicker they can rely on and you’ve already thrown in the towel.

      Come on, Man!

      • Big Mike

        Just a negative Nelly I guess my friend. In Pete we trust!!

        By the way, your “Run It Back with these icons of mediocrity” was, as usual, brilliant.

      • Derek


        The biggest discouragement for me is the reminder of how out of touch Pete is. It’s another feather in the cap of “run it back” vs. rebuild for Pete.

        Did Pete think he could trade Russ to get more building blocks and still be competitive.. BUT he had to get Geno back?! Seriously, that was the plan all along? It’s the desperation for Geno and loss of touch on 2021 reality that saddens me most. Pete’s hubris is getting really old.

        We’ll all get over though!

  61. Big Mike

    Just remember, there were people here (and elsewhere) that said Geno would perform better than Russ when Russ went out last year. They must be ecstatic right now.

    • Ashish

      I’m very happy, Geno will keep you in game throughout which is great. But manage to lose which is great for next year draft pick. win-win.

  62. Rob Staton

    Geno Smith:



    Makes you want to watch red zone

    Quite a hat trick

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I don’t get the fuss. He’s not sexy nor is he our savior, but he’s good competition. I wish he could have been had for less, but if he gets to that $7mil max it will mean he won the QB job and played above average football. Either way, it likely won’t change plans to get a QB next year in the draft.

      Geno still put up solid numbers last year.

      68% completion %
      Yards per attempt 7.4
      5:1 TD:Int
      QB Rating of 103

      For comparison

      Russel Wilson 2021
      64.8% completion %
      Yards per attempt 7.8
      Just shy of 5:1 aTD:Int ratio
      QB rating of 103.1

      Geno’s 2021 numbers are as good or better than any backup on this list who is paid similarly or higher from 2021

      I’m thinking the Hawks had this same number in mind for Mayfield. The Browns wouldn’t budge on their asking price. So the Hawks said “ok, onto plan B”.

      • Mike McD

        I really doubt the Hawks were ever interested in Baker, no matter the price.

        IMO, they believe Lock has a chance (Tannehill) and he will get a shot. They are also likely to draft a late round QB this year. All of these moves still allow them to get a QB next year. JS comes from the thought process of taking shots at the QB position and not to bank on one person. Geno brings in someone that knows the offense, has played well, and is a cheap QB option who brings competition to the QB room (and experience).

        If Lock works out, he will still be cheap to resign.

        If they brought in Baker and he does well, he is likely gone. No reason to bring in Baker.

        Also, PC never calls it a rebuild because that is not the way he sees it. Geno could be the best option to win on day 1 of the season.

        Agree or not, this is the basic framework for JS/PC. Tackle is a concern but I see them signing Brown to a 1-yr deal and having Curham starting at RT with Stone competing and a rookie or two.

    • Tomas

      Let the good times roll. Thanks again, Jody.

      • lil’stink

        Agreed. I don’t understand all the knee jerk negativity, although I can’t say I’m surprised.

        To all the people that are upset, what would you rather do?

        Go after Baker Mayfield, a one year rental who won’t lead us to the playoffs, but could very well lead us to a lower draft position?

        Perhaps reach on a QB in the draft? None of the top 5 QB’s have a 1st or 2nd round grade, yet that’s where they will most likely be drafted. So you’re reaching on a QB who will sit his rookie year instead of taking someone who can come in and (hopefully) contribute right away.

        We all know next year will be a challenge. The goal should be to try and build up as much of an exciting young core group of players as we can. Time and time again the thought that 2023 is the year to target a QB has been talked about here, and I completely agree. Pete isn’t going to tank, and you now have 2 stop gap QB’s with experience. You also have the flexibility to draft a rookie QB you like, rather than painting yourself into a corner where you must draft a rookie QB. If you draft a rookie QB and he shines in camp, parting ways with Drew Lock isn’t a big deal.

        And as far as the contract value? Big whoop. Unless you have insider info as to the contact negotiations that you would like to share, then just settle down.

        Perhaps this is a good sign. Perhaps there is a QB that they think will be available in round 3 or later that they really like. Someone who isn’t ready to start, someone who they think can benefit from sitting behind a QB like Geno who knows the system. The concept of a draft hedge is talked about frequently here, and that’s all I see this signing to be.

        • Rob Staton

          I would rather just not sign Geno

    • WallaSean

      Oh but wait, we will all get to hear how “Jacked” Pete is when he hands the keys to Lock after a miraculous QB competition win that reminds him of Flynn vs Wilson. At least we will get a break from Kap and Mayfield talk.

  63. cha

    Jordan Schultz
    Breaking: Sammy Watkins is signing a one-year deal w the #Packers, per source.

    • Big Mike

      Honest question: does he have anything left?

  64. Derek

    These are likely to be unpopular opinions, but these two players could significantly add foundational talent in this draft.

    #9 – Charles Cross, OT: 6’5” 310 34 ½” arms, 4.95 40, 26” vert, 4.61 short shuttle

    Comps to Cross who were pro bowlers last year:

    Rashawn Slater 6’4” 304 33” arms, 5.41 40, 33 vert, 4.45 short shuttle – Drafted by LAC 2021
    Dion Dawkins 6’ 4” 314 35” arms, 5.11 40, 26 vert, 4.78 short shuttle – Drafted by BUF 2017
    Brian O’Niell 6’7” 297 lbs 34 1/8” arms, 4.82 40, 29.5 vert, 4.5 short shuttle – Drafted by MIN 2018

    #40 – Breece Hall, RB: 6’1” 220 lbs, 4.39 40, 40 vert, this could be the Rashaad Penny they were always looking for.

    Compare Breece Hall to Rashaad Penny:

    Rashaad Penny 5’11’ 220 lbs, 4.46 40, 32.5 vert, 13 bench (no 3 cone or short shuttle)

    Compare their CFB stats:

    Year School Conf G Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD
    2015 SD St MWC 14 61 368 6.0 4 8 120 15.0 1
    2016 SD St MWC 14 136 1018 7.5 11 15 224 14.9 3
    2017 SD St MWC 13 289 2248 7.8 23 19 135 7.1 2

    Year School Conf G Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD
    2019 Iowa St Big 12 12 186 897 4.8 9 23 252 11.0 1
    2020 Iowa St Big 12 12 279 1572 5.6 21 23 180 7.8 2
    2021 Iowa St Big 12 12 253 1472 5.8 20 36 302 8.4 3

    • Peter

      There’s a big problem with Cross.

      Mike leach and Miss. ST. pass the ball 73% of the time. The air raid besides not focusing on the run has linemen align differently come out of stances differently and has them playing in a way that is not very conducive to running the ball.

      • Dregur

        I mean, technically that’s the same issue that blog favorite Abraham Lucas has as well.

        I think the biggest issue is that Cross is not an explosive athlete, and a bit svelte vs the OL.

        • Rob Staton

          Lot more transferable tape from Lucas IMO

        • Peter

          I don’t when leach left WSU but last year the pass/run ratio was a lot closer than 73%/27%

      • Derek

        I agree, I’m not sure we’ve seen an OT even close to this highly rated coming out of Leach’s air raid system. I’m not advocating we draft Cross but I am saying the ceiling is him being a dominant pass blocker for many years. Floor could be he struggles to adapt to the nfl game and is a below average to bad run blocker.

        FWIW (and I’m not saying Cross is comparable by any means, only sharing food for thought), Andrew Whitworth ran a 5.17 40, had a 30.5 vert and 4.83 short shuttle at 6’7″ 334 lbs with 35″ arms.

        At this point, I’m thinking out of the box because I’m exhausting the normal narratives and trying to provide options for discussion.

        • Peter

          Good comp to whitworth at least as measurables

        • Rob Staton

          I think that’s a generous assessment of Cross’ ceiling.

          To me he’s an unspectacular player. I can see why some teams will take a shot — and that’s why I’ve mocked him where I have. But he is a player asked to basically repeat the same protection over and over again. He is not really challenged within his scheme.

          And the key point here is this…

          6’7″ 334lbs

          Whitworth aint Cross

  65. Jordan

    In 2011 dollars mind you, but the last time they had a bridge QB situation Tarvaris Jackson (RIP) and Charlie Whitehurst each had an AAV of $4 million.

  66. J.P.

    If signing Geno means that that’s it at QB, then I’m more than fine with it. My biggest fear is that they really were gonna be shooting for a QB early in the draft instead of building this thing up again. Wouldn’t be shocked if it’s Lock to start, with Geno there as the vet with the clipboard that knows the system.

    • Peter

      I would think in their steange ways signing smith doesn’t take qb off the board. Which I am pretty pessimistic about them doing.

      • Jordan

        The relatively comparable money given to TJack and Whitehurst may be a hint that they view this as a bridge season at QB, similarly to 2011.

  67. Spectator

    Is it any coincidence that they sign Geno after having brought in Ridder and having already talked to or met the other QBs? Interesting timing, no?

    • Denver Hawker

      While I don’t understand the signing, I think they’ve been working on a deal for quite some time. Geno been trying to squeeze Seattle for more since Russ left. I suspect they want at least one guy there who is familiar with the system.

      • Jordan

        Really good on field connection with DK as well.

  68. Tomas

    Was Mike Glennon not available? Johnny Manziel not interested?

  69. Gross MaToast

    Josh Edwards at CBS Sports published a 7 Round mock draft. I’m not linking because it’s awful and shouldn’t be encouraged.

    Round 1, Pick 9: Stingley.
    Still on the board: Jermaine Johnson lasting to 12.

    Round 2, Pick 40: Tyler Smith, OT, Tulsa
    Still on the board: Everyone we want

    Round 2, Pick 41: Drake Jackson, Edge, USC
    Still on the board: Everyone we want

    Round 3, Pick 72: Jamaree Salyer, G, Georgia
    Still on the board: Bonitto, Abe, Nick Cross, Sam Williams, Kevin Austin

    Round 4, Pick 109: Channing Tindall
    I think he’s using the PFF simulator and using those rankings as gospel
    Still on the board: Pierce, Mr. Clemons, Montaric, Kevin Austin

    Round 5, Pick 152: Malcolm Rodriguez, LB, Okie St
    How about no more defensive players from the Big 12? And my team plays in the Big 12.
    Still on the board: Coan, Percy Butler, Kevin Austin

    Round 7, Pick 230: Gabe Brkic, K, Okie St
    Loading up on Okie St guys is an idea
    Still on the board: Wydermyer (I mean, for a 7?), Various guys I assume Josh has falling into UDFA

    This is the reason I appreciate SDB and Rob. Even I, a lowly know-nothing in the micro-data mining dept at Lumon Industries, realizes Josh’s draft for the weak wannabe a guru, but actually know next to nothing and don’t care to learn exercise that it truly is.

    • Peter

      Still on the board…..everyone we want.

      Also. Probably tge show that has most grabbed my attention in years.

    • Ben

      Wouldn’t surprise me if folks are just using the simulators now! Definitely speed things up…

  70. BobbyK

    Seattle has committed themselves to 1990s Seahawks football. Sure, they might win some games but there’s no way they’re going to seriously contend. Pretenders, maybe. Compete? No.

    If they go 10-7, possible under the right circumstances, all they’ll do is screw themselves over in the pursuit at getting the QB of their choice in ’23.

    If they did get lucky enough to get Will Anderson, that’s not different than drafting Cortez Kennedy. Who cares? If you have no QB – you’re worthless losers.

    Jody Allen is worthless. Pete is the worthless loser everyone knew he was after he was fired by both the Jets and Patriots. He cheated to create a Super Team, kind of like the LeBron version of every team he’s ever played for – leaves USC in shambles and moves on… Basically, got lucky in 2 drafts and has drafted like crap, overall, for a decade now with minimal bright spots not enough to light the darkness of crap drafting. His puppet somehow gets credit for Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes, but his cult forgets about Charlie Weirdbeard, the wife beater Jackson, Matt Flynn, Brian Brohm, etc.

    I hope everyone enjoys watching this crap show in 2022. I’ll watch at my convenience, but am definitely not making an effort to care this upcoming season. See you once they acquire a QB who will give this franchise hope again.

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s not reduce the building of one of the greatest rosters in NFL history to ‘luck’

      They did an outstanding job building that team and we should always acknowledge that

      • JJ

        Why keep posting all this negative stuff? We get it. The hawks haven’t been good as of late, but it does no one any good to complain this much.

        • Roy Batty

          That’s just it. Why so much venom?

          No team stays on top forever. There has been and probably always will be only one dynasty like the Patriots. Otherwise, every franchise has been cellar dwellers, at one point or another.

          In this current era of hyper-takes, this is the one site I have read to get a consistent dose of reality. And reality can be a refreshing thing when your favorite team is stuck in stagnation.

          After the Wilson saga came to its inevitable conclusion, I wholeheartedly embraced the suck to come. It might hurt watching them get trounced for a bit, but this franchise has always found a way to crawl back out of then slimy, dank depths to become a contender.


          • Big Mike

            “Why so much venom?”
            Roy, I’m guessing it’s cuz many people had hope that once the trade went through that this regime might turn over a new leaf and change their approach to roster construction, admitting at least to themselves that this is a rebuild. In other words, they had hope. What we’ve seen so far is quickly eroding that hope and it feels like Pete believes this really isn’t a rebuild…………10 million next year on Geno Smith and Will Dissly, 30 million next year on the Safety position, no tackles outside of 2 very inexperienced players at the position, an old Center and Ethan Pocic, cutting DJ Reed, etc.
            There’s obviously still a chance they hit the draft and begin the process of truly rebuilding this roster. Some of us have almost zero faith they’re capable of that. I guarantee ALL of us that feel that way, being Seahawk fans despite it being alluded that we aren’t good fans or real fans or whatever, badly want that to happen. Time will tell.

      • Jordan

        And I’d argue that they are in a better place now, talent and asset wise, than they were with what they inherited in 2010.

    • Jordan

      So you like them when they’re good but aren’t interested when they are not?

      Go right ahead I suppose.

      • Big Mike

        So BobbyK has been a fan since at least the early 80s iirc. Please don’t question someone’s fanhood just cuz they’re highly unhappy with the direction of this franchise. It’s lame af.

        • UkAlex6674

          I don’t think anyone’s fan hood is being called into question, more the highly negative way the thoughts are being projected. It’s a bit over the top sometimes. Constructive criticism is good and welcomed but the latest post is just an overly aggressive attack on the front office and franchise.

        • Peter


          I’m trying to be positive about the draft and distractions.

          The actual reality which I’ve posted too many times to count…..

          Pete’s in no man’s territory. Love Wilson. Hate Wilson. Who cares. No coach ever has gone as long as pete has between superbowls and brought the team back to tge promised land. The factual best move would have been to can the FO and tgen let a new regime decide what to do about Wilson.

          But here we are.

          Intrigue. Hope. And a realistic fan taking a wider view? We’re jyst waiting for the team to be sold.

          Rob’s not wrong. It CAN be done. Anything can. And I actually want them to do that. What a time to be a fan. Two great teams under one coach. Would be amazing. That’s the hope. The reality is this is the same FO that drove the team back to where they started. So yeah, being skeptical heck pessimistic is fine.

          • Brik

            Cowher went a long time between making it and then winning the 2nd time around. Belichick also had a long lull between the first 3 and the next one before they started winning every other year.

            • Peter

              Forgot about cowher. Maybe there is a chance. Didn’t forget the patriots. They still went to the big dance even though they lost before racking up a ton more.

    • Henry Taylor

      Geez Bobby, has every single post got to about how the Seahawks suck, how Pete Carroll is an “idiot” and a “loser” or how Drew Lock is a “bum”?

      We haven’t even had the first draft of the rebuild yet, chill the fuck out man.

      What do you even get out of these constant posts? You’re like a spam bot programmed to keep posting about how that the Seahawks weren’t good in the 90s.

    • Tomas

      Bobby K, my man, you speak the truth, more or less. Truth-tellers are often unpopular.

      Personally, I think two or three seasons from now Pete is more likely to be burned in effigy than honored with a statue. I’d rather believe otherwise, but I don’t.

      • Big Mike

        💯 Tomas

  71. BurchMr1

    Rob good response to Bobby, as of late his posts have become more insulting to members of management. His use of herpes etc to describe Adams is childish and brings nothing to the excellent blog you have here. This was his pattern at Seahawks Addicts blog I also followed years ago, time to moderate his posts.

  72. Rob Staton

    Sauce Gardner hasn’t done any testing other than a combine forty.

    Why? And why haven’t the media questioned this?

    • HOUSE

      I’ve wondered the same Rob. While Ridder was throwing at CIN’s Pro Day, Gardner was doing interviews with a blinged out chain. The draft process has always kinda boggled me.

    • Bmseattle

      He’s acting like a guy who feels he has more to lose than to gain by testing.

      I’d be nervous about drafting Secret Sauce at #9.

    • Roy Batty

      It’s as if his agent has told him that every single mock has him going in the top 10, so no need to possibly lower his ranking with a poor performance.

      That’s bad advice, especially when a pro day is so incredibly favorable for the player. No travel time. No strange lodgings. No group herding. No unfamiliar coaches directing him in timed drills. Etc, etc, etc.

      Makes you wonder.

      • Jordan

        I think some prospects may be confident with their tape and letting their play do the talking.

        I’m not sure he could push his stock any higher with workouts. Rare, and worst case scenario, but a Sidney Jones or David Ojabo incident can cost you literal millions.

        Feels like good advice. I’m not sure what result on what test could bump his stock any higher than it currently is.

        If there had been issues with his competitiveness or want-to on gamedays, then this might be concerning. But we’re talking about a 3 year starter who was the best player involved with taking an AAC team to the national semi finals.

        To paraphrase Kenny Powers, “I play real sports, I’m not trying to be the best at exercising”

        Deion Sanders ran the 40 then left.

  73. V

    The Seahawks have Oregon St. WR Trevon Bradford in for a visit, per his Instagram story (https://www.instagram.com/trevon_bradford/)

    • HOUSE

      If it’s the kid I’m thinking about, kinda has some Doug Baldwin to him. Plays tough, moves the sticks and very smart on the field

  74. GoHawksDani

    My predictions (not what I’d like just what I think they’ll do)

    With #9, I’m pretty sure they’ll trade back.
    After that I think they’ll select one of these guys:
    Penning or Cross (we don’t have decent OTs even for the short term)
    Mafe or Ojabo (they couldn’t get a premier rusher so they choose one left)
    Lloyd or Bonitto (an LB that can also rush. Bonitto is a reach but we saw them making those reaches)

    I don’t see them taking a CB in R1. It’s not their MO and they might be content with Coleman, Burns, Brown, Jones
    I don’t see them taking an OG. It’s not a sexy pick in most of the fans’ eyes and they might want a flashy pick after the RW trade

    In R2 they might trade back to R1. I don’t really see them taking a DT. If they didn’t pick LB with 1st pick this might be the spot. If they did Lucas (RT), Paschal or Williams (DEs) can be their pick.

    I’m not that convinced as Rob that Blythe is only a hedge. Pocic is worse than a hedge and they started him for multiple years. If they pick iOL here, I think they’ll choose someone who can play OG and C too.

    If they don’t trade back into R1, I can see them trading back from #41. With a late R2 they might pick a QB (Coan or someone else), it’s also a reach but if they like one of the mid round QBs they might wanna secure him.
    With a late R2 a CB can be in play (CTB, JAD for example), but it feels too early again.
    They might wanna dip into the deep WR class (Lockett getting older, our WR3 is not set in stone or for depth)

    In R3 getting another EDGE feels a possibility. DT can come into play too. If they didn’t draft a CB or an iOL those could also be options.

    R4 feels like an RB round for them. I don’t think they’ll put premium in the draft to that position. My guess is they overvalue Penny and Carson. I think they’ll draft an RB but not in R1-3 and definitely not in R1-2.

    Later rounds are about ST, value and players slipping so no idea what they do there.

    To me something like these 2 scenarios feel perfectly realistic (although not as good imo):
    #14 Penning
    #30 Bonitto
    #40 Cameron Taylor-Britt
    #72 Jack Coan
    #109 Snoop Conner


    #14 Lloyd (or Bonitto if Lloyd is drafted already – LB)
    #40 Christian Watson (or Wan’Dale Robinson – WR)
    #50 Obinna Eze (OG)
    #mid R3 Coby Bryant (CB)
    #72 Phidarian Mathis (DT)
    #early R4 Daemon Pierce (or Zonovan Knight for example as RB)
    #109 Michael Clemons (DE)

    I’m not that familiar with some of the players, but if I learned anything about PCJS is that they tend to do some head-scratching moves. And because ton of easy picks will be gone by theirs’ I suspect some reaches too.

    Hope I’ll be wrong. Not hating most of these players but I think it could be done better

    • Peter

      I like how you frame this. This very much feels in line with the current process.

      And yep some of these names might actually be good players. But i’m not totally sure they elevate the team.

      Bonito early would be something they would do. Hopefully if that happened he’d be very good.

      My policy is there are no reaches if your picks are good to great.

      I’m torn on Christian Watson. Such a fun dude to watch and listen to. He abd DK woukd be scary. Him by himself would be scary. Another reciever? I’d be a bit bummed but if they rock up on defense later and again next year does it matter?

  75. Mike McD

    The Geno signing should not be surprising to anyone. The amount … maybe.

    The Hawks will never call it a rebuild but what PC will call it is getting more competitiveness across the board. I don’t understand why people think it is a stretch to take Stingley at 9. JS/PC always talk about players tilting the field in their direction and they will take risks on guys that can do that. It is still more likely that they take an edge if one falls or the most likely is to trade down.

    Unfortunately, the Hawks wiffed on Trent Brown which has put them behind at tackle. I do not believe that means they will reach for one though. They have a good chance to resign Duane Brown and they are good with Curhan at RT.

    Edge rusher is the same. They still have an opportunity to sign Dunlap. They want to get more competitive, but they aren’t going to reach. If one falls to them in the 9 slot, they may grab em otherwise it will be later rounds.

    All this is to say. I do not expect the hawks to reach in this draft for any position. I do not expect the Hawks to draft a QB in the first round, at most, they could trade to 30/31 to grab Corral. But that is minimal chance. I expect a linebacker in the second round.

    They want to compete at all positions this year. Next year Russell’s dead cap hit comes off the books and they will have a strong amount of draft capital. 2023 to 2024 is where this team is looking.

    JS/PC built one of the best rosters in NFL history … now they are back to what they do best. Can they do it again? I am excited to see.

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