3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #1

With the start of the college football season days away… Rob and Kenneth look at some of the players to keep an eye on for the 2016 NFL Draft…


  1. Trevor

    Really enjoyed the podcast Rob! Looking forward to following during the year so I am not scrambling come draft time.

  2. Jeremy

    Thank you. This is awesome. You already had one of the best Seahawks websites and you’ve just taken it to the next level.

  3. Ed


    Drango (BAY)
    Conklin (MSU)
    Ifedi (TAM)
    Johnstone (UO)


    Washington (OSU)
    Day (ND)
    Oakman (BAY)
    Buckner (UO)


    North (TEN)
    Dural (LSU)
    Doctson (TCU)

    Assuming OL/DL/WR are biggest needs again (maybe RB to replace Lynch). Where do you see some of these guys talent levels and rankings?

    • Volume12

      Ed I’m not Rob so bear with me alright buddy?

      Drango- 2nd-3rd talent. Has that LG/RT body. Good athlete, has back issues that will need to be checked at the combine.
      Conklin- top 15-top 20 player.
      Ifedi- ton of potential, would like to see him be more aggressive in the run game. Borderline 1st rounder.
      Johnstone- coming off 2 ACL tears if he gets hurt again he’s a late rounder. Bit overrated in my book.

      Washington- great strength, good balance, 3rd-4th rounder. Does hr benefit playing alongside Bosa too much
      Day- all the talent in the world, has never put it all together, again overrated, mid rounder, more of a 3-4 guy
      Oakman-probably a 1st rounder, we all know he’s a freak, will leverage be an issue for him in the NFL, not a DT
      Buckner-top 25, better technique than Armstead, nhot as much potential

      North-huge potential, another guy that’s never quite put it together, 2nd-4th rounder if he comes out, was hurt last year
      Dural-2nd-3rd rounder, big play guy, swagged out, long, I like this kid
      Doctson-great athlete, former basketball player, red zone monster. He’s going to be 25 I think, 4th rounder

      • Volume12

        Let me say this about Doctson. He’s going to be 24-25 and IS can’t recall one receiver that’s been that age coming out of the draft and had a succesful career. Oakland WR Rod Streater is the only one that comes to mind, if you want to call that succesful.

        Really like LSU WR Travin Dural. He’s a high character kid too. Him and his friend say an overturned car in a ditch this summer, stopped their car, got out and rescued her.

        • Ed

          It’s where we need to look, seeing as we will be drafting 30+. Our oline still struggles and our dline is stacked for this year, but what happens next year with Mebane/Avril/Irvin/Okung/Sweezy/Lynch.

          If Britt/Nowak/Gilliam all play well this year that really helps and would leave RT (Gilliam moves to LT) and RG (Poole/Glowinski).

          Mebane/Irvin (please no) and maybe Avril (only 1.5 dead if he doesn’t play well) are gone next year, which leaves Hill/Clark/Bennett/Marsh as the only solid returners (unless McGill or someone else shows something).

          Thanks for the info

          • Volume12

            I agree with you. I think they’ll double down on DTs and O-linemsn. I also think they’ll take a receiver in the 2nd.

            Lynch will be here for this year and next. He’s not going to walk away from cash. Loves the game too much. There’s really not a ‘special’ back in this draft. Their all no 2’s. Which isn’t a bad thing. 2017 is the year for teams needing a franchise back. It’s not a bad thing that most of these HBs are a ‘side piece,’ go get your no. 2 this year, and your workhorse in 2017.

  4. Spencer

    Im now going to read all of your articles in a British accent.

  5. Scott Allen

    Hey Rob,

    Looking forward to reading your stuff throughout the season.

    I might be regarded as foolish here but what do you think about the hawks making a trade for the Lions RB Zenner. They have a good trading history with us and seem to have a bounty of RBs with Zenner likely to see mostly special teams play this year. When you watch him he clearly has huge yards after contact potential and maybe the best young Lynch replacement I can currently imagine. Also he might come cheap. Thoughts?

    • JeffC

      Fred Jackson is coming.

      • redzone086

        Who is out then?

        • JeffC

          Clayton thinks Michael is a trade candidate. I don’t know if I agree with that since he’s cheap and controlled for two more years. There was speculation that there’s an injury to Turbin that we might find out about. Rawls and Smith are probably cut and possible practice squad candidates.

  6. Volume12

    Rob my man, liked the 1st podcast. Discussed 3 of my absolute most favorite ‘Seahawky’ prospects this year. Glad we’re on the same page there. Your the ish boss. Only here on this site.

    You even mentioned my sleeper candidate along the O-line. Auburn’s Shon Coleman. Love this kid! Battled cancer, a bit older, but that wouldn’t scare Seattle away would it? This kid can play LT, RT, and LG. My favorite O-lineman right now.

    I was recently discussing Miss St WR De’Runya ‘Bear’ Wilson aka ‘Bear Force One’ with Peter. This kid is something else man. High character, great work ethic, potential through the roof.

    And lastly Oklahoma defensive weapon Eric Striker. IMO this kind of player is what Seattle is missing on defense. He’s so explosive in a short area, and we will more than likely need another edge guy anyways. He’s a bit like former WAZZU S Deone Bucannon. Can play an ‘in the box’ safety role, can rush the passer, and is fantastic in coverage. He’s competitive, intense, and just flys around making big play after big play.

  7. Cysco

    So, let’s discuss Fred Jackson and what it means for the other RB’s on the team.

    I tend to think this spells the end for Turbin. I wonder if they have a trade partner lined up.

    • cha

      I think Turbin is out. Smith didn’t offer glowing comments about Turbin in his recent interview, either.

      “”– On if Turbin is for sure the solid number-two in your mind? “Yes. Until they give us someone more dependable, yeah, I think we can win with Turbo. We’ve won with him. We love him.””

      • redzone086

        Think Jacksonville is Turbins destination. Just a guess. But what couldb be the compensation maybe 6th rd.

        • cha

          At this point a conditional 2017 pick would probably be the best they can get. Turbin might be a flat out cut.

          • sdcoug

            why would you think Turbin would be cut? that just doesn’t make sense

            • cha

              He hasn’t proven he can start and he’s in the last year of his cost-controlled deal. Many guys that get traded at this stage have 1-unrealized upside, 2-years of team control and 3-fit a real need. Turbin only fits box 3 and even then RB is a pretty disposable commodity in today’s NFL.

    • Jarhead

      Why would this spell the end for Turbin when Michael is so painfully inconsistent and has contributed next to nothing? If anything, it shows me that they have lost all faith in him and now plan to move him. So many Michael honks are so desperate to see their faith in him vindicated and their doubt in Turbin proven vaild, but I have seen improvement from Turbin every season. Besides, Fred Jackson is an over the hill and oft injured player, so he may well not even be a factor. But I think too many are overexcited about the potential shipping out for Turbin. Just like Kearse, the Hawks love him

      • sdcoug

        Agreed. I would be surprised to see them move Turbin. What’s more valuable, a late-round draft pick, or an inexpensive, solid (and maybe improving) backup that can at least be a capable fill-in for your contact-heavy starter on a SB-aspiring roster?

        • JeffC

          Turbin is in the last year of his contract and Michael is cost controlled for two more years. Turbin has not shown he is feature back quality for this team. he’s a reliable backup, but that’s it. And as a backup, he’s reliable, not lights out.

          I would not be surprised if they move on from both.

        • Volume12

          I’m with jarhead. Is Fred Jackson going to add anything?

          • JeffC

            He’s Lynch’s “big brother.” But it may be an indication more of how dissatisfied they are with the backups running the ball than they are about getting Fred Jackson on the cheap.

            • Volume12

              Oh ish. I forgot all about that Buffalo connection. He’s a nice 3rd down back with his ability to catch out of the backfield.

              • JeffC

                Rob discusses the rb situation in his video and I have to agree that they really need Lynch now and will want a feature back when he moves on rather than rb by committee. Knowing they don’t have that player on the roster, I could see them bringing in Jackson to spell Lynch and make him last longer, giving them more time to look and also lessening the injury risk. Perhaps they just can’t stomach the idea of having to turn to Turbin or Michael in case Lynch goes down.

                • Volume12

                  Yeah I agree about that to an extent. Thing is Jackson’s best years are behind him, he’ll provide some veteran leadership. But dude has been hurt almost every year.

                  • Tien

                    Like everyone else, I don’t know why Jackson was brought in but am not concerned about his age or durability. We still expect Lynch to be the MAN and if he isn’t we’re screwed anyways, regardless if the back-up is Jackson, Turbin, or Michael. Not sure I see the logic behind the conclusion that Turbin is gone because of the Jackson signing. Even if Jackson is a little better than Turbin in the coaches’ eyes (no idea if that’s the case), is he that much better that makes Turbin expendable? If another team made an appealing trade offer (probably unlikely given the reasons stated above), it would make sense but if not, why cut a decent and competent (if not explosive or exciting) back-up RB? I would be bummed if we cut Michael as a result of the Jackson signing. He’s been disappointing in his inability to grab the #2 RB slot but he still has so much athleticism that I’d hate for us to cut or trade him now and then see him realize his potential with another team later. But if we keep all four of these RBs, when will Michael get the playing time (in real game situations) to develop his potential? I have lots of questions about this potential Jackson signing but obviously, no answers.:)

          • Cysco

            Fred Jackson is a blocking beast. He might be the best blocking RB in the league. he’s dependable out of the backfield and a proven locker room leader. If he’s signing (which it sure sounds like he is) he instantly becomes the #2 RB and defacto passing down back. Essentially, he’s taking Turbin’s role.

            So Turbin’s snaps are being replaced by someone who does the same stuff, only better. Factor in his contract status (highly unlikely he’d be a Hawk next season anyway) and it seems pretty clear that Jackson is being brought in to replace Turbin’s roster spot.

            As for Michael, he’s cost controlled and still flashes elite ability. I think they keep him around a bit longer in hopes of him figuring it out.

            • Cysco

              Somehow I don’t see Turbin doing something like this to a player like JJ Watt


              the aftermath:


              I imagine Jackson is being brought in primarily for his ability to help protect Wilson on passing downs.

            • Volume12

              Could Jackson also be a mentor to C-mike?

              • Cysco

                Definitely wouldn’t hurt. I think his locker room presence and his relationship with Lynch are just icing on the cake. For the #2 RB spot on this roster, Jackson is just better.

                That’s going to be one fun sideline to watch this year. I get the vibe that there is some seriously good team chemistry. (much better than the start of last season)

                • Volume12

                  I think so too. In reference to both points. ‘Freddy Jack’ seems to be a hedge for all scenarios.

                  Nothing will bond a team more than being public enemy no.1 and coming up 3 feet short of being back to back world champs.

                  A big reason PC/JS keep or select certain players is due to chemiatry and their style fitting in inside the locker room. I think that tends to get overlookes.

              • redzone086

                Remember fred Jackson replaced lynch as an undrafted player. I think they belive that fred can be what turbin is as a back up but could be a better leader and coach for Michaels. Turbin is on his last year in seattle so he makes more sense to move although i love his character he just isnt better than another back up with more experience and blocking abuility.

            • AlaskaHawk

              My idea of a backup running back is someone who is elusive and explosive enough to run for a touchdown if there is an open field. Not the power runner of Beast mode. CMike has the explosiveness but isn’t consistent. Turbin is okay but not explosive. Maybe Smith fits the role, but he he will probably be cut.

              • Volume12

                That ain’t Fred Jackson.

              • Cysco

                I think we need to view the #2 RB and the back-up running back differently. As a #2 back whose job is to come in on passing downs and help protect Wilson or to spell Lynch occasionally without making a mistake, Jackson is a perfect match.

                As a back-up RB who would take over for Lynch if he, god for bid, got injured, Jackson is probably not the best fit. If that were to happen, they’re probably going RBBC with Michael, Jackson and a RB not currently on the roster. (not a pretty picture)

                • Volume12

                  Interesting outlook.

                  It’s unfortunate they can’t really do anything about it right now, but I do think this year’s draft class is loaded with no. 2’s or able back-ups to Lynch. I’m starting to see Rob’s point about not going with a RBBC post Lynch, but I also think we’ll see our future 2 spell our future workhorse a bit more. Kind of like the point your making about our present situation.

                  • JeffC

                    There just may be in their minds a determination to get two more full seasons out of Lynch and their need to make sure they have a second option rb who can also pound it, thus preserving Lynch for longer to make sure they get those two full years. In the playoffs, they want a fresh Lynch beating up defenses.

                    RW was not good in last year’s playoffs and the sb. But with Lynch kicking butt, we were that 1 fateful yard away.

                • JeffC

                  This take is how I’m looking at it.

            • CHawk Talker Eric


              Here are a 1000 words on the subject.


    • Phil

      I’m not familiar with the Bills and the offense they run? Do they do any read-option stuff with Fred Jackson?

      I’ve posted this before, but I think one reservation the Seahawks have with CMike is his fumbling — specifically, how his fumbling limits his use as a read-option runner. When he is in the game, the Seahawks rarely use him on the read-option and I think opposing defensive coordinators are aware of this.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Yesterday I read an article that says CMike just doesn’t fit in a zbs offense. He makes poor decisions behind his blockers, often chooses the wrong gap to shoot, or waits too long/not long enough for the play to develop. He may be better suited to a power run offense.

        • Volume12

          I’d agree with that article. I mean it makes sense. Against SD there was one run in particular where if C-mike cuts it back to the left, he would’ve had at least a 20+ yard run.

          A zone runner needs some ‘shake and bake’ to his game and a high football IQ.

  8. Volume12

    Sorry to alter the subject a bit, but I can’t figure out Alabama HB Derrick Henry. Hear me out…

    IMO he’s a ‘planet theory’ player. Meaning there’s only so many people built like him on this earth. We know Seattle scouts have been sniffing around Alabama practices and training camp scrimmages (could’ve been for someone in that front 7). Is current Seahawk HB Rod Smith somewhat of an audition? Are they seeing if a guy built like that works for them? We know he’s not built like or in Seattle’s wheelhouse of the backs they seem to prefer. But, I do think they really liked HB TJ Yeldon last year.

    Henry isn’t 6’4 or 6’3, he’s 6’2 like Yeldon. He’s a tremendous athlete and a guy IS think will be a SPARQ demon at thecombine. He doesn’t run with much lean, likes to bounce it outside more than getting the tough yards up the middle, and has such skinny/high cut legs. And then guys like Tony Pauline have him ranked as a 6th rounder!

    But, he’s so damn unique, is a gym rat, a team leader (watch one of his highlight clips when he gets his HS team fired up it gives me goosebumps), highly competitive, very good pass catcher. The more I watch, the more I like him. To my eyes, he’s a combo of Yeldon and Eddie Lacy. What do you guys think?

    • peter

      I’m not there yet on him. I have to see some games this season. For the life if me I can not understand why he goes down so easily on his own accord (trips, slips). And I don’t understand why he isn’t dominating tackling piles yet.

      • Volume12

        Yeah I get that. I’m so conflicted with him. There’s so much to like, but at the same time so much to dislike.

        The idea of adding him as 2 behind a guy that fits their m.o.-5’9-5’11, 210-222 lbs. is very tantalizing though.

        • Old but Slow

          I definitely don’t see it. He is a good college back, but I don’t see any sign that he could be a workhorse. Nice size, pretty good speed, and average at the NFL level, in my opinion.

          • RealRhino2

            Agree with you. Not that conflicted about it, either. Watched some videos on draftbreakdown as I was listening to the podcast. Nothing special jumped out at me about Henry. Big guy, can move well in a straight line (a little like a very poor man’s Herschel Walker), runs too high. Honestly, nothing special popped about Elliott, either. Took what was there, good vision but not that shifty, very poor pass blocker. Solid guy.

            Think Rob’s right to be excited about Alex Collins, the guy from Arkansas. The videos I watched he was better than both Henry and Elliott. Blocked like he meant it, drove the pile, kept his legs moving in traffic, shiftier than either of the other two but just as strong. Maybe it’s that he looked the most like Lynch, for me.

            • Rob Staton

              Collins a very exciting talent.

  9. Cysco

    Stephen Cohen ✔@scohenPI
    Carroll: RB Robert Turbin suffered “significant ankle sprain” versus Chargers. Reason Fred Jackson was brought in for visit. #Seahawks
    2:32 PM – 1 Sep 2015

    Well there we go then. Turbin injured.

    • rowdy

      Makes to much sense! A lot of speculation going around that doesn’t make sence. I wonder how bad it is, sounds like it could be a break, up beat pete didn’t seem to up beat about it. They should know how bad it is by now.

      • Phil

        I’ve heard some folks say that a high-ankle sprain is sometimes slower to heal than an actual broken ankle.

        • Volume12

          It is. Sprains are notoruously slow healing.

  10. cha

    Browns cut Phil Taylor and his 5th year option is guaranteed.

    How about the Seahawks give him a one year deal for a pittance and see what he can do with a top quality organization?

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      They are more than full on the DL…. not seeing how he would fit without a cut of a better known guy who has been in the system all TC.

  11. Kyle

    Rob is a dead ringer for Tom Hardy

  12. Volume12

    Another guy I really like that I’ve previously mentioned, and Rob points out in his podcast, is Ohio St. WR Michael Thomas, nephew of Keyshawn Johnson. He’s got good size, a ton of confidence, runs good routes, very physical, and is the type of possession wideout that would fit perfectly in a passing attack/scheme like Seattle’s.

  13. Volume12

    Rob, I noticed that Auburn OL Shon Coleman originally signed with them back in 2010. Possible that PC tried to recruit this kid to USC?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly. USC weren’t listed among the interested teams in Coleman. He was a 5-star player though so they probably knew about him. He visited Auburn, Arkansas and Miami and was recruited by Alabama. No west coast teams appeared to be interested. He’s from Mississippi so the interest was SEC-dominated.

      • Volume12

        Thanks for the info buddy. I’m smitten with this guy. Talk about battling adversity. And his skill set is very impressive.

        I see that you mentioned him visiting Miami. Was Brennan Carroll there at that time?

        • Rob Staton

          No, it was way before he arrived in Miami.

  14. CHawk Talker Eric

    Jason Cole is reporting that SEA wants to sign Jackson but can’t until they deal with Kam.

    He says that SEA may add a year and some up front money to Kam’s contract – as much so they can move forward with Jackson as to end the stalemate with Kam.

    SEA’s remaining cap space in 2015 isn’t sufficient to cover salaries for the practice squad, players on PUP, etc. In fact, if you count all salaries (not just the 53-man roster), they’re nearly $8mm over.

    There just isn’t anymore money.

    • Volume12


      I’m also keeping my eye on Cleveland to see if they cut either HBs Isaiah Crowell or Terrence West, who I think was a VMAC visitor in 2014. They seem to be high on Duke Johnson, just drafted, and West was rumored to be out of shape a bit this year, but either one would make for a nice young, cost-controlled back-up.

      That is of course if Jackson isn’t signed, and if not, perhaps a trade for one of the Cleveland backs or someone else.

  15. Madmark

    Welcome back Rob,
    After the first preseason game I was thinking they really need to get some OL players. I saw and article that was pretty good and I went looking at the players. I have a whole year to watch them so nothings definite.
    LT Jack Conklin Michigan St. 6’6″ 318lbs. He’s a junior who not flashy but is rock solid with a nasty streak.
    LG Rees Odhiambo Boise St. 6’4″ 305lbs. He’ll play LT this year but has great rush blocking skills and moving inside would help his pass protection. Boise St. had the 5th rank rushing attack last year.
    C Joe Dalh WSU 6’4″ 303lbs. He’ll also play LT but for the NFL moving him to center might be better fit since he already calls line protection for the cougs and he fits the size Seattle likes. Very much under rated that he could be had in the 5th round.
    RG Nila Kasitati Oklahoma 6’3″ 315lbs. Saw this guy when I was looking at Daryl Williams. He has movement skills, good rush blocking at the point of attack, and he finishes plays. 4th to 5th rd pick.
    RT Connor McGovern Missou 6’4″ 305lbs. He played RG last year and will play LT this year. Mitch Morse weight room buddy. If he doesn’t pan out as a RT, he’d make one hell of a stud RG. 40-4.9, 46 reps bench, 34″vj, max squat 785lbs. and a squat of 690lbs. 5 times.
    LT Stanley and Tunsil from notre dame and Ole Miss may go to soon for us to get but we’ll just have to wait and watch what happens.

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