Seahawks name roster, might trade Kam Chancellor?

Interesting news today. Firstly, the Seahawks named a somewhat surprising 53-man roster. Both Kevin Smith and Kasen Williams were cut with B.J. Daniels surviving. Will Blackmon and Anthony McCoy were both cut. Eric Pinkins didn’t make it — and neither did T.Y. McGill. Mo Seisay and Robert Turbin were placed on I.R. and Jesse Williams on Reserve/Non-football illness.

The list will need to be further trimmed when Fred Jackson officially signs his contract with the Seahawks. Reports yesterday suggested terms have been agreed.

Two full backs were kept (Coleman, Tukuafu) and only six linebackers. Seattle kept an extra defensive back despite cutting Blackmon.

Then this happened:

It’s quite a high price to pay. Kansas City is deep at safety — but a 5th rounder means Seattle wanted this guy badly. He’s known to be a key special teamer which helps. He might be thrown right into the mix against St. Louis next week.

Perhaps he’ll even become a regular starter…

Talk of a trade has been flat out dismissed so far, partly due to the fact it’d cost Seattle nearly $2m extra in dead money to move Chancellor. Then there’s the leadership qualities and Chancellor’s on-field play you’d be losing right in the middle of a Championship window.

Even so, the Seahawks are entrenched and insist they won’t be making major changes to a contract agreed in 2013. Chancellor equally is digging his heels in. The impasse shows no sign of ending.

What would tempt Seattle to concede $2m in dead money charges? Presumably an extra first round pick in 2016 plus change. That’d be a handsome price to pay for a strong safety. However good Chancellor is — you’d have to listen to that kind of offer.

The Giants are the team being linked today. They owned the #9 overall pick in this years draft and the #12 pick in 2014. If you move Chancellor for New York’s first round pick — there’s a decent possibility it’ll turn into a top-15 pick.

A trade remains highly unlikely. A lot of teams are up against the cap. It’s unusual to see a major, unpredictable trade either just before or early into a new season. Trent Richardson’s move to Indianapolis from Cleveland shows it isn’t impossible — but it’s still rare. Chancellor is 28 next year and he’s been banged up. It’d be a risk for any team to cough up a first round pick — let alone work out a big new contract.

The Kelcie McCray trade is a statement that the Seahawks aren’t going to budge and that they’re going to make contingency plans. Pete Carroll’s tone has changed on the Chancellor hold-out recently. As Brian Nemhauser points out, the supportive message early in camp has been replaced with a short, to-the-point declaration of zero progress. Carroll looks and sounds like a disappointed parent.

In terms of the college football, I’ve just finished watching Louisville lose to Auburn. Expect some thoughts on a few of today’s games over the next couple of days and of course in Monday’s 3000 NFL Mock Draft Podcast. You can watch Episode #1 by clicking here.


  1. Trevor

    It is a deep roster but I was surprised that we went with 2 Full Backs I am assuming when we sign Jackson one will go.

    Disappointed we cut Pinkins, Mcgill, K Smith and Kasen Williams. I thought all 4 guys relly showed in pre-season and hope they make it to our practice squad.

    Really surprised R Lockette made the squad but they obviously value his known special teams skill as a 6th WR.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s some chance they keep both FB’s. Coleman is a key special teamer. Tukuafu takes snaps on defense and could be a good short yardage FB. Could see Christine Michael traded or cut, or Rawls, instead. Lot of options.

      • Trevor

        Rob have you seen any tape on the new Safety from KC? Any thoughts? Looking forward to the podcast this week. Interesting week 1 in College F-Ball.

        • Rob Staton

          I have not. Bounced around the league, went to Arkansas State. Undrafted in 2012.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Value is a fickle thing. Barkley, a R4 pick, was traded for a R7. Sio Moore a R3 pick, traded for a R6. But McCray, an UDFA, nets a R5.

            • Volume12

              Value is in the eye of the beholder. It’s why we see ‘reaches’ and guys go undrafted every year.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                So true V12. But it’s also highly situational. In this instance I don’t think SEA is reaching for McCray because they see something special in him as much as their situation vis-a-vis Kam (and apparently the options behind him) compels them to.

                JS loves his mid round picks, and he doesn’t part with them easily. My guess is KC was never going to keep McCray. They’re pretty stacked at that position. But McCray performed well enough in preseason to become trade worthy. Since waivers is kind of like a mini one-round draft, and there’s no way he’d last until SEA got a chance to claim, they went ahead and spent a 2016 R5 (which is kind of like a 2015 R6) to get him. If SEA knew then that Kam would holdout, they very likely would’ve spent at least a R5 pick on SS this year.

                This doesn’t mean the end is nigh for Kam that SEA made this trade. Nor do the trade rumors. But the 2 together aren’t encouraging. Of course I’m telling you nothing you don’t already know…

                • cha

                  Interesting how the Hawks have used draft picks as trade capital this offseason. Schneider has correctly ID’d that now is the time to make the roster as strong as possible, not 2017 or 2018 when those future draft picks start contributing (in theory).

                  As well they know they will likely max out in comp picks in 2016, and 2017 might bring some good ones too if/when they choose to let any of Irvin, Sweezy, Okung, or even Jon Ryan walk.

                  • CharlietheUnicorn

                    They also have 3-4 comp picks in the bag for the 2016 draft. At least 1 3rd and most likely a 4th and 5th…. so they can’t possibly use all these picks on players in the draft…. I like that they are being bold.

                  • Volume12

                    They currently have 8 selections. A 1st, 2nd, 2 3rds, 4th, 5th, either one 6th, or 2 7ths. I’d bet they trade down once. But we did see them go with 8 last year for the first time.

                  • cha

                    Looks like 3-5-6-7 next year for comps


            • Jarhead

              The saddest thing is- Barkley was practically a 1st round lock in 2012. Who was advising him? One extra season of college football derailed his career before it even began. It makes you wonder if flaws in his game were completely exposed, or if his injuries just cut him down before he could even get started.

              • Volume12

                So cha, is that 2 7ths they have?

              • Steen

                Cosell hated Barkley, someone here liked him however.

                • Rob Staton

                  Cosell also loved Christian Ponder and Ryan Lindley. We can all play the ‘point and look at the player you liked who didn’t make it’ card.

      • Jarhead

        With Jackson coming in as a veteran presence- he obviously makes the cut. I agree and think now is the time to get what we can out of Michael. He will fetch a more lucrative price as an athletic unknown then letting him walk next year for nothing. It has become quite apparent that the staff has seen enough

  2. Trevor

    As for trading Kam. I hope they let him sit and don’t trade him as it would set bad precedent. Unless they can get Landon Collins and a 2016 2nd round pick or a 2016 1st rounder and 2017 2nd rounder. I say let him sit. Why reward him for holding out and letting Bennett et al know if they hold out they will get their wish and get traded to get a new deal.

    We have such a stacked roster it is so disappointing that Kam has decided to take this stance. No matter what happens know he has gone from being one of Seattle’s most beloved sports figures to the streo typical greedy athlete.

    • Phil

      I don’t think that there are many guys on the Seahawks roster who would think that being traded from Seattle to NYC is a “win”, worth holding out for. Let him go and use the 1st rd. pick we get from the Giants to draft another “next generation” star like Clark or Lockett.

      Where do we stand cap-wise now, with the McCray and Jackson (potential) signings and the possibility of a trade for Kam?

  3. Trevor

    By the way the Cowboys cut the Tackle out of V-Tech Larwence Gibson. I guess he was good in camp but it was a numbers game. I really hope we give him a look if someone before us on the waiver wire does not snap him up.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      He has the size, length and athleticism you want in a LT. You’d think he’d be a better prospect/backup than Bailey. But he’s a rookie who wasn’t that good in college, he hasn’t any experience in SEA’s system, he’d take up a roster spot, and he’ll be 25 next season.

      If he clears waivers, then yes, bring him in for a shot at the PS.

      • Volume12

        I’m not sure age is a huge determining factor for offensive lineman. Lineman, on both sides of the ball, get better with age.

        If I told you, you could get a guy that can play LT, RT, and LG in the league for say 7-8 years at a high level, but would be 24 when the draft rolls around, you wouldn’t pull the trigger?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Not as important as for the O skill positions or anything on D.

          I like Gibson. His SPARQ is pretty outrageous for a guy 6’6″ 305# with >35″ arms. Interestingly, only 8 OL had better SPARQ rankings than Gibson this year, and 2 of them are Seahawks – Sokoli (#1) and Glowinski (#5).

          So would you spend a roster spot on him?

          • CharlietheUnicorn

            He was a guy I thought Seattle would be very interested in….. I frankly have not seen Bailey look the part of a starting OT this preseason. He has looked horrible. If they believe this guy can improve the team, pull the trigger.

          • Volume12

            Oh I didn’t mean him in the literal sense. Just throwing out a hypothetical scenario. But I do like Gibson. IMO Seattle uses their PS spot for an O-lineman on Terry Poole. If they only happen to select one that is.

  4. Nolan

    So early Seahawks draft needs

    SS, Center, LT, corner, and RB

    Who’s out there in CFB to look for

  5. Volume12

    There was definetly some surpising moves today.

    As intriguing a 1st ro rounder and some change might be for Kam, I’m hoping he comes to the realization that he’s in the best place.

  6. Volume12

    I know I’m partial, but Auburn’s OT Shon Coleman continues to blow me away. I’ve heard he has Greg Robinson like athleicism. His pass protection was mucvh improved from last year.

    L’ville’s DB/LB Josh Harvey-Clemons has me intrigued. His length is crazy. He’s someone I’ll be paying close attention too.

    Illinois’s HB Josh Ferguson is simply electrifying. IMO he’s what Seattle hoped C-mike would or will beome. Yes he’s only about 202 lbs., but he knows he has to get a bit bigger. Thing is, he’s alreay built like a Greek god. He’s one of CFBs most underrated and versatile players. He’d be so dynamic in this offense. His burst and elusiveness are jaw dropping

    His stats today were: 6 touches, 58 yards, 2 TDs in the 1st half and finished with 12 rushes, 76 yards, 1 rec., 21 yards. He’s got a great work ethic, snd if you listen to him talk, he sounds just like RW.

    Now it’s time to watch the front 7 of Alabama, specifically DT Jarran Reed and edge rusher Ryan Anderson.

    • Trevor

      Shon Coleman is a beast!

      • Volume12

        Thank you. Finally I got someone else on board. If you held a gun to my head (bad analogy) and told me to make a way too early/ridiculous mock pick for Seattle’s 1st overall selection in 2016 it would be Auburn OT Shon Coleman.

        • Trevor

          I normally would not want to take another OL early but from what i have seen so far I would be Ok with that pick for sure.

          • Volume12

            He’s a bit older, but dude has an NFL body and skillset right now.

  7. Volume12

    This ‘Bama D-line is unreal. DJ Pettway is an interesting cat.

  8. Attyla the Hawk

    I’d pump the brakes on resigning ourselves to losing Kam.

    Let’s consider:

    1. Kam is unavailable this year. Seattle won’t be in a position to replace him. Not with talent anyway. If he holds out this year, there is no replacing his quality for this season.

    Assuming this, why would Seattle be in a rush to send him packing. This team is compromised already. And we won’t recover that loss. Let’s simply consider this no different than Kam suffering an injury which requires us to IR with return designation.

    Kam will have little choice but to report by week 10. He’ll sacrifice over half of his salary this year, in order to get credit for the season.

    Seattle can simply take another crack at getting a deal done in the offseason. And if Seattle does wait, they will assuredly receive MORE in a trade and also know what they’re getting.

    But also, Seattle has a LOT of UFA money walking out that door next year. If it were to come down to either resigning Okung for close to what he’s making, versus going all in to get another high rated LT prospect while assigning his cap room for Kam in 2016 — I make that deal every day of the week.

    There is absolutely no impending need for Seattle to send Kam packing. They can allow him to make his statement, while they similarly make theirs. And then take care of Kam still 2 years before his contract expires in the 2016 offseason. Really the only cost is 10 games without Kam.

    I always assumed that there were three likely outcomes.

    1. Kam blinks and returns for week 1 without a deal.
    2. Kam holds out until after week 2. If Seattle goes 0-2 (exactly like the 1993 Cowboys did when Emmitt Smith held out) — they’ll be forced to cave in order to salvage their playoff hopes.
    3. Seattle doesn’t implode and Kam sits out to week 10. Then returns in order to get an accrued year.

    There is a huge difference between Kam’s situation and Joey Galloway’s situation. Holmgren was both in rebuild mode AND wasn’t the biggest fan of Galloway to begin with. Kam is as unique and important of a core member as any of the guys we’ve PAID. There is no question Kam is underpaid. It’s really that simple. And if we doubled his salary, it wouldn’t even square up with just how big of an impact he makes.

    John should simply chill. And take another run at this next year. Both parties essentially ‘save face’ and make their points. Most importantly Seattle can establish a tough precedent for future hold out candidates while still taking care of one of their own eventually.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      Strong points. Kam is one of the top paid SS already in the NFL, so it is in the eye of the beholder if he is “severly” underpaid. He will never command ET money. The NFL marketplace for SS won’t let that ever happen.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Those are all good points. However last year they moved Harvin for next to nothing- and still owed him 10 million. So I don’t think they have a lot of tolerance for players who don’t participate with the team. Not even sure if they would accept Kam back after 10 games if he has a bad attitude. It is really too bad.

  9. Miles

    Is anyone hoping the Seahawks take a look at Darnell Dockett? He was cut by the Niners and could be a solid pick-up to an already great D-Line. Dockett, with his experience and veteran leadership, could put it way over the top.

    • Nathan

      Where would you fit him on the roster?

      It would be pretty sweet siging him for the minimum, after SF gave him 2 mil.

      • Nolan

        Fact is if SF gave him 2 mil n cut him he ain’t worth a spot

    • redzone086

      The cap will be our biggest hurdle with any free agents. But if the poor dline in san fran wouldnt keep him it makes me worried. I was interest in him when he signed with the 49ers but now again I take pause…

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      no interest in procuring him. keep who you have.

      • Miles

        There are the obvious concerns with cutting him when he was guaranteed $2m. But as far as I know, he was still a good player last year. It also could be a nice deal for the Seahawks. I would like to read that the Seahawks were bringing him in for a tryout at least. If he comes in and looks bad you don’t lose anything. But if he looks great, it’s possible to give a legendary player one last glorious hurrah.

        I imagine he could take the spot of Dobbs on the roster.

  10. Nathan

    Chancellor for Odell Beckham will do.


    • kyle

      For real haha

      • AlaskaHawk

        More like Chancellor for Julio Jones. Perhaps Denver would like him for one of their receivers. (You can tell I’m only impressed with half our wide receivers)

  11. Volume12

    My boy LA Tech HB Kenneth Dixon going off tonight! 9 rushes, 108 yards, 1 TD, averaging over 11 yards a carry. And he’s got 2 catches, 65 yards, 1 rec. TD. Did I mention it was halftime? LOL.

    • Volume12

      Man, HB Kenneth Dixon is pure grit. He’s got it all. This wasn’t a guy that came to LA Tech because of no offers. He could be playing in the SEC right now. LSU, Arkansas, and Ole Miss all wanted him.

      • rowdy

        He’s my favorite back in college to play for the hawks. To me he’s everything some people think rawls is but actually is. Watching him play is a thing of beauty and with him playing la tech I think his draft stock won’t pass late second early 3rd. This guy needs to be a hawk!

        • Volume12

          Nice. Finally a beleiver! Spot on man. 3rd round range is great value. If thid kid was on a P5 team imagine the pub he’d get. He’s such a complete back. And his running style is all atitude and want.

          rowdy, if you get a chance check out Illinois HB Josh Ferguson. Explosion, and a deadly weapon.

  12. Phil

    How about true freshman QB Rosen for UCLA, 28 of 35 for 355 yds. and 3 tds, and he didn’t play most of the 4th Qtr?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Yeah I watched that game. UCLA has a loaded roster on both sides of the ball.

  13. tony

    Last time pc/js had a top 15 pick, they drafted earl Thomas. If that somehow turns to a top 10, that could get scary fun. But I’d rather have kam. I hope this is the beast mode saga all over again when the media was going crazy with rumors. Yet Lynch came back and both got what they wanted.

  14. Volume12

    Anybody catch any of that Arizona St vs Texas A&M game? A&M’s CB Brandon Williams who was a running back before this year is interesing to say the least. Kid looks like he has 33-34 inch arms.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Didn’t see it but was surprised by the score. Pac-12 had a bad week overall

      • Volume12

        Except for “Rolls’ Royce Freeman. Kid is a stud. 2017 is so loaded at HB it’s crazy. And I’m talking workhorse types.

  15. Jon

    We would not loose another 2 million against the Cap if we trade Kam.
    His guaranteed portion of his contract would be paid by the team he goes to. Kam has 7.45 m guaranteed remaining on his contract and 4.45 m would be paid by (the giants for instance). At this point he counts a bit over 5.5 m against the cap. If he was traded his prorated cap hit would be a total of 3 m split between this year and next. For the Seahawks it would technically be a savings of 2.65 m even if it all counted against the cap this year.

  16. Demitrov

    As much as losing Chancellor would suck if we could get a low 1st round pick we may be able to pick a replacement for Lynch or a bonafide #1 WR to grow with Wilson. It could go a long way to solidifying this team as a perennial SB contender for a long time to come.

    • Phil

      Agree entirely. Plus, I don’t want Kam to be a distraction anymore.

  17. Old but Slow

    Has anyone heard speculation on what team the Seahawks might be talking to about Michael? He is a dynamic back in his own way, with good size/speed specs, so there must be some teams who are interested. And, with that in mind, what kind of value does he garner for the ‘Hawks?

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      I thought I had seen a rumor of the Browns, which didn’t make sense.. until I heard they were shopping West.. perhaps just trade Micheal for West straight-up

  18. Steele

    Both safeties Kurtis Drummond and Durrell Eskridge, who were popular here during draft time, did not make their respective teams.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      I believe both of these guys were seen as projects… they could easily be invited to the Seattle PS. Now with the whole Kam thing coming to a head… it might be very likely.

    • Phil

      Tre McBride was cut also. But, I would not be interested, even on the PS.

  19. Volume12

    Ian Rappaport reported on NFL network that Seattle is NOT entertaining the notion of trading Bam Bam.

  20. Screeching Hawk

    Damn Rob I love you brother and appreciate all your hard good work my man. We are thankful for you so much! I to was disappointed that Kevin Smith or Kasen Williams didn’t make the 53. Oh well I always trust Pete Carroll for he is my man! Go Hawks baby!!!

  21. Screeching Hawk

    Damn Rob I love you brother and appreciate all your hard good work my man. We are thankful for you so much! I to was disappointed that Kevin Smith or Kasen Williams didn’t make the 53. Oh well I always trust Pete Carroll for he is my man! Go Hawks baby!

  22. Volume12

    Dallas is trading for HB Christine Michael.

    • Volume12

      I think we’re reciveing a 7th or 2 7ths. JS/PC must have their eyes on a couple guys in that range.

  23. James

    For those of us who know Kam Chancellor as a great player who is all-in; and whose reputation is as the leader of the LoB, it is shocking to realize just what a selfish act Kam is taking.

    It is true that Kam plays his position just as well as ET, Sherm and B-Wagz play theirs. Since they are $10/mil + players, Kam can reasonably argue that he too should be a $10/mil player. However, that is not at all how it works. Can’t Sherm and ET argue that they play their position just as well as Russell Wilson plays his, yet Russ makes $20/mil/yr and ET makes $10? Should they hold out for a new contract that pays them $20/mil? Of course not, for the market has set what their position is worth.

    The market sets your salary, not theoretical arguments. My wife is a school teacher and she is paid less than what our garbage man earns. Doesn’t what she contributes have a more positive impact on society than his? Yet the market sets, fairly or unfairly, her salary. She could go on strike in protest, but good luck with that…

    What Kam is asking, that the Seahawks tear up his contract with three years remaining and give him a bucket-load of new money, would absolutely destroy the team and he knows it. This is the height of selfish irresponsibility. He, his agent, John and Pete, and every single one of us on this blog know full well that the team would be in ruins from holdouts and contract disputes immediately upon caving in to Kam’s demands.

    Think of it this way… what if I worked for a construction company owned by a very fair and honorable family. The workers are well-paid, above market even, and everyone considers themselves fortunate to work for such a good company. Then I discover that the owners make a mistake and did not properly file an EPA environmental disclosure over the disposal of construction waste. The mistake was not intentional, but due to a clerical error.

    But the EPA has draconian rules permitting 3rd party lawsuits with huge damages. I could become a whistleblower and file a lawsuit and make a million dollars, but it would shut down the company and put everyone out of work. This would be a shameful and selfish act. How is that different than Kam asking for his, at the detriment of everyone else? His money would be in his bank account as the team goes down the drain over the next few years. Just say no.

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