3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #11

In today’s 3000 NFL Mock Draft, Kenny and I talk about the updated draft order after nine weeks, where the Seahawks fall, an updated mock draft and who they should take, plus a whole lot more including:

— Shon Coleman’s fantastic performance against Myles Garrett (he is the #1 tackle in the country)
— Why Corey Coleman should be in every top ten projection you see
— Why A’Shawn Robinson proved he’s a top-15/20 pick
— Comparing Derrick Henry to Shaun Alexander
— NFC/AFC playoff predictions

In the mock draft by the way, the Seahawks don’t take an offensive lineman. All is explained in the podcast. Have a listen. I’ll be posting the updated mock draft in blog form later this week.


  1. nichansen01

    Here is a personal ranking of linemen to consider for the Seahawks. I get the impression that this is a deep draft for tackle. Not as good for guard but still solid. I mixed guards and tackles because so many college players transition inside these days. I really like Austin Blythe at center even though others don’t rank him as high. Nick Martin and Max Tuerk and second round locks in my opinion, Jack Allen and Austin Blythe could be drafted in the third, everyone else is probably later for center. Some guards will probably be converted to center a la Mitch morse.

    Offensive Tackles / Guards:

    Shon Coleman – Auburn
    Laremy Tunsil – Ole Miss
    Jack Conklin – Michigan State
    Taylor Decker – Ohio Stats
    Ronnie Stanley – Notre Dame
    Germaine Ifedi- Texas AM
    Vadal Alexander- LSU
    LaRaven Clark – Texas Tech
    James Garnett – Stanford
    Spencer Drango – Baylor
    Jason Spriggs – Indiana
    Willie Beaver – Central Michigan
    Pat Elfein – Ohio State
    Cody Whitehair – Kansas State
    Joe Dahl – Washington State
    Jordan Riggsbee – Cal
    Joe Haeg – North Dakota State
    Alex Redmond – UCLA
    Sebastian Tretola – Arkansas
    Jerald Hawkins – LSU
    Denver Kirkland – Arkansas
    Kareem Are – Florida State
    Tyler Johnstons – Oregon
    Brandon Shell- Coastal Carolina
    Kyle Murphy – Stanford


    Max Tuerk – USC
    Nick Martin- Notre Dame
    Austin Blythe- Iowa
    Jack Allen- Michigan State
    Mike Matthews – Texas Tech
    Isaac Seumalo – Oregon State
    Ryan Kelly – Alabama

    • AlaskaHawk

      Pretty good list. I would be happy with the Seahawks drafting tackle, defensive linemen, and center. Should be plenty of good centers left in the third round.

      • C-Dog

        While I think it is likely Seattle takes an O lineman first, it feels almost too obvious, and I still maintain I will not be shocked if Seattle drafts a DT early this year, perhaps over OL in R1 depending on where they are picking, and then address OL later, if there is one landing to them that they grade higher than the available OL left, and they feel they still can land a decent RT in R2, and a Center in 3. But within the first 3 rounds, based on the depth of the team now, it probably looks like OL, DT, WR, CB, and maybe LB needs in probably that order (although with LB, assuming Irvin is gone, they could slide KJ to SAM and have KPL play WILL).

        • nichansen01

          An ideal draft for the hawks if they win another title or go deep into the playoffs to me looks like:
          1. Ezekial Elliot, RB ( running back needy teams might pass up elliot knowing fournette, chubb and cook will all be first rounders in next years draft)
          2. Laraven Clark, or Jason Spriggs, or Spencer Drango, OT (Clark probably wouldnt be there, but if he slipped he is my ideal day two tackle)
          3. Jack Allen, Center (should be avaliable here)
          3c. Chris Jones or Anthony Zettel or Adam Gostis, DT ( Jones probably wouldnt be here, Gostis is my third choice if both Zettel and Jones are gone.
          4. Corner should be adressed here, we have been thin on the position. Someone to add to the competition in camp, and eventually become a starter. Corners going into camp would look like: Sherman, Williams, Simon, Lane (easy to resign) Burley (easy to resign), Smith, Seisey, Rookie. Linebacker is another option but no one here could really replace Bruce, Yannick Ngakoue is gone at this point.
          5th and below needs to adress full back and a blocing tight end, along with a later round end/linebacker.

          • Rob Staton

            I’d have a hard time going RB in round one. Some nice depth later at the position (Collins, Perkins, others) and much bigger needs IMO.

            • nichansen01

              If Elliot is there, it seems worth it. Value can be had at the end of round one for offensive tackle, but if we pick near the end, Elliot just seems like the right guy to replace lynch. Otherwise, Elliot leaves early round 2 or round 1, Davontae Booker goes early round two, and Derrick Heney goes mid round 2. Alex Collins might be there late round two, but he could go earlier. Then we are left with the second tier guys, backs who can do great in a rotational role but aren’t going to be ready to be a day 1 feature back, or at least not a great one. Of course if lynch doesn’t retire, waiting for a running back in 2017 (Cook, Fournette and Chubb), will be our best bet.
              As for defensive tackle, we’ve talked before about how it’s not a great class. Nkemdiche, Robinson and Bullard are my favorites, if we pick middle round 2 Robinson MIGHT be available, Nkemdiche won’t. Bullard is intriguing.. He very well could be available but I don’t feel like he’s ‘good enough’ to take over a tackle of Elliot.

              • Volume12

                This is just me, and I could end up being completely wrong, but I don’t think Devontae Booker, Alex Collins, or Paul Perkins come off the board before the late 2nd round. One or two will probably last into the 3rd round as well.

        • Rob Staton

          Again though C-Dog — I suspect the Seahawks take the stance that unless a truly special DT is there in R1, it’s a position they won’t draft that early. And by special I mean Aaron Donald, Sheldon Richardson. Do you seriously expect this team to draft a solid run stopping DT in round one? It seems about as likely as them drafting a short, slow cornerback. They’ve consistently found veteran stop gaps to fill role’s at DT and the earliest they’ve drafted for the position is round three. I just can’t see them going that way ahead of other needs. Especially in this draft class with a dearth of good DT’s.

          • Ed

            Agreed. On both. I agree 3 biggest needs are OL/DT/RB, but don’t overreach like they have when they get cute and miss their guy. If top 4 OT are off the board (and they probably will be), I would say go DE/WR/CB with late 1st, or trade back to 8-14 in 2nd round and get Collins/Perkins/Henry around 40.

            I like the 3rd round picks

          • C-Dog

            No, I totally agree with you Rob, and if I were a betting man, they likely draft at that position in rounds 3 to 4, like they have in that past. A round 1 DT would be in the a classic 3 down 3 tech, and as you said, they few as special, but it’s also something I think they have been searching for in previous drafts but weren’t in great position to grab.

            We know they liked Donald, they were also scouting hard Datone Jones a few years ago, and were reportedly on a major bummer when the Pats snagged Dominique Easley right in front of them. They were trying Frank Clark inside during training camp. I think depth behind Mike B as a 3 tech rusher is a legit concern of theirs. So one would think Nkemdiche, Washington, Bullard, and maybe someone like Billings if they SPARQ’d out at the combine and are physically closer to the Donald/Atkins mold than the Mebane/Hill one, would be of large interest.

            So, let’s say this isn’t their season , and go 8-8. A couple of these young DT’s blow up the combine. One of them lands to PC/JS at 16, and JS thinks there is value in round 3, but PC is sitting there going, “hm.. I can make the strength of my team ‘considerably stronger’ with a player on a rookie deal for the next 5 years.”

            I’m solely using the logic that championship quality team has to be truly special on one side of the ball, and good enough on the other. With the status of the DT’s up in the air this year, on paper it looks like an area of concern, in my eyes, almost as much as the OL. What would be easier to make special on this team, if it’s trending towards middle of the pack, the D and 2013-esque depth on the DL, or the Offensive?

            Defensive minded HC we have here in Seattle, and with so many players on big salaries now, and the greatest need being to probably re-sign Okung, not sure they can afford relying on bringing in veterans DTs like they have in the past.

            • Volume12

              There’s one DT worth a 1st rounder and that’s A’Shawn Robinson, who isn’t exactly a great fit in a one gap4-3 defense.

              Theirs Andrew Billings and Chris Jones, but both are going to need time to adjust at the NFL level.

              • C-Dog

                Yeah, I’m no where near ready to buy that yet. Look, I see the logic not reaching for one if he’s not there, and maybe there is not one when everything is said and done, but I think there could be, we don’t know, and there always seem to be someone who jumps up after the senior bowls and the combine. Aaron Donald was being thought as maybe a mid to late 2d rounder or early 3rd rounder, during the college season, even though he was tearing it up at Pitt as an undersized tackle, but as soon as he got to Indy, folks knew he wasn’t getting out of the teens.

                Also, just because PC/JS haven’t drafted for the position any earlier than late in the 3rd, and more consistently in the later middle rounds in the past, I wouldn’t get too swayed by that. There’s potentially a need there now that they haven’t really had to deal with at this point. Hill is the only player signed beyond this year, and while he has been playing well, he hasn’t exactly been a rock of stability health wise for the team. Maybe they get Mebane back on a short deal, but with Okung, and Sweezy, and others up, a 30 plus year old NT who tore out his hamstring last year probably isn’t higher on the list. Just my guess. I may be wrong. Lord knows it wouldn’t be the first time.

            • onrsry

              I totally agree with you C-Dog, i would not be surprised if they will draft first round DT,depending on the OT value in the 2nd round.But 2nd or 3rd round is probably more likely,for DT.

              I think they need a DT even if they resign Mebane and Rubin.SEA has 3 legit DTs Mebane,Hill and Rubin. That’s it. Tony McDaniel left and they didn’t fill his shoes. By the way,I’d love a Atkins/Donald type 3 tech.

              1st round OT, 2nd round DT and 3rd round C seems pretty ideal to me. And maybe a RB with the other 3rd round pick.(comp pick)

            • cover-2

              C-Dog – I agree that we need a DT. Jordan Hill is a part-time employee, the dude is always hurt. I really like Bullard for us as a pass rushing 3-tech DT. If we did draft him I would like Bullard to put on 10 lbs, just as long as he doesn’t lose his quickness, which would get him to 295 lbs.

              Chris Jones has a lot of upside as a disruptive DT. If he is there in the 2nd round, then I would love to get him on our d-line.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    Is Zack Miller with the Bears now? He just made a one handed catch for a touchdown.

    • nichansen01

      Different zach Miller.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        But played like the old Oakland Raiders version of TE Zach Miller

  3. Troy

    A bit off topic but I seriously feel Lockette should raise the flag next Sunday when we face Arizona. Would be most fitting and appropriate to allow him that honor. The very act is designed to not only recognize an individual but more importantly it captures inspiration, Lockette raising the flag is the epitome of just that!!!!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      It will be ex LS Boyle.

    • Rob Staton

      Great idea.

      • oz

        If Bruce Irvin is let go,which I am assuming will be the case. There would be a glaring hole. Therefore I like the Miles Jack projection a lot. I think the FO is identifying That special player better now than ever. Myles Jack Just may fall into their lap. I think they would pounce.
        Good Podcast by the way.

        • Volume12

          Myles Jack makes a lot of sense.

          IMO Seattle is missing this kind of player.

  4. Nathan

    Great podcast, loved it.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Nathan, appreciate it.

  5. CHawk Talker Eric

    Excellent podcast.

    However, and with no criticism to Danny, I feel compelled to correct him on the final topic of discussion – the situation at Mizzou. Danny twice mentioned the AD (athletic director) as the target of the football team’s threatened walkout, which might imply that the issue of racism at Mizzou is limited to athletics.

    In fact, racism at Mizzou is institutionalized, and has been since 1950, when the first black students were granted admission by court order. For those unfamiliar with the state’s history, Missouri was a slave state from its inception in 1821. Because it was a border state, it was exempt from the Emancipation Proclamation that ended the Civil War, and slavery wasn’t officially abolished until 2 years later, making it’s history of slavery the most recent in the US.

    According to numerous documented complaints of black students at Mizzou, they are continuously and openly subjected to humiliating racial epithets and threats from white students on/near campus. They have repeatedly complained to the University administration about the abuse, going back decades, but the administration, in particular the current school president, has turned a deaf ear.

    Keep in mind that Mizzou is a public school funded by state and federal dollars. It is shameful and wrong that racism is tolerated in any way anywhere, but to think that it continued rampant and unchecked on the campus of a public American university, with tacit approval of the school administration is beyond unacceptable. Last week, one black student decided he’d had enough of the indifference and he went on a hunger strike to force the University President to resign or be removed from office.

    His effort was going nowhere, essentially unnoticed and unacknowledged by the school (and media), until the football team stepped up. At first it was just the black football players who threatened to sit out. But they were joined by the entire team and the coaches. It would appear that athletics is one aspect of Mizzou where racism isn’t ingrained. Anyway, it worked. The President and the Chancellor have resigned. Most of the media is saying that the school caved because they didn’t want to lose out on the revenue from this weekend’s football game vs BYU. Instead I think, indeed I hope, it’s because they understood the PR nightmare of forfeiting a game in Arrowhead Stadium because the school is racist.

    I know this is a football blog, and my comment ranges a bit wide of that. But as a person of conscious, I feel that what happened this week in Missouri is important enough not just to take note, but understand the what and why of it.

    Having said that, the interesting thing from a college sports perspective is whether the Mizzou football team has opened the genie bottle with respect to the balance of power between the NCAA and student-athletes. For example, imagine if the 4 CFB playoff teams (or the regional top seeds in March Madness) threatened a walkout unless the NCAA shares revenues.

  6. Trevor

    Great podcast Rob lots if detailed info which was awesome.

    Just praying the rest of the Scouting world is blind or asleep on Shon Collins. I was praying before the Graham trade that some how we were going to get Todd Gurley and now you have me fantasizing about Collins in a Hawks uni at OT for the next 10 years.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Trevor.

    • sdcoug

      man I wanted Gurley badly and my hope never swayed right up until we traded away our 1st. A lot of posters here didn’t like the idea of taking him but boy would he look good splitting time (and as the future replacement, maybe next year) with Lynch.

  7. Volume12

    Going back to the Florida St vs Clemson game. This guy for Florida St got my attention. He’s in the mold of a Striker, Jack, KPL, guys like that. Is he as good as Jack or Striker? Probably not.

    He’s a dude with bad intentions, a ‘heat seeker’ flys around the field, has a ‘Seahawky’ vibe.

    It’s another highlight tape, and I apologize for that, just wanted to bring him to the table.

    This is Florida St OLB Reggie ‘Robot’ Northrup-6’1, 230-235 lbs.


  8. Volume12

    I posted this on the last thread, but I’ve become a big fan of Penn St DL Carl Nassib. He wowed me on Saturday and after going back and watching some of his tape.

    He’s described as freakishly intense and during walk-throughs, coaches and teammates say this guy ‘foams at the mouth.’ He’s the leader of the defense, leads their pre-game chants, and is said to stalk the sideline starng down the opposing team’s QB. Former walk-on, this guy is the description of grit, perserverance, and resiliency.

    Rob, could this guy be a SAM ‘backer at the next level? I agree that his combine will determine a lot, but he strikes me as a very unique/versatile prospect.

    • Rob Staton

      I think at his size I wouldn’t project SAM. But we’ll see. Will be one of the more intriguing combines we see.

    • cover-2

      For me Nassib looks more of a linear athlete. He doesn’t look like a fluid athlete, too stiff, to where he would be good in space. I don’t see the agility to where he could be a LB, especially on a 4-3 defense. I am more intruiged to see what he could do lining up at DT, although he does come off the ball too high.

      If we are talking about moving a d-line to be a super-sized 4-3 LB then I would vote for BYU d-lineman Bronson Kaufusi. Kaufusi looks like a fluid athlete for his size, 6-8 280 lbs. He doesn’t look to have the strength or motor that Nassib has, but he does look more fluid.

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