3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #19

This week we preview the NFL Playoffs and spend considerable time looking at Seattle’s chances in the post-season. We then move on to talk about the National Championship game and some of the bowl games last week before breaking down this weeks new mock draft.


  1. Trevor

    Rob really enjoyed the podcast as always.

    Looks like Shon Coleman declared. When do you expect the Buzz for him to pick up as he can’t go to the Senior Bowl? I assume the combine and am curious how you think he will perform there?

    Love Fuller and Apple but Coleman is still my dream pick for the Hawks this year. If we can give Russ time he has shown what he can do. A piece like Coleman might be someone who could protect Russ the remainder of his career.

    • Rob Staton

      They changed the rules and I believe redshirt juniors can be invited to the Senior Bowl. I’d love to see him there. It usually helps OL’s.

      • Trevor

        Absolutely I love the coverage as well. Really hope he gets the invite. You would think that his age / background and being right there in Alabama he would be a no brainer.

      • Richard

        Shon Coleman went on CBSSports player rankings on Monday at #37. I just checked again and he is has already moved up to #25. Rob, any chance you could be right a little less often so we could get a guy like this? Thanks for all that you do. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospectrankings

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks for the kind words Richard.

          • Volume12

            I second that. What Richard said.

            • troy

              I concur as well

  2. Volume12

    Speaking of the bowl games last week. One guy caught my eye last Saturday night.

    Arizona St WR Devin Lucien. 6’1-6’2, 195-205 lbs. Fantastic route runner, gritty, his mom battled breast cancer, articulate/intelligent. One more year and he’d have been one of the best WRs in CFB. Big on family and faith, and is described as a
    consummate teammate.

    Lucien was unbeleivable down the stretch and played/plays his best football in big time games. 534 yds and 5 TDs in his last 3 games including the Cactus Bowl.

    Highly underrated and should rise into the 4th round or so. If not, dude will be a gem in UDFA.

    Has the big time numbers Seattle likes in their wideouts.

    2015 stats: 66 rec., 1074 yards, 8 TDs, 16.27 YPC.

    There’s a vine of his that shows of his route running skills. It’s a fantastic stutter step, but IF can’t post the link.

    Some insight into his character:

    • icb12

      I mentioned Lucien a couple posts back. I’m pretty high on him.
      He started out for UCLA, and for some reason transferred his senior season. Seems like a seahawks type guy.

      Also I really like Malcolm Mitchell out of Georgia. I think that his Knee injury took a lot out of him. But he’s still an excellent football player with size, speed, character. Worth a look. Was a star two way player early in his career.

      • Volume12

        Lucien was hurt earlty in the year too. Makes ya wonder what he woulda done playing a full year 100%.

        Yeah, Mitchell is a dynamic receiver, but if there’s doubts about P-Rich staying healthy, I wouldn’t touch Mitchell.

        • Volume12

          This is what Lucien did as a Bruin and as a Sun Devil. No way in hell that QB Mike Bercovici is better than QB Brett Hundley. Another prime example of Jim Mora,jr. under-utilizing talent.

          UCLA : 58 catches, 752 yds., 4 TDs (30 games)
          Arizona St: 66 catches, 1,075 yds, 8 TDs (13 games)

          • icb12

            Mitchell. I know.. First thing I think is PRich all over. But man.
            58 Catches, 865 Yards this year, great hands, potential for days. A guy, who by his own account, could barely read at a junior high level when entering college, and worked his ass off to eventually now author and publish a childrens book. All that and his gifted abilitys on the field.
            Did you happen to see his since removed instagram video of him trying to out-do OBJs ridiculous catches? It was impressive.

            Something about him just says PCJS to me.

            But since we are talking about ASU.

            What do you think about DJ Foster as a third down back guy? Fred Jackson Replacement?

            • Volume12

              Nah. I’d pass on Foster. Struggled this year as a wide receiver.

              • CharlieTheUnicorn

                But plug him in as a RB.. and he is fantastic change of pace guy

                • Volume12

                  Not really. I haven’t seen anything from him tht indicates a tough, physical runner. Nothing grittyy about his style of play.

  3. Volume12

    I still think Seattle will really like Udub’s WR Jaydon Mickens too. The perfect kind of receiver for RW and this offense.

    Could be used like Tavon Austin, but would fit right in with ‘Douggie Fresh’ and ‘No E.’

    • Volume12

      For those that said he drops too many balls. His catch rate looks fine. Right on par with Will Fullers, better than Taj Sharpe’s, Aaron Burbridge, Kasen Williams, Keyarris Garrett, Paul Richardson, etc.

      Dude’s a stud.

      • vrtkolman

        That’s because 90% of his catches were screen passes. Anything down field and you have to pray he hangs onto it.

        • Volume12

          Last year they weren’t and his catch rate was 5% higher.

          When PC says they’d like to add another UDFA from Udub, who else but Mickens? Feeney could go undrafted, but with the undersized LB so in vogue in today’s NFL, I doubt he does.

          That leaves Littleton and Tupou. I like Littleton, but not sure he has enough speed.

          • Daniel

            What about Dwayne Washington. Isn’t he supposed to be a sparq god.

      • Matt

        Sometimes numbers are misleading. Mickens drops a lot of easy catches. I don’t really care much for catch rate % tbh. I’ve watched Mickens more than enough times to say he’s got very suspect hands. He’s a great athlete and is worth a shot as a UDFA though.

        • Volume12

          Well, Seattle does care about catch rates. 59% is the lowrst number by a receiver they’ve drafted and that was P-Rich.

          Guys like LSU’s Travin Dural, Martavis Bryant, and Sammie Coates have an awful rate, right around 45-47%.

          Numbers can be misleading. Your odds are better though if that rate is right around 60%. Just like guys that run a sub 1.60 10 yard split are more likely to be better pass rushers at the next level.

          • Matt

            There are just too many factors that go into catch rate % for me to hold much stock into it. Especially when looking at college stats. The type offense and QB play are big factors in the %. A guy like Mickens gets a lot of screens and quick passes whereas Bryant and Dural where used to stretch the field. To say Mickens has better hands than these 2 players because he has a higher catch rate % is a fallacy.

            Timed drills are more indicative of athletic traits than stats. I get what you’re saying, but stats vs timed results are a different ballgame. Both can be great indicators and both can be misleading.

            • Volume12

              I get what your saying too.

              Not saying that Mickens is better than Bryant or Dural. But, when he has the catch % Seattle likes, he fits as an UDFA. Hr’s definetly more grity than Bryant is.

              My point is that Seattle has only drafted one receiver that hasn’t had a 62% catch rate. That’s telling in and of itself.

  4. Nathan

    Rob, not sure if you’re aware, but I heard it another show, and was reminded when you were chatting about the schedule.

    Washington played 2 of 16 games against sides who made the post season. They were outscored 71-26.

    The only other team that was a playoff contender going into the final week that they played were the Jets, and they got beaten comfortably in that 1 too.

    We played 7 of 16 against playoff teams.

    • Nathan

      and the other great stat I heard in the last week:

      Kirk Cousins: 24 TD to 27 Picks prior to ‘you like that’

      23 TDs 3 Picks since ‘you like that’

      • Phil

        I think I read that he (Cousins) was the 2nd highest rated QB over the final 10 games. I think we know who #1 is.

  5. Old but Slow

    NFL.com just compiled a list of underclassmen declaring or leaning to the draft and those leaning toward returning to school TraDavious White is leaning toward returning to LSU for another year.


    • Volume12

      Iowa CB Desmond King has returned to school as well.

      • Matt

        Was bummed to see that, but it makes sense. With such a deep CB class King was likely a 2nd rounder. Next year he’ll go in the first.

  6. Barry

    Every time I watch Carson Wentz I see a bigger version of Aaron Rodgers. Not his arm, but the way he moves on the field. He leaves his feet when he throws and is a very gritty natural runner. Very gritty over all. I know Paxton Lynch put up great numbers and beat some very good teams but when I watch the two play as I am right now I just like Wentz more. I think he will be the steal of the draft.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He is my favorite QB…. very possibly a second round pick and a STEAL. I’m not sold on the top 2 guys for differing reasons, I would take another position group in the first (if I needed a QB for my club) and grab this guy in the second…….. this statement would be aimed directly at the Browns.

      • Volume12

        Best QB in the draft IMO.

        I like Goff and Lych too though.

        Goff needs to put on weight. He’d be best in a high vo.ume passing attack and Lynch at least outta the gates would be best in an offense like Seattle’s or Minnesota’s.

        Love Goff’s confidence.

    • Rob Staton

      Agreed. Been high on Wentz for a long time.

  7. Volume12

    Rob, did you see this little tidbit? Quite astonshing really.

    ‘Tyler Lockett is the 6th All-Pro player drafted by JS. He’s drafted an All-Pro in 4 of 6 drafts.’

    • Rob Staton

      Quite the hit rate.

    • Matt

      Wow! Very thankful to have JS running the show.

    • Nathan

      Who are the 6?

      I could only think of Chancellor, ET, Sherm, Wagner and Lockett.

      • Volume12

        RW or Okung, I’m guessing.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Lynch most likely

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            oh draft….. he did get 1 all-pro in 2012

  8. GoHawks5151

    Oregon State Grad here. Wondering if you have ever watched OL Issac Seamalo before? He just declared. He was a Freshaman all american that was derailed by injuries before playing the full year this past season. Still flashes a lot of potential this season after returning. Has played C, OG and OT so fits Cable’s likes. Tough kid with lots of leg drive and lateral quickness. Seahawks drafted 2 Beavers so Pete’s Pac 12 connections still looking strong.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the tip — we’ll check him out!

    • Volume12

      The PAC 12 has been very good to Seattle over the years.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He was injured last season. He was tremendous prior to the injury. He is a guy I could see Seattle really liking in the round 4-5 range. He is on my radar for centers Seattle might like to draft in 2016.

  9. Cragie Sea Hawk

    Nobody on this blog is talking about Scooby doobie do Wright? He had an amazing sophomore season then got hurt. He seems like quite the playmaker.

    • Rob Staton

      Not enough of an athlete for Seattle I suspect.

    • Volume12

      Nice college player. Probably a 3-4 MIKE and STs standout.

  10. Cragie Sea Hawk

    So I’m loving Will Fuller as well, he just gets so much seperation and was voted Notre Dame’s mvp by his teammates over Jaylon Smith which really speaks for itself. So were going to win the superbowl of course and I hope he is there waiting for us at pick 31.

  11. red

    Former LSU junior CB Rashard Robinson declares for draft hasnt played for 2 years. 6’3 180 maybe interesting UDFA type.

    • troy

      Could be a huge steal, the kid can flat out play.

      • troy

        Robinson started his first game against Texas A&M Mike Evans, holding Evans to just four catches and 51 yards. Not bad, especially for a freshman getting his first ever career start. Id love to see the Hawks take a late round flier on this kid.

        • red

          check the draft breakdown tape from 2013 mike evans vs LSU. He is number 21 really likes to press and use hands. was third team all sec pre season going into soph year. Started ahead of White and opposite of Collins.

  12. Trevor

    Can’t believe the Beast is not playing today after looking good and practicing all week. I guess it was his decision. Has he played his last game as a Hawk even if we win this weekend? Does anyone think it goes back to Cables comment about him having to be able to fit in?

    Really disappointing as a Beast fan as I was hoping he would come back and dominate then ride off into the sunset as a legend with 2 SBs this off season.

    Something just seems weird about him telling them as they are about to get on the plane. I hope Micheal and Brown got good prep and reps this week.

    • C-Dog

      I wouldn’t say this is devastating news, but it is disappointing. I still feel confident that if Seattle does what they do, they will handle the Vikings tomorrow and win regardless if whether Lynch played. But the Lynch fan in me wanted to see him come in and be a big contributor on a day they are probably going to need the run game in the bitter cold.

      John Clayton just brought up a very interesting point on his morning 710 show. He noticed that Lynch can in this week looking noticeably slimmer, like his playing weight looks about 15 lbs lighter. His point was, if that’s the case, would we be seeing the same old Beast Mode anyways?

      There’s a lot what Lynch does that’s weird, and because he doesn’t talk to the press, we are always left to speculate whether there is a rift, disconnect, or other. That’s the one aspect of him I will never miss.

      • Demitrov

        Im really impressed that the FO hasnt let any possible frustration with Lynch leak into the media. I mean the guy got a ton of money to play this year, generally underwhelmed in the few games he played, gets injured, then goes off to do his own unmonitored rehab, only to return to the team unable to go for the first playoff game. I know nothing about the severity of the injury or his recovery but if I were in the front office would this whole unfolding of events not bug you? Would you rather not be assured that Lynch is rehabbing his first ever surgery with the very best trainers and supervision the FO can muster instead of some MMA guys Lynch knows?

        • Volume12

          How do we know these MMA guys ae worse trainers than in the NFL.

          Working out 8-10 hours a day, did we expect Lynch not to lose weight?

          • Volume12

            I could see PC/jS being upset about it, but guys like Tom Cable shouldn’t. He kind of got what he wanted. ‘Lynch needs to adapt to us, this and that,’ well if he’s not here, Cable has no worries regarding Lynch.

  13. Trevor

    I have been watching tape on the Chiefs in prep for this games weekend and one guy who stood out is Mitch Morse as a rookie Center. He was a favourite of Robs on here and I think a target of the Hawks. Can you imagine if we had gotten him this past draft as well.

    Rob I have to admit your calls on OL have been amazing. I think about guys like Juawan James and Bitonio etc the list goes on and on. Your hit rate has been amazing props to you.

    I really was not joking about you trying to get a scouting gig. Don’t let the British background hold you back!

    • lil'stink

      Morse certainly has had a solid year. Too bad he won’t be playing tonight. I know the team liked him in the draft, it would have been interesting to see how things would have panned out had we not traded for Graham. The play of guys like Morse and Max Unger the past year, especially when considering the struggles of our OL, have made the Graham trade look like a horrible decision up to this point.

      I think Wlson’s play the second half of the year, and the way the OL came together to play a big part of it, has really opened my eyes. I don’t think we can pass up on the solid players like Mith Morse and Joel Bitonio in the draft any more. That’s why taking someone like Will Fuller in the first round is a hard sell for me. We’ve spent all this money on Wilson, I think protecting him should be just as high of a priority as getting weapons for him.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Your reason for calling the Graham trade a horrible decision assumes an either-or situation – either SEA trade for Graham, or they draft Bitonio or Morse (or any OL for that matter).

        We don’t know what SEA would have done with the #32 pick last year if they hadn’t traded it for Graham. And the only people who do aren’t talking. It’s possible they may have taken DGB instead of OL.

        Also, even if SEA had taken an OL like Morse, there’s no guarantee he’d have the same season for SEA that he has for KC.

        • Volume12


          Hindsight is always 20/20..

        • Lil'stink

          Of course. Pure conjecture on my part. For all we know if they didn’t do the Graham trade they may have still missed out or passed on Morse. I just think that trying to cobble together an OL without wisely investing enough draft capital in it is going to come back to haunt us. I guess the picture will be a bit more clear once the Okung and Sweezy situations are finalized. Passing on a quality lineman to take a flashy skill position player isn’t what I want to see happen 3 drafts in a row.

      • Ukhawk

        Love the Graham trade, -b@lls out. Good luck trying to hit & draf someone like him in the lower first.

        • lil'stink

          This isn’t about trying to draft someone like Graham at the end of the first round. It’s about trying to surround our franchise QB with the weapons he needs in order to succeed. Without going into detail all the ups and downs of this season have convinced me that solidifying the OL play is probably going to be more valuable to Russell Wilson than surrounding him with players like Jimmy Graham.

    • Volume12

      I think Seattle wanted Morse or Marpet.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        “We” on the blog wanted Marpet… classic Seattle pick-up. Sadly he lit the combine on fire with his workout

        • lil'stink

          Marpet went on to eventually have a nice year as well. He is a great story. Would have loved to have gotten either Morse or Marpet (hindsight 20/20).

  14. Jarhead

    Since I LOVE the NFL.com troll index I though I would throw this out there. GB-WAS- 85 comments so far, KC-HOU- 94 comments, PIT-CIN- A heated division rivaly has 156, and the SEA-MIN (which has no historical significance and is two small market teams facing off) a whopping 218 comments! I always find it insane the level of trollery that the Seahawks attract. We have 62 more comments than the CIN-PIT game and that is a decades old division rivalry. So many other fanbases are obsessed with the Hawks and we are a 10-6 6th seed. Are we REALLY that intimidating and frightening that they are so scared that we will run the table AGAIN?? Haha I honestly can’t believe that we have kept the draft blog that well hidden from them for this long

  15. Ukhawk

    Just watched new Shon Coleman highlights vs Alabama on draft breakdown. Not nearly as convincing as vs Texas A&M. Here’s hoping/praying he continues to fly under the radar…

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