Some thoughts on the Marshawn Lynch withdrawal

The Tweet above from Danny Kelly sums it up perfectly. Can anyone say they’re surprised by this latest drama?

After a week of positives, Marshawn Lynch was declared ready to go by Pete Carroll, Tom Cable and Darrell Bevell. They all expressed a similar sentiment — he wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t ready.

Something changed on Friday. He didn’t board the bus to the airport. He didn’t travel to Minnesota. He will not play against the Vikings.

ESPN’s Ed Werder quoted a Seahawks source suggesting the u-turn “seemed very sudden”. It’s unclear what kind of connections Michael Irvin has to the Seahawks or Lynch — but he is reportedly claiming Lynch isn’t playing due to friction between the player and the team.

Those quotes and the dramatic nature of the decision hinted at a degree of subterfuge. After preparing all week to play — this all feels very strange.

And really, nobody is wrong for wondering what the heck is going on. Danny O’Neil put it perfectly in these Tweets:

Several reports have suggested the Seahawks and Lynch have endured a strained relationship. That is why the circus definition is fair. The Seahawks have essentially done everything to accommodate Lynch. Hold outs, days off, time away, new contracts. Which other player would be allowed to go and recover from a hernia and train off-site for multiple weeks?

To an outsider, it feels like none of this has ever been enough for Lynch. The Seahawks traded for him when he was buried deep on Buffalo’s depth chart. They made him the focal point of the team. They gave him the opportunity to thrive. He took it with both hands, ran through three tackles and scored. It’s a relationship that has been supremely prosperous for both parties.

One party, however, seems to want to sock it to the man. Fiercely loyal to his team mates but carrying an issue with authority. Maybe that’s just the way Lynch rolls.

Tom Cable recently suggested Lynch would have to “adapt to this football team” when he returned to health. “In the way it is, the way it acts and the way it’s moving right now, collectively.” These were interesting remarks.

That’s not to say he’s pulling some trick this weekend. That would be a bizarre way to end his story in Seattle. A very peculiar message to send to a team that has coped just fine without him for several weeks. The whole drama lends itself to speculation though. As O’Neil suggests, it “sure seems something went sideways between him and the Seahawks in (the) past 24 (hours)”.

Others have been quick to diffuse the situation. Michael Robinson told the NFL Network Lynch “wasn’t explosive” during the week and “he’s not going to get on the field until he feels like he’s right.” Lynch’s agent told Dave Mahler: “He simply had a setback Friday and was unable to go.”

It’d actually be refreshing if Lynch has done the honorable thing. If he felt he was going to hinder the running game — he’s right not to play. Christine Michael and Bryce Brown filled in nicely against Arizona. Lynch isn’t the type of back to be spelled. You don’t feel the benefit if he only has 8-10 carries.

The nature of the admittance though — in the dying stages of the week after all the preparation — makes for a slightly disappointing outcome.

So what now?

The Seahawks have a decision to make after the weekend. If they win in Minnesota and the Michael/Brown combo thrives — it might be best to go with what they’ve got. Lynch could always return if Seattle reaches the Super Bowl — but if they win three road playoff games without him — would you go back? Is it healthy to have the continuous ‘will-he-won’t-he’ speculation if they keep winning? Is it time to permanently make this Russell Wilson’s team and put him on I.R.?

It’s a virtual certainty Lynch will not return to Seattle next season. Will he play anywhere else? Could this be the end?

Hopefully this latest story won’t be too disruptive ahead of a tough game against the Vikings. And that’s where being a circus comes in handy. The Seahawks are used to this drama. It’s simply another day at the office.


  1. Volume12


    Did Tom Cable’s comments backfire in his face?

    Was hoping to get him back, but not surprised by this. Here’s to hoping C-mike knows how to play in cold weather.

    • Volume12

      On a side note. Did Minnesota just spend a week game-planning for Lynch?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        You mean instead of planning for Wilson? Planning to defend the run vs. the pass?

        • Volume12

          Kinda. I mean obviously you game plan for a guy like RW, but with the weather being a factor, yes, planning to defend the run over the pass.

          • C-Dog

            If Marshawn can’t handle his Coach’s words, it’s really time to move on regardless. I’m really hoping it’s just a matter of Marshawn knowing he wasn’t right yet, and wasn’t going to be ready to hold up. Hopefully they spent plenty of time with C Mike getting him ready as well. You would think they were.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      It may have been unrealistic to expect Lynch’s return this soon, so I’m not necessarily surprised by him not playing. I do wonder why he didn’t travel with his teammates to support them.

      The main thing that concerns me is how this makes PC look…I dunno, foolish? He spent the entire week saying things like Lynch “wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t ready” and “he’s ready to rock.”

      Lynch is an odd cat. He may have been pushing it hard in practice and feeling not quite right all week but never said anything to anyone. That’s very much his style.

      • Coug1990

        I do not think Carroll looks foolish at all. I do think Marshawn does. Marshawn has a long history of being a diva. Pete does not have a long history of looking foolish.

        Which one is the stronger narrative? Especially, Marshawn since has zero friends in the press.

  2. JC

    It’s probably more accurate to say “Marshawn Lynch is a circus”… Minus him, and with Harvin long gone, the dramas are pretty typical of a NFL team. It is pretty standard for those sidelined a significant time to have 2 weeks of practice at least before being active gameday, but it is the playoffs, and Lynch was accommodated with off site rehab, his usual special treatment. But the everyone knows #24 is gone when the season ends, by team decision, puts a different mindset into #24’s thinking I presume. Year after year he further pushed the envelope, but production, health, salary and the emergence of Rawls brought his leverage to a crashing halt, revived by playoffs and Rawls’ injury, giving him an opportunity to create more off field drama. Thanks for the memories Marshawn, but no tears will be shed here when you get cut at season’s end.

    • Robert

      You have constructed very strong opinions based on speculation. Maybe he’ll be ready yo Beast next week and you can flush your elaborate narrative down the toilet.

      • SunPathPaul

        I agree JC. Lynch is a selfish all about him dude. So tired of his drama.
        He will not be in Seattle next year. I’d put him on IR now…

        Robert, flush your feedback…JC is right.

        • Robert

          Just because you construct your opinions to read as facts, doesn’t make them so. The drama you’re so tired of is a product of media speculation and twisted interpretation of meaning to stimulate emotions…and clicks.

      • Steen

        Lets see what happens this week first, it’s just as likely that it’s you who’ll be flushing things.

    • no frickin clue

      No tears will be shed? Jesus Christ man. The guy was the heart and soul of the team for, what, 5 years? Whether he is trying to exercise leverage or not – and none of us know for sure at this point – I will absolutely have good memories of his time here after it is done.

  3. arias

    Damn this is so weird. I REALLY hope this behind the scenes drama doesn’t distract them from the game at hand. This is a horrible stunt to pull if any of this is true, right before a playoff game.

  4. Ben2

    I own 1 jersey, and that’s #24. I’ll always remember the M.Lynch years with the team fondly, but I’m ready to move on as a fan. I have the feeling that most if not all Hawks fans are ready (might actually be HAPPY) to be rid of Lynch, and after such a successful run (making him an iconic player) that seems weird. Go Hawks!

  5. Nathan

    Does he need to be given an injury settlement if he’s still technically ‘injured’?

  6. Trevor

    Really hoping Michael has another big game and in the process earns himself a spot with Rawls for next year. I think we have seen the last of Beast MOde regardless of the outcome of this game. Pete has shown he is willing to put up with a lot of crap to win but I think this will be the last straw if it really is a rift and not health.

    • matt

      Cheering for Michael to keep running the ball hard. We’ve finally witnessed the explosiveness from CM. Let’s keep it rolling!

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I’m rooting big for C Mike tomorrow. This is a great opportunity for him to show he truly belongs.

        • Volume12

          Minnesota doesn’t have a ton of film on C-Mike. Nor do I think they were prepping for him either.

          5 points of pressure C-Mike.

          • david ess

            The bad thing about Cmike is his ball carrying hand. it never changes. just hope his fumbling doesn’t show up today. Carrying will be difficult on a cold day like this. Frozen ball has no give and can easily be punched out.

  7. matt

    “It’d actually be refreshing if Lynch has done the honorable thing. If he felt he was going to hinder the running game — he’s right not to play. Christine Michael and Bryce Brown filled in nicely against Arizona.” Rob

    This is the reality. Dealing with surgery is a first for Beast. One week of practice and maybe he tweaked it. Maybe if we weren’t headed to frigid Minnesota, but say the 52 degrees in Carolina, Marshawn would feel more comfortable playing. Getting and staying warm is going to be a challenge in tomorrows game no doubt.

    I’m puzzled as to why Lynch didn’t travel with the team. Strange.

    • Nathan

      If he’s tweaked anything, he is done for the season, Abdominal injuries are serious stuff.

    • bigDhawk

      I agree. I think the reports of strife between Lynch and the FO are overblown. I’m quite confident this is due to injury and Lynch realizing after a week of full speed practice that he can not perform well enough to help the team. Not much to see here.

      • Rob Staton

        That’s fine, but I suspect if anything the strife is arguably ‘underblown’ between Lynch and the authority figures in Seattle.

  8. Jake

    I thought there was an understandable progression.

    Friday morning: He’s ready to rock.

    Friday afternoon: We’re going to wait and see if the soreness is regular soreness or if he tweaked something.

    Friday evening: He’s not going to be able to play.

    It seems like he was basically ready to go and performed fine with the adrenaline going during active movement, but that afterwards he didn’t recover like he should have. That’s not something Lynch could have known about ahead of time. Assuming they gradually ramped up his workload, it seems they just exceeded his limits today.

    Dude’s recovering from major surgery. There doesn’t need to be any personal drama to explain why he isn’t playing.

    • Rob Staton

      Except a team source told Ed Werder the u-turn “seemed very sudden”. And they could’ve said it was a natural progression. They chose to describe it differently.

      • John_s

        Ed Werder is not the most reliable guy when it comes to Seahawks news (ask Softy about Werder saying Jared Allen was a done deal with Seattle)

        • Rob Staton

          He quoted the team. What is unreliable about that?

          I will also say, as a journalist myself, people should really avoid judging people when a report doesn’t come off. A lot of people believed Jared Allen was joining the Seahawks. A lot of people reported it. But things change and they clearly did in that case.

          • Robert

            So is it a change if the Beast plays next week? I think you all are jump’n the gun.

            • Rob Staton

              The change reference you make has no relation to this story. Werder reported (as did many others) that Jared Allen was joining the Seahawks. That situation changed. The report was still valid at the time.

              Next week, Marshawn Lynch’s decision to pull out of the Minnesota game will still ‘seem very sudden’ even if he returns for any possible future game.

              • Robert

                Beast’s decision late Friday to pull out of the Vikings game IS sudden and always will be no matter what. But if he plays in the Panther game, I’m going to have a serious inquiry into my own time investments of reading rampant speculation and unfounded accusations on the Internet. People are sharing strong opinions stated as facts and frothing at the mouth with all these emotions before they even know the facts. It’s pretty pathetic to watch an angry mob say such horrible things about the Beast when the facts are imminent.

                • Coug1990

                  I am sure that the training staff were talking to Marshawn during and after practices. They were getting positive comments from Marshawn. That information was passed on to the Coaching staff.

                  If there had been any hesitancy through Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, Carroll would have been more guarded in his statements throughout the week. Remember his is not the training staff’s first rodeo and they can usually tell where things stand.

                  That this completely caught the Seahawks off guard, I think tells us that there is a disconnect and more to the story.

                • Steen

                  Is it also pathetic to categorize people who just have an opposing opinion as an “angry mob”? Your time investments are of no concern to anyone here-BTW.

                  • Robert

                    Pathetic? Strong, hostile emotions from conclusions based on minimal information is mob-like. Generally speaking, I appreciate and honor different opinions. But the outrage over the ML late scratch is premature with more information forthcoming.

      • Jake

        Pete Carroll’s statements in his press conference were perfectly consistent with a natural progression. Note that the moment Lynch realized he wouldn’t be able to play would happen “suddenly” but the whole “fine -> worried -> out” progression still happened naturally.

        Drama stirring journalists are going to do what they do, but I”m not particularly moved by anonymous sources. The idea that any guy who can shoot hoops is therefore fine to be a workhorse RB n a playoff game is self-refuting.

        To me this is the latest iteration of the “black enough” nonsense.

        • Robert

          I’m in your camp. I will focus on the game and expect reliable updates on the Beast soon enough.

        • Rob Staton

          You’re free to feel that way, but Ed Werder is not a drama stirring journalist. He’s one of the best and most respected journalists in the business. And his ‘anonymous source’ will not be the guy who hands out the Gatorade.

    • Nathan

      While Carroll was being interviewed, he was seen by many of the media playing basketball with other players, this was after friday practice.

      He is fine.

    • Robert

      Agree…rampant speculation is folly with more information imminent.

      • Volume12

        M-Rob said Lynch didn’t feel explosive enough to help his team. So there’s that too. 2 sides of every coin.

        • Robert

          Yeah…THE side and the media side, which is usually a combination of bullshit and hyperbole converted to headlines aimed at evoking strong emotional responses>>>clicks.

          • Coug1990

            Then why are you here Robert? Rob Staton IS media. So is Softy for that matter.

            • Poweroflogic

              There are distinctions within ‘media’, quite obviously, and I think you are offside insinuating that a poster whose views you don’t share should get lost for expressing his opinion. I for one feel pretty incensed by the knee-jerk storyline that developed, and always seems to develop, around Lynch. I was going to reply to certain comments here but Robert took the words right out of my mouth. (Thank you by the way, Robert).

              I will take M-Rob’s ‘inside’ info over Ed Werder’s any day, especially when Werder’s ‘source’ never goes so far as to confirm any of the negative inferences drawn by others about the ‘sudden’ news. There is nothing inherently suspicious about sudden. It became suspicious for some because it involves the supposedly ‘divisive’ figure that is Beastmode. The guy who won’t talk to the media which has adopted the storyline.

              Speaking of unfounded conjecture. To Ben above who opined that “most fans” would be happy to “get rid of Lynch”, I would like to counter with my own rampant speculation. This is utter and complete rubbish. Lynch is an iconic and beloved player with average fans and, for what it’s worth, his jerseys still sell like hotcakes, the last I heard.

              It’s not most fans who have deep problems with Lynch. It’s the (minority of) ‘inside football’ super-fans. This minority of super-fans tends to identify with an abstraction called the Seattle Seahawks “Team” in a particular kind of way, identifying with the head office and internalizing the priorities of management above those of the players.

              Most average fans don’t do this. They identify with real players, even players who rock management’s boat like Marshawn Lynch and Kam Chancellor. They simply feel horrible when a player goes down; they don’t ask what his cap savings might be.

              Marshawn Lynch is objectionable to some because he pierces the illusion that the Team is a monolithic unity, just one big happy family. He openly and honestly expresses the reality that there are structural divisions within a workplace like the Seattle Seahawks.

              I love this blog even if I mostly lurk here, but I think it’s important to remember that while Paul Allen invests his spare cash, and John Schneider crunches numbers real hard, it’s the players and no one more than Marshawn Lynch who risk their bodies for this game. I for one will not question if the force of nature who gave rise to the nickname Beastmode is truly injured or just faking it with some nefarious ulterior motive.

            • Robert

              In my world, Rob is in a very tiny minority of Internet journalists who consistently generate awesome articles that only appeal to a very specific and tiny segment. I am in that segment and love Rob’s work. I just think the Beast thing doesn’t have enough reliable information available to reach any strong conclusions.

  9. Colin

    Wouldn’t surprise me if he just decided to say ‘F it. Not playing in this cold weather’.

    If he’s not mentally ready to go, I’m glad he’s not playing.

  10. Volume12

    Sorry to change the subject, but if Seattle goes WR early and Fuller and Coleman both are gone…

    Pitt WR Tyler Boyd?
    Oklahoma WR Sterling Shepard?
    S. Carolina WR Pharoh Cooper?
    Ohio St WR Michael Thomas?
    Miss St WR De’Runnya Wilson?
    Colorado St WR Rashard ‘Hollywood’ Higgins?
    Tulsa WR Keyarris Garrett?

    • Ben2

      I wouldn’t mind breaking the trend (probably won’t) and taking a 1st Rd corner to pair with Sherman – CBs, like WR, also make a lot of $$$ so having a good one on a rookie contract with our existing pass rush would be pretty awesome!

      • Volume12

        If they re-sign Okung and Bruce Irvin, CB would be the one spot in need of an immediate starter.

        However, I don’t think Bruce stays, and with Seattle’s draft model of not taking corners early, I’m guessing they take a corner in round 5. Maybe 4th this year.

    • Donald

      Tyler Boyd… My wish on draft day, everyday and twice on Sundays!

      • C-Dog

        I would be good with Sterling Shepard to add to the Baldwin Lockett mix

        • Volume12

          Yeah- I say Shepard or De’Runnya. He’s very similar to DGB and Benjamin.

    • onrsry

      The one who doesn’t want to be a WR1 and #1 target in passing game.(Unlike Sammy Watkins)

      And also, the one who is similar(if possible) to Tyler Lockett(or Rawls) in terms of work ethic and attitude. To me talent is NOT #1 thing to look for, it’s attitude/work ethic. Talent could/should be #2 to look for(at least for WRs,for this offense). Or just go DT or OL.

      We don’t need any divas who would want more targets in his 2nd or 3rd season. This is a run-first team. And they already have great WR1 and WR2.And Jimmy also will be back,so you already have 3 good targets,can’t fit a 4th super-talent there.Not saying it would be bad.But it shouldn’t be a priority because it will have no great impact.Pass protection more important, because if tou can’t protect then you can’t use those talents/weapons in the passing game. Actually i prefer extending Kearse over drafting WR in the first round.

  11. neil

    I do not have much hope for this game. Michael has a penchant for putting the ball on the ground. That is one of the reasons he did not stich with the Hawks the first time. This game will be won or lost on turnovers. I really think Marshawn is miffed about reports he will not be back next year or may have to accept a backup roll. That is not what you would call a team player. Time to move on from Beast Mode.

    • Rob Staton

      “I do not have much hope for this game.”


      Seems pretty defeatist given last weeks thrashing of the Cardinals, not to mention the last game in Minnesota.

    • TatupuTime

      I’ve rarely been more confident in a game. Teddy has 14 TDs this year, how many do you think the Hawks are going to give up? Contain AP and they should win. Minnesota needs all kinds of crazy to happen in their favor to bridge the gap between the two teams.

      • Jarhead

        Exactly. A mind boggling stat: the Hawks have given up 14 passing rec ALL YEAR. 14! And they have faced Rodgers, Newton, Palmer twice, Andy Dalton and Big Ben. People need a little perspective. SF waltzed on to the Frozen Tundra 3 years ago and stomped the Packers. The weather was in the teens and 20’s. It is some weather. Gee whiz. I honestly can’t wait for the wake up call we give the rest of the league tomorrow. The Panthers and their whole fan base are all probably praying that the weather IS a factor.

      • neil

        Really? With the weather seemingly favoring the Vikings and the revenge factor on their side and they played the Hawk game without three of their best players, to me that is cause for concern. Also Marshawn not traveling with the team for moral support has to be a big psychological let down for the team, Its a playoff game for gods sakes. So yeah I am hoping for a win but expecting a loss.

        • Jake

          The revenge factor won’t actually be suiting up for the game. The new players all play on the defense. The offense will still be the same guys who scored zero (0) points last time, except this time they get to play in arctic cold.

          I think 14 points wins this game, and I think Seattle gets 21+.

        • Robert

          Beast stayed home to get ready for the Panthers game. I think the players understand and appreciate that. Vikings O cannot do much vs our D.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Tired of hearing about how MIN had 3 defensive starters out. Okay, but their offense was at full strength and SEA shut that down and shut them out.

          No doubt SEA will find the points harder to get this time because they’re full strength on defense, and also the weather. But they will still score.

          Don’t be surprised if the only points MIN score are on ST or off of a turnover.

          • C-Dog

            I take solace in the fact this is a veteran Seattle team that likely wants, very badly, to redeem their season by going to Minnie and putting the Vikes away. As much as the Vikings want revenge, the Seahawks want to put them away, and advance. If C Mike hangs onto the ball, I think Seattle wins. This is as great of an opportunity for him as he’s going to have to prove he belongs in the league. I’m not expecting or anticipating a pretty win, but if Seattle does what it does best, I think they win against the Vikes.

            • willyeye

              I think AP also has fumble issues, and those could be exacerbated by the cold temps. I also think that the cold temps would have a much stronger effect on the weaker team. We’ll see.

              • Robert

                Nailed it!

    • Matt

      Really? We stomped them the first go around. Rawls had an early fumble in that game btw. It hardly stunted our offensive production. We have the best run defense in the game to stop AP. Bridgewater isn’t good enough, nor does he have enough weapons, to beat us.

    • Robert

      The Nimbus clouds are rolling in…ohhhhh.

      • Volume12

        Tyler Lockett could be the x-factor in this game.

        Also, RW consistently practiced at night when he was with Wisconsin. Bridgewater will not beat this team.

        Minnesota might have a few guys back for this one, but Bam Bam and Okung are back with us too.

        I’m not expecting it to be the same kind of game it was 4 weeks ago, but damn, no hope?

        • Robert

          If you intended to reply to me, I was being sarcastic to mock a particularly negative comment. I always have forethoughts of victory even when I or my team is a longshot, which certainly isn’t the case this game! Go Hawks!

    • Steele

      I am neutral, neither optimistic nor pessimistic about the game. Conditions will be tough, and I expect a much tougher game.

      But I am in agreement with neil that CMike is not a reliable quantity. Just hoping he doesn’t cough it up.

  12. lil'stink

    I think the two Danny O’Neil tweets sum up the situation perfectly. Ultimately I think Marshawns’s pride and loyalty to his teammates would push him to play if he were physically able. Of course, it’s hard to completely ignore all the rumors of Marshawn having some sort of ill will or uneasiness towards the coaches/front office. This despite the fact that it seems that Pete and John have bent over backwards to keep Marshawn happy. Outside of a few quotes from Tom Cable or Darrell Bevell I’m not sure what more they could have done. Marshawn’s trust issues have been well documented, but I certainly hope Marshawn isn’t so thin skinned to hold grudges over some of those comments.

  13. Greg haugsven

    Leave his ass at home…it wouldn’t surprise me if we got back home, win or loss and just released him now. We’ve been winning without him.

    • Donald

      No don’t release him. Try and trade him to Oakland for a draft pick.

      • Robert

        What the hell are you guys saying? You don’t have any solid information yet! Reliable updates are forthcoming. He could easily Beast Mode for 150 vs the Panthers.

        • willyeye

          It is just as likely that having Lynch in the Panthers game could lose the game for the Hawks. They might be better off giving all the run snaps to C-Mike.

        • Steen

          Monkeys will fly out of your ass before Lynch gets 150 in a game again. Ever. The Beast is gone and isnt coming back.

          • Robert

            Try that line next time you are arguing with a man face to face. My position is that we will have more information soon and then we can arrive at accurate conclusions about the Beast. And you replay with some rude drivel that references my ass? You are way outa bounds! I’ll buy you lunch; live in greater Seattle area???

      • lil'stink

        Releasing him now would be a rash decision and not benefit the team. And IMHO he has pretty much zero trade value. The Raiders aren’t giving up a draft pick for Marshawn’s contract, especially when they know we are likely to release him after this season.

    • bigDhawk

      Wow. I realize we are winning with a different style of offensive ball right now, but that is just nuts.

  14. smitty1547

    Oakland has a great young and cheap RB, they will not want the head ache. Same could be said for the 49ers, plus new coach won’t want to deal with his antics. Dallas would maybe be a spot he could land. All I know is Ii feel confident with Rawls and Michaels next year if Michaels can stay humble.

    • SunPathPaul

      Good point smitty1547. Lynch with Dallas’ Oline might be good for a couple years…and Jerry Jones would kiss his ass…probably only team that will. Oakland doesn’t need him, and he is 30 next year. Sad he let his ego break so much down. He didn’t create ‘beats mode’, Pete Carroll did. No trade, no beast mode…

      I get so sick of these player’s egos losing sight of the fact that the “Coach and teacher” Pete Carroll has made them! LOB is because of Pete. Beast Mode would have been an after thought staying in Buffalo, going to cleveland or some other crap team. This team made each ONE, each ONE owes it to Pete (ad JS) for trusting them and bringing out their BEST.

      Bye bye lynch. Tired of having an ungrateful, uncoachable player that throws middle fingers, and is scared of the cold…

      We are better without him…clearly.

  15. C-Dog

    Marshawn Lynch will always go down for me as one of my favorite Seahawks of all time, and I have been watching Seahawks football since 1976. That said, I think I’m ready for whatever the strife and circus there is to end.

    If what is being speculated is true, there is a continual rift with authority, that’s a cancer that needs to be eradicated for good. This team, coaching staff, front office has done everything it can do to appease 24, has given him leeway I have never seen them give any other player.. ever. If it’s true that it’s still not enough for him, if he didn’t like the strong words from Coach Cable, 24 needs to just ride off into the sunset and either do something else, or play for some other team, plain and simple. The Seahawks have already shown what they are capable of doing without him, their offense no longer begins and ends with Lynch, and if he has any problem with that, yeah, he shouldn’t get on the plane ride.

    If what is being speculated is not true or way overblown, I hope the Seahawks come out tomorrow and kick the frozen snot out of the Vikings, so Lynch can get ready to play against the Panthers next week, and have the opportunity to end is tenure in Seattle on a highest of notes. Anything less would be a shame.

    • willyeye

      Not saying that this is anything but speculation, but when Kam started his holdout, my first gut reaction was that Marshawn could have had something to do with Kam ‘s decision to hold out. I think Lynch may have a lot of issues not only with authority, but also with people he considers to be the 1% (the oppressors). I think there’s no love lost for any of the executives, coaches or the owner of the Seahawks. If there was a Seahawks Player Union, Lynch would be the “Union Boss” and would constantly have his union members going on stike. I think many players believe in him and agree with his indifference to wealthy people (regardless of whether these players are all multi-millionaires now). I also thought that when there was a lot of drama on the team, and the whole “not black enough” thing was going on, that there were 2 different factions on the Seahawks…I think it was the Wilson faction vs. the Lynch faction. I could be insane, but these were just my gut reactions to the things that were going on the last few years.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I see where you are going with all this. I think there is a lot about Lynch that is really enigmatic simply because he doesn’t speak and that allows a lot of speculation. It’s easy to point to him and say he’s the cool kid, and then point to Russ and say he’s the teacher’s pet. I will see that when Russ hosted the Kid’s Choice Awards (yup, I watched it), Lynch made a guess appearance on it last Summer. If there was a major rift between the two, I don’t think he would have been on that.

        Here’s what I think. I that Lynch is the ultimate cool kid and alpha dog in a locker room full of alphas. Once Hasselbeck was no longer on the team, this team became Lynch’s increasingly more and more, especially once they moved on from other extreme alpha dogs like Chris Clemons and Red Bryant. Players pbeleived the way he ran was the life force of the offense, and fired up anyone blocking for him, and the defense. Russ was not the savior, but the complementary piece to put them over the top. For them, Lynch was their “Heart Beat.”

        But Russ has a lot of swag, too, albeit in a totally opposite way. He came into the league supremely confident, and believed when most others didn’t. He has succeeded by being robotically consistent, and he is extremely close to his coaches. The opposite of Lynch.

        For whatever reason, Lynch has chosen not to be close to the head coach, or the front office, even though he has been paid very handsomely by them for his position, and they have done everything they could do to accommodate his odd isolationism from the team. Couple that with the fact he had won over so many of his teammates so decisively, yeah that’s the major problem. Totally breeds the possibility for others like Kam, Mike B, players that give it their all for the team (something any player should do anyways b/c that is what they are paid to do), who are cool kid alphas to look at Lynch, and expect the same treatment. IMO, that is the price Pete and John have had to pay by electing to bend for Lynch in the ways they have had to.

        I really think Lynch is the perfect enigma. I will never be more sorry to see a Seahawks player move on and, at the say time, glad to see him move on as I will Marshawn Lynch. I will miss the player. I won’t miss the enigma and the circus sideshows it lends towards.

  16. mrpeapants

    if lynch says he cant go then he cant. I don’t doubt that. my problem is not coming with the team. very selfish and very disappointing.

    • mrpeapants

      go hawks

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I agree. The bottom line is he just can’t go. I don’t think SEA have a problem with that either, at least in and of itself. He’s barely 8 weeks removed from a surgery that takes 4-6 weeks to recover. BTW recover doesn’t mean 100% ready to play a game as if nothing happened. It means ready to practice to get back into game shape. The problem is that he said he would be ready by rehabbing on his own, and he isn’t. That’s not to say he would ready if he had rehabbed at the VMAC with team trainers. But he went and did it his way, and he’s not ready.

      Also, I think PC and the rest of the coaches were sincere in their comments this week about how good and ready Lynch looked in practice. Which makes me think that either Lynch really was ready to play right up to Friday afternoon, or that he wasn’t entirely sure during the week and failed to communicate anything to the staff. If it’s the latter, and he didn’t say anything, that’s pretty disappointing to think he’d let PC parade in front of the media all week about him. I prefer to think he wouldn’t, which simply makes this unfortunate timing in his recovery.

      I suspect that if SEA are fortunate enough to advance past MIN and face CAR next week, and Lynch is in fact ready, he will be in the line up and he will play. I know I would be happy to have him back, especially the deeper SEA goes. Who wouldn’t prefer a backfield of Lynch/Michael over Michael/Brown vs CAR, ARI and whomever represents the AFC. It’s yet possible he’s a big part of SEA’s return to glory, and this current situation is a forgotten footnote.

  17. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Time to focus on the game. You play with the guys that are ready and able to participate.
    As was readily apparent in the games today (AFC WCs), you need depth on the roster and quality play from the players on your team. It is time for the other RBs/FBs to continue to step up and carry the team to the second round.

  18. mishima

    For me, ‘Beast Mode’ is becoming less about his play and more about his behavior. If you can’t get on the plane, stand on the sidelines, support the team (players, coaches, owner, fans), I don’t want him back. Win or lose, ‘team first,’ bleed blue.

    • DC

      Y’all should listen to what Sherman said about Beast this week before you douse him in gasoline and light a match. He’s a beloved and selfless team mate. Think back to “the play” last year. He didn’t bitch one bit, said “It’s a team sport”. Whatever happens from here, he’s going down in my book as one of the all time Hawk greats.

      • Nathan

        He did bitch about ‘the play’

        • DC

          The entire world was bitching about the play, I know I was in disbelief in that moment . What I heard was Marshawn get asked if he was surprised that he didn’t get the ball and he answered no. When asked why he replied, “because it’s a team sport”. Yes he is a different cat and yes he has been surpassed on the field this season but he has given everything his body has to give for this sport as long as I have seen him play.

      • willyeye

        Just because Marshawn said something, that doesn’t mean it actually reflected his true feelings. If he talks at all to his mom and felt differently from her, she most likely wouldn’t have said anything. She seemed to be pretty upset about it…what do they say? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Marshwan probably agreed with her in private.

      • neil

        As I recall he was the only player smiling after the interception.

    • Jeff M.

      Sure, because nothing helps recover from surgery faster than taking multiple plane flights and standing outside in sub-zero weather…

      The best thing Marshawn can do in terms of the team’s interests is to try to get healthy and contribute later in the playoffs. None of the players seem to have a problem with Marshawn as a teammate (instead by all accounts they seem to love him and think he’s a great team player and locker room presence)–if they don’t then I don’t really get why we as fans should resent him trying to get healthy for CAR rather than standing on the sideline in MIN.

      • mrpeapants

        I agree he needs to get healthy, but supporting his team isn’t gonna hurt anything.

      • mishima

        Yeah, I wonder how he got to/from Philadelphia and Oakland. Also, if you can train with MMA fighter for 10 hrs. a day, I think you can fly to Minnesota, stand on the sidelines.

  19. DC

    I got back from a trip just as Cincinnati had a 16-15 lead. Knew nothing of what had transpired earlier. First play I saw was the interception. From there, WOW. Talk about shooting yourself threw both feet and then in the head. This ranks right up there with Green Bay’s implosion last year to us. They continue to be the “Bungles”, just a more talented version.

  20. EranUngar

    You have said it all, I only have one comment…

    This latest event is somehow linked to Lynch rehabbing away from the team “on his own with his own people”. There is one fact that has not been mentioned enough when his rehab is discussed:

    Azim and his MMA training staff are not Lynch’s old friends etc. The person that recommended them to Lynch 5 years ago and put both sides in contact was….Tom Cable. It shades a different light on Lynch rehabbing on his away from the team.

    Other than that, when you hang your hat on “It’s all about the action”, do not be surprised that when you are missing that action questions will rise.

    • Volume12

      Aziz called Tom Cable his mentor.

  21. Volume12

    That Pittsburgh/Cincinnati game was crazy!

    I’m not sold on Marvin Lewis. Even after all these years. Yes, I get that he made them a perennial playoff contender, but I’m a firm beleiver that teams take on the petsonality of their coach to a certain degree.

    If he can’t control his own players and ever win a single playoff game, what’s the point?

    • willyeye

      I can see how the players would get upset when the refs appeared to be biased in favor of the Steelers. It kind of reminded me of the last Rams game in Week 16. Seven concussions in that game. The Rams were trying to hit so hard with their helmets that they were injuring themselves. I think it was tough to watch Bernard go down and then see the refs ignore it. I believe the refs were totally responsible for the chaos that ensued. It’s just like when the refs kept letting the dirty hits and cheap shots by the Rams slide. I was yelling at my TV. The players must get pretty close to losing it in games like that.

      • Volume12

        So, the Vontaze Burfict his is justified? That was one of the dirtiest hits I’ve ever seen. The NFL warned both teams to not let it get out of control. Good, playoff winning, championship teams stay poised. Not act like a bunch of little girls. Let your HC deal with the refs. Which he clearly can’t. He’s the AFC version of Jeff Fisher.

        The Pacman Jones thing was pretty damn stupid, but the Bengals got what they deserved, and I’m not even a fan of Pittsburgh.

        • Volume12

          Pittsburgh will get crushed next week in Denver. No Roethlisberger? Gonna get ugly.

          • matt

            No Big Ben. No Antonio Brown. Game over.

      • neil

        Shades of super bowl 40

    • Cysco

      I’m with you V12. I put a lot of that crap on the head coach. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if this is the end of the road for Marvin Lewis. I’d be embarrassed to be a bengals fan today.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Martavis Bryant has turned into quite the offensive weapon. He’s one of the fastest tall guys I’ve ever seen and that circus TD catch was unbelievable.

      And Ryan Shazier was everywhere last night. He was my favorite prospect for SEA in the 2014 draft – Donald may have been the best prospect, but he was never in play for SEA. Then again, neither was Shazier.

      As for Burfict, what a sad waste. He won the game with that late INT, then threw it away for a cheap shot on Brown. Not just a cheap shot, a dangerous, illegal, immoral and unnecessary shot. He will be fined and suspended. Likewise for Adam Jones – for removing his helmet on the field and for shoving a Steelers coach. Marvin Lewis has probably coached his last game as a Bengal.

      A quick note on the KC win: I was never a Chris Conley supporter. I liked his Combine numbers, but I never saw a true WR in him. But yesterday he came through with a nice TD catch in the back of the end zone. Good for him!

  22. Cysco

    The most likely scenario I think was that the game plan got solidified for the offense on Friday and it probably involved a good deal of Lynch being used as a decoy and not as the focal point. Combine that with him not feeling 100% and the cold.

    But that’s just speculation of course. I suspect the only person that really knows what’s up is Lynch himself.

    I’m still super confident about the game today and assuming a win, it’ll be really interesting to see what happens next week. If Lynch didn’t travel because of the injury, we’ll hear that he’s taking reps next week. If he didn’t travel because of some strife with the team he’ll magically have aggravated his injury and will be “rehabbing” on his own.

  23. Rik

    Unrelated to the Marshawn drama, the Browns just hired Paul DePodesta, of “Moneyball” fame. He has had a career in baseball, but he played wide receiver for Harvard, so he certainly understands football as well. The Browns seem to be investing heavily in analytics. It makes sense for them to try something completely different, given years and years of abject failure. It should be fun to watch, and it may end up changing the game. You can find a good write-up on DePodesta’s ideas at the Dawgs by Nature site:

    I can’t help thinking that this whole experiment sounds very Seahawky.

  24. CHawk Talker Eric

    Pretty surprised Glow and KPL are healthy inactives today.

  25. DC

    Alright, alright!
    Good luck y’all.
    GO HAWKS!!!

  26. Matt

    Stage 1: 24-13 Hawks

  27. Ed

    Line is playing ok. Wilson can’t throw deep, but the play calls. Time for Bevell to stop being Bevell. Wasted time outs, bad 3rd and short, no ingenuity. Revert back to the new Bevell please.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      They mentioned some type of communication problems with the headsets….. I mean, it is 2015, this is unacceptable NFL.

  28. Trevor

    Heading into 4th this is a 2 score game with us behind. Starting to get nervous Russ has just not been able to throw the deep ball in this weather there have been some wide open receivers .

  29. Ed

    Thanks for all the great 3rd and short calls Bevell

  30. Forrest

    OH MY GOD!!! I’m shaking, convulsing, and screaming!!! It has to be destiny!!! 10-9, no timeouts, Vikings miss the field goal!!! Miracle finish…Panthers, the Hawks are coming for you!!! GO HAWKS!!!

  31. Ukhawk


  32. Volume12


  33. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Hey guys (and gals) Seahawks Win.

  34. Trevor

    Wow the football gods smiled upon us today. The weather today was the great equalizer and I think the better team won. Walsh is going to have a hard time dealing with that one though.

  35. Cragie Sea Hawk

    It was the holder not Walsh’s fault the lacess were pointed right at him and the punter had his hand all over the ball. Man what luck! Panthers game should be epic!!!

  36. neil

    This is Wednesday morning and I know this thread is probably done with, but I am not on twitter or facebook and I wanted to talk about the possibility of the Hawks going back to the AFC. As I understand it Allen has the right to refuse realignment. As with NY the Chargers could remain in the AFC. I was a LA Rams fan for over 30 years until they spit in our face and moved to ST Louis, I washed my hands of them then. Why those fans would accept them back with open arms is beyond me. The same goes for Oakland and ST Louis. Thagt is the 3rd time the Rams have moved purley out of greed in the last 70 years. When I moved to Oregon in 97 I adopted the Seahawks as my team , and I am glad I did..

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