3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #2

Episode #2 with Rob & Kenneth, reflecting on the first week of college football and looking at the 2016 NFL Draft…


  1. Trevor

    Rob I agree 100% on the Auburn Tackle. He seems like the ideal 1st round pick for us if teams get scared off by his medical history.

    It is early and opinions always change but I will be watching Auburn closely this year as I would love if him and Duke Williams were our first two picks.

    • Volume12

      Shon Coleman is a stud! Nothing this kid can’t handle after evetything he’s been through.

      Duke is for sure exciting. Just has natural athleicism. But, I do wonder about him constantly being in HC Gus Malzahn’s doghouse. Was suspended for last year’s bowl game and some time during this year’s training camp. Something to monitor.

      • Trevor

        Yeah I have no idea why he went back to school really. He should have come out last year. This year his QB sucks so it can only hurt his stock and he is risking injury. I hope LS sees the talent and gets another 2nd or 3rd round steal.

        • Volume12

          I just have a feeling they’ll target a receiver in the 3rd. Or even the 4th. I know the guys they’ve taken in the 4th haven’t worked out, but they seem to like that late 3rd-4th range for receivers and obviously UDFAs.

          One thing about Arkansas HB Alex Collins. When he runs, notice his feet. Their small, decisive steps that translate to a ZBS. I believe JS calls it ‘short steps.’

          • Trevor

            Yeah he looks like the real deal. I hope they dont wear him out at Arkansas this year though. Elliott is my favourite back and I think he will be a superstar but for were we will hopefully draft Cobb certainly looks solid if we go that route. I think Beast Mode plays at least one more year so I am hoping we go tackle Rd 1 unless Okung stays healthy and they choose to resign him.

            • Volume12

              Collins has the body and style to handle a heavy workload.

              Chubb is a SO and isn’t eligible until next year.

              I think Lynch stays another year too. But for a team that wants to be as dominant running the ball like Seattle is, there’s nothing wrong with taking his ‘replacement’ a year early.

              Coleman can play LT, RT, LG, RT, and possibly C. He’d give them fantastic depth behind Okung. Glad you liked him and didn’t get sick of me beating Coleman’s drum. LOL.

              • Trevor

                Yeah you were on him early and I took a look. As both yourself and rob said he certainly looks the part if the medical history checks out. If he keeps playing this way he will be long gone before we pick. Particularly if the character is as you said.

                • Volume12

                  Not sure about that. He has every chance in the world too, but I think his medical history and the fact he’ll be 24 when the draft rolls around will more than likely scare teams off. This years OT class also has great depth.

                  Germain Ifedi is another one to monitor. Cocky as hell. Would seem to fit Seattle’s style. Needed to improve his run-blocking headed into the year and has appeared to do so.

                  And as Rob said, Ohio St’s OT Taylor Decker is intriguing. Has the attitude and nastiness that would appeal to TC.

                  • AlaskaHawk

                    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the broadcast. What are Colemans medical problems?

                  • Volume12

                    Coleman had Leukemia. He beat it and has been free of it for 2 years. No matter where this young man ends up, he’s got a lifelong in me. Cancer is someting that has affected the person I cherish most. So I sympathize with him and know how much strength it takes and what a battle every day is.

  2. Volume12

    Rob, my man. So funny you mentioned this kid. I was just going to ask you what your opinion was of UCLA DT Kenny Clark. Exciting guy, yeah? Early, but where do you see his stock at?

    Also, have you had a chance to look at Penn St DT Austin Johnson?

  3. Trevor

    Rob I say a Db out of Marshall had 2 pick 6s and 18 tackles in their win on Saturday. I think the kids name was Tiquan Lang. Is he a prospect?

    • david ess

      He is a JR and undersized (5’8) unfortunately. Hawks don’t draft their DBs under 5-10 I think. was watching the espn special “waiting for Russell” and that’s what one of the scouts said atleast.

  4. Rik

    For those not watching football tonight, OSU’s Zeke Eliott has 80 yards and 1 TD in the 1st quarter … on 1 rush. He’d look fine in a Seahawks uniform!

    • Volume12

      And Collins had a 70 yarder Saturday night.

      Zeke’s good, don’t get me wrong, but he’s not nearly a complete back. I like Henry more.

      • Trevor

        I would take Elliot all day long over Henry. He is my dream pick to replace Beast Mode in a couple of years but will likely be a top 10 pick so no chance unfortunately. I think he is the best back to come out since AP

        • Screeching Hawk

          Exactly so, I believe Pete and John will do whatever it takes to get Elliott that’s just a feeling of course. For a run first team trading our first and second or third pick is not out of the question I believe.

          • david ess

            I cant see this team giving up that or more for an unproven RB. Yes hes good in college and I even like the kid but it doesn’t always translate. See Trent Richardson, Darren McFadden, CJ Spiller, Knowshon Moreno (based off of where they were selected)

            The hawks will do their due diligence when it comes to a RB and I cant see them overpaying for an unproven Rookie
            everyone was high on Melvin Gordon and thought the hawks would trade up. instead traded the pick. Don’t see them moving up into the first.

            • Volume12

              If they feel he’s special enough they will.

              They like using those 1st rounders to grab proven, veteran talent. But, are you telling me that if HB Jeremy Hill has a killer year that Cincy would trade him? And if someone like him doesn’t then he ain’t worth a 1st.

              Sorry folks, but Seattle’s future back is playing in CFB.. Question is, 2016 or 2017? Or both?

      • Trevor

        I do like Collins as well and he will have a much better chance of being available to us.

    • Trevor

      He is going to be a star. The brighter the lights the more he shines. Love his running style.

  5. Volume12

    This TE Bucky Hodges is a freak!

    How ‘Seahawky’ is this VA Tech CB Brandon Facyson?

    • Volume12

      Ed, I missed the mark on Ohio St DT Adolphus Washington. He’s better than I thought.

  6. CHawk Talker Eric

    Check out the punch of Florida Gator freshman DE CeCe Jefferson 6’1″ 271lbs


    • Volume12

      Keep an eye on UCLA DT Kenny Clark.

      Some insight into the type of young man he is:


      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I am. Too bad I can’t watch fellow Bruin DT Eddie Vanderdoes after tearing his ACL celebrating a TD.

        • Volume12

          Yeah that’s devastting. Clark is very ‘Seahawky.’ Has that raw power like another Clark we all know and love.

  7. CA

    TE Ryan Maleck from VTECH looks solid looks for him in the 2nd half

  8. peter

    Looking over the list of rb’s on Walter’s site I have to be honest I’m starting to believe Seattle drafts two rb’s next year. His list is slightly underwhelming and though I think Collins has something…he and Henry may be drafted to early for the Seahawks. It’s hard to think who may a “beast mode,” when he’s done and you could see him in college as a true talent. I’m not seeing that this year and there’s several guys I like.

    Running back by committee? Rob? V12? Any thoughts as to who could truly be an every down back for a season or do they do a rotation like white/bush?

    • Volume12

      I originally thought they might go RBBC, but with the way they’ve shaken things up in regards to their RBs, they seem to be saying ‘if your not special or able to carry a heavy workload, this isn’t the place to be.’ Seattle wants to lean so heavily on their run game that they almost need a workhorse.

      With that being said, I do think they like having options at that spot. They’ll always have 2-3 really solid runners.

      Collins might be that guy. I mean he’s nowhere near maxed out in terms of potential. IMO he’s a 2nd round type of guy. Whih is where Seattle might target a running back. It could end up looking like an O-lineman then a RB or vice versa.

      But 2017 is the year for ‘special’ backs. Fournette, Chubb, Perine, ‘Rolls’ Royce Freeman are the top dogs followed by other really good backs. So if they could add a guy like Collins and then say Freeman or Perine, well then, you’d be setting yourself up well for the departure of Lynch and sittng pretty. Right?

      • peter

        It’s an interesting observation about being a able to do the work or not. I’ll definitely keep the eyes in Collins throughout the year and your man Dixon and my late round pick of booker….the one big worry between next draft and the following draft of course is if lynch says “I’m out,” and retires. The 20 ish names on Walters site almost all scream Running Back By Committee.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I think we have a workhorse in Rawls, he will be steady and consistent. He is the McDonalds of running backs, nothing flashy, just solid food that leaves the other team nauseous.

          If it is running team by committee, the question is whether the Seahawks want to add running backs who have other qualities then Rawls. That might be someone similar to Lynch who can break tackles, or someone similar to Harvin that has speed and burst. I think it is easier to find someone with speed and burst as it is usually a lighter back that may have durability issues. Perhaps it is Smith who landed on the practice squad.

          Blocking ability is highly prized in the Seahawks organization. Which person coming out of college is a good blocker and great running back?

          • Volume12

            Collins is a suprtb pass protector. Watch the golden boot rivalry game last year against LSU. It’s titled ‘Arkansas offense vs LSU defense.’

    • Screeching Hawk

      Lendale White/ Reggie Bush I’m guessing because it’s Pete Carroll? I’m not meaning to be rude but everyone needs to stop abbreviating everything! Or you git my jist. I really don’t have a grasp on the English language quite as well as Rob Staton, and none of us do perhaps for UKhawk.

      • peter

        You nailed it! Based on usc days.

  9. CharlietheUnicorn

    I like where peter is going… I think the days of the workhorse RB will be gone in Seattle.. when the day comes that Beastmode hangs up the cleats. More and more teams are going to the committee approach…. and the CFB game is not producing the “bellcows” like it used to.

    It would be wise to invest in a scat type back and a bruiser… because, the chances of finding another Lynch are.. well… 0.5%.

    • Volume12

      Not true. The next few years, including this one, are what many CFB analysts are dubbing the ‘RB revolution.’ Look, the NFL is a copycat league. We’ve already seen it with teams thinking that if they draft a big/long CB they’ll have the success that Seattle does.
      It’s so unfair to compare guys to Lynch. If we’re looking for the next ‘Beast mode’ come find me in 15 years or so. It’s not about replacing his likness. But, rather finding those tough, physical guys that not only want the ball but want to punish the defenders. Now they also have to have vision, good feet, burst, good (not great) speed, high football IQ, and show signs or flashes of good pass protection/blitz pickup and hands out of the backfield.

      A lot of these speed backs won’t be able to challenge NFL defenses when trying to get to the edge. Can they can get the tough yards uip inside is really what it’s about. The edge stuff is secondary.

      • peter

        V12! Look at your list of qualifications starting at “but rather…..!”. That’s been a pretty tough list to out together on one player for any team let alone Seattle.

        I’m sure I’m missing someone but seattles had maybe 9-10 backs in petes time at least in camp? Michael, tutbin, white, lynch, Washington, Rawls, smith, Bronson, Jackson…plus others I can’t remember. That’s kind of crappy numbers for what many think is allegedly the easiest position to transition from college to the pros. ( I don’t by the way)

        Perhaps a,”scat back,” isn’t the right term because getting to the edge is harder and harder and not petes style but maybe a rbbc like the Steelers had last year for a while or the patriots or the panthers where you have two backs that are closer in skill sets and you mix up who has the hot hand. A traditional two back system may not work where one guy is pass plays and the other run plays but finding that all world 15 touchdown 1250 yard back that does it year in and year out may have to wait unto 2017. Honestly it would be easier if they could find that player. And if teams begin to emulate the success of teams like Seattle by drafting RB’s higher its going to make it harder picking later to find those kind of players.

        • david ess

          Vai Taua, Thomas clayton, Louis rankin, T.J Duckett, Taurean Poole (sp?), Spencer ware to help and name a few haha. hes rotated quite a bit of RBs through here.

          • peter

            Brutal! Thanks

        • Volume12

          Scat backs tip the defense off. If Seattle is going to use a scat back, they better be built like C-mike or Reggie Bush.

          And that is a checklist that every scout uses to look for NFL backs. Do one of those things stand out?

          Most important is Collins feet. Again I’ll bang this term over the head. He runs with ‘short steps.’ Moves the pile, and watch his burst through the hole. Doesn’t stop or shuffle his feet when receiving the hand-off.

          It’s not an easy position to translate into. Hence the checklist.

  10. Saxon

    Corn Elder, corner from The U, looks legit. Two punt returns for TDs (one mistakenly called back) a sack and blanket coverage, albeit vs Bethune. Still, he’s a player to monitor this year. Plus his name is Corn.

    • Volume12

      Thanks for the heads up.

      Looking at photos of Seahawks practice yesterday all the CBs were standing there and I noticed they all had skinny legs. It can’t be coincidental, can it?

  11. Volume12

    Another interesting back is UTEPs Aaron Jones. Very intriguing late rounder. Accounts for most of his teams offensive production.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      High energy and effort. Decent hands, speed. Hard to evaluate with a QB who doesn’t read the option well.

  12. Volume12

    Check out this big boy. Arkansas DT DeMarcus Hodge. Long arms, relentless, shoots gaps, balance, power. He’s very impressive. Really like him.


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