Seahawks trade Christine Michael to Dallas

Albert Breer says the pick is a conditional seventh rounder, so it’s a no-risk gamble on Dallas’ behalf. The Seahawks gave him away.

Some will see it as a risk on Seattle’s behalf — aiding a supposed NFC rival for a pittance in return. Just yesterday they gave Kansas City a 5th rounder for what hopefully ends up being a backup safety and special teamer.

Ask yourself — would they make this move if they had any faith at all in Christine Michael?

He was called out for poor technique by his running back coach and who’ll forget the picture of him nodding off during a team meeting in his rookie season? He reportedly did the same at the combine and also found himself in Kevin Sumlin’s dog-house at Texas A&M.

In his two stops so far (College, NFL) he’s promised so much and thoroughly underwhelmed.

Even so, there are few players in the NFL with his level of extreme athleticism and potential. Now he gets to play with the best offensive line in football. The Cowboys have a murky running back situation after DeMarco Murray departed for Philadelphia. Even if Michael carries the ball the wrong way and has a tendency to fumble — it’s intriguing to see him run behind that line.

The Seahawks go to Dallas mid-season. It says a lot about Seattle’s opinion of Michael that they were willing to deal him to this particular team.


  1. Rik

    Sheesh! This is absolutely the one team that I didn’t want to see him go to. But good for CM. Gives him the greatest chance of success.

  2. Rik

    Also a sad waste of a 2nd round draft pick. Can’t complain too much, though, since PCJS have done so well in the draft.

    • redzone086

      They were willing to release him straight up, so this is better than nothing.

      • Elliott A

        I disagree since if we released him instead, most likely another running back needy team would of picked him up before Dallas would of had the chance.

      • JeffC

        Basically seattle likely bailed Dallas out of a big problem. I doubt Michaels ever had a chance inn seattle. When has seattle employed a quick explosive back in a key role in the PC years? Sherm Smith likes running backs just like he was.

        • hawkdawg

          Marshawn Lynch is not even close to being “just like” Sherman Smith was. Worlds apart.

          • JeffC

            That’s not what I’m talking about but I don’t feel like explaining it to you.

            • Robert

              Hahaha…elementary school playground flashback!

  3. cha

    This reminds me of when the Hawks traded Ahman Green to the Packers. He averaged 1200 yards, 8-9 TDs and 4-5 fumbles lost a year. But those fumbles were usually at killer times and negated some good play.

    • JeffC

      Is that because people remember those moments and then call him a fumbler. It’s like saying alex rodriguez doesn’t hit in the clutch so is a choker in the playoffs, when advanced metrics show that that is not the case.

      If seattle had lost the NFC championship game to SF in 2013 after Lynch fumbled right after the Bowman injury, does he get remembered as a big moment fumbler?

      • cha

        I think my point was there was a similar profile of Green as Michael. Exciting talent, will be productive but can’t hold onto the ball. And in Green’s case it proved accurate. If I recall (spotty memory), near the end of his career he couldn’t get on the field when he was in Houston because of his fumbling issues. ‘t it’s a matter of the coaches knowing he might be productive and might get the fans excited but can hurt the team at the same time.

        • JeffC

          It depends upon what teams can/will stomach out of their players. Seattle can’t stomach turnovers. But if you talk to Packer fans, they consider Green one of their all time best rb’s. The fumbles aren’t remembered as much as the all pro production.

          It is still considered one of Holmgren’s worst moves as GM/coach of seattle.

      • Madmark

        With Lynch’s style of how he runs the ball I’m surprise he doesn’t fumble it more.

    • RealRhino2

      I don’t think it’s the same for the simple reason that Green is, was, and always will be the much better back. Green was a flat-out stud who just happened to be prone to fumbling. Talent, production, professionalism. Michael was just a guy who showed flashes of raw talent.

  4. HOUSE

    I called this exact trade to DAL about 3 weeks ago after seeing Rawls play. From what I’ve heard Pete really likes Rawls. Michael is from TX and gets to go home. I wish him well, he just wasn’t what we expected him to pan out to be…

    • Volume12

      Dalllas liked Rawls too. They were extremely upset that Seattle drafted him.

      • Rob Staton

        Rawls went undrafted.

        • Volume12

          That’s what I meant. Should of said signed. They pitched hard at Rawls.

      • Madmark

        I was willing to draft him with our 7th pick.

    • rowdy

      Now if teams will just play their 3rd string defense when rawls is on the field we could something

  5. Volume12

    So IMO Seattle will be adding a couple backs via the draft this year. Now we kow why they liked S.Carolina’s Mike Davis. One in the top 100 and one later on.

    • david ess

      I think they will go RB this year aswell. Probably bring in an early round back and then another UDFA RB to compete with Rawls and possibly Rod smith. Don’t know if Fred Jackson will be with the team next year but it will be interesting.

      I think they should really put some good draft capitol in the O-line though. Okung could possibly be gone next year, along with Sweezy (I believe they’re both FA’s)
      Maybe trade their 1st round pick for a good young lineman (they’ve traded their last 3 first round picks) or if they don’t trade it maybe give the pick to Cable and let him do his work.

      I think OL and RB should be a priority this next draft.

      • Volume12

        Yup. If I was a betting man, I’m not, I’d say OL and HB in that order. Or OL, WR, HB.

        • manthony

          Im a big fan of drafting olineman. Ppl were hard on carp and moffitt, but i think they improved our line when they were on the field together as rookies. I dont know if we let Cable pick his guy tho, i think Cables a good coach but im not sold on him as an evaluator of talent.

          • david ess

            Well to be honest his picks hes been given haven’t been all that impressive.

            Hes got 2 picks in the last 4 drafts in the first 2 rounds. He really should be given a 1st rounder if they don’t spend it on something else.

            Hes worked with UDFA and late rounders at best. hoping PC/JS will give him some early picks to work with.

  6. Volume12

    PS can be announced in about 10 minutes I think.

    • HOUSE

      It’ll be interesting… Looking to see these guys among the list:

      Terry Poole
      Kevin Smith
      Kasen Williams

      Ryan Murphy
      Keenan Lambert
      Eric Pinkins
      Obum Gwacham
      TY McGill

      • redzone086

        Lb Adams as well

        • HOUSE

          Well… Some of these guys have been claimed to 53-man rosters already (NO REAL SURPRISE)

          Saints: O. Gwahcum
          Raiders: K. Lambert
          Jets: R. Martin
          Colts: TY McGill

          • CharlietheUnicorn

            Wasn’t Pinkins also claimed by the Saints as well….

            • HOUSE

              Haven’t seen that yet… I think they grabbed a former-Viking LB

            • HD

              Pinkins signed to Seattle’s PS

          • bigDhawk

            I knew there was no way McGill would make it to our PS. Don’t understand why we let him go instead of a player like King.

            • Miles

              1) McGill is a one-trick pony. He can only play 1-tech at this time. He seems to be good at it, but he has zero of the versatility this coaching staff loves. He likely would never play if he was on the roster. Maybe 4-5 snaps a game.

              2) He didn’t do what the coaches asked him in preseason. He did his own thing, and made some splash plays. Coaches don’t like when you don’t stick to your assignment.

      • Volume12

        One of the Udub wideouts and Poole. Pinkins or Obum and McGill.

        Here’s the thing. If DT Jimmy Staten is getting claimed, this roster will get poached!

      • david ess

        I was happy to see Williams and Smith on the PS but I am still not sure about Poole. He might’ve done a little better this last game didn’t notice (but that’s usually the case with O-line, if you don’t notice them then they’re doing their job) but in previous games he would get beat bad in Pass pro, like real bad. Watching Seahawks Saturday night and listening to Tom Cable he sounded frustrated with Poole as well so it was a little surprising to see he even made it to PS.

  7. Trevor

    I think Michael will look incredible with the Cowboys OL and people will think the Hawks were fools to give him up until he fumbles late in the 2nd half and costs them game. Then you will get the oh I guess that is why comments.

    No team in the league values ball security more than the Hawks and that is the one thing Michael never learned. Hard to believe a guy as athletically gifted as him could not learn to transfer the ball and carry it in the other hand.

    • Volume12

      It wasn’t just transferring the ball though. If a run went to the left all he had to do was place it in his left hand, but he would always carry it in his right.

      It took Tiki Barber 3-4 years to learn how to hold the ball correctly and get 5 points of pressure on it. It’ll take C-mike time. If it ever clicks at all.

    • John_s

      He will do well in a man blocking scheme vs Seattle’s ZBS. This will allow him to play without thinking which would do him well.

      • Miles

        It’s a nice reminder that we didn’t draft Eddy Lacy when we had the chance. Would Eddy Lacy have not fit our philosophy, like Michael? Maybe. He wasn’t the MOST athletic, so maybe the Seahawks weren’t interested anyway. Still, it’s hard not to think about Lacy spelling Lynch.

        • John_s

          Agreed. It seemed at the time that if you were drafting a lynch replacement, Lacy’s style fit more with what Seattle is doing. I guess SPARQ can be a little too alluring sometimes.

        • david ess

          What do you mean “when we had the chance”? Lacy was picked ahead of Michael and I believe we didn’t even have a 1st round pick that year. so unless we were to trade up (which happens rarely with this team in the early rounds) we wouldn’t be able to get Lacy.

          • John_s

            Except for the fact that the Seahawks had the 56th pick and trade back with Baltimore. So they did have the opportunity draft Lacy.

            • david ess

              Oh that’s right my bad. Haha.

              • Michael M.

                If you wanna bring a trade up into the equation though, they weren’t too far away from Le’Veon Bell… Sad.

  8. Volume12

    So does Seattle now have 10 picks?

    • HOUSE

      Yeah… Every team can select 10 players to their Practice Squad.

      SIDE NOTE: Of the 27 players claimed off of waivers to 53-man Active rosters, 4 of them were Seahawks cut… That is almost 15% (14.8%).

      For everyone that was upset with the picks we traded to move up for Lockett, we would’ve ended up cutting 2-3 more players they probably would’ve been picked up elsewhere.

      • Volume12

        No I meant 10 draft selections. But that’s very interesting information.

        And yeah they gave up 3-4 picks for Lockett which would of given them 11. But there’s a HUGE difference between ‘having’ 11 picks and ‘making’ 11 picks, if you get what I mean.

        • Ho Lee Chit

          I think they are at 11 picks including the 3 comp picks expected. They added 7th round picks for CMike and Norwood. Then subtract a 5th for Kelsie.

          • Volume12

            I thought Norwood was a 2017 7th rounder. They also gave up the 6th for Mo Seisay.

            I wanna say it looks like this.

            *3rd comp
            *5th comp
            *6th comp
            *7th comp
            ??*7th comp

            • Jon

              3rd comp
              5th comp
              6th comp
              7th (Cmike)
              7th comp

              • Volume12

                There we go. Thanks my man.

                • Jon

                  really its the same thing though. you did all the work, i just corrected one.

                  • Michael M.

                    Don’t forget that the 7th for C-Mike is a ‘conditional pick’. Could end up with nothing if whatever that condition is (probably games active or something similiar) isn’t met.

  9. peter

    I’m more upset by the players getting picked off from the waiver wires then cmike. Dallas has a great oline but seattles line is built for running and unlike the ahman green era holmgren lines…and yet cmike was never able to be effective here in Seattle. It’s a shame to be sure but I’m less worried about losing him then others may be.

    • HOUSE

      Agreed… Of these 4:

      Saints: O. Gwachum
      Raiders: K. Lambert
      Jets: R. Martin
      Colts: TY McGill

      I was really hoping to keep Gwachum and McGill

      • Volume12

        Do those teams have the right schemes, coaching, patience, let these guys play to their strengths?

        Is there anyone in the league that was poached off our PS that’s been succesful in the league with another team?

        • cha

          Jaye Howard and Ron Parker come to mind but they may not be PS players just outright cuts.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I watched the Raiders game and saw Benson Mayowa play a bunch of forgettable snaps. I was pretty bullish on him during his TC/preseason with SEA.

        Chances are none of these guys will ever make a meaningful play in the NFL. TY McGill might be different. Of the 4 names listed, he’s the most likely to help his team. He’s a good DT on a team that didn’t have any before yesterday.

        • redzone086

          Ditto with Mayowa I was disappointed when we lost him and now I just see a roster body.

  10. Volume12

    Nice. Seattle just added former Tennessee CB Justin Coleman. That could end up being a steal. Was really good in 2013, but had a down year last year.

    • Volume12

      4.53 40, 2.60 20 yard dash, 1.54 10 yard split, 20 reps on the bench at 225 lbs., 37 1/2 inch vertical, 10, 04″ broad jump, 3.98 20 yard shuttle, 6.61 3 cone. He’s 5’11, 185-190 lbs.

      Looking at these numbers, Coleman is an explsoive nickel back with plus strength.

      • Robert

        Nice split, but ridiculous shuttle and 3 cone. He lacks 32 inch arms,

        • Belgaron

          The schooled New England on this one, as they had hoped to keep him on their PS.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Either PC isn’t comfortable with Burley, or Lane isn’t progressing well in his recovery.

      But I agree this is a steal.

      • Volume12

        I tried to post his highlight clip but couldn’t.

        His pass breakups on short throws is outstanding.

        Coleman gives them depth at Nickel.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m not comfortable with Simon as a starting corner.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          He won’t start. CWilliams will.

          • CharlietheUnicorn

            Tye Smith might be the starter on the outside. I wouldn’t rule this out.

            • Steele

              I’m not comfortable with Cary W., Simon, or Tye, who is too new. Whoever is outside will get picked on. I am equally uncomfortable about the nickels.

              • Rob Staton

                Most teams don’t even have one good defensive back. Seattle has Sherman, Thomas and hopefully Chancellor — plus a fantastic looking front seven.

                • Belgaron

                  Chancellor will report tomorrow.

                  • Volume12

                    Says who?

                  • Rob Staton

                    Let’s hope so — I think we know it’s very, very unlikely though.

                  • David M2

                    Says the gods of infinite football optimism

          • david ess

            I wouldn’t rule out Simon starting as Cary didn’t play so well in the pre-season. he isn’t grasping the hawks techniques so well. I would almost say Simon and I don’t believe Tye Smith is ready quite yet. he may do NB but that might be burleys spot for now.

            • manthony

              Im not ‘uncomfortable’ with those guys, its not like they’reJosh Wilson or Kelly Jennings, with Brian Russell playing behind them.

              • david ess

                Sometimes its not so much whos behind them as we saw against SD, Cary Williams was getting beat on that same slant play back to back haha.

                Simon does the jump kick thing they teach the CB’s here but Williams is still working on it. the season will be interesting as according to the depth chart Williams is the starter opposite Sherm.

  11. Volume12

    Pinkins and WR Kevin Smith were signe to our PS as well.

    • cha

      V12 can you post links or tweets? It’s always nice to see the sources of info

    • Robert

      Pinkins will be back when KPL gets hurt…just say’n.

      • redzone086

        Or when mike morgan is out indefinitely.

  12. rowdy

    If lynch retires after the season are rb situation will look like the worst in football. The way the hawks are trading they could give up a 3rd round pick for a 3rd string rd in s zone blocking system. We bring 2 to 3 rookies next year.

    • Volume12

      2 for sure and a stud in 2017 with our first overall selection. Crazy to speculate this far out, but the writing is on the wall. This year IS think they’ll try to find that lead-dog, but more than likely they’ll probably end up adding a Fred Jackson type somewhere in the top 100 and an explsoive weapon along the lines of C-mike somewhere on day 3.

      In 2017 it’s basically Baskins&Robbins. 31 flavors at that HB position.

      • JeffC

        If Marshawn Lynch holds out for more money this offseason, they will pay him.

        • Robert

          No, they won’t. They clearly don’t negotiate until the final year of the deal approaches.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      It has always been this way. The year Lynch retires, the Seahawks will need to scramble to fill his beastly shoes. I like that the Seahawks have decided none of the RBs they had in the roster fit their plans in the future. This obviously clears the decks, enabling them to make some moves and target RBs that they like in FA / draft etc in the future.

      • rowdy

        It took lynch 2 years to figure out the zb system, turbin never really did get it and neither has michael. Rawls doesn’t look like much more then an average back up. If lynch retires rawls will be the only back on the team and then looking at another year or two of hoping that someone picks it up faster then are other backs have.

        • Volume12

          Sometime it’s best to draft guys that come familiar schemes. For example, ZB or read option.

          • rowdy

            I agree but hasn’t really work out so far. Bright side, rb is my favorite position to watch film on and I’m going to get to watch a lot of it this year. The potential of having rawls as the most experienced hawks rb next year is trouble some, however I don’t think that will end up being the case but lynch is unpredictable and turbin could never be back.

        • CharlietheUnicorn

          I like that they have identified this as an issue NOW, instead of trying to make a go of it and continue less than stellar back-up play. Now we know.. and everyone knows, they will be in the market for a RB (or 2 or 3) in 2016.

          • rowdy

            I can see that. I don’t think turbin was great but he didn’t mess up and that makes his average play become above average.

    • david ess

      If Lynch retires this next year I could easily see the Hawks doing what they’ve done the past 3 years and that’s trading their 1st round pick (or any early rd picks) to a team for their running back. It will be interesting to see how the next off season could go. Maybe our 1st for Lamarr Miller, Jeremy Hill, Mark Ingram just to name a few. now im not saying they will be available or even mean that they’re even worth a 1st rounder I just merely picked a couple that have other RB’s behind them that could over take the carries.

      • Phil

        I agree, IF the Seahawks have enough cap room to trade a high pick for a proven RB.

        • David Ess

          well if Lynch retires i think that would open up some room. I dont remember what the rules are if players retire and what it does to the cap.

  13. AlaskaHawk

    Call me crazy, I think PC is fed up with the backup running backs and ready to move on with Rawls and Smith. I don’t know what CMikes issues were though we all speculate. I don’t think he was ever on the field enough for me to form an opinion. But PC saw plenty of him in practice and that apparently was enough. He might be A Very good back with Dallas – sometimes players just need a change.

    I’m a little sick that our first pick that year is being dealt for next to nothing. We just payed more for a safety that will probably never make the team. Mostly want to say that I admire the Seahawks for putting together a competitive team.

    I don’t find it surprising that our defensive players get grabbed up. That is Seattles strength and the training they have received from the Seahawks will be useful for the rest of their career.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      As Rob pointed out, it speaks volumes on what SEA thinks of CMike. It pretty means that they were going to release him anyway – there isn’t much less by way of trade compensation than a conditional R7 – and only DAL was willing to pony up that meager amount.

      The R5 for McCray might seem like a lot. But if you look at the roster, the only positions of weakness are SS and NB. A 2016 R5 pick is nothing for a win-now team that is preparing to start the season with a SS who’s never played in a regular season game. Also, KC is rich in safeties the way that SEA is rich in RBs. The Chiefs were going to release McCray anyway. The difference is the market for McCray was a lot hotter than the market for CMike.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Yes I agree that Safeties are hot. The fifth round trade just moved Seattle up enough to get him. I hope he is worth it. On another topic, I saw a little of King in the Oakland game. He is a heavier defensive end that is hard to move. I’m pretty sure some team would poach him if he went to the practice squad. I guess the safest people to stash is offense since no other team is impressed by it. Basically it is an average offense with a few outstanding players. Most other teams are striving for someone above average. As are the Seahawks. It is a roundabout way of saying most offensive players can be safely stashed, even our awesome players from Washington.

      • rowdy

        In regards to cmike, the hawks blew it! You gave him all your second string reps in preseason and never let rawls or smith get a chance. All they have is practice against bottom of the roster/cut players in games. Plus smith looked better then Rawls in his limited carries and never got a chance and from all reports from camp is that smith was the better back in action and blew rawls out the water in the scrimmage. They said rawls could barley get a yard in the game and smith got 4 to 5 yards a carry.

        • Coug1990

          Smith being better than Rawls is not what I heard. There were a few diehard fans that thought that. But, from people like former pro personnel director Tony Sofli, scout friends of his, Rob Rang, etc., they all thought Rawls was better. Don’t forget that Smith passed through waivers when the Seahawks cut him.

          • rowdy

            Reporters that attended the camps said other wise. Specifically the scrimmage they had before preseason. Rawls and smith played on the same team and swapped in and out. It was said rawls may have had 3 yards all game while smith continuously broke through the line. I read a lot of reports that said rawls looked great but after the pads went on they didn’t really say that anymore.

            • Coug1990

              This is just me, I would take several scouts eye for talent over a few reporters. In fact, I would take Pete Carroll’s and John Schneider’s eye for talent over reporters, as they chose Rawls over Smith. Just saying…

              • rowdy

                These scouts aren’t at practice evaluating players though, it’s basically their opinion at draft time. Last week the coaching staff said rawls and smith aren’t on cmike level and the same scouts had rawls as a udfa. Imo every time smith carried the ball in pre season he was effective and rawls was about a quarter of the time.

                • Volume12

                  Smith also went up against 3rd stringers. Rawls went up against backups.

                  I kind of see Rod Smith as a future FB. A lighter verion of MRob and more of a runner than receiver.

                  • rowdy

                    That’s one thing that made me like him so much. He look so smooth catching the ball he looked like he could play te to. I know he’s way bigger then what the go for in a back but he looks like he belongs.

                  • rowdy

                    It’s not that I think smith will be great it’s just that I think he’s better but if either ended up starting next year I think it wouldn’t be good

                  • Old but Slow

                    Without anything to back it up, Smith was released by Ohio State for some reason, and that might mean there was a personal reason to not favor him.

                    Just speculation.

                  • rowdy

                    Very true old, didn’t even think about that.

                • Coug1990

                  Softli and others scouts were saying this from being at the Seahawks preseason games. Again, Pete and John agreed with Softli and those scouts, as they chose Rawls over Smith and they were at practice. What exactly are you arguing?

                  • Volume12

                    Smith was released from Ohio St for drug related incidents.

  14. mrpeapants

    very disappointed. except for TL and FC this front office has been weird imo. from cary Williams to the new Safety, even signing freddy seems a lil odd. the 53 they kept was odd. but this is it, this one will hurt. CM will be a star. why on earth trade him to Dallas?????? and for a 7th? so youre gonna tell me not 1 nfl team other then the dallas Cowboys was willing to give up a 7th. I find that hard to believe. even if they really couldn’t find another suitor is it really worth a 7th. im baffled by how we always seem to be on the short end of the stick on our trades(except the marshawn trade). I love my hawks but except for FC and TL, this has been a off off season.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I feel just like you do sometimes. Seahawks have wasted high draft picks on CMike, Britt and Carpenter. Even worse they have paid 30 million plus on free agents that didn’t work out like Flynn and Harvin. Plus the many mid-low round trades and draft misses.

      But somehow they muddle thru and have even gotten to the Super Bowl twice. Bad picks balanced by Russell Wilson, Chancellor (hmm maybe not a good example. And they did get it right in the first round with Okung, Campbell and Irvin. Looks like another great defense this year and the offense has improved.

      • mrpeapants

        I know I should just be thankful that they have built such a successful team. and I am. its just sometimes these moves just don’t (seem to)make any sense. but I should just have faith.

        • Coug1990

          Honestly, you really should. Will they make every correct move? No. Will they make more correct moves than 99% NFL teams? Yes.

        • JeffC

          A few months ago I took a look at every draft since 1972 till now. It appears that every dynasty had one giant draft that defined their dominance. And all they needed was one great one and one good one that was it. The teams that had extended dynasties like the Steelers or niners had a series of great drafts even while they were in the midst of one of their sb runs.

          We’re certainly not a dynasty team yet. They have to win at least one more sb to be considered. And despite the amassed talent, if they didn’t hit on the 2012 draft we’d still be an 8 or 9 win team right now.

          In essence, I think aside from the talent evaluation, which they are tremendous at, you also have to get lucky. It’s a factor I don’t think anyone wants to admit.

      • manthony

        Whos Campbell?

        • manthony

          Earl THOMAS?

    • Ben2

      And Jimmy Graham. I think it’s been a great offseason: we improved our weakest area – punt & kickoff returns and turned it into a plus; Jimmy Graham will shore up our other weakness from last year – punching it in in the redzone; and it also looks like we hit pay dirt with our 1st pick, Clark (a late 2nd)and in Lockett (who I referenced earlier in the return game improvement but ALSO looks like he can be a good receiver too!). Our front 7 is, in my biased opinion, the best in the league and is arguably better than the past 3 years. I’m not to keen on Cary Williams at 6mil a year given our cap situation or the fact that CMike didn’t work out but nothing is 100% perfect, especially when dealing with people. I love our offseason – can’t wait for the season to start!

      • mrpeapants

        that’s just it they can make great choices like TL and FC and Tradeing for JG was great. but then turn around and sign Williams to 6 mill a year. I love Fred Jackson but with his age and injury history, is it better then what CM could offer? I don’t think so. Keeping Ricardo over either one of the UW boys. we know what RL brings to the table he a better then average gunner, that’s it. should’ve tossed him over the cliff too. A 5th rounder for a journeyman safety? a 7th for CM? these choices make me scratch my head. and although I don’t expect 100% perfect I do expect better then this.

        • Ben2

          Yeah…but PC sees CMike everyday in practice & facility (or someone who does interact with CMike reports to PC), plus all the tape study of their guys – I’ve got to assume that PC has both more knowledge of football in general and more information about CMike that we’re not privy to. I’m wondering if Dallas implodes if they get off to a bad start – that locker room has the potential to become cancerous

          • JeffC

            Or…he has more knowledge of what he’s looking for that fits into his particular system. If CMike goes off and tears up the field in Dallas, people will look back and call the trade an absolute steal by Dallas. At that point, it wouldn’t matter what Marshawn does or who seattle goes with in the future. None of the rb’s now on the roster have the speed to go outside the tackles and break consist runs on the edge. That says a lot about what seattle is looking for.

        • Coug1990

          For the team in 2015, yes Fred Jackson will help this team more than CM ever could. We all can worry about 2016 in 2016.

        • Robert

          “5th rounder for journeyman Safety”
          PFF graded him the best at taking out the gunner in Punt Returns last year. Good addition because it leverages Lockett’s amazing punt return talent.

          • Volume12

            That’s actually pretty exciting. I know it’s ST, but I’m one of those people who believe STs is one of the most under-appreciated aspects in football.

            Marsh, KPL, Lockette, Morgan, Shead, and when/if Lane come back is a frightening gunner unit. Now they add McCray? Wow.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Maybe it will help to know that Montee Ball, who was drafted ahead of CMike in 2013, was released by DEN. They couldn’t find a team that wanted Ball for any amount.

    • Hawksince77

      Everybody concerns themselves with the high-pick misses (Harvin, CMike, etc.) and misses the point of the process. They don’t care where/how players are acquired. What matters is what they do (or don’t do), something impossible to judge with perfection.

      The reason they win is because they don’t compromise on performance. They evaluate talent/attitude/performance once a player joins the system, and keep those that succeed. Without doing a detailed analysis (although Hawkblogger has an interesting analysis of the roster that I believe supports this point) they succeed up and down the draft ranks, including FA signings and UDFAs. It relies more on a volume/evaluation process than a pre-selection scouting success.

      For whatever reason, CMike didn’t fit. That doesn’t mean he won’t be successful in Dallas (my fantasy teams are counting on it). But recall that Forsett wasn’t a fit either, and he is doing well in Baltimore. One of the rare examples, actually, of a player leaving Seattle and succeeding elsewhere, a testament, perhaps, to Seattle’s evualative effectiveness.

      • HOUSE

        I thought about this a lot recently… What if the pressure of being selected HIGH is too much and causing these guys to UNDER PERFORM???

        We haven’t really missed on our 1st/2nd rd picks. The BIGGEST issue is that they either schematically haven’t adjusted, didn’t progress or injuries. I am not the BIGGEST fan of trading our 1st rd picks, but Harvin was PROVEN (a headcase to boot) and so is Jimmy Graham.

        I think one thing people focus very hard on is that the 2010 draft was a foundation builder for us. We were a re-building team and the studs we got in 2010 (Okung, Thomas, Tate, Chancellor. In 2011 (while Carpenter didn’t pan out) we got guys like Wright, Sherman and Maxwell. Let’s not even talk about the first 3 rds in 2012 (Irvin, Wagner and Wilson)…We don’t have that many holes on this team and when we are picking BPA, good guys sit. When we are drafting for need, expectations can be unfulfilled…

  15. Ukhawk

    Bummed to lose McGill who I thought played well and would’ve been a better keep than one of King and Dobbs. Felt like he could’ve potentially improved and succeeded Bane. The other 2 are maxed out. Likewise, same idea on Gwacham over Morgan with Irvin out the door next year.

    Liken losing CMike to Ahman Green who was a great back for GB – warts and all. Again in terms of succession I’m surprised, we are imminently losing Lynch and it may mean we regret this later on. Will be interested to see CMike get loads of reps, I think he still has a chance to special. Sucker punch is that he will be on a division rival.

    I can only assume that PCJS values veteran players (over younger guys) as backups who can come in a time of critical need and slot in whilst limiting mistakes. It can be seen in keeping players like TJack, Lockette, etc and signing the likes of Fred Jackson.

    Not exciting but probably smart

    • franks

      I guess I repeated your post. With you all the way except for gwacham, don’t think we have room for him on the 53 in win now mode.

  16. Ben2

    CMike was known for whiffing on his assignments too, I believe….pass blocking, trying to bounce it outside all the time….he looked a bit better this preseason but consistency & dependability are important ( don’t want to get your franchise QB killed cause CMike fails to pick up a blitz

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      The run to the right, when the play to the left play with RJ Archer comes to mind. That was lack of focus or preparation. I expect that from a rookie, not a 3rd year in the system guy.

    • franks

      CMike was killing it pass blocking this preseason.

      • franks

        If you want him to get better you’ve got to let him play.

        • Coug1990

          If you are in a rebuild mode, then I would agree with you. Since we are in a win championships now mode, I don’t.

        • david ess

          I think if he was really impressing they would of played him.
          If Cmike was as good as he should be, Lynch probably wouldn’t be here and turbin would be 2nd behind him. The Hawks love replacing veteran talent with rookies if its warranted. Its cheaper and they can grow. Michael never showed his true potential with this team, only spurts. He could beat out turbin who was put on this team as a steady backup.

          The only thing Cmike was consistent at, was being inconsistent.

          • Coug1990

            Agree. It is a shame he didn’t work out, but every team has misses in the draft.

    • david ess

      I think the frusterating thing about Cmike was his lack of using his head. There were times were plays were botched and he just isn’t getting it. I think hes more interested in his mix tapes then playing.

      • Phil

        I think you may be close to the real issue. His athleticism is outstanding, but his on-field goofs coupled with his reported falling asleep in a team meeting makes me wonder about his football IQ. I may be dead wrong — but I’d love to see how he scored on the Wunderlich (sp?) test.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          11 – tied for 5th lowest in that draft class.

          The 5 lower or tied?

          Tavon Austin (7)
          Chance Warmack (9)
          Sheldon Richardon (9)
          Darius Slay (11)
          Cordarelle Patterson (11).

          • Coug1990

            Ouch. A few knuckleheads on that list.

  17. CHawk Talker Eric

    If you want to know what DAL thinks about CMike…

  18. Volume12

    WR Kasen Williams has joined Seattle’s PS squad.

    • Ben2

      Yeah – I’ve been rooting for him

  19. Volume12

    Seattle is obiously trying to upgrade their depth/back-ups at safety.

    One name to keep an eye on is W. Virginia’s Karl Joseph. He’s one of, if not the hardest hitting safeties in CFB. Showes off some tremendous ball skills last night getting 3 picks. He’s a bit bigger than ET, but man does this kid play some tough, physical football.

    • Jon

      Does he play SS or FS?

      • Volume12

        SS. 5’10-5’11, 200-205 lbs.

  20. Hawksince77


    Going to go out on a limb here and suggest RB may be a priority next year. Any initial thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      Looks that way. Turbin a free agent, Michael gone, who knows with Lynch.

      A position to monitor all year.

      • Hawksince77

        Do you have any specific names we may want to focus on this college season?

        • Rob Staton

          Alex Collins, RB, Arkansas.

          • Volume12

            He’s a good one. Has a funky personality too that would seem to fit. His maturity is on point. He’s dealt with things as a kid most shouldn’t have to or ever will.

            There’s some good backs this year. Whichever one they draft sure will be under the microscope.

            • Volume12

              12 carries, 127 yards, 1 TD yesterday for Collins.

              Rob, I know he’s flashed some good receiving hands, but does his lack of receptions and fumbles over the past 2 years not a concern? Not that he puts the ball on the ground a tremendous amount. Guess I’m nitpicking. And Seattle does seem kern on SEC backs. Well, if certain guys going to the VMAC or
              ei interviewed at the combine ladt year are any indication.

              You no like HB Kenneth Dixon?

              • Rob Staton

                I plan to watch Dixon soon.

                Big fan of Collins’ running style.

          • Hawksince77

            Awesome, thanks.

            • red

              Tre Madden USC 6’0 225 4.5 forty

              • Volume12

                He’s another good one. Was real impressed with him last night. He definetly flashed on my screen.

  21. franks

    Carroll’s reluctance to trust the younger guys can be frustrating, going hand in hand with his tolerance of lousy work from the guys that have been around. Who was that o-lineman when Carroll first got here, who could do a terrible job at seemingly every OL position and was beat repeatedly for I think two years?

    Right now what comes to mind:
    -keeping truckafoo, David king and especially dobbs, over McGill.
    -Ricardo lockett and Daniels over Smith and Williams.
    -Terrell(????) Over Ronald Martin.

    Michael, sure, nobody saw the practices day in and day out. But he did well enough to my eye when he did play, to merit a longer look. I think the draft capital invested in him means you have to at least give him some snaps in garbage time. It seems like they kept him on the bench more for his attitude than performance or “right-now” ability.

    I remember when they said Amman green couldn’t switch the ball to the outside, good thing we got rid of him.

    • Hawksince77

      PC’s reluctance to trust younger guys? How many rookies has he started? RW, ET, Baldwin come immediately to mind (and Doug that year’s leading WR).

      This is the guy that benched Lofa. Traded Harvin and CMike for nothing. The last thing he does is tolerate ‘lousy work.’

      As for the cuts, they appear strategic. Both Smith and Williams landed on the PS, a calculated move. As for McGill and Martin, I will defer to PC’s judgment over yours (or any other fans) any day.

      Sure, mistakes could be made, and perhaps McGill the next Bennet (UDFA cut and picked up by another team and destined for a great career). But right now we don’t know that’s the case.

      As for the Green comparison, it wouldn’t surprise me if CMike prospered in Dallas. PC has strict requirements for his players, and CMike didn’t make it. I suspect his draft status is what kept him around as long as he did.

      • franks

        Hawk77, replied to you below.

  22. franks

    RW a notable exception, but I wouldn’t count ET, he was a lottery pick at a position we had none else. Baldwin yes because he got the chance and excelled. Michael, whatever the reasoning, never got the chance, while Turbin got chance after chance and most of the time he just feel down. I can’t remember him breaking one tackle, no matter how far way the defender, Turbin gets tripped up. Somewhat lousy performance I.m.o., but nowhere near Paul mcquistans level. In both cases however, there were alternatives that weren’t really explored.

    PC is obviously doing a great job but I think the point of sites like these is we can discuss it with our points of agreement and disagreement. In pcjs we trust is a discussion killer.

    To me, the four cuts you mentioned look like risks, and half of them worked out. But I don’t see the gain of keeping Ricardo, Daniels, dobbs, Terrell, other than than their being relatively known commodities.

    • franks

      Bevell another example of lousy but good enough performance.

      • Trevor

        I agree Frank with you on all points and if you have seen my posts I was all for letting King, Dobbs and particularly Lockette go to be replaced by McGill, Williams and Smith. I an not a fan of Kearse either and think a couple of big catches have blinded everyone to what he is and that is a way below average starting WR in the NFL.

        All this being said guys like McGill, Smith and Williams are end of the rotation guys and will have very little impact on the outcome of any games this year. PC/JS have constructed the most talented roster in the NFL so he have to cut them some slack.

        I think we are primed for another Super Bowl run.

        Bevel however is another story. The day he leaves will be a good day for Hawks fans IMO. I respect Carrols loyalty but enough is enough with him.

        • franks

          Definitely primed for a Super Bowl run knock on wood and barring major injuries and Carrol has done a phenomenal job. It seems that he’s better than other coaches at just about everything but he can’t get the easy calls right and that’s what gets me. Needless to say, his results speak for themselves and we’re lucky to have a coach like him in Seattle.

    • Hawksince77

      Didn’t mean to bring the discussion to a halt by appealing to authority. What I meant was that PC was in a better position to evaluate the talent (we see so little) and obviously more skilled at coming to a conclusion.

      To me, all the speculation gets halted (for the time being) with the action (decisions who to keep and who to cut). To me, that tells the story (for today).

      Mistakes are made, and everyone would like to use hind-sight to remake them (Harvin, CMike, Bennett, etc.) and it’s fair to analyze those situations and compare them with current ones. But to take the position that McGill was better than DTs that were kept is walking on very thin ice. The only genuine justification for doing so would be balancing PS eligibility and the likelihood of someone getting picked up – in that case you may keep the inferior player (Lockette, perhaps) over Smith and/or Williams, both WRs that appear to have far greater upside at the position. If this is so, PC just ate his cake and kept it too.

      Maybe you are right, and McGill was a miscalculation, and he is the superior player. That’s possible – I am not qualified to judge.

      So my point is that it’s not appealing to authority – simply respecting the decisions we see made, along with the confidence that the only criteria is how to make the team as talented as possible

      • JeffC

        PC wiffs sometimes, and as you say, mistakes are made and hindsight comes into play. I still believe trading CMike was less about Rawls and more about CMIke not fitting what they ultimately want/expect from their rb’s.

        I think the drafting of Cmike, the trading for Harvin…are two examples where PC gets enamoured with a toy, but in the end, he/they discover that that type of player doesn’t ultimately fit what they’ve built here and what consistently makes the offense tick.

        Right now I’m reading two types of responses about Cmike. One is he fumbles practically every carry, is a basic fuckup with life who has never run a play right since he’s been here and can do no right, and the second, people who think seattle might rue this day for trading an immense talent who was held back and now goes to one of the teams who could stop us from reaching the sb.

        I’m more in the second camp but I think CMikes destiny was written a long time ago. He just doesn’t ultimately fit what seattle is looking for in a rb and they now have Harvin’d him.

        • Coug1990

          For every mistake you list of Pete and Johns, there is a much much larger list of decisions that have turned out to be correct. I think it is fans that get caught up in a shiny toy more than Pete and John.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Funny things can happen on the way to game day. Just 6 weeks ago at the end of camp, did anyone – including PC himself – think SEA would go into this season without at least Lynch, Turbo and CMike at RB? Maybe not so much certainty with CMike, but at that time he still had the preseason to fulfill his potential and lock down his spot. If I remember correctly, the comments coming out of camp were positive – CMike looked good, ready to step up as Lynch’s #2. But practice and game time (even preseason) are worlds apart.

          You’re correct – SEA traded CMike because he just doesn’t perform well in their system, regardless of his athletic chops (“system” meaning not just run/block scheme, but institutionally – from weight room to film room to practice field). Rawls made the consequences of their decision to part with CMike easier to swallow, as did the fact that DAL was willing to trade a pick for him.

          Turbo’s season-ending injury, and Jackson’s sudden and surprising availability, well those are just funny (funny-weird, not funny-haha).

          In the end, I’m MUCH happier with a Lynch-Jackson-Rawls backfield than I would be if it were still Lynch-Turbo-CMike.

      • franks

        Well I guess we’re neither of us qualified to judge. McGill seemed like a great pick though exceeding expectations and he gets cut for a guy like Dobbs who will most likely get cut later.

  23. Jarhead

    I don’t think there has been a more vocal Christine Michael disagreer on this blog than me. I knew I would see some of the obligatory “He will be a star” and “How could we just let him go for nothing?” HE was here for 3 years. 3 YEARS! He never picked it up or even saw gametime ever. Even as a kick or punt returner. Essentially Seattle said that Fair Catch Brian Walters was better than All-Galaxy athlete Christine Micheal. He didn’t warrant a longer look. 3 years is long enough. He isn’t a receiver or a LT- this is a position that you plug in an UDFA, he becomes an instant star and then he is out of the league in 4 years. A lot of you are begging Seattle to release Kearse when has he has made probably 4 out of 5 of THE BIGGEST most important receptions in last 3 years. On field production in spite of pedestrian athleticism. We got a 7th rounder for Michael. For a nobody. We made the grade on this deal. I hated the pick when we made it- it was a luxury and we whiffed. Absolute bust. But we have cut ties and moved on. I am excited to scout some RBs for next years draft and see who we may have a shot at. I am sad Turbin has been let go- I was a fan even back in his combine. But that is football. We got the best of that deal people.

    • sdcoug

      I tend to agree. I am sad to see the unrealized potential and “what ifs” are hard to let go, but Pete sees these guys day in and day out. This is a forward-thinking F.O. and if they don’t see CM being part of the solution moving forward…then so be it. All this with Lynch nearing the end of the road. Very telling.

      Also, as is discussed on this site ad nauseam, in order to pay our studs we have to find savings elsewhere. Maybe the overall RB unit is next in line to realize some savings, notably when Lynch moves on.

    • rowdy

      Turbin is not a big loss, I pretty sure the 34 y/o back up we just got at a vet minimum deal is better in about every way. Turbin has never produced and got more chances then any in Petes time here. Even the coaches said his they count on him to not mess up, they didn’t count on him to preform and countless finger tackles proved that. Kearse is only on the team because the coach’s want the wr to block first and second then comes route running and catching witch Kearse is below average at.

      • Jarhead

        I have seen Kearse make miracle catches to win games or put us in scoring position on several occasions. That didn’t seem below average at the time….

        • rowdy

          In the green bay game he had 3 drops on in the end zone and 2 more were picked after bouncing off his hands

    • Jeff M.

      Agreed. It clearly wasn’t just fumbling issues that had the coaches concerned, as some have indicated here. There are indications of locker room/maturity issues, problems learning the offense (even simple things that the coaches publicly pointed out, like switching hands, never really stuck), pass-blocking…coaches never spoke too highly of him in public (and this from enthusiastic guys like PC, who sometime seem to think every player on the roster is an All-Pro), and the lack of playing time shows he didn’t ever earn their trust on the field.

      Michael looked like an athletic marvel coming out of college, but he never showed enough in practice to pass up Turbin as Lynch’s backup. At some point the team has spent enough time waiting for him to put it all together and they have to conclude it’s never going to happen and cut bait. I wish it would have worked out for Michael, as it looked like he had the talent and athleticism to succeed, but to this point there’s been no indication he’s even an NFL-caliber player, much less the star some here claim he will be for Dallas.

  24. Screeching Hawk

    Everyone is making very good points about their views on the Christine Michael trade. Maybe they traded him as a favor to Dallas because he’s their friend and wish the best for him. I myself am just thankull that the Seahawks have become one of the best teams in the NFL thanks to Paul Allen, Pete Carroll, and John Schneider. It wasn’t that many years ago I would be estatic to go 10-6 and just make the playoffs. We all have another year of exciting football to look forward to and that’s really all it comes down to. Go Hawks, Super Bowl 50 here we come!!!

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      Conspiracy: Perhaps they want to make Dallas just a bit stronger, to knock down a NFCE team or two. The team that wins the NFCE might only have 9 wins….. and a single victory against NYG, PHI or WAS could decide the NFCE victor and guaranteed shot into the playoffs.

  25. HOUSE

    Here are 7 names on our practice squad:
    WR Kasen Williams
    WR Kevin Smith
    TE RaShaun Allen
    OL Will Pericak
    OL Terry Poole
    RB Rod Smith
    LB Eric Pinkins

    A possible guy to look out for is CB Kevin Short (6’2″/190lbs, Chiefs). It was rumored he signed, but no word.

    Also another tidbit of info: The ONLY 2015 Seahawk draft pick to not be on a squad right now is Ryan Murphy…

    • AlaskaHawk

      So it is possible that there are wide receivers called up from the practice squad. They just need more seasoning. I’ll be curious to see if Lockette remains a starter all season, though it may be injuries that determine whether we get smith and Williams onto the regular team.

      • John_s

        Lockette is not a starter on this team, Baldwin and Kearse are. He will be rotated in on 3 WR sets along with Matthews and Tyler Lockett

    • Volume12

      Thought they added CB Justin Coleman too.

      • Old but Slow

        Me too. But no sign of him on, nor any news of Fred Jackson’s signing.

  26. Screeching Hawk

    The tight end turned DE from Oregon state Gweshem or however you spell his name was signed to the Saints active roster I believe I read. But you’re right looks like we kept almost everyone.

  27. Screeching Hawk

    I’m really happy we kept the “Dawg duo” receivers! I was worried about them.

  28. Volume12

    Rob, do you like Cincy WR Mekale McKay?

  29. CharlietheUnicorn

    Here is a quick list of ranked RBs… assuming Seattle pulls the trigger early in the draft (and they enter the draft) in 2016

    Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State – Round 1
    Alex Collins*, RB, Arkansas – Round 2
    Devontae Booker, RB, Utah –

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      Each of these guys look like they could be a fit. in the 1st 3 rounds of the draft. Elliot is the truth, but I’m not sure if Seattle could move up enough to grab him. I see him as a top 15 pick right now.

      • Volume12

        If Seattle feels Zeke is the one.They’ll move up to get him.

        Please don’t tell me these are rankings from ol’ Walter Cherepinsky.

        • CharlietheUnicorn

          I just took a few I liked off the list he had…. handy

        • david ess

          I don’t think the hawks would move up to get Zeke. They don’t like 1st rounders as much as they cost more towards the cap and longer club control. I think they would stay put or slide back into round 2 depending on where they are slotted (hopefully the 32nd)

          • Rob Staton

            It’s not so much a dislike of first rounders. If you only grade 15-20 players in the first round and you’re picking at #31 or #32 — you might as well move back. The value just isn’t there. I think that is their approach. However, if they had a player in mind they really like — we know they’ll be aggressive to get them. They’ve been very aggressive over the last couple of years. They know they’re right in the Championship window now. They’re not thinking 3-4 years down the line.

            • Michael M.

              Gotta agree with Rob here. Plus mentioning the additional monetary costs of 1st rounders doesn’t really support your argument since they have spent their last 2 first round picks on Percy and Graham respectively, and those dudes aren’t/weren’t cheap.

              • david ess

                While I agree with rob on the talent level of late 1st round picks what I was meaning was they would rather pay a proven pro (I.E Percy Harvin or Jimmy Graham) then go out and get a first rounder who is unproven and still paying him. Hope that makes sense..thats what I was trying to get at.

    • Todd

      If Jackson looks good on our team this year, then Devontae Booker would be a great pick. Best hands coming out of the backfield in college. Routinely catches quick screen passes with one hand. Never dances, always gets at least 1 or 2 positive yards even when the line gets blown up. Strong stiff arm. Best 3 down back in the draft.

      • Volume12

        I disagree. While I like Booker, he’s not a 3 down back. He doesn’t run with his pads level to the playing field. But at only 203 lbs., he might need to gain weight to be a 3 down guy. I do think he’s a fantasic back, but if your going to draft a 2 down back, might as well do it later on. He doesn’t have great burst either.

        Illinois HB Josh Ferguson is very intriguing. Not a power back like Booker, but this kid is a home-run hitter. Might be the best pass catching HB in the draft. He only weighs 2-3 pounds lighter than Booker and could be had later on day 3. Great leader and work ethic, and his explosion and elusiveness are just…wow! He’s a guy that has speed to get to the edge.

        • peter

          Booker is listed at 212 and that was last season.

          The concerns I have for the following backs are as follows:

          I have concerns if booker can be a three down back and wonder if he can put on more good weight. I like his burst better then most but do wonder if his Sparq,will be just average-ish.

          Dixon….like his game quite a bit but he plays against some seriously poor competition. I’d like to see them duke it out in a bowl game or even later in their schedule where he’ll have some tougher games.

          And Collins….like rob I like his running style but unlike rob (maybe?). I’m super leery of any back out of Arkansas under bielema with the way he builds his lines just like at Wisconsin. The biggest baddest brawlers he can find for a man/power line…i wonder how that translates to seattles modified zbs meets spread athletic line?

          • Rob Staton

            Booker just seems very middling to me. Not a bad player. But seems like a committee guy at the next level. Dixon I just thought was thoroughly average. Tough guy but nothing that really interests me in terms of athleticism, vision.

          • Volume12

            I disagree about being leary of a guy out of Arkansas. That’s like saying if you draft a DB out of LSU he’s a guaranteed stud or drafting an O-lineman from Texas A&M means you get a cornerstone OT.

            Collins is different than most Bielema backs. He has great vision, makes guys miss in the hole, and maybe most importantly, he has ‘short steps’ in his running style.

            I get the Dixon thing. His athleticism does appear ‘middle of the pack.’ And he’s somewhat like Rawls. Just a tough, hard-nosed runner. He’s good value in the mid rounds though, and his production won’t be ignored.

            But ‘Budda’ is a guy I’ve liked since his Freshman year. I’ve had mild concerns over some things about him, but Rob has got me front and center on his hype train. He checks a lot of boxes for what Seattle likes in their backs when you watch his film.

            • peter

              I guess I’m just concerned about not the Arkansas heritage of running backs I’m more concerned with the results of running behind that line then translating to seattles line. I’m with you about not looking to heritage schools for similar positions

      • icb

        I agree. I like Booker a lot. Looking forward to him having a great year. Utah could surprise some people this season.

        I also like Kareem Hunt out of Toledo. Looking forward to seeing him and Alex Collins on the same field. I expect Arkansas to win, but I think Hunt might be my favorite back of the upcoming season.

  30. James

    So, who are our 7 inactive players?

    – Sokoli
    – Daniels
    – Rawls
    – King
    – Morgan
    – Terrell
    – McCray

    …when McCray is up to speed and Morgan is healthy, maybe Glowinski, Matthews or Helfet go inactive? Remember, guys who are on the team solely for special teams work (Lockette, Coyle, Tokuafu, Morgan) are useless on the roster unless they are active; if they are on the 53-man, they are playing).

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      The imbalance of 3 RB, 2 FB and 3 TEs will have to be sorted out. There is one guy too many in this grouping. I think they will make at least 1 more move before this is over with…..

  31. Dumbquestions

    I like Turbin, and I think his injury was the x-factor that led to this backfield reshuffling. He doesn’t make mistakes, he can catch the ball, he can block, and his attitude is right. Without his injury, no trade for Fred Jackson, and perhaps CMike stays on the team – but maybe not. Plus, the timing of Turbin’s injury and the role he plays wasn’t quite good enough to justify the IR protection, forcing the Hawks to gamble with his position on the waiver wire. We’ll see how that plays. Maybe they get lucky.
    I wanted CMike to succeed as much as anybody – but the impression of a player who couldn’t or wouldn’t adjust to what was asked of him was palpable. The left hand. Turbin’s injury put a stronger spotlight on Michael, and it became obvious that he wasn’t ready to be the first backup. Enter Fred Jackson, who has skills unlike anyone else on the roster, especially as a safety valve receiver.
    The problem for Michael was a role-based issue. If he couldn’t spell Turbin in an emergency, what could he do? Kick returns? That issue appears to be settled, and Rawls – seemingly hungrier – appears to be more willing to do the grunt work necessary to make the team and fill in where needed.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      SEA didn’t trade for Jackson. He was released by BUF, became a free agent, and signed with SEA. It cost them nothing other than his salary. I guarantee they would have signed him regardless of Turbo’s status.

      CMike had one foot out the door this preseason. Rawls pretty much pushed him out.

      • Dumbquestions

        Correct – my mistake on trade v release. But I still think the underlying points about the timing of Turbin’s injury played a role.

  32. david ess

    I understand the frustration with a lot of people on here about Cmike being traded. I cannot though agree with his “lack” of a chance I guess you could say. I believe Cmike has been given many chances over the past 3 years to succeed but has yet to take advantage of it.

    When you come onto a team where one of the main priorities is Ball control and you fumble? you wont last long. He was often receiving high praise from the staff here up until this year I believe, that was when Sherman smith was constantly criticizing him for how he played.

    I believe depending on what Lynch does this off season we could go 1 of 2 ways.

    Lynch stays-We draft a RB and probably will be 2nd or 3rd round
    Lynch retire-We trade draft capitol for a solid RB (don’t question it because how many of us thought Graham could be had for just a 1st)

  33. Old but Slow

    Is there some reason that Fred Jackson has not signed? It seemed that after Michael was traded that it was a done deal. I am not a speculative type, but does that mean there is another player on the mind of the front office? Why the hesitation? I don’t know of any alternative solutions, and I am fully in favor of Fred, but what’s going on? And where is this other character they have supposedly signed but is not mentioned? Are we in a mind warp? A destruction of the structure of reality? Will humanity make it through?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s done — his wife posted a picture of him signing the contract in Seattle on her Instagram page.

      Just waiting for it to be finalized before being announced.

    • david ess

      I wonder how much he will play considering he will have signed on a sunday and really only has a the week to study the playbook.
      Maybe Rawls gets more run in this game then Jackson takes over after the STL game. I am probably over thinking it and he will grasp the Offense pretty easily.

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’s pretty straight forward for a RB to slot in — it’s the one position rookies adjust to quickly. He’s likely to only be a third down guy/spell guy for the most part so bit of pass pro — few carries in week one. He’s been brought here primarily to act on third down. He’s a fantastic pass catcher and pass protector.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          There were a few games last year where Turbo started the first series or two before Lynch came in. I know that was a result of Lynch’s stiff back, and giving him a chance to loosen it up before playing, but it was pretty effective against opposing teams.

          I wonder if we’ll see any more of that this year.

          • Volume12

            Marshawn is one of those guys that pukes before games to get his endorphines going. Sometimes it is his back, but other times it’s not. If you noticed last year the trash can was always within reach or sitting in front of Lynch.

            I know it sounds ridiculous, but guys do this kind of thing.

  34. Madmark

    I’m a little disappointed that CMike didn’t work out. In that draft they traded down to get 64 to get him. The very next pick was my guy that I wanted to draft. The Kansas City Chiefs took Travis Kelce TE from Cincinnati with the 65th pick. He was my replacement for Zack Miller as a true inline TE who thou he didn’t catch a lot of passes in college but then Cincinnati doesn’t throw many. He showed good soft hands. Last year he’s really come into his own and he look great all thru preseason even against Seattle. He still has that nasty streak that I think Cable would have loved.

  35. M

    C-Mike…all the talent in the world but just fundamentally unsound.

    They gave him 3 years to adjust and correct but it just never happened.

    This preseason you pretty much saw it all…the talent, the great plays followed by playing outside the blocking scheme and, of course, ball security issues. Players simply won’t make it to the field (or the team) if the latter is deemed a problem.

    He does find a great fit in Dallas behind that OL and he’ll have more room to freelance, so I can see him doing well..if he can keep the ball off the ground.

  36. Volume12

    So I’m watching highlights of the Arkansas offense vs LSU defense last night from last yesr’s golden boot rivalry game and HB Alex Collins pass protection is superb! Laid some cats flat on their backs. He has that ‘wiggle’ when he runs in his shoulders that Lynch possess.

    Collins is in fantastic shape this year too. Looks more muscular and appears to have put weight in his thighs. One thing to notice about the backs Seattle has, had, or were intereste in are thosr huge/thick legs.

    Collins looks like a thug man. But in a good way, if that makes sense. Intimidation factor and grown man swag.

    And Arkansas QB Brandon Allen looks like an under the radar NFL QB too. Arkansas should make some noise this year.

  37. Volume12

    Anybody like Colorado St WR Rashard ‘Hollywood’ Higgins?

    Has that alpha male swag going for him that would fit in Seattle’s locker room, and his COD and ‘backyard’ football skillset also stand out. He’s skinny and may be redundant to P-rich, but him and ND WR Will Fuller are such dynamic deep threats. Both stretch the field.

  38. monkey

    I am curious about the RB we will now likely need to draft next year.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am not yet counting out Rawls, I like the low pad level he runs with actually, and I think he could possibly be…decent anyway, just not convinced he’s an adequate replacement for Lynch if/when he retires. Same with Rod Smith, I liked his style as well, just not sure he’s going to cut it, though I’m glad he’ll have a chance on the P.S.

    So, who do you feel the Seahawks will be looking at given their proclivities towards extremely athletic (sparq) guys, and powerful, bell cow type backs?
    Anyone do any scouting of Pitt RB James Conner? I know he runs hard, and is a bigger back at 6’2″ 240. After that, I don’t really know anything about him.

    • Volume12

      Conner is out for the year. He’s a plodder.

      Collins seems like the best fit. He has serious ‘bellcow’ potential. Also think he has underrated athleticism.

      • monkey

        Thanks, like I said, I didn’t really know much about him aside from his measurable qualities and what I had heard, that he ran hard.
        I’ll do some research on Collins, thanks for the name.

    • david ess

      I think Rawls could be a Turbin to our new lynch if we ever find one. Probably a back that spells the work horse on occasion. He doesn’t make quick cuts but does find the hole.

      I really like Devontae Booker from UTAH or Corey Clement from Wisconsin

  39. James

    Alas, if only John and Pete followed this esteemed blog more closely, they would have read my multiple importunings to draft the former Honey Badger instead. Admittedly, I am wrong more often that I am right, but that one time they should have listened to me, instead of succumbing to their baser lust after the sparq-god Christine Michael.

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