3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #21

It’s time to look ahead — so that’s what we’re doing. Who’s staying and going? Plus a mailbag of questions via Twitter.


  1. Dylan

    The intro music is fire! Ha

  2. franks

    Can’t hear this where I am but what I’m wondering, with OJ Howard staying in school, are there any higher round prospects for inline TE? Graham would be more useful as a move tight end and wr, since he can do the blocking there, and run routes as a decoy on run plays. With him manning Zach Miller’s spot, you have to play to his weakness or telegraph the pass.

    I wonder if we don’t draft a TE and keep 4 with Hoffman, and run with 6 WRs anyway. Especially with Richardson coming off the injury. Lots of talent at that position I don’t think we need anybody.

    • Rob Staton

      I think drafting a TE early (first four rounds) is unlikely — but maybe they add a veteran who is adept at blocking on a minimal contract.

      • Trevor

        Ben Watson would be a nice free agent target!

        • franks


  3. Volume12

    Hearing some good things about this Juston Burris cat. CB from NC St. 6’1, 205 lbs.

    NC St OL Joe Thuney is someone we should monitor IMO. Is practicing at all 5 spots on the O-line this week for the Shrine Game. Apparently scouts are really high on him.

    And then there’s this Stephane Nembot, OT, Colorado. Freak athlete from Cameroon, before red-shirting his SO year he was a DE lineman, rumored to have one of the highest SPARQ scores amongst the O-lineman, but is described as very raw.

    • DC

      Nembot is a name I’ve kept track of because of his intial verbal commitment to UW before ultimately signing with CU. Was hoping he would stay under the radar and we could snag him very late in the draft.

  4. Volume12

    Rob, what do you make of Rutgers WR Leonte Carroo? Would Seattle take another guy accused of DV?

    I love what he said here though:

    ” “I’ll crush the Senior Bowl.” “I’ll bring a relentless, hard-working attitude to the NFL with a playing style that’s dynamic and will fit into any teams’ scheme and do my job and do what the coaches ask me to do,” Carroo said. “[At the Senior Bowl I will] show the scouts how physical and fast I am as a wide receiver along with my knowledge of the game and understanding of defenses. I want to show how quick I am and learn and pick up on the offenses.” The 6-foot, 210-pounder recorded 39 catches, 809 yards and 10 touchdowns last season, leading the Big Ten in touchdown receptions despite missing over a third of the season to injuries and suspensions. Carroo had four offensive coordinators in four years of college. “I had a lot of languages to catch onto,” he said. “Going through the coaching changes and trying to build relationships within one year definitely helps me for the NFL. You’ve got to be ready to be coached by anyone. I’m willing to take coaching.”

    • Rob Staton

      Sounds intriguing but of course we have to look at how teams feel about the DV. Seahawks will do their homework for sure.

  5. DC

    This is not a intended as a stir the pot question, just a honest assessment of which player you believe makes the Seahawks the better team next season.

    Jimmy Graham on Offense?


    Muhammad Wilkerson on Defense?

    • Volume12

      Wilkerson would cost too much.

      They’ll re-load and add reinforcements.

      • Kyle

        I think he is implying dropping graham(which pete continues to say won’t happen) and throwing that money plus some for wilk. He is an insane d talent… But I just don’t see it happening unless he wants to play for us for cheaper( cheaper is relative to how much he is gonna be worth)

    • Rob Staton

      Graham isn’t going anywhere.

      • DC

        Just asking a straight forward question on people’s opinion of which player makes the Seahawks a better team? It’s not a trick.

        Not implying who stays, goes, or who gets paid what.

        Separately, let’s be honest, who saw the Jimmy Graham trade coming? All we knew was that they wanted a better red zone target. Or the Harvin trade. Or Bennett and Avril BOTH being signed. These guys tell you what they want and they want more pass rush so to rule out someone completely seems premature.

        • Rob Staton

          But if they’re honest about what they want — let’s also consider the numerous times Pete Carroll has rejected the idea of Graham not remaining with this team. He’s offered a significant amount of clarity there — unlike when he’s asked about Marshawn Lynch (for example).

          There’s nothing wrong with wondering which player makes Seattle better — but it doesn’t really change the fact that it’ll never be a legitimate trade-off. They almost certainly aren’t cutting Graham — and it’ll be very difficult and expensive to sign Wilkerson.

          • DC

            I believe that they want Graham here and agree on what a very long shot it would be to land Wilkerson. I just don’t put anything past this FO. These guys have surprised so many times that in a sense nothing is a surprise. It’s a pattern.

            The only way I could see Jimmy not on the team would be if his injury prognosis is that he will miss the ENTIRE 2016 season + playoffs. Then there might be a decision to be made. I haven’t yet heard a “medical” timetable on his recovery so I leave the door of possibility cracked open.

            • Rob Staton

              Pete said this week there’s a chance he’s back for training camp. That to me suggests at the very worst case he starts on the PUP.

              He’ll be back. They have surprised us but they haven’t lied to us. When Pete says Graham will be here for a long time he means it.

              • DC

                True dat.

                With good pass protection and health, the passing game is set to transcend anything we’ve previously seen from a Seahawks’ team.

                I’m already excited for next season and I hope JG comes back asap at 100%.

  6. Volume12

    This is Senior Bowl invitee Paul McRoberts, WR, SE MO. Seattle was checking this guy out very early in the season. Here’s proof.


    Also plays basketball for SE MO, and IMO would be a great selection in the 4th round. He’s 6’3, 197-200 lbs.

    Watch how smooth he is. Quick off the LOS, wins up top with his shoulders, not his waist which is a sign of a bad route runner. He does try to catch too many one-handed throws, but that’s eadily fixable. This guy is a quick, fluid, sudden athlete that also knows how to run block.


    Love his character, background, and apparent motivation which seems sky high.


    • Rob Staton

      I’ll check him out — thanks for the links.

      • Volume12

        Your wecome boss.

  7. Volume12

    Is Michigan OL Graham Glasgow a C or what? 2 days in a row now that he’s dominating, controlling the LOS, getting to the 2nd level, and just flat-out nasty.

    IMO this guy has TC written all over him.

    • Trevor

      he sure looks good doesn’t he. Harbaugh had high praise for him as well.

  8. LantermanC

    Great stuff. One quibble Rob, you rip into Justin Gilbert, but how was he different than say Marcus Peters who was a character risk but ended up being a good pick?

    • Rob Staton

      For starters, Peters wasn’t benched he was kicked off the team. He seemed to take that setback in the right way, rebuilt his relationship with Washington to the point they let him use their facilities (was he part of their pro-day?). His tape was superb and he looked the part.

      Justin Gilbert was benched for bad play the year before he was drafted. His tape before the draft was mediocre. People fell in love with his length and speed. The guy is a bonehead. His pro-career was completely predictable.

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