Predictions: Let the Seahawks off-season begin

There is so much to get into this week. Daniel Jeremiah’s first mock draft is out and we’ll look at the options available at #26. Tony Pauline has started to publish his positional grades on Draft Insider. I’m going to do a different type of mock draft where I abandon my own personal views on certain prospects and focus on what teams might see in players I dislike. We’re also recording the podcast tonight.

Today I want to focus on the future — because by now you’re probably tired of analysing what happened yesterday. If you’re like me you want to look forward. And let’s face it — you’re visiting a draft blog. You want to look forward.

Pete Carroll appeared on the Brock and Salk Show this morning on ESPN 710. There are lots of nuggets to get into here…

Improved O-line play is the priority

Pete Carroll doesn’t deal in vagueness. When he was asked about his teams greatest need following the 2010 season, he clearly identified improving the run game and O-line. After 2011 he talked about speed in the front seven. Both areas were addressed. When asked a similar question by Brock and Salk he clearly stated O-line consistency.

He also touched on the pass rush and making improvements there, specifically stating, “We’ll see what happens in the draft.” On this evidence, I suspect the trenches will get a lot of attention in the early rounds.

He wants to keep the band together

Towards the end he was asked about the numerous players who are set to become unrestricted free agents. Carroll was quite firm in stating, “We aren’t looking for big changes.” He made reference to keeping the group together. The Seahawks are set for around $30m in cap space ($36.5m if Marshawn Lynch is cut or traded). It sounds like most of that might be used to keep this team together.

Of course there will be obvious exceptions. You’re not going to pay beyond someone’s market value for the sake of consistency. And that’s why it might be difficult to re-sign Russell Okung. He might have to become a free agent to establish what his market value is.

Kam Chancellor isn’t going anywhere

It’s time to end this talk once and for all. Carroll mentioned three players he wants to train to a master level — Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. Those are the three he picked out. He went on to speak glowingly about the way Chancellor returned to the team following his hold-out. There was zero bitterness here. He mentioned Chancellor was “really pissed” about yesterday’s loss — again picking him out when he could’ve said any name (I’m guessing they were all ‘really pissed’).

Strong leadership is going to be crucial to the Seahawks. This is still a young group and they need a leader. Chancellor made a mistake last year. But it’s impossible to listen to Carroll and draw the conclusion we’re witnessing the end of Chancellor’s time in Seattle. I’m guessing they find a way to resolve any lasting issue with a contract restructure.

What about Marshawn Lynch and Jimmy Graham?

Carroll was nonspecific in his Lynch answer, stating it was too early to comment. We know the answer anyway. Yesterday was the final act for Beast Mode in Seattle. Jay Glazer made that clear after the game and John Clayton gave a “100%” guarantee on ESPN 710 today. They’re ready to move on. They kind of already have. The only question now is whether he retires, is traded or cut.

Carroll said there was a chance Graham could be back for training camp. That’s an optimistic statement — but he spoke about getting Graham and Rawls back for next season. There was nothing but positivity here. Since the injury Carroll has talked about Graham being here for a long time. I think they’ll give him every opportunity to recover and return. He’s too good a player to give up on after one serious injury.

What about some other predictions for the off-season?

— Doug Baldwin has one year left on his contract. Over the course of the next few weeks I think he’ll get a handsome extension. He’s a legit core player.

— Jermaine Kearse isn’t flashy but he’s made some of the most important plays in franchise history. I fully expect him to get a new contract if the price is right (and it probably will be).

— If they slightly overpay anyone this off-season I think it could be Jeremy Lane. The Cary Williams experiment showed they need players who know and understand the scheme. Seattle’s secondary needs to work as a single entity. Keeping Lane buys them a bit of time. Perhaps they can get him on a one or two year contract? He’s only 25 and Byron Maxwell signed his big deal aged 27. Give him the incentive to cash in down the line. Even if you keep Lane in the slot — that’s a vital position in the modern NFL.

— Michael Bennett is an elite defensive lineman. His average annual salary is currently $7.125m. Derek Wolfe just signed an extension in Denver with a $9.175m average. It might be time to reward Bennett for playing on despite his dissatisfaction. He’s certainly earned a pay rise — and he’s developed into an integral leader.

— Can the Seahawks get more pass rush in the interior? Yes, absolutely. Does that mean they need to rid themselves of Athyba Rubin and Brandon Mebane? Absolutely not. They need to enhance this unit, not diminish it. This is an elite run-stopping group. They didn’t allow a single 100-yard rusher in the regular season. Re-signing this pair would be wise if the price isn’t ridiculous (and why would it be?). Then it’s about adding a piece or two in the draft.

— It’s difficult to work out what they’ll do on the offensive line. The more players they keep (Kearse, Lane, Mebane, Rubin) the harder it’ll be to make a big splash. They could look at Cleveland duo Alex Mack (likely to void his contract) and Joe Thomas (hinted at the possibility of a trade). Hue Jackson also looks like the kind of coach that can recruit guys to buy in. The Seahawks have been very aggressive in addressing needs via trade and free agency in the past — but I’m not sure they’re interested in expensive outsiders for this group. They trust Tom Cable. For that reason, an early dose of OL in the draft seems like the most likely scenario. People will cringe at the prospect of no major changes — but consistency is important for a line. A couple of decent draft picks to increase competition and quality addresses the issue without a sea change.

— Bruce Irvin is a curious one. I’m not totally convinced teams will be lining up to sign him. To some he’ll be a tweener. He’s 29 this year. Obviously there’s a connection in Atlanta with Dan Quinn (it’s also Irvin’s home city). If he tests the market and it’s lukewarm, he could easily return. I’m not sure they’ll break the bank. If he leaves, how do they replace him?


  1. Nathan

    Rob, I’m curious as to this comment:

    I’m going to do a different type of mock draft where I abandon my own personal views on certain prospects and focus on what teams might see in players I dislike. We’re also recording the podcast tonight.

    I often wonder when people do mocks for their own team, do they sub consciously manipulate the board to make sure the player they had in mind in the start is still there.

    Do you think is something you may have done before? I’ve noticed a few comments you’ve made like ‘all the tackles will be off the board’, do you think when doing a mock, you talk yourself into picking tackles for other teams?

    • Nathan

      And on another note, when you do your live broadcast on draft day, do you think it’d be a good idea to do live ‘on the clock selections’ with the other guys, ie. set your big boards, actually have 10 mins to make a pick.

      • Rob Staton

        Sounds fun, it’s something we’ll consider.

        • Nathan

          It’d be interesting to consider your haul against the hawks haul a couple of years down the track.

          I often find myself going ‘well we could have had this player at pick 63’ after we’ve seen the flourish in the NFL, which is unfair on the guys who have to pick in the war room.

    • Rob Staton

      I put guys I like higher up the board and with the Seahawks picking later in the first round each year it generally means players I like are never available. In the mock this week I’m going to have some of my favourite prospects available to the Seahawks or within range — with some of the players I like going earlier than I’ve previously projected.

  2. Volume12

    I think Bruce stays. Hoping anyways. But, I’m optimistic nonetheless.

    Glad we can put an end to this ridiculous notion of cutting Jimmy Graham and trading/releasing Kam Chancellor.

    Re-sign Tuba, Kearse, Lane, and possibly Sweezy and ‘Bane. Of course there’s guys like Jon Ryan, Ricardo Lckette, etc. Those guys ain’t priorities though.

    And it kind of goes without saying in regards to keeping RFA’s like Shead.

    • C-Dog

      I am growing more and more convinced the Bruce comes back in 2016, for pretty much all things stated by Rob.

      I listened to Greg Bell from the Tacoma New Tribune on 710 this afternoon, and I thought he brought up some interesting points. He listened Bruce as being a guy he thinks Seattle would bring back, and… JR Sweezy. He thinks the feeling around the club is pretty high on Glowinski, they like him a lot, and sees the strong possibility of him being the LG next year, Britt possibly moving back to “compete” at RT, and Gilliam moving to LT. He thinks Patrick Lewis earned an extension. He thinks Kearse is likely gone, and priced out of Seattle’s range. Contrary to Pete’s thoughts on Kam, he said he’s gotten the sense from the team that he burned bridges with his holdout, and would be shocked if they moved on from him. For the last part, I’m going to guess he didn’t hear the Coach talk to Brock and Saulk this morning.

      • bigDhawk

        Bruce is an emotional guy. He reacted emotionally with the Atlanta comments when we didn’t pick up his option. I suspect his comments about coming back to Seattle at a discount was also an emotional reaction to playing the final game under his rookie contract for the team that made him a first round pick. When it’s all said and done he will end up playing for who pays him the most. If someone offers him 7-9 mil, he won’t come back here for 3-5. Tate also made similar emotional, half-hearted remarks about returning at a bit of a discount and that proved meaningless.

        • Nathan

          I think you’re right on this one bigDhawk.

          Look at Olivier Vernons comment that: “I’d like to be back, but I’m giving them a discount”

          Which is no co-incidence that it came after an unhappy season for the team.

          The emotion will wear away in a couple of weeks, and when the money gets dangled, no amount of brotherhood will keep him here if it’s enough money.

        • Volume12

          We’re gonna use Tate as the reason Irvin won’t be back?

          Then is it fair to use Michael Bennett as one? The guy that took a discount.

          • Nathan

            He may take a discount.

            But if someone waves a big load of cash in front of him, and it’s 30 mil as opposed to 20, he’s gone.

          • Ukhawk

            Problem I have with Bruce is the he is not a core guy in my eyes, so shouldn’t be paid a premium for the position. Someone will pay him based on potential even though he is 29.

            IMO he is a above average at everything but doesn’t really outperform either rushing the passer ( a la Houston), in coverage (a la Devonte) nor doing run and chase (T Davis).

          • C-Dog

            I just think considering Bruce’s age, and his hybrid role, I think his greatest value might be in Seattle. I think the chances of some other team signing him to a 4 year 30 Million deal for a player nearing 30 is kind of in doubt. Is he an established and refined DE? Is he a top level 3-4 OLB? He’s a great player in Seattle’s defense, and he affords them a lot of flexibility in their pass rush and LB core. I just like his chances of staying in town. If he was 26, I think another team would step up with a bigger longer deal.

          • bigDhawk

            Did Bennett take a discount? Do we know for a fact another team was offering significantly more money than what the Hawks offered, and not just a nominal increase?

            Tate was offered significantly more money by Detroit, which is why we left. So that’s why I’m using Tate as an example. If it plays out with Irvin that way I suspect the same results. However if the market for Irvin is soft and not much better than what he would get here, I can still see him returning. But I think there will be at least one team step up for him like Detroit did for Tate and he will follow the money.

    • franks

      Gotta keep Bruce, gotta keep Kam, gotta keep Graham! Especially Graham.

      Gotta keep Shead and Lane! We should keep all those guys really. Sweezy only if he’s cheap it seems he is still learning the position a bit (I hope).

      Good bye Russell Okung. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made for us. I think you should do your body a favor and hang it up, in ten years you’ll be glad you did.

      • dave crockett

        I think Bruce’s market is VERY specific.

        I think we now know that Irvin’s a SAM — and a pretty damn good SAM.

        it’s ATL, JAX, or OAK. Those are the three teams that have scheme fit and a need. Irvin’s already signaled he’d prefer SEA. (It’s always different when the money’s in front of you, but the early signal may convince even those teams to focus on the draft.)

        My guess is that it comes down to SEA and JAX. Gus may still see Irvin as a LEO pass rushing end in his scheme, and consider that the window for them in the AFCS may be opening.

        • Steele

          Ken Norton might attract Bruce to Oakland. He would be useful there.

          • SunPathPaul

            Pairing Irvin with Kalil Mack would be pretty scary…

  3. Volume12

    Couple questions Rob.

    1. Could they possibly go DT in round 2 this year?
    2. If Bruce Irvin stays, do you think they go pass rusher early still?

    • Rob Staton

      1. Yes it’s possible — but I’m not crazy about the DT’s in this class.

      2. I would say it’s very possible. Carroll referenced improving the pass rush and that pass rush included Irvin.

      • Volume12

        1. Agree. I’m kind of expecting them to take one in round 3 though.
        2. IMO, they should go O-line and pass rusher with their 1st two selections.

        Two mote questions for ya Rob.

        1. You think they go DT and a Greg Scruggs like body type later in the draft?
        2. Pass rushing DE, LB, or just depends on best fit?

        • Rob Staton

          1. It could be a 275-280lbs rusher they work inside rather than a DT. I think they like what they have at DT with Mebane and Rubin. Anyone they add is probably nickel rotation and down specific. Also, the lack of quality interior rushers at DT in this class makes me wonder if they go down that road.

          2. Fit and what’s available.

          • Volume12

            1. I’m as big an advocate as you are about this class lacking interior pass rushers. Plus, I think they like going to their ‘Nascar Package’ anyways.

            Still think Oklahoma’s Charles Tapper would fit fantastically. Great run stuffer, and he gives ya some pass rush. Would be great in a rotation.

            • Rob Staton

              I think Tapper could easily be the guy they go with.

            • KyleT

              The challenge with the Nascar approach is they just got beat by a power running team with a decent QB who they couldn’t get to on early downs because they had Rubin/Mebane out there, and on 3rd down it was typically 3rd and short and Nascar wouldn’t be the right personnel grouping.

              The hawks heavily weight their offseason plans based on how their season ended and the team that knocked them out.

          • John_s

            Noah Spence in rd2? He seems like the closest thing to fit the LEO requirements. Losing Avril in last years Super Bowl then again against Carolina and he’s hitting 30. Time to find a capable LEO so Avril can stay fresh, also if he gets hurt we’re not in a bind and someone to take over for him eventually.

            Whitehair rd 1
            Spence rd 2
            Doctson rd 3
            RB comp rd3

            • Rob Staton

              I’m not the biggest fan of Spence’s tape. He is a good athlete though. It all comes down to character with him. Teams will do extensive checks.

            • Volume12

              Wouldn’t hate it. The Spence pick.

              He struggled this year, and IDK what kind of athlete he is, but Georgia’s Jordan Jenkins is one of the grittiest, most Avril like rushers in this class.

              Keep an eye on App St’s DE Ronald Blair.

              • Volume12

                Maryland DE Yannick Ngakoue?

                • CharlieTheUnicorn

                  I love this guy. He just seems like a great pick in the middle rounds.

                  • Volume12

                    Ngakoue is much better than a mid-rounder.

              • Rik

                I really, really like the tape I’ve seen of Blair. I’d be pretty happy to see him in a Seahawks uniform.

            • Trevor

              John I think Spence will end up being the best pure pass rusher in this draft. If the character / background stuff checks out I think he will end up being a 1st round pick.

              • red

                If the hawks can wait a year lots of nice edge types next year. 2017 draft of RB and DE/OLB.

                For this year maybe one of the Penn State guys Nassib or Zettel 270lbs + Maybe Obah if he slips a bit in the first.

                • JimQ

                  Currently ranked as a late 3-rd to late 4-th round pick that has good potential as a LEO, much will depend on how he looks in post season evaluations/combine.

                  —-DE/OLB/LEO?-James Cowser. rSr., So. Utah, 6-3/258, 4.68/40
                  2015 BIG SKY DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR (COACHES):…….James Cowser DE … the recipient of this season’s Defensive Player of the Year award, in part due to his role leading the Big Sky’s top defense. Cowser, who is a two-time all-Big Sky first-team player, finished the season with 11 sacks and 17 tackles-for-loss. (In the process of posting those statistics, Cowser set the FCS all-time record in both categories, as well as besting the Big Sky records posted by Idaho State’s —-> Jared Allen).
                  In 2014 – Cowser had 28.5 TFL & 11.5 sacks, 3-FF, 2-blocked kicks. Cowser is a candidate for National Defensive Player of the Year. – Big Sky Football SUU’s James Cowser was named the best FCS defensive player of the year by the FCS Athletics Directors Association and is FCS’s all-time career leader in both sacks (43) and tackles for loss (80), surpassing the old records of 41.5 and 72.5.

          • Robert

            I’m disappointed to hear that this Draft is weak at pass rushing DT. I feel like they will try to keep Rubin and Mebane together because everything we do on D starts with stuffing the run. But Hill is just OK. If they had a dominating pass rushing DT that could disrupt the pocket, it makes our awesome DEs much more effective because the QB cannot step up! And most the damage done this year was when the QB could avoid our ferocious rush from the DEs by simply stepping up in the pocket. Bennett needs some help in the middle on pass rush. Maybe Clark can be a dominating force there in his 2nd year???

            • C-Dog

              I think dominating DT’s a very hard to come by, and the one’s in college of very easy to scout because they immediately jump out. That’s not to say that drafting one of the DT’s that can pass rush in this draft can’t develop on into a good to very good one on the next level. Seattle needs to add disruption inside. They need that defending pass plays and on run plays. Example, on the busted Jonathan Steward run, Mebane got some push, Rubin got none. Neither are disruptive players, not at their age, not with their skill set. The team didn’t really ask them to be, and that’s fine to a degree. It would be smart to add upside there, even if the player is not the finished product.

              I think Clark could develop more inside, but he would need to get a lot stronger. My guess is he will make most of his hay as an edge rusher. He had one splashy game against the Vikings, but after that, it seemed to me he mostly got engulfed by stronger interior linemen with a few splashy players here and there.

  4. SeaTown

    The OL–Have to fix it. Pete was asked about keeping Justin Britt at LG and said, “We gotta figure that out.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Britt. Plus chances are that Okung walks. Glowinski looked pretty good in his Zona start. Could see a guard tandem of Sweezey and Glow and then the Hawks could draft a LT (but at 26 would they find one?).

    This is going to be tricky.

    • Volume12

      I think they can find a RT at 26. Gilliam’s body type and athleticism is much more suited for LT anyways.

      RT’s are becoming hghly important in today’s game. And Gilliam wouldn’t be the 1st former TE to be turned into a LT.

      • C-Dog

        They have also talked about Britt as a center in the past, Pete brought that up when they switched him to guard.

        • Robert

          In Pete’s final Monday presser, he singled out Sokoli as a player he’s very excited about because of his tremendous quickness and athleticism. He went on to say that they chose to groom him rather than throw him into the fray the way they did Sweezy as a rookie. He also said it is Center, which surprised me. I thought they were grooming him as a G and wondered why it wasn’t RT with Gilliam switching to LT.

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, I caught that as well. After I wrote this. I was also a bit surprised and, frankly, alarmed he glowed a bit about Sokoli as a center. After the Nowak experience, I was really hoping that at that specific position, they would be done after former college DTs to play there. They tried him at center early in the preseason and switched him to G.

            It was also interesting how, again, he brought up Glowinski positively, but them when asked about Britt, his response was “We don’t know yet, he played tackle and played guard, so that helps him out.” Not a big endorsement.

            If I’m Britt, I am making this offseason the biggest one of my life.

            • AlaskaHawk

              Geez you can pick up a good center in the 3-4 round easily enough. Quit experimenting at the center spot.

            • franks

              It also makes you wonder, doesn’t it, WHY GLO NEVER GOT ANY PT

              • C-Dog

                I’ve wondered the same exact thing.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Britt has failed to block at two positions. It is time to move on.

      • bigDhawk


        • Robert

          Frankenstein has better foot speed. Only chance for Britt is to spend the entire off season on his tippy toes trying to become nimble!

  5. rowdy

    I just posted this comment in the last thread but here it is again. Jaylon Smith, myles jack and Elliott are top 10 picks in his mock. Aren’t myles and Jaylon dealing with serious injuries that will carry on through the draft?

    • Volume12

      Jaylon is. Both are 2 of the best overall prospects in this class.

      Teams will love Myles Jack. And Smith, but he’ll fall down the board a bit due to that injury. Not too much though.

      • rowdy

        I know healthy both could be top 10 picks and hurt both should be first rounders still but I can’t see top 10 hurt.

        • Volume12

          I don’t think Jack will be hurt come pro days though. I could totally be wrong.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Smith is the guy I can;t get a read on right now. He was a top 5 guy before the injury, now who knows… but IF he was available for Seattle at their pick….. I think they should take a chance on him. I personally think the 49ers grab him….

  6. Therick05

    Rob, do you see SEA letting Okung walk and trading up for Coleman?
    Would you prefer getting a DT round 2 (EX:Johnson) and a G in round 3 (Bisnowaty) or getting a G in 2nd round (Dahl) and a DT in the 3rd (Rankings)?
    Im really convinced the Seahawks will go OL in the first round, My favorite is Coleman, but i can see Dahl or Conklin there.

    • Rob Staton

      I can see Okung moving on and them going T in round one. I’m not sure they’ll trade up though.

  7. CC

    I’d like to see Kearse and Lane back and if we could keep Rubin and/or Bane that would be good. Sweezy will get a big paycheck elsewhere and he’ll walk. Maybe Britt the bust can do better at RG, and maybe Glow can be a LG. I don’t know if that is possible because I don’t know enough about their skill set. We need a LT – even if Okung will take less money, he can’t stay healthy, so I’d rather invest in someone who will play 19 games even if we pay a bit more.

    I’m interested to see what will happen with Kam – he wanted a raise, didn’t get it and held out. Then when he came back, he didn’t play well enough to warrant making any adjustment to the contract – he makes more next year, but will it be enough?

    The cap will probably go up about $10m – maybe restructure and extend Bennett another year, then you can give him a bit more in 2016 – he’s supposed to make 9.5 in 2017, so switch it up. Not sure you can do the same thing with Cliff, but if you can, kick him something as well.

    It looks like we might have $25m in cap space for 2016 +$6m if Marshawn is cut or traded. It should be enough to get some guys resigned and maybe pick up someone in FA.

    • Robert

      Britt at RG would be a departure from Cable’s ideal of having a road grader at LG and an athletic RG who can 2nd level block or pull. Personally, I think a Guard who can pull or block LBs at the expense of passpro is a foolish choice because Russ is a surgeon if our Oline gives him a little time.

  8. sdcoug

    You mention teams may not be lining up for Irvin, but doesn’t Jax (Gus Bradly) have just a boat load of cap space this year (I could be confusing them with another team)? I haven’t paid close attention to their roster construction, but they seem like a likely candidate to pay top-market +, ala Julius Thomas.

    Also, we’ve discussed in the past how upon reflection, Carroll’s comments were blindingly obvious (wanting speed at WR = drafting Richardson, etc ). Regarding improvements to the pass rush, Any chance we make a splash inside? I guess a Wilkerson-type would be a pipedream, but I can’t help but feel like that is the missing piece to our whole D. How many times do Bennett, Irvin and Avril round the corner, just to watch the Bradys, Bens, and Rodgers calmly step up into a clean pocket and find an easy completion?

    • Rob Staton

      In an ideal world, yes it’d be nice to add that interior guy. But Wilkerson would cost around $12m APY and they can’t do that. There’s also a dearth of good interior rushers in this class. I think they’ll draft a 275-280lbs type and work him inside, similar to Clark. Ronald Blair is a good shout by V12.

  9. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I think the LT and LG spots are up in the air right now. We don’t know what the injury was that Okung suffered early in the Carolina game. I think it might be the proverbial nail in his Seattle coffin however…. he just has not been able to hold up the last 2 or 3 years.

    Let’s assume Gilliam can play LT, then the draft becomes a RT and LG draft… and if you can find one guy in FA….. only 1 spot needs to be filled via draft. The RG spot will most likely go to Glow, if he continues to progress as expected.

    I’m not sold on changing the Center….. too many moving parts imo. If there is a clean sweep, which I seen mentioned a few times…. you thought this season looked bad on OL…. next year will be 5x worse.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m in agreement with everything you said. Seahawks need a guard and tackle. I wouldn’t mind if they also picked up a center to backup/Compete with Lewis.

    • Rob Staton

      Listening to Carroll today he assessed Patrick Lewis as solid. Said something like, ‘we didn’t need him to be the best center in the NFL’. I suspect they will add someone else there one way or another. Draft or FA.

  10. Michael Hoard

    Judging by past history, I’d say there’s a good chance that the first round pick will be traded again. The pickis low enough not to generate many good players and I think the Seahawks have no hesitation in taking on a salary for a premiere player that fits a need. Offense or defense? Joe Thomas or someone or a pass rusher on the DL?

    • LantermanC

      It’s a mistake to think there’s nothing good at the end of the first round.
      Instead of trading for Percy, we could’ve drafted Hopkins, Ogletree, or Kawaan Short.
      Instead of trading for Jimmy Graham, we could’ve drafted Donovan Smith, Jalen Collins, or several other OTs.

      Also, with trading away our last 2 1st round picks, I’m not sure the Seahawks still feel like it’s a good idea (or maybe just wishful thinking).

      • Volume12

        Still woulda taken Jimmy Graham over Collins, Smith, or anyone else.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I would take Jimmy Graham if he is healthy. At this point the Seahawks may have wasted another first round draft pick and 20 million on him. I hope the Seahawks get Howard this draft, because they need another tight end.

      • Steele

        I agree. Many opportunities were passed up.

        I may be in the minority, but Jimmy G doesn’t look like a successful experiment for Seattle. Just a bad fit. Unless Russell turns into Drew Brees.

  11. KyleT

    I think more than anything we will deal with the interior o-line vs the tackles. I believe Britt and Sweezy to be among the worst in the league. Britt may have been worse at LG then at RT. I don’t think we pay Okung or Sweezy. I think we move Gilliam to LT, draft Coleman in the 1st. Sign a veteran guard to play LG such as Boone. Let Glow and Sokoli compete for RG and Coleman/Britt for RT. Pay Bailey’s RFA tag, as well as Lewis, let Lewis, Nowak and maybe a 3rd round pick compete for starting Center, to have some really great depth on the O-line and a decent shot at having good starters

  12. KyleT

    On the DL, I really want to see them grab a premier 3 down interior player like Wilkerson or Williams, but I don’t think they make it to FA. One of the problems we have against teams with good OL and a good QB is we do not get pressure when they decide to pass on running downs. The panthers used this to avoid our Nickel package all day and we barely got any pressure on Newton. This is not unique and getting passed the top teams requires getting pressure on early downs not just with a nickel package. I don’t see us doing that though. I do think we bring back Rubin and Mebane. We could draft Hargrave as a replacement to Hill or C.Jones as a more well rounded lineman, both likely available in the 2nd.

    • C-Dog

      I would keep on eye on Jaye Howard if he hits that market. Also, Tyrunn Walker has flashed in NO and in Detroit before his got lost to the season by injury. Howard could be a starter, Walker potentially as well.

      I think it’s interesting to note the most of the cheap deal DT’s that Seattle has brought in to start in the past have come in and played better here than with there previous team. Alan Branch was considered a major high round bust from Arizona, and he played two pretty solid years here. Tony McDaniel was a backup in Miami that most never heard of, and became the starter here. Many thought Rubin was kind of washed up (I did), and was brought in to be a backup, and he beat out McDaniels. So there could be a guy on the market who didn’t make much of an impact on their previous team that they sign, and they find a nice niche for. Carrell has always shown the ability to adjust his defense to fit his players strengths.

      That said, I think there is a chance they use a relatively high pick land a DT with pass rush potential, at least a 3rd rounder, maybe even in round 2. He might not have all the polish, but neither did Clark, and they saw the athlete. If someone shows up really well at the combine and on their pro day, this could sway them.

      • KyleT

        Chris Jones and Javon Hargraves are my favorite DT’s in this class.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, both those guys are players to watch. I think there are a number of interesting players. I really like Vernon Butler’s size and motor. Sheldon Rankins, Sheldon Day, Charles Tapper, Luther Maddy are undersized high motor types that might appeal as well. Based on the past trends, I would suspect round 3 to round 4 to be the range, unless there is someone they really, really like.

  13. C-Dog

    Now the fun season begins. My favorite mode in Madden is the offseason.

    I’m going with a bold offseason prediction that Bruce Irving stays in Seattle. I think the chances are high that Lane, Shead, Kearse, Michael, and Rubin are back, as well. To a lesser degree, Mebane and Sweezy.

    I think Okung is only back after he tests a cold market. I think the chances of his market being cold are I can’t tell, maybe 50/50. I kind of think some desperate team is going to pay him more than what Seattle will.

    I think Glowinski is a starter at one of the guard spots. I think they draft OL high, and might very well use the first two rounds on OL. I think Britt might be in a fight for a roster spot, but maybe they move him to center to battle with Lewis, as Carroll has mentioned in the past that could be a possible spot for him.

    I think they use the either the draft or free agency to address the interior pass rush, and I think that depends on who is on the free agent market, but I good see them actually use both. I’ve been blue in the face all year about the lack of inside disruption.

    I think they might work out a new deal with Michael Bennett. I don’t think they do with Chancellor, but maybe they shift money around on the existing deal.

    I think they try to work out an extension with Baldwin.

    Love the fact Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor are going to go for their PHDs.

    I think at some point, John Schneider makes a trade.

  14. bobbyk

    Rubin wants to come back. No question. I spoke with his wife after the Minnesota game last week and she was adamant about how much he loves playing for Carroll.

    I didn’t even know who she was but Rubin came up to her after the game (she was sitting in the row behind me) and gave her the ball he recovered (Kam’s strip of AP). We spoke for a few minutes and although they live in Florida and that’s been their home even since he was a Brown… they’d move to Seattle in a heartbeat if he signed more than a one-year deal.

    I got the sense that his number one priority is to be a Seahawk and that includes even if either Florida team wanted him if the money is somewhat similar. Even if the team gave him two years, I think he’d be well worth it if it was for about the same amount he made this past year ($2.6M).

    I can’t imagine Mebane wanting to go anywhere else, nor can I imagine any other team giving him big bucks due to his age. I remember to talking to Eric Williams when he was in charge of the TNT one time and he saying that Mebane is a hard worker, but he’s one of those guys you may want to have a carrot hanging out there for (part of the reason we heard, imo, that he came into camp in the best shape of his career = contract year).

    Thankful this Kam stuff is behind us. He may have burned a bridge or two but I get the sense that he’s loved in that locker room and by the staff (still). We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but I think it’s pretty easy to tell that there’s admiration for Kam and speculating on him being gone in ’16 is foolish.

    I got that exact same sense from listening to Carroll earlier today that we will be taking a pass rusher or offensive lineman at #26. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if we go DL/OL or OL/DL in rounds 1-2.

    I have so much faith in this secondary if Lane is opposite Sherman (and Shead is depth). Although I like Shead, the depth after him scares me if he’s a starter. I hope Smith had a good redshirt year at CB.

    Alvin Bailey isn’t a great player by any stretch of the imagination, but he’s never really been too terrible when he’s had to fill in for Okung. Since he was undrafted, if they really want to keep him, they are going to give him a salary similar to what Kearse got this past year (over $2 million). They won’t give him that, I don’t think, if he’s going to be their top back-up. If they do give him that, then I think we may see him at LT in ’16 (it does worry me though).

    Lastly, they have to like what they have in Sokoli. I wonder if they think he can start? They must see something or they wouldn’t have “wasted” him being inactive pretty much every Sunday all season.

    So many questions, but it’s fun to speculate…

    • Cysco

      Good insight man. thanks for sharing the story.

    • Robert

      Pete said they like Sokoli at Center in Mondays final presser. I would have thought Nowak at C, Sokili at G. But I’ve always been surprised Skoli isn’t being groomed at RT with Gilliam switching to LT. Sokoli has great quickness and athleticism. Perhaps his arms are too short for T?

      • Attyla the Hawk

        If memory serves, he had 34.25 arms. Not ideal but not horribly short.

        The real issue of course is the technical precision needed to function at the OT spot. He wasn’t in any way prepared for that.

  15. Ed

    Without re-signing anyone and cutting/trading Lynch, the Hawks could have $36 million in cap space. About the only high contracts that can still be maneuvered are Graham/Bennett/Avril/Chancellor.

    OL/DL/LB will be priority. If Thomas/Mack/Wisnewski/Boone become available, it needs to happen. Bolster the interior line with FA and get DL in draft.

    Add Boone and Mack (6-8 million)

    1st Decker (OT)
    2nd Spence (DL)
    3rd Striker (LB)
    3rd Day (DT)

    Rawls and Michael at RB looks like it would work.

    • Robert

      They still have Brandon Cottom on the practice squad…the 260 pound FB/RB with excellent athleticism. Looks very impressive on YouTube.

      • Magmatizer

        Wow, Cottom really jumps out at you considering how large he is! Hopefully he at least gets preseason action.

  16. Nathan_12thMan

    I love your break down Rob. Basically everything I currently think except us being able to afford BOTH Mebane and Rubin. I didn’t think that was possible, assumed we’d have to pick one or the other.

    O-Line: Agreed. I wonder what (if anything) we do to get Glowinski on the field. We all saw him play really well and Pete hasn’t stopped praising him and mentioning him. It seems obvious that to get our best O-linemen on the field together we need to get Glow a starting spot. But where? The obvious answer is LG because Pete’s response to being asked about Britt wasn’t favorable along with Britt being our worst O-linemen this entire season. In moving Glow to LG you get a better LG and you can let Alvin Bailey walk as Britt becomes the new Swing-Tackle and backup Guard. Another option is letting Sweez walk to keep RG cheap and starting Glow at RG and keeping Britt at LG (assuming Cable thinks he will continue to develop & improve).
    As for Okung; I do hope we re-sign him (obviously within budget) unless something epic happens like we acquire Joe Thomas or maybe we draft a OT who can start with our 1st pick (maybe LT, maybe RT and Gilliam moves to LT).

    Would love to see Kam stay and be happy, but given his quality of play this entire season I hope they don’t do anything wild with his contract restructure (I trust in JS though). I really like Kelcie McCray so if stuff got outta hand and we traded Kam i’d feel good about our starting SS.

    Marshawn is 100% gone and anyone that thinks otherwise is high as frak. Would be a wild turn of events if Marshawn wants to play so we end up trading him and actually getting pick(s) or a player out of him. It would help our team to get something in return but on the flip side it would suck to see him wear another jersey and play on another team, potentially a team that we end up playing in 2016.

    Jimmy will be an interesting one to watch. If he heals really well then I imagine we keep him, but if his injury doesn’t heal well then his $9mil and $10mil for ’16 & ’17 need to go elsewhere (O-line) and him having no dead money makes trading/cutting him a must.

    I do wonder the teams long term stance on Jimmy Graham given how successful we saw our passing attack look without him. If he recovers great do we restructure him so his cap hit isn’t so high? Do we just pay him the $9mil and in 2017 trade him with (hopefully) his stock being higher after a healthy & great 2016 season? Or do we really want him long term on the Seahawks?

    New deal for Doug? I’m down. W/e amount of money JS has room for to pay that man I am happy to see. The only thing that would kinda suck is to pay him a LOT but then when we get (presumably) P-Rich and Jimmy back along with (potentially) a ’16 WR draft pick that his targets will drop and he’ll come back down to reality and be that ~800 yards ~7 TD slot WR but we will be paying him like he gets 1k 10+ TD’s a season. I’m not THAT worried about that, but it is always interesting to pay someone after their career high year that most likely will be an anomaly due to unique circumstances.

    Re-sign Kearse? I have warmed up to it as long as the price is right. I don’t like the idea of paying him $2.5mil-$3mil a year and getting 500 yards and 4 TD’s a season. We are a fantastic team at finding UDFA WR talent (Kasen? Kevin?) and developing them into quality WR’s. If Paul can stay healthy and if we draft a quality WR this year (that can make an impact his rookie year) then Kearse could see significantly fewer targets than usual and in the red zone why target Kearse? Target Doug out of the slot or Jimmy. So I hopeif we re-sign Kearse it is for like $2mil-$2.25mil a season for 2-3 seasons.

    Lane: He made comments today about wanting to test FA. Reminds me of Maxwell (wanting to get paid) but I don’t think the suitors will be as strong as they were for Maxy. I agree if there is a guy to over-pay it is probably Lane. Don’t want to go light at CB. And even if say Tharold Simon is healthy and earns CB2 (imo he could, 6’2, 205 lbs, ball hawk, gave up a QB passer rating of 44.4 in the ’14 reg season) then you have a secondary of Simon, Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor and Lane at nickel. That is a all home-grown LOB packed full of talent right there. And if Tharold can’t stay healthy then Lane shifts to CB2 and Burley (or whoever) starts at NCB.

    Bennett: Pay the man, he earned it.

    Irvin: Interesting indeed. Will be very curious to see how this plays out. If we do re-sign him i’d still love for someone to ask Pete & John how they planned on addressing that position if they lost him. I know they talked about training C.Marsh for that role…maybe MikeMo at LB on 1st & 2nd down and Frank Clark at DE on 3rd? Maybe someone in the draft they had their eye on to fill the role?

    • KyleT

      Sweezy was just as bad as Britt, he won’t be playing RG next year.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        Nah, season long Sweezy was more consistent, also at the very least Tom Cable loves Sweezy, praises him a ton. Having him move on from RG (if that is our only move) is possible but if we don’t re-sign Okung and if we start Glow at LG then having a new RG as well would mean we are yet again playing with over 50% of our O-line being new. Pete just said today he wants consistency on the O-line.

        • KyleT

          Today we are consistently inconsistent. Sweezy and Britt both graded out as some of he worst Guards in the nfl. The eye test showed the same thing. I want good starters not continuity with bad starters. That argument only works if you have good starters to keep continuity with.

          • Robert

            I like Cable, but it drives me nuts when he starts braying about Sweezy and his ability to block LBs at the second level. I think Pete will insist that passpro is a more important skill.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I have to agree with you Kyle. For three years the Seahawks offense has consistently looked bad the first half of the season. They have gotten a pass on this because they peaked in the playoffs and got to the superbowl. They have never found the right personnel at offensive line. And since Okung and Carpenter were picked they haven’t really tried that hard in the draft. Mostly it has been mid to late round picks with occasional stabs at converting defensive guys to offense.

            It’s really a mess now. And it will take at least two new offensive linemen to fix it.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Sweezy is a 4-year starter. He’d better be more consistent that Britt learning a new position.

          Also, I don’t see Glow (or Sokoli) at LG. TC seems to like SIZE at LG. Every one under his tenure has been at least 6’5″ and +315lbs – McQuistan, Carp, Bailey and Britt – all over 6’5″ and 315lbs or more. Glow also hasn’t ever played at LG.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Except for Bailey – only 6’3″ but 330lbs

          • KyleT

            Except that he’s not. Go watch some of his game tape, as great as he is when he locks on to somebody and drives them off the ball with a pancake finish, he still gets his technique wrong and gets beat often, not just in pass pro, but run blocking as well.

            You could sum up this entire year as the year of “mistaken identity”. Meaning, we did not have the personnel to play with the identity Pete wants us to have. We got it back during a stretch, but then lost it again. If you listen to the Pete interviews after the Rams game, Cards game at home and the Panthers game, it’s pretty obvious how he sees our struggles.

            His question of “How do we get more consistent up front?” Lands squarely on Britt and Sweezy. It’s one thing when you have only one guy missing his blocks from time to time, but when you have that happening consistently in both your Guard spots, and a Center that had trouble calling protections early on (Nowak), recipe for disaster. You certainly don’t get to have the run offense identity Pete wants.

  17. Josh

    1 player I wouldn’t mind using our 1st on is Dodd from Clemson. He was absolutely destroying Alabama’s OL in the championship game. His stats all season were there too so it wasn’t a 1 off game. Watching him reminded me of Bennett when he is at his most unstoppable. He was just blowing through the line almost untouched.

    • Nathan

      That game was somewhat strange for me.

      He got the results, but he looked dead slow. It seemed like the Tackle he was up against was stoned.

      He isn’t even a 3rd rounder in my view.

      • Josh

        He had 23.5 TFL and 12 sacks this year. I haven’t gone back and watched any of his tape but in that game he was as good as Bennett was in the SB loss.

        • Volume12

          Your not comparing NFL lineman to college ones are you?

          Dodd gets a ton of coverage sacks.

    • Rob Staton

      Good player — but his get-off is terrible. Wins in spite of it. Although get-off at the next level is crucial.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Dodd benefited a lot from Lawson. You don’t have to be lightning off the snap when your opposite end is, and constantly flushes QBs your way.

  18. JC

    A late round or free agent QB I’d like to see the Hawks pick up is Vad Lee. The natural and local connection people have to back up Russell might be Vernon Adams, but I like Lee’s chances more. Just as BJ Daniels caught the eye of this site as a backup for #3 in 2013, I think Vad best fits that description in this draft.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I agree. They need to find an apprentice to be an understudy to RW. TJack isn’t getting any younger. I’m not even sure what other options are on the roster at the moment. I’m not a fan of Adams personally, due to the offense he was in…. he will need at least 1-2 years to become capable to being a quality back-up in the pros.

      As a quality UDRFA…. definitely keep your eye on QBs. You mentioned Vad Lee… I’ll mention Trevone Boykin… yes yes yes, he is a knucklehead and may do some hard time. But he is a tremendous athlete and might be asked to switch to CB, WR or something else to get his gifts on the field in the pro game. In 2015, he completed 65 percent of his passes for 3,575 yards with 31 touchdowns and 10 interceptions…… 65% is very good, showing he does have some accuracy. Off the field he is a mess, on the field a winner.

    • Mike B.

      How about Keenan Reynolds from the Navy? If he’s able to enter the draft he could be the QB/RB equivalent of BJ Daniels QB/WR, and could fill in as RB3/RB4.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        He has a multi-year commitment to the Navy, a la David Robinson. Difference is you can play basketball well into your 30s.

  19. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Kyler Fackrell – LB, Utah State

    He is ranked as a top 30 guy on the NFL 1.0 draft guide. I do not know much about him, but their little blurb is very enticing. If I didn’t know better, this sounds like the second coming of KJ Wright.

    “Fackrell was a three-year starter at linebacker for the Aggies. He has a tall, athletic build with long arms. Against the run, he dominates tight ends at the point of attack. He has quick, powerful hands to separate and he knows how to find the ball. He is very loose and bendy to wrap around blocks and pursue from the back side. He’s versatile in the passing game. He can run and mirror tight ends and he’s an explosive blitzer. He excels at swiping the hands away from opposing blockers and he has a burst to close on the quarterback. Overall, this is a very athletic edge defender with the ability to make plays on all three downs.”

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Let’s say they go LB in the first round, then they could move Irvin back to DE.. and you have another pass rusher without going outside the Seahawks organization. This could be very appealing to JS/PC.

    • Mike B.

      I like Fackrell quite a bit, based on the limited footage out there and what I’ve read, but it’s tough to imagine a scenario in which he’s gone before the 2nd round. He’s the kind of multi-purpose OLB that would be great to take with that late 2nd round pick, but if someone snags him before then, then so be it.

      Another intriguing OLB in the round 2-3 range is Jordan Jenkins of Georgia–not a freak athlete like Irvin, but he’s plenty powerful, quick, and agile.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      James Cowser getting some good press at Shrine Game.

  20. Volume12

    Rob, you like Mizzou’s Connor McGovern as a possible LG for Seattle?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes. Or center.

      • RugbyLock

        Think he’ll be available at 26? He worth that?

        • Rob Staton

          I think he’ll be there in rounds 2-3.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Just my 2 cents, but McGovern and Whitehair look too small to be LGs for TC. Either would be fine at C though.

      If SEA feel the need to go LG early, I think it’ll be Ifedi.

      • Rik

        I think Ifedi would make a great RT if Gilliam swapped to the left side.

  21. Jeff M.

    The PC/JS Seahawks have tended (with a couple exceptions) to make at least 1-2 impact veteran additions per season (either by FA or trade). Far from exhaustive list (ignoring most of the rotating cast of one-year deals for DTs, etc.):

    2010 had Clemons, then Marshawn during season.
    2011 had T-Jack, Rice, Miller, Gallery.
    2012 was pretty quiet–Matt Flynn was the big FA pickup.
    2013 had Percy, Avril, Bennett (the latter two were on inexpensive deals, but were seen as “steals” when they were signed and were expected to be big contributors).
    2014 was really quiet with no external additions of note.
    2015 had Graham and Williams.

    This offseason the Seahawks obviously have quite a few of their own FA to deal with (and the team’s needs will change depending on who leaves/is retained), but it’ll be interesting to see if they follow previous suit and add a couple starter-level veterans via FA or trade before the draft.

    • KyleT

      I predict they bring in a LG at least. I would like them to bring in a 3 down DT, but I don’t see it happening.

  22. purpleneer

    I’ll ask again here, since the other time was in a thread that was already pretty dead. What could possibly be the reasons that Sokoli would only gets looks on the interior? He physically profiles very well for OT, which is far tougher to find, and the extra responsibilities makes C the most difficult to learn. The calls were mentioned as one of the reasons Nowak struggled there, so that should reinforce how tough it is to learn the position. If you ask me, nobody should be locked into the guard spot until they’re shown they lack the length or athleticism to play tackle, at least until they’ve settled in there for a number of years.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      PC said yesterday that they still intend to try Sokoli at C. They just didn’t want to rush him in any way this year since he’s learning an entirely new position/group.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      OT is generally accepted as being technically demanding. More so than the interior. The footwork required to be proficient at the edge is not very natural. And the caliber of athletes you are facing in 1 on 1 situations demands better technical mastery.

      I agree, he should physically be able to do it. But I wouldn’t expect him to be considered for that competition until year 3 at the earliest.

      • purpleneer

        I don’t recall ever seeing anything widely accepting that it is more demanding, as far as what can be learned and developed. I think Britt’s struggles at guard kind of indicate that it’s not exactly easier technically, just less demanding of natural foot quickness and athleticism.
        I’d almost think elite physical tools might make the edge easier, in the same way a Deion Sanders can miss time for baseball and simply use insane god-given talent as a man-to-man corner easier than a system that requires more chemistry with teammates. Sokoli’s obviously not near that category, but that illustrates my argument that OT might be the closest to that nature of the corner position. Walter Jones could have been a HoF level guard, but I think tackle was actually easier for him to become good quickly at.

  23. Steele

    Pete asked Irvin if he would be willing to accept less than market value to stay. Irvin told Dave Softy Mahler that he would consider a discount in the $3m range.

    That sounds very positive to me. Pete immediately sets up the goal, Irvin immediately gives the range. This doesn’t guarantee he won’t test the market, but he’s not being evasive or coy. I think Irvin likes where he is.

    I think they can easily afford him at the range offered, and do all of the other things. If they lose Lynch, they can keep Irvin on the savings from that alone.

    • Steele

      The actual tweet: Bruce Irvin just told me he could see himself giving Hawks a discount. Specifically mentioned 3-5 Mill a year deal. “Closer to 3”

      — Dave Softy Mahler (@Softykjr) January 18, 2016

      • RugbyLock

        That would be quite a sizable discount…

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          It’s a bit confusing but Irvin meant overall value, not per year. In other words, if he gets offered a contract worth $30mm total, he’d consider signing with SEA if they offer at least $27mm overall.

          • franks

            That would make a lot more sense. Not what Softy said, though. Did you hear the interview?

            10% would be more of a discount if he were talking about a team like the Jets or the Raiders maybe, a good team that there were lots of others like it. I’m pretty sure the Jaguars or someone similar will be able to offer him a lot more than 10% over the Seahawks. And he’ll have to think about what else this franchise has to offer and how much money that’s worth.

            But it’s cool of him to say that.

            • franks

              Meaning if he was coming out of a contract with the Jets etc. instead of the hawks.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                Danny O’Neil explains it better than I can:


                • Steele

                  Yes, this is more realistic. I am still hopeful that the two sides will find a way to get it done. So it depends on what kind of top offer he gets.

                  Are we talking Ahmad Brooks type (6 yr/$40) or Jabal Sheard (2 yr/$11)?

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Irvin’s problem is he plays a unique position. OTTO is neither a SAM nor a DE. It’s closer to an OLB in a 3-4 scheme, but working in a 4-3.

                    Also, at 29, I have to think he’s looking for a multi-year deal around 4-6 years.

                    Regardless, SEA have made it clear they’re going to let him test his market.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Things change dramatically come March. The sting of the defeat and the afterglow of a fresh season finished naturally makes staying with the team appealing.

      Once the dust has settled, and other teams start with their pitches — the landscape changes. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Irvin does sign elsewhere and the hawks are well within that $3m figure. It’s the kind of statement a player understandably makes with the fresh conclusion of a long campaign.

      We’ll see if we can keep him. I think we can. But I think we’ll have to be closer to market value than that. I wouldn’t blame him to take the better deal despite that statement.

  24. SeattleUp

    Thoughts on picking up Morris Claiborne as a CB 2 option. He flourished at LSU and showed good man to man skills. I think Dallas was just the wrong situation for him?

    • cha

      PC said they’ll have to re-evaluate FA CB’s since they don’t have enough time in the system. Late in training camp PC praised Carey W for his hard work and dedication to learning the ‘kick-step’ CB system. But when push came to shove, CW abandoned what he was taught and got consistently burned.

      I think they have plenty of starting depth with Simon, Smith, Shead (RFA) coming back, Lane, Siesay, Burley could come back on FA deals.

  25. Trudy Beekman

    John Theus and Parker Ehinger look like very underrated guys that fit what the Seahawks will look for in the run game. I think Ehinger could stay at OT if his length is as advertised, though I see him mocked frequently at OG.

    Theus with an excellent game against Alabama:

    Ehinger looking like he can play OT at the next level:

    Bonus is Johnstone who has 2x ACL tears on the same knee but would be in the 1st round convo otherwise:

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Theus doesn’t look that strong to me. He gives up ground in pass pro, and doesn’t get much drive in the run game. Not sure he has the attitude TC likes in his OLers.

      Ehinger, on the other hand, is very interesting. I’ve not watched his game film yet, but the highlight clips I’ve seen look good. I’m not sure how underrated he is though as I’ve seen him mocked as high as early R2.

  26. bobbyk


    Have you looked at much of Dawson Kirkland? What little I can find on him is impressive. It’d be nice to have a mauler at LG and he fits the Cable bill in terms of playing tackle in college (LT for AR this past season). Not in the first round, of course.

    Anyone know where to find more “tape” of him? I can only find stuff when I watch highlights of their RBs and TE. Seems like a guy who could actually help us out, instead of helping the opponents DL like our current guards do.

    • bobbyk

      A “nimble” mauler. Think James Carpenter, except actually good.

      • DC

        Another Arkansas prospect, LG Sebastian Tretola is also interesting and nearly as gigantic at 6’5″ and 334 lbs. He is credited with giving up 1/2 sack in 25 games. That sounds pretty darn impressive.

        Would the Seahawks draft a LG to play LG though?

        Thinking Princess Bride, “INCONCEIVABLE!!!”

        Coach Bielema has a long track record of building good O Lines.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll check him out — not a guy I’ve had a chance to get into.

      • bobbyk

        Before last season started, Kiper had him as a borderline (potential) first rounder for this upcoming year (assuming he’d enter the draft early). It seems most sites have him as a 2nd-4th round type of guy. Personally, I don’t care if he gets beat by edge rushers in pass protection because he’s not going to play LT for the Seahawks at 6’4-6’5, 340lbs. He seems surprising nimble for a guy who almost looks like a phone booth, too. It’s weird. When he’s in pass protection at guard (where he played in ’13), he’s so big that it looks like nobody can get around him and I believe that he has long arms, too. As a RG that season, I read that he had 3 penalties all season and only gave up 1 sack. It’s the opposite of Britt. He looks small (even though he’s not) and easy to get around, where Dawson Kirkland looks hard to get around because he’s so mammoth with those long arms.

        • bobbyk


    • Attyla the Hawk

      Denver Kirkland. I see Pauline has him as a 3rd round projection and the 2nd rated OG behind Whitehair.

      Big dude. Maybe too big. But you can see him in the following:

      Also here (he’s playing RG)

      Actually looks a lot better at OG. A mauler/drive blocker. Good pass pro from the interior. Very very strong. Moves opponent well. ZBS might be tough for him.

      • Volume12

        That entire Arkansas line is overrated. Their big, slow, bad athletes. They look like old school O-lineman that the Oakland Raiders would like.

  27. bobbyk

    DENVER Kirkland. Why I keep calling him “Dawson,” I don’t know. Ugh. Dawson is a local town, derr…

  28. no frickin clue

    Rob – what is the situation with Jordan Hill? Given an underwhelming defensive line class in this year’s draft, the fact that Hill was very disruptive last year late (until he got injured), is this a wait-and-see until he finally/hopefully shakes the injury bug? How long do we have him remaining under contract?

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Final year of his rookie deal in 2016. He’ll be on the team.

      Injuries as a DT should be considered a very real risk. The real issue isn’t the injury risk. It’s the fact that a player who is generally considered a pass rush package DT got zero sacks in 10 games. Admittedly he did garner strong pass rush grades the first 5 weeks prior to his quad injury. Sacks aren’t everything after all.

      It’s very possible that 2014 was an outlier for him. But either way, he’ll likely be on the team and contribute in some way in 2016.

    • Rob Staton

      He has one more year on his contract. It’s a big year for him.

  29. Dan

    Pro Football Focus graded Gilliam to be among the very worst right tackles in the NFL. Why would the hawks take a subpar right tackle and move him to the more difficult blind side. If you have a franchise QB, it is time to INVEST in his protection. Okung’s injuries are troublesome but he is at least an above-average left tackle. Every other starter was graded as well below average on our line. Why would you allow the only decent player on the weakest part of your team walk? I say that we should re-sign Okung and then go out and sign RT Schwartz and C Mack from the Browns. Glowinski at RG and Whitehair (pick #26) at LG. We need to protect the franchise QB!

    • Rob Staton

      After the 2012 season PFF graded Earl Thomas as one of the worst safety’s in the NFL.

      They believe (the Seahawks) that only one rusher in the entire NFL can beat Gilliam off the edge for speed. And if you notice, he handles the speed rush very well. His issue is power and technique. Which is understandable. This was his first season starting in the NFL and he’s had to transition from tight end. There’s room to grow here and he has an ideal left tackle frame.

      • Dan

        And this year, PFF graded Thomas as one of the very best. Regardless, Gilliam was a below average RT this year. Sure, he improved his pass-blocking over the year, but to entrust the blindside on a Super Bowl caliber team to an undrafted novice is dangerous. Right now, the Hawks see Gilliam as the 3rd best LT on the team. If not, Bailey would have played RT and Gilliam LT whenever Okung was out. Nevertheless, you are taking the Hawks’ greatest weakness and making it worse.

        • Rob Staton

          The point I was making on Earl Thomas is their grades don’t mean a great deal. Thomas wasn’t one of the worst safety’s in the NFL in 2012. So them grading Gilliam as one of the worst tackles in 2015 doesn’t make it true. They said Aaron Rodgers’ 5-TD performance against Kansas City was a below average performance. Sometimes KFC’s grades are superior to PFF’s.

          Again, I’ll stress what they think about him. They think only one speed rusher can beat him in the entire NFL. That to me sounds like an ideal blind side blocker if it proves to be the case. They didn’t move him to LT when Okung was out because he’s learning the ropes and the position. Why destabilise his work at RT for a spot-start at LT?

          • Dan

            I understand that PFF’s grades are controversial. You watched the team play however… was Gilliam a good RT or not? A solid LT has to be able to combat more than just a speed rush by the way…

            I object to the lack of investment in our OL. If your strategy comes to fruition, and you get:

            LT: Gilliam
            LG: Britt
            C: Lewis
            RG: Glowinski
            RT: First round pick

            This would be the cheapest OL in the NFL. No one would make over $2m a year on that line… Sometimes you simply get what you pay for.

            • Rob Staton

              I thought he struggled badly vs power early in the year and then improved considerably as the season progressed. I didn’t see him get beat vs speed which is a big thing IMO for his projection to the left. And the improvements he made vs power and with technique were massively encouraging.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            KFC’s grades? Are those from Colonel Sanders?

            • Volume12

              Their finger lickin’ good.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      PC’s comments yesterday don’t lend to the notion that they’re interested in a big FA acquisition anywhere on the OL, particularly C. It sounds like they’re satisfied with Lewis at least as a backup, and hopeful about Sokoli’s future. I think they might look for a C prospect in the draft, perhaps earlier (R2-R3) with a versatile prospect like Whitehair (or McGovern, though I’m not as bullish on him).

      IMO, I think Okung has played his last game as a Seahawk, and not because his market will be too strong to match. It’s because of Gilliam. He may have been graded poorly by PFF, which is debatable in itself, but IIRC he improved dramatically over the course of the season. Certainly vs CAR, he was SEA’s best OL by far. And as noted, his frame and athleticism are ideal for a LT.

      Just like with Bruce Irvin, Sweezy’s future with SEA depends entirely on his market. SEA probably would resign him for the right price. But they probably don’t make him a preemptive lowball offer, and they won’t chase him.

  30. DC

    This is not a intended as a stir the pot question, just a honest assessment of which player you believe makes the Seahawks the better team.

    Jimmy Graham on Offense?


    Muhammad Wilkerson on Defense?

    • DC

      Moved to the new thread.

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