3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #22 & Senior Bowl notes

Take a listen to this weeks podcast where we touch on the Senior Bowl and some draft situations for the Seahawks…

I also want to make some notes on certain players currently working in Mobile — but first, this is an interesting Tweet from Tony Pauline:

Sheldon Rankins (DT, Louisville) has had quite a week. He’s flashed quick feet and get-off plus a relentless motor, combining technique (a spin move to die for) with power and leverage to be one of the big winners in Mobile.

However, I challenge anyone to watch this video (his performance vs Florida State) and see the same kind of success…

This is the dilemma with Rankins for me. How much is he ideally suited to have a Senior Bowl impact and how likely is he to recreate the success we’re seeing in the drills at the next level?

Tony Pauline listed Rankins as a round 3-4 prospect in his pre-Senior Bowl rankings — a grade it’s difficult to disagree with going into the week. However, with the likes of Daniel Jeremiah projecting him in round one, there’s clearly some inside-the-league buzz on his ability.

It doesn’t mean the Seahawks will necessarily draft him at #26 if he’s available. There’s also every chance he’ll be off the board if the Mobile hype is legit. It is another example though on why Pauline is a must-follow at this time of year. Twelve months ago he suggested the Seahawks were interested in little know San Diego State lineman Terry Poole (drafted in round four). He previously pegged Seattle with first round interest in Aaron Donald and Odell Beckham Jr. — at a time neither prospect was being thought of as a top-15 lock.

So whatever your view on Rankins — you can take it to the bank that the Seahawks have given him a first round grade.

As noted earlier I wanted to write down some thoughts on a handful of prospects at the Senior Bowl today…

Joshua Garnett (G, Stanford) — he seems to have competed with a real intensity this week and you do see flashes of an edge. In terms of the Seahawks he might be working from an initial disadvantage as a pure guard. They’ve not taken one of those early since John Moffitt in 2011. Instead we’ve seen long, hulking tackles like James Carpenter and Justin Britt converted to left guard — while the right guard spot has been filled by more athletic, mobile, aggressive players like J.R. Sweezy and Mark Glowinski. Garnett doesn’t fit either mould. He’s 6-4, 317lbs and has 33.5 inch arms. It’s not a million miles away from their size ideal at LG — but you have to wonder how they’ll view his upside. He might ultimately go too early for them. Tony Pauline tweeted that he’s had another really good day in Mobile. Are the Seahawks willing to take a pure guard in round two? I have my doubts. It would go against their recent trends. They seem more likely to convert a mid-round tackle with genuine size/length to the position. Yet such is the dearth of options at left guard, you wonder if they’ll consider an early pick this year to try and provide some extra bite. It feels like they have to do something after a rough year for Justin Britt after moving inside.

Vernon Butler (DT, Louisiana Tech) — his lack of pass rush skills maybe limit his value to the Seahawks. That said, I can imagine they will be interested in his length (+34 inch arms), size (6-4, 325lbs) and agility. He carries the weight well. Comparisons to Muhammad Wilkerson are not quite as unrealistic any more (Wilkerson had +35 inch arms and weighed only 315lbs). If the Seahawks were minded to think, ‘if only we could afford Wilkerson in free agency’ — Butler might be a cheaper alternative. However, how does he fit? If it’s to rotate with Mebane and Rubin — is it worth such a high pick if he’s playing a low percentage of snaps? If it’s to replace either player, wouldn’t it make more sense to keep them at a relatively small price and spend your top pick on someone else? Or just plug in another cheap outside veteran as you’ve done for multiple years? We need to believe in trends — and the Seahawks have avoided going for big, physical run stuffers early.

Jason Spriggs (T, Indiana) — The Senior Bowl is an ideal place for interior defensive linemen and athletic offensive tackles to dominate. Every report I’ve seen has Spriggs boosting his stock this week. Tony Pauline tweeted today that Spriggs has likely cemented himself in the late first round. So basically, into the range the Seahawks are picking. He’s a very similar size to Garry Gilliam with +34 inch arms at 6-5 and a half and 301lbs. Like Gilliam he’s also a former tight end. If they want to plug in two athletic tackles and create a tougher interior line — Spriggs is definitely a viable candidate. There seems very little reason to count him out. Teams will wear out the tape studying his performance against Ohio State and Joey Bosa. They will be impressed, it’s good tape. The question is — like so many athletic tackles before him, will his time in Mobile provide a boost that actually moves him into the top-25 and away from Seattle’s pick? And how prepared are they to go early on the O-line after identifying players like Glowinski (round four) and Gilliam (UDFA) without the big investment?

Le’Raven Clark (T, Texas Tech) — the reports on Clark so far have been fairly negative. It’s not a total surprise. When you watch him on TV tape he just looks bad for the most part. His performance against LSU was frankly embarrassing and made a mockery of projections like this one considering him a first round talent (to the Seahawks no less). Here’s the thing though — if you had to design a frame for a NFL left tackle, you’d draw him up to look like Le’Raven Clark. He’s pushing 6-6 in height, weighs 312lbs and has 36 and a quarter inch arms. That’s world class size and length. The Seahawks have developed the belief that all rookie offensive linemen have to learn their technique from scratch. It’s why they’ve been shooting for athletes with unique traits. If you have to train guys up from scratch — why not a player like J.R. Sweezy or Kristjan Sokoli, even if they come from a defensive background? Technique is very much the issue with Clark (that and some much needed upper body strength work). They might decide that his frame is worth taking a chance on. They might believe they can coach him up to succeed and that the upside is incredible. And if they hold that belief — the only question is what range are they willing to take him? I’ve seen him graded in the late rounds (it’s what his tape performance deserves) — would they consider him as a left/right tackle project in rounds 3-4? Allowing them to address other needs earlier?

The center group — I’m intrigued to see what the Seahawks plan to do at center. I suspect they’ll be adding one at some point. They started Patrick Lewis virtually as a stop-gap measure. Pete Carroll continues to talk up Kristjan Sokoli as a developmental project for the team. They also seem to be fascinated by the idea of a highly athletic center. That said, they can’t go into next season with uncertainty here. The improvement when they switched from Drew Nowak to Patrick Lewis was clear to see. If they can’t afford to go the veteran route in free agency, they might have to draft one. This actually looks like the year to do it anyway. Cody Whitehair (Kansas State) provides an early round option with a combination of great balance, size and consistency. Nick Martin (Notre Dame) has the bloodlines, temperament, technique and physical qualities to be a better player than I think we realise. Don’t be surprised if he goes a lot earlier than anyone expects. He has impressed this week and could join Whitehair in going in the top-45. Jack Allen (Michigan State) is just a classic tough guy in a year where the Seahawks want to get tough. He has the wrestling background Tom Cable likes. He’s only 6-1, 297lbs with 31 and 3/4 inch arms though — is he too squatty for the Seahawks — or athletic enough? Graham Glasgow (Michigan) is tough and physical too with better size (6-6, 306lbs) but he’s struggled this week against Sheldon Rankins. How much is that down to Rankins being on it and how much is it down to Graham? There are others to mention too — Evan Boehm (Missouri), Joe Dahl (T, Washington State) could move to center and Ryan Kelly (Alabama), who chose not to attend the Senior Bowl, is another tough-as-nails interior blocker. They might need to compromise on their desire for athleticism (and in some cases size) — but if they want to toughen up in the trenches, they’ll consider taking one of these center’s.


  1. Steve Nelsen

    There was an interesting note re: Noah Spence. His official measurements have been changed and his arm length increased to 32″ Any word on whether they re-measured or how something like that would change?

    It means Spence is back on the watch list as a potential Seahawk.

    • Rob Staton

      Is there a link where this change has been noted?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        As far as I know, it’s just been changed on draftbreakdown’s list.


      • Steve Nelsen

        CBS Sports has made the change too but some sites still show 31″


        • Matt

          That’s strange. Wel’ll see what the combine says.

  2. J2MED

    I still get the feeling that they might take someone over Rankins, even if he is available at 26.

    • Volume12

      Rankins is gonna be a SPARQ demon, if his injury is anything to worry about.

      Runs a sub 4.85, benches 415 lbs., 32″ vert, and a 9’6″ broad jump. Listen to his interviews. He’s one of the most cocky/confident prospects in this class.

    • Rob Staton

      Entirely possible. They might be determined to go OL early.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I never would’ve thought he’d be their R1 pick. But if Pauline is accurate and that’s how they see him, would it not come down to whether there is another R1 prospect at a position of greater need?

        Using Pauline’s grades from this week, if Coleman is already gone, but say Spriggs, Rankins and Miller are all available, which way would they go? Different option entirely?

        • Greg haugsven

          The only DT that they have ever drafted and played was Jordan Hill. History tells us no DT early on or at least in the first.

          • Volume12

            History also says that there haven’t been many DTs that Seattle has liked early or had a chance to get at.

            While I agree that they’ll never take a run-stuffer in the 1st, but the right disruptive DT with pass rushing skills could make them re-write the history book.

            • Greg Haugsven

              If there is one that has true pass rushing abilities, I would love to have one. Those guys are rare and usually go early. And it’s an area that we need help. Time and free agency will tell.

          • Attyla the Hawk

            I don’t think their history is predictive at all.

            If you assume (which I think we should) that Seattle views the UFA and draft as complementary avenues to improve a club — then the fact they added DTs via UFA doesn’t have to belie their predisposition to avoid them in the draft.

            If the talent is better/cheaper that particular year in UFA — then it’s smart to take advantage of that situation. Then use the draft for other need.

            Seattle has to somewhat tailor the draft to how the FA period works. Because of the timing — the draft has to respond to how talent was added in FA.

            Remember, Seattle most often reacts to FA dynamically. They acquired Avril and Bennett only in response to lukewarm markets at the time. It doesn’t mean we were philosophically averse to taking DL in the draft. The draft board very likely changes significantly for Seattle once we are done with UFAs — and that haul is unpredictable since we aren’t going after specific needs with lots of cash but rather good value deals after the talent pools have been picked through.

            With only 6 drafts in Pete’s history — and with 10 different position groups, the reality is that there is guaranteed to be positions they don’t go early on. The only history I’m really influenced here, is that Pete wants OL and DTs based on his end of year press conference. That has been the gold standard for how our offseasons have evolved.

  3. Volume12

    Sheldon Rankins just got pulled from the Senior Bowl due to a knee injury. Has he done enough and is pulling out? Or is his injury legit?

    Watch Josh Garnett. He only moves to his right. No lateral agility at all.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      It’s not the worst thing that could happen to him, right? His stock has never been higher.

      The cynic in me thinks he’s worried about translating his dominance in practice drills to a game situation.

  4. cha

    Center – we got a glimpse early on of how important the position is. Nowak told Gregg Bell around week 3-4 that the Hawks scrapped making adjustments. They just made one OL protection call and went with it no matter what the defense did. I wonder if Nowak has improved at that on practice squad and if the Hawks view him as still a viable option.

    • bobbyk

      I remember seeing that. It was frustrating as a fan to see your team not be able to do something (correct line calls) that almost every other team can and does do. It really makes me question someone like Sokoli being able to transition to NFL center. Your center has to be so much smarter with respect to line calls and all that where it seems it’s unrealistic to expect a college defensive tackle to be able to do it after just a few years. I have no faith in the Sokoli experiment. Size and speed are nice but center is so much about what’s going on upstairs. Kind of like why a talent like Charlie Whitehurst sucks. He may be a nice guy and smart in real life but he’s not football smart like Wilson, Brady, Brees, etc. He’s just not. It doesn’t make him a bad person, some people just “get it” and you have to “get it” so much more at center with making the calls as opposed to playing guard (and we all saw how hard that was on Sweezy… which means it’ll be a lot harder on Sokoli, as it was an epic failure on the organization with respect to Nowak, too).

      • cha

        It’s very intriguing that the Hawks made a conscious decision with Sokoli to keep him on the roster yet not play him much. Shows how much they value him but resigned themselves that they weren’t getting any 2015 production out of him.

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect it’s doubtful.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I don’t know why the Seahawks would want to train a player to be center. It is the most difficult position to play considering the center has to call out blocking and snap the ball and block a very large defensive tackle. There are many experienced centers available in the mid rounds. Just pick the national champion’s Ryan Kelly and be done with it.

      • ClevelandHawk

        I agree. Watching the Patriots and Packers get serviceable play from mid-round rookies last year, I wondered if the Hawks were making this too hard. Evidently you’d have to forfeit athleticism, but is that such a bad thing if the tradeoff is cheap, good play?

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Both the Packers and Patriots got their QBs killed behind their OLs last season. Both teams allowed way too many hits on their QBs. That is not what I want to continue to see happen to RW… 40+ sacks a year is about 20 too many imo.

          Should they draft guy higher in the draft, perhaps. They have had bad luck with guards either having the “want to” or coming up with an unknown health condition. If both of these guys panned out, we might look back at the Seattle drafting OL as at least serviceable.

          I’ll admit, I’m over the whole DL to OL conversion thing, even if I understand the underlying principles. / reasoning by the Seattle coaching staff.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The Steelers thought it was an important enough position that they actually used their first round pick on Pouncey. I’m not suggesting the Seahawks pick a center at #1 because Lewis is at least average at the position. But it does make you think.

        • Rob Staton

          If there’s a center worth taking in R1 they should seriously consider it. I’m just not sure there is, unless they really buy into Cody Whitehair or Nick Martin.

          • Attyla the Hawk

            Whitehair probably doesn’t make it to end of R2. Martin and Glasgow should and could even be there by R3.

            They are getting a lot of pub. But neither should be considered the same kind of prospect that Frederick was coming out and he was a surprise end of R1 pick for Dallas.

            Also the number of underclassmen is going to push those two back considerably. Not to mention the combine darlings.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              Glasgow will get the Ali Marpet treatment and get snagged middle of second round.

              Nick Martin might get over drafted (2nd round) due to his name / pedigree.

            • Rob Staton

              I’d be surprised if Nick Martin is there in round three. He will go a lot earlier than that I reckon. Whitehair, no way he makes it to the end of R2.

  5. Nick

    The more I look at this draft, the more I see it loaded with great defensive talents. Because of this, I feel like we focus on OL in Rd 1 and possibly in Rd 2 as well. The DT depth is fantastic, as is CB.

    I could see us going:


    Or something like that.

    • Volume12

      It’s a fantastic draft for defensive talent. This draft is short on offensive talent.

      • Nick

        Yep, and as much as we may love Butler or Rankins, they simply are not “special enough” to warrant choosing them over OL.

    • CC

      OL in the first sounds good, but are you thinking OT vs G or C? I could see using a first round pick on OT, but it seems less likely Seattle would go G or C in the first.

      I keep watching what Peak is doing in the SB practices, but I need to see more of what he did in college. I like the look of him – he’s going up the board which is unfortunate. Was hoping that maybe he’d be there in the 5th.

      • Nick

        Honestly? I think we solidify the interior of the line. Now, I still think we draft a G (not C) in first round that has OT experience. But Russ can deal with pass rush from the outside much better than from up the gut.

        That said, if a really good OT like Coleman falls to us, I think we choose him.

      • Volume12

        This isn’t the only pool of talent to pick from. The junior class is sitting there, combine results will be huge, and sleepers will emerge from pro days.

        So Charone Peake may be rising, but we’re three months out.

  6. bobbyk

    I thought Rankins would look worse in the video against Florida State. I didn’t think he looked that bad. If I think about him on the Seahawks, I know some of those things wouldn’t have happened with respect to the Hawks preaching being gap sound (he was the opposite of “gap sound” on some of those plays). Although he didn’t have a sack, he came close a number of times. Other times and the thing I worry about the most is that there were more than just a few times where it seemed he got pushed too easily for what I’d expect out of a first round pick and player that size.

    • rowdy

      I agree, he had a good get off and I really like how consistently he collapsed the pocket. He effected the a number of passes in doing so. Gap control was a problem, he seemed to be in the wrong gap on a lot of runs. Florida was doing a lot of dump passes to neutralize the rush.

      • Volume12

        As bobby said, gap integrity can be taught.

        Run fits are more NFL level stuff. Not a lot of kids can pick up and digest so man minute details.

        • rowdy

          Absolutely, I can see why seattle likes him, he’s good at what their missing out of there dt’s.

  7. bobbyk

    I will say this, I will be absolutely shocked if the Seahawks first round pick is not a DE, DT, or OL. Shocked beyond utter belief. Even more stunning would be for the Hawks to go into round three and not having drafted an OL yet, regardless of how free agency will probably play out.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Well there are two ways to look at it,

      If you’d be shocked, then it definitely could happen.

      Also if they didn’t, it’d be the first time they ignored Pete’s end of year assessment on what they need to add in the upcoming year.

      So basically they could go any way. Typical Seattle draft no?

      • bigDhawk

        We tend to loathe our late first round picks, identify a single player we like that can be had in round two, then trade back into the second round and take him. So who is this year’s PRich?

    • EranUngar

      Shocked? really?

      Here is the possible scenario:

      The Seahawks resign Okung for 1 year 5M due to his injury, they also sign Rubin and Sweezy. They Let Irvin, Kearse and Lane go and you start hearing rumors that Graham will not be ready for week one of the season…..

      Will you be shocked if they pick WR/LB/CB now?

      We’ll have to wait for their FA moves before we can predict the priority positions for the top of the draft.

      • bobbyk

        Yes. Shocked. Because the biggest hole on our team last year was left guard and the biggest hole in your above scenario would still be left guard. The first play of the Carolina game showed why left guard is our biggest need and adding two players (Okung/Sweezy) back to our already pathetic line still makes the OL a gaping hole that must be addressed with a quality player.

        • EranUngar

          ok. I’ll follow your view.

          They let Sweezy go (Glow), and with the money saved on Okung’s one year extension and not signing Sweezy – They bring in a FA vet to play LG.

          There are too many options on the table until FA is over…we may address the lines on FA and leave other glaring needs for the draft.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Lane Johnson just agreed to an extension worth more than $10mm APY, with more than half the total contract guaranteed ($35.5mm). Cordy Glenn is expected to resign with BUF for more than $10mm APY. That’s really good news for any 2016 FA LT, especially Okung who, notwithstanding his shoulder, would be the top FA LT if Glenn does resign with BUF. Okung’s floor is probably more than $8mm APY.

        The only way I see SEA retaining Okung is if his shoulder is questionable enough to scare away other teams, or if he signs a deal with another team but then fails their physical (like O’Brien Schofield last year). Even then, it’s hard to imagine his contract would be for less than $6mm APY. Remember that his current APY is $8.5mm, and he’s looking for a raise.

        But if his shoulder is that questionable, would you really want him taking up a roster spot and what would still be by far the highest salary on the OL?

        • EranUngar

          You are right. With those contracts I can’t see Okung with us either way. I also can not see us replacing him in FA.

          That in turn makes drafting a starting tackle a must.

          I thought there could be another way but after those contracts i can’t see one. Let’s just hope Coleman is still there when we get to that podium.

  8. Volume12

    Trev, you wanted my top 10 ‘small school’ prospects list?

    Here ya go my man.

    I left out guys like Bronson Kaufusi, Kyler Fackrell, ‘Hollywood’ Higgins, Paxton Lynch, Carson Wentz, Kamalei Correa, Vernon Butler, and Kenneth Dixon for obvious reasons. But, I had to include someone from those conferences.

    1. Noah Spence, OLB/DE, E. Kentucky
    2. William Jackson, CB, Houston
    3. Antwione Williams, OLB, Georgia So.
    4. Joe Haeg, OL, ND St.
    5. James Cowser, OLB/DE, S. Utah
    6. Josh Woodrum, QB, Liberty
    7. Vic Ochi, EDGE, Stony Brook
    8. Taj Sharpe, WR, UMASS
    9. Miles Kilebrew & Leshaun Sims, S/LB & CB, S. Utah
    10. David Onyemata, DT, Manitoba

    Others: Javon Hargrave, DT, SC St., Jatavis Brown, S/LB, Akron, Paul McRoberts, WR, SE MO., Tyrone Holmes, DE, Montana,
    Jamaal Jones, WR, Montana, Justin Zimmer, DL, Ferris St., Chris Swain, FB, Navy, Matt Judon, EDGE, GV St., Kevin Byard, S, Mid. Tennessee St., Nick Richter, OL, Richmond

    • Rik

      Robert Blair III, DT, App State (who you pointed out in a previous post) – great burst and relentless attack.

      • Volume12

        Dammit. Good catch. IDK how I forgot to include him.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I like McRoberts. He’s having a nice week. And I can’t forget Jatavis’s performance at the Shrine.

      No love for Marshaun Coprich, RB ISU?

      Also, any opinion on DeAndre Washington, RB TTU?

      • Volume12

        Yeah- there is a lot of talent from the ‘smaller schools’

        Coprich I believe is 5’8. Good player.

        DeAndre Washington? Too small, more of a Darren Sproles type of back.

        I highly recommend OLB Antwione Williams. He’s 6’3, 244 lbs., 81″ wingspan, runs a 4.5 40, benches 400-500 lbs.

        There’s a hudl clip of his from last year. He drops in coverage, rushes the passer, stops the run. Sniffs out screens, plays sideline to sideline with violent intentions, his pursuit skills are unreal, great insticnts, and watch him sift through trash and get off of blocks.

    • Trevor

      Thanks Vol I am definitely going to take a close look this evening. Appreciate it!

      • Volume12

        Ed Eagan, WR, NW St. is so similar to Danny Amendola. Reportedly has crazy speed. I left him off too.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Feels like a really good year to have a lot of R3 through R6 picks.

  9. Trevor

    My first Free Agent choice this off season above all others is Alex Mack if he goes on the market. Would love to see Seattle take a veteran Centre and just solidify the middle of our line. Then draft two athletic and nasty OL this draft to go along with the guys we have. There are a ton of good options at all stages of this draft.

    After this injury / surgery I really hope we let Okung walk. I was in favour of the idea of keeping him prior to the injury but not now. A dislocated shoulder surgery to a OT is a huge red flag given that re-injury of the shoulder is most likely to occur when ones arms are fully extended. That is what an OT does for a living. Unless it is on like a 4 mil 1year prove it deal I say he has to walk along with Sweezy.

    If we cannot sign Mack or he is too pricey. I think we still need a veteran presence in the middle of the line and go back to the 2 guys we brought to VMAC last year and showed real interest in. Mathis and Wisnewski. Mathis was the top rated run blocker by PFF again this year and Wisnewski is durable, can play guard if need and had a solid year. If we can’t sign Mack. We could get both these guys on 2-3 yr deals for 3-4 mil APY and have a nice vetran presence while the young guys develop.

    • bobbyk

      I look at our free agency situation and having about $18 million to play with but that number is so deceiving. For example, we are going to have to sign a back-up QB. It’ll probably be T-Jack and he’ll make anywhere from $1 million to $1.5 million again. Then the cap number falls to about $16.5 million that we have to play with. Then there’s this role player or that role player and all of a sudden you haven’t added a starter and you’re looking at $15 million. Then it’s time to get Mebane or Rubin signed and you’re down to about $11 million and you still need offensive line help (as Okung probably walks), are still missing a second starter at DT, etc. I’m not saying they can’t do something big, but that $18 million isn’t as big as it may appear. They could also choose to give Baldwin more this upcoming year to relieve the cap hit for later years if they sign him to an extension, too. So many variables that I don’t see where they can sign a big money guy. Makes me think they can’t or won’t sign Okung even if his market isn’t overly warm.

      • KyleT

        That’s not how it works. You have to assume the guy we sign replaces someone making 600-700k potentially. So someone making 1mil only drops the free cap by 300-400k

        • Greg Haugsven

          That’s great recognition Kyle. The cap stuff is much easier to look at once we actually get 51 guys under contract. When you add someone into the top 51 you always have to bump number 51 to 52. If 51 has a cap hit of 500k and you add a guy making 2.5 million you have to subtract the old number 51’s 500k making the new guys cap hit really only 2 million. To late in the night for all this math.

  10. Trevor

    Was really hoping to see Rankins in the game too bad because he really did look special in practice. The tape I saw this year was not so special but a lot of scouts did have a high grade on him coming into the Senior Bowl so he must have had some flash games.

    Coleman is still my #1 choice by a large margin then Eli Apple but if both are gone then Rankins and Braxton Miller are two guys who really grew on me a lot this week. I think Braxton Miller is going to be a star. Love his attitude and just seems like a pro. I bet the Hawks absolutely love him.

  11. Trevor

    My all character / leadership draft for the Hawks Day #1 and #2.

    Rd#1 Braxton Miller (WR)
    Rd#2 Eric Striker (Edge)
    Rd#3 Charles Tapper (DT)
    Rd#3 Comp Jack Allen (C)

    I certainly don’t think the Hawks draft will go this way but these 4 guys are just tremendous character guys in lines of a Tyler Locket last year. All are tough and leaders. Seem like they would thrive in the Hawks culture.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I wouldn’t be opposed to Braxton Miller as their first selection (at 26 or after a trade into early R2).

      • Trevor

        Would certainly give us a receiving group comparable to the Steelers and maybe better if P Rich can get healthy. But I think we have bigger needs. If Coleman is there I think he has to be the pick. If not then I would not be opposed to Miller.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I didn’t say I want them to take Miller, mind you. Coleman is who I want them to take, but it’s unlikely he lasts long enough.

          There are other prospects besides Miller I wouldn’t be opposed to as well.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I’d take Will Fuller or Miller everyday of the week.

  12. Roland jose

    Smoke screen for some other player that they want, let the guessing games begin!;), as always going to be an interesting draft by js/pc!, cloak and dagger fo sho!;)

    • Greg Haugsven

      The Seahawks always select someone you wouldn’t guess. All these names we throw out are probably guys we won’t select.

      • Volume12

        IDK about that. They do always select a couple to a few guys we don’t see coming, but I thought last year we all, and Rob in particular, did a damn good job of nailing some of these picks.

        We got the Frank Clark one nailed, Tyler Lockett, Mark Glowinski, Terry Poole, saw that Sokoli and Ryan Murphy had crazy SPARQ scores, which was easy to conclude.

        And in 2014, wasn’t a poster, but I lurked, these guys discussed Cash Marsh, KPL, Norwood, and others.

        • Volume12

          DGB, Mitch Morse, Ali Marpet, Ty Sambrailo, Daryl Williams, Ty Montgomery, all guys that we discussed and were either VMAC visitors or Seattle woulda taken had they been there.

          • Greg haugsven

            Bruce Irvin, James Carpenter, Christine Michael. As ll guys you said, huh!

  13. Nate

    Found these comments on Noah Spence and Miles Killebrew interesting as Noah especially has been talked about as a first round possibility here. Notes taken from Walterfootball

    Two players who have not done well in the team interviews are Eastern Kentucky’s Noah Spence and Southern Utah’s Miles Killebrew. Spence had off-the-field issues at Ohio State and Eastern Kentucky with a year long suspension, transfer, and arrest for public intoxication. Teams weren’t impressed with how Spence answered their questions. They also said that Killebrew did not come off well in the interviews. Both players will need to get better in a hurry with the Combine and pre-draft visits just weeks away
    Read more at http://walterfootball.com/seniorbowl2016rumors4.php#kI9EPF7ebS2Fr4dB.99

    • rowdy

      Can’t put to much faith in Walter football, I’ve heard a couple interviews of miles and comes across composed and mature. Pretty sure rob had one up in a fieldgulls podcast.

      • Trevor

        Agree I thought both guys sound really intelligent and thoughtful anytime I have heard them speak. This is silly season for rumors and smoke screens when it comes to draft talk.

        • Volume12

          Surprising. Ecspecially when we listened to Miles Killebrew on Rob’s podcast a couple months ago.

          Va tech’s Dadi Nicolas is apparently off-putting and bombing his interviews too.

  14. Miller

    Does anybody have the “All 22” tape of the wk 17 Arizona game? (chose that game to look at Glowinski) I’m going thru the standard broadcast for the third time. I would like to hear peoples’ opinions on the play of the interior O-line, specifically Britt & Glowinski. By my eyes, Britt had a solid game, with only a few blown assignments. Compare that to Glowinski who got blown up at least five times (three in a row on the first drive near the goal line by Red Bryant), plus a few other issues (seems to be a half tick slow getting out of his stance). As we all know, the Hawks need to shore up the O-line, esp the three interior positions. But I can’t help but wonder if they will resign Sweezy (average at best but meaner & tougher than any other O-lineman) and draft a tackle first.
    Would love to hear your unbiased, objective views.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      After that first drive, they refined how Glow was handling Red Bryant… he didn’t do much the rest of the game. He suffered due to some bull rushes, but that was corrected by the end of the first quarter, he held up most of the rest of the game.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I also noticed that Glow was consistently the last OL to move off the snap. But it didn’t seem to impact his play.

  15. Volume12

    If I was a betting man, and I’m not, I’d put everything on Seattle going OL and DL or DL and OL in the 1st two rounds this year. That’s where the talent is IMO.

    I know, I know. Really going out on a limb here huh?

    • bobbyk

      Yeah, I don’t think there’s any other way to go. I can’t see them taking any other position. I actually think Hunter Henry will be the best available football player when they make their pick, but there’s no way they can justify a tight end when their offensive line is such a mess and their defensive line needs reinforcements, too.

    • Nick

      I’m right there with you, Vol12.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Not really much of a limb. Also considering that Pete specified those two positions specifically and adding toughness in both units. I’d be betting that as well.

      I think it’s about 80-20 that we go OT/DT. There should be a suitable OT prospect to slide to 26. We’re kind of fortunate in who is picking ahead of us. Honestly I think OT will have the BPA player there as well if teams don’t really go off script too heavily in the top 15.

      • Volume12

        That’s why I said that. It was a joke.

        What does any team picking in front of us have to do with O-lineman? A lot of teams draft BPA. Let’s remember what JS said. ‘Only 2 teams don’t need OL, Dallas and Cincinnati.’

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      You might not want to make that bet. I could see WR and LB / pass rush being the picks, either order. I think OL is definitely going to get 1 pick in the 3rd however, then DL in 4th or 5th.

      Perhaps Seattle will just go BPA the whole draft, since they have very few obvious weaknesses and need depth in multiple spots on the roster. Maybe they will draft a QB in the 3rd round…. 🙂

      • Volume12

        Those are also the 2 best position groups.

        QB was a need pick in 2012.

        • red

          I think they might go OLB if Irvin were to sign elsewhere. Maybe Jones 220lbs is a liitle light but KPL 227 and Smith came in at 226. I like Jones in the second if Irvin were to exit.

          • John_s

            I’ve been reading really good stuff about Deion Jones. Malcolm Smith comp may be real. Maybe Telvin Smith?

          • Volume12

            Jones is a good one for sure. Good STs player too,

            Yannick Ngakoue, Antwione Williams, Travis Feeney, Antonio Morrison, Kamalei Correa to name a few. OLB is a good group this year.

  16. KD

    Am I the only one who is wondering why Anthony Zettel is consistently ranked so high. A lot of mocks and simulators I see have him going on day 2, so I took a look at him and I just don’t see why he is considered a day 2 pick. I watched him against Michigan State twice, and the only times where he made a play was when the MichSt. offense screwed something up and Zettel was right there to make a play, but that’s what you would expect from almost any player. Other than that, he was completely shut down by the Michigan State OL on both occasions with virtually no backfield penetration.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I don’t like him that high either. His production probably drives the draftnik community the most. I don’t see the quality there either.

  17. Volume12

    So I went back and watched Sheldon Rankins vs Florida St and this year’s bowl game against Texas A&M, and actually came away quite impressed. I’m going to have to change my stance on him.

    This is a disruptive grown man here fellas. I can see why Seattle and former D-line coach Dan Quinn rate him highly. He looks like a coaches dream. Just a ‘heady,’ intelligent football that appears to do everything he’s asked and coached to do.

    He holds his ground extremely well, has great strength, perfect hamd placement, quick off the ball, gets good leverage, puts the O-lineman in skates, great swim move and technique, pursues the ball to all areas of the field, gets his hands into passing lanes, sets the edge, forces the ball carrier out of his lane, and is a pretty damn good pass rusher.

    Against Florida St, I counted 6 QB hurries alone. Against Texas A&M, he works OL Germain Ifedi, asnd makes a bunch of splash plays.

    Has great length and that trim mid-section Seattle likes, great confidence and character, and IMO will be a SPARQ freak.

    He doesn’t appeasr to be maxed out and is still developing.

    Eveyone says, ‘he probably won’t make it to pick no. 26, but remember, DeForest Buckner, A’Shawn Robinson, Kenny Clark, and Andrew Billings will more than likely go before him.

    I see why Seattle rates him highly. This is a guy with an NFL level skill set. He doesn’t free-lance, very coachable, thisprived that, looks and plays like a Seattle DT, and is just a highly disruptive D-lineman that is still far away from his ceiling.

    ‘3-4 personnel for a 4-3 defense.’

    • Volume12

      *thisprived that.

      Meant to say, this week proved that.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        this blog needs an edit feature : /

        • Volume12

          I know. I apologize.

          • Volume12

            He can also take on and split double teams really well.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Did you see he’s being called a poor man’s Aaron Donald? And yet, I have a hard time seeing him as SEA’s first pick.

              • bobbyk

                He’s only 21 years old, too. Plenty of room to grow.

                • Greg Haugsven

                  Speaking of youth, I saw that Baylors tackle Andrew Billings is only 19, that’s crazy. Hell be 20 in the spring.

    • rowdy

      Agreed, even when he wasn’t getting through the line he was pushing it back. I think what he brings is something seattle could definitely use.

  18. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I like the idea of going center in 1st round and guard in 3rd round.

    My Center in first round would come from a solid football factory and has experience and is also rated as one of the top centers in the draft, at #26, I would not sweat taking him since I think he could more or less plug and play….. RYAN KELLY, Center from Alabama. A top rated OL player in the SEC.

    My guard to look at in the third round would be REES ODHIAMBO, OG, Boise State. He does have an injury history, which would need to be addressed/vetted…. but he has some nasty to his game and has played both OT and OG in college. Balanced in both the passing and rushing attack. Projects to a OG in NFL.

    • bobbyk

      If they took a Center in the first round, do you think Sokoli would be a candidate to play LG in ’16? They “wasted” him on the active roster all year for a reason and playing guard, imo, is a heck of a lot easier for a newbie to the OL like him than the center position would be.

      I remember Cable putting him at LG once or maybe twice last year with the first team early in camp when they were still trying to sort out who would play where. Now that he has a full year practicing the OL, it’d be the time to see what he can do if they believe in him. Thoughts anyone?

      • Volume12

        Possibly. IIRC, he played LG for some snaps with the 2nd or 3rd stringers during the pre-season games last year.

        We know they like maulers with an edge or nasty attitude at LG.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I would be fine with them trying him at LG or as a back-up OL player. I wouldn’t consider it a waste to keep him on the 53, if he does develop in year 2 or 3 in the system. I think he fits somewhere on the OL, just not sure where yet.

      • Jarhead's Sokoli Bandwagon

        Well they wasted him no more than they wasted Glowinski. I would look at it as more “protecting” them. I love Soke and want him to get on the field any way possible. I would be stoked to see him at C or anywhere else for that matter.

        If they don’t want another potential Nowak type fiasco- he could legitimately be a great LG. LG are usually the more physical- really strong and quick. A LG pulls more often than other O Lineman and needs to have quickness and agility to engage defenders crashing to the LOS. They are much less often on an Island like the RG and T. Since power running teams like ours more frequently run strong left, the LG will get a 3 tech or at least a defender on their outside shoulder- which creates a great position to get leverage. So he has the size and athletic ability. If he can get down his punch, and be fundamentally sound with his hips, I think he could make an excellent LG

  19. Volume12

    Seahawks interested in Rutger WR Leonte Carroo, according to Aaron Wilson. Amongst many other teams I
    should add.
    Built like and plays similar to WR Golden Tate.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Many teams associated with him throughout the week. How far can he rise? Too bad he can’t play on Saturday. He’s exciting to watch.

      You mentioned Paul McRoberts earlier. He had a nice day, catching high, low, on the run.

      And what can you say about Sterling Shepard? He had as good a week as anyone.

      • Volume12

        I think he’s a round 3 guy with his ‘off the fied stuff.’

        Highly confident, trash talker, interesting backstory. Drove an hour and a half to schhol to go to Don Bosco prep, his mom couldn’t afford the gas, so for all 4 years of HS he stayed with the family of 2 players on the football team. Seems like he’s got the drive to be great and the work ethic.

        • Volume12

          Also has the big time production Seattle seems to value in their WRs. I think he has something like 20- 22 TDs in 2 years.

        • Trevor

          Yeah he is supposedly a real student of the game. If the off field stuff checks out he would be another 3rd round gem and great fit in our locker room.

    • Matt

      Big fan of Carroo. Was really looking forward to seeing him next to Miller, who was very impressive this week. They’re very similar builds and think they stack up athletically well. Bigger WR’S, explosive in and out of routes, YAC ability, makes contested catches.

    • Trevor

      Agree with comp very similar to Tate.

  20. CHawk Talker Eric

    Tha Monstar has medical clearance to return to football. Here’s to hoping he can make an impact.

    • Volume12

      Nice. Big fan of his. Always liked what Iaw. HpHopefully he can either give us depth or become our 1-tech.

      Thanks for the update man. That puts a smile on my face, for reasons I’d rather not discuss.

    • cha

      Nice! If he can contribute after all that he’s been through that would be huge.

  21. Ross

    If we take a pure Guard or Centre early, the only guy I want is Max Tuerk from USC. He’s got everything you want: experience, great character and leadership qualities, positional versatility, and obvious athleticism. I think he would fit fantastically into the zone scheme because he’s got an unreal blend of quickness and power. He might be the best second level blocker I’ve seen in this draft. The knee injury is the only concern. I would love to pair him with Shon Coleman or Joe Dahl.

    • CragieSea Hawk

      I hear you Ross he was supposed to be the top notch center and then he got hurt. So what’s the deal? Rob? V12? Eric? Trevor?

      • Rob Staton

        He’s a bit too tall and lean for me.

        • Ross

          285 is his listed weight in most places, which is really light considering he’s 6’6, I agree. Still, that doesn’t seem to hinder him. He’s stout, and get’s under his defenders pads.

  22. John_s

    Leo prospect – Jordan Jenkins from UGa. 6-2 5/8 257 lbs. 11″ hands 34″ arm length 82 1/2″ wingspan.

    Watching videos, this guy plays with bad intentions. I was reading that he’s not a quick twitch guy but he has some heavy hands and is athletic enough to get around the corner. It will be interesting how he runs at the combine.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      His size and measurables are very impressive. Seattle loves the 1.5 s 10 yard splits, so keep an eye on the 3 cone and the 40 time. Right now looks like a round 3 or 4 prospect….. on one site.

      Worth keeping tabs on him

    • Volume12

      Big fan of this guy too. Explosive. A bit like O’Brien Schofield. But built like Cliff Avril.

      • Ed

        He’s talked about as a 1st rounder, hope a better comparison talent wise than OS.

  23. Barry

    Rankin doesn’t seem to understand pad level. Nor did he display much power. He moved very well for his size but when I think of someone that size you need to be able to push around some guys. One thing I noticed was he didn’t seem to get tired or slack off much. He moves great for the size.

    • Volume12

      Gotta disagree. I thought he pushed guys around. Very strong at the POA. Hardly say him get moved off the ball.

      Disruptive in more than one way. Disruption=production.

      • CragieSea Hawk

        Volume 12 knows his stuff. There is no denying he is only second to Rob. V12 breaths American Football. He is very passionate about the game. Trust his insight always.

        • sdcoug

          respectfully, I think even V12 would agree this is all just educated opinion. Projections are fallible; if we were to always trust insights, no scout would ever miss on a prospect

      • rowdy

        I see what he’s saying to a point, there was timeshe didn’t throw his man around at will but his man wasn’t moving him. He’s a guy that stats didn’t back up how productive he was.

  24. CragieSea Hawk

    So as we all know Rob Staton is all knowing. Here is a prime example of how amazing he analyzes everything. As you all know Rob is very articulate about his Love of Auburn Tackle Shon Coleman. He was also keen to a certain Defensive Tackle out of the university of Pittsburg Aaron Donald. This is where it gets trippy, and way too much of a coincidence.

    • Trevor

      That is pretty cool. Nice find. Hope he is on our line helping stonewall Donald for the next 7-8 years.

  25. Volume12

    Penn St’s DT Austin Johnson had a nice day today. I like what he brings to the table.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’m pretty ‘meh’ on PSU DLers. Even Nassib.

  26. CragieSea Hawk

    At this point of my analisis of the proceeding draft
    First hope. #1 Shon to the mother hucking Coleman.
    Second hope #2 Will Fuller (The Shadow)
    Third hope #3 Frackrell the “White Gangsta”

    • Trevor

      Would be a nice group for sure!

    • Ed

      Fuller is not making it to the bottom of 2nd round

      • rowdy

        And fackrell isn’t making it to the 3rd

      • CragieSea Hawk

        No I meant those are favorite players in order, not which round I think they would drafted. My bad for not being more descriptive.

        • Ed

          Fuller would be a nice addition, as would Miller.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          While I really like Will Fuller, at this point I’d prefer Braxton Miller. Better route runner, better hands, more elusive with the ball.

          • nichansen01@gmail.com

            Braxton Miller didn’t produce this year. He’s new to the position and this concerns me too much to spend a first round pick on him.

            • Rob Staton

              I wouldn’t put his production down to the player. Ohio State don’t use their receivers anywhere near as much as other teams. The QB run/run game dominates Urban Meyer’s offense.

  27. CragieSea Hawk

    CHawkEric is also super cool always!!! He knows what he’s talking about. He gets to watch the Hawks in LA next year and He is stoked about it!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Hey Craig! Good to see your comments again 🙂

  28. CragieSea Hawk

    In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Maybe we should approach this draft with a subtle blindness?

  29. Ed

    Build the trenches and get 1 impact playmaker.

    1st Spence (DE)
    2nd Miller (WR)
    3rd Allen (C)
    3rd Glasgow (G)
    4th Collins (DT)

    OL Gilliam/Glasgow/Allen/Glowinski/Bailey
    WR Baldwin/Lockett/Richardson/Smith/Miller
    DL Bennett/Avril/Rubin/Clark/Spence/Collins

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Not sure your top 2 selections will be available to SEA. Spence likely to be a top 20 pick, and Miller might not last to the end of R1, let alone R2.

      Instead, how about:
      1st Miller
      2nd Ward
      3rd Martin/Day
      3rd Haeg/Glasgow
      4th Tretola

      • nichansen01@gmail.com

        I don’t get the hype surrounding Braxton Miller. You would be drafting a golorified BJ Daniels/Terrelle Pryor. The idea makes me cringe.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s a lot more to him than that. He might be the best player in space in this class. A tremendous, dynamic athlete and playmaker. He looks very natural as a receiver too.

        • Jarhead's Sokoli Bandwagon

          Yeah I would equate him to a more Julian Edelman/Antwaan Randle-El type. Maybe even a Hines Ward if he learns to block really well. All those guys were converted QBs, and they were all really solid slot and in space playmakers. Especially in 3 receiver sets. I think that is were Miller could make his money. And I would love to have as many really dynamic targets to throw to on 3rd down since it always seems to be 3rd and long

  30. CHawk Talker Eric

    Draftwire.com has a nifty Senior Bowl prospects-Teams Meeting Tracker.


    SEA not yet on the list for any prospect.

  31. JimQ

    What about spending maybe our 5-th, 6-th (or the early 7-th) round pick on a backup QB as in Oregon QB-Vernon Adams? After his Shrine game, I’m thinking someone is going to draft this guy for sure, do the Seahawks want to be late to that party?

    I think if we don’t draft him, thinking he’ll go undrafted & we can easily pick him up as an UDFA may be questionable logic, considering the new coach of the Rams, et. al. may just jump all over him.

    Here is a link to a nice tape evaluation of Adams of the Oregon/UW game from Matt Waldman.

    Waldman seems to think that Adams is under-rated due to size bias and thinks there are only a few teams that would even consider actually drafting him, because they feel he’s an UDFA at best.

    Why not make him a Seahawk & save a few bucks by replacing T-Jack? Those few $ x,xxx,xxx. may come in pretty darn handy for other uses & whatever happened to JS’s “we’ll draft a QB every year”?

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