3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #3

Thoughts on some of the more impressive players in CFB so far this season, focus on Connor Cook vs Vernon Adams and looking at why Seattle lost in St. Louis…

(Note — there were some technical issues half way through. Stick with it we sorted through them)


  1. Ehurd1021

    I know this is off topic but siting her watching this Monday night game and I cant understand why we didn’t bring back Walter. The kid is playing safety at a pro-bowl level so far. Started CB for us (opposite of Sherm!) and was a monster in the slot.

    I don’t know if any of you remember but during the off-season I pointed that out as a option. Glad to see he is healthy and playing well. Wish it was here tho.

    • Trevor

      He would have been a perfect slot corner for us! I said the same thing this off season. He knows the system and he would have been much cheaper than Williams. I think it was a big mistake not to try and get him. I get the sense he may have burned some bridges in SEA.

      • arias

        It’s one thing to get him, it’s another thing to depend on a guy who missed all last season because of injury when you’ve already got so many other guys trying to come back from injury on the defense.

        Regardless of how well he’s looked after game 1, he’s still an injury risk given his lengthy injury history. We sort of lucked out that he remained injury free in 2013 and didn’t re-sign him in 2014. I can understand why the FO wasn’t willing to roll the dice and tempt fate twice by relying on his health again.

        • John_s

          Plus he did have the drug suspension at the most innopportune time.

  2. nichansen01

    My nfl power rankings: Week one rankings are always innacurate, and mine will be contraversial, but here goes

    1. New England Patriots
    2. Buffalo Bills
    3. Green Bay Packers
    4. Kansas City Cheifs
    5. San Diego Chargers
    6. Arizona Cardinals
    7. Indianapolis Colts
    8. Cincinnatti Bengals
    9. Dallas Cowboys
    10. Philadelphia Eagles
    11. Denver Broncos
    12. Detroit Lions
    13. Pittsburg Steelers
    14. Seattle Seahawks
    15. Baltimore Ravens
    16. St. Louis Rams
    17. Atlanta Falcons
    18. Minnesota Vikings
    19. Carolina Panthers
    20. New York Jets
    21. Houston Texans
    22. Miami Dolphins
    23. New York Giants
    24. Chicago Bears
    25. New Orleans Saints
    26. Tennesee Titans
    27. Cleveland Browns
    28. San Francisco 49ers
    29. Jacksonville Jaguars
    30. Oakland Raiders
    31. Washington Redskins
    32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    • Ed

      If going off week 1 only, I could see it. But it’s about the entire picture.

      2. way high
      5. way high
      7. high
      10. high
      11. high
      12. high

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      Denver can win a SB with that defense… you have manning.. should be higher

      • arias

        If he plays like he did yesterday I don’t think that’s something his defense can overcome to win a SB. He needs to be able to throw touchdowns.

    • nichansen01

      Actually, I would switch San Fran with Minnesota and the switch Minnesota with Cleveland. Didn’t look good at all, San Fran dominated. Also switch denver with dallas, and switch philly with atlanta, and then switch atlanta with seattle and switch philly with baltimore. Then swap indy with cincy. That looks better.

    • nichansen01

      Yes i think Buffalo is the second best team in this league with Tyrod taylor,until proven otherwise

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        They have the roster and coaches, and they played well enough vs IND, to be ranked that high. But with their history and division, they need more than one home win before they can be considered legit contenders.

        • CharlietheUnicorn

          Bills are a very dangerous team. If they can keep injuries to a min… they could beat almost any other team. They played with heart and passion. When was the last time you could say that about a Bills team?? 1990 or so

  3. Trevor

    Enjoyed the podcast Rob!

    I agree with your point completely on Wilsons ability to read the blitz and check out or adjust protection. He really has not improved since year #1 and is a big road block into him developing into and elite passer IMO.

    Also if they re going to run read option then he needs to keep sometimes in order to keep the defense honest. Stl was crashing down at times as they seemed to know he was not going to keep.

    Really like the Ohio St. WR Thompson you mentioned. He just looks like a quality pro receiver doesn’t he! From his body type, route running and even the way he carries himself.

    • cha

      Agree 100% Trevor on RW keeping more often. I don’t quite understand why he doesn’t have more designed runs. Especially in a game like the Rams game, I could count at least 4-6 times on the read option he had the left side of the field open for at least 5-8 yards, yet he kept handing it off.

      I can understand they don’t want him getting hurt, but hasn’t he demonstrated he’s smart enough to not take the big hit?

      They had so much success with in that MNF game against the Redskins, where he basically ‘I’m going to run until you stop me’ and when they tried he burned them with throws.

      • arias

        Isn’t it up to his discretion whether to run or throw on those read option plays? That means whatever he saw pre-snap made him decide to hand off. Either that or he’s shying away from running the ball as the designated runner himself.

        • peter

          Honestly I can’t remember the last Tim I saw him keep. Yeah he’s scrambled for yards but straight up read option keep?

        • cha

          That’s always been my understanding arias, and I’ll admit maybe there’s things he sees that we don’t.

          Maybe either the orders have changed or RW’s has changed them after signing a huge contract.

          But in a tight game like this when the pass rush is so ferocious, I’m just shocked they didn’t direct him to at least try a couple keepers. If it gets the rushers even a mini step slower in their pursuit, it’s worth a few yards.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Wouldn’t be much reading (or optioning) if he’s been told not to run in advance. And if that is the case (which I doubt), they’d be better off running under center, power style.

            I think it’s time to acknowledge that RW isn’t progressing. He struggles to read the defense, particularly blitzes/ stunts, doesn’t go through his check downs, misses wide open WRs, etc. I see the same issues at work on zone read plays.

            It’s as if the game isn’t slowing down for him, but rather, speeding up. Chances are he’s thinking too much.

            • CharlietheUnicorn

              I think you are selling him short. He is working within the confines of the given play and offense. Apparently Graham was not included in the game plan much, but someone said.. hey we have this nice TE in the 3rd quarter.. started feeding him the ball.. offense was moving and he scored a TD. I thought the game plan was poor overall, but that is hindsite.. they did put up ~20 points on the RAMS D… with the OL still gelling.

              • Volume12

                Love to see what RW could do behind an average O-line, pass protection wise.

  4. Jarhead

    Wow, knowing how desperately we need to draft an RB soon, and watching Carlos Hyde really make an impact the last two years just makes me sigh. I remember back in that draft he was the guy I wanted and thought he would be an excellent back up to Lynch. We had the chance, but we got Richardson and Britt. Yeah…. We win? Every other NFC West team got a home game on opening weekend and a win. NFL really loves to put Seattle behind the 8 Ball… I honestly don’t see a prospect coming out this year that I feel has the talent of Hyde, Lacy or Gurley. So we may even be better waiting another year before we go high for an RB

    • John_s

      Well we drafted Christine Michael the year before. RB and DB’s are at the top of my list for needs next year. OLine will always be there but I don’t trust Cable to make a list of guys who will actually pan out.

      If Duke Williams falls to Seattle’s range, and he could if teams are scared off by his suspensions I would definitely take him with Seattles first pick.

  5. John_s

    A CB prospect to keep an eye on is Danzel McDaniel from Kansas St. The dude can hit. Haven’t seen much tape on his cover skills but he plays with the confidence and swagger of LOB

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Word. The kid’s a baller.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        KST also has an intriguing OG prospect – Cody Whitehair. He plays LT but projects inside at the next level. Not sure how much of a need OG is, but Whitehair is pretty versatile.

        Oh yeah, they also have the nation’s #1 2017 FB prospect, Glenn “Goose” Gronkowski.

    • Volume12

      I like McDaniel, but I’d rather see him at safety. His hips are too tight for CB.

  6. CHawk Talker Eric

    Off topic re the podcast (which I hope to finish today), I’d like to share some thoughts on Week 1…

    The NFCw is still the toughest division in the NFC, maybe the entire League. Its only rival is the AFCe.

    SF fans must be enormously relieved after an offseason of nothing but doom-and-gloom. Dilfer may have waxed a bit too poetic about the development of Kap as a QB, but there’s no mistaking the progress he’s made from last season, particularly with his reads and throw-first mentality. MIN made it easy for him to look good – ZERO pass rush and spotty coverage (btw, Barr was the only defender for MIN to have any kind of impact) – so take the praise with a grain of salt; Kap doesn’t deal with pressure well. The most impressive aspect of last night’s win for SF? The coaching. No question. Jim Tomsula and his coordinators Geep Chryst and Vic Fangio put on a coaching clinic.

    Congrats to Dan Quinn! How fitting that ATL won on a defensive stand against a PHI offense that looked all but unstoppable in the 4th qtr. PHI used to be my “other” favorite team (easy guys, it’s a relic from the time before the Seahawks), but I can’t stand them (Chip Kelly) anymore. What a satisfying conclusion to a thrilling game. Oh yeah, JJones is the best WR in the game. What a weapon. Nice to see Obi Skobi have a nice game, though he did disappear down the stretch (s/o to Mike Person too!).

    After watching a number of games this weekend, I’m not worried about SEA. Sure, they had their fair share of mistakes on both sides of the ball, some of which were caused or exacerbated by poor coaching decisions. But generally, their performance was better than all but a few teams (including, unfortunately, STL). In fact, I saw a some similarities between their game vs STL and SF vs MIN. Both teams started out making mistakes, and both teams corrected those mistakes (for the most part). The difference? SEA played a much better team.

    • cha

      Does anyone know if Maxwell was on Julio most of the night? It sure seemed like he got torched every time he lined up against him.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I think so. I forgot to mention that. Not much into schadenfreude, I’ve nothing against Maxi, and he was covering the best WR in the game, but yeah, he got torched repeatedly.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          According to @PFF, Byron Maxwell was targeted 11 times last night. He allowed 10 catches for 179 yards, both worst in the NFL in Week 1.

          • Volume12

            Byron will struggle as a no 1. Without deep safety help, he’s going to get torched.

            • cha

              Agreed. Still he should have acquitted himself a little better than that, since he frequently got #1 WR assignments in Seattle due to Richard playing the same side all the time. Of course maybe he’s still fitting in the system.

              Always find it odd in the NFL when a clear #2 guy gets super #1 guy money in free agency.

              • arias

                It’s more understandable when you consider how 80 of those yards and game winning touchdown came from Julio Jones, someone that Maxwell has no shot of matching up against, and Roddy White who has long been one of the best #2 receiving options in the league.

            • CharlietheUnicorn

              The safety play for the Eagles was.. substandard.

    • Volume12

      RB Tevin Coleman has the same problem as C-mike. Kid can’t ‘hand switch’ to save his life. That has to be so damn frustrating.

      • mwsmith1547

        Still provided a steady run game for them 80 yards

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Maybe so, but he’s a more physical runner than CMike. Not more physically gifted, but definitely harder to bring down.

        I’m not sold on that “hand switch” being a necessary skill. I agree it’s theoretically advantageous from a ball security perspective, but I think arm/grip strength is more important. Put another way, I don’t see a clear correlation between CMike’s inability to switch hands and his propensity to fumble.

        • Volume12

          It’ll catch up with him when teams break down tape. Force him to his left and ball security will become a big issue.:

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Coleman carries the ball in his left hand, so they’d try to force him right. Flipping the strong side, in and of itself, can cause a wrinkle for a defense.

            I get your point V12. I’m just not convinced it will be an issue for Coleman.

            • Volume12

              It says to me that he’s not picking up on the little things. Being a quality NFL back is just as much mental as it is physical.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                Wasn’t Emmitt Smith another left-handed runner who rarely switched hands?

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    Update on SDB favorite Henry Anderson:

    zkeefer: Buried in the #Colts loss: The encouraging debut of Henry Anderson. 9 tackles, 8 solo. 5 stops, per @PFF, most of any DE not named JJ Watt.

    • Rob Staton

      Good to hear.

      • Trevor

        I know you were really high on him Rob looks like another good call at least after week #1

  8. AlaskaHawk

    My countdown for worst coaching in week #1.
    3. Seahawks wasting a timeout two seconds before the 2 minute mark. Calling for the pooch kick in overtime – note to coach: just kick the ball out of the end zone.
    2. Eagles not using Demarcus Murray in the 4th quarter. What did you pay him 42 million for?
    1. Giants losing to Cowboys when they had the ball on the 2 yard line with a lead and less then two minutes left on the clock. Two bad passes, and just enough time for the Cowboys to comeback.

    • cha

      3. Watching the video a couple times it appears Hauschka made the classic golfer’s mistake of lifting his head up. Gah!

      That play was so befuddling. The refs got the call right not penalizing the player for calling for a fair catch, but why didn’t they penalize the Seahawks for tackling him then?

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      I’m not going to fault the eagles for not using murrey, they went with the hot hand… and know they need to limit his touches until later in the season.. week 6 or so… or he won’t make it.. and end up a broke down car (on blocks) in the front of the Eagles yard ..

  9. Volume12

    Did ya’ll see this mock draft?


    Dadi Nicolas!? Rather have the guy who went next in UCLA DT Kenny Clark. I don’t see an edge rusher being an early pick. Or even mid rounds.

    No Shon Coleman? I have a sneaking suspicion that teams will be scared off by his medical history and age.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I saw it. SMH

      • Volume12

        Right? If they could grab Shon Coleman in the 1st, and then trade up for RB Derrick ‘King’ Henry in the 2nd? Wow!

    • AlaskaHawk

      I would trade down six spots for Darron Lee, LB to replace Irvin. That should keep the linebackers in good shape for 3-4 years. With the trade down either get another second round pick or move up in the second round for a running back.

      • Volume12

        As much as I like Lee, I have a hard time seeing this team go pass rusher/edge guy after selecting Frank Clark, and having needs at 1-2 spots on the O-line, RB, DT, and CB.

        IMO this could be the year we see Seattle taking a CB earlier than usual.

    • oz

      #95 kept flashing to me. Williams I believe?

      • oz

        Virginia Tech D-Lineman.

        • oz

          Kendall Fuller looks fantastic.

  10. Volume12

    Rob, have you watched any of Toledo RB Kareem Hunt?

    If so, yay or nay?

    • Rob Staton

      Not yet will add him to the list

      • oz

        He was suspended for the game.

  11. CHawk Talker Eric

    So Rob, what is the only chance CLE and OAK have???

  12. CHawk Talker Eric

    #Packers believe a foot injury will knock starting ILB Sam Barrington out for the season, I’m told. They face Lynch & Charles the next 2 wks

    • Volume12

      Thought I saw a tweet from Davis Hsu saying the Hawks were working out WR Shaq Evans who went 8 spots ahead of Norwood. I liked this guy coming out of UCLA.

      UCLA has another receiver that seems kind of ‘Seahawky.’ Jordan Payton. Gritty, cocky, big time character guy, great blocker, and might be a sneaky good SPARQ guy.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Hsu also has SEA trying out LB Julian Stanford “SPARQED to the Moon- 6012, 228, 4.51, 1.44 10 yard (what?!), 42.5 vert (huh?), and 6.59 cone (yowza)”

        Payton is a better blocker than a catcher at this point. Also could be a ST standout. UCLA WR Thomas Duarte is worth a look.

        • Volume12

          Maybe Moody is going to get poached?

          Could he fill a spot in GB, now that Barrington is out?

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Ian Rapoport says GB should bring back LB Desmond Bishop. Anyway TB signed Stanford to their PS.

  13. Trevor


    If Kam reports week #10 as expected so he does not loose a year what will his total fines be? Will he even make any $ this year?

    Also if he reports week #10 can we just leave him inactive the rest of the year and ask him not to be at the facility? Basically suspend him with pay?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he would lose money overall for the year.

      • JeffC

        I think if he comes back by week 10 and plays the rest of the way, the seahawks would fine him so that at the end of the season he would make standard game checks for every game he ends up playing and makes a little money, so something like 2 million for the season. The situation is delicate, and as much of a douche Steve Smith can be, I think he’s right that PC has to be careful with his locker room.

        • CharlietheUnicorn

          I just do not see it playing out to week #10. He will either report or be traded before then. It is a lose lose situation… if they get to week #11. It might already be a lose lose situation already.

          The reason Seattle lost was not necessarily on KAM, I think it had more to do with the play calling and over use of pressures…. enabling WR/TE to get all over the field.

          • Volume12

            Kam lines everyone up. Could be why they looked lost out there. More responsibility lies at the feet of ET and BWagz. How many times did we see Bruce not set the edge? Or lose containmainment on Cook?

            I know getting BWagz back last year was huge, but perhaps more importantly was Bam Bam playing at full speed and somewhat healthy.

            Until they scheme around not having him, he’ll be sorely missed.

            • peter

              I think they looked lost out there because earl and Richard played almost no snaps in preseason and Richard played nickel while ahead played in his spot.

              I have a hard time believing that someone with earl and shermans work ethic would be lost on the rams offense. What bothers me more is when you read reports of defensive schemes breaking down because Williams and bailey don’t know what player to puck up from the lbers.

              • Volume12

                And Bailey is starting for who? Wouldn’t happen if Kam was out there.

                ET is a ‘reactionary’ player who thrives on instinct. It’s going to take time for this defense to respond to missing their leader.

                • CHawk Talker Eric

                  I think (and this is only opinion) ET’s comments about how Kam lines him up properly are a thinly veiled attempt to support Kam. ET is one of the savviest DBs in the NFL. He doesn’t need to be told where to line up.

                  • Volume12

                    I agree with that, but at the same time, the tape doesn’t lie. And ET may not need to be told where to line up, but if he has to worry about others that Kam would nit making a mistake than that takes away from his style of play. He could end up trying to do too much.

                    And he probably is in suppor of Kam, which would almost re-inforce the notion that this team wants him, and would welcome him back.

                    As we’ve heard countless members of this defense proclaim over the years ‘everyone on this D is tied to a string’. Take away one of those thethers, and that string could become a knot.

  14. Kyle

    Rob, i was wondering if you saw this article in the Wall Street Journal that was published last week about why the NFL is going to have trouble finding franchise QBs in the future:


  15. mwsmith1547

    Did Josh Shirley stick with the raiders?

    • John_s

      Practice squad

      • mwsmith1547


  16. JeffC

    Lets see if Kam reports today. Today is the deadline PC set for him to play in the following game.

    • Cysco

      Well Kam did re-tweet Ray Lewis’s rant from yesterday about not letting money get in the way of your teammates. So, I guess we’ll see.

      • Ehurd1021

        Kam responded to Lewis saying that the Ravens never put Lewis in this situation were he had to worry about his salary.

        • JeffC

          Kam must be trying to live a Michael Jordan lifestyle if he’s worried about his salary.

  17. mwsmith1547

    If he sits until week 10 we should impose every fine and let him sit at home, make him sit for 3 years if that’s his plan. I’m sorry team is bigger than player, and I will feel that way if were 9-1, 0-9 or some where in the middle fighting for playoffs. The Patriots have held a tight line for a decade now, they are the gold standard, and the business model to follow. All of the disgruntled players to include Dion Branch end up the lesser player for it and they ke3ep kicking ASS….. GO HAWKS, KAM IM DONE WITH U EVEN IF U RETURN.

  18. Ehurd1021

    All these people saying that they are done with Kam, explain to me why? He is clearly underpaid and has COMPLETELY outplayed his current contract – on and off the field. Kam is the unquestioned leader of this team. And we don’t make it to the Super Bowl last year without him, and we won’t this year either…. be honest. If we trade Kam we lose the heart beat and sole of this team, we lose the locker-room. Run over.

    My entire outlook has changed about this issue after listening to Steven A. Smith this morning. If what he said is true (don’t know why he would lie for one, and for two he knows personally many players in the locker-room) it sounds like the FO basically told Kam to kick rocks and according to Smith put in question Kam’s “manhood.” That is why Lynch walked off the field last week and came back with Kam’s practice jersey on. This is why EVERY player in that locker-room is in full support of Kam. Now, i’m not putting all the blame on the FO, Kam and the FO needs to come to a reasonable outcome.

    Pay the man his money and lets get back to playing football.

    • JeffC

      I have no doubt if Paul Allen had no salary cap, he’d be more than happy to give Kam a raise. The cap has changed everything.

      Kam was the first of the core players to get a long term deal, someone had to be first. It is no surprise that now Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas are basically under paid. Bennett is definitely now underpaid.

      The salary cap is like the speed limit on the freeway, we all have to abide by it. No choice.

      This is my problem with the Kam situation, not that he wants more money, or what he deserves.

      • Ehurd1021

        That sounds great and its true. Used to be my point as well, you signed the contract, honor it. You are leaving your teammates out to dry. But none of these statements are ever echoed when a team cuts a vet who has multiple years left on his deal. Hypocrisy at its finest.

        But it doesn’t take away from the fact that the FO disrespected Kam once he told the FO he wanted re-work his deal according to Smith. It doesn’t take away from the fact that the NFL stands for Not For Long and players have to maximize their opportunities to make money while they can, especially players like Kam who play the game with a different mindset. Kam is in his prime and is being SEVERELY underpaid for his craft, he shouldn’t get a bran new deal – which isn’t what he wants in the first place. He deserves to be treated better than this… he has earned his respect.

        • JeffC

          You have to be careful with what Smith says in regards to the respect issue. His job is similar to Skip Bayless. The more trouble and dirt he can stir up, the more hits he gets, the more status he gets as a “reporter.”

          He defines perfectly for me the old William Randolph Hearst phrase: “You supply me with information, I’ll supply the war.”

          WHat he says can be true in a context. How he delivers it is what you have to watch out for. It’s his job to be controversial.

    • peter

      I actually question his leadership. Leadership is about setting examples. And currently his example is garbage. Also he’s underpaid? The road travels both ways and he was overpaid when he signed his extension claiming gods glory and being blessed. So maybe if he factors being overpaid then and underpaid now it all comes out even in the wash.

      So in the pay Kam paradigm…if he plays lower then his current level or sits out because injury does he give money back to represent a down year?

      For me as a hawks fan Kam gets more money now and then what? In two years she injuries catch up to him Seattle is bleep out of luck?. … No. Seattle should draft two safeties this year and let Kam ride out his contract and get the next safeties up to speed and ready to roll.

      His actions are nefarious knowing Seattle didn’t resign jeron Johnson or draft any safety of worth. Do you honestly think he’d be doing this right now if he thought Dion bailey could take his job? Probably not. It’s always better to strike from a position if power…

      • Ehurd1021

        You might “question” his leadership… but I would be willing to guarantee no players in that locker-room do. I also disagree that he was “over-paid” when he first got his deal. His contract was fair for both sides and I think the Seahawks really tried to measure his productivity, style of pay, and future worth… Kam has outplayed his contract on and off the field since than.

        Kam isn’t trying to sabotage the team, he is simply showing his value and worth. Tough situation for us as fans… and I have a hard time siding with a organization over a player.

        Pay the man

        • Volume12

          I’m with ya Ehurd. This team would welcome Kam back with open arms. You can’t just draft a guy or slide Bailey in and not expect this defense to struggle. He’s one of the most unique players in the league and is an extension of PC on the field.

          • peter

            They can welcome him back all they want. That’s not the problem. The problem is how do you deal with this as a team contract wise going forward if you’re always in the pay the mode?

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              The answer is bigger than Kam and SEA. The answer is to guarantee all player contracts, just like they do in the NBA and MLB.

              • peter

                Might work. Some think the salary cap is what makes the game so popular. I’m not sure I want to see here Jones win the superbowl 25 years in a row…ughh..

              • JeffC

                Can you imagine getting stuck with Percy Harvin for the life of his deal because it’s all guaranteed?

        • peter

          It’s not whether I question it or not….his leadership that is. It’s not for me to know nor you to know. But as for pay he was extremely well paid then and remains the second highest paid strong safety in the league. Also contracts… It’s a little easy to say pay the man when a. He has/is being paid and if you don’t care if the team then goes through this every year.

          What stops earl or Sherman from doing this every year? Or Bennett? It doesn’t. So every year someone can go to the FO and say hey man she I signed the contract it was all good but now I want more?

          As per maximizing his value…that was for him and his agent to figure out. If he wanted to he could have said I want a three year deal ir hit free agency. But you’re seeking to forget that he was praising god and all his blessings when he signed so he must if thought it was pretty damn good at the time. So the team suffers because he and his agent see to inept to understand

          • peter

            …market economics?

            • Volume12

              I get it’s hard for Seattle to pay him and you have to set a precedent, but it strikes me as odd that people will never root for Kam again. Why? We don’t know everything that’s going on.

              It seems like people have written him off, because deep down we all know he’s one of the most irreplaceable players on the planet. And it goes beyond his skill-set or play on the field.

              All these guys play the game fot money. And some can sit on their high horse and preach about this and that, but some of these players ‘public image’ is just that. To an extent this is a WWE type of league.

              • peter

                I’d root for Kam. But I’ve reconciled him never playing in Seattle again. Literally there is no good situation here. They pay him and he comes to camp not fully healthy and gets injured see: Chris Johnson. They don’t pay him and fans go crazy hating him then the FO and they legitimately lose games because of it. They pay him and every player who bests their stats from the previous year lines up for more money?

                • peter

                  Also they probably should have skipped the cary Williams 7 mil contract. I can’t imagine that helped anything

              • JeffC

                I’m pretty pissed at the stuff coming out, but it’s emotional response. I’m pretty sure that as time passes, we all end up rooting for him again. The situation itself, esp coming off a tough two losses in a row with two terrible finishes, causes emotions to be heated.

                Football is the microcosm of life.

        • Tien

          I don’t question Kam’s leadership or toughness and though it’s been really disappointing to see Kam stretch this hold-out this long, I would still welcome him back if he were to report. Having said that, I thought the Seahawks took a big risk and went out on a limb in offering Kam that extension a couple years ago. In hindsight, their gamble paid off in that they were correct in their assessment of Kam’s abilities but at the time, Kam was coming off injuries and hadn’t made all those dominant explosive plays that he’s shown he’s capable of since then. At the time, Kam was given one of the best contracts for a safety in the league and I doubt there’d be any argument about it. Depending on a person’s perspective, an argument could be made that he’s now underpaid but an equally valid argument could also be made that he’s still paid appropriately as a top SS in the NFL. Kam obviously feels differently but really, what player doesn’t think he should be paid more?

          Bottom line, Kam is three years from the end of his contract and the Seahawks should not set a precedent by caving in and re-negotiating a new contract or throw him more money because of the hold out (for all the reasons discussed previously on this board, long-term strategy, salary cap management, other players wanting new contracts etc.). Even though our D looked like crap (comparatively to what we’ve expected for our team) on Sunday, I firmly believe that the necessary adjustments will be made where we will still remain a top defensive unit (maybe not the best but still great enough for a SB run), even without Kam. The benefit of caving in to Kam’s demands does not outweigh the long-term repercussions of doing so I’m firmly in the camp of wanting and welcoming Kam back if he does report but if not, the Seahawks need to stand firm and we move on without him. Go HAWKS (and hopefully, Kam)!!

  19. mwsmith1547

    Kam = Percy

    • Ehurd1021

      Stop it! Not even close.

      Not every player who stands up for what they believe in is a “cancer.” Not every player who disagrees with the FO is a “cancer.”

      If that was the case, what is Beast?

      • Tien

        Agreed. From all reports, Percy was a dick to his teammates and coaches. Kam is loved by the team and is just caught up in (IMO) a no-win labor dispute with the Hawks.

  20. CHawk Talker Eric

    Virginia WR Canaan Severin has caught all 16 catchable passes thrown his way, he had only two drops in 44 in 2014

    • Volume12

      I like this guy. Caught my eye on Saturday vs ND.

      I was a little dissappinted in Mo Canady. Doesn’t seem to play at full speed, and his speed looks awful. I know Seattle’s corners aren’t burners or speed freaks, but Canady looks like a mid 4.6 guy.

      • peter

        Leonte Caroo….WTF.

        • Volume12

          I know right? Guy will never play in the league now, IMO.

          Rutgers is just a mess in general right now.

          • Volume12

            Sorry to change the subject (or rather position), but one guy that’s starting to grow on me is Texas A&M RB Tra Carson. Just a tough, hard-nosed, competitve kid with good size, hands, and surprising speed. He’s another prospect who runs with ‘short steps’. But, he does appear to have some Turbin to his game, and some Mike Davis.

            I don’t think he’s a top 100 guy bgy any means, but he could be great value. There’s just something about his ‘swag’ or listening to him talk that appeals to me.

            Transfer from Oregon, so he’s probably a great athlete, and IIRC there’s a clip of him performing a 60 in. box jump.

  21. mwsmith1547

    I will say this with all this talk about earl not knowing where to line up or how to get in the right position with out Earl, maybe earl should be giving some of his money to Kam! Maybe we over paid there?

  22. GoHawks5151

    FSU tailback Dalvin Cook looked great. Another 2017 RB prospect for sure. But if I’m not mistaken I think he punched a woman. After the Frank Clark fallout do they take on another guy with a murky history?

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