3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #5

This week Kenneth and I were joined by Matt Brown from Sports on Earth. We dissect Dane Brugler’s latest mock draft at CBS Sportsline, discuss Leonard Fournette and end with a diatribe on Andrew Luck.


  1. AlaskaHawk

    You talked about the Oregon vs Utah game but didn’t give any credit to Utah QB Travis Wilson. He is adequate at passing and is a great running QB. He has a high QB rating. He is carrying Utah offense on his shoulders. My only reservation is that his TD to interception ratio isn’t very good.

    He is at least a second round draft pick, and could very well end up in the first round in this QB starved league.

    • Rob Staton

      We try and cover as many things as possible. I’ll respectfully disagree though that he’s anywhere close to a first round prospect.

      • Volume12

        Has a bit of Bryce Petty to his game, maybe not arm strength wise, and Petty was a 4th rounder. I like Wilson’s potential, but not a top 100 kind of guy.

        • CharlietheUnicorn

          I agree. Think about the guy in a pro offense, he may not be a good fit.. and might be a day 3 prospect. However, if UTAH goes 10-2 or better, his draft stock might be inflated. He performs against USC later this year….. might end up in the 4-5 round range in a draft.

    • Trevor

      Wilson has played well. Seems like a leader with good character but is a late round NFL development project at best. He is a very good college quarterback however IMO and the Utes are a good story.

      • Volume12

        Agreed. And while Wilson is productive, he’s not necessarily ‘carrying his offense.’ Teams are so concerned with shutting RB Devontae Booker down, which they haven’t done, it takes a lot of pressure of Wilson and let’s him play to his strengths.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I’m just throwing his name out there early. If the Utes keep winning and he has a good combine he will rise on the boards. I see a leader that is kind of a Kapernik type QB. Thats probably not good considering how Kap has been playing, but what the heck. I was impressed by his runs.

  2. Volume12

    Great podcast Rob as usual. I always learn something new from ya my man. Also liked the feaured guest. Matt Brown is a guy I tend to follow and love reading his little ‘blips’ if you will on rotoworld.com.

    I noticed you mentioned watching the Florida-Tennessee game this weekend. Do you not like D-lineman Jonathan Bullard from Florida or have you just not focused in on him?

    IDK if he’s quite the athlete Charles Tapper is, but seems to be a better pass-rushing version of him, if that’s a fair comp.

    • Rob Staton

      Bullard flashed in this game for sure. I wasn’t focusing on him specifically but he showed up and is well and truly on the radar now.

      • Volume12

        Nice. Good to know we saw the same thing. If you ever get a chance, his backstory is interesting and seems to a motivational tool of his. It’s very ‘Seahawky.’ At least in terms of overcoming adversity.

        Love Bullard’s versatility, power, and his get-off is cat quick. We know Seattle has a penchant for his body type/specs.

  3. Ed

    How many games do you think Rawls needs to play like he did Sunday to calm the nerves about post Lynch and spending a high pick on RB in the next 2 years?

    Still think biggest needs are OL and DT. Hill played well, but still don’t seem to get much push up the middle and QB are able to step up (like they are supposed to). Do you think it’s more scheme than no push? The LB blitz with Wagner worked a few times

    • Volume12

      Rawls is going to need to show he can handle a heavy workload and not wear down as the season progresses. He needs a good year IMO. He’s a solid back for sure, but probably not a no 1 type.

      Take a back early (2nd-4th) this year, see what ya got in Rawls and said rookie, and if it works out then it takes pressure off them ‘having’ to go get that stud back in 2017. And if they do then too, well, now you have assets and are quite loaded at the position.

      Seattle seems to like/want 3 good backs on their roster. At first you got a sense they wanted a RBBC, then it kind of didn’t, but now that sense or feeling seems to be what they’re leaning toward. 2 very good backs, and a capable back-up or no. 3 like Rawls.

      • Screeching Hawk

        Do you think there is any chance that the crew would give up two firsts and a second or whaver for Leonard Fournette? Right now I’m liking Devantae Booker for this year. I say let’s get both!

        • Volume12

          If they could get to Leonard Fournette I’m sure they would. But that might mean mortgaging your future, and IMO I’m not sure it’s worth it in that sense.

          • cha

            For sure, the 2017 year will be one of the hardest cap years for the Hawks with most of the deals they’ve handed out lately “maxing out.” Will need all the young cheap talent you can get your hands on at that point.

            That said, the Hawks have never been afraid of the bold gambit, and depending on who stays & goes in 2016 FA, they’ll probably have another good haul of comp picks in 2017.

            • Volume12

              Very true. It’s a damn good question. On one hand, why wouldn’t you? Ecspecially when you conside this team isn’t high on 1st round picks as it is, and like cha says, this FO is always willing to roll the dice.

              On the other hand, what will it take to get to Fournette? And what other RBs will be eligible? If it takes 2 firsts and a second for Fournette, hypothetically, then maybe using just one first and a second for a guy like Nick Chubb is better roster management. And again, who’s going to be re-signed and how many young studs under 25 coming down the pipeline on this team will also play into it.

              • cha

                I’ve been preaching the 2015 draft class is vital to sustained success, and though it looks like a good seahawks crop, time will tell. If 3 or 4 of Clark, Lockett, Glowinski, Tye Smith, Sokoli, and UDFA’s Williams and Smith can grow to become “B+” players, starters with above average impact, they’ll have much more flexibility to pursue some interesting scenarios in 2017.

                • cha

                  And Rawls **smacks forehead**

                  • Volume12

                    We could probably add CB Mo Seisay to that list as well. Seems like he’s getting a red-shirt year.

                  • Volume12

                    And OL Terry Poole. He just might be our new or next Alvin Bailey.

          • nichansen01

            Leonard Fournette would mean meager o line for the next few years again, Fournette is a generational talent and probably better than Adrian Peterson, but could Adrian Peterson even break 1,000 yards in his prime running behind our current O-Line – Okung? I dont know, Lynch doesnt seem to be able top do that right now with okung, the line is really missing Unger and Carpenter.

            • arias

              “‘but could Adrian Peterson even break 1,000 yards in his prime running behind our current O-Line””

              I would still have to say yes.

  4. Screeching Hawk

    One thing I noticed when Booker threw the touchdown against the Ducks is that he is left handed. I’m thinking that has to be somewhat of an advantage when he carries the ball since most defensive players are practicing striping the ball being carried in the right arm. Am I on to something?

  5. Screeching Hawk

    I just answered my own question, I guess it depends what side he is running to. Seattle does seem to go left mostly though. Beast Mode is excellent at changing arms which is a must especially for a running back.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      Seattle has had better run blockers to the left, which is why they traditionally run that direction.
      I’m not sure of the tendencies this year, but it looks more balanced across the board.

  6. Kyle

    So how about releasing lockette and taking a swing on Pryor? Or maybe even releasing a fb and adding him to the mix. 4.2 to 4.3 speed. 6’3 to 6’5… I mean that’s Calvin Johnson measurables. ( by no way am I saying he will be anywhere near as good or even close) but give him some time. Bite the bullet and have him on your roster for this year and develop him. He could be the tall deep threat we have been looking for.

    • Screeching Hawk

      I am completely with you on that Kyle! If not Pryor then get Smith or Williams off the practice squad and on the team. I don’t like being negative or mean but the dude just keeps making dumb penalties he does seem to give it his all though. Pryor can also just be signed to the practice squad so we shall see.

      Damn I’m so happy we got Lockett as our return guy as all of you are as well. To think I wanted Ty Montgomery thanks John and Pete. Tyler is officially a keeper, he ain’t no sleeper. Word up!!!

      • nichansen01

        Completely lost faith in in Lockette after his penalty and red zone drop yesterday, I would support this.

        • arias


          His amazing block is what allowed Lockett to go the distance for the touchdown. Pete name checked Lockette for it in the post game.

          He’s never appreciated for his special teams work but that’s clearly why the team keeps him. He’s not usually so unreliable when Wilson targets him. His career catch rate is in the eighty percentile.

      • nichansen01

        Would the bears consider trading Jeffrey? He is only 25 and seems to be a big part of the rebuilding process of this team going forward, yet i know John Fox just traded Jared Allen for a draft pick. What would it take to get Alshon? A second? A first? A first and a seahawk?

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      You will not dump a key gunner on ST. No way. They have worked hard to get the ST back up to 2013 speed… they will not weaken it for a “project” WR. Unless they got a guy like WR Jeffery from the Bears via a trade, you keep the guys you have…

      • Screeching Hawk

        True Dat Charlie. Richardo just makes bad decisions and then there is that one play “The Lord Voldemort” of Seahawks plays that we will not speak about. For all the older gentlemen on this blog that was indeed a Harry Potter reference.

        Speaking of that Rob Staton if you read this pretty please give us your best “Harry Potter” in the form of a question on the next 3000 pod cast because you too can make dreams come true!

      • Screeching Hawk

        Okay I will respond to that, he is a gunner. So that has nothing to do with Lockett the G’lockett ( Volume12 came up with that clever like ) We gave up a return to Tavon Austin in St. Louis. Don’t get me wrong I like Richardo as a player he just seems to screw up, oops I mean Fuck up a lot. Especially stupid 15 yard penalties. For typically unnecessary roughness. Okay I’m out, time to do some music on you tube then go to sleep. GOooo Hawks!


    • bigDhawk

      And when he is not top gunning on ST he is providing excellent run blocking on offense. He is a receiver in name only. ST and run blocking are why he is on this roster. The same might be said of Kearse to a lesser extent.

      • Volume12

        Kearsre has had a solid year so far. The WRs have actually played really well as a unit. They’ve had a couple miscues, sure, but what receiver doesn’t?

        I actually think them working out Terrelle Pryor, L’Damian Washington, and Nick Toon is a knock on Chris Matthews. Hasn’t shown enough IMO. I was under the impression that his SB performance outweighed 1-2 good showings in the regular season, but I was wrong on that one.

        • Rob Staton

          This is definitely a dissatisfaction with Matthews. They want a big target and he’s not contributing much at all. He’s on notice.

          • Volume12

            Yeah, and it’s not a great year for big targets depth wise in this upcoming class. There are a few guys who look like late rounders and UDFAs that have caught my eye though. Seems to be the way they’ve gone lately with that kind of wideout.

          • arias

            I disagree simply because of what Jimmy said to the press post game about how often times he or Matthews will be open even if they look like they’re covered and Russ just has to learn to trust them to get it because their length gives them that sort of advantage. He said they’ve been working with Russ to try and get him to trust throwing to them in those circumstances and that’s part of developing chemistry. I’m glad Graham is on the team to make this an issue that Russ is aware of because based on what he said, it wouldn’t matter if they found another tall receiver if Russ wasn’t taking advantage of his height.

            IMO he’s not contributing because he’s the fourth guy Wilson even looks to on any given throw. That wouldn’t be different even if they brought in another big receiver even assuming he would be capable of supplanting Matthews in the starting three wide sets.

            • Rob Staton

              I’m not convinced by that. They’re not looking at big WR’s for no reason. It’s not to replace Kearse or Baldwin. Matthews is a non factor.

              • Tien

                By process of elimination, makes sense Rob. Bummer too because I was hoping that Matthews’ performance in the SB was a just teaser for what was to come of a full season of awesomeness!

              • arias

                He played 2 of 85 snaps in game 1, 15 of 60 in game 2, and 20 of 67 in game 3.

                So he’s only played 17.6% of snaps, not very much time unfortunately.

  7. Screeching Hawk

    Watch this one minute youtube video on Leanard Fournette. What a baller!!!


    • Steele

      I think Fournette is overrated. Not a generational talent. He is a better version of Mike Davis.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I don’t know that I’d go that far, but I agree it’s premature to label him as generational.

        I’ve watched only 1 complete LSU game this season – @SYR. I also watched the highlights from the Auburn game. Those were two excellent RB performances…against some really poor defenses. Auburn in particular was atrocious. I didn’t see broken tackles and YAC as much as I saw the worst display of attempted tackling I’ve ever seen from an FBS team, let alone one from the SEC.

        No doubt Fournette is at (or very, very near) the top of the RB prospect list. But shouldn’t he face some top competition before we label him the second coming?

        • Volume12

          What are we looking for in a prospect? If he faces subpar competition then that means Carson Wentz and guys like that are garbage right? It’s about his skill set. You can just see he has ‘it.’ There’s almost an electricity that comes through your tv when you watch him. Some of the things this kid does at 20 years old is astonishing.

          Defenses are scared to hit this kid. I watched him run away fro defenders, throw defenders into others. He’s got size, burst, feet, speed, strength, power, balance, vision, stays tight to his O-lineman pullng 2nd level defenders in, runs behind his pads, runs with a forward lean, creates yards that aren’t there. He checks every box and has that x-factor to him. What else is there?

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Whoa V12, we’re talking about 2 different things here.

            My point was simple: let him face a top defense before labeling him the best back since AP. His freshman year was pretty good, but not generational. He’s faced 3 teams this year – and 2 of the 3 defenses he’s faced so far this year aren’t even ranked in rushing defense (NCAA stats). None of the 3 are ranked in the top 50 for total team defense.

            As for the prospect that is Fournette – I believe I said he is at or as close to the top as any college RB.

            • Volume12

              My response wasn’t just responding to your post. Mike Davis? Really? I digress.

              His freshman season wasn’t great by any means, but rather he’s still getting better. I just see a skill set and work ethic that look second to none, regardless of level of competition. There’s just this guys/kids that come along every so often, the generational reference, that have a look and feel to him. IMO he’s not just the best RB in CFB, but the best player.

              Maybe my argument about lesser comp isn’t bullett proof, but Auburn has a handful of NFl level defenders, while Syracuse has 1-2 on the D-line.

              And even if he doesn’t put up 250+ on the ground against SEC competitiob, which does put more defenders in the NFL than any other conference, isn’t going to mean he’s not the best back to come along in years.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                Yeah not sure how you begin to compare 5’9″ 215lb Mike Davis to 6’1″ 230lb Fournette. Davis is a decent back and all, but Fournette is a LB playing RB with WR speed. Hey I’m hoping Fournette turns out to be the real deal. But beware the Trent Richardson.

                This is a very interesting point of contention. The 2 top RBs in the nation are both sophomores – Fournette and Chubb. Fournette has 3 games with 210+yds to start this season. But, Chubb has a streak of 11 games with 110+yds rushing. And he ran for 266yds on 33 carries vs Louisville in the 2014 Belk Bowl.

                • Volume12

                  I’m with ya on Chubb. He’s right there close behind Fournette, but doesn’t have that freakish size and physique. I’m actually a bigger fan of backs built like Chubb, due to their low centet of gravity, but every so often a guy like Fournette or AP comes along, and are impossible to bring down anyways, and just blow me away with their overall skill set.

                  The Trent Richardson aspect is always in the back of my mind. It’s a fair warning/point. The thing with T-Rich was at times he appeared as soft as a peach to me.

                  Really looking forward to a couple SEC games on Saturday. ‘Bama vs Georgia and Florida vs Ole Miss. I got a man crush on Florida DL Jonathan Bullard.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Also, your argument about facing subpar competition isn’t accurate. When Carson Wentz and the rest of the NDakSt Bisons face off against a team like Portland St. (or Weber St.) they aren’t facing subpar competition just because those teams are in lesser conferences. There is parity in the level of competition among the top teams in conferences like MVFC or the Big Sky. Just like there is between top teams in the SEC or the ACC.

      • Rob Staton


  8. Screeching Hawk

    Has anyone else noticed that Tyler does a different dance each time he’s scored a touchdown? See I think that’s part of what makes him So good because he’s smarter and more clever than most other guys. He was good in college but he’ll be great in the pros with the preparation and with how good he is at setting up his blocks plus the talent he has with his special team’s brothers. I know it’s way too early but even Joey Galloway and Leon Washington never came close to 4 returns in their first 7 NFL games. Just wrap your mind around that and add a 63 yard td reception to boot! Wow

  9. CHawk Talker Eric

    Unless the wheels come off Goff’s season, a team like HOU, CHI or even KC will be all over him in R1. Heck, even 0-3 NOR have big questions to confront at QB moving forward.

    QB is just one of those positions that always tempts teams to overdraft (but I’m not saying Goff in R1 is an overdraft). If Bortles and Manziel can go in the first frame, certainly Goff will.

    With respect to Andrew Luck, I hadn’t considered how different OC’s would affect him. I thought it was more a case of delayed “sophomore slump” and poor peripheral personnel decisions by Grigson. Compound that with the pressure of trying to be Atlas to IND’s world, responsibility for Pagano’s future, etc., and it’s wonder he hasn’t self destructed already. I have tremendous respect for the athlete and competitor that Luck is. It’s a shame to see him put in such a position by poor ownership and management.

    BTW I saw that NOR was able to lower Brees’ cap hit for next year by converting a portion of his base salary into a signing bonus. His cap hit for next year is now down to $30mm. Also, CLE is in a major quandary with Dwayne Bowe. For some inexplicable reason, they guaranteed $9mm of his $12.5mm contract, and now they’re stuck with him even though he hasn’t caught a pass and probably won’t for a while because of recurring injury. Tying up huge amounts of cap space in, or outright overpaying for, a single, aging player is bad management.

    • Tien

      I also think that Luck is a great player and would trade Wilson for him straight up in a heartbeat but I also don’t have any sympathy for his situation. Most highly drafted QBs are picked by very poorly performing teams, thrown into very difficult situations, and expected to be the savior and face of the franchise. Look at RG3, Bortles, Carr, Gabbert, Manziel etc. About the only QBs that I can think of off the top of my head that were drafted into stable circumstances are Rodgers (sitting behind Favre for a few years had to help) and Wilson (a great RB and dominant D). All this pressure and challenge is part of the job description.

      Bowe was part of the WR corps in KC that didn’t catch one TD pass all season and he was never a dominant receiver even in his prime, which he no longer is.. Unless the Browns could have gotten him for the veteran’s minimum, signing him to any contract was a mistake and the extent of that mistake can be measured in the amount of guaranteed money given. Such a horrible signing by the GM from the get-go.

  10. Volume12

    VA Tech CB Kendall Fuller out for the year. Ouch!

    That means a good CB who theoretically could’ve slipped or been over-looked, now more than likely works his way up the board. I’m focusing on CBs with our 4th round pick, or even that 3rd round comp we got for Maxi. I’ll be shocked if Seattle drafts a DB before round 4, but this year could be the one they take a CB outside of their preferred range.

    • Rob Staton

      I think any CB to even be considered by SEA in round one has to be special.

      I believe they liked Roby who ended up in Denver. Still not sure they would’ve taken him. But it’d have to be a top, top player to take him early. They back themselves with DB’s.

      • Volume12

        Oh absolutely. Couldn’t agree more. Currently, and of course depending on who declares, it looks like there could be some really good value at CB in the range we’re so accustomed to seeing them select one.

        What do you think of Virginia CB Mo Canady? Looks ideal, but his technique is off due to poor coaching or something. But, if that’s all it is, I’d love to see what this coaching staff could do with a guy like that.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          2 guys I like for Day 3 are Southern Utah CB LeShaun Sims and Southeastern Louisiana CB Harlan Miller. Sims is a real bruiser, but scat quick and a great ET3 backup/NB prospect. Miller gets attention mostly for his PRs, but he has a nose for the ball.

          FWIW, LSU has a promising CB – freshman Kevin Toliver II 6’2″ 190#. I think he’s a true freshman so he won’t be in next year’s draft.

          BTW, Damarious Randall is looking like a smart pick for GB.

          • Volume12

            What happened to LSU’s other CB Rashard Robinson?

  11. CHawk Talker Eric

    NE got a nice player in Akiem Hicks from NOR today. Hicks was a R3 pick – but NOR’s first in the draft (Bountygate). He’s a real Red Bryant type DE – 6’5″ 324#. I think he dealt with some injuries last season which diminished his value to the team.

  12. CHawk Talker Eric

    One to watch:

    UMass WR Tajae Sharpe 6’3″ 200#, 4.48s
    38-game streak of at least 1 reception
    85 recs for 1,281yds and 7 TDs in 2014

  13. Trevor

    Rob it looks lik eone of your favourites DT Henry Anderson out of Stanford is this year Joel Bitonio.

    I am pleased with the Clark pick and think he is going to be really good but Anderson was someone I was really hoping we would get after you pointed him out and I went to watch his tape. I knew he was going to be solid but not this good.

  14. Donald

    Hi Rob,

    With the unlikely chance that the Hawks will able to draft Fournette in ’17, what about drafting the entire offensive line of LSU. The holes they are making would make my grandmother look good at RB.

  15. cha

    Jeff Duncan


    After winning the Super Bowl in 2009, the #Saints selected 28 players in the 5 drafts from 2010 to 2014. Six of the 28 remain on the roster.

    Ladies & Gentleman exhibit A in why the Saints are heading for a complete teardown & rebuild.

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