Leonard Fournette vs Syracuse

Leonard Fournette could be the #1 pick in 2017.

The breakaway speed at 230lbs. The ability to finish. The instinct to provide an option to the quarterback who was about to take a sack and make the big play after a juggling reception. The pass protection. The way he can pound the rock and find the edge.

There’s no reason to believe he isn’t the next big thing to enter the NFL. There are some doubters — but we’ll see how high he goes if he avoids injury. Trent Richardson was the #3 pick. Todd Gurley went at #10 with a serious knee injury. Fournette appears to be superior to both players.


  1. CharlietheUnicorn

    With great hype comes great responsibilities.

  2. Screeching Hawk

    My favorite play was the 60 or so yard touchdown that was(90 yard td was called back for holding). What stood out to me was after he crossed the goal line one of the DB’s tried to strip him which was late and cheap in my opinion and he just Palmed the rock in his right hand. Dude is seriously Adrian Peterson strong. He is truly special no denying this!

    Thanks Rob Staton for your time editing this video for us. Oh yeah and GOooo Hawks!

    • Hawkfan086

      Strong points that he didnt retaliate.

  3. Hawkfan086

    Im not sure hes going to get as many bad tacklers against him in the pros. The blitz pick up wasnt bad but not exotic blitzes either. Not once do you see a stiff arm used to gain extra yards or to keep himself up. I love his team attitude but we have seen where speed isnt enough at the next level. Still his biggest upside is time to mature and build more knowledge.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s easy to pick holes — but he’ll be doing this sort of thing at the next level too. He’s special.

      • Dawgma

        Tell that to your #3 pick Trent Richardson…

        • Volume12

          Whoa. Is that shade?

          Trent Richardson was a bust, so does that mean we’ll never see OTs go top 5 since Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel were busts too?

  4. Steele

    Why is Fournette viewed as a great running back? He does not show much in terms of moves or cuts. He runs straight ahead, kind of high, and is often untouched for many yards. Where there is traffic he runs into, he goes straight into the pile. He has sufficient speed, but he is no Adrian Peterson, much less Gale Sayers, Jim Brown, etc.

    • Screeching Hawk

      Damn Steele, I’m just expressing what I see. You seem to have a greater knowledge of the game than I and if Rob and V12 see it as well I think I’m right on in my assessment of #7 from LSU. Look I only played the game in Middle school and I have zero coaching experience and if you have that kind of experience which I get a feeling you do, it is much appreciated! I have to say this, every time I read your name I think of the Steelers. So what is your diagnosis on Devantae Booker who I at this time want the Hawks to draft?

      • Steele

        Screech, nothing aimed at you or anyone else personally. I am just disagreeing with the consensus, as a spectator. Gurley, to take one example, if he lives up to his college film, looks more like a generational talent than Fournette. I have said elsewhere that Fournette reminds me of a better Mike Davis.

        Given that he is viewed as a “Baby Lynch”, Booker would be a natural target for the Hawks. He looks okay, but not sure how special he would be. That is the question on all of these guys. Are they truly generational talents with style worthy of the all-time greats (few qualify) or merely decent starter types (many qualify, or just JAGS (lots qualify)?

        • Volume12

          Not sure Rawls was considered generational or an all-time great. Seattle wants physicalityy/toughness in their backs first and foremost. They seem to want 3 specific type of backs. The C-mike gut that gives them explosion (Rawls), the Freddy Jackson or Turbo types that are tough, solid runners and provid excellent pass-catching out of the backfileld, and the Lynch of the stable. Granted, they all must be tough, physical runners, and have good hands.

          I think Seattle has shown that you don’t have to be special, but rather possess a unique quality or two. If they had their choice or a shot at guys like Todd Guley, of course they’d go with that.

          • Steele

            Volume, yes, if we are talking about the Hawks, and their more likely draft position, good “solid” backs will probably be targeted.

            Fournette has become the Next Big Thing, and my thoughts are more about the general hype, even more than the idea of him landing in VMAC, which I find unlikely.

            Lynch aside, I keep coming back to Adrian Peterson as the modern example, the model, of a great all-world back, the rare talent who has it all: power, speed, fluidity, play making. I just don’t see Fournette being anywhere near this level on any count. He seems to be more like a just okay type who is fortunate to be in a system that allows him a lot of open field.

            • Volume12

              I don’t think we’re talking about Fournette landing at the VMAC. Just discussing the fact he’s the best back since AP.

              We’ll have to agree to disagree about Fournette. I see a kid that has everything you’d want in a modern day back. IMO he’s the real deal and truly an elite prospect.

              • Steele

                I see much more from Nick Chubb and Sony Michel than from Fournette. There are others, too.

        • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

          Thank you very much for your response ‘Steele’ your cool and very informative, I know you were not being personal. I worded that wrong and for that I apologize if it came across aggressively or with a hint of animosity.

    • Rob Staton

      Are we watching the same player??

      • Steele

        Yeah. I just think there are more talented backs.

  5. AlaskaHawk

    Fornette should play out this year then sit out the next year to avoid injury. Maybe he could work on his classes. NFL rules won’t let him leave till 2017, but the risk of a career ending injury in college is too high. Now that he is recognized this season will be enough.

    On another topic: I’ve done my share of complaining about Bevels conservative play calling. I’ve now realized that he fits right in with the Ravens and Steelers play caller. Talk about conservative ! At least time passes quickly when it is all running plays. Also a Steeler receiver has dropped a Michael Vick pass in the end zone, so if they lose it isn’t because of Vick. The rest of the team needs to step up!

  6. CHawk Talker Eric

    Maybe this post was coming anyway. I know Rob likes Fournette a lot. But, maybe it’s a direct reply to some of the comments re Fournette in the last one.

    Although I didn’t start this fire, I definitely contributed to it when I pointed out that Fournette’s 210+yd per game average in 2015 has come against some obviously poor defensive competition. Unfortunately, we won’t get a chance to see him vs a top level D for yet another week because the NCAA insists on scheduling ridiculous mismatches. Accordingly, LSU will host Eastern Michigan in what nobody expects to be any kind of test for any player on LSU’s roster. And nobody should be surprised, nor should they use it to bolster their opinion of Fournette, if he cracks off another 210+yds. It’s against Eastern Michigan for crying out loud! BTW, LSU’s first game of the season was cancelled. Their opponent: McNeese St.

    To reiterate, based on the original schedule, LSU was to have faced McNeese St., Miss. St., Auburn, Syracuse and Eastern Michigan through the first 5 weeks. The only story here would be if Fournette didn’t rack up gawdy stats.

    Fournette wasn’t on my radar last season. LSU had a rbbc approach and none of the 3 featured backs stood out. I’ve done some serious investigating into Fournette (and Chubb) since this morning. I’ve watched much film, I’ve read many germane articles. From what I’ve read, Fournette took it upon himself to become the best RB on the team this offseason. He spent insane time in the weight room, adding some serious strength. It shows. So far, against lesser competition, he’s steam rolling, relying primarily on superior strength/speed to amass his yards. The superiority will diminish as the level of competition rises. Not necessarily in college, but certainly in the NFL. He will need to improve his vision and patience to maintain his advantage. Nothing I’ve read suggests he can’t or won’t. By all accounts, this is a kid with an iron work ethic.

    I came across the following evaluation of Chubb by Edward Aschoff, ESPN SEC writer. This came during a discussion between Aschoff and fellow ESPN SEC writer, David Ching. This was posted on ESPN yesterday.

    “I understand how talented and physically gifted Leonard Fournette is. There isn’t a running back at this level who’s as physically gifted as Fournette, but there’s one thing that makes Chubb a better option when it comes to building a team for the long-run: Vision. Chubb avoids contact because he sees it coming before it happens and he finds holes in the defense better than any other back. Fournette will wear down with all that contact, while Chubb can keep churning those tree-trunk legs the more he finds space with his eyes. Chubb can still drag opponents on his back and has elite breakaway speed, too.” -Edward Aschoff, ESPN SEC reporter.

    Also came across this evaluation from Aschoff, from back in January:

    “With Todd Gurley still in Athens, Chubb was supposed to be a fun side act to watch and wonder what could be. Instead, he quickly shredded that title and looked like an All-Pro with his 1,547 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns. Only Herschel Walker had a better freshman season at Georgia, and Chubb’s 14 touchdowns tied for the league lead.

    Thanks to an NCAA suspension and an ACL injury, Chub started the Bulldogs’ final eight games, rushing for at least 113 yards in every contest. And those 113 yards came in a rout of Charleston Southern in which he carried the ball just nine times. With his elite vision, quickness, burst, toughness, strength and endurance, Chubb, who is both elusive and a downhill runner, averaged a league-high 7.1 yards per carry (6.7 vs. the SEC). He eventually set the SEC bowl record of 266 yards on 33 carries in Georgia’s win against Louisville, which owned a top-10 rush defense, in the Belk Bowl.

    Fournette had just five 100-yard games and averaged just 75.9 yards per game in SEC play, and just 62.2 yards in losses. In Georgia’s two losses with Chubb starting, he averaged 142.5 yards, meaning he always showed up.

    There is a reason LSU had to spell Fournette at times. Also, Georgia’s coaches knew to get Chubb the ball as much as possible. They weren’t afraid to let their freshman do work …

    Trucking Texas A&M defenders? Please, Chubb does that in his sleep … with Fournette latched to his back. I’ve heard Chubb hunts his own food and eats it on site. He’s more ManBearPig than human, and will only get better, and better.”

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      BTW, I’m not advocating one RB over the other. SEA doesn’t have a realistic shot at drafting either.

      I’m just offering a counterpoint.

    • Screeching Hawk

      Man Bear Pig! All Gore is on it. For all who don’t know what the hell were talking about it’s a South Park episode. Cheers ‘Chawk talker Eric’ Thanks for the time you spent writing that, you just became one of my favorites on this blog!

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        That’s good stuff for sure Screech 🙂

        Too bad I can’t claim the credit.

        • Screeching Hawk

          CHawk my homie, What do you think of Devantae Booker?

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            He’s the top senior RB so far, and seems really well suited for SEA’s offense. He’s impressed every week.

            I don’t know if he’s worth their R1 pick though, and it’ll probably take that to get him. I don’t see him slipping past mid R2.

            • Volume12

              I actually think him and Alex Collins both will be around at the end of round 2. After Zeke and maybe Derrick Henry, the pocket of talent at RB starts late second.

              The nice thing about this year is that Seattle has an extra 3rd rounder they can use, if they feel like there’s a guy they can’t leave the draft without early on.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                Should be a good test for Prosise this week @CLEM. I haven’t paid much attention to him this season, but last year Shaq Lawson was stout vs the run.

                • Volume12

                  He’s played pretty well this year. Looks like he’s about 275 or so. Kind of Frank Clark-ish.

                  Have you checked out Stanford OT Kyle Murphy? I haven’t gotten too, but he might a guy they’re checking out. I know his bio says he’s 6’7, but there’s no way. Andrus Peat was and there’s a photo online where those 2 are standing next to each other and Peat has a good 2 inches on him.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    I saw him last week vs USC, where he dominated.

                    I don’t know if he’s 6’7″, but he has the length and athleticism and awareness you want in an LT.

                  • Volume12

                    Very excited to check out Kyle Murphy. He might be a guy we should monitor. If he’s got the athleticism and length you describe, and the fact Stanford aways has tough, physical maulers in the run game, he could be a Seahawk target.

                    Thanks for the heads up my man. Can’t wait to see this dude.

                    Arizona WR Cayleb Jones is intriguing too. Kind of Sidney Rice like.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    I tried to find some highlight video of Stanford’s offense vs USC but I can’t find anything beyond the SportsCenter cut ups.

                    I did come across a review of Murphy’s performance vs ‘SC from nfldraftsquad.com. I’m not previously familiar with this site, but they have an OL scoring system whereby an offensive snap (pass or run) is graded a win, a neutral, or a loss. They further break it down by OL vs specific defenders. Pretty interesting.

                    Murphy played 74 snaps vs ‘SC. His win-loss-neutral scores were 39-6-29. In other words, Murphy scored a win-neutral on 92% of his plays. According to nfldraftsquad, Murphy had the highest score in pass pro since they’ve been checking – going way back to 2013 😉

                    Anyway, here’s most of the article. The text is unaltered, but I did parse the paragraphs differently to add some emphasis:

                    Murphy is a favorite of a few people in draft twitter, and this game showed backed [sic] that up, for the most part.

                    This was the most impressive pass blocking game in terms of Win % (over 200 games charted since 2013), and was just slightly under 3 standard deviations above the average Pass Win % per game.

                    Murphy has all the things you are looking for in a tackle, he has great length, athletic, and is smart. He showed great awareness by picking up delayed blitzers, and was able recognized twists. I was surprised by how quickly Murphy was able to reach the second level, and how consistently he was able to get there, and while I would like to see him engage defenders better on the second level, it is a good start. Murphy showed a nice anchor in pass pro, and much like his predecessor, Andrus Peat, had great recovery ability.

                    There is still areas for Murphy to improve, he needs to work on his pad level, and his punch. The majority of his losses came from him standing upright directly out of his stance and the defender getting leverage on him. For his punch, I question his functional strength because his placement is good he just doesn’t jolt defenders with it. I noticed a lack of functional strength in the run game as well, as he was unable to move defenders off of the line of scrimmage, however I believe if he were to fix his pad level, it would help.

                    Another great thing about charting against individual defenders is it highlights certain defensive players as well. Redshirt senior Delvon Simmons really stood out to me. While it looks like Murphy dominated him in the chart, Simmons played extremely well and will be a guy to keep an eye on.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Here’s a link to the scoring chart:


                    Also, Murphy committed zero penalties vs ‘SC.

                  • Volume12

                    Very interesting. Again, thanks for the read/article there.

                    It’s funny how it mentioned him quickly getting to the 2nd level, but not sustaining his blocks, which is vey coachable by the way. That was the 1st thing that jumped out at me. I checked out the USC game ob draft breakdown.com.

                    He actualy reminds me of Ty Sambrailo quite a bit.

        • Screeching Hawk

          If your going to shorten my name please call me ‘Screeching’ because Screech reminds me of “Saved by the Bell” and I don’t want to think about that show except for the chicas!

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Sorry dude. Actually I really liked your original screen name Thy Hawk Most Screeching (I’m assuming it was yours)

    • Ukhawk

      I’ll settle for either one

      • CHawk Talker Eric


    • cover-2

      You used some interesting stats, but I would argue that Chubb benefits from a much better passing game than Fournette. LSU QB’s sucked last year and this year they are still not efficient passers. Georgia has much better play at QB thus making them a much more balanced/efficient offense.

  7. Screeching Hawk

    I’m a dork but it would be awesome if Chubb averaged ten yard a carry so then he would be known as “Chubb the Dub” ahh yeah!

    • Screeching Hawk

      Or maybe better “Dub Chubb” ha ha

  8. Matt

    Fournette reminds me of a more athletic Eddie George. It’s a shame he can’t enter the draft next year.

  9. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Word up! I forgot and yeah you’re right that is more profoud. Thanks for the kind words Eric your a good guy. I’m out for now. Until then

  10. CHawk Talker Eric

    What a gutsy road win for BAL tonight. That’s a perfect example of how defense wins games. They shut down PIT for the final 30 mins of the game (including overtime).

    I can totally see them rallying behind this victory and ripping off 6 or 7 or even 8 straight wins.

    The goat of the night for PIT isn’t Scobee. It’s Mike Tomlin, for those ridiculous 4th down attempts.

    • mrpeapants

      pitt totally gave away that game. goin on 4th in OT while in FG range. you traded for your kicker use him!!
      gotta go for the win.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Ravens kicker won the game for them, Steelers kicker lost the game for them. If I were the Steelers I would find another kicker. He has missed 4 field goals in four games. Otherwise, decent game played with two conservative offenses. Some great defensive plays and some let downs in both sides.i enjoyed it!

  11. CHawk Talker Eric

    Since we’ve been talking RBs, there are some others to keep an eye on.

    PSU RB Saquon Barkley. A true freshman averaging 8.9 yards per carry (42rush/373yds/3TDs)

    ND RB CJ Prosise. Watch out Devantae Booker, CJ Prosise is making a strong case as the nation’s best senior RB – 6’0″ 220lbs with an 8.1 yard average (74rush/600yds/6TDs) (compared to Booker’s 4.2 yard average 106rush/443yds/4TDs). Those stats don’t tell the entire story. Booker has a complete game – 15recs/149yds, willing blocker, etc.

    Speaking of seniors, not sure what to make of TTU’s RB DeAndre Washington, 5’8″ 200lbs averaging 8.2 yards per (58rush/475yds/5TDs, 9recs/70yds).

    • Volume12

      While I’m a big fan of Prosise, he has 4 games to his name. He’d be wise to come back next year.

    • Volume12

      Washington is too small and too much of a scat back for Seattle IMO. Just like at CB and DE or DT Seattle has parameters or requirments for their DBs. Under PC/JS they’ve all been 5’9-5’11, 210-225 lbs. Of course there are outliers like a Todd Gurley or Leonard Fournette.

      Yes, Freddy Jackson and Rod Smith are both bigger, but Seattle didn’t spend a draft pick on either, and Rod Smith looks like more of an H-back or FB convert.

      My point is this. They’ve appeared to take a guy that’s taller than 5’11 if he has unique qualities or something that stands out. But, they’ve yet to budge on the 5’9 thing.

      • Volume12

        Of course you know this. I rather pointed it out as an observation or reminder.

  12. Volume12

    Fournette the best back in CFB? Nah, best player hands down. Followed by Texas A&M’s DE Myles Garrett. ‘Nuff said.

  13. Volume12

    Hawks at the Arizona vs Stanford game this weekend.

    ‘Zona has a kid by the name of Will Parks, who’ve I’ve previously tried to discuss. He’s a ‘poor man’s version’ of GB CB Damarious Randall. Check him out. His clip from the UTEP game this year is unreal. His explosion is simply jaw-dropping.

    Arizona: couple O-lineman, WR Cayleb Jones, DE Reggie Gilbert, and Will Parks
    Stanford: S Kodi Whitfield, OT Kyle Murphy (haven’t seen him yet)

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’ll watch that game just to see Parks. I was bullish on Randall last year and he’s had a nice start to his pro career.

      • Volume12

        Seattle was high on Randall too. IIRC he was a VMAC visitor.

  14. Cysco

    I tend to agree with Alaska Hawk about him sitting out next year. Seriously, what would he have to play for next year. If I were in his shoes or advising him I’d have him seriously consider taking the year off and working with a trainer full-time. I have no doubt he’d be a top-3 pick even if he sat out next season.

    I kinda hope he ends up with the Raiders. Those fans deserve a better team.

    • RealRhino2

      I wouldn’t touch a player that sat out a year, for a number of reasons.
      1. What does that say about him as a teammate, to leave his guys?
      2. What does that say about him as a competitor?
      3. Can’t get a lot better at football by working out. Like most things, you get better mostly by doing it over and over.
      4. Biggest one, my experience in the military tells me you are only young and dumb for so long. Hard to turn it off and then just turn it back on again.

      I’m kind of with Steele on this one. The speed and feet are impressive for a guy his size, but I’m concerned about how high he runs and lack of elusiveness in traffic. He reminds me of Herschel Walker.

      • AlaskaHawk

        What it says is that he is intelligent enough to realize that he has proven all that he needs to prove to scouts, and the rest will be known at the combine. What it also says is that he realizes that his future worth is more important then pleasing college students and alumni. That he plays a high impact position and if he is hurt in college his value will go down and may go down to zero.

        This wouldn’t even be a question for NBA bound players (though I would rather they had to play more years in college). It is just in the fuedal college football system where the serfs will continue to work for the lords until they either escape to NFL or are washed out.

        Also I agree with those who say Fournette isn’t a number one and maybe isn’t even the best running back. It is still way to early to say that he is the best. I do think he is a first round talent. Typically the top five spots are reserved for a quarterback, defensive guy, or a left tackle. It is highly doubtful that he would be picked in the top five, probably somewhere in the middle of round one.

        And yes there is room for more then one “best” running back. They come in all sizes and with different abilities to catch passes, bursts of speed, bursts of power, shifty, ability to break tackles, limp leg, high stepping, you name it they got it.

      • Robert

        He reminds me a bit of Eric Dickerson.

  15. CHawk Talker Eric

    V12 brought up Gator EDGE Jonathan Bullard. PFF has him ranked #1 EDGE for run-stop percentage – at 18.4%

    By way of comparison, Wagner had a run stop % of 14.4%, and Kuekley 13.6% in their senior years.

    • Volume12

      Stud. Get-off is crazy quick, great bull rusher, can play inside and out, seems highly intelligent, and plays motivated after losing his grandma who raised him.

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        These are all things Seattle looks for.. definitely worth putting on the draft board radar

  16. MarkinSeattle

    Sitting out a year didn’t help Maurice Clarrett, I doubt that it would benefit Fournette. People will question his love for the game if he sits out a year, and it will be hard for him to stay in game shape.

    His running style is very much of a slasher. He quickly accelerates, but he doesn’t have the short area quick twitch that some runners have (like Michael Vick or Barry Sanders). He is very powerful as well. Reminds me in many ways of Tyrone Wheatley, only he is a lot more fluid than Wheatley ever was. He doesn’t make people miss so much as makes them so they can’t hit squared up. It will be interesting to see how he develops.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Gurley only played 6 games in 2014 before tearing his ACL. He slipped three draft positions down the board before being picked by St. Louis. It didn’t hurt him to sit out over half the season.

  17. Volume12

    Of all the CBs that have at least 90 coverage snaps, none have been taregted LESS than Cary Williams, who’s been thrown at only 5 times.

    I find that very interestimg. He’s played even better than I thought he would.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      Cary Williams has actually been pretty good vs the rush or the pass overall. Not a complete debacle that some have predicted since the pre season. Where it will get interesting is when Jeremy Lane returns to action around week #8… who will get pushed out of the nest?

  18. Phil

    Remember Mike Shanahan’s running attack when he was coaching the Broncos? For those who don’t, he was always finding guys who could fit into his scheme and turn into really productive runners. If someone left or was injured, the next guy seemed just as effective.

    My opinion of RBs has changed since I watched Shanahan’s success. I now think that a productive running game can be achieved with the right scheme and a good OL without having a marquee running back. Conversely, having a college all american RB will not guarantee success absent a good scheme and a good OL.

    I am wondering if there are others who hope the Seahawks don’t spend much draft capital on a RB. I think we can get more bang for the buck by using the preponderance of our draft capital on the OL and then using Rawls and other guys to carry the ball.

    • Volume12

      I think Seatle needs to take a RB before the third day of the draft this year. There’s a few guys (Booker, Collins, Prosise, Perkins, Dixon) that aren’t elite backs, but rather very solid ones that run with a physicality that matches what Seattle wants.

      Last year S. Carolina RB Mike Davis was a perfect example. Tough runner who gave it his all, good pass protector, good receiver, wore down a defense, ran with ‘short steps.’

      I think people tend to forget had Thomas Rawls stayed at Michigan and didn’t have off the field red flags, he would’ve been a 4th round type of guy.

      So yes, in a sense I do agree with you.

  19. Volume12

    I wonder if Seattle would like Indiana’s LT Jason Spriggs. He’s 6’6, 305-310 lbs and his spring testing numbers are damn impressive. Talk about a SPARQ demon.

    Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana: 4.82 40 yard dash, 37 1/2 ” vertical jump, 33 reps on the bench press at 225 lbs., only gave up 2 sacks last year and had 45 knockdowns.

    • AlaskaHawk

      On my list of higher round draft picks next year would be a left tackle and a right tackle. Even if you think the Seahawks don’t need them, it is good to have them as backups and it would be wise to continue upgrading the abilities of backups and starters. Next year we got two more contracts up for renewel on the offensive line and a few question marks.

  20. CharlietheUnicorn

    A couple of guys that peak my interest mentioned in a recent mock draft on CBS

    Adolphus Washington, DT, Ohio State
    Shawn Oakman, DE, Baylor
    Sheldon Day, DT, Notre Dame

    Obviously I think they will go DL in 1st round. Each guy would fill a need or create needed depth for the Seahawks DL.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Add UCLA DT Kevin Clark to the list.

      Per PFF:
      Kenny Clark, UCLA, +21.1

      Coming into the season, we knew that Clark was one of the nation’s best run defenders, but he’s added some pass rush to his game this season at +5.2. His +14.8 run grade leads all interior defensive linemen.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        sorry Kenny not Kevin

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        ever since the -5 PFF grade for Aaron Rodgers debacle from last weeks game (GB vs KC), I’m over PFF

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        I also think Clark will go to high for Seattle to grab him

    • Volume12

      Keep an eye on UCLA DT Kenny Clark. He’s flat-out dominant.

      • Volume12

        I like Oakman and Washington, but Day is overrated IMO. He’ll flash and then dissappear for too long. What is he? He’s tiny for an interior D-lineman. He’s not Aaron Donald. Doesn’t finish either.

  21. CHawk Talker Eric

    Very interesting article about NEP/Belichick intentionally rotating OLers throughout a game the way SEA rotates DLers.


  22. CHawk Talker Eric

    Wow WVU SS Karl Joseph is laying some serious lumber today.

    Also, bigDhawk was right about TCU WR Josh Doctson. The kid has skills.

    • Volume12

      Joseph reminds me a tiny bit of ET. Undersized, but an intimidating presence and probably my favorite safety prospect.

  23. Volume12

    This CB Desmond King from Iowa is an intetesting nickel back. IDK about his arm length being 32 inches, but he’s a good one.

    Pitt LT Adam Bisnowaty is a stud. Looks like David Bahktiari. Dude explodes to the second level. I have a feeling he’ll be a fast riser.

  24. CHawk Talker Eric

    One of those rare occasions where I’m rooting for SF.

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