3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #6

This week we were joined by Dan Kadar from Mocking the Draft. We ran through our own mock drafts/big boards, talked about several prospects and pondered why Dan’s team (the Browns) took Justin Gilbert over Odell Beckham Jr and Aaron Donald.


  1. Ed

    Some heated chatter Saturday about Doctson from TCU. High points the ball, adjust in mid air effortlessly, good hands. What are your thoughts Rob and where do you think he goes?

    Always enjoy the knowledge and site Rob

    • Rob Staton

      He’s had a very good season so far. For me he’s still a mid-rounder.

      • Ed

        He seems to check the boxes. Tall. Fluid. Body control. With needs at OL, DL and LB (Irvin probably gone, KP always hurt), do you see them using a 3rd on a WR?

        1st DT
        2nd OT
        3rd WR
        3rd DE

        • nichansen01

          No our draft should look like this:

          1. OL
          2. OL
          3. OL
          4. DT

          • Ed

            Sure looks that way. But Britt, Novak and Gilliam will get better. Gilliam and Novak have been pretty good for what is being thrown their way in such a short time at the position. Britt picked up a few corner blitzes from the guard spot too, so I am encouraged. I think Okung and Sweezy will be gone after the year. I hope Poole or Glowinski can replace Sweezy and we draft 1st or 2nd rd OT (maybe move Gilliam to left and get a RT).

            We need a push inside. Hill could be our only DT and he will be on his final year.

            • AlaskaHawk

              The offensive line will get better. The problem is that every year for the last three years they start at pretty bad and gradually improve. I don’t see how next year will be any different. It would be nice to have a few veterans on the line.

              • Volume12

                It’s interesting that NFL.com has ND C Nick Martin and Texas A&M C Mike Matthews (yes from the decorated Matthews famiy) as their top 2 centers and Seattle has scouted both teams.

                • HawkFan907

                  I was watching the UConn-BYU game Friday night and one player that has stood out to me was BYU DE Bronson Kaufusi. He looks every bit as big as the 6-8 280 they have him listed at, and had a crazy motor throughout the game. Their website says he played one year of college basketball so he fits that “athlete” mold the Seahawks love. After watching some tape, he looks like a solid 2-4 round prospect and could potentially play that Michael Bennett inside-outside type D-Lineman. Any thoughts on Kaufusi?

                  • Volume12

                    Crazy motor is right. I don’t think he’s a 2-4 kind of guy. More of a 5-7. He flashes, but seems to under-acheive. Needs to improve or play with more power. like his upside though. He’d be a really nice project. Seattle scouted the Boise St vs BYU game.

                    He did play basketball and also already completed his 2 year mormon mission in New Zealand. He’s a uniquely built defender and could very well be worth a roll of the dice on day 3.

        • Volume12

          I can’t see WR before 4th round. That comp pick? Maybe. I think we’re good. Jimmy, ‘no E’, Douggie Fresh, ‘Chop Chop’, who we’ll resign IMO, and the return of P-rich, with the 2 Udub wideouts on the PS. That said, they could and probably do need another good size wideout.

          Keep an eye on those Cal recivers. Kenny Lawler-6’2-6’3, 195, Stephen Anderson-6’3, 225-230, Darius Powe-6’3-6’4, 220.

        • Rob Staton


  2. Trevor


    Is there a player in the draft this year in the mold of a Bitonio or Zach Martin who has the potential to be a pro bowl level starter from day #1. Are these guys usually tackle converts?

    • Jeff M.

      Unfortunately, both of the guys you give as examples got to play next to Pro Bowl-caliber veteran teammates. Bitonio played next to Joe Thomas (and also Alex Mack until he got hurt). Martin next to Travis Frederick and Doug Free (who is a pretty good RT in his own right) on a line that also had Tyron Smith.

      Even if you do grab the next Bitonio or Martin, it’s not clear that they’d even look very good playing between Nowak and (Gilliam/Bailey/Britt/rookie OT).

      The team needs to decide which, if any, of the current young guys are “keepers” and try to develop them, also adding some savvy veterans in the mix. Then we can draft one or two pieces without needing to throw them into the fire as rookie starters.

      • Trevor

        I agree and that is I was saying in the off season to cut Mebane and add Mathis and Wisnewski. Too late for that now but I really think we need to resign Okung and either keep Sweezy or bring in a couple of other veteran OL. Trying to teach a couple of converted DL to start on the OL every year does not seem to be working.

  3. Volume12

    Rob, if. Bruce leaves do you see his position as a high need or more of a mid round selection?

    I found it interesting that PC said he’s never been/had as many guys that can after the QB like they have now. One guy who’s potential and game I absoutely love is Texas A&M DE/OLB Daeshon Hall.

    • Volume12

      Oh, and did we red-shirt DE/OLB Ryan Robinson after his injury in OTAs?

    • Rob Staton

      I think KPL replaces Bruce.

  4. nichansen01

    I was thinking today and I just dont get why we dont move juston britt back to right tackle, bailey or glowinski to guard and have lewis play center while nowak backs him up. Britt is a bad nfl tackle but Gilliam is a horrible one. The line was soooo much better last year with Britt at tackle, yes it was a bad line last year but this time it has been a historically bad line (russel wilson is on pace to get sacked 72 times this season, second most times in nfl history). The line is making easily winnable games losses and last minute nail biters. By the time the line “gels” the team will be out of payoff contention, a world away from the number 1 seed and russel wilson has a good chance of being injured. Something has to change. Something HAS to change. The coaching staff needs to admit that the d-lime convert experiment IS NOT WORKING before this teams superbowl hopes fade away. We cant make the o line good, but we can make it less awful with changing the personal.
    1st. – Move Britt back to Tackle. Britt is not an nfl caliber lineman, but he didnt get wilson killed as a rookie right tackle, and he cant run block at guard at ALL.
    2nd. – Give Lewis the starting job at center. He wasnt a good center last year, but he wasnt a bottom of the league one either. Nowak is more athletic, i get it, but athleticism over experience and technique is NOT WORKING right now. It never has. Look at Greg Robinson, Ali Marpet, Jake Fisher- Extremely athletic prospects who were overdrafted and have FAILED. Lewis can be a competant center, Nowak can’t. He had several unacceptable bad snaps last night. Hes NOT WORKING
    3rd. – Put Glowinski in at guard. Hes an unknown factor but how much worse can he be than Britt? Not much. If Glowinski is as or MORE putrid go with Alvin Bailey. Hes a much better tackle then guard but again, how much worse can he be than the abysmal Britt?
    There is not much we can do right now for Okung (played horribly last night) or Sweezy (Whiffed on several blocks but broke a DTs leg).

    This O-Line has to be changed. I think Cable is a decent coach. But he is not working with the right players right now. I think the biggest mistake of the off season wasnt trading unger and a first, but letting carpenter go.

    • RealRhino2

      Funny, I was just trying to think of the appropriate context for the same key thought: move Britt back to RT. Never thought I’d say it, but four weeks is evidence enough. Sure, he couldn’t pass pro at RT, but he could run block okay. At LG he can’t do either, and it’s flushing Wilson in a worse way AND it’s killing our run game b/c Gilliam can’t run block, either.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I don’t think the offensive line looks any worse then they did last year or the year before. Every year they look bad at the beggining of the year, and start looking semi-decent to average by mid-season. I blame that on draft choices and coaching. We have traded away veterans like Unger, and traded away first round draft picks for temporary receivers. Then they decide to try defensive converts, which is okay if you have a year to train them on the practice squad and then can evaluate them for starter or cutting. Instead they throw them right in there as starters. Well good luck with that.

        Like I said, the offensive line has looked horrible early on in every season. My beef is that after they are trained up to playoff level, they slip back to horrible the next year. And I blame that on coaching too.
        Why coaching? It is the only consistent thing in the offensive line.

        • Rob Staton

          “I don’t think the offensive line looks any worse then they did last year or the year before”

          Then you’re watching the wrong team.

        • Volume12

          You don’t win championships or playoff games in September or October. Do you need win games those months? Yes. Do you need to play your best football? Nope.

          2012-14 Seahawks offense: games 1-8 and 9-16

          W-L 16-8 20-4
          PPG 22.8 28.2
          Yards/game 329.9 380.4
          Offensive EPA/game +1.7. + 7.9
          offensive TDs 58 70
          rush yards/game 139.6 173.4
          Passer rating 92.9 106.2
          Total QBR 62.1. 75.0

          Just some food for thought.

  5. CharlietheUnicorn

    I’m in the camp of a DE/OLB being an early choice for Seattle. A guy that has some size and has made an impact in CFB…. Jordan Jenkins, OLB, Georgia. Not quick twitch, but is playing much lighter than he used to by almost 20 lbs. He is good at pass rushing and against the run at the point of attack. The biggest knock is he plays in a 3-4 right now Currently 6’2″ 252 lbs. Projected in late 1st to mid 2nd round.

  6. Gohawks5151

    One of your faves from last year Duke Williams, WR Auburn just got kicked off of the team. Though clearly talented, where is he now in the draft and is there still interest in him from Seattle’s point of view?

  7. Volume12

    Seattle Points Scored by Opponent Offense in last 8 regular season SEA games with Kam: 3-3-14-7-6-6-0-3

    That’s for an average of 5.25 PPG.

    • cha

      QB’s for those 8 games:


      • Volume12

        Very true. But, you play whose on your schedule.

        I’ve heard a lot of things said about this defense, fact is, it’s elite. The word ‘soft’ used to describe anyone on this team, ecspecially the defense is an insult IMO.

  8. Trevor

    I just watched Mondays game again focusing just on Britt. Wow

    That has to be one of the worst game ever played by a starting Guard in the NFL. I have said all along he is an not an NFL lineman and he was awful at RT but I thought he could survive a Guard. That is not the case. They need to start playing anyone but him. Time to cut that cord and admit another Cable OL pick bust.

    I know we focus on the draft here but Sea should have addressed the OL with a couple of cheaper vets and given these young guys a chance to develop.

    I know everyone wanted OL early in the draft last year but what would you change looking at our first 3 picks in the 2015 draft class? We got Jimmy for a 1st and Unger, would you have not done that? We got Frank Clark in the second and he looks to be the next Michael Bennett for cheap for 4 seasons…oh and that is a big deal because who knows how long we have Bennett with how unhappy he is with his contract..also his age, and Avril’s age. Lastly there is Lockett in the 3rd round, would you prefer an O-linemen over Lockett? Guy looks to be like a 1st round talent, the ultimate steal of the ’15 draft class. A ST goat and premier route runner with 4.3-4.4 speed and solid hands.

    The 2016 Sea draft class needs to include a Tackle early but like Rob said a couple of Vet free agents might be a better option for a team with this Championship window.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes I wouldn’t have traded Unger and a first for Graham. Just taking him off the New Orleans payroll and paying him 10 million is enough. Seahawks are cream puffs at negotiating with other teams. I.E. see Percy Harvin trade.

      It isn’t a matter of who I would prefer over Clark and Lockette. I’ve watched an average offensive line get worse for three years now. They need to find some better offensive linemen. Most especially now that Russell Wilson is actually getting paid. Will Frank Clark and Lockette protect a 23 million dollar a year investment? I think not. They need to get difference makers and an offensive line. That is the same constraints as every other NFL team. Deal with it.

      • Rob Staton

        Unger was getting cut anyway. Read between the lines.

        It was Graham for a first. And Jimmy Graham is 100 times better than any prospect that would’ve been available at #31. It was, and still is, a total no brainer.

      • Volume12

        Thing is, their more than likely going to be Breno Giacomini type FAs. Which isn’t a bad thing. I think they’ll add one starter in FA, one early in the draft, another rookie somewhere between rounds 3-5. They got good depth with Glo, Sokoli, Poole, Bailey.

        Teams just aren’t letting O-lineman hit the market anymore. Unless their injury prone, over the hill, whatever. Of course there’s always the chance an Evan Mathis or someone like that ends up a cap casualty.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I don’t see it as a no brainer to trade your #1 away. We haven’t had a number 1 pick in three years. The whole strategy is questionable. I’m not saying the players they got weren’t good. What I will say is that i would love to be the opposite team negotiating with the Seahawks because I know i can get a first rounder out of them and maybe two first rounders. And I know that after Carpenter and Okung that the Seahawks will never, ever, pick an offensive linemen in the first round. But really those guys held up for four years so it wasn’t a bad pick. They just haven’t turned out to be all pro picks.

        Anyway, I think the poor offensive line play is an overreaction considering the minimal draft investment they have made in the last two years, coupled with trading away or losing all their veterans. Upon rewatching the game, Rawls had lots of good runs and Wilson was able to deliver some good passes. They didn’t have a lot (if any?) offensive line penalties. The backwards movement in the red zone was hard to watch, but otherwise they moved the ball a lot, just couldn’t close the deal.

        • Rob Staton

          1. I don’t think the Seahawks are getting fooled in trade negotiations. Percy Harvin was a legit MVP candidate the season before the deal. And Carroll, Bevell and others (Rice, T-Jax) knew him very well. It didn’t work out. But they paid a first round pick and change for an elite talent coming off a monster season when the best option in the draft was Nuke Hopkins. Ditto Jimmy Graham. A first round pick for a player who is as close to Gronk as anyone ever will be. There wasn’t a single player close to Graham’s talent in the late first round of last years draft. They got an elite player for pick #31. Isn’t that the aim anyway? To draft an elite player?

          2. They will pick an offensive lineman in round one again if the right player is there.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I just wanted to say that I appreciate the time and effort you put into your blog. Thanks Rob!

            I will respectfully disagree with your assesment of Harvin and Graham. Incredibly gifted players. Just not worth what the Seahawks payed for two reasons: The teams were dumping them anyway to get rid of the salary. Two, the Seahawks are not capable of using them to their full 10 million dollar value.

            In Harvins case they attempted to run plays with him, but the plays were only effective in the Superbowl when they were new. Harvin was never used downfield as a receiver, his primary role now. The only way to get their money out of him the second season would be to stash him for the playoffs. Instead they gave a 10 million dollar + first round draft pick away for next to nothing. That is a really, really bad deal from a trade standpoint.

            In Grahams case, I still hope for the best. The problem I see is that the Seahawks spread the ball around and the QB likes to run. So we are paying 10 million dollars for someone who will receive on average 4-7 passes. Hopefully it will pay off in the red zone when it counts, but it hasn’t reallymade a difference yet. Graham will never be a featured receiver because the Seahawks have to many receivers that are all pretty good (despite their no name reputation). Even Matthews caught a pass last game.

            Anyway, once again, thanks for your blog!

            • Rob Staton

              “I will respectfully disagree with your assessment of Harvin and Graham”

              That’s cool — healthy debate always encouraged and I hope as many people as possible challenge my position on subjects. I don’t want to people to just agree with me — I want this to be a community where people can engage in debate, disagree from time to time and ‘have a beer’ afterwards. Thanks for the kind words.

        • Trevor

          Alaska Hawk what OL prospect would you have taken with our first pick instead of Jimmy Graham that would have fixed our OL problems this year? I am curious who was there at 32 you think would had this profound impact.

          • AlaskaHawk

            My gripe about not using a first round pick goes back to the Harvin trade and the draft the Seahawks picked Richardson. We have discussed Bitonio on this site, a lot of us would have prefered they picked Bitonio and waited till late in the second for a smerf receiver.

            As for last year, I could throw some names out, but really the point is about the value of players. New Orleans wanted to dump Graham because of their cap issues (which are still present). We did them a favor by taking Graham off their hands, and we are doing Graham a favor by paying him 10 million a year in a low passing offense. Incidently it causes a lot of resentment in the locker room when you bring in an outside player and pay them that amount. How can they justify paying him 10 million when Baldwin is the leading receiver? Why don’t they pay Kam Chancellor?

            So after doing both NO and Graham a HUGE favor, why do we need to throw a #1 draft pick in? The trade isn’t of value anymore. I get it that some other team might do that, well let them.

            So what to do with the #31 pick? Well for starters we could have used it there. Or traded down and had another second round pick and Lockette. A first round pick adds flexibility to pick there or move around in the draft.

            • AlaskaHawk

              PS and I owuldn’t have traded Unger, and he is capable of fixing at least one problem on the line.

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