Instant reaction: Kam Chancellor saves Seattle’s season

With Seattle’s season on the line, Kam Chancellor came to the rescue.

Of all the people. Of all the possible storylines.

Chancellor, fresh from an elongated and controversial hold-out, kept the Seahawks alive tonight. It’s that simple. Blowing a ten point lead at home against a winless Detroit team before heading to in-form Cincinnati trying to avoid a 1-4 start?

It would’ve been mighty tempting to put a fork in these Seahawks.

Instead they hold serve — and it’s why the reaction to Chancellor’s incredible moment is more relief than jubilation.

It wasn’t just a season-saver. It’s one of the best defensive plays you’ll ever see in any game. Ever. Calvin Johnson is inches away from breaking the plain (see the video above). That’s how close the Seahawks came to 1-3. Chancellor’s timing and execution was perfect.

Much of the talk this week will center around Chancellor’s value to the team in light of the hold-out. The Seahawks will also be described as something of a paper-tiger and a long way off looking like a contender in the NFC. It’ll be a real disservice if the focus isn’t planted firmly on the greatness of Chancellor’s forced fumble.

It’s one for Century Link Field folklore.

Seattle wins 13-10.

It really shouldn’t have been that close.

The Seahawks were messy on offense and gave up six more sacks (now 18 for the season). They didn’t run the ball with any authority. They turned it over three times.

Somehow they were also coasting to an easy win at 13-3 in the fourth quarter.

Russell Wilson had for the most part a terrific game. He was under constant duress, flashed some of the usual Wilson magic and drew comparisons to a “Terminator” (hat-tip Jon Gruden).

He also had two ugly sack-fumbles and shares as much blame as anyone for his night on the run.

Seattle’s offensive line will be pummelled this week and let’s be right — they were awful. Drew Nowak false started twice and tossed an errant snap leading to a sack. Russell Okung had an off-night tussling with guys he should be dominating (such as ageing former Seahawk Darryl Tapp). Justin Britt struggled to set in pass protection all night and eliminated a nice Thomas Rawls gain with a holding penalty. Garry Gilliam so far isn’t securing the right tackle spot any more than the guy he replaced.

Only J.R. Sweezy came away with a modicum of respect from the game — delivering a nice cut-block to send Fred Jackson clear on a well choreographed screen-play.

It’s been a tough four games for the new-look Seahawks O-line but this felt like the worst performance so far against a Lions pass-rush no longer boasting Ndamukong Suh.

It’s not just an O-line problem, mind. The key play that made it a game came from a Wilson error. Nobody would describe blitz-pick-up as one of Wilson’s strong points. Yet when he called the blitz, didn’t seem to adjust and took a sack/fumble from a rushing safety (ran back for a touchdown) — suddenly it was game-on.

The full-backs and tight ends also offered very little protection on a miserable night for pass-pro across the board. Slate the O-line as much as you want — but it’s not the only problem here. Wilson has to do a better job sliding protection and the backs/TE’s need to step up to the plate too.

Nevertheless, the Seahawks already know their off-season priority — to rebuild the offensive line. It might take some seasoned stop-gap veterans to fill it out, plus some early draft stock. Just ploughing more rookies into the competition isn’t the answer. There’s a lack of experience, savviness and, unfortunately, talent. It’s a line built for upside. The early growing pains might lead to some success later in the year. However, lines need consistency. With Okung and Sweezy free agents next year, they might be back to square one in a few months. Okung and Sweezy are also the two more accomplished linemen.

Basing an offense on controlled chaos has led the Seahawks to two Super Bowls. They have an ideal quarterback to deal with the constant pressure. As a staunch defender of the line play in 2013 and 2014, it’s increasingly difficult to muster a defense in 2015. This line is just bad and needs major, major improvement as the absolute #1 off-season priority. They may regret not finding a way to add Evan Mathis before he joined the Broncos.

It’s not just the pass protection either. The Seahawks aren’t running the ball effectively. Thomas Rawls ended with 48 yards from 17 carries on a frustrating night. It’s hard to be overly critical of the running back though — on first viewing the line didn’t get much push at all.

It still seems like a waste trying to incorporate Jimmy Graham into Seattle’s offense, instead of featuring him without straying too far from their identity. Especially on a night without Marshawn Lynch and a struggling running game, it was strange not to see Graham utilised more. Even so, Wilson really needs to see his tight end on plays like this. Graham ended with four catches for just 29 yards.

Defensively there are issues too. The secondary suffocated the Lions pass-catchers until the final Detroit drive but the pass rush will need to be better next week. Was Matt Stafford touched apart from the near sack/fumble by Cliff Avril? Let’s not forget, the Lions also struggled mightily in pass-protection coming into the game.

As well as the DB’s played here (special note for Cary Williams’ display) — they’re still without a single interception in four games. If they keep forcing fumbles it won’t matter too much — but it’s strange to see this defense without a pick after a quarter of the season.

There are positives too. Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright excelled. Aside from Chancellor’s majestic fumble — he delivered a trademark bone-crunching hit to Calvin Johnson too. Tyler Lockett made some nice plays in the passing game (even if he did fumble a return). Jon Ryan and Steven Hauschka were both excellent. Wilson — fumbles aside — looked like the playmaker he can be at his best.

So onto to Cincinnati. In order to have any chance at all, they’ll need major improvements to the running game, pass protection and pass rush. This still doesn’t feel like the usual Seahawks offense that can grind you down, beat you up and win in the fourth quarter. That has to be a slight concern because when is it going to click?

I don’t know if Pete Carroll drinks at all — but he might indulge a stiff-one tonight. This game very nearly got away but for Kam Chancellor. John Schneider might want to share a glass too — because Seattle’s tone-setting strong safety just gained the biggest leverage play possible in any future contract dispute.


  1. KD

    nice write-up Rob. Tom Cable has to get this o-line fixed, and fast. That was brutal to watch.

    • rowdy

      Wilson needs to get the ball out faster and stop running into the pressure. The oline isn’t great but wilson is making it a lot worse.

      • Rob Staton

        Weird thing is — they have an ideal big-target hot-read. And he was barely a feature until late in this game.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Split him wide, put him in the slot, work him underneath or in the flat from the LOS. But stop asking him to block. It doesn’t matter if he can or can’t. It’s just not the best use of his skills.

          • JeffC

            The usage of him remains totally baffling. Trading Unger and a first rounder to make a guy into another Zach Miller.

            • RealRhino2

              We just should not have traded for Graham, point blank, period. I don’t know how long you can sit and complain about everything but the guy (i.e., his usage, Bevell, Wilson, the OL, etc.) when the guy is so bad at one facet of the game in which he is expected to contribute.

              Even a big WR is expected to block *somebody*. I’ve seen so many plays where Graham simply doesn’t even TRY to block his guy. Not that he’s bad at it, he just dogs it.

              It’s like having a very good running back who doesn’t even try to stay in and block on a blitz (when he’s supposed to). So limiting for your playbook. You’ve got a two-down back, and even then you can’t leave him in on passing plays.

              So we traded Unger and a 1st for a one-down TE? A TE you can’t play at TE for fear of getting your RB and QB killed? Because if he can’t stay in and block once in a while, you are basically saying, “Let’s change who we are for this one guy.” Which, if I remember correctly, is exactly what we tried to do with Harvin. I understand not trying to treat him like just another TE, but are some of you advocating just never having him block? Ever?

              Again, if that’s what you are getting, a big WR, you probably could have kept Unger and drafted DGB or Funchess. Or Yeldon, if you liked him so much. Or Morse, if you liked him so much and wanted to work him at G until he was ready for C.

              • nichansen01

                Let’s trade Graham for a decent p line and move Allen up from the practice squad

          • CharlietheUnicorn

            I think they are saving their playbook for later in the year. The Detriot defense had a lot of double coverage on him or near him on obvious passing downs. It is up to other WRs to get open, which only Lockett showed ability to do tonight. Baldwin did run a nice route for a TD aside.

            • bigDhawk

              Later in the year won’t matter if we don’t win now. Bevell has never shown that he is capable of devising a secret plan that is going to rock the world when unleashed in due time. What we see now is what we are going to get as long as he and Cable are calling the offensive shots.

            • David M2

              Actually, in breaking news it was just reported that Darrell Bevell has been diagnosed with Saintaphobia (Saint-A-Phobia).

              This rare disorder inhibits an individual from watching New Orleans Saints game footage from the past 5 seasons (especially games in which Jimmy Graham has played), to help such individual better understand how Jimmy may be better used in an NFL pro offense.

              It was also reported that Bevell is being tested for Paytonitus

              (Pay-Ton-I-Tus), is best described whereby an individual becomes resigned and manic, and may display anti-social and schizophrenic behavior, as well as irrational decision making as a result of watching NFL game footage of a Sean Payton run offense.

              All said, with such great inside scoops, it looks like I’m going to be a great fit over at Bleacher Report when I start writing for them later this week.


              Who needs sources?

              • bigDhawk


              • Volume12

                Congrats…? U serious?

                • David M2

                  No, no, not serious. Just wanted to ad to the joke.

                  • David M2


        • bigDhawk

          He’s not a hot read because we have him whiffing on blocks against DE’s.

          • SunPathPaul

            Jimmy Graham is at best a WR! Just line him up out wide,…..and then actually throw him the ball!
            He works just fine. He was open big but RW didn’t throw it… Let’s move forward!

            • bigDhawk

              Totally agree. Put Truckafool on the line as a blocking TE. Go jumbo package with Bailey. Anything. Just get Jimmy off the OL and line him up out wide.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                Exactly. I think TF was lined up at TE on one or two plays. Heavy run set right. Didn’t get too many yards if I remember but I still like the alignment.

              • nichansen01

                It is amazing that tukuafu plays fullback, tight end, kick returner, st blocker AND d line

        • Tien

          Great analysis Rob. The OL sucked as usual tonight. Russell made some fantastic plays in escaping from pressure but for whatever reason, he either doesn’t recognize blitzes or doesn’t know that he needs to get rid of the ball quickly when blitzes are coming rather than just trying to extend plays like he normally would. Not only did the OL sucked tonight but Coleman, the FB, whiffed on at least a couple of blocks (one on a pass rusher and one when he was supposed to be clearing a hole for Rawls). There’s no way the offense can be competent if the OL as well as the supporting blockers also suck. And yeah, why trade for Graham if he’s not the hot read and #1 read on all your plays?! I have no idea when the OL and the offense will consistently competent but I’m glad to see the D steadily improving. No sacks or turnovers yet but hopefully they are coming. Next week will be a real tough test for our D against the Bengals surprisingly dangerous and effective offense.

      • RealRhino2

        Agree with that, but also agree with Rob. We need to rethink how we are building our line. I just chuckle with derision any time I read some nonsense about how smart the Seahawks are for turning DL into OL because all the best big guys are playing DL and there are no good OL in college, etc. Mostly nonsense.

        Look at the Seahawks OL *relative to other NFL lines*. We are really bad. Below average, maybe even far below average. So somehow all these other teams are finding plenty of decent OL who actually played OL in college. We just aren’t prioritizing the line AND making bad choices when we do, convinced we need athletes we can turn into OL instead of just getting, ya know, good OL.

        We might need to stop trading down and just take the best guy at our spot next draft. Not the best sparq-y guy who we think we can turn into an OL, but the guy who has shown he can actually produce at the position.

        • Ed

          Been saying that for awhile. Time to change the entire philosophy. Including the playbook. Why continue to take 5-7 step drops when there is no time. Rodgers passes are under 10 yards and the WR get YAC. High completion, get the ball out of his hands. Bevell has to go

          • neil

            I agree!! When your o line is that bad there is nothing wrong with smaLL ball. Take the 5-10 yard passes , run some, just move the chains, that is what got us to super bowl xl.

            • Rob Staton

              They tried a short game vs STL and it didn’t work.

        • Volume12

          O-line play around the entire NFL is awful. Seattle’s may be one of the worst, but this a big, league wide problem. Not enough teams run NFL style offenses in CFB.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I totally agree with you that they need to draft the best offensive linemen they can. Not the best athlete – the best offensive linemen. The worst spot to try to stick anyone into is center, they have to snap and block- so get an experienced center. What is so hard about that!

          • Volume12

            NFL teams don’t seem to value drafting C’s high right now. So there’s a lack of good vets, due to the fact that most are ‘up and comers’ that still have potential.

            Good C’s can be had in rounds 3 and after. We’ve just never needed a starter there until now. You had to see what Nowak could do.

            • Madmark

              lots of centers to watch this year starting in the 3 rd round

              • Rad man

                Cable is already deep scouting all the tough guys who don’t play video games but rather work on farms, are high school wrestlers, don’t look scared, and are married. You know, his kind of guys.

              • Rob Staton

                I think they need a few vets — not another rookie.

                • Trevor

                  I agree completely Rob. If there is a dearth of OL talent in college pick up a couple of vets.

                  This OL would look a whole lot better with Wisnewski at Center and Matthis at LG. They both could have been on the roster if we had cut Mebane and focused a little on the OL.

                  • Volume12

                    Who’s going to let good O-lineman walk? Wisniewki is going to get a ton of money thrown at him.

      • Volume12

        No one is open rowdy.

        • rowdy

          That is a problem but when I see the tackle pushing the de away from the pocket and wilson run straight into the defensive end, I see it every game, it’s a problem. He could also throw the ball away. I see him throw up jump balls to Kearse and willson every game too but never to the one player he should. My statement still stands, wilsons making the oline look worse then they are. No oline will look good if the qb holds onto the ball 4+ seconds consistently.

          • Volume12

            RW does need to improve in certain areas. I’ll ask this. How many teams have a diverse, playmaking point guard at QB that is still developing and far from peaking?

            • Tien

              It’s really tough to evaluate Wilson. On the one hand, our OL is so bad that he is usually scrambling for his life and still makes amazing throws. On the other hand, it’s his fourth year and he still seems to have problems reading blitzes and reacting well to them (granted not every QB can be a Rodgers or Manning or Brady). We keep getting glimpses of his greatness as a QB but so far, he hasn’t shown himself yet to be that great dominant QB who can take over games (with exceptions here and there of course). I’m still hoping that he takes the next step and be the cornerstone of the offense once Marshawn retires but it’s his fourth year and he now has a bona fide #1 receiver in Graham as well as decent other receivers as the supporting cast. If he doesn’t take the next step this season, with these weapons around him (albeit with another horrible OL), it’s valid to consider whether he is who he is at this point.

              • David M2

                In Brady’s case, not every team has the other teams’ playbooks.

                Just sayin’…

                • Volume12

                  LOL. Or Boston playing in their headsets?

                  Where u been man? Miss ya around these neck of the woods.

                  • David M2

                    Just been overloaded with work.

              • Volume12

                I think he is who is. Don’t listen to the talking heads (ESPN). This team is still going to predicate itself on running the ball. RW is a magician of a game manager/point guard who’s going to learn how to make and read plays pre-snap.

          • neil

            How Wilson missed Grahm, { open by about 10 yards} on that one scramble, is hard to figure. He is not seeing things this year that he should, he doesn’t seem to have his head in the game. Could be to much Ciera, who knows.

  2. hawkdawg

    Kam’s play was great. But no greater than Earl’s last year against the Rams at the Clink. In fact, very very similar. The only difference is context, really. Kam’s play saved the game. Earl’s play only MIGHT have saved the game.l

    • Rob Staton

      Chancellor’s play might’ve saved an entire season.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        It sounds nigh on ridiculous that one play by one player could save a season.

        And yet, that’s exactly what happened.

        • SunPathPaul

          It almost seems scripted. Like hollywood – that KAM does THAT!

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      notice both ET and Kam were in on the game saving play

  3. chris

    rob, do you think there is any chance that the seahawks move on from tom cable at the end of the year? its apparent that his philosophy isn’t working.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s unlikely. What is more likely I think is a different approach to the OL. They might go for a more veteran approach.

      • KD

        On the other hand, maybe Cable is a good OL coach, but Pete may have to take the job of drafting OL prospects out of Cable’s hands. His draft strategy just has not worked.

        • Volume12

          Yeah, keep 1 or 2 guys, add a vet or twi and a couple rookies, let ’em battle it out. I think with a couple moves the depth will be there and a solid/functioning O-line will develop. Can’t do nothing now unfortunately. No one is going to trade good offensive lineman. Too valuable right now.

    • Phil

      Chris – I don’t think the blame lies with Cable. I think JS/PC have decided that the OL is a place where the Seahawks can save some $$ and some draft capital. So, they go to Cable and they ask him to put together the best OL he can for the fewest $$ — both in the current year and for future years. Under the current cap, the Seahawks have had to decide where they want to invest, and the investment decision — to “buy” a cheap OL hoping that its value will increase over time — has not worked to date.

      But, IMHO the really good OLs have guys who work really effectively as a unit and this takes time. They are not as dependent on individual play as other positions. Our guys are really raw and can only improve with time. The question is how long it will take for them to be effective and will JS/PC and the fan base be patient enough to give them a fair shot?

  4. CHawk Talker Eric

    Britt looks awful. Bloody awful. I know they’re going to stick with him but he whiffs in pass pro and gets no push in the run. And yet, it seems like most of the pressure on RW came against the tackles. Ziggy Ansah is a monster, and he had his way with Okung.

    RW still has difficulty seeing the blitz – particularly from the corners. That and his fumbles are a concern. But then again, who else can extend plays the way he can? Also, when he does have time, he’s deadly. That TD strike to ADB at the close of the first half was poetry.

    Very frustrating to see an athlete and mismatch like Graham underutilized. Credit to Bevell for one nifty play that had multiple moving elements, including a fake reverse. Most of the rest goes to RW and his scrambling.

    The defense is like a wet blanket. Wrapped around an iron fist that is Kam. Aside from his spectacular plays – both on Megatron – the rest didn’t do anything individually amazing, other than shut down DET for 55 minutes. Cary Williams is better than I could have possibly hoped. Gruden had some clips of his progression in SEA compared to BAL and PHI, and it’s obvious to see.

    The pass rush is pretty relentless. But they just can’t seem to close the deal. With the offense unable to score consistently, the lack of sacks/INTs/fumbles, and the resulting offensive possessions that could turn into points, are hurting. And yet, only 3 offensive points scored against the D in the last 2 games. Wet blanket.

    • Rob Staton

      I actually think Bevell called a good game given the pass-pro issues. Changed up to quicker stuff when he needed to, got Wilson on the move because again — he had to. Didn’t stubbornly stick to the floundering run game. Showed some creativity. The line is hurting everything right now.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Hard to see much scheme other than “let ‘er rip”

        But I’m not being critical of Bevell. I really did like that one pass play and a couple of others.

        • JeffC

          As a Bevel critic, I thought that was the best game he called so far this season, but no coach can make this offense work with an oline like that. Most discouraging is that this line seems to be regressing rather than getting better.

          RW had a game saving and equally game losing performance. Really frustrating as he wins with his feet and ability to impact during chaos, but then fails on blitz pickup and at times looks Kaepernick confused. The TD to Baldwin was spectacular. The series of horrific plays before the first half ended were all on him.

      • mrpeapants

        bevell was much better tonight

        • AlaskaHawk

          I don’t know how anyone can say Bevell was better tonight. The play calling looked exactly the same to me. 13 points in a game, wow. If that was Bevell’s best I would hate to see his worst. But I’m not blaming Bevell for the poor performance. Just like I won’t praise him if they somehow win. Need to see some better pass routes.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Sounds like you’re saying execution counts.

            It’s 90% of why SEA is struggling on offense.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Leaving aside the underutilization of Graham.

          • neil

            Right on! It looked like a playground pick up game out there.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      I think Cary Williams deserves a game ball. 1v 1 vs Megatron and a few other WRs. He gave up a few plays, but nothing HUGE.

      • bigDhawk

        Much to my surprise he actually has not been part of our many problems this year.

      • Ely

        Granted he almost gave up the game to megatron until Kam (and Earl) saved the day.

      • Volume12

        C-Will is ballin’ out right now. Byron Maxwell who?

      • Trevor

        Agree completely lets give him some props. He has been the biggest surprise on the positive side for me along with Locket.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I believe Williams has only 1 penalty through 4 games – defensive holding vs GB.

        • Volume12

          Can we start calling him ‘the grinder?’ Sorry Jon Gruden, but that name fits him to a tee.

  5. bigDhawk

    Mark Glowinski couldn’t possibly be worse than Britt or Gilliam. This whole continuity thing is a red herring at this point. We need talent on this OL. Now.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s time to give Alvin Bailey a second chance to earn the job.

      • franks

        I think it’s been time to give him a chance since the Pail mcquistan era. Cable has a fetish for tough guys who can’t play and athletes who are years behind the other rookies in experience and this has to stop! All respect to Kam but we were LUCKY this week. Without the biggest play since Malcolm Smiths interception, we are 1-4 going on the road to a hot Bengals team.

        • Rob Staton

          Just a slight correction — it would’ve been 1-3 going to Cincy with a realistic chance to be 1-4. That would be hard to recover from.

    • Colin

      Remove Nowak for Patrick Lewis. Lewis has proven he is a decent starter.

      • franks

        Indeed, Nowak is so far turning out as expected. No experience on the o-line I’d think he could start learning on the ps or bench. With two OL spots not up to par and another slow and prone to injury, we need stability at center. I wish we’d bring back Jeanpierre.

        Cable get off this ego trip please and start guys who have played OL before this is professional football. This is our superbowl window. Glowinsky please, Lewis, Bailey.

        • Rad man

          exactly right.

          This kind of experimentation is fine for a middling or rebuilding team, not one in the thick of its championship window.

          The hubris this staff has taken with the o line is something I’ve been posting about for a few years now. And it continues to get worse, not better.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I have to agree with you. Gilliam had his share of whiffs too. Even Okung looked sluggish, sometimes he runs around and never blocks anyone, then flood on top of the pile.

  6. Colin

    Drew Nowak needs to sit on the bench and Patrick Lewis should be playing. He’s just not ready for the big time right now.

    • Rob Staton

      Makes you wonder if no-frills Lemuel Jeanpierre would’ve been a steady Eddie for them this year.

      • Colin

        Valid point, but I don’t think they saw much reason to keep Lem and Patrick. And frankly, I don’t blame them.

    • onrsry

      Patrick Lewis for Center and Alvin Bailey or Mark Glowinski for LG cannot be worse than what they have.

      • Colin

        I’m game for Bailey. Glowinski is another “Cable guy” and a rook. He’ll be garbage.

        • onrsry

          Yes but his not a DL convert. He was a guard at the college.

  7. CharlietheUnicorn

    The OL is getting a bit too much blame tonight. The failure to recognize multiple CB or edge blitzes is on everyone; QB, T to the RBs/FBs. This was noticeable for the first time this season, I’m not sure if that was because of the lack of Lynch or they saw something from the RAMS game tape.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Probably the worst game of DColeman’s career.

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        When they lost their only other RB, it was tough on the RB/FBs left playing

        • AlaskaHawk

          Not to mention Wilsons two fumbles in the fourth quarter.

  8. Forrest

    Great write up, nailed how I feel…let’s hope they get it right in Cincinnati! Right now that looks like the toughest game left on their schedule, so if they can win next week then huge props to them. If Lynch is out for an extended period of time I see problems. Wilson to Graham is developing (just slower than we hoped), and let’s hope Richardson coming back adds a bit of juice…

    Go Hawks!!!

    • KD

      Is Richardson set to return next week?

      • Forrest

        Um, week 7 is when I think he’s allowed to come back…Carroll said he looks ready to go now though. I think a lot of us fans have forgotten about Richardson…imagine him and Lockett on the field at the same time…with Graham, Baldwin and Lynch as well…salivating. Richardson has a lot of potential to make it big in this offense as long as he stays healthy…

        • bigDhawk

          Our offensive philosophy doesn’t seem capable of utilizing personnel that makes the rest of us salivate.

          • Forrest

            Yeah…it’s basically a giant tease…

  9. Forrest

    Also, Chancellor is essentially forgiven in my book…that was the play of the year so far!! What I really love about it is that ET and Williams were in on it too. If ET wasn’t where he was, then that play probably wouldn’t have happened…I love this Defense!!!

    • JeffC

      I’m still angry about the logic of the holdout, but find a way to make him happy this offseason and do so quietly.

      • Forrest

        Feel the same way…he’s not completely absolved, but he’s in the positive after that magnificent play!!!

        • JeffC

          I have to admit after watching the punch out play and the hit on Calvin Johnson that there is no one else like him on that defense and it lacks the fear, the intensity without him. He just makes big plays and is one of those guys in the right place at the right time. Find a way to make him happy.

        • JeffC

          And find a way to make Bennett happy too. He plays so far above the other linemen that it’s beyond noticeable.

  10. CHawk Talker Eric

    Does anyone know SEA’s turnover differential this season through tonight’s game?

    • KD

      They were +1 before, so they are now -2

      • NicJones

        -1; we turned it over three times but forced one very memorable turnover for net -2 on the night.

  11. Ed

    I won’t say some of the sacks were not Wilsons fault. However, Bevell has got to go. Let Wilson make some presnap calls. We are stuck in the play. Even when they blitz, the plays are still 3-5 step drops. Has Bevell heard of a quick slant to get the ball out of Wilson hands. So tired of all the deep drops in a shotgun formation when our oline is suspect. At the same time, Britt picked up some outside blitzes, that was cool to see. Okung is average at best. He repeatedly got beat and I know a lot of people say they should pay him because who knows who would replace him, but I’m sorry, he is not worth it. The players that are all converts played just as well (not very well), so time to let him go. Trade him to Miami for 2nd round pick.

    • Volume12

      RW’s height negates him from playing in anything other than shotgun and deep drops. They could run some boitleg’s or play-action, but with no FB and a bad O-line, how can they?

  12. Volume12

    Couldn’t of said it any better Rob. This O-line is a mess. Worst game from Okung in a long time. This offense needs another RB. I like Rawls as a 3. Tonight we saw why they want three backs.

    Britt looks solid in the run game, but seems to make a boneheaded play every game.

    Just me or is this team missing a FB that can act as an extra blocker and safety net? Seems like a perfect recipe to help the run game and give RW a cheap outlet.

    Defense is playing lights out. 18 punts in 20 possessions. The other 2? A FG and FF. As Trent Dilfer said ‘Kam’s play tonight was a thing of poetry.’ This could be our turning point.

    Let’s get this offense going and we’re back to championship football. Seattle might be the only team equipped to play this style in today’s NFL.

    Kam absolutely saved our season. Pay this man as Bennett said. This locker room knows Kam is what makes this D go.

  13. AlaskaHawk

    The only thing new I can add is Wilson is taking too long to throw the ball and was careless with the ball when he was getting sacked. The Seahawks really need to design some fast pass routes. Why can’t Graham run 5 yards downfield and get the ball to him? He is bigger then the linebackers.

    Anyway great game for the defense, until that last drive where they were almost lost it before getting the strip. Lucky to pull it off, just goes to show what a really bad season Detroit is having.

    • Volume12

      And it goes to show that good, champuonships find ways to win. Every team needs a couple wins like this.

      The 2015 Seahawks are reminding me of the 2000 Ravens. They had nothing at receiver, and we have almost nothing on the OL

    • bigDhawk

      Why can’t Graham run 5 yards downfield and get the ball to him? He is bigger then the linebackers.

      Because he’s getting run over trying to block DE’s.

      • Tien

        Totally agree. Graham couldn’t/didn’t block while in NO and the Hawks have had all of training camp, preseason, and 4 regular seasons to find out if he can adequately block and it’s obvious that he can’t. Let’s use his best attributes and just line him out wide and make the defenses adjust to him. If he’s really needed to block, use him to chip block as he runs out on a pattern.

    • JeffC

      I think the defense on that last drive was gassed. Seattle kept turning the ball over and they had to come in and again save the day. It was only a matter of time before Detroit would put at least one drive together. They do have talented pieces on that offense.

  14. Chris Calvert

    I’m too excited about next week…ill be at the Cinci game! I was hoping for a more convincing win this evening, but I’ll guess I’ll have to wait till next week for it. Go Hawks!

    • bigDhawk

      Represent and make us proud.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Nice! Rep the 12s!!

  15. bigDhawk


    Dunbar is done for the season in Dallas with a torn ACL/MCL. So that means we will likely get our 7th round conditional pick or whatever it was for CMike, since they can’t really cut him now.

    • Volume12

      Nice. IIRC he has to be active for 3 games, correct?

      • bigDhawk

        I thought it was just past certain week in the season. Don’t recall for sure.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I think it’s a certain number of games.

  16. Volume12

    Sorry guys, I had too, I wouldn’t be me…

    Auburn WR ‘Duke’ Williams dismissed from team. For…??

    Could he be this year’s version of Frank Clark?

    • TannerM

      Maybe. I heard he got into an altercation at a club. Really kind of idiotic for him to tempt fate while on a third strike. It doesn’t help that it probably was some sort of altercation that caused him to be suspended for the Outback Bowl earlier this year – he had a picture of a black eye on his Instagram sometime last December, which he later deleted. If all of this is indeed true, then it shows he has trouble learning from his past mistakes – which is quite a bit different than Frank Clark’s criminal history, since both of his arrests were for completely different crimes (home invasion and domestic violence).

      Whatever the case, he’s probably seriously regretting skipping out on the draft earlier this year.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s a bad picture he’s painting. I’ll wait for more info but if this is down to an altercation, teams are not going to be enthused by his presence in the 2016 draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Sad story. Real shame.

      He’ll get a shot somewhere but his stock has been hammered. He should’ve declared last year. The passing offense in Auburn is a mess and probably contributed to whatever issue there is here.

      • Trevor

        Yah really made not sense for him to come back this year. He would have been a 2nd rounder at worst last year.

  17. Volume12

    Rob, unfortunately it looks like this game will be remembered for a ridiculous ‘blown call’ even though they carried on for 5-6 plays.

    Instead of this being a play that every coach dreams of watching a guy he taught make a picteresque punch, and truly one of the most unique game deciding plays of this generation, it will be the ‘fail mary’ all over.

    • Ed

      I’m glad. Not a single Lion around the ball and it was heading out anyway. If the red knew the rule, I’m glad he used common sense not to make the call, unlike most officials who do make dumb, not common sense calls (like Lions playoff game and Cowboys playoff game).

      • Volume12

        No, I’m responding to this from Rob’s article/post.

        “It’ll be a real disservice if the focus isn’t planted firmly on the greatness of Chancellor’s forced fumble.”

        Maybe I misunderstood.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      It’s a red herring. The back judge Greg Wilson already said he “felt is was not an intentional act, that it was inadvertent.”

      It’s a split second decision that would’ve been totally valid if…IF…IF KJ had simply said “I didn’t mean to touch it.” Or “I thought about touching it but tried to pull back.”

      The fact that KJ admitted he tried (as well as ignorance of the rule), is irksome only because it will fuel the fire. But it’s a shame to spend any time on this at all when the ref made his decision (no call) based on what he perceived rather than because he forgot the rule.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Furthermore, SEA won the game not because of a “blown” call. They won because Kam made a play for the ages, AND…

        What’s more important to me, even more important than Kam’s FF (which I almost expect from him and the rest of the D), was how the offense responded. How many games have we watched recently where SEA just ran out of gas on O and failed to do what they need to do to get a win?

        There was a bit over a minute and a half left when SEA took possession at their 20. They could’ve gone 3-n-out, but they didn’t. Not only did the D step up when it mattered, so did the offense. And that I haven’t seen so far this season. I hope they can take this win and rally around it. Kinda like they did last year when they were .500

        • Tien

          I didn’t know the rule either but after it was announced, I was like “so what.” Kam made a great play and though KJ illegally batted the ball out of the end zone, it wasn’t as if there were a bunch of Lions around him. If he had known the rule, he would probably still have been able to down it and get the touchback by jumping on it. Even if the ref made a different judgment call, having the ball on the one yard line is no guarantee of a score, against any defense, let alone ours. There was plenty time left for the game to go either way. Much ado about nothing.

          Speaking of that last drive, did you all think it was an intentional roll-out pass or did Wilson just improvise again? That 50 yard completion iced the game but if it was an incomplete, it would have left the Lions with an extra 20 – 30 seconds, pretty risky.

          • franks

            Exactly. It was like pass inference on an uncatchable ball the weren’t any lions in the area. What a bs way to win a game if the refs had made the technically correct call. I think the ref knew the rule and didnt want to ruin a legendary play but that’s just conjecture.

            What’s not conjecture, though, is that KJ didn’t know the rule and neither did the lions. If they’d said something, they might have got the call. The tip had no impact on the plays outcome.

  18. mrpeapants

    i liked what the d did tonight but i am concerned with the pass rush. it just isn’t there. nice to see the first half TD. great pass by RW. although, i hate to say it, but RW doesn’t look good . he flashes with some great throws and great mobility, but a few of those sacks are on him. and sometimes he just looks lost out there. plus i really think he needs to learn to trust JG. just throw him the dang ball(and a little more then just these 5 yard routs) !! rawls ran tough but hes really not a 1rb. wish CM was still here. is Freddie ok? it looked bad. as for the line, it sucked. been saying it for years a good oline helps everything.
    can u imagine lynch with a decent oline. scarey!

    if RW cant get his shit together and the line get waaaay better then this might b a sad year. im still holding out hope cause the d seems to be coming along but RW and the o stinks right now. maybe RW just needs some nookie he looked nervous at his presser before the game.

    on a side note why didn’t KJ just recover that?

    • Steele

      Agree with the analysis of this game. The o-line is horrible. This unit will take time to develop into anything,and in the meantime, it simply sucks. If they win a SB with this line, it will be one of the greatest achievements in NFL history. Is it too late for them to consider bringing in veteran reinforcements? They have to do something, or they risk Russell getting injured. The entire offense at present is nullified because the line is so bad.

      Jimmy Graham continues to to be wrongly non-utilized. This is on Bevell and on Russ. They need to cut Jimmy loose to do what he does best, and put the shoe horning aside. They can’t afford it now, they need to win.

      The defensive line, to me, remains the second biggest problem area after o-line. Pass rush mostly weak. Run defense very mediocre. Every team they have played have ground out positive yardage that Hawks defenses of the past would never give up.

      They are very fortunate to have escaped with this W.

      The only silver lining is that they at least have not peaked too soon this season.

      • mrpeapants

        If they win a SB with this line, it will be one of the greatest achievements in NFL history.

        couldn’t agree more

      • JeffC

        I think that it’s also on Cable for the way Jimmy is being used. I don’t know if it’s coaching or GM strategy to leave the oline play/development up to Cable, but it ain’t working. New England is using a rotating oline and it’s working. It isn’t working here and at some point the 21 million dollar/year investment is going to get hurt.

    • bigDhawk

      To your last point, I’m sure it will be an emphasis tomorrow in meetings to just fall on the ball and roll out of bounds in that situation. It’s such a rare occurrence and such an obscure rule that it’s probably something that’s never been practiced.

  19. Volume12

    Michael Bennett: “I don’t like Matt Stafford much. He’s from Dallas. They killed the President (JFK). … I hold it against him.”

    — Curtis Crabtree (@Curtis_Crabtree) October 6, 2015

    Dude is crazy! A legendary character and Seahawk.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      “Pay him! You’re the 17th richest man in the world!”

      When I close my eyes I still see him riding that bicycle around the field.

      • Volume12

        They should pay hum. Where would we be without Kam not only now, but the past 2 years as well-

  20. Chris


    No one mention Wright’s batting of the ball out of the end zone ….

    Oh, whoops … I just did.


  21. Dumbquestions


    1. RW could have been sacked twice as many times. The fumbles were bad – but those were astounding escapes. That’s still a problem. You can’t play with fire so much. One of these days, he’s going to spin right into someone coming at him from the blind side, and it won’t be good.

    2. Apart from the all-around badness of the O-line, Nowak better take a few hundred practice snaps. Several times, his snaps sailed, came too low, too wide, etc. That messed up the timing on several plays.

    3. I’m going to guess that the real issue with Graham is not play calling, but feel and rhythm. Maybe Graham is still playing like Brees is throwing to him, expecting that mystical connection that isn’t there yet. To me, that makes the arguments about RW’s height a non-starter. Brees can do it, so can RW – but it takes time to develop that instinctive tendency to look for him, and maybe Graham isn’t so good at feeling where RW needs him to be.

    This goes back to the permanent scramble drill created by the sub-par O-line play. When RW has to run, I’m guessing he starts acting on pure instinct and trust – and where do those passes tend to go? Kearse and Baldwin. Lockett, a natural player, got in on that action at one point, recognizing the need to drift. Lynch, though it’s under appreciated, also has that feel for being available when RW is free-lancing. Graham doesn’t – yet. But I think it’s on RW to start seeing him more.

    4. No picks for the LOB yet – that’s nuts, but it’s going to change. The numbers will start breaking the other way, by sheer force of odds.

    5. No sacks of Stafford surprised me. He was getting it out quickly, having been smeared for a few games, but it still surprised me.

    6. The bat-out doesn’t matter. Not like the Fail Mary. Just an asterisk on a play that would have ended the same way. Kam’s play is what matters.

  22. Old but Slow

    It should not be overlooked that the Lions played some good defense. They had fire and made real problems. I can’t help feeling that the Seahawks were looking past them to some extent. There were supposedly big problems that we could exploit, but never seemed able to do.

    As good as the D has been at limiting offenses, they have generated no interceptions, and few turnovers. This game was close because we were minus 3 in the turnover department. That is a recipe for disaster, and must be addressed.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t be too concerned by the D-turnover number. They had a FF in this game and a couple (I think) against Green Bay. Turnovers are nice but isn’t something like 12 punts in 14 possessions (the other two being a field goal and a FF)? That’s special.

      • TannerM

        Plus, a lot of those punts were on 3-and-outs. It was amazing seeing how many drives in the past two games had single-digit yards.

      • Volume12

        18 punts in 20 possessions. The other 2, a FG and FF. The turnovers will come in time, just as they did last year and 2012.

        Spot on Rob. This defense is playing truly special/elite football. They’ll carry us just like they’ve always done. Sacks will come too, but the pressures/hurries are just as important IMO.

        • Volume12

          This defense has given up 3 points in 8 quarters of Footballl. In today’s NFL!?

  23. Trevor

    I just re-watched the game and here are my thoughts.

    -One of our worst offensive performances in the last 4 years. Our only big plays were when Russel was running for his life.

    -Our offensive line is not improving and it is killing our offense. We can criticize Bevel all we want but no plays will work with out any semblance of protection.

    -Russel is not progressing with his reads and blitz pick ups and holds the ball too long for sure. I think a big reason for this is the OL. As soon as the ball is snapped he is expecting pressure instead of setting up and starting his progression.

    -Our Defense is playing really well and tackling much better. The lack of a pass rush in the 2nd half of games is concerning however and I think Clark and Marsh definitely need more reps earlier in games to keep Avril and Bennett fresh.

    -Carey Williams has been much better than expected and played a really solid game. He actually looked better than Sherm tonight. Kudos to him as you can really see improvement in is technique and a focus on not getting beat deep. The lack of picks is a little concerning for the LOB however and I wonder if our coverage schemes have not become to predictable.

    -Kam saved our bacon. Still hate what he did and think it was pointless but given his impact the idea what we would be 4-0 if he had been in the lineup all year is not out of the question.

    -Jimmy Graham needs to be utilized like the pro bowl flex tight end he is not and inline TE. Please wake up Bevell and utilize your players strengths. It is the same as if you made Russ a purely pocket passer. How would that workout.

    -Finally we are 2-2 but could easily be 1-3 or 4-0. This team is just starting to hit their stride on D which always give us a chance but unless the OL improves we have no shot against the elite teams. Our OL sucked in the past at Pass Pro but they could run block and were nasty. This year they can do neither. Has to be our #1 focus in 2016 off season free agency and draft.

    • Steele

      Agree with all of your points. But the lack of pass rush, in my opinion, is a significant problem, and has been all season so far. This defense is soft. I do not believe “bend but not break” is what a Seahawks defense should ever be. It is supposed to be a shutdown physical defense that throttles.

      • Volume12

        This defense is soft? What!? Are we watching the same unit? Sacks aren’t everything. Who said this defense is ‘bend but don’t break’ ESPN? Come on man. You know that ain’t PCs philiosophy.

      • Cameron

        The defense has allowed 3 points over the last two games, but yeah, it is definitely soft.

        • Tien

          Let’s be honest, we can’t count the mess that was the Bears offense from last week as a real NFL offense. But holding the Lions to 3 offensive points for four quarters is impressive, lots of weapons on that team! I don’t think our D is at the dominant level that we’ve had the last couple of seasons yet but our tackling has greatly improved since the first game, as well as our coverage. I’m disappointed as anyone with the lack of sacks from the DL but we’re getting a lot of pressure on QBs from the pass rush so I don’t see it as a weakness currently. Our D has to really show up next week though for us to have any chance against the Bengals.

          • AlaskaHawk

            And Bennett was injured and left the game.

  24. Trevor

    One other note. This team never missed Mebane last year when he got hurt and does not miss him this year.

    I appreciate his contributions to the SB team but he should have been cut if he would not re-structure. Aging DTs who have a serious injury rarely recover and often have more injuries. Schneider’s biggest mistake this off season was not cutting him.

    If we had cut Mebane and used the 5 mil to sign Wisnewski and Matthis our OL would be a whole lot better and this team would look much different.

  25. Beanhawk

    With regard to the pass rush, I wonder how much the Patriots’ success dinking and dunking down the field in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl has really impacted opponents’ game plans against this defense.

    We are seeing a ton of the short passing game against us- that’s got to be frustrating as a defense.

    • Ed

      That actually started before the SB. The Chargers game last year, really showed that flaw, Rivers dinked them apart and then hit Gates on seams and corners.

      • Beanhawk

        Absolutely, though i am not sure it became so widespread week-to-week until this year.

        • Steele

          It was a known weakness going back to 2012. And it remains a problem. The question is why they haven’t lock focused on fixing it.

        • Volume12

          They’ll take that ‘dink and dunk’ all day long. The game isn’t won on a slant for 10 yds at midfield or in FG range. They get tired, because the offense isn’t sustaining drives.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            The “dink-n-dunk” offense VS SEA’s defense in the last 8 quarters:

            151 rushing yards
            251 passing yards
            1 FG
            0 TD
            18 punts
            1 fumble

            • Volume12

              My point exactly. The game is won in the end zone. Not dump-offs’ check down, hot reads, slants, in and outs, curls, etc. They’ll take that garbage all season long.

              • Robert

                But can our O please give us some of that same garbage? Particularly on blitzes!

  26. M

    The defense continued to take steps forward and the offense (o-line in particular) took major steps backward against a bad defense no less.

    The part that is incomprehensible is that Jimmy Graham had 2 targets through 3 quarters. You get the feeling that if Julio Jones were a Seahawk, he might be lucky to be targeted 5 times in a game…sheer lunacy. With Lynch out, how does Graham not get at least 10 targets by scheme? You have a 6’7″ target with an unmatched catching radius, the Lions blitzing and you don’t even make an effort to get one of your top playmakers the ball. Simply makes no sense.

    On defense, players are placed in positions to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. On offense, we have Jimmy Graham trying to block DEs.

    As far as the o-line, let’s remember that the Patriots were 2-2 last year and their o-line was a mess and they won (or Seattle lost) the SB. It’s a long season, the potential is there but, yes, you hate to see the o-line regressing.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Bad defense? DET was a top 3 defense last year.

      But you think they’re not as good without Suh? How’s MIA looking?

      DET is a better team than their record suggests. In the first 4 games of this season, they’ve played on the road 3 times (@SD, @MIN, @SEA) and DEN at home.

    • Volume12

      If you wanna be a receiver in Seattle, you better be unselfish. It’s why they like UDFAs there. They’ll do whatever to help makea team and help a team win.

  27. M

    Kim’s play overshadowed this but the play where Wilson eludes two lineman and then unloads a 30 yard diagonal strike to Kearse just before being pummeled. Amazing.

    Even more amazing is that he makes that throw moving to his left with his shoulders open. Just incredible.

    • Rad man

      he had a spectacular game. Regarding the fumbles- this offense asks a boat load from Russell. From demanding long, explosive plays despite effectively not caring about pass protection, to relying on his improvisations as a feature of their offense.

      When QBs get hit a lot, they fumble a lot.

      Russ played a damn great game. He was not “perfect”. But in my opinion this was in his top 1/3rd of games given what he faced.

      The O line was putrid. Not even close to average.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I thought Wilson played a great game too when you consider the pressure he was under from the leaky offensive line. He did hit the open receiver a number of times, even while scrambling. My main criticism is that sometimes he holds onto the ball too long and doesn’t secure the ball when he is about to get tackled. When it happens on his own 20 yard line, making for an easy touchdown for the opposing team. I guess it is just part of being a scrambling quarterback, you make some really great plays and you whiff on a few. But overall he was the best player on the offense last night.

  28. Jake

    Let’s talk Jimmy Graham. From Cigar Thoughts over on Field gulls:

    When throwing to Graham, Wilson is 18 of 23 for 174 yards and two TDs. That’s a passer rating of 127.2. When targeting all others, Wilson is 73 of 104 for 804 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INTs, and a rating of 94.4.

    Only Baldwin has been targeted more than Graham, at 24 times. Maybe let’s calm down on the Graham-related hysterics, no?

  29. Meat

    I am trying to accept the fact that the hawks won’t utilize Jimmy well. The season probably won’t change much for him, one nice game out of four. So we may see three more big games unless game planning him changes. Would have been wiser to have traded for great lineman.

  30. CHawk Talker Eric

    Miles Jack has withdrawn from UCLA and will enter the 2016 draft.

    • Volume12

      Ehhh. I’ll say this. He isn’t Shaq Thompson. Has he done enough at LB?

      • cha

        He’s got 5 million reasons to declare.

        Matt Miller
        ✔ ‎@nfldraftscout
        Myles Jack has a $5MM insurance policy. I’m told the policy pays out if he’s not a 1st round pick. Would make declaring for 2016 easier.

        2:12 PM – 23 Sep 2015

  31. MJ


    1. OL / Tom Cable. Changes need to be made. First, their needs to be a shake up on the OL. Once the season is done, Cable needs to go. It won’t happen, but he really is riding on reputation, because the results are putrid. He has handpicked his guys and so far, 2/3 hand picks have been beyond awful (Britt/Moffitt). Carpenter, for a first rounder, was a decent player but a major disappointment. The OL WILL be the main culprit, if we don’t achieve our goals this year.

    2. Jimmy Graham. Why? Why why why, must we put a square peg in a round hole. He’s not a blocker. He’s a gigantic slot WR and a damn good one. And I don’t care that he can’t block. He’s paid to be a receiving target.

    3. Defense has it’s mojo back. Didn’t realize Kam had such a major impact. Indisputably, he does. Great to see the swagger.

    4. Russell Wilson is incredible and it can’t be overstated. There is no other QB in the NFL who could deal with what RW consistently deals with. Yes, he needs to grow, but considering his environment, I’m not going to get hung up on inconsistency hanging in the pocket.

    5. Yes, it was a missed penalty/call last night. As a sports fan, I want players deciding outcomes. While that is a rule (technically), it’s an atrocious one at that and needs to be expunged from the rule book for the sanctity of the game. The best analogy I can come up with is; a hitter strikes out to end the inning. The catcher does something that has no affect on the play. The batter is subsequently awarded second base and the outs reset to 0. That’s essentially what is happening. Lions make a poor play and would have been rewarded with the ball on the half yard line and a new set of downs, based on an action that had no impact on the outcome of the play.

    Here’s my suggestion for the rule: Any ball that goes out of the end zone is rewarded to the defense. IF, there is a blatant attempt to bat the ball (OOB) away from a recovering player (by the defense), the offense gets the ball back on the 20 yard line. The play can be fully reviewed. Last night, the ball would have been rewarded to the Defense because KJ Wright didn’t bat the ball away from a recovering player.

    It’s an equitable solution IMO. The main goal is to not reward the offense for a poor play. Again, the emphasis is to let the players decide outcomes, not officials. I think this would be a good adjustment to a terrible rule.

    • RealRhino2

      Re Graham, how long are we just going to give him a free pass? I keep hearing things like WE aren’t using him right and it’s on PC and Bevell and everybody but him.

      I guess that’s partly right, but only in the sense that if PC schedules a team meeting for 10 a.m. and a player simply refuses to get out of bed until 11:00 a.m., it’s PC’s fault when the player misses the meeting.

      Graham is still a football player, right? Last I checked, and all that. At some point, EVERY player on offense but the QB is required/asked to block somebody. When I watch, though, there are plenty of times when Graham doesn’t even try to block. At all. As if he’s pouting because he’s not running a route. You don’t see Baldwin or Kearse refusing to block on running plays.

      But let’s say you and others are right, Graham’s not a TE at all, just a big slot receiver. He’s still a WR who won’t block. Or make a play on a ball he thinks was thrown behind or above him. Is that worth what he is being paid?

      • Volume12

        Nope. I said in week 2 that Jimmy doesn’t fit. Not schemetically or locker room wise. There’s a reason this team is scouting big targets(presumably) in CFB. If Jimmy was a big WR, then why?

        This offense needs a couple RBs and a TE like Travis Kelce.

      • Amar

        I am not sure why everybody is freaking out? We knew that the O-line was going to be an issue and it is. Maybe it’s a bit more of an issue then we anticipated but not really. The O-line play was suspect in 2013 and 2014 and that’s when we had Unger, Carpernter (good run blocker), Giacomini. So, of course the O-line play was going to be this bad this year.

        In a salary cap NFL, you can’t have EVERYTHING. When you have 9-10 guys paid on Defense (sherm, ET, Kam, Cary W, Bennett, Wagner, Avril, Mebane, Wright, and even Irvin’s making 1st rounder money); your QB, RB, and TE is paid. You CANNOT have a top flight O-line and Receivers as well. You gotta sacrifice somewhere. Next year might be even worse for the O-line if Okung and Sweezy aren’t resigned (or at least one of them). As a team, I think they have accepted that and part of the reason is because they have RW. If the Hawks had Peyton Manning as their QB, they would have invested more in the O-line and receivers and the D wouldn’t be as good but they’d be winning 35-28 type of games.

        New England gave up 32 points to Buffalo, GB scored ONLY 17 at SF – nobody’s freaking out over there.

        Let’s not forget the St. Louis games in 2013 and 2014, the Tampa game in 2013, the Carolina games in 2013 and 2014, the Arizona loss in 2013, the houston game in 2013, the San Diego/KC/Dallas/StL losses in 2014, the ugly 19-3 wins AT HOME vs. Arizona (vs drew stanton) and on the road vs SF late in the season in 2014. and also the 17-7 win AT HOME vs SF in 2014…


        • Volume12

          Well said m man. Once this offense comes around, it’ll be hard to beat us. Our defense is playing at an elite level, they’ll carry us as they’ve done.

          • Steele

            The defense is not playing elite at all. They are far worse this season against both run and pass, a long way from being the kind of dominant D they need to be, considering how bad the offense is.

            As for the premise that the o-line was a necessary sacrifice, I disagree. They could have adopted a much different offseason strategy, drafted other o-linemen, signed a veteran, made trades, withholding some money in negotations with Russ, etc. They didn’t have to give up huge chunks of the draft for Tyler Lockett and Frank Clark. Now many of you would say that was worth it, but you are seeing the end result.

            Will things get better? Sure it’s possible. It could also get worse.


            • Volume12

              What do you mean they aren’t playing elite? Because they don’t get sacks? They keep everything in front of them? Maybe the 1st 2 games they weren’t but 18 punts in 20 possessions and 3 points in 8 quarters isn’t elite huh?

              It’s 4 games of 16. They’ll be fine man.

            • Amar

              Well, their initial plan WAS to draft an o-line that they had targeted early in the draft – Mitch Morse was one of them. But, based on rumors I hear, both those o-linemen were gone by the time they were picking. Also, that would have meant no Tyler Lockett. I think we can all say that we are glad we picked up Tyler Lockett.

              I don’t agree with the fact that they gave up huge chunks for Tyler Lockett – they gave up some draft picks this year. Those draft picks potentially would have been cut anyway when time for trimming to the 53 men roster came.

              In supposedly a bad offensive game, they still gained 345 yards (even after 3 TOs and 6 sacks) – all this without Lynch. We all know that the TOs are uncharacteristic for this team (sacks are not) so that won’t be the norm for the future.

              This team is BUILT for playing great defense and getting big plays on Offense. And that’s exactly what we got last night. This offense is not designed for a quick hitting passing game or rhythm passing game with a lot of timing routes and such. That is the exact reason why Kearse has so much value to the hawks than anybody else (he is great on broken plays but not so good in timing routes). This offense is not built for getting sustained drives where you convert 4-5 third downs in a drive.

              • Volume12

                Yup. They miss that ‘burner’ in P-rich to stretch the field.

                We’re not all of a sudden going to change what has got us to back-back SBs.

                That’s why when Dilfer and Steve Young said this team is changing into a pass the ball 35 times a game offense, it left me scratching my head. That’s not what RW is, we don’t and will never have the personnel for that, and we aren’t built nor does PC wanna play that style.

                • Amar

                  Well, they are correct about the 35 times a game offense. This year it has been more just because they have been behind more in the first 2 games. RW has thrown in 32 times per game + 18 total sacks + a few scrambles per game. So, it’s been actually more than 35 times per game that RW had dropped back to pass. But yes, usually they are more a 25-27 time pass offense team.

                  My point was that they are still not the slant throwing, screen throwing, timing route passing game team. 1) They don’t have receivers who get consistent separation apart from Baldwin 2) Wilson’s height (whether we fans accept it or not) plays a role in some of throwing game that most teams have over the short middle of the field.

                  That time will have to come when Lynch is no longer with the team and the defense is just great and not historically great. And as their top 2 draft picks develop over time – Richardson (who was coming along nicely late in the season) and Lockett. If we resign Baldwin after 2016, and Graham is still here for another 2-3 yrs after that, then the passing game will be different than it is now.

                  Plus, with Lynch in the fold, when we run, run, pass, run, pass, run, run – it’s frustrating for the QB to ever get in rhythm. Our offense looks really good when it is trailing and it goes to a no huddle, 2 min offense. RW gets in rhythm.

                  Very few QBs can thrive in a system where you throw so less – it magnifies each throw and each 3rd down. Plus the coaches value o-line who are good run blockers and ok pass blockers…not ideal for any QB. Just ask Peyton Manning this year…

  32. CHawk Talker Eric

    PFF_College: Best grade vs. run among interior defensive linemen:

    Kenny Clark, UCLA +22.4
    Jarran Reed, Alabama +18.3
    DeForest Buckner, Oregon +16.8

    • Volume12

      You know I’m a huge fan of Clark. As you are, Rob, and a couple others I think.

      But, I love Jarran Reed. That is a bad man. Immovable at the POA, and I think he’s got the 32-33 inch arm requirement for Seattle too.

      Buckner, while I love his athleticism and the fact he’s versatile, looks overrated at this point.

  33. Volume12

    Keep an eye on Texas A&M RB Tra Carson. You wanna talk about a unique running back? Here he is. He’s a 5’11, 233 lb back that not only runs over people, but has agility and the shiftniess of a 200 lb back. Dude is an athlete as well. Check out his 60 in. box jump.

    He did struggle against Arkansas, but besides that game, he’s been on a tear and is generating some buzz.

    HB Tra Carson: 95 carries, 430 yds., 4 TDs-11 rec., 100 yds., 1 TD.

  34. Mylegacy

    I’ve read all the above – now my 2 cents worth (not that even I care that much…)

    Russell – Lets see: no offensive line, no blocking TE’s, no blocking FB (at least last nights game), corner blitz’s made or threatened most every down – DangeRuss missed a few of them, missed Graham WIDE open on one play where Wilson ran left and Graham was 20 yards directly in front of him absolutely WIDE open – a sure thing no miss TD, Russell Wilson is going to get killed IF he has to run for his life nearly every play – one mistake – one turn the wrong way – and he will lose a knee, ankle, head or something else he needs. Generally speaking, Russell can do things on the field others can can only do in their dreams.

    The OLine: Stick with it. Ugly now (really ugly now) but there is NO shortcut from where we are to where we need to be. We HAVE to stay the course and pray (to the invisible spaghetti monster of our choice) that Cable’s Boys can climb from appallingly dreadful all the way up to only somewhat dreadful if we are to seriously contend for a return to the SB.

    Defensive Injuries: last night Bennett went down for a few plays – leg, knee, ankle – something like that. Our defense is the ONLY part of our team that is playing at a Championship Level. CLEARLY, our defensive 11 (plus the usual rotation guys) are superior to the sum of them as individuals. One (dear I say two or more) injuries (like for instance Bennett out for more than a few plays) on our defense will basically end our season. Injuries happen. Injuries to our defense pose our most likely avenue of collapse.

    Graham: Previously, I’ve strenuously pointed out he can’t (or won’t) block. FORGET he even plays end, use him as a wide receiver, in the slot, anywhere, but at TE. Remember, when we got him there were serious questions about the health of his shoulder – why tempt the fates?

    Harvin; we were better when we went back to our pre-Harvin plays. Graham – will we be better when we go back to our pre-Harvin-Graham plays?

    The Odds: The odds are simple – we’re NOT a serious contender at this point. We need to stay healthy, we need the Oline to graduate from diapers SOON and we need DangeRuss to survive until thy do.

    IF this year unravels – as it might – what a waste of a defense that is seriously close to perfect – despite several warts. Watching this defense play is a truly rewarding pass time. Almost worth it – even if the offense continues to stink the place out. ALSO, IF this year unravels – as it might – what a waste of a QB, who could be other worldly, given just the very few seconds he’d need to rise to he next level.

    • Volume12

      That’s a lot of ifs. Shouldn’t we just be enjoying the journey? We’ve got good years left, let’s revel in them.

  35. Volume12

    PC this morning says on Brock&Salk- ‘Like I told you guys, we want tough guys. It’s going to be like this sometimes.’

    Does he have adrenaline coursing through his veins? Ya think he likes this style of football? Of course, not where the O-line is presenty at.

  36. Ed

    Our line won’t change much this year (however, I would trade Okung to Miami for a 2nd and go with Gilliam and Bailey).

    Because our line won’t change, it’s time to change the offensive philosophy and the oline philosophy.


    -More quick step and throw plays. Slants, slash, hooks, curls, etc… Double moves after set up
    -Quit making Graham a blocker so much. He is a weapon, use him
    -Run downhill. We have maulers, quit making them move so much. Lead fullback and go
    -Russ is great at play action and rollout, use with the running formations
    -Stop running so much out the read option. Should be wrinkle, not main formation


    -Just get talent, enough of the projects
    -Spend some money on a FA (Mebane money could have been used last year)
    -By changing the philosophy, should allow them to get more confidence

  37. Volume12

    Rob, have you checked out Indiana OT Jason Spriggs yet?

  38. neil

    Most of the talk here is o line and Bevel’ play calling. One of my big concernes is the running back situation. Lynch is getting old, besides the back he now has the ham string. The back has been a recurring problem the last couple of years, I expect the ham string to also be recurring. I expect him to be in and out of the line up with problems all year. So where does that leave us? With another old guy that will not hold up thru the season and a rookie. What swere they thinking when they didn’t keep Turbin ? H igh ankle sprains heal fairly quickly on younger guys. Maybe they could have gotten creative and moved him to the practice squad until he healed, could the have done that? I always thought Turbin was dependable if not spectacular. Would feel alot better if he was still on the team. Anybody know where he is now ?

    • Ed


      • AlaskaHawk

        Oddly enough the offensive line and the running backs are on the same journey of death, rebirth, struggle and meta morphing into ????

  39. smitty1547

    Wow never been so disappointed in a win before, we barely beat a crap team at home and as it turned out we needed the help of ref to do it embarrassing.

    Hawks took a bet that they could pay Wilson and Graham and win with 5 garbage collectors blocking. Seems to be a bad bet.

    You made a big play for graham and are trying to turn him into a blocker, isn’t Pete big deal is find out what guys can do and do it. Beavell should be fired next week if Graham does not get 10 throws his way, well actually he should have already been fired but oh well.

  40. smitty1547

    also now we go to Cincy on the road with a short week, and then to Carolina after there bye. Will be lucky to be 3-3 but more likely 2-4. In all likely hood be home watching all the important games with Detroit this year. Trust me I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m not we better use are first Rd pick on a left tackle let Okung walk and then draft a couple of more after that.

  41. bikerdude

    So let’s see, we are going to face the Bengals { top 3 power rankings} with one healthy rookie running back, and two injured old guy’s. Does not sound promising at all.

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