3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #8

This week we’re joined by Danny Kelly to pick through the Seahawks 2-4 start. We also discuss the dramatic end to the Michigan/Michigan State game, Paxton Lynch’s statement win against Ole Miss and the continued rise of Auburn’s Shon Coleman.


  1. Colin

    When Lynch doesn’t get a carry in the final 9:33 of the game, how can you still deflect criticism of Darrell Bevell? Isn’t it time to research whether his offense is getting figured out?

    • Volume12

      Lynch is still banged up. It also says to me that Rawls is a nice change of pace guy, but not the kind that’s going to handle 22-27 carries if need be.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s two possessions right? Nobody’s ‘deflecting criticism’. It’s a case of balancing the debate and not claiming a scapegoat. Carolina defended the inside run superbly all day. Running up the gut on those last two drives probably has the same end product as the Wilson sack for a short loss.

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        I agree. Seattle had limited success in the run game inside. A few nice runs did get called back via hold. I also agree, Lynch was not 100%, so no need to risk him more. Why they didn’t use Rawls a bit more was disconcerting. I thought he brought a nice spark to the team with his few times on the field…. this might be a criticism of the game plan or calls.

        In the end, they had the lead with the clock winding down….. the offense did what it needed to do, almost every week… the D needs to figure it out soon.

  2. Volume12

    Rob, these questions are more generic than anything.

    Who on this Miami Hurricane team do you think they could be looking at?

    Have you watched ND St OT Joe Haeg, and if so, thoughts? Seems kind of Ty Sambrailo’ish.’

    • Volume12

      Oh, one other one. With the big 3 in free agency next year, Bruce, Sweez, and Okung, you think we sign just one or 2 outta 3?

      I have many more (endless) questions for ya pertaining to the draft, but I’ll save some and pick and choose my spots.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t watched Haeg unfortunately.

  3. CHawk Talker Eric

    Since there aren’t any answers to the questions we’re all asking…

    I just have some observations:

    1. Aside from Avril, only one Seahawks defender is playing like he’s in a contract year – Bruce Irvin. And he’s the only key Seahawks defender who’s actually in a contract year.

    2. Watching SNF last night, I saw commercials featuring 3 different Seahawks – Wilson, Lynch and Sherman. I could be mistaken, but I don’t think there’s another NFL team with 3 or more players featured in NATIONAL ad campaigns. Look who’s become the establishment.

    3. Comparing SEA’s defensive coaching staff from 2014 to 2015, there are 3 coaches who are new to SEA and the NFL (as coaches) – Micheal Barrow (LB coach), Lofa Tatupu (Assistant LB coach) and Chris Cash (Assistant Secondary/CB coach). Additionally, Andre Curtis (Assistant Secondary/S coach) is new to SEA, if not the NFL.

    4. SEA has not replaced Kris Richard as Secondary coach. Repeat, SEA doesn’t have a Secondary coach. Instead, they’re relying on 2 assistant secondary coaches, one of whom has never coached at this level before.

    I’m sure I can come up with more.

    • Volume12

      2. Is there any team in the league with as many bona fide stars or guys that are controversial/love the spotlight characters?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        NEP – Brady, Gronk and Edelman (actually I’ve seen all 3 in national ads so the Pats are another one)
        DEN – Manning, Miller and Thomas (or Talib)
        CIN – Dalton, Green and Atkins
        CAR – Cam, Kuechly and Olsen
        DAL – Romo, Dez and Witten
        PIT – Ben, Brown and Bell
        NYJ – Revis, Wilkerson, Marshall

        We can quibble about whether some of these are bona fide stars/controversial. But fans of those teams wouldn’t think so.

        • Volume12

          True. I think Jimmy has a commersh too. You could throw in Bennett, BWagz, Bam Bam, and ET too. And Cliff has a local one here in the PNW.

        • CharlietheUnicorn

          GB might have three…. Mathews and Rodgers… I thought Shields was in something, but I could be mistaken.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Could be.

            But that would make 2 teams – NEP and GBP – with some big ego players that still have fire in their bellies and are undefeated.

    • JeffC

      Outstanding points.

    • Steele

      Excellent points, Chawk. There was a lot of coaching change this offseason that has not gotten enough attention. Expected a seamless transition, but it hasn’t been. If Richard is doing double duty as the DC as well as supervising the assistants on the secondary, he is overstretched.

      I also find the national spotlight on the Hawks to be a mixed thing. Sure they are stars, but it is better to be the unnoticed hungry underdog than the establishment.

  4. Winston


    What are your thoughts on Derrick Henry? Is he truly the #2 RB in the class behind Elliot like everyone is projecting, or is he only hyped up because he plays for Alabama? Also, doesn’t Devontae Booker seem more Seahawky than Elliot and Alex Collins?

  5. Volume12

    While TCU WR Josh Doctson and Baylor WR Corey Coleman are on a tear, there’s a guy up here in the PNW putting up some similar numbers.

    E. Washington WR Cooper Kupp-6’1, 200 lbs. 64 rec, 941 yds., 12 TDs.

    • Rik

      Kupp’s been great for multiple years. Only question I have is does he have the athletic potential of the big-school receivers? He’d be a great UDFA pickup.

      • Volume12

        If he runs in the 4.4 range, he’ll go on day three. Yeah he’s been killing it for a few years, but is only now draft eligible.

  6. Nathan

    Is it time to re-think our strategy of wainting for the 4th round to pick O linemen and interior D lineman?

    Has our game plan been ‘figured out?’

    Do we need a big force in the middle to collapse the pocket?

  7. Donovan

    I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts about why the D seems to struggle when other teams are in “pass only” mode. Ala 4th qtr.

  8. Trevor

    I hope we go OT, DT,OG,SS,CB with our 1st 5 picks this year then in 2017 focus on a RB and Edge rusher.

    I think Pete needs to reinstall the always compete mantra with this team. Seems like complacency has set in and I never thought I would see that with a Pete Carrol team. Last year the Harvin trade woke the team up. Maybe this year sitting some vet guys who are not performing might have the same effect.

    • nichansen01

      I think we can get by with Rawls as our lead back, there are more pressing holes and a much more talented group of running backs next year. I think all four of our first four picks should be linemen, a guard, a tackle and possibly another tackle on offense and a tackle of defense. It would be really great if we could resign all three of Irvin, Sweezy and Rubin. Clark and Marsh should feature more prominently next year, if we draft a guy like Adolphus Washington who can play both tackle and end, Hill and Rubin can man the interior with Irvin, Avril, Bennet, Marsh, Clark, Washington, and Morgan rotating on the edge and King, Dobbs, Washington, Bennet and Clake Rotating in on the interior. If Irvin is gone, several people on the roster already replace his role, I could see Cassius Marsh, Kevin Pierre Louis and Eric Pinkins all filling in his role.

      Then on offense our o-line can look something like this: Rookie Tackle, Mark Glowinski, Drew Nowak,

      • nichansen01

        Rookie Tackle, Mark Glowinski, Drew Nowak, Rookie Guard, Rookie Tackle. Backing them up/ competing can be Alvin Bailey, Gary Gilliam, Justin Britt, Kristjan Sokoli and Patrick Lewis. This group of ten would be tremendous competition in training camp. The other starter on the line now who really deserves to start next year is Nowak, as a developmental athleticism project he has improved ever game and should be superior to Lewis at the end of the season. It’s a DRASTIC redesign but a necessary one.
        So in my opinion our draft (if we do end up bombing the season) should look like:
        1. Offensive Tackle- Replace Okung
        2. Defensive Tackle- One who provides a strong push up the middle and can rotate on the exterior.
        3. Offensive Guard – Replace Sweezy
        3c. Offensive Tackle- To compete with Gilliam in camp and possibly win the job.
        4. Corner Back- We need a starter opposite Sherman who can stay healthy when Simon is out.

        We have to be successful in the later rounds this year
        5c. Safety – Drafting two defensive backs isn’t a bad idea this year due to secondary injuries and inconsistency we are experiencing this year.
        6c. Linebacker – Another guy to compete for Irvin’s spot if he departs

        Dallas 7th.- A blocking tight end wouldn’t be a bad idea late.
        7c- A decent pass locking halfback wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

        • Volume12

          Nowak didn’t even start on Sunday. IDK if he was hurt, but dude is not an NFL starter.

          Adding 3 rookies isn’t a great recipe for sucess. 2 and a FA yeah. We got Sweezy’s replacement in either Glowinski or Sokoli if they don’t re-sign him.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            And today SEA resigned LJP to replace an injured Patrick Lewis – who got knocked on his ass a couple of times vs CAR.

            • Volume12

              LOL. How isn’t C a glaring need? It’s so damn obvious. It’s also no coincidence when you look at all the games Seahawk scouts have attended this year, almost every top ranked C has been on some of those teams.

              • nichansen01

                The simple truth is that center is a less important position than tackle or guard. You can have a bad center and still have good run blocking / pass protection.

                • Volume12

                  I don’t think it’s as simple as that. A good C is much more important than a guard, but that’s just my line of thinking.

                  Showing interest in Sambrailo and Morse, trying to sign Wisnewski and Mathis, scouting all these C’s, not settling on one during the season, the writing is one the wall. They’ll upgrade that spot.

  9. Rob Staton

    Apologies we got through so many topics we never had a chance to answer the questions. I will do a ‘mail bag’ style post this week to run through them, along with an updated big board.

    • Wall UP

      What are your thoughts on Tuerk @LT/RT in RD 2, Jelan Mills @RD3 as RCB?

  10. Josh

    Can you post your podcast to stickers? Not a fan of the Apple podcast app. Love the show however.

  11. nichansen01

    ” Its raining now, but the sun will shine again.” – Kevin Pierre-Louis

    • Volume12

      Profound words. I like this guy. Has a real RW and ‘no E’ kind of vibe going for him. If he can stay healthty, I expect some big things from him.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        He had a good game vs CAR. Really sealed the edge.

        • nichansen01

          Yeah he broke up a would-be touchdown pass to Greg Olsen early in the game.

          • sdcoug

            the one time we decided to defend Olsen

  12. nichansen01

    Is this possible: (how blandly do we have to do to get:)
    1. Shon Coleman
    2. Adolphus Washington
    3. Joe Dahl
    3c. Joe Haeg
    4. CB
    5c. Safety
    6c. LB
    7. TE
    7c. HB

  13. Ed

    Rob, assuming the Hawks pick between 20-32 (I know big gap, but I’m not giving up hope yet), where do you see the better value for the 2 positions of need (OT and DT).

    1st OT
    2nd DT


    1st DT
    2nd OT

    They Hawks need a better LT (lineman all around actually) and a real pocket pusher.

    • Rob Staton

      With Harold Brantley out for the year I don’t see a top-tier pocket pusher. OT early if it’s between the two. I like the look of the cornerbacks and WR’s in this class too.

  14. CHawk Talker Eric

    Was there something wrong with my post about Paul Perkins and Cj Prosise?

    • Volume12

      Didn’t see it. Again man, me and you thinking alike. As much as I like Devontae Booker, I think Seattle will go RB in the 3rd. And Perkins and Prosise are the 2 guys I’m looking at.

      Watch an interview of Perk. He’s engaging, articulate, cracks jokes, just seems like a solid character and a great gu to have inthe locker room. And he runs hard. His leg drive is one of the more impressive aspects to his game.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Posted it last night – a copy of a tweet about Perkins that had a url in it, and a link to a PFF article about Prosise. 2 or more urls in a comment require moderator approval.

      Today it’s gone entirely.

      • Volume12

        Hmm. Maybe Rob hasn’t been online to approve it. Ya know what I mean?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Maybe. Anyway, it was a Stanger (?) tweet that said Perkins 5’11” 210# reminiscent of Jamaal Charles.

          And the pff article about Prosise said:

          “Prosise…had a fantastic game (earning a +4.7 grade that’s tough to achieve for a running back). Prosise forced nine missed tackles on his 19 carries and gained 66 yards after contact. On nine carries right up the gut (either side of center), Prosise gained 85 yards, forcing three of his nine missed tackles.”

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Prosise vs USC.

            Also Stanger called Perkins a RB right in SEA’s wheelhouse.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Prosise is running behind a much better OL than Perkins, but he has really impressed this year – what was supposed to be a redshirt year – after Tarean Folton got injured.

            I think his ceiling is higher than Perkins.

            • Volume12

              I’m sure you know this, but I believe he’s referring to him being in Seattle’s wheelhouse in terms of his size.

              He does have some Jamaal Charles to his game, but also has a much lower center of gravity. He runs so low to the ground and some of his cuts are ones that veteran backs in the NFL can’t make. Also has some Devonta Freeman to his game.

              Prosise absolutely has more potential. Just a hunch, but I believe CJ will be a SPARQ demon. He’s got DeMarco Murray size and Reggie Bush type athleticism. He’s pretty unique IMO. And his ability to break tackles/get yards after contact is highly underrated.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                Yes I forgot to include Stanger said it was in terms of size, not style.

                Sounds like we agree that RB with be a Day 2 pick, and of those likely to be available then, I prefer Prosise, but that can change.

                And C seems to be a focus position for the scouts. BTW I tried to find out about Nick Richter but there’s not a lot of info.

                Aside from Shon Coleman, I still like Jason Spriggs and Kyle Murphy.

                • Volume12

                  We are in agreement about the RB position. Your right, it can always change in terms of our favorites or who we’d prefer, but Prosise and Perk are like 1A and 1B for me right now. I do think Perkins has a style that would fit. He never takes a play off and is just as good in the 2nd half as he is in the 1st.

                  There’s not much out there about Richter. I just remember seeing someone tweeting Davis Hsu saying how athletic he is. Maybe it was Hsu himself.

                  Spriggs and Murphy are nice. Joe Haeg is also starting to grow on me. Reminds me of Ty Sambrailo and David Bahktiari.

                  Still going to take a look at S. Carolina’s OT Brandon Shell. He’s a former BBall player and also rumored to be athletic with a nasty streak.

                  • Volume12

                    CHAWK, who do you think we re-sign? Okung or Sweezy?

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    I don’t think we find out before the draft. I think it’s harder to replace Okung – who had a solid game vs CAR.

                • Rob Staton

                  Not sure what happened to the other comment — apologies. Although I wouldn’t recommend Stanger as a voice of reason. A very, very strange individual.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    No worries. St(r)anger produces a nugget every now and then

                    But I take your point. I’m just trying to occupy myself until Thursday night, when I hope we can all get a little redemption.

                    What about either of Perkins or Prosise? Anyone else in the R3 range you like for RB?

                  • Volume12

                    Are you asking me or Rob?

                  • Volume12

                    LOL. The name fits.

                    Don’t know if you watched tonight’s game, but UL-Lafyette HB Elijah McGuire is exciting. Don’t know if he’s a 3rd rounder per se, but man he’s another back that would fill that role. Great receiver.

  15. red

    So I am looking at over the cap website if cap is going to be 150 that puts us about 24mil under. I think first thing we need to do is fix the interior oline we need to move the chains in the 4th more. I think we start out by budgeting 7 or 8mil to the Oline resign Sweazy for 4mil first year cap hit and Boone or maybe Mathis for 3-4mil first year cap hit. I let Okung walk and pick up a 3rd or 4TH comp. Then I budget 6-7 mil for DL we can get some good value here Mebane Rubin Fairly Guidon Knighton Ngata I think we can get two good starting DL types for 6-7mil. That puts us about 14mil starting out. If Lane comes back healthy i would shoot him a mil that would take us to 15mil. At this point we have decisions to make do we second round tender Shead? Do we break the bank for Irvin can we even afford him? Do we bring back Kearse for around 3 mil? Do we invest in a center?

    I Like this scenario Draft
    1.OT Conklin Michigan State
    2.DL Jones Mississippi State
    3.FS Bush Miami
    3. RB Dixon L Tech
    4. QB Adams Oregon
    5. CB
    7. WR

    • Ed






      Chancellor. Maybe Bennett. They both seem to have that Harvin selfishness about them (Kam held out), Bennett won’t stop committing stupid penalties.

      Drastic, I know, but it helped to get the team back on track last year, time for another shakeup PC

      • red

        If you trade Bennett you eat his dead money of 4 mil next year and only free up 3 mil if you were going to trade him it makes more sense to after next season i might actaully look to re due his deal and extend him making his cap hit in 2016 something like 4 or 5 mil instead of seven and back load the cap hit 2 or 3 years out. Pro Bowl type DE are not easy to find plus he is underpaid. As for Kam he has 2 years left with team friendly deal could do extension, play out or trade after 2016. If Irvin is like a 7mil a year guy sure resign him but I think his market is going to be 8-9 mil a year we might get a 4th comp for that. As for Shead I would draft a FS in third RD thus saving us 2 mil against the 2RD tender plus having player control for 4 years instead of 1.

        24 mil as of now

        extend Bennett lower his first year cap to 5 mil. This adds 2 mil

        26 mil.


        resign Sweazy add FA Boone add C Wisniewski 12 mill invest


        two DL 7 mil


        resign lane for a 1 mil


        add depth at LB 2 mil


        add blocking vertern TE 1mil


        p squad and IR

        • nichansen01

          If your going trade someone, have it be Kam. He ruined the defense for the year by missing training camp. Now the communication between him and earl (he alerts earl to the coverage) is off, and the secondary is off as a result.

          • nichansen01

            Earl, according to pff, is still elite. Kam isn’t even close.

  16. Volume12

    Seahawks scouting the Richmond vs Elon game back on Oct. 10th.

    Richmond OL Nick Richter is rumored to be one of the most athletic offensive line prospects in the draft, and his daddy played on the OL for the Buffalo Bills from 1980-1993. PC was defensive coordinator of Buffalo in 1984. FWIW, I found this to be interesting.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      Very interesting. I like your thinking if this is true… about Seattle being at the game.

      • Volume12

        I don’t consider Davis Hsu a source of faulty information. He’s a highly intelligent, well informed dude. Really like him.

  17. Volume12

    Did Brock Coyle get the ‘IR-designated’ to return?

    Also saw on ‘Ninja turtle’s’ tweet that he’ll be playing on Thursday night. Hopefully Richard starts using his depth a little more. Bringing in KPL as a spark plug or 6th man kind of guy.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Yes, to make room for Coleman.

      • Volume12

        Nice. Glad to see they didn’t give up on him. That’s what I love about PC and this FO. Coming from a guy that’s made some awful choices in life and f*cked uo numerous times, I got 2nd and 3rd chances. It’s inspiring to see them take chances on troubled young men, unique peronalities, people with so called ‘deficiencies or faults’ it’s refreshing to see.

  18. KD

    Maybe I’m just looking for a silver lining to this season, but the Seahawks recent struggles is something that they have never experienced to this degree. Over the past few seasons, they have struggled in some games but ended up with 11, 13, and 12 wins by the end of it all. These kinds of troubles are something that this current teams has really not had to deal with much, so they need to look at themselves and find a way to overcome this new hardship. If they can, they will end up all the stronger for it.

    • nichansen01

      So the jags must be the NFLs strongest teams by that logic. Consistent loosing doesn’t make you stronger, it makes you apathetic.

  19. CHawk Talker Eric

    SEA shopping LBs now that Coyle is on IR.

    Among them UTEP LB Horace Miller 6’0″ 235#. SPARQ’ed up athlete.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      I think Seattle was in the market for 1-2 LBs already in the draft.
      1) Potentially losing Irvin and 2) finding a solid back-up or upgrade depth behind Wagner at MLB.
      Maybe a guy like Jordan Jenkins, OLB, Georgia or they might be in the market for a guy in between a LB and DE, the classic tweener such as Dadi Nicolas, OLB/DE, Virginia Tech.

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        I forgot to mention, Reggie Ragland, ILB, Alabama as a possible guy to keep an eye on… he has some pass rush and coverage skills.

      • Wall UP

        Daeshon Hall DE/OLB from Texas A&M @ RD 4. He can rush the QB & drop in coverage. He’s also homegrown, eager to play in front of family and friends.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Myles Garrett gets all the attention but Hall has flashed at times this year. Did he declare?

          A&M is one of the more frustrating programs. The individual parts are greater than the sum. Nothing against ‘Bama but with a roster like the Aggies have, I though they should’ve taken ‘Bama at home.

          • Wall UP

            Not yet. He’s a rJR. Has 4yrs in and he started out with a bang with 4 sacks. I’m sure he wants to cash in now since Garrett is going next year.

            • Volume12

              I’d still take Eric Striker over almost any other edge rusher in this class. It’s not a good draft for LEOs at first blush, but some very fascinating O’brien Schofield types or undersized, athletic speed freaks like a Horace Miller that CHAWK mentioned.

              • Volume12

                Wisconsin OLB Joe Schobert, firmly on my radar. Seattle was at Wisconsin’s training camp this summer.

                Florida edge rusher Bryan Cox, jr. is an interesting guy.

                E. Carolina’s OLB Montese Overton, and Udub’s Travis Feeney is someone we should monitor IMO.

              • Wall UP

                6-0 223lbs is a bit undersized for DE/ OLB at the pro level. I see Eric @ WILL as occasional blitzing LB. He’ll be long gone at the slot Hall goes at. They have already invested @ WILL with KPL. 6-6 265lbs can set the edge. The added reach can add an element that can blk passing lanes

                • Volume12

                  Bruce is more of an OTTO than he is a true SAM. Of course length helps, but speed, athleticism, and playmaking ability are just as important. Mike Morgan is a 6’3, 230 lb. SAM LB. We can’t pigeon-hole a guy.

                  My point is, if OLB Daeshon Hall runs a 4.8 40 Seattle won’t even bother let alone many other teams. That’s an awful speed for a position that requires it.

                  • Volume12

                    Horace Miller, Matt Wells, Dontay Moch are all undersized, but ya know what they have in common? Speed, athleticism, and all SPARQ freaks.

                    Don’t be surprised if KPL ends up replacing Bruce in the starting lineup next year.

                  • Wall UP

                    Check out Garrett’s 40 time. He’s considered the best DE prospect today. This type of DE is unique. It’s a combination of length strength and speed. And the emphasis is length in both Garrett and Hall.

                  • Wall UP

                    I would replace Morgan’s role with Hall in a minute. Same speed. Bruce’s arm length prevents him from fighting off OTs at times. It would be great to keep him but they can’t. He’ll get too much in the open market. The Comp pick would be nice too.

                    Eric wouldn’t last at the edge against the bigger OTs in the Pros. Looks like they used him off the line as a Blitzer.

                    You’re right in not to pigeon-hole players. It’s good to look for uniqueness and how it can be an asset to the team and not a weak link.

                  • Volume12

                    Dude I never once mentioned Myles Garrett. I think Garrett is the best player in CFB behind Leonard Fournette.

                    You said Hall ran a 4.8 40. that’s an awful 40 time.

                    We all know Seattle wants guys that are SPARQ’D up and unique. KPL can’t play with his hand in the dirt, but can do everythinng else Bruce does.

                    All the guys Seattle tried out today are unique athletes that can play in space, blitz, be moved around the defense. They don’t have to be built like Bruce Irviin. Guys that are 6’2, 235-240 work too. And if their smaller than that, but can still be an effective speed rusher, makes them all the more unqiue.

                  • Wall UP

                    There are unique qualities in a 6-6, 6-5 and OLB/DE in Hall, Garrett and Aldon Smith. There arm length keep OTs from latching on to them when they’re in motion.

                  • Volume12

                    Not sure Bruce is kept either. Let KPL do what he does at SAM. Draft that rookie hybrid DE/OLB in the 4th round range and bring him in when an extra pass-rusher is needed.

                  • Volume12

                    Now your putting words in my mouth. Again, when did I say guys built like that aren’t unique?

                    The poit of CHAWK’s post on this topic was the fact that Seattle tried out Horace Miller and others built like him. Not one guy is built like them.

                    Every edge rusher Seattle has or will target has to have the arm length your talking about. But an edge rusher that runs a 4.8 probablty isn’t even draftable, and surely isn’t unique.

  20. JeffC

    Fred Jackson drag racing at the Vmac and crashes his car. Injuries undisclosed.

    Pete, get control of your team.

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s wait on the ‘drag racing’ angle. People denying it.

      • nichansen01

        Apparently he backed out of the vmac parking lot too fast and hit a stop sign, absolutely abysmal click bait on behalf of tmz.

  21. Wall UP

    D. Hall is 6-6 260 with long arms, 4.8 / 40. Presents unique skills for the LB group with added length. Could help with the weak spot over the LBs in the zone.

    • Volume12

      I’m hoping he runs faster than a 4.8, because if not Seattle won’t even sniff him. All their LBs are sub 4.65 guys. Coyle ran that in the cold with 30 degree winds, which makes me think he’s even faster than that. And their edge rushers better have a sub 1.70 10 yard splt as well.

      • Wall UP

        DE 20 splits are more crucial. Look at film speed. Just as Garrett sacks the QB Hall is right there. Game speed is more crucial. One knock on Kam was his speed. Sherm is not the fastest CB either.

        • Volume12

          For a DE a 10 yard split is. That’s the distance between an OT’s outside shoulder and the QB.

          Look at every LB on their roster. Ther all under 4.65 40s, their DEs/edge rushers all have 32′ inch arms and under 1.70 if not less 10 yard spits.

          • Wall UP

            I was thinking of chasing a QB from end to sideline. A 20 to 30yd chase.

    • John_s

      I think Daeshon’s body type is a lot like Obum Gwachum. Long, lean. Obum runs 4.72 and I think Daeshon runs in that range as well.

      The upside of Daeshon is that he’s been a DE all of his life whereas Obum was a DE for a year so you’re not wasting 2-3 years teaching Hall pass rush moves like you would have to with Obum.

      • Wall UP

        That’s a good example of the uniqueness they’re seeking to enhance their D. They had David Irving in @ pre-draft look that I thought they were targeting. I guess Clark & Irving DV together was too much pub to deal with. There scheme is based speed, but also length. KJ and Wags. Length on the edge fits their style they’ve already developed.

        • Wall UP

          If Dallas does release him I hope JS picks him up on the 40 MR. 6-7 273 DE/DT with a fast get off would be great right now.

          • Wall UP

            I thought the Hawks were thin @ DT until I looked @ Dallas. They’re using (2) DEs (Crawford 285 and Irving ) @ DT, along with Hayden 303 as their only DTs on the roster. Running teams will pound the middle all day long. I’m sure they will need more help @ DT soon if they’re running a 4-3.

            • Volume12

              Crawford is one of the best/young up and coming 3-techs in the league. Dallas is a team that doesn’t seem to favor using big, immobile, 2 down DTs.

              • Wall UP

                That’s why their LB are so banged up or concussed. Wag loves that protection up front. Crawford originally came out as a DE out of Boise St. Put on some weight since then. I know the direction the beast is headed. DOWN HILL!

                Look for the Eagles to do the same.

  22. red

    Seahawks tried out couple of TE today Nick Kasa Colorado 6th RD pick of Raiders 2014 history of knee problems. Reading his draft profile on NFL.com regarded as great blocking TE ran a 4.71 at 6’6 270 only played 13 games at TE in NCAA was recruited as DE. If his Knee checks out we should stash this guy on the P squad.

    • Wall UP

      Convert Bronson Kaufusi 6-7 265lbs to TE if he’s still there at the 6th Rd. Need a good blkg TE.

      • Wall UP

        He’s athletic, good hands. I don’t see him making an interior lineman. Not a fit for 4-3 DE. He’ll be a better pro on O as a TE.

        • Wall UP

          Check out his interception in the rain. He snagged it out of the air at close range. Great reflexes and anticipation.

        • red

          Lyden Trail 2.0 There is not a lot of bigger TE in the draft the year maybe 3 draftable TE over 250lbs. Not sure if should use draft capital for 3rd or 4th TE this year. Michael Hoomanawanui at 2-2.5 mil a year could be interesting.

          • Wall UP

            6th Rd pick for Kaufusi as a TE would be money in the bank. I would take that as an improvement to the TE group. It wouldn’t hurt having 2 6-7 TEs, one blkg and the other catching. He would love to hit someone.

            • Wall UP

              Helfet is a FA next year isn’t he? Why spend more on the cap for someone outside. This would be a cost saving investment, as well talent achievement to enhance the group. A (3) TE set of Willson, Graham and Kuafusi. I like that!

              • Wall UP

                Kaufusi’s frame can also put another 10-20lbs. Trail was too frail to mix it up inside. Kaufusi enjoys it. If it were presented to him he may take the opportunity to switch and play for a championship. If Cable gets a hold of him he may try to convert him to OT.

                • Volume12

                  Kaufusi as a TE convert is interesting. I do think Seattle needs a blocking TE, H-back, or something too.

                  • Wall UP

                    They have used Willson in the backfill on wheel routes to use his speed. That’s an option with the (3) TE sets.

                    To have a change of pace from types of backs they’re using it would be good to look at Josh Ferguson RB 5-10 200 4.4 40yd. Catches well out of the backfield.

              • red

                I think we can explore outside TE help Willson FA after 2016 and Graham 2017 if it was a deep draft for TE maybe we take someone in the 3rd or 4th but no need to overdraft we have 24mil in cap space. Also would not mind keeping 4TE and 5WR since Graham can be moved around. I think Helfet is RFA next year but was not drafted so I think is in the same boat ricardo Lockette is this year if we keep him I think his tender is like 700k.

                • Volume12

                  Agreed. If we’re looking at TEs soley for blocking, no need to spend anything other than a 7th on them, if not making one a priority UDFA.

                  And like ya said, that role should be able to be filled in FA if they so choose.

                • Wall UP

                  They need a blkg TE that will go in space and blk a LB. Kaufusi will do that. He has the agility and length to do so. This will help the run game. He can also catch the rock.

                  • Wall UP

                    What FA prospect has Kaufusi’s measurables and mental makeup?

  23. CharlietheUnicorn

    I keep seeing a theme within this thread. People are pointing at certain positions that need to be strengthened or upgraded. To my eye, Seattle needs to look in the draft for a #3 TE with upside (all around type), a FB that can knock the pants off defenders and a developmental C/G or OT that is more physically gifted than some of their picks in the past (and use higher draft capitol on the investment).

    TE I love Jake Butt, TE, Michigan (Butt gets the nod, due to being in a pro style offense now)
    FBs I love both mid to late rounders Devon Johnson, FB/RB, Marshall or Quayvon Hicks, FB, Georgia
    OL……. just get me someone that can play with a mean streak and get dirty in the trenches.

    • nichansen01

      We won’t draft a tight end before the 5th round, I don’t know if jake butt will be available there.

  24. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    So this song is a video from one of my favorite artists ever! I would Marry her, for She is so Lovely. American Football is involved and it is quite trippy. Anyway I Love you all my Seahawks Crew Brother’s !
    Cheers as always Rob Staton!


  25. nichansen01

    Anyone know anything about Florida Defemsive end/tackle Jonathon Bullard (6-3 277 lbs). According to off he’s got the best ‘run stop rate’ in college football.

    • nichansen01

      Projected as a top 50 pick, could be our DT in the second round. I don’t know how good of a pass rusher he is though.

      • Volume12

        He’s a good pass rusher. His get-off and bull rush are next level stuff. You could move this guy all around your line. He’s a fantastic prospect. One of the better D-lineman in the country.

  26. nichansen01

    What do you guys think about Jesse Williams? Will he forever be a fringe NFL player whose career was derailed by injury and disease, or can he contribute and crack the 53 next year? And what about David King? What does the front office see in him?

  27. nichansen01

    Anyone know anything about Austin Blythe, Iowa Center? He’s the best run blocking center according to PFF in college football.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      From PFF:
      Austin Blythe (C, Iowa) paved the way for back-to-back 200-yard rushing performances by two different running backs.

      Per the University of Iowa Athletic Department, it is the first time since 1996 that an FBS team had two different running backs rush for 200 yards in a game. Akrum Wadley (+1.7) had 204 yards against Northwestern and Jordan Canzeri (-1.8) had 258 against Illinois. While these two backs get the headlines, the real credit should go to the big man in the middle, center Austin Blythe. Blythe is the top graded offensive lineman in the country for running blocking at +21.3. Of the 462 yards between the two running backs the last two weeks, only 171 of them came after contact. That means that 63 percent of the rushing yards were gained before a defender even laid a hand on the runner. The hometown senior is leading a surprising Iowa team (7-0) that has become the favorite to represent the West Division in the Big Ten championship game.

      • Wall UP

        What about PPro? They need a balance of both. What about Jack Allen’s ratings? They both have the same measurables, 6-2 300lbs.

        He even started at LT for injured Conklin against Rutgers before he got rolled up on with a high ankle sprang the week before the UM game. It would be a good investment of 179th 5th Rd Comp pick, if he’s there, rather than trying to develop PPro techniques in a OC/FA. (ie, Nowak)

        That’s quite a feat to hold your own against longer, quicker DEs coming at you.

        Hawks have a good ZBlkg scheme that is successful. They need the ones to do both well enough to give Russell time. Then they’ll be unstoppable.

    • Volume12

      Tony Pauline is pretty high on Austin Blythe. Says he’s one of the best ZB C’s in this entire class.

  28. CHawk Talker Eric

    PP_Rich_Hill: Per @PFF Dominique Easley leads NFL defensive tackles in pass rush productivity (25%+ of snaps played). That’s a really good sign.

    No surprise to us.

    • nichansen01

      I swear this blog community could form a round table and draft better than the front office.

      • Ehurd1021

        Seahawks were going to draft him… Pats moved up and took him.

      • Ehurd1021

        Seahawks were going to draft him… Pats moved up and took him.

        • Volume12

          Was dissappointed when he went right in front of our face. He’s so disruptive and just had this funky personality/character that screamed ‘Seahawks.’

          Glad to see he’s battled back from his ACL injuries and is having success, but damn, dude would’ve been unreal ballin’ out with our boys.

  29. Volume12

    Are we going to get our 1st look at CB Tye Smith tommorow night? PC said he’s going to play. Glad Frank Clark’s injury ain’t too serious. While he isn’t lighting it up, every game he’s played in, he’s had 1-2 impact plays.

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