3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #9

This week, Kenneth and I grade some of the young players who entered the NFL in the 2014 and 2015 drafts. We pick out a ‘best O-line under-25’. We also talk about Washington State, Derrick Henry and cigars.


  1. nichansen01

    If the Seahawks lose Bruce Irvin in free agency (probably to the Falcons) is drafting a defensive end AND a speedy linebacker a good idea? Yannick Nakonque is a popular 3rd-4th round prospect on this blog, Eric Striker is a 2nd-3rd round play making speedy linebacker, would drafting both be a good value? You would basically be using two players to preform one players role in a defense, would this be a good value, or a huge mistake? Resigning Irvin might prevent us from resigning Okung. Irvin is the better player of the two, but Okung is the much more IMPORTANT player.

    • Ed

      If Okung was playing better (has not been very good for 2 years now), I would agree. But Okung has been getting worse while Irvin has been getting better. I would rather see the Hawks keep Irvin and maybe move to DE and let Irvin/Marsh/Bennett/Avril get after the QB.

      1st OT
      2nd DT
      3rd CB
      3rd LB

      Since they don’t want to be here, trade Kam and Bennett (at their peaks) for a pair of 1st rd.

      1st OT
      1st DT
      2nd DE
      2nd OG
      3rd CB
      3rd LB

      • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

        I agree with you Ed I know he’s a decent left tackle but he has been regressing in my eyes and then there is the whole is he even going to be healthy enough to play with all his injuries. Its like were stuck between a rock and a hard nest with him. I think Irvin wants to stay in Seattle but he’s going to get all he can and you can’t blame him for that. Leting Okung go is a dangerous move. Maybe big Walt can come out of retirement and play for fun and a life long pass to the EMP. Ha ha

        • Ed

          Ah, the Jones days. Jones and Hutch opening holes for Alexander (such a smooth runner). The Hawks should have 3 SB victories. 3-0. Holmgren did a great job here, didn’t end well with Ruskell.

          • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

            Yeah we had it so good on the line back when those two were mauling together imagine Lynch with that o line! Then the Vikings stole Hutch but we got them back a bit By taking Nate Burleson from them. I wonder how Boone from the 9ers would do at left tack for a makeshift year, he is 6″8?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Has Okung been injured at all this season? And if he has, was it signficant to keep him off the field for more than a couple of plays?

          Okung regressing? Really? PFF graded Okung at +2.7 vs GBP (a good score for an LT and the ONLY positive score for a SEA OLer)

          PFF grades from SEA vs SF (keep in mind Bennett had 3.5 sacks in this game):

          T Russell Okung (+5.5)
          DE Michael Bennett (+4.0)
          DE Cliff Avril (+3.5)
          HB Marshawn Lynch (+2.8)
          LB K.J. Wright (+2.3)

          Okung was better at his position than any other Seahawk was at his.

          • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

            I didn’t know the numbers Eric it just seems that way since his first couple of seasons. Probably has to do with the rest of the line. Ok I’m done talking about Okung. Next

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              No worries Craig 🙂

              • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

                Yeah I just watch and read I’ve never done fantasy football or check those kind of stats with the + and – ratios. Good info Eric keep it up yo!

                • Volume12

                  Gotta agree with CHAWK.

                  Okung is too important to keep. I see one legit LT and that’s Laremy Tunsil from Ole Miss.

                  There’s other guys that are raw and even some mid rounders, but isn’t that taking a step back from Okung?

                  IMO they target a RT, a C, and sign a FA to compete with Britt and Poole at LG. We got Soko and Glo for the RG position.

                  Now, if they can’t keep Okung, then they’ll have to bite the bullet.

                • Ed

                  Agree. Stats are great, but they don’t tell the whole story (you can manipulate them however you want). Watching Okung, he misses blocks and gets beat a lot. Has he been injured this year, no, but saying he is the best on a poor offensive line doesn’t mean you pay him $8 million.

                  • Volume12

                    Who’s out there at LT that’s an upgrade from Okung?

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Instead you let him walk and pay a rookie peanuts while your $90mm QB gets sacked like a rag doll?

                    Sounds like the definition of penny wise, pound foolish

                  • Volume12

                    ‘Sounds like the definition of peny wise, pound foolish.’

                    I’ve never heard that phrase. That’s a great saying man’ I’m feeling that one.

                  • CharlieTheUnicorn

                    The phrase is old school V12. Perhaps a bit British as well.

                  • CharlieTheUnicorn

                    Okung likely will command North of 10M per year. That is how bad the LT FA market is…… I would be tempted to slap franchise tag on him and roll.

          • Ukhawk

            Pff also shows Hawks are ~3rd est running team to left side

    • mrpeapants

      I think the question is: who is easier to replace? in my book that’s Irvin. not an okung fan but robs right, good LT’s are hard to find.

  2. Ehurd1021

    After listening to Pete on Monday I think its fair to say he isn’t very enthusiastic with Nowak. Make you think both OG and OC will be very high on the board. I think they bring back Okung (who Pete said had his best game this past week) and let Sweezy go.

    I still cant wrap my head around how bad the O-line situation got this year… seems like the whole plan was centered on them getting Morse and once that failed it really put them in a tough spot. You have to like the fact Seattle targeted Morse, he is starting for KC and having a hell of a rookie season. By far their most consistent O-lineman… really strong. UGH…

    • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

      That’s why if I’m the GM I trade up and get my guy especially if it was Morse, though no one could for see him being so dominant so quickly. Still happy with our draft.

      • Volume12

        If they tried to get Morse, what was the failed attempt to trade up in the 4th round about? They said they couldn’t leave the draft without 3 guys. JS said Lockett and Clark were two of them. If they take Morse there’s no way in hell they get Clark AND Lockett. I think they missed out their guy when they tried to trade up in the 4th. Oklahoma OL Daryl Williams perhaps?

        • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

          Yeah that’s the sunny side of the street, we got Lockett and Clark with the rest as potential contributors so I’m happy.

          • Volume12

            We got a great class. Clark, Lockett, Poole, Glo, Soko, Tye Smith, Rawls, either Kasen Williams or Kevin Smith, and I know I’m forgetting someone.

            Smith, Glo, Soko, Poole, and one of the Udub receivers will contribute for us next year. At the very least they give us really good depth.

          • Ehurd1021

            Without a doubt I am happy with the class overall. I think its safe to assume if they would have traded up to get Morse than no way in hell do we end up with Clark and Lockett. Not to mention finding guys like Rawls.

            To me though it seems like Morse should have been a priority more so than Clark and Lockett judging by how bad the O-line has been this season. These past few seasons should have been a sign that the O-line was going to be a major issue though, especially with Breno and Carp leaving and with the below average performance of Britt. Not to mention trading away your all-pro center. I cant really understand how JS/PC didn’t see it coming or if the money that Breno and Carp got really surprised them.

            We needed another pass-rusher and we also needed someone who could come in and help with ST and be consistent as a offensive threat, and we found it. But I feel like because of lack of talent/depth O-line overall last year should have been a more pressing need.

    • Volume12

      Been trying to say they’d target a C this whole season. Nowak ain’t good ya’ll.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        V12 I think you and John_s are right about CAL OG/C Jordan Rigsbee.

        He could be SEA’s target for C in R3/4.

        • Volume12

          Why do you say that?

          • Volume12

            Sorry, that came off douchey.

            You like Rigsbee?

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Looked into him as much as I could after reading the post that mentions him.

              He’s Seahawky 😉 and SEA scouted several CAL games this year. I can’t imagine it was for Goff or even Lawler (WR just isn’t a need like OL).

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                Rigsbee, has played all three positions on the offensive line and has started 42 consecutive games through week 7, 2015.

                Before this season, Rigsbee temporarily made the switch to C to fill a void.

                Rigsbee and Jared Goff worked on snaps throughout the summer, and the Bears’ junior quarterback said this is night and day from 2013 when he was a freshman and Rigsbee was installed at center mid-week before Game 5, having never played the position.

                “He hated it,” Goff recalled. “It wasn’t fun for me either – he couldn’t snap 100 percent of the time. It was kind of wild back there.

                “I’m very comfortable now. He puts it right on the money. He’s the smartest guy on the line probably, so having him as the center has worked out perfectly.”

                • Volume12

                  That’s great inside info there my man. Thanks for that.

                  His versatility is appealing. He just seems like a C at the next level. He already makes all the line calls and adjustments as is, and everything I’ve read on him says he’s a leader. Also being a coach’s son, you know he’s got great football IQ.

                  Moves well, said to be a +athlete, plays with a mean streak, he’s a west coast kid, we know PC loves him some Cali boys,and that out-spoken/fun loving personality all seem ‘Seahawky.’ He’d be a great fit.

  3. Ed

    V12 and Chawk, couldn’t reply up above anymore,

    You don’t know until you try. Okung has not been playing good, why invest more years and $8 on somebody that has been the best on a horrible line (and he himself has been average at best). Yes, someone will come in cheaper and maybe be better. The good teams don’t overpay mediocrity (Pats/Packers), they know when to say when. This is the time to say when on Okung.

    • Volume12

      Their in win now mode. They need some consistency on this O-line. NFL teams aren’t letting LTs walk. He’s not average. He’s a top 10-12 LT.

      It’s just like with Giacomini and ‘Big Carp.’ Everyobe was calling for their heads, and now the same people wish we had kept them. Be careful what you wish for.

      • Ed

        I would say 18-20, with an expired contract. It’s not about wishing they were kept, the value wasn’t there and they chose to spend the money other places. You let them go so you could keep or sign Wilson/Sherman/Avril/Bennett/Kam/Wagner/Wright. Those two were easy choices to leave. Do we all wish they drafted better and not gotten so cute (Bitonio), yes.

    • Ehurd1021

      I wouldn’t call Okung average. I think he is what he is which is a consistent O-lineman that gets beat sometimes. I really liked how Okung played last week, especially during the first drive – impressive stoning of outside rushers and moved up to the next level nicely. Its easy to say that “someone” might come in at a cheaper price, and be overall better but that’s how you end up with Britt at RT (now playing OG which tells you how that worked out) – we did make it to the Super Bowl in all fairness with him at RT as a rookie.

      To me the chances of the Seahawks letting Okung and Sweezy walk is not realistic. And at that point you ask yourself which one is better and worth the price, and which position will it be harder to find a rookie to come in and feel the need at either OG or OT. Because noway do you find a LT in free agency this off-season better than Okung from a talent standpoint. IMO it will be a lot easier to find a OG in this years draft or in this upcoming free agency than it will for you to find a starting LT.

    • red

      Patriots extended Solder for 10 + mil a year not sure he is better than Okung. PFF rated Okung -1.5 Solder -4.9 last year.

  4. CHawk Talker Eric

    Bryce Brown?

    • Volume12

      What about?

      • Volume12

        I see. Seattle signed him.

        Goes back to my point about Rawls being a no. 3 with the ceiling of a no. 2. Rawls is hurt, never played more than 9 games during his college career.

        Seattle likes having a bevy of RBs. It’s why they’ll draft one this year fairly high. Bet on it.

        Oh yeah. Look at Bryce Brown’s size. 5’11, 225 lbs. Right in Seatte’s wheelhouse.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I missed that Rawls is hurt. That explains the signing.

          And yes, it’s strong evidence that SEA will take a RB on day 2, and he’ll likely be between 5’10” – 6’0″ and 215-230lbs.

  5. nichansen01

    We haven’t discussed Britts future on this blog, most have assumed that he will be cut. Are we sure of this? He’s under contract for two more years, but he has the contract of a starting player. It seems unlikely that he becomes a back up. They drafted Britt rather high, and he’s basically a learning a new line position. Any chance he improves enough to be kept around as our starting left guard?

    • John_s

      My problem with Britt is that he whiffs quite a bit at guard. He needs lots of work on his hands. Also, for someone who was touted as a former wrestler he doesn’t have the base or isn’t as stout as someone who is a former wrestler should be. He needs lots of offseason work. Maybe get together with Hutch and let him teach him a thing or two about LG

    • Volume12

      I think so. His run blocking is coming along nicely.Worst case scenario he becomes a decent-good backup at LG and RT. I kinda think Seattle sees Gilliam as their backup swing tackle.

      • Volume12

        They can get by with Britt or a bargain bin FA at LG.

        RT and C is in dire need of some young, talented upgrades.

        Remember who TC’s mentor is. Alex Gibbs. We all know his famous saying.

        • nichansen01

          Not having to worry about left guard would be huge for going into the draft and free agency, my hope is that Britt improves his fundamentals and technique over the course of the season and then puts on more weight/improves strength over the offseason to enter 2016 as an above average left guard. At this point sticking with him for continunuity and preserving resources might be our best option- Resign Okung, Stick with Britt, when all we need to do is totally redesign the right part of the line. Center in free agency, second year player at guard (Glowinski or Sokoli) and rookie at right tackle.

          • Volume12

            Yeah, something like that. Or rookie C, rookie RT, and a FA that can play LG, RT, and possibly C in a pinch. RG looks like it’s sorted out with Glo and Soko like you said.

            Britt doesn’t look it nor move like it, but he’s 320-322 lbs. Not sure he needs more weight, but improving his strength would be huge for his game as you point out.

            • nichansen01

              Britt is listed as 315, it’s probably a little more in reality. He looks slim for a guard when you watch him play though, but 315 is a good weight for a guard to be at. Marshal Yanda, who I consider to be the NFLs best guard, is also 315 lbs. I do think that Britt needs a lot of work on technique and strength.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                Britt’s become s pretty solid 1st level run blocker, and a so-so 2nd level.

                His problem, obviously, is pass pro – but more against power rushers than speed ones. He’s athletic enough to mirror off the snap in close quarters (unless it’s against a freak like Aaron Donald), but if a defender with strength, like Kawaan Short, gets underneath him, he turns like a door in the wind.

                If he adds strength he could be the answer at LG.

          • Wall UP

            This is his 2nd year as a pro, 1st @ LG with, what is it 4 games under his belt. Wait until the end of the season before discarding him. With a good center @ his side, directing him he will be fine, not great.

            Perhaps this off season he might put extra effort improving his footwork. Some of the guys have taken up yoga to improve their agility. Mirroring the defender drills. Enroll in dance studio(lol). Hang with Glow the whole offseason. If Britt had Glow’s feet and Glow had Britt’s strength & drive, there would be no worries @ LG & RG for a long time.

            Once that Center is on board that can take control as a Captain of the OL, Britt will fall right in. That’s the traits that I see in Jack Allen, the Captain. If I were scouting centers, it would be close to the bench, observing the interactions, leadership qualities, the fire. I think Jack has those qualities. I hope JS is on MSU sideline. He’s nasty.

            Regarding Britt, give him time, he’ll be a productive LG, not Great.

            • Ed

              Agreed. To me, he has shown a lot of promise and could turn into a solid LG.

              • nichansen01

                I am not huge on the idea of having to break in a rookie center, wouldn’t a vet center like Wisniewski be more successful day one? If we draft Coleman and Allen, there would be two rookie linemen on the line in 2016, three (assuming no injuries this season at guard) would play in their first real NFL game week 1. Is this really a recipe for success?

                • Ed

                  It has worked for other teams (NE this year), as long as you evaluate the talent correctly.

                  • Wall UP

                    Dallas, NE, GB, to name a few, have started rookie centers, having great success in doing so. Frederick, Stork, Andrews UDR, Linsley, all 1st yr starters. Ranging from 1st Rd to UDR.

                • Wall UP

                  Allen is just not like regular rook. Spent 5yrs against Big Ten opponents, Big time players and has come up big. I was watching tape on Adolphus in the Ohio St vs MSU game. As Adolphus was attempting to penetrate the gap with a cross move when Jack used that unbalanced leverage from such a move to lift him, all 6-4 300lbs, and slam him to the ground. Perfectly legal. No holding. That was impressive. He stood out on tape.

                  • CharlieTheUnicorn

                    “I think Jack Allen can play every position up on the offensive line,” Spartan HC Dantonio said on Tuesday. “I think he can pop out to tackle. His stature, maybe not a 6-5, 6-6 guy, but he’s athletic enough and has enough power and enough snap and explosiveness to be able to play out there.”

                    Doesn’t this sound a bit like Max Unger…. athletic and explosive at the center position. Well worth keeping an eye on lower part of 2nd or 3rd rounds in 2016.

                    Good catch Wall.

                  • CharlieTheUnicorn

                    My personal favorite is Isaac Seumalo, C, Oregon State. He is ranked similarly to Allen, but does have an injury history with his feet. So, if you are comfortable with that…… worth keeping an eye on as well.

                  • Trevor

                    Really like Allen too Wall Up seems like a great team guy who is nasty and athletic enough for a ZBS.

                    If we could get him with one of our 3r round picks I would be all for it. We should still bring in a veteran Center and Guard in Free Agency though.

                  • WALL UP

                    I have him @ 4th pick (129th). Check drive @ 10:20 mark until the end zone. Talks a little smack with Bennett too. Battles with both DTs & doesn’t get pushed around. In fact, they respect him.

                    There’s good tape for a lot of players:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ggwt9F4y4cU

                  • Volume12

                    Did Jack Allen grow 2 inches? While him and Conklin are nasty, disciplined, and fundamentally sound, neither strike me as great athletes.

                    A 6’2 LT or RT? Really Dantonio? I’ll believe it when I see it.

                  • Wall UP

                    The Rutgers game 3 games ago. He held his own until being rolled up on with a H ankle sprang.

                    He is an athletic C. All snaps on point in the shotgun with quick movement out of stance up to 2nd level. Quick to give help where needed. Picks up blitzes. I also like the pancake of a delay blitz on this tape shows how he’s athletic.

                    Follow him the entire tape. Didn’t give up a sack all season in 2014. Got close a few times in this game. He got caught for holding because he overran his assignment & reached back. Has great techniques and intelligence for the position.
                    He just gets the job done. Even willing and able to take on Conklin’s when needed. Captain of the OL would do that

              • Trevor

                Ed are we watching the same team and OL?

                Let me get this right. You think Okung who is at top 10-15 LT in the league terrible and should not be re-signed but you think Britt who has the worst rating of any O-Lineman in the NFL the last 2 years is going to develop into a solid LG?

                • Ed

                  I am watching the same line. I’m just not making excuses for Okung like you are. He has shown no improvement in years. You gave him props for 49er game. One game. He will be looking north of 10 million. Britt just got moved and has shown promise and the ability to jump outside to pickup a blitzer. Plus, Britt is under contract. You can’t get better if you overpay average

                  • Trevor

                    Okung is a former pro bowler playing next to the worst LG in the NFL. I will take my chances with him over Britt any day. If it take $8- $10 mill to sign him that is a deal for a LT now.

                    Britt should flat out be cut. It does not matter if he is under contact if he cannot play. All last year people made excuses for him and said he would get better. Cable thought so much of him he switched him to replace him with a former tight end in Gilliam. I would guess unless there is an incredible turn around in his play that he will not be on the squad next year. If he is it will be as a backup for sure. If you can tell me one game he actually played well for an entire game then I will gladly go back and take a look at it.

        • onrsry

          If they sign Andre Smith this offseason,that would be a guaranteed improvement on the line.You will have 2 experienced and above average to good tackles. Tackles are hard to find.You can’t find a good tackle in the 1st round after 20th pick,it’s hard.

          Last offseason Big WR was a big need,in draft SEA had no chance for a big WR in the 1st round.They traded that 1st for Graham,and no one in the 1st round could’ve been more impactful than Jimmy Graham,no way.

          Now they should do a similar move,sign Andre Smith and maybe draft a C in the 1st round(or DT).

          More rookies on the OL will not solve the problems.They need veteran presence.Andre Smith could provide that and would be instant upgrade.

          Center is easier to find in the 2nd or 3rd round. Thus,1st round pick will be free to use depending on the value,DT,CB,RB,C or a G.

          Okung should be re-signed and they don’t need to sign Sweezy,they have Soko and Glowinski for that spot.Or maybe another veteran FA.Gilliam would be a great Swing tackle,they could let Bailey go.

  6. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I can pretty much say…. Seattle is not going to pick OL in 1st round….. not if they pick bottom of the first at least. I could easily see them go TE, RB or DL however. I think the RB value or DT/DE value would be about right. In all seriousness, I could see them trade back from their current 1st pick and pick up some picks in the 3-5 rounds. They have done this before (or flat trade the pick for a player)… so let’s not get too married to them having a 1st rounder in the 2016 draft.

    • RealRhino2

      …And that’s how you end up wasting picks on Terry Poole and Justin Britt and having one of the worst OL in football. Yay, another 4th round lineman! Perfect!

      We’re not trying to improve the practice squad, we’re trying to improve the TEAM.

      We need to quit messing around and just take the player. As Rob said in the podcast, if we just sit at #32 and try to move up 1-4 spots in the 2nd we are sitting here with Joel Bitonio and a Jarvis Landry or Allen Robinson on our team. And we’d be miles better than we are now. Like 7-0 or 6-1 better.

      What’s the point on adding 5th and 6th round picks if you are just going to throw them away on guys that can’t play?

      • Volume12

        In fairness, this team should be 5-1 or 6-0 without Bitonio and Landry or A-Rob.

        • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

          Giants were 8-8 when they beat the Randy Moss dominating 16-0 +2 Super Bowl Patriots team. There is no point V12 because every game in the NFL is special because they are the best of the best. Its exactly why Bill Bell Biv Devoe and Tom Brady kick Arse every Damn year! Lets get them this year!

          • Rob Staton

            I think the Giants were actually 10-6 that year and got hot in the post season.

            They won the Super Bowl again in 2011 after going 9-7.

            • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

              Damnit really? I thought so, if not I truly am a fool. Now I’m feeling sad and stupid. Maybe I should just Go away?

              • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

                Okay then they were 8-8 the first time they beat the Patriots, I know I’m right! Please I don’t want to be that DAMN crazy. Please Love help me!

          • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

            I totally should of spaced that last statement out a few lines. Frickle Me!!!

        • Rob Staton

          That’s the frustrating thing — because getting Bitonio at #32 was extremely possible and we talked about it a ton. They had a chance to get him. And they traded down for P-Rich instead in order to get several of their ‘guys’ later in the draft that haven’t really contributed at all.

          Landry is a little different because they would’ve had to trade up. But it would’ve taken moving up one spot. He went right before Seattle’s pick. Again, it would be easy to discuss Landry today and say, “why didn’t they go after him?”. But we talked about Landry so much too:


          And here’s another line from here: https://seahawksdraftblog.com/jarvis-landry-runs-a-4-58-at-lsu-pro-day

          “What he lacks in pure speed he makes up for in competitiveness, large (10 inches) reliable hands and excellent technique. He high points the ball superbly, makes improbable catches and has a little Donald Driver to his game.

          A 4.58 might not be enough to put him in the first round — but I doubt he’s getting out of the second.

          For me this is a similar situation to Joe Haden. He ran a 4.57 at the 2010 combine which at the time was a major surprise. Yet on tape he was so accomplished — there was never any real doubt he’d be a top NFL corner.

          Haden was drafted with the #7 pick by Cleveland and has since gone on to become one of the best corners in the league.

          Landry isn’t a burner either — and admittedly his vertical and broad jumps aren’t comparable to Haden’s (35 vertical, 10.5 broad). But the guy can play. There’s absolutely no doubt about it.

          And like Haden — I think he’ll go on to have a productive career.”

          Imagine Bitonio + Landry on this roster right now.

          • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

            The thing is Rob me M8, is that we have our boys and that’s that. I like the imagination but it don’t mean shite. Lets get um next time. I for one thought Stefon Diggs looked like the shite, but I am thankful We drafted Tyler instead !

          • Trevor

            Agree completely Rob but even better would have been Bitonio and Martavius Bryant who you also like and we would not have had to trade up for. He is exactly the type of receiver this team needs. I know he had the suspension (so did the RB Bell for the Steelers) but I think he would have thrived in the Seahawks environment. He is the premier deep threat in the league along with John Brown and one thing Russ does well is throw a nice deep ball.

            For me Bitonio and Bryant would have been the perfect top 2 picks in the 2014 draft and you were high on both. Kudos and big reason I love this blog

            • Rob Staton

              Don’t disagree on Bryant but I remain concerned about his attitude, personality. Landry is the personification of grit. The thing Seattle supposedly loved.

              • sdcoug

                I remember a real like (on this board) for Landry’s grit and competitiveness, but if I’m not mistaken there was a real concern for his speed and ability to separate at the next level.

                Not trying to be an a**, but if we cull through more of those comments, I’d think we’d find plenty expressing a real concern, so playing the revisionist history game now that he’s shown some success probably isn’t productive.

                Bitonio, however, is a legitimate gripe. I get the whole ‘let’s compile a ton of picks and have a greater chance on hitting’ theory, but as our roster has continued to fill out, I wish we’d be more inclined to take the obvious choice (e.g Bitonio) sitting in front of our nose

                • Rob Staton

                  People may have been concerned with his speed. It was unavoidable not to bring it up. For me though it made no difference — and it’s there in writing. I didn’t care about his forty. Always thought he would be a fantastic pick for somebody.

              • Trevor

                Landry certainly is exactly everything the Hawks look for character wise. Love his game. He would have been a great pick.

                I only pointed out Bryant because he would give the offense a different dimension and the Hawks would not have had to trade up to get him. The suspension is definitely a concern and you hi-lighted the concern about his maturity during the draft process. Would love to seem him with his head on straight in this offense though. Might not have high volume catches but I be the yards per catch would be tops in league

    • Ehurd1021

      With how horrible the O-line has looked I think its safe to say they go O-line twice in the first 4 rounds with 1 of those picks coming in the first round, even if in the bottom of the draft (hopefully.) Like others have said drafting O-lineman in later rounds becomes more about luck than scouting – which shows why Seattle keeps trying to convert D-lineman into O-lineman, there isn’t very much talent that just jumps off the screen and the value of pick is most likely horrible.

      I think the two pressing needs are without a doubt – and not a surprise to anyone here – is OC and OG. If they sign back Okung they need to begin to build the interior of the line. I don’t care what anyone says losing Carp hurt this team, just like losing Breno hurt the team two years ago. You cant continue to lose pieces like that and expect Seattle to keep pounding the ball, or even having a stable passing game.

      People really need to stop trying to compare the O-line situations to other teams around the league. Seattle doesn’t have a offense that gets the ball out in 2-3 seconds or do they rely on the short passing game. Having patch-work O-line can work for those teams, its not going to work with Seattle.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely Resign Okung, get a free agent vet Guard / Center and draft an OT in Rd # 1 and Center in Rd #3

  7. Old but Slow

    As I remember, it used to be said that it takes 3 years to train an offensive lineman to be a decent starter, and rookies that were ready to play were rare. Of course, that was in the days when starting linemen weighed in the 250-260 range (’60’s).

    For me, it is not good policy to give up on a young OL before they have had a chance to really grasp the position. My hope for the next off-season is the signing of 1 or 2 free agent vets to help develop the young players, and maybe keep 1 more player on the line, maybe instead of an extra skill player.

    • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

      No kidding Mr. Slow I agree that we need to let the line develop. Bye the way, Sir Purr said it was Cool!!! Ha ha

  8. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Don’t take me wrong “Old but Slow” I have an adament interpretation of you and I feel as though it is good with me. I apologize if I came off as excessive or aggressive, I meant nothing against you my fellow Seahawks Friend.

  9. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Okay guys! Check out a comedic video associated with the NFL and ” Sir Purr” I almost died laughing!


  10. Ed

    Trevor, couldn’t reply up above to your last comment about just cutting Britt and tell you a good game he played. You keep giving props to Okung for 49er game, Britt played just as well.

    Opening drive most runs came off of Britt and he handled his man.
    -14 yd for Lynch
    -4 and 1.
    -Lynch TD run

    On both Wilson Int, Lynch does a good job taking first man, then peeling off to pickup blitzer.

    Okung is not as good as you make him out to be and Britt is not as bad as you make him out to be.

    In the end, we will agree to disagree and hope the Hawks put a better Oline together

    • Ed

      Sorry, Britt does a good job, not Lynch.

      • Trevor

        If we all agreed there would be no point for a blog 🙂 I don’t think Okung is playing like a pro-bowl level but he has been average and has played at a pro-bowl level in the past. Britt has yet to play a complete quality game for 4 quaters in his NFL career and is the worst ranked starting O Lineman in the NFL the last 2 season. That is a fact. He has plays where he flashes some talent at Guard but many more whiffs and he just does not have the core strength to play the position IMO. I guess only time will tell. If he turns into a quality LG I will eat my words and give you props on seeing the talent.

  11. Volume12

    Rob, big fan of Arkansas RB Alex Collins, as are you. What do you make of people saying he’s a speedier back with power. Shouldn’t it be a power back with speed?

    I get that he’s shifty and elusive, but dude runs hard. Gets the tough yards up inside, pushes the pile, fights for extra yards. It leaves me scratching my head when some question his power. I see a RB tailor made for Seattle’s scheme.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he has a great balance to his game. Gets to top speed very quickly and is decisive with it — knows how to exploit an open lane and take advantage. Also doesn’t go down after contact and will make a couple of extra yards on a lot of plays. Can pretty much do it all up the middle. Not a million miles away from Chris Ivory.

      • Volume12

        That’s a great comp man. Chris Ivory is having a fantastic year, and I’d imagine we’d all love to have Chris Ivory on this roster.

        If you could get a younger, cost effective, higher ceiling/potential version of him, I’d say pull the trigger.

        Again, ‘Budda’ aka Alex Collins seems like a natural, match made in heaven for Seattle’s run game. But that’s just me.

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