College Football Saturday: Open thread

October 24th, 2015 | Written by Rob Staton

If you missed a career night for Paxton Lynch (QB, Memphis) last night, you’ll find some highlights above. Memphis defeated Tulsa 66-42 to remain undefeated. Lynch’s stock just continues to rise and rise. He threw four touchdowns and no picks — collecting 447 yards. Look at some of the throws above. Pro teams are going to love Paxton Lynch.

Here’s this week’s open thread. Whether you want to discuss a game or a prospect, here’s the place to do it.

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  1. Bryan C says:

    Do you see Paxton Lynch going #1 overall to a team like Chicago? He seems like a great match for the Bears and with all the releases and trades the Bears have made, I can see them getting aggressive to get Paxton Lynch.

    • bigDhawk says:

      I don’t see a better QB prospect in this coming draft. Goff and Cook are over-rated. A guy like Doughty from W. Kentucky is intriguing. But Lynch just ticks all the NFL boxes.

      And did you see 6-4, 220 Sr Tulsa WR Keyarris Garrett? Lynch was the headline last night but Garrett made news himself. I’ve put that guy on my watch list.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I can see a team convincing themselves on Lynch. If the team picking first badly needs a QB they could consider it.

      • bigDhawk says:

        Blake Bortles was a second overall pick and Lynch looks like a better QB. So it is certainly possible.

      • CharlietheUnicorn says:

        There is always a desperate QB needy team picking high in the draft. The Jake Locker pick, a few years ago, was an example, he was more a lower 1st round or even high second round guy, but the Titans took him at #8.

        I honestly do not know why there is such a fascination with “over” drafting QBs in the 1st round. Seattle nailed it with a later round pick, I’m not sure why more teams don’t approach the draft in a similar manner.

        • Bryan C says:

          Because it is almost impossible to nail a later pick on a QB in the current NFL. Tom Brady 6th rounder. Russell Wilson 3rd Rounder. Find more Top 5-10 QB taken in those ranges. Most taken in Round 1-2 don’t succeed and those taken even later have much lesser chances.

          • nichansen01 says:

            Tony Romo was undrafted… Remember that. Considered top 10 last year.

            • AlaskaHawk says:

              Romo is costing the team 120 million, he is certainly a rags to riches story. It is exciting to have this undrafted free agent single handedlyblead Fallas to the Super Bowl, I feel like it is all a dream….

              No matter what happens he will Always be better then Wheeden.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

            The amount of draft capitol, wasted, on the QB position in the NFL is astonishing. How many of these teams would rather have the BPA than the QB they picked in the 1st round. I support building up the rest of the team, then finding a solid QB…. unless you have a great pick fall into your lap *looking at Colts and Manning/Luck picks or Broncos with Elway*.

  2. bigDhawk says:

    Watching Coleman in the Iowa St v Baylor game. Just made grown man TD catch in the driving rain of Waco. He is Anquon Boldin in a spread offense.

  3. bigDhawk says:

    Not sure what possessed Baylor to play McGowan at TE/HB. For a guy that can move so well at over 400# he would an absolutely dominant guard or NT. As he is currently being utilized he is just a novelty. He could be so much more. Surely NFL teams will try to convert him to somewhere on the LoS.

    • Volume12 says:

      LOL. I like him where he is. He’s so athletic for his size. Now, with that being said, he does need to lose 20-30 lbs.

      • Volume12 says:

        bigD, I’m not laughing at you. I actually look forwatd to your posts and our weekly CFB debates/discussions. I laugh because of McGowan. This dude cracks me up. It’s entertaining and just plain funny that a 400 lb. man ca move and do the things he does.

        His bakstory is like something straight out of the ‘blindside’ movie.

        • bigDhawk says:

          No worries. But seriously, don’t you think this guy has the chops to be a legit top 20 guard or NT, if he can tip the scales south of 400 like you said?

          • CharlietheUnicorn says:

            His knees would be the main concern imo. When you carry 4 bills, your joints are going to take a pounding. He is a nice story, but he won’t be in the NFL long, even if he makes it.

          • Volume12 says:

            No, I think he’s what you said he is. A novelty guy or a weapon to use off your bench.

    • oz says:

      Brock put him on Pete’s radar.

      • Bryan C says:

        I have no doubt Pete and especially JS know all about him. There are very few players JS and the scouting department don’t know about.

  4. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Did Shon Coleman line up as a WR in trips right before that run TD?

    • Volume12 says:

      Is Auburn playing right now?

      • bigDhawk says:

        Yeah, vs Arkansas on SEC network and watchESPN.

        • Volume12 says:

          I saw that. I don’t get SEC network.

          Arkansas RB Alex Collins looking ‘studly’ today.

          • bigDhawk says:

            Collins will be a Dallas Cowgirl. You heard it here first.

            Try using watchESPN.. If your media vendor is supported just use your account log-on to watch the game on ESPN. It’s pretty slick. That’s how I’m watching right now (at work…shhhh…)

            • Volume12 says:

              Maybe. Wouldn’t shock me to see ‘Zeke’ Elliott or Derrick Henry in Dallas either. I get the ‘Jerruh’ Jones and Collins Arkansas connection however.

              Still like RB’s Devontae Booker, Alex Collins, CJ Prosise, Paul Perkins, and possibly Kenneth Dixon as Seahawk targets.

              • red says:

                If Seattle looking for value day 3 RB I like Jonathan Williams SR Arkansas 1100 yards as JR 5’11 220 . Torn left foot not sure if he gets another year. If his medicals check out might be a nice find I like Dixon as 3RD back great hands out of the backfield.

    • bigDhawk says:

      Coleman is straight ballin right now on a strong 4th Q Auburn TD drive. He’s a really good looking tackle. If his medical history causes him to slide I don’t see how we could pass on him. Otherwise he looks like a top 5 pick.

  5. bigDhawk says:

    Oakman looks great making sacks when he is unblocked…and invisible the rest of the time.

  6. Volume12 says:

    bigD, Seattle scouted that Tulsa vs Memphis game last night. WR Keyarris Garrett surely caught their eye.

    • Volume12 says:

      Tulsa DL Derrick Alexander has some David King, DeMarcus Dobbs to his game. He’s an intriguing guy.

      Memphis CB Boise Ross and their WR Tevin Jones I think also caught my eye.

    • bigDhawk says:

      Interesting. Garrett picked a great night to have a career game. Also don’t be surprised if Seattle is legitimately interested in Lynch. He looks a lot like Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart from the USC glory days. Always compete.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        I’m sure they’re interested, but he’s a high R1 pick. Maybe the first pick, depending on which team is there.

        • bigDhawk says:

          That’s certainly possible, but we’ll see. Just a few weeks ago no one had heard of him. And it’s no guarantee that we will be picking late in the first round this year, either. If a little helium leaks out of his balloon before the draft we may actually be in a position to draft him. Hopefully not, though.

          • CHawk Talker Eric says:

            I was highly impressed by Paxton’s post game interview. Not only is his demeanor likable, it’s obvious he’s the unquestioned leader of that team, loved and respected by his teammates.

  7. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    We got a good ‘un in Fayetteville, Arkansas today!

    • bigDhawk says:

      Bonus Coleman coverage. Lovin’ it.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        We’re down to an offensive slugfest

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          What a play call by Ark on 4th and 2.

          • bigDhawk says:

            Heckuva game regardless of the outcome. And heckuva a performance by Coleman. He sure would look good at either tackle spot for us.

            • CHawk Talker Eric says:

              Coleman is without question my true #1 prospect for SEA in this draft.

              • Volume12 says:

                I’d have to agree about Coleman. And it’s not just his medical history that could cause him to slide. His age too. I think he’s 24 already. Don’t bother me none, but it might for some NFL teams.

                Auburn OL Avery Young is a good looking NFL prospect too. Younger brother of Willie Young.

          • CHawk Talker Eric says:

            I won’t lie. That was a disappointing ending.

  8. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    V12 Ngakuoe making noise today vs Penn St.!

  9. bigDhawk says:

    Think I’ll watch Striker against that Texas Tech offense next.

  10. bigDhawk says:

    Anyone watch all 6’7″ of Penn State DE Carl Nassib and think he would make a great TE? He is not a particularly explosive edge rusher and just looks out of place. Maybe he has spatulas for hands. But he sure has the body type of a Gronk-like TE.

  11. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Refs missed infractions on back to back plays – defensive pass interference on TENN, intentional grounding on Bama.

    • bigDhawk says:

      Must be PAC12 officials.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:


        • Volume12 says:

          QB Josh Dobbs is intetesting. Could be a good developmental guy.

          Wazzu WR Gabe Marks looks like Doug Baldwin 2.0

          • CHawk Talker Eric says:

            Dobbs is very interesting.

            BTW, PFF included Joe Dahl in their weekly CFB dream team writeup:

            Joe Dahl, Washington State, +12.2 pass blocker

            A change among the tackles, Dahl gets the nod this week for his outstanding work in pass protection. His +12.2 pass blocking grade leads the nation, just as he did last year a+21.0. He’s surrendered only 12 pressures on 364 snaps in protection, and ha been solid in the run game at +2.6.

  12. Trevor says:

    Corey Coleman has been getting alot of love on here from Vol12 et all. So I thought I would watch some of his tape. That kid can flat out play. I know his numbers will be discounted because of the system but he is a beast.

    I don’t think think Hawks will go WR early but as of right now he sits on my top 5 favorite prospects to become a Seahawk.

    Top 5 Wish List
    #1 Shon Coleman (OT)
    #2 Eric Striker (Edge)
    #3 Sua Cravens (Safety)
    #4 TreDavious White (DB)
    #5 Corey Coleman (WR)

    If we could somehow get two of these guys in this draft I would be over the moon happy.

    Love Paxton Lynch but we have too much $ tied up in Russ to consider a guy like him unfortunately.

  13. Trevor says:

    I have to say I know the Texas alum seem to hate Charlie Strong. But I think he has done one of the best jobs in college F-Ball this year getting Texas back on track to beat Oak and K St. If they give him a shot I think he has them back to elite level in 2 years.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      As Barkley used to say…He is turrible. You are in Texas and can’t even get the top recruits in your own state. He will be gone after this season. Texas should be a much better program than what they have displayed the last few season.

      • Trevor says:

        Disagree. Mack Brown left that program bare. I think it is one of the worst head coaching jobs in CFB with that Alum.

        • Alex H says:

          It’s a job that has as much politics as any CFB job in the country. People who don’t know how to navigate that place will get swallowed up.

          At the same time, it’s the job with as much resource as any job in the country. It’s perhaps only rivaled by USC in terms of easiness to recruit (Florida has UF, FSU, Miami all dipping in).

  14. Trevor says:

    Also at WR Thomas from OSU just looks like a prototype WR for the NFL (size, speed, body type and hands) I would love to see what he would do in a better pass offense. I am still waiting for OSU to turn on the switch. Maybe the change at QB will give them a spark.

    • Volume12 says:

      That’s a nice list you got going Trev. Even if they could get one of those guys.

      I think they gotta leave this draft with 3 homeruns. And 2-3 depth or rotational guys.

      • Trevor says:

        Yeah one would be nice and two would be a dream scenario. Striker and Cravens don’t really have a set position at the next level so could fall a little who knows.

        Getting Coleman is the key though. Resign Okung and put him at RT and we are set at tackle for the next 5 years.

  15. Volume12 says:

    Seattle scouts at that Penn St vs Maryland game.

    Ngakoue, DTs Austin Johnson and Anthony Zettel,Penn St DBs Jordan Lewid and Trevor Williams, Carl Nassib, Maryland CB Sean Davis. Some interesting names.

    By the way, Texas Tech OT Le’Raven Clark is a stud man. He’s really growing on me and has landed on my radar.

    • Trevor says:

      Ngakoue jsut looks like a Seahawks Leo doesn’t he.

      • Volume12 says:

        Yes he does. It’s why I posted his highlight clip. I was hoping ya’ll would enjoy it and see what I saw. Man-handles Brandon Scherff, and his speed rush was no match for Jack Conklin and Taylor Decker.

        FWIW, I’ve tracked (Davis Hsu has) Seattle scouts to 2 Maryland games this year.

  16. Volume12 says:

    Tulsa WR Keyarris Garrett last night: 13 rec., 268 yds, 3 TDs. Wow!

    Is Clemson DE Shaq Lawson too big for the SAM/OTTO role in Seattle?

    • Volume12 says:

      I like this DJ White cat. CB from Georgia Tech. 5’11, 185 lbs., plays bigger, consistently makes big plays, lines up on the outside, plays the run well. Very underrated IMO.

      • bigDhawk says:

        #96 Georgia Tech Sr DT Adam Gotsis looks like a stud. 6-5, 280 with 4% body fat apparently. He’s tearing stuff up against FSU right now. And Garrett stole a bit of the Paxton Lynch show last night.

        • Volume12 says:

          Gotsis is freaky man. Former rugby player, from Austrilia, his role model is Jesse ‘monstar’ Williams, only been playing football for 5 years or so. Sounds ‘Seahawky’ don’t he?

          Seattle has scouted Georgia Tech once for sure this year, possibly twice.

          • Volume12 says:

            IMO he could fill that Tony McD role and some, combined with unlimited potential.

            • Volume12 says:

              Ooh wee. I’m crushing on Gotsis man. Dude’s length is unreal. He’s chasing plays to the sideline, and look at that build. Those shoulders and arms look like they belong on a LB.

              • bigDhawk says:

                He’s got a little Justin Smith studliness goin’ on. Quite a specimen.

                • Volume12 says:

                  Ohh, that’s a good comp dude. Less re-fined, but that type of potential and D-lineman skill set.

                • nichansen01 says:

                  Where’s he projected to go? Late third round? Similar player to Henry Anderson?

                  • Volume12 says:

                    Yup. 3rd-4th round kind of guy. He’s very raw, but a guy who should be very SPARQy.

                    Anderson ain’t a bad comp either. Not as big or good fundamentally, but kinda. Think Cam Jordan with some Justin Smith.

                  • bigDhawk says:

                    I was not high on Anderson last year. And I think the only reason he is having any success in the NFL is because the rest of the Colts defense is so horrendous he is actually good by comparison. Just with the eye test, Gotsis is much more of a physical specimen than Anderson.

                  • Volume12 says:

                    Agreed, and probably a better athlete.

                    Gotsis will go right in the range Seattle likes to target their DTs.

    • cover-2 says:

      I’m a fan of Shaq Lawson…like someone else here said here a few weeks ago “he reminds me of Frank Clark”. If NFL teams see Lawson as a similar comp to Clark then he will be drafted in the 1st round. But to answer your question I don’t see him as a strong side LB on a 4-3 defense. I could see some teams projecting him to an outside LB on a 3-4 defense.

  17. AlaskaHawk says:

    I just found the Seahawks next smerf wide receiver, Utah’s Covey. Booker and QB Travis also playing well.

    • bigDhawk says:

      We are lacking that small, shifty white-guy slot receiver.

      • Volume12 says:

        bigD, your from Texas or Dallas right?

        • bigDhawk says:

          The ‘bigD’ is a reference to to my geographical location in Dallas, and not some napoleonic, inflated self view, lol.

          And yes, I get exposed to Cole Beasley weekly. And before that Wes Welker at Texas Tech.

          • Volume12 says:

            No, no, no. I was asking, because I Keyarris Garrett is from Daingerfield, Texas or something like that. Where the hell is that located at?

            • bigDhawk says:

              I have no idea. Had to google it. Looks like that’s way out in the northeast corner of the state near Texarkana. Nothing out there.

              • Volume12 says:

                Isn’t texarkana like a crazy violent city? Thought I heard that when I was digging up info on a prospect a year or so ago.

                • bigDhawk says:

                  Not to my knowledge. You may be thinking of El Paso, which is on the border with Mexico and a major drug trafficking hub. Extremely violent by first world standards. Texarkana is on the exact opposite end of the state – half in Texas, half in Arkansas, hence the name.

                  • Volume12 says:

                    Maybe I am.

                    I was just curious as to where Daingerfield was. Never heard of it and so many prospects and pros are from the state of Texas.

                  • David M2 says:

                    I hope the Hawks try and get McCaffery from Stanford next year if he declares for the draft. I wrote more about him below, but he certainly looks like he could translate to the slot at the next level and his bloodlines are sick.

                    Btw, bigD if there is a LEO in this draft that is extremely violent by third world standards, (on the field and until the whistle blows only of course) should we pick him?

      • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

        I Love Julian Edelman he’s my favorite non Seahawks player!

  18. bigDhawk says:

    USC is handling Utah right now. Uber-freshman USC ILB Cameron Smith with two picks, one for 6.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      Sadly, Sarkisian started to build up a powerhouse team (via recruiting) but won’t get to see the fruits of his labors, due to personal “issues”. They do indeed look good.

  19. bigDhawk says:

    Any thoughts on Tunsil’s return to Ole Miss? He gave up a sack early that I saw but looks as advertised otherwise. Tunsil and Coleman are the cream of this year’s tackle crop.

  20. Volume12 says:

    Another crazy a** finish! Georgia Tech blocks and runs back the FG for a TD. 2 weeks in a row we’ve been treated to some ‘anything is possible’ ish as Kevin Garnett and Lonely Island would say.


  21. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    What a finish to FSU@GT!

  22. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Is it me, or does it seem like A&M@Ole Miss has been going on all day?

    Also, I starting to think Sumlin is a better recruiter than a coach.

    • Matt says:

      A&M’s offense was completely inept all night. There’s a lot of talent on that side of the ball. Was thinking the same thing about Sumlin while watching. Garrett and Mack look like big time DL prospects.

  23. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Gaskin has impressed me each time I’ve watched a UW game this year (3 total). His lateral agility is astounding.

    • Matt says:

      Agreed. Gaskin is superb at using his blockers as well. Udub is incredibly young. By 2017 Peterson will have them looking real good.

    • David M2 says:

      It’s going to be fun seeing McCaffrey when he’s eventually playing on Sundays. He just stands out and looks technically very sound. Kid has some serious bloodlines.

      Is he going to translate to the slot on the next level, or will he be used primarily in the backfield, or all over like Harvin was supposed to be?

      Did you see Gaskin from UW go Beast Mode and bulldoze that safety?

      The kid is shifty, cuts on a dime and looks quick and fast.

      The Husky D is one to keep an eye on as well there’s a lot of talent in there. With as many key players as they lost last year to the draft this defense is playing at a high level and spends a lot of time on the field. They’ve kept UW in pretty much every game this year with some offensive play that has been sporadic outside of the running game, but it’s a young offense with freshman QB’s.

  24. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Azeem Victor reminds me of Kam.

    • David M2 says:

      I think he’s one to keep an eye on. He looks long and bends well and speed off the edge. Listed at 6’3″ #240. Would he be a LEO type?

  25. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    So watching Ole Miss tonight…

    Laremy Tunsil’s pretty much as advertised. He has to be the top OT in the draft.

    But, and maybe it’s just because this was his first game of the season, he seemed to mail it in every now and then, especially in the 4th (admittedly when the game was well won).

    In comparison, I’ve yet to see a play where Coleman isn’t the furthest OL downfield on a run or still pushing his opponent around even after the pass is thrown.

    Anyway, the better Tunsil plays, the more attention he’ll take away from Coleman, but it’s hard to see a scenario where by draft day, Coleman doesn’t rise out of SEA’s reach on team draft boards around the League.

  26. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Nice TD scramble by Carta-Samuels

    • oz says:

      Wow! Seattle should just draft all of the seniors on Stanford’s O-Line. They all look good. Murphy,Garnnett and Shuler.

      • Volume12 says:

        Seattle has scouted this Stanford team. C Graham Shuler caught my eye too. I saw him leading the troops before the game getting them fired up. He’s a leader, obviously something that’s needed in a C and Nowak doesn’t have those traits it woyld appear.

  27. Wall UP says:

    The Coleman/Seahawk connection in the 1st Rd is a hope for all it seems. The recent rededicated focus of the Hawks this past week will probably keep them out of the Coleman sweepstakes. An optimist would have the Hawks finishing @ the 29-31 pick range. With the film Coleman keeps producing, he probably lands in the top 10 or 15. I’m sure the Rams have him on their radar with his presentation of the Greg Robinson draft selection. So, what happens if he’s not there when it’s time to pick?

    Yes, it’s a futile attempt to forecast the 1st Rd, even more so the remaining allotted picks of the draft. But, isn’t it fun to see how close you come to the real selections? I got (3) last year, but not @ the order of drafted slots. Lockett @ 67 (T 63 for 67 & 177), Clark (93) and Glow @ 130. The big debate was would Clark be there @ 93 or later? At any rate, they made the right choices.

    I know it’s early but, there are always revisions until the final slot is identified.

    • nichansen01 says:

      I don’t see home going in the first round of some big boards… His health will be a concern of many teams, it might be enough for them to take him off of their boards entirely. I can easily see him slipping to the end of the first round, maybe requiring a slight trade up.

    • Wall UP says:

      This is the pessimistic view of the 29-31 range losing the championship game @ the 29th slot.

      (29) Adolphus Washington DT
      (61) Jerald Hawkins OT
      (93) Jalen Mills CB (Option B Eric Striker LB)
      (99) Yannick Ngakoue DE (Option B Brandon Facyson CB if Jalen is gone)
      (129) Jack Allen C
      (179) Hassan Ridgeway DT (Option B Josh Augusta DT)
      (208) Bronson Kaufusi DE convert to TE
      (220) Brian Poole SDB
      (250) WR
      (256) RB

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      A lot of it will come down to how other OTs fare between now and the Combine.

      Laremy Tunsil and Taylor Decker will probably be the first 2 OTs taken. Then there’s Jack Conklin, Jason Spriggs and Kyle Murphy. And other OLs like Vandal Alexander could sneak into the mix.

      There have been 5 OLs taken in R1 the last 2 years. Last year the last OL was taken at 24 (ARI – DJ Humphries). The year before it was 19 (MIA – Ja’Wuan James). So, it’s possible.

      • Wall UP says:

        Conklin & Spriggs and Murphy are RTs @ the next level. They need a LT/RT for future LT that will spell Okung when he gets injured, and for the future. Coleman is ideal. If the Rams pick him, which I think they will, what’ next?

      • onrsry says:

        What if SEA signs Andre Smith from Bengals(they have Ogbuehi & Fisher),draft C in the first round,get rid of Alvin Bailey, Gilliam taking his role,swing OT. Sokoli and Glow can compete for RG spot.And should extend Okung of course.

        Okung , Britt , Center 1st round , Glowinski , Andre Smith

        -Garry Gilliam swing OT,he can backup both tackle spots(probably better than Bailey).
        -Sokoli C/G backup.
        -Nowak or Lewis for C backup.
        -Maybe a vet sign for RG,could be starter.(Boone or Chris Chester maybe)

        Would be good depth and good tackles on both side.

        • AlaskaHawk says:

          The only good thing about the offensive line is that they will continue to improve from bad to acceptable as the season progresses. I do hope the Seahawks will get serious about retooling in the off season. I also hope they will change their coaching methods enough that the offense will come out with a good offense in game 1 instead of game 6. Only time will tell, if Seahawks follow their usual pattern they will surprise us.

          • Volume12 says:

            Offensive line has never been such a dire need before. You think JS likes seeing RW get killed every game?

            It will be addressed. 2 rookies/draft picks, 1 veteran FA signing, and a UDFA.

          • AlaskaHawk says:

            What I would consider a serious attempt to improve the offensive line through drafting is to pick
            1-left tackle
            2- right tackle
            4-5 center
            UDFA -2-4 try outs.

            I’m only counting players who have played those positions in college and not defensive projects. If you add in the players the Seahawks are training this year, minus Okung who will probably not be there next year- they would have the makings of a good offensive line with backups.

        • Wall UP says:

          Value for center in Rd 1 not a good value pick. 3rd & 4th Rds you get your Good starting center.

          Andre Smith stays on the R side. They need someone to spell Okung at times and eventually man that position.

          Jerald Hawkins 6-6 307 LSU LT can do that. He’s help pave the way for Fournette. He started all 13 games @ RT last year. He’s doing well @ LT this year. Get him to play RT 2-3yrs with Okung @ LT until he’s adjusted to the speed of the NFL.

  28. AlaskaHawk says:

    It’s nice to see Gore playing for the Colts. I’m glad he still has a career and escaped Santa clara for a team in the other division.

  29. Volume12 says:

    Keep an eye on ND St’s LT Joe Haeg. He ticks almost every box that TC likes. Former hockey player too. And is said to have some of the best movement skills in this class. Long, lean, and nasty.

    He’s never graded out lower than 90% technique wise during a game and is always up around 100% for finishing blocks.

    Haeg will available in the late 1st and late 2nd probably too. Got a big draft crush on this dude.

    • WALL UP says:

      You should get over that crush @ 1st & 2nd value. Tape “D.L.”

      Check out leg whip @ 1st play.

      • Volume12 says:

        Huh? What do you mean?

      • WALL UP says:

        Compare : I have Jerald Hawkins Rd 2 for Hawks. Take a peak @ Coleman too.

        • Volume12 says:

          I’m as big of a fan of Shon Coleman as the next guy and was on the hype train after week 1when they played L’ville.

          Hawkins ain’t bad. Not sure he’s any more of a LT than Spriggs or Murphy.

          I like Haeg and think he’ll be a guy that rises come combine time. His stock is trending up currently anyways.

          • Wall UP says:

            The long arms and strength accompanied with being a dancing bear, separates him from those you alluded to. I see Haeg not as agile with his feet. Tape shows that on the 1st play when he got caught reaching then used his feet to try to leg the rusher. Few plays later his man got to the QB.

            I see him as 4-5Rd pick as a RG if he puts on 15-20 lbs. Max was a 6-5 305 LT for Oregon, played RG before he switched to center. Perhaps Haeg can follow that route. No offense, I just see him missing and reaching too much. We’re still good. Who do you see if Coleman isn’t there at Rd1?

            • Volume12 says:

              I saw a dude firing off the snap, combo blocks, quickly gets to the 2nd level, turns his man in the hole, at 12:10 he’s out in front of his RB.

              Sure his man gets to the QB, every OT gives up sacks and pressures. He’s raw sure, but draftscout has him at no. 6 and trending up. When Seattle scouts ND St., I’ll bet it’s for the O-line, that’s what their known for. Punishing run blockers.

              That’s just my opinion.

              If Coleman ain’t there, I see Germain Ifedi, Jason Spriggs, Ronnie Stanley too. I think they re-sign Okung and draft a LT then put him at RT.

              • Wall UP says:

                Stanley is rated 1Rd way before 29. I was thinking Rd2 (61). Hawkins could be there. Those that were also mentioned are projected on the right side.

                I guess we’ll see come this spring.

                • Volume12 says:

                  Stanley is way overrated. He’s more of a late 1st kind of guy. But, I think his upside and athleticism could appeal to Seattle. Former basketball player, with an interesting upbringing.

                  There’s not many LTs in this class man. That’s why I think they hold onto Okung and take a guy that plays LT in college, but will be more of a RT.

                  Texas Tech’s OT Le’Raven Clark is intriguing too. I forgot to mention him.

              • Volume12 says:

                Do I think Haeg is a 1st or 2nd rounder rigjt now? No. Do I think he can climb into that range with a good combine and senior bowl? Absolutely.

                I also like some of these mid round guys too. W. Michigan’s Willie Beavers, Boise St’s Rees Odhiambo, Mizzou’s Connor McGovern, guys like that.

                • Volume12 says:

                  Richmond’s Nick Richter, Memphis’s Ryan Mack, Tulsa’s Garrett Stafford, Auburn’s Avery Young are more mid-late rounders too.

        • Volume12 says:

          And? It’s one play. Technique can be taught my man.

          • Wall UP says:

            That is why the value is more mid-round. 1-2Rd pick that capability. His arm strength seems to need work at his hand fights. Those with longer arms can latch on ride them. I didn’t see this with Haeg.

            • Volume12 says:

              I get that. We are talking about a team that converts D-lineman over to the offensive line. Cable has to teach any one he takes as is. They want athletic run blockers first and foremost.

              I truly believe that Tom Cable enjoys coaching these guys up. They’ll take prospects that are raw if they exhibit the athleicism, toughness, and mobility.

              • Wall UP says:

                Why add to the list of projects when you can build on natural talent @ the blind side. I think the kids got it. What impressed me most is that he thinks so too as that interview shows. Film “Don’t Lie” either.

                • Volume12 says:

                  Natural talent at the LT position is hard to find if you don’t have a top 10-20 pick.

                  Why add to the list of projects? We’d have to ask Tom Cable that question.

                  • Wall UP says:

                    Okung was a 1st Rd pick that was available. I think they will take Coleman in the 1st if he’s available. And they will take Hawkins in the 2nd Rd for the same reasons, that’s natural talent.

                  • Volume12 says:

                    Okung was a top 10 pick.

                • oz says:

                  Been watching film on Haeg. Got to say I like him a lot. Good strength and arm length to go along with quickness and speed to get to the second level. Sets and redirects nicely. head on a swivel and able to protect his legs. whats not to like? He will be a riser come draft day.

  30. Volume12 says:

    CHAWK, how did Auburn RB Peyton Barber look yesterday? I know he’s just a R-SO.,but he’s exciting and should at least be on the 2017 RB watch list.

    And Arkansas’s OL Sebastian Tretola. Notice him at all?

  31. nichansen01 says:

    Such a weird season. What ever happened to parity in the NFL? So many teams undefeated, so many teams struggling. Texans and Dolphins don’t look like they belong in the same league at all.

  32. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

    Stefon Diggs with another 100+ game for Vikings and Todd Gurley is transitioning very well 120+ for him again. I still like our boys better. I’m sure you guys look up Walter football mock draft. For 2017 right now they have Nick Chubb going #20 and leonard Fornette going #27.

    • John_s says:

      Diggs is going to end up being a steal. I loved him before the draft.

      A couple of WR’s to keep an eye on if they declare. Demarcus Robinson UFlorida and Corey Davis W Michigan

      • Volume12 says:

        I like Corey Davis.

        Tulsa’s WR Keyarris Garrett is a man amongst boys. He’s worth monitoring.

        • John_s says:

          I will have to keep an eye out for him

          • Volume12 says:

            Florida WR DeMarcus Robinson is a playmaker too though. He almost turns into a RB when the ball’s in his hands.

            Cal WR Stephen Anderson-6’3,220 lbs. intrigues me as well. He’s playing TE for Cal, but is more of a receiver at the next level. Not a huge stat guy, but a unique body type and one of the best run blocking receivers in the country. Former walk-on so you know his work ethic is through the roof.

  33. Wall UP says:

    Giants secondary not too good.

    • Wall UP says:

      Would be interesting to see Ratliff as a Hawk going into D stadium. No need to motivate him. I still think help on the DL wouldn’t hurt, especially against their OL.

  34. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

    So what about Taylor Decker at LT and Joe Dahl in 2nd or 3rd for RT? Spend Okungs $ on a good veteran LG, have Glow or Britt at RG if Sweezy leaves. See How Nowac progresses ?

    • WALL UP says:

      Decker has played well for the Buckeyes in 2015, but is better as a run blocker than in pass protection. Like Michigan State’s Jack Conklin, sources feel that Decker would be a better right tackle in the NFL.

      Joe Dahl 6-4 303 is like Haeg, a G/C prospect.

      I’d like the local prospect as much as all of you. Hey, I’m pulling for Daeshon Hall to be Hawk if they miss on Yannick Ngakoue.

      Shouldn’t the focus be on, not just ‘local’ talent? Eventually, the other talent will be ‘local’.

  35. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

    Shon Coleman or Decker. You guys close on Decker to Coleman?

  36. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

    Volume12 who is the best big boddied run stuffing DT we have a shot at to replace Mebane? He’s probably a cap casualty next year, or he takes a cut

    • Wall UP says:

      Bane will be back. That’s why they chose not to take on another OL FA. Because, they valued their own. Mebane is a vital clog in the defense. He’s not going anywhere. Besides, NT/DT is not the strongest value in this year’s draft. I have Ridgeway & Augusta in the 5/6Rd as value for that slot.

      Still waiting for list..

    • Volume12 says:

      I think ‘Bane or Rubin stays.

      One guy I really like is Penn St’s DT Austin Johnson-6’3-6’4, 320-325 lbs., but plays much lighter. He’s only a jr., but will graduate this December so he may declare.

  37. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

    A lot of what I’ve read is that Tunsil is considered to be the best LT prospect, but we all know it’s always a gamble.

  38. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

    Jack Conklin- Michigan St. Tackle fits the line as well. Anyone seen Jack play?

    • WALL UP says:

      Like Michigan State’s Jack Conklin, sources feel that Decker would be a better right tackle in the NFL, even LG/RG.

      • Volume12 says:

        It all depends on scheme and what team takes them. It’s not a foregone conclusion that these guys can only play where certain scouts see them.

  39. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

    Arian Foster tore his ACL as the Texans got it handed to them by the Jaguars in London Town. I feel sorry for their fans what a disaster. Lions fans Are used to it. Trade Wilson for Watt draft Paxton Lynch. Ha ha all aboard the crazy train! I can hear that whistle a blowing!

  40. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

    Correction-Texans played the Dolphins oopsy.

  41. RealRhino2 says:

    If we are going to try to start a rookie at OL I’d be fine if it were at RT, and that seems to deep in this year’s draft. Depending on his health the guy I’d feel best about keeping as a FA is Okung. Sweezy is JAG, jury is still way out on Nowak and Britt. Keep one of those two, add a vet inside, go grab one of Coleman/Decker/Conklin/Ifedi/Haeg to play the right side. Should be 1-2 of those guys avail. if we pick late 1st.

    Why do few of the draft prep sites have info on Coleman? Is he not expected to declare?

    • Volume12 says:

      Could be that. But he’s been enrolled at Auburn since 2010. It has to be his medical background and age. I can’t see what else it would be. He’s a fantastic prospect.

  42. Trevor says:

    As expected Todd Gurley is a beast. What he showed in college is really translating to the NFL and why most of us were praying we could get him as Beast Mode 2.0.

    Hate to say this but the Rams now have the most dynamic rusher in the division and look alot like we did the year before we got Wilson. A great defense and solid run game. If the get a play maker at QB I think it is them we have to worry about the next couple of years not the Cardinals.

  43. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

    I think it’s because of going through the cancer that some teams are wary of Coleman. Makes me like the guy even more.

    I know for the right price we should keep Okung
    Sigh, I guess.

    Hope he stays real healthy!

    • Volume12 says:

      Hey, you asked me about DTs up above. IMO Seattle is going to target guys with more length and versatility. Those big ol’ 2 down DTs are always around late in the draft or UDFA.

      Think Tony McDaniel’s, Dominique Easley’s, Justin Smith’s, Darnell Dockett’s, Greg Scruggs body types.

      • Volume12 says:

        I also like UCLA DT Kenny Clark and L’ville DT Sheldon Rankins as Mebane or Jordan Hill types.

        • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

          I mentioned this earlier on a column but in a dream Pete Carroll told me DT round 1, so that’s why I was asking. Two most important areas to improve upon. 1. getting pressure on opposing quarterbacks. 2. Giving Russell some Damn time to throw the ball.

  44. Trevor says:

    Whenever I watch USC they just seem to have superior athletes to everyone else. Does any team look better getting off the bus? That team has so much pro talent it is scary. Sark really dropped the ball there because talent wise they are stacked.

    I will go on record here now! No matter how this year plays out I truly hope that the Hawks trade Chancellor this off season. I blame most of this disaster start on his bogus hold out and the chaos it caused.

    I really hope they can get a 1st rounder or high second rounder and use that pick on Sua Cravens to replace him. I think he would be an ideal SS in our scheme.

  45. Trevor says:

    I we could get Shon Coleman in Rd #1 to sure up our OL then re-sign Okung and pick up a Veteran Guard like Mathis and Center like Wisnewski our OL would be real solid and likely a strength.

    2016 Dream OL

    RG -Glowinski
    RT – Shon Coleman


    • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

      That looks real dreamy indeed Trevor, I would be stoked! How old is the major drop off for O-line because Mathis is 34 years old I believe.

      • Trevor says:

        I think Mathis has 2 good years left he was a late bloomer and stays in great shape. I was praying the Hawks were going to figure out a way to sign him this off season.

        He would give time for guys like Sokoli to develop and is an ideal ZBS guard.

        • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

          I read that Decker is in a Zone scheme in Ohio st. Have to do more research on the other Right Tackle hopefulls

    • Ed says:

      Mathis and Wis could have signed with the Hawks last year, but didn’t. What makes you think they will next season? Don’t really like your entire left side. Wis is not an athlete and is adequate, Mathis is real old and hasn’t been very good in Denver and Okung has digressed for the last few years, so why keep him.

      LT Beachum (Pit)
      RG Brooks (Hou)

      Are 2 OL FA that are good and shouldn’t break the bank

      • Trevor says:

        They did not sign because we had no cap space and Cable thought he could work with group. If you remember he said he thought it was his best group since he has been in Sea. He was wrong and there was obvious interest from both sides as both came for a visit here.

        You think Beachum is an upgrade to Okung? Who plays LG? Please dont say Britt. He is the worst rated OL in the NFL the last 2 years.

  46. Trevor says:

    My update Top 10 Wish List to become Seahawks in 2016

    #1 Shon Coleman (OT) Auburn (Our must have 1st round pick)
    #2 Eric Striker (Edge) Oklahoma (2-3rd round) Just a baller
    #3 Sua Cravens (Safety) USC (late first, early 2nd) replacement for Chancellor
    #4 TreDavious White (DB) LSU (early 1st) perfect corner opposite Sherm but no chance he falls
    #5 Corey Coleman (WR) Baylor (late 1st) dont think Hawks will go WR
    #6 Gottis (DT) G-tech (2-3 round)
    #7 Joe Haeg (OL) ND St (3-4 round)
    #8 Micheal Thomas (WR) OSU (probably gone)
    #9 Ngakuoe (LEO) Maryland (4th Round)
    #10 Vandal Alexander (Guard) LSU (2nd Round)

    • Volume12 says:

      Great list man.

      • Trevor says:

        All guys I started watching from tips on this blog from Rob and guys like you Vol. I am trying to narrow my focus this year to guys who seem “Seahawky”. I don’t think there is any chance we can get a guy like White out of LSU but I think all the rest could be in play.

        The one guy I am most concerned about shooting up the boards is Coleman because I have not seen a lineman the last 3 years who sticks out more on tape. If his medical check out I fear he will be a top 10 pick and out of our range. He just looks like the perfect Hawks Tackle. Nasty and incredibly run blocker but athletic enough to protect the edge.

        • Volume12 says:

          Well said about Coleman.

          You bring up a great point. I know some hate the term ‘Seahawky’ but it works doesn’t it? While there’s tons of good prospects, do they appear to fit our FO’s criteria or have the attitude’ look, play, swag, physicality, speed, etc. of a Seahawk? So, I like your line of thinking and it’ll help ya, trust me.

          Lastly, thank you my man. ‘Preciate it.

        • Wall UP says:

          They couldn’t stop the run either. Being light up front the linebackers will get worn down in the 4th qtr with Lynch pounding the middle.

  47. John_s says:

    I remember that there were a lot of people who loved Gurley on this site but there were quite a few who said he was just another guy, didn’t see anything special with him.

    I wonder what the doubters think now? He has been a monster this year. I really don’t like that Seattle has to play him 2 times a year

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      “4 games does not a career make.”

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        My issue was using a first round pick on an injured player. It was a boom or bust proposition. He will always be one hit away from a permanent injury.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

          To be fair, the RAMS have gotten more out of Gurley than most of their offensive 1st round picks as of late. That is how badly they have done in the first round O talent. Of course, we have yet to see if the OL picks pan out for them (from last few drafts), but right now… they are not living up to their draft position.

      • Trevor says:

        No but it is obvious the talent and ability are there and translate to the NFL. If he stays healthy he looks like the next AP.

        • John_s says:

          Yep. What he’s doing now in the NFL is what he did in college. He’s been tearing it up with a sub par oline. The guy is a monster. The only thing that will hold him back are injuries

  48. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    For better or worse, the Cowboys look like a dumpster-fire right now. The ground game looked decent for the Cowboys, but the QB play is KILLING them.

    Next week, Seattle needs to rush the ball and play solid defense. Perhaps get triple threat WR Lockett a KR or PR return for a TD. A very winnable game for Seattle.

    “It is time to show the full power of a fully functional Seattle Seahawks team” ~ Darth Sidious

    • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

      Hell yeah Charlie! “The Force Awakens” Headline about the Seahawks offense after next game. Berman will say, Good quarterback play they had! Ha ha

    • WALL UP says:

      Wall UP says:
      October 25, 2015 at 5:50 pm
      They couldn’t stop the run either. Being light up front the linebackers will get worn down in the 4th qtr with Lynch pounding the middle.


  49. Back to back interceptions by Bradford and Newton. Crazy

  50. Old but Slow says:

    I have some real concern about our special teams, as they can not seem to block anyone in the last 2-3 games. They started out strong in the early games, but have dropped off severely recently.

  51. nichansen01 says:

    How about this draft/ free agency projection?

    Free agency: Loose Sweezy, Irvin, Kearse, Mebane, Coleman, Burley, Jackson
    Resign: Rubin, Shead, Lane, Okung, King
    Sign: Wisniewski, Mathis
    Draft: Shon Coleman, Eric Striker, Yannick Nakonque, Adam Gostis, Rookie CB, Kuafasi (TE), Rookie Fullback
    Cut: Justin Britt, Cary Williams

    53 man roster:

    1. Russel Wilson
    2. Tarvaris Jackson
    3. Marshawn Lynch
    4. Thomas Rawls
    5. rookie fullback
    6. Russel Okung
    7. Evan Mathis
    8. Stefan Wisniewski
    9. Mark Glowinski
    10. Shon Coleman
    11. Gary Gilliam
    12. Alvin Bailey
    13. Kristjan Sokoli
    14. Drew Nowak
    15. Will Pericak
    16. Jimmy Graham
    17. Luke Willson
    18. Kuafasi
    19. Doug Baldwin
    20. Tyler Lockett
    21. Paul Richardson
    22. Chris Matthews
    23. Kevin Smith
    24. Kasen Williams
    26. Richard Sherman
    27. Tharold Simon
    28. Tye Smith
    29. Jeremy Lane
    30. Mohammed Seisay
    31. Rookie CB/S
    32. Earl Thomas
    33. Kam Chancellor
    33. Deshawn Shead
    34. Kelcie Maccray
    35. KJ Wright
    36. Bobby Wagner
    37. Kevin Pierre Louis
    38. Eric Striker
    39. Brock Coyle
    40. Eric Pinkins
    41. Yannick Nakonque
    42. Frank Clark
    43. Cassius Marsh
    44. Michael Bennet
    45. Cliff Avril
    46. Jordan Hill
    47. Adam Gostis
    48. Ahtyba Rubin
    49. Jesse Williams
    50. David King
    51. Clint Gresham
    52. Jon Ryan
    53. Steven Huaschka

    • red says:

      Burly and King will be here next year ERFA will sign the tender for 660K . Jon Ryan is UFA 2mil cap hit? I think we sign kearse for 3mil per. Might be good to draft QB save some money and develop. Also think Shead could get decent contract elsewhere. Think we could also bring back Mebane. Also think we sign Okung and Sweazy + 1 ol FA. Okung is going to get like 10-11mil a year. Trent Williams just got new contract that averages 13.5 per Indy LT 11mil per and NE LT 2year extension for 21mil. Also wonder if Cary Williams has any trade value this off season would take 6th for him also Seisay is ERFA so almost positive this is why he was kept on IR and will cost us the 6TH that was traded this year.

    • Ed says:

      Would rather lose Okung and Rubin to losing Irvin. Irvin makes plays, Okung doesn’t. Too many missed blocks on running plays and too many pressures and sacks.

      LT Beachum (Pit)
      RG Brooks (Hou)

      Are two good OL options if FA

    • Wall UP says:

      Good to see other list out there. Comps are always encouraging. It’s a good list.

      I realize the FO brought in the (2)FAs that you have listed. But, you remember, they did not bite! The opportunity was there to cut Bane and sign one or perhaps both. Imagine how that locker room would react?

      Personally, I see Bane retiring as a Seahawk. And I think the FO have the same sentiment. Bane’s value is not missed by them nor his teammates.

      Also, Mathis wants to get paid. Whose to say Denver doesn’t re-up or extend him for another year? Wiz is little long on the tooth for what they’re striving for. Besides, they made their evaluation and moved on. We should too.

      So, the difference I see in this list of FA would exclude Mathis & Wiz and include Bane, Coleman, DJack and perhaps Sweezy if someone doesn’t over pay like Maxwell. By doing so, you keep your leadership in the LR & continue to build the OL thru the draft. Also, you’ll have a true NDT on your roster with Bane. Rubin could spell him as would Hill, but not the entire season.

      The draft list has a lot of similarities. It would be great to have Coleman wouldn’t?

    • Trevor says:

      Like the draft and agree with most roster moves. Okung is a must re-sign. Not sure how much cap space they save cutting Willams but if it is significant then it makes sense given his play. I am still hoping he improves in our scheme.

      • WALL UP says:

        Yours is similar. This is mine. It’s still early:

        53 Man Roster

        Defense – 25

        DB – 10 DL – 9 LB – 6

        1. Richard Sherman 1. Adolphus Washington ® 1. KJ Wright
        2. Earl Thomas 2. Michael Bennett 2. Bobby Wagner
        3. Kam Chancellor 3. Brandon Mebane 3. Kevin Pierre Louis
        4. Jeremy Lane 4. Cliff Avril 4. Brock Coyle
        5. Jalen Mills ® 5. Ahtyba Rubin 5. Yannick Nakonque ®
        6. Deshawn Shead 6. Frank Clark 6. Eric Pinkins
        7. Kelcie McCray 7. Jordan Hill
        8. Tye Smith 8. Cassius Marsh
        9. Tharold Simon 9. David King / Hassan Ridgeway® (Option B Josh Augusta ) ®
        10. Brian Poole ®

        Offense – 25

        OL – 9 RB – 5 WR – 6 TE- 3

        1. Russell Okung 1. Marshawn Lynch 1. Doug Baldwin 1. Jimmy Graham
        2. Jerald Hawkins ® 2. Thomas Rawls 2. Tyler Lockett 2. Luke Willson
        3. Justin Britt 3. Derrick Coleman 3. Paul Richardson 3. Bronson Kaufusi ®
        4. Jack Allen ® 4. Will Tukuafu 4. Chris Matthews
        5. JR Sweezy 5. Jonathan Williams ® 5. Jermaine Kearse / Kevin Smith
        6. Patrick Lewis / Drew Nowak 6. Marquez North ®
        7. Mark Glowiski
        8. Gary Gilliam
        9. Kristjin Sokoli QB -2 ST- 3
        1. Russel Wilson 1. Jon Ryan
        2. Tarvaris Jackson 2. Steven Huaschka
        3. Clint Gresham

        • WALL UP says:

          Didn’t take the cols. You get the picture.

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          I don’t see SEA keeping 3 C on roster. I like Jack Allen, but I like Tuerk more. Either way, if SEA take a C, they’ll likely part with one of Nowak or Lewis.

          • red says:

            Lewis is RFA probably gone.

          • WALL UP says:

            I have (2) @ C. Lewis if he plays well. Nowak as Alt. or P.S.

            Kearse if he re-ups. Smith as Alt. or P.S.

            David King competes with the rooks & other DTs for last DT slot.

            I like Tuerk too, @ OT though. If Hawkins is gone, he’s the Alt. He’s versatile. Has played all over. He just needs to add 10-20 lbs. LT/RT/C/RG he can do it all. The injury may make him available there.

            • WALL UP says:

              This list is with the asumption that Coleman is gone & their pick starts @ 29 after losing the Championship on the road.

              1. (29) Adolphus Washington DT
              2. (61) Jerald Hawkins OT
              3. (93) Jalen Mills CB (Option B Eric Striker LB)
              3c.(99) Yannick Ngakoue DE (Option B Brandon Facyson CB if Jalen is gone)
              4. (129) Jack Allen C
              5c.(179) Hassan Ridgeway DT (Option B Josh Augusta DT)
              6. (208) Bronson Kaufusi DE convert to TE
              6c.(220) Brian Poole SDB
              7. (250) RB

  52. Rik says:

    J.T. Barrett is looking like the perfect Russell Wilson back-up. He runs the read option seamlessly – runs like a running back and makes accurate throws downfield. Probably doesn’t hurt that he’s handing the ball to Zeke Elliott and throwing it to Michael Thomas.

  53. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    I continue to be amazed at the lack of coverage (or recognition) for Shon Coleman in the media. He’s not even mentioned in this article about Tunsil – and how he compares to the “top” OTs in CFB.

    • Volume12 says:

      I kinda think the entire OT class is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some very good prospects at RT, but with the dearth of quality O-line play in the NFL, they’ll get over drafted. Seattle will sit back and take a guy that’s overlooked or not getting any pub like a Shon Coleman and everyone will go ‘but so and so was still on the board.’

      • Volume12 says:

        Let me say this. I do think there’s better athletes on the O-line this year, as a whole, then there’s been in the past. At least in terms of what the FO and TC like.

        Those guys are gonna be raw, but if they fit the scheme and it’s ‘thier guys,’ then good news. I’m assuming they’d rather have positional versatility/flexibility on the O-line anyways.

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          @DavisHsuSeattle: I dont think Cable wants to take DTs & convert them-he would rather have OL that have required athleticism-but need to spend Day 1-2 Capital. Cable would rather develop DT than Draft below grade athletic OL deep into Day 3 of the Draft-

          • Volume12 says:

            My point exactly. He’s gonna re-train or teach a prospect the ZBS anyways. Take the athletic, but somewhat raw guys, while everyone overdrafts OT’s that are deemed ‘the safe picks.’

            There’s quite a few O-lineman this year that seem to fit his criteria. Enough so that I don’t think we’ll see any converts this year.

  54. Volume12 says:

    One guy that caught my eye Saturday night was Utah DE Jason Fanaika-6’3, 270 lbs. He’s another guy I don’t see getting any pub and can’t figure out why.

    He’s pretty unique. Plays inside and out, sometimes stands up over the OT at OLB, good length, good motor, and his body seems to suggest he could add or lose weight and it probably wouldn’t affect him either way.

  55. Steele says:

    Jared Stanger’s mock fromField Gulls:

    *Link removed*

    RS — I have no time for Stanger (won’t go into why). Don’t want to push his stuff.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      While I agree with Stanger that SEA will take an OL in R1, I don’t agree with his particular choice. I like Dahl, but I don’t see him as a R1 talent. For me, he’s a solid R2 pick, which means if SEA did take him, it would be a reach like Britt (even if Dahl is a better prospect). One thing Stanger said that just doesn’t make sense to me is this quote: “Dahl is the only OL in college right now that impresses me EVERY game I watch him in.”

      Obviously, Stanger isn’t watching as many non-WSU games as he should.

      Another thing that makes me question Stanger’s analysis is his assessment of Gilliam. Stanger says: “I’ve always been optimistic about Gilliam at RT. At the very least…Gilliam…[is] athletic, inexpensive, versatile, club-control depth. ” So which is it Stanger? Is Gilliam starter quality, or just “club-control depth”? To my eye, Gilliam has been an unmitigated failure at RT this season.

      • Volume12 says:

        Gotta agree about Dahl. like him, not at 1st round value though.

        And yes, Gilliam has been flat-out awful.

        I do like Mizzou’s Connor McGovern however. He’s the type of guy I’m referencing up above. I think he’s this year’s Mitch Morse. Not as good technique or fundamental wise, but better upside.

        • Volume12 says:

          Dude supposedly is freakishly athletic and country strong. Looks ‘Seahawky’ if that makes any sense.

          • CHawk Talker Eric says:

            Haven’t watched much Mizzou this year. But hey, if he’s SPARQy like Jason Spriggs, then I’m interested.

            I like the term Seahawky. It makes me think of that uber-intense, glowering kind of guy who’s always eyeballing you, like he’s ready to rip your head off if you give him a reason.

            • Volume12 says:

              The kind of guy your describing with some of the following traits: Tough, agile, competitive, long/length, resilient, explosiveness, speed, intense, trash talking, funky personalities, swag is ‘Seahawky.’ Much easier saying that than listing all those.

              I really like Spriggs. He offers a lot to work with.

              • CHawk Talker Eric says:

                If Coleman isn’t available for SEA, Spriggs might well be my next choice.

                • Volume12 says:

                  What about this Caleb Benenoch cat from UCLA? You watched or know anything about him?

                  • CHawk Talker Eric says:

                    You know V12 he’s a bit like Kenny Clark – high ceiling but inconsistent (Clark’s ceiling is much higher though).

                    In fact, other than RB Perkins, and WRs Devin Fuller and Jordan Payton, the entire UCLA roster is a bit up-and-down.

                    Maybe it’s a Mora thing.

                    Not sure if Benenoch will declare this year.

          • CHawk Talker Eric says:

            What do you think of Stanger’s R4 pick – EKU DE Noah Spence vs. Yannick Nqakoue?

            • Volume12 says:

              Well, I like both. As he points out, Spence was productive when he was with Ohio St too. I prefer Ngakoue, but Spence’s background is again, ‘Seahawky.’

              Spence looks like more of a speed rusher, while Ngakoue reminds me of Cliff. Has speed, but more of a pass rush repretoire and plays with more power.

              Not sure Spence goes that high either. But, I get the pick.

              • CHawk Talker Eric says:

                Are there any lingering concerns about why Spence left OH ST?

                • Volume12 says:

                  Thanks for the info on Benenoch.

                  Spence was kicked off for ecstasy use twice. Then this spring he was arrested for public intoxication for something stupid IIRC. So, he’s a knucklehead, but that doesn’t seem to faze Seattle if the guy has grown and learned from it.

                  Spence has taken accountability and is saying all the right things.

    • Volume12 says:

      Is it because he turns into a d**k if you don’t agree with him?

      • What’s wrong with being a dork, just jesting. Paul Richardson was cleared for practice today and will probably be activated for the game after the bye week. I’m excited to watch him play again!

        • Volume12 says:

          Me too. Looking forward to having his speed on the outside paired with Tyler Lockett. It’ll probably be a couple-few weeks before he gets going, but man those 2 together has me salivating.

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          Woo hoo!

          With No-E and PRich back on the field together, I hope they can get more chunk yardage plays going forward.

          • Volume12 says:

            Couple of SDB faves getting some love from Tony Pauline over at draftinsider. Could be good news considering one RB.

            • CHawk Talker Eric says:

              I just read Pauline’s assessment of Caleb, and it’s pretty accurate. If he declares this year, the best he can hope for is a mid round selection.

              I think he’s best served by returning for his senior year. He’ll have a better QB in Rosen as a sophomore for the nation to focus on, which in turn should get him some good attention.

              He has the tools to be an NFL starter, but he’s pretty far from that right now.

              • Volume12 says:

                I’ll take your word for it CHAWK.

                I thought it was interesting that Paulune was giving so much love to Yannick Ngakoue and Alex Collins. 2 of the more popular prospects here at SDB.

                Very exciting that he see Collins as a late 3rd rounder. Of course he could always rise, but if Seattle could pair Collins with Rawls, man that would be exciting going forward.

          • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

            That’s what I’m hoping Eric because P Rich has that long stride speed should open things up a lot for Tyler with his great route ability. Then again you know who’s calling the plays.

            • CHawk Talker Eric says:

              Yup, the same guy who dialed up a couple of long ball strikes vs 49ers.

              Be of good cheer Craig. Bevell is much better than the alternative now. Heck, you could be a lions fan wondering if Jim Bob Cooter can do any better (or worse) than Joe Lombardi.

              • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching says:

                Okay I’ll try and positive about Bevell. All you say is true after all Pete still believes in Darrell and I believe in Mr. Carroll.

      • Rob Staton says:

        My first contact with Stanger came when he Tweeted me out of the blue a few years ago demanding I respect his opinions because in his words he was a “guru”. He then wrote out a list of players he’d called out “first”. It was quite easy to form an opinion on this individual.

        • Volume12 says:

          WTF!? Seriously?

          I remember last year the whole ‘Isaac Blakeney’ thing. When he said he spotted him first and then threw ya under the bus during the process.

          I’ll say this. Glad we don’t have to deal with that here, and you let us be ourselves. Best damn site around man.

          • Rob Staton says:

            Thanks V12.

            There are other examples I could give you to suggest Stanger isn’t playing with a full deck of cards, but we’ve got football to discuss.

            • Trevor says:

              Yeah I love that you keep the crap off this blog Rob and it is why its the only Seahawks blog I read / post daily. Thanks and there always people like Stranger who are insecure and need to try and build a wall instead of a bridge. The high road is always the better option.

  56. John_s says:

    Has anyone watched Jordan Rigsbee OG from Cal? I’ve haven’t seen much of him but he looks like a grinder who could be a mid round steal.

    I would love to see Glowinski at RG, sign a veteran Center and Rigsbee at LG. Solidify the middle 3 of the line kind of like the Saints did for years with Brees

    • Volume12 says:

      John, Rigsbee is who I have my eye on as a potential C prospect for Seattle. This dude is nasty man. He’s got a brawler’s mentality, is said to be a fantastic ZBS guy, son of a coach, and very versatile.

      After their win over Udub or Wazzu I believe, he went over to the band section, grabbed the leader’s ‘wand’ or whatever it’s called and proceded to lead the band in chant and song. It was a ‘Seahawky’ kind of thing and very Michael Bennett esque.

      My point is, he seems to have a persinality that would fit right in with Seattle’s culture/locker room. FWIW, Seattle has scouted 3 Cal games this year. I can’t figure out who for, but Rigsbee is at the top of the list.

  57. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    I keep thinking Trevone Boykin, QB, TCU would be a great fit in Seattle as the back-up signal caller. He has athleticism and the biggest knocks on him are… he is not a prototype QB and not a pocket passer. Honestly, Seattle might have the best mentor in the league for a guy coming into the NFL that has overcome some of the same limitations, namely… RW.

    I think Seattle needs to draft a developmental QB with upside. I wouldn’t be hurt if they take this guy in the middle rounds, to improve the QB situation in Seattle. They would get younger and more dynamic at the same time. He could sit behind RW for a year or two, then who knows what might happen with proper mentoring and time to acclimate to the NFL “gently”.

  58. Michael(CLT) says:

    Man, so much great insight. Really appreciated gents.

    On You Irons!