710 ESPN appearance with Jake & Stacy & Chris Carson stays

Today I was invited to talk about the Seahawks, free agency and the draft with Jake & Stacy on 710 ESPN. You can hear the full interview below…

Meanwhile the Seahawks re-signed Chris Carson today on a three-year deal worth $24.6m. Reportedly, it voids after two years.

They needed a running back. None of the options were perfect. Leonard Fournette has had a strange career to date and wasn’t a sure thing to lead the running attack. Phillip Lindsay is electric and explosive but undersized (he’s just signed with the Texans).

Carson is exactly what Seattle likes in a runner — tough, physical and capable of high-quality performance. The problem is his health. They practically had to coddle him through the second half of last season to get to the playoffs.

A lot of people would’ve freaked out a year ago had the Seahawks used their top pick on a running back. Yet here’s the reality of the situation today. Jonathan Taylor’s cap hit is $1.7m in 2021. That’s considerably cheaper than Chris Carson’s cap hit.

Was it really worth drafting a middle linebacker, given the huge investment already made in Bobby Wagner, rather than saving yourself considerable money at the running back position, with years of cheap club control?

Even though Jordyn Brooks showed some promise as a rookie, I’m still not entirely sure why the Seahawks settled on that position with their top pick in 2020.

Nevertheless, the physicality Carson plays with carries real value. He’s one of Seattle’s draft hits over the last few years. The offense benefits greatly from his presence when he’s 100%. A cap-hit of about $5.5m with incentives is decent value for a player with his talent.

So what’s next? Pass rush is the #1 need. They must address that. They can’t repeat the last two years of trying to solve that problem right before — or during — the regular season.

At the very least, they have to find a way to bring back Carlos Dunlap and deliver a solid #2 — whether that’s Benson Mayowa or someone else.

They could also do with adding an eye-catching third receiving option. You need weapons in the modern NFL.

In order to do this, they’ll have to create cap space one way or another. They now have $67m in non-guaranteed salary to play with on the roster, which can be moved around via extensions or restructures.

I also think they should consider trades. Surely they can’t only pick three times in a draft with a lot of eye-catching options? After all, they have the fourth fewest players signed for 2021. How do you fill out the depth on your roster with no picks and severely limited cap space?

If you missed my article earlier today discussing the latest on the Russell Wilson situation, click here.

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  1. Sea Mode

    PC/JS to Rob: “I’m gonna need you to get ALL THE WAY off my back about all those holes…”

    I will say (since I’m bored too…) I’m intrigued by something your earlier comment sparked and have been letting my mind wander into borderline conspiracy theories. What if…

    JS and Pace actually did get the groundwork for a deal in place in Fargo, but decided to leak “no deal at this time”, a phony laughable offer, and interest in Darnold in order to wait until draft night so that teams won’t know for a fact the Hawks are in for a QB at #20…

    Alternately, if it’s true that the Hawks do want Darnold instead of a rookie QB (or that QB is gone by #20), then it will be easier for the Bears to deal for him then since the Jets will already be locked on to Zach Wilson at #2.

    Bears are on the clock at #20:

    a)Mond is still on the board and they send the Seahawks 2021 R1 (Mond), R2, R3, R5, 2022 R1, R2, 2023 R1, R3 and David Montgomery for Wilson.

    b)Mond is off the board and they send Roquan Smith to the Jets for Darnold and maybe a R3 pick (#87 via Seattle), then give 2021 R1, R2, R3, R5, 2022 R1, R3 2023 R1, Darnold and David Montgomery for Wilson and Cody Barton.

    • Ed

      Would be happy dropping way back even then and getting Mills. Maybe it was the 2 starters the PC said no too. If the starters get better, make the trade and drop back to early 2nd and get RB Williams then move into mid 2nd to get Mills. You got your Prescott and Zeke (hopefully) on 4 year contracts.

      • Sea Mode

        That would be awesome too if Mills ends up being their guy. Honestly, if that were the case, would it surpise anyone here if PC/JS “shocked the NFL world” (again) and just took Mills at #20…?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I know this is a bit beside the point but I’m willing to bet Mond won’t be drafted in round 1.

    • Sneekes

      Dalton though.
      I don’t see the Bears wanting to pay Russ AND Andy Dalton. So the only way the delayed trade works is if Hawks have also signalled they would accept Dalton in such a trade. We therefore go with Dalton in 2021 (ugh) and draft Mond/Mills with a view to them taking over in 2022?

  2. Sea Mode

    Saddest tweet in the history of Seahawks’ draft season?

    Seahawks PR
    · 5m

    The @Seahawks hold three picks in this year’s NFL Draft; Round 2 (56th overall), Round 4 (129th) and Round 7 (250th). #GoHawks

    • Rob Staton

      They can’t pick only three times

      Something has to give

    • cha

      So is it official then that the conditional Perry Nickerson 7th remains with the Seahawks then?

      • Rob Staton

        Yep — three picks confirmed

      • Rusty

        We can all exhale, we do indeed have the conditional 7th!!!

        • TomLPDX

          Oh joy! A 7th round pick!

    • Hawk Finn

      250? What happened to 206?

      • Sea Mode

        Stephen Sullivan

        • Hawk Finn

          Ah, thanks. Forgot about our stud DE

    • BobbyK

      They have 2 draft picks. That 7th rounder doesn’t even really count.

      • BobbyK

        They could take their 2nd rounder and turn it into 20 7th rounders and have over 20 picks in the draft, but that’d be stupid. If they only had 3 picks and they were in the first 3-4 rounds, it wouldn’t be a bad thing, but only having 1 of those picks in about the top 130 is absolutely ridiculous, shameful, and they type of thing people should lose their jobs over when you look at what they “got” for those picks.

        • God of Thunder

          Can’t recall where I read it, I think it was an article on Urban Meyer where he talked about evaluating players during Covid. Anyway someone (Meyer?) said there’ll be a lot of confusion and uncertainty this year. And draft boards will be wildly different. AND there’ll be starters picked in later rounds or signed after the draft. If true, 20 7th rounders might work, lol.

        • Rob4q

          Chris Carson was a 7th round pick…

          • God of Thunder


    • Michael P Matherne

      Do you count the draft itself as part of draft season? If so the saddest tweet is actually, “with the 35th pick in the 2017 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Malik McDowell.”

  3. SeattleLifer

    I’m starting to think that Pete and John have talked to Adams and basically said look we don’t have alot of cap this year but we’ll have tones next year so why don’t you hang in there through this season and we promise we’ll give you the moon next year when we’re loaded.

    • Rob Staton

      The thing is… I can imagine what Jamal Adams’ response to that would be!

    • Scot04

      After the big TV deal, I’m guessing that Adams would tell them to PO. They need to decide if they’re gonna extend him or not. If not trade him

      • SeattleLifer

        That was my whole point – to wait until next off-season’s big tv/gambling deals come on line so they could give him an absurd contract.

        • Sea Mode

          He’ll just tell them to do it now and backload it.

          • TomLPDX

            That’s what I see too.

            • Harold Seattle

              @Sea Mode sounds like a plan. In any case, I don’t see why Adams won’t mind waiting as salaries are only going up.

              • Sea Mode

                “Respect” and security against injury.

                • Rob Staton

                  This is a guy who fought tooth and nail with the Jets about salary

                  He aint ‘waiting’ to get paid. He expects to be paid now.

                  $9m is chump change based on what he wants. He’s not risking tens of millions to play for $9m without kicking up a storm

  4. SeattleLifer

    Yeah but i’m sure his agent is a smart fellow and has kept tabs on Schneider’s word/dealings in the past. My guess is he’d know they would pay up big and he could probably sell it to Jamal. And it’s not like he’s making peanuts this coming season.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s virtually no chance Jamal Adams will play for $9m this year without signing a huge extension

      • SeattleLifer

        Well then we can hope he asks for way to much and as you were saying with Softy then we give him the Frank Clark treatment. As you know i’d be more than fine with that.

        I was just trying to think of a way Pete could keep his prized safety(and his pride…) through this offseason of little cap space(and draft capitol) and many needs on the roster.

        • Mike

          So at this point, with all the valid facts about the cost to trade for JA, the poor coverage, the bad scheme fit for hiding blitzing, the overuse of manufactured pressure, and that JA is one of the few guys we could trade for picks to get back into the draft. I agree and get why everyone wants to trade Jamal. I largely agree.

          But, with that said, Russ is gonna leave. Maybe this year. Maybe next. Bobby and Brown are old and either gonna decline or retire.

          So in 2 years, will we have a single leader/star outside of DK Metcalf on the roster? Honestly, Jamal may be the only guy young enough to be that. Is safety the ideal position? Probably not. Should we pay a ridiculous sum for him? Hard to justify. But i think we have to be honest that he is a real difference maker. When he was on the field, all those sweeps the rams used to burn us with suddenly seemed to get shut down. He does have an eye for tackling and shooting into the backfield that you can’t really teach.

          Should we blitz him like last year? No. But i also think its unfair to judge him on his pass defense, when he was tasked with being the pass rush.

          It doesn’t change the fact that the team is criminally underwhelming in the trenches. But at some point talent is talent. Simply trading for picks and hoping PC/JS draft well doesn’t mean you’ll get a starter. How many safeties have we drafted in the last 5 years. Most aren’t on the team. None have stepped up to contribute.

          We’re stuck with PC for the immediate future, and I’ve yet to see him draft safeties since the LOB, which is feeling more and more like good luck and skill as time has progressed. Certainly there’s nothing in recent history that gives much confidence.

  5. WestSide72

    Best thing I have heard on 710 for a long time!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  6. Sea Mode

    It’s Clayton, FWIW…

    Andrew Fillipponi
    ·Mar 17

    @JohnClaytonNFL says on @937theFan that Russell Wilson is still trying to get Antonio Brown to Seattle.

  7. Rob Staton

    No team has more total picks than Minnesota’s 11.

    No team has fewer than Seattle, who owns just three

    • Ed

      Cleveland is out of the safety game. That basically leaves Dolphins, but they don’t seem to see the value. Think they plan on using this draft to help Tua (if they can) and leave the D to the magic of the coach. Almost looking like they will trade back from 56 to get multiple 3’s and just go 5 picks from 3rd down. Terrible idea because it’s not like they are flush with talent.

      They should be like the Cardinals. Admit your mistake and move on. They got Rosen then moved to Murray next year. Hawks traded for Adams and continue to misuse Wilson. Admit the mistakes and move on. Trade Wilson now for 3 1’s and young starter or two and trade Adams for 2 2’s for all I care. You won’t recoup what you gave up because you gave up way too much.

      • God of Thunder

        You can’t just say “get a young starter” without specifying who and how!

        Also: it all probably has to be prearranged. I mean, you can’t deal RW and then call the Jets asking about Darnold. They’ll have you over a barrel.

    • vanhawksfan

      Minnesota made 15 picks last year!

      If they get a qb in place with those lottery picks, something significant is going to develop.

      • Rob Staton

        Man… the thought of having 15 picks to discuss…

  8. Strategicdust

    Great interview, Rob! Nice to heaff to them say they want you back on more!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  9. Rob Staton

    Here’s the thing with trading back from #56…

    1. You are not going to get much in return. It’s not like trading down in R1 when you might get a third or a fourth.

    2. If you don’t pick at all in the top-65 (for example) how can you realistically expect to get someone who can really contribute this year?

    3. They have so many holes still

    I just don’t see how they can fill out their roster with only three picks

    • Mick

      It’s either a big Russ deal or Adams and perhaps even Wagner for a total of 3 picks in this draft. And we really have to get some FAs on very team-friendly deals.

    • SeattleLifer

      For the record i would be fuming mad if they trade back from 56. All the reasons you gave are spot on. You have to try to get at least one solid player at that point and trading back would be utterly foolish imo.

      • Mick

        And pick 56, yeah I’d try to throw in a pick in 2022 to trade up from 56, not trade down.

    • cha

      Peter King on Dan Patrick said the Seahawks knew this year’s draft would be a crapshoot with COVID and therefore felt comfortable forking out massive capital for Jamal Adams in trade.


      • SeattleLifer

        Perhaps an over-reaction to getting burned so bad with Taylor last year? Or at the least they don’t trust there scouting department that well?

        Just sounds like a bs excuse to me because they know it looks so bad.

        • Big Mike

          “bs excuse”………1000% agree

      • BobbyK


      • bmseattle

        It seems to me that a “crap shoot” draft is one where a good GM would have an advantage and be able to get talented players later in the draft than normal.

        It’s especially advantageous to teams like the Seahawks, who draft late in the round.
        Be smart and get good players… nothing should be different.

        It makes no sense to just throw you hands up and and act like you can’t scout players all of a sudden.

        • Roy Batty

          Yeah, I would assume the guy who played well in both 2019 and 2020, without major injury, would still be they guy. I know the college season was messed up, but it did happen. Unless that player showed regression, that consistent play is exactly what you are scouting for. The players to asterisk and do extra work on are the one year studs from 2020. Was it a blip? Would they have the same success in a normal season? Who did they face?

      • Hawkster

        So, it looks like a hurricane on the horizon so Ill burn the house down because it might get flooded.

    • Elmer

      a). If they don’t think they can get proper value by trading any of Adams, Wagner, Lockett, or Reed they won’t do it.

      b). They will do a few more FA signings that are underwhelming, though I don’t know where they will find the cap space.

      c). Lots of UDFA’s.

      That’s how they can fill out a roster. Sounds bleak, doesn’t it?

      • Rob Staton

        Equally, if you’re not getting value for Adams that’s tough — but so is him asking for $20m a year. You can’t risk losing him for nothing in two years, or him holding out

      • Positrac

        Like the John Crotty years.

  10. SeattleLifer

    “Multiple reports” saying Chicago’s offer was 3 first’s, a third, Hicks and Fuller – per matt casey profoootballfocus. So 3 poorer first round picks, a late third, one guy they cut and another they’re trying to trade.

    If the reports are true that Pete and John slept on it/took 24 hours to think about it then my whole perception of things was farther off than i’ve thought! Seriously if that’s not an instant no thank you – then how bad must Pete want Russ gone?! Wow

    • Sea Mode

      The good thing is, JS probably at least made it clear what it truly would take to get Russ, so at least Pace knows what he has to come with later on if he wants to have any chance at all.

    • Rob Staton

      That is almost an insulting offer from Chicago

      • Roy Batty

        To me, that offer represents a truly incompetent GM who read the tea leaves wrong, and thought he could save his ass with a handshake in Fargo. Pace assumed the situation was critical and that Pete would want Russ gone, ASAP. Apparently he also assumed that John had no concept of how the salary cap works and the implications of taking on more cap obligations.

        In short, Pace is an idiot who will be out of a job, possibly very, very soon.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I disagree that it is insulting. The offer met the minimum as asked by the Seahawks.

      The question I have is – what was Pete’s counteroffer? This is a negotiation right? Or apparently not, I don’t think Pete is serious about moving Wilson. Maybe he will be at the end of next year. There has been media silence about a counter offer.

      • SeattleLifer

        I disagree that Chicago met the minimum for the trade with 3 first round picks. First round picks just flat out ate not all the same. Just look at draft trade charts – there’s a reason why say picks 20,25 and 30 still don’t fully add to pick number three overall. For me in order to qualify you’d need something like picks 8,14 and 26 or perhaps 3, 24 and 29 to be considered three true ‘first round’ picks worthy of trading.

      • God of Thunder

        “The offer met the minimum as asked by the Seahawks.”

        You got a source for what the Seahawks consider their minimum? I’m not riding you. I’m seriously asking: do you have any idea what the Hawks are asking? Any? Not just “what I’m guessing”.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I’m not going to track down all that has been said. You can look through the Seahawks blog and find it. Really the offer isn’t even relevant now. It’s been turned down. NO other team has expressed an interest. Pete didn’t make a counter offer. All of this is rumors and guesswork.

          • God of Thunder

            Pete made no counter offer?

            Do you know that? I really don’t know how you know that. I’ve followed the whole thing carefully and I’ve seen nothing to confirm that PC (or JS) made — or did NOT make — a counter offer.

            Why don’t you write: “as far as I know, there no counter offer”?

            • Rob Staton

              It’s unrealistic to think there was no counter offer.

              And Pete wouldn’t have been involved. It would’ve been JS and Ryan Pace discussing a deal, with PC having final say on whether to accept whatever was on the table.

  11. Sea Mode

    Outstanding interview, Rob. Those two make for an enjoyable, informative, and fun conversation and I really hope you take each other up on the offer to come back on soon.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Sea Mode — really appreciate that

    • Hughz

      100% agree. Pretty cool to hear you on with them after following you for the last decade. Keep it up Rob and I expect you’ll be a regular on Seattle sports radio.

      • bmseattle

        Just listened… I’m so happy for you Rob, that was awesome!

        It seems you are *finally* starting to get the attention you deserve from the local stations here.

        I hope the Mitch Levy reaches out to you, as well, for his podcast.

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you!

  12. Blitzy the Clown

    Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed the listen.

    • Rob Staton


  13. Rob Staton


    What could’ve been…

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Are we being punked? Feels like we’re being punked

    • drrew76

      It would appear the entire league decided he no longer has the movement skills to be a defensive back, so why is this a problem?

      • Rob Staton

        Well the Seahawks play Jamal Adams like a hybrid LB.

        And one player is going to cost $18-20m and the other will not

        Meanwhile one player was the 53rd ranked safety in the NFL and one was the 33rd

        • drrew76

          Money is absolutely a consideration, but surely you can’t think 33 vs 55 means anything.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s a 20 place difference

            For maybe six times the salary

    • CaptainJack

      Is he really that good? Falcon’s don’t have the cap to bring him back?

    • Roy Batty

      The NFL Memes post in that Twitter link is absolutely savage.

  14. Trevor

    Hawks could have Neal and Malik Hooker for 1/2 of what Adams alone will want.

  15. CaptainJack

    Only picking three times in the draft seems like a terrible team building strategy.

    • BobbyK

      Especially when 1 of those picks is basically UFA territory.

  16. Jordan E

    Yeah! Let’s go Rob!

  17. CL

    [Pelissero] The #Seahawks are re-signing RB Chris Carson to a two-year deal worth up to $14.625 million, per source. The deal was done by @Casey_Muir1 and @Murphy_McGuire of @OctagonFootball

    • CL

      [Schefter] RB Chris Carson is re-signing with Seattle on a three-year, $24.625 million deal that voids after two years, per source.

      • Trevor

        Seems like a pretty fair deal if Carson can stay healthy it might look like a great deal. That’s a big if though.

        • Shadow

          Two years for essentially $7 mil per? That works.

          • Scot04

            I was guessing 6M per year. But why quibble over 1M. Now go get Dunlap Back

            • Blitzy the Clown

              His cap hit is $5.5m for 2021, then up to $6.9m for 2022.

              Chris Carson has $5.5 million guaranteed in year one and can earn up to $6.9 million in 2021, @casey_muir1 of @OctagonFootball confirms. The biggest free agent running back is off the board.— Jeremy Fowler (@JFowlerESPN) March 19, 2021

              • Rob Staton

                That’s not too bad at all

                • Blitzy the Clown

                  No not bad at all. Kinda gives me the warm fuzzies knowing they can still make a good deal.

                • Michael P Matherne

                  What’s up with the 3rd year? Is that essentially a mutual option, that only kicks in if both player and team want it to at that point?

              • SeattleLifer

                That works. There was’nt all thaaaat much talent left out there so i get it and at least we know what we’re getting.

              • J

                His cap hit is 2.5 million in 2021.

                He gets paid 5.5 million but 4.5 million of that is a bonus which is spread over three years. One million salary + 1.5 million bonus = 2.5 mil.

    • cha

      Tom Pelissero
      An important deal for Seattle, which retains its top running back. The deal includes a third, voidable year for cap purposes.

    • Troy

      Wow actually really happy they got him for 7 mil per year. If he stays healthy thats a steal. If hes injured, they probably have some outs. Not a bad deal at all.

      • AlaskaHawk

        That’s really good pay for a running back. Well done Carson.

      • TomLPDX

        Me too, really like this deal. Glad to have Chris back for 2 more years!

        • God of Thunder

          I’m happy for the team and for CC!

  18. Benjamin Davis


  19. drrew76

    I was intrigued to see how Fournette might work out, but I’m happy to have Carson back and happy to see JS hop on the voidable years trend.

    Now find a deal for one of Dunlap/Kerrigan/Clowney, take a flyer on Kevin King, and find a WR3.

    • Michael P Matherne

      I know people will probably laugh this question off, but does this necessarily take Fournette off the ‘Hawks list? Carson has demonstrated his fragility year after year, and Fournette has already shown he’s willing to play in a system where he’s not THE guy. And once Carson inevitably misses time who do you have behind him? I don’t think you wanna pay $5MM to pick up Penny’s option do you? Fournette played on a $2MM base salary last season. I know there are a million other holes in the roster, but when has that ever stopped PC/JS from getting “their guy” before?

  20. cha

    Jeremy Fowler
    Chris Carson has $5.5 million guaranteed in year one and can earn up to $6.9 million in 2021,
    confirms. The biggest free agent running back is off the board.
    1:58 PM · Mar 19, 2021

  21. charlietheunicorn

    Carson back in the fold.

    Sexy time ensues.

  22. Scot04

    Great listen on 710 Rob, I was lucky to hear it live. Tons of positive responses from their listeners. I’m guessing you will get some return visits. Back to back good shows. Hopefully they both get your name out there more and leads to many more opportunities.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you! And thanks for listening

  23. Tomas

    You positively nailed the 710 appearance, Rob. Encouragingly, Jake and Stacey seemed to truly enjoy the interaction as much as I did. You’ll be invited back, many times, I believe.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Tomas! Hope so

  24. Rob Staton

    I’ve updated the piece with some thoughts on the Chris Carson signing

  25. TomLPDX

    Rob, your past 2 radio spots have been outstanding, and something that we as regular blog visitors have become accustomed to (for years now!). Your star is rising because you are on top of it. Responses were all spot on and your knowledge of the Seahawks and football shown through. Well done!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Tom, I’m really pleased people enjoyed it

  26. TomLPDX

    When I saw that Chris signed for the amount he did I was ecstatic! Glad we have Chris back. Now bring Mike Davis back as well.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d love to see big Mike back too

  27. Zach Williams

    Hi Rob,

    Wanted to congratulate you on your continued success. As a Tacoma native I’ve followed/lurked your content religiously for years, but after hearing your interview with Jake and Stacy I felt compelled to share how much joy it brought me. Your rapport with the KJR crew was truly one of the best interviews I’ve heard on the show in a long time!

    Now that I got you here, I must say I feel I’m starting to see the vision of Pete and Schneider. Returning a top 5 back is one thing, but adapting your style to mimic the NFL is impressive. I think you are absolutely dead on with the 20 million dollar “brrowing” from next year. Maybe restructure that Wilson Deal without his permission?

    Can they get two of the four: KJ, Dunlap, Clowney, Mayowa, Irvin? (HELL ALL FOUR)
    Bring Sherm home?

    …I’d rather shoot my last shot with Russ than trade him on draft day. Going out with a whisper never felt like Pete’s or Russ’ styles?

    • Rob Staton

      Hi Zach, thanks for the kind words and for following along! I agree with everything you say regarding what should happen next and shooting a shot with Russ.

      • Hawk Mock

        Glad we have a legit RB1 considering we don’t have any draft capital to get one on the cheap. Going to hope all the injured games he misses this year can be filled by a healthy Penny instead of Dallas and Homer. Kind of feel meh about the plan still though. If we get KJ and Dunlap(a big if on Dunlap with their recent track record and attitude about paying DE) back, we’re basically the same team as last year but with an unhappy franchise QB. Bullied around, rinse and repeat.

  28. Hebegbs

    Rob, what do you think a trade of B Wags would bring? Any teams out there that have a need at mlb that might be interested if he was up for trade?

    Wonder if they did that this year if they feel comfortable moving Brooks to middle and bring back KJ for another year. This could make some sense to me given the cap problems and lack of picks.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, I do think if you’re going to spend a R1 pick on a middle linebacker you have to wonder whether paying another $17m this year and $20m is the right way to spend your resource

      What could he fetch? It’s hard to say. I think a late second maybe

    • Scot04

      I was thinking maybe to Jacksonville for 2021 picks 65 & 146

      • Hebegbs

        I hate to suggest this as I love B Wags. But the team did draft Brooks in R1. Did they see enough to think he could take over mlb without a huge drop?

        If so and with cap relief and so many other areas to improve, I’d be thinking pretty hard if you could get a late 2nd and perhaps a 5th back to do it.

        The reality is something has to give here and a good player has to move on for this team to improve here. Great if it is Adam’s and we get B wags one more year before Brooks takes over the middle.

  29. cha

    Seahawks have even more non-guaranteed $ to deal with now with Gabe Jackson on the team. That’s $9.6m on the cap that is not guaranteed.

    I am guessing going from a potential cap cut to a trade to Seattle, the Seahawks were able to negotiate down Jackson’s salary, but haven’t seen anything yet.

    Or the Seahawks can just add that to the pile of movable cap space and have $67m or so now. They are able to push $4m max to 2022 if they want to restructure.

  30. Rob Staton

    One thing of note.

    I will be happy if Seattle brings back KJ, Dunlap & Mayowa too

    But I don’t think the difference between the 2020 Seahawks and a legit run was Gabe Jackson & Gerald Everett. And that kinda looks like the only difference, with maybe a regression at corner and depth at certain positions.

    They need to add in more areas. Improve in more areas

    • Rob Staton

      And I still want to Bring Sherm Home

    • Scot04

      It seems like they might be heading towards status quo. I’m hoping they’re filling all the holes by resigning all mentioned. Then surprise us with an Adams trade followed by a Wagner trade.

      • Rob Staton

        Status quo might even be a stretch at this point

        Is Ahkello Witherspoon even on par with Shaquill Griffin?

        Your depth has taken a hit at certain positions

        They still have to retain Dunlap, KJ, Mayowa

        I think currently they’re basically a weaker team with an upgrade at left guard and tight end. That’s… not exactly a big leap forward

        • TomLPDX

          Honestly Rob, I hope that Ahkello is WAY better than Shaquill. He was a good CB but not great (in the Sherm sense). I think being at JAX will be the right spot for the Griffins.

          • Rob Staton

            I hope so too… but I’m not confident

            • Sea Mode

              Last CB we nabbed from the 49ers turned out pretty good, and this one fits our usual CB profile even better!

              (just tryin’ to stay positive..😁)

              • TomLPDX

                …and Sherm vouched for them as well! Just saying!

                • Sea Mode

                  Keep piling it on!

            • BigSmooth13

              Shane Waldron is the other x-factor here. Still we need dline help. Anyway we could get dunlap and clowney back?

    • Jason

      I’m not sure how they afford to get better, though. They have no draft picks and little cash.

      I can’t see them trading Wagner, but I can see them trading Lockett. Lockett isn’t the kind of blocker Waldron’s offense needs and is going to be ultra-expensive after this year. If you can move him for I don’t know… a late 2nd or something, that takes a lot of salary off the books and gives the Seahawks a half-decent pick to move around with, maybe even find a replacement.

      It would make me sad, though. Wilson to Lockett has been one of the most watchable combinations of the last decade… so many huge, highlight plays.

      What do you think Lockett is worth in trade, pre-this year’s draft?

      • cha

        Trade Lockett and you might as well ask what they want for Russ too while you’re on the phone.

      • Rob Staton

        They can’t trade Lockett

      • TomLPDX

        Lock can’t go. He is our heart of the team. I love Tyler, he is so steady, even when injured. He needs to earn his spot in the ring of honor and he is well on his way.

    • cha

      They’ve done some good things on offense.

      If Waldron proves he can be better at gameplanning and in-game adjustments than Schottenheimer was, they’ll have a leg up from last year.

      But the defense needs lots of work still. Particularly up front.

      Dunlap and Mayowa would be a minimum to start. Maybe add a 5T in the draft if they are able to acquire some picks, and then see what the summer market has available.

      • Rob Staton

        Trade Adams

        Start Marquise

        Get back into round one and get one of these pass rushers

        I can live with it

        • Jason

          You can keep saying this, and I totally agree they SHOULD do it, but we all know there’s no way they’re GOING to do it.

          • Rob Staton

            I’ll just say again

            Nobody thought they’d be negotiating a Wilson trade with the Bears a few weeks ago

            • MyChestIsBeastMode

              Adams trade is unlikely IMO. A good chunk of that 2022 cap space will likely go to extensions for Adams, DK, maybe Lockett & Reed, and if one or both of our former 49er CBs hit, they’ll be getting a fair pay upgrade. Hopefully the rest will go to elite lineman either OL or DL.

              Though, I do agree that I want Blair to get a fair shot at some real playing time and that he’d likely progress more in his natural position rather than nickel. He’s a thumper more in the mold of Bam Bam than anyone else on the roster.

        • cha

          Lots of options if they are able to get a first round pick.

          Wouldn’t shock me that they love Williams so much, even after signing Carson they pick him. He’s the Chubb pick they should have made. Penny isn’t getting the 5th year tender. Carson needs to be hedged and probably won’t be re-upped when he’s 29.

          I’d prefer getting experienced pass rushers. The Seahawks have plenty of young draft pick pass rushers that need to step up and 2021 seems like a critical year with possibly the future of the franchise at stake.

          But if there is somebody you cannot pass up to help the pass rush when they pick, I’d still be happy with it.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      True indeed.They have to improve in several other areas before we can say they’re materially improved over last year. And even without more, I’d add that (1) Jackson isn’t a huge upgrade over Iupati (when healthy), and (2) Everett is at the moment only potential upgrade because his impact on the team will depend largely on how he’s used and we all know how Seattle neglect that position in their scheme.

      I wonder if Sherman and Wilson are just not locker room compatible at this point for Richard to come home.

      I was hoping for some young blood in AJax but I read earlier he’s about to go visit some teams and Seattle isn’t one of them.

    • SeattleLifer

      I’d be happy with Mayowa and Dunlap. Not so sure on KJ – one of these years his speed is going to become a significant liability.

      I’m with you on the overall outlook at this point. Jackson and Everett were somewhat better than the guys before them but Pocic if he starts is not a good signing and Witherspoon is a downgrade – so maybe all even in a way but there’s so much more needed and they definitely have’nt made any truly significant improvements.

      • Michael P Matherne

        Do you think KJ is going to be a lot slower next year that he was this year? It’s not like speed has ever really been the thing allowing him to make plays. I tend to think the guys who fall off a cliff are the ones who’ve been relying purely on their speed to be effective. Seems to me as long as KJ isn’t getting any dumber, and his arms aren’t getting any shorter, he should be able to keep playing at a high level for another couple of years.

        • SeattleLifer

          Not sure if he will get any slower but if he does at all i think it may be to the point where it’s a problem. Smart o-coordinators put in like 2-4 plays a game specifically designed to take advantage of him in solo coverage, often resulting in big/important gains. I appreciate alot of what he brings but his lack of speed can already be a detriment and if he were to lose another half step i have real concerns about how that would play out on the field.

          • TomLPDX

            What KJ lacks in speed he more than makes up for with smarts. Too many times last year they tried to isolate him and he was on it. He might get beaten a few times but he will also beat them when they aren’t expecting it.

            • SeattleLifer

              Yeah but those times he gets beaten tend to be critical third downs and even td’s. And if he gets even slower there is no doubt other teams will see it and attack him even more. Up to this point he’s brought enough to the table to cover for his lackings in coverage, i just don’t want to see the day where he loses that next bit of speed and not only his coverage gets worse but it could affect his regular playmaking ability in space as well – as they say football is a game of inches.

  31. pdway

    LIke others, I’m not only happy to see Carson back, but happy to see the guy get paid. He’s one of the only tone-setters we have, and the offense always regresses without him.

    Bigger/separate point — does his signing, w the voidable years bit, signal that we are entering the modern era of cap manipulation and doing some bigger spending now (in knowledge of a higher cap later)? This is a very good sign to me.

    Hopefully, means we will continue to be active w a still pretty well-stocked free agent market – especially at edge and WR….

  32. Sea Mode

    Buckle up…


    Ex-Seahawks DT Malik McDowell medically cleared, attempting comeback
    By Aaron Wilson

    Former Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Malik McDowell has been medically cleared by several neurologists to play football again, including Pittsburgh Steelers team doctor David Okonkwo, according to his agent, William Farah.

    McDowell (6-foot-6, 295 pounds) suffered a serious concussion and facial injuries in 2017 during an ATV accident after being drafted in the second round by the Seahawks, causing him to never play a snap in the NFL following a standout career at Michigan State as an All-Big Ten Conference selection.

    McDowell worked out for the Miami Dolphins last season, but wasn’t signed. He previously visited the Dallas Cowboys.

    “Malik has been cleared by several doctors and is doing everything he needs to do on and off the field,” Farah said in a telephone interview. “Malik has been working out with trainer Mike Barwis at his facilities in Florida and Michigan with his trainers every day and he’s in great shape. He’s back up to 295 pounds and he’s feeling really good physically and mentally.

    “You won’t find many players more athletic than he is at his size. A team would get a guy who’s hungry as can be, is extremely focused and wants to capitalize on any opportunity he gets to get back in the NFL. He’s been forced to do a lot growing and maturing these past few years. I think teams will find he’s a much different person than he was coming out of college. He’s far more mature. He’s been extremely humbled and he has rededicated himself to his craft.”

    McDowell was placed on the non-football injury list by Seattle in 2017 and was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct. The Detroit native was released by Seattle in 2019 after spending two seasons on the non-football injury list as the Seahawks doctors wouldn’t clear him to resume his career due to major concerns about the head injury. McDowell was arrested again in 2019 in Michigan and was charged with assault and resisting arrest, driving while intoxicated and receiving and concealing stolen property, pleading guilty and served 11 months with probation assigned.


    • TomLPDX

      “Far more mature” is the key here. Good luck, McDowell.

      • Scot04

        Wouldn’t take much for him to get to far more mature from where he was. I do hope he has made a recovery though. Too young, hopefully someone will be able to get him on the right path, so he can start turning his life around.

    • Hebegbs

      Yeah no thanks. Been there, done that. Not that you were suggesting—but no hell no.

    • Big Mike

      I figured he and Darrell Taylor were partying somewhere. Whoda thunk it?

      • Gohawks5151

        Not sure why you would lump Taylor in the Mcdowell. They are nothing alike by the reports. One was hurt on the field, the other off. One was a leader, the other not. One was talked about as a passionate ass kicker, the other had to be reminded to try hard on his post draft call. Taylor deserves a shot

        • UkAlex6674

          Agreed GoHawks. Its not Taylor’s fault re injuries. But its not fair to bracket him with McDowell in any shape or form.

      • God of Thunder

        What makes you say that about Taylor?

    • Gary

      “McDowell was arrested again in 2019 in Michigan and was charged with assault and resisting arrest, driving while intoxicated and receiving and concealing stolen property, pleading guilty and served 11 months with probation assigned.”

      “I think teams will find he’s a much different person than he was coming out of college. He’s far more mature.”


    • Michael P Matherne

      Hard pass

  33. Sea Mode

    Bravo to the Hawks for the Carson deal. They let him explore his market and then got him back on a fair deal that also protects the team. Well done. I like it.

    Jeremy Fowler

    Jets, Panthers and Patriots all got involved with Chris Carson before the Seahawks finalized a deal.

    One less hole, now keep going.

    • Roy Batty

      Carson also saw 3 rebuilds and decided to go with the retool, instead.

  34. Sea Mode

    How much were we paying him last year…?

    Aaron Wilson

    Jacob Hollister one year, $1.127M, $137,500 signing bonus, $990K base salary

    • Rob Staton

      Evidently… too much

      • Sea Mode

        Let’s hope Everett is 6x better…

    • Blitzy the Clown

      [insert ironic stare gif]

    • Scot04

      Can we trade TE’s & their contracts. Would much prefer Holister and the extra going towards the PassRush

  35. cha

    Jake Heaps
    Additional good news Seahawks fans. League source told me today the market continues to break favorably when it comes to KJ Wright and Carlos Dunlap. Strong chance both players eventually return.
    2:04 PM · Mar 19, 2021

    • jdruaint

      Man resign those two on fair deals, add in Clowney and A.Brown and i’d feel pretty damn good about free agency. How about ya’ll?

      • jdruaint

        Let me add signing Sherm or King on a flier for CB…

        • jdruaint

          Let me add signing Sherm or King on a flier for CB… And a 3rd WR…

        • MyChestIsBeastMode

          I’d be a pretty happy camper. Still wouldn’t mind adding 2 DEs but beggars can’t be choosers.

          • AlaskaHawk

            That’s what we need. Time to work on defense.

    • SpennyDunks

      Wright was great last year but I’d rather double down on DEs (Dunlop and Kerrigan/Clowney) and bring back Irvin on a cheaper, more reasonable contract to hold down SLB.

  36. Trevor

    Trade Adams and Wagner for draft capital and cap relief then sign Dunlap and KJ to 2yr deals with a voidable 3rd year like they did with Carson.

    By doing so they might be able to afford another quality pass rusher or a WR3.

    Also did Geno Atkins get released? Wonder what he has left in the tank?

    • Rob Staton

      He was released

      Looks like Akiem Hicks will be too eventually

    • uptop

      I was talking about this right after the Dunlap trade but I thought it would be cool if Carlos would recruit Geno if he gets released. Pass rush, especially interior, is what finishes games.

      • charlietheunicorn

        if you can get both for around 11 M combined… then do it.

  37. Big Mike

    Enjoyed your back and forth with Jake and Stacey today Rob. LOVED that you called Danny & Gallant wankers, cuz they are.

    • TomLPDX

      Ha, ha…that was funny. Guess Rob won’t be a guest on their show any time soon!

  38. jdruaint

    Offence is 50% there with resigning Carson, and a upgrade at LG, TE….

    Draft/sign BPA at C/G and need a 3rd WR no one better than A.Brown (who Wilson is recruiting again).

    D is a different story…

    Need to resign Dunlap and another DE… Best option Dunlap + Clowney

    CB still needs a body: Sherm or K.King

    • STTBM

      Yes, I want them to sign Dunlap, Sherm, and a third WR who doesn’t suck. THEN, maybe a C…but who is left at C at this point?

  39. STTBM

    I don’t get all the angst with Hollister: he’s a really good football player, and to me seems well worth what we paid him last year–IF you use him!

    That’s the rub: Seattle paid him, then ignored him. What do these facts suggest? To me, they say Carrol insisted they keep him, and Schotty (and Russ) made the decision to ignore him and focus on DK and Locket. I look back, and I see deep dysfunction evident in Hollister and the 50 million bucks Carrol spent on junk players. I see Schotty and the other coaches struggling to use Petes Guys and still win.

    And I see Norton keeping his job due to letting Carrol meddle, and kowtowing to Adams and using Pete’s Guys.

    Why else was Alton Robinson, who by all accounts was kicking ass n training camp and practice, inactive after Irvin got hurt and we were DYING for pass rush?!

    Because, apparently, Robinson was not a Carrol pick/Pete Guy, and so he languished…

    Blatant speculation, but I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday…

    • Tomas

      Interesting speculation, STTBM. It largely rings true to my ears.

    • Big Mike

      Good post. Very possible scenarios

      • STTBM

        Thanks guys! So much goes on behind the scenes we’ll never know about. But this team has issues festering that aren’t new.

  40. Spectator

    Being reported that Russ was recruiting hard for Carson to resign with Hawks. Could be untrue, but if true, would indicate Russ expects (whether happy about it or not) to come back next year. Personally, I’m all for Trading Russ, Adams, Wags, and don’t think doing so would put us in tank mode. Fields and Lance may not be as polished or have the attributes of TLaw, Zack Wilson or certain attributes mond has, but it seems to me the strengths and weaknesses are extremely similar to Russ (for better or worse) and they could excel in PC offense. If they were available at 20 I think we would become a better all around team with one of them and the extra picks we would get from Adam’s and Wags, and extra money we could use for FA still. Out of curiosity, most “experts” have Dallas picking Surtain or a DB at 10, why wouldn’t they be interested in trading 10 for Adam’s straight up then? I’m not an expert, but the defense Dallas runs seems like it could use and fit a Adam’s in there.

    • Pran

      I am not so sure. I have sensed a kind of friction between Carson and Russ last season especially after Pete took away Russ’s cooking, constant chatter for Carson to be on field for Russ to succeed.

  41. KD

    Hey Rob,

    Hope you don’t mind, but I am a big fan of walterfootball as well, and I messaged Walter to request that you be a guest on his podcast.

    This site is my #1 priority for Seahawks/NFL/Opinions, but Walter is a good counter to giving an unbiased opinion as well, which is why I was curious to see how your views matched up.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks KD, appreciate the support

  42. SamprasSultanOfSwat

    Here is an ideal trade proposal. The other day on ESPN. Someone was mentioning that the Colts need a safety. The Colts have both the draft capital and the dough to sign Adams to a long term contract. This trade makes much to sense. If Schneider wanted to trade for more picks, trading Adams would give John Schneider a couple of premium picks. Even though Adams loves it here in Seattle Adams would be going to an excellent franchise.

    • KD

      Adams won’t love here if he does not get his $$$$$

      • Scot04

        The new DC there likes to run our old base 4-3 & nickel packages. So unsure there’s a fit there

  43. charlietheunicorn

    Need a 3/4 WR
    Need 1 more RB
    Need/Want Center
    Want 3/4 TE

    Offense actually is looking like it is rounding into form.

    Defense…… this will take some work to pull off.

    • charlietheunicorn

      and yet again the A. Brown talk linked to Seattle. SMH

      • HOUSE

        WR: There are some decent options out there at WR still. I know Antonio Brown’s name is out there again. I think John Ross could be a cheaper option.

        RB: Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny, Alex Collins, Deejay Dallas and Travis Homer. I’m not sure we need another RB.

        C: I think we draft either a C/G in the draft, maybe both. I REALLY want Ben Cleveland at G or Dickerson/Meinerz at C with the #56 pick.

        TE: I’m wondering what happens with Parkinson. I think he could easily hold the position behind Everett & Dissly. My major concern is Dissly’s injury history,

        Defense: DEFINITELY needs work/help

        • cha

          Ross is off the market. He signed with the Giants.

          • HOUSE


            You are totally right. I was thinking about Marquise Goodwin

        • Dingbatman

          Not need another running back? Carson has never been able to stay healthy. Penny has done little more than show a few flashes and is coming off a year of injury rehab. Collins could contribute as a number 2 back. Homer and Dallas haven’t shown much. This is not a strong group.

      • Positrac

        I would be happier with signing Fournette over Brown.

  44. SamprasSultanOfSwat

    I think the Hawks should take a look at A. Brown. If Russell Wilson wants him. Brown can’t be all bad.

    Brown sure cost himself a boat load of that green stuff.

    • Happy Hawk

      I agree. If getting AB makes our QB happy then do it – plus we need a 3rd WR option sounds like a good scenario.

  45. Pran

    Hawks fell in to a vicious circle of filling roster with retreads or aging out vets or trading for vets. This is eating cap, short term deals, blowing picks leaving little for draft which forces the same issue again come off season. This is also impacting long term planning.

    I think they need a full blown reset to shift the focus to 2-3 year horizon rather than just the upcoming season.

  46. Space Chief

    Rob you were awesome on the 710 spot! I just hope they don’t learn what bellend means ;D.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Chief

  47. Sea Mode

    Lance Zierlein

    My draft profiles are finally live! There are some prospects still to be added as well as some grade updates that are still to come but it’s finally up!


  48. Sea Mode

    JS congratulating PC on the Jamal Adams trade:


    • Dingbatman


  49. Poli

    Rob or anyone with cap knowledge, on OverTheCap it says “projected cap gain” for extending Duane Brown would be $8,280,000, and Lockett $9,760,000.

    Is this as it sounds that extending those two alone would open up $18m?

    Seems to good to be true…..

    • cha

      No it’s real. There’s a bunch of non-guaranteed money the Hawks can open up with extensions. And Lockett and Brown are at the top of the list.

      It’s just how the Seahawks want to structure it. They’d be tying themselves to players who they may not get full value from in the final year or two of the extension, to get benefit in 2021.

      But that seems to be the way things need to be with a low salary cap this year.

      • Poli

        Thanks cha and Sea Mode for the explanation.

        Yeah, seems like this would be the best year to take these kind of risks.

        Fingers crossed for a one year extension for Brown, though Andrew Whitworth’s success would make me feel slightly more at ease if they had to add two years to get a deal done.

    • Sea Mode

      As Rob has been mentioning, they have up to $58m of flexible non-guaranteed salary on the roster. Certainly possible to get their cap hit low in year 1 of any extension, especially if they use the void years mechanism that so many teams have been using and they just followed suit with Carson. (that serves to spread out the signing bonus money over a greater number of years, keeping it lower)

      Lockett’s cap hit for 2021 is currently $13.75m. So if they were to set up the year 1 cap hit of an extension to be just $4m, then that would save the $9.76m OTC suggests.

      The question is: for how many more years are you comfortable tying yourself to a 36 year old LT?

      • cha

        Brown’s age isn’t really an issue with an extension.

        You just guarantee the most salary in the first year and tail it down the second year and have none in the third year. So if he retires or you have to cut him after a year or two, the hit is minimal.

        It’s not a big problem to get him to agree to it – he already did on his current contract. His last 3 seasons have only had $1.75m, $1m and $0 in guaranteed salary.

        Same with Lockett. He has $0 guaranteed in 2021 on his current deal.

        Many are saying they can’t extend Lockett because it would overlap with the massive DK extension that is coming. Nope. You structure it so the last couple seasons are not hugely guaranteed. So you have options – negotiate him down, cut him, or trade him.

      • king.

        Restructuring to this degree seems like a good recipe to ensure Wilson signs elsewhere for his next contract, but it is ironically perhaps the only way to appease him in 2021.

        • cha

          What makes you say that?

  50. Sea Mode

    @Trevor: 6 Canadians preparing for NFL draft.


    • Trevor

      Every year there seems to be more and more players which is pretty exciting. The development programs here in Canada are getting better and better.

      Of the group Hubbard gets all the press but I think St-Juste and Palmer will be the best pros and either guy would be a great fit for the Hawks. Both played really well at the Senior Bowl. Jackson is a bit of a disappointment. I remember when he went to Iowa there was talk of him having the tools to be an early pick but I was not impressed by him at the Senior Bowl.

      No Chase Claypool who I thought would be the perfect Hawks pick last year but definitely a lot more Canadian kids will get drafted and maybe as many as 3 on day #2 which would be awesome.

  51. Mick

    Rob the interview was really nice. I like your coolness when you speak, makes the difference between a pro journalist and a guy on the internet. Really impressed by how much time you put into this blog.

    Carson is great news. Best part is that Russ was on board with it. I also like that we put our money in the O first, and I’m sure we’ll solve the pass rush towards the end of FA – maybe we even get KJ and Dunlap back. The draft is going to be the real issue, just 3 players with that low picks simply isn’t enough.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Mick

  52. Harold Seattle

    For those that feel RW is still looking to get traded.


    Quarterback Russell Wilson worked hard in recent days to try to convince Carson to re-sign, sources told ESPN.

    Does that sound like someone trying to jump ship? No of course not. Every marriage has bumps in the road, but good marriages get pass those bumps. Think both RW and Pete understand it’s better to make it work then go their separate ways. Go Seahawks.

    • Ghost Mutt

      If my wife spent all summer telling her friends how much I sucked, and that if I don’t start doing things her way she’d divorce me, then I’d consider it more than a bump in the road. I’d be especially concerned if she’d mentioned four fellas she’d be comfortable leaving me for.

      It’s definitely looking like russ stays this year, but this is still a big problem.

    • Rob Staton

      Think both RW and Pete understand it’s better to make it work then go their separate ways.

      I think that’s an assumption.

      What I would read it as is — Wilson’s issues are not with the Seahawks, they are with Carroll and his vision/philosophy.

      At the moment, unless he extends his list of suitors, he isn’t going anywhere.

      But that doesn’t mean RW & PC ‘understand it’s better to make it work’. It might just mean we’re set up for 12 more months of everyone wondering what the next year holds.

      Also — people need to be aware of what Brandon Marshall said about RW wanting the classiest way to move on. Wilson isn’t wanting to position himself the way Deshaun Watson did with the Texans. So the odd ‘Go Hawks’ or being supportive of this move might be less a sign of calmer waters and more a case of Wilson not wanting to seem like he’s leading a mutiny.

  53. Dave1401

    Great interview Rob. Glad you are starting to get the recognition you deserve in the Seattle media

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Dave

  54. UkAlex6674

    Just woke up here in the UK to find we have signed Carson and there are favorable reports Dunlap and Wright are on their way back. I’m pumped about Carson! Let’s just get him the ball 20-25 times a game though.

    Re any potential Adam’s trade and reading the comments above- I have no idea what will happen there. But it’s worth remembering that about 99% of us thought getting Adam’s last year would never happen and it did, so those thinking PC trading him after one season won’t happen, it might.

  55. Brik

    I’m starting to see signs of life with this team. One thing I’ve been wondering though when it comes to possible signings, why is no one mentioning CB Adoree Jackson as a possibility? He’s young and was considered a top talent coming out of college. Is there a reason we wouldn’t be interested?

    • Rob Staton

      Well he doesn’t fit their size preferences at corner.

      I’m not seeing signs of life. They have no pass rush, they haven’t got obviously better anywhere other than G and TE, their depth is weaker, they have no money to spend or draft picks

      They need to get a move on because the draft, at the moment, is basically a total write-off. So this is the only realistic time to get better. And that’s what an off-season is supposed to be about — getting better. Not desperately trying to retain or replace

      • Brik

        I wasn’t saying they were alive, just that they have some signs of life. I’m including where I’m hoping the reports are true where we get Dunlap and KJ back. To finish the defense we add a top CB. I doubt we add another DE besides Dunlap since I think Pete will believe Collier, Taylor, and Alton Robinson will be serviceable. Then we add at the very least one of the top WRs on offense. Hopefully splurge on another player who upgrades the offense. Seems like enough if you can believe that some of our draft picks from previous years will start producing like Frank Clark did after some years.

        • Rob Staton

          I think the issue we have is simply our own personal interpretation of what constitutes signs of life.

          For me, the following:

          I doubt we add another DE besides Dunlap since I think Pete will believe Collier, Taylor, and Alton Robinson will be serviceable.

          Is exactly why I’d dispute there are signs of life. To me, that isn’t good enough. Not in the slightest.

          And if the pass rush isn’t remotely good enough, I can’t say this team has signs of life.

          Now if they had a full quota of draft picks, signed Dunlap, then took — say — a pass rusher in R1 — I could totally live with that and perhaps muster a little enthusiasm.

          As is though — I just see a team that might be about to regress on the DL and possibly at corner, with only one new weapon added (TE) and the only obvious upgrade being at left guard. With weaker depth across the board and regression at some positons.

          I think we’re almost basking in the relief and glow of ‘something’ happening. But as I’ve been saying — Jackson and Everett had to be the start. Their only subsequent moves are to retain a replacement-level center and a running back they had to manage last year because he gets hurt a lot.

          It’s time to put the foot to the floor and start making some moves to improve this team.

          • Brik

            We were decent last year after getting Dunlap. The usual expectation is that the rookies from last year will make progress. I’m not saying that any one of those guys will be a star this year, but all 3 put together should keep things fresh and create production from the DE position. Taylor is an unknown, but Alton had 4 sacks in limited action. Between those 3 I can see 10-15 sacks. 10 from Dunlap. 8 from the DT. 5 from Jamal. We’re at 2 sacks a game which isn’t the worst, and add in random sacks from the LB and CB and we end up at number 7 in sacks like we we’re last year. I agree we need more, but if they want to make Russ happy then they should start focusing on offense after they get a good DE. If we do add someone it will be after a few weeks into the season if we’re seeing things not working out.

            • Rob Staton

              We were decent last year after getting Dunlap.

              You mean against the winless Jets, Colt McCoy, Dwayne Haskins, CJ Beathard etc?

              The usual expectation is that the rookies from last year will make progress.

              And yet we’re still waiting for Rasheem Green and LJ Collier to show anything

              I’m not saying that any one of those guys will be a star this year, but all 3 put together should keep things fresh and create production from the DE position.

              They’re not good enough I’m afraid. Let’s just be honest

              Taylor is an unknown

              Unknown in that he might never play

              but Alton had 4 sacks in limited action

              Yes it was a nice start for him. But let’s be realistic about what he showed too. He’s a long way off being someone you can rely on. Ideally he’s your #3 rusher at best.

              Between those 3 I can see 10-15 sacks.

              We need to stop targeting a set number of sacks and go about creating a pass rush that disrupts and creates consistent pressure.

              Blitzing 36% of the time to collect manufactured sacks means nothing

              If we do add someone it will be after a few weeks into the season if we’re seeing things not working out.

              No. Just no.

              • Brik

                To be fair the D-line is playing against the O-line more than the QB. From an O-line ranking I looked up, the NY teams were near the bottom of the league but Redskins and 49ers were in the top ten.

                I don’t see Green as being a quality NFL player. LJ did improve in his 2nd year compared to his rookie year. A lot of players show their true potential in their 3rd year, which is why teams usually wait that long to see what they have. As for Taylor, who knows. As for Alton Robinson, with a whole offseason this time around he should be better. It would be great to have Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa and Nick Bosa, but that’s not happening.

                I expect the blitz rate to go down. With that said I don’t know what will happen, but if they get Dunlap or Clowney or Kerrigan, I would be willing to see what they could do.

                • Rob Staton

                  To be fair the D-line is playing against the O-line more than the QB.

                  But ultimately if you’re playing a crap offense you’re playing a crap offense.

                  It’s not like they suddenly turned it on in the second half of the season with relentless pressure either — and they continued to blitz between 30-36% of the time.

                  I don’t see Green as being a quality NFL player

                  That’s not exactly going out on a limb to be fair…

                  LJ did improve in his 2nd year compared to his rookie year.

                  He is average at best. Replacement level and/or depth piece for me

                  It would be great to have Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa and Nick Bosa, but that’s not happening.

                  Calling for a better pass rush doesn’t mean expecting a Bosa brother to land out of the sky

                  I expect the blitz rate to go down.

                  I don’t know why. They still have Jamal Adams and their DE’s are absolute toss

                  • Brik

                    Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to be able to add talent at any spot. I just believe that after we get 1 solid pass rusher, like Dunlap, we need to focus on other positions like WR and CB. If they add to those spots, then I could see finding another DE. I see it as more of a luxury after we fill in the essentials.

                    We wouldn’t be in the top 5, but they would be in the top half of the league. Which is where your $35 million, top 5 QB is supposed to handle the rest.

                    • Rob Staton

                      A #2 pass rusher is not a luxury

  56. Rob Staton

    This weekend — they need to fix the pass rush

    They can’t drag this out again like the last two years

    Get on with it

    • Sea Mode


      Options still out there, take your pick:

      – Jadeveon Clowney (28)
      – Justin Houston (32)
      – Carlos Dunlap (32)
      – Melvin Ingram (32)
      – Ndamukong Suh (34)
      – Sheldon Rankins (27)
      – Aldon Smith (31)
      – Kawann Short (32)
      – Kerry Hyder (30)
      – Everson Griffen (33)
      – Geno Atkins (32)
      – Ryan Kerrigan (32)
      – Akiem Hicks (31)?
      – Bruce Irvin (33)
      – Benson Mayowa (29)

      Who would you all like? Any names I missed?

      • Sea Mode

        I’d take Dunlap, Clowney, Rankins, and maybe Mayowa if cheap as a rotational piece.

      • Big Mike

        First and foremost, Carlos and by a wide margin.

        • Hoggs41

          Needs to be Dunlap. If there is a chance for a second guy Clowney would be interesting but I still see Mayowa as an option. Low cost and he wouldnt need a ton of snaps so he doesnt block the younger guys.

      • Happy Hawk

        This list indicates that maybe JS has been spot on evaluating this FA DL class. Waiting a bit to jump in and fix this issue seems smart – assuming they sign a couple this week. With no draft picks they can’t solve this in the draft so this hs to be the way to go…or the UDFA way. I like Clowney and Dunlap.

      • Jordan E

        Aldon, Dunlap, Kerrigan, Everson. Some older FAs that are proven would be great.

      • Trevor

        Step #1 Sign Dunlap and Akins to 2 yr deals with a voidable 3rd year to reduce cap #

        Step #2 Trade Jarran Reed for a 3rd round pick or extend him ing term his cap # is too high

        Step #3 sign Sheldon Rankins to a long term deal assuming health and Mayowa or Smith on a short term low cost deal.

        2022 DT: Ford, Mone, Akins, Rankins or Reed

        2020 DE: Dunlap, Taylor, Collier, Robinson and Mayowa or Smith

        • Rob Staton

          You’re not getting a R3 for Jarran Reed

      • Scot04

        Definitely Dunlap #1, then a solid #2 like a Clowney to play opposite Dunlap.
        if possible a 3rd as a rotational piece like Mayowa

  57. Sea Mode

    Jim Nagy

    Here is workout vid that led to invite D3 Wisconsin-Whitewater G/C Quinn Meinerz to Senior Bowl. Biggest takeaways were trimmer body, improved initial & foot quicks, and good ankle flexion. Repping here at
    @BigDuke50 with a potential top-10 pick and we didn’t see much difference.


  58. Kyle T


    Congrats on this interview, you were brilliant! After following your blog for about 10 years now, I’ve wanted to see you come onto 710 for so long. So happy for you and I hope this means many more good things and visibility for your work here which is first rate.

    I almost spit my coffee out of my mouth when you said “Paul and Danny, you are a pair of wankers”…So funny! And so true!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Kyle!

  59. Ukhawk

    Really impressive job on 710, Rob. Not surprising given you’ve become the “Silver of the Seahawks” given your utter devotion to your reporting craft and years of dissecting PCJS tendencies, measurables (TEF anyone?) and management.

    Especially loved the rapport you developed and them bigging up SDB is a testament to your work

    Well done.

    Footnote: So glad we resigned CC – would’ve been a major issue if not.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks pal, I really appreciate that

  60. Rob Staton

    If we want to even begin to try and compare the Seahawks to the SB champs this year, they need to sign or draft:

    Two quality pass rushers
    Another good running back
    At least another good wide receiver

    And personally I’d like another corner but I’m not sure TB’s corners were all that in 2020

    • Bmseattle

      It seems reasonable that two of what you are hoping for could be obtained in free agency.

      Which means we somehow need to obtain two more, relatively high draft picks.


      • Rob Staton

        If only they had a safety already on the roster who they spent a second round pick on just two years ago who could replace Adams…


        • Peter

          Doesn’t happen much but when people thumb or type out the phrase “dB whisperer,” for PC my eyes involuntarily roll..

          Draft capital on safeties alone in four to sixth draft cycles…but who is counting:

          Two 1sts
          One 2nd
          Two 3rds
          One 4th
          One 5th
          One 6th

          Sure hope at 8 draft picks with the firsts surely being turned into even more and not counting a pick for Tre Flowers since he’s a project corner they’ve spent well and away enough picks on safety

        • DancingBuddha

          Calling Blair a replacement for Adams is like calling geno Smith a replacement for Wilson, what has Blair ever done other than muff an INT vs the Bucs and turn it into a TD? A couple of flashy hits don’t make him a replacement for the best safety in football in my book. He couldnt even beat out Tedric Thompson I just don’t get the Blair love. He’s a project at best, another draft pick that didn’t pan out, unless he somehow becomes a serviceable nickel this year.

          • Peter

            A second round pick for a project seems a bit high. Jamal Adams is a very very good safety depending on what you want your safeties to do for your scheme. As his sack numbers go up his passes defended and tackles have gone down.

            He’s fun to watch and maybe it’s just a scheme transition plus recovery from shoulder injury but for every blitz that gets home there’s many that don’t leaving pretty big chunks of the field open to attack.

          • Sean

            Well at some point you need to let the young guys play. Blair has not done much because he has not been on the field much. If we are not willing to give our high draft picks a lot of reps, we won’t see if they can develop into cost-effective players. Drafting guys highly and sitting them on the bench until year 3 or 4 behind vets seems like a recipe to not get on field production from low cost players…by the time they get a chance and show something, their contract is up and they get expensive. With the shape our roster is in, safety seems like one of the few positions where we have a young guy with starter potential blocked by a veteran that could be traded to add picks and cap space.

          • Rob Staton

            Calling Blair a replacement for Adams is like calling geno Smith a replacement for Wilson

            They spent a second round pick on Blair

            That was their choice.

            They have never given him a chance to start.

            You don’t need to spend two firsts, a third and $20m a year on a safety.

            Whether Blair is a project or not is irrelevant. Safety is not a premium position, Adams is not worth the money and they have a guy they can plug in to try and win the job.

          • Scot04

            Adams might be a very good safety, but he’s not a fit. If you have to scheme your defense and blitz him 8+ times to get him his numbers that’s not good. No one is saying Blair has Adams talent. However in our defense which relies on the front 4 getting home I’ll take Blair. Adams fetches you some draft capital and saves you 16-20M. We can’t afford the luxury of a glorified Safety. If the Seahawks can move him for 2021 draft capital, they should.

    • Submanjoe

      I’d be happy with Dunlap and another pass rusher, just a deep d line would be fantastic…

      As far as another running back. Carson personifies Pete ball, except he can’t be relied upon to…play an entire season, give you 10-12 carries in the 4th quarter to grind down the game.

      I want to know what Ursua can do, and Swain too. Or was Ursua just a wasted trade..

      If the pass rush gets truly resolved and becomes reliably disruptive then I’d think that’d help the secondary and young cheap corners could fill out the roster.

    • Peter

      Rob or anyone,

      Aside from T.Y. Hilton are there any WR that people think make sense? Even at 31 he seems fairly productive. Like Rob from one of his podcasts the idea of Sammy Watkins always seems better than the actual Sammy Watkins

      • Hoggs41

        Personally I like Josh Reynolds. His name isnt as sexy as some but he is a very quality player. Also a former Ram who knows Waldrons system. He would be my top choice and shouldnt cost much.

        • One Bad Mata'afa

          I posted several comments leading up to the draft pounding the table for Josh Reynolds. Instead, we took…Amarah Darboh

      • Rob Staton

        The list is getting shorter at WR

        Might be time to get back in the draft and select one there

        • SeattleLifer

          I had originally thought we’d be drafting a RB or trading to get one with pick 56(i did’nt think Carson would want to come back to us and the rest of the free agent options were’nt worth hitching your offense to) but now that we grabbed Carson that’s exactly what i was thinking. Draft a Lockett replacement from a strong draft class for WR’s. Said WR could start in the slot/learn the ropes and depending on how he looks by next off-season we could either extend Lockett for a few years and keep the draftee in the slot or if he really looks good we could move him into Lockett’s role.

          • Rob Staton

            Well at the moment they have starting positions to fill, a load of depth to replace and no money or picks.

            So I have no idea what exactly their plan is unless it involves a massive trade.

            • SeattleLifer

              You know the plan Rob, same as it’s always been. Pete’s magic team chemistry with his charge of enthusiasm along with Russ to carry on the field. And the rest of it will just all work itself out talent be darned.

      • Sea Mode

        Besides Hilton or AB (leaving out Golladay), if you want to go that route, I don’t think there’s really anyone better than what you could get in rounds 2-4 of this draft. (Eskridge, Toney, Moore x2, Rodgers, Wallace…)

        Here are the FAs I think are still available, along with their 2020 PFF rank, when available, out of 127 WRs .

        TY Hilton (31)
        Antonio Brown (16)
        Sammy Watkins (87)
        Adam Humphries
        Danny Amendola (40)
        Larry Fitzgerald (108)
        Josh Reynolds (83)
        DeSean Jackson
        Kenny Stills
        Willie Snead (66)
        Damiere Byrd (102)
        Dede Westbrook
        Chris Conley (62)

        You can filter the list and read more about them here, if interested, though the list is not up to date as to who is already off the market:

        I liked Josh Reynolds coming out, but he’s had 400, 300, 600 yds the last three years and a handful of TDs. Not sure he would add much.

        A flier on Dede Westbrook to compete in camp would interest me. Seemed like a player on the rise his first 3 years even with the Jags QBs, but then was a healthy scratch the first half of 2020 and went out injured in week 7 with a gruesome ACL. 4.3 runner and we all saw what he did his final year in college.

        Willie Snead I guess might be worth a look if you really want a veteran for the slot to compete with Swain, Ursua, Hart. Still only 28, but nothing special athletically.

        • Rob Staton

          Looks like a draft fill for me

          Better get some picks

          • Sea Mode


        • SeattleLifer

          I’d be ok with getting AB if the price were decent. It’d kill two birds with one stone – appeasing Russ and fill a need for a shifty slot/backfield WR.

          If we could pick him up cheapish i would’nt mind Conley for depth behind DK. Big guy, long arms good speed – could take snaps when DK needs a rest, would be a good piece to use in 4-5 WR sets – just let him fly and stretch the field and if DK were to miss any starts he could fill in decently.

    • Hoggs41

      I agree on adding another CB. Also pass rusher for at least one possibly two depending on how they feel about Robinson and Taylor. I dont think we need another RB as they would just sit behind Penny.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not expecting anything from Penny. In fact I’d consider trying to shift him for a 6th.

        • UkAlex6674

          I’d be happy with that, especially if we get Mike Davis back. Rob do you remember the story about a team wanting to trade for Penny just after we took him? Maybe we can target that team to take him?

          • Rob Staton

            Apparently it was Detroit. But they’ve changed regime now

        • AlaskaHawk

          I would like to see them get one good year out of Penny before he leaves. The fans have been waiting.

          • Rob Staton

            Doubt it’s likely

            Might as well move on for me

            • UP Hawk

              I think it’s a little harsh to write off Penny after his injury in December 2019. Leading up the injury he actually had several good showings and looked like a versatile piece for the offense. 2020 was essentially a redshirt season- remember that Adrian Peterson was seen as a freak of nature to return from an ACL in less than 12 months with MVP form. He is the exception to the injury not the rule.

              Penny will now have had more time to build up strength after his rehab. I agree, he has shown nothing to appear worth a 1st round grade, but I’m not ready to discard him yet. If nothing else- he’s cheapish depth

              • Rob Staton

                We’re three years into his career

                He’s not once looked like a starting running back

                The chances of him becoming even close to one, or even a serious role player, are remote

                • Benjamin Davis

                  Lets face it, Rashad Penny is a wanker! Lol

            • Sea Mode

              I want to at least see him this year under Waldron.

              • BC_Hawk

                Me too. He may flourish in the system if he can stay healthy.

                • Rob Staton

                  That is hugely optimistic

              • Pugs1

                Agreed, he had back to back good games then ripped up his knee in December costing him 2020. What do they have to lose at this point?

                • Rob Staton

                  He’s set to earn $3,425,367 this year

                  He’s not worth it

                  Might as well get a 6th or 7th rounder and use the $2m on Mike Davis

        • ScandicHawk

          Damn, Rob, love so much of what you put up on your blog, but no frickin’ way here. You do not look for a 6th on Penny, nothing gained with that. A 6th? Meh. Guy had a major knee injury plus, not just a normal ACL tear according to multiple reports from the Hawks themselves. Need to see if there’s anything left ceiling-wise in practice end of summer… and yeah, okay, we won’t know the truth from Pete who’ll say the usual horseshit about how great he’s coming along, but maybe a reputable scribe like Condotta will give us the scoop, or Caple. Penny was coming on before Taylor Rapp ‘ankle bit’ him and blew his knee out. It’s painful to watch. Gotta see if anything’s left before getting, essentially, nothing for him.

          Hated the pick in the 1st by the way, I think you did as well? Convinced myself he could be some kind of danger as a return guy before he ate too many Big Macs. So hear you on the cynicism. But not yet, and not for a 6th. I’d rather just cut him and assume the risk.

          • Rob Staton

            Well you’re not even going to get a sixth rounder in 12 months.

            He is earning $3,425,367 when you have no money and picks. The injury simply adds to the list of reasons why he isn’t going to work out.

            We saw for two years what he is. A player who provides the occasional interesting play but isn’t remotely close to being a reliable running back you can lean on.

            I get that people are desperate to drain every last sinew out of a bad first round pick on the off-chance he suddenly turns it on — but the reality is the chances of him doing anything are remote. We know what he is.

            I’d rather get a pick and use the salary saving on a player like Mike Davis. I wouldn’t even hesitate to make that move. Give me Davis and a sixth over Penny every day of the week.

            • TomLPDX

              Harsh, but true. I really want to love Penny (hell, I have his damn jersey thanks to my wife!) but I know how you feel. Moments of goodness, with lots of crap in between.

            • ScandicHawk

              Davis is a nice back up rb, for sure, hated to lose him… but he’s got serious wear and tear at this point in his career. We, anybody else, can get him for a song and a dance.

              Don’t agree with you on this one, 3 mil’s not much in the bigger scheme of things depending on his recovery. Because he flashed in a way that is uncommon for Hawk backs. He could actually attack the edge and defeat the d with speed on the edge, vs Carson’s who’s an inside guy. If he still has that ‘twitch’, he’s far better than the best 6th. He’s worth the risk, unless the knee’s a career ender. Then it was just a lie from the Hawks FO, that his rehab was going great. Which would fool no one in the NFL, except for fans. 😉

              • Rob Staton

                but he’s got serious wear and tear at this point in his career

                He has 412 career carries. Chris Carson has 715.

                He hasn’t got serious wear and tear.

                3 mil’s not much in the bigger scheme of things depending on his recovery.

                His cap hit is nearly $1m more than Carson’s. It’s enormous for a backup when you have no money or picks.

                It not about risk. It’s about cost value and the likelihood of him amounting to anything.

  61. Hoggs41

    Chris Carsons cap hit in 2021 will be just $2.5m. Well done John Schneider.

  62. DancingBuddha

    Carson’s cap hit is 2.5 million so thats 800k more than Taylor. Its an excellent deal, no way they find a better one on a comparable quality of player

  63. Sea Mode

    Poor us… (nice chart tho)


    • Bigsteviej

      That table presents the data in a really good format. Thanks for posting.

  64. John_s

    Isaiah Wilson waiver by Miami. Good lord kid. Get your ish together.

    • ScandicHawk

      When this kind of stuff is going on, normally an ‘addiction’ of some kind of thing going on from my experience playing. Hope he gets help from a mentor, whether it be for football… or more importantly for the game of life. Damn, so much potential.

  65. Sea Mode

    Dang, that didn’t take long…

    Ian Rapoport

    This is true and sad. The #Dolphins have tried to help, but Isaiah Wilson has indicated he doesn’t want help right now. So, the former first-rounder has been released.

    Tom Pelissero

    Among the incidents that led to the #Dolphins waiving OT Isaiah Wilson, per sources:

    – Hours late for his physical
    – Late for his onboarding process
    – Didn’t show up for voluntary workouts he had committed to Thursday and Friday

    Team tried to support him, but now moving on.

    Jim Nagy

    Many NFL players don’t love football. Some don’t even really like it. Might sound strange but that’s the truth.

    • Burner

      Was there any red flags for Wilson pre-draft? Seems like a shocking waste of talent. Just hope he can get his act together off field.

      • Sea Mode

        Lance Zierlein

        Yeah had some but it wasn’t that bad

    • HOUSE

      My thought is I don’t see any team putting in a waiver on him. My guess is he needs to sit out and figure life out. I know people say these guys are amazing athletes, but we also have to realize he’s a 21-22 year old kid that doesn’t have his stuff together. He comes from a BIG school where he’s treated like royalty to an NFL team that forgot to say Happy Birthday.

      I hope he gets his life together

      • Mike

        Still played in more games than Malik McDowell

        • BobbyK

          True Story

        • Big Mike

          Darrell Taylor doesn’t like your post Mike

    • BC_Hawk

      Wow…what a waste! Imagine if we had drafted him in the 1st like we discussed; a true McDowell version 2. If he could just take care of his mental, he’d be a monster.

    • BobbyK

      I had a friend of a friend who happened to share a limo one time on some vacation site with Shaun Alexander. He told me because he knew how big of a Seahawks fan I am. Basically, in the limo they both small talked with their significant others and asked them what they do for a living and that type of thing (the one friend isn’t a sports fan) and they guy said he was Shaun Alexander and he played professional football. He said he didn’t really like it but it paid well.

      • ScandicHawk

        ‘A friend of a friend in a limo.’ Cmon man, why put this out there? This is like the horseshit crapped out in the tabloids like The Sun in the Uk, which Rob knows well.

  66. TheOtherJordan

    I’d love for the Seahawks to trade Jamal Adams for something like the 18th pick and change. The problem is if I’m Miami, I’d rather have Azeez Olujari at 18 if he’s still there. How would you feel Rob if Olujari goes 16 to Arizona? Paired with JJ Watt and Chandler Jones…….oh my.

  67. J

    Actually Carson has a 2.5 million cap hit this year, only slightly more than if they had drafted someone last year.

    • Sea Mode


  68. Olychris

    Great interview rob!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  69. James Kupihea

    David Moore to Panthers it seems…. (I’m still worried somehow Russ will find him on game day standing in line for a beer).

  70. SonGoku

    Wow, discussing with Hawks fans is pretty frustrating. Just saw a post that said they had such a great 1st week of FAcy. I commented that they still have holes at pass rush, WR3 and have to get back in the draft. The answer I got was that WR is not a need because Freddie Swain is the WR3 and you just trade back in the draft to get depth. They were absolutely ignorant to the idea of trading Adams. They said he is the cornerstone the Hawks build the defense around in the future and he is worth 20m a year because he is a S, LB and EDGE at the same time.
    I’m glad you created this place Rob, where you can have real discussions and are allowed to criticize the Hawks and question their decisions because many fans out there are immune to any questioning or negative opinions about the moves PCJS make.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you — I’m glad this place can act as an antidote to some of the other Seahawks places online

      • SonGoku

        Absolutely, we are lucky to have this place. Listening to someone saying you just have to be patient with the pass rush because we have young guys developing and they will add some proven players, that worked well for us last year, is too much for me. But I think it must be way easier to think that way and never doubt any decision.

    • UkAlex6674

      It doesn’t mean they are necessarily wrong though, just because what they say doesn’t fit a certain narrative. And that’s the best way, because it creates discussion and thought. Mostly!

    • Scot04

      Lol. I had to deal with someone the other day saying Wilson is too short, and teams have figured him out. Just get pressure with 4 and he’ll either have his passes knocked down or intercepted. He’s not like Brady who can make those passes. That was one stubborn individual. Those were some of his reasons we were stupid not to take the Chicago offer. SMH. Don’t know how you deal with it Rob. Makes me only appreciate you and your site more every day.

  71. SonGoku

    Absolutely, I have no issue with someone saying they have to act in a certain manner but then bringing arguments like ‘did you even watch the tape’ and ‘trust PCJS, they know what they are doing’ is a bit lazy.

  72. JJ


    I know you want Sherm back, but what about Dunbar on a prove it deal?

    • cha

      Not Rob, but if by ‘prove it’ you mean the veteran minimum with maybe some incentive money, I could see that.

      Dunbar has an extensive injury history. The Seahawks training staff got a full year look at him. They may choose to wash their hands of him.

      • CaptainJack

        For vet minimum I could get behind this. But he has serious lingering health issues.

      • BobbyK

        Pete said at his end of the year press conference they wanted Dunbar back. I’m assuming it wouldn’t take much.

        I think Dunbar is decent but I have a problem with players who have injury prone history concerns and that’s 100% Dunbar in a nutshell.

    • Rob Staton

      At no point in his career has Dunbar been able to stay healthy

  73. Tree

    Rob, really nice to see the local radio stations getting you on (and the two best shows in my opinion-Jake and Stacy should be destined for a better time slot) and they would be smart to have you on weekly. Hopefully less accent banter by the hosts in the future.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Tree

  74. Isaac

    It’s awesome to see the blog getting so much respect lately. Awesome Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Isaac

  75. CaptainJack

    Chiefs are in talks with Melvin Ingram. I think we should try to make a push for him, instead of resigning Mayowa. I was never impressed with Mayowa last season. Only play I remember from him was jumping off sides at the end of the Cardinals away game.

    • Rob Staton

      We don’t need Melvin Ingram because we have LJ Collier, fresh from his insane breakout season…


      • Big Mike

        Don’t forget Darrell Taylor too
        we’re golden

      • STTBM

        Well, Ingram has short arms, doesn’t fit their profile. Instead they will put somebody who fits their profile but sucks as a football player out there…

        How many times have we seen Seattle pass on great football players because they didn’t fit their metrics? They don’t learn..

    • Ashish

      Some time I feel hawks don’t want to sign high name players

      • BobbyK

        Sometimes I feel the Hawks don’t want to sign good players

    • cha

      Chiefs were in on JuJu right up until he decided to stay in Pitt as well.

      I wish the Seahawks would just have an ounce of the Chiefs’ aggression.

      • Scot04

        Unfortunately I think u got your wish already. They have only about an ounce of the Chief’s aggression, and that’s about it. To make it worse; they used that ounce to make the Adams trade. Sadly PC has blind aggression..

    • ScandicHawk

      Absolutely love Ingram! He and Dunlap please, NOW.

  76. Paul Cook

    If RW doesn’t open up the field on possible trade destinations (at least through his surrogates), then the balance of power between him and the front office is kind of evening out at this point, it seems to me, whereas it was tilted in RW’s favor before, at least from my perspective.

    I don’t know what’s actually going on behind the scenes, but if this thing is still being played out by way of secondary sources, leaks, conjecture and innuendo, that’s kind of mind-boggling to me. Has their even been an overture from either side about having a good long sit-down about the situation yet? It’s quite confusing.

    Good local Seattle interviews, Rob. You’re getting some well deserved cred in our neck of the woods as a Seahawk pundit. There were a couple of long and informative sentences/analyses in that last interview where I said to myself “don’t you need a breath yet”. LOL Great stuff. Just better up straight forward and in depth analysis than you often get out here.

  77. GerryG

    In a vacuum getting Chris Carson for a 5.5 cap hit is a good deal. But, we can’t view this in a vacuum. Bringing him back makes year 4 of attempting to handle RB with Carson/Penny; two players who have yet to show they can stay on the field. Attempting this again is Einstein’s definition of insanity. Yet they kind of had to do this, because they don’t have any draft picks. So this entire lack of draft capital to acquire a position of minimal impact/value (safety, and not even a coverage safety) has snowballed into trotting another RB combo that will almost certainly result in starting third or fourth stringers for multiple games and signing guys off the street. Meanwhile since your pass rush is completely F’d you cant really entertain getting a vet WR3 either, because you can only borrow so much against the future cap. You’re going to need to borrow at least 15 to just get a competent DE combo in place imo. Nothing about this makes me feel they are on the right path, yet. It could still change.

    • cha

      It’s not a 5.5 cap hit. It’s $5.5m guaranteed total in the deal.

      First year cap hit $2.5m.

      He’s making a million less than Penny on the fourth year of his rookie deal.

      It’s a very good deal for the Seahawks.

      • GerryG

        Oh that’s good. Thanks

        Still doesn’t change the rest of the overall flawed process we find ourselves in.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I agree with you, but Pete has given a bunch of other running backs a chance and they don’t look that great. Something is wrong with the selection process.

  78. BobbyK

    I’m glad Carson is back at that salary. I hate that he’s an injury prone RB who is anything but a workhorse, but for 15 carries per game he’s going to bring it. That being said, the RB position needs another quality back. A high draft pick.

    Nobody wants Collins. There’s a reason for that. Dallas did nothing for me last year. He’s terrible. Homer is the RB I like by far the best out of these two other bums but it’s only because he’s a stud on ST and can actually block. As an actual runner at RB – he’s pretty terrible, too.

    You can’t count on workload management Carson, a hit or miss former 1st round pick, and a guy who is only on the roster (Homer) because he’s good on ST.

    If they’re legitimately going to be a running team like Pete envisions, they can’t be throwing away carries on bums like Dallas. Each carry needs to mean something from a quality runner.

    Could they sign Leonard Fournette somehow? That would be legit! Could they draft Williams somehow? That would give them elite level RBs. I don’t know.

    I know you can’t be stacked at every position – especially when you’re in their salary cap position and have 2 legit draft picks in the entire draft. But if you want a running game, you better have more than an injury prone #1 and questionable #2 and ST ace who happens to play RB at #3.

    • Big Mike

      “Could they draft Williams somehow?”

      Sure Bobby, if they trade Adams and are able to get a mid-first. Possible though getting that mid first may be the hardest part of that.

      • Hawk Mock

        Agreed. If you want to run the ball, get the horses to do it. I just wish it felt like they had a plan, right or wrong, and were going after it. Because right now, it certainly feels like they are just going to walk it back with the same ol’ same ol’.

        Go offer Fournette the same contract or better and get back in the draft and make sure you walk out of there with Cleveland and Dickerson if you want to pound the rock down people’s throats. Make a big trade with Russ and get Mack as part of it, sigh Dunlap, another DL/DE, KJ and Sherm if you want to make defense the focal point. Have some conviction one way or the other because what they’ve been doing isn’t getting them over the hump.

    • Big Mike

      And btw, I agree with you as it concerns a RB still being needed. Question is will Pete strictly try to go with Penny and if so, why? Hanging on to the hope that the first rounder invested will finally pay off?

      • Rhawk

        I want them to bring back Mike davis. I always liked him.

        • Big Mike

          I’m good with that, All I know is that rolling with what they have now won’t cut it.

          • Rhawk

            This is true. Seems every year we end up running with our 4th or 5th string RBs at some point.

    • DougM

      I’d like to see them trade down and increase their picks to about 5 in the 80 to 200 range. Here’s a running back Chris Evans, who might be overlooked because he hasn’t played in 2 years. Good size(218 lb.) and good lateral cutting ability.


      • Rob Staton

        Not picking in the top-80 just increases the likelihood of you not getting anything out of this class

  79. CL

    Pelissero] The Cowboys have agreed to terms with former Falcons safety Keanu Neal on a one-year, $5 million deal, per source.

    • Scot04

      The Adams trade just continues to keep on giving…to other teams that is

      • Rob Staton

        Daylight robbery by the Jets

        • Pran

          JS should be barred from dealing with Jets

      • Trevor

        When we look back in 5 yrs at the impact (picks, cap space, roster consteuction)on the organization I think the Adams trade will go down as the worst in Hawks history.

        • UkAlex6674

          Even if we win let’s say 2 Superbowls with Adam’s being the cornerstone of the D, during that period? Even 1.

          • Rob Staton

            I think it’s pretty obvious Alex that Trevor is implying that won’t happen

  80. Rob Staton

    Saturday afternoon…

    Pass rush still pants

    • Big Mike

      “?pants” is being kind. Please re-sign Carlos.

  81. Denver Hawker

    This is presumably not what John Schneider signed up for: https://twitter.com/billbarnwell/status/1373040882799280129?s=21

    • Rob Staton

      It’s unacceptable really

      They have not used their resources well. This needs changing, pronto

      • Rhawk

        I still think you are right Rob. Some thing has got to give.

        Are they planning to just field half a team?

        • Rohan Raman

          You didn’t hear? Fielding half a team is the new innovative strategy from Pete “Big Balls Gum Chewer” Carroll and Ken “Defensive Genius” Norton Jr.

    • bmseattle

      Give that man an extension!!!

  82. Gross MaToast

    The 710 interview simply could not have gone much better. Good stuff. Prestige Worldwide.

    The Hawks can still sign Dunlap, Clowney and one more guy for what they’re apparently willing to pay a box safety. I guess it comes down to how you prefer to rush the passer.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Toast

    • charlietheunicorn

      Now we need some Softie Softerson cross talk with Rob… 🙂

    • J

      Extending Adams will probably result in a cap hit of 5 million or so.

  83. Blitzy the Clown

    Kenny Galloday for $18m per year? LMFAO

  84. Blitzy the Clown

    So I guess the reports yesterday about Carson’s contract were all wrong. First it was a 2 year deal, then a 3 year with the last year voidable. Either way it was reported to be $14.25m for the first two years with $5.5m in year one.

    The actual contract is only for $10.425m and it is only 2 years, the third year already having been voided and only there to shift $1.5m of cap space. At least that’s how I read in on OTC.

    Great deal for Seattle, and so far the only truly good move they’ve made this offseason.

    • TomLPDX

      If that is the case, it is an even better deal for the Seahawks.

  85. Trevor

    Looking at that Golliday deal makes me even angrier the Hawks did not grab a WR in last year for WR3 . Teams like the Steelers just keep drafting WR in rounds 2-3 and them into stars.

    • Hughz

      That’s a lot of money for a WR. Can’t imagine what they are going to give Barkley.

  86. charlietheunicorn

    “Former Detroit Lions receiver Kenny Golladay has reached agreement with the New York Giants on a four-year, $72 million deal, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

    The deal can be worth up to $76 million and includes $40 million guaranteed, the source said.”

    Love the guy, but this is an overpay. Good for him getting some money in a down year for FA.

    • Big Mike

      How many years is that 40 guaranteed?

  87. Cortez Kennedy

    Has anybody mentioned Golden Tate? Does he even move the needle anymore as a third wr? I know he’s older.

    • Big Mike

      If Russell’s wife still lives in Seattle……

    • John_s

      Pretty sure Russ and Golden are not on each other’s Christmas card list.

      • J

        Nah they squashed that. They are good now.

  88. Trevor

    Rob any thoughts on Josh Palmer as a potential WR in the 4th round? I thought he looked really good at the Senior Bowl.

    • Rob Staton

      Catches the ball away from his body well. Bit stiff and doesn’t accelerate brilliantly in release. Could be good on contested catches. Nice size. Let’s see how he tests.

      • Trevor

        Yeah if he can run in the 4.4s he might be worth a look. Going to be a good special teamer as well which important for a rookie WR.

  89. JJ

    How severe was Mitch schwartz’s injury?

    • Rob Staton

      Pretty serious. There’s been retirement talk

  90. Rob Staton

    Calling it a night.

    Let’s put it this way. Jadeveon Clowney probably won’t sign with anyone for a long while yet and after last year, there might not be any chance he returns anyway. Melvin Ingram was hurt and ageing last season. Aldon Smith played well for about four weeks in Dallas. And you’ve got 33-year-old Ryan Kerrigan.

    The options aren’t great. It’s not acceptable for this team to allow Carlos Dunlap to slip away. Not with virtually two draft picks now.

    This needs sorting pronto.

    • AlaskaHawk

      He’s had plenty of time to look at offers, time to bring him back. Would he sign the same length and type of contract as Carson? Total figures differing of course. I would consider offering him 2 years guaranteed and an option on the third year.

    • dcd2

      That’s what we said for months last year. They didn’t do a thing. Rolled out an nfl worst defense and semi-saved it at mid-season with a trade. For some aneurysm-inducing reason Pete seems to not give a crap about DL recently.

      Once (Clark) is a coincidence, twice (Clowney) is a pattern, three times (Dunlap) is a habit.

  91. Hawks31

    Alton Robinson. He will be the next Chris Clemons. There are players on this Dline.

    • CaptainJack

      That’s some pretty magical thinking

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