You just can’t keep ignoring this

Every time I tweet about the Russell Wilson situation, the following happens.

I get a whole bunch of Bears fans asking how likely it is he’ll end up in Chicago (courtesy of their franchise allowing fans to dream about the possibility, only to make a craptastic offer to the Seahawks which was inevitably rejected).

I also get a whole bunch of Seahawks fans shouting, swearing and insisting that this is all one big drama over nothing.

It’s time to get real.

Adam Schefter is the leading journalist in the NFL. I’ve been a journalist for the BBC for 13 years. I could only dream of reaching Schefter’s level. It’s akin to Nick Bellore going to bed at night and contemplating an alternative reality where he’s the one lifting his seventh Lombardi Trophy as the GOAT.

Contrary to what people generally think, ‘clicks’ are not what motivates journalists. I’m not so naive to suggest it doesn’t play a part in some sections of the industry. It does. At the end of the day, private companies need to pay the bills. Practically every local and national news service requires you to click on their website to feed advertising revenues. Otherwise, they cease to exist.

Yet at the very top of the game you have individuals such as Schefter. Here is a man with 8.2 million twitter followers. I’ve had a twitter account for 12 years. The first person I followed was Schefter (with Mike Sando a close second).

In all of that time, I can’t think of a single thing Schefter has misreported.

This is a professional at the very top of his game. He has a well-earned reputation as a man with his finger on the NFL pulse. He is the big beast of NFL journalism. When it comes to breaking sports news, Adrian Wojnarowski is pretty much his only peer.

This is not someone who tosses around thoughts to provoke a reaction. Or gain clicks.

It might be inconvenient for Seahawks fans to hear what he has to say. It might be extremely tempting to fire back at Schefter, accusing him of clickbait or stirring up a non-story.

But the reality is this is just a coping mechanism for the harsh reality of what is going on. People don’t like the thought of following a dysfunctional franchise with question marks surrounding the best player.

Yet that’s exactly what we have here.

The Seahawks might not trade Wilson this year. It’s possible that they don’t find a quarterback they love in this draft. Frankly, I’d almost be a little bit surprised if they did find one. Not only that, they’d have to be picking in the top three to absolutely make sure they could get them.

That’s not really the point though, is it?

This isn’t about whether Wilson is dealt this year.

It’s about a broken relationship.

It’s about an inevitable divorce that appears part of Seattle’s destiny, sooner rather than later.

I’m already getting twitter replies discrediting Schefter. Someone highlighted that Wilson said ‘Go Hawks’ on an Instagram post (as if that means anything).

People will cling to anything to deny reality — yet ignore the following:

— Wilson’s agent literally sent the NFL’s #1 insider a list of four teams, on the record, that he’d be willing to be traded to

— Tony Pauline reported last week that the Seahawks are as prepared to move on as Wilson is and it’s just a case of whether it’s this year or next

— Multiple reporters have declared that the Seahawks indulged the Chicago Bears in trade talks and only decided to turn down their offer this week (and is it any surprise given what was offered?)

— Mike Florio reported last May that people within the NFL believed Wilson’s days in Seattle were numbered

— Colin Cowherd, who is close to the Wilson camp, read out a lengthy monologue detailing why the quarterback was unhappy with Pete Carroll, the offensive vision, the control Carroll has within the organisation and other concerns

— Neither the Seahawks or Wilson has moved to deny this story, which they could nip in the bud immediately

— Just today, Jason La Canfora (also with connections to Mark Rodgers) reported: “A contentious offseason between player and team has moved the camps further apart, and done nothing to quell the superstar quarterback’s reservations about where the franchise is headed and how well he will be incubated from future sacks and beatings.

That is the reality.

I could keep listing things. The old saying ‘no smoke without fire’ barely feels adequate. This is just fire. Lots and lots of fire.

If I was going to put $20 on how this plays out — I’m not convinced I would put the money on Wilson leaving in 2021. I don’t know whether it’s realistic that Seattle will do a deal with the Jets, Dolphins, Falcons, Eagles or Panthers. Or that they could make a deal with the idea that someone like Trey Lance can come in immediately and get this team rocking.

Equally, I’m not sure how they’d work a way for Sam Darnold to come to Seattle — the other name that has been linked by reliable sources such as Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune.

La Canfora says Wilson isn’t willing to expand his list of teams this off-season anyway, making the whole situation moot unless he has a change of heart.

But again, I’m not sure any of this matters.

The main thing is a divorce seems to be on the cards. Whether it’s this year or next.

And we need to talk about that, not pretend it’s fake news.

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  1. Troy

    In other Jamal Adams news, Simmons signs a contract in Denver for over 15 mil APY making him highest paid safety, setting the floor of an Adams deal in seattle. Expect pressure to ramp up for Seattle to extend or trade Adams given this signing.

    • BobbyK

      Imagine trading a franchise QB and not getting much more than you traded for a SS that can’t cover. How demoralizing would that be?

      • Troy

        That would suck really hard, and really showcase what a shit trade that was for
        Adams. Giving up a 1 and a 3 and a starter would have been an overpay but I coulda swallowed it, however giving 2 1s, a 3 and a starter is truly baffling. Like worst trade ever kind of material.

      • AlphaDK

        Adams was considered a top quartile safety in coverage in 2018 and 2019, when he was healthy.

        In 2020, when he had a groin strain, a hyperextended elbow, bilateral shoulder injuries, and multiple broken and dislocated fingers on his dominant hand, he was not good.

        Do you honestly believe he can’t cover if he’s healthy?

        • Rob Staton

          Can he cover properly if the Seahawks determine in their scheme he has to be blitzed 8.2 times a game?

        • jed

          With all those injuries and the way he plays, do you have any confidence he’s going to stay healthy enough to be available and play at near 100% for the next 4-5 years? I don’t.

          • Tomas

            I concur, Jed. Very concerned about those shoulders, which can be prone to re-injury even after successful surgeries. Worst case: Adams is never again quite the same. Basing this on a casual conversation with an orthopedic surgeon, who admittedly knows nothing about Adams’ injuries other than what’s been reported.

        • James Z

          The film on his coverage skills do him no favors. He also seems to have hands of stone with further complicate the issue. Interceptions, when the opportunity arises are true game changers.

      • Big Mike

        That’s been my prediction all along BobbyK, and not just a franchise QB but a HOF level QB and a S who ranked 53rd last season. Rob says no and I do hope he’s correct, but this FO just seems so inept when it comes to BIG trades…..

    • Sea Mode

      Yup, he will want $16m absolute floor, and probably more since he’s “more than just a safety”.

      • Hawk Mock

        Exactly, I mean what is a S/LB/DE hybrid worth?! Gotta be at least 30mil, easy!

      • Big Mike

        Yep, set the record for sacks by a DB dontcha know Sea Mode?

        • BobbyK

          Jamal Adams is the most dominant pass rushing SS ever. Just watch this play and look at the pass rush moves he uses to dominate inferior OL blockers. This is why we traded for him. What a dominant sack:

          • Space Chief

            Woof that was such a hard hit I flew out of my chair!

      • Scot04

        Doesn’t help when PC says they viewed him as more of a weapon than a safety after the trade.
        Then ofcourse after the season when asked about his contract Adams referred to himself as a weapon.
        Thanks Pete…..

  2. Spencer

    Personally, I think that this is a possibility. But there are a lot of factors at play here, probably the biggest of which is how the 2021 season goes and the success they have. Winning cures a myriad of ills, as they say. But there’s nothing that most people can do about the situation. 99% of people are just fans following news. I’m sorry that people come at you in the rude way that they do. It’s just sports and that is never warranted. But seeing as there’s nothing to be done about the situation (for most of us) I’m just wanting to look forward to some more football and hope my team does well.

    I hope that I’m not coming off as rude. I really appreciate all the work you put in creating quality Seahawks content FOR FREE (especially your draft stuff, that is grade-A work and I hope one day you can see some compensation for that). But what are you wanting to happen within the community who frequents this blog? (Honest question, not trying to be patronizing)

    • Rob Staton

      Winning cures a myriad of ills, as they say.

      Looking at the current state of the roster, with no pass rushers, running back, cap space or picks…

      I’m not sure how much winning they’re going to be doing

      • Roy Batty

        And, even of they went to the NFCCG, if it was done with less passing and more game management, Russ would still leave. He is a player, who for all his community inolvement, is all about the Dangeruss brand. He wants to be adored as one of, if not THE greatest ever (spoiler: he never will be considered the greatest).

        For Russ, winning placates. Winning on his terms satisfies.

      • Simo

        I’d almost go as far as to say, based on the underwhelming moves they’ve made so far, they were preparing to tank this season and bounce back in 2022. The only problem is they don’t own their R1 pick next year!

        • Rob Staton

          Pete Carroll will never tank

          • Trevor

            Agree 100% you can say what you want about Pete he is never ever going to not give 100% effort to not try and win a game it would go against every fibre of his being. I think many of his decisions regarding the roster will result in the Hawks being the worst team in the division this year but it will not be or ever be because Pete tanked for draft picks.

          • Tomas

            True, to his credit. Pete’s only weaknesses are player selection/drafting, prehistoric offensive philosophy, predictable defensive scheme, and atrocious game/clock management. More than first-rate in every other respect.

          • Happy Hawk

            He won’t have a choice if he loses his HOF QB – that is what is crazy that 2 supposedly smart guys in PC and RW can’t figure a way to co-exist. There is no way to draft high enough this year to get a replacement and the QB class next year seems historically bad. If you want to avoid tanking/huge rebuild then Minshew et al is not going to get it done either. I have a very bad feeling about this!!!

  3. Sea Mode

    Continuing JD’s idea from last thread for a 3-way deal, how about something like this:

    Jets have been looking for a #1 WR to help out their rookie QB, Corey Davis is a decent #2. Then the Bears could sign Golladay to replace him and give Russ a target along with Miller and Mooney.

    Jets get: Allen Robinson, Bears R3

    Bears get: Russell Wilson

    Seahawks get: Bears 2021 R1, 2022 R1, 2023 R1, Khalil Mack, Jets 2021 R1 (from Seahawks), Sam Darnold

    • Hawk Mock

      Throw in Johnson(or not) and I’d be good with it.

      • Sea Mode

        I mean, that’s the value of 5 R1 picks (4+Mack) and a R2 (Darnold). If you want spare change on top of that, sure, go ahead and ask, but I wouldn’t turn down the deal without it (as you hint).

        • Scot04

          Based on what Garofalo said Seattle would want Johnson & Mooney in the deal. So could be one more young starter on Seattle’s list, plus Darnold and 4 1sts, without Mack. Either way it will be interesting to see what the Seahawks end up doing.

    • JD

      I like yours more Sea Mode. Mitigating the risk of our next year’s first is a huge relief.

      • Sea Mode

        Oh, I see. Is that why you would prefer to get next year’s R1 back instead of this year’s?

        I’m just thinking we have so few picks this year, gotta replenish them somehow.

        • JD

          I would take either, but would prefer next year’s if we are giving up the QB that guarantees we pick later than 20 every year. I think we’d be picking a lot earlier than 23 next year if we have Sam Darnold but knowing how strong this draft class is, taking #20 and #23 would be a great add as well.

    • no frickin clue

      Is Robinson that compelling a trade chip?

      In this scenario, the Jets give up 1.23 and Darnold, and get back 3.83 and Robinson.

      The difference in value between the draft picks is top of the 2nd round.

      So you’re asking the Jets to give up Darnold, plus effectively the 1st choice on Day 2, in exchange for Robinson. Not seeing it as attractive to the Jets, but maybe I’m not giving Robinson enough credit here.

    • Happy Hawk

      Mack got restructured right? so he is not an option?

  4. Belfasthawk

    Interesting that JLC’s article says

    “I’m told there is no other team that Wilson would be inclined to waive his no-trade clause to go to right now, and that, too, is unlikely to change in the coming months”.

    That can always change of course. A mess.

    • Rob Staton

      The thing with that is — what exactly does Wilson expect then? He can’t realistically want out while also expecting the Seahawks to take a crap offer

      • Submanjoe

        They’re gonna go into this season with Wilson and it’s going to be a repeat of the past 5 years. They’ll pretend none of this off-season happened. Absurd

      • Belfasthawk

        Indeed, expand your team options or suck it up in Seattle.

        • Gaius Marius

          And I really hope that the Seahawks have delivered that message to Wilson clear and succinctly.

          • Simo

            How does it help anyone if the only communication from team to player is “suck it up”?? That just means a black cloud hanging over the team indefinitely. Sure, they should have some conversation about RW needing to expand his list of teams. If three of the four are off the table and the fourth team only submits lowball offers, a trade isn’t happening this year.

            But I’m not very impressed with the moves PC/JS have made so far in free agency, and I’m sure RW isn’t either. I cannot say the team is any better than last year at this point, and it’s probably fair to say they are worse!

            • Belfasthawk

              Of course it would not be communicated that way. But it could be said “you have given a list of teams, none are viable options. Would you be prepared to expand that? Otherwise we are moving on with you as our QB.”

              • Simo

                I’m just not convinced this approach is good for anyone. If the team isn’t prepared to improve the OL and acquire more proven weapons, and isn’t prepared to give their franchise QB offensive input, then they need to make the best trade possible this year!

                Why would you want to deal with all the drama that will inevitably be present if you choose something besides these two options?

                I would also argue that Russ’ value could decrease in a year’s time, especially if he has a mediocre year playing under a circus of drama for a poor team!!

                • Belfasthawk

                  Agreed that is suboptimal. But how would you manage him then? Asked with curiosity not snark. They haven’t improved the OL and there is little scope now to do so. Ditto on weapons. His four teams option has boxed both sides into a corner.

        • Tomas

          Fair comment.

      • Lewis

        All depends on how badly he wants out. At the end of the day, the no-trade clause is only a veto. He can have a list of favored teams, but if he really wants out, he may have to expand it or stay put.

  5. WestSide72

    The Draft can not come soon enough for me! Chicago needs to up the offer and the Seahawks need to see how the draft plays out so they do not get stuck in no man’s land without a quarterback.

    • Sea Mode

      I honestly don’t understand why either side would want to wait until right before the draft. Get it done so you can sign remaining FAs and know what you have when planning for the draft.

      The weeks leading up to any draft take full focus and energy to get the board right. Imagine throwing the hubbub of a franchise-altering trade right into the middle of that.

      • Rob Staton

        I honestly don’t understand why either side would want to wait until right before the draft. Get it done so you can sign remaining FAs and know what you have when planning for the draft.

        I can only imagine it’s because they want to do all of the homework necessary on the draft class and receive intel on the range where every player will be drafted.

        Last thing you want to do is make a rushed trade then either miss out or not have the right information

        Of course, IMO — Kellen Mond and Davis Mills are two QB’s you don’t need to be picking in the top-10 to get and very few people talk about them as options

        • Blitzy the Clown

          It’s your pick. Mills or Mond? Who do you take?

          • Gaius Marius

            Mond…and that’s entirely based on it being the German word for “Moon” and I like Warren Moon.

            How is that for irrational selection?

            • Rob4q

              I think Mills might have more upside…he looks like he just needs time and could be awesome. Has all the tools, smart and will be a leader. If you are trading Russ and drafting a QB, I think it’s Mills…

            • RugbyLock

              Sounds about as “rational” as the Adams trade!

          • Rob Staton

            I’ll nail my colours to the mast if/when a trade happens — but until then I’ll keep my powder dry

      • WestSide72

        Sign me up for a trade now!
        My point was the Seahawks might like a quarterback in this draft, but if they can’t acquire that player the trade does not make sense.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        I would think it would go like this.

        a) at the draft, 2024 comes into play for 1st round picks. Making a total of 4 available.
        b) if, at 20, a QB they are comfortable with is still there, trade. If not, no trade.

    • Roy Batty

      If they traded 3 firsts, 3 seconds, Mack and another good YOUNG player, then maybe. The Hawks could then deal Mack for more picks, if that was their priority, and try to move up for a QB in the draft.

      I guess this all comes down to Pete being willing to trade top current players to acquire more cap and picks to placate Russ, or realize that Russ is realistically just a one year rental until the next off season and pull the effing trigger.

      • Sea Mode

        Maybe, but if I trade Russ, I’m looking to build an elite defense to carry Darnold/rookie, and Mack on the cheap for a couple years is absolutely part of that.

      • cha

        The Bears took Mack off the table by restructuring his contract.

        He’d have a $39.4 million dead cap number if they traded him.

        But worse, they would incur a whopping $25 million cap hit.

        And that’s before accounting for RW’s $19m cap number.

    • ScandicHawk

      Wonder what the odds of Chicago panicking and doing that right before the draft are? Maybe Pete and Schneider ‘win’ by waiting. I was pissed when Pete said ‘no’ to the Bears initial offer for Russ until it leaked… two vets now off their roster and a 3rd with the two firsts? That’s non-covering Jamal Adams level plus crappy salaries for a couple of waived vets.

      We need an early second, at least, for Mills. Wonder if Schneider will fall in love with him as much I have, best qb play and pro ceiling I’ve seen in the P12 since Andrew Luck, imv. He shredded my Dawgs in a way that only Elway and Aikman and Drew Bledsoe have done… another level player…. former 5 star, David Shaw loves him and Nagy’s giving him some late love.

      Curious to see how this plays out right up to the draft. I’ll say this, I prefer our FO to Chicago’s by far. Miss on Mahomes and then offer a chump package for Russell after getting Chicago’s base hopeful and fired up? Bad move. I would really not want to piss off Bear fans. Gonna be a long year for that GM if they don’t pull something off.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Long year indeed. 💯

      • Randomation

        It doesn’t matter if the bears offer the moon Russ gets to know the specifics of the trade and can say no. He isn’t going to let his new team be as asset strapped as Seattle.

    • Happy Hawk

      I think that has already happened: Gone are: Trubisky, T Taylor, Finley, Dalton, Winston, Stafford, Goff, Fitzpatrick, T Hill, Wentz, Prescott, Big Ben, Brees, Cam Newton, Brissett, and even guys like Flacco are being discussed and soon to be off the board. Who is left RG3?

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Alex Smith (smdh), or trades for Darnold, Minshew, or Marriota. Outside if that, it’d have to be a trade for a young QB who was drafted recently that has yet to play any meaningful snaps – Love is the best of that bunch. Other than him, well, only JS/PC would know.

  6. TheOtherJordan

    Another great post Rob. If Pete and John have decided a separation is inevitable, why delay it? Pull the trigger now. The Jets, Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons, and Panthers are all trading for Deshaun Watson. Assuming the Texans even trade him, he’s only going to one of those teams. One of those teams (currently the Jets) will be content with Zach Wilson at #2. And if the Texans trade Watson then they’d need a QB.

    That leaves you with four teams and the Bears searching for a QB solution and the 2022 draft isn’t a great one for QB’s. It’s very clear Seattle can’t trade Wilson without having a solution at the QB position as a part of the trade. They can’t compete with those other 4 teams as far as capital. They don’t even have a first round pick in 22’ to find a QB solution. A replacement QB solution isn’t going to improve with time, I’m afraid.

    • Ben

      Watson trades are probably DOA for a while.

      If teams convinced themselves selling the farm for Watson already, they might be quicker to go get option 1B at a slightly cheaper price. Will be interesting to say the least…

    • Rob Staton

      I think part of the problem is Wilson isn’t prepared to extend his list of suitors. I’ve seen two people connected to the Wilson camp say that today.

      But the Seahawks equally can’t be bullied into trading with the Bears just because. It has to be right. And it’s true that they can’t go into next season with a complete long term mystery at QB. They have to have someone they believe in.

      Now maybe, in the next few weeks, they’ll determine they can believe in Kellen Mond. I really like Mond. Maybe that’s the solution.

      Maybe Trey Lance lasts into the 20-35 range rather than the top-10. For me, he deserves to go in the same range as Jordan Love.

      Or maybe the Bears get the Jets involved with Sam Darnold.

      But right now, there is no solution. No viable offer. So while you’re right to say there’s no point dragging this out if a divorce is inevitable, there’s also no point shooting yourself in the foot for no reason.

      And even if you like Mond at #20 — is it worth pulling the trigger now and risking tipping your hand to everyone else?

  7. Feindt

    Rob, don‘t be too hard on yourself, Nick Bellore still roams the major leagues ;). You are always well informed and able to put sudden actions into words at an impressive rate! Adam Schefter breaks NFL news for a living, you educate Seahawks in your spare time

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  8. WI_Seahawk

    Pick up Mariota when he’s released by the Raiders & then ship out Wilson – whether it’s to Chicago or another team he’d agree to go to.

    • God of Thunder

      Has to be done at the same time.

  9. Mick

    I fail to comprehend how anyone can deny all the information that’s out there on a possible trade. All the media experts are bringing this up and how much of a naive fan can you be to say they don’t have stories and they only after clicks. It could be that Russ stays, but this doesn’t make the reports less true. And with the legal problems that surround Watson, Wilson becomes interesting for even more teams.

    Rob, do you think we could get a QB via trade, before the draft, to fill in the spot until we find a solution? I’m thinking Minshew, Mariota, Bridgewater.

    • Rob Staton

      With only three picks and hardly any cap space, I suspect it might be unlikely at the moment

      But if I were them, I’d be sniffing around Minshew and Mariota — even if it’s just to provide some level of insurance

  10. Jordan E

    Rob, keep making content. Strike when the iron is hot! Its insane that fans arr still upset and/or have not accepted the idea that Russ may be traded… The fact that Russ’s agent posted a series of teams he would play for should be pretty damning. Further, Russ has not quelled these rumors down himself nor have the Hawks organization.

    Let’s not forget JS were eyeing Josh Allens workout previously and to the extent that Russ’s camp were unhappy with that. Again, we won the SB with an elite defense and running game, and a game manager as a QB. No other team in the modern era besides the Chiefs have won a SB by throwing the ball heavily. Also Mahomes was still on his rookie contact when they won that SB.

    • Gaius Marius

      That’s my cynical take as well, that you can’t win the Super Bowl (unless your Tom Brady) with that highly paid, elite QB. Or…that your chances are at least as good with a decent QB with the necessary surrounding pieces (defense, defense, run game).

    • Randomation

      If you think Russ was just a game manager you need to go watch the nfc championship we don’t win that with a game manager.

  11. Submanjoe

    Losing Wilson and his 35 mil per year allows Seahawks to spend all that extra money in the trenches. Then because Pete and John did it once before, they believe they can find another Wilson in the draft and have a cheap qb to go with a great defense and and powerful running attack with (hopefully) a fully capable qb who’s cheap.

  12. Lupe_G

    Rob, will you still be on with Jake Heaps today?

    • Rob Staton


      1pm I think

      • Ben

        Looking forward to it!!

  13. KennyBadger

    Didn’t schefty report that the eagles traded up in the draft one spot ahead of the Seahawks so they could draft earl thomas?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think so. But if that’s the best you’ve got to try and suggest he’s making all this Wilson stuff up — you’ll need more than that

      • KennyBadger

        I’m not suggesting anything. Simply recalling a circumstance where he was in error and it involved the Seahawks.

        • Rob Staton

          Can you prove that error?

          • KennyBadger

            I cannot. It was live at the draft and he was reporting amongst the tables and phones. I suppose I could rewatch the broadcast to find out but my intent was not to undermine your point Rob. It was something I vaguely remember joking about with a cousin who is an Eagles fan but I digress.

            • KennyBadger

              And congrats on your 710 spot today – well deserved and I hope it’s a recurrence.

              • Rob Staton

                Thank you!

                • KennyBadger

                  Cheers 🍻

    • Brik

      He might have speculated people around the league were thinking that. Or it could’ve just been a question posed but a host. But yea this is a reach, Shefter has a ton of integrity.

  14. Ben

    The KJR spot the other was GREAT. Wish you could be a regular somehow. I have to think it’s a breath of fresh air for a lot of listeners. Really clear, concise assessments of the team, and funny to boot!

    Enjoying all the interviews too. Still wanna hear your official top 3 for 56!

    • Rob Staton

      You know, I’ve wanted to be on Seattle radio — even as a one-off guest — for 12 years

      Being able to be on KJR and 710 in the space of a matter of days, is an absolute dream

      • Trevor

        I think it is awesome and long overdue!

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Man, if you had a weekly segment talking Hawks and the draft, sheet, I’d listen in regularly. I already do for your podcasts and this blog. If they were smart they’d contract you for a regular bit.

        • Rob Staton

          That would be a dream

          • Neville

            If I somehow come into multi-billions, I’m hiring you as the new GM.

      • Jordan E

        That is great to hear Rob. Listened to it the other day by the way and it was great! Let’s get you as a regular on there somehow lol. Maybe a regular special guest with Corbin as well. I swear many seahawks commentators get their ideas from you and this blog. You deserve more recognition.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks Jordan

  15. Blitzy the Clown

    Sweet jumping Jehoshaphat did y’all see the pro day numbers for SDB interviewee Milton Williams?

    4.62s 40 yd
    10’1″ broad
    38.5″ vertical
    6.93 3C!!!
    34 bench

    All that at 6’4″ 285lbs


    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, posted on that yesterday. Pretty insane numbers. R2 lock.

      • Hoggs41

        Yeah those numbers are silly for a 284lb dude.

    • Rob Staton


    • Trevor

      If the Hawks just drafted guys from the list Rob interviewed this year they would be doing really well.

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    Juju out of the running. He’s resigning with Pittsburg for a year

    • Sea Mode

      Oh look, good teams still being aggressive despite limited cap space…

      Ian Rapoport

      JuJu to the #Steelers on a 1-year worth $8M, source said. He had better offers from the #Ravens and the #Chiefs. But stays in PIT.

      • Mick

        I can only hope KJ Wright learns something from this…

      • Hawk Mock

        Reddick with a 6mil base and JuJu at 8 mil for one year when Corey Davis and C Samuel received pretty good contracts are the 2 I don’t understand so far. I understand Reddick’s familiarity with Rhule and same with JuJu and PITT, but these guys are at the age where I would be maybe taking a chance at trying to lock them down for a few years while extending the cap hits. What am I missing?

        • Sea Mode

          They want back into the market next year and are willing to take less in a more familiar situation to set themselves up for that.

      • OP_Chillin

        What a bargain! I was reading Juju would go for a multi-year deal north of $15M APY easily. Looks like that was completely wrong. Will Fuller’s deal is apparently “more than $10M” for one year which is a good deal too.

        The Hawks have too many holes to be in on those deals. Would be nice “put them over the top” type of signings for contending teams.

  17. God of Thunder

    Poor old Nick Bellore😂

  18. Gaius Marius

    There are 2 barriers to critical thinking.

    First, it’s something of a lost art. Being able to effectively examine and break down information, keeping in mind source quality, history and other trends is downright hard for a lot of people. While critical thinking has declined it’s become all the more important in a world awash in (dis)information online.

    Second, passion makes it harder to think critically. A normally, clear thinking individual can become defensive, surly and ignore whatever facts get in the way of what they want to believe and/or feel MUST be reality. You see the second a LOT in topics like sports and politics.

    So take Wilson’s status. The passion is driven by him being a franchise QB of the sort the Seahawks have looked for since inception. He’s here, he’s awesome and he wins games. Many of us LOVE Wilson.

    He must be a Seahawk. He must remain a Seahawk…until retirement. Anything otherwise is lunacy (and no, it doesn’t matter how Wilson feels about it, it’s about how us FANS feel).

    Anything contrary to that must be ignored, attacked, discounted and undercut. It’s a way to defend Wilson (who we LOVE) and the status quo, which is him being our franchise QB until the end of time. That response is visceral and emotional and not at all logical, but passion is the enemy of logic.

    Reviewing the various information it’s clear to me that the exit door is open, it’s just a matter of when we will walk through it. Wilson is not happy and it’s untenable when your franchise QB is not happy. Carroll ceding control and an extension might patch things up, but this unhappiness did not just spring up seeing Brady win another Super Bowl, it’s likely been long festering. Resolution is both sides moving on, but it’s complicated on when that will happen.

    It will be interesting how the deniers will react if we have a down year, not to mention how Wilson will react since he’s going to be harried about his “happiness” all season long. By the end of this I expect a lot of them will be sobbing into their 3 jersey (I already got that out of my system!). 🙂

    • Big Mike

      Fantastic post! So spot on as it concerns critical thinking. Wilson will be gone, it’s just a matter of when.

    • Trevor

      Very well said!

    • Strategicdust

      Nice post

  19. Henry Taylor

    This depressed WR market has shifted my thinking on keeping Tyler Lockett. He’s a great player, but his production comes in spurts and I’m not sure whether extending him with DK’s necessary extension coming up is the smart thing to do.

    So the only other options would be to trade him now or let him walk in a year, I’d much prefer the second option especially given the number of WRs out there who could come in and be a perfectly fine #2 in our system at a much cheaper cost, say Josh Reynolds to keep up the Waldron Rams connection. You could then use the pick you get (say a high 3rd) to draft a Cade Johnson or Dwayne Eskridge to replace his role and use the money to invest in 2 good pass rushers, again still out there to be had.

    Yes moving Adams would make more sense, but if they aren’t interested in that (and possibly even if they are) the only reason I can see not to trade him is that it would piss Russ off. And the way the wind is blowing that ship might have sailed.

    • OP_Chillin

      This is an interesting thought, but I would contend they needed to add talent at receiver rather than subtract/substitute with inferior options. I think they did that with Everett, who can be the “big slot” that Wilson likes. DK can do his DK thing, but neither has the connection Wilson has developed with Lockett. Honestly, if any one of those guys goes down, it might be a struggle for Wilson, so removing Lockett at the outset could be a bad idea for this season.

      I agree it would be nice to draft and develop a 3rd/4th round WR. They just don’t have the picks to do it, nor the roster to be honest and it’s not worth losing Lockett in 2021 for that. If you’re looking long term though with DK’s $20M+ APY contract coming in a couple of years, it could be the correct move.

      • Henry Taylor

        That’s exactly my thought, is it not better to get what you can now than get nothing in a year? And in terms of adding vs replacing with inferior players, of course I agree with that in a vacuum, but I view it more as downgrading a reciever room (which would still be pretty good in this scenario imo) in exchange for upgrading other crucial areas like the pass rush.

        • OP_Chillin

          Good point! To add, injuries to Lockett have coincided with offensive downturns the past couple of seasons. Two ways to view that: need more talent to offset potential injuries or that Lockett is perhaps a bit injury prone.

          I really agree pass rush is an issue. We’re back to where we were prior to landing Dunlap. I’d be interested to see if the people who, before the 2020 season, were confident in Green and Collier stepping forward believe the same now.

  20. Rob Staton

    Please listen to the Jake & Stacy show on 710 ESPN today (11-2) I will be making an appearance

    • Hoggs41

      Thats awesome. Do you have a rough timeframe?

      • Rob Staton

        I think 1pm

    • Trevor

      Heaps seems pretty close with Russ so I am really looking forward to you guys hashing this out.

  21. Leonardo

    I think the report that Pete and Russ hadn’t spoken since the Schefter tweet was what convinced me the marriage was over. Considering Pete’s rep as a player’s coach, you would think he would be eager to sit down with Russ, discuss their differences, and find common ground. But he has shown over the years, not just with Russ but with all our disgruntled stars, that once you don’t see eye-to-eye with Pete anymore, your fate is sealed. There’s much more of a ruthless, stubborn, Belichickian aspect to Pete’s personality than he lets on in the media.

    I’ll always love Pete for what he built, but I think he has shown that he doesn’t have the flexibility to “win forever”. The great coaches who have sustained success for decades, like Belichick or Alex Ferguson, were willing to change their teams many times over. They maintained their standards and culture, but they let their teams evolve. They would never let Russ leave without at least trying to change something. But it looks like Pete would rather lose in his way than win in someone else’s.

    • Jordan E

      This is a very cynical take on Pete. Yes, Pete is a players coach but there are also times when you have to draw the line. We do not know the internal dynamics of everything so this is all speculation.

      And Bill B was the same… He wanted Brady out earlier and wanted to replace him with Jimmy G. Brady was the one who forced that Jimmy G trade because Robert Kraft loves Brady.

      Also, as a HC it makes sense that you would like to play the game your way instead of someone elses. Pete isnt a assistant coach.

  22. Hoggs41

    I believe he could get traded but its not going to be to one of his four teams. If he doesnt add a team or two to the list he will be a Seahawk this year. Bears tried but just dont have the ammo.

  23. STTBM

    Rob, taking a guess, but I think many people just can’t get their heads around both Wilson and Carrols stances. Also, many fans aren’t super knowledgeable about football. I quite agree, it’s maddening the Hear No Evil, See No Evil mentality. And it’s super easy to rage via keyboard….

    This situation is utterly depressing. I’m possibly more unhappy with events and the future than I was just before Mora and Russell were fired, and even more sick at heart than during the Behring years, because I never believed the NFL would let him get away with moving the team without league permission.

    At least with Mora and Russell, we had an owner who could sense dysfunction, and it’s source. I doubt we have that currently, but I wouldn’t mind being surprised.

    It’s equally maddening to read the many people who refuse to acknowledge that Wilson has legitimate beefs with Carrol and JS. They have failed to do their jobs adequately, and it’s cost Wilson in pain, wear and tear, in his stats, and it’s worn him down emotionally.

    This has been building for years, it’s not an overnight thing. Yet many ignore the writing on the wall, because it doesn’t fit their preferred reality.

    As cringey as Wilson can be outside football, he deserves better Coaching and front office management. And considering the pathetic drafts of the last 8 years, the poor free agency decisions, and the absolute wasting of over 50 million dollars last season, it boggles my mind to see the numbers of folks who either choose Carrols side or refuse to believe a divorce is all but inevitable.

    If I had faith in Carrol and JS moving forward in free agency and the draft, at this point I think I could deal with what’s coming. But since I see no way they don’t draft and sign “talent” the same way they’ve always done, I’m sick at heart watching what I feel is now certain to be 4 years of slow motion train wreck, followed by the team being sold and the new owner firing everyone with a year or two (as the case may be) left on their contracts.

    This isn’t going to end well: not for RW, not for the Seahawks, and not for us fans. This may be the I’ll wind that blows no one any good.

    • CallMeAL

      I agree this is depressing. Do they want to trade RW, I believe so. But the Bears aren’t offering enough and have no QB solution. And apparently RW is not open to expanding the list of teams he is willing to go to. So what are we left with if RW remains a Seahawk this year, the very definition of a dysfunctional family. Can you imagine your starting QB and the head coach not speaking or being able to agree with each other on how the offense is run. What a mess this is turning into. Go Hawks!

  24. Uncle Bob

    Keep at it Rob, I don’t think the ship has sailed yet on RW being traded, even this season. Certainly the odds have shifted against a trade, but that’s somewhat based on limited thinking. Let’s look at what has happened in the past few days that might have some impact or definition of assumptions.

    As much as teams may value RW they also, rightfully, saw Watson as an equal or potentially better target for acquisition. But, now he’s tainted a bit with the sexual assault suits, up to 7 as of today. Those may be money grabs and will blow away in the wind…………..but not for a while if ever. Some teams won’t be dissuaded, others probably will. That will bolster RW stock/desirability. Second, the word is leaking out that New England is hot on his tail. With Casserio in the driver seat in Houston that becomes the believable most likely trade deal. Again, some won’t be phased by that, others will bow out. Again, that makes RW more valuable.

    So then the non believers will bring up the 4 favored teams thing. Three of those are dead issues anyway, and the Bears offer was rejected, not to mention the Dalton deal. It’s been disclosed that Fuller and Hicks are likely cap casualties which might be a hint that they were the two vets that the Bears offered. For all that some on here seem to believe PC/JS are idiots, it’s likely they are sharp enough to have seen why the Bears offered those guys knowing they were going to cut them anyway. But how does this fit for possible trades still being viable for RW? Back to our pal Shefter. He made a clear point to say he doesn’t think it is completely out of the question that a trade could still happen, he just moved the time line back. And when directly questioned if there were any other hinted destination teams on Rodgers list he said nothing specific was said, but that he wouldn’t be surprised if they (RW and MR) were keeping hole cards. His saying that is like a coded message to other teams like Miami and Carolina, maybe others, to at least toss out an offer to see what might happen. With limited resources any acquisitions this off season are likely to be thin gruel for a championship starved prima donna qb. I think Russ would be open to a trade beyond his Fab 4 if he felt it was a better opportunity over the next three seasons.

  25. Rob4q

    Let’s get this trade done and move on to the draft!

    Jets get
    Andy Dalton QB (CHI), Rasheem Green DL (SEA), Akiem Hicks DT (CHI), Joel Iyiegbuniwe LB (CHI)
    2021 3rd #83 (CHI)

    Bears get
    Russell Wilson QB (SEA), C.J. Mosley LB (NYJ), Josh Doctson WR (NYJ)
    2022 5th (SEA)

    Sea get
    Sam Darnold QB (NYJ), Riley Ridley WR (CHI), Trevis Gipson EDGE (CHI),
    2021 1st #20 (CHI)
    2021 2nd #52 (CHI)
    2021 4th #107 (NYJ)
    2022 1st (CHI)
    2022 2nd (CHI)
    2023 1st (CHI)

    So the Jets give up Darnold, Mosley, Doctson and a 2021 4th. They want out from under Mosely’s bad contract and will draft a new QB with the #2 pick this year. They also have Dalton as a bridge or backup. Saleh get’s a few versatile pieces that are cheap for his defense along with a 3rd this year. They don’t need Doctson with Crowder, Davis and Mims as their WR group now.

    Chicago get’s their franchise QB, a proven LB (whom they would have to restructure!) and a WR #3 for Wilson. They give up a lot, but still have some mid round draft picks over the next 3 years and kept their defense together.

    Seattle moves on from Wilson and Green, who just never reached his potential, and a 2022 5th. They get three 1st round picks, two 2nd round picks, a 4th, along with Darnold and a couple young, cost controlled players with some upside. They could then choose to draft Mills or Mond as competition or wait and see how Darnold does this year.

    • Happy Hawk

      If that deal gets done the Bears GM goes into the HOF on the wings of the biggest fleece job in NFL history!

    • Randomation

      Russ says no. People need to understand what an NTC actually means. He gets to know the specifics of the deal and then say yes or no.

  26. Ukhawk

    I’m thinking they draft Wells or Mond this year irrespective of the Wilson outcome

    • BobbyK

      So they only draft 1 player in the top 130 picks and that player will sit on the bench all year?

      • Peter

        I’d almost prefer that then JS “working his magic,” and turning 56 into say 74, 1110, and 234.

        Obviously if a real talent is at 56 you have to draft.

        But based on this off-season it seems that all the team needs is a cheaper less productive griffin, a TE for 400 yards and 3 td’s, thus far I guess they are good with the Dline prior to Dunlap, and Jackson who is the only upgrade to the team thus far.

  27. Tomas

    Venturing fearlessly into the Den of Denial! Good for you, Rob … and in fairness, thumbs up in this case to 710, for inviting you on. Heaps seems like a good egg.

  28. UkAlex6674

    I have no argument against the validity of Schefters reporting. Not one bit. He is in the highest echelon of NFL insider reporting. But as much as we can say what he is reporting is true and correct, I’d also like to see a list of high profile stories he has tweeted about that has been wrong, or didn’t bear fruition. I’m not pro-Wilson or Pro-Carroll on this matter, and whether or not RW should or shouldn’t be traded is not relevant.

    • Rob Staton

      I would imagine the list of things Adam Schefter has got wrong could be written on the back of a peanut.

      And if he has got anything wrong, it won’t be after appearing on ESPN three days in a row talking up the seriousness of the biggest story in the NFL

      • Trevor

        Schefter seems like the one NFL insider that is straight down the middle. Most of them either are conduits for agents or teams.

        • Rob Staton

          Schefter is the big beast of NFL reporting

          The one guy who, at least for me, you never question

          The most connected, most reliable

  29. Rob Staton

    Brandon Marshall saying it’s 50/50 he goes this year

    • CL

      And then this:

      [Schultz] Seattle Pro Bowler @qdiggs6 says “Russ wants to be a Seahawk” and has rightfully developed the confidence and cache to speak his mind. “He’s an all-time great,” Diggs tells me.

      .. no comment.

      • Sea Mode

        I don’t like the way Schultz writes out that quote. He leaves off two very important words at the beginning of that sentence: “I think…”

        It’s all just Diggs’ personal opinion and hopes as a teammate, and he doesn’t seem particularly close to Russ in the way that Marshall is.

        • CL

          Yeah that’s true, just saw it on reddit and didn’t check the video, thanks for the clarification!

      • Rob Staton

        Russ certainly DOES want to be a Seahawk. He just doesn’t want to be the kind of Seahawk Pete Carroll wants him to be

        And he’s not going to waste his career

  30. Sea Mode


    Tom Pelissero

    The #Bills are signing former #Seahawks TE Jacob Hollister to a one-year deal, source said. Another weapon for Josh Allen, who played with Hollister at Wyoming.

    • Mick

      Hollister isn’t bad if you use him right.

    • CaptainJack

      Good riddance!

      • RWIII

        Hollister is a perfect target for Josh Allen.

  31. Sea Mode

    Hope he loves football…

    Jim Nagy
    Here is the physical profile of a first-round CB. More importantly, @Ifeatu_Mel has the tape to back it up. 💰💰

    CB Ifeatu Melifonwu
    HT 6024 👀
    WT 205
    Hand 8 7/8
    Arm 32 1/4 👀
    Wing 78 1/2
    40-yd: 4.48/4.49 (10-yd 1.48/1.52)
    VJ 41.5 👀
    BJ 11-2 👀
    SS 4.34
    3C 7.01
    BP 16x

    • Matt

      Remember Obi (brother maybe)?

      He was the epitome of the scene from Moneyball where one of the scouts talks about “this guy’s amazing swing and he’ll be a great hitter.” Brad Pitt says, “if he’s a good hitter, then doesn’t he hit good?”

      Admittedly I know nothing of Ifeatu, but I always chuckle thinking about Obi, in that sense.

    • Rob Staton

      Short shuttle more safety than corner…

      • Sea Mode

        Senior Bowl 1v1s more safety than corner as well. Excels coming downhill, struggles turning his hips.

  32. LB

    The more I think about this Wilson situation the more peculiar it appears. I understand Schneider had to sell Carroll on drafting Wilson but did the head ball coach not do any of his own homework? Russell Wilson is not one to have his input ignored or impact minimized. He is the same guy who left NC State because the HC wouldn’t let him play baseball. This is a man with agency, agency that would only grow by the attempts to trade him to Cleveland a few seasons ago to say nothing of the personnel inadequacies of the post SB Seahawks.

    With that said, while the Bears would bend over so far backwards that their heads would poke through their legs to accommodate him Russel Wilson is a loon for wanting to go to that QB graveyard. Yes the franchise is storied but much of that story happened in the gold era of radio. The Bears are every bit as inept as Seattle has been during the non-Holmgren/Carroll years (I remember the Dave Krieg, Rick Mirer, Warren Moon days).

    In any case I hope he gets traded soon, if only to remind these self-important suits that players more than anything else affect winning.

  33. Comfect

    Rob, I’m curious: let us assume he stays for next year (not because this isn’t smoke and fire, but because the Bears don’t come up with more, Russ won’t budge on the list of 4 teams, and the Seahawks won’t take the Bears’ craptastic offer).

    What, if anything, do you think the Seahawks could realistically do from this point forward to fix that relationship and keep him? We’ve already seen the first wave of FA go and basically nothing move the needle. They only have 3 picks left in the draft.

    For me, the answer has to involve some combination of signing some actual impact FAs (have a functional DL, get better on OL/weapons, give him an RB again) and trading preferably Adams for some additional draft capital to continue shifting resources to the OL, followed by actually following through with giving him more freedom on offense in the season. But I’m more interested in what you’d think–or whether you think this is just a frustrating punt down another year with nothing left that can salvage this relationship.

  34. Sea Mode

    Lance has Lance going #4 and Fields #9 in his new mock:

  35. cha

    I keep getting the feeling that a significant talking point is not being covered in the media or from the Seattle side or the Chicago or other trade partner side.

    The $39m dead cap hit this year means the trading team gets Russell Wilson at a significant salary bargain.

    2021 cap hit: $19m salary
    2022 cap hit: $19m salary + $5m roster bonus = $24m
    2023 cap hit: $22m salary + $5m roster bonus = $27m

    For 2021, that means they’ll be paying a top 5 QB the AAV of the #18 QB.

    Put another way, about half the AAV of Mahomes, Watson and Prescott.

    They also have the flexibility to push about $12m of RW’s 2021 salary to future years, so they’d only pay him $7m in 2021 and only increase the next two years by $6m each.

    With the news that TV revenues for the deal just signed will be doubling, by the time RW’s current contract is up, he will be even further down the food chain on AAV for a QB.

    Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, maybe even Jalen Hurts and Sam Darnold will surpass RW in AAV.

    Russ is a significant bargain. Everyone loves to point out the huge bite a QB salary takes out of your cap. The team acquiring Russ isn’t burdened with that problem for three seasons.

    Just purely from that standpoint, the Seahawks were right to turn down the Bears’ rubbish offer.

    Draft picks be damned. You’re getting one of the best players in the NFL for about 60 cents on the cap dollar. That’s insane value.

    Any trade proposal worth considering will need to recognize that.

    • Hawk Mock

      That’s a great point! Not seeing the forest for the trees with the cap hit vs true value moving forward. Hawks should be asking for the moon to move him.

    • Gross MaToast

      Good point and it’s why I think Mack could still be a part of any package Pete accepts from the Bears. Each side has to accept some dead cap pain and each could end up a great player at a bargain price – in addition to a pile of round 1 picks, an assortment of 2s and/or 3s, and an acceptable replacement QB for Pete. The Hawks have Herschel Walker and the Vikings are on Line 1; just don’t screw it up any more than you already have.

      • cha

        Mack’s restructure makes it unlikely.

        The Bears would have a $25m cap hit they’d have to account for – plus RW’s $19m salary.

        They’d have to clear another $44m of cap off the books to make it happen.

  36. yimba

    Rob gets off on trying to make the seahawks in a shittier position than they currently are… Its sad..

    As much as you would love wilson to get traded so you can bitch about the seahawks front office.. it aint happening … and unlike the people that are reporting it. i know for a fact. focus on the actual team..

    you can believe me or not, but wilson gonna be a seahawk until he retires, i know that from the best source on the plaent.

    • Hawks4life

      I can’t tell if this is a joke or not

    • dand393

      Wow best source on the planet either yimba is Wilson himself or this is Gregg Bell trolling

    • Brik

      Maybe you’re new around here, but Rob just tells it how it is. I’m not sure he even said he’s for this trade or against it, and if anything I would say he is on Russel Wilson’s side in all of this. He wants to move resources into the trenches, including the offensive line. I think Rob does a good job of trying to give an analysis instead of an opinion, even if I disagree with it sometimes. Sorry for speaking for you Rob.

    • Jordan

      Personally, I’m firmly in on the Russ isn’t being traded line of thinking.

      That said, no need to be a jerk about it though. It is free content that you aren’t forced to read.

    • Rob Staton

      A little flavour of what I get every day. Sorry that this one slipped through the cracks

      • Lewis

        But dude, he knows for a *fact*. How can you argue with that?

      • Simo

        It’s shameful really, the entire tone and context of that message!

      • Roy Batty

        Oh, good gawd that is hilarious. Sorry you have to put up with it, but this is where we are nowadays.



      • STTBM

        I’m glad you missed that one. At least I know I’m not the only one who froths at the mouth over this ridiculous situation! All kidding aside, what a ridiculous comment…

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Why do you sound so threatened by something you claim isn’t true? Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

      • Rob Staton

        Come on he’s got the best source on the plaent

        • Blitzy the Clown

          He knows for a fact

          Oh btw Trey Wingo said on Tuesday, and I quote:

          “I can promise you that in 2019, there was a quarterback in the draft that the Seahawks were thinking about trying to make a move for in the first round, and Russell heard about it. And that’s when he made that ridiculous contract demand, ‘I need a new contract by April…'”

          bUt HEy tHErE’s No pRObLem bEtWEeN WiLSoN aNd tHe sEAhAwKs AnD tHErE NEvEr wAS

        • AlaskaHawk

          I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Glad I’m not getting those messages.

    • CaptainJack

      Oh you’re a clever prick aren’t you…

    • John_s

      Hey man, you’re way out of line.

      Rob tries to be as down the middle as he can with the team, but we all have preferences on what the team should do.

      You’re not going to agree with him nor will I but don’t make ish up and put nonsense on him.

    • Jordan E

      Lol. Rob, dont take this seriously. Like with any news reporting nowadays there are always haters and people who are polarized.

      I think its refreshing that you are able to provide a more objective analysis of the Hawks and are able to speak critically of the team…. most other fan bases are. Philadelphia, Chicago, New York (90% all east coast teams lol) have ruthless takes on their team that are much more negative than what yours appear to be.

      The best companies and organizations are able to think critically and be aware of problems that are important but may make you feel uncomfortable. Resolving conflict by only speaking about the positive has been shown also by research to be ineffective and harmful for organizations. Lets hope the PNW media realizes this and catches up, rather than always praise whatever PC or RW do.

  37. Rob Staton

    A reminder people — 1pm 710 ESPN

    You can listen live here

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Is there a way to hear a replay?

      • Rob Staton

        I will post the podcast on the blog

  38. JJ

    Wow, what a dick.

    • JJ

      Rob you got that one quick.

  39. jhams

    Hollister is signing with the BIlls. Good riddance, we should have let him go last year.

    Bengals are cutting Geno Atkins. I’d love to trade Reed and bring him in along with resigning Carlos Dunlap.

    It’s depressing, but I’m now convinced the relationship is over and Wilson will be traded. I just hope we get a real QB prospect not Sam Effing Darnold.

    I’ve got 710 playing in the background waiting for Rob to be on.

    • Scot04

      I’d rather keep Reed and re-sign Dunlap

      • Jhams

        Reed would be great is he was making about $5m a year less.

  40. CallMeAL

    Shane Waldron now has his offensive line and skill position players pretty much set for the upcoming season and has begun devising offensive plays he feels will be successful. Now it goes without saying he has take into account the talent level of his offensive line, skill position players and the overall strength of the upcoming opponents and in particular the Cardinal’s, 49er’s and Ram’s defensive lines. With that in mind here is an example of the type of plays he feels will be effective!

    First, and the concept of this play is very interesting, it has Russell Wilson lining up in shotgun formation with RB1 at punt formation distance. Now this will have a threefold effect. First it will give RW more time to go through his progressions. Secondly it will open up the intermediate passing routes while at the same combating the dreaded two deep safety looks. Thirdly, it should prevent defensive lineman from running right through our offensive line untouched getting easy sacks, while requiring them to have to run farther to sack RW, thus adding to the fatigue factor. Most importantly it will possibly allow RW to survive divisional play and the season healthy!

    • Jordan

      hahahaha! Good one!

    • John_s

      Funny part is that Russ will still hold the ball too long and wait for a deep option to open up instead of throwing it to his outlet.

  41. TJ

    Great stuff on 710 ESPN Rob! Well done.

    • Tomahawk

      Agreed! Good stuff, Rob. Hoping they bring you on as a regular guest going forward.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you!

    • cha

      Top marks.

      Stacy with a strong plug for the blog!

      • Rob Staton

        That was so nice

    • Gohawks5151

      Looks like you’re a hit Rob. Congrats brotha. Hope that erases all the hate from the trolls that you get.

    • JD

      Excellent stuff Rob, congrats on the personal accomplishment you’ve been working towards for 12 years. Well deserved and definitely earned.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks JD!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks TJ!

    • Robbie

      You’re the man Rob, was fun to listen to.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks Robbie!

        • JJ

          Wonder if PC/JS were listening and taking notes.

  42. Jhams

    Loved the interview, great job! Hopefully it’ll get your name out there more. I’m still hoping you’ll be the Athletic’s first international American football beat writer. 🙂

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Jhams

  43. GerryG

    Good bit on 710.

    I’ve given that station a lot of grief with their programming (looking at you Danny Gallant) and gave a lot to Heaps when he came on, but him and Stacy have a pretty good thing going now, it’s good radio. He’s come along way with his ability in this line of work.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Gerry

  44. dand393

    I’m starting to think we should trade Wilson to Chicago and then turn around and go get Watson we could probably get him for 7th round pick right now J/K

  45. New Guy

    You do a great job of sizing up your audience and giving them what they want – in a fun and kind way.
    Very pro…


    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  46. Peppapig

    Loved the Jake & Stacey.

  47. Brik

    I was just thinking that maybe what Russ needs is some competition. He feels unchallenged right now, and he’s acting out. I believe Schneider runs the team like Green Bay. They build through the draft more than anything. Aaron Rodgers was complaining about his weapons, but they trusted their process and now they’re WR and offense is coming into it’s own. The addition of Jordan Love made Aaron Rodgers focus more on his just keeping his job then everything else going on. One of the better options for this franchise in Seattle is to add competition at the QB position. Always compete, unless your RW doesn’t have the same effect.

  48. no frickin clue

    From an agent’s perspective, I would love to know what the reasoning was to identify the four teams that would be allowed to enter the beauty pageant. I just don’t see it. Was it simply to allow the front office to not waste time fielding offers to team Russ would never agree to?

    Seems to me that he either has to expand the list (which smells like weakness), or stay in Seattle in 2021. I guess it’s possible Chicago comes back with a better offer or someone else wows them on the eve of the draft.

    • Jordan

      From an agent’s perspective the offseason QB discussion was about to be dominated by (slice the pie chart however you will) Watson, Brees, Wentz, Ben, Brady. Putting out some bait put Russ in the national conversation, trending, and leading radio segments and articles in significant NFL markets – LV/Chi/Dal/NO. Timed with appearances on Ellen and Dan Patrick.

      Well played, really. He’s good at his job. You don’t need everyone to take the bait, just some.

  49. cha

    Tom Pelissero
    JuJu Smith-Schuster’s one-year contract with the #Steelers includes a $7 million signing bonus, a $1 million base salary and four voidable years, lowering his 2021 cap number to $1.6M. Making it work for cap-strapped Pittsburgh.
    10:18 AM · Mar 19, 2021

    • Mick

      This is really low. I wonder if we could get Carson on a similar deal.

      • CaptainJack

        That’s a deal he signed out of love for Pittsburgh. I love seeing athletes who view sports as something bigger than money.

      • Jhams

        Ravens offered him $13m. Sounds like he didn’t want to go to a division rival, even for the payday.

  50. Gaux Hawks

    …sooooo quiet

    • JD

      Agreed… feel like something big is bound to happen soon

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah… it’d be nice if they would get a move on here.

      There’s a ton to get done

      No picks

      Can’t hang around

    • Sea Mode


  51. Erik

    Normally, I find trade and draft talk to be exciting. But to be honest, if Russ is traded, I will be a little sad. So often, Russ is the only reason I have hope to come back and win in the fourth quarter. He’s special.

  52. Ed

    Madden trade.



    Carr/Jacobs/Waller/Edwards 2021 1st 3rd 2022 1st 3rd 2023 1st

    PC gets his RB and TE and playaction exclusive QB.
    JG gets start QB, WR, aging but still good MLB and a Jack Tatum like safety.

    • Rob Staton

      The crappy thing about Madden is you can only trade three things.

      Because Madden is an abomination and an insult to every football fan in the world

      • Ed

        Actually never played Madden, just fantasy trade. Was an NCAA Football fan myself.

        • Rob Staton

          NCAA was 1000x better than Madden

          I miss NCAA

          • MyChestIsBeastMode

            Oh man, NCAA Football dynasty mode was awesome! I could stay up all night playing that.

            Shout out to NCAA Gamebreaker on PS1 too!

            • Rob Staton

              I loved NCAA football. I remember on two visits to America being so excited because I could buy it in the shops to bring home (it wasn’t on sale over here)

              Those were the days

            • Rob Staton

              I’m worried it’ll use the Madden engine though… and therefore be absolute pants

  53. Rob Staton

    I have to admit guys I’m getting impatient

    No pass rushers, no running back, no SAM, no WR3 no depth

    It’s time for the Seahawks to get this rolling

    • CaptainJack

      I want something to happen. But I have zero faith that anything will. Jackson and Everett really may have been the two big moves to fix the offense…

      • JJ

        It just isn’t fixing the offense. They need at a minimum bodies.

        • Jhams

          Yep, they literally don’t have enough players under contract. Unless they’re planning on rolling with a dozen UDFAs.

        • CaptainJack

          The FO could view those moves as the mix though. Replace Iupati with Jackson. Replace Olsen/Hollister with Everett. Both could represent significant upgrades.

      • Rob Staton

        Well the most pressing need right now is to fix the pass rush


        • CaptainJack

          But Rob! Darrell Taylor is like having a first round pick this year! (sarcasm)

          • Rob Staton

            I guarantee that at some point this off-season, someone will make that point

    • Ed

      Don’t think it will happen. The bargain hunting will only continue. Probably at least top 2 more from those categories need to go before Hawks make a move.

      • Rob Staton

        Don’t think it will happen. The bargain hunting will only continue.

        And we’ll be having the same conversations next year

      • CaptainJack

        they are still due to sign a few more ex-first round busts.

        • CaptainJack

          Always thought that was a stupid strategy. I’d rather sign ex-UDFA dudes who had to fight tooth and nail to get a spot in the league. Instead of the lazy, entitled players who peaked in college and coast through the pros off of name-brand recognition.

    • Sea Mode

      PC/JS to Rob: “I’m gonna need you to get ALL THE WAY off my back about all those holes…”

      I will say (since I’m bored too…) I’m intrigued by something your earlier comment sparked and have been letting my mind wander into borderline conspiracy theories. What if…

      JS and Pace actually did get the groundwork for a deal in place in Fargo, but decided to leak “no deal at this time”, a phony laughable offer, and interest in Darnold in order to wait until draft night so that teams won’t know for a fact the Hawks are in for a QB at #20…

      Alternately, if it’s true that the Hawks do want Darnold instead of a rookie QB (or that QB is gone by #20), then it will be easier for the Bears to deal for him then since the Jets will already be locked on to Zach Wilson at #2.

      Bears are on the clock at #20:

      a)Mond is still on the board and they send the Seahawks 2021 R1 (Mond), R2, R3, R5, 2022 R1, R2, 2023 R1, R3 and David Montgomery for Wilson.

      b)Mond is off the board and they send Roquan Smith to the Jets for Darnold and maybe a R3 pick (#87 via Seattle), then give 2021 R1, R2, R3, R5, 2022 R1, R3 2023 R1, Darnold and David Montgomery for Wilson and Cody Barton.

      • Spectator

        In that scenario, couldn’t they also include another year 1st round pick? 2024? Instead of one of the later round picks .

      • JD

        Could you imagine the hysteria on draft night if this happens? I like the idea and it’s crazy that this might actually be possible.

  54. Jhams

    I wonder how the accusations against Watson are going to change the calculus? Would (for example) the Panthers, who were reportedly all in on him, change gears to trading for Wilson? Would the #8 pick be enough to move PC to pull the trigger on a trade?

  55. Rob Staton

    I’ve just posted the 710 radio appearance with Jake & Stacy on the blog in a new article

  56. Jeremy Taylor

    Hi all. I’m a life-long Bears fan and most-of-life Chicagoan. For what it’s worth, perception in Chicago mostly seems to be that a potential RW/Bears deal is dead. I hope that’s not true, I’d love RW shipped to CHI, but I’m not holding my breath.

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