Alabama run offense tape (Eddie Lacy & Chance Warmack)

We’ve talked a lot about Chance Warmack (G, Alabama) over the last few days, so this is an opportunity to take a look at the tape. The video shows Eddie Lacy (RB, Alabama) running the ball, but it also shows Warmack – wearing #65 – run blocking. Which he’s pretty good at. The tape against Arkansas is a master class – watch Lacy’s three scores against the Razorbacks and Warmack’s role in each. I like Lacy as a powerful runner, his physical style is perfect for Alabama. But he benefits so much from an elite offensive line filled with future NFL talent – led by Warmack and Barrett Jones.


  1. Hawkspur

    This is the second time you’ve featured Lacy and again I like what I see. Obviously he has a good line to help him out, but he looks like a perfect fit for a Cable run offense. Do you think he has the potential to have similar production to Marshawn Lynch? And if so, might the Seahawks consider trading Lynch if they find themselves in a position to draft Lacy and needing cap space to re-sign other players? All this assuming as well that Turbin plays well this season.

    A lot of hypotheticals, I know, but Carroll and Schneider have a lot of cheap starters right now and vital players like Thomas, Chancellor, Sherman, Lemons etc a few are important to our success and will be expensive to re-sign fairly soon so surely cap space will soon become an issue.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they re-signed Lynch to the contract they did with the view to trade him away. Lynch really is the perfect fit for the mentality of this team, and whether they decide to add another back like Lacy will depend on the job Robert Turbin does this year.

  2. Aaron

    The play at 4:17 is mildly hilarious. The Fullback is actually the Nose Guard Jesse Williams. He blocked the wrong way and it still got a touchdown. Sleeper pick 4th round.

  3. caleb

    god lord, Chance warmack is a beauty. Dude puts defenders on their asses in a third of the snaps i watched. He also seems to have an amazing understanding of how the plays are evolving. Smart dude. You don’t come across these boys to often. I would rather take an amazing, once in a decade prospect like Warmack than a ‘potentially elite’ WR like patterson. Then our o-line would be thumping.

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